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..Is It Bad To Take A Shower With No Sleep?..?
I tore my meniscus in my knee. I've done PT and it still bothers me. What could this possibly mean?
Im having lower back problems after 10 minutes on the trampoline doing flips. Why?
HELP.... knee pain continues... what to do...?
can a rotor cuff tear be heal without surgery?
knee pain diagnosis needed ASAP!?
Is this ALOT of swelling... just courious?
Does It Hurt To Be Shot In The Arm Or Leg?
What have I done to my knee?
what are the symtomes of selmonella poisoning?
if you are currently pregnant can you still be diagnosed with ovarian cancer ?
Pregnant women strongly encouraged to get H1N1 vaccine? Seems fishy?
pulsations on body randomly?
Contact with water causes horrible itching. What is it, and what can I do about it?
Is it possible to have a diseased liver but not be a alcohol drinker?
question about cancer!?
Smoking in 3rd world countries...?
I've just been diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis...some people consider this an STD...does this mean that my
A white secretion under the foreskin is a disease ?
what is the procedure for being tested to see if you have a staph infection?
does taking iron really cut down on staph infections? My dad told me it did.?
whats tuberclosis?
Oozing Ear Infection?
my you tube name is erichathy222 and i want to know if i get headlice should i just eat the bugs?
Anyone taken anti-malarial drugs?
RGP Contact Lenses?
Can allergies cause double vision?
How does the suns rays damage your eyes?
Heterochromia Iridium (Two different colored eyes) Question.?
What happened to my vision?
Lazy eye??
how does a laser probe, such as those used in ophthalmic surgery actually work?
What is a good substitute for wheat ???
What are some of the best ways to relieve stress??
Say a person had no eyelids, how do they sleep?
The best fruit mask you've personally seen its result?
Why are hospital beds so uncomfortable?
Pain in left knee??
If you take pain killers regularly starting at a young age, will they continue to work later in life?
I seem to be getting hurt a lot, and I don't know why?
What's wrong with my legs?
Is this serious?
My sister,16, isnt feeling to great at all?
What causeing this lower back pain?
what is wrong with my neck?
Liver pain???
Whenever I get really anxious I get wicked bad headaches... is this normal?
How do you make the feeling of sadness go away.?
Let's see how accurate you guys are. Guess my disorder!?
Can you get hpv symtoms within a month?
how long does it take a person who's living with Hiv/Aids to get sick?
Is it true Doctors inject themselves with HIV to experiment?
is it illegal for someone who knowingly has an std like herpes to not tell a partner?
what are these little bumps in my mouth?
My boyfriend diabetes?
what foods are safe for hypoglycemic people to eat.?
High blood?
I would like info on controlling diabetes when medication, exercise and diet aren't working?
Does this sound like diabetes?
I have red spots on the top of my feet. They don't itch nor do they hurt. Do I have diabetes?
can i take a medicine containing sodium lauryl sulfate if i'm possibly allergic to sulfa [sulfur]?
Helpppp.? Please.!!!?
my baby gets a rash around her temples when she eats applesauce, pears and now bananas. Any ideas?
A question about blocked nostrils?
types of bacteria in pool water?
Chest cold, strep throat?
Anyone have experience taking Valtrex for cold sores? What sort of dosage did your dr. recommend? Did it work
what is endoscopy in science?
why do people with sinus have bad breath?
ginger is useful to our body. How? Specially cold & cough problem.?
snoring help?
Is it dangerous to sleep by the electrical fuse box?
When you quit smoking do the affects go away?
are greedy drs. and hospitals responsible for the high cost of healthcare?
What is the best postition to sleep in?
Is it fair that smokers have to pay for their own health-related costs?
if i get up with too little sleep i feel sick.. any way to get rid of this?
Can someone help me avoid fainting while getting blood work done?
Health professionals: Have you ever lusted after a patient?
Who smokes?
If a pap comes back ASC-H after radiation and chemo...(please read, very short) :)?
What would cause swelling in the feet and ankles for a cancer patient?
What is terminal 3 cancer?
Drawing Cancer Salve?
What does chemotherapy feel like?
For organs to be donated upon death, family must approve. But after death, organs only last so long?
If you have inflamed lymph nodes and ONE sore is it Absolutely Herpes(PLEASE my best friend could have it?
Cold Sores question?
Was there a relation between polio vaccines and AIDS?
I've had wrist pain for 3 years. I tried everything. Seen many drs. no answers!?
What causes limited wrist movement and almost no supination after radial fracture and 8 wks in cast with pins.
What are the best/strongest over the counter pain killers you can get?
What's going on? Help!?
Which medication would be safer?
My teacher is being so unfair about my injury?
Do pills actually get caught in your throat, or do they go down sideways and just feel like they're...?
protein shake after workout: immediately or hour?
What are the foods with the least amount of calories?
Is Hydroxycut the best weight loss pill that works better with exercise?
Food thats quick, cheap, and healthy?
How healthy it is to have lemon juice and honey in warm water as 1st thing in morning?
How likes red apples?
what symptoms or illness is amoxacillian used to treat?
What is modafinil alertec provigel?
has anyone tried quickclear?
how fast viruses grow?
Could this be strep throat?
Its common to have a Hepatitis C false positive?
I sent an article(Epidemiology of Rheumatic Fever) to [email protected] from 2001-2002,I cannot see this?
Is it possible a 65 yo man to die from Parkinson disease?
Does brushing your teeth with baking soda really whiten your teeth?
I don't have two permanent teeth?
how do i stop chewing gum?
Oh God Please Help..Wisdom Teeth Extracted?
What could be wrong with my jaw?
Tooth sealent fell out?
Whats your opinions on self-cutters?
why can't coeliacs eat refined sugars?
HELP! noone can figure out my disease/illness?
What is the condition called when muscles start moving/twitching involuntarily?
My teeth???and my brothers?
Is there any cure for a low I.Q.?
my speach impediment?
Is non celiac gluten intolerence (NCGI) a myth or for real?
Could I have Restless Leg Syndrome?
Allopathy medicine website similar to homeopathy medicine website hmedicine?
