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Trouble breathing?
My mother is 72 years old, lives alone, and has diabetes...?
What r all the signs of becoming a diabetic?
Do people actually actually mean the things they say when their drunk?
What can I do to make my scars less noticeable?
When I'm embarassed, I turn BRIGHT RED!?
Why do we see million of tiny dots in our vision like tv snow in the dark?
How well does Chantix work? Does it really do what they say? Will I stop smoking with this new drug?
Is our obsession with hygiene going to kill us all?
Is it even possible for SODA to stop and prevent HEART BURN and/ or UPSET STOMACH?
im still drunk....help?
Sixteen year old girl thats depressed.?
What would happen if I where to take Laxatives,ectasy, smoke pot, get drunk, do acid, then go see Clash of the?
am a female 15 and 5'7 how tall will i be by 18? i just want to know or have an idea.?
people are affected by hiv through needles in bus and cinema theaters is it true?
AAAHHHHHH!! Can I get a std from a toilet? ?
I'm looking for Douglas Hall I am hiv positive & he needs to know.?
Can I get herpes by touching a peice of gum that had saliva on it?
What are Aids???
I think I may have the flu...?
Link between flu shot and illness?
Juvenile dermatomyositis?
Why can't I get rid of corns/calluses on my feet?
Does anyone else suffer from CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome)?
Insomnia, sensitivity, migranes... help!?
how to get rid of "super lice"????
The gas I expel smells like feces. Is something wrong with me?
241 BPM while working out?
If your pulse is hitting 130-140, is that officially tachycardia?I know it varies with people, but seems high?
Low blood pressure; good or bad?
what are some causes of heart attacks?
My mom is having heart problems?
What does it mean when you are diagnosed with having numerous PVC's in your heart and is it serious?
A heart problem maybe?
Please help is my heart ok?
Are my cholesterol numbers unsafe?
Sorry I'm asking one more time about HDL with more detail...?
What is the cure for leg cramps painful food and solution?
white oblong pill with m366 on it. Can anyone help identify it?
I have fibromyalgia,when I walk the outside of my calves ache terribly any suggestions on stretches?
Backache remedies? Bad back pain?
best way to get rid of tense shoulders?
side cramps?
yoga for neck and back pain?
I broke my collar bone 4 weeks ago playing football. When can Istart lifting weights again?
explain these surprisingly(?)different findings xrays showed that the 75 year had fracture ribs but not the 9y
I need advice on a knee injury?
Broken arm?
I broke my wrist 7 months ago and it still is hurting...? Is that normal?
Has anyone ever had a hair on the bottom of their foot ?
What should i do if i hit my head against the wall?
Which is the best toothpaste?
Best Teeth Whitening - Modern Ways To Get That Perfect Smile?
Is there any way to make your teeth move faster into place with braces?
wat are the best type of braces to get?
what is a kiss like with braces ?
Is 12 cavities terribly bad? And can my oral hygiene be saved?
Swallowing fluoride. . . .?
How would i make Money if i own my OWN CLINIC?
Do they call them "Thin Mints" because you get thin by eating them?
How can I support my husband who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2.5 years ago? The median is 12 months?
Can you still get skin cancer if you dont burn but you tan?
my father is suffering from cancer and now some watery solution is coming out from his stomach,what do i do?
What exactly causes Colin Cancer?
My friend has Hodgkin's...?
How long does Norovirus stay contagious once it has been transferred to an object and not another body?
Thera Flu or Nyquil! I have a Cold or Flu Iand I don't know what to get...?
anyone try the 3 day step to bacterial vaginosis treatment?
If you have a cold do you contaminate cups when you drink out of them?
Ive got diarrhea! Help!?
Will a second dose of Azithromycin for Chlamydia still work?
Is there a cure for HPV?
how do you get crabs?
Can pray help me to get rid of bipolar?
Do you ever feel paranoid about like, everything?
Why isn't extreme body building considered a mental disorder but anorexia and others is?
Is being an only child a gift or curse?
My mom is acting very weird. What may have caused her odd behavior (explanation inside)?
It's Self Harm Awareness Day today...?
For those who are 25 and older..?
Do you ever feel like everyone hates you?
isnt this disgusting and unhealthy??is it just me who thinks so?
after gettin HIV, what are the other possible and comon diseases thata patient might get?
what is strep b virus, how does someone get it?
Which fungal organism causes a superficial infection in the groin area (jock itch)?
My son is 16 months old, and has hydrocephalus. He had a shunt placed last week. Is anyone familiar with this?
Is there another way to prevent a baby from contracting the aids virus from an infected mother ?
Can Somebody tell me the Colony colour of lactococcus lactis on milk agar?
Holiday Illness?
how long should i wait after taking Advil to take Tums?
ultrasound technologist?
What is the best way to get rid of a headache?
back pain!?
What is better: sleeping on a hard or soft bed?
what is a hypercondriac?
Piriformis muscle Pain
Major stomach pains.?
I have always had headaches all my life but for the last three weeks I have had a non stop migraine. ?
what is the reason for my severe heel pain and burning sensation on my foot?
Help for migraine!?
I'm wanting to fix my back, would a yoga class or a chiropractor be the best? ?
Back pain 24/7?
Could this be a gullblatter attack? my stomach hurts after eating!!help please!?
how do you break a wrist or arm or ankle today?
Should HPV Vaccine Be Mandatory?
Free aids/stds testing? Planned parenthood?
dynamiclear fraud???
Why do males not have to take the new std drug?
help me sumpbody please help me?
are you classed as disabled with type 2 diabetes?
Creatine and Type 1 Diabetes?
I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 29 weeks, my level was 78 about 2 hrs after dinner, too low?
Can you develop Type 1 Diabetes or are you born with it?
How many years do you think you had diabetes before you were diagnosed?
freestyle has a 500 Limit then reads hi?
Diabetes?? 10 Pts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Lately ive been having trouble breathing, what could cause this?
does saline solution stop a nosebleed?
I've got asthma, but Its very much under control, i rarely need my inhaler, can i join the armed forces?
