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I have cramps in between my toes?
What are symptoms of adult ADD? How do I know if I have it?
How can I stop cutting myself?
You sholuld feel what I feel, you should take what I take?
What might be causing my itchy, inner ear?!?
What's wrong with me? Why am I sleeping too much? I can't even do my school work?
What do you do when you want to relax?
Is there a test or anything I can buy at the drug store to see if I have Candida?
How to loose voice fast...overnight?
how do improve my eyesight to 20/20?
Can midgets get high faster or easier?
What would happen if a woman took Viagra?
everytime i eat my stomach hurts ?? what's wrong ?? ! help pleasee !?
Ear Issues?
A nose ring goes on the left or the right side of your nose...which is correct?
Knee: Broken or Bruised? ?
Roller Coaster Damage?
Does a medical doctor have to tell if a patient self inflicts an injury?
please leave me your opinion im really worried about my heart?
Cut my finger, had stitches, and it feels so weird!!!!?
does anxiety cause your pulse to skip beats??
what is a heart murmur?
My moms arm hurts? Is it signs of a heart attack or something?
Are there separate tests for creatine? If creatine kinase is normal for cardiac test, is that normal regularly?
Can high blood pressure cause the heart to enlarge and weaken?
How do you know if you have an heart defect?
I keep getting sharp stabbing pains in my chest where my heart is at?
Could oral chelation help prevent psvt attacks?
What is the cause of kidney failure?
At what point is High Blood Pressure too high?
6 weeks non smoking.?
one respiratory disorder causes lungs to fill with fluid. how might this affect a persons health?
How can i help get rid of phlem in my infant?
Can you cough up blood from stress?
chest infection that wont clear up after 2 x antibiotics?
Should I become a respiratory therapist?
how do i tell if my kid is smoking?
When i take deep breaths, i get a pain in the right side of my back?
need help paying for open heart surgery?
canadian specialist in blackouts or loss of consciouness?
I have weird swelling around both of my eyes, right near the cheekbones.?
estimated survivors of hepatoblastoma?
Stomach trouble..please help?
I have had Endometriosis for about 5-6 years that I know of. I was wondering ? (read details)?
What affect does Television have on health?
I am looking for a Nurse Prayer with an opening line of Dear Jesus, Model and inspiration of the nursing prof.
whats a hospital?
break a figer in your left hand?
I have mild acne, but I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide. What can you recommend to help?
how to heal acne scars/scabs?
Sunburn dilemma....?
Anyone used a product called Megadik?
How do I get rid of embarrassing blackheads?
i have really dry skin!?
How do you get rid of black heads on the nose and pores under the eyes?
Which antibiotic should one take specifically for an abscessed tooth?
What are the natural materials that make up a healthy homemade toothpaste?
Any way to get rid of an Absess tooth without a dentist?
Dental Bridge?
Does anybody have information about root canal treatment and pain?
I have a serious dental question,several issues and questions..please no jokes?
why are my dentures rubbing my gums?
Just for fun?
what is the difference between aspirin and naproxen?
does smoking make heartburn worse?
i just got my toungh pierced is a tingeling feeling normal?
i have a problem with joints most particularly the kenees it is so hard for me to bend...?
How to ask my doctor to switch me to lortabs for back pain?
why is candy bad for breakfast?
When is the best time to exercise?
why is hunger a symptom of hyperglycemia? isnt eating what got you in trouble in the first place?
Knowledgeable Medical Pros & Diabetics?
what is diabetes and what concerns you would have if you were diagnosed.?
Why do I urinate so much?
prewarnings of diabetes?
I need Medical Advice about my ear!?
When I fall asleep on the car, I wake up right before I'm about to arrive at my destination. Why?
Why are tips of my fingers numb?
why my veins are blue yet my blood is red?
Can't sleep at night!!?
Is smoking paper bad for you with nothing inside?
my dog was prescribed tramodol for pain, i was also prescribed it for a sore neck. can i take my dogs pain kil
Should I take fish oil tablets for migraines?
How can i prevent my cramp that may occur in a minute?
OUCH MY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Whats's wrong with me?
Snowboarding disaster, please help with pain management!?
hey, i have shingles so how long will i have them? any answers for me & i did see a doctor & took antibiotics
what kind of result can you hope for, when seeing a chiropractor for sciatica?
possibly hiv symptoms?
Has anyone ever had a Permanent "Spinal Cord Stimulator" Implant In their back?
Healing of a Fractured Humerus?
Swollen Ankle?
My muscles are "popping" out? A little worried?
On and off knee pains??
How can I tell if my nose is broken?
I need help now!!!!?
my contacts all of a sudden hurt?
My right eye has been crossing in pictures! Why?
Sore eye??
medical professionals-i had an operation on my eye last year (august i think it was)?
What kind of glasses is this?
does this prescription of my eyes considered ok or bad?
Should I buy contacts?
Lazy eye in pics!!?
When I was child I used to go blind from my rt. eye tmpry.in 20 mnts,ok again?
What is fish oil used for?
Is taking Manuka Honey orally beneficial to the skin?
can a patient on dialysis after failure of pancreas and kidnies be revived to normal health by homoeopathy?
What will help my sore throat?
I'm trying to learn how to meditate properly?
As a tourist, can I bring Homeopathic remedies into the US?
How can I make sure I become a ghost?
can you take ibuprofin or other pain medications that have expired?
i was in a car wreck and got 4 herniated discs 1 is now bulging how to i know how to find the right doc ?
why do my knees hurt after walking/jogging?
My right eye feels kinda sore, and im getting headaches?
Can anyone recomend a perscription drug that helps migrains?
Why can I not get any help from my doctors?
Help!! What can I do about swollen glands around my jaw? They are really sore!!! Ouch!!?
There has got to be someone else out there with Trigeminal Neuralgia?
Question plzzzzz answer?
what is HIV slogan??
HPV Vaccine in UK?
I recently got diagnosed with HPV i was told to get a biopsy without a second PAP is this normal?
