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what is the diet to be followed for increasing the blood level and relief from low bp?
Does anyone know anything about Type 1 Diabetes?
126 high for blood sugar levels?
What causes diabetic shock?
What do you do when your blood sugar gets to high?
Pre Diabetic suspect?
Does anyone know if Michael Jackson's toes are magnolia toes with pulse in ragence?
can my company make me use my unused sick leave currenly with my FMLA?r=1229067429?
What are some of the best home remedy sites online?thanks?
How can i stop chronic yeast infections?
why does cml patients live longer with treatment but not tha all patients?
What does abnormal 24 hr urine test mean? What are plasma free metinephrines?
Symptoms of liver disease
Questions to all physicians?
I have a question about Neuroblastoma.?
Is it possible to carry on working while having radiotherapy?
Whats going on with me? Do i have a stomach tumor?
I have a lump on my shin bone!!?
had this dream that Rod Stewrat had prostate cancer?
i need help for what to do!!!?
My hip pops out, been doing this all my life, any answers?
chest pains (again)?
Children today compared to 20 years ago are growing so much faster.?
Whats a good way to heal a sprained ankle?
How long does it take for a pulled muscle to heal?
lump on my finger on the bone?
how many cc does it take to go up a full cup size?
any reconstructive surgeons out there please contact me thanks?
What kind of whitening should I get- Zoom! AP or Zoom! 3?
Does a tooth implant hurt more than other major dental procedures?
How to fix an exposed tooth root?
I was eating bread, and all the sudden my tooth grinded now it hurts REALLY bad. Please help?
why do my gums bleed when i give up smoking ?
dental question: can MI paste and liquid smile be used together?
i have this bad habit of chewing gum!i want to stop!what should i do!i don't want anymore cavities!?
Is it normal for your tongue to get cut on the metal band around your molars for braces?
what is the difference between coke, crack, and crack cocaine?
How do you determine a natural critic of alternative medicine from a bogus skeptic?
vitamin super b complex?
Have I consumed too much ginkgo biloba? What is the required dosage?
can you plz tell me about height increasing medicine in Gujarat?
how does naturopathy make a person feel in relation to health and well-being?
What did I take if it wasn't acid!?
How do I lose weight fast and effectively?
Have you ever wore a latex waist cincher to help shape your waist and lose inches?
how do i get defination in my arms ?
I have a nursing 2 mth old & a 2 yr old & I'm trying to loose 70 lbs. What diet can I do to loose the weight?
How can I learn to do cartwheels?
Abs and Pecs?
How could i get rid of stomach fat?
healthy eating choices that aren't drastically different? read details to understand :)?
Do you weigh yourself daily?
hey srry for my silly question... now thats an advice for the guys and girls who want to reduce their weight..?
Is pain truly relieved through spinal surgery?
Constipation and hernia surgery, common or not?
My sister has a migraine? How do I help?
migraine headaches and bruises?
painful hip when I walk!?
Dizziness and nauseau?
i have bad headach's and my back hurts all the time?
which part of the gastrointestibal tract should have the highest concentration of blood capillaries? explain!?
Sarcodosis and treatment?
Severe COPD- what can I so to help?
Are there any health benefits to smoking? I wont ever be a smoker?
Do herpes infection leads to HIV/AIDS?
what is the mimimum thickness of a lens with -6 prescription
Extreme eye pain/ BLurred Vision ?
Eye color question????
post strabismus surgery mistake?
I am looking forward in trying contact lenses for the first time. What is a fitting fee?
help please-my eyes ache really bad!?
is there something wrong with my eyes?
What is in perfume that causes an allergic reaction?
Hayfever....does anyone know of any effective remedies?
i get random nosebleeds?
please help my cat?
Why do Nuerologist's prescribe steroids for flare-ups ?
What are some signs that your allergic to a cat?
why redheads?
I just ate some pecans and now I'm itching and swelling rapidly, what could be wrong?
What does autism mean?
What conditions, other than narcolepsy, would account for short latency to REM sleep?
my ear hurts and i cant hear, please help!!!!?
Underavtive thyroid and levothyroxin?
Help with penny sized lump behind ear?
I have gallstones surgery tomorrow!!!?
Where can I require for euthanasia in the UK?
My toes are itchy red swollen and very sensitive just above knuckle?
my frend had a stroke on the right side of her brain whats gunna happen when she wakes up?
Is addiction a disease like cocaine, and illicit drugs?
If two virgins are echothers firsts than can we get any stds?
std question help plaese?
what is the sure shot way to get rid of a mole on the face in a natural way..?
Why do you get warts?
What are the symptoms of a nervose breakdown?
Bipolar question-to control symptons after being cured.?
Dealing with a bipolar family member?
YAY! My first time doing drugs.. I think i am loosing my life YAY!!?
Can you tell me why stigma towards the mentally ill is still rife today?
How do they test for bi-polar depression?
does anybody else suffer from bi polar disorder?
help me. i dont kno what to do anymore?
how long does a knee replacement last?
Uhh my knee keeps twitching uncontrolably? WHY?
Has a health study been done swing shifts in the work place? If so, what where the results.?
is cherifer pgm still works for 19yrs old and up????see..i still wanna grow taller?
How do i stop my teenager smoking dope?
Minor infected cut is pussing...?
Can you tell me if the diabates medicines metformin or glemipiride can be detected in a urinalysis ?
Diabetes and Migraines?
Could I have Diabetes?
Fasting has gone from being 85 to 116 in about 2 weeks!?
Is diabetes mellitus preventable?
Would a non-diabetic every have multiple 160+ readings when their not sick?
My mom has just been diagnosed with TYPE 2 Diabetes?
what points would there be in a medication policy?
how does fever start if it is aids symptom?
common name of haemophilus ducreyi?
can you still get HIV in a small town?
Yeast Infection HELP?
What are crabs? How do i get them?
question about cold sore?
do you always get a fever when you have herpes..?
Could you check to see if you have STD's or HIV through a blood test?
i got a huge scratch...i think its infected...help?
Help! Enlarged Labia!?
how long does it normally take for a groin injury to heal?
