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How many lbs can I lose if I do a water fast for 10 days?
How many calories should I eat and burn daily?
my muscles are having a hard time recovering! Help please!?
Would children have health issues if they weren't to eat meat and milk?
Is eating snow bad for you?
DENTISTS!!! - please help?
how did the densist remove your brace?
enlarged tonsils am i going to have to get them out?
White In Socket of Wisdom Tooth?
i'm 16 and i need a crown..?
Dental Reasearcher? Do you have any latest research about dental problems?
my veneers fell off!?!!!?
Weird nasty taste in mouth, can't get rid of it for nothing.. any ideas?
tooth filling?
how do you know if you have herpes?
is it true that std can make you impotent?
sandalwood for trapped nerves?
Is there a cure for having nightmares and dreaming all the time?
Does anyone know the symptoms for I.B.S.?
Is Sidra Rashad going to be better in the next 12 hours?
is it safe to continue with a pregnancy if you have a cut on the top of your uterus?
What are some good relaxation techniques that you can do at work?
what does it mean if my leg feels like its circulation has been cut off?
Why do people laugh when they get tickled?
Will a psychiatrist help me ?
can constant anxiety lead to temporary depression?
Paxil/Wellbutrin and Pregnancy?
I get nervous over every little thing, and its leading to panic attacks. What should I do?
What is wrong with me?
Anyone else suffer from hypervigilence or 'startle syndrome'?
Do you think its irresponsible for MASH's theme tune to be called 'Suicide is Painless'?
What is the best place in the world to have a eye laser surgery?
what are different ways to protect my eyes from radiation from laptop/computer?
What's this skin type stuff on my eyeball?
Anyone know any special tips for aiding in inserting contacts?
Accidentally poked my eye while wiping off mascara?
How can I make my eyes brighter if possible?
can a praying mantus really blind you by spitting in your eye?
If I wear glasses with a lower perscription, will that hurt my eyes?
How to pass a saliva (oral swab) drug test?
what is wrong with me?
Will i be able to get rid of the scars? :(?
What's a good product to minimize pores?
Eh...got a painful boil on my face...staph infection?
What kind of doctor would I go to about deep, dark bags under my eyes?
Are Antibiotics Counterproductive In The Treatment of Acne?
How to cure dry lips?
Small skin colored bumps on my forehead?
hi can anyone help me with this problem??
i have quite large polyps.my doctor has recommended surgery.but i am reluctant to have surgey.?
why does the body react when you are allergic to something?
What food am I allergic to? It is 1-2 hours after I eat certain 'flat' breads like pizza, pita, tortilla.
why does my face twitch and eyes close whenever I taste something sour?
i need help with my ibs?
Does anyone know of any miracle drugs for Post Nasal Drip?
Advanced Throat Cancer?
stage 1 pancreatic cancer- had surgery not whipple?
if u smoke 5 ciggarete everyday how many years will it take to develop into lungs cancer or other fatal diseas
pancreatic cancer?
My mum's got cancer for the second time and they want to give her the same chemotherapy as before..?
Small Lump On Left Knee Moveable?
What happened to Safeways Lucerne no sugar added ice cream bars?
what info to put on medical id bracelet?
Insulin Pump Users?
I was squating and on my second set during my squating , all of a sudden i got a really bad hadache.?
what do i do if my tailbone is broken causing pain in my back and legs?
Why hasent the nerve in my wrist grown back?
How do i recuperate my busted rotator cuff?
Cast Color? HELP?!?!?
what is it and what should i do?
Will I have to give up kickboxing because of arthritis?
is my pinky toe broken?
Urinalysis, anyone have an interpretation?
Is HERPES a form of HIV which can become AIDS?
gardasil, insurance, what should I tell my parents?
what are facial swelling and hair loss symptoms of?
Cure for insomnia?
what is the name of a disease that causes capillaries to break in infants?
Accutane Questions?
Every time I eat, I feel like throwing up?
Has anyone ever had a swallowing disorder or burping problem?
health question. could i have lupus? i have pernicious anaemia but i also get flu-like symptoms, itching etc?
10 pts to best answer!?
what should i do .My 11years old autistic son Hiccupping for 8 years?
is loss of sense of smell indicative of something?
i need help loosing weight please!!?
What's more important the distance you walk or the amount of time you walk?
How does wearing a copper bracelet reduce the pain caused by impending rain?
How long does it take to get the flu after you've gotten your flu shot?
How long can a cold sore stay dormant the first time?
How much damage has Chlamydia done if you had it for 4 month?
is this acute hiv infection? sore throat?
When a girl gets birth control at planned parenthood do they automatically test you for STDs?
Can Herpes be transmitted through blood?
What age can you visit the doctor by yourself?
weed hair drug test help?
Can I snort pseudoephedrine?
How can i start falling asleep faster?
what would happen if gold got in your blood stream?
can you listen to your ipod whilegoing under anastesia?
Is there any way to tamper with a drug testing home kit so that it turns up negative?
Help! i have a costly drug habbit and i dunno hwo to help myself!! can anyone help please??? :-(?
I need help, I need a painless way out?
why are emotions so intense?
does your wrist bone bones stick out like this?
How do i make myself sick enough to go to the hospital?
Wouldnt the world be a safer place if we had coloured farts?
what is the latest system of treating knee or joint pain?
I really can't take this pain anymore!!!!?
No Insurance. Need Surgery. HELP!?
what is natural remedy(herb) for severe headaches?
Can take silver colloidal for gastroenteritis(stomach flu)?
can acupuncture and qi gong treatment help my knee cartilage grow back?
What Are Some Good Common Cold Remedies?
How to rid body of the plastic compounds resulting from flour based food products?
any home remedies for heartburn?
Question - What is Acai?
Have 8 year old girl with ADD, has anyone out there conquered this without medication?
If Homeopathy were real, why can you take dozens of homeopathic sleeping pills and not get sleepy?
Is it true blueberries can stain your teeth?