How to know if you have asmatha?
why can't I stop drinking ?? Have quit cold turkey before and was free of that CRAP for years?
Asthma Puffers - Help Me Find The Name, Please!?
What causes loss of smell ?
Help! Is this exercise-induced asthma?
Request: Sore throat jokes?
Help with my medical question I have had bad sinus and chest congestion.?
what is the best supplement vitamin to support your thyroid gland?
whats thallsemia?what r the symptoms.?
how to tone up ur thighs in 2 weeks???
Why am I not skinny. I feel disgusted with myself.?
super green tea diet pills from holland and barrett,can they make you sick?
is it okay to drink alcohol the night before getting a vaccine shot?
graphs used to show people with aids/hiv in america?
what happens when you keep swallowing your own saliva?
Ear piercing infection? Help!?
sunburn help please?!?
Stitches/Sutures Stuck!?
My bro got stung by a bee the day before me. mine is STILL swelled up after 3 days.Am I Allergic?IT ICHES,RED?
I feal heat and burning?
how long can a splinter last without taking it out?
I am looking for first-hand ghost stories from people working in hospitals?
Has anyone ever bought perscription drugs over the internet without a script?
menstrual cramps!?
upset stomach everytime i eat and whats it called when you bruise really easily?
Asanas for mid-back pain?
what exercises strengthen the lower back?
help with pain of carpal tunnel Please?
when u excersise what jabs means?
is there any prophylaxis against to be crazy?
I have an ear infection. I can't hear from my left ear i am taking amoxicillin caps 3x a day 4 ten days..?
Is it possible for 3 people with the same illness to have different symptoms?
Dengue fever?
how long do ringworms last and are they contagious?
Really gross medical problem and weird doctor diagnosis.?
are there different types of parvo and has anyone cured it themselves if so how thats what we are trying?
ACL Graft stretch?
mild concussion?
Should I continue to excercise even tho my shoulder hurts when I lift my left arm over my head?
Spinal Pain?
I have a small open wound that won't heal and want to go swimming, should I not in case of infection?
knee + sledge hammer = PAIN?
My 3 yr old cut the inside of her mouth today when she fell, does it sound like she needs to see a doctor?
i want my pointer to get rubbed?? lol?
Husband has a large cell sacral tumor and needs a specialist but this type is rare.?
Stages of Cancer?
Has anyone here had or had a children born with a sacrococcygeal teratoma?
Celebrating the end of cancer treatments!?
Information about staging an intervention?
My wallet has been stolen ( my fault...I left it in a place I shouldn't have), and I'm having a hard time...
I am a 58 yr old male with a lipid prophile of total cholesterol of 220,HDL 57,LDL 160.?
how is the diagram of blood flow in the heart?
Dilated blood vessels increase perfusion and heatloss, while constricted vessels greatly reduce cutaneous bloo?
importance of measuring blood pressure?
find heart valves and the warning signs to be on the lookout for?
Heart beats REALLY hard and I feel dizzy after working out?
What could this mean? Am I too young?
What will the doctor do tests on for my heart hurting?
can you have a heart attack if you normally have low blood pressure?
Please help! Whenever i cough, i get this sharp pain on my forehead right above my eyebrow!?
my diaphragm hurts very badly, and it feels as if I have 'gas' there, but how to get rid of the pain?
I am having surgery next week and am really nervous ?
How contagious is Canine Leptospirosis to humans and other pets?
Is Hepatitis B hereditary?
Vaccine Explanations?
Mono or strep?
Im getting over flu but i still get cold sweats at night why?
What Vaccines should the avarage 11 yr American have?
no that's what my AZO test showed?
Help!!!! Please explain the action of hepatitis B virus that causes liver damage....?
i swallowed about a cap full of hydrogen peroxide, whats going to happen?
When you go swimming, y is it that your eyes get red? Is it because of the cholrine?
Insect bite...?
i have a red bump on my foot and i was wondering if it was a bee sting and what should i do if it is?
Hm, what to do?!?
omg help, my toe is killing me?
How can i lose weight before summer?
How can you lose 5 pounds?
Weight Loss Help Please.?
bulky thighs?
Help me please?
The 'Pink Patch ' weight loss patches?
how do i get strong and fit?
will constant asthma attacks weaken the lungs?
Why causes smokers to have generally higher than average vital capacity?
How do I lose 35 lbs?
Can soda pop make people asthmatic - it seems there are more children with asthma?
What is your favorite smoothie to wake up to in the morning?
how can i stop eating snaks at night ?
Best site for up to date reports on Swine flu?
This morning when I woke up, my lower chest hurt REALLY bad to breathe...?
Tracheostomy: What is Z-79 and IT?
I have a terrible infection along with bad Anxiety..... HELP!!?
Drinking and then smoking pot?
Clogged Ear Help please!?
my husband has diabetes and has recently been afflicted with numbness in his thigh, could he have a blood clot?
is there any link between statins and eztimol (high doses) and type 1 diabetes?
Can I still drink alcohol if I have diabetes?
bioavailability / bioequivalance studies for enteric coated dosage form?
Rubella (AB) Positive - Explain?
After completing interferon treatment for Hepatitis C (successfully), can light alcohol consumption resume?
Kidney infection?
Does Holland have a NHS?
I dont think the antibiotics has killed all the lyme bugs.?
I just had a flu fever went away but my ears started to hurt and it wont go away what is it from?
The white part of my left eye sometimes gets red, I saw my doctor?
How is it that we can stamp out foot & mouth but not MRSA?
Anybody who has had braces as an adult..?
Is drinking green tea bad for staining your teeth?
why does my gum hurt?
what causes mouth ulcers?
If you have a canker sore should you go to the dentist?
if we could go without ever eating or drinking would our teeth still need to be brushed?
Why does my jaw keep on cracking ?
White side of orange peel whitens teeth?
Knee pain from running...?
how do you heal a sprained ankle its inhibiting my running and basketball tried ice and anti inflamation pills
stopping neurontin?
Pain medication......?
Are there any honest places to buy hospital bed cover?
my shoulder blade hurts really bad, i dont know why. my friend says i probably slept wrong.?