HPV question, please answer!!!!?
g/f says she has dormant STD how often should i have her test to be safe?
Should a 76 yr. old woman diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer decide to not go with radiation after surgery?
Ok, it seems REALLY easy for Cancer to happen, is that true?
HELP. can u have cancer this way?
Has anyone been through this?
how do you deal with ur stress?
What are some indicators (or "red flags") that an 18-21 year old needs to be psychologically evaluated?
How would someone prepare them selves Mentally, for a Great Depression?
is there a 12 step program 4 those who suffer from Y/A! addiction?
Is it wrong to be a misanthrope/loner?
How do you prevent some body from committing suicide...?
a question on people who take their lives?
What is wrong with me?
Is this the correct disease?
I have crohns disese and i am trying to O.D on cough medicine. can it work?
quitting smoking but dont no what to use?
what is the mortality rate for cystic fibrosis?
How do you know if you have Hyperventilation syndrome?
why can i not breath?
Why does my throat hurt?
neonatal nursing?
i smoke at age 13 how can i stop.....?
Insomnia or something worse?
Do you, or anyone you know well, have Multiple sclerosis - information please?
Do you think we will find cures for a lot of diseases now that Obama lifted the Ban on Stem Cells?
Is there a doctor anywhere in Ontario that does a procedure called DS?
whats side effects comes with lexapro?
need e-mail adress and phone no of Saudi embasider in pakistan.?
how dangerous is herniated disc surgery?
I had 2 shots in the same spot months ago, and have experienced numbness & slight pain since. Is this normal?
My ear infection is KILLING ME!?
Cramps and muscle spasms?
hip pain! please help!?
Sore throat. Please help?!?
How do I keep Fentanyl Patches to stick?
Hydrocodone for pain?
All the muscles in my husbands body locked up and he fell off the couch. Can anyone tell me what this might be?
Allergy Warning!?
Perioral Dermatitis? Doxycycline?
What nasal spray would you recommend for allergic rhinitis?
Medication for food allergy?
Do I have allergies?
how i get rid on my puffy face?i hve an allergy..i hve alwys cold,,i hve alrgies on dust and pets.like c?
are herpes breakouts long?
Can you recommend a reliable site to buy tamiflu, please?
When organs like kidneys,gallbladders,appenix,uterus etc are removed,what fills up that space internally?
I have had a headache for 8 days. Can you help?
I have an adult friend who occasionally wets her bed what medical help can she get?
Why does my girlfriend have bumpy things?
What do you have on your feet right now?
Whats the funniest or strangest thing youve seen as a Nurse? I am aware of HIPPA so you can leave out names.?
Why do all Adults say Monster is BAD for kids?
does in-ear earphones affect your hearing?
Is my sleep schedule bad for my health?
Ear infection: Has anyone else felt this way?
any good ways to make yourself fall to sleep?
how do you die from starvation?
My Fiance snores and it drives me crazy!?
A little red wine before bed? When I am taking half an ambien (sleeping pill)? Seem ok?
could it be hemorrhoids???
I'm tired as hell but I can't sleep!?
i want to quit smoking....whats the nastiest cigarette?
HIV-carrier's expected life span "without treatment", vs. "antibiotic treatment", vs. "antiretrovirals"?
my blood results shocked us:syphilis screen:+1:2(-),comfirmation:(neg),why?
Why is table salt (NaCl), classed as a strong electrolyte and table sugar (C12H22O11)classed as nonelectrolyte
How effective is exercise for lowering blood sugar?
What if I have glucose in my urine?
My glucose reading is 124. At what point should I consider taking meds?
My son has a dry mouth does that mean he has diabetes?
I have slow blood circulation and go a purpley colour HELP!!!?
Is there absolutley ANY way of curing diabetes?!?
How do I handle food as a diabetic when the family LOVES to eat?
"He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything," who said this? Agree?
what would docs do if there were glass still in your foot
When I wake up every morning, I experience a tingling sensation in both my arms.?
I have a bruise about 4 x 6 on the outside of my thigh. I didnt hit it. it just appeared. any thoughts. thanks
Old Injury Still Giving Me Trouble?
ScOLiOsiS pRoBlemS! help!!!?
What do you do if your "contact lens are broken ?
If you had a problem with your feet, would you go to a podiatrist or a foot and ankle specialist?
water running inside my head?
is there a spot on the chest that would take your breath away?
Slight Pain In Groin Area?
Anyone had a sinus infection like this? Surges of horrible pain.?
How Long did you have to take Percocet or Vicodin, after Back surgery?
was diagnosed for OCD, had arthroscopic surgery, 3 weeks now but still have pain and cant stand on the knee.?
Migraine sufferers: Anyone get rid of them completely or significantly reduce the reoccurence of migraines?
lower/middle back pain?
How long is too long in the sun?
my leg is really numb......?
Sudden extreme headache and dizziness?
Can a STD affect your libido?
if hiv syringe is reused to draw some blood outfrom non-hiv person will it show up on the test?
Amazed at the "advice" people give about HPV?
what are the symptons of trigamonis for a man?
How do I cure the common hangover?
when i cry my throat hurts?
i have lower arm pain when i sleep help???
Headache for the past month?
I have a pain at the side of my shin whats the problem anyone no?
would it better?if i mix some pain killers together or harmful?
So i want to start taking metamucil because my friend says it flows out like soft serve ice cream?
sore throat ? :(?
My contacts make my eyes bloodshot. Drops?
Can glasses make everything look longer and narrower?
How do people with strabismus (crossed-eyes) view the word?
Does anyone get flashy zig zag's in your sight of vision in one or both eyes???
Have you ever opened your eyes in your sleep?
Is there such a disease or condition where your entire eyes become shiny black so that you look like you?
Can someone tell me about Meditation?
I am looking for info on vitamin B17, or the product.?
Would everybody be so kind as to introduce OTC migraine medicines?
I need the receipe for the 8 herb essiac formula?
