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Just what is it about mass exercises that make you build mass?
If I walk 4 miles a day, how long should this take?
ive been gaining weight like crazy, but ive been working out?
What is the fastest and easyest way to lose stomach fat?
HELP PLEASE I really want great abs help?
Weight loss?
who uses trainhero.com?
How does fat leave the body?
I'm Just Wondering??
after strabismus surgery eye turned out (before it was in)?
which gray contacts would show up better on very very dark eyes? Acuvue or freshlooks?
Have you ever fooled a boyfriend/girlfriend with colored contacts?
about HIV...?
why my virginal fluid not normal?
how do hiv/aids look?
Is it better to give or receive Oral? What do you think?
Iam 35years with normal heart suffering from lone AF what can Ido?
which blood pressure number is affected by exercize?
Smoking help?
mechanical valves?
What does an irregular/murmur of the heart feel like?
benefit of walking?
Greater Occipital Nerve Blocks (GONB)?
does rescue remedy work?
What's the name for a simple lung volume test?
What is the diagnosis and/or treatment for scarring on the lungs due to repeated pneumonia?
Can one live with a painful bunion and have some relief and not get surgery?
My child does snoring noise while breathing, what could be the reason?
This girl is out to get me...right?
How to live with Rhinitus?
what's a good fashionable wardrobe for short, bald people?
what is the difference between a family practice, general practice and internal medicine doctor?
How do doctors treat a dislocated thumb?
I find it so difficult to get up at weekends...?
5 things that make your life worth living then 5 things that make your life $hi*?
Can anyone explain what causes you to feel like you go paralized, and you can't move at all, but can think ok?
Do the sun and tanning do the same damage in skin cancer?
Did overall cancer rates rise with introduction of the microwave oven?
What are mesothelioma treatments?
I'm Having a Central line in tomorrow, how much should i expect it to hurt that day?
I have what the doctor called a "lipoma" in my left cheek, right above my jaw. Is this dangerous?
lung cancer? or servre cough?
Will There Ever Be A Cure For Cancer...?
survival rate for Leukaemia in 16 year old teen?
how to choice the right vitamins B reduce stress and outbreak?
Avoiding yeast infection?
If a man wants to check to see if he has HPV does the doctor draw blood to check?
can u pls tell me?
how many people get an std each year?
std's from kissing?
Can I use Baking soda mixed with peroxide every other day?
how can i make my teeth whiter at home?
what to do now with chipped tooth of my 3yr old daughter?
Is Radiology a good option in United States for an indian dental surgeon with BDS degree?
How do I get my teeth white?
what is the shortest length of time people can wear braces for?
What is it like to have a braces mold done?
what are the most effective dental painkiller tablets?
Can you really have a mouthful of cavities?
An ayurvedic doctor told me that Asthama is curable using ayurveda and cleansing is done after medication?
Which anti-histamine is best for hayfever Clarityn, Zirtek or Benadryl?
Will taking Minocycline at the same time as Claritin D...?
Dairy Allergies...?
is it true that having a hot milk causes gas trouble?
Anyone on here allergic to the smell of skunk?
Why do people say, 'Bless you' when you sneeze and not when you cough?
What do you think of Nurses? Had any good or bad experiences?
Need medical advise...?
do doctors write out their own prescriptions if they are ill or do they have to go to a gp,thanks?
Overcome Anxiety Disorder Naturally?
Goji Berry (wolfberry) juice?
Why might you have Hypnotherapy?
do you belive in natural medicine? have you try ear acupunture or auriculotherapy?
Thyroid problem?
does anyone have suggestions for a name for my massage therapy business?
What does this job title mean to you...'Holistic Therapist'?
how does a hearing aid work?
do you think salvia is our "red pill"?
Do deodorants labeled "clinical strength" really work?
Milk Allergy In Toddler (15Mth Old)?
doxycycline tablets don't work any other suggestions?
pond dry skin cream?
I am using PROACTIV and it just so happens...?
What are some good workouts you can do at home for your.....?
What's the best workout for love handles?
Tips On How To Get Rid of Bacne?
Black Marks on Face?
bruises and cuts on my lower back?
what is the benefits of whey protein?
Weight loss help?
How to loose weight in your face?
What's the best way to get toned?
How many of you think "unhealthy" means high calories?
Im trying to get stronger and get more ripped, should my protein intake be 2 grams for every pound I weight?
Would You Rather Date a Overweight or Underweight Person and Why? And what are you?
How much does walmart charge for eye exam?
what can help heal a blurred eyesight?
Do i have pink eye?
Are contacts hard to get out??
Does lasic work for astigmatism?
Need help understanding sugar levels & white blood cells in urine for UTI?
Do you think I have Pre-Diabetes?
How can I prevent diabetes?
Is a patient suppose to call a doctor's office prior to their appointment?
Anybody got any delicious recipes for diabetics?
my sister is very slim & she eat proper diet but his body is not improve & his face is not glow his hair is al?
My whole toe nail l feel off!!! what do i do?
bruising question..? :)?
Meniscus tear............?
HELP!! coach is lettin me choose to play while hurt or not...what to do?
Numbness in scalp after head injury?
did i pull a muscle in my shin?
Anyone who knows about foot structure please help!?
What do surgeons do after they........?
What would happen if a stab wound wasn't treated properly?
does garlic if swallowed raw(4 cloves)can cause acidity or harm as I have been suggested for ulcerative coliti
Are there any cures for the disease anemia?
Topical Ointment for Pain Relief?
I have fibromyalgia and I am looking for somethings to help me to have more energy.?
The thief that stold my father away!?
How can I tell if I have fibromyalgia or MS? I have all the symptoms of fibro but most of the ones for MS as?
colon disease?
My brother is undergoing dialysis. Is there any remedy n 'ACUPUNCTURE'? He is unmarried and 55 years old.
Please tell me all the reasons Methadone is prescribed? IM TIRED OF EXPLAINING MYSELF.?
What could this be?
WHY DO WE have to endure pain?
I have a sharp pain sometimes below my stomach. Is this something to worry about?
