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how to take braces off urself?
I just got my top braces, I don't get my bottoms until 2 weeks from now, is this normal?
How do I get rid of cold sores and blisters because I've tried everything and nothing seems to work?
Dentures at age 25?
Can you drink rain water?
Should I still be worried about the H1N1 flu? Or in basic terms, swine flu?
Will swine flu reach the United kingdom?
whats your opinion on the swine flu? Scared or do you think it is just another flu?
Do you think Swine Flu is being blown out of proportion by the media?
what's wrong with my dad?
Anyone know a good book on dealing with anger and improving responses to emotionally stressful situations?
How do you get rid of nightmares?
Around my bellybutton is crust and on the inside I can see puss inside of it and it hurts really bad?
has this ever happend to you?
I used a hot compress when I should have used a cold compress what do I do now?
Rare condition?
I need more xersise is there anysimple exersises i can do within the house?
is it a good idea to keep Thrombolytics (clot busters) at home just in case?
Why do they bother to sterilize the needle for a lethal injection?
Which cold medicine is the best and what do you do if you get a horrible cold?
i have a missing heart beat, can this be dangerous ?
Fear of having a heart attack?
is this doctor right?
I'm grounded and I feel miserable. How can I occupy my time?
Does anybody believe that someones' living conditions can infect their mental health?
I think i have psychic abilities?! Please help?
How can you get rid of the holes in your face called craters?
My face is a mess of acne?
how do i get rid of acne scars without a medication or surgery?
how to get rid of sunburn fast!?
Can men get breast cancer?
I've been smoking for 2 months do i have cancer?
Recently I have found a knot in my breast that is visible (can see lump under skin). Should I worry. 24yrs old?
what is the problem with my back??
When your head hurts what is the best thing to do..?
Would you rather get shot in the arm or get stabbed in the stomach?
how to heal a hikki...faster?!?
Would you please pray for my daughter's father? He got stabbed badly ,?
How much sleep do you get a night?
Someone Please Help Me!?
I want to join Procrastinators' Anonymous, but I keep putting it off. Do I have a problem?
Is alcohol less addictive than smoking?
here are my symptoms. what is my illness?
I have to pee really bad. My toilet is clogged. WHAT SHOULD I DO????? HELP!!!!
Ever been pushed to the brink aka commit suiccide?
major depression please help. ?
How to gain confidence?
I'm terrified of curtains, do you have any unreasonable fears?
Telling my Girlfriend i got aids?
I'm growing a mushroom on my reer end. WHAT DO I DO?
He Fingered Me and now i need help?
I just took 6 ibuprofens....?
chapped lips!?
Would not a Stroke affect someone even when they are sitting down?
How do you wake a person?
I've stopped smoking for two but due to stress I need a ciggy now!!!! !Please help?
I have had a cough that persists more than a month!?
How much sleep does the average person need ?
How many hours of sleep do you get a day?
Its 3 AM and Wake up time is 6 AM. HELP!!?
my wont stop telling me to stop smoking weed what should i do?
Smoking Weed (Details I Forgot To Mention)?
is it okay to have dreams like this?
I'm so nervous about giving my presentation?
No one in this damn world cares about me. What's the point?
i hate my life and i just want to kill myself?
Suicidal and Completely Lost. Help?
My husband cannot lay down when he sleeps. He cannot breath. Why?
cut wound - skin in green color around the wound?
Spider bite?
why is my nose always stuffy?
Does anyone have a suggestion for relieving chronic back pain?
Should I be worried about concussion?
What's worse? Physical or Mental Pain?
Help! How do you cure an earache?
I am a grandad of 66 who has always looked after my grandaughter of 13?
what is a good gift for someone who just finished chemo & radiation?
Is there a certain kind of chemotherapy treatment that doesn't cause hair loss? If so, what is it called?
Chest pains from smoking cigarettes?
what is an ICU?.!.?.!?
whats the point?
is snoring in a 4 year old bad?
I feel depressed.. what should I do right now to feel better & more confident?
How to get awesome night's sleep?
My boyfriend has smoked weed for 5 yrs since he was 14. He has quit now. Should he still be able to have kids?
My stool has a lot of blood on it? (Preferably educated ppl, not ignorant ppl, please answer)?
Tips so I wont get any sicker?!?!?
Are these symptoms of ADD?
Symptoms...doc cant find anything...?
What is it called when your heart just randomly stops?
Does this sound like Heart Problems?
my dads blood pressure is 180/120?
8 year old son lips go dark blue, especially when in water swimming?
what is the best and quickest way to get rid of cold sores?
who snores more, men or women?
How do I get water out of my ear?
my heels are cracked, will applying vaseline will seal the crack and make it soft?
I have a wart and I put wart remover on it and now its falling off. help?
For the guys, if there was a male birth control pill that you could take would you take it?
How many hours sleep do we need?
Would someone who has fewer outbreaks of gential herpes have a smaller chance of spreading the virus?
I keep having a recurring nightmare?
Do you think my low self esteem could keep getting worse, do you think i need pro. help?
From 1 to 10 how happy are you right now???
What is this gunk called?
Relive Constipation ?
Urinary Tract Infection?
What does it mean, when you taste blood in your tears?
what do u do if u die?
What can I have honey with if I have allergies?
Could getting scratched by a cat as a child result in developing a cat allergy later?
Is this an alergic reaction?
I am allergic to tenuin; what is tenuin?
quick ways to relieve blocked sinus!???
I'm always sick. How can I strengthen my immune system?
My mom found a tick in her thigh and went to the ER 2 days ago. They did not remove it, and the next day she?
I'm really scared, serious answers only please, I just heard about the swine flu?
Can you get sick from this O-o?
How long does it take before you become addicted to smoking. How often would you need to smoke and how many?
Who England's first woman doctor, and has a school and a hospital named after her?
I can't sleep but i have to go to school tomorrow... plz plz help!?
Do white strips work?
can i chew gum with braces and spacers?
Help with my teeth?
I'm about to have my wisdom teeth pulled... What was it like afterword for you?
I fell down a hill yesterday?