How to deal with oxycotin withdrawals?
rining in ear - high blood pressure?
Does smoking cigarettes mess up you chakras?
Looking for Home remedies for health tips for common illnesses?
Marijuana Withdrawals?
is hashimoto's thyroiditis associated with non hodgkin's lymphoma?
can zolar injections be used to control eczema?
i have eczema, will going to a tanning bed... PLEASE HELP!?
What is a good cream to use on eczema?
I have a nasty skin condition.?
How do you cure a headache?
How do you stop the hurting in you arch of the foot after a long day?
Pain in the Ear?
Should I see a Doctor?
Millions of dots in my vision?
Eyes and computers! HELP!?
Sports magazines on tape or CD for the blind?
Why does everything seem so far away?
I think I have a eye infection. I'm getting small bumps around my left eye lid...?
How do you learn to ignore eye floaters?
how small can your pupils get?
Transitions lenses trouble?
whats the difference between a hemmroid and herpes?
How long do STD symptoms take to show up?
when you have warts?
cervical biopsy and low risk hPv . ima TEENAGER PLEASE HELP !!!?
do i have an std?????????????????????????????????????…
has anyone heard of kidneys shrinking?
If you could have free plastic surgery what would you change about your body?
how long do colds last?
what is clonazapam?
What will it take for people to realize that hiv/aids is out there?
How long does it take for my sprained ankle to heal, and what should i do to make it heal faster?
Help, I have a knee injury?
Pain above my knee cap and leg and pinky toe numbness?
5 weeks after my ACL surgery I wake up and my knee is swollen and almost making a squeaking noise any help?
Can Walmart fire me if I call in for a dislocated knee?
What does it take for a bone to bend or break?
Hang over and a hurt nose?
How do I make myself throw up? it is very urgent?
i want to be really skinny, where you can see my rib cage?
what are the possible side affects of a child injesting bittersweet nightshade?
Relapsing Flu, monthly?
what is the effect in the body if i have a low lymphocytes (white blood cells)?
where can I get medical treatment for Hep C at no charge?
does any one in here know what the symtoms of hiv is?
why iv clindamycin dose more than oral dose?can anyone give me corect answer and help me quickly?
should we isolate patient with osteomyelitis?
What are the signs/symptoms of schizophrenia?
Fear of flying,what treatment can you suggest?
if you have a chemical imbalance, does that mean you might be more intelligent than others?
My sons computer addiction - threatened to kill himself...?
how do i stop thinking this way?
What do you do at the end of the night when you've had a terrible day?
If both parents hate you, you have hardly any mates and half the people on here hate you..?
why are guys fasinatied with the size of womens breast?
tell yoga for the treatment of rhinitis?
Pistachios & Sunflower Seeds cause scratchy throat?
the cartridge between my nose hurts to the touch also i have a sore throat for a couple weeks now.what causes?
Allergic Reaction to cats?
Are your allergies bothering you today as well ?
I wake up with green mucus every morning. does this mean i am sick?
should i get a nose job?
I went to the emergency room for abdominal pain, indigestion, pain on right side of back and they did CBC test?
Is there a certain position I can sleep in to help my lower (lumbar) not hurt so much?
Rib and abdomen pain radiating to back, what could it be?
I am 16 and i have been having these Chest pains on my left side?
i'm fifteen and recently i started having hip pains in my left side.?
My knee is bothering me, anyone know why?
im just wondering if my doctors full of it can you help me?
pains in chest and dizzyness?
Can u pls tell me what's up with my dad?
current status of diabetes in india & world?
blood type b neg how common?
Sharps and Containers?
Is 5g of sugar alot based on a 2000 calorie diet?---for a diabetic?
Does a high level of creatinine in the blood necessarily mean kidney disfunction?
What will cause your iron level to go up in your blood?
hi there,does anyone know about reneuron..its in surrey..all about stem cells.they treat people,strokes,etc?
i am concerned?
How many more years until we come up with a cure for HIV?
a yeast infection that won't go away?
Pregnant and don't know what to do?
What is National Health Service For(NHS)?
what is your first memory?
what is jet lag caused by?
Why keep a person cool during surgery?
does anyone know any website where i can learn to talk slower?
isn't the largest organ in the human body the skin?
ways to wake up in the morning.?
my wife has just had a letter about D.L.A.?
what exactly is carpal tunnel ?
Ringing in my ears after a concert?
My body are so sore this morning?
In a life insurance policy do they check blood for smoking cigarettes?
Is anyone familiar with the vaccine used to treat premature infants called Synagis?
Does anyone know how to get over an asthma attack without taking any medication?
What might happen to ventilation if the water film lining the alveoli did not contain surfactant?
Has anyone with breathing problems seen any benefit from using a negative ion generator?
What ab excercises should i do if i wanna lose weight in my stomach?
How to get rid of cellulite?
how to lose 3 pounds per week?
how do i run faster in a small amount of time?
What are some great/safe teen diets?
Do I weigh a lot for my size?
How can I lose this weight on my tummy? *pics* PLEASE!?
What's the best workout for your butt?
how many times do bulimics throw up and how many minutes to they wait after they eat to throw up?
Negative blood and viral culture test but still have herpes symptoms?
I only got one dose of the Gardasil HPV shot- long term side effects?
I have a little problem my girlfriend is going through a bad yeast?
What is the official color for lymphoma and leukemia cancer?
How does the body respond to stomach cancer?
what are petuitary tumors made of?
chemo treatments for leukemia?
i'm 15, is it possible i have breast cancer??????
Is there a cure for Leukemia?
Your produce less saliva when you sweat a lot?
Bio. Project: What do White Blood cells have to with HIV?
Does my cousin have Peptic ulcer?
How does a Staph Infection spread to your internal organs causing diseases and major illnesses?
Is it possible?
How can I get rid of tension in my shoulders / neck?
What is Euthanasia? Tell me, please?
is leg cramps associated with dehydration?
Please can anyone tell me the symptoms of cervical spondylosis and if there is any cure?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad does an epidural hurt?
Would 6 tylenols make my throat swell up?
popping knuckles!!?
If I offered to give someone a back massage...?
