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polio dead or alive when used for vaccine?
what's the best way to clean your system of marijuana?
Ugh!!! Stomach Flu! What can i do to combat nausea??
hearing loss during colds / flu?
In an open mouth kiss if neither of the people are infected and if one of them has a partial bleeding gum?
Hand Foot Mouth disease?
dose infections in your stomach make you feel dizzy and bloated?
infant illness?
is there any way that i can remove my allergies on my under arms?
Horrible allergies?
How can I efficiently minimize dust problem in my house?
How do you get red eyes?
What is the U.S. Patent number for the invention of HIV-AIDS?
I have an enlarged prostrate. My PSA is 7. I am male, 66 years old.?
Do you think this is fifth disease?
Is there anybody here who has Epilepsy?
what happen to your body when the blood sugar goes down?
Diabetes runs in my family. What foods do I avoid so that I can avoid getting diabetes later on in life?
diabetic meters?
Camp Sweeney?
What is the best cure for shin splints or pain in the lower leg ?
Best cure for sinus headaches?????
multiple choice?
does the expiry date on polysporin really matter?
What is the best teen work out you know?
How much money would I get for my kidney?
what are black heads? I read a question which somebody was asking how she can get rid of them on her legs.?
IN Increased INTRACRANIAL PRESSURE , postural drainage is contra indicated_ WHY?
Abnormal Chest Ct Scan & My Doctor doesn't seem to know what is wrong?
I would like to use a salt pipe to help with my mild asthma.?
I have no Sinus Affection, but I have smelly, green, mucus?
Have you ever had a panic attack from not being able to breathe/asthma?
I've been having Chest Problems..help?
i got a spring stuck in my throat!!!!?
How much calories are in an apple?
Why is it so hard to lose weight but so easy to put it on?
Is lack of willpower the cause of obesity?
Weight training and diet?
is this even possible? help me please...?
How often can you use the Total Gym?
starvation mode?
if you lose weight from body do you also lose weight from face?
What height are you and what height are your kids?
Lida with birth control pills?
What tests are given to determine if a person has AIDS? What is the precise difference between HIV & AIDS ?
how can i find a free clinic in my area?
does people get aids even if they are hiv negative?
I have herpes. how can I talk to others like me?
I need someone to interview who lives in India for a report on AIDS. You don't have to have AIDS.10 pts?
Cold sores and how to get them?
is the methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) deadly in all cases?
Microbiology question. Can someone please help :)?
Is it okay to keep nursing if I take antibiotics for mastitis?
Bird flu vaccine development, is there no limit to Indonesia's greed?
hep c pcr test?
I had infectious mononucleosis when i was 12. I'm 17 now but I have a friend who now has mono, can I catch it?
thoat problems?
in urinalysis and fecalysis test how will u determine sign of std?
what causes forehead headaches?
Whats the easiest way to not get serious injuries by falling down stairs?
My doctor says that i have stress problems...?
I'm in pain for the past two weeks I've had a headache that won't stop?
Tight jaw muscles.........?
If a child has a Bakers Cyst behind her knee and it doesnt hurt, should it be left alone or removed?
I have back pain every morning...could it be from my mattress?
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most pain you have ever been in?
is it true that after bunion surgery your big toe is paralysed permanently?
What are the different HIV symptoms?
i have a staph infection in my ear, how do i find out if it is mrsa?
My husband had a positive tuberculosis test...?
what is measles vaccination called in russian?
how meny cases of an disease does it take to be classed as an epidemic?
i am from india?
I am Hbs Ag Positive person for more than 5 yrs what can i do now to make virus negative? I am 35 yrs now?
My doctor said I have HPV and she also said I had two STDS which she then cleared me of If I do is is cureable
what are some ways you can prevent Chlamydia ?
i been treated for an std and the doctor told me i couldnt have 4 two weeks.?
Are high resolution screens easier on the eyes than laptop screens?
Where can i buy colored contacts without prescription?
does being in front of a computer all day damage your eye sight?
do color contacts have ANY bad effects on your eyes ?
where can i buy cheap glasses online.?
Colour Contacts???? are they safe?
Somebody needs a SLAP. Can I do it? And if so, how?
what causes cancer cells to develop?
How does smoking cause lung cancer, emphysema & bronchitus?
How accurate are Dr's on life expectancy?
My dad is 59 and has been living with Cancer for 2 years?
ladies, i just heard about a breast cancer that?
For those who have had cancer or have cancer: what was your lifestyle like?
My mema has bresat cancer...advice?
how is asthma related to science?
I get what appears to be an allergic reaction to road running?
Why is my neti pot stinging my sinuses?
Allergy problems?
am i allgeric to chlorine?
Can Clonzapine and Methodone and oxycodone helpful in treating cronic pain?
excruciating head pain near temples, blocked ear, sinus pain?
Why would it be a "Catastrophe" if I bend over to tie my shoe after eating a plate of beans?
I very rarely normally get heartburn but now I've had it for 5 days?
Headache and weird vision help!!!!!!?
im in major pain plz plz help!!?
Help getting off of narcotics.?
Why on earth are my feet Vibrating !?
Hand Cramps?
What is there naturally to help with Bipolar disorder?
Any Natural cures for water retention?
Has anyone ever had an inner ear infection/vertigo? How long did it last? How was it treated?
Can you give me an information about the mixture of ginger and coconut oil for joint pains?
I got a bottle of Colostrum ( chewable pills ) . What is is ? and whats it for ?
What successful natural remedies has anyone tried for keloids?
If anti-depressants help people, why have suicides dramatically gone up in the last 20 years?
shanberg sickness?
Are vitamins made out to what they say are? In other words, are they the real deal?
What is a douchebag?
Are medical mistakes the 3rd leading cause of death in America ?
Gallstone symptoms??
What are the differences between educational goals and objectives?
Feeling badly about not coming through?
Just a question!!!! 10 points! ?
Does milk cause a fever to rise?
Help please! I don't know what to do! Is it strep throat?
Which of these actually cause more long-term damage - heroin, cocaine, or ecstasy?