How can you lick ur elbow? is it really impossible?
Will they cut my toe off?
Any good ways to treat a fat lip?
blood types?which blood types do you believe to be the rarest?
i just smoked a cagar I am 14 will i get cancer. i have smoked 2 times before?
Does anyone know how to live forever without dying?
Gastric reflux & Swallowing problem?
do obamas smoke are you sure?
I've got the flu...OK to go to work tomorrow?
Does Swine Flu Scare you?
what does coughing blood means? my girl friend just called me she had coughed blood twice today?
Coughing for almost 40 days...how do I get rid of it!?
Why do people cut? Is there something wrong with me?
Depressives- How does it make you feel when people tell you to snap out of it?
I am 30 yr old male, having negative thoughts disturbing my concentration & fear about death. How to avoid, h
What's your phobia?
homemade remedies?
lanced boil?
My ankle hurts so badly?
what fish can you get the most Omega 3 from???
i need to know some things about the burn i got on my hand?
Should crematoriums give discounts for burn victims?
I get really stressed alot and I dont know how to control it my friends give me alot of advice its not working
How do i get glass out of my foot....iv trieed tweesers....clippers....sizzors......wat… hurts so bad?
Help... I have been stung by a bee insect while cutting grass by my garage!!!!!?
I have piles, how can I get rid of them?
can a 2 yo have two doctors?
Please Help. I tremble and shake alittle. I don't know what is wrong.?
I can't fall asleep until about four in the morning. How can I start falling asleep earlier?
What's your obsession?
In the UK, what other help is available? I'm near giving up, what can I do?
Why isn't EUTHANASIA legal for severely depressed people like me?
Do you think i'm pathetic since i'm on antidepressants?
Help me i'm itching like mad!!!?
HELP! What do you do when acne treatment has left your skin dry?!?
I found some rash on my sunburn i've never seen before. It's white and leaks if picked.?
someone help me. my boyfriend's suffering.?
Does orange juice really help your immune system?
Quick cure for constipation please!?
When you have a cold and flem in your throat, what's the best way to get the flem out?
what to do for a mosquito bite besides anti itch ointment?
I'm about to lose my temper. Can you help me?
please help me!?
What else can be done with this?
What are the dangers of using too much nasal spray?
I'm allergic to hospitals and doctors, what is your allergy?
I can't stop sliding around on my forehead. help.?
Should I get my ankle checked out? (picture)?
what is the fastest unpainful way to die?
Should I be alright?
what happens if you do not eat for 3 days?
Does it hurt when they take stitches out? How do they do it?
do you know how to say humanities in spanish?
i have a 2nd degree burn...what should i do?
dark patches of skin.... help?!?
i'm 28, and i'm losing hair rapidly. its become dull & dry.and won't absorb anything i apply. help!
Is it true you can get mouth cancer is you smoke cigarettes wrong?
My dad is in late stages of cancer - please help?
my mum is very ill and i don't know what to do ?
ifeal like killing myself but i dont want to tell anyone because my mom will put me in a mental hospital? help?
My daughter has Anorexia and i am finding it very hard to understand i am so worried i don't know what to do?
What gives you the biggest headache?
Why is it that I prefer seeing two guy kissing?
I'm feeling blue.....What should I do.... :(?
Who has ever got braces. Let Me Know Your Storys. THANK YOU!?
IS the tooth fairy real?
Do you still go to the dentist if you have braces?
Does your chewing gum really loose its flavour on the bedpost overnight.?
Can't take pepcid AC for more than 14 days?
Can anyone make me smile? I feel so sad.....=(?
how to Quit?
sometimes when im awake, i forget to breathe. is this a condtion? whats wrong with me?
Help my grandma is sick I don't know what to do!?
This may be a stupid question, but I burned myself and now I feel sick?
worst drug?
I Quit Smoking ! anyone wan to help me with the cravings?
can i get a headache for not eatng 15 hours ago?
Breathing trouble...PLEASE HELP?
how do u pronounce phlegm?
What makes a sore throat better?
Violent hiccupping. Please help!?
The arm on my skin is bubbly. What's the problem?
ugly red bumps on the arms?
Omg please please PLEASE HELP?
can you have a bath or shower when you've got chicken pox?
Can i buy none addiction nose spray at a store?
My husband has wedding ring dermatitis, how do we cure it??? We've tried everything!?
I have the flu or a bad cold and need to clear mucous?
I ate some prawns yesterday morning and felt very ill just 10 mins after. Can food posining happen so quickly?
What's the longest u've gone without sleep? I've been up 3 days.?
iam just too frustrated........(serious answers please)?
sometimes i feel suicidal. . .?
Help....major blood loss through cut on foot?
how can i get water out of my ear!?
Can you give me a list of reasons I should quit smoking?
i was just bit by a brown spider with a black rectum whut kind of spider was it should i go to the hospital?
would being a highschool teacher be hard on your back?
my big toe has an ingrown townail does it hurt to get it fixed?
What can make everything you eat turn to diarhea. my bf has had it 2 weeks or more losing weight we think too?
Who thinks that this world is becoming one big pill? What medicine do you take?
How should I treat my baby's sunburn?
How Exactly does drinking Grapefruit juice interfere with certain medications??
If I have a pain on my left ring finger, what causes it and what exactly could it be?
Ear peircing infection :S... Help?!?
I feel sort of physically and mentally dead. What can I do about it?
Is this normal, weird, or am I just so weird that I think I'm normal?
Why am I so afraid to do exercise?
I have suffered with depression for the last couple of years i can't BEAT it how can i do it?
what do you do when you are depressed?
My friend wants to commit suicide but I can't help...?
I'm 12 years old & having a Blood Test. Will the Needle sting ? Plz help me?
Does anyone get pins & needles sitting at computer?
Do any of you use cough syrup or cold medicine when you need help falling asleep?
Am i sick my friends are worried?
I have scoliosis and i'm young!!!HELP ME PLEASE!!!!?
i had a bloody bowel movement?
What is a quick and easy remedy for a boil?
Why do they call it "taking a dump" rather than leaving a dump? You aren't taking it anywhere?