Need some advice about a bad broken finger?
I have a Prosthetic leg, it works but it looks like crap i need help!!?
My hands get Really cold?
symptom from accident years ago?
i have swollen itchy red eyelids after travelling on the train, doctor said is allergic reaction.?
the worst allergies ever?
Do allergy shots work?
water ionizer?
Allergic reaction TO Antihistamines, PLEASE HELP!?
Sinus Issues!!!?
How to lost weight in a healthy way?
Lose 10 pounds in two months and slim down?
Is there a way to lower blood pressure in a few short minutes by eating a certain type of food?
What are some low calorie foods that can make you feel fuller and stifle hunger?
How can I lose abdominal fat?
so, i got exactly 7 days. any suggestion on how to gain 10 pounds?
OK i really really want a flat stomache ASAP..i luv 2 eat but not everything i eat is healthy...read below!!!?
wine fatening?
how do you get rid of a tension head ache?
Dull bruise like pain under belly button, general lower abdomen area.?
Love the look of high heels but can't stand the pain?
Tramadol and oxycodone question.?
How many people suffer from chronic Migraines?
seems like the entire right side of my left big?
how do i releive a jammed finger?
have you ever been stabbed?
Chest pain considered anxiety attack?
What is this Cipla ipill?
Is there anyway to permanently get rid of asthma?
Chest X Ray?
What is a choking game?
How many people a year die from Asthma attacks?
Is respiratory therapist a cool/fun job?
what are the pro's and con's of smoking weed?
Cancer Survivors, How long till you got back to regular life?
what are the side effects of using a microwave in warming or cooking food,does it cause cancer?
Brain Tumours! 3 Questions.?
Is cancer that is in Stage 4 usually considered terminal?
Does breast cancer have to form deep inside the tissue?
Do i have a brain tumor?
Can spending too much time in front of the computer give you brain cancer?
On my 360 blog, I beg the question are cancer patients brave?
My vision in my left eye, which is my worst eye, seems to be very blurry today, whenever i focus on something?
contacts lensens?
freshlook contact lenses eye color changer telling from left to right?
contact lenses pemanently on the eyes for one month?
Where can i find reasonably priced colored contacts?
Would it damage my contacts.......?
good tips for waking early....?
Have they found a cure for AIDS in Europe?
how to tell if ur bypolar without being tested?
Possible sleep apnea / trouble breathing when I run. I have large tonsils.?
My apartments have Mold in them, who do I contact in Texas?
Does anyone you know have "Restless Leg Syndrome"?
tetanus polio and diphtheria? What is the procedure like?
How can I get enough fluid out of my legs? My dr. changed me from HCT to lasiks but I am still not fluid free?
Do i have A.D.D (A.D.H.D)?
arteries carry blood away from th heart,th blood is wat in colour?
Chest pains, nausea, and diarrhea, EKG was ok?
Heart Palpitations and Excersize?
What could cause sudden bruising?
Does anyone know about congestive heart failure, dad is crabby and swearing at me all the time, why
My 13 yr. peke mix has a heart murmur, at a level 5. I was told it is a matter of time,what can I expect?
can a elevated d dimer be dangerous? should the hospital admitted me if I'm complaining about chest pains?
How dangerous is a 5 or 6 bypass for an 81 year old man?
How can i open my heart chakra?
Dry flaky scalp problem! Please help
psorisis.... any alternative curative methoeds available?
Which washing powder is best for very sensitive skin?
tragus is it infected?
how do i make my skin smooth and free from all scars
How to make your skin one color?
what is diabetes insipidus?
Diabetes and Depression?
To those who suffer from Hypothyroidism?
who deserves the credit for circulation of the blood?
is 125 blood sugar good after 2 hours after dinner?
Why aren't they trying to find a cure in Juvenile Diabetes? Does anyone really know the answer to this?
Two doctors, two different opnions?
Someone help me control blood sugars?
diabetic question????????????????
people who have diabetics, are they born with it or they just get it?
Does anyone know how to overcome heavy sleeping?
what is a 'safe' noise level?
Are there other ant bites almost as bad as FIRE ANT bites in Florida?
i have been taking paxil for a while and Dr has now prescribed effexor..any info on this as opposed to paxil?
I am trying to launch the website. I am trying to copy gif file from reputed website?
Has any1 drank Red Bull to have a great exercise session (cardio)?
Hair in the private parts - How often we need to shave?I do it once in three months?Is that ok?or we shouldnt?
A potential partner "had" cervical HPV, should I be concerned? (I'm a straight male)?
I have the coldsore virus but not active can i spread it through my blood?
How do u get a yeast infection?
I have super shy bladder so if I cant pee in front of my probation officer can they just give me a blood test?
Do you think STD's were created by the Devil!?
Whiten Teeth?
Filing teeth without the help of a dentist/orthodontist
One month without my retainer?
Sonicare, Oral B Triumph?
Since when did stereotypical views give brits bad teeth?
did hitler have a sweet tooth?
My teeth are yellow and nasty. If I brush, floss and mouth wash 2 times a day.....?
How do you get rid of "HOT" breath?
have given up smoking 4 12 days on the nrt patch have dull ache on one side of the arm and sudden stomach ache
Does anything work besides Tylenol or Advil?
I'm going out tomorrow and I have severe cough.how do I cure it within 24 hrs?
ankles popping??
hi i have a small lump in my wrist and is very painful to touch an move wil it have to be removed?
Is it normal to have a period 2 times per month with a person with herpes type 2 ?
Doxycline without at P. for the Clap?
so do u think it could be a STD?
Allergy, what could this be?
Lip allergy and i Dont know what to do??!!?
Can someone with a tree nut allergy eat coconut?
what's the best over the counter meds for allergies?
Bug Spray.. Or Peanuts?
What are some good cardio exercise to get a flatter stomach?
Raising metabolism!?
Is it possible to drink too much water?
What is your HEIGHT and WEIGHT right now?
Has anyone tried the diet pill Apidexin and do they really work?
I want to go to the gym, but I am overweight. How can I go without being embarrassed?