Natural Vegetarian Food for Quick Healing of Broken Bones?
ear candling.?
Bragg's Liquid Aminos - Anyone Use?
Are you tired of chemicals in your body and want to go natural?
I badly need a dental crown. Ontario Disability Support Programme does not cover this.?
Is there treatment for pain caused by grinding teeth besides analgesics?
Can dentist remove porcelain veneer easily?
what is the right age when teeth stop growing. ?
Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?
When will my braces stop hurting so much?
Need you people to suggest a dentist in Bangalore?
what are the chances of hiv after getting the report negetive after 8 months?
Are the ulcers in your mouth the same as herpes on your lips?
im freaking out about herpes?
how can we value ourselves?
i need a biograohical profile on a medical hero?
Does anyone know where I can purchase a used Nustep recumbent stepper machine?
what is cmc hospitals web site?
What can I do for a cold?
is neckm pain after you eat or in general related to acid reflux?
What makes a person cool?
what medical tests should school age children have?
Why do my feet go numb when walking or biking after 30 min or longer?
left abdominal pain?
Woke up with soreness?
About Diabetes?
Kidney stone and pain?
i have pain on my left side?
My mother got operated and they put a needle in her right hand to put IV and it hurts her to hold things ?
When taking capsules, is it okay to just open them up and swallow the stuff inside?
what is the food allergy test?
Could I be allergic to hemp . . . ?
please tell me the best OTC seasonal allergy med..Its ok if it makes me sleepy..just as long as?
Why my skin itch when ever I touch cold water?
Why is it that every time I drink alcohol that my left eye gets red and my right eye don't?
Do You...!?
milk of magnesium?
Bipolar suffers!Can it be cured or are there always underlying symptoms present?
young child with social problems please help?????? aspergers????
I HATE MY JOB - but it pays so well (Im 25 and make a salary most adults twice my senior will never earn)?
What causes laziness?
Before the creation of mental health care, how did people view and handle women with post-partum depression?
if youve had a past of being bullied and victimized and always caring what people thought of you, how in the?
Help, I'm so scared :'(?
What do you think about yourself?
share with me here?
Knee Sprain?
Swelling Still?
my 3 year old has a lump on the top of her head?
jaw pain...?
how do you heal a sprained ankle really fast?
CollarBone healed wrong?
type 2-3 sprained ankle???
why is drinking green tea good for weight loss?
When using the treadmill do you.....?
The only way to have flat stomach is exercise?
Why does working out help my acne?
how much food is required to eat to jump start your metabolism? A cracker?
Will jogging on the street/sidewalk eventually ruin your joints?
can't we stop these advertiser's of products as acai berry and wu yi tea, whom do not address the specific que?
How are very overweight people (300 plus pounds) able to get so big?
Hubby said he is going for a "$16" massage? What the heck does that include?
What could be the cause of a pain in the lower right abdomen?
Do you know more than the doctors?
I had my gallbladder removed two days ago?
anyone tried garlic for an ear ache?
TMJ remedies?
Do you shiver when you're in pain?
Breast cancer?
can carpal tunnel hurt in your hand/thumb too? or is it just in your wrist?
Older folks and medical professionals, please help.?
Is there any ways to get rid of a Migraine?
cancer phobia?
Is there anyone out there with metastatic melanoma?
What is a the ballpark psa score of someone who dies from prostate cancer?
My mom is suffering from matastatic brain cancer can you all give me the names of treatment awalaible or......
Do cancerous polyps occur on the anus?
An Advair/asthma Question.?
almost one week and still haven't smoked but i still want one any help out there?
How do I get my Dad to stop smoking for once and all?
Plantar Fasciitis and heel pains....?
What would physical therapy be like for a kneecap dislocation?
overdosed last night..?
STD's signs and symptoms?
what could i do at home to know I have herpes?
Me and mother are somewhat close. Should I ask to go and get tested?
how many std's are there?
What is the best method/test for detecting aortic regurgitation?
I've started getting some chest pain, and now it feels like I'm suffocating, anyone have any info?
is there any device that inject into veins of patient to pump the blood in case of heart attack ?
I have low BP (97/67) with pulse @ 97?
Panic attacks and heart problems?
i know this guy with a hole in his heart. what's gonna happen to him?
HELP with smokingggg? anyone?
Once I get out of school can I open a medical practice that refuses to take insurance or medicaid and medicare?
Could a pediatrician do std tests on a patient without the parents ever knowing?
About Herpes & Pregnancy, Qualified people please...?
My wife was hurt in an auto accident and we live in NJ - what kind of disability is available for us?
Should I ask Doctor to change my pain meds?
Woke up with a Totally Numb Arm - No feel what so ever??
Why do I cramp under my right rib cage when I jog?
Please help, I'm too scared to have a nose job.............?
How old do you have to be to go to a GP in Britain?
Is smoking butter in paper bad?
since i got floaters i became very dippresed because i think i have ratinal detechment and im scared?
Huge problem with lower back and pill habit forming?
I Get Really Bad Migraines. What Do I Do?
Is it ok to take two ibuprofen at once?
How can I swallow a pill?
Could I have Fibromyalgia?
What do I do about this Dilaudid and Vicodin addiction?
Short-sighted question...?
What is a glass eye?
does this happen to anybody else?
question about my eyes?
Would color enhancer contacts make my light brown eyes look hazel?
What's the best remedy for foot pain when you have to Walk and stand for long hours?
Does a person need to wear a wrist brace after carpool tunnel surgery?
there is like something wrong with my calf?
Shoulder pain - advice?
Finger Pain! What can I do?
Drinking to relieve pain?
My stomach is killing me!!!! It feels like it is going to explode!!1?
Left hip hurt once in a while?
Having part of my thyroid removed - Can I fly?
My husband has liver disease he has had blood tests today and has GGT 498 and AST 324 how bad is this?
... What is wrong with me?!?
blood in my ear? this is weird?
What are some ways to self- control an anxiety problem?
Calf hurts like CRAZY and knees are swollen.?