I need help treating second degree burns?
emergency! whats an antidote for cocaine?
got a bee sting on my ring finger. now my whole hand is swollen wat should i do?
Just had surgery on my wrist and above my elbow feels hot and has a little redness to it, also a little pain.?
Who else here is a pothead?
Need advice ASAP. Friend has chest pains/won't go to emergency room.?
Treating tiny burn on finger?
how can vegetarians get more energy?
I am thinking the only way for me to deal with my problems is to go to sleep and not wake the kids need better?
I'm 21 and i'm still AFRAID OF THE DARK and sleeping alone?
Please help me I'm 9 and I'm so scared!!?
how do you know when you need to go rehab?
Why is it bad to be a alcoholic?
Black diarrhea and vomiting?
should i smoke a cigar?
when you hold your breath can you stop your heart beat to?or no one can stop there heart beat?
will my friends grandma live longer?
I have had a lump in my armpit for about a year?
How can an unattractive person find love and a fulfilling physical relationship?
i have cold my nose is running and cough suggest some home based remedies?
Question about smoking...?
What is harder to stop- cigarrettes or drink?
Gifts for a child with cancer?
what are some organs that are involved with lung cancer ?
I'm 19, is it possible for someone my age to have BREAST CANCER?
PLEASE i am asking you to pray?
ahhhhh. what should i do? help?
How do I overcome my fear of death?
Im reposting this cause people don't understand what i mean when i say im scared of my lil brother.?
If you've ever been suicidal, what prevented you from doing it?
When you're tired but you know you won't be able to sleep?
insect bites....?
Is Pepcid used for itching?
Cow's milk vs. soy milk...?
Are Milk Duds the best available tool to take out old fillings?
Please, I have to know, what do you think of this?
How do you treat a toothache that is causing extreme headaches?
What do I do for a 2 year old who is teething and won't allow topicals?
how to get over a hangover?
If you put Lysol on your hands, will it work the same as hand sanitizer?
how do i quit smoking with out wanting to killsome one?
I was bit by 2 mosquitos 2 days ago on my hand and its hot, red, and really swollen what do I do?
What do you call people who can't smell?
doe's this sound like a spider bite?
bitten by a squirrel......really urgent!!?
what problems an arise when daughter marries the son of a diabetic father?
How do you treat insect or spider bites, especially one like a brown recluse (wolf) spider at home?
How do you know if you're dumb?
i feel like crying right now but i don't know why?
Would you be offended by this?
Sigh, Are there good days and bad days for you and your illness?
How to clean your ears if you ran out of the ear solution they gave?
Can garlic make you feel ill,when you put it in your underarms?
Which is more hamrful to society and body, alcohol or marijuana?Why are pot laws so strict.?
How many hours of daily sleep does a person (grown) need?
something just stung me. it was black wasp or bee i dont know but what do i put on it i dont have any onions?
how can i get fluid out my ear?
If you dream that you die in your sleep,do you atually die?
should i go to the hospital?
Has anyone taken Topamax for migranes and what was your experience?
A small glob of shampoo went into my ear. Cant get it out. Will it get infected?
does anyone have a constant ringing in their ears?
I am a little worried about Alzheimer's?
Who else has insomnia?
i am 32 years old female & sometimes i feel really dizzy after eating & it lasts for about 45-60. almost drunk
when you are about to fall asleep, does this happen?
Is it true that you drink about a liter of pee for every hour you are in a public pool?
Hypnosis to stop smoking...is it worth it?
I Have A Cutting Problem?
What will you do,if you know that this is the last day you live?
What do you do when you miss someone a lot?
do you know whats wrong with me?
i have started to talk to myself,have i got mental illness?
Is this just a cold or is it something else?
How can I convince a friend to stop smoking weed?
does a human's feces smell worse if it has been a few days since your last one?
grey skin, cough,what can this be?
do animals suffer from allergies or is it just a human 'thing'?
How to remove this from my finger?
what would you do if you cut off your foot?
What would you like to ask?If I cut off my finger should I go to the hospital?
Is it possible to puke out of your nose?
Eeek! I Need Help!?
i have chapped lips how do i fix it?
My nose has been congested for like 7 months?
I used generic febreze and now my son has rash could this be a allergic reaction . that is the onehting new ih?
I'm allergic to something in my house, but I don't know what, what should I do?!?
Milk Intolerance?
why can't I sleep?
is alcoholism hereditary?
is this a sign of heart attack? chest pain,more like pressure kind of pain then,?
What can you do for lowering down your high blood pressure to normal?
How to reduce blood pressure as it is 150 without taking any medicine?
i took my 6 month old son to doctor today he told me he has a heart murmur and told me to get an ECHO, iam sca?
a heart question? please read and help!?
Why am I overly thirsty?
How 2 stop my mum from smoking?
Am I dying?
Non smokers, What have you done? You have killed a culture and increased the sale of tranquilisers by 20%?
Do you anyone who has died from Cancer?
Should I be better safe than sorry about.....?
my dad has cancer they say two years left what do i do too make sure the last two years is good?
I just found out my older sister's cancer is gettig worse. I want to be with her but what's the best approach
Has anyone ever struggled with OCD? Tell me about it.?
On again, Off again sore throat? What can this be?
wots the longest time u've gone without eating?
Why do people want to be skinny?
Do guys just like skinny girls?
HELP! I binged today! What should I do?
What is good Medicate to used for poison ivy?
Is it true that your stomach gets smaller if you dont eat? I mean the body part not the outside.?
stick stuck in hand?
How do I prevent my sunburn from pealing?
Is it common to have a blood vessel break in your eye from being on the computer to much?
Whats the best diet i could go on to lose weight fast?!!?
How long does it take to show any weight loss after beginning to work out?
Is it safe to put neosporin on a small puncture wound?
how long it is gonna take for my mosquitoe bite to heal?
what do u do after your ear pops (like a few days later, wat do u do if it still the same when it was poped?)?
i need help?????????????
Serious question....I've been stung by a wasp!?
I got hit in the forehead by a softball....?