Does baking soda really whiten teeth?
How can a dentist from India start practicing or get a job in Dubai ?
Free braces for a low-income high school student?
Spread toothpaste on Aluminum= Whiter Teeth?
How long will my dental treatment take?
Help about thorough cleaning of gums.?
making out and my breath smells how do i get better breath?
why are some faces asymmetrical?
Odd-ish question.?
Social anxiety?
Stress - flustarasion?
why some people wants to take the revenge with a lot of hatred?
how do i stop my inappropriate speech?
blood test info- please explain?
cervical cancer, hpv?
question for ppl with herpes?
How is HIV/AIDS treated?
what is the reason for itching anus?
What is the best natural remedy for a severe cough?
Alcohol Poisoning?
what is the best way to loose weight from now until october?
I just had arthoscopy surgery on my knee,how do I know that the knee surgery worked?
When is it ok to give up on someone who has been to rehab several times and wouldn't stop using?
Will Sean be all right?
tampons... : /?
what does it mean if you smell wood burning when there isn't any?
fentanyl patches?
Is Biofreeze better for muscle pain/stiffness than Icy Hot or is it all chiropractor-fueled propaganda?
How can I get my family doctor to prescribe vicodin to me for my knee pain?
My brother has ankylosing spondylitis and needs treatment that he can't afford.?
Second visit to Dr. for trigger finger (tendinitis)?
Stepper eyeglasses ?
I have goobery white stuff in my eye?
Urgent Medical Help Needed!!!?
DMV Eye Test?
Whats the difference between these two colored contacts?
I get mucus in my eyes constantly, why? And it looks like a piece of thread,?
is it true that nearsided ?
Polycarbonate or 1.67 high index?
What is the best fruit, herb or vegetable to rejuvenate the pancreas?
Does Earl Grey Decaffinated Tea stop iron absorbtion into the bloodstream?
I'm worried. Any way back from this?
There is a great site I have found for all Type 1's and Type 2 diabetics and for any other kind or just family
an allergy to fruits??
Red sore in corner of eyes near-the nose?
Neti pot trouble?
should i take another dose if i vomited half an hour after taking it?
why after i eat i always start to sneez?
Toothpaste on Acne, Does it really work?
Acne Scars, Please Help?
hey gallbladderless poeple please help?
Are there signs of ovarian cancer?
Carmex causes cancer??
Is it a poor prognosis for breast cancer patient to find 2.5cm positive node after yr of chemo/rads/hercep?
how can I help a friend with cancer?
can any1 answer this?
which site allows me to ask a dr. questions?
have u had breast cancer in your life.?
Know someone with AUTISM??
Help. I have 2 epileptic children.?
can u plz help me!!!!!!?
Is there anyone out there who has suffered with derealisation?
I just found out that...?
what makes a person tremble in there sleep?
Side Effects from HPV Vaccine, Gardasil?
Can you get tested for STDs without your parents knowing?
Dose meps Check for STD's?
Damn. I got herpes.......?
what is the chance of getting herpes?
British Backpackers spreading STD's in Australia?
what stds can you get from being fingered?
whats the best food to eat for after exercise?
need to lose 20 pounds soon?
What's the best elliptical out there?
What causes a person to be so hungry on some days?
Some encouragement please???!?
why don't Dr's offer tape worms as a form of weight loss?
What can a 14 year old girl do to lose weight?!!!!!!!!!!!?
How Can I Loose Fats Around My Stomach?
if overweight people starve themselves,will they lose alot of weight as if a skinny person was doing it?
Is it possible that my friend could have reactive arthritis 3 years after infection?
what are the differences between herpes and boils? in look??
is it possible to have more than 1 std?
can someone with herpes transfer through saliva if they are not having an outbreak?
what do you meen an outbreak? trick has an outbreak?
Why do people yawn ?
Bad drug trip/ flashbacks, help please.?
Why do people sneeze when they look at the sun?
What are the long term affects of breathing carbon monoxide?
how to make my fingers longer or my palm bigger?
Why do I black out (slightly) when I stand up?
WORST-smelling farts EVER. What is going on?
What to do if your fart in class?
Lost Tooth Surgeryy PLEASEEE!?
i have a faint line going through the middle if my tooth?
What is the most effective procedure for teeth whitening?
My bf brushes and uses mouthwash and yet his breath still smells! What do I do?
8 extractions for braces?
Do the inside of TANGERINE peels whiten teeth like the inside of orange peels do?
What are the rubber bands in between my teeth called?
I just got my braces yesterday, my gums are cut, and my teeth ache and hurt, and i cant eat. Is this normal?
What are the white things that sometimes come out of my mouth that smell bad?
This is a weird question... but how do you make your teeth whiter and make braces maybe work and go by faster?
What happens if you rupture your achillies tendion and it goes untreated?
what are the symptoms of diabetes?
If you have type 2 diabetes can you have all teeth extracted and fitted with dentures?
Whats something, besides water I can drink that has no sugar????
itchy legs?
What to do with a home Sharps container?
Why is my A1C getting worse!?!?
Bronchitis question?
Coughing persists?
Have you ever had stitches?
How do I really loosen my quadriceps quickly?
i've done my nose job 1 week ago .. does the look change alot after many weeks?
Is it possible to get carpul tunnel syndrome from using the computer mouse too much?
This bruise won't go away?
How can i make the swelling going down?
how soon after a person was hit does a black eye begin to come out?
Wat Is Wrong Wit Me?
I have been having strange symptoms - I am 15?
Please help my anxiety and answer this question about HIV?
Could i have a STD from getting eaten out?
Is it normal to have green discharge when I ejaculate?
Recently I’ve developed a Sty. The top eyelid is really puffy and is very uncomfortable?
What happens when a person SUDDENLY stops taking prescribed anti-depressant medication such as Nefazodone?
How can i get rid off 2 stretch marks?
what training do I need to become a feng shui consultant?
Think i'll pass?
