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Does Anyone Know of A Dentist Who Can Help An Extremely Scared Patient???
awful taste in your mouth when you wake up in the morning?
Do i have something worse than just a cold?
why am I dizzy and lightheaded?
Is it normal to sleep a lot on your days off when working night shifts? Is it just catching up on sleep?
What is the freezing spray that doctors use to numb before you get a shot?
Thing behind the knees is called???
I have a friend who is very ill and doesn't have insurance, what can I do for him?
Why don't Americans want Universal Health care?
Insulin and Weight Gain?
How and when was Diabetes first found? Who found it?
i have chronic pancreatitis but no nothing about it yet i am not a drinker so how could of happen?
Had a bllod glucose test come back at 120. I'm 40 just two months ago my test was 89. Two years ago it was 60
What is the proper way of getting rid of used insulin syringes ?
What insulin do you use if you are type one diabetic and 13-15 years old?
anybody want to help find a cure for diabetes?
What is special about an epsom salt bath?
question about a dislocated shoulder?
can anyone help me? upper stomach pain?
what are long term side effects of asthma medications?
Do I still have asthma?
Noise in ear when I raise my cheek muscles?
could i have arthritis in my knees?
The Green Mile?
Sun makes me ill?
I have laryngitis I also have school tomorrow should the make me go?
Is it wrong that I called into work cause I had a huge panic attack?
my chest is sensitive to the touch?
I fell asleep next to my phone and now my ears hurt. bad sign?
A summer cold?
Can thinking about a headache actually give you a headache?
how to cure Frozen Shoulder?
I have the most spectacular case of trapped wind, what can I do?
What's the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
random question....?
ADHD? help needed please.?
Panic Attack?
my little brother has a sore throat and in the back i see...?
My farts are straight up hot. Is there a career in it?
Are statin drugs really that good and effective for you .?
Can anyone help or know about severe shaking w/anxiety disorders?
I have green phelgm and i cant get rid of it, what is it?
History of infectious mononucleosis (mono)?
Is it possible for a bug to go in your head
Insomnia and Ambien...?
Collapsed, rib cartilage?
Has anyone been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and or Fibromalgia???
I bleed when I have bowel movements?
What does nerve damage feel like?
How many burned calories equal 1 pound?
Is my work making me sick??
What is the best way of removing teflon from the inside of stainless steel cookware ?
Digestive problems?
i think i was drugged with ghb saturday night. how long do the effects last? my brain still feels foggy.?
Anybody knows, how triglyceride can be reduced?
If you were told you had mestastasized breast cancer into your lungs, and your chemo oncologist and a second o
Will powerful monopole antenna near your house cause cancer to the menber of the family ?
in medical terms what does the accronym LUTS stand for probably associated with cancer of the prostate?
Do you Believe that 100 From now people will Live cancer free ,?
cure fro cancer?
does this sound like lung cancer?
is 'chewing gum 'carcinogenic???
What causes mental illnesses? Is it a physical defect in the brain that affects the mind?
What is your very first memory?
Increasing Confidence .. Help?
I'm diperate, I'm in depression...?
Help! I feel like a failure?
If I jump in all the puddles, will I catch cold?
If we are all in the hands of God,what could it happen if he applauds?
Help me with my depression...?
What do i have to live for?
I need a list of medications and foods that have sulfa in them.?
how do you neutralize pepper spray in your home?
I think I might have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Where in Maine can I find a doctor for who believes me?
Dexarhina Spray DUO???
Is it possible to be born with an Std?
What is diffence between AIDS an HIV??
what are herpes?
can herpes 2 on a leg go away and come back somewhere else? how contagous is it?
whats the diffrence between hiv and aids?
How long can you have chlamydia before you show any symptoms?
My father died of HIV when I was 7.I am 17 now and have HIV also.Is it possible that I got it from my father??
did any one died by std's any time soon by this week or mouth?
what can cause pain in left side of abdomen and diaphram?
can immodiun cause constipation ?
anyone here a survivor of tramadol withdrawls?
Does anyone else get jaw pain with a migraine?
Why is bone pain affected by the weather?
bones popping? 14? help?
Trouble with knees...PLEASE HELP!?
Could Fibromyalgia not really exist?
My friend snorts crushed pills, why?
What is the mechanism of action of a calcium channel blocker on the heart?
Mitro Valve Prolapse? (MVP)????
what's the effect of taking high blood pressure medication when its not needed anymore, the side effects?
Expert advise on Heart Attacks and related problems?
Nuclear stress test question/concern?
Anyone have or hear of?
what is normal blood pressure for a man over 60 years old?
Chipped Wrist snowboarding?
How do you make crutches not hurt?
What joint allows you to move your head?
How to treat a sprained knee??
back pain pls explain ?
I just had foot surgery and they put a cast on my foot...Now the bottom of my foot is still numb and it has?
how can i cure lowback & joint &leg pain?
Is a bleeding throat a common event for a sore, swolen throat?
what causes stiffnes of the left side of the neck and severe pain in upper spine spreading to the shoulder?
Extreme Tooth pain, Help?
Does anyone get weird head pains? Any neurologists out there?
Migraine Sufferers??? someone help me!?
Neck Lump?? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
I got a crap or pulled a calf muscle in my sleep?
my head hurts and its scary.?
Can you put prescription lenses into any kind of glasses?
How serious is retinal degeneration problem?
How do you cure color blindness?
is there any herbs vitamins or medicines that can help dissolve "floaters" in your eyes....?
What's going on.....?
how can i stop my vision from getting worse?
Woke up blind in one eye!!!?
i need a good exercise that improves your eyesight?
How many contact are in one box?
How long after a widsom tooth extraction did you eat solid food?
I'm getting gum shaping surgery soon, what should I expect?
What has been your experience with whitening toothpaste- what brands do you like/dislike?
Does anyone know why a dentist wouldn't recommend a periodontist who works for Monarch Dental?
Braces. My parents think i can't take the pain so i have to wait till Christmas?
Do those Aquafresh whitening trays really work?
How can one whiten their teath withuout spending much money on dental treatment?