Have you ever broken a bone?
Will this affect my health...is it serious?
Why am I shaking..? ?
is this normal for a 13 year old girl?
Will you sleep in someone's arms tonite?
I had too much caffeine and can't go to sleep. Help!!!?
drugs are an important part of my life - I can't stop craving pot and doing line of c when I meet my friends
This is gonnaa sound weird. But, is this normal? o.0?
i am literally always hyper, is that normal?!!!!???!!?
What can I do to "get away" without going away?
Could i have a nose job at 14?
Have you ever punched your self in the face?
Help me!!! I'm hungover.......... again!!!!????
My son's bedroom carpet smells horrible... almost like urine and spoiled milk. What can I use to remove smell
How long is the longest have you been awake?
my girlfriend is like breathing hard i think she might be having a panic attack what should i do?
What's wrong with me?
i think i suffer from OCD, depression and an eating dissorder, but how do i know if i dont go to the doctor?
I've been yawning A LOT lately, is that bad?
if my belly button is infected, what do i do?
what can i do about my acne?
Head lice...Need some answers!?
What are ways of getting rid of acne?
I keep drinking water, but I'm still so thirsty! I just feel bloated and dehydrated..?
Need Help PLEASE?????????????????????????
Is it safe to drink pee? My mom says it's poisoness and other people say when your dehydrated you drink pee.?
Whats the cure for depression?
why am i so forgetfull am only 15 years old is it a diseease ?
would you tell your partner if you had an STD?
is cybering very bad?
I break out a little when i smoke weed. Do you think using a vaporizer will fix this problem. ?
Do you hate marijuana smokers?
Why does everybody say smoking is good for you?
how is everyone today?
Why am i so tired???!!!!!?
Hi i need some advice. How do i help my wife overcome her depression without splitting us apart, as it is now.
When do you like to take your shower and why?
What makes you fall asleep?
what would happen if you don't pop a water blister? is it safe to leave it be for a while?
is it normal to have a temperature less than 98.6? like 97.2?
Okay, on the anxiety issue. Does anyone else have the problem of (non normal) consistency of stool alot?
how to get a band aid off!? please help?
how long will your ears be swollen for after you pierce them?
undiluted bleach safe for little kids?
Would a lobotomy make me feel happy?
Big Splinter in for a few months..what to do...?
Can i get stitches on a scab that has been there for more than 3 years?
Does anybody know what Low white blood count means?
DOE'S ANYONE KNOW A CURE..............?
My mom's Breast Cancer Stage IV question?
I have cancer, How come im not worried..?
I am scratching my skin off!!!?
My friend has yellow hands, why?
What's the best acne treatment?
What could make a person hungrier than usual?
I came home yesterday from beach party and noticed bug bites all over my skin. What bit me?
what if ive been with my fiance 4 years now and now i want another man is that right its my feeling?????
What is the common cause of menstrual cramps and how to avoid it?
How do you help a SUNBURN?
how do I get rid of phem in my throat?
An ant crawled inside my nose. Will I be okay?
is purposely spreading head lice illegal? (like a school prank)?
purple bruises on my leg from out of no where?
Heeeeeelp!!! My 13 year old friends are smoking!!!?
sudden nausea and lightheadedness, this is weird?
My dads 5'10" & my mom is about 5'6", how tall will i be?? HELP!! im scared! im 16 and im 5'4"i havent grown!
Popping knuckles: good habit or bad?
is it safe to smoke marijuana once a month?
How Tall Are You? Here's the averages...?
are you scared to die?
My mind is to active, How can i sleep?
I am scared and would appreciate any advice?
Wierd painful small lump on the entrance of my nose?
is this an infection in my ear piercing??????????????????
If someone broke there leg in two place's how long would they likely be off work?
is my toe broken? advice please?
i wanna quit smoking?????
what's snot?
I'm tired of wearing contact lenses and eye glasses, any suggestion?
Still Have Breathlessness & Coughing?
What is the best stop smoking product that actually works?
I'd like help to Quit smoking
Whats the best way to stop smoking?
wanna answer this question please??
i have a horrible habit where i constantly bite my cuticles/ fingers. Its so gross but i can't stop it. help?
are germs transferred from one laundry load to the next user in a public laundromat?
Can you use nail polish remover to take the band-aid adhesive off of someone's skin?
I have a splinter under my skin, how do i remove it, what should I do?
do they give little kids stitches?
What are the common barriers to taking action at the scene of an emergency?
How to jump higher for basketball? Thank you.?
any tips for a burnt finger?
What food is best for 5 y/o with chickenpox?
My aunt had a stroke yesterday adn the dr's said that the cerebal part of her brain is dead is this really
should you eat salt if you have high blood pressure?
My blood pressure is 160/125 is this normal?
I'm 21 years old... no history of heart disease with myself or anything... but am having sharp chest pains now
My heart started beating really fast today?
my son has low iron levels?
I have a wart on my right thigh, and I'm afraid it will get bigger. How do I get rid of it? Please Help!?
My girlfriend is addicted to pain, anyway to pull her out of it?
Soar Throat :[ (read more)?
I have been experiencing an left upper abdomen cramp every time I run. It comes on very quickly into my run.?
Something is stuck in my throat?
I've got a really thumping headache and nausea. Would hot or cold water in a hot water bottle help?
What could this be? I'm desperate for answers!?
Skin cancer age 13?
What do I do? My Mom is dying of cancer in the USA (where I'm from) but no one knows when, and I live in UK
Does sleeping in a bra make you have breast cancer?
Insomnia? How to help it?
How can you tell if you have a fever...?
How do I tell her to get rid of her head lice?
Can't sleep?
Does anyone ever just feel like trading in their parents and/or family?
Why do I get a mosquito bite every time I go outside?
how can a soothe a sunburn?
how do I get rid of hickups?
got a cut from a brass metal?
How can I help ease my child's ear discomfort while flying?
Cat scratch on neck..does any one know how i can hurry up the healing process??
Is it true aloe vera is good for sunburn?
burned my finger?
How do you stop a cut on your lip from bleeding?
What can I do to save myself?