Anyone ever been Rolfed?
My fiance got samonella food poisoning from eating raw oysters.?
Can you get Hep A from yourself?
What is Coloboma?
What makes sinuses smell funny in the winter?
Toddler has a "gagging, choking" type of cough. No fever, no vomiting, no excess mucus. What could it be?
what is the best thing to do when an allergic rhinites attack?
How do i get my mom to stop smoking ?
does chlamydia delay a womens period?
i have had some really weird symptoms and i have been cleared of stds and hiv but my throat has tiny spots on?
Can psychiatriac disease like depresssion,anxiety cause feeling of pins and needles?If so can i take Neurontin?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a sore neck?
Whats wrong with my head?
my head hurts when i sleep during the middle of the day?
Why do so many people seem to want to have bipolar disorder?
Where can I get free online live chat 24/7 counseling?
Do you like soup English?
Can you lend to Italy Queen Elizabeth?
how Do I get rid of my love handles?
Lemon water diet...does it work?
Can anyone suggest good ways to lose Weight ?
What is medically most advised for patients with exceptionally high cholesterol readings from drawn blood?
Can my anxiety cause irregular heartbeats even when I don't feel that anxious?
What are the affects of a stroke?
Exactly what does an ECG test tell the doctor about your heart?
My blood pressure is 110/76. I'm 19yrs old female i weigh 125 and im 5'7. wat does this tell me? is my bp ok?
If keep eating fatty foods, will the cholesterol push some the hate and bitterness out of my heart?
Are there any health risks associated with high pulse rate?
Shortness of Breath; Difficult to breathe in all the way. Someone, please help if you can?!?!?
my vent rate 61bpm pr interval 138 ms QRS 78ms qt/qtC 400/ 402 prt 60 47 41 is this ok?
how old do you have to be to have a heart attack?
weight loss help!!!!?
Can people tell if you are muscular even when you're wearing clothes?
I need to lose 15 pounds within the next 2 months how?
What impact has yoga had on your life?
Atkins Advantage meal shakes. Good or bad?
Toddler with type 1, does this make sense to anyone...?
sumone plz help me im FAT!!!!?
Whats the fastest you've gotten your A1C down.?
About spiral fractures?
How long should I wait until I can run?
Pulled Groin mussel what should I do?
Aching Pain in Left Knee, Becoming Severe!?
Please help! I'm worried. I fell on my stomach and found blood in the toilet?
Messed up toenail problem Help!?
Crushed finger? I work with severely autistic children well 3 days ago one of them bit my index finger hard?
Is it possible I have a broken leg?
Is it true that there is a small bone that you can break to get out of hand-cuffs ?
What is the best over the counter anti-acne treatment?
I finally found something to get rid of boils, but how do you prevent them from coming back?
Please help with upper arm acne!!?
Good Way to Get Rid of Zits?
I have poison ivy HELP?
might be a cyst, what should i do?
Why wont my skin clear up even though i stopped using steroids over a month ago???
how to get rid off the lines and dark skin on my neck?
Is it bad writing on your hand/arm with a pen?
itchy legs, arms and back, what could this be?
My eye has been twitching for a week?
Awake during surgery?
how can i stop waking up in the middle of the night, every night?
Is it possible that if you take tylenol with codeine #3 it makes you feel as if you cannot sleep?
Why do I always feel gross after I fall asleep during the day?
What are those hard chunky smelly things that someone coughs up?
Can you snort Xanax?
Which STDs can be picked up by a routine school medical (including urine sample)?
what hpv or hvp?
Just got diagnosed with HPV and abnormal pap?
How much does it hurt for a guy to get a STD test?
Herpes question?
if i go to brook can i....(UK only)?
Getting contacts- need advice!
Twitching eye...?
Not wearing your glasses for activities that don't require them. Is this true?
Brain tumor/Pupil Question. (Doctor's and optomologists please read)?
My eyes. I have flashing lights around my eyes?
Why do my contacts get blurry after wearing them?
Losing vision for a few seconds with open eyes?
Why do i see flashes?
eye contacts help i need help?
why are they called wisdom teeth?
what is dental recall?
When you bite yourself inside of your mouth on accident, why do you keep biting yourself in the same place?
i want my teeth to be whitened..?
Cheek/mouth biting & chewing habit.?
How to get tested fot hiv?
Are women at a higher risk for getting HIV/AIDS than men? Why?
Can you take phenegran after you take sudafed sinus?
How many people in the world have allergies???
Preventing white dust from a humidifier?
how do i get rid of a cold within 30 minutes or an hour?
A really irritating problem......?
Am I allergic to shellfish?
Are there HORMONES or SPOIL delay additives in meat that can cause this???
are you cold?
Anybody know anything about the uses of bindweed or bindweed extract in treating cancer?
Medical Misdiagnosis - Cancer My doctor after a fine needle biopsy (3 actually) stated I had a benign tumor?
Cancer & Gas problem?
Are you more likely to get cancer if someone if your family had/has it?
What will happen in the end stages of lung cancer?
How painful is Cancer,why?
I have told my friends I have Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma but every time I tell them,they get scared.Why ?
I think i may have either an enlarged colon or colon cancer or maybe IBS?
terrified of breast cancer, please help me (women only)?
On the hottest summer day can milk curdle in your stomach?
How can I do a background check on a doctor?
I'm thinking about laser surgery in Montreal to correct astigmatisms. Anyone with experience doing that?
does having a shunt make abnormal/ mess with how the brain functions?
On the back of the Advil bottle, it says not to take more than 6 pills within 24 hours.?
can you take Flexeril with Hydrocordone?
how to leave taking tobacco?
What are the signs and symptoms of vocal damage?
extrapyramidal side effects help?
Can't breath AFTER I run............?
What smoking cessation products have worked for you?
AN antibiotic question. Help please?
how much dies a sinus surgery cost?
How can I make my lungs healthier?
My mother passed away partly due to a nursing home. Contact me for more info.?
Does cold air trigger a asthma attack?
Honey VS. Suger Is honey nutritionally superior to table suger?
remedy for low white blood cells count?