I know this has gotta hurt?
my son is 14 months old, he has his 6th ear infection, is seeing an ENT next tuesday what will I expect the ?
Chest pains?
will I wake up for work tomorrow?
cleaning my system of weed?
How many hours should a person sleep to get proper rest?
Why am I always tired in the daytime and when night time comes I am more active?
Remember the old "stiff" Q-tips you could buy? Where can you get them now? Are they available anywhere?
is it possible to get lung cancer if ive smoked weed for 3- 5 months, and ive smoked probbly half a cigarette?
Is It Possible?
Herpes blood test ? uk answers please?
Has anyone had a " indeteminate" HIV reading...?
Can CD4 counts go up once they've dropped in a person with HIV?
What is the difference between Oxycodone & Oxycontin?
Stomach Pain, Loss Of Appetite after Appendectomy?
Pain after appendicitis?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a headache ?
Pains down the side of the leg?
Is there such a thing as a cluster headache? And how does it feel like?
Pain in right side of head?
What ways can i take out my anger other then self harm?
Since I was a little girl I stood on my right leg and put my left leg on my right knee .I do it now.any answer?
how long should a person stay up before sleeping if they think they have a concusion?
Did you ever had Problems in waking up?
I have hypothyroidism, having difficulty getting my meds, cant get into doctor they are all booked up?
Are there any recent advancements for huntington's chorea/disease?
how to get rid of a headache??
Does anyone else with acid reflux have this problem?
I have tiefied?
Can Asperger Syndrome be a medical malpractice?
That feeling where the floor is shaking?
i need some help on a breathing problem plese help?
Can diabetics (type 1) get drunk?
can diabetes cause infertility?
HbA1C is not a 3 month reflection,but rather 2 weeks?
Has anyone mistaken diabetes symptoms with breastfeeding side effects?
why are people not more aware of diabetic neuropathy?
I'm disabled, very limited to exercise, I have type 2 diabetes. How can I burn calories with my disability.
what would happen if you ate insulin?
How much sodium should?
I have a question about brain improvement supplements
Thyroid support?
Chinese Herbs/Medicine. Do they work?
Help! I have a malaria shaped hole in my Qi! What medicine can I use to fill it?
Has anyone used those detoxifying food pads and found it makes a difference in anyway?
What is a colonic? Do They hurt?
DXM cough syrup robotripping?
I'm sick and I lost my voice
WiFi/EMF/Radiation Shielding T-Shirt, Does it Work?
Is gbs in newborns very serious or if caught early merely an inconvenience?
How do you trust again - after childhood abuse?
Do you like to use cotton buds eventhough your ears are not wet?
What is peripheral vision deficits?
Do you AGREE or DISAGREE? explain if you like. people who carry excess weight, are never truly happy underneth
Does a PET scan only look for problems within the brain?
What does your body temperature have to be for you to be considered officially hypothermic?
adults only.keepsake film.?
how do you avoid hemroid burning?
How do I increase my attention span when studying?
Does it Ever feel like your nose is blocking your eyesight or the range of your vision?
Im afraid of the dark, sleep with a light on, and am afraid of non existing things?
Does being Bipolar make you question things?
I feel like i just want to end my life.?
I luv cutting???!!!!!?
turning 30 and depressed...any words of encouragement?
What is it like to have PTSD?
Have had foot problems lately? (A lot more detailed inside)?
What causes a clicking jaw?
Scoliosis Unusual Back Pain?
Swimmer's ear drops burn so bad I cry?
What really causes headaches?
Sciatica, at 22 years old?
Horrendously cracking knees and weak feeling in them?
i've had back pain everyday for eight years?
What is a charlie horse?
if a male with a superior mediastinal mass 7.7x4.7 cm it incases the left subclavian artery and left vertebral?
how much is the average charge or fee for video colonscopy in the philippines?
Does cancerous cell spread during chemotherapy treatment, because my mum is a multiple myeloma patient .?
I've heard that a persistent dry cough can sometimes be a symptom of undetected cancer. Is there a link ?
if you have a lump in your breast and its cancer does it...?
Anyone have a kid with heart problems?
Can people hear directly after their heart stops beating and they are considered dead?
Cardiac Event Monitor?
whos the youngest person to ever die of a heart attack?
blood pressure101over54,good or bad???? 70 yrs old?
Has anyone had an allergic reaction to wheat where they cough and their lungs start to feel congested?
how do i know if my child is allergic to fly bites?
what were medicinal plants used in China 1200 a.d.?
i think i accdently took a wrong pill. the pill says Lilly4420 anyone know what it is, or where i can find out
United States -- The threat of malpractice. How much does it contribute...?
Be honest, when was the last time you saw the dentist?
What can be done for dry mouth? I am not dehydrated and not on any medications.?
does washing your face after watching TV or playing the PC hurt/destroy your eyesight in the long run?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
Why do our bodies stretch when we are tired or just wake up?
is it true that if you crack your joints you will get arthritis?
Will holding in the urge to pee stretch your bladder?
why cant i walk far without gasping for breath?
What comprises the respiratory system?
dry spot in my throat that makes me feel like I'm choking...?
Quiting smoking is as hard as.....?
chest infection,cant get rid of it?
From where I can get steroids in India?
How would u rate the following 15 drugs?
Why do I get water in my eyes when I yawn?
Is it okay for me to start working out again?
Is there any way I can grow taller?
If you are blind and deaf ..........?
what can make me happy? im depressed?
Afraid of Drug re-lapse - I am returning to UK tomorrow ( i have been on xmas hols)?
Why a man got yawning by seeing a person who yawns(need oxygen)?
how come when people are laughing....?
Can a couple treated for chlamydia be reinfected with chlamydia?
Chlamydia infection Question. Serious answers please?
Not A Question: HPV Success Story?
My wife who is 50 yeras old is having severe pain during urinationfor the last two years. Nothing has helped.?
Why does my nose stuff up when I sleep on ONE pillow and it's NOT cold related.?
What kind of doctor would best suit my needs for chronic pain?
what makes a massaging backpack work?
pain in lower left abdomen, above my groin!! please answer?
