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how can i be carefull with the swin flu?
Is someone that has been quite thin through their teens, likely to stay thin throughout their life?
How can we reduce Health Care costs without Federal Insurance?
please help.im 13 year old girl..?
How would you rather die? (Besides of old age)?
When you give two slow breaths (assessment breaths) to an unconscious adult and the breaths DO go in...?
What kind of side effects have you experienced while taking Nasonex?
Q. on a serious skin allergy?
Red Lines?
Can you get sick from eating too much asparagus?
Digestive reaction to splenda?
none stop sniffing!?
when the antibody of hiv present in my blood after infected ?
What std's can you get "chancres" from?
is there any problem in having a baby with positive and negetive blood group? ?
Help Needed!!?
Unidentified leg pain?
My grandson 14, is having scoliosis surgery (bars surgically put in his back) Any pain killing remedies?
Is the drug "Tramadol" considered a narcotic?
Pill stuck in throat?
what could be causing radiating pain in upper left arm?
ok i have to toughen up for football and want to know ways to deal wiht pain???
Does a massage therapist hold a patent's hand during the session?
Differentiate between nerve deafness and condition deafness?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
how harmful can staring into a laser pointer be?
How do I keep my eyes open when the optition is trying to put contacts in?
Is it bad for my eyes if I run/jog while I am reading a book?
How do i get rid of eye begs?
there any eye problems?
HELP! I have a pin stuck in my eye! What do I do?
i can feel radiation of tvs/ electronics, what does this mean ?
my eyes are turning colour?
What is the most prevalent childhood disease?
How can you tell the difference between Cerebral Salt wasting and SIADH?
m.r.s.a. docs sending my dad home from hospital,but say hes infected with m.r.s.a.?whats the risks,ive a child
Are there any donors for cochlear implant financial aid for my 5yrs old boy.?
Does excessive drug use make people evil, or were they evil b4 they became addicts? Which came first?
Tips on how to get a flatter stomach?
How do i use Flax Seeds in my routine foods?
I want to lose weight, but.......?
i'm 21 and overweight help! what are good fat burning excersizes?
Why are my bowel movements so large?
can you give me some tips on how to fall asleep when your not tired but you need to be asleep iv been up for 2?
Fasting (for non-religious resons). How does it feel to fast for 7 days?
What is sleep????????
whats this weird thing on my wrist?
What causes your back to crack?
what is a fast cure for strep throat?
OMG...is this like a really bad problem or something...?
Do I sleep too much? Is there something wrong with me?
Should I go to school sick?
Help~ diarrhoea?
What are ways i can have my hiv results told to me?
Can a person who has AIDS, go back to being just HIV+?
does anyone know or have HPV??????
I s there any cure of AIDs is develped now?
What is another name for azidothymine?
What is a leukemia relapse?
Does anyone know a good site where i can find out my brain age?
what causes piles?
swimmers ear?
My legs constantly ache, what is wrong with me?
What is the cause and what is the solution to muscle aches and cramps?
Serious pain in the back of my head...?
sometimes i hear strange sounds with my left ear?
buying hydrocodone?
How to ask a Doctor for Methadones?
What is the cause and the cure for a stiff neck?
should diabetes be consider a disability?
any new medical interventions for curing diabetes?
started Glucophage for type 2 diabetes? advice please.?
Traumatic SAH: still feel dizzy some days after two months, is this normal?
how much a day can i drink sparkling water.is it harmful?
diabetic, confused, help!!?
is it possible to tell if you have diabetes by the way you look?
Have you ignored a hypo before? (T1 diabetics only plz)?
I am addicted to testing my blood sugar, how can i stop!?
Is there any medication that works as well as Ibuprofen but without the risk of bleeding?
what is the survival rate of acute myeloid leukemia?
How can I get rid of scars?
Why are *little people* so sensitve about their height?
Rubella pathogen?
Color Blindness test for carriers?
spitt in the ear?
What is the relationship between the medical community and diseased community in the movie Lorenzo's Oil?
Viral Infection and brown spot on lip?
What's wrong? Please help.?
mysterious sickness?
open cuts and insects?
Would you Kiss your mate if He/She has a Cold?
How long do people usally live with hiv?
What is wrong with me medically. Strange pain and, tingling, and spams/twitching?
pain in lower left side of back and full feeling but still hungry.?
I have bad knots under my right shoulder.?
Have a question about my knee's???
What questions should I ask my doctor about a bulging disk?
My appendix?
Whenever I smoke my head hurts?
whatz the best pain medications you've tried that actually work for pain and not screw you up?
What does the pancreas do to regulate blood sugar?
what is a balanced diet. what is the relationship between health and balanced diet. what is health.?
Is all the antibacterial stuff on the market casuing our germs to become stronger?
what are the side effects of using opium?
what is ur worst nightmare?
Some say that we should not eat fruits along with or immediately after lunch to avoid indisgesion.Is that true
Lately I've had an inquenchable thirst. What's wrong with me?
I keep hearing "slushing" in my ear.?
Have you ever had a High Colonic?
Is it wiser to get braces before or after wisdom teeth grow out or if it matters?
Teeth whitening- how do you get pure white teeth?
Can I have ceramic braces?
I have been taking Clindamycin for 4 days now and am having some side effects wondering if I should stop?
How long before teeth spread after one tooth was pulled out?
I had 19 teeth surgically removed on Friday. When should this swelling be gone?
This is a dental concern.?
Is it possible to have a common cold without sneezing and running nose?
High and Low Tar Cigarettes?
am i dizzy due to an ear infection?
Prevent coughing when lying down?
Why do I cough after eating or drinking?
Is anyone a Respiratory therapist?
Endoscopy extremely painful to swallow happen to anyone?
should i stop doing this? I put myself into sleep paralysis.?
If you're allergic to iodine, what sort of physical symptoms might occur?
Tropicana Orange Juice HEALTHY KIDS causing hives?
Allergic Reaction to fruit skins?
Is it possible to start suffering from Hayfever at age 29?
