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How can you get a better night vision?
can you develope bulging L4-5 discs due to walking with a limp or effects of leg injuries?
is it safe for a new born to travel after 2 weeks of his/her birthday?
is hypnotism real ..???
What is worse for you, alcohol or weed?
what is the worst pain you have ever felt?
Need pain meds all the time, but don't want to be addicted anymore...?
Winter Question about Numb hands...?
Sharp pain in the head?
Heartburn question?
it hurts hand ,chest ,and neck?
What's the single most painful experience you've ever had?
How to loose weight and do dieting?
5 day headache..help!?
Is candle making bad for your health?
What's the best way to make cold feet warm when you have neither a hot water bottle nor a warm body nearby?
Do you wet the bed at night?
Do you "get older" when you are in a coma?
This is a bit rank but we were debating 2day, Is it Physically possible to fart and burp at the same time?
If you didn't know your age, how old would you think you are?
Sore Throat! Whats the best thing to get rid of it ASAP?Always starts just as a basic cough, takes weeks to go?
why does beetroot make you do a number 2?
is this normal?
I quit smoking, but....?
Quitting Smoking.... Hints and tips?
my fingers smell like garlic or onions and i havent touched them, I wash my hands all the time and it even ?
I have a small non-painful bump behind my left ear!?
I never had a hangover before but now I think I am because I feel like ****!?
I just got braces && I dont know how to keep them clean, any help?
What would the dentists do? I know I would have to get braces...but I need a dentist's opinion!?
What colours go best for braces?(14y/o)?
How long does it take for the pain after a filling to go away?
I brush my teeth very well and often but my teeth still feel fuzzy why is that?
My son is 12 and he has only lost 8 of his 20 baby teeth...should we be concerned or is this still normal?
Who here has had a root canal? What was the pain before, during and after?
what is a really good answer 4 this question?
What's the most common reason for wearing a retainer?
how do you do a pull up?
Why was I given zopiclone for over 5 months when in hospital when apparently they are only to be taken for....
What's the best way to come to terms with getting old and ugly?
Are people really able to become addicted to videogames?
Does anyone else feel that pets help with dealing with depression?
My son has friends that self harm, they encouraged and him to cut his arm bad enough to require stiches, help!
How do you know if you are seeing things ?
What should I do about Depression?
my dr. gave me prozac?
Have you ever been a "cutter" or still are?
what do you think of scars?
CPAP machine - are there different types of masks for these machines?
What MRSI stand for?
Asthma has been worse lately...need suggestions...?
Palpitations.. Any one suffer these? yet have no medical illness known?
I'm only 16 and I'm having heart/lung problems at the moment..?
Smoking 1-2 cigarettes a week...?
how to get rid of CORN present under the leg?
Acid reflux..............what food and drinks should be avoided to help prevent it?
A question for the 'medics' among us?
Is the pain coming from kidneys?
Pressure in my bladder?! Please help me?
sun poisoning?
I'd like any information on Graves Diseases?
do i have an eating disorder?
how often do you poo?
Will it pass when I have a bowel movement?
Do i have herpes?
site with picture of std desease?
2 days ago i awoke with serious cramp in my calf muscle!!! The said Muscle?
I Broke my ankle once, but it still hurts!?
I have sprained both my ankles. Should I go to the ER today or go to the Ortho tomorrow?
i have a torn meniscus!!?
Would you report this doctor? If so, on what grounds?
what to do about having cold hands....should i c a doctor?
What exactly happens when you cut someones' throat?
Have you ever ended up in the emergency room as a direct result of advice received from a troll?
how to do open eye meditation?
Which is better Ambien CR vs. Ambien? Do they share the same bizzare side effects?
oil pulling has anyone done this/?
Is it safe to take diet pills while breastfeeding (Orovo Detox)?
Are there any natural ways?
Health - anatomy & physiology?
How can I make my skin less appealing to mosquitoes?
What is the best cure for cold / fever?
What happens if you give aspirin to a child of ten after a vaccination?
I have Vitamin B12 Deficiency & i take Vit B12 syrup last 2 Months.?
Ear pressure problem.?
what does a mosquito bite look like ?
headaches after sleeping?
I am tired...?
does the ozone guard on the ionic breeze have any effect on the atmosphere?
my son seems to be allergic to the oral prednisone given to him for poison ivy--has anyone delt with this?
how do I avoid dust that always come back?
I would like to know why it is that whenever I sneeze I have that funny stale smell up my nose.?
post traumatic head injury lenth of recovery compesat?
Does anybody actually have an allergic reaction to honey nut cherios?
What causes people to loose wieght when they have cancer?
My eyes ache, are heavy, and I'm nauseous?
Can someone die of cancer in months?
Has anyone tried the E cigarettes? Is it really close to the real thing?
Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma ?
I have had a migraine for 3 weeks now. I've seen all the doctors and recieved all the pills. Any advise?
How likely is it that I will get breast cancer...?
how many years did lance armstrong have his cancer?
Is it okay to take Tylenol PM everyday? ?
Is there a way to fix bad posture?
stomach ache or something else?
What could be causing this head throbbing?
i have recently had a operation on my nose called Septoplasty because it was crooked inside and i could not?
Making a fist hurts...should I get it checked out?
Can a dentist tell if you are a casual smoker quitting?
Is there danger in filing teeth with a nail file?
What are the stages involved in getting braces removed?
What is the name of the plastic tube..
Braces? A few Questions?
What will Medi-Cal pay for Dental?
Which celebrities have/had braces?
how much do non prescribed colored contacts cost?
Calculate Pupil Distance (PD) for frames?
How long does it take to recover from chalazion removal?
How do I get rid of my light sensitivity?
Is there a cure for blindness caused by drinking industrial alcohol?
Does crossing your eyes juggling hurt your eyes?
has anyone heard of color defiency contact lenses?
How old do I have to be to get contact lenses?
What does it mean if the whites of your eyes are not white?
why is it that eyes change colors?
what is depression?