How do I join express scripts?
where can i get awnsers for nvq level 2 in health and social care on the internet?
whats a instant way to get the bloated gassy feeling out of my stomach.....for free?
i have pain in my back. What can i do?
how long is percocet detectable in urine?
home remedy for middle ear infections? anyone have one?
V8 juice a good way to get all the veggies or fruit you need?
Any girl over 25 still bedwetting ocassionally.?
Can somebody please give me a well-thought diagnosis?
What should i do with these unwanted growing hair on my breast and under chin?
horse breeding?
tiny dots in vision, millions of them?
My boyfriend has problems sleeping on my bed. I need help?!?
Even before you take a drug, when you know your gonna get it, your withdrawals stop why?
Bipolar disorder: Do you know your triggers?
Have you ever came home from a trip and found yourself getting depressed?
To thosewho suffered loss ( death of loved ones ) how bad is holiday time?
How do you know if you have a biological depression or an emotional depression?
all about chlamydia?
how do you know if you will get an outbreak?
tendon injuries, can they pile?
Any help for itching ear canals? (Yes, they're clean.) Too dry? Too oily? Too clean? Too hairy?
is herpes zoster infectious to another person?
scabies, can scabies cause tiredness?
Why does avien influenza lead to sever disease consequences wen infection does occur?
a)What are anti-retroviral drugs?
What is the life cycle and natural habitat of the Rubella Virus?
HIV and Teeth...?
is there such thing as BYON disease?
i need info on chicken pox injection?
Availability of melatonin 5HTP?
Sleep and relaxation?
Which natural Spices/Herbs lower Cholosterol and LDL?
Medicines for migraines?
Has anyone ever had 'ACUPUNCTURE' ?
I recently went to see a doctor?
is there a list of alternative healthcare practitioners of southeast missouri ?
is heroin legally used as medicine?
Does icing a sprained or injured ankle help it heal quicker?
Is this a pulled groin muscle?
How long is a typical recovery from a thyroidectomy?
Should i get my head checked out after hitting it quite hard?
Had appendix out last saturday?
whats wrong with my ankle?
i lost all my limbs can you help me?
What's "brittle" mean when referring to diabetes?
Parent with Brittle Diabetes, and how does one live with them without going insane?
insurance for type 1 diabetic?
what does diabetes do to your body?
What are the pros and cons of injections against the pump?
what part of the body uses the most blood sugar?
I am confused?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
Is This Norovirus?
Whats the highest and the lowest diopter on a corrective lens.?
When diagnosed with an astigmatism, does your contacts lenses prescription get weaker?
Eye test appointment today but i can't be bothered...?
where can I buy online color contacts that are reusable and inexspensive?
can you loose an eye to a really bad case of pink eye?
Sinus or Allergy Problems? I'm not sure which one it is
What is the best ALLERGY PILLS for general?
What foods can aggrivate eczema?
Does tape have latex in it?
I am alergic to Soy products of any kind. Everytime i eat soy I break out in hives. What foods can i eat?
Cat Allergy!! HELP!!!?
How to tell ifyou got mites?
When im standing straight up and i turn my body side to side shadow box with my mouth open i here wheezing?
Is natural sugar in fruit bad for trying to lower blood pressure?
when i fall asleep, i feel my heart is ready to stop and i get paralyzed, what is wrong with me?
My Heart Cramps? What is this!?
What causes a pounding, fast heart?
Information on mini strokes! Please help?
throat/stomach is causing fast heart rate. anxiety is rule out...what could it be?
How can you tell if someone is having a heart attack if they?
My husband is having a coronary angiogram on wednesday we are all very worried it sounds horrible?
Can you go into cardiac arrest from a panic attack?
When I drink coke, my chest or heart hurts, why is that?
Why Am I getting white Spots On my Skin?
How do u stop sweating much!!!?
Butt Acne!!! AHHH!?
Tattoo problems?
What anti-chaffing remedies can you recommend?
help sun problems /???
Everytime i Drink Red Wine, Why Do My Cheeks Always Go Red...?
I fould "Vagisil" in my girlfriend's medicine cabinet.... what does this mean?
Do you think it is a good idea to visit Kuwait if you suffer from severe atopic eczema?
My wife made me post this, on eczema, please help?
I ave a recurring pain in my ***-literally. Specifically, mid left buttock. SI joint? Anyone else have this?
Can sleeping problems affect your eating?
Tomorrow is my quit day, can you help?
is pain a side effect whilst taking PREDNISOLONE corticosteroid ?
I quit smoking and now have bad skin?
it does not matter how much i drink i still wet myself at night?
I am day nine of taking Champix? The stop smoking drug?
Why are people that are born premature, more mature now?
does smoking cigarettes AFFECT chemotherapy?
eamega bracelet/necklace for liver cancer cure?
is this a swollen lymph node or something else?
what is the cure for cancer?
how long can you have breast cancer before a lump is found?
How can I show my support etc? ........?
Does breast cancer have an affect on the female's femininity?
Can you get hiv if there is menstrual blood in toilet water?
What is it called when a gallstone is formed after removal of the gallbladder?
which foods help reduce water retention.?
are there clinical test reports for all the good benefits of virgin coconut oil?
spider bites?
what is a frost bite???
i am 57kg. i was 53 the same time last year. pls advise what is the best way to loose weight .?
Has anyone ever had a Lumbar Laminectomy?
when i lay down at night on my right side i feel something move in my upper part of my stomach and kick my bac
where could i buy some plastic pants for adults ?
bunion surgery or realignment?
what happens in our head during a headache?
Why do I have this leg pain when I didn't do anything?
I burnt my tongue. Anything that could make it feel better?
In so much pain and it won't go away...?
does anyone have vocal polyps or nodules?
prednisone 20 mg..for 5 days..what are the side effects?
How do you know if you have a sinus infection?!?
Chronic sinus infection?
Chest pains..........help?
Cure for Muscular Dystrophy?
Chest Pains and im 15?
last night my aunt's mom died and when she took her last breath i saw it come out cold...is that normal?
can u smoke weed in a hooka?