Every time i walk,my knees hurt alot,i play alot of basketball,do u think thats it?
Any good and kindhearted doctors out there?!!!?
Is there something wrong with my eye?
Those of you who have fibromyalgia, do you do better in warm climates?
I have wires glued to my head because I'm taking a 48 hour test for my epilepsy.?
Eye problems.....................?
Contact Lenses / Colored Contacts question.?
Is there such a thing as daily disposable, toric, extended wear contact lenses? Are they comfortable?
Anything I should be concerned about with colored contacts?
can a person get eye transplants if they were blind?
Are there differences in High Index Plastic Eyeglass Lenses?
Natural Colored Contacts?
I got contact lenses and..?
eye color?
What would be the death toll...?
Has rhianna been brain washed by big pharma at medical school?
does homoeopathy work?
Are these too many supplements to be taking?
Is "K2" or "Spice" like marijuana, but legal?
do you think they will find a cure for the common cold or cancer first?
Does Reiki really work and how does one find a reputable practitioner?
I want to be a doctor PLEASE READ BELOW?
How can i stop a cold before it starts, without any pills or vitamins?
Why do i feel like this when im high ?
How Long Does It Take?
PEOPLE BORN WITH A CELL PREVENTION FOR AIDS!!? PLEASE help i need to find an article on this ?
I was wondering if you have herpes can you pass it to your baby.?
why dont' men get bacterial vaginosis, since they are the ones who give it?
hey i found this picture on a website is this a hiv rash?
neccessary hours of sleep?
Should Health Insurance be mandatory?
Nurses, LPN or higher, did you start as a CNA, and do you think that experience made you a better nurse?
How much money do you recieve for donating plasma in North Carolina?
My legs are twitching everytime I try to hold still?
What can I do to force myself to sleep earlier at night?
I am a aspiring bassist and plan to go to school for music but I have one health problem...?
Why are you supposed to wake a sleep walker gently?
Does cracking your knuckles or ankles make them bigger>?
Why does human waste is brown in color?
What foods help to whiten teeth?
I bit something hard, and my tooth crumbled, but im sure it wasn't a baby tooth! How can i tell?
Is it safe to do any sort of drugs (weed, ecstacy, shrooms...alcohol) 24 hours before wisdom teeth surgery?
dents on my teeth????
Is there any other options ither than the herbst apliance?
how do you tell some one they have bad breath?
Can you really clean your teeth.......?
My blood was suppose to be tested for allergies but I can't tell which one on the results would be for the ?
What do you think I'm allergic to?
For 5 months, I have had constant allergy and nasal problems. I have started using nose spray and I use it?
Dose anyone here have cows milk and soy protein allergy????
can you get rid of a widows peak?
clogged nose?
how to tell if i have a tore muscle inmy wrist?
Did I sprain my ankle?
Have you ever had major surgery of any kind? How were you treated and how long did you take to recoup?
The heel of my foot hurts, its not swollen. When I sit or lay dow for awhile it starts out being very painful?
anyone had a nose job or surgery abroad?
What are the effects of spinal cord injuries?
finger nail???.........?
How do you tell if your toe is broken?
Can a fan blade really cut your finger off?
My shoulder muscle hurts every time I do a throwing motion, but does not hurt when I do anything else. Help?
I'm coming off vicodin and having headaches..?
What is the sharp pain I get in the side of my head?
OMG any1 know about back pain???? Please Help!!?
What are healthy exercises that an 11 year old can do to alleviate stress?
If emotions were to be tracked for a day, would it be 'normal' having a different mood every hour?
Did you have Panic Disorder or Depression?
When someone questions your sanity, do you curl up in a dark corner, assuming the fetal position?
Why do people judge others, who has mental problems, harshly?
Should I just end it all now?
Can you count the # of mental illnesses you have on one hand?
Who>ciao ragazzi!!invasione su regno unito!?
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease the Treatments/ Management?
What percentage of south africa aged 15 to 49 were infected with hiv in 2003?
who was the first person to die from AIDS?
Can you get a white head on your scrotum?
Help with chronic headaches?
can abuse cause autism?
Why is my 4 year old getting frequent nosebleeds?
Was it anorexia?
What are the symptoms of Insomnia?
OCD Problem? very Annoying, please help!?
PLEASE HELP! mom found out she has a disease...?
What could be makeing the back of my head hurt?
best narcotic for headaches?
why you get a headache after giving someone a massage?
Help! Back hurts really bad!?
Why can't I sleep ? ?
stomach flu. 10 points?
Elevated liver enzymes & abdominal pain?
Do antibiotics kill the good bacteria?
How soon after HIV infection can facial wasting/ lipodystrophy/lipoatrophy occur?
is yawning contagious?
does combat arms have viruses?
My cat scratched my hand the other day... is it infected?
Maybe appendicitis..?
Why Do We Hiccup?
How can i help my daddy stop smoking?
How much do you think an STD test for chlamydia and gonorrhea will cost an 18 year old at Planned Parenthood?
im really worried and scared i dont want my life to be ruinned ?
i have been treated for celluliltus on my lower shin but still have heavy pain. Why does this hurt so much?
How to prevent heartburn?
Why is it that when we "hit" the water, we experience pain?
what is this pain i am having?
surgical adhesions?
What could chest pain mean?
Long lasting migraine?
pain consistenly in my shoulder and hip.......?
Whats wrong with my wrist?
I smoked weed 2weeks ago and took a few vics just now,will my urine be clean within the next 5days?
my boyfriend suffers from sleep apnea. what are ways to help alleviate it?
a little tiny bubble on the center of the lid of my eye? o.o?
Bleeding Naval?
Bizzare Sleep Problem...?
Is it harmful?
My overall cholesterol is 196; LDL 128 & HDL 49 - are these levels okay or are they at risky levels?
what are the health benefits of aquacates or avocados?
Explain why type o blood can be donated in a blood transfusion regardless of the recipients blood type?
If you are really scared (eg on a roller coaster)Is it possible to scream so loud/hard that you damage your?
is it normal to sleep with a heating pad atleast a hour at night,? will it affect anything?
Why do people say bless you when you sneeze?