How can i get rid of these horrible headaches i get on near my temple( around my eye)?
I would like to know who all out there is on the Fentylnal patch???
flu and alergy?
What are good wide-spectrum oral antibiotics for treating an infection in the cerebralspinal fluid ?
has anyone heard of zyrexin the new super male from europe supposed to be in pubmed journal?
Bacterial Disease that starts with the letter.....?
what do you kno about cold sores?
What diseases may you get if you don't wash your hands for a long period of time?
how many kinds of anitbiotics are there?
What causes mood swings?
My BF has Aspergers. What is it?
Has anyone beaten Alcoholism without attending Meetings or having Sponsors? How?
i am having panic attacks on public transport, have not been on a bus for years... any ideas..?
Social anxiety.....?
My crazy friend is having a baby.....?
Where are the Counseling forums?
Can anyone assist me in trying to find myself?
doe anyone have this problem?
broken tibia and fibia... how long will it take before i am able to walk?
does anyone know if human beings can actually spontaneously...........................…
How can you tell the difference between a sprained wrist and a broken wrist?
is it possible to strengthen ankles?
how to read an MRI of my ankle?
How do I treat a "stress fracture" in my foot?
Is my big toe broke?
Can you help me?
squamous cell carcinoma?
is there a definite cause of cancer?
Can I have a basal cell carcinoma on my foot?
Can talking to much on the phone cause a cancerous lump behind the ear?
How long after being treated for chlamydia until it is gone?
Swollen gland? HIV? :(?
awkward question about a disease *down there*?
How can I keep my immune system strong?
how do i kill my wart fast?
what's STD?
genitial warts...?
which shower to taken after sauna hot or cold?
what is heroin used to treat in hospitals?
What is wrong with the Garlic Pills?
I have had 3 reflexology sessions and I have fallen ill both time after I had them?
Is there a way to increase the amount of blood platelets naturally?
Movie about Big Pharma/prescription drugs?
Skeptics/Alt Med-ers: how does the 'opposite camp' relate to the truth/reality?
lsd, not what i really want.?
Drastic increase of cholesterol levels lin a short period.?
what is a DEFIBRILLATOR and what does it do?
Can lack of sleep cause heart palpitations?
my resting heart rate is 135?
My husband is 29 yrs old, and recently had a ecg testing, can you interpret the results?
Im 17 and want gastric bypass is this a good idea?
how long can a high last?
am having a strong suprasternal pulsations is this significant for any thing or it could be physiological ?
How do you get rid of back acne for good???? It's so gross!?
Im starting a new job as a ICU nurse, what to expect?
why cant i cry anymore?
What Do You Think ? Should We Get Yahoo Physicians/Doctors especially for US, Our Yahoo.Community ?
How do I stop chewing my skin off my fingers?
how can l prevent'jig-saw puzzle stiff-neck'?
it seems I'm allergic to hydrocodone and anti inflammatorys and most muscle relaxants 15 years now?
Part 3 of opiate withdrawl?
I have awoke with a rib level bulge and he does me evil: what could it be?
what's the difference in dementia and alzheimers?
Can you help me to know about{histopathology of bacterial diseases} I didn't find anything using web search.
what will be the effect of the low neutrophils and high lymphocytes and platelet conunt will be 81000 and pct?
Does anyone have a known vaccine for shingles?
Why my friends saliva is bubling in her mouth while sleeping? pls HELP?
am suffering from chronic bacterial prostitis.i need your help to get off of this problem?
Can this kill you?
Preassure in the eye!!!?
I am concerned about drug interactions?
What can I do? I have MCS & my Dr offers no help as if he doesn't beleive this is a real condition?
What is hursprung disease?
What is the best brand of mosquito and bug repellent for the body?
Ok so I got my girlfriends industrial pierced three and a half weeks ago, infected/irritated?
After Knee surgery....is your knee supppost to burn?? What does ths mean?
Insect bite help... was bit at 1 pm and now have hives?
ring in the ears while taking AZITHRMONYCIN?
I just got bite by a dog, i see a little blood inside the skin, but it didnt flew out,should i see doctor?
im in college and my professor wants me to warn her when im going to have a seizure and she is always scared?
dangerous or not???
Is my ear piercing infected? What should I do?
Nurses and doctors, why does this happen to my body?
What do you think about healing people vs. evolution? Isn't it against evolution to heal the sick?
Why am i so hungry lately? feel like i cant eat enough/stay full?
Why Do I Keep Getting Sore Throats?
A friend of mine overdosed; did she feel pain before she passed away?
...why do paper cuts hurts...?
all about smoking weed..please & thanks?
Can stress make you itch so bad you have to see a doctor?
Do life insurance companies test for hiv when doing the swab test?
What type of doctor do I go to to be tested for herpes?
Free HIV Testing in Las Vegas, Nevada?
my friend has head lice, i want to tell her but im scared she might get angry what should i do?
What sort of questions might I be asked for a Band 5 nurse interview?
I'm having my tonsils and adenoids taken out at 16 and I'm scared! =[?
health problems and weight loss???
for the last couple of days i have been going dizzy...?
How long do hospital keep A&E / Casualty records?
Why is Health Insurance so high?
I'm not sleepy, but my eyes are. How do you wake your eyes up?
Sleep Suggestions?
very hard to fall asleep.. help?
blood in ulrenate?
what type of tumor not cyst is in the folopian tube of a lady (benign)?
i had goneriah before 3 months. i am afraid of aids. what the possibility to have aids for goneriah patients?
FLU vaccine/shot!?!?!?!?!?
i got pink eye ?
is it bad kissing so many times?
Migraine Headach?
My husband's feet hurt him all the time it seems.?
What is the best way to get rid of tooth decay pain? I lost my job and have no insurance, im in pain, needhelp?
Whats the best cure for menstrural pain?
Why am i not getting any benefits from hydrocodone (vicodin)?
How long does it hurt after you have Wisdom teeth pulled?
My breath always smells bad even after i brush my teeth?
Today I went to my Dentist for a cleaning?
