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My eye is swollen. Any cures or remedies would be helpful!
bored but haveing surgery tomarrow?
Sometimes I get little "jellies" that come out of my eye, what is that?
I used a lot of saline spray and blew my nose REAL hard twice--now I can't smell or taste.?
foot infection?
if i have strep throut how long do i have to wait beofre returning to daily activities?
How much weight can you really lose in a week?
Would 3 square meals make a rectangle or a tower?
What are the best natural foods to give your metabolism a spark?
what is a good diet?
I need to lose weight?
I need to know how to lose my lower belly and my inner thighs; lumpy and flabby. Help?!?
If u were an expert swordfighter & some guy challenged u, would u use the sword 2 send em home in their undies
Overweight teens.... Please help.... Does my website look cheesy? http://www.thinfromwithinkids.com/?
why is it so bad?
Migraines associated with neck tension?
I had my appendix removed and i have a question.?
Can I mix prescription with over the counter pain meds?
Horrible sunburn from my chest, down and back down. What can I wear?
random stomache pains after shrooms?
liquid morphine?
My brother is having knee pains help?
Why does my neck and chest hurt?
is there a place where i can get help to buy insulin i do not have any kind of insurance?
why does it seem like i cant quench my thirst?
What could be wrong with my arches?
Have you ever had to have a full bodycast on ? Please explain?
Is this why my stomache is hurting?
Ingrown toenail?
I haven't had my voice in 6 months and it isn't getting better. how can i get it back? i miss my voice.
oooooouch!! i got slashed in lacrosse today...?
If anyone out there has chronic tendonitis, what do you do for it?
Does anyone here wear a back brace that i could talk to? I need someone who ACTUALLY understands.?
do smoking cannabis decrease brain or affects brain in long run??
Was anyone born double jointed.?
what are the causes of elderly?
Do organisms, other than humans, carry sickle cell disease or suffer from it?
how can i stop muscles spasms in the ankles?
How long does it take for pin worms to go away without medicine?
how do i stop stuttering?
organ donations?
Truly Healthy People?
wake up!!!!?
Stop sleeping?
what is the most peaceful time you have ever had?
Is licking envelope glue harmful to your health?
Did you know there's a quick and easy diagnostic test for influenza?
Can you catch gastroenteritis for sick bays?
I work in a hospital...Do I have MRSA?
need some advice and help?
Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy?
pain in the right lower side?
I'm having terrible migraines..?
Should I see a doctor?
Will Lysine help prevent coldsores???
Urine test is fine but still same symtoms..?
Regarding diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Does anyone know about "your body's many cries for water" this book?
53 years old housewife...can do medication for Hypertension?
what is the treatment for Hotchkins Lymphoma Cellular?
Can medicine against brain tumors b dangerous?
My boyfriend will not get tested?
What is the worst STD besides HIV/AIDS? and what does it do to you?
Is breastfeeding risky ?
if you donate blood and don't know you have an std, will someone know?
Which of the following is necessary for the conduction of nervous impulses?
extremely nervous?
possible blood clot?
I am 22 yr old male.I am having slight chest pain which lasts for abt 5-10 seconds.?
Stem Cell Research, right or wrong? When is there a heart beat?
Heart beat problem?
My belly button ring is infected. what do i do?
How can I get a fresh burn to stop burning?
Is it bad to not eat any salt if you go to the gym?
tungsten ring allergy?
What is the best anti allergy medicine/solution for my allergy.I already took aerius, predon and zeptec?
soothe allergic reaction to beer. help!!?
Allergic rhinitis..help, easy 10 points.?
how do u find this article about allergy?
How long does it take for gluten to work it's way out of the body?
im in agony!!!does anyone know what is wrong with me?
Can anyone help with pain in my legs? plz read below....?
Can I bad pillow cause dizziness and my head to hurt?
Whats the best thing for painful Feet ?
i have been having trouble when i drink sodas i?
How long will it be until my excercise sores be gone?
Old Injury will it ever heal?