It possible to make a splint for a toe so it wont hurt as much?
What would be the least dangerous condition that would warrant a pacemaker? ?
Does taking medicine actually take years off of your life?
Where can I find a list of Calcium Channel Blocker drugs?
Its hard for me to escape the beating of my heart.?
did i have heart attack?
I don't want to sleep, but I want to learn. So what are the ways to avoid sleeping and learn effectively?
What are the signs and symptoms of malaria?
How bleach kills germs.?
Scarlet Fever or a simple case of psoriasis?
follow up therapy after alpha beta artither in PV.can primaquine be prescribed?
Pink eye....?
The doctor thought that i had a bad liver and had an ultrasound done but he called and said no sign of....?
I had a flu shot 4 days ago, now I have a red spot that keeps growing what does this mean?
Is it possible to pass a full length tapeworm in stool?
Is being an oncologist a depressing job? ( answers from oncologist would be helpful)?
my son was born with transient aml wot are his chances of it coming back?
Nasal swab for swine flu?
Why does eczema form where it does?
swine flu how to stop my kids getting it?
Cervical Cancer Question?
Could I have anorexia while being overweight?
Cancer and other diseases from smoking?
ahh what do i do about my peeling sunburn?
Where can I find a zombie vaccine?
Is beoncey breath stink cus my is not stink?
How do you know if you have aids? What characteristics help you know?
My wife keeps gettin yeast infections. Are we reinfecting each other?
not able to find std clinic?
How do u know you have herpes?? i shaved my part and now there are red bumps a week later. wat is this?
How can you make an ingrown eye lash feel better?
I'm thinking about getting contacts?
What causes eyes to change color?
Poked in eye, what do I do?
Are eye massagers effective?
Sleeping with one eye openn....?
oh my god, i'm seeing things! Help!?
I was given nasal spray to use to clear up my clogged nose. Is it going to work?
What kind of bread can I eat if I'm allergic to wheat?
accidental bleach inhalation - now i have very swollen eyes and itchy flaky skin on my face!?
Which seafood and fish are low in iodine?
Nose congested for about 7 months!?
breathing problems?
Is it anxiety or is it allergies?? worried ! ! ?
Anaphylactic Shock?
I have type 2 diabetes and was told to avoid fried foods ,what about cooking on the grill?
what's a healthy diet to prevent the first stages of diabetes?
Did anyone read about 500 CALLCIUM, AND 700 VITAMIN D...and is supposed to help prevent diabetes? I can't find
Could I be diabetic?
can diabetic person have in plants breast and liposuction ?
Besides diabetes what else could i have if I'm thirsty all the time and go to the bathroom a lot?
Is anyone else tired of the websites posted as answers that are thinly disguised places to sell stuff?
Questions about MRI and pinched nerve?
for about the past week, i have had pain in my shoulder when i lift up my arm in different positions?
I recently had surgery and was prescribed two different pain killers.?
Just home from hospital after complete hip replacement, things were going very well, better than I expected. ?
Thumb/hand pain due to lifting my 9mth old...please help.?
Any advice on migraines?
Wake up with headache stays all day gone at night?
My arm is really hurting?
Sore Throat? Help!?
What is the scientific name for strep throat?
Dengue Help !!!!!!!!!??????
Pneumonia followed by the flu?
when you contact or a disease from the hospital what is that called?
I was just diagonosed with coxsackie virus? Is it contagious when you only have sores in your mouth?
Cold or Flu?
How much does private councelling cost?
Whenever i sit down to study, various past events/situations/chat conversions,etc cross my mind, which make me
is cutting really wrong i mean it helps?
Since my mate of 42 years has passed away?
World Depression Day was 10 October..who knew about it?
what leads an adolescent to see life as so hopeless that suicide is the only solution?
are religious terrorists aggressive psychopaths?
is it possible to have a fracture in your elbow and have limited pain?
my ankle was sprained a month ago and it is still swollen. Should I be worried?
I tore ligaments in my ankle four months ago, and they still hurt severely?
How long do bruises last?
my boyfriend had a knee surgery and it was 4 days when he took off the gauze and it was nasty and bloody so i?
Can you die from having your legs boiled?
Relieving pressure from a nail that was slammed in a door?
is it true if a midget falls on its back it cant get back up unassisted?
how should i fake break my foot?
what is the best way to lower blood pressure naturally? ?
What are the best ways to brew various types of tea? Most particularly green tea and white tea?
Why does apple cider vinegar give me heartburn?
Is there a Good Hypnotherapist in Winnipeg,MB?
What's a good, natural, way to detox your system?
How long will tremors last when quitting drinking?
I just discovered my husband has started taking pain pills again. What can I do to help him?
What really happens to your body when you starve to death?
Help!! Im in agony?
Why do some people feel sick when they're reading in a car?
can smoking tylenol 500 get you high?
how to make yourself sick?
Would you donate your organs if you died?
What is a good medicine for healing mosquito bites ???
Why are my ears so dry and itchy?
Can You Get The Chicken Pox Twice - Within 2 Months??
smelly ........................?
my natural temperature is around 95. Is that weird?
Why when I don´t remove my cuticles I get an infection just above my nail cuticle?
does gettig a cramp in the calf mean you need more salt?
Does the expiration date that appears on some sunscreen lotions mean anything? Does it lose effectiveness?
I have Insomnia?
Is it bad to continuously peel my lips?
On a scale of 1-10 how sore were you after giving birth???
weeird zolpidem side effects??
How to cure "weightlifter's headache"?
are percocets uppers?
has anybody ever been on vicodin for a long period of time?
Knee pain. When legs are folded for some time and on straightening there is acute pain in the back of knee.?
How long is the pain going to continue for?
what can i do for a pinched nerve in my neck?
Gas, strained muscle or blood clot?
What is the best/fastest way to get rid of a cold sore/fever blister?
preparing for avian flu?
encephalitis, what are the causes.?
does organisms cuasing std stays in life over the pant? if yes, does it reinfect us if treated with medicines?
My stool is liquid & not evacuate clearly. Please advice me.?
What do I do if my TB and Exray came positive?