I am always really tired and hungry, but I am a student, and I cant just sleep and eat. 10 points best answer.
How to perform facercise ?
do you think fat kids get dates?
I have pink splotches in the white area of my eye not broke blood vessels but not pink eyeish either,?
Shingles -Has anyone had post-herpetic neuralgia pain but the blisters never come?
Does it hurt to get a surface hip piercing?
Help! Serious bulging disk c-3 cause from accident, my doctor does not listen and Im fearful of my future!?
Left side of face feels tingly, eye feels weird?
how do you fix a raised hip?
tips to stop my slouching ?
Is it weird for a kid with no leg problems to walk with a cane?
My throats hurts and feels like there are lumps in it?
heya everyone. plzzzzzzzzz help me out of this problem immediately.?
Whats my risk????????????
What are some cancers that you can get from smoking?
Marlboro Cigarette types?
What percent of serious smokers end up dying of lung cancer and other smoking related diseases?
What is a comorbid illness?
Does anyone know someone (preferably women) who had/has bladder cancer?
Can brain tumors cause memory loss?
What organizations(s) grant wishes for terminal adults with rare cancers and only months to live?
What are the chances of me dying or doing something serious after deoderant sniffing?
Is this new push on skin cancer annoying you? So what if I like to sun bake right?
What are some Natural home remedies to get rid of sore throat and FAST?
What are some good home remedies that I could do for pore shrinkage??
Is this bad advice from my doctor for diabetes and my diet?
Alternative medicine?
Healthy things to eat for better eyesight?
Is there any alternative to anti-depressants?
Do Ants get constipation? In such case, what would be the Enema Nozle guage for an Ant??
What are you supposed to do if you have an asthma attack?
My son has asthma. Would placing him in soccer be a right choice?
how do you get rid of a tickley cough?
Constant burping - please help?
How to stop a cough?
Can Sleep Apnea be a valid claim or reason for a Social Security Benefit?
Trouble breathing while and after I'm sick. Could this be serious? ?
Why does food feel as if its getting stuck just below chest and i have to push chest out to help get it down?
Mom has a tibial plateau fratcure how long till she heals?
Please Help Im Afraid For My Life!?!?
How long will it take for a moderate wrist sprain to heal?
Pain!! help! What to do about pain in the lower lumbar area..??
knee pain?
Fall down the stairs, headache, vomiting, big bump at the back of the head?
How can I get stronger in abs and back?Really need it!?
how can increase my HB?
Are the symptoms to heart and Gerd are same ?
High blood pressure after mitral valve repair?
how can i lower my blood pressure??
Airforce waiver?
Can you play a casino slot machine if you have a pacemaker and a defibulator in?
My boyfriend is self harming?
Help! How can I overcome shyness?
Depression, psychosis, aspergers syndrome.... Can't cope anymore!?
If you die when your asleep from a heartattack or a drug overdose (also with heart and diabetes existing) woul
pain - the only thing thats real?
my mum has mental problems to the point it is ruining my life, she keeps threatening to kill herself and then?
i cant stop crying?
Antidepressant with low side effects? please help, appt. soon!?
Does any feel like they are in the wrong dimension of this world?
Does anyone know how to treat psoriasis?
can hard water cause dry scalp?
what should i do to prevent & stop darkening on the neck , knees & elbows?
Need help with improving my COMPLEXION. ProActiv doesn't work on me anymore. Whats the deal??
ive got small red spots on my inner thighs, and on my upper arms, anyone know what they are???
if you suspect you may have glass in your skin still from a car accident...what do you do?
My dog had red marks that turned into yellowish bumps. If you know what it is please reply. thank you.?
because of wearing cut shoes the areas exposed to sunlight are black in color.what's the treatment.?
Can anyone tell me if Neurofibromatosis can be cured?
Lupus vs Chronic Fatigue.?
what if you take magnesium citrate (liquid laxative) and it doesnt work at all?
Dizzy Spells?
Bony ridge on crown of head?
what are the synptoms of a diabetec?
Please help girls only!!!???
digestion and stool?
please tell me if there are muscles just below rib cage on right side, i think ive pulled a muscle , thanks?
Is eating raw grasshoppers found in a field dangerous?
I know somebody that does not want to go back to college. He begins to cry and he says he hates it?
Is there such a thing as an addiction to picking at one's face; if so, what does it stem from?
could a squishy kinda bump on the front part of my wrist be a pinched nerve?
When i went into the tanning bed at my local gym I was itching the next day on my legs and i was not burnt.Why
How accurate are those health studies you hear about on the news, for example...?
really bad eye circles?
How can I sleep? Insomnia's kicking in?
Have you ever!?
MoSt EmBaRaSiNg MoMeNt????
Can a potassium deficiency cause high blood pressure?
How can we relieve stress?????????
ADDICTED to Codeine-pls help?
is it possible to become physically addicted to caffeine?
11 year-old had a blackout help!!!!?
Messed up sleep schedule..?
How do you want to be remembered?
ok...smart people only...sorry dumb people...! jk but seriously its a hard question...!?
Why do I get more gas when I eat 2 bags of soybeans but my girlfriend gets none?
getting braces in 3 days, please help!?
Can I get Invisalign? And how much?
not bleeding after losing a tooth?
Brushing your teeth...?
Getting teeth removed for braces ? HELP PLEASE ? ):?
how to make teeth straight without braces?
can i grow psilocybe mushrooms on an orange peel with toothpaste on it?
what will happen if you don't brush your teeth on a regular basis?
What is the best toothpaste brand and type?
I have a "swollen" taste bud I guess .. really noticeable on the tip of my tongue its like white..?
can my mouth be infected with yeast infection if I five an oral to a person who is infected?
Does Diet Pepsi/Coke REALLY have 0 calories?
Is going for one hour walk 4 times a week or the same walk but on a bike better to loose weight?
How is biking good for you?
Why do they say 'Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince, and Dinner like a pauper'.?
does anyone know if that "spcial K" diet really works?
Lose big tummy solutions?
I have been drinking diet coke for 6 years. ?
Is this Overweight????????