What are the different types of pain patches?
How can i stop heartburn besides rolaids?
Does a Flesh Tunnel hurt? Be Honest!?
my eye is burning like hell!! help me please?
Why does my head hurt alot?
How does Oatmill intake reduce cholesterol level?
Are varicose veins around the heart a sign of something serious?
Why can't Doctors inject you with HDL?
How Much does Double Cardiac Bypass Surgery Cost In Private hospital In NSW or QLD in Australia?
hqow does heart disease effect your body?
If a person goes from sitting to standing their heart rate goes up, after 3min what are the BP changes? WHY?
how much cholesterol in one day is a female suppose to have?
I got the results for my HPV and it shows that I have pre cancerous cells, my doctor recommended freezing?
can you get hiv from this?
what are simple ways of exercising your brain without being on the computer?
what's wrong with me i can't seem to stop humming!?
How can I stop being distracted when I'm doing my homework?
Is this normal? Or has it changed? (Depression)?
why is depression such a taboo subject, who really understands this disease?
if you have lost a loved one close to you (i lost my mom) .. are you afraid of dying?
My dad's trying to erase me it seems, step mom abused me, long but please help me.?
if i was feeling suicidal ?
Which radiation protection regulations pertain specifically to protection of the pregnant radiographer?
i have a friend that has a tumer could she die from a tumer?
How bad does a bone marrow biopsy hurt?
How do you feel about cancer?
Painful lump on neck...Lymph node?
How can i raise money for my brother and cousin who are battling cancer?
breast cancer HELP MY MOM IS DYING?
How much did your Inspire ICE braces cost?
How versatile is this toothbrush UV light?
i am getting braces next week and i need to know will they hurt when they put them on?
Should I see a dentist or my MD for my sore gums?
How do you get rid of tooth stains?
Is it possible to have toothache and there to be nothing wrong with your teeth or gums?
Can braces be paid by credit?
how to not get freaked out while getting molds?
Can I go to the dentist?
if someone has an allergic reaction to pencillin, what type of hypersensitivity disorder is it?
whats the fastest way i can get rid of allergies?
any other new foods???
Baby allergic to 1 cat??
Is there a such thing as low fructose corn syrup?
i was just told to use cayenne pepper on food for allergies...that it is a powerful anti inflammatory?
cat is sick not eating and I'm scared. he throw up blood?
my boyfriend has hpv...?
I want to know what herpes look like?
phenylalanine and asthma?
Is Peak Flowmetry simplest way of monitoring asthama at home? Are there any preventive medicines for Asthma?
If a baby has had either RSV or pneumonia can they develop asthma when their older?
How exactly do cold showers strengthen the immune system?
My chest constantly hurts and i have shortness of breathe.any ideas.?
How do people catch pneumonia?
When will my lungs get back to normal after i quit smoking ?
is it a bad idea to smoke tobacco during puberty?
can any help me with info about incubus attacks at night in my sleep?
Crunches and belly fat (details)?
Is it possible for me to train myself to have no sleep?
Green Tea Detox Diet?
how would I get my body fat% lower than 15%?
i am 25 years old guy i am only 45 kg in weight !i need to become fat within one year becuse ..my mother ...?
My left eye keeps twitching?
My contacts hurt my right eye when I put them in?
Does Golden Eye treatment hurt?
my eyes are red after wearing contacts?
Is Witch Hazel safe to use for acne treatment?
Q about eczema ??? Help !?
What are the benefits of having oily skin rather than dry or normal type?
How can I get rid of acne on my chest and back?
can someone please help about boils?
Can i make a face mask to reduca acne/acne scars with...?
how can i stop my hands from sweating?
How Do You Get Rid Of A Cold Sore.. Fast!!??!?
natural herbs for Eczema ?
can i have all information about lizard's tail vegetable?
Has anyone cured their adrenal fatigue, hypoadrenalism low cortisol with a holistic doctor?
What are the short and long term effects of marijuana?
Salvia divinorum help?
copper/magnetic bracelet?
Please help me! What's wrong with me!?
Why do some people heat heroin before using it?
Metformin for Insulin Resistance in achieving weight loss: How long does it take to work?
I am a type one Diabetic on a insulin pump, I am always hungry, does anyone have any suggestions?
in just finally realizing that i have type 1 diabetes, is this a certain death sentence in passing it from?
What is trigger finger? What could be the possible complication if it is not operated?
I'm pregnant and I have a glucose test tomorrow, how long do I fast?
How bad is eating pineapple for my mum who is type2 diabetic?
can someone explain this diabetes thing to me?
What can I do to prevent a sprained ankle?
Walking with ankle weights?
creaking sound post knee surgery?
ok no one answered before important play piano,flute need know what best treatment for jamd/sprand finger?
knee issue?
i just swallowed a 14 gauge titanium earring?
Threw out my back while shoveling...what should i do to speed up recovery?
What are some ways to break your foot ?
can herpes be spread around the house or workplace?
How long can u have chlamydia without seeing any symptoms?
What happens after you find out you have AIDS?
i cant see where about the right hole in my virgina is help?
Is it possible to grow back an arm?
Are you supposed to put heat or cold on a stabbing knee pain?
How do you treat migraines when medication doesn't help?
When shall I stop physical therapy?
What antipurspurant should i use becasue i sweat alot?
water on the brain?
I have a horrible Posture?
What is the maximum amt. of time a person can safely and sanely use his or her computer on a daily basis?
Why is it that teens are more likely to be found in drug rehabs than adults?
Stomach Problems?
What is the quickest, best and most fun way to become obese?
what is Seasonal affective disorder?
Has anyone had surgery for chronic pancreatitis? Options?
severe dizziness?
My neck is swollen,Im breathing heavy,Im dizzy,ear hurts,I can't speak,I get dizzy and get see. What's wrong?
What is the best treatment for children with autism that is publically available?
Feedback on laser operations for vision correction,its side effects.?
Does anyone know what to do for bad pain with irritable bowel syndrome?
re:agoraphobia-panic/anxiety attacks.?
does any one out there have thyroid problem?