I have blistering stomach pains once in a while, what's wrong with me? I know it's not food.?
Sunrise vs. sunset?
Can I have glasses with both anti reflective coating and transition lense?
Weird temporary blindness?
What is wrong with my eye? Could this be a stye?
i saw a flash of light?
can hydrocodone really effect the way you are?
Would Yoga be good with my health issues?
I'm only 20, but could I have arthritis?
I have kidney failure and also rickets (bone disease where your bones are very weak and soft)?
I am 6 foot 9 inches tall, what are good exercises to do to help with back problems?
my little finger on my left hand has started to be numb i woke up and it was completely dead any ideas?
Repeatedly HIV Reactive?
yeast infection??
need some std help please?
what is diverteulatus and the causes and symptoms and any cure for it?
nephrotic syndrome?
my bellyring is infected i think - it'll look better but a few hrs ltr it will look worse wat do i do?
how can you get rid of stretch marks on your legs?
How can my friend get rid of her keloid is there a sure way?
What is the average shelf life of sunscreen?
I'm very dark-skinned how can i become lighter, without surgery?
what are some natural skin lighteners?
face full of acne appeared overnight
i have a nasty cold right now.. help please?
anxiety and deja vu?
Anxiety about dying won't go away!?
When you try to explain mental illness, how come people don't want to understand?
What are some common misconceptions about your condition?
I am considering electroshock therapy for depression anyone can tell me their results?
I Need Help?
I have no friends, not because I am un likable! just cos I 'm unsociable and have no time!?
Has anyone has any success with the new FDA-Approved weight loss med "alli?"?
why gaining weight after quitting smoking habit ..how i can control this?
Bodybuilders, weight lifters, or nutritionists, HELP!?
where can we aquire the calorie points playing cards used by the children in tv ad for 5aday commercial?
need help with weight loss exercises?
Liquid Diet?
how much fiber should i eat a day?
how soon will i loose weight and am i bulimic ?
how many calories do you think i have just burnt off??
in a drunken stupor i agreed to start training at a gym with my mate?
Does anyone know what it means when you have cancer but it is not in remisson and it is not active? What is it
looin for basilcellcarsinoma skin cancer?
If I receive chemotherapy treatments do I have to have my artifical nail removed?
can u live without a microwave?
Someone expert in diabetes II?
Are you on Medicare?
what is sugar paper made from?
If Lantus and Levemir are both 24 hour long acting insulin for better BS control then what makes them?
Dr. Bernstein?
is this blood sugar normal? please answer...please?
What does it mean if a 73 year old diabetic man gets up at night trembling, and dizzy(drunk effect).?
who tired of level 4 ???????
Just bleached my teeth for the 1st time and now I have abnormal white spots?
Invisalign ! HELP ! Easy 10 !?
Nurses & Dental Hygienists, a little advice please?
Looking for reviews on Humana One Dental?
wisdom teeth removal teeth get straight?
My gums are receding, what to do?
I have sever tooth pain like in a filing and it hurts on a scale 1-10....11 please help what can i do for the?
Do mouth braces taste like metal?
How to kiss with braces?
Natural ways to fall asleep?
Vicks Sinex Directions?
what does it mean when someone has the initials PA-C after their name?
What are some good ways to help relieve Carpal Tunnel pain?
I've been smoking long time and now I wanna stop it. Could you advice me the way?
Felt incredibly dizzy and nauseous. Almost passed out. Why?
what are some of the side effects of lexative?
I am looking for an article on herbal remedies for arthritis and pain in Wmn's World Magazine?
How do you treat a goiter and underactive thyorid using herbs?
Does valerian root make you sleepy or just more relaxed?
How can you increase your Jing?
Does arnica have any effect on dark circles under eyes?
Epilepsy/Hypnosis Question...?
how to make this stop?
Can I ever get a Cannabis Card without having like cancer?
If 95% of HIV Cases test Positive within 30 days.....?
My boyfriend has herpes?
What website should i go to look up about HIV/AIDS?
Can you get an STD from this?
Hearing Loss - ent problem?
What is the best thing to have to relieve a sore throat?
What all we can do to improve the hemoglobin count?
face and neck tingling??
Asthma and Exercise?
I cannot sleep. Anyone suffering from this?
Did Ernest smoke weed?
Will using Claratin take my allergy symptoms away? (read)?
Why do I have hives?
Withdrawal symptoms from Zyrtec?
can you get allergies for touching a newspaper? or get sick?
I think my mom's allergic to alcohol and I drank some. Now I'm itching like crazy, what do I do?
Sun Sneezes, any idea?
Suggestions for healing a scalp damaged by EASY STRAIGHT hair straightener?
I got a nasty cut that required 7 stitches on my chin 3 weeks ago. I was told to put neosporin on it, HOWEVER?
My wrists are sore, is there anyway to stop them from getting like this in the future?
What's up with the toe breaking?
Thumb Hurts?
I Hit My Head 3 Years ago.. bump still there help?
I cut myself and it won't stop bleeding.?
If you die and you have a broken leg do they take the cast off?
should i go to the hospital?
what is the best meal supplement can you suggest? the kind w/o any side affect as much as possible...?
Ways in which i can improve double vision/lazy eye/vision in general?
What is the correct distance to keep your eyes from the computer screen ?
Is it safe to wear contacts after your eyes have been dilated?
Pros and Cons of Polarized Sunglasses?
can i wear these contacts?
Just wondering....?
Floaters in my eye help?
i have a red dot on the white part of my eye i got it after taking off my contacts?
my eye hurts...what should I do?
Help! What can someone do about edema, neuropathy pain in feet?
how do you fall asleep quicker?
How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
does oxycodone 5 have asprin in it?
What are some ways to minimize "dumping syndrome" after gastric bypass?
I am considering lasik surgery for my astigmatism. My vision beyond arm's length is 20/15. But up close, blur.
pot or alcohol? which is more harmful?