Cylindrical power of -.25 in both eyes?
What would happen if I wore special effects lenses, when I don't have any eye problems?
I am getting contacts in the next month.Do they hurt? What brand do you recommend?
can i hav contacts?
new contacts?
Could this be a sign of cancer in the eye?
can thrush be caused by a yeast infection?
Do i have a yeast infection?
HELP!! What Type of Doctor Do I See If I Think I Have Oral Warts?
Is there any risks while being fingered in a hot tub, under water?
What is Multiple Personality Disorder and it's Symptoms?
what is borderline personality?
Do you think everything happens for a reason? everything happens for the good?
Help! How do I stop being nocturnal?
Is this really Depression or is there something else wrong with me? :( ?
What are some good quotes on depression?
Whats up with Eric Harris? (Columbine)?
Why do people feel like they're falling in their sleep?
i truly want to die. I am 26. Has anyone ever completely changed their life around, i mean massively?
what is acai use for?
i od on fiber! how do i fix my constipation?
What are some foods that prevent cancer?
how dangerous is leukemia and why?
Can anyone give me input on plasma free metinephrine test other then checks for adrenal gland tumor?Please!?
Describe the pathophysiology of ALL?
How soon after a sunburn can skin cancer be determined?
Is he always going to be like this after cancer?
Hodgkins disease?
Do I have a hemorrhoid?
do i have colon cancer?
what is home remedy for quick cure of dark circles under eye?
My brother's SEVERE head pressure is driving him crazy...please help!?
What is "OCD" exactly?
Diazepam for seizures?
Lump behind ear what is this?
What is the healthiest and best way to smoke 100 cigarettes in a row?
people i need you help?
Hurting my Kidney? 30 points!?
Does emphysema occur when the lungs air sacs become damaged and lose their elasticity?
How many hours and days does a respiratory therapist work?
About a surgery for Sleep Apnea.?
Does sleep apnea raise blood pressure?
Do I have sleep apnea?
Does tar get cleared from the lung totally if you stop smoking?
Any frequent nosebleeders here?
How long would someone have to be in the hospital if they fractured 3 ribs and dislocated their hip?
My ankle has been swollen?
Does anyone know of a diet, or care plan for someone immobile as a result of car accident?
How do deal with ankle tendinitis?
I think i might have torn my hamstring..not sure..please help?
How can I tell whether i sprained or fractured my foot?
My 7 year old tripped and fell on my 10 month old, the win got knocked out of him, is he ok?
Concussion and Amnesia ?
how to relief back and tricep nerve pain?
how do i qiut smoking?
Knowing yourself? is there a how to?
who is a developmental pediatrician?
heart and depression?
A bit of flab here and there.......?
what dose this mean DHCS?
How can i treat an minor burn bump?
Does ayurveda correlate between conceiving and nose piercing?
I don't know whether I am type 1 or Type 2 diabetic?
Strengths and weaknesses of diabetes care?
why are fig bars good for diabetics and what is the nutrients in them?
Is It Normal for diabetic to feel hunger pangs?
Where can I buy lipolysis testing strips?
Is eating too much chocolate in one day bad for?
Could I have diabetes PLEASE HELP?!?!?!?
could i have diabetes?
can any one help with diabetic problem , after testing levels my dads level has stayed at 17 for weeks?
Why would it be difficult to start an IV on CHF and COPD patient?
What are natural ways. yoga and foods to lower LDL cholestrol?
I need help answering the blood flow through the heart.. having trouble understanding?
can heart disease make you bleed from nose and ears?
Help me out with my assignment! What is the main funtion of Cardiac Contractility?
Heart Pounding After Eating Sugar?
Coffee & heart patient?
IS this a problem with my heart?
How much does it cost to have an ECG done in England?
Some thing strange occurred last night in my chest HELP?
what is stiff upper lip?
What is the complete process for getting dentures?
retainer broke in half?:(?
what is exostosis?
how many hydrocodones can i take?
I have an ortho appointment tomorrow to see if i can get my braces off, would they take them off that day?
i was born with a bad jaw i have a cross bite and i hate dentist what should i do?
How much and how long does getting dentures take?
How anthrax is transmitted, the symptoms and how the body fights it.?
Why would a cold sore show up now after being dormant for so long?
Can u give HPV to a baby by taking a bath with them?
how do you cure Eczema?
Why do I get the yellow fever?
I Will Like To Know The Acne Natural Treatments That Works Effectively?
does exfoliating your face everyday eventually cause your skin to sag?
Can you get rid of Blackheads Permanently without using cream?
Does homeopathic drops for acne work?
I have a HUGE zit on the tip of my nose, it's like... under the skin!?
Why are tattoos bad for you?
Ear stuffiness?
Pain while handstanding?
Constipation with slight chest pain and other body pains, what's wrong?
how much flexiril should i take for neck?
pinched nerve?
Graston Technique - Anyone tried it?
Why does my left eye hurt?
If a test came back positive?
It takes up to 3 months before HIV is can be detected in test so when should I get checked?
what types of stds are there?
where to connect with STD people?
Very scared. Roomates Dad has AIDS.?
When does suffering become a neurological impairment?
Q. How can a man go eight days without sleep? ?
my wife has an anxiety problem and no insurance. in florida what do i do?
I am a loner... is it ok to be a loner?
Why am I emotionally detached all the time?
how can I be a good friend to someone in rehab?
Why am i so depressed?
I don't remember doing stuff?
Is it unusual that I self-harm myself this way?
Have you ever hit rock bottom
Can you become addicted to over the counter sinus pills?
what makes a 7 year old start wetting the bed again after years of not doing that?
I lost peripheal vision on the right in both eyes, can anyone tell me what my field of vision is in %?
How do I stop biting/chewing my lip?
what is the purpose of life without a beautiful female companion, good food & good F***K ?
How many calories do I loose per step?
How can I lose weight?
plastic on your stomach?
Whats the most effective exercise to lose weight in one month?
Has anyone heard of this weight loss plan?
Apart from a goodnights sleep..?
Need an Effective Diet and Fast ! ! ! O__O ?