Should parents be 'easier' and softer on a teen with learning disability or mental disorder?
What are effects of bullying on the victim of bullying? And what are the effects of bullying on the bully?
Do I have OCD (please help)?
Are atheists more prone to depression and suicide?
help me, i want to kill myself...?
flat feet, fallen arches...Are there any exercises to create an arch?
Am I getting Kidney Stones again?
While Jogging?
Chiari and Ehlers Danlos?
Suffering Charlie Horses in the night?
Sunday night Car accident?
I’m getting my belly button priced and I would like to know how bad it will hurt!?!?
can someone send me numbing spray please, like novocaine spray or something that does the same thing?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of having tooth bonding?
Theme Park eleven days after tooth extraction?
Question about dental crowns?
Where is NHS dentist?
What is the BEST gum/mints to freshen breath for a while?
are crest white stips worth it?
who is the best and affordable friendly orthodontist in pune?
What color rubberbands on braces make your teeth look whiter? 10pnts?
What should I expect the cost of braces to be?
why is thyroid gland very, very vascular?
How worried should I be about CT scan radiation?
Liver cancer. Doctors / nurses ?
What cancer did you have/or got?
colon cleanser where to buy the best colon cleanser?
Do I have cancer?!?! PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER?
How does lifting weights help you to lose weight?
Is there any health risk in consuming foods cooked in micro-wave oven?
Which foods contain iron?
Jumping jacks to lose weight?
Does eating a lot at night make you gain weight?-read on..?
How can i lose 20 lbs in a month?
how can i increase my height?
Is one cup of coffee a day bad for you ?
Is there any way to have ones eye color change without the use of contact lenses?
what is the best contact made or severe dry eyes and a bad astigmatism? ?
How come my eyes always close?
what would cause an astigmatism to jump 4 points in one year in only one eye?
Donate unused contacts?
bad acne, blackheads, help please!?
What causes canker sores?
why does my acne hurt so bad?
what are these bumps on my face??
I have one of the worst sore throats that I have had since I was a kid, anyone?
what is the best natural way to get rid of acne and black spots on d face?
Why do we have fingernails?
my husband has bad back at the bottom wots the best way to treat this?
What could this rash be?
Do i have deviated septum?
If you're an asthmatic, how can you tell the difference between an asthma attack and a panic attack?
Does tear gas trigger asthma?
What is the average SYS, DIA, and pulse for a 17 year old male?
Why do I hold my breath in my sleep?
Do bone spurs and heel spurs totally go away? Not just the pain, but the spur itself.?
I have a bruise under my big toenail and a soccer game in two days? Can I/Should I play?
My son's fever?
What happens after back surgery any type?
Another knee question?
I poke her in the eye with my thing?
how do you get help, if you have pain in the lower back ?
how to overcome postpartum depression
Paxil tremors...?
How can I deal with my social anxiety (/agorophobia.... pretty much) disorder?
What mental illness does this sound like?
how do i get my motivation back ?
I'm seeing scary things...?
What is your mood?
i hate life....?
Can a 4 year old get stomach cancer????
What's unhealthier: Alcohol or cigarettes?
Will doing chin-ups help me grow taller?
What are eyebrows for?
I went into the hospital to have laproscopy done, the dr "accidentally" hit an artery, can I sue for the pain?
Why do we see the color Black When we close our eyes ?
Why doesn't everyone drink herbal tea?
I would like to find a game to teach my students about STDs so they will remember the info better?
HIV STD AIDS. which ones do you have to be checked for to see if you have them?
Has anyone ever used Laser Spine Institute to resolve a bulging disc problem?
I need to replace 300mg methadone w/ ???mgs oxycodone,morphine?
Movement of my right hand causes severe shoulder pain. Is there any exercise or medicine?
swelling is hard after ACL surgery?
I just ate chocolate and now I have a headache?
Is it bad to get random chest pains?
How do you snort cocaine?
how does anemia cause kidney disorders?
What does the Thyroid do? What are the side effects of an over active & under active Thyroid?
What are the odds of a child getting Lupus if a parent has it?
how to protect your eyes from computer?
therapy for down syndrome?
Does "no cure" exist only in your imagination?
My hands get really sore and kind of tight and I can't move them that much...?
I went to the ER tonight....?
how do you know if your lip is infected??????????
Is there anyone who's having "GLUCOSE 6 PD" deficiency.......?
Insulin; how it is made & used in the body?
can a diabetic on morphine tablets get a tattoo on the for arm?
blood sugar of 195 and feeling very shaky?
Had a Venti Starbucks Frappuccino?
What's the best wireless insulin pump?
How do doctors tell if you have diabetes and what will they do if you have it?
I am a type 2 diabetic on a no carb diet?
how can gum disease be avoided and is there a cure to gum disease?
why patients undergoing PUVA treatment should not be exposed to light for teeth whitening?
What is the best teeth whitening?
Food moved to the back of the mouth by the tongue causes all of the following except?
Have braces Trouble!!! Help Please!?
Is it even possible for me to have an abscess? Possible canker sore?
My teeth are really yellow!!!!!?
what was the commercial about the toothpaste holder that squeezes the toothpase out for ya insted of a squeeze?
so Im getting 3 teeth pulled and i want to know if my mouth will be all swollen and sore?
Whats better for sinus drainage Allegra D or Claritin D?
How can I stop the stinging/burning of my allergy shots?
What should I do if I'm allergic to my room?
Can I see an allergist even if I'm not sick?
broken pacemaker precautions?
how to save life from strees?
If you had rheumatic fever what is the chances of rehumatic heart disease?
Blood pressure rise?
songs in honor of mothers or breast cancer?
What does high albumin levels in urine mean, i.e. 747?
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome causing arrhythmias after cardiac surgery . is it right iam a patient what i ?
my neighbour has been taking statin, she has some terrible side effects.anyone else had problems with statin?
which medicine play the role in normal human body to increase the blood presure?
has anyone ever cured cancer with alternative therapies/medicine exclusively?