When I am in straddle and stretching forward, my left knee hurts but my right doesn't.?
Hip Arthritis?
Help with tinitus PLEASE it's torturing me !!?
What can I do to stay awake?
Do you suffer from SAD? What can I do to combat it?
What are the absolute best contact lenses?
Buy Soma Online?
Why do some people feel more pain then others?
I can't do push ups! is there something wrong with me? what should i do? i have trouble doing 2!?
my gobble hurts?
Does "High Blood Pressure" always relates to narrowing of artery?
i recently had a tummy tuck and breast lift and now I am experiencing increased heart rate with shakiness and?
Heart stress test, bp was 155/0, why did the diastolic drop so low?
Is a 101 systolic blood pressure high?
why does old old incision open?
is hypertension a medical handicap?
Does everyone with a bicuspid aortic valve need heart surgery to live a long healthy life?
Heart attack causes ?
what foods are good for memory?
What is the best thing to do, to improve memory?
Depression again?
Be honest, you have nothing to lose?
I am kind of shy to people and when I talk I sound like an idiot so I don't talk at all! Can someone help!!!!!
girl only i feel like cutting my self right now and i need someone to talk to?
You want to be happy right? Then why do you keep doing things that make you and others unhappy?
what is a good over the counter acne soap?
How do I get rid of backne?
how can i get rid of the scars on my face?
Dandruffs... What's the best way to clear them?
Hot water with lemon for clearer skin?
How the heck can I get rid of my excema?
What type of bite is this?
Please save me from acnes.?
Question about my nose ...?
Is there anyway to reverse nerve damage in diabetics?
Help! who knows about levels of HIV?
b/p is 120 over 70 pulse rate 62 what could this be?
Question for diabetics. Leg, arm, stomach, or buttocks? I'm a leg gal :)?
How can i lose weight if i have arthritis?
Trying to maintain a healthy diet, but what is considered healthy?
what are the best exercises to work the inner thighs?
if i starve myself for a few days?
Slimming world password for this week beginning 25th jan?
I want to start an oatmeal diet today (later)?
my weight is terrible. help?
when i get up fast i feel a bit dizzzy for about 5 to 10 seconds?
whats my ploblem am i anorexic?
what are the treatments for herpes?
can chlamydia come back after being cured?
how long does it take for chlamydia to make you infertile im only 19?
I have got a cold sore on wednesday and I'm going out on sunday, will it go by then? Its more of a big blister?
Where can I go for and STI test?
How long should i wait for STD testing?
Can a Bulemic person brush their teeth after vomiting in order to prevent their teeth from rotting?
What is your experience with pectus excavatum?
What is the appropriate blood draw for kidney patient on dialysis ? Do they need blood drawn each week ?
What are the dangers of wearing ear plugs all day?
What's the name of this sleep disorder?
Kidney Transplant?
what do u do if your mother is a drug addict?
my cat has extremely bad breath lately. is this a sign of illness?
Testing for M.S?
What do you know about metal on metal hip replacement or metal dust causing cancer?
dental insurance?
What is a good teeth whitening product?
Has anybody ever gotten a root cannal?
Does getting your wisdom teeth pulled out hurt?
can I get my teeth whitened? I'm 13?
Soft, non-painful lump on gums?
Top and Bottom Braces. I have a question... Appt tomorrow..?
Should I Get Braces??
How do you get rid of a white coating on the tongue?
I was just sitting in my chair and suddenly I could not breath,feltcold tinging in body and elbows hurt. Why?
Career As A Respiratory Therapist?
whan i cough white lumps come up from my airways?
what happens if you pass out but your still breathing?
Do People Know This Way To Cure A Hiccup?
Looking for chats for sinus/allergies?
Every time i need red onion get a headache, why?
am i allergic to tomatoes?
Hives caused by Heat,sweat, and ocean water??
Cat Allergies?
Can someone please talk to me about HPV?
Blood test results- Will they always call?
does hiv make you always tired and weaken your muscles?
Am I going to get herpes?
Will a blood test show STD's or aids?
do you have to be a virgin to get gardasil?
In what way one has the best chance to quit smoking ?
I think I have A.D.D.?
Do I have to change my phone number?
how often a femoral artery is damaged during a catherization and a repair surgery w/gortex is done?
can i play soccer with subaortic membrane in my heart?
Can synthroid aggravate heart rythym?
What the heck could be going on?
how long is the life expectency of some one who has ventricular tachycardia?
Bernard Werewolf has High Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure-His Doctor suggest a complete...?
Home remedies for back aches or muscle spasms?
Back pain?
In pain, all over!?
Hyland's Nerve Tonic...?
What causes chronic foot pain, besides injuries?
Headache with popping sounds in head and knifelike pain down my throat?
my bones hurt?
DOCTORS ONLY my neck n back very pain,i can't get up from my bed at all,i can't move at all,whats wrong
Has anyone ever used traditional chinese medicine effictively?
Quick ways to be able to pass a drug test?
acne problems???????
Does aloe vera help acne scars?
How do you get rid of scars caused by zits?
What does it mean when someone tells someone else to "Go pull the legs off a spider"?
Acne!!!...need Major help!!!!!!!PLeaSe!?
does green tea help with your skin . how ?
Going to the tanning bed.?
Why do your lips burn when you eat something hot?
Why does the cartilage in my nose *click* when I move it?
How much Iodine do we need to consume?
Help I have a horrendous sunburn?
people who have ticklish feet?
Is it harmful to swallow mucus from a cough?
kinda gross question ( about Diarrhea)?
WEIRD QUESTION: Do you ever Sneeze when you are extremely hungry?
Why am I awake.......?
how to increase the size of my breast?
Is it ok to offer a woman a foot massage? And what is the best way?
my couisn is 13 and she weighs 165 pounds is she healthy??
will i lose weight if?
weight loss?
I do exercices 60mn every evening but still get weight. How should I do?
How did you lose weight? WOMEN ONLY?