How do i know if my lip ring is infected?
braces for a second time?
Dentistry for someone that's bedridden (USA)?
Poll: Would you break up with someone if they chewed with their mouth open and refuse to stop doing it?
Why do we have that strange taste in our mouth when we wake up?
Anxiety sufferers: I am stressing big time!?
Chronically depressed people-how do you keep up with chores?
why do i NOT have multiple-personalities?
Advice against loneliness and sadness?
Will repeated over indulgence in alcohol damage your brian. ?
Am i going crazy with my dreams.....help please
how is herpes contagious in between outbrakes, with no signs or symptoms?
HPV Questioin?
what does it mean when a doctor tells you've been exposed to a disease but you dont have the disease?
Am I at risk of HIV? I accidentally used someone's toothbrush for a few seconds.?
If your spouse gave you an STD like Herpes or AIDS would you stay with that person or leave them? Know that y?
HERPES! I am 14 and have herpes from my thighs to my neck... HELP?
ok this is the issue how do you spread gonorrhea?
Home remedies for impetigo?
Does anyone know where I can find a tabular presentation of common communicable diseases (such as TB, measles)
What do you know about chagas disease? Does it happen in the US?
can two people with the tuberculosis trait infect their children with full blown tuberculosis?
Side effects of eating certain food for measles?
What do you do if your whole intire family has the flu ?
Is it growing pains ? how do i stop the pain?
My eyes feel sore???
Hi, I'm in water up to my neck, is that bad?
What are some complications from getting hit by a car that might show up after a month?
Repost!!! Please answer!!!! I go to my orthopedic today...and need to know!!! Replies within an hour please!!!?
I hit my shin and have a bump right below my knee, that is still there after a few weeks ... what's wrong?
Do I have a fractured wrist or not?
haw do i heal my leg!?
Muscle spasm in calf muscle?
My pinky finger is swollen...?
How to injure myself fake or otherwise?
What are some asthma complications?
how do you get rid of a bad cough?
what effects does the flu jab have?
I'm sick with what the doctors says is tonsillitis for the 8th time since November?
How can I tell if I have a weak immune system?
is there any medicines cure type II diabetes?
what is the diabetic A1C test?
Is it possible to have a high insulin but normal blood sugar levels.?
Kidney troubles - type 1 diabetic?
how do you feel about stem cell research?
Please help me with this...will pick best answer as soon as possible if answered well :]?
I have a skin darkening problem..is it due to diabetics?
How much insulin can kill you if you are non diabetic? Would it be painful to die from an insulin overdose?
my 12 year old dog is diabetic and we missed his shot this morning since we woke up late..this has happened...?
what is chemotherapy?
Turmeric , what are the health side affects?
How effective is radiation on bone metastases?
is the fight against cancer really a hopeless cause?
What is the best medicine for Prostate Cancer in Stage IV?
who should i contact with an idea for cancer reasearch?
Does JKUAT offer courses in HIV and AIDS management and if yes at which levels?
I have been very tired lately and have been diagnosed with high risk HPV, is there a correlation?
Has anyone else had emotional side effects to Gardasil?
My Chihuahuas eye is completly blue Does anyone know what it could be?
Allergies in the office?
If you drink a lot of milk for about six months?
Have you taken bee venom shots?
random nose bleeds at night?help!?
Do the side-effects of a nasal steroid spray differ then that of an oral or inhaled steroid?
Any tips on getting to sleep better? ?
Sharp chest pain sometimes?
Spinal tap / lumbar puncture headache???
why do i keep feeling sick?
Felt something in my chest while doing a neck x-ray?
Can you wake someone up when they took a sleeping pill?
I am a 57 year old woman that drinks everynight to get to sleep?
Whats wrong with me?? Is it serious?
dosage of penicillon required for an 83 lb. dog with urinary tract infection?
how to fix a mouth ulcer?
what is the difference between mild and moderate diarrhea?
Does anybody know anything about Hepatitis B? I was told I need to get the shot because I am not immune to it.
Should I stop taking my antibiotics?
wht is probiotics?
Restraint Board ear surgey?
Blood donating: Is it possible to raise my hemoglobin levels from 12.4 to 12.5 in 3 days??? ?
Blister caused by Barbie Bandaid?
Help? Baby has fiberglass diaper rash! Sitters husband works construction & showered in same tub as babybath?
Electric shock question..?
Duck Pond in NY Health concerns?
Have I gotten... Hair dye poisoned?
Spider Bites?
touch your nose! did you do it?
Can I take Vicodin with Maxalt?
How do I stop myself from grinding/clenching my teeth?
Whats the most real,pain or pleasure?
spinal fusion, how to handle pain 11 yrs later?
i want a new mattress..... really picky!!!?
Which is better for your skin? (Omega 3 fish oil or Cod liver oil)...........?
What stops constipation?
does chamomile tea have the same effects if cold?
guys,iam planning to learn reiki,do you think reiki actually works?i mean reallllyyy?
Studying Homeopathy?
Apple cider vinegar......?
Best legal drug for hallucinations?
Abortion by way of Homeopathy Medicine?
Deviated Septum Surgery?
What is the piece of skin called between your thumb and forefinger?
what is the effect of heart,blood pressure ,pulse rate,blood vessel.?
thyroid blood test OK still got graves disease got duple vision Any one knows anything how to treat ?
heart murmur levels....?
What is the current information on Bio-Engineered stents?
Mother Dying. Need Advice?
Would You Give Up Your Heart? Literally?
Chlamydia-causing Bacteria?
I'm too nervous..?
question about this bump on the inside portion of my labia minora?
do i have an std??(female)?
which stds can u get just from going down on a guy ?????
Does rinsing with water after using ACT mouthwash negate it?
Dental Insurance?
whos afraid of the dentist?
How long does it take for a dental extraction to heal? How can I tell if it is healing properly?
Which is worse, severe or minor?
How to make teeth white QUICK!?
what is infection?
Questions About Sinusitis and ENT Doctor.?
Are there any ways to help get over a cold faster?
is any relation between blood group and food regime?
have u heard of cyptomegalovirus cmv??