What is a normal..................?
Who is responcible for America's obese kids?
Skinny?? PLEASE HELP!!!?
can u tell me how to cure a urinary tract infection holistically?
What are the effects of long-term sleep deprivation?
How can a AB+ recieve blood from other blood types without reacting with the antibodies present in other blood?
Can Meninjitus symptoms return?!?
what are the causes of madarosis?
What are the symptoms before the kidneys fail when no dialysis?
Marijuana Detox Question?
who can I contact to get into some of the medical trials for people with Lupus?
Is marijuana bad for someone with a kidney transplant?
Can you get brain damage from drawing on yourself with sharpie?
Can you use hair from the tail of a horse to sew up a wound?
Stds,how can i live long with hiv?
boyfriends Man hood is painful?
What do you think is the biggest misconception about STDs?
My air pressure on my c pap machine
righs side chest pain in a 23 year old male?
I want to become a RT but i heard they get no respect is this true?
What are the treatments for lung cancer?
With all due respect to people who lost loved ones to cancer but I am a 2 year?
cervical cancer question--can you get it geneticaly?
natural methods to counter side effects of chemotherapy?
After finding a breast lump, I had a blood test that came back normal. Can I still have breast cancer?
Cancer during pregnancy....?
stroke discovered thyroid nodule?
If a doctor said that your prostate cancer is a 7 on a scale 1 to 10 what exactly does that mean?
Is there a specific 'shave your head for cancer' day, or event?
I really wish we can find a cure for breast cancer.?
can u get hiv from using protect?if the comdom break or something goes wrong?
would HPV show up on a past pap test?
When will Chlamydia become dangerous?
Tooth filling, how do they do to fill the tooth?
can we smoke if we have braces on?
Out of work very little income. Need advice on dental problem that needs to be fixed ASAP?
What is the whole process of getting Braces?
Is my grandma too late for braces?
Taking braces off myself?
my boyfriend says that my breath stinks.?
How old are you, and how many fillings do you have?
Im having surgery and will be on crutches for 4 months and suggestions?
What's Average Compensation range?
I WANT flat abs but I hate situps and I can't do ShaunT's HipHopAbs b/c I walk w/ a cane. Any suggestions?
would it helped if i stretched?
why the heck do my ankles crack when i walk?
What am I?
What helps get rid of puffy eyes from crying?
why do I have back pain after running?
My body is constantly overheating, and it's not that I can't live with it, I wanna know whats causing it?
Why don't nosebleeds hurt?
What is the best sleeping position? And why?
Why do we turn red and feel warm when we get embarrassed?
If people have their eyes stabbed out, what do they see?
musles fibers contract and relax in response to ?
anyone taking thyroid and cholesterol medications? Levothyroxine and Simvastatin?
do i have a high blood pressure??? or what do i have???????
what is the normal recovery time for someone who had a mild stroke and now has lingering numbness in his arm?
What is a soft murmur?
I'm worried about my recent heart palpitations.?
This ever happened to you: My hand is on desk and I feel PULSE rate...?
what are my chances of having HCM?
Natural treatment for blackheads and redness?
What is your "never fails" combination for a natural skin reviver/face pack during the winter months?
i'm 33 male, 170, 5'8", can't afford insurance, with hypertension...?
how to cure high blood pressure naturally?
What is a good Morning Hatha Yoga Routine I could practice? :)?
pills to boost immune system & reduce bags under eyes?
Does David wolfe the raw foodist have a girlfriend? and who is it?
I need some recommendations on air purifiers. Hoping it will help hubby with cat allergy. Yes, I have already?
Can't breath through one Nostril, and nostril shape is different. Cause of Allergy? Please help.?
Hives getting worse with clothes!!?
Stomach acid / nausea?
Do acai berries really work?
What are some very interesting facts about cocaine?
is there anyway to cure a cold quickly? or do i just have to let my body fight?
Can you get herpes on your arm?
Can I have herpes if I NEVER EVER had an out break?
what happens when you take alieve and 500 milligram of tylenol?
Acupuncture for Menstrual Cramps?
Have you ever used the Botox Pump?
Questions about Cervical Epidurals?
How do I get rid of little stomach aches?
kyphosis back brace options?
What would be the cause of terrible back pain?
How long after a hIP REPLACEMENT does it take to be pain free?
have a sore head above left eye pain for 5 days any answers please?
how can i make myself wake up earlier?
i guess i slept wrong , when i woke up in the morning my neck hurt like crazy! are there any remedies?
What is the best way to reduce the redness from acne scars?
red spots on back and shoulders?
If you work outside do you use sun protection?
Weak skin around my nails?
What causes some people to have no hair?
How do i get rid of burst blood vessels on my face?
My face is inflamed?
Is it okay to get back on 30mg fluoxetine without a gradual buildup?
what are your physical symptoms in regards to anxiety dissorder?
How do i deal with my anxiety while away at camp for 3 days?
My best friend is severely depressed?
Im so depressed! Plz help:(?
At 6'1 half inch tall I'm a total freak. I'm suffering from deep depression. Feeling so along. Help me please?
what do i do? why am i thinking like this????????
what is more beneficial, contacts or eyeglasses?
what causes someone to yawn?
what are the symptoms of depression and what is the remdy?
What is the best way to care for rotated disc in your back?
what natural way can you clean your system with? vinegar, lots of water or etc...?
my right eye is puffy at the bottom. what can it be?
How do u deal with it?
how best do i increse the size of my pennis by lenght and wigth naturally?
How can I get smaller thighs?
Diet Poll!Slim people come here please!?
Should I wash my frozen Brussels sprout before steaming?
how can i drop 20 lbs in 1 month?
Theory about anorexics...?
how effective is milk thistle in treating liver problems?
Night Sweats/Hot Flashes Help?
I have had a high pitched ringing in my ear for over a week what the hell is it?
My friend hs had a headache for the past week and has had a 'throbbing' eye for 5 days. What is wrong with him
Feeling really tired al the time?
Do you have an idea of what neurological disorder could cause this?