Does Deep Bleaching really work on tetracycline stained teeth?
What do dentists do to cavities?
fastest way to get rid of a cancor sore?
How do i stop grinding my teeth?
How many pills a day do people take for HIV?
bladder infection and going away on vacation?
What is Ebola Reston kill rate?
Has mental illness changed your personality? Or is it unchanged?
For an adult who may be possibly autistic or have Asperger Syndrome, what sort of practitioner would they....?
What trauma could be caused by watching your house burn?
Discovering you were an unwanted pregnancy?
Do people who "hurt" themselves for comfort, do it because they were told by someone else to do it or other?
What should I do I feel hopeless?
can you lend a kind word to a hurting heart?
i always take everything the wrong way.. like i read into everything way too much .. how do i stop doing this?
R.I.P PHOEBE 17/4/09, please read it is something she left on her laptop, promise this is not scary xxx?
sharp pain in my upper right abdomen and chest, randomly for a few seconds.?
How long does your throat stay sore after surgery?
I have been getting this pain in my abdomen...?
Left arm pain what is this?
My back aches sooo bad when I wake up in the morning, what could be causing this?? Any tips?
What to do for fun when i'm home sick from school?
If you had a brain tumor how much would your head hurt?
What is the best way to exercise abs and chest?
what kind of workouts can i do to get a flat tummy?
Is 30 minutes of running a day not enough?
I'm 14, how come i gain weight so easily?
Special K diet?
How to loose 25-35 lbs. in a short amount of time?10 pointz 4 best answer!?
Am I fat?!?!?
does any body have a job for a 14 year old?
Why do we get hiccups?
How can some people eat extremely hot peppers without experiencing pain that others normally experience?
Is Marijuana a gateway drug....?
I need a motto for healthy living and being drug free?
When you first stopped eating meat?
im very sick can someon ehelp?
do you like to take?
when will you wake up to the fact that you are getting old?
Is if possible to drink an injection rather than take it in the arm?
How often should one replace current eyeglasses and buy new ones?
color contacts for astigmatism?
Can contact lenses give you red eye in pictures?
eye surgery...does it hurt???
What are the best contacts?
dont noe if i have pink eye or not?
Is this an Urinary Tract Infection, or is it possible latex allergy?
Natural allergy remedies?
my husband always has watery eyes but not due to allergies.what can he do to prevent them for watering .?
If I'm allergic to Cocoa, will cocoa butter bring about the same reaction?
Is it safe to eat nutmeg if you are allergic to peanuts?
there is no food variety so I just frustrated?
I love spicy food. But sometimes when I eat it I get extremely dizzy and my mouth gets hyper sensitive. Why?
what age would be best?
i have a cold[ugh suxx] my throat is killing me any tips?
How do I stop the nausea from tramadol medication?
How much Tylenol 1 can an American legally bring into the country?
Please help back problems?
What causes headaches?
how much panadol is to much in one hit?
Stress tackling relaxation?
What is good for clicking joints?
how should i tell my parents im depressed? ive suffered from it for two years?
I have Hep C but cannot afford medication orhealth insurance..are ther any ways of getting aide or assistance?
I want a power point presentation on hepatitis b and c virus?
graduate schools in us offering avian infectious diseases?
insurance records?
why is my left labia manora alot bigger then the right one?
Does keeping a laptop on your lap increase chances of getting diseases in any way, anywhere? Is it safe to?
what is your physical condition?
No pain after Meniscus repair?
Pains in ankle?? Pull or sprain?
How can I get glass out of my foot if its way inside there, I can FEEL something when I walk it hurts but I?
Gunshot wound to the shoulder?
i got hit in the eye last night wha tshould i do?
Is always sleeping on the ground bad for my back?
Is it ok to let a fresh amputee wound air out and leave the bandages off for a while?
Does herpes look like a scratch?
Have a bite on my arm, is just getting bigger?
ipecac syrup still (1oz bottle) available in USA?
Waking up with nausea?
i got stung by a bee yesterday right under my eye and now it is really swollen ?
The carbohydrate that circulates in your blood and provides energy for your cells is a ?
what would happen if a transfusion of type A BLOOD IS GIVEN TO A PERSON WHO HAS TYPE O blood?
How pain full is it to rupture your achilles tendon?
My Back Hurts Badly. Help?
How to rotate Tylenol and Motrin?
what is the best way to get rid of head pain other then meds?
What's wrong with me!?!?
should i go to a walk in clinic?
What is wrong with my neck?
Daily Headaches / Migraines Question?
left or right???..............?
can leukemia be treated with only chemotherapy?
When do the side effect of chemotherapy start?
2 year old daughter with swollen lymph node in groin area?
how do you die this way?
Why to support Breast Cancer Awareness.?
Is It True We All Have Cancer Inside Us But It Depends On What Triggers It Before It Becomes A Problem?
Should we sue Hospital for missing Cancer in a patient?
Where has my cancer donation money gone?
What causes pressure in fluids?
Has anyone else who uses Xopenex had problems with abdominal bloating?
What causes snoring?
i need to know for sure, who has a longer lung capacity, tall or short people?
does chicken pox affect peple with Chiari more?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Cystic Fibrosis Question?
Multiple stys on my daughters right eye.?
What kind of ways can you recieve hiv/aids?
What are some natural alternatives to fighting fatigue?
what is the difference between Holistic Dr.,Naturopathic,Herbologist,Herbalist,H…
Is there any positive healing process for sufferer of Chronic Demyelinating Polyneuropathy ?
How to grow medical marijuana - I have no experience
homeopathic education?
an alternative to anti-depressants?
What are the requirements for working in a Medical Marijuana Dispensary?
Do You Take Drugs? What Kind? Is It The Norm Thing To Do These Days?
what is the different between thrush and oral thrush ?
Can somebody tell me what's going on with my body? PLS?
is it possible to...?
bladder infection at age 10.answer quick plz?
Attn EMTS MEDICS DOCTORS health proffessionals.?