Thumb swelling?
artificial hip replacement requiring leg amputation if bone broken has anyone heard of this?
Why is there a stitch poking out of my arm?
what is the worst injury you have ever had? and do you ever enjoy pain?
Is there such a thing as adult teething?
anybody had done teeth whitening?
Where can i find the best cosmetic dentistry in India?
Tooth hurts *only * when I chew or drink cold liquid?
putting braces on??
How do I get my teeth whiter
Can my jaw be fractured during tooth extraction?
weird question about teeth, help please?
Have you ever accidentally bitten your dentist?
Is humidity bad for asthma?
What's the best way to clean my house when my son has asthma and I'm sensitive to scents?
One of my nose nostrils plugged up and i cant breath?!?
How to reduce frequency and duration of migraine attacks?
About the lawyer with TB . . . .?
Chest Pain?
Is it true that Tuberculosis TB can cause infertility? Found nothing on the web.?
Taking Z-pack for strep throat..... day 3 on it...?
Do siblings or children of Alzheimer's parents will get the same disease?
Spread of Hepatitis C?
can you tell me the correct dosage to take of daktarin 250mg tablets?
Vogt-Koyanagi-Haradas Dieases caused?
If I kiss someone that has had mono...?
I have strep throat and can't keep food down long enough to take my medication. What should I do?
what is Headache?what causes it?
weird pain behind the eye, what could that be?
does morphine come in a pill that is not time released?
Painful Sting! Help!?
I have had a headache for three days.?
why does my throat hurt?
Sharp wrist pain, whizzes down wrist into hand. Can anyone help?
what is the percentage rate of getting chlamydia from someone else?
Does Bret Michaels have any STDs??
A friend of mine is pregnant and has HPV?
did i spread herpes by sharing a drink?
help? confused?
smoker emphesema question?
what should i know about prostate cancer?
iron i would like to know how much iron is to much in the body for a child who is only one he ihas iron levels
MRI Machines?
Lung Cancer help?
What background music do they play in the operating rooms?
Why do things seem worse when you're constipated?
Are there any ways to increase your energy level when anemic?
do we have hair in our bodies?
Why do I always get really thirsty in the shower?
is this a drug or prescription ? Picture included?
Can excessive reading cause bad eyesight?
Is it true that TV dinners are loaded with chemicals, that are bad for your health?
My thoat is sore tonight?
Do the colon cleansers actually work?
What kingdom is the disease Anthrax in?
could you tell me what these are,staph aureus,(MRSA), xanthomonas maltophilia, anaerobes ?? definistions?
I take metformin for diabetes. Does anybody take it and feel that it makes your sleep irregular?
what could be malfunctioning in a cell to cause type 1 diabetes?
What are the normal blood sugar readings as many are different?
The Great Homoeophatic Challenge....I dusted the heavy cannons.?
how to loss weight?
are there side effects in taking Charantea?
Can Pin Worms be treated over-the-counter? If so, how much is the medicine? Any natural remedies?
Why can't orthodox medicine intigrate with complemetary medicine?
is there any way to improve the eyesight when i m using spectacles
menstruation and coconut juice?
Talking about crabs........................Is?
Help! i was walking to my bedroom and suddenly had this sharp sudden tummy pain!?? why???? in not pregnent?
I have sciatica pain, will trying to use my elliptical trainer make it worse?
How do you get rid of cramps/Cramp remedies?
Do you think there is a stigma attached to people who use pain medications on a regular basis?
I get a headache as soon as I get in my car?
Woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy please help?
My throat hurts swhen I swallow. There is no bumb on the skin and also does not hurt when you touch the skin.?
do protein shakes work for building muscle?
What is the best way to lose weight quick and keep it off?
Why are people willing to risk their health to lose weight?
On Australia's (or USAs) Biggest Loser, how many calories do they burn per day?
does coffee really stunt growth or is this a myth?
When you don't eat,does your body use muscle for fuel..then fat or fat then muscle?
Whenever I diet my feet..?