Severe pain under ribs please help!?
Is there anyway I can do a job like Dr. Teperence Brennan on bones?
Why are your eyes sore from crying so much?
what should i do if got fish bone stuck in my throat ?
doI have a hemorrhoid, and I think I need to go to the doctors, but I have no insurance what should I do?
a question about multivitamins?
what are difficulties with eye contact?
What are the chances of havein laser eye surgery and suffering no long term effects?
Optometrists/special effects people!!! where can i buy black sclera contacts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Contacts can cause some kind of fungus in your eye ?
What do I do to get my eye swelling to go away, fast, or asap?
Headache for 3 weeks can anyone help?
How much percocet to become addicted?
What cases your migraines? HELP!!!?
Some please help me!!!!?
Back problems?
My back hurts when i take a deep breath?
deforming feet's any ideas?
Sudden lower back pain: should I go to ER or wait until tomorrow and call my doctor?
i woke up with a lil cold....?
What are these half inch bumps on my feet? Woke up one morning with them?
What causes blood in infant stool?
Can people develop worms from their pets? If so how do you know and how do you get rid of them?
What Will Take The Sunburn Pain Away?
What are the symthoms of fibroids and how do you get rid of them?
Why do people post questions about potentially serious health issues here instead of calling a Doctor?
Would the idea of body floss catch on? For those who want to get more than their teeth clean?
can you ever catch up on sleep you have lost?
I am a big procrastinator..?
how should you handle this ?
Why can't I stand the sound of other peoples' chewing?
why is cutting so ...?
How long does it take a hamstring pull to heal?
What happened to my knee?
i have sore and bruised knuckles how long will they take to heal and feel ok again?
I was making some tomato soup?
yesterday on my way to school i think that i broke my toe, it still hurts and its swollen?
So what would you do? What do you think?
In movies, when someone is stabbed in the gut, sometimes blood comes out of their mouth. Is that real?
is hiv passed through plasma?
where can i get a free std test in las vegas?
will you get aids if a person with aid use you lipgloss i accidently put it on i m really worried!!!! lil help
What does the musical expression "superman that hoe" signify?
If the AIDS virus was a person, what would it look like?
is arthritis a disability?
I sleep to much. Is this bad?
If you drink heavily for many years until you get symptoms and then quit drinking?
If when growning old causes your body to sag on the outside with gravity Does your body sag on the inside too?
What do you consider having a "Life"?
what does "take four times daily" mean?
why is it when i eat pancakes i feel wicked tired?
Feel tired all the time?
I have chronic pain due to 3 messed up surgeries. Would like to know of another option than Lortab10/500.?
Stomach pain for five days?
Severe Leg Ache/pain? [PLEASE HELP]?
Is there anything I can do to prevent a kinked neck from getting worse while I sleep?
i have been having pain in my left rib cage and its been hurting to breathe in. can you help me out?
I think I sprained my foot!?! Help PLEASE?
I got some chillie on my willy?
Overdosed on vicodin?
Is anyone allergic to Baqua Spa products? I experience respiratory problems right after I use our spa...?
what are the causes of beliphritis?
Ok to take Sudafed while taking Allegra within 24 hours?
Stuffy nose switchin from side to side?
I was diagnosed with swimmer's ear two days ago, and was prescribed Cipromax. The pain hurts so bad. HELP!!!!!?
This question is about Ibuprofen - Addicted to pain pills.?
Where to buy Turmeric in Capsule form in India, Mumbai?
PLease HElp I"M in PaIN !!! Not for the weak stomached !?
What can be done for facial and jaw pain?
Accidently Took Wrong Meds! Help?
My friend is having chest pains?
what do you about leg lengthening?
What is wrong with my fingers?
Why is my throat ,and head hurt so much?
tumor protruding above navel&stomach only when iexcerise(pushup's) or getting up putting pressure on stomach
Potts disease?
Anyone out there had gastric bypass and is now suffering neurological problems?
I have realy bad anxiety.?
Is food intolerance testing a con?
i thought i had acid reflex but is it gastritis?
What is this, Appendicitis?
Is this Tourettes syndrome?
How much does it cost and how long does it take to become an acupuncturist?
What particular teeth whiting product works well on teeth.?
Has anyone ever set off metal detectors with braces?
I have Gingivitus and I try everything to get rid of it! Help me identify the problem and get a solution!?
NHS dentist hell: refund or damage for pain and suffering?
Wisdom tooth infection...?
Ahhh!! Dentist office!!?
I am in excruicating pain from my infected tooth hole!?
My Partner has around six rotten teeth.He hasn't seen a dentist in years and he is only 19.?
scratched mole helppppp!!!?
does anyone one know the recipe for pizza burgers in the betty crocker diabetes cookbook? thanks in advance?
My ribs/ sides are very painful. Is this possibly a side effect from Glucophange/ metformin?
can you give me a daily diet plan for diabetics ?
My grandmother is 160 lbs and want to loose weight how can she do this if she a diabetic?
Why does it seem that yawning is contagious?
Dementia vs. Alzheimers?
Parasites! Please help!?
How do you know if your low on iron without a blood test?
HELP!! anyone can answer just ASAP 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
cant sleep am i going to die?
Whats a quick way to fall asleep at 3 in the morning?
Do you get high if you snort Sudafed PE?
I have been taking Avinza for severe back pain. It has my bowels all screwed up, what is the safest way to go?
Can methadone be used to help someone get off pain pills, how does it work if methadone is also used for pain?
Every time when it snows, I get bed bound with severe migraines, dizziness and nauseous. Any ideas why?
What is this lump on my neck?
im getting an operation?????
How do I stop being a stiff?
What is a common infective bacteria that sounds like clubscilla?
Can Herpes of the hand spread by scratching?
i jus got treated for gonorrhea like 2 months ago now i have chlamydia can i have babys in the furture?
is an abdominal ulcer an std?
are you by any chance geting irritated because iam asking u thse quetions?
facial injury?
If you swallow gum, does it REALLY stay in your stomache for 7 years?
How long has Advair discus inhalers been around? When will Generics become available (ala: zyrtec)?