I think i am bipolar. What should I do?
Trying to get better but feeling fake?
tell me if you have a affirmation, mantra that keeps you going through the bad times?
Cutting myself is a problem I have...?
I am a very depressed man and need of some advice?
hello docs say i have bipolar but i know i do not?
does it mean im isane ?
Myofascial Release?
what foods and drinks help to keep a clear complexion?
Would it be possible to eat so much that food fills up your esophagus?
Am I the only person that eats spoonfuls of black pepper?
I have a cold what should i do?
can diabetics donate blood?
does a person with Parkinson's Disease qualify for Medicare?
Good eating tips for Diabetics?
i am taking alpha lipoic acid (100mg) now and it makes me really thirsty. why is that?
what is dibetis?
my neck hurts a lot when i move it to the right but doesn't when i move to the left.?
what are kidney stone symptoms and at what point should I go to ER?
If you cant take anything stronger than paracetamol and that hasnt worked.......?
Could I have a back problem? (Can you develop a back problem (i.e. scoliosis) w/o being born w/ it?)?
I need to find a doctor in North Georgia/Chattanooga to help with shoulder pain. Pain specialist cost too much
sore shoulders and arms when runnning?
Need medical advise, have a stabbing pain?
Wat do i have?
Why were we put on earth to painfully die?
I have such a bad headache my brother "stomped" on my neck.....?
Is it unhealthy to not eat lunch or breakfast?
what is your weight-loss story?
What is this lump I discovered...?
If you were to eat an entire person, about how many calories would that equal?
Does anyone know about Russian Alternative Medicine?
Any tips on increasing energy for someone with fibromyalgia?
will medi cal cover massage therapy?
what is the best herbal supplement for your eyes?
Does any one knows where I can buy many variety of herbals online?
In the UK where can I get a Parkinsons diagnosis, if GPs won't give me one?
What is the best medication for "Tourette Syndrome" ?
How do surgeons perform the surgeries that last many hours?
Is a tea or "antioxidant filled" retention enema for effective than drinking or a good combination with it?
can Autism be passed down by genes? how do people get it?
is alpha thalassemia an immunocompromising disorder?
i am suffering from insomnnia. can anyone tell me which clinic in singapore can i by erimin ?
what does this diagnosis mean 429.3?
For the people who do get post-Hiv symptoms right after getting infected,?
hiv symptoms?
I have been treated for Chlamydia. Now what?
what is a miniscus disk on knee?
muscle relaxers and physical activity.?
How do you relieve the pain when walking with most likely a broken toe?
I Believe I May Have Pulled a Calf Muscle, But Not Sure, Could Someone Help?
how long does it take?
Ruptured ear drum... got some questions.?
I have been sick... so my sleeping hours are off how can i go back to a better sleeping scheduel ?
If an ankle injury doesn't swell does it need treatment?
Have you ever had Bursitis?
What is this pain in my ribs?
Massive headache... Metal Meltdown.?
How to break your left ankle?
Did I hurt myself?
Stretched earlobe help?
Am I losing my hearing?
i need to know how long It takes for weed to completely get out of you blood system..i heard it takes a month?
I know a child that has fresh dryer sheets and smells them all day. Is this dangerous?
Naval piercing?
a cough I can't get rid of?
How to get rid of asthma?
stop smoking???
Need help getting rid of Laryngitis that has lasted 2 months.?
i dont no what the reason for my asthma is?
Lung / breathing problem! Please read!!?
i have constant worry over nothing in particular........how do get rid of this condition???
Does anyone have any ideas/advice for quiting smoking???
PRO or CON: Your thoughts on the legalization of marijuana (personal/medicinal) on a state by state basis?
Will too much advil Cause blood in urine.?
Why do I do this?
What is the solution for my halitosis problem?
what are the steps and procedures needed in order to remove the pancreas with a patient that has pancreaitis?
what are some really good cancer related quotes?
breast cancer information?
Can laptops cause cancer?
What should i do if i want to become an Oncologist?
breast cancer and treatment?
bulimia treatment isn't working out what can i do?
how many poisons are in tobacco?
Anti-depressants affect your libido! Now how depressing is that?
I feel like the loneliest guy in the world?
contemplating antidepressants?
feeling miserable for the last couple of months more down days than up days..can any one help ????????????
i'm sooooo depressed today won't anyody help me feel better please?
can depression be cured without anti-depressants ?
Is it bad that I like to drink myself to numbness every Saturday night?
Horrible pain in gums around wisdom teeth! PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Weird Braces Problem Help?
i don't know when i will get my tooth implant?
I am embarrassed about my teeth but I am a dental hygienist in the making. How do I overcome this fear?
Got a Root Canal two days ago?
Does smoking with braces cause white squares on teeth once they're removed?
Does it hurt when they put the braces on? (Be honest) Does it hurt when you get them tightened?
Is it possible to get your teeth reenamelled?
Lasik Eye Surgery Anyone?
My glasses have made a slight dark patch on both sides of my nose.Help?
can you just go buy contacts?
1-800 Contacts?
Which program is better: the Rebuild Your Vision Program or The Program for Better Vision?
Scheurmann's Disease?
Constant sinus infection and headache over one eye....?
Pain well eating?
Help please! Bursitis or gout? How to tell?
Question about pain medication?
I've had a horrible headache for over 24 hours?
too much ibpuroffen?
In a lot of pain, please help!? >.<?
Should i go to my doctor?
Why does my jaw hurt......?
What are Antibodies for HIV what does it means to have it but not the disease?
Will Michael Vick get a special jail cell because he has herpes?
information about Isentress?
Can Herpes 1 be cured?
how can i put writing next to my picture on myspace?
how would u advice a suspecting to be infected with HIV friend before check up?
Should I Be Worried?
Q. Dr please help. I want to have my wrist cut off :-(?
Hypnosis !!!!?
What food or drink is good for constipation?
Is coffee bad for your health?
Whats wrong with her knee?