Which drug will do the most harm to a 1st time user?
What's the ugliest part of your body?
may i know the tips how to cure dry cough?
Help, I'm desperate! BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS! URGENT!!!!?
i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
· Your doctor has just told you that you have a month to live, what would you do in that stretch of time?
i feel like shnit. tell me what to do and help me cheer up plox?
I think that im going to break!! I HATE HER!!!!?
i am hearing voices in my head can you please help me ?
what is so bad about ecstasy?
What are the best natural and non-drug help for depressiona/anxiety?
I got toothpaste in my eye, could that hurt me?
why do my gums bleed?
how do you get teeth whiter?
What is the best toothpaste for your teeth?
I am not able to sleep--what should I do?
ACNE, I saw my dermatoligist today and she gave me?
how do I get the burn mark off me?
What do I do if he has a seizure?
When people receive blood transfusions, can they receive blood from any race?
What does a doctor do when you check in for being constipated?
Would you rather not shower for a week or not brush your teeth for a week?
Have you any idea what maybe wrong with me?
I have a real problem. I'm at work, so make this answer quick. How do I make my farts sound louder?
how many tablets to die and what/if not another way?
im not feeling good!!!!!!!!!?
Will the swine flu begin to kill Americans soon or do we have the right medicine to survive?
how many are you worried about swine flu?
SWINE FLU.....................?
my husband , who is 50 yrs old, just had his first bloody nose. could this be serious?
What is wrong with me..coughing, stuffy nose, clogged ears?
if you smoke....what is your...?
Well I am getting a lot of stuffy nose and watery eyes and I also have a itchy nose!?
What are the best medicines for human cat allergies?
What's the best hay fever cure?
I just ate something expired,should I be worried?
Is my blood pressure normal?
Is it possible for someone to have a heart attack, but not know ?
When do you know that your caffeine intake is too high?
Is 63% ejection fraction normal for a 21yr old female?
What are some good treatments for wrist pain? ?
My feet hurt really bad!?
What can i do for my headache....i have tried Motrin ...bubble bath .....dark room?
can you die from an untreated sports hernia?
what are the surcamstanses for calling 911?
how many times do you wear your jeans before you wash them?
is pig meat good for human consumption?
How much antifreeze will harm you , I got a little bit in my mouth and spit it out last night 16 hrs ago?
Is there some sort of bath I can take that will help speed the healing of a sunburn?
is my burn infected?
If she went to the hospital because she was extremely dehydrated how would she get treated?
I have a stuffy nose and today I lost a little hearing in my left ear. Is something wrong?
what is the best way to stop a bloody nose?
Does it hurt to get fillings? =(?
Im getting a tooth Pulled tomorrow and I have a really important qustion.?
do i need braces!?!?!?
Could you do this?
my toenail fell off!?
I don't like to cause pain to myself, but I am trying to break my foot or ankle.?
Is it possible to get back your get up and go once it has got up and gone?
are there any positives to smoking?
Is it possible for a 17 year old to get cancer?
my dad died on the 19th from difficulty breathing with lung cancer? can you answer this question please?
do i have a brain tumour?
Help my friend is not going to be a cancer survivor what's going to happen to her ?
My girlfriend has a constant headache?
When you're in pain, what do you do?
Do you suffer from cramp in your calves?
My Thumb is Swelling up, its itchy and there is like a red mark going down my hand, what is it?
My daughter's stomach really hurts. Someone tell me if it's appendix or not?
Do I have Swine Flu?????????????
How can i get rid of diarrhoea?
Should I be worried about the swine flu in Missouri?
A child with 104 fever?
If I smoke just three or four cigarettes a day, will chances of lung disease still remain very high?
does asthma go away???????
i had a cough for about 10 days and i still have...?
My eyes have started to get sore when I'm on the computer.?
Is it a Good Morning where you are...?
I have a serious medical question, can you please answer?
I was awakened by sharp shock (like electricity) in my right arm/no pain/no headache/---could this be a stroke?
What Should I do to stop my heart from beating very fast , when I'am nervous?
How bad is it if my blood pressure is 180's over 130's?
Facial nerve twitch...How long does it take before it goes away on its own?
Weed and Panic Attacks!! Helpp =]?
I've got Multiple Sclerosis...?
I can't stop vomiting... how cool is that eh?
What is a seizure??????????????
Should I get this checked out?
Can AIDS be transmitted like this?
help! BLEEDING!?
Do you pop a blister from a burn or leave it to pop on it's own.?
How many times do you normally sneeze during a session? I am doing a test on this can you please help?
ive got terrible sunburn?!!! Please Help!!!!!!?
female or male mosquito which mosquito bites and which not?
what is a fever?
Hypothetically, if I've been shot, but I can't go to the hospital for reasons which I don't want to discuss,?
What do you do?!?
whats the best way to get rid of a stuffy nose and cold?
what can I do for my daughter who has canker sores on her tongue,?
Why are random teeth becoming sore with braces?
Ear pirecing help??ASAP ASAP?
im getting four of my wisdom tooth pulled out. will it hurt?
hey people, how do anorexics eat?
Is it really that bad to smoke weed?
What is a good pot smoking song?
I'm only 13, but I keep having SUICIDE thoughts !?
I need to stop this please?
I really hate to say/think it, but maybe suicide is the only way out?
What mental disorder do I have?
do gross things bite?
plzzzzzzz help remedy for bleeding nose?
What is best after you throw up 3 times?
I hurt my ear with a q tip!?
I have been troubled with a pain for two days and would like to know if it requires medical attention.?
I've been drinking alot lately and now my stomach keeps hurting?
Headpains in a 16 year old?
Does smoking affect your kindey?
I just donated blood, and i feel a bit dizzy..should i lay down or take pills?
I really want to become a vet in the future as I love animals however I do have mild asthma.?
How do you eat wheat, gluten and dairy free at a wedding?
What kind of Dessert can I make for someone with wheat & dairy allergy?
how do i get water out of my ear???
i got my period when I was 12. Now i'm 15 and my chest is still pretty much flat. Is this normal?