Is this because of my acid reflux? or does it sound like GERD? or somethin else?
I'm afraid of being hypoglycemic....?
Work and winter vomiting virus?
am i going to get kidney stones?
HIV test reliable after 80 days?
If you've had chlamydia for a long time do you chances for infertility increases?
what is the only sure way to know if a person has an std or not?
Can you use Vagisil while you are on your period?
What's the shortest time cervical cancer can take to progress from CIN 1 to CIN 3?
What is the percentage of survivors from malignant brain tumors?
Hernia or cancer.... what kind of hernia would it be?
Does Michigan allow medical marijuana for cancer patients?
Is it true that having more that 25 moles is related to skin cancer?
does anyone hv information about Dr Nandlal Tiwari, Jaipur or Ashtavaidyan E T Divakaran Mooss?
where can i donate 13" hair for cancer patients in india?
can a person have radiotherapy more than once?
What are your thoughts on the e cigarette?
Is there anywhere you can get a tooth pulled cheap when you don't have insurance?
Dental Implants? Does anyone?
How much does a "two surface layer" white filling cost?
Question about braces ???!?
What is normal during and after a dental cleaning?
How much do Newwports cost...?
I have a 5 rows of teeth?
are there free std tests?
pee burns and blood chunks?
are there any STDs you can get without intercoarse or foreplay or any interaction or touching?
What causes Sleep Apnea?
Why does my nose only get stuffy @ night?
What dose it mean if you have a cloudy EKG?
Cough, feels like liquid in lungs?
air conditioning system at nursing home causes multiple astma cases 2 days after turned on from winter shutdow?
Effects of albuterol on children?
why it it that you not allowed to drink alcohol if on tb treatment?
How do I get rid of this cough?
How can chain smokers even live as long as they do if they smoke 4 packs a day?
Can the medicine Lyrica cause allergic reactions like asthma?
Any tips on getting rid of sinus problems?
If a nine month old has a food allergy how long would it take before a rash would develop?
do you guys think my sister is suddenly allergic to my dog becuase shes smoking?
What could this be?
snotty nose?
lumbar fusion?
I believe I have water on the knee? I fell over a while back, but only rested the leg for a few weeks.........?
Injured my knee need a brace?
Is it safe to have your nose pierced?
recovery time after initial ACL tear?
i was lifting and i got a sharp pain in my upper abdomen. it tingles in lower back?
i had surgery the 11th and got stitches when will they take the stitches out?
Help please? My dad cut himself with a kitchen knife on accident a few days back?
how long does it take for a gash on your chin to heal?
Is herpes really that bad?
I have a sort of bump on my lip. I've gotten it before and i think it is STD related?
Do i have herpes??? i need help ... please answer?
im really scared anyone know how to prevent???
I Have STI! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(?
I just noticed that i have no emoitions at all?
Is there a name for the phobia of driving?
How do I get over my fear of failure?
Xanax as sleep aid? Side effects?
Can people with Aspergers love?
I need somebody to talk to and to listen to me?
leukiemia or am i totally overreacting?!?
Help! I'm scared of life?
why do boys have high IQ than that of girls?
Would your leave your old life behind to be happy?
Really bad pain in my side?
Abdominal pain and discomfort help?
Has anyone out there had total knee replacements?
Bad muscle aches in my arms back and neck played wii last night threw something out bad what can I do?
Need help with Suboxone withdraws?
Questions about STADOL NS?
What are some signs that I've got glasses for my eyes?
What is the cost of permanent eye operation ??
oakleys rx lenses?
Blood spot on my eye?
business hrs. for Dr. Terry Mangold Optomistrist Moorefield WV?
Does wearing glasses worsen your vision quicker than contacts?!?
Am i wearing my contact in the wrong eye? (only if you wear contacts)?
how to change my lifestyle?
All food has calories. How do they find out how many is in a certain food?
How can I lose weight fast for a dance?
How many calories and how much exercise?
If i does these ab workouts and run daily, how fast will i see results?
diet and nutrition question: fruit???
13 and need to lose 20 pounds?
How to lose 15-20 pounds fast?
am i binge eating again?
Herpes of the eye for 5+ years untreated?
Can you take Valtrex or any other herpes treatment with chrohn's disease?
I am 32 year boy,my blood test results comes HBsAg POSITIVE.How long i live and can i marry ?
how do you know you have some type of STD or infection ?
How long do I have to wait to consume alcohol after acute pancreatitis?
How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones?
Where is the cheapest Propecia or maybe a generic?
Is bronchitis contagious?
What happens if i have Carpal Tunnel ?
Two fainting spells in three weeks: Armchair physicians, tell me why?
freak bone behind ear?
Can anyone give me information about Ptosis surgery?
how 2 cure wheezing? wat all to eat?
is there a connection between autism and vaccinations?
What is a good Tincture for headaches?
Constant Fatigue Help?
Is it true pumpkin seeds get rid of pinworms, tapeworms, and roundworms?
what other juices can I use other then cranberry juice for my UTI?
I went to a Chinese herbalist yesterday....?
Homeopathic Medicines?
i have a sore throat and i'm wondering what could make it feel better?
did I take an overdosage? please respond, somebody?
QUICK! How to cure a sore throat fast?!?
If I lose weight, will my stretch marks be less noticable?
dandruff problems?
what's the quickest remedy for a tea-burned tongue?
What is a good cleaning product for face and back acne?
Will I break out again if I stop taking Accutane for one month and then continue to afterwards?
how shall i remove facial warts? they are hundreds of them?
If you are bittin by a common spider found in homes...?
I 2 have suffered for the past 5yrs with abcesses under both armpits and my groin, i need help'?
Why does it hurt when you put lotion on extremely dry skin?
Law concerning a misdiagnosis???
why do we breathe deeper and faster when we cry ?
Is there some kind of leg brace/support for a non-amputed right leg?
Why can't i wiggle my ears or raise my eyebrow?
How do I get tight/firm skin on my face?
Can I have a...?
Can i use fruit roll up to seal my stomach ulcer? Serious answers only plz?
When you get older....?
Help! I can't digest corn. What is wrong with me?