Have you ever met anyone that has sued a doctor for malpractice?
wats this?
does anybody know where i can have bloodwork done without doctors orders?
How to Solve a Bedwetting Problem?
How to get the drunk to wake up and get a job?
What the Fu#k Happened to me?
i think my child has autism, what signs do i need to look out for?
Is it normal for Ambien to cause amnesia?
Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 15 minutes?
Borderline Personality disorder & being childlike?
Why can't I stick to anything?
Who is really Autistic, have another medical issue, or just a spoiled brat?
This girl tried to commit suicide at a family party? I SAVED HER! What will happen?
How many cases of bird flu had happened in Estonia?
how many days can i be off work before i sent a medical certificate?
severely sprained my ankle....help?!?
Has anyone experienced this with a doctor?
My bak cracks all the time sometimes walking sitting is it bad or what?
Why did my body react so severely?
Lamictal Back Pain?
Synthroid and Vitamins/Fiber Intake?
Should I loose weight?
TREADMILL VS. ELLIPTICAL: which is better for slimming legs?
By eating Dim Sum fat or not?
Do you think books on dieting and exercising are a waste of time and money?
good diet and fitness plan for a 13 yr old.?
diet help for 2 months need to lose 20 pounds?
hello im a 17 yrold but my hight is 5'4 how i can grow more than 4 inches?
what are some good hardcore techno beats? I need for intense workout!! pleaase hel[?
why do some people need allergy shots?
Why do I have a mouth yeast infection (Been juicing oranges, carrots)?
Latex allergy?
Can a pregnant woman take Benadryl/antihistamine to treat an allergic reaction or help allergy induced asthma?
Am I having an allergic reaction to the kitchen cleaner 409? Have you? Please let me know!?
most random bloody nose?
How do we get cancer on the stomach?????
Help used natural Lice -free shampoo and found a live one in my daughter's hair!!?
Why are my fingertips & toes so cold?
Is it ok to use Artificial Tears (for dry eyes) on a regular basis ?
color contacts?
So, im thinking of getting Contact lenses?
Color Contacts are slightly hurting my eye, am i just not used to them.?
Contact lense fitting & lens prices. High pressure sales tactics too, should I go somewhere else?
glasses that arnt ures?
could it be my kidney that's making me hurt?
I've had headaches for the past 3 days. please help.?
i get pain in my hands and feet. why?
uti for the past two months?
A person I started dating has Epstein bar virus. Is this virus contagious?
PLEASE HELP! Could my symptoms be an appendicitis or simply indigestion?
how can i get rid of a cold?
Mono advice? Urgent much ?
i have an itchy throat and i feel like im going to throw up. what do i do?
Can i have rabies if the dog bit me when I was wearing long pants and did not make a hole through them?
I am concerned i have Mastoiditis? Please help me? ?
why cant i catch mono!?
Help! The Bottom of my Tongue is little bit ripped, i would say around 2cm, will it heal on its own?
How do I get water out of my eardrum? I took a shower last night and I got some water inside my right ear.?
Could a depressed Central Nervous System and high BP and HR cause vision problems?
Anything for a stuffy nose?
Does anyone know how to stop withdrawal symptoms from Vicodin?
Is there a list of all STD/STI's with their symptom appearences (time)?
have they found the cure for AIDS?
help with one of my labia is bigger than the other best answer.?
I have anal warts. What kind of doctor do I need to make an appointment with?
medicine assisted cocaine treatment?
I don't want to lose my best friend....?
if you could change one thing about your appearance?
girlfriend has bumps...plz help?
In your opinion, are vaccinations good, or bad? And why do you think so?
I'm coughing....?
whats this about life after death?
i'm frightend to fall asleep becuse i have miss heartbeats,do anyone else have the same problem?
does anyone have any idea ?
My husband is driving me CRAZY up the wall with his loud snoring, does anyone know of any home remedies or ove
Extreme pain in the very lower left chest? Just had the flu, is it related?
what things can help negative emotions and changing them..things like over worrying, sadness, frustration, and?
Are there any types of medicines you know of that are used to treat social anxieties?
what is the fastest way to cleansing suppressed emotions from the body?
is there any good hospital treating psoriasis in chennai?
Who knows anything about mega dosing with vitamin C, Have you tried it, or recommended it to anyone ever?
Manuka Honey Question?
What's the best calcium supplement for men?
Does Cell Food really work?
What is the best way to masticate?
List all types of Marijuana!!!?
What are the warning signs of diabetes?
Can you get diabetis from someone scaring the binggles out of you?
what is this human addiction to sugar and to oil anyway?
odd diabetes questions?
Diabetes or bulimia - which would I be worse to have???
would it b wrong???? PLEASE dont ignore this ?
question about chlamydia?
For micobiology experts PLS Help Immunity question?
reacuring bladder infection?
as a student nurse what would be your vision?
the identifacation of the procedures used to prevent the spread of diseases by mosquitoes an the housefly?
I have some sort of flu and I don't know what to do?
Why my navel is paining?i didn't clean it by anything but now i feel the pain in it?pls help me?
Why is my right wrist is making a funny sound when i shake it?
Stomach hurts after I eat?
methadone almost killed me?
What is causing my headaches? help?
what is the song that has... look me in my eyes and try to feel my pain"? ?
back to my question on damage due to long term use of oxycodone?
hi im 62 and i am having trouble sleeping in bed due to a curved spine. any advice on the best way to sleep.?
Is it possible for a calcification found on a mammogram to disappear on a second one taken 2 weeks later?
Can cancer patients and survivors get a tattoo? My daughter says no because of the ink and needles.?
In my book, my main character's mom died of cancer when she was little. What are some "incurable cancers"?
Hodgkin's Lymphoma chemotherapy?
Mean nurse is a relative?
can you get cancer from getting hit on the arm too much?
are more younger women getting breast cancer in there 20 and 30's?
Meniscus Tear? Surgery...?
Why is my one leg really tight?
What is this huge lump (not a bruise/swelling) inside my hand?
I have Pain in the Outer Portion of the Knee?
what is wrong with my hearing in one ear ?