I have a bug bite that itches like crazy and is a little swollen?
where can i get full info about AIDS???
How do YOU stop biting your nails?
hot pepper hands on wife's privates?
My son got kicked in the thumb and it's swollen and very bruised but he can move it. Any thoughts?
stitches do they hurt?
What's the Most Painful Experience You've EVER Had?
I need to go to the loo soo badly, but...?
Thank God... Swine flue is not that lethal virus.. are u relieved?
Is swine flu how the world will end in 2012?
Should I go to the doctor for swine flu?
Can someone tell me what Penicillin is used for?
it huts when i go to the toilet?
can a 3 year old be diagnosed with cystic ribrosis?
Smokers and non-smokers please answer this?
I wake up every morning with a sore throat?
im thinking about smoking pot....?
I am quitting smoking, and I want to start running, but I can't breathe. How long til I get my lungs back?
What the hell is wrong with me?
Billions & billions of dollars have been raised for cancer research, but no cure. Do you think they really...
what is your opinion on the cause of the somewhat recent cancer outbreak?
will my hair fall out? ?
where can i talk 2 people with cancer??
Is it common among teenagers that smoke cigarettes to get lung cancer?
father and son bump into a pole and go to diffrent hospt's when the doctor came they said this is my son?
Cure for chronic bad breath?
Please tell me how to relief form constipation?
I get a ton of headaches! what could this be from?
what time do u get up in the morning?
Is it possible to put TOO MUCH lotion on?
Wats ur fave essential oil?
My toe is hurting!?
Why do men always "suffer" from"morning glory"!?
is diabetes for real,? not just some scam.?
Help improve 40 yard dash time.. For football.?
Why am I always so tired & sleepy?
Why do I wake up every night at 2pm?
what must one do to improve one's sense of smell?
How do I get rid of the hiccups?
Do you have sympathy for Drug Addicts?
I am afriad of getting my ears pierced. Please could you tell me what its like and any advice.?
Odd swelling on my daughters finger. Should we see a doctor? (pics included)?
Any ideas of what this headchace, light sensitivity thing is?
I have continuous pain in my head, though can't tell it is mentally or physical - one seems confusion for me?
how to cure a high fever for a 4 year old?
why do I get cramps in my calf's after walking for 2 or 3 hours?
Are you addicted to anythink?
I've got a terrible headache...?
Which one hurts the most?
In clinical phase what does MRI means?
does drinking dairy products really make more phlegm when you are sick?
Grace does increase with age, what happens to strength?
how does marking an "x" shape with your finger nail into a mosquito bite take the itch away???
Should I get stitches for my cut?
How can a person get less into physical needs and more into spiritual needs?
Until what age does a person see a pediatrician?
what caused me to go blind yesturday?
What is most likely to happen if I try lsd (acid) at age 18?
I feel stupid asking this but I'm going to anyways.... Is my face ok?
can you die if you don't take out your tonsils ?
What diseases, viruses etc... can you get from sharing a drink or kissing?
my mum has swine flew, what should i do?
I observed a woman today with extremly long finger nails. How sanitary is that? Think about that for a minute
swine flu .....whats all the hype about!! ?
what can i eat when i have the flu?
Coughing up a small amount of blood! HELP!?
why are some of us more prone to suffering from excessive gas than others?
I'm sick and I don't know what I have. Help please!?
I think I have asthma, but my mom won't take me to get it checked out?
a poll: what are some things that might smell like urine that shouldn't?
I'm giving up smoking. Any tips on how to succeed?
Will smoking weed on occasion, harm me?
do you know CPR?
I DON'T WANT A SCAR!!!! help please!!!?
I have a bump on my head what is it?
What happens if you take to many tylenol.?
Headaches. What's your cure?
i sprained my ankle, does anyone know some good tips and things i should do?
my calves hurt and i cant stand it!?
can yu catch an std?
why can't governments try to find some medicine which can help smokers quit their habit?
is it advisable not to get involved with a girl who has had breast cancer before for health reasons?
my husband has brain cancer told about 3 mos to live ,all bills are in his name, how do I change them to mine?
Do all cancer patients lose hair?
My husband is drinking himself to death, and does 'nt know what he's doing, do I tell him or let him slip away
Wisdom teeth coming through. What age did yours start to come through?
im getting braces tommorow and im sort of nervous?
does getting your teeth out hurt im really scare :?
help! i think i just broke my braces!?
When you have no sense of smell, why can you still taste?
What do I Do I cant afford a doctor and I might be dying?
Whats your worst fear?
what's the longest you've gone without crying?
Do you think we should grow old gracefully??????
I think my cousin is huffing cleaning products?
Ways to stop bad breath?
Brushing teeth??
can you get your teeth fixed with someone elses credit card?
Will people tease me about my braces...?
How bad is my baby's peanut allergy?
Can I use Benadryl cream on my infant's face for a rash? I think it is an allergy to wettness from saliva
Any way to physically stop yourself from sneezing?
Can I be alergic to Honey?
In our middle school, most kids smoke, drink, etc. I don't. Everyone says I am not cool cuz of it.?
Do u think 5'8 is short for a 18 year old male.?
I'm always tired, even with 8 hours of sleep, why?
How stupid am I if I smoke another cigarette?
how to get talller?
I have panic attacks a lot...?
should marijuana be used to control hyperhidrosis?
had a pain for 2 yrs in the left side of head is this stress?
I have had water in my ear for over 12 hours as i have been in the pool , i can hear it in my ear.HELP?
How do you keep cool in the summer during the humid months if you don't have AC?
Spider Bite cant tell,?
My son has a raised, pink, hard insect bite on his leg that is oozing clear fluid, any ideas as to culprit?
my 21 yr old daughter?
What is the normal level of heamoglobin?
My 4 year old sister ate a couple moldy carrots?
Is it okay for a nurse to leave part of her uniform unbuttoned, to show some cleavage?
Do my family need to be tested for HIV if i am HIV positive?
Is it possible to be so tired you get sick?
I feel not-so-great.. do i have the swine flu? Read details!?
What could be the reason for this ?