Can feline leukemia be harmful to humans if bitten or scratched?
my dog has a wound that she keeps licking what does this mean?
Gurgling and Abdominal Pain and Bloating?
Why does a panadol fix a fever!! ????
Can you have children if you have hypothyroid?
can u feel pacemakers?
i take topamax............?
How many "tendencies" do you have to have to be considered OCD?
Does exposure to sunlight have anything to do with your kidneys?
Hearing aids furnished to service connected veterans?
how do we catch colds?
Will I get sick from eating stale Crackers?
What's the best way to fight a cold?
Carpal Tunnel Excersizes?
Here is a hard one ........concerning the brain?
how long does marijuana stay in ur blood stram i. e. piss test?
my husband has fluid on his lungs?
can a Pulmonary tuberculosis treated person can still work abroad?
When you drink water and it goes down your air pipe does it come back up or does it stay in your lungs?
How do you get rid of a cough?
how can i lose 3 pounds in a week?
What is the best food you can eat on a calorie diet?
Does Vitamin E helps to decrease stretch marks??
Why do people gain weight after they get married?
Why do i get heartburn after eating starchy foods like white bread?
Sweet Tooth, how can I stop my cravings for sweets, chocolates, etc?
What are the best equipment at a gym for getting some beautiful abs?
Mom's Bill of Rights?
What's the best time of day to exercise?
Can You Have A False Positive Test?
What are the origins of aids?
epididymitis I know what it is but how did he get it?
Are County Health Department STD tests acurate?
i just found out i have hpv my dr said itz the lowest kind ! i have no warts or anything she also said it canb
how much does it cost to be artificially inseminated?
this guy a friend of mine messed with some man and when he came on her chest she said it was white and gooey?
About chest pain.?
about chiropractor?
Herpes in throat??
Wisdom Teeth - Should I be feeling pain if not impacted?
how long is a smallpox vaccination good for?
As I'm relaxing to fall asleep my legs spasm from my lower back to my toes. what could cause this?
Numbness/joint pain in left hand (index & middle finger).?
Are there any curses if you have a pinched nerve in your body?
what is the most known virus?
is it normal for a bladder infection to last 3 days even with antibiotics?
how long are you contiguous when you have mono?
quality is accidental.?
Is Missing 2 Weeks Of Allergy Shots Ok?
Ionic dimer?
I have this cough, at first i thought it was just my allergies, but now i am a little worried...?
Is there a surgery or something you can get 4 lactose intolernance?
Whatsup with my eye??
how to cure my sore throat before it gets worse?
does lazar eye surgery work for.......?
Can people with glass eyes cry?
A little tiny bright light flashes in the outside corner of my left eye.?
subconjunctival hemorrhage and contacts?
Do carrots make your eye sight better?
Does a pinhole test clears out if you have Lazy eye or not ?
Is there a way to order eye contacts online? Reliable sites only?
WHat are eye floaters? If thats even what they are called?
Is there a maximum prescription/power you can go up to to have Laser eye surgery?
If I stop biting my nails will my gingivitis reduce?
Salty taste in my mouth after wisdom tooth removal..?
My back tooth is irritating my tongue and caused a slight cut which isn't inflamed or anything but it hurts.
I had my wisdom teeth out a week ago and have to get a needle in the gap to remove food.?
I am really scared ?
A Dental Assistant wanting to become a Front Office?
if u dont brush ur teeth will ur teeth fall out when ur like 30?
Tilapia is high on cholesterol or is a good source to reduced the bad cholesterol?
How to Prevent Stroke & Heat Attack?
Can someone help me out with a minor problem I've been having?
How do you know if you are having heart problems?
What is this condition called?
How to I lower my high cholesterol using natural foods?
Is there an easy way to take your own pulse?
how cardiac arrest attacks on human body all of a sudden?
How can I remove dandruff from my head ?
how likely is it to catch the hiv virus if i am the top ?
What should I put in my swine flu "disaster kit"?
Really wierd white skin on my foot?! (with nasty pic)?
if you drink alot all night and then get 7 to 8 hours sleep can you pass a breatalizer the next morning?
what are the symptoms of brain tumor?
What are 5 consequences of sun baking?
I want to become an oncologist, how do I accomplish this?
On a 9 year old girl, is it possible to acquire lumps from breast cancer, even if breasts haven't formed yet?
A serious health question about cancer????
wilms tumor ?
Does any one know how the Flu jab actually works.?
Another question about tetanus.?
Help! I have a stuffed nose and my ears won't pop. Anything quick that helps?
knee replacment?
Chest or Heart Pain when smoking?
is flatulence unstoppable ?
Should I go to the ER right now or wait till tomorrow?
If you take ibuprofen frequently, would you build up a tolerance to it and require more for it to work?
why are pain pills so good?
Do you like Italy??
Social difficulty - unable to make friends.?
I want more dreams!?
Has Anyone Ever Gotten Over Severe Depression or Any Mental Illness?
I feel ugly and pretty and strange~ help?
Why are so many girls are self-harming themselves? ?
Muscle soreness?
Burning Arm?
About a year and a half ago, I dislocated my knee. My doctor suggest surgery but I'm not sure...?
can your nose change as you get older?
Will I be Okay?
Cramps!!! Girls HELP Me, Please!!!!!!?
Anyone ever had someone stand on your foot? by accident?
Advice on tendinitis, please!?
If they have vaccines for hpv and hepatitas then how come they dont have one for herpes?
Can A girl Have A STD If?
Can you get HIV from this?
Diagnosed with HSV2 1 1/2 years ago, culture was positive then, tested again last month and culture was neg.?
my computer has viruses , how could I get rid of them without taking it in.?
how can i bring a fever down?
Treatments for "aphthous ulcer" (canker sore)?
I have glandular fever! Help?
Are tiny few blisters on the lip related to recovering from the flu?
Is this cold or flu...?
What Happens to the Limbs or body parts of amputee's?
Can sciatica be cured by physiotherapy or does it need an operation?
What is the cause of cramp in my legs when I'm asleep and how can I prevent it?
PLEASE! I just asked this question and I got one answer! Need answer for morning!! 1st Pain Management appt...
having a bad migraine.. how to relieve them?