How to deal with someone who refuses chemo?
Why are teenagers so worried about breast cancer?
auntie death, how to get over?
cervical cancer vaccine ?
Does CANCER have any advantages?
Is dipping tobacco really that dangerous?
My GP told me to stop using plastic blender cos he reckons they can cause cancer. Is this true?
In pallitive care can you have your own room without people being too nosey?
Does the hours you sleep effect losing weight?
how much does lasik surgery cost? also what are the downsides?
How long does it take to get Contact Lenses and how do I get them?
What is the longest you've been able to stay on a diet?
Is it strange to have better vision in one eye?
Why does my left eye twitch?
Does the atkins diet work?
how much will o lose if i starve myself for a week?
My contacts were used overdo, now they hurt when I put them in, so how long till I can wear them again?
Are you supposed to put solution in contacts before putting them in?
Bacterial vaginosis home remedy. Does anyone have one?
Can a person have surgery with Chlamydia?
does yerba mate cause herpes outbreaks?
I cant stop peeing every hour!?
Should I got to the dentist if I have a cankersore in my mouth?
Fi you get coldsores does it mean you have or will get herpes?
My belly is like all fat. How many sit-ups per day should i do to lose some of it?
my mate asked me if you can have screening for STD's in your local doctors?
the T VIRUS ?
Does toothpaste actually help get rid of spots?
How can i clear up ALL my acne???????
acne help ?
what can i put on my son's rash?
Vitamin supplements to prevent premature graying?
im in college, and still, this acne thing is kind of ridiculous?
what's a cure for psoriasis?
Hard dead skin on face thats peeling?
How to tell if a mole is cancerous or not?
How can I improve the condition of my finger nails?
do you know any songs about mental illness?
Why r some people cold and callus with answers when you r pouring out your heart looking for real answers?
why does my chest feel funny?
concerning barometric, fibromylgia, and good places to live.?
ventilator question: I dont understand this question. seems easy but is it?
what causes coughing while recovering from pneumonia?
Is it dangerous to take a TB vaccine more than once?
what are the final stages (visual symptoms) of copd-emphysema?
how to get sick????????????????????????????????????…
answer this please thanks?
i need to know more about the seriousness of syphillis?
Would an STD cause someone to vomit every single night(or so)?
Help please. Hurting joints in the hands and wrists?
How Can i Break My Foot ? Or , How Too Get A Doctors Note ?
Do I have nerve damage?
Short term solutions for an infected toe?
How can I get rid of this scar on my leg?
weird bruise thingy on my ankle!?
pain/burning in my toes after walking long distance?
if you're 16, how much painkillers should you take b4 it becomes dangerous?
do ligaments fuse back together?
What could be causing my lower left side back pain?
What problems can be proved in order for you health insurance to cover a breast reduction?
what is a pre employment test it is for a doctors office.?
Has anyone ever tried hypnosis?
What kind of spider bite is this and should i be worried?
My face felt weird!!?
Any paramedics/EMTs here?
pediatric neurologist? ?
My husband has Barrett's Syndrome (problems with stomach acids returning to his escophgus).?
I have a lead poisoning test and cant read it?
Abdominal ultrasound?
woke up from sleep with severe metallic taste in my mouth,shakiness,lip numbness and tingling what is this?
How can people die instantly from heart attacks or gun shots or stab wounds?
how long does it take for a kidney stone to pass at 3mm big?
what can we do better for other?
yayy!!! My Pilonidal Cysts is GONE!?
What exactly does the ear wire do that deaf people put on their side?Does it help them hear better?
Why don’t people realize that the Medical and Pharmaceutical professions are swindling them?
Cracking knuckles... ?
My iron supplements are making me sick...?
What do people mean when they say that you have lifeless eyes or sad eyes?
Trouble with the lodge?
air tools +pneumatic oil?
When I drink alcohol my face breaks in red spots out but only in the winter time and not summer why so?
Army Housing Denying To Remove Carpet?
anyway to cleare hives?
I swallowed a small amount of afrin nasal spray when using it. Im 6 months pregnant what should I do?
if im allergic to tropical fruit, can i drink five alive?
My Throat feels bad?
Got braces and they hurt. Help?
Why is it that four-footed animals...?
Can you get prognathism by wearing braces?
Why does it hurt so much when my 7th tooth is growing?
Do i have to pay my dentist before they do any work ?
My teeth feel really weird. I feel like there is pressure on them. What could it be?
can i get free comestic dentistry?
What are some ways that you can WHITE your teeth ?
How can you lower some blood sugar levels ?
How to get rid of inside mouth sores?
What Is The Symptoms of diabetes?
130 blood sugar level normal?
Which one would you do?
Are these Good Cholesterol Numbers?
why aren't cancer cells killed when they enter the body?
what makes peole say something, then mouth what they just said all over again?
iam 25years old working women .my hight is 5'7. what is corret weight to my age 'n' hight.?
Apart from caffine, what home remedies helps you to wake up?
does liquid glucosamine work for joint pain?
Are centipedes a sign of dirt?
What is the best way to comfort a sick baby?
Has anyone ever suffered with vasculitis? i have it in my legs but can not seem to find any info about causes!
Back spasms?
Wondering about my back pain...?
right arm pain?
i suffer from chronic cluster headaches?
My hands keep going numb like as if i have pins and needles. Why?
In alot of pain in shoulders?
What are the best vegetables and fruits to eat??
How many situps or crunches should I do per day for my stomach to get it to tip top flat shape?
too many young teens asking for weight advice?
Some good exercises to get a tighter stomach and thighs?? please answer?
How to get a six pack?
healthy how can i lose weight at home with no equipment?
what are some cardio workout that you can do at home?
i'm a 15 year old girl who needs to lose 100 lbs.?
Whats the best way to lose belly fat????
PLEASE ANSWER!! Will I loose 8 pounds if..?
what are the small things that bug you about wearing glasses/contacts?
how do they do eye muscle surgery?
Sold ultra high index lenses. Did I get ripped off?