How many crunches should I do per day?
Help! i dont feel pretty in my stick-figure body! How i can become more curvacious?
i need to put on my weight?
What do numb and hot hands and feet indicate?
what is the impact of levulose on blood sugar levels ? what are the implications for calorie management?
Could my doc have caused my miscarriage?
How can a person die from diabetes?
Is cinnamon every day good for you?
Do you get weird looks in public when you ask the diabetic in your family, "Are you high?"?
Do You think Im overweight?
orthopedic doctors in chennai?
Can a bent bone straighten up after a break?
Knee Hurts Help?
Can you walk with a slight fracture?
How do I treat a pulled thigh muscle?
Need help please!?
what do you do when you burnt your leg?
what are the new stategies in the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIN/AIDS?
Help Please!! Chlamydia/PID question!?
the dreaded subject of std's?
What is an effective, fast & safe teeth whitening product?
Is it possible to have power chains THE WHOLE TIME to shorten the time I'm supposed to have braces?
how long does it take for teeth gap to deliver teeth effect bands????
Does it make a difference to floss before or after you brush your teeth?
What is the BEST over the counter teeth whitening product out right now?
Should I get dentures or get all my cavities filled?
What would happen if I didn't get my wisdom teeth taken out?
Are my teeth okay or not? Am I doing the right thing here?
How many sit-ups are needed to get rid of Christmas dinner?
what is the fastest way to whiten my teeth?
whats treatment for a torn muscle?
Is Canada's health care system really better than what we have in the U.S.? How is it, or how is it not?
Knee problem?
how long will alcohol be in my system?
What is the best way to prevent sinus headaches?
In college, will I still be able to continue with immunotherapy?
Are you allergic to lipstick?
How do I talk to my doctor about testing me for Celiacs Disease?
untreated sinus infections can cause...?
Can anyone tell me about MAI?
Is it normal for a 3 year old with Croup to be vomiting alot?
How do you clear up your congested nose if you don't have any nasal decongestants?
Am I using Symbicort correctly?
why do my lungs sound weird?
Every time my friend gets a cold...?
High IQ & panic at ideas? Mental illness or fear of my intelligence?
Is it possible to be naturally evil???
if there are no pain receptors in the brain why do we get headaches?
My son picks his nose. I told him he will stretch out his nostrils if he don't stop! Is this true?
NPs are so much better than MDs..why?!?!?
how do you know if you have a broken tailbone without going to the doctors?
Lost Voice?
ok burnt my finger, the blister popped please help! 10 POINTS FOR FIRST GOOD ANSWER!?
information on heart ultrasound tech?
Racing heart the morning after drinking alcohol?
ATHEROSCLEROSIS?? signs and symptoms?
What are the answers to American Heart NIH stroke scale test C 2010?
does the general anesthesia w/ oral surgery make your heart race?
What is causing a fast heart rate and shakiness while I sleep?
Blood pressure treatment? norvasc? micardis?
my heart rate is about 100-110 for hours after eating?
basiler artery and left verebral artery occulsion?
My mom has adhesive capsulitis?
I have Sciatic nerve pain?
if you have sore muscles, does massaging help or worsen them?
Anyone have any success with Reiki or Biofeedback sessions?
I am dying with heartburn - help!?
What's wrong with me?
My throat hurts when i swallow, and i dont have time to go to a doctor to get it checked out.?
natural cure for acid reflux?
phentermine can it be brought over counter? where at?
what's the best time to take my calcium and b-vitamin supplements?
Why does the government say marijuana kills brain cells, but then allows marinol(pure THC) by prescription?
is there ne alternative way to trt depression,other than allopathy,councelling...like can hypnotism be of use?
Overdose of Medicine?
Is Weed Safer than cigarettes!?
Has anyone used alli?? the weightloss pill?
Need to lose weight and have a flat stomach(nearly flat) and I have only till' september.My major problem.Help?
I ate too much what should I do?
Are vegetables mainly fibers, vitamins, minerals and water, or are they mainly carbohydrates?
I'm on a diet and have been advised ot eat more fish. I would like to know if Kippers are any good as diet ...?
Weight loss in thighs and stomach?
Is it ok to workout before bedtime?
How do I get more curves without getting fat?
Why do i feel so fat!?
can a women have Gonorrhea.for several months and not have symptoms or it not show up on an std screening?
why do some people like bad smells?
Help to fade bruises?
Removing a mole?
does anyone know any creams or pills that actually work for psoriasis?
Ever heard of a hereditary condition where a lot of exposure to sunlight causes someone to break out in hives?
Has anyone heard of a new drug for psoriasis that is injected once a month and is very sucsesfull. ?
Homecoming is next saturday and I have posion oak. What do i do?
Burned fingers?
Im in my early 20's... female and I have been taking Ibuprofen for a few weeks... ?
Pulled a muscle in my tongue?
how long does it usally take to heal from shin splints?
Can one have a hairline fracture in the ankle? The more i walk, the more it hurts. It's been a year like this.
Is it possible to have a broken wrist but not know about it ?
How to get rid of bruises FAST!???!?!?
my back injury?
My knee is causing me severe problems walking
Facts on Smoking??????????????????
Surgery a good idea in this case?
is it bad when out of no where my heartbeat jus increases for a few secs nd then goes away?
Does anyone know what this is?
Its hard for me to stop staring and daydreaming?
can sinus medicine help you lose weight?
Why do most family practice Drs. give Albuterol nebs for pneumonia patients with no asthmatic component?
Anyone know of any over the counter treatments for cold with laryngitis?
What is a lung stone exactly? Are they really not dangerous? (my doc said no worries) no info on the web.?
can I email Allegra?
What is the pathogen that causes Pneumonia?
Please, tell me more about infections who are provocated with cytomegalovirus?
any useful advice of coping with on coming blindness?
why do eye contacts have to be separate?
Very Stupid Question.?
what's the treatment for bird flu??
may i know a specific clinic software???