Could i have an eating disorder? (more info below)?
Feel tired and drained all the time?
Are there any drugs that can cause one to get schizophrenia?
Are artificial trans fats the real reason for the drastic rise in type 2 diabetes since the 1940's?
Is rice healthy?
halliburton health care jobs?
Yes I was Wondering If anyone Has Lupus And knows Any Info about it?
What are effective non medical sleeping aids?
Do you think pharmaceutical companies should be allowed to advertise prescription drugs?
My right hand does function as a normal right arm should?
do you think pot is bad??
plz name sum websites on TICKLING?
Have you broken any bones and had to have a plate put in?
I have a thick Stretch Armstrong fluid in my lower legs, I press my thumb against my skin, and the dent stays?
I am getting knee surgery out of town. How long should I book my hotel and flight for?
In your opinion?
do you think there is a connection between a blow/bump to a tumour?
will my toe condition get worse by tomorrow?
Out like a light?
I just had a temporary crown placed on a molar. Is it common to have pain when eating?
Who really took the bite out of the Apple logo?
Do I need to have all of my cavities filled before braces?
*Help...I have to get Braces!!*?
My daughter is 5 and loosing her top front tooth is the first loose one. Is this normal?
how do i get my teeth whiter?
grinding my teeth at night...?
how can i make my teeth white?
How to Deal with Daily Stress & Anxiety - Give me 5 Practical Tips to Beat Stress Tension?
Hallucinations: NOT seeing things that ARE there? Is it possible?
how long can a person go without sleep?
I'm alone in fighting my eating disorder..?
Should i try to get 4 hours of sleep or pull an all nighter?
How many times have you ever thought about suicide?
Sulfur sensitivity and allergic skin reactions?.
Very unusual please help!!!?
How can you tell the difference between a cold, allergies, and a sinus infection?
a problem with my lhasa apso/poodle?
I need to build a resistance to allergies(help)?
Question for any doctors out there?
Is there a trick to being skinny?
I am looking for an alternate medicine for Cancer. I remember reading something about a lady from Malaysia?
Can putting salt grains up my nose cure a sinus infection?
What is the difference between an empyema and a pyothorax?
When will I start coughing up phlegm after I stop smoking?
How do you fix a collapsed and punctured lung?
Is humidity good or bad for sinus sufferers?
Is it dangerous if i take the bacca from a cig and roll it with a paper a filter ?
I don't have asthma but i took an inhaler and now....?
could i have asthma.......?
apple cider vinegar and high blood pressure?
What is systolic and diastolic pressure?
If you are a occasional smoker, how long will it take for nicotine not to show in your blood.?
i have high cholesterol?
For the past few weeks, my friend has been having pains every few minutes that feels like....?
what side do you turn a person to lower their hypertension?
what is the matter of this condition?
where is my heart ?I think you took it ?
Why is there a heart beat on the inside of my ring finger?
After surgery?
wisdom tooth growing, swollen and 3 tongue ulcers HELP!!!?
Rotator cuff?
Help!! I have the worst trapped wind in the world right now!!?
Migraine help please!?
What should i do about my shoulder??
I've been getting pain on the right side of my head lately, any ideas?
Please answer this chest pain question?
What is in my throat?
i stayed up for 30 hours and slept and when i woke up i felt sick is it normal ?and how long it lasts ?
How long is too long for a sprained ankle to heal?
wrist pain from tendinitis?
Rollerblades rub red sores on inner ankles?
Sore/Infected finger!?
does anyone know anything about equilibriums?
If I just took 3 gunshots to the upper body, and?
Cheerleader lead down?
My father in law keeps getting pain and swelling in his knees, what could it be?
i have pain in the lower back radiating to front side. x-ray says circular radio radiopeque shadow seen in lt?
what problems can you get with your cocsic
I was wondering even anyone has advice on getting off pain meds i take vicodin for back pain.?
Disability question?
Started eating a twix and M&M's and my throat burns?
are there any remedy's for gout in the foot for a friend ?
erg, why does everyone answer "go to the doctor" when you ask about an ailment?
I can't feel pain? What is wrong with me?
can somebody tell me the ill effects of hair dye on eyes??
Retinal detachment recovery time in children.?
Hi guys i had lasik eye surgery a year ago.?
Why are my pupils always so big?
why do I sleep with my eyes half open?
blue contacts?
What causes insomnia?
what is rheumatic arthritis?
What's the timeline for feeling more energy after starting CPAP therapy?
Why was ventolin Inhaler taken off the market?
How do I treat my broken nose?
Does anyone out there serious about their health and want to loose those unwanted pounds?
what is arthritis?
i have been taking 3 excederin a day for 4 years for headaches. are there any long term effects of this?
what to do about a sore knee?
I have Multiple Sclerosis and I have chronic severe pain,?
What is Hydrocodone/APAP 10/325 Tabs?
Headaches that get significantly worse when lying down?
Is it safe to pop your back and neck?
I am having neck pain?
if you have ptsd,& when your out something triggers the ptsd & you get an anxiety/panic attack what should you
Which is harder on the mind, screening phone calls or accepting each one as it comes?
what could happen if you dont get enough sleep?
I'm so afraid of dying it's not even funny.
Is it NORMAALL to feel like this?!?!?
Back pain from recent rear-end auto accident?
what else is periactin liquid prescribed for other than allergies?
my son has hives that come & go but he had no change in diet. Could this be something else causing this?
Why do my gums & throat itch horribly when I eat a raw Apple?
new found allergy.............?
i've got a cough, i cant talk, a really runny nose, and never endding sneezes! what do i have?
Does everybody...?
i have quit smoking. gums and lips?
is there an over the counter medicine for gonorrhea???
what are the symptoms of a yeast infection?
can I sue my orthodontist for having braces on for more than 5 years?
Braces? Help Please?
wisdom tooth extraction problems?
Does soy milk help with HPV?
Can I go to a doctor by myself if i'm only 16 without my mother finding out?
how do i find out if some1 has gotten a std?
my ex gave me gardnerella!?