If a woman is 5feet tall and her measurements are 36,24,36..is she fat?
how to become fat?
Why is the media pressuring people to be thin bad? I know it's bad... but I want to know why it's bad.
Help, water clogged up in middle ear
what is pain management 4 dislocated shoulder ....Personal experiences will be helpful?
Chemical Heat Packs?
Black lines in fingernail bed?
i have ibs and cant go to the toilet i get really bad backpains and my belly swells up is ther anythin i cn do
What should I do with these cat scratches on my arm?
I was in a wreck in april and I messed my knee up. Now I have a lump in my knee about the size of a gum ball?
I have torn my nail from my finger... what do I do now?
I have golfer's elbow from lifting weights, it's very painful. I have an arm and wrist brace from my dr. but?
What happens to a person who is paralyzed from the neck down ?
i passed out on the floor.. now what?
I took ecstasy and my lip swole up when the pill hit, and it is still swollen and i have a head ache, help!!?
Anaesthesia before rhinoplasty (general) - does the injection hurt and where exactly is it injected?
Frozen shoulder injection advice?
Black Mold Exposure, don't know who can help me.?
What is a nondisplaced tear?
Does the Meningitis shot hurt?
infection of piercing? should i see a doctor?
Can you have an allergic reaction to eating unpeeled fresh peaches?
what other foods are in the mango/cashew family?
Breastfed baby and allergies?
I developed tiny round tongue sores suddenly yesterday. is it allergic. any treatment. somebody please help?
Skin irritations problems?
Why do I always sneeze 2 times in a row?
I'm allergic to a certain medicine?
ughhh i think i'm lactose intolerant?
Food Poisoning or Allergic reaction?
What did you learn in life to raise your self-esteem?
Someone thinks I should be embarassed about depression?
I am cutting my wrists who to I tell?
How serious can the PTS disorder be ?
Obsession with a girl HELP?
am i antisocial??
how do you make hiccups go away?
Sleeping tips???
how many hour sleep aday?
Addicted to Afrin...NEED HELP!?
What Happens If your legs or arms are numb? What shld u do?Wad causes the tingling sensation?
What is wrong with my thigh muscle! One is disappearing!?
You may choose how you want to die...........dare to think about it? and/or even talk about it?
I Just worked out at my house, should i take a steaming hot shower to relax the muscles or a cool shower ?
What is the quickest way to get rid of acne?
Is cholera viral or bacterial?
what is the rationale of post cholecystectomy?
where can a hiv test be conducted in London?
I have a slightly odd ? for those health care proffessionals... can mrsa come back once it is gone?-?
can you get mono if an infected person takes a drink of your alcoholic beverage?
If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do????
i recently went for my annual physical and had my pap smer. the week before that I had an STD test?
My neck is always freakin killiing me?
I always get sooo nervous. . . !!?
Dizziness/headache/toothache/ am i a hypochondriac ?
I need major help for this pain.?
my sister has large bumps on the back and sides of her tounge... ?
Ive got Gingivitis and I need braces and they wont put them on unless It goes away..But how do i do that?
What does it mean if you dreamed that your teeth are fallin/rotting out?
my dentist is a troll.?
What toothpaste gets rid of bad breath (for more than 20 minutes)?
Is too much vinegar bad for your teeth?
causes of lung disease?
Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?
What type of weather is best for asthmatics?
Blood Donors?
Does one's blood pressure go up with heavy physical work?
Holter Monitoring?
what is Bartholin cyst ??????????????
What are some of the difficulties with living with congestive heart failure?
What's the best exercise?
Is it bad to have low triglycerides?
How long can someone with a herniated disk in their lower back make it on steroids, anti-inflammatory & pain?
Is chiropractic for back/spine only?
ARM AND SHOULDER PAIN while drinking alcohol?? Any thoughts on what this could be?
HELP! im in so much pain because of plantar facsitiis?
When doing a blood test can you test for everything?
I got a question about syphilis's??
Can you get sick if someone pee's in your mouth or on you?
What is the pathophysiology of a meningitis?