What foods should be eaten by someone who has low Zinc?
The back of my left leg is very tender and bruised; could I have pulled that muscle?
Is cirohsis possible for a 22 year old that quit drinking and doing drugs? What are symptoms of it?
Why people always sweat???
How do I get earwax out of my ears? I can't hear!?
If the thyroid gland was removed from a cancer patient would the TSH leves rise or fall?
What is the approximate survival rate of the stage IV lung cancer?
Ovarian Cancer chances and what descisions to make before surgery?
help me understand about this?
Grandma with liver cancer, spread to lungs?
Inform me more about brain tumor, and the chances of patient survival after operation for grade 4 tumor?
Why is Emt and Paramedic is a highly stressful?
I want to grow taller. I'm 5'6" and 31 years old. Can I grow taller?
How can i stop sweating so much?? Is their any pill i can tke? (for back sweat and chest?)?
How come Alli, the diet drug, isnt safe to use with my Zoloft?
I'm so sick and tired. I have a science test tomorrow. What do I do?
How can I wake myself up and be more energized?
A dream I had involved me dieing. What could this mean?
What are bad side effects of using marijuana?
So this is embarrassing...?
How to come down when on cocaine?
Help me explain how the heart rate increases?
Does The type of music have anything to do with musics effect on blood pressure ?
how can you restore your kidneys from alcohol?
what is this?? CHF or something else?
Having an echocardiagram done on my heart. Advice?
Rapid heart rate and EKG?
I have SVT. Is it okay to rub your nerve on your kneck to slow your heart down?
Is the media responsible for youth image, anorexia, bulemia, and suicide?
some thing good to be addicted to?
Why does it seem like everyone get answers but me?!?
How to face a terminal illness and keep panic and fear at bay? I have strategies but...Add strings to my bow?
Has EMDR worked for you? If so, how can you tell, and how fast did it work?
Can obsessive compulsive disorder cause people to talk to themselves?
Is Yahoo Answers addictive? I think I am addicted.?
Is anyone receiving violations in the mental health section?
Can nail biting loosen teeth?
Why do my teeth sometimes feel loose but they don't the next day?
Does this sound like TMJ?
Mucocele and other tiny bumps?
I always look after my teeth. I brush My Teeth and gums for approx 10-12 mins. my gums have turned black? Y?
Why can't one eat after midnight before getting their wisdom teeth out?
What is the best mouthwash to use?
Does Lysol make breath mints?
Why would anyone put GLUCOSE in a toothpaste?
headache remedies...?
Can the following foods be eaten while having a stomach ulcer?
my left knee keeps moving backwards?
Anyone know name of this medicine?
Braces procedure! So much pain & questions! I need answers please?
Body and mucle soreness?
Makeout Cramps?
hi, i've been waking up most days with a sore neck and the pain goes away when i start the day.?
what is a cure for hives and shingles?
How to treat dermatitis on face?
Bed&Body Works Lotion, my legs red and itchy?!?
dog allergies?
insect legs in food?
How long after eating can u exercise?
Yoga: 1) how many times a week is optimal? 2) do I still need cardio workouts?
What Is A HEALTHY Late Night SNACK?
What exercise can I do at home without having to purchase any equipment?
Is it better to do 40 'girl' pushups or 3 'man' pushups?
Im 13yrs old and i weigh 142lbs.How do i lose 40 pounds???HELP PLEASE!?
im a size 16, had 2kids and want a flat tum how do i do it??
What foods do you eat when you have diabetes?
Acanthosis nigricans? PLEASE ANSWER~!?
Do I have diabetes? Should I see a doctor?
prozac , alcohol, blood sugar and anger combo side effects?
A little more info on my medicare?
how do i know if my blood sugar is high or low? like what would i feel?
I have a blood sugar problem and need answers ( Please no bull crap answers please serious answers only)?
when did you last donate blood?
would hpv show up in a routine blood test?
i took 4 pills for chlamydia but i only waited 4 days?
how many herpes strain are there?
pap smear indicating herpes?
can u be tested for herpes ???????????
Are there side effects to a shoulder dislocation surgery?
My spine has been itching any ideas why?
Help!!!!! What is a mild trauma?
What's wrong with my ankle?
I am extremely afraid of shots. help!?
Ingrown toenail?
how do you fracture or break your wrist bone without surgery?
Please help me and help me with my pain!?
A 6 year old boy is noticeably taller then his classmates. What glandular problem do you suspect he may have?
Help doctors?
I have a health question and dont know a good site to?
Can you get a Tumor.....?
Dry Itchy Head full of flakes...Help Please!!!?
What is a good way to unclog and shrink pores?
Really red face?! What could it be ?
what is the best thing to do to get rid of blackheads?
Face moisturizer for extrememly dry, sensistive skin?
any ideas on how to stop itching your eyes?
how do i get rid of a zit?
Labyrinthitis, went to hospital with severe dizziness and vomiting?
Alternative ways to treat long-lasting headaches?
vitamins and herbal supplements?
can prune juice hurt you?
what's good for my voice?
My friend has been having bad things happen to her. Is this negative energy? How can she get rid of it?
Where is a good place to buy herbs online? ?
Is anyone on here SxE?
How long does a mandible take to heal?
Is there a doctor in the house?
i got kicked in the shins and the bone really hurts; how can i get it better at home WITHOUT A DOCTOR????
Bad Leg Pain?
help! braces?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt?
my contacts and glasses and headaches?
can stairing at a computer screen all day make your eye sight get worse?
left -1cyl 0.25 sphere & right -1. will contact lens of -1 suits me?
How can we make the burning and redness go away?
Close objects blurry with contact lenses?
Can the arms of plastic frames be bent?
for people who know or wear colored contacts?
is a yeast infection highly contagious?? is it more contangious than herpes?
There Is A Chance I Might Have Chlamydia From My Boyfriend?
Have you given up smoking?
Has anyone in the Land Of Oz/Answers encountered this year's flu bug yet?