Do STD's affect breast implants or visa versa.?
STDs and hickies??????
Do you have herpes 1? If so, do you take Valtrex every day or only when symptoms appear?
Question about Valtrex?
braces too expensive?
So, how long is the process before braces?
How many minutes are you supposed to brush your teeth for?
I find calcium hard to swallow, how can I get around this?
What generally causes diabetes?
HIV exposure at a barber shop??
Can you Get HIV from toilet Water splash back?
i made this account as a joke but now my forewskin is falling off. what do i do ? :'(?
Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) Help?
what facial application is good for face with allergy?
has anyone else been stung by an emperor scorpion and experianced strange side effects?
How come whenever I'm feeling sick tea and honey always makes me feel better?
Do I have Pink Eye?
when somebody is close to dying of natural causes, why can't they put a pacemaker in them?
Can owning a dog trigger asthma? Can pet dander cause wheezing?
Swallowing problem-choking!?
Could I have pneumonia?
if you smoke and you run will your lungs stay healthy?
How quickly can breast cancer develop?
Advanced bowel cancer...?
Is it true that women with breast cancer issues should not eat soy products?
Drinking increases the risk of cancer of the _______, ______, and ______.?
What do you think of twitters "beatcancer#" campaign?
CANCER....help me....please?
If your son or daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer and you are retired would you stay or go?
Could you help me out with this please?
How can I raise my self esteem and be more confident?
My husband was recently diagnosed with delusions of grandeur?
I forgot to wash my hands after using the restroom. Do I have herpes?
husband tested negative for HIV what are the odds?
can pre *** carry hiv?
How to Lose Belly Fat?
What is the healthy weight for a height of 5'0 feet?
if i become a body builder will i have a child with an endomorph body?
If magnesium blocks cortisol, how much does it take to block it?
How Do I Get A Flat Tummy?
Does a higher metabolism give you more frequent bowel movements?
if you were anorexic as a teen did you become overweight as an adult?
How to get nice thighs?
am i fat? female 5'8 119 lbs plz answer?
Will I be able to Play sport after toenail surgery?
Possible finger bone injury.?
about disibility...i was wondering?
i kicked a peice of wood yesterday and fractured my big toe, ho wlong is recovery period? stuck in bed..pl hlp?
What are the chances? Is it Possible?
Severe rope burn; should I go to doctor's office?
I have a cheap telescope with 8x magnitude with low quality lens....?
Does anyone have astigmatism and wear daily disposable lenses?
lightening of iris any way possible?
Color contacts?
How do showers releve pain?
Is it okay to go to the ER for a migraine?
i think i have scoliosis...?
How good are you at hiding pain? Any tips on how to do so?
HELP PLEASE! Accidently Took My Sleeping Pills vs. My Pain Pill. They are RX Medicines & Strong.. What To Do?
Get expensive chair or adequate chair for home office?
Pain in the lower region's ?
What are some of the best ways to get a fish bone outta your throat?
Has anyone ever used Pharmacityusa.com?
i require blood pressure chart/graph age wise, did any body help me?
How likely is it that fracture of the 5th and 6th ribs will cause heart failure?
Signs of Asthma? aldkjfaklsdjfasklfj kfjaklfjdaklfdjalksfjadsklfjaslkkkkkkkkk…
what does ATHEROMATOUS AORTA means?
what are the medical and nursing management in myocardial infarction?
HELP!! is my mom having a heart attack!?
After the blood test my Dr. said my fallot level is high. What does that mean?
Does anyone have mitral valve/heart reguration?
How can I reduce my cholesterol?
Should medical doctors who are HIV+ be required to retire from medicine?
could this sore in my mouth be a std?
Is this an acne break out or hsv1 / herpes?
How do u know if u have STDs?
I kissed a boy who previously had given a girl oral. Is it possible to catch any sti from that?
What is APLASTIC ANEMIA?Whether it can quire?
I need a list of every type of doctor and what each one specializes in?
i have constant humming sound in my head and ear?
My husband is turning 35 in February and has multiple muscle problems! Help!?
How do you feel about Alcoholics Anonymous?
Just curious about immunizations, jehovah's witnesses's and immunizations?
Brain Tumor Information?
What happens if you drink toilet water?
How can I tell if I am growing a goiter?
bloating problem .....help?
do i have mrsa/staph??
What are the best (and non-expensive) products or routines for acne?
sty (conjunctivitis)?
Itchy Scalp??
Is there such a thing as sun allergy??
Give me your home remedy ideas so we can all read them.?
HELP! severly dehydrated skin. I think?
what is the most sensitve part of a mans body?
Ways to reduce stress?
Does the crushed aspirin really help acne?
Question regarding medical tape?
is pressure on you chest just a sign of stress?
what body part would you get insurance for if you could?
Which is really worse? Smoking pot or Drinking alcohol?
Dealing with an autistic child?
Why sometimes do i smell ammonia really bad, and taste metal in my mouth? With no obvious reason for this?
How are you today?
Can Sm-33 Gel be used on a cold sore?
how is the aids comeing?
Does this person sound like he may have HIV? Only compassionate and educated people need to answer please!?
Can you go swimming after your hpv injection?
Is it possible having an hiv from a facial in a beauty salon?
Are there any natural herbal alternatives to getting hormones (drospirenone) other than birth control?
Anybody try MRS 2000 + Magnetic Resonance Stimulation ?
Does marijuana greatly affect you in long term usage?
know any medication or natural remedys to deal with anxiety?
I need to find tobbacco smoking alternatives. Other things I can smoke and stuff I can do.?
I have a question about fish oil capsoles!The fish oil i take is nature made. Its 1200 mg.?
can the recently vaccinated child, pose a threat to the unimmunized child?
What are some home remedies to sooth a sore, runny nose?
I'm getting my tooth pulled and I'm really scared! Does it hurt really bad?
Difference between cost of NH and private dental treatment?
any invisalign-credited doc in philippines?
I have gingivitis and it hurts, what can I do?
Does it hurt when you get your Wisdom teeth pulled out?
Home remedy pls?