Issues with New Glasses / Polycarbonate Lenses?
Swelling of the tissues surrounding my eyes and eye discharge.. HELP!?
Eye static or visual snow? whats it from?
Symbolized cut.. Please help!?
My eyes got hit and ...?
blind spot in left eye?
Should i take continuous wear contacts out to shower?
Question regarding medications.?
Have you used journal-writing to overcome feelings of low self-confidence or depression?
Why do I push people away?
Throwing up from stress.?
Has anyone tried Avene Trixera for severe eczema on the hands?
How can i get rid of acne marks?
What is the easiest but effective way to whiten and smoothen armpits?
Why can I see the veins in my arms and legs?
leggsss anyoneee?
I have SHINGLES! It hurts so much...When will the pain and itching go away?
How can i heal my dry cracked open wound skin ? (on my fingers)?
SUNBURN! ouch, ouch,OUCH! Please help bad sunburn, what will take the pain away?
Caffeine: can it ever lead to heart problems?
can someone define or describe what is heart burn?
Are you wearing red today?
Are fingerstick cholesterol tests accurate?
Can mustard help lower blood pressure?
Is Lasik for senior citizen safe ?
Anybody ever used Acupuncture to treat allergies/sinus problems?
Need homeopathic/herbal treatment ideas?
What have you taken for ADHD that works that is not prescribed such as herbal medicine, etc.?
What is the best source to get omega 3.?
pls suggest the name of some sleeping pills..that will be available without prescription.?
does anyone actually believe this sh1t works?
What are the signs of antibiotic-associated enteritis and enterotoxemia?
Can sitting in a steam room help your lungs heal after you quit smoking?
Do you think that cerebral edema would be more damaging to an adult or to an infant? Why?
help please need info on tracheomalacia?
I have a question about pneumonia?
Can an orange slice get into my lungs?
Do you have any experience with Cystic Fibrosis?
can one get a hepatitis b injection when you are hiv positive?
What is type 2 Chlamydia?
can someone help me?
What are the possible causes of lid margin disease?
What are some ways to prevent arthritis?
What is the best way to prepare for nclex pn exams?
how much time does it take to heal from plantar fascia release operation?
My whole body is itchy. I scratch and whealts appear. I take Benedril every day. What is wrong with me?
Has anyone got any good remedies for insomnia? My Mum is 77 years old and is having trouble sleeping?
Is autism hereditary?
what is the end stages of alcoholism?swelling legs,multiple gallstones and a cyst was found on the kidney?
how can i control my compulsive overeating?
Stress, depression and height????
boosting energy?
How much air do we inhale in a day?
What is my disease? Biology Class?
I'm going to have a nose job. Does anyone in the california bay area know of a good surgeon?
If a person died tragically with the head off or organs out how do they embalm the body?
Do you think that Snake wine could have placebo effect ? I feel better when I drink it?
Is it healthy that I make LOUD, harsh farts several times a day? (Serious health question)?
What's an orgasm?
nose clearing?
Why is elevation good for an injury?
A swollen bug bite right underneath my eye?!?!?
Can you have an allergic reaction to something that says hypoallergenic?
How come every time i...?
Abrasion scar not going away.?
How Long would you have to stay in the hospital for...?
How badly do earbuds damage your hearing?
Broken Nose?
Dislocated rib?
Can cancer cause chronic hives?
A Chart to prove that mobile phones cause tumors?
shoulder pain?
What precautions should someone take whose one kidney has been removed because if a malignant tumor in kidney.
why the cancer cell are not killed by our natural immune system?
is there a chance i could has ovarian cancer???? HELPP?
Jammed Thumb, or Broken Thumb?
when they did medicine discover illness like?
Lowering bilirubin levels w/ liver failure?
I have a knot on the left side of my neck can't see it only can feel it, hurts when i touch it a little what
What country has the lowest STD rates in the world?
would a cbc, blood chemistry, or ldh test show if there was any kind of infection?
im doing a presentation on Gonorrhea?
I have oral herpes. my 5 month old daughter grabbed my lip with her hand and then?
what are some nursing managements for patients with gastroenteritis?
Really moody today, How can I snap out of it??
What makes you feel safe?
What would you do if you found out your bf has just been diagnosed with Asperger?
Panadol + Suicide?
read on plz...........?
what are the symthons of gall bladder?
Diet Books aimed specifically at lowering triglycerides?
Metanx and Diabetic Neuropathy?
Diabetes detection animals?
please help.. insulin pump?
Is it safe for a diabetic with stage 3 kidney failure to use colon cleansers?
can peanut butter lower blood sugar?
have you had braces for the second time?
Root Canal 2nd appointment?
Itchy Gums after Wisdom teeth removed?
i have bubbly, puffy gums!?
Do I have crooked teeth (pictures)?
Why do doctors charge so much to insurance initially if they know they aren't going to pay that?
Hair dye on my retainers? D:?
is there a way to make your teeth whiter with braces on?
for halloween i got these fake teeth.?
Can anyone give me a sensor that can detect eye blink?
What does it mean when your eyes start to go blurry and you can't concentrate anymore?
My vision is blurry in one eye?
Does sight improve when glasses are discarded?
Has anyone else ever noticed or experienced this vision problem?
Why are my eyes open while I sleep?
my eyes tear up even though i'm not sad ?
10 points!! eye contacts.....?
Technically, when you make eye contact you can only look at one eye, which one do you look at?
nun with bleeding eyes???!?
Hip Hop Abs?
What is the best weight loss pill that has worked the best for you?
How do you make sure you're losing fat, not muscle or water, when losing weight??
i want a six paaacckk ;]?
What is a good healthy diet for a teenager?
How do I lose 10 pounds in about a week or two?
a diet question that makes me feel like a moron?
What are your thigh measurements?
pencillin, a known treatment for syphilis, was used in the Tuskeegee syphilis study. Reasearchers:?
herpes via air breath blown???
what is a good home remedy for yeast infections?
St John's Wort, Safe?
Whats the best remedy for titghning up under the chin!!!!!?
how is the best way to cure high blood pressure ?