Is there anyone else who's allergic to citric acid?
What is this mystery substance?
I'm I having an allergic reaction?
What is happening to me?! help ASAP. (read details)?
The tip of my nose hurts very badly and also hurts to wipe it when I blow my nose. It is red half way up.?
Has anyone developed any new Obsessive Compulsive Disorder routines as a result of Yahoo answers?
I'm unmotivated, what can I do?
I am at the end of my little rope and I am swinging back and forth about this?
should mental health treatment be free?
Why are men turned on more by 'visuals' and women by touch.?
My Ankle Is Swollen But dosent hurt?
my belly button ring has become kinda stiff and hard to move! help!?
a big bump on my lip??
What can I do?
how do you know if you've got a concussion?
i've asked this before but i only got 1 response im hoping for more this time?
Do you love to take your shoes off and stretch and wiggle your bare feet?
can herpes be spread through kissing?
how to stop the spread of std's!?
what can i do for my lower back pain?
what is a spinal epidural injection ,and does it relieve backpain?
Lumbar Stenosis?
Does everyone have to get their wisdom teeth removed?
Whats this pain when i stand up from sitting on a chair on my tailbone?
Right shoulder balde pain hurts when I take a deep breath?
What is the best thing for a kink in the neck?
why is my body so sore and achey?
Have any of you had irritated nerves in the neck. If so, can you have sensation all the way into the leg?
How does eyeglasses correct both nearsighted and farsighted eye problems?
My Left eye's eye lid and bottom twitches from time to time lately! HELP :S never happened before :(?
focal length of a telescope and where to put my eye?
could i need new eye glasses?
Will my eye doctor give me a prescription for tinted windows?
why do my eyes change color a lot?
Do I have glass in my eyes?
Natural herbs/supplements to induce sleep?
considering a career in alternative therapy/treatments anyone got advice/best place to train?Employment?
Has anyone tried Oil pulling?
Please help im worried about my mom 10 points!!?
How often do you go to the doctors?
how to quit smoking ?
Growing and feeling of being tired...?
what are good home remedies for colds?
Is it a bad idea to take children's vitamins when you're 25?
i had light head irritation regularly from morning to before sleep.so i can't work with full concentraion.why?
Could I have a bruised lung, or could it be worse?
Does anyone know of a natural cure for a cyst?
why in this day and age, is there no cure?
ED Recovery: How do you bring yourself to eat?
How do I redue a puffy face after I've eaten too many carbs and sodium so it will go down for tomorrow?
why is pot making me a better student?
What is the fastest way to strengthen my legs?
I am smoking hashish around 10-15 cigarette per day for more than 5 years, how can I stop?plz?
Are there any health benefits of eating your own urine or feces?
What food and medicine will inflame acute colitis?
does anyone on here know much about the brain, someone in the neurological field?
Multiple Sclerosis... This remission stage is great! How long till another relapse?
My son recently died from an OD of Heroin. The pain is unbearable. Does it ever go away? Would like to hear?
infected ear could this be causing me to be so ill?
Does anyone else out there have agoraphobia with Panic disorder?
how can one truly save an alcoholic, save tying himor her up like a junkie?
Bump on my ear after a cartilage piercing?
Is a big brain a bad thing?
Is my pain related to a past break?
Pain in my whole abdomen going on from 2 month now?
I have tendinitis in both my wrists...?
Plzzzzz Help! sciatica!!!?
what do you use propranolol for?
What does pre existing health condition really mean for ?
Feel as though my heart muscle is bulging out between ribs with each beat - what's going on?
what is substitute for milk ?
random throat hurting and heart beating really fast.?
Spinal fusion and artificial disc question?
If I have been told not to take asprin, is Motrin a safe alternative?
Pain in Palm, both hands...?
Cervical c5-c6 disk protrusion, surgery or no surgery (fusion)?
What microorganisms does Rifamycin kill?
I have had strep throat 3 times in the past 2 years. Is there something I can do to prevent it?
Weird knee/arm/leg pain?
how do you hide a fever blister?
What should I eat when i have the stomach flu?
Bloading and lower right side pain, what is it?
i read after ten years you got deudonal you will get gastric ulcer. is it a fact?
Does taking B vitimans help to fend off mosquitos?
help with a sore throat?
Mcgill pain quiestionairre?
H1N1-Are they making too big a deal of it?
what are symptoms of herpies?
what is herpes?
how to deal with a work place bully?
Is there any research that shows that antibacterial soap kills more germs than regular soap?
How can I get out of my gym membership? Can I say something medically is wrong?
Why don't men go to doctors?
Where does all the calcium go that we take in? What causes us to lose it? .?
How do I clean the Honeywell Quietcare Humidifier?
do all strokes and tias show up on an mri?
what are the best food if u have a thyroid disease?
Eating Disorder question?
I have a 4m old baby boy who has runny smelly stools all the time & cold like symptons.is he lactose intoleran
does anyone here suffer with anxiety or panic attacks?what measures do you take to cure it?
Why should smokers put £12 billion into the NHS when less than £2 billion is used for smoking related?
Are you supposed to apply serum before or after moisturizer on your face?
Dermatologist for Post Acne Spots?
How do I get rid of plantars warts?
How can a guy stop oily/shiny skin?
my mum has really bad eczema on her hands and doesn't know how to get rid of it?
what are the small white lines about half a CM long on my finger nail doing there?
is burning myself with ice and salt the same as cutting ?
What is the fleshy stuff under the tongue called?
can I drink coffee or tea when fasting for a lab test?
A man needs a liver transplant, so advertises by using billboards on a commuter route.?
Why does my sugar go lower..?
I'm having anxiety attacks...?
Should I tell them I have asthma?
my mom has servere chills and her stomache is upset too what should i do?
Wheezing in the middle of night?
Which is better, Osteo Bi-flex or Renewin?
Tense neck, uneven shoulders?
muscle pain and cp relation?
what could be the cause of my leg and foot pain?
Hip Pain after standing, walking for long periods of time?