Recovery for Deviated Septum?
is coughing bad for you?
Sleep Paralysis?
how can i get my bf to stop smoking weed..?
are plantar warts contagious?
Is that HPV vaccine dangerous (I heard they found out it may not be?
What would win in a fight herpes or swineflu?
I got cut with a razor at the Barbers, any HEP/HIV risks?
i know i need psychiatric help..but?
What happens during a true mental burn out?
Suggestions on how to deal with BPD?
Do you know anyone who has M.P.D?
um i think i am mental, or something is majorly wrong.?
Runny Nose all of a sudden?
Natural remedies for child's allergies?
Allergy and anesthesia?
I have a health question...?
Home remieds for a stuffy nose?
Hair and allergy! PLEASE LOOK AND HELP!!?
What causes a heart attack?
How much does a typical pacemaker cost?
Safe to play baseball with risk of heart murmur?
Medication for slowing the heart down is make the blood pressure to rise.why?
I have Valvular heart disease and now sharp pain under my left armpit... should I get help?
I am dizzy and have chest pain?
what can random seizures be a warning sign of?
dental assisting?
How to whiten teeth with strawberries..?
Is aetna dental access a good plan?
how long after finishing bands will my braces come off?
Should I see a dentist for this gum pain?
What helps make your teeth whiter?
what causes gum bleeding?
Husband won't brush his teeth?
price for theeth cleaning?
Gallbladder like symptoms but had it out 2 years ago??
Fellow sonographers...Is it the physicians responsibility or the sonographers to give patients their results?
My best friend might have cancer!?
Has anybody gotten GARDASIL? Does it HURT?
Why is my mom always sick of cancer in my dreams?
does your bladder form around your belly button?
does anyone think that Australia suffers from tall poppy syndrome?
my doctor is nuts?
what hurts more? getting hit with a glass or plastic botttle over the head?
whats wrong with me ?
is this normal?
can chondroitin raise blood pressure?
How to get rid of the dark skin on my neck from insulin resistance?
Why is someone who carries extra weight around their waist more likely to develop diabetes than a person?
My fiance needs to have her gall bladder removed. She doesn't have insurance,and indigent care wont pay?
I recently asked about my pet lab mix diagnosed with diabetes.?
how can i accept being a diabetic and still have fun in my teenage years?
can anywone answer this ?why does someones eyesight improve dramatically in one day?
Can controlled diabetes damage kidney, the eye or heart?
Do diabetics pee a lot when they pee frequently?
will this help thrush to disappear?
recent chlamydia test possitve, but both people i could have got it from are both negative.?
Cold sores after kissing?
Can u get hiv from a parking lot floor?
where can I get std testing for free?
if you have herpes ...?
if i have.... would it hurt?
what excersises can I do to get more toned and defined arms?
Abdominal Muscle Exercising?
Does mental exertion (studying, solving problems, etc) burn calories?
What is the normal amount of weight you should lose a week?
Do you take fiber daily?
I want to loose weight for a family vacation in 2 weeks--like 10 lbs...?
how can i gt a big booty and a flat belly?
help please! i have bulimia and don't know how to quit?
Can the bladder be conditioned to hold more volume?
is it possible to sneeze with your eyes open?
my son had an appt. today and the doc said he would like me to set up an appt for genetic testing?
How many ounces does your bladder hold? What determines?
I'm 16 and I'm 5'3 feet tall, will i still be able to grow?
Do you pee the same amount, more, or less than you drink?
Why do people in wheelchairs have that blanket over their laps?
If I Want to, Should i Have The right to die?
Stomach Ulcers or something else?
i already received 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine, when i check my AUSAB i didn't develop antibodies, why?
Why am i always dizzy and feel sick?
gastric band surgery?
Numbness in fingertips and toes?
Unexplained fainting/passing out?
Can you get Social Security for Meniere's Disease?
what do i do for yeast infection?
Is it possible to sweat out an std?
how to prevent ingrown hair on skin?
Mosquito Bites?
When to see a doctor about a poison ivy rash?
What is good to put on a sun burn?!?!?!?!?!?!?
i have acne really bad, and they call me pizza face. What can i use?
I have weird things on my armpit, and i don't know how to get rid of them?
Do u have any solutions for Acne?
Is it safe to use eye drops on a regular basis?
A grey spot has appeared in my right eye. It's just to the left of centre spot (where I'm looking) ....?
question about contacts?
what kind of "view" is it called when...?
my friend says it hurts his throat, chest, arm, on his right side when he breathes in or bends over. He's 25!
I went to a clinic and they tested me for stds and my test for chlamydia came out negative but my test for gon?
I have some questions regarding contracting HIV?
gallblatter, with lung trouble?
Use to be a heavy smoker, its been two years and I still can't breathe properly?
I noticed when I breathe I can only breath through 1 side of my nose?
Allergist Help?
Nursing Mothers Taking Allergy Medicines?
coughing because of lactose in milk?
I've been having this weird rash lately and I don't know the cause of it.?
KAY!..i for sure got bit by something!!..and im allergic : |?
sneezing/stuffed up uncontrollably..HELP!!?
Why would my glucose level not fluctuate much during the day?
Is there a shot to raise blood sugar?
Does too much sugar cause diabetes or is that just an old wives tale?
Why does somebody sweat when he is enduring a great pain?
what are the affects of alcohol on type 1 diabetics?
Does having gallstones make a person lose a lot of weight?
Okay. So I'm not diabetic. Why are they testing my blood ?!?
what should my blood sugar level be?
Hi -Calling all Diabetics!?
What is it called when someone feels the same symptons of an illness that someone else has out of sympathy?
Does anyone know of an online support group for people who are living with someone with a mental illness?
Could I Be Forced into the Hospital at this Weight?
What is the name of the mental disorder where someone is fearless?
How long will my depression last?
What's with the girl named Hannah Bond who commited suicide?
If I tell my therapist that I smoke marijuana, can I get my kids taken from me?