What is the Best Solution to Nasal Congestion due to Rhinitis?
Now we all know what diseases smoking causes.....?
Can Asthma occour if I think too much about it ?
what is the best way to stop smoking?
Tight chest feeling and struggling for a long breath?
In the 1040's what was the treatment for glaucoma?
improving my vision. is it possible?
Eye problems, visual field etc?
I can't see 3D movies....?
Colored Contacts .... No prescription?
How long will it take to lose 25lbs if you eat 0-300 calories a day?
Can you take sublingual b12 is you are a diabetic/?
best clear air device for the home - we have a lot of allergies...?
Is smoking Hookah bad for you?
why do people lose precise vision sometimes?
What works best to get rid of a bad headache?
skipped heartbeats and the heart?
I wanna ask disadvantages of using contact lenses???
What are some good vitamins to improve my memory and overall brain function?
are there any med students here?
At what time it's better to go to the loo? Morning or evening? any "official" health indication from doctors?
I cant sleep, at all.....Help?
What is your sleep routine?
Do you twitch when you tell a lie?
Urgh nooo ... what's the best cure for Diarrheoa?
free clinic information?
any ideas how to stop biting nails??? plz help!!!!?
i was castrated when i was 17 what do females think about castration?
How long does it take for a wound to heal?
Did this resolve itself? Did I tear my meniscus?
What could have bit me on the cheek? It wont heal.?
I pulled both hamstrings in soccer?
How can I help my jammed finger?
Ammonia smell from my incision... Help please!!?
Should I go to the Doctor?
How can i take a smack without it hurting as much?
i shot my foot help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is "swimmer's ear"?
Occasional chest pain that intensifies when I eat something?
a lower back pain is preventing me from getting sleep...?
Why do I keep getting a sudden shock pain in the lower left area of my ribcage?
what do you know about the product biofreeze?
What is the street value of these prescription medications.?
Has anyone had a full spinal fusion? Please recommend a great mattress.?
((((( MIGRAINES ))))) Please help me!!!?
Marathon runners need to get HIV test before they participate sporting event?
Question about AIDS/HIV contamination?
hiv testing and results?
does a po have to turn in your 1st dirty urine test or could he scare me and give a warning?
Do you think they'll find a cure for aids?? Soon?
I have a ?. Please answer if you can.?
If a filling falls out (9 months after being put in) am I expected to pay for another to be put in?
which toothpaste is the best?
What do you think about laser dentistry?
If you are familiar with the condition "dry-socket" please c'mere!!?
Why does my lip have a red line that looks like it was bleeding?
Have you any ideas about the health issues? And the current closing of many clinics? What are we to do?
What are Veneers and Porcelain Veneers? Its a dental question.?
Braces!! Need Answers Now...Please?
braces?gold chain?
Is a under active thyroid problem hereditary?
Mystery diagnosis..............?
Why have there been no major cures to diseases, yet there's so many medications ?
Looking for treatment for gas trouble/indigestion in bangalore?
Why my mind is always thinking??
IBS:Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Medical Question???????
how painfull is gastritis?
besides an allergic reaction...?
Could it be an allergy rather than lactose intolerance?
How can I stop these stretch marks?
How can you make a C-section scar look better if you have keloid skin?
What causes that dull achey pain when you try & take a breath?
i have severe cramping after i run...how i can i fix this?
I have horrible neck and shoulder pain and I think its from my sleep?
tearing sound in my knee?
My ribcage and back hurts???!!!!?
why do my kidneys ache when I pee?
Why is my ankle in excruciating pain after I workout?
What's the best way to stop cracking your neck?
Can you explain the difference between sugar and sugar alcohol?
what are the nursing intervention in diabetes milletus?
My glucose results came back but I don't know what they mean?
What is the fat content and calory content of all foods.?
I just got a shot how long does it last and why is it usualy not given after age 61?
my ol' man is 60, diabetic and can drink 3-5 cans of beer a night!!?
Warm Mist Humidifier or Cold?
What is the use of whisper leak guard?
Is there any opportunity to get financial support for COPD sufferers?
Anyone had a tonsillectomy while being adult?
Can some one please help me? What are spicules?
What are the ramifications of uncontrolled cell division?
What is apoptosis? Some experts suggested the drinking of lemon grass to combat cancer.?
To Those with Cancer who have actually lost their hair?
How long must one smoke to tap into lung cancer?
what to write in a card to a terminal cancer patient?
What is death like for a leukemia Patient?
What year or decade was there the first case of throat cancer?
How to get donations & team members for Leukemia walk?
Doest lisinopril 20 mg high dosage or not ?
A link between heart disease being the leading cause of death for women, and the birth control pill?
What is "posturing" in a person who is dying.?
Ectopic heart beats?
Can you prevent from having a stroke after you already a had minor one?
How do I help my boyfriend get rid of a drug addiction?
why does more sleep make me feel tired?
why do people sleep talk and sleep walk?
for some crazy reason I need to know how often you can get it in the hole. I'm overly curious, I guess.?
what causes a person to have a heart transplant?
how reliable is calcium scoring in predicting mycardial infarct?
What are the long term health risks associated with taking beta blockers?
is yawning contagious between humans and pets?
Why do you get the hiccups?
i am sorry i should have been more specific on my question, it is everytime i eat chines or pizza my bellyhurt
Horrible Migraines?
What is the highest strength Ibuprofen gel that can be bought over the counter?
Right trapezius is constantly contracted?
Lortabs.. longest time taking them?
Do pills work the same if they are crushed?
okay i have a terrible toothache that is killing me! the pain is going to my ear too! what should i do?
Really bad pain in my hip/bum area?
My legs hurt, what should I do?
very annoying sore on top and tip of tongue?
Clear Care eye solution chemical reaction!?
Have you been diagnosed with untreatable AMD?
Is there anything better than 20/20 vision?
Pleas help, Should i sleep with a contact when i have an abrasion on my cornea?
please answere?
ok so im doing a research paper on stds what are some facts that yall know that can help me out on this?
What are some good ab workouts?