I've had a blood blister since wednesday and haven't popped it?
could this mole be cancerous?
What should I do about my acne?
My skin is peeling...horribly! What can I do about it?
I have very dry skin+i use mousturizer everyday what could i use that works really good???????????????????????
I've had diahrea, been throwing up, cold sweats, hot flashes, and dizzy?
Help with a dizzyness/fainting problem?!?
Quick, I'm having a hiccup right now..what's the cure? No sugar swallowing please..?
If smoking cannabis leads to mental health problems, how come I'm still fine sfter 25yrs of pot smoking?
what are things you do to feel better/stop from being depressed?
I'm fed up with my job!?
Burnt finger on a toaster oven coil?
i smoke about 1 pack in 2 days for 7 years if i quit now will my heart and lungs repair them self at all?
Long story short, I my hand was in a burning flame for 3 seconds or so,my thumb now stings& red, what can I do?
Help! My eyes are VERY swollen from what I think is allergies. Can anyone recommend something!?
When I take deep breaths in my throat/chest hurts?
what will happen if I chop up and sniff painkillers? this is a serious question?
what is the worst pain youve ever been through?
has anyone took tramodol ?what are your experience's of it ? is it addictive ?
What's the worst pain you've experienced ?
Does this make sense America?
Could a blood test or a urine sample determine if i have STD's or herpies?
Does Justin Bieber have syphilis?
Won't take a shower?
Is it possible for deppresion to go away by itself?
Should I eat when I feel sick and have no appetite?
If you had to choose a handicap, blindness, deafness, inability to walk, etc. what would it be and why?
I am having a pain on my left front side below my ribs?
Why does my mom's death seem like a bad dream?
I just found out I have cancer?
How do you deal with a housemate who insists on having the central heating on maximum all day.?
What should I do if I'm falling from a height?
If you've broke your thumb would you still be able to move it?
i can't feel my left arm but i can move it, what should i do?
Can I drink alcohol if I'm taking Desloratadine?
can you get spots by sweating ?
I need a doctor's advice please? Please, no stupid comments, this is very serious for me.?
What happens if you eat cigarettes?
how do i stop doing meth...?
I'm thinking Gallbladder?
the best way to stop cramp once it's started in my calf muscle? thanks?
what is happening and should i get this checked ? 10 pts for helping?
In a lot of pain....please help!!!!?
How long can depression last?
Is it bad to sleep at different or later times
How do I make myself fall asleep?
i kinda do to much nail-biting please help me TIPS its an addiction and i want to STOP?
Is it possible?
What's wrong with me?
How do I tell my parents that I'm depressed and need help?
Triskaidekaphobia? What's yours?
My cat died in my arms. I'm so overwhelmed with grief, it's literally devestating. How to cope?
Why do people who cut themselves do it on their arms?
allergy symptoms. help?
Is it true that if you're allergic to cats you're allergic to dogs?
Is 5'6'' for a grown woman tall?
help! bad high last night.?
What kind of milk can lactose intolerant people drink?
Constant blocked up nose.?
Nosebleeds, nose up or down?
Can't stop the bleeding?
Cut with a rusty nail, what should I do?
What is Redtube? I heard about it but im scared to go on it... Is it some kind of virus or something?
Did someone already find a cure for AIDS?
I smoke like a chimney?
is this normal? i'm kind of worried?
Should we be panicing?
Do you think swine flu is a manufactured virus?
swine flu?? made out 2 b worse than it is?
how can i get sick or get a cold?
Im 22 and dying of throat cancer I think its probably my fault. Its to late to be treated what should I do?
what are the types of cancer?
does weed cure cancer?
When patients and family members say. "We want everything possible done."?
It's believed that of all cancer deaths may be directly related to diet?
Help before I'm anorexic?
Poison Ivy on my privates ... I'm scared ... please help?
I'm a nurse. Yesterday a pt asked me to scratch his bum.?
Do you feel alone when you suffer from depression?
how to lose my voice in one night?
Should i kill myself?
i cut myself alot and think about suicide daily what do i do i'm scared to tell my parents?
how long does it take to get addicted to ciggarettes ?
Is blood actual blue?
why are some people on yahoo answers so freakin mean??
Which doctor should he see if a person can't control his bowel and urine?
What's wrong with me? Could any of these be symptoms of something bad? Please, somebody help me..?
i havent had a BM in 3 1/2 weeks....?
How can i stop myself getting a hangover tomorrow?
what dose a flea bite look like on a human?
Every day (one week) my nose is bleeding. What could cause this???
how do i get water out of the ears??
my mom has a habit.she catch and force big ants to bite in her navel until blood comes out.is it ok?
What medical treatment would you choose if you had cancer?
Anything to do to get rid of nausea?
Several small dark spots on both lungs?
Does humidity affect asthma?
Should I go back to the doctor?
Will you hold me please?
Feel like I can't go on anymore??
I'm plain and kind of ugly. Can I actually have boyfriends?
My nose is always blocked everyday. My mom says it has something to do with when i sleep (Around 12 A.m)?
Earache, headache, Blocked nose?
My throat is really sore & im losing my voice.. Anything i can do to make my voice better?
My boyfriend is a snot eater! ?
Why Is A TOOTHbrush Called A TOOTHbrush If We Use It To Brush Our TEETH?
Does It hurt when you get fillings on your teeth?
how to make it so you need braces no crappy answers?
Are Braces worth the time,pain,and money?
What happens if you sprain your ankle severely and don't see a doctor??
I can't see out of my left eye very well, iT just suddenly went blurry and I don't know what to do.?
Got hit in the eye with an eraser today, now eye feels like its going to explode.?
can you live without your pelvis ?
Whats the best way to stop chapped lips?
Please help me to treat my severe sunburn?
what does my child have?
What's the best way to tell someone you have HPV?
how can i ask nicely if someone has any kind of STD or illness that can be passed on?
If you could one disease/illness, what would you cure? Why?
Will someone please, please tell me what's wrong with me, help=[!?
Why can't AIDS be cured by antibiotics?
Do You think I should....?