Which is more effective crunches or sit-ups?
How can i lose belly fat quickly but safely?
I'm trying to gain weight. Whats better for meal replacement....whey or soy protien?
Can you help me figure out what this mental disorder is???
You have ever suffered from bullying?
Why am I a failure?
I took penacillin for strep throat and am feeling nauseous and my stomach is cramping.?
My bottle of Tylenol says 'Do not open if seal is broken.' How can I open it without breaking the seal?
I have had trapped wind for the past few weeks Before i burp i get a pain around my heart is this normal?
This is my first ear ache?
I have been experienceing intense upper right abdominal pain for about a week now.?
glucosamine, chondroitin, and/or MSM supplements do these suppliments work well for YOU ?
can anybody tell me, what is the problem if there is a pain in back of the neck and in head??
Did you know that diarrhea's hereditary?
I have a ear problem. Please help.?
Poll on stem cell research?
why are yawns so contagious?
Why do i sneeze like 11 times in a row?
Health insurance question?
How can I stay cool in the heat?
why do my farts stink?
eczema treatment?
Difference between psoriasis and excema?
I have really annoying chafing, anyone know how to get rid of it?
how much does valtrex cost?
Why can't i fall asleep and stay asleep?!!!!!?
Dalmane Found In URINE TEST?
I just saw a video in which siblings--an 8 year old boy and a 10 year old girl,were just pulled to safety...?
If you have to choose....exercise or sleep....?
I'm slurring my words, my eyes are dialated, and I have massive head presure.?
Do you want to learn to relax and get rid of bad nerves or jitters?
I want to sleep. help me!?
Grass pollen and dyspnea (shortness of breath)?
Are allergic reactions contagious?
Perfume Allergies - What is the best non-drowsy over the counter medication to help me get through the day? I?
Cat allergies vs. Common Cold?
Cat allergies?
what should i do when my voice is clogged ????
How do you cure post nasal drip? :(?
Why when I get hot do I itch all over?
My husband has Polycythemia. Is this a cancer of the blood? How long can he live on chemo?
The Taj Mahal has been "diagnosed" with marble cancer. what are they doing to stop this?
what are symptoms to having cancer on your knee?
I Just Saw an Ad for "Cancer Treatment Centers of America", Do you Know the Percentage of Diagnosed Pancreatic?
Kemo Therapy and its side effects.?
what are her chances?
What kind of cancer of the buttocks is treated with chemotherapy that doesn't cause hair to fall out?
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?
Is there any brand of ibuprofen that works faster, works stronger, or lasts longer than others?
Can you tell me what is acually happening in there, when you get heartburn?
Sickle Cell Pain Management?
Question on Plantar Fascitis?
I have a pain in the back of me knee when it bends?
Can anyone tell me wats up with this?
Is there any remedy for my gastritis?
why does fluid build up in your lungs when you are above about 7,000 feet?
why is my daughter coughing so much?
when my asthma is bad I get dark circles around my eyes?
Persistent Coughing!?
Natural Wheezing?Breathless remedy?
What Old granny cures can you recall? and did they work!?
Breathing problems: help me diagnose my incapability of taking a deep enough breath when i breathe normally?
11 Month old exposed to RSV?
how does smoking weed affect diabetes? spicificly type1?
What suffix is added to indicate sugar diabetes?
list of foods type 2 diabetics could eat?
would an IEP be needed for diabetes?
Can anyone help me with hypoglycemia information? (For a story)?
when a diabetic is having high blood sugar can orange juice make it worse?
Do i have type one diabetes?Plzz answer i need to know?
i am having pain in my lower abdomen and it hurts to have a bowel movement. i cant get a hold of my doctor?
statistics on staph infection at peidmont fayette hopital?
How soon after getting over a cold/flu should I return to the gym?
Where is Gangrene a problem in the world?Dicuss the socioeconomic impact.tell me where you foud it please?
Will I have Mono?
What are the required shots/vaccines ?
Should govt. do more to stop the spread of MRSA - such as quarantine? It is frequently fatal!?
How Long Can The HIV Virus Survive Outside The Body?
Do you talk to youself?
what are some coping techniques for living with someone who has Narcissistic Personality disorder?
How can we help some in depressive trouble via this community?
Mental illness like Depression is treatable why are so many ashamed to get help?
Avoidant personality disorder can't be cured, right?
Why am I having these Nightmares?
MOM, are you out there?
what triggers charlie horses?
Nurse or doctor help! Pain in my throat?
can you take tylenol with skelaxin?
Ok, I'm hoping someone could brainstorm and tell me what this is.?
What is wrong with me? I have this soreness inthe right side of my neck.?
My hands have been hurting me lately like a deep pain in the bones areound my wrist what do think that is?
Why do my ankles and heels hurt?
Name of bowel movement pushing?
tingling sensation on top of head?
Sleep paralysis?! Do u have this happening to u?
What can I do to feel better today?
what are the symptoms for staph and mersa infections?
Is the salmonella in tomatoes also in canned tomatoes??
Question about vaccinations....?
Will CMV go away?
I have pink eye and I stayed home from school today, how much longer will I be out of school?
malaria Umm? Few questions...?
How does our body burn calories from our last meal?
Losing weight question?
How do i get a body like Selena's? (details inside!)?
Am i fat?!?
Would you rather bust a gut or LYAO?
What are your own ways of dealing with stress?
everything cracks...but my hips?!?
what is a good introduction with pros and cons about legalize marijuana?
Does anybody know if there is anything you can do about talking in your sleep?
What are good ways to hide a burn? Is it bad to put permanent marker on a burn?
Whats better to smoke ? :D?
the damon system braces?
teeth whitening?
teeth help?
info on crest white strips?!?!?
have/had Braces?
I just got Crest Whitestrips and started using them but I have a few questions...?
why my teeth have started to gap?
Please help! how do you stop from grinding teeth at night?
I slammed my fingernail!?
is knee manipulation worse then acl surgery or easier?
Broken leg, please help? 10points?
Should this doctor be held responsible for my childs injuries?
I broke my fibula and the pain has gotten worse?