Afraid of sleeping and not waking up.?
Can you OD on marijuana?
hacker? stalker?
I think I might have just hurt my neck real baddd?
Is there anything wrong with smoking weed?? Is it bad for your health..in which ways??
For fellow insomniacs?
Are you familiar with Diabetic Mellitus?
How important a problem is childhood obesity in your country?
In what way drinking lot of water help in reducing High Blood Pressure ? How much should be that Extra Water ?
what is the purpose of pulse oximetry?
Heart Palpitations?!?
If the heart is a muscle.. can you pull it?
Harvest Moon DS Cute- can you have a heart effect without that colored heart?
Please advice on my High Blood Pressure?
HIgh Blood Pressure Teen. Help Please?
Is it normal to see your heartbeat through your clothes?
could warts cause my lymph nodes to swell?
allergies and eczema in children?
Wound on face, please help!?
Any Help for Back Acne Problems?
what food pattern will contribute to develop liver disease? ?
Does general anesthesia affects the brain memory after surgery?
Can anyone with lactose intolerance please answer my questionnaire?
How Can You Reduce the appearance of Cellulite If the Problem Is Under Your Skin?
How to burn thigh fat FAST!?
Has anyone tried Acai Brazilian burn weight loss supplement?
are APPLE JUICE and ORANGE JUICE good for you?
Hey hey anorexia?
i need to lose stomach fat please help..?
i feel fat all the time?why?
Am i fat???
Alternative medicine remedies for sinus/smelling problems?
what is osteopathy and how does it work?
How true that virgin coconut oil really helps the body immune system?
Homeopathic treatment with Sulphur?
Where to apply for potential or Clinical Trials & Research volunteer??
Does anyone know about this kangen healing water?
saw palmetto extract right on scalp for hair loss??
I have a dehydrating disk?
I suffered Blunt force trauma, a couple months ago..above my left eye brow.?
My knee hurts. what injury is this?
Mysterious lump on bottom of spine?
How to know if a cut is going to scar or not?
Teachers: What would you do if you saw cuts or any form or self-injury on a student?
How come I can't straighten my knee? I think I may have strained my hamstring tendon?
how should i cut myself?
I hit my head on dry wall, im crying and i wanna know if i should go to the doctor. please help me...?
If I'm taking albuterol sulfate inhalations everyday, 2 puffs every 4 hours, is it okay to take tylonol once..?
if someone has fibrosis of the lungs and sarcoidosis can they get disability?
case study respiratory?
Is it normal to have sore lungs?
quick medical question for a story i'm writing.?
what causes a sore throat, sinus headaches, and bloody mucus?
My boyfriend is smoking weed.?
is this a panic attack?
Can I get pictures of chlamydia?
What is the probability of the first HIV test to be wrong?
I keep getting these things?
Many elderly people have disabilities which limit their mobility. Do buses, shops and public buildings in?
what is involved with a pre employment health exam?
What are the symptoms of a hamstring tear?
Why do some doctors specify that they will only take on patients new in town?
What's the basic first aid for a scrape?
I don't understand why people don't use deorant?
I have a question for any medical personnel we might have here...?
i need to kn ow the rest of this quote...?
Do you know any 'doctors' like this?
Can you work out of depression without medication?
How can I prevent being kept awake by racing thoughts at night?
Please HELP! Am I Crazy Or Am I Just Thinking Logically?
Is a Psychiatric Admission necessary? (NO KIDDING!! honestly a long story, please read it all)?
I'm having suicidal thoughts. What should I do?
I'm a girl physically but I am really a boy mentally?
Whatis the worst thing you have ever been called?
Uh, guys, I swear, I'm not emo?
Is There any side effects for those who a takeing blood thinner like warfarin, plavix and viagra?
Smallpox Vaccine?
How does that "collect tabs off of soda cans" work?
Is there a cure for lazy eyes?
Cure/remedy for throat-clearing?
Chest Congestion. I need your help......?
Does anyone know where to get a list of the medicines Walmart will be selling for $4?
What is central auditory processing disorder, how do you get it?
is gluthathione safe?
Has anyone tried ortho-k lenses coupled with eye exercises for permanent vision improvement?
Which kind of eyedrops are bad for your eyes?
How long is a contacts perscription good for?
Replacement glasses?
Spectacles / Sunglasses ?
Do kids get glasses free at specsavers?
Swolen eyelid?
I accidentally poked my sister's eye...?
I have a urine infection about every 3 weeks, could I have cancer of the kidneys?
Hodgkin's Lymphoma treatment and fertility of woman?
Those eating Paper cause Cancer?
Did any one experience this?????
How long until you are considered a breast cancer survivor.?
15,MALE,HODJKINS DIEASE. question, please help.?
anyone else seen the latest cancer research ads ?
If you are allergic to rhodium would you be allergic to platinum or any other metals in the platinum group?
Energy Healing - Does anyone have any experience with CBT, NAET or something similar in dealing w/allergies?
monosodium glutamate?
How do I know if I have a mold problem in my house?
Is there something i could take before eating mushrooms (im allergic to mushrooms)?
Diary and Poultry allergies help.?
Any one know a good shampoo for a severe eczema sufferer?
i have psoriasis on my head elbows n legs under breasts and belly how do i get rid of it . its driving me nut?
How do you treat a......?
Trigger OCD ??
I go for an upper GI Endoscopy soon. Can someone tell me what to expect? Is General Anesthesia possible?
My friend took too many Advil pills, and now she's really dizzy. How can she get rid of this dizziness?
Just diagnosed withADHD?
Do I have Celiac Disease??? ( TMI..beware )?
Baby with many cafe au lait spots. Neurofibromatosis?
I suffer from fatty liver...how can i reverse this?
Ive known im colorblind for 3 years now (cant tell b/w red/green) but i havent told anyone. should i>?
AM I AN ALCOHOLIC???? please HELP!!!!!?
cpap machine its medical necessary?
A serious question about mold?