I just swallowed some push pins. Is this a medical emergency?
Question about my leg cast?
withdrawls from pain pills?
What's wrong with me?
does it hurt to get fingered?
what are some milk allergy symptoms?
I have eczema and believe I have a wheat allergy?
I can't take less than 9carat gold - will titanium be ok?
10 points...what are colon polyps?
how to avoid lung cancer?
Is it possible to have a delayed allergic reaction to a food that is consumed? Shellfish in my case...?
What is this, an allergic reaction or something.?
Why is high fructose corn syrup bad for you?
why are certan people alergic to things and outhers not.?
do alot of people have skin cancer?
lung cancer does it hurt?
Stage 3 breast cancer...information?
Can you get herpes through blood?
Verbally/mentally abusive stepdad and cancer dying mom?
what to do after gental warts lazer surgery?
What are the substance IN blisters?
Will a sinus infection ever go away on its own?
What causes our back to crack and do we lose height from it?
How long does THC take to leave your system?
Extremely tired during the day but mind cant fall asleep at night?
How often do you change your pjs?
severe nail and skin biting?
beer causing body odor????
Does anyone have or know anyone with hiv or aids? how did you feel when you first found out?
How much is the alderma cream for gential warts ?
Hi do I need Phychiatrist?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
Question about urine samples...?
I have to get my gums scaled, can anyone tell me what to expect?
Rubber bands?
How to prevent side cramps during runs?
My lower back hurts everytime I bend or just move in general. pinched nerve?
Lower abdominal pain?
can't seem to figure it out, and neither can the doctors...?
Non Stop migraine 17 female what's going on ? im scared!!!?
My shoulders and neck are sore from cheerleading?
Help me I'm in pain!?
Is it safe to use a muscle relaxant when doing a massage?
i have pain in my neck and my back how can i get rid of this?
Can you walk on concrete or asphalt barefoot like u have shoes on?
My lower back hurts- please help!?
I had foot fusion surgery one week ago. Today, I have constant nausea, low grade fever, minor abdominal pain.?
My Dad fell of the stairs today what should I do?
Could I have nerve damage?
I have had some problems with my knee?
Does this mean my cut will turn into a scar?
i was a driver for miller lite i got hurt off duty and was off 4 2 months and they took my spot away can they?
what are the symptons of HIV?
My boyfriend told me that he is having a herpes outbreak. I saw the pictures of this I am scared.?
i found that me ex gave me gardnerella. the dr said its not an std. but will it go away ? if?
A few questions about mono?
Alcohol withdrawal?
kinds of Eating disorders... ?
After suffering from an over-active thyroid from a young age. I have been left with Graves disease of the eyes
I was a meth addict for 25 years and I would like to help others in my shoes! Any suggestions?
every time i eat or drink i feel like i will vomit when i do my throat burns like it was acid?
Does the computer screen hurt/blind/impair your eyes permanently?
I usually wear contacts, and my glasses give me headaches?
Which is more common ; Shortsightedness or Longsightedness ?
eye drops in eye with contacts when not suppsoe to be wearing contacts?
what causes a need for glasses? can I improve my vision?
Can you go blind by a mouse laser?
Contact Lenses appointment (getting contacts for the first time!)..?
My new glasses make everything look small, wrong Rx?
What medications can I take to treat pain radiculopathy in both arms from cervical stenosis?
What causes knees to pop?
I haven't been feeling good lately?
Snowball to they eye.... help for the pain?
Numbness in my legs at night?
First Time Going to a Pain Management Doctor?
has my physiotherapist been out of order today?
I feel soo down right now =/ help please?
always feel hungry even when im not?
extreme money problems please help?
Can Herpes Type-1 be passed when there is no breakout?
Chlamydia Question.....?
I am taking zyban to stop smoking can I also take hoodia diet pill?
What does Hemp oil do for your body. They say it is Gods perfect oil true?
how do u write a report on first aid?
is floride in the water supply a danger to my health?
what are the cure 4 stress and hypertension?
How do I pull myself out of major depression, other than taking medication.?
is it true that if you wear contact lenses, you cant get lasik surgery later on?
what can make a person act irrationally?
can a poached egg help eye styes heal faster?
Human Intestinal Parasites?
How to help sick children with flu and chicken pox?
MRSA Antibiotics, How Long?
what is a diphtheria tube, and a typhus container???
my elisa hiv 1-2 test results are 0,16 is it negative or positive?
massage using essential oils?
Herbal medication for hypertension and poor circulation?
Holistic [natural] Medicines that kill bacteria?
Where do I get a reasonable message besides a therapist?
i used steroid for my eczema. does this mean i cannot grow anymore?
What can happen if you take xanax 0.25mg and smoke marijuana a couple hours later? It is safe?
Weird feeling in stomach before big event?
what is a good way to clean my digestive system?
What causes flatulence?
H1N1... Is everyone around you sick? Do you agree with the vaccine?
what are the consequences of not getting enough sleep most nights?
If you have ever had surgery, what are some after affects of the anesthesia?
Sleeping issue????????
What do I do about my constant headaches?
Is it better to take a vitamin tablet in the morning or evening ?
Chest pain from bad sleeping habit?
Do I have apendicitis...?
a little chest pain when i inhale ciggarette smoke?
why do kiwis hurt my tongue?
Wondering something felt on rib?
Best way to deal with pain from fibromyalgia?
does pulling a face muscle cause?
What is the best way to cope/deal with Withdrawals?
i had mild crampings nad got a positive result?
is true that Magic Johnson was HIV+ and now he is not?
bumps on the jimmigan?
Anus What does it mean to you?
After Thyroid surgery heart problems?
is indomethacin addictive?
Nurses out there - jumping heart rate question?
Does spit tobacco usage cause heart disease or lung problems?
What causes low blood pressure?Mine swings very wild from 187over 91 or 96 to 113over 560r67 i get dizy when?
My wife's blood pressure is always about 75 over 94 /100 I think that the second reading is high could you
does anyone know how?
What is more venomous??
Bee stings, genetics and age...(allergies)?