Sore on finger won't heal.?
How do you treat a hurt ankle?
I think I injured my wrists?
How many bananas do I stick down my pants so my warts will go away?
If you had/have acne...?
what Could the Red little Bumps BE?
best way to get rid of acne fast??
Why are my cheeks always red and how can i get rid of it?
please help skin problems easy 10pts!?
Why would life expectancy be so low?
My husband's heart is racing while just sitting on the couch, he also...?
Has anyone done the sacred heart diet?
Amlodipine-Benaz, side effects?
does anyone have painful heart pvcs? mine hurt and my doc says they shouldnt?
Feels like my heart stops?
Another angiogram - this will be number 6 --?
Marijuana leading to heart attack???
my cat is loosing her fur on her back and she seems to be looseing weight she had kittens about 10 weeks ago
Are there any diseases from reptiles that can infect humans?
What are the Subjective Assessment of a dengue fever" ?
Do you have a list of foods for a good hep c diet?
Interesting facts on lyme disease?
Okay, I have a cold AND well..?
Does neone know how long the human HIV-virus can survive outside the human body?
anyone have a clue?
West Nile Virus?
true or false?
How to get rid of hand cramp/rsi?
what are the symptoms of neuropathy?
Ankle aches problems?
Why are my upper arms so sensitive?
How to safely come off Vicodin?
Why does my chest hurt when I breath in deeply ?
Small burn in roof of my mouth, painful to eat. Any suggestions to help the pain?
Is there any way that will help me stop cracking my knuckles?
Do you believe you can meditate to lose weight?
How to reduce stress?
what's ok to drink other than water?
Will eating chinese food make me fat?
is there a good way for an 11 year old boy to lose weight?
Losing Thighs?
Thunder thighs to the rescue!!!!! BUM BUM BUUUUUMMM!!!?
are 7 chicken wings and veggies/dip to much for a meal if Im trying to loose weight?
Pleeeease answer my question!?
What do you need to be aware of when diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency?
Why do scars never go away? ?
cancer in bone marrow is it gone yet?
How do I remove dead skin cells from my face and body?
CANCER!!! now what!!!?
Healing time for broken hip bone?
is it better to have a splint to stop it from moving and pain? or no splint?
I'm just tired. Any ideas to feel better?
why is my do i keep on shaking after drinking coffee? Is is coffee bad for the heart? i never had it before.?
if i hold to some metal thing or even to my friend why i got an electric shock? why is that?
Why does my child smell like PICKLES? HELP!?
Massage therapy at finish lines of races?
To your knowledge who was the first person to die from Euthanasia?
what's the average range of price to pay for invisalign? what are the other choices for straightening teeth?
what happens when the antibiotics do not get rid of the abscess?
Orthodontist Appt?
national board dental exam study material?
do i really want to be a dentist?
Mouth infection help?
I have 1 Cabdury's WISPA bar. Should I put it on ebay or just eat it????
What causes severe stomach pains?
MRI says my back has a bulging disk laterally on the left at L5-S1, How come they didn't recommend treatment?
Pain Med Question regarding Hydrocodone/Oxycontin....?
I'm 16 and sometimes but not all the time i get this very sharp piercing pain in my chest.Why?
I have a sever headached on the front right side of my head.?
I am 50 years old, last night my left arm was completely numb and this morning a have chest pain?
Do you wake up with a song in your head/?
when put food in my mouth I feel as if I have to spit it out! Is something wrong with me or am I just tense?
What are the physical signs of each stage of cirrhosis of the liver and are there 3 stages or more?
salmonella question?
HIV/AIDS is it more than disease ?
is it common to get the chills then a hot flash during andropause?
have u had low white bloood cells? please help?
My best friend has Hepatitis, she used my lip gloss, will i get it?
how to spread AIDS awareness so that people can be prevented from dreadful diseases?
Hand sanitizers vs Soap
How to improve my eyesight?
hypnosis? i am studying it tonight need some info...?
i m getting dizzy in bed when i sleep,i feel i m spinning 360 !i have to sleep on the side to feel better.help
Does Kimberly W. Have Herpes?? You Be The Judge!?
Is it normal to have blood coming from the nose if you have sinus problems ? ?
What does SELF-LIMITED mean in "Acute, self limited, reversible airflow obstruction"?
Does msg affect asthma? Has anyone been affected by msg?
Is this is a Chest Cold?
Is it possible to have pneumonia and bronchitis at the same time?
fake cigarettes?
Non-pharmaceutical method to lessen Tramadol (Ultram) withdrawal.?
Lower back pain & sometimes abdominal pain at the right side below my rib.?
Sometimes when I take a breath I feel pain in the left hand side of my chest what can this be?
What will my doctor do?
my bones click and crunch?
stomach pains in middle of night?
lower back pain, why ? 10 points.?
I accidently bit my Oxycontin will i get sick?
Is pumpernickle bread ok to eat for people who have Type II Diabetes?
what are stem cells?
I am a 62 years old Type 1 Diabetic patient, for the past 8years.?
Can you be diabetic even if you're at a healthy weight and haven't lost any weight since it started?
How can I get my blood sugar levels down without medication?
whar is the normal fasting blood sugar level?
What are Lesions????
My cold sore disappeared without appearing fully, is it still contagious?
Would you rather get the actual flu or vaccination?
what is chromes disease?
Contagious only during a fever?
the cdc is pushing the vaccine, The delays in getting it out have caused 1000's of infections and some?
My friend is getting over Swine Flu faster than me?
can i get the H1N1 virsus from a dog?
So...what is the absolute first thing you do once you start feeling sick?
I have hep c, is it safe to shroom? 20 years old?
What causes IBS?
why are you scared of the tarry black stools
we r planning a holiday to turkey and i have multiple sclerosis(MS)?
Is it possible to get of of antidepressants?
i have really bad black circles under my eyes,?
My son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at 3 1/2 yrs old. As anyone else ever had such a late diagnosis?
my daughter was born with a painful birth condition or defect and she hurts all the time?
i need to pass a drug-urine test for weed?
my nephew is 4 and his ears are leaking this oily orange looking stuff, why?
this stupid cold everyone is gettinggg....?