Just curious, what happens if you fall on your back and your head hits the floor, i grabbed onto something ?
Painful swelling INSIDE my nostril, what should i do?
i fell quite far and hard today?
What is to low for diastolic pressure?
High cholesterol?
who here has had open heart surgery??
How reliable is the new scan for plaque in your vessels?
Sudden shock like electricity on mid chest follow by fast heartbeat?
My heart hurts sometimes?
I have heart problems and need a good heart dr. anyone know one?
when will the clostridium difficile vaccine be publically available?
What is 20 - 6 -5 - 4? Is it positive or negative? Why?
Do UTI infections cause Pain on a full bladder?
places remain cold due to high altiude?
My 8 year old daughter has puss cells in her urine?
i have had the flu for 3 days woke up yesterday and one of my eyes is all swollen and it hurts to touch?
Adult tonsil removal advice?!?!?
Please Help?
Are there any side effects for urine getting in your bloodstream?
what is coagulase?? and how is it related to pathogenicity???
What can pain be from in right side of back above waist?
I take 360 mg of quinine, now they say it is no longer available, what can I take to replace this drug?
Everytime I have a fever I always felt cramps all over my legs. Why is this happening?
My throat hurts...?
are there any natural methods for rheumatoid arthritis?
Sharp pain around my hip?
I have had the worst pain in the arch of my foot for months now...It comes and goes?
Why do i clench my teeth when i'm stressed?
How do you get rid of Keloid's?
breakouts question?
ingrowing toe nail gross but please help???!!!!?
medicine for bones pain &swelling.?
Does anyone know a natural cure for coughing and congestion?
What is the white, oblong pill marked with a V on one side,and 35 96 on the other? Really need help with this?
I am considering acupuncture to help with weight loss.?
Natural remedy for Headaches?
Has anyone ever used Strattera for adhd/add for a child?
using Pertussinum 30C?
Eating a clove of garlic everyday?
speifically for homeopaths?
I have a question about trans-fats?
is Nestea Zero good for people with diabetes type 1?
what are the long term effects of taking insulin injections for keeping diabetes under control?
what's my chances getting diabetic off of sugar?
Why do some doctors say the worst part of medicine is the patients?
My son is 20 months old and I am worried he has symptoms of diabetes.?
I heard it best not to brush after eating sugar is this true.?
Blood Type Question!!?!?!?!?
Fasting Blood Glucose 4.0mmol/L and HbA1C 5.1%?
Diabetes during pregnancy?
my dad is loosing his sight?
Whats my odds of haveing Alzheimer's?
Crue for Cold Sores????
any crohns sufferers?
Cold sore on Lip sTd? if not what could it be?
am 15 and a have really bad discharge, its not itchy its smelly sometimes but sm scared.?
How do you get AIDS or herpies?
Do anyone have HIV/AIDS ?
Contraction of oral herpes?
Can you spread STDS by kissing(just a peck)?
chapped lips?
Can drinking honey with water or honey and lemon with water help with digestion?
What will make me fall asleep?
I think my step-daughter is being told weird things, but I'm curious, is there some truth to them?
knee injury - help what is it!?
Why is my jaw locking and clicking everytime I open my mouth?
How come i can click my neck?
How can I get spider veins on my lower arm?
If Hepatitis A Virus, survives 16mins in a Chlorinated Pool Tub, How long will HIV Virus survive for?
can parrots and cats carry hepatitis? We are watching a parrot and 2 cats for a friend &both owners have hepC?
I was wondering?
WHat medications are use to treat people with aids?
Does Sprite and Crackers help you with an upset stomache ( Flu )?
I have to get my tonsils' swabbed but I gag easily?
My boyfriend has a mouth ulcer....???
what is the best way to increase your memory?
I am not able to concentrate on my studies & get easily distracted. What should i do?
Question about anxiety and body reaction?
Is this normality?
is it normal to wind people up and mess with there?
Ok, now deppression is sinking in, you want to know why?
putting my life back together? can anyone help me?
happy new year everyone :)?
uneven hips, back pain?
Migraines- What are good prescription meds for migraine headaches?
Does having stitches put in hurt?
I keep getting an aching pain in my left arm/shoulder?
HELP!!!!! I got a crick in my neck!!!!!!?
How can i get my pain medication back?
Who suffers with Siatica and what do you think helps you ?
what are the benefits of general fitness?
a ringing in your ears?
How come when you have a panic attack you cant breathe?
is colon,liver and body cleansing a myth?
how are researchers tricking the human body into accepting prosthetic devices, such as a mechanical arm?
formation of blood clots?
What actually happened to Heath Ledger while sleeping??
this guy smells horrible!?
It super glue ok on your cuts?
I have a cold :(?
what food are the best for asthmatic people?
is there a natural cure for asthma?
Anybody else having more problems with their asthma? (UK)?
How do I know if I have late cystic fibrosis, I'm kind of a hypercondriac?
Slimmer Thighs.?
Flat stomach exercises??
Do sit-ups just tone muscle or do they actually burn stomach fat as well?
I really would like a flat tummy!!!?
Lose weight with indoor exercise?
Are there any website where I can upload my pic and see what I would look like if I lost weight?
Can you "train" your bladder to hold more liquid?
I need help with my weight??! (How can I see if it is normal)?
Are IBS sufferers more susceptible to cancer of the digestive tract?
how long do people with leukemia have to stay in the hospital?
When they diagnose you with lung cancer can they tell right away if it is caused by aspestos?
i have been made redundant from MORGAN=Est Because i have CANCER ...can they legally do this?
If a bladder tumor has started disintegrating what are the chance it has spread outside of the bladder?
What's the rate of survival for a 17 year old with lymphoma?
Can Someone Answer This Question About The Nuve Ring?
How Can Heat Damage Cause Eye Color To Change?
Possible effects of being hit by a baseball bat?
Have I broke my fingers?
Bee Sting Question?
I have a scar on my cheek and every time i see it i get really depressed?
How do you know if you have shin splints?
Is my Hand Sprained or Fractured?
Is this normal after walking on a sprained ankle?