Is 30 mins. on an elliptical the same as 30 mins. jogging if you go at the same pace as jogging?
I've hit a weight loss plateau. How do I get out of this rut! Help!!!!?
can i lose 8+ pounds before school?
How many colories (from fat) is in your average Ice-Cream Clone?
I get hungry but I don't feel like eating?
i can't stop eating. what should i do?
My dad forces me to eat cat food, I am just wondering if this is at all bad for my health?
How do u make getting up in the morning easier?
What makes our noses block up or get filled with "snot" when we cry?
How do you do a fourth step in AA? I am trying, but I am having a hard time, it seems like it is to much.
Did you know.....????
is it proper for a woman to fart or pass gas around there man?
Random calf muscle spasm?
Personal injury diagnosed but i am unhappy?
Is it possible to be burned by ice?
Is it sprained or pulled?
my muscles are so sore, is there something wrong?
Please Answer.......................?
Somthing stuck in my ear help!?
Question about cutting?
Husband rubs hand through hair repetitively during sleep?
Ovarian cysts - treating them by prescription meds causes me other problems, any simple cure or advice?
I need help with my NAILS! they are really short!?
Are you happy with your health care plan?
i am frequently cold, i sometime end up being too cold that my hands are frozen then my nails turn blue .why?
Why do i get really dizzy at night?
what to do about night cravings?
Migraines, nose bleeds, light headed!?
Why foot massaging is a relaxation?
muscle soreness............?
Can anxiety and mood swings be a side effect of tramadol?
lower back pain......?
Left foot toes go numb?
I have a soft spot on the top back part of my skull....what caused it?
Extreme upperback / lower neck pain?
its hurts when i drink and my neck feels weird?
When I hit my head, why does it feel good?
ceramic braces coming off?
My brother has a bad infection in one of his molar, the doctor prescribed 2 capusules of clindamycin 150mg?
how to inject vitam btwelve?
What is the best way to ask my doctor for sleeping pills?
Scoliosis 13 degrees pain!?
Has anyone here had lower back pain, along with hip and groin pain?
Blowing nose real hard gives me supersonic hearing?
serious pain, methadone question.?
I've been getting randomly dizzy lately?
I wake up with morning wood, but it goes away and comes back. Why?
Perfume problem at work! Boss says get a fan.?
Should I eliminate Straterra or Nioxin first to relieve my allergic reaction?
Where is the hydrophobic (water- fearing) amino acids be located in the tertiary (folded) structure of protein
Is it possible to develop a tolerance to an allergy and then lose that tolerance ?
how wuld i know i m alergic to certain things wid out alergic lab test?
Black mold-what should we do first?
is there are any ways to get cured from allergic conjuctivities ?
Can alcohol withdrawal cause hypokalemic paralysis...?
I have stomach pain with gas, burping, and bloating? It started at 10 pm, and has kept me up all night.?
what the hell is wrong with meee?
feeling faint?
SOS please help Extream! PAIN from Fibromyalgia any DR.s?
Hi My 3 yr old has been looking pale now for well over a week?
What is the name of the disorder where we assume that we have some disease?
question about self induced vomiting?
what is this lump under my chin?
How can I get rid of Acne Scars on my forehead?
What Do I Use For My Kind Of Skin (Acne i guess?)?
How do you get rid of psoriasis?
Overnight Acne Treatment Help?
I have Shingles...and Can't STOP itching!! HELP!?
Has anyone tried Acne free in 3 days?
Have U ever eaten a scab?
packing in smoking using patches?
Gastroenterology question, PLEASE HELP!?
When a doctor checks a child for low iron and it is will they check for leukemia?
What Is Type H Cancer?
How Can I Help my 4-year-old Deal With the Death of a Grandparent?
Sign that death is near?
Whoa.. $2300 to participate in the 3 day breast cancer walk?
Foot pain, burning pain when wearing shoes?
i have had cramp in my left foot and ankle for 3 days now, really hurts, shooting pains too?
Why will this headache not go?
conditioning PAIN!!!!!FOOTBALL!!!HELP!!!?
Can someone surgically replace my brain with a 4chan server?
Headache earache tightness in the rightside head?
My hand feels really weird!?
how do you stop cutting.?
Where the people that have asked questions about Asperger's Syndrome?
I do not really see the big deal in this but everyone else does?
Hi contacts, my CBT is going well, and i have a question? Thanks guys...?
How do you know if you're depressed, or just sad?
People always say, talk it out and you will feel better...WHY doesn't that work for me? Is there any hope left?
A self harm question (kinda graphic)?
How do i help my 14 year old daughter who walked in on her older brother.....?
how to reduce work pressure?
i was wanting to know what would cause a person to have a yeast infection in a persons lungs? i have a father?
could my home that was built in 1991 contain asbestos?
asthma problems recently?
Why is it i'm having hard time breathing?
Have you ever been asleep and woke up gasping for air?
How Does CoQ10 Levels Deplete? Does Taking a simvastatin (Zocor) Affect levels of CoQ10?
I am diagnosed with a mitral valve stenosis, and I need a valve replacement thru open heart surgery.?
Sometimes my resting heart rate is in the 90's and sometimes in the 60 or as low as 58. Is normal to fluxuate
I need feedback from users of CRESTOR ( rosuvastatin) for lowering blood lipids.?
What is a normal glucose reading for fasting and for after a meal?
Does sugar actually cause hyperactivity in children and/or adults?
Fact or Fiction?
what causes hiccups?
How many people die from Chronic Brochitis due to smoking?
what can happen if you don't get surgery for a hernea?
Where is a good place to get Lasik eye surgery in the North Bay, CA?
Since colloidal silver is such an effective antiseptic, why is it avoided by the medical profession?
what is the chemical reaction of high fat diet in our body?
Why do pill bottles have cotton inside?
Why do I choke terribly when I eat cordial cherries? Can't eat them no more! Happens to anyone?
Does lack of sleep cause low blood pressure?
Sleep Paralysis, have you experienced it?
lysol says it kills 99% of the germs?
I'm fifteen, when would my mom ever look at my medical records?