What should i use to get rid of scars from mosquito bites???
What does panic attack feels like ?
Being drug tested for a job, help!!?
What are the best songs to run too?
You know when youre in bed and stuff, and you do this like jolt thing with your body? i dont know. What is it?
oh noe moar canswer....................?
Inflammed lymph node but not sick?
I need help....my friend is terminal with cancer. She is having difficulty eating anything that isnt real?
How do you prefer to pass the time while you're having chemo?
How do I check out a Doctor's back round online?
Breast Cancer remission?
im doing a report on leukemia and....?
can i full blood count tell you if u have cancer?
Please help me in cure of Jock Itch......... Thanks in advance..........?
could this be pnemonia? bad allergies? or something else?
Allergic to watery fruits?
I need some allergy help?
what is dust?
Severe Chronic Asthma, Any Help?
What STD's are uncurable besides HIV ???
if one person have hiv could i get it i know alot of ppl who dont have it that came in contract with it and?
Headache help :/ please?
NO DOCTOR has been able to figure this out - can you? How do I stop this?
head ache issue? please help?
Is it bad if I occasionally hear these click noise or loud beeps in my head?And if so what does it mean?
Weird Pain In My Left Side? Could It Be GallStones ?
WHat could this pain be coming from?
ive been having a headache for 3 days now and i need to know what to do!?
my neck made this grinding noise?
sharp pain in my head?
My child cracks his neck.?
What can you do to help treat a meniscus tear?
I recently had surgery on my left knee for a meniscus tear. They removed approximately 33% of the cartilage?
how long does it take for a torn acl and mcl to fully heal?
What kind of knee injury would have these characteristics?
i tore my meniscus in my knee?
I don't know what I have done to my knee...?
What are some good ways to exercise my left-hand which I had my ring-finger amputated four days ago?
i have problem with my right kneel, i have see doctor several time, but nothing change. please give me clues?
I need a good excuse to cover my lie?
Why would you hit someone back if they hit you?
when some one is sick, but isn't running a fever.?
What are the symptoms of viral hepatitis?
How long would it take for me to show signs if I had rabies?
i ate chicken that wasnt cooked all the way. what are my chances of getting sick?
What are the side effects of Amoxicillin?
Normal bun, elevated creatinine? Does anyone know?
what kind of doctors do stress tests?
what foods can lower my cholesterol and triglycerides and lower my weight?
thinking critically anyone have an idea of what structure and properties an artificial heart should have?
Unable to determine LDL?
High Blood pressure treatment?
Slightly numb sensation in my left arm / hand. Is this a sign of an impending heart attack?
Can you get high on cold medicine now?
in homeopathy education,which one is better?
Are there any herbal suplaments that make hair grow faster and stronger?
Which natural supplements are best for...?
alt med and diagnostics?
Does anybody know a good natural remedy for warts?
Anxiety/Depression question?
Questions about switching from a chemical to a natural anti-depressant?
Home remedies for stuffy nose.?
Will 10 panadol pills kill me?
Is a license required to become a Chiropractor?
how do I get rid of saggy skin after weight loss without surgery I lost 140 lbs year now have wrinkled belly?
I need to lose as much weight as i can. Can someone help me out???
How many days a week are nesessary to rest from the gym and repair tissue?
I only have 3 days a week to make it into the gym, want a muscle building workout mostly for the upper body?
i want to build up some body mass. What sort of suplements and shakes should i go for along with my work out?
who here is on a diet and actually losing weight?? whats working for you?
i need GOOD tips for loosing 30 pounds in 3 months.?
is it healthy to work out twice in a day?
I need to lose weight fast?
Quickest way to fall asleep without meds?
is there something we can do as a second hand smoker?
Botox treatment?
do hospitals have video games?
How did YOU quit smoking?
does constipation???
How many teens are scared of getting older and what scares you?
Can you have too much sleep?
holding in the urge to go pee... is it bad for you??
how did u quit smoking?
can petroleum jelly be used in the nostrils? If not, what can be used?
I can't hear outta one ear, I think that it has air trapped in it. Any ideas on hoe to take the air out?
What makes you jump when you are falling asleep?
Is there any affordable surgeon that can take care mole removal? I need help.?
If you got toilet paper stuck up in our nose would you have to go to the hospital to get it removed?
Thank you ALL for all your help in answering my last question, but I don't know what to say.?
Advil Ibuprofen........?
What does it mean when your knee crackles and pops and aches?
What exactly is "pain management"?
My husband keeps stealing my pain meds, no matter where I put them. I have a safe, but he crackied it. What c.?
what is the pain in my jaw head and ear?
Help me? I get sharp pain all over my body (like a jolt) when I drop an object or see an object about to fall.?
Why does my head hurt when the weather is hot?
I had my Tonsilis taken out; why dont i feel any better?
Are there any nerves or pressure points in your hand?
What can I do about my atopic eczema?
Do I have foot eczema? If so, how can I cure it?
Are there cases of Autism in children that did not have any vaccines?
What's the name of the thing michael jackson got?
Help, what do i do, wher do i go, a doctor? im not sure?
what is the difference between protozoan and helminth diseases (generally)?
What illness causes sore bumps on the back of tongue and in throat?
How does soaking a cloth in egg whites and placing it on the soles of your feet draw a fever away?
Moderate fever for 5 days, heavy fatigue, cough, sore throat..ideas?
I have mononucleosis, but I feel like I am getting worse, not better?
what are some SYMPTOMS of the STAPH VIRUS?
Tonsils out at 21 almost 22 years old?
What are the HIV/AIDS fact?
Can Septicemia kill you?
heat packs or ice packs for neck pain?
When I take a deep breath the back of my throat feels weird?
Numbness in the calf on one leg, the other leg has a numb knee?
How to make stitch pain go away?
My middle and lower back hurt really bad?
I have horrible lower back and knee pain! I am only 20 years old. I am a female with no kids why does it hurt!?