Can you go to sleep with orthodontic wax in your mouth?
what is a heart murmer?
How to control LDL Cholesterol?
Last chol reading 267, LDL189. High but CHOL/HDL ratio within normal range at 4.7. Should I worry?
how does heart disease affect the liver?
Dad had a stroke. Now he gets naked and plays with himself in public. Is there a medication that would help?
Sudden raise in heart beat?
I could use some help?
What is Osgood-Schlatter disease and how might it affect those who have it?
How to calm down IBS stomach pain?
The process of carcinogenesis usually begins with:?
I want to hear stories about how people found out they had Multiple Sclerosis...?
I have high levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) what will this do to me?
what causes Arthritis and which medication can be solution?
How can you get rid of or at least lessen a continuous migraine??
dealing with arthritis?
pain is love?
What are some things that causes distress for all of us?
Neck and back pain, but no time or money to take a professional massage... Any ideas??
Does anyone know what these crazy symptoms could mean ?
Ulcer in my mouth?
Can anyone help me find a diagnosis?
i need help with my acid reflux?
Can anyone tell me there experience of almost dying?
Tendonitis in arm any advice?
When is the Super Bowl and how is going?
if you are diagnosed with muscle spasm in the lower back will i be in pain 4 the rest of my life?
please help!!!?
ankle sprained, can i return to basketball ?
My Horse Stepped on my Foot, and I just had flip flops on...?
Do you ever feel like you are running on only 3 batteries as opposed to 4 get up and go , got up and went?
What would happen...?
I was vaccinated for mumphs in 1943. Is it still good?
why STDs are not curable????
Cold or hot compresses for my swollen eyeball...due to some flue infection in eye?
I'm looking for information about NON bipolar logorrhea, how to treat it, recognize it,deal with it, causes it
is it ok to drink green tea while on a detox diet?
it hurtS!!!!!?
Where can i borrow a model Ear?
Does prolonged welding cause emphasema?
describe the passage of air from the nose to the blood capillaries in the lungs.?
my son has cough almost since Febbruary. He had wooping cough in the beginning..?
how can i pretend i have cystic fibrosis?
chest pains?
flem in my throat is driving me crazy!?
what the best medicine for a migraine headache?
Pain left side of head above ear ,some ear discomfort not much could this be related?
Suggestions To Manage Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?
stitch like pain on right side waist level when inhaling, stretching.?
Is loritab stronger than vicodin and or darvocet?
Bloo S Has Pulled The Plug And He Has Becomed level 0 And He Has No More Points Left!?
Being drinking last night.any good remedy?
If I cut off my right butt-cheek, will I be left behind?
My eyes appear slightly wonky bcuase of astigmatism. Will Lasik cure this as it reshapes the cornea?
Colored contacts for dark brown eyes?
can anyone please help me?
Can contacts really damage your eyes if you get them to young?
Are vitamins (food supplements) really safe?
Can you get in the tanning bed if you have metal plates?
does "popping" your joints like your fingers prevent arthritis or increase your chances of getting it?
I'm repeatedly getting goosebumps during the day?
Help! I have hit a road block- I quit smoking two weeks ago I am miserable! Anyone have any advice?
Heart echo scan...........?
How to sleep early so that I can wake up very early in the morning?
How to easily make yourself vomit ?
The Symptoms of juvenile diabetes include fatigue, increased urine output and thirst.?
Is it safe to eat vitamin B complex? what are the side effects?
Diabetic chocolate are there any?
What is the life expectancy of a type 1 diabetic with a history of poor diet and limited physical activity?
what are the signs of diabetes ?
Can getting a deep tissue massage raise blood sugar?
is some one knows the email add.of Dr munir khan.is it really possible that he can cure diabetic,?
I keep getting a flash ad for INSULIN everytime I come to my yahoo mail. Is this something other diabetics are?
Getting sick from Skoal Apple?
Does anyone know what a positive HLA DR15 lab test may mean? I'm being referred to a hematologist?
I'm a doign a lung cancer report for school. Does any know any websites that can answer these questions?
what food doe's my husband need to go through radiation treatments?
aluminum free deodorant/antiperspirant?
In the UK, if you are diagnosed with cancer are you legally obliged to have it treated or you can you let?
what is a cancer?
my friend has herpes and she told me and ahe has a little daughter about ten months who has a big blister on?
experiencing technical problems?
So I want the truth, is there anyone of ya'll who have herpes and didn't tell your partner?How did that go 4 u
Is it safe to use lemons on your face when you're allergic to fruits?
If I have a peanut allergy... are there any mixed drinks that I should stay away from?
Allergic to soy milk, but not soy... why?
can you get an allergic reaction from regular beans (not soy)?
why weren't there big problems with peanut allergies when I was a kid?? Im 39. Why all the hype now???
I have mostly recovered from depression/anxiety disorder...?
Does anyone here suffer from a feeling of not existing?
I'm addicted to blasting my southern rock and country in my car, help.?
what do i do with the depression this time?
im starting to hate life?
self harming?
After Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Can you rinse with tepid instead of warm water?
Types of retainers...?
My First Root Canal?
4 yr old has 1 blue line on the two front top and bottom teeth?
What would happen to someone's orthodontic braces If they were to die with them on?
i just noticed ive got a new tooth down the back growing, im 32,, what should i do?
brushing my teeth..?
has anyone used ibraces? PLEASE READ!?
does chewing gum burn calories?
Which weight loss program worked best for you?
im scared of standing on the scales!!! im 17 and weigh 16 stone!!?
Sore throat with bumps?
Does HIV occur having french kisses with a HIV patient?
I have a small round, greenish bump on my bottom?
Cluster Migranes - has anyone tried accupuncture?
pain on left side of my body?
Can you take hydrocodone and oxycodone in the same day?
Weird pain in my hand?
Can my arthritic Dad eat diabetic chocolate? If not sit here a special chocolate for people with arthritis?