Have you ever had a tapeworm, or known someone that has?
where Hiv come from?
Why won't scientist find a way to ingest bleach to kill HIV/AIDS since it can kill those viruses on surfaces?
Does Alpha-Stim CES Work?
What natural substances are known to increase serotonin and endorphin?
does anybody know how to contact or set up an appointment with dean kraft the healer?
If homeopathic 'medicines' are simply very diluted, coloured water,?
do you know any sleep remedies other than pills?
I have never been to a chiropractor but would like to go. Any advise?
Medicine of Quran eyes?
How do you balance sunscreen use with Vitamin D absorption?
what to do with my old people problems?
can iron deficiency be the cause of bloody noses?
Why do doctors leave the room when you change? They're going to see you naked anyway.?
why cant I cry anymore?
Do these symptoms mean anything?
What should i do after swallowing expired medicine?
I think my son is smoking marijuana, do you think he is?
getting rid of blackheads?
Scoliosis - Those who are being treated with braces?
do you ever get this tingling/itchy/crawly sensation on your skin?
drinking again after a detox.?
why is it that people cut themselves?
What do you do when you continually have nightmares?
Can long-term use of antidepressants destroy your brain?
Was my pot laced?
mortons neuroma?
Do I have a pulled chest muscle?
I rolled my ankle, but there's no swelling?
Pulled muscle or blood clot? I'm worried.?
Notice how those in power want to take every opportunity to make you return to your depression?
Exactly what is a concusion, and why are you not supposed to go to sleep after getting one?
how do you nurse a burn so it will NOT scar ?!?
I fully tore my ACL and can still walk??....?
how long would it take a rolled ankle to heal?
false nail are annoyed me so bad?
How do you know if it's MRSA?
phobeia of blood?
I have c-dif & have been prescribed metronidazole.?
A little about tuberculosis?
exotoxin or endotoxin...?
what is good to take for hep c?
If you are infected with the syphilis, how do you view yourself?
Still sick- now my boyf's sick too! HELP?
Is all soap Anti-bacterial?
How to reduce a little redness of the eye?
what are the symptoms of blindness?
I have short sight problem should i wear my glasses all time?
Contacts that makes eyes different colour?
how can i make my eyes change color ?
How do I overcome my allergy to work?
What is the best solution to extreme sinus pressure?
Nickel testing kit; why is the swab brown?
How do you get rid of a head cold?
My 8 months old hives wont go away!?
Is it normal for your whole body to swell when you've been bitten repeatedly by mosquitos?
How to get Mirolax to taste better....?
Do you pick your nose?
Swab test for drugs?
Can a roommate pass HPV to you through basic contact? toilet, handshake, hug?
hi, i hve a prsonal prblem wit my pee :S. i know its not a UTI cz there is no brning snsation bt i keep peeing?
What is the purpose of the gall bladder?
how glucose is stored in the body?
can a vegetarian diet reverse diabetes? imean vegetarian(with eggs and dairy) not vegan share your testimony?
an actos question?
Does anyone have eating tips or ways to deal with gastroparesis?
I have no idea what to do, suggestions?
Why does my side hurt when I run?
Why does putting a bar of soap in your bed stop night time leg cramps?
I'm 12 And My Legs Really Hurt?
leg pain at night?? kind of like "growing pains"?
why does things look so dull with c.o.p.d.?
why do i keep getting multiple sharp pains in my big toe?
Why do i keep feeling Pain in my throat?
What is the symbolic and full meaning of the Red Ribbon with a knot in the AIDS disease ?
i need an article on human anatomy and disease cant find where it would be?
what does non-hodgkins lyphompa mean?
Just curious, how much would a pathologist make on the east coast?
My fiance was recently diagnosed with leukemia. What site do I go to for transportation help?
how do i gain confidence?
I want to be an oncologist, can you tell me what I have to do??
am i at high risk for cervical cancer?
What's the best lotion for dry, broken out winter skin?
How should i get rid of my acne on my chest and back?
what is the cause of my high blood pressure?