Would I get laughed out of rehab? (ps: This is no Bobby and Whitey nonsense)?
What is biggest pain human can endure?
How much does an Immunization shot hurt?
should i be worried?
Pustular rash on feet?
would a person that's infected from a person with aids, directly get aids or would go through HIV first?
can i still PLAY WITH MY SELF IF........?
Symptoms: bloody/mucous diarrhea & vomiting pink foam. All is intermittent. Any advice? Doctors can't find
i'm allergic to coconut and my scalp was peeling off and i cant find alot of info on coconut allergy's
If I took Singulair at night, could I take an OTC allergy pill, such as Loratadine & Antihistamine, in the AM?
Tomato Allergy?
help please!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is there latex in socks?
What's the reason why we have sore throat?
Other than pink eye?
why do you say bless yo after someone sneezes.why not say excuse you,sneezing is nothing to bless peeps for ?
What disease am I talking about?
Can anyone explain what is the cause of ulcer?
my nephew has a fever?
precautions during giving anesthesia to patient with pemphigous vulgaris and taking steroids?
Did Oprah have a Tapeworm?
hey how do you know if you have tapeworms?
Are women more prone to killer viruses than men?
what comes up in a mouth swab drug test?
Can you get nicotine patches 'over the counter' or do you have to go to the doctors?
Bloodwork, what does CBC, CMP, PT/PTT mean?
What are some good ways to help get through stress?
what do you do at those 13-year-old checkups? i have one tomorrow!?
Sleep problems perhaps?
Why do I see a flashing white light when I hear a sudden sound when I'm half asleep?
i think bed bugs are biting me! what shall i do!?
Is it better to take your vitamins in the morning or at night before you go to bed?
How many times a night do you have to get up to pee?
how much pain can the body take before it shuts down? and is pain just mental?
pain in abdomen?
Help with lower back pain... female in my 20s?
I have a pain in my right side just under my ribcage, like a lump?
is it possible to increase pain tolerance or is it just a mental thing?
In pain, need help! 10 points!?
How do I stop cracking my neck?
Are there any opticians that can make lenses thinner and fit them into the frames without costing a fortune?
Glucoma?What is Glucoma?
Is there a remedy for eye styes?
do my eyes get 'lazy' , from using reading glasses?
How do you know if your finally starting to recover after pneumonia? [After taking antibiotics]?
I lost my voice and haven't been able to get it back in over a week!?
I just got better from a cold, why is it that when I lie down, I start coughing madly (but not when I'm up)?
does having asthma change anything in you?
Having some health problems after work?
why does your nose run when you're out in the cold, even if you aren't sick?
what's the best way to get rid of a cough????
Can back problems cause chest pain andbreathing problems?
is it bad to have continuous wet dreams like more than 2 times in a week?
how can i prevent thrush?
chelitis, herpes. chapped lips, fungal infection??????
i have one blister under my tongue what does that mean ?
Can HIV live in the cattle?
How can I get nightmares?
Do you think thinking all the time and trying to understand things happing around gives brain exercise?
why do i hate people and authority figures who wear white shirts?
Does anybody here have schizophrenia or knows someone who does?
How can I tighten my flabby lower stomach?
How can I burn the most calories in 9 days?
Does water help you LOSE weight or GAIN it?
Can you please tell me some healthy food diets to place my daughter on? she said she wants to lose weight?
What foods does Iron come from?
Is it alright to do 2 hours exercise 5 times per week?
Ab Excersises:How do I get abs?
question about laxatives....?
Do you think I'm underweight?
How do chubby people sit on the toilet?
What is the Jama Virus, who does it affect and is it curable?
what causes chicken pox and what is its cure ?
Is there a way a positive HBsAg person turn to negative?
do I need shots if I get bit by a dog with no rabies?
Can I use a thermos to keep milk warm for 7 hour? Will there be any bacterial growth inside it?
Could it have been the flesh eating disease?(SERIOUS)?
herpes question......?
Why is Chlamydia called "The Clap"?
Can i get another herpes outbreak so soon?i really need to know help me plz..more?
Can you get aids through...?
Question about Gonorrhea ?
Aleve or Excederin for pain?
What can I do after 5 years of extreme back pain?
How do you cope with chronic, sometimes intense pain?
Why does arthritis hurt so much more when the weather is cool and wet? Other than moving to Arizona, what can?
I received an Epidural shot for back pain today, will it work in the long run?
Tips for getting rid of a headache? (possibly codeine related)?
Major pain on the ball of my left foot?
what is this annoyance in my neck?
My dog jumped on my ankle...?
Heart Rate Questions?
Hello, does anyone know the difference in Cardiovascualr Tech and Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Tech programs?
If left untreated, how long would you survive after a heart attack?
Is 144/92 High blood pressure?
What should be the normal blood pressure for someone of a stature of?
Do you know anything about this diagnosis?
why do people suffer from bad heart burn?
Can't sleep! What do you do to help with insomnia?
Any natural remedies to get rid of acne?
"quick liver cleanse" using natural ingredients?
Should we stop testing medicines and treatments (alternative or otherwise) for effectiveness?
Have you ever used homeopathy for your asthma?
are there any home remedies to pass a hair drug test?
How can a person balance being a good person with not worrying & still be aware of getting things done?
What is the name of the yoga that makes you high?
opening my chakras...........?
What is the cheapest way to fix an overbite?
The best CHEAP whitening treatment?
Why do people get their wisdom teeth taken out?
If a dentist has a DDS, does that nessecerely means that he/she is a good dentist?
Does getting braces off hurt?
Wax you put on your braces? ?
ok white teeth?
Pain in legs??
What causes/prevents cramps?
My spine hurts soooo bad...please help?
Upper Back Pain/Tension?
My sister has headches everyday, what could it be ??
What's the problem?
Does it hurt when you get a second ear piercing?
How can I swallow pills?
How do you stop the cycle of sleep problems?
anyone know of any good OTC sleep aid?
Does sugar really lower the immune system?
Why does my right eye lid twitch?
What is the best thing to cure brain freezes?
What is this feeling?