What is the weight loss cure that they don't want you to know about?
curing toenail fungus with listerine?
Wheres Ebay?
Acne Soap question?
Can finger calluses from playing guitar go away, even after years of playing?
I've been feeling sick everytime I eat. What could cause this?
Is Hashimotos an endocrine or auto-immune disorder? I thought it was only the latter! Cushings and Disability?
2 questions, Can an IBS condition that has been there for years suddenly turn malignant ? Is excessive?
why was my question removed about headaches and drowsines??
How do you prevent?
Any home remendies for Cold Sores?
My 4 year old cries with his mouth burning.?
stool problem is it normal for your stools to the size and shape of a pencil one day and big the next day?
is there anything i can buy to clean lungs? a certain vitamin?
How does excersise help cure parkinson's?
Can chronic neck pain for 4 years bring on a panic attack?
Do I have asthma? Doctors appreciated?
What is the 3-way bottle system?
Whats the best thing to do for nasal drip?
dose vlasic piculs help with sore throat?
Clogged Poors on my Nose, how do I fix?
Dust mites/ Magnifying glass. How strong of a magnifying glass do i need to see Dust mites?
What can do about my allergies to fruit?? My gums and throat burn after eating most fruits and vegs?
what can I do to get my stomach to accept foods like lettuce and fruits, because now when I eat them I vomit.?
Sick for 2 weeks!!?
I'm allergic to beef,pork,and penicillin..?
caring heart?
Can you have Marfan's syndrome and not have heart problems?
What are some tips for teens about the heart?
Why? by eating licorice, does it make your blood pressure go high?
small cell lung cancer?
What are the effects of a mother having breast cancer on her childrens relationships with eachother?
Mantel Cell Lymphoma - which country has the best treatment record?
effct of proteinuria on gfr?
Is there any benefit in using Vitamin A for Leukeamia patients?
How painful is it to be a bone marrow donor?
How can a kid start a non-profit fund like the Susan G. Komen Fund?
i found a small bump right by my left breast about three years ago. its not getting bigger and it don't hurt.
what are the sugar levels for a person who has diabetes 2 and what fruits can I eat with diabetes2?
Is there a service in Texas that would pay for insulin and other diabetes related medications?
i'm high risk for diabetes?
HIV Medication Question? Affordability if Poor?!?
Can "cialis" be detected in a drug swab test?
Wut are the symtoms of nomina?[i think i spelled it wrong]?
How to become mentally sharper?
I read Dylan Dog...and i love Groucho... do you know him???
Does he have a mental illness or ADD or anything like this?
How can i start 2009 feeling positive about myself and my life?
is there a way to stop cutting without seeing a therapist?
Have you ever felt completely hopeless?
i feel disoriented? and like i'm not here?
Why do domestic violence victims feel ashamed?
Effects of Aspartame?
What are you allergic to and how did you find out?
My leg is messed up. I need help all you doctors and nurses! It's about leg braces.?
I think I might have an eating disorder? Please give some advice and help me?
can anyone help out witht this medical issue?
How do you get constipated?
Why do doctors leave the room when you change?
Help quite embarresing problem? :$?
My belly button stinks?
why the **** does obama want to socialize medical care?
can neurofibromatosis type 1 be detected before its symptoms appear? if so, how and when?
Can you get in a pool with herpes if it inactive or tub ?
i need to know about weight loss and how i can lose weight?
what is your favorite low calorie recipe or snack?
What is the heaviest weight you can lift?
Period stopped because of weight loss?
How much does my little sister weigh? Is this normal for an 11 year old?
How to have the will power to eat healthy? ?
imagine that you have just eaten a plain hamburger on a bun?
How can i gain weight?
i need help losing weight help =[?
Who is stronger a skinny girl or a fat boy? and why?
What are the symptoms of liver damage?
hypnotherapy workshop in Petaling Jaya?
Is Major illness worse or General illness worse..???
Smokers: Week-willed, suicidal losers or victims of an evil industry?
Is it unhealthy to drink methylated spirits if only occasionally?
Contact lenses - different distance correction in each eye?
question about online CPR/AED certification?
i am a 16 yearr old boy.how can i get taller?
Question About Transition Lenses?
Blind spot suddenly appeared
magic eye question?
i need some good eyeglasses name brands?
Before I buy contact lens...?
I'm having a problem with my vision, what going on?
what is the reason my eyes hurt?
Contacts, help?
Is it true that it is good to be near sighted since you get more far sighted the older you get?
After having gingivitis do you gums ever go back to normal?
How do I get my tongue to look redder?
Can you get surgery to straighten your teeth or do you have to get braces?
...........can i please get a opinion about a new dentist i saw?
I have an infection in one of my teeth. The pain is unbearable, where can I get medical aid at 11.30pm?
How Much Will It Cost?
Make your teeth white by using banana peels?????HELP!!!!!?
I NEED honest answers. does it hurt to get teeth pulled?
Lisp from dental appliance?
What are the observable characteristics of epithelialization?
Muscle Spasm/knots. Know anything about it or ever have one?
Shoulder pain after exercise? What do you do?
What did I do to my ankle?
What should I do about gluteus medius/minimus tightness?
I cut my hand open, help!?
What would happen if i take 5 advils at a time?
how can i injure my foot just bad enough to use the pair of crutches i bought for a movie?
RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) Med Question?
i am suffering from a frozen shoulder for the -past 6-7 months?
Has anyone had the surgery to correct spinal scoliosis?
Ear ache =[?
Medications and mood swings, could this be my problem?
any home remedys for arthritis?
What are plexuses and what are their fucntions in the arm?
Do I go see a Chiropractor about my lower back Pain ?
Can I still be HIV Positive?
how do get gonorrhea in our eyes?
can you contact gonnorhea for at least a year without knowing?
Which of the Home Remedy has done wonders for you?
Are there dangers to staying in the sauna too long?
I have no idea what this is.?
Life expectancy of someone with small cell lung cancer?
ehy is tt certain medications such as AIDS drugs or cancer fighting drugs cost so much?