Bad allergies with mucus in back of my throat?
the other morning i woke up with a rash on both or my arms and it itches alot. could it be allergies?
I am allergic to perfume and quite often find blood in my snot, could these be connected and is this okay?
What can I do to get ride of muscle knots?
Which hurts worse? Broken Arm or Having Baby?
Is my vein inflamed or could it be something more?
what will stop the bleeding of a vein in your ankle?
I crushed my finger, now what I do?
my knee hurts??
I punched a window and....?
Help!!!!! I have a problem?
I just got kicked in the nuts.*HELP*?
whats the difference between ritalin, dexedrine, and adderall?
Wat is the most popular method extensively used by psychotherapists other than mentioned below? read details?
Worst things parents can do or say to depressed teen?
I can't seem to stay off the internet and it calls to me in my sleep?
?Have/Do you have anxiety attacks?
Does anyone have any tips for helping with social anxiety and low self esteem.?
why is some people need more sleep them others?
I blackout a lot, does anyone know why?
having suicidal thoughts?
i take 5 mg. of methadone a day for severe pain,whats the best medication to take for withdrawal?
is acetaminophen with codeine the same thing as darvacet?
What's the best way to deal with back pain?
my gf is having shooting pains in her lower back and side.?
How much methadone does it take to manage pain?
Any tips on quitting oxycodone?
my daughter woke up with her wrist swollen and in some pain what can it be?
should i get the surgery??????
Can Herpes Simplex Virus HSV-2 be transmitted through food or drink such as contaminated strong coffee?
how many percent of people who have aids in america?
what happens if you took a blood test if you had already eaten somethiing, are the results of the test wrong?
how do hiv turn into aids also if a baby is born what are the chances of them getting the virus?
Help fight HIV! PLEASE READ! Super simple, we already know you're here cause you're bored so please help out
could you sue?
if you have had 3 STDs 3 abnormal paps does this increase the risk of having a baby??
How do chloride ions affect water transport and mucus buildup in cystic fibrosis?
shisha vs. cigarettes... which is more dangerous to health?
Why are alveoli with a high ventilation-perfusion ratio inefficient at CO2 removal?
How successful is a lung transplant surgery?
I have pneumonia, shouldn't I go to the hospital?
Who discovered the rhinovirus?
Bad cough, can't have cough medicine. Help?
Is the hospital in the wrong?
I have H1N1... now what?
What is stress and what causes it?
please help i have excruciating pain in my leg and back?
foot drop because of a right hip replacement?
Serious headache problem?
My stomach hurts and im throwing up what to do for pain?
Question regarding gallbladder operation after pain?
extreme pain in shoulder. no idea what happened. =/?
boy probs help pleaseeee?
What are characteristics of people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? ?
Are there certain foods that cause acid reflux more than others?
Why do some people develop myopia while others have their good eyesight maintained?
I can't feel my whole right side of my body. Why?
which type of cancer is not a tumour?????
How does secondary brain cancer get into the brain?
persistent swollen lymph node in neck?
tell me about this cancer?
cure for Jaundice?
Secondary bone cancer prognosis?
Does your cell phone heat-up your ear by the end of a 10-min call? Could it cause brain cancer? (details)?
could it be a tumour?
Has anyone ever had a problem with acuvue advanced?
Zoomed Out Eye Vision ????
Questions about astigmatism for optometrist or anybody else in the know?
Acuvue Advance or Oasys and Base Curve?
floaters in vision?
Green eyes are turning blue...why?
if i wear my sisters glasses will it ?
will this make blind people see? ONLY EDUCATED AWNSERS?
Questions about Braces & Teeth?
can you use invisalign even though you have to remove teeth to fix an overbite?
Getting braces off tomorrow!!!?
Discolored tooth....?
Awful Toothache?
Question about Wisdom Teeth removal and tongue piercing?
After sittin 4 a long time, ur feets get numb;after getting up why our legs feel tingling & we tend 2 laugh?
I can't sleep! What should I do??
is ir reallt nurses are in demand today?
What should you do if you have OCD but you think there is a good reason why you have it?
STDs and Symptoms...?
Nurse Annie! Can HPV cause cervical cancer or other serious complications if passed on to a female.?
What will happen to a guy who get STD ?
how do painkillers and other pills 'target' the specific areas where they need to work ?
What could cause a stomach ulcer?
Migraine/headache? any tips to relieve?
What can pain in the shoulder blade mean?
does getting the top of your ears hurt as much as people say it does?
pain just under throat, above chest, in the middle. sore when I swallow, and sometimes breathe in?
Why do we get 'Pins and Needles'?
my stomach has been full for 3 days, it it just super full and hurts when I press it.?
what does it mean if my fasting blood glucose level was 193?
Is it harmful to crack your knees?
if u have acid reflux can you get diabetes?
What is Diabetes type A and Type B, and is it dangerous?
Would you be able to tell before symptoms start? (See details... makes more sense)...?
help I am a diabetic I am out of control?
I know someone with diabetes....?
will i be covered in europe with my medicare?
do i have diabetes or thyroid?
What do you think about obama's tax on soda?
Is hydrogen peroxide a good ear-cleaner?
Does this warrant seeing a doctor?
Is it normal to have a single random body spasm right when I am starting to fall asleep sometimes?
i have just been woken up. i have been asleep for 25HOURS!! how can that happen?
Is universal healthcare in the U.S. a good thing?
Does the 5 hour energy drink have any negative side effects?
what could i use to flush (CLEAN) my system out for weed?
On a scale of 1 to 10 boys and girls, how happy are you right now ?
Where can I get Gardasil (HPV Vaccine) in New York (Manhattan)?
HPV numbers?
Possible Herpes question?
What is methylated spirits used for?
whats it like to be put to sleep?
Are the Illuminati planning a Swine Flu Pandemic?
Is there anything I can eat or drink that can help.....?
Problem with my face heating up?
can the sun make scars worse?
i need help my docter says im short for my age and i have tiny bit of time to grow but how can i grow?