Scared! Chest Pain?
terrible back pain: lots of knots mostly all in lower back?
how do u get out toes cramps?
Is there nothing left?
Sleep problems, am I hurting myself?
My knee pops whenever I straighten it out...?
please help me. L4-L5 disc space is somewhat narrowed than usual?
Why would you get a poking sensation in your sternum?
Is my foot broken?
what part off the brain has to be hit to get amesia?
who are the people that respnd questions?
What is the Aura of Violet?
Does Bach Rescue Remedy really work?
what kind of teas make ur hair grow?
Natural Makeup Recommendation, Please?
Alternative stress relief?
what are some all natural and organic foods?
what is the advantage of the four-chambered heart?
Sinus problems often Before or while sleeping, solution?
do you think that you can help me with my heart? i don't know what is wrong with it. this is serious.?
Can anyone help me figure this out! My heart felt like it skipped a beat and I feel a little out of breath!!?
Is My blood Pressure To Low For A Girl Of 16?
Heart Problem Maybe??????????
how would u know if u have asthma?
Bradycardia after c section?
I was around someone that smokes, and now my heart hurts?
MS Symptoms?
Flu shot and H1N1 vaccine for 6mth old?
what is ocd && how do youu know if someone has it
Would you participate in a clinical trial for money? ?
Do you think I have insomnia?
Sleeping for 20 hours straight without waking up at all during the night..?
How to fix broken glasses?
Vision worse with soft lenses?
The best ways to deal with dry eye?
Brown eyes to green eyes at 17 years old?
Is it normal to loose your sight for just a few seconds?!?
My eyes are bulging?
what is the muscle called along the throat glands and cheek along the jaw line?
Sharp stomach pain that goes to the spine?
What is considered a "safe" dosage amount & time for taking prednisone or prednislone (steroids) w/o damage?
what is the fastest & safest way to come off methadone?
Everyday when I wake up , my throat hurts , Why ?
question about running....?
how long is 504 hours?
Where can I find a Lepidium supplement for a Celiac patient?
What is an eye ulcer?Is there a way not to get them?
What are the symptoms of Salami allergic reaction?
what is uticaria?
how to cure my sinusoid in winter time?
How do I find a licensed nutritionist or dietician in my area?
Yoga/Pilates - How do they work?
Is damage to organs due to an unhealthy lifestyle reversible?
healthy weight.. but i still want to loose weight..is that normal?
Does anyone on here actually know the proper use of the word "loose"?
cardio blood sugar spike ?
Can a change in atmosphere cause a rise in Blood Glucose Level?
can two parents with type o+blood have a child with type o-?
Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy...?
Addicted to Sugar?
Why am i always thirsty!!?
cervicse dysplasis?
How long can Chlamydia lie dormant in a a female's body before showing symptoms?
is it possible to have warts but to not have hpv?
have we americans turned into a virus-is there a cure?
i was having pain with the tip of my finger so i went to a dr and i ask him about drug needles in phone boths?
what veins converge together forming the hepatic portal vein?
How high are my chances for getting skin cancer?
How can I learn to relaxing during this procedure?
when you register for a breast cancer walk do you pay anything?
How come they can't find the cure for cancer?
beast cancer?
Can alzheimers disease begin in the 30's or even younger?
What can I do to make my brain think faster or more effectively?
My mummy died, and I need to talk to someone, and I might talk to my teacher, but I don't know how to do it?
Do you always inherit your parents blood type?
I need some help pretty bad with my stomach?
Sometimes right when I am about to fall asleep, I get this sudden feeling I am falling.?
What are your euphoric and clumsy situations?
Unwritten rules you go by?
Why don't you sneeze when you are asleep?
Why Can't We Sneeze With Our Eyes Open?
Have people ever faked sick?
Back/Hip pain?
Should i go to the doctor?
help multi-symptom pain in arms etc?
I have UPPERBACK pain...what does that mean??
I have been taking 2 vicodin every morning for 2 years for chronic back pain. They don't help at all anymore.
Besides teeth whiteners is there any way to whiten your teeth?
How do you get really white teeth without using the dentist or whitening strips?
what happens if u dont take ure stitches out.
What do i do when my braces come off and there are squares on my teeth?
Numb tongue?
What to expect at the dentist tomorrow? (more inside)?
anyone know how to relieve the lower back pain due to scoliosis?
how many people you know died peacefully in their sleep, of old age?
i need a diet with no gluten, wheat, dairy,nuts,berries,melons, citrus, rice,meat, soya, moist foods only?
What is the best way to treat my 12 year old grandson that lives with me and who's dad is in prison?
I would like to ask how could I get help on findingout about free yahoo marketing and how I can get started .?
If you sleep too much, can it affect your health negatively?
how to get high metabolism?
my knee, when walking up stairs feels like its briefly dislocating when my weight is on it.?
What's the best way to clean out your ears without a q-tip?
Whats it like working as a surgeon?
How long does it take to get information back from an autopsy?
something is wrong with my eye need help immediatly?!?!?!?
How can I fall asleep faster? Get better sleep?
last night at like 1am i took a whole bottle of tylenol extra strength, 2 nyquil pills and a benedryl...?
Do you have a long fingers?
name of good lawyer for medical negligence claim,scotland preferred?
What is the best way to treat a calf strain?
I am 28 years old. On October 28,2005 I was in an accident that broke some lumbar vertebrate.?
Sty or pink eye ?
nose job???
My tounge, help plz?
double jointed?
what is the best medicine for gout complicated with diabetis?
breast reduction.....terrified of anesthetic?
wasp stings and what to do about swelling??
Do these headaches sound like migraines?
I woke up this morning and had a thumping headache?
what are ways to avoid your appendix bursting?
Back Pain Near Back Dimples, Going to Florida tomarrow! HELP!!!?
what is wrong with my feet?
Have you ever used Optrex Eye Spray for dry eye?
I think I lost a contact in my eye?
When I wake up, my eyes become extremly red?
what does 20/40 mean? (read details please)?