Effects of a tumor in the pituitary gland?
this ? is from my mom, sh need advice fast! can anyone please help, and provide some sources for us?
Radiation Question?
My friend smokes and she take the filter out?
What are the odds it would take more than 10 years to discover I was HSV2 +?
i need help thanks in advance?
when is world AIDS day?
What is the best air purifier on the market for dust and pet dander.?
Allergy to Caine/Grave's Disease - Need Help Please?
My almost 12 year old son is suffering terribly from allergies,need help with a Depo Medrol question Please!?
There are no-see-ums biting me on a regular basis.?
I got stung by a bee on my foot yesterday and now it's red, swelling, and itching badly. Does anyone know...
get a hiccup like thing 3-5 times a day?
is miley cyrus allergic to strawberries?
Aortic dissection survivors...?
What's the average time between warning signs of a heart attack, and an actual heart attack?
Question about blood pressure, please help, very worried!?
Rapid Hearbeat, dizzyness, nausea, fainting.?
I have been having pains around my heart?
Can defibrillator kills a person with Cochlear Implant?
are menthol cigarettes worse for you than regular ones?
anyone lost weight while being hypothyroid?
My boyfriends son has headaches! Other symptoms too!!?
How can we avoid the poisoning by inhalation of Carbon Monoxide?
Has anyone ever took the medication accutan???
I have sore throat and mild fever. What symptoms is this?
Has anyone tried litium aspertate (health food store type) for bipolar? has it helped?
Poll: Survey in honor of Autism Awareness day?
how much ambien and klonopin & flexeril do you need to commit suicide?
How can I stop hating myself?
Coping with death of friends?
Do you know anyone who cuts to be cool?
Have I Got A Mental Health Issue?
how can i control my fear its so bad?
how many lungs does a rat have?
what you mean for physiotherapy?
things to avoid to limit spontaneous pneumothorax?
After quitting smoking, why shortness of breath?
What is the role of the hospital nurse when looking after a breathless patient who has copd?
Medical Professionals: Am I really asthmatic?
My16yr old daughter has been coughing....?
help!.....coughing fit.... 10 pts?
whats the difference between a dietician, nutritionist and a natropath?
How can i stop myself from eating junk food?
What do you think? When is it too much?
Have i just ruined all my hard work?
How can a make my legs smaller?
Does drinking water daily actually help?
im 25 pounds overweight. can you help?
What should a 210 lb. woman have for breakfast ?
What else can causes Pelvic Inflammatory Disease apart from STDs?
my best friend just found out she has hpv?
When is the right time to tell him I have herpes?
Why are my Eyes shaking back and forth?
When does progressive myopia stop (q. for eye doctor or optician)?
Prescription Sunglasses...?
I can't put on my contacts.?
i am on incaoacity benefit.where do i stand on eye test and glasses charges.thanks?
What are the tests my optometrist will do to determine if my glaucoma is in check when I have my next exam?
My eyes hurt when I look at the computer too long, but my job is looking at the computer?
why do i have yellow eyes?
My hazel eyes are changing colors?
is the burning and pins & needles something to expect from achilles tendon surgery?
is seboxin an opiate?
Does anyone know where I can find $100 discount coupons for LASIK PLUS in Sacramento, Calif. area?
what's the best nautral foods to eat for natural shiny hair?
How do I get water out of my ears?
I ve a very severe short sightedness which affects just an eye and doctors say glasses won't help. pls advice
Do you think Baba Ramdev is doing something wrong?
Um yay I kinda should know this?
How do you correctly spell "Carpletonnel" syndrome?
gonorrhea was not treated for two years.... what can i expect?
How to cure Periodontitis?
Could my sister have an STD or any other disease?
Can you catch herpes by sharing pants with someone who has it?
Sharp lower back side pain?
I was playing basketball and I felt something n my calf?
Big Problem?
Anyone else got a scolosis?
I've hurt my finger. Can I tell how if it's Fractured or broken or whatever?
Hole In Gum? Canker Sore ?
I am tring to rise awarness about diabetes?
Calling all doctors!?
What Kind of pill is this?
Im after an effective way of taking magnesium, someone once suggested a tonic from switzerland any one know?
i cant speak clearly and stops while speaking suggest me some medicine?
How Can You Treat ADD Without Drugs?
What is the best medicine if you have a helatosis?
Has anytone ever heard of crystals in your ears??
What is the best acne regimen for skin?
TATTOOS/ PSORIASIS: Can a person who has a serious case of psoriasis get tattoos?
Has anyone got any good ideas for getting rid of acne?
I picked at my face. How to I make the red marks heal faster? ?
I tried a new eyeshadow and now I have a blotchy rash all around my eyes - how can I get rid of it FAST!!??
Why did some of my skin turn red on my hand?
I suffer from social anxiety, and I need help on how to control it when im on a job interview?
St. John's Wort, is it effective?
Could a "nodule" in the breast be cancerous?
Do you have any medicine knowledge with Gefitinib for cancer treatment?
Am I in trouble if I was exposed to about a nanoliter of ethidium bromide?
what is cervical cancer? how do u get it... ???
would you drink beer if you had cancer im not on kemo or anything like that im fine but is beer good for it?
What do you know about breast cancer? please help more information need?
Can someone explain what anti-chlamydia ab is?
Herpes by kissing with cuts?
This is only to girls who have had the HPV jab?
why does south africa have a big problem with HIV/AIDS?
How do you know if you have syphilis?
how can u tell if a boy has a STD?
Does anyone have hypothyroid symptoms not resoved by meds?
Does anybody know how Lorenzo Odone is currently doing?
medical question...help anyone?
What causes obsessive Compulsive disorder? i need to know fast!!?
is this some kind of seizure?
I am a kidney transplant patient in need. I need donations of Ciclosporin & Cellcept.?
I would really like to know the answer!?
Is liver bad for you?
What to eat to keep your bowel movements regular?
ok i need honest unbiased answwers.... should i buy a LITTMAN stethoscope or a MAGNA FORTIS stethoscope? help!
dnt be rude........just answer if u hav something good 2 say!?