Do you know Traffic Pollution can affect gene, baby in Mother? Asthma is the result, TRUE?
The last few weeks my husband has been getting sever nose bleeds and is very lightheaded afterward?
Water Infection School Problems?
Queation about coughing baby?
Is pneumothorax genetic?
what would happen if I boil liquor and inhale the fumes?
Caught smoking by dad. Advice?
CPT for a Professional Fee that accompanies a CT Sinus?
should i jog in place?
Besides not being sold in the United States is Clenbuterol a good weight loss pill?
Ironic, but I hate drinking water! Why is this?
Is it possible for someone who has Herpes to have a baby without the baby contracting herpes and being born ..
How does one feels when one acquire AIDS?
If a female finds out she has chlamydia, how long would she have to have it before it did serious damage?
Did you know it is just a matter of time?
can apple cider vinegar thin your blood?
How can I cure my cold/flu??
can u take glutathoine and phentermine together?
AHHHH Drawing a blank what does this mean again?
does music cause adrenaline Rush's?
Getting a Cannabis card in CA???
Does electro shock therapy erase your memories, your anxieties or what?
I'm not proud of my past. Especially trying ot commit suicide. How can I change the past?
do people with mental problems know they have mental problems?
Scared of my medication working....?
Where can someone with a mental illness get a job?
how can i control my social phobia?
Is it better to use a rubber band that is tighter or looser around your wrist when preventing self-harming?
How can I get rid of my shyness once and for all?
What are some ways to cheer up when you're sad?
When did Yahoo Answers.....?
CAN pms/period OR back pain affect nondiabetic blood sugar taken at home....WHAT CAN AFFECT IT?
Insulin users that have had a cortisone injection, how did your insulin requirements change after it?
Does anyone have diabetes?
What is Doppler test?
have been diagnosed with type two diabetes and im having trouble with my monitoring system Machine ?
What's the typical lifespan of someone that's had type 1 diabetes since age 1?
question for Type 1 diabetics?
You know all those little battles your test strips com in?
sister on diyalais her creactin level still high why?
is welding causing bad impact on human body?
Suggest how an atrioventricular valve that does not shut properly could lead to breathlessness?
I have a leak in the mitral valve and a leak in tricuspid valve, can someone tell me something about this?
Problems with my heart?
Did I have a mini stroke?
I'm having an Cardiac Ultrasound scan on Friday and...?
What Is The Treatment After Having Two Heart Attacks In The Same Day?
my grandmother might need surgery for an aneurysm?
My eyes hurt from the brightness of the computer moniter?
laser eye surgery?
ok so does this mean..................................?
I'd like to have LASIK surgery. Anyone had it done and bitterly regrets it? If so, why? Thank you in advance.
what is the salary for a dentist in the uk?
I have a cut on my gum..?
Any Dentists In? Having Issues With My Teeth?
Should I go back to a dentist that didn't use a water drill?
aaaah! braces.spacers.?
6/7 years ago I had fixed braces put on my top & lower teeth to correct protruding top front teeth, I also had?
Can You Really Chew The Stride Gum With The Wrapper Still On?? ?
Braces are killing mee!?
Does Allegra have any effect on mood?//Don't like Claritin, Singulair, and Benadryl for these reasons...?
how can i get rid of a tickleing cough i have had for a few days?
how many days does it take for fleas to die after extermination?
Okay, all my life I've had allergies, but for the last 2-3 weeks, they have been HORRIBLE!! HELP??
Thought problem?
What's going on here?
What do you consider walking a long distance?
I've been uncontrollably licking my lips for the past 2 days. How can I stop w/o it becoming a habit?
Are you sick and sick of it?
Feeling a little down today?? what do you.............?
If I have surgery will I be taken off disability?
Forearm (Radius) Metal Plate Questions?
knee injury.... surgery or no...?
I have a small knee effusion, should I expect surgery to be done?
How deep does a cut have to be to scar?
what ligaments would be torn if your knee bent sideways?
Knee injury! Something is jiggling in my knee i think, can anyone help?
I am having surgery on Thursday! Please help me.?
My knee has popped out 2-3 times in the past month and a little bit what is wrong? Would it be an ACL tear?
What is Euthanasia counseling. How can it be applied in palliative counselling. especially in Hiv/Aids?
How long can I be an HPV carrier and not know it?
Question about STD/I?
Can something identified by it's smell?
Question about cold sores & itching ?
Exercise and cancer prevention?
pregnancy, possible cervical cancer....advice?
how do you know if its lymphoma?
Which of the following have been associated with an increased risk for cancer?
Cancer bump / swollen lymph node?
My mamma is dying of cancer.... but 2 stubborn to go back to the docter...what should i do?
is it true that red meat leads to cancer? and white meat? and fish?
People with leukimia, please help?
If you inhale incense will you get the same negative effects as secondhand smoke from tobacco?
My husband stopped smoking over a month ago, but is still coughing up phlegm with brown flecks.?
How virus attack human's body?
What are the chances of dying from smoking?
how can you tell if you have asthma?
What is the chest pain that I am getting from smoking?
What can result from a blood clot? Please answer.?
do couples care about morning breath?
my chest hurts with sincere love for you......or is it pneumonia?
Is it better to eat faster or slower?
Good daily exercises that target tummy and love handle areas?
What can a picky eater eat do to stay healthy?
Why is it that when my friend totally ate sooo much that she got skinny?
Is there any temple in India to go for curing neuro problems in general and cerebral palsy in particular?
Bad Mirgraines?
Best way to tackle headaches quickly?
Is Valerian tincture good does it work, does it help you sleep?
will suboxone show up on a drug test?
Do you know anyone who refuses to be happy ?
Can anyone explain what makes a persons eyes red from smoking weed and...........?
whatis the meaning of "C V S" related to medical term?
how much does an orthopedic technician make??salary/wages??where can u get training for it??
how much does prolotherapy cost per injection.do you know of a good dr. in texas that does this?
How do you get rid of the bump that's caused my your cartridge (top of ear) being pierced?