How do you get tonsilitis? i really want it :)?
is the swine flu jab dangerous for my 5 year old little girl?
What are you going to do differently now that there is a Swine flu breakout?
Can you drink alchahol if you are on antibiotics?
What is a homemade cure for really bad dry hands.?
Sunday and the couch?
I jammed my ear in my?
What's the best way to reattach a human thumb?
has anyone ever dealt with a meth addict? any advice?
I cut off my finger. Will it ever grow back?
can someone please tell me the meaning of this? what is it?
help, i burnt myself?
There was a tick on my leg the entire night while I slept. There is a big red mark where it was. WHAT DO I DO.
What feeling do you have the most difficulty controlling?
what does the DO at the end of a doctors name stand for?
Is it common that brothers & sisters mess around?
I am 3 months pregnant and very depressed!!?
Are mental health problems linked to low IQ? ?
That's it...I'm done with life. My doctor can't see me and I just can't take it?
Private question, i'd prefer girls to answer (:?
Which is better, washing your hands in warm, cold, or hot water?
So people do you smoke?
if i have suicidal thoughts, should i go see a doctor?
If I'm allergic to shellfish, but not regular fish can I eat imitation crab?
Why won't doctors give my boyfriend an allergy shot?
Can one overcome a cat allergy?
Is it possible for one's allergies to go away?
what does it mean if you have blood on your stool?
do you smoke?
why has no one found a cure for cancer yet?
When cancer is classed as terminal...?
how is it possible?
What are the symptoms for insomnia?
How much do perscribed antibiotics usually cost?
Why does cocaine cause me to get a tight & shaking neck, and shakey knees?
What do you wear to sleep?
Wat happens if u think about breathing?
what are histamines, or what do anti histamines do ?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
If it's not a fruit allergy, what is it?
what can cause facial hair growth in women and what can i do about it?
Eww.. Please Help! 10 Points for GREAT Answer?
How do I stop sneezing? I sneezed 14 times yesterday!?
what could cause a toddler 2 1/2 to lose large amounts of hair?
Can you swallow your tongue? **Please do not answer if you do not actually know**?
how much should a 14 year old guy be able to lift?
This is for AA people. I have a sponsor and have a question.?
faking on injury?
my eyelid is twitching. what's causing the twitch?
Which flu and cold remedies actually WORK ?
My stomach hurts... the doctors aren't concerned. people with a brain, help me.?
if someones hands and feet are allways cold ,is it a circulation prob?
How to get rid of sore throats and coughing?
I'm quitting smoking on Monday.?
What do you do if someone has a panic attack? How can you help them?
I slammed my finger in a car door what should i do?
How many bones have you broken?
Have you ever woke up and got ready for work on your day off?
help with wound closure strips (don't read if squeamish)?
i haven't smoked weed in 5 wks and my urine is still dirty its very important that i pass nxt wk anyone help?
Tips for staying up for 50+ hours?
what to do if an insect fly or bee enters in an ear?
What can i do about a really deep cut, that wont stop bleeding?
OWEYY help splinter under my nail!!!?
Can you catch Down Syndrome?
Sore throat,blocked nose,Sneezing,Headache,High temperature,Coughing. Which of these r symptoms, signs or both
Hey i heard there was 50 cases of swine flu in new york and i live there what should i do?
How can swine flu travel from Mexico to Europe when they are so far apart?
I think I may have HIV/AIDS?
blood in urine, can some one help? ?
How do I overcome my insomnia? ?
can someone help me cure my symptoms.PLEASE!!?
Im dying, what would be some good last words?
Do I have a problem??
Why don't mental health professionals laugh when you laugh?
Why does cutting/self inflicting pain help?
Could I have had a weird reaction to shrimp?
I've had allergy shots for 12 years. Not retested since. When do the shots peak and no longer work?
Symptoms of Allergies?
In the garden I got bitten by something, but I don't know what...?
I think I have water in my left ear, and I've tried almost eveything to get it out, any suggestions?
I can hear water sloshing inside my belly, can anybody else do this? ?
So I ran into an old girlfriend, who's married with kids but she wants to hookup. Should I do it?
What's a crown and lots of other questions!!!?
how do u get rid of a toothache that i don't have to see a dentist for?
How come animals don't clean their teeth?
Help with Braces Please!?
braces help??????????????????
I have heard Listerine can be bad for your teeth...true?
If I get blood tested at the doctors and. If I smoked pot will it say?
blood from my backside ??
I want to get rid of all the acne on my face.chest.everything.?
What's the best hangover remedy?
Do you think its good to be working out at age 14?
what are signs that a cut is infected?
I got stung by a bee what should I do!?
My daughter has a bad sunburn.. help!?
What are the health risks associated with people that lick dirty toilets?
Is it true when a mosquito bites you and you flex it will explode?
Wasp Stings ALL UP IN HERE!?
Something to put on a burn on my hand..?
how can i stop itch from mosquito bite and heal the inflammation?
How did you get over being depressed? Joke if you want, but I'm serious. ?
Are you an emotionally strong person?
I'm gradually losing memory....and I'm only 17!!! Is that normal?
HELP!!! Bulimia.?
I want to start smoking cigarettes, what's the best way to do it?
My coworker farts all the time and it smells like popcorn is that weird or does anyone else's?
which one of the 5 senses u think u couldn't live without?
Does anyone know what to do if you can't sleep? Please reply! I only had three hours of sleep last night!?
why do i randomly get depressed with no history of depression problems?
How can I help my younger sister (middle kid - 3 girls) quit smoking weed - it's making her SO unmotivated!
What your reaction when you are stressed: eating a lot or have nothing to eat?
Yellow eyes, what causes this?
what happens right before you faint?
Can losing your voice from a cold, or screaming cause permanent damage to your voice? (or singing voice)?
Is smoking 3-5 cigarettes a week really bad for you?
is there something wrong with me??
Does anyone know how long it's possible to have chlamydia without having symptoms in men and women?
how can i get aids?
should i be worried abou the swine flu?
what are the symptoms of swine flu?
I have a question that has to do with the swine flu and the end of the world.?