I've been really tired lately and ive had loads of sleep?
A couple of years ago i jabbed a pencil in my leg accidently PLEASE HELP!?
I keep having to use the bathroom but nothing comes out and if it does it is very little. Any help?
Could me having a desk job be causing my hemorrhoids because I am always sitting?
Do you pee in the shower?
Indigo virus in children?
Why do my ears hurt when i...?
Can anyone recommend a good non- narcotic pain medication?
OOPS, this isn't supposed to?
are these some of the symptoms of growing pain???
I have been diagnosed with Wry Neck.?
Headache won't go away?
What is the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath?
is they're anyone Else out there with ankylosing spondiltis??I have gotten DX with it over a year ago..?
How do you make your knee stop hurting?
Polarized glasses?
my eye is very sore, constantly watering, on and off for 3 years now, eye doc says eyeball ok.?
What is the route to becoming an Optometrist in the UK?
chalazion untreated..........!?
How do you get brighter, whiter eyes?
im new to contacts and i dont know if my right contact is still in my eye, but its huting?
How to make a reverse color blind sign, image etc?
What kind of glasses does taylor swift wear?
how long can you hold in a didgery-doo (poo)?
I have a birth mark in my eye but not really because i just got it is that normal?
Addicted to gum?
holy water?
How does being in front of TV or Computer screen affect our health?
What can i do about my sleeping problems?
Why Do We Yawn?
I Need Medical Advice STAT!?
Need help and advice to stop drinking...?
Dr. needs a stool sample, but i dont have one, just chairs. Would he mind if I just brought a chair instead?
How should you remove red wine stains on your teeth?
how do they put on braces?
HELP! What classes should I take as a future dental hygiene applicant?
Does anyone know how much a crown costs to put on a tooth?
My son tooth is not growing,is this normal?
What are the Cost of Braces?
how big is a manatees tooth?
What is an antibacterial irrigation my dentist said I needed? Is it a scam?
I broke my wrist in 2nd grade..recently starting to hurt..why??
having a seizure?
why do bruises happen?
I have a really flexible nose.......?
Please help me answering my question!!!?
broken nose for a while?
Swollen and bruised pinky toe.?
should i worry about my knuckle injury?
how am i able to take pain like its nothig i can feel it but its not like omg?
I sometimes have a headache after I use the computer...?
Broke ankle 2 yrs ago. Doctor says arthritis set in. Always in pain. How long does it last?
I have been diagnosed with a hernia above my belly button. Is this common?
How do you get rid of muscle pain in your legs?
Function Capacity Exam?
I have the worst headache, the pain is in the center of my head. My neck hurts and i feel nauseated?
WHY do my legs hurt so bad I'm in tears?
I get Pains After i Eat?? ?
What is it like to be addicted to something?
I havn't smoked marijuana in about 5 days...but i'm still really dizzy?
children and heart disease?
Are You aware Diets Rich In Saturated Fat Have Never Increased CHD Mortality?
what if the treatment of chemotherapy is denied..how long would they have to live?
Which cancer progresses the fastest?
Alternative Cancer Treatment - Protocel Formula 50?
Can an Oncologist also Specialise in Family Practice and do both?
Is cancer hereditary? Also, why do some people get cancer and some dont while exposed to similar surroundings?
my mum died , but it seems i have just realized it now ?
I got a bunch of bloating ?
How does hypo/hyperthyroidism affect fertility?
blocked nose?
y is epilepsy not a very well known topic? what makes it so hard to talk about?
What is pentoxifylline? Is this can help for chronic kidney disease?
I want info about non prescription blood pressue control products?
Colonoscopy Help?
I thought that vaccines do not cause autism. Do they?
What would cause severe joint pain with crestor?
Pain in lower left side, next to hip?
I keep having like these pains in my stomach below my bellybutton????
I have had multiple injuries, surgeries and present injuries, what pain killer will help these multiple issues
Wake up light ?
Please...I need help...going out of my mind?
Does anyone have chronic facial pain?
pain in throat and middle of chest?
how do i crack my leg, arms, neck, and yeh lol.?
Can you take SAMe and St. Johns Wort simultaneously?
homeopathic treatment for anxiety of marriage?
Any home remedies for a cough?
Is there any evidence that Qi (chi) energy is real?
Fighting infections naturally, with food and supplements, any ideas ?
What homeopathic remedies are effective against kidney stone?
what r sum good home or store bought remedies to detoxify your body of meth?
Sleeping Pills?
what are some natural system cleansers?
What causes anal cyst or warts.?
Hiv exosure?
STD testing?
symptoms and conditions for which Eriacta / Sildenafil Citrate was prescribed?
Could anyone suggest me the best treatment one can have for asthma in New Delhi.?
what is contained in plural cavity?
I'm 14 and i smoke?
Where to do a contact lens exam and purchase contacts? (Walmart, JCPenney, or LensCrafters)?
Does a blind person close their eyes when sleeping?
i see weird figures in my vision!! are my eyes messed up?
Is something wrong with my eyes?
Glasses in front of the computer?
Getting contacts?
Eye contacts on roller coasters? Tips for glasses to stay on during roller coasters?
my eyes keep going out of focus ?
it feels like my eyeglasses are resting on my nose and they arent. its giving me a headache. how can it stop?
Why do we get tooth sensitivity when we hear some sounds?
i have a loose tooth from a fall and it has been a week since this happen will my tooth be ok?
How does a dentist adjust a poorly fitted temporary crown?
Home Remedies For Bad Breath Cure?
How long do you have to turn an expander?
Braces w/ rubberbands?
Question for rip-off dentists only?
Crooked teeth :o( :o(?
Recommended canadian pharmacy?
i need to find a clinic for diabetes on the south side that takes public aid can you help?
Cure for phone shyness?
Any recommendations/advice on OTC sleep-aids...can they b addictive?
Very depressed at the moment not yet suicidal?
I've always had suicidal thoughts most of my life. Why won't it end?
So, if a person commits murder & is considered 'insane', he/she gets sent to mental institution instead?
married, no friends, home with small kids with no relief, very depressed all of a sudden.?
all i wanna do is cry, i feel like my world is falling apart!?