Why can i sleep better in a house where i cant get a signal for my mobile phone?
why man is healthier in a husband and wife relation rather than single?
What Causes Polycythemia?
what neurological condition causes a bad stuttering problem?
does something wrong with the thyroid glands lead to obesity?
Blood along with or after stool once a day?
What is the most uncommon disease that you have ever encountered in your practice?
Dizziness/Imbalance and fatigue?
whats 103pounds in stones ??????
Books about Asperger syndrome storyes ?
what will help me feel better? is it the flu?
How does use of a spacer with aerosolized orticosteroids reduce the likelihood of oral candidiasis, as well as
has anyone taken aciclovir before?
How do you kill someone without touching them?
What is your Poison ?
does honey and cinnamon work to clear blackheads?
whats a good home remedy for acne? and whats the best product from drugstores? BESIDES proactive?
how do you get rid of eye bags naturally?
whats the most effective way to get rid of blackheads?
I'm developing a mole (melanoma?) on by bottom eyelid. Is it expensive to have it removed?
how can i get rid of my zits?
how do i get rid of a warts?
Best Eye Drops for Contact Lenses - UK?
How do you gt rid of a sti on your eye?Any eye experts out there?
How come my left eye is better than my right eye? also, I feel more comfortable looking to the left?
What eye color would you say i have?
i wore a ripped contact...? HELPP!?
which type of fat is not considered a threat to heart disease?
besides blockage what can cause hypertension?
How can you test your cholesterol levels without seeing a doctor?
High calcium levels in blood test?
Lately for the last two days my heart has been hurting and beating too quickly what's wrong with me?
Cardiac arrest?(same question,but way shorter)?
What are some conditions that cause a sudden heart attack that an EKG might not pick up?
where can I buy so-tox cream as seen on lktoday?
Snakebite piercings.........?
why is that i get really tired after crying?
When everything is quiet, should you hear a certain ringing in your ears?
What's wrong with me?
What would happen if you mixed ecstasy with alcohol?
Bad habits...I bite the insides of my cheeks?......?
how do i help my boyfriend stop wetting the bed at night?
Do you have ticklish feet?
Does anyone else have telephonophobia?
What's a good song to hear during going through a depression?
My friend wants to kill herself?
Why is it so hard to forget painful memories?
How can worry less about what others think ?
do you get fed up with my questions?
Roughly how much in dublin to get a tooth taken out at the dentist?Im in so much pain:'(?
Is it true that ulcers are formed due to stress?
Do the dentists faint you?
Should I smile with or without my braces for school picture?
has anyone had lingual braces?
How bad is the pain from a lip piercing?
what happens when you have too small of a mouth?
what causes the bad gas in chemotherapy patients?
How much does it cost to cure cancer ?
Could I have leukemia?
I really want to do something in oncology, but im not sure wether i want to be a nurse or a doctor? Help?
How many chemicals are in a single cigarette?
What are the chances of getting mouth cancer?
why havent we found the cure to cancer? is it being hidden?
how do you die from breast cancer?
someone in the med field who knows about hep b please?
can a doctor tell u when u caught an std?
MRI results?
Soreness from a bite or a pulled muscle?
ive had tendenitis in my foot and ive tried everything. Anyone know a cure?
I tore my ACL, I need options and advice?
All the Possible Injuries One Could Recieve From...?
If the carotid artery got completely severed, what can a paramedic do at the scene to help?
The central abdominal area is the _____ region?
Why do I have an abnormally high tolerance to medications?
What's worse for the liver, 1 325mg Tylenol or one alcoholic drink?
Why should one should not indulge in mental work directly after eating?
What is a defasciculating drug in RSI ?
im 20 5/6 can i still grow taller?
I been coughing for a week!I have a sore troat and a stuffy nose too! What should I do?
Why do we have to take a full cource of antibiotics?
Help with over all health?????????????
What is involved in becoming a Reiki practitioner?
Is there any type of natural treatment I can take for Irritability?
Do you think Natural Medicine is good for asthma?
what is the medical uses of vinegar?
What is this herbal remedy for menstrual cramps?
is ok to give my kitten goji juice?
Help, really itchy rash?
Does anyone know the best natural acne cleanser (not acne system) for acne?
pls hlp acne scars?
Why do many Brands of Deodorant make me develop a Rash?
Can you put a flea collar on a dog that has flea medication on?
how can you tell medical conditions from finger nails?
what does sweating do? why do i sweat alot?
can the following meds taken together cause u to test positive for amphetamines? albutrol,advair,singular.?
Relief from hyperventilation?
accuracy of bronchitis diagnosis?
I had a severe panic attack yesterday and have questions?
Medicinal Marijuana and asthma?
Do I have TB? Help Please?
What is that condition where you cant exhale and you die from suffocation?
Is pneumonia contaigous if my white count is 19000?
This Is Going To Sound So Gross!!?
Is aspurgers syndrom hereditary?
What helps bloating due to Crohn's, Colitis, AND menstruation?
Im starting a new job requiring me to be away from a toilet frequently, can i train my bowels not to move?
How long someone survive with stage 5 kidney failure also going to dialayis 3 days a week?
Has anyone ever heard of Neuropathy?, or suffered from it?, and what were ur symptoms?
My stomach always hurts after I eat, I'm always cold, and tired, and my vision is blurred, what's wrong?
Hands constantly cold?
I am not a frequent drug user, however lately I am stumbling and slurring speech. What is wrong with me?
Why does urine smell?
have "pumpers" found insulin pumps more effective at controlling blood sugar levels than injections?
Is it possible to have diabetes without having excessive thirst or urination?
Could it be low blood sugar?
I need to make a soup or dinner that supports the Renal diet for someone that can not chew much of anything...?
My mother in-law is killing herself?!?
Im a borderline diabetic what can i eat?
i am thirsty all the time?
getting contacts in a few months...?
Will I ever fly?
What GCSE/A Levels do you need to become?