Low blood pressure during exercise?
remedy for genetic blood pressure?
Why Is My Heart Rate So High?
How does walking helps in our life
What mattress is best for fibromylagia and migraines?
I hv problem of stomach-ache evevryday,?
My ears pop constantly. Is this normal?
what does hrb stand for?
Foods/Medicines For Unclogging Arteries?
Heart sudden extremely painful and discomfort felt, what can it be?
My mother's legs keeps on cramping/locking up resulting in horrific pain?
An idea for a surgeons general warning picture?
what can someone do (i.e. rest) when they have blood clots?
I had some severe heart palpitations recently and my heart hasnt felt 'the same' ever since?
I've been having these awful headaches for a week now,whats wrong?
My mother has has pains inside her head, Is it caused by her toothache?
Can suppressing pain and anger hurt u?
Is anyone out there allergic to Mercapto Mix chemicals?
Celiac spuer / diet?
eczema or rash home remdies?
what are the allergy tests like?
allergy meds?
Do you know of any home remedies for Tourettes?
Food that helps you sleep?
Meditation question?
What is the best form of meditation for anxiety and depression?
How much omega 3 should someone take a day, to treat schizophrenia?
can i get medical marijuana for backpain in CA?
can smoking garlic get you high?
are there any benefits to smoking weed?
Do you know any facts about weed/marijuana?
I just had Gallbladder surgery- can I ever eat fatty foods again?
high functioning autism?
I can smell stuff no one else can. (But more complicated)?
Is there any beneficial remedy for Ankylosing Spondilitis? Please help me…?
can you have a tetanus iinjection in your lower arm?
Can you live a normal live with autism?
Does anyone know about Coeliacs Disease?
Is there urine in cigarettes?
I've got a horrible stomach ache from these energy pills?
is it worth living if your in severe pain?
I get stiff, aching pain in my hips joints after 1 hour of walking?
what is the side effect of Aspirin?
15 Years Old : Lower Back Pain : Spondylosis?
My hip goes out of place often. What is causng it to do this?
is there any basic home remedies to ease pain in the anus area due to hemorrhoid?
I have a few questions about TMJ, if you have info please help?
13 year old boy wants to work in lawncare for summer. Is the fertilizer really safe?
I have always got one nostril blocked.?
i haven't had a good Bm in about 4 Days will a Enima work on a Impaction?
What would, most likely, cause swelling from the lower leg to the ankle? It started about 4 years ago.?
Do finger nails have any calories?
what does it mean when you are asleep and you feel yourself trying to wake up but cant?
what about the new health care that?
How do I make my paper cut heal faster?
What are your words for cancer patients?
does Robin Roberts have breast cancer?
ovarian cyst?
Uncurable Cancer??
Am I at a high risk for breast cancer if both of my dad's sisters have/had it?
Have you seen the latest link between cigarette smoking and breast cancer?
When and why do chiropractic use decompression traction tables?
My 12 year old has ADHD & she is gifted. Help w/ discipline. chores, listening & loss of appetite from med?
What do subcortical structures of the brain control?
What would cause ones face to swell for no apparent reason?
do i get more help money wise because my daughter has asthma?
Very Dry Skin?
where did HIV/AIDS originate from europe/america?
How do you find a doctor that you can really trust is working for you and not just to make big bucks?
wrong explanation?
How can I improve my memory power & concentration?
I'm scared of dieing?
I think I need help. I have a serious problem.?
Is there any medication I can take to get rid of my temper?
how many hours of sleep do you need to function properly?
Why do i want something bad to happen?
What do you think about the Religion & Spirituality category and its users?
If The Midas Touch Is When Everything You Touch Turns To Gold...?
Has anyone tried Spinal Decompression?
What is the least dangerous over the counter pain medication?
Sharp pain under adam's apple?
Severe pain in lower bicep?
Awful Pain?
My head hurts?
:( Hurting. Less pain please?
Do you think I'm fat?
whats a good weight for a 14-year old about 5'3-5'4?
What can I do to boost my immune system?
I broke my nose 3 years ago. Anyway of fixing it apart from plastic surgery?
Can you wear pants on the inside of a walking boot or do you have to wear them on the outside/above?
i think i fractured my finger...?
Why is is that if you spill coffee on your lap you're instantly scalded, but drinking it is O.K.?
My wife seems to have problems with getting styes ?
Ways to relieve stress? ?
Long term effects of not getting "enough" sleep? (And ways to remedy?)?
i have been stammering since childhood.....i m going to join a course for that in jp nagar bangalore ...??
Addicted to the Computer?
What could be the cause of chronic fatigue? Why do I feel so tired all the time?
What is the first thing you would do if you woke up as a [girls] guy/ [guys] girl?
Can I back on the eligible blood donation list after a false positive test for Hepatitis C?
Are Researchers close to HIV Cure?
person living longest with AIDS?
where can i get a free std test in detroit michigan ,i can't find it in community health site?
please answer. i need to know.?
i get a lot of chest pains and anxiety attacks.?
Anti Snoring Medications?
asthmatic 4 year old who constantly gets coughs?
i need asthma tips?
How many people in the United States have preexisting or chronic conditions?
statistically, does anyone know of symptoms, that workers that were at 911 suffer from?
can you name a few lung diseases?
I have extensive emphysema,most all activities wear me out should I draw up a living will?
What is the likeliness of getting a brain abscess from an abscessed tooth on the upper jaw?
Which is the best teeth whitener?
20 years old with a healthy baby tooth.?
Tooth pain?
ano ang tooth paste sa tagalog?
Help! How Fast Do Teeth grow?
horrible bad breath prob..?
Who is the manufacturer or distributor of pyodontyl and give the email address and contact number?
vicodin withdrawls help!?
i have had a headache & back pains & teeth aching & runny nose...for the past 5 days?
Does anyone know how to reduce back pain?
I have a liver pain for three months now,specially during sports training?