Any ways to get rid of a cold before it fully develops?
What to expect after a Lateral Release?
im having surgery for a dislocated tendon in the shoulder how long untill i could play basketball?
Is there anything other than charcoal that can be used to absorbed something ingested that should not enter...?
how can i sleep better with my muscle sprain?
help please......knee injury..?
i hurt my toe trying to do a backflip, what now?
have u ever worked at nights? what is the bad part of it?
is my finger broken or not do i need to go to the hospital?
Surgical Tech or Nursing?
I always feel dizzy, what could it be?
could I have a deviated septum?
At night I see halos round street lamps, it started to happen just recently. What could be causing this?
Why am I always tired?
lately i've been tired and weak all the time, like im just gonna fall down and faint.?
What is going on with my toe?
what are causes of manustral pain?
What is the nomal recoupe time when you have surgery to remove bone spurs in your neck?
why does it hurt when i cough???
What should I do about my persistant lower back pain?
Bad hip pain when I cross legs?
why do i feel so tired?
Is it ok to soak my feet in hot water if my ankles are swollen?
does giving blood hurt really bad? what could it be compared to?
are thair ANY DOCTORS or NURSES HERE!!! ??!!!!?HELP!?
MIgraine! anyone got any home remedies to cure it?
How different is intense chemo from regular chemo?
what specific food will promote brain or memory enhancement for kids.?
how can any kind of cancer effect your body?
hormone receptive metastic breast cancer?
what are the odds of beating cervical cancer?
my father has colon cancer what are his chances?
Is it CANCEROUS (No liars please, I am so serious!!!)?
My dying son asked for euthanasia.?
Cancer Support Forum (NEW)?
Without treatment, how long can a person with HIV/ AIDS expect to live?
I have few blisters popping off in my triceps of the left hand (something looks like chickenpox blisters)?
Interesting facts about AIDS?
Are there any std's that have a headache as one of the symptoms?
Why does Nageen Lake of Kashmir Valley has this special curing quality for heart patients?
How the blood pressure causes for cholestrol deposition on artery veins? And which region it is depositted?
why should teenagers care about heart attacks and strokes?
Blood pressure question ?
How long does the average person have to stay on cholesterol medication?
did i have a heart attack?
Is this a major heart problem?
Tuna and bad cholesterol (LDL)?
can you lose your eyesight from crying?
What is the proper amount of sleep you should get at night?
Did you know that sleeping naked is better for your body?
When I was at Uni people would casually say "You could have any guy you want". Why am I still single then :)?
Should I still mix oil in my gas?
what is your favorite youtube video?
Did i eat too much for lunch today?
Where can I get a copy of wordster game?
Do you like my new youtube channel?
hamstring problem pain?
Need relief for upper back pain, can't afford to rest and take it easy?
headache in eyebrow?
Methedone and Vicodin ?
what is going on with my legs? I'm having discomfort in my knees and im only 19.?
ive had a surgery and now i have two eight inch rods in my back would i b able to play football ?
my throat hurts! help?
I'm getting a epidural on Friday for my back pain will it hurt and do they work?
What is wrong with me!? Any doctors here?
i have a headache, i puked once and my hand went numb for awhile does anybody what this is help me?
Acid reflux?
Do you use 100% Bulgarian Rose Water products? Water, Cream, Otto?
what can i put on my son's cole sore to help it heal?
when you first start taking probiotics and or probiotic yogurts is it normal to get brief stomach cramps?
I am interested if anyone has success using altternative medicine for hypothyroid disease?
i don't produce tears... can someone help?
herbs for trigger finger?
I have used ointment for a swollen eye and now my sight is really blurry?
What could cause these problems with my vision?
Why is my vision blurry even when I'm wearing my glasses?
What is Emphysema and what specific tissues in the lung does it affect?
asthma question??
i have questions about the CPAP machine?
If you stop smoking?
How do i cope with panic attacks?
What things (vitamins etc, etc. can I take for my asthma?
I feel so tired and my body is achy. I have no fevers or chills. I don't feel sick. Are there any remedies?
Walking pneumonia ?
dental question?
Why do I have bad breath all of a sudden after dental work?
Can eating chocolate/sweets further decay the teeth cavity?
Does it matter if your a left handed and you want to take dentistry.?
what is helpful for extreme dry mouth?
describe why signs and symptoms ill vary with diffrent age groups and ethhnic groups?
my boyfriend has bad breath will?
Weight Loss with Fish Oil?
weight loss on thighs, stomach, and arms?
Help Me Name My Fitness Blog?
Whats Metabolism? And why is it good for it to be high?
I need some help about losing weight?
how will this effect my body?
Is it true is you accidently swallowed chewing gum, it will stay in your body for 7 years?
went for a check two months ago and i have no std's. any other ideas?
How long (on average) does it take for HPV to clear in males versus females?
herpes and donating plasma..question?
zithromax dosage for std?
I have a question about HIV. My neighbor says she found out she has it.?
Can Std's be passed through bath water because of bodily fluids?
What protective factors (people and activities) do you have in place that help you maintain your sanity?
Is anyone concerned with the bipolar epidemic?
I am almost certain that I have PTSD, but Im afraid to tell my mom..help!?
I am depressed, what should I do?
...emotional breakdown???
I'm not me anymore...........?
Whats wrong with me?
What do you take for depression?
i have an ocd where i just cant stop washing my hands what can i do?
Best General Physician in Vijayawada?
question about healing after surgery?
Muscle spasms, twitching, what is it?
What should I expect from my Physical Therapy session for my pulled groin on Friday?
Recently, I've been talking in my sleep... Help!?
Unetchical Lab Practices?
If you are permanently in 2006?
achilles tendonitis... post-walking boot?
How do i prevent my wrist and/or shoulder from hurting while training horses....?
Why does my husbands neck get stuck?
Do you take lansaprozole?how long for?what for?thankyou?
I fell on my head on the trampoline and now my neck hurts... ?
How have you broken your bones?
I've pulled muscles all the way up my legs?
i fell tired all the time can i do anything about that?