How do I know if im having a migraine or just a headache?
I just got my cartilage in my ear pierced and it hurts really bad. It is swolen and red. Is that normal?
why does my foot hurt so badly?
What the best and fastest way to get rid of a hickey? ?
name three things you need on a daily basis?
Can anyone explain this?
please help, serious:|
drinking boiled water with empty stomach early in the morning reduces weight?
will the tablet epherdrasil make me anorexic?
How can I cleans my body to get rid of impurities?
What are some good tips for a weight loss goal of 20 lbs in 2 months?
funniest fad diets?
I really want to learn how to a split. What streches do I do to get more flexible?
when u puke...?
What are the different symptoms you can feel from seasonal allergies?
Im kind of worried about my allergy test?
I have a dry cough that I had for two weeks now...?
the WORST ALLERGIES please hellp!?
Wine or Sulfite Allergy and Complexion?
I have allergies all of a sudden?Im 14 years old btw?
i want to go dairy free but how?
If a patient cannot move one eye laterally to see something to the side what cranial nerve does this affect?
Bugs Swimming In Eyes?
My eyes are playing up or is it something else?
Why do my eyes look green when I put in my contacts or eye-drops, but usually look quite hazel?
What is wrong with my eye!!!?
if a male has a child with a female....?
Is it possible to have brown eyes with a green hue?
My Mom is 65 years old and just now she couldn't see. She says its like looking through a kalioscope .?
Can insulin be replaced with exercise?
What are the signs of diabetes?
How to increase increase blood circulation please...?
How do you avoid kidney stones?
What is low blood sugar for a Diabetic?
should a diabetic have cortisone shots ?
How do I keep my blood sugar down while being undermedicated?
Can anyone help me find a medical id bracelet?
I'm 54 yrs and my doc said I have low blood sodium. What can cause this besides medications?
What would the symptoms be if there were mold in the house?
eye twitching?
What is the DOWNSIDE to putting Fluoride in our water supplies?
What's the best way to wake up refreshed?
How do you fall asleep when...?
Anyone mind talking to me on yahho/msn really need to chat bout a few things and need advice. please help.?
Lack of showering - what happens to you because of it?
can you take lortab for pain and penicillin for infection together?
intelligent answeres about pain meds please?
Extreme shoulder pain?
Amitryptiline / Gabapentin: Has anyone out there tried amitriptylene or gabapentin for pain? Was it effective?
what can i use on my stress patches that are on my head?
Sore Nose?
Has anyone taken Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia and had it work or not?
wisdom teeth pain!?
How to treat a hip that is not level whit the other one.?
Are trojan enz a good brand. I just ordered some and Im not sure how well they work and how they will feel?
I am preparing for Medical laboratory Technologist certification (CSMLS).Can somebody tell me what arebooks fo
Scarlet Fever?
Any drug store sells STREP TEST KIT?
What is this?
Stomach viruses and cold air will it help kill it?
what are symptoms of the flu?
Are there any known cases of HIV/AIDS transmission through bodily fluids on toilet seats?
I have a friend who has herpes and thinks that her life is over. She is young.?
Can a dog transmit oral herpes (HSV-1) from one person to another by licking them?
some research indicates that uninsred patients use hospital emergency department as a way to access medical ?
please help me. i daily dose Adalat CR 30 mg for my hypertension and now i have to switch to NORVASC 5 mg?
Which hospital in Chennai provides best Heart Surgery Bypass? How much would it cost appr?
open heart surgery??
HELP, Need a pain medication for cancer that works fast?
My heart is racing...?
-♥- i'm sooo worried!!!?
Dose any one know which is stonger valium or ativan?
Have you ever had suicidal thoughts during your life?
what makes a person want to STALK another person?
Are you "stronger" than your emotions?
A.A./atheism, depression, confusion, but determined to be sober?
How do you deal with irrational depression without medication?
Have you ever hung out in ER waiting room to feel safe?
lateley i've been extremly insecure and depressed.....help?
Is there any way i can temporarily escape this?
What is the best way to treat excess stomach acid?
what organ,on your right side,is between your upper hip and the bottom of the ribcage?
Is wearing high heels bad or good for plantar fasciitis? It doesn't hurt...?
What is the easiest way to get rid of athlete's foot?
What's the worst that could happen if a kidney disease/infection isn't treated?
What type of metabolic disorder is often misdiagnosed as Asperger's?
Any Cure of......................?
What would you request next for your doctor to check?
Best website/recommendations for adrenal/thyroid/endocrine supplements?
Symptom of low cortisol?
Is it normal to feel bloated after eating some George Harrison?
Do you have to be asleep to slip into a coma that isnt a result of trauma?
Does having a long second toe have ties to mental problems?
Delayed pain on bowel movement?
Approximate cost for braces?
How long should sensitivity last after having a filling done?
How do you whiten your teeth?
Dentistry Training?
How many teeth do you have to loose before braces?
i want to get my braces off?
I have a brace on the back of my bottom teeth and when i sleep I play with it with my tongue, any way to stop?
Why are most peoples bottom teeth not perfectly straight?
Do men get symptoms from chlamydia?
What is...?
how do you get herpes in your lips?
what are the chances of gretting hiv if a woman performs fellation on a man and he dose not ejaculate?
Can pregnant women have cancer treatment?
Baking soda and vitamin c for cancer?
how long will i able to raise my arms totally after undergoing mastectomy? i'm stage 2B breast cancer?
Can a Vegan or Raw Foods diet help treat Cancer?
I have a breast nodule on my breast, now I need a biopsy.?
Why does my epoxy have a warning about it causing cancer in the state of California?
one middle class young lady is suffering from blood cancer and admitted in hospital at pune.Daily expenses?
Government and corporations purposely poisoning food and water?
odd shoulder and collar bone thing?
pinkie twitching?
Who among you there using massager waist belt? Is it true that it can make your intestine scrambled?
velcro splint and finger swelling?
um this might sound stupid but how break to a leg??
Help Help My friend cut his finger its a deep wound did it about a day ago any advise??
My half of face is not really painful but very uncomfortable..?