Does it mean I need glasses if my left eye is 20/30 and my right eye is 20/20?
Where to get glasses frames?
Hazel eyes???
How do I get rid of allergies?
which purifierer system is better -water softener or Ro purifiers?
how do you know the difference between a cold and allergies?
Anyone have or know of grape juice allergies?
I have a whistling sound coming out of my nose. Could it be something serious?
how does the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems work as antagonists to one another?
I recently had a heart scan?
What could cause pulse to jump by 50% in resting state?
Cardiovascular Disease by 2020?
Is the damage done by a poor diet irreversible?
Could Atkins cause me serious health problems ?
how to bring down serum cholestoral 259 mgs/dl, and s.ldl chol. 187 mgs/dl. to normal level?
Have you ever had a spooky or weird experience during a Hospital stay?
I have a cholesterol of 210. My HDL is 109 and my LDL is 90. I'm a 26 year old female who is at a normal wt.?
How much eggs is too much?
What country has the best healthcare in the world?
how to fake a stomach ache (and make it look good)?
Does anyone have a website that shows pictures of the toys that have been recalled for lead?
How would you like to die?
how to stop smoking weed? HELP?
have you ever died befor?
Is it possible to fart to death?
in macgyver tv series which is the best, season 1 or season 6?
is this a symptom of herpes?
Where Can I buy CONDYLOX Online? I dont have the time to go to the doctor and already know what I need. Thank
very concerned about hiv?
I was reading some answers regarding blade?
This is a serious question:I pushed my finger in my anus and felt something weird..what could it be?
Is it possible that the cancer war is being lost because .....?
My daughter has brain cancer. I have a lot of questions.?
Please Help!!!!!!!!!!! It's Urgent!!?
i think i have mouth cancer???? do i?
Only Doctors or people who know please!?
Do Silly Bandz really do cause skin cancer?
Agoraphobia, Anxiety, ocd and Depression, are they linked?
What are some good books on addiction?
Does old age increase likelihood of developing depression?
Help! I'm SOO confused!!!?
Have you ever been overwhelmed with emotion about someone else's despair?
Why do I constantly fantasize obsessively?
Will the world end when...?
Is My Daddy Crazy???
I just cut myself, what should I do?
Tooth removal pain relief?
Going on a picnic on Sunday - after jaw surgery!?
How can I contact a dental school?
homemade ways to whiten teeth without baking soda?
which toothpaste actually works to whiten teeth?
Are my gums infected??? they hurt, what can i do??? please HELP!!!?
i need help with my teeth?
When to brush teeth/ mouthwash?
Eeep! has anyone had to have stitches in their mouth ? i have to go to a dental hospital ?
stinky breath?
Charles has had a non-cancerous growth removed?
Have you ever gotten very black soled feet from going barefooted?
Why is it all the dermatologists in my phone book (about 13) are booked solid for @ least 3 months?
Weird mole, pic attached?
HELP! How Can you cover or get rid of Bruising?????
what are natural things that help acne?
Has anyone experienced a reaction to taking splenda? I am experiencing numbness.?
proper sleep and rest pattern?
Looking for Pilates Classe in Levittown PA?
Why are most Americans fat and still proud of their weight?
is it possible to become cross eyed / lazy eye if you were not born that way?
i need some advice I'm going to Seattle to visit a friend?
Knee cap injury won't heal ?
Cracking Jaw?
Ankle replacement?
what sould i do with my ankle it got sprained but my physio said i could play and after team training it...?
Deep cut on knuckle causing dizziness?
Got A Chopstick Stuck In My Cast?
I think i've swallowed a fish bone, what can i do?
there's something wrong with my nail!! please help!?
Have you ever been jumped?
good music worth listening to while exercising?
Wheat free diet? (celiac disease)?
I need an appetite suppressant BAD! One that works....?
what do you do when you can't get out of the house often coz it's winter and have kids and you need to excerci
Weight loss - I already eat a healthy balanced diet, but there is a few things I don't understand...?
Can I receive a decent amount of exercise from the Wii Fit?
please rate my diet for today?
Is it better to run in the morning or at night?
is there anything lying around the average house you can get high from?
Is it safe for people with syphilis to be working in the kitchen of a restaurant?
valtex costs?
What are the statistics on HIV/AIDS in D.C.?
if having chlamydia for five months does it cause infertiility.?
Aspirin Masks.......?
How can I improve my lung capacity?
When I lay on my left side I cough, ideas?
Chronic fatigues syndrom?
Treatments for whopping cough?
what is sarcoidosis and what does it do?
Does anybody know how many packs a day Peter Jennings smoked during his heavy smoking days?
My cousin has pneumonia and I'm nervious?
Anybody else got a nasty cold how long did it take to go away?
Went to a specsavers for an eyetest butthey wouldn't give me a full copy of new prescription-is this allowed?
Why do I always blink when inserting my contact lenses?
Need a starch & milk free nutritonal supplement for handicapped child, 9 yrs old with Rett syndrome?
Anyone got severe liver damage from taking too much ecstasy?
Pathophysiology of Bronchopneumonia?
how do you get rid of strep throat?
How do you cope with interstitial cystitis?
how do i sell my ideas for products to help the disabled?
Why do my fingers go numb or feel asleep?
The doctor is testing me for Glaucoma on Tuesday... Anyone know anything about it that I would like to know?
G6PD deficiency...?
need help knowing what caused this seizure ????
can sinusitis cause anxiety or panic attacks?
Anyone who knows about gluten allergies!!!! Please Help!!?
earache and dry itchy eyes?
Are there any dangerous side effects to inhaling the fumes of salt and vinegar flavour crisps? What be they?
Nosebleeds with Nasonex?
Can your heart really skip beats?
Why can't you take anti-depressants with heart meds, such as Cardizem La?
heart murmur causing adrenaline rushes ?
Are poison ivy and poison oak contageous?
healing wounds?
what treatment should be given if a strong acid is spilled on the skin?