Why do people pretend to be physicians on the internet and endanger people's lives?
Why do your pupils dilate when taking hallucinogens?
How did the baby survive the cold in I Shouldn't Be Alive, "Lost in Snow"?
Are contacts worth it?
Why is it that even if we spend an entire day in front of the TV sitting down and resting, we have to sleep?
Are men naturally warmer than women?
Anyone else suffering from a wheezy chest and productive cough? Its a virus . How long does it last?
Why nurses always obey the doctor's order even if they think it will be harm the patient?
I need a list of asthma complications?
I keep waking at night as if I've stopped breathing - followed by a coughing fit and wondered what it was?
Would there be medical problems with a person with AB+ blood having a child with someone with AB- blood?
brother suffering?
Health question?
What are Zinc rich foods? fruits? veghetables?
HCG Injections in Ontario?
What percentage of Americans are overweight ?
What are a few songs that ROCK for a good fast-paced workout?
i wanna try the diet beyonce done, maple syrup, lemon, water and cayenne pepper?
URGENT! i need a work out plan for this summer, and need tips for eating right.?
How can I focus my mind to not eat that much?
Are your eyes bigger than your stomach?
Can teeth braces cause nose or ear problems?
Premolar extraction this week? Will this affect braces later? does it look odd?
Dental caps/crowns, what is average cost nowadays?
Clear bubble inside my lip filled with clear liquid any ideas?
Who makes more a dentist or a nurse?
What are simple steps to treat severe Halitosis?
New tooth with a yellow stripe?
How often do you brush and floss?
Dentist/braces issue..PLEASE.............?
Is it bad to be addicted to gum?
Where can i find info on the origins of hepatitis A,B,C?
What is HIV and AIDS?
can unfitted and nonprescription colored contacts cause eye damage?
What are some of the symptoms and problems of glaucoma?
What is definition of hazel eye color...?
Is it true, that carrots can improve your vision?
New to hard contacts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
Why do i have red veins in my eyes?
I am shortsighted. How to improve my eye sight ?
I swallowed eye medicine through my eyes?
what causes itchy skin?
I began to feel sleepy and dizzy after 5-10 of driving.I escaped serious accidents 2-3 times.How to get rid??
Why Do I Have headaches when I wake up?
I am looking for a clinical research study to participate in on noise induced hearing loss, can anyone help?
Blisters??!! HELP?
Are bites from deer flies, horse flies, midges, chiggers, fleas, ticks, noseeums, or sweat bees dangerous?
What is the best kind of lotion for your face to put on the dry spots?
Ive been breaking out lately why?
I need the best treatment to reduce pores on my face?
Blackheads...enlarged pores...?
I only sweat like at school but not at a friends house or mine. Do i still have hyperhidrosis? Please HELPP!!!
How are spider vein injections done and does it hurt?
Help with my mole.?
I am a girl.Ihave very tight skin.how to get loose and soft skin.?
Do you know of any online psychologist that can help me deal?
why am i sleepy all the time?
torn achilles tendon?
I think I have a concussion...?
can i sue the NHS for negligence after i broke my collar bone & they told me it was badly bruised?
i think i'm *really* sick, or am suffering from injury. what is it?
worried about school, after having a severe head concussion. can anyone help me out?
lung cancer, stage 1b. chemotherapy ?
what is a rare type cancer that has tumors on ovaries with teeth and hair in them?
Is there anyone out there who has MGUS?
Is there any symptoms if you have prostate cancer.?
out of all people diagnosed with cancer?
Breast reduction????
Air Coinditioning allergy - HELP !!!?
What are the symptoms of possible poisonous mold in home? Is there any kind of test kit to test my home?
Can anyone recommend OTC allergy medication?
My allergies have become to much!?!!?
I keep feeling achy like i have the flu but its' sinus..any medicine suggestions?? thanx?
Should I get a humidifier?
does skin rashes have any link to cardiac arrest?
Crackling ears and headaches?
is it possible to correct pectus carinatum by yourself?
Childhood obesity rates hit a plateau. Is this a good thing?
Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome. Has anyone dealt with it successfully ?
My 4 yr old daughter is covered in bruises (legs hips etc.). She suffered from SVT as an infant. Do I worry?
can you get heart failure from second hand smoking?
What can I do to be proactive to be more healthy because today my heart was racing 123 beats a minute.?
A Question about Bypass surgery?
How does valtrex work?
Help with Diabetes homework?
how do you get diabetes?? ?
My daughter has comlplex partial epilepsy what do i look for to know for sure she is having a seziure?
How many doctors/healthcare professionals have misdiagnosed your PCOS or don't know much about it?
Medtronic pump users: Are you using the new One Touch Ultralink meter yet?
inject insulin around belly button?
Do you think a cure for type 1 diabetes is close or is there one already that is being hidden?
where is the worst place to be if you have an asthma attack?
What are other issues associated with tightness in the chest beside heart related ones?
How long does it take for nicotine inhaled from a cigarette to get into your bloodstream?
When you've got an infection?
My throat is VERY dry...?
When should I see a doctor about my cough?
I have emphysema, I want to get a humidifier for my bedroom, What is better warm mist or cool mist?
Everytime I start drinking alcohol my left arm aches. Then it goes away after a while. ?
I have this injury problem, anyone have any ideas???
Is this my fault?
I went on anAirplaneAnd my ear clogged and still1day laterIcan't hear InMyleft ear,What can i do besides gum?
what are bionics?
From personal experience, is there a successful cure for restless leg syndrome?
Is it possible to have an infection that is painless?
Does anyone ever get uncomfortable pressure in one eye...?
Ex-smoker symptoms?
What results in death for people with Anorexia?
Am i old enough for plastic surgery? Im 15 years old?
How to slim down upper arm?
how long does it take your body to get used to a new healthy diet?
Is there anything I can eat before an exam?
why do i have fat legs?
Is running the best way to get the pounds of? Does anyone have any fitness tips?