Has anyone gone from a Partial Knee replacement to a Full?
What do you think about organic growing foods vs. organic growing foods?
What are COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitors?
What's the cause of blood in the stool?
I lost my band-aid in my bed. What do I do? Is it possible to spread germs, bacteria, or diseases?
Why do I get a shiver on my lower back when someone breathes on my temples?
what's the average waist and hip size for American woman and man?
I have terrible PMS, I cry, I get very angry, and I'm extremely mooded and Depressed. What can help me?
home remedies?
do you really think, that hypnosis is useful to cure our medical problems ? thanks..SANAT.?
I need a quick fix to a sore singing voice? Anyone know a good remedy?
Any ticks to help me fall asleep at night?
I think I have a little hernia should I ignore it or go to the doctor?
What does the indent above your lip do?
Tonsil infection with a little blood in phlegm?
how can i fall asllep really quick homeremedies only.i go to bed at 9:3o and fall asleep like at 11.thats not?
Is it ok to sleep next to a microwave?
Can disease-causing bacteria/virus travel from apartment to apartment?
What do you think i have? eye infection?
viruses for sickness?
How many days/hours it take for the itching and swelling to go after a positive TB skin test??
How do i prevent getting gastro and rotovirus? Their both going around in my town!?
What is the definition of elevated liver enzymes?
What in the world is Gynecomastia??
When one has leopard spots inside one's eye, whatdoes this mean.?
Is there report of cold and flu's that is going around in the US?
Can seasonal allergies come and go?
What would be a typical well rounded meal plan for a 5 year old with food allergies (wheat, soy, milk,nuts)?
my eyes are SOOOO EFFING ITCHY !?
My mother is having a bad allerigic reaction to myt dog? what should she do?
Celiac low blood pressure?
my baby has a cold and is taking the running snot from her nose and is wiping it in her eyes and now she has ?
whats good for arthrites pain?
What is wrong with my heel/achilles?
I have an infected ear and it hurts :C?
I have been having random pains?
How To Think Positive??
do i have herpes????????
do cold sores have to ooze?
Why do some people with std's break up, when they find out one person gave it to the other?
Are females contracting hiv/aids more frequently than they used to in relation to males and if so why?
Gluten & Acne?
How do I get rid of dandruff?
Hey has anybody heard of Rescue Oil? Does it really work on scars?
pee..helps acne?
In today's society How can someone eat all the healthy foods. more below
I wear Air Optix for Astigmatism contact lenses. Would it be possible for me to wear regular contacts?
Questions about floaters?
Why are my eyes blurry?
If I receive free medical care, can I only visit the optometrist once a year?
Dry Eyes contacts problem?
Can someone explain something about an eye exam?
Do Blind People Dream - If so, How?
How to get rid of red veins in my eye?
Should i go to the eye doctor?
is it safe to put honey in my eyes?
To people who meditate on a regular basis: Have you found that you gain..?
substitutes for fish oil (tricky situation, a challenge for those keen!)?
I need examples of Herbal Medicines!?
Is it safe to insufflate (snort) tylenol pills?
whats the hindi name for acai berry?
I have a burning feeling in both thighs. What could be causing that?
I have light pink spot on my nose on the left side to the frount for a week already, its not geting big , not?
Taking a chance on HPV?
Do you think the government is doing enough to help HIV/AIDS patients?IF so why or why not?
when to see dr for a fever?
what are d diet restrictions 4 patient suffering from SPLENOMEGAMY? what r d roots causes?
Anyone have any cures for fleas?
Does anyone know the number of victims affected with ulcerative colitis over the past year?
Appendicitis or what?
My 22 month daughter recently was diagnosed with H Pylori...?
my cyst, abscess, boil?
I went to the doctors yesterday to be told I have mumps. Its very painful and every time i move....?
10 points help asap mononucleosis questions!?
air freshner, sprayer, that stuff that makes your residence smell better?
BAD Nosebleeds?
Anyone have info on OTC cholosterol meds? My doc suggested Take Control, Low Chol. but I can't find them...he
what happens when we get asthma?
Why does my blood clot when I donate blood?
I have difficulty breathing, but I don't know what it is.?
What is the name of the medicine with steroids for people with copd?
My boyfriend keeps complaining he has a headache?
Bump on head?
How can I manage my pain while on vacation?
Help my ears hurt?
Relief for Gallbladder Pain/ in agony?
pain in the legs?
How to cure an excessive saliva problem?
How does cola calm your stomach?
Is it true that kids grow when they get the hiccups?
How to gain weight with a high metabolism???
Why does blood not all go to your feet?
What's a good way to train your child how to sneeze into their arm or shoulder?
Ugly Little Sign in FOREVER21?
Sleep ...............so important please help ?
Guys: Has your maid/cleaning lady ever seen you naked?
Why do white have the highest rate of anorexia while other races are comfortable with extra lbs?
Does anybody know how Robin Williams the comedian copes with his bipolar?
The meds have changed me, i want to go back, i don't feel like myself?
My friends want me to see a doctor about depression/anxiety?
have you ever dealt with a sociopath person?
Afraid of a tv logo. Can't sleep?
How do you deal with depression?
Is it okay if I sleep for 10 hours?
How do I quit smoking for good?
What causes cold sores?
Can my vaccinated kids get mumps if exposed to a kid with mumps?
what are the causes of sepsis in the womb?
Claiborne wants to be a paramedic and needs to have a series of short/immunizations for hepatitis B. why?
What is the causative agent of whooping cough?
what are acute and chronic effects of std?
Can drinking coffee give you diabetes?
What are the effects of Insulin on the metabolic pathways? Such as glycolysis?
i think something might be wrong with me, my nails are slightly purple, i am allways dizzy,hard to think?
Any diabetics found their Endocrinologist limiting test strips?
i just had 182 grams of sugar lol, would this effect me in anyway the next day?
Why are some girls hypochondriacs about diabetes when they're perfectly fine?
If a person weighs 77.7 kilos, what is that in pounds?
Kfc employment issues?
I have a sinus infection and my nose is all red and sore on the outside. What can I do to relieve the pain?