I have a strange sensation in my head at times and it really scares me. does anyone know what this could be?
If I have a slightly hurt ankle, should I still go to the fair tonight, or will it make it worse? See details?
If your finger nail falls off for no reason, is it a bad thing?
How long can someone wear braces?
I have a small hard lump on the roof of my mouth: what is it?
Dental Abcess Maybe?
What do rubber bands on braces do?
Root Canal on a dead tooth?
I'm way too sensitive! anything that i could do that could help me toughennnn up?
is it safe to consume alcohol before getting your teeth drilled (w/ novacaine being injected to numb the pain)
Filling Needles?
Do iron supplements have a downside or side affect?
sleep trouble???
my eyebrow keeps twitching?
OUCH! painful bone?
Alright, I asked this before...?
Last night I had a bad taste in my mouth & started throwing up dark brown stuff, any idea why this could be?
Hungover and tired?
How do I get my energy levels up?
I don't know where to start with this really, I'm feeling really down and low, having suicidal thoughts too
i just smoked some crack yesterday and i have to take a drug test in 3 days will i pass?
Is it possible that I have an eating disorder..?
wake up with itchy bumps in the morning?
hospice care? has anyone ever made it out?
What are the risks of having a roommate with HIV?
my hiv test came back postive but my western blot test came back negitive what does that mean?
when will they find a cure for HIV and AIDS?
Does anyone know if there are home treatments or non prescribed medicine to treat for anal warts?
what are the symptoms for ulcer?
ever since I have gotten familliar with staph I have scared myself and havent been able sleep.Help confortable
Where does man flu originate ( the word )?
64yr.male, diabetes 02-2007 removal of foot/leg, has MRSA.Melaleuca oil(howmuch) and what to do please.T. you?
can someone have parasites and not know it?
what is loops disease?
does arbone have nutriferon?
what is adrenal insufficiency, which cause low blood pressure?
Possible side effect of Coumadin?
Perianal Abcess!!?
How am i living with an unbeating heart?
My LV Ejection Factor is 15% and I am 62 years old, can this be normal as the rpt states?
What is good for shin splits and/or ankle soreness?
How do I get relief from tendonitis in my elbow!?
What causes limb deformities in rheumatoid arthritis ? What are the measures to prevent such deformities ?
Chronic pain?
I have off and on wrist pain. Whats Wrong???
anybodies experience with a hip replacement?
Are diabetes caused by irregular eating and sleeping?
do matrubation leads to physical weakness related to calcium level in our body?
My blood sugar is 302. What do i do?
Today, i tested my fasting blood sugar 3 times in a row in the morning.. how come it was different each time?
Why do i keep getting dizzy spells?
What is in Mexican food that causes my blood sugars to sky rocket?
if a patient has an intravenous line in the arm, the medical assistant shouhld:?
pink eye or allergic reaction??
what is amonia?
what is the average cost of MMR and meningoccal vaccanation??
What are the first signs of Staph infection and/of MRSA?
Hiv and sweat?
How did the people in Africa and the U.S. develop AIDS, like how did it come about?
Chapstick Night Therapy?
fingers are peeling when in shower? HELP!!??
Which ages the skin faster? Smoking or Sun?
Red pin point dot below my right?
stretch marks and fake tan...?
What's a dermatologist's job like?
i need help with HIV its for an assignment?
If you cut "V" shape in your nail, does it help the nail from becoming in- grown?
Elderly care? Independence..?
What does a Registered Nurse usually do?
what is a hernia ?
Is it safe to sleep with earplugs in?
Ambien Sleep Medication, How does it work?
would it be possible, by getting less and less sleep every night, you reduce the ammount of sleep needed....?
What could be causing this sore spot on my head?
Can you get rid of a hickie with the negative end of a battery?
is this where the appendix is?
If I stored all my blood (Autologous) when sober and put it back when drunk, would I become sober again?
I dont know what i want?!?
questions about adult diapers?
i need to lose weight on my thighs and arms? (:?
Can calories consumed cause more weight to occur on the body than the food intake itself weighed? How can it b?
I'm 16 and want to get some pecs and abs + arm muscles, how does this workout sound?
Work Out Exercises That Thin The Legs!?
Any tips for a girl who is trying to GAIN weight?
Does your stomach shrink when dieting?
Im 15 and want to lose 10-15 pounds before school starts?
im trying to lose 45 pounds. i need some motivation help!?
Is running on a treadmill healthier/better than biking on a stationary bike in the gym?
what's the cure for hangover?
what do i watch for when I take crohnic pain mds?
What is the best way to get rid of a headache?
Why can't I pop my neck?
jaw problem.... please help me!!!!!!!?
Question about my sons arm...bite from what??
Infected 1/2 ear lobes help?
How can you heal a blister in less than 24 hours?
My friend through a hat at my eye, and it made a cut there and its bleeding...?
the holes in my ear hurts? is it infected?
ripped mole off face?
Does that roll-on blister protection stuff actually work?
When you have a splinter, and you don't take it out where does it go?
Ventilator for pneumonia?
how can you tell if a baby has pneumonia?
I recently took a sleep study?
does drinking hard alcohol have affect on breathing?
just wondering why its hard to breath through my nose?
why does almost everyone smoke weed these days?
if i open the e-mail of my friend, will she know about it in future? she is suffering from dipression.?
Is there a type of water bottle and reuse over and over, that doesn't have cancer in the plastic?
Itching, what is going on? Could it be something more serious? Hodgkins?
How long does it take for the affects of chemotherapy to wear off?
Could I have Lymphoma ?
Lung Cancer. What are the....?
Want kind of an advanced warning about a mass found in my husbands right breast?
Cancer and Cancer "Awareness"?
How is it possible that my brother's Leukemia came back?
my right foot has been hurting for the past three days?
can laser surgery get rid of my scars????????
questions about a knee injury....?
labrum surgery procedure?
Driving after operation help please ?
carpol tunnel?
I fell down the stairs....?
What is the difference between a cluster headache, a sinus headache, a tension headache and a migrane?
canker sore?
Stomach ache from carrots?