Teeth Whitening?
IV Sedation . How does it feel and works?
whats the best way to treat the symptoms of allergies?
what are symtoms of mosquitoe bite allergies?
Why does aspartame cause severe headaches? I can't use Equal. They are close to a migraine type headache.?
I'm taking iterax as tranquilizer but i have asthma, so i also use my inhaler.Should i continue using it?
How would you know if your lactose intolerate?
why does it feel like the top of my nose is going to come through my forehead...?
If a lady with allergies nurses her adopted baby, will the baby acquire those same allergies?
my cats nose is red from time to time can anyone tell me why???
what is lymphoma and what are its symptoms?
Is there a specific type of marijuana that is best for a cancer patient who has anxiety and lack of appetite?
How long does it take to diagnois a brain tumor/cancer?
prostrate cancer- what kind of fruits and vegatables can i eat that will help my cancer grow or help keep me h?
Cancer and life expectancy.?
How to support my mother who is doing a chemo treatment?
i have this small red depression on my lower lip it was big and round first but now has grown small. CANCER?
I have an overwhelming test anxiety.?
Bipolar: Does anyone else isolate themselves from others excessively?
I've been dealing with anorexia on and off for years now, the urge to stop eating is coming again?
Herplex at wal-mart?
antibiotics for my STD?
I need help!!!!!?
whats difference between sit ups and crunches?
tummy fat (can you focus on just the stomach pudge?)?
Why is this Happening to me?!?!?
Water weight?
Can you really lose weight by drinking white tea?
How do I lose weight while trying to prepare for exams?
how could i lose fat on my face and chins?
too tiny for myself.......?
Do you loose stubburn belly fat faster buy doing cardio everyday or doing situps everyday
How to get rid of contact lens air bubbles?
What type of eyeglass lens should I get?
can you change your eye color with surgery?
contacts help?
what does ear cartilage piercing feel like?
What could be the cause of this pain in my lower back?
Has anyone ever saw or felt like a computer download was taking place and you woke up in the middle of it?
How to relieve neck pain at the very top/back of the neck?
Is there a doctor in the house? im having really bad stomach pains ne ideas?
My Feet Hurt So Bad ... How Can I Ease The Pain ...?
Colscopy and Vicodin?
How to improve the respiratory system after quitting smoking for almost three months so far?
could it be panic attack or what is it?
My son who is an asthmatic wants to study in the south of England?
sleep apnea and c-pap?
pulmonary fibrosis and cardiac condition?
How do you get rid of this cough? URGENT!?
what are signals that u r having a panik attack?
What did I just smoke?
Can children exposed to second hand smoke visibly expel smoke from their lungs?
shoulder injury...please help?
I've hurt my ankle. What should I do?
My knee keeps clicking?
just got a quad and im looking for a shoulder brace to wear when we go riding at the sand dunes?
finger numbness???????????????????????????????
Is reporting an injury and claiming L & I worth it in the long run?
sprained ankle help?
Please help me! Horrible constipation!?
Still worried about HPV test results in one week. Help!?
Someone very close to me may have HIV?
is there something worng with my body?
i need help - this is gross, can i catch this from this situation?
Does running help prevent atherosclerosis?
Does n-acetycysteine lower cholesterol ? And what are some of it's bad side effects?(increase blood pressure?)
I'm having a sharp, intermittent pain right under my heart. !!??
What is a heart murmur ?
im taking diuratic dytor10 once,my bp always 110-120/60-80,only while walking i feel giddiness,i cannot walk?
Significance of elevated BNP in heart failure?
why do i have heart palpitations? is it normal?
How can I minimize the affects of hay fever (fall allergies)?
has milk, sour or fresh, has any side effects?
Which symptoms are likely to disappear after gall bladder surgery?
can a person become a flat foot even though they were arched?
What do you do about...?
Redness and swellinng following vaccinations?
What's the difference between alcohol poisoning and being really waisted?
Stopped up nose,(yet runny @ the same time)sore throat, dizzyness,lost appetite,headache.Whats wrong with me?
I just found a brown swollen mole on the other side of my armpit. Should I gopher a doctor? Can you dig it?
How can i get clear skin within the next cupple days, without buying a new product?
its been 8 months and I feel like im dying?
What happens if you eat moldy bread?
This question is regarding to the one I just asked about me and my dad breaking out in hives and rashes.?
why is this happing? What is happing?
What causes you to sneeze after blowing your nose really hard?
My son has alopecia areata. Does anyone know of any solutions to help with the condition?
Can Skin Shrink Back?
i get boils on my bottom that are so pain full creams and tablets do not work, or cotton underwear.?
Chemical Peels???
What can i do to stop it?
my g/f is 19. she is getting small red blothches on her legs. they look like small blood vessels. what is this
Itchy anal area, and irregular bowel movements?
Is 300 mcg more or less than 3 mg ? On melatonin or other suppliments?
Effects of pill popping?
When a guy gets hit in the gonads, why is there that brief pause between the initial impact and the real pain?
In India, nowadays, in all hospitals (both Govt & Private) a Total Health Check-up scheme for all age groups?
How long does it take to become addicted to cigarettes?
How do you get someone to try and tickle your stomach?
I want to get the hiccups in my language arts class how do i cause them?
what type personilty are you?
What diseases can occur when the thyroid isn't working correctly?
if you had stage 1 breast cancer and clear margins with no evidence of lymph nodes involved would that mean?
Plasmacytoma/Plasma cell dyscrasia?
heart is one of the most important organ of human body? then why cancer doesnt occur to it?
What is cancer treatment like?
Is there a doctor here that can help me out? I hope.?
I had a cancer last year..it is 100% cured now..my best friends are aware about that...?
I've been taking cycle classes at the gym?
How to get strong arms but not being too muscular?
Anyone who has had a weight problem, help! :(?
Weight prob! i want to lose 5 pounds?
how do i get a flat stomach?
Is this a healthy diet?
Can sleep apnea cause palpitations during the day?
Tattoos over self injury scars?
Why is it when you over work a muscle until it hurts that when you wake up the next day..?