What's the best meds for hayfever?
is your blood blue before it hits oxygen?
what kind of bread has no flour or dairy?
Met my distance cousin and realised everyday he wake up before dawn no matter what time he sleep. Sickness?
I think I might have cracked a rib?
How much blood does an average person produce everyday?
how to stop my eyes from burning and headache also?
General abdominal pain?
why aspirin can not be given rectally,in order to avoid hurting the stomach?
I've had a constant headache for about the last three months.?
My friend's knee is experiencing pain while moving and not bending like before. ?
I ate too much and my stomach hurts. What is happening to me?
What's the best thing for a real sore lower back?
has anyone actually pulled out of deep depression & now have a normal life?
If stupidity hurt could u get use to the pain?
What causes cancer?>=?
How good the hair recovery treatment of Dr. Shahid Shamsher??
When someone is dying?
Is it possible that I have lung cancer?
cancer around the heart hospice called in said she has 6mts could she last?
Could it be leukemia?
do you think i will get breast cancer one day
what is your brain made off?
what are the causes of 'googly' eyes?
How do I fix uneven eyes?
Ortho-K Lenses Not Working???? HELP!?
Is .50 a big difference in progressive lens?
Is my optometrist right? (optometrists preferred if available)?
I am getting contact lenses in a few days. I have some questions...can you please answer them? EASY!!?
does this happen to anyone else? why does this happen?
Very sensitive light eyes. PIC?
Tips to Improve vision.?
omg!...my friend just told me he has hiv....what can/ do i do?
I'm Sooo Scared!!!! Please Help Me! I flippen out..!!!?
Braces can adjust your facial features?
Have you ever had braces?
When would be the best time to take the NBDE Part I Exam?
i get really bad mouth sores!?
anybody ever swallowed a tooth the dentist just pulled?
Tongue goes up when i swallow problem!?
which Brand of Toothpaste do you use ?
does anyone want to learn how to make gold teeth?
Pain In Ankle...From Working?
What can I expect after submuscular ulnar nerve transposition surgery?
Anyone know if there are any disadvantages to using a TENS unit?
I hae a pain in my left shoulder that makes my entire left arm numb and tingley for about 20 seconds?
Im scared of getting Carpal Tunnel, my life entails a lot of typing is there a diet or routine that would help
my live-in boyfriend has degenerative disc disease, it is hurting him so bad today that he has missed work..?
does vicodin and tylenol 3 make you sick?
Family!!!!!!!!! runing away or killing youself?
I think i have a anal abscess, its not a hemorroid. Do I have to go to the dr? What can i do for pain? etc?
I hurt my ankle 7 years ago. My mom said I sprained it so I never went to the doctor about it. It cracks alot.
carpal tunnel syndrome?
How do you ge rid of a calf cramp?
It's Friday, I have a black eye from Sunday. It's no biggie, but is there a way to get rid of it faster?
I think I broke my ankle a month after spraining it? PLZ PLZ PLZ ANSWER VERY VERY EASY 2 OR 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!?
how to break ur foot?(this isnt one of those 101 ways to break your foot)?
I have something in my left ball?
I cut my nail and yellow liquid oozing out?
which has greater benefits (nutrition & healthwise) raw honey or bee pollen?
Is is safe to take heart burn medicines while on prescription drugs?
Tea for asthma symptoms - is it legal?!?
Has anyone heard of or tried Mona vie?? I have a really bad back and have for many years...?
Mayan Abdominal Massage?
if a person is taking medication under my name how do i cancel that?
Does anyone take 5-Hydroxytryptophan?
Is there a way to clean your system of all drugs?
good with skin anyone?
my eyes have a burning sensation for the past two three days.. help..?
Syphilis and kissing?
Do you think we will ever find a cure for HIV and Aids?
What is your opinion on Herpes????
Don't you think there should be dating for??
permanent headache?
On med refills can you get it before the 30 day mark?
Do I have appendicitis?
Does Clicking Your Toes Still Give you Arthritis When Your Older?
my 11weeks old baby bends head only towards left and not right when held,,what should i do?
Has anyone else recently suffered from Viral Gastroenteritis aka stomach flu?
Please answer i need answers.?
i want to quit smoking cigarettes. Help. What's the best way. A do-able way?
CFS / M.E I can't stand anymore.... ?
All my boyfriend drinks is SODA!!!?
How can i quit smoking?
Can you give blood while you're on?
COPD diagnosed,do I qualify for any benefits.I am in my 60's and have trouble walking very far am breathless
What does it mean if a person has fungus on their lungs?
I cant stop coughing?
Emphysema- what is it? and are there any self help ideas?
Therapy for HSV- 2 encephalitis?
Between 1992-1997 What changes were made for the DRG's 488,489,489 for HIV?
I heard p24 test dectect the portein of hiv after few weeks the anti-body test taks over ...what do you think?
what std's have smptoms of sores in the mouth?
How much money do you think I would get if I found the cure for AIDS?
Can a fractured knee cap repair itself after 3 months in a brace?
What color is pooh suposed to be?
What's wrong with me?My head constantly aches, recently my arm got all numb and tingly and my legs are swollen
my 2 yr son has a fever, besides giving him a fever reducing med like children's motrin, what else should i do
Is there any chance to transmit AIDS virus through kiss??
I need medical attention but cannot afford it. What do I do?????
my friend frined is saying she is going to kill herself cause she broke up with someone what should i say ????
What is the disorder House (in the medical tv show) has?
What am I to do with myself?
hello to all can i ahve some help from all you peope out there suffering anxiety do you all ever feel you have
Why should'nt i do suicide ?
I feel really lonely and depressed. Can anyone help me?
Tired of people overusing the word depression?
Home remedies for pain associated with Strep Throat?
has anyone been through the surgery to fuse the disk in their neck?
Neck pain suggestions?
Switch Painkillers w/o Dr. thinking I'm a druggie?
what could happen if you or not treated for herpes?
Anybody know any Tonsilitis aids/cures?
what is the quickest way to get rid of the flu.?
Martial Law over swine flu?
can people with lowered immune systems catch e. cuniculi from animals?
Lumps on our 8 year old Lab?