Migraine Trouble?
pain in knee after driving lesson?
I have severe stomach cramps whenever i run, what do i do?
what is tegretol and why would I get it for face pain?
My muscles hurt. I am 37 and i feel 90.?
Vicodin and other narcotics?
Why do my bones pop like a 60 year old and im only 19?
Who invented the tetanus vaccine and when was it?
suggest three ways in which the chances of developing antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria may be reduced?
How long does it take for a cold sore or herpes to pass on to somebody else?
soar throat?
Would you sponsor legislation designed to fund a cure for earworm?
could we both hav rabies??
I'm getting clear braces but heard the clear ligatures stain. Can I get tie wires instead of ligatures?
Tooth Infection - will i need the tooth out?
HELP! I need an estimate on getting a tooth pulled or build up and crown (NO INSURANCE)?
Braces seperators question?
How long will it take me to recover from having my teeth pulled and dentures put in?
What should I tell the dentist?
my tongue is brown and dry?
is there still a demand for dentists in england?
should i moisturize my shin?
Does Vitamin C kill bacteria?
what are the sighs and symptons of a HIV infected person?
How do I get over my depression and unrequited love?
How do I regain self-confidence and self-control?
I always seem to cry at the start of a new year...?
does anyone know a stretch that would help the soreness in my butt?
Topamax for weight loss and migraines?
What can you do to relieve pain in lower back from soft tissue damage?
Has this happened to anyone??
when people say they eat five small meals a day?
Will I look "manly" if I do strength exercises?
Help! How do i stop the bleeding from a mole?
What's the best way to build muscle yet retain speed?
how to heal sunburn fast! HELP and i dont have aloe vera! ani other ways? PLZ HELP?
I think I have an Ear Infection!?
Canadians: What do you think of your healthcare system?
A bug bite that hurts?
So I just toulk a few pills....?
I quit smoking 5 days ago. Is it normal to be...?
Is there any way I can get bruises to disappear more quickly?
silly question i kno but when we do number 2 in the loo?
Why do I always feel a sensation that my veins are moving, itching inside me? Does any one knows? Please help?
what do you do when u get stung by a bee or wasp?
Sleep problems?
Good ways to wake up in the morning for skool?
Did you ever scan your Mind ?
Does a pharmacy know what medications I got at a different pharmacy? Is there a network? I pay cash, no insure?
why the hell is obesity considered a disability?
A good concusion for enfluenza epidemic of 1918?
Everytrhing in body is failing?
Is It Possible To Hallucinate On Marajuana?
When do adults stop smoking weed?
Personal Question About Addiction?
What is 'pins and needles'?
Does severe spinal stenosis in C5 with disk bulge and radiculopathy in arms go away, and if so what treatment?
if i dont get a nerve block... is there anything else i can do?
Head ache and nose bleed, is something wrong? Details below.?
Do you find out if you have an Std before Pregnancy Test, abortions, Medical check-ups?
Is the HPV vaccine a good idea?
does chris brown have aids?
What is a good natural, supplement free detox for the kidneys and liver?
Anyone have good results using Accupunture as an alternative medicine?
Do colon cleanse products (Colonix, Bowtrol, etc.) accomplish the same thing as a high colonic or high enema?
Is Kava kava safe for young people?
any cough remedies?
Is smoking marijuana better for you than smoking cigarettes?
Dr.Frank:- As a doctor of long standing, why haven't you used the placebo effect and save the NHS money?
35) which of the following is linked to the development of cervical cancer?
where can i find the infections caught in hospital in north Carolina?
How long does chicken pox live on a surface?
Durvet Permethrin 10% for Livestock?
are there any other branches of the mono virus... like any mutations?
Is Swyer James syndrome is curable or not?
Getting infected with the flu for research?
What type of food should a Ulcerative Colitis patient eat?
How can I make my skin clear like Selena Gomez?
How do you get rid of dark cirlces?
How to get rid of poison ivy?
Home remedy's to clear face and chest acne?
Sore, red legs after walking?
Problem with my nails?
What is this?
you know hom some people chew there finger nails well i chew thee skin around my finger nails what should i do
About Acute Leukemia,Help?
Which part of the body is affected when you have Kidney cancer?
How long till I get cancer?
Is plane travel bad for cancer patients ?
If one pill could cure cancer would it be used? Think before you answer how much money and jobs would be lost?
Is There a Cancer Causing Gene?
I need help concerning breast cancer.?
What exactly is a chiropractor?
What could be wrong with my left hand?
can someone show me a picture of central heterochromia?
Please suggest the Ayurvedic/Natural treatment of HYPEROPIA (far sight low vision) ?
How do you fix glasses?
ive noticed recently that when i wake up or at times when i look at a bright sky or bright lamp, that i'm...
Eye problems leading to headaches?
EASY ten points! 10 pnts first answer!! Where can I find NON PRESCRIPTION colored contacts???
Ruptured Radial Artery in right arm. can anyone help ?
why does my calves burn when i have a heavy rucksack on my back when walking up hills, growing worst each time?
What happens if i cut it again?
What should someone avoid if they have tendonitis/tendinitis?
Could I have had a minor stroke within the last few days?
What could be the cause of the pain in my hand?
how do u know if u cut ur vien?
Blood Type. How do you determine the blood type of positive-negative-positive.....Negative-…
Problems with frequent herpes outbreaks, and unusual pain?
what are the different kind of STD?
Question for Doctors..I have had herpes, and want to know if I still have it? Do I get blood work done? ?
chronis diesease please tell me as much about it as anyone can?
if you have herpes simplex 1 and never had outbrakes. How do i know when im shedding or not?
Is it possible to get an std or anything off of someone fingering ?
Jogging hurts my shins?
Help! I am dissy and I am getting Nosia. What could it be!?
Has anyone taken Lyrica for Neuralgia?
Headaches go away after showers or beach?
What is causing this pain in the bottom of my foot?
Pain/Pleasure question?
Should i go see a doctor?
what do i need to do if my buttock is sore?
i can't sleep. :( any ideas that you think would help?? ( i have a cold.)?