Whats Bi polar.............?
What can I take internally to promote faster skin tissue healing?
whats the best headache medicine?
Homoeopathy! Could it work in the low potency remedies?? "Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence"
what dose Nettle tea do?
I'm looking for any new information on Fybromyalgia. I keep up to date, so new approaches are requested!?
What's the best natural way to cure anxiety?
is apple cider vinegar and honey a good safe alt health treament?
Closest thing to ventricular tachycardia?
what precautions does my grandmother need to take due to her heart conditions?
What are the different types of artificial heart valve that can be used?
The logistic growth function?
Have you ever experimented with drugs? If so which one, and what was your "experience" like?
how pco2 increase itracranial pressure in head injury patients?
CABG or Angioplasty? 60 years age?
what can I do until the ambulance arrives?
Why does my heart hurt? I'm only 15 years old?
I have an appointment tomorrow to go see a Cardiologist for my ''Tachycardia Palpitations'' &. . ?
Does the Verseo Detox Foot Patch work?
I've been having upper back pain?
Do you have problems with your legs?
are orthotics safe for long term use?
Do you think the cost of health care would go down if there were more things a nurse could take care of?
i just cut my leg open!!!! HWELP P what do i do??? imbleeding uncrontbally gooodofd i dont knwo wat 2 do?
how can i snap my fingers?
how far is trimalleolar fracture curable by insertion of metal plates and screws?
How could my blood be cold?
knee pain?
whats a easy-to-make healthy lunch that i can carry to work?
knee pain?
pulled a muscle?`?
Where can I get bone density test in Singapore and what is the cost?
Kevin Trudeau?
could any type of caner cause nausea?
Thyroid Removal & Neck Dissection due to Papillary thyroid Cancer?
Can thrombocytosis cuase cancer and if it can what types?
aucupuncture cancer treatment?
how many kind of leukemia exist?
can you please give me a menu for cancer patients! thanks?
how often (for example, "per year") do you use the crest white strips daily once you've complete one box?
How do I bring the infection from my abscessed tooth from my jaw bone to the surface?
I am a low-income 23 yr old and need braces...what are my options?
How to Get Rid of Bad Breath?
how much do dental hygenists get paid on average?
Getting Spacers in 3 Days? (Braces in 10 Days)?
Are you supposed to easily be able to pop out your retainer w/ your tongue?
What was it like when you got reconstructive jaw surgery?
How to get used to wearing a retainer that hurts SO BAD!?
my leg turns red and swells from the knee down to my toes what causes this? i do have diabetes?
AHHH My knee?
How can I cure my SORE THORAT?
is thier relief for past, frostbite hand pain ?
There is a pain in my lower back that hurts like a bruise but nothing is there anyone know what it could be?
What to do to safely reduce pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Panic attacks and Tourettes...?
How can i lose 7 pounds in a month?
How much weight would I lose if I just ate fruits and veggies for 2 weeks..?
need to lose 10lbs in 7 days! help!!!!?
How does my average meal sound? Tryin to get past a plateu?
Lose weight fast and forever?
what is the best known food that increases the secretion of the Human Growth Hormone(HGH) in the body?
how do i lose weight and body fat? help!!?
How to get slimmer thighs?
are you a bad parent if you have a 400 pound child?
i'll give 10 points to whoever lists the most calorie burning activities.?
What happens when 2 the human body when it has aids?
i have a question on an H.I.V test?
What is/was the "clap"...???!!?
Numbness, Tingling, and Burning of Feet?
How I can contact CASA?
Infant Vaccinations?
Never Ending Sickness?
My friend/neighbour has Alzheimers Disease. Why can't he have visitors.....?
How to cure sore eyes?
Does bathing in Clorox really kill poison ivy?
Can you just wear one contact on one eye?
eye lid swelling....?
Eye Treatment in HK?
EYE correction - laser operation before/after baby?
eyesight question?
Are my glasses prescription the same as my contacts prescription?
Curious about nystagmus?
I squeezed my stye! Will I be okay?! PLEASE HELP ASAP!?
What does this blood test mean?
Can chlamydia be passed on orally?
Which STI's/STD's can you get from kissing and how bad are they?
How do you get rid of blisters?
best idea or product to use for blemishes?
How do I take care of my newly pierced and infected ears?
why the ear is in the form of question mark?
what r hangnails...how can i get rid of them?
When your skin itches what is causing the itch?
Nice skin?
Why does masterbation cause acne?
Allergy medicine and alcohol?
Cold and Running Nose?
Anyone has allergy to COLD? Cold weather, cold water.....COLD!!!!!?
I have an iodine allergy. Will I run any risk in taking levothyroxin?
i woke up with a black eye-what could have caused it?
What happens to your skin when you don't drink water for days?
How can an insect fall 1000 times its height and still be unharmed?
Can you reverse hearing damage or improve your hearing?
California Proposition 65?
Why have I got 3 eyes?
Well, I got my glasses today, and well...?
Should I take a couple days off "sick" to concentrate on getting my Level 3?
What is the customary waiting time...?
Can hospitals deny a patient with a life threatening illness treatment if they do not have health insurance?
can hospitals, clinics etc test you for alchohol level through urine testing?
has anyone experienced sharp needle like pains in stomach,or back area?
what can happen to a baby if the mother breastfeeds it after a week of absence?
I have a 102.0 degree temperature and what should i do to help it?
my blister popped, now what?
IMPORTANT! Gangrene- can it happen if I had an ace bandage on my arm a bit too tight??
Is this depression?
I'm having strong suicidal thoughts?
DOCTORS ONLY please answer, am I crazy? Do I need help?
If you text your keyworker and say you are feeling bad, what can they do?
What do you think about this sentence?
my sis cant sleep in her own bed?
Why is it that when you have say your arm in plaster, it gets thinner than your other arm?
question about hearing things?
how do you pronounce Glucostix, Chemstrip, Clinistix ?