Has anyone ever had and SHG?Not HSG this is called an hysterogram.I go next week,this is to find scar tissue?
Radiation for Hidradenitis Suppurativa?
keloids how do they heal? i ve had it for some time now.?
For all acne sufferer to read!?
What does it mean when someone bruises easily?
Flat feet?
Blood Donation / Bone Marrow Donations?
How do I grow a couple of inches taller?
what is anadrol?
how can I get to sleep, I drank too much soda I know, I messed up?
Yoga poses for body detox!!!?
Question for Massage Therapists-Again?
Question about herpes?
The girl I've been seeing just told me she has Herpes. What do I do?
23. Describe which cells of the body are dependent upon glucose?
insulin pump wearers?
Could i be insulin resistance or having Acanthosis nigricans?
what are the advantages of radiotherapy?
How does mitosis cause cancer and how is it cured using chemotherapy,radiotherepy, and surgery?
Can cancer be detected with a blood test?
Your brother developes a fever, extreme fatigue, and enlarged lymph nodes throughout his body.?
Do I have Leukemia? Please help,I am very scared.?
Is smoking at a young age good?
When your about to give up, what stops you from quiting?
my best friend has ovary cancer... shes only 14.?
My name is Annette i am in need of ostomy supplies?
does mosquito repellent with deet ever expire?
do deaf children learn sign language at about the same age as hearing children learn verbal language?
If I drank half a bottle of red wine with dinner every night, would I be more or less smart and healthy at 65?
could i get pregnant after 3 weeks of an abortion?
has anyone ever taken wellbutrin to quit dipping snuff, if so, did it work for you? thanks?
Scrape on knee?
how can i give a own enema?
Why can't I feel my legs?
ive been having chest pain in the mornings?
i feel like theres water in my throat?
When I was young...something came out of my throat....?
For how long does the teeth whitening last?
why does our oral cavity does not consist of permanent tooth set from infancy?
How long should dental crowns last?
What do you do when you shadow a dentist?
How can I make my teeth whiter?
what to eat after i get my wisdom teeth removed?
what does shining a blacklight onto your teeth do?
White dot on the tip of my tongue?
2 weeks still school and i want to loose 10 pounds any ideas?
After I exercise my skin improves drastically..if i keep this up will it stay this way?
Has anybody out there tried Alli - the slimming aid pill?
can i lose 20 pounds by august??
looks and wieght?
what's the best way to lose fat from your thighs?
Four apples a day - how much weight will I loose?
Tips to lose weight fast?
Can you test for herpes with a swab when there not active?
Pregnant wt possible HIV, please read..please help!?
Just had a drug test?
are calf implants safe & successful?
What does it feel like to break a bone?
i cant hear from my right ear, help please!?
Why does the outside corner of my eye hurt? PLEASE HELP?
Sore ankle for over 2 months...?
How do i get my ring off my extremely swollen middle finger?
I got a bee sting on my finger, but there is no stinger in it? Instead there is a large white bump with...?
accidentally got an ibuprofen up my nose and cant get it out what should i do?
Crazy leg problem answer please?
WHy does hot water feel so good on an open wound??? It realeaves my itch...?
blackheads,wart,cyst,what is the difference?
Can toothpaste be used to treat acne?
what are some natural acne remedies..?
how to keep it away?
how can i get rid of red blemishes under my chin?
Ashy knees, Help!?
My seven year old daughter keeps telling me that..?
Red Alert!!!?
What is a UP3 or UPPP?
Female Low Testosterone Blood tests.?
How do you get rid of a cold?
Is rib regeneration real?
If your doctor tells you that you have a terminal illness, what is the best way to deal with it?
If people see ghosts and ghosts are not real, then all people who see ghosts are schizophrenic, right?
Why Do My Veins Hurt?
What is the co-relation with asthma & ecsema?
Why is NO2 not recommended in individuals with a gluten allergy?
Any opinions on Vangala, Rahul K MD - Allergy & Asthma Ctr of Mid GA in Warner Robins, GA?
Can Clementines cause allergic reactions in children?
cold trays are used for?
Know of any place in metro detroit where i can get std tested as a walk in?
what does AF with FVR class IB means?
Does anyone know what PJC refers to when interpreting rhythm strips of the heart?
Help with blood clot treatment & preventions?
What foods and drinks are best for lowering blood pressure and reducing swelling?
has anyone had a hysteroscope without a general anasthetic?
Are arrhythmia worser than tachycardia?
Why do they use a defibrillator on flatlining patients on TV?
WHat are the harmful effects of vapor cigarettes?
Is sleep apnea ever a problem for people who don't sleep on their back?
i used to use ventolin inhaler and they changed it to bricanyl o,5?
chest pain while laying down?
i have a choking feeling during the night i wake up all of a sudden a nd try to catch my breath then start .?
Trouble Swallowing HELP! URGENT!?
Could I have chest Pains from drinking too much Beer?
CFS help,really ill and fed up now.....?
UK Specific Diabetes Question?
How to control Hypothyroid?
i have diabetes any home remeties for feet hurting?
How would diabetes affect the patient and their family?
How do you stabilize a man?
Girlfriend has type 1 dabetis and is goign to the hospital alot.?
You can get cancer with stress?
What were your favorite foods during chemotherapy?
how is cancer related to mitosis?
Cancer cells?
Cure for cancer... I don't remember the info though.. help?
How would you describe a person who is suffering from cancer and the health is deteriorating by day?
Mast found on left side of my aunt's brain?
How to get over the death of my grandfather?
Have you had any loved one(s) commit suicide?
Do you think the Belgian guy who "awoke" from the coma is really typing message?
Does death seem strange to anyone else?
Are Root Canals painful?
Anyone a dental assistant or dental hygienist? Looking into becoming one... want some advice?
How to get whiter teeth fast?
bad breath problem. please help?
Is this normal....? Help?
Is this retainer issue abnormal?
What would happen if I left my 30min Crest white-strips in for an hour?for 45min?
does any one have an expander and a herbst appliance?