Can unstable angina display symptoms not involving pain, as in light-headedness, weakness, and slight nausea?
Heart attacks and drinking cold water during a meal?
I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and my cardiac ejection factor is less than 15%.?
My mother has recently been restricted to a low-potassium diet. Has anyone got any meal suggestions? thanks.?
My dad has just had a stroke?
Is it okay to drink with Long QT Syndrome?
Best flu remedy?
How can you tell if you have a fever without using a thermometer?
flu shot question!?
In dark-skinned individuals, why may a blood test be needed to confirm the presence of jaundice?
i went to the doctor....?
teeth bleed that infect HIV?
i have a son with a rare illness is there any group that can help he had a group at 9 i just need help.?
What is a comfortable mattress that will stand the test of time?
Should I go to football conditioning even if my body is already sore?
Why does taking a nap make me feel awful?
Caught son smoking.....?
Cpap and Spinal Meningitis?
Can a 2 year old be diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD)?
I have a really bad cough right and cant get rid of it...?
I'm having tonsillectomy and some other type of nose surgery can someone please tell me how that surgery goes?
Fibromyalgia and Physio Therapy?
Is true that cellphones can cause brain damage or tumor?
Quickest way of getting rid of spots!?
What are shingles......?
Help feeling real low with M.E any help?
how to stop oily skin?
How long will it take a corpse to rot?
How can I feel more secure about making decisions?
Suffering from depression and it's effecting my job question?
i feel worthless?
Hey young writers do the world a quick favour?
If you could imagine you living a happy life what would that look like?
How do I convince my dog that she can't communicate with me via ESP, and that it's all my imagination?
Dental Assistants: Protective Eyewear?
What is the Monroe piercing supposed to touch inside your mouth?
My gum 'shrink' a due to improper tooth brushing method. How to overcome it?
Why do skinny people get really bad breath?
Dental Hygentist? Good paying job? Easy to find a job as one?
Going to the dentist....?
Why can we smell someone else's bad breath, but not our own?
Why do I get a wierd Dry and Bitter Taste in my mouth when i wake up from sleeping?
Where can I buy Oregano oil in the UK?
Is there a good herbal supplement combo that will help with depression/focus/memory?
What is the shelve life of wellbutrin SR?
Homeopathy for Serous Otitis Media or Otitis Media w/ Effusion! Help PLEASE! I'm flying intl. and sailing sun-
memory enhancer?
hi ,my mother suffering from skin promblem for the past 5 years.?
my friend wants to try coricidin cough and cold to get high. theres 16 in a box how many would it take to kill
Do the Acai Berry pills work good for weight loss without the colon cleanse?
What's the lowest calorie bread?
How many halls Health Defense drops can I take per day? It contains "100% daily value of Vitamin C"?
Does hydroxycut work?!?!?!?
Help For the last few days i am having hard time eating foods?
Does tightening your abs for long periods of time during the day help tone them?
how do i lose wieght on JUST my thighs?
How can I stop eating so much?
how can i lose 10 pounds in the most healthiest and efficient way?
i broke my pinky - - between the knuckles?
What is fat and what is skinny when it comes to THIGHS?
How many minutes should i run and do cardio everyday to get a 6 pack abs in 3 months?
What do you eat on average day?
after you donate blood, does your body burn extra calories to replenish it?
ally bally ally bally bee na cups this year for me?
What are some good workouts for losing belly fat? [will give ten points!]?
what can i use to clear wound marks on my hand?
I bumped my head 2 days and only now does the bump feel sore and I have a thumping headache. Is this normal?
AHHHHH HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do people cough, hiccup, sneeze, etc.?
My big toes keep going numb?
Can't SLEEP early!?!! please help!?
Does it hurt the first time?
How to ignore gag reflex...?
Was I slipped a roofer or some other rape drug and raped?
do i have a sleeping problem?
What is rimming?
do hamsters get pink eye?
My skin reacted badly to a cream and now its slightly red and irritated..how to I get rid of the redness?