Pain in the lower abdominal left?
kinoki detox foot pads?
i snorted adderrall a while back and now it feel like im on it again?
what is orthopedic?
i have asked what viada is. here is what it is; its a form of insulin for people with sugar who is a med. tak,?
Diseases that are due to diabetes?
Why is the price of blood glucose test strips (for diabetics) so high?
Too Much Drinking Query?
Being Diabetic?
Diabetic Type II - Snacking problems?
Gestational Diabetes Question?
why are we thirsty when we wake up?
will raw sea urchin (uni) cause eye allergy?
side effect of cetrizine hcl?
i'm from the Philippines and I have perennial allergic rhinitis.What's the latest available treatment?
Cold or Allergies????
Where should i have my eye exam for my contact fitting?
i can wink with one eye but not the other. how do you train your eye to do so?
The grade of my eyeglasses is -75, what is going to be my contact lens grade?
does anyone have any tips for putting contact lenses in?
Health risks of Flouride in tap water?
Why do I get so many ear infections?
has anyone tried melanotan the tanning jab?
Using pillow a must?
Secondhand smoke protection?
Not sleeping?
tips for making myself get up earlier?
what is hernia? could you answer this question please i have posted earlier in different section?
as a habit, do you squeeze your legs together to hear bones crack?
Sharp Pain in my stomach, right below my belly button?
i have a sharp pain on the lower right side.is it my appendix that hurts? help me please!?
Car insurance claim?
sore throat?? help please?
My head hurts...?
OH MY GOD the PAIN!!!?
i have got some serious problems can anyone help me? read the details?
for which disease we take novaclox capsule?
Has anybody heard of or sought alternative medicine for Bell's Palsy?
I've realized I've been ingesting "bitter almond", but I feel fine. Should I be worried?
Has anyone ever taken Hoodia and Effexor together?
What juice helps relieve water retention?
Does the supplement Sam E work?
Where does all the energy go when we sleep?
Do the Kinoke detox foot pads really work?
What do you think of this doctor of chiropractic and his discussion on hormone problems in woman?
who will go to the superbowl this year?
when u get a test done for stds wat do they do and how does it feel?
what is the vaccination for inflammation of the brain?
Will symptoms of common illnesses change if you are immunosuppressed?
WOMEN ONLY HEALTH CONCERN< please gice an opinion or if youre a professional great?
How can I tell if I have plantar fasciitis or fibromyalgia? When I take neurontin & flexeril the PF is better.
Has anyone had an infant with acid reflux?
Which of the following are the AV valves?
How long is recovery after open heart surgery on an infant?
Need help on heart problem?
Heart Attack in Mongolia?
"Pulling the plug" on someone with a pacemaker?
I'm having weird chest pains and they aren't going away. Any ideas?
heart rate - soars and rises up fast when i stand up?
Has any one took Lamictal?
Does anyone out there have any complaints about YA?
are there any docs or nurses any one in the medical field do you know what name this is?
alcoholics problems AAs snd prefered?
How many lymph nodes are in 1 arm pit?
How to deal with an ostomy?
Does radiation from xerox machine can cause unpregnacy?
Is it possible to have prostate cancer and no prostate?!?!?
cancer or someting?
what is greed?
How long after you quit smoking will nicotine show up in a blood test?
my bf's been having a problem with hisright ear, he always hear a ticking sound, can anybody tell us what's it
Where does head lice originate from?
What will help with foot odor?
to practice tai chi, which country is the best?
Almost every time I start to fall asleep, either my whole body spasms or just a part of it...is this normal?
are calluses bad for you? is it more advantageous to scrape them off or just leave them?
Do you think that Y!Answers is a cause of Multiple Personality Disorder?
what happens when u are sent to a mental institution ?
how do you deal with a mental health professional telling you this?
12 year old insomnia ?
How can I make my parents understand my depression?
Is self harm a bad thing? Does it make you a bad person? -by self harm I mean, cutting, burning and overdosing
Has anyone ever mad you so very angry?
Sore back...?
PMS or kidney stone?
Medical Question. I have a nagging pain in my shoulder.?
Reoccurring and Moving Abdominal Pains?
Wrists hurt........???
How can I make restless legs get better?
What is the best way to manage Ankylosing Spondylitis?
Does thunder storms affect you I always have a very bad head ache and feel sick?
is popping knuckles good?
Anyone broken their wrist and had k-wires? What to expect?
I told my mom I thought my wrist was broken?
Strange Knee pain?
nose bleeds, ive had them on and off for a fortnight know?
I have knee problems can you help me out?
Head injury?
What will happen if an orthopedic casting has some cracks?
i think i broke my thumb..?
Girls, what was the last occasion when you said "Ouch my toe!"?
Will someone please come and relieve me me from my job?
what are reactions of antibodies against this particular virus?
clinic stds?
There has been what look like white blisters on my mid-section for a year and a half now, could it be herpes?
How do you eat healthy while on holiday?
HELP in DESPERATE NEED FOR motivation...Please Help!?
What's the best way to flatten your stomach?
Is it possible to lose 10 pounds a month?
can anyone give me any healthy recipe for breakfast?
How come when you exercise, some days you are just so freaking hungry? lol?
how do i gain weight? 10 points!?
What is the best way to get rid of a headache without taking pain killers?
Sharp Stabbing pain above belly button?
What is stronger lor tabs or Norco 10/325, pill?
i have pain in shoulder, neck and ear all on left what could this be?
post op tonsillectomy severe pain?
What is the best way to prevent "throwing out your back"?
Do you suffer from the pain?
Why do I wake up with a soar throat almost every morning?
my feet are really sore and I did nothing like stubbing them to hurt them!?
Massive pain in roof of mouth (snort area)?
Bleeding gums and occasional pain?
can one bad nerve of a tooth cause the teeth around it to hurt as well?
Help! I got my braces today and my front teeth really hurt?
Can a persom really die from an absessed /bad tooth?
where can you get natural looking dentures in south east queensland and how much?
i am 26 year and i have to get dentures?