Do i just have a weird tongue?or is it something more serious?
AIDS paranoia?
New York HIV Transmission Law...Married Couples?
Gardisil shot?
What weight is considered "chubby" for a 5'7" woman?
I really need to lose weight. Please help!?
Bowel Movements Containing Fat ?
How do I get rid of my blackheads?
bed bugs help flipping out?
Indian mud that gets rid of moles?
I have dry skin on my face, and I don't know how to get rid of it.?
does anyone know how to cover up or get rid of a hickey? really bad ones?
how do you treat a boil the size of a golf ball with inflammation about 2 inches across. very painful to touch?
Can I get contact lenses made of 0.25 (Cylindrical) in both eyes?
What is the Varilux difference?
Laser Eye Sugery - Worried?
why do some joints or injuries hurt more in cold weather?
Sprained Knee.. knee buckles, how long before I can walk?
i have alot of pain in my knee, and its caused by the synovial fluid. can anyone help?
Thigh is numb after icing hip flexor injury?
do you think i can sue a doctor?
Bump under ankle joint?
I have a bite on my arm im not near any kind of help?
Is Somebody falling down the stairs funny?
how to get a black eye intentionally and almost painfully?
I became allergic to Honey. How do you become allergic to something?
Does Singulair work for decongestion as well as asthmatic allergy symptoms?
Can anyone categorically tell if modified maize starch IS from GM foods?
I am sevear allergic to dust & weather changes. I am using inheler as remedie. Am I asthematic Patient?
Which is the best height growth supplement?
How do I know if it's safe to use 2-3+ liquid herbal tinctures?
Do the ionic footbaths or detox foot patches really work?
Head aches.?
colidal silver?
is there medicine to cure alcoholism?
There is still time to fight this.?
my left upper stomach below the heart is twitching,what is this
What is the difference between ordinary salt (used in daily cooking) & rock salt commonly known as kala namak?
High Blood Pressure?
do doctors have the right to unplug the life machine on coma patients?
Heart/Chest pain HELP PLEASE!?
my 1 yr old has red dry itchy skin what can i use to ease this problem?
Last one before work........?
What is the best argument against banning smoking in all public places?
If you don't have or can't afford health insurance, what do you try to get medical help/treatment?
how long does it take for a bone in the arm to heal to its full strength after a break?
how do people make a profit selling proactiv solution on ebay?
Can you recommend a vitamin regimine?
thyroxin+fluoitine= can you help me?
coffee make headache?
what is the difference between ipf and pulmonary fibrosis.?
is there any medical term for "difficulty in breathing after eating" ?
I have a question about proper diaphramic breathing especially for singers...?
Will there ever be a cure for asthma?
how long does it take for your lungs to heal?
how do i get rid of my cold?
how does a doc get you ready to pump fluids?
F*ck cancer, will there ever be a cure for asthma?
it there any effective cure for the CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) yet?
Health: What are the symptoms of kidney problems?
How do I repair slight kidney damage caused by blood pressure medication; which I am no longer taking?
vertebrobasilar insufficiency?
I have severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. How can I reduce my unwanted thoughts?
my son has myasthenia gravis, is there anyone out there that knows some one who suffers with it too?
Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of insomnia?
What other help for alcohol abuse is there other than AA?
Did you know this stuff is bad news ?
best diet for diabetes?
which vegitables and fruits help to control blood sugar level?
What cause Dizzy Spells?
Why is my blood sugar so high in the morning?
I have type 1 diabetes, im 13. and im worried about swine flu cos i read that i have a high risk of dieing?
Natural remedies for diabetes?
What do you think of these blood sugars?
What is the secret to having a durable relationship with one's dentist?
Floss before or after brushing teeth?
Where is the Advil Mansion?
what are some good colors to choose for braces?
My dentist sent me to an orthodontist for 1 tooth .......?
Does extraction after effect of a live tooth hurt more than extracting a dead tooth (RCT)?
Faulty Oral B 1000 Battery?
whitening strips?
My mum says that drinking milk will help with acne. However i think this is totally bullocks. Is she right?
sunburn.... : (?
Proactive solution???
Is a mixture of baking soda and lime dangerous for the skin?
How Do I Cure My Acne?
i have a red nose help
What happens if you have not brushed your teeth in 6 months?
Why are hard toothbrushes made/sold?
Positive and negative feedback?
I got my armpits waxed and now they are red and hurt...?
What's the best way to remove a wart?
would regular lab work be off also if u contacted the hiv virus... had lab work and it was all normal...?
How is the issue of birth control dealt with in the adult film industry?
Pericardial Effusion with virus -what is it?
What would be a good logo for a HIV/AIDS clinic?
STD? tounge?
What do you do, to get rid of a headache fast?
Why are you not suppose to split a 1000mg. cipro pill?
I'm on pain medication that is making me feel nauseous... Any suggestions on what I can do to alleviate it?
I am willing to establish Emergency medical Services all over the country,How should i do that?
Wen to Urgent Care tonight, but...?
I am thinking of getting a tatoo on my foot i am getting 5 stars! can anyone tell me what the pain is like?
What is the best way to prevent migraines?
What are these twitches and pulses caused from?
does any one have fibromyalga??
what do you use when you cut youself?
Head problems?
Whats wrong?
Why do i have pain in my neck 24/7?
Everyone with depression/anxiety please go swimming every day as it really helps. would you try for a week to?
What's the difference between anorexia & bulimia?
My voice isn't loud enough! Help with strengthing it?
STD's related?
If someone sleeps 12 hours a night, could it indicate a health problem?
Hip replacement surgery...best option?
Can I go to the gym?!!?
Can a back brace for scoliosis be seen under clothes?
My knee has sharp pain as soon as i stand up from crouching.?
who is on crutches right now?
Do I have a concussion, is it okay to sleep?
Make a large cut on my leg?
How are some easy, fairly painless ways to break a bone?
Is not chewing your food and eating quickly harmful?