What happens to your eggs and ovaries once you die?
To people who have never tried marijuana?
Does anyone know what are the TMJ causes?
When will the pain in my leg stop ?
Severe backache, ive no muscle rub, its gone midnight, kids asleep so cant get to shop, what would ease it?
I have a sharp pain, please, I'm not sure wat it is?!?!?
pain,bleeding, and murmer in ear. please help!?
Is there is any remedy for migraine?If anyone came out of this horrible pain?
Horrible neck pains!! :-(?
Why I've been having this feeling like the neck muscles/back of head heavy?
i think there is something going on with my knee?
Doctor prescribes medication that I am allergic too.?
I have a 4mo old,he has been congested(chest)for the past 2 months.Can he be allergic to dander in our carpet?
i think i strained my vocal chords..what should i do?
Questions about Tonsillitis?
what is the correct blood flow?
how to break this nasal spray habbit?
Sometimes I find it hard to breathe/have trouble breathing?
my dog is 13. He has a nasty dry cough usually at night. He is fine with everything else loves exercise.?
walk in clinic or hospital?
How can I increase my ability to retain information ?
what's the name of the mental disorder that makes people compulsively gather stuff/ junk?
What can I do to get rid of the anger I feel towards people that hurt me?
What to bring for a 3-7 day stay in a psychiatric ward?
Are psychiatric drugs developed for the comfort of hospital staff rather than patients?
What kind of treatment do people who attempt suicide recieve?
How can people live their lives when they have no real reason to?
Is it wrong to feel like this.....?
What does your online name mean?
Do you ever feel like you are good for nothing ?
Does honey work as an acne treatment?
how to remove blackheads?
Scar treatment?
Toenail fungus?
Why is the skin on the bottom of my feet peeling?
Do you scratch your hemroids with a spatula too?
It's about my sisters foot ......... ?? ..........?
0127 is which city's std code in india?
Can you get STDs from bedsheets in the motel or hotel?
In pain management, which is better the SacroWedgy or the Dorn Method?
Why did my headache go away during exercise?
Sharp pains to head and passing out, what's wrong?
I get headaches almost everyday, what could the reasons be?
please help meeeeeeeee theres something in my cast!?
are pro wrestlers worried about the herpes simplex virus outbreak?
What causes the heavy salivation along with stomach cramps and need to go to the toilet?
what foods affect blood cholesterol tests,what should I avoid before the test?
Why and How the red ribbon is taken as a symbol of International AIDS programmes?
What essentials do you have to have in your body in order to become a healthy vegeterian?
what can i do to stop the inside of my ear from itching?
panic attacks..and stress how to handle??
is it safe to peirce your belly button yourself and how wud u do it?
is eating self rising flour straight out the bag bad for you?
Why Is it that whenever we find something amusing, we always try to catch somebody else's eye?
have you ever had your blood pressure taken at the eye doctors?
what is that drug trip site?
Why does my voice sound lower some days and then sounds higher some days?
I don't know what it is..?
I have been bloated a lot lately.?
How do I fix 'cigarette paper' thin scars?
how to fall asleep fast?
Why can't I go to sleep anymore?
How do DOCTORS and NURSES test... (+3) (+10)?
Is It Too Late To Start Getting Calcium?
Should I have a poo before i go to sleep?
My eye swelled up over night, but there are no bites or infection. What could it be and what should I do?
I have a friend with edema , how do you treat it?
Sulfur burps, gas, nausea, please tell me what this is?
What happens when you get appendicitis?
Do you often get funny or irritating stomach noises..?
Why do people want to be so skinney?? Men do you like that?
hips feel like they are spreading apart?
Why does my shoulder blade hurt?
I just took 4-6 tylenol arthritis(650mg) and and Advil PM. Am i ok?
why does my knee hurt?
How does betulinic acid distinguish cancer cells from healthy cells?
Songs about LUNG CANCER?
3+ stage of liver cancer.Already remove tumor of liver but now start spreading in back bone?
Can a surgeon tell right away?
IS this mole somthing toworry about?
i am 15 and my friend has cancer and it is hard for me and has anybody else going through this with??
im caregiver for 92yr.mom,just found out daughter has breast cancer,nephew blew 27000 on drug addict,wants to?
My Mum pasted away sept 7 last year, its her birthday today?
hiv/std test question?
What is everyday life like for Africans living with HIV/AIDS?
The left side of my head really hurts around the ear when I apply slight pressure. What's wrong?
Any ideas about leg cramps?
What do I do about the pain from bulging discs?
Help with swallowing pills??????
What is the antidote for my antipathy told anecdotally?
I'm on a really bad sleeping schedule? Please help?
Do Lactose milk help people stop having diarrhea?
Has anyone had an endoscopy down the throat into he stomach etc?
When i read in silents everything is ok, but as i read out loud i lose the flow. what is wrong with me?
Maybe someone could tell me what this could be?
Who is a bit sleepy right now,night...........?
I need help with poisoning?
what is da meaning of the word caca?
When taking Iron Supplemets, is milk NOT to be taken at all?
how does type 2 diabetes affect the human body?
What happens when you go unconscious from diabetic ketoacidosis?
my boyfriend has tendinitis as a result from being diabetic.this causes him to be in a lot of pain .?
how to avoid freshman 15?
How long does it take for the caffeine "energy boost" to kick in?
When will scientists find a cure for diabetes?
is nick jonas gonna die of diabetes!?
Alli to lose the extra baby weight?
If you were tested for diabeties less then a year ago, what are the chances you have it now?
i am type 2 diabetes think my toe is infected?
what would make my Blood sugar go too high if I just 8 crackers and 2 cheese?
Why are organs weighed at autopsy?
How to lose three inches off my waist?
please help me am scared an worried.?
What to use for recurring muscle pain?
What is the cause my of low back pain and how to treat it?
music to soothe my headache?
My right ear will not pop...what gives?
Should I go see my doctor?
Does it hurt to get your top Cartilage pierced on your ear and what side should i get it done on?