Who are the top 5 US neurosurgeons?
Does anyone whether Turmeric has negative effects toward a person with Alagilles Syndrome?
what causes sneezing?
Kahula and Bailey's ingredients?
Is anyone a Celiac?You will know this food allergy disease if you have it,so,please contact me!jj?
Continuous heartburn and nauseated?
I've had a chronic migraine since I had a baby 8 mo. ago. Tried many meds & many dr.'s but no relief. What now?
My mom has a pinched nerve and can barely move but no chiropractors are open on saturday! Any suggestions?
I have constant back pain, in physical therapy nothing is working does anyone know what I can do?
I think I have a trapped nerve in my arm and I cant hold the arm up. The muscle is weak?
I'm experiencing muscle pain from some Yoga stretches.....?
Painful bump on the back of my head / behind my ear ???
Why are my knees hurting so much???????
Toe problem. help plz?
What is C-Peptide Assay test in diabetic patient? In what way, the scores of this test could be improved?
AVR with Bio prosthesis one Month ago on a 78 yr female complains of extreme Fatigue &back pain.Pls advice?e?
mitral valve prolapse...?
Do Blood tests show Heart Disease?
how long does it take for inderal 60mg to take effect?
What is glucose broken down into?
Heart pain and discomfort?
Question about hep b testing? Med field people please?
heart attack question...?
i have been diangosed with herpes but the guy i have been sleeping with for 3 years does not have it?
Alternative to Cholesterol Drugs?
How much diabetes research will $1.5 million buy?
How can one cure or heal one's chronic inflammation in the urinal tract ?
how far back does a saliva drug test go back?
Weird thumping in heart? Im scared D:?
Insulin Resistance...?
are cookies with sugar alcohol okay for diabetics?
Gestational Diabetes?
Question for men with Diabetes?
Is there a way to make veins less visible, without surgery?
Is picking your nose good exercise for the finger?
Is it possible to get the post braces white marks off ur teeth in a hurry?
Anyone know why I have an inflamed gum? It's only in one spot?
Yellow, hard, smelly round discharge from back of throat?!?
What should I do for a cut in my upper gum?
Which is a good method to whiten your teeth in a natural mode ?
What is the typical cost for a doctor office visit?
Can i die from surgery?
Can you make a baby tooth come out that should already come out?
New Braces?
Can Mucinex be bought in Canada?
How could I avail of a free medication of my father's lung disease?
falling down really fast in sleep?
What causes the movements of most elderly people to be slow?
How can I get some sleep? Three nights in a row with less than 4 hours of sleep...?
Has anyone been on Wellbutrin (anti-depressant)? Did it work for you? Any other info about it?
random twitch?
My girlfriend is a nurse, will she lose her pension if she changes hopsital after 6 years?
is it possible that if you don't take your vitamins, you are more likely to get tired?
How do i stop worrying
How to stop my addiction to excitement?
This is proberly not a question ! Depression how can i really combat it without the aid of pills? For many?
Is this person a coward...or admirable?
How can I go to sleep and never wake up?
what does pot do for you?
How to prevent shoulder and elbow pain from computer mouse use?
inflammed sacro iliac joint?
help please?
How do i get rid of shin splints, they are killing me?
Medication qestion about hydrocodone?
Help with straightening a 'hammer toe'.?
Surgery on wrist... and they want to keep me awake!?
Tonsillectomy Question?
best way to get a migrane to go away?
is 80 push ups a day 3 times a week good to build definition?
how many calories do you burn jogging one mile?
Have you ever had spasms in your abdomen?
How much do you think this girl weighs? (pics)?
What is Your Height and Weight??????
What does drinking alot of water does to your health and body? 10 pts best answer?
How do i get skinny thighs? Inner thighs mostly?
Has anyone tried any of the Isotonix products? Specifically I'm inquiring about the Calcium Plus mix?
How do you relieve anxiety when an important deadline approaches?
Soul doctor help please herniated disc annular tear homeopathy?
Should I take low dose aspirin along with my Vitamin E?
Anyone know anything about orange juice and baking soda helping with urinary tract infections???
Does the caffine in green tea raise blood pressure?
how do i stop using sleeping pills?
Does anyone have any easy home remedys for headaces?
How much of loud stomach noises can be attributed to IBS?? I'm trying to find the souce of my problem.?
HOw Can I tell if i have mental or anger disorders?
How can I save or regain my eyesight?
puffy belly and face , every day. puffiness comes and goes. i dont drink much water , i am always on diet .?
I'm terrified!?
Gallbladder removal experiences and diets?
If human beings had never used prescription drugs to fight off disease would we be better off?
Smoking decreases the risk of Ulcerative Colitis?
Sore muscle, hot or cold compress?
After face lift surgery, is it common to experience an uneven, crooked smile and uneven swelling on one side?
New pains in my calves? Track runner?
what helps a "wound" to heal faster?
I have a broken my leg (tib and fib) its still healing i have 4 week when can i star walking on it?
If someones fingers are smashed, are their fingerprints still there?
Worried about injury... I got thrown off a horse, and then ran over by the same horse...?
is it possible to bite your thumb so hard it bleeds ?
how can i dignose allergic, perennial rhinits in infants, young children and what is the management?
Has anyone had their turbinates shrunk to improve their allergies?
Does anyone out there have 'membranous conjunctivitis' due to allergies? If so, how bad are your symptoms?
Cheese Allergy?
Why is it....when u get sick it comes out ur nose aswell!!??...?
I'm 16 and my mom just passed away from cancer. Will this pain ever go away?
What does this mean? Has his cancer spread?
Lump that was soft, now hard on my neck?
Cancer - you may want to know or maybe not?
Sit-up before and after eating can cause cancer?
Breast cancer please help?
I'm looking for Cosamin DS Starter Kit/Liquid?! Can you help me find a site?
is all clear, cold,colorless water good for drinking purposes? why?
help with body aches from food poisoning, virval or bacterial?
what are advantages and disadvantages of working as a health care aide?
Why can't the US paramedics treat patients with a 100% indepence as they do south africa.?