What is this type of pain?
What is making my neck crack?
My stomach hurts when i lay down. its only happened this once. Should i be worried??r=1259577866?
Can I break a tooth by eating sunflower seeds?
could botox fix my jaw
Tooth extraction for canine teeth?
What is the best Teeth Whitening product?
Abscessed teeth with drainage and calcification.?
What are the dos and don'ts of braces?
I had 2 fillings today and the dentist said...?
Is it normal to have your teeth still hurting a few days later after getting minor fillings put in?
dentist doing wrong?
What will too much Potassium do to my Grandfathers body?
I've got a blocked nose & my voice sounds really weird....?
Does the electric "smokeless" cigarette work?
My legs will not lay flat when I'm lying down?
what happened to me or whats wrong with me?
Tell me ways to quit smoking?
my left arm started 2 burn then went numb i started shaking uncontrollably,i couldnt stop grind my teeth and i?
Will hypnosis help me quit smoking ? Or is it a hoax ?
Wrapper stuck up nose 15 years ago...help?
In olden times. what did greeks used instead of soap ??? any natural herb ?
bulging disc and oh my aching back?
What is the best school of herbal medicine to attend?
Homeopathy and potency?
Macrobid (Antibiotic)?
I need a doctor to advise me regarding how long it takes for a dietary supplement to clear your body ? ThankU?
have you been or know someone who has been cured of an illness holistically/naturally?
How do I build up my b-12 levels?
what are some home remedies...?
what site can i visit that shows any complaints/malpractice about any doctor?
Is hand sanitizer more harmful to you since it kills both good & bad bacteria?
my son has tubes in his ears but his ears have been draining for over a week now he has a runny nose also HELP
Where is an inexpensive place to advertise consumable products ?
Best way to get rid of blackheads on my nose?
I'm 24 and recently returned home to visit with my parents. I've only been here for 5 days and I already want
if my contact lense is -6, what is my vision, good vision is 20/20?
is it normal to have this pain?
Why is my left ear still heavy 2 days after a concert?
I have Elbow Pain what is it and how do i to treat it?
It's not sprained....but my ankle hurts when I walk, for no reason. What can this be?
Knee hurts, but ONLY when laying down?
uhhm i think sumthings rong?
My little brother threw a Pop-It in my ear!?
When will the tonsillectomy pain subside? it just keeps getting worse?
what will nicotine consumption do ?
I have asthma and take Albuterol and Flovent. It don't help.?
What are the 3 grocery food items that cure a Urinary Tract Infection?
warm mist humidifier?
I feel a cold coming on...its tech week!! please help?
Is there any better remedies for asthma.?
Should you go to the hospital when you have an anxiety attack.?
Coughing up black stuff?
brother went to emergency room?
i have had no sense of smell for over 5 years?
side ache for 2 months?
What can be used instead of methadone when trying to stop heroin?
Cartilage piercing pain?
what does taking time released oxy cotton introveneously do?
What is the best way to handle Fibromyalgia pain?
im having withdrawals from pain killers, should i go to the emergency? (no insurance)?
I have tried many things to cure my neuropathic pain but none of them worked?
can accupuncture help with migraines?
What's wrong with my knee?
Why does my knees crack all the time?
What antibiotics are used to treat STD's?
Question for people who have herpes...?
how many AIDS patients are there in INDIA?
What does the vertebral column do?
nutritionist/dietitian or thyroid specialist-endocrinologist ?
Always freezing witha body temperature of 93!?
I NEED this answered PLEASE!!!!!!!!?
Mute From Birth?
Did anyone have spinal fusion surgery and, if so, what were the results?
Who is a recovering addict?
what disease causes to bleed to death?
i just vomited for no reason at all.?
How long does hydrocodone stay in your system?
Back pain everyday??! Help!?
Back pain when i wake up in the morning?
Why am I always in pain?
My brother can't stop throwing up remedies plz???
Looking for a buzz 12 ibuprofen 800 mg each and 17 darvocet-n (100-650), how high will i get?
What is this? Right when I start eating ANYTHING the roof of my mouth close to my throat swells up and hurts?
I bit my tongue and I need help??
Heartburn feeling in the middle of the night?
When I yawn sometimes I squirt saliva - what is the cause?
i keep on falling asleep in my desk at work when we are driving to customer in a car, in the meeting it years?
How long does it take, once you have quit smoking, for it all to be cleared out of your system?
My husband is extremely lazy and now it has really begun to affect me and my health...?
I'm worried! Advice on vomiting blood?
What made you quit smoking?
How long can you live while...?
Fed up with the Health care system!?
How would I lose 15 pounds in 1 month?
My husband says I am fat?
Growth in stomach ? not eating...
what can you do 2 relieve pain from chemo?
What are the chances of cancer?
Can emotional trauma cause breast cancer to grow so quickly?
Possibly dating a leukemia survivor, anything I should know?
Question about basic Blood Exam.?
term used to describe benign neoplasms made up of neurons and nerve fibers is a?
Hi all, My father has non-hodgkins lymphoma just below his right shoulder. But mum not telling me the details.
what might people who smoke?
Is Chlamydia a proper name for a wealthy socialte child or just a horrible disease?
Have you been diagnosed with Herpes?
Is this a question for medical community to the legal community?
STD Test, where and what to expect?
Calcium: Natural Soy Milk vs. Regular Milks?
i want to try and stop smoking?
Adult bedwetting?
Have u ever "almost" died?
I need to quit smoking...anyone have the most effective way to do this?
Can my tooth infection make others sick?
tooth brushing?
Teeth whitening?
Dental Work - Gaps in Teeth?
does wide gap between incisor teeth indicate embryological disorder ?is there any mythological facts abt it?
is there a way to kill a cavity fast?
what are the symptoms of a stress fracture in the foot?
MCL surgery?( 20 characters)?
How to completely heal from Elbow Hyperextension?
Finger Problem?
What would you think, If a teacher you saw 3 times a week?
consequences of prescribed percocet for managed pain relief?
my throat has been sore for a long time! whats wrong?
why do I always get headaches?
Girls only: having very serious, bad period pains. any types of foods i can eat to help ease the pain?
I feel tired all the time?
Why do I have a sensation of a hair being stuck in my throat?
disability for back surgery?
Do I have arthiritus in my collar bone?
How many Ibuprofen does it take to OD?
how to stop leg cramps, charlie horse?
what is the page # for pharmcist in occupational oulook handbook?
Does anyone know what happens if a healthy person takes Nitroglycerin tablets? Is it dangerous?
I experience frequent sweating in my palms and foot. Whats the remedy?
What medicine is cymbalta?
are sleep benefits same as sleep effectiveness?
i've had back problems for almost 5 years now, i injured the same thing maybe 3 times?
I'm losing Hair, should i go for tansplantation?
how do you get rid of the hiccup-ups?
how long is too long to get an ingrown toenail looked at?
I still find it difficult to preform cpr on a full chested woman! Please help!?
If someone is a manic depressive why are they now being called bi-polar?
is it possible to become less self concious and introverted if that is how your brain wired?
Can stress make you sick,even if you think you are handling the stress well?
What is a Personality Disorder and is it true it can't be treated by drugs and psychiatry?
Why are so many bad things happening to me?
I don't k ow how to stop talking to myself...I know I sound insane but I'm really not?
I have herpes and have been experiencing several breakouts while taking valtrex over the last year.?
Asking because a pt had it and did not know if he cleaned his hand well before the licked his hand.?
My wrist hurts from trying to smack my husband...?
why does my knee hurt when I walk but not when I run?
My head is hurting on its side help?
Question about sleep apnea?
Any remedies for cough?
How can your treat sleep apnea?
Advair user or anyone: What does this side affect mean?
rhesus negative blood group?
3 weeks after quitting smoking?
most of my friends are falling out me because i have asthma?
what can cause you to sweat in the middle of the night when you sleep and you air is on and a fan on you?
How can someone stop smoking ciggarets?
What sort of things can you tell about a persons health through finger nails?
I get dizzy after getting up from sitting or lying?
I'm having a Cat Scan in the morning and have to purge my system ?
any natural cures or remedies to help heal and fight pain?
what is the best natural treatment for gout?
How would I find a hypnotherapist for quitting smoking? Are they covered by some insurance companies? ?
i need natural home remedies to get rid of the bags from underneath your eyes?
Does anyone know a US chain store where I can buy Colocynth?
Can someone tell me...?
Doing a report for college honestly, so YAHOO please don't delete this question!?
Sleeping Pills?
Would smelling of cigarette smoke affect your chances of getting a job?
what could be wrong with me? Went to 5 doctors and they all can not figure it out.....?
So I've been trying to quit smoking.....?
Bed wetting surgery performed in past - how do i find the clinical term?
sleep patterns??????
Help on staying awake?
How does your bum go inside out?
glasses?? eye sight????????
Can you ever get recover eye damage? (like to much computer)?
Does the way that light enters your eye cause motion sickness?
i want to buy color contacts?
Please answer this question a s a p....?!?!?
best eye hospital in delhi?
if i lift weights, then drink a protein shake and then go running, am i just burning off the protein shake?
easy diet for a flat stomach?
How can i lose weight???
how can i lose 50 pounds in 2 months?
Is it bad to workout before breakfast?
how do i learn to hate......?
Can I sue the school?
What can I expect after surgery?...?
cortisone shots and tendonitis?
Fractured or badly bruised elbow?
why do i get numbness as soon as i start to walk?
how do i make sure my cut wont get infected. Its pretty deep but way too late for stiches.?
Please read this if you've ever broken your arm!!!?
Back Pain, please answer.?
I got burned, please help!?
tiny toe hurts my self esteem?
Does watching a rotary ceiling fan hurt a baby's brain development?
can oxygen tubing conduct electricity?
if you try to drink a large amount of water all at once, why does your kidneys flush the excess fluid out?
I'm s secretary and I have sit and listen to my nurse manager talk about other employees to other workers?
Why does breathing in Helium gas make your voice sound weird???
whats the best vitimin to give you lots of engery i mean lots of engery?
IF a person works in very hot weather, is there a law about giving breaks?
What were Gilda Radners ovarian cancer symptoms?
Information required on product ingredients to avoid for Cancer patient?
I have breast cancer. Sometime ago I injured my breast could this have caused my Cancer>?
what could be the pea size knot along my right jaw bone?
Can soya give you cancer?
i have anxiety and it interferes with my life...
Why Am I Tired Even After Mono?
Do I have Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)?
panic attack??
Thyroid gland?
My husband has to have Epley’s manoeuvre for the treatment of benign vertigo soon and we don't really know ?
Multiple Sclerosis Rant?
My daughter 7 years old infected chicken fox what Food should i give?
i have had uncontrolable diareah for TWO weeks!!! i dont know what to do i have to go every 5 to ten minutes!!
Migraines and headaches?
What are some good remedies for burnt tongue?
What is a pain clinic? A kind of a shop that are in America where you can get prescription pain killers OTC?
I have really bad tightness above my ankles...?
My neck really hurts?
PLEASE, HELP,Do you know anything about metropolol? my doctor gave me that for fast heart beat,?
blood pressure 179/89 is this good or not.?
question about high blood pressure especially the diastole?
what are the common & uncommon symptoms of heart desease ?
what is the diagnosis code for right posterior communicating artery aneurysm?
How long should a heart bypass last?
Is a heart rate of 100 beats per minute safe for a resting heart rate for a 13 year old?
If you were able to make the decision of who will get the heart transplant first between these 6 patients?
Am i stupid b/c i listen to my heart?
Why do my eyes water so much?
what makes people sneeze?
I'm always tired. Do you have any ideas why?
what is fap????????????????/?
How do you find passion in life?Or Getting interested in hobbies for recreation?...?
What Is The Most Abused Drug?
What happens to aged pee or urine?
If someone had anal warts that were treated and cured, is it still possible (2 years later) to transmit?
What's The Best Way To Cure A Phobia?
I don't know what to do about my problem?
I am hopeless...?
Console us! In Italy we'll have the 7th Harry Potter book only on this Saturday!?
Suicide: Stigma? Taboo? Decriminalisation?
Have you seen the 45 lessons of life?
i don't know how to get over my sisters suicide?
Why do people hate cutters?
How do you feel about people who self harm?
i feel depressed cuz im fat and fat cuz im depressed...?
LCD facts... need help infomational purpose only!?
why cant i sleep at night?
How dangerous is smoking 5 cigarettes a day?
My hands feel really weak all the time, could there be something wrong?
Is it better to sleep for an hour or just stay awake?
what does it feel like to inject heroin into your veins?
why are skinny people lazy?
Before making yourself throw up couldnt you just drink peptobismal before hand?
I see black dot in my eyes ?
Helpppppp Tuberculosis?
i just found out i have acid reflux and its hard breathe. anything i can do to help breathe?
Any thoughts on what sort of cough this is or what it could be?
Is smoking Shisha (Hookah) bad for you if it is smoked WITHOUT the tobacco?
What mask is best for sleep apnea?
Why does my throat keep burning?
are you ready to quit your worse habit and what is it?
How do u use the "carb" on a bong?
smoking everyday at 14 (ex weed smokers only)?
Is there truly a cure for HIV/AIDS in Africa?
If you dont take the medicne for the following?
can yourtest everbe wrong?
i need help!!! please.?
I have Neurofibromatosis type1 and a severe headache?
Am I crazy or a typical teen like my mom suggests?
What is this Back pain?
Im going to urgent care what should I expect?
Hoe do I releive ear congestion?
Moisturizing lotion suitable for child.?
Is it ok to take a decongestant tablet with a nasal spray?
help me with my eyes?
What is the causes for onioin allergies?
Is it possible to know if you are allergic to a food?What symptoms to look out for?
if touched mold?
I have a big red spot on the end of my nose help me?
does this mean im allergic to this???....read on for more:?
Does gin soaked golden raisins work for arthritis?
Chronic Renal Failure with Diabetes?
I have a sore throat (a cold) and I have a singing addition in 4 days! What could I use to cure it?
Where can I buy REAL Cialis pills online without a prescription?
pink pill with DAN on one side and 5553 on the other?
Ear candling: does it work or is it just a myth?
How do they treat sinus infections??
has anyone ever detoxed their body?
Is there an assessment scale for stress?
does anyone have the best idea for stopping smoking, tried hypnothrapy, patches, etc!!!?
Is it safe to take phenylephrine hcl with loratadine?
How often do you defecate? Do you usually expell the same amount every time? Is it hard or watery?
What can I do about my poor self esteem?
from a health pt of view: is it better to eat one type of Food @ one meal or to eat more than one & hope for?
how can i lose a stone very fast?
Are you supposed to eat before you workout or workout and then eat?
Are people with larger frame size stronger physically than those with small frame ?
Why am I not losing weight?
3 BALLERINA (TEA) Does it work?
how can i get into good shape?
Promise not to laugh? I have an embarrassingly dumb question?
How to be a healthier person?
so my doctor told me to eat 500-800 calories a day?!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how can i possibly do this?!!?
Why do my calves hurt?
Sharp Pain in Stomach?
I have acute pain from three plantar neuroma surgeries. Does anyone know how to relieve nerve pain?
Quick way to cure gas pains? HELP!? ?
Headaches Almost Every Other Day?
Cannot feel pain?
A question about my health?
Throat hurts!! :(?
Why are there no recreational drugs taken in suppository form?
feeling left out sich!?
Does anyone know where you can get earplugs which completely stop any water getting into your ears?
hi there my daughter is 2 her lips go blue after swimming?
Has anyone given up smoking successfully and do you have any helpful suggestions?
Does melatonin make you drowsy or groggy in the morning? After only 5 hours of sleep?
Whats actually is happening to your arm when it "falls asleep" ?
Is this reoccurring dizziness normal? What could be wrong with me?
is tomato juice good for you?
Have you ever had a near death experience?
Is there anything you can buy; to get rid of scratches on eyeglass lenses?
Can someone tell me the eye exercises in the rebuild your vision program?
why would an elderly persons eye color change??
Eye Surgery (Want to Join the Airforce)?
Do I have astigmatism?
Don't have a problem putting them in, but it takes forever to get the d*mn things out. Anyone else...?
how many camera MP's are our eyes?
Reason for lower leg pain upon waking after nights sleep ?
drug addiction and withdrawl?
Little ball like thing on the side of my right eye?
I have a pain in my upper back, neck, headache... help?
how to get rid of a headache caused by a too long afternoon nap?
Sharp pain in back of my head above my neck?
I Fell on my shoulder head first i think i hurt my AC joint. Why does my Shoulder crack with no pain?
High tolerance for narcotics.....?
whats wrong with my foot?
45) rodents are known to carry organisms that cause all of the following diseases EXCEPT:?
are there any HIV/AIDS clinics in smithfield north carolina?
aids question here my nephew who is 18...................?
Has anyone ever got a pink spot on the nose thats is flat and its a size of a dime.?
what are treaments for leukemia?
i got my monitor repaired at some local shop..i hv a fear if it sending radiations?
Homeopatic treatment for thyroid problems?
How may adrenal glands impact how you feel, think, and act?
What could be causing burning on the tip of my tongue. ? It started when I had 3 upper teeth ext?
name three stages of alcoholism, and give me somes symptoms of each stage?
Doctor career Oncology!?
Nose cancer advance stage = no cure??
could my wife be save from papillary carcinoma? she was just 25 years old?
How much would it cost to cure cancer?
I have been getting headaches for a week now, what is wrong with me?
Aches and Pains?????
i have the worst headache in the world and i feel very sick. what could it be?
Migraine for 9 weeks?
where is the back of the hand?
my throat hurts and i have a bad cough...i NEED it gone.....thanks?