Fruit allergies?
Why do certain foods make the tongue swell a little bit?
I have a seemingly odd question?
what are some QUIET humidifiers?
why does my tongue hurt?
How many bones are in the ear, skull, and hand?
Leg Muscles Hurt After Playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)?
Can a pain managment doctor prescribe me lortab for chronic Degenerative Disk ?
Basic push up exercises?
My insurance company won't cover a ~$25k surgery. Should I consider having it abroad? How would it work?
dr mazzucchelli negative reviews?
If you have hpv, does that mean you cant have your baby the natural way?
Im so worried????
what are some of the symtoms for ovarian cancer?
someone close to me found out they had cancer.. have you heard any statistics?
I need information on charities that will help mewith money to pay my rent. I am a cancer patient .?
Energy for honey-moon...?
who is the top leader in cancer research?
Does anyone know what a F7 blood test is for ?
What about E-Coli characteristics?
Anyone know what is Mao Dan fever and the symptom? Will it transmitted to another person?
Foot and Mouth..what are the exact symptoms ??
Alcohol Poisoning?
Over time,does taking too many antibiotics effect your immune system negatively?
can you get a dieases from a guy eating you out?
how long can someone with sickle cell disease live?
possibly flu with a 9 yr old and i have a 5wk old?
do you burn more calories after a car accident?
hearing loss in left ear after infection. Heat helps hearing and some sounds annoying.?
i have mosquito bites everywhere there driving me crazy. How do i get rid of them or make them stop itching?
I need help with a bad sunburn. Involves both of my legs. Read Please?
I have a bite on my leg ? Is it a tick or a spider bite?
weird rash on my back after bee sting?
ring finger nail?
Is this a hornet or wasp?
i was stung by a wasp on my left wrist at about 2 yesterday afternoon and it was ok up until 10 o clock?
What is double vision?
Round Black Spots in Both eyes when...?
what's wrong with my contacts lenses?
What would cause eyesight to worsen?
A couple questions about colored contacts...?
I wear Freshlook Colorblends Blue-because I have brown eyes.?
Urrgh, why aren't boots opticians delivering my lenses...?
what kind of complex carbohydrates could we recommend in diabetes?
is having sores in the corner of my mouth a possible sign of diabetes?
Advice and help needed please- Diabetes?
Do they have pills that make you fall asleep for a few days?
Why does reading a book put you to sleep but reading on the computer keeps you awake?
should we have a tax on fast food?
How can I feel wide awake in the morning?
Effects of sitting at the computer too long?...?
Please help me. I'm very worried.?
if you dont sleep enough hours in the night will you live less, (not live as long as other people) ?
help me!!!!!!!?
Would anyone else like to thank Dr. Chris Steele for his answers?
heart question?
I know this can't be normal, can it?
Why don't people go brain dead or get brain damage in surgery when on heart-bypass machine?
Medical Question....77 WF with paradoxical atrial fib.?
what's a good medical web, site to use on the internet that can anwser my questions for free?
foundations that sponsor free surgical operation for aortic aneurysm?
colorful airway tubes?????
frequent headaches?
IBS and dairy intolerance?
how do you get rid of dingleberrys?
What is the best medication or therapy for migraine headaches?
How do tell difference between backpain and kidney pain?
What is wrong with my fingers?
Could my boyfriend who had mono 5yrs ago given it to me recently & is it possible for him to get it again?
what foods are minus caleries other than celery?
best way to lose a lot of weight, quickly?
i need to burn 500 calories in 2 hours, at home?
Riding a bike for exercise!?
Is aspartame bad for you?
Can my manager force me to change my hours if detrimental to my health?
10 Points!! Im trying to lose weight, but don't like water?
How to lose weight good ways to lose weight ?
how did you loose weight?
Does this banner describe the effects of overendulgence of sugar...>>>?
what is the alternative drug for a patient who has an allergy to erythromycin?
Can an allergy to a medication (Vicodin) occur after the medication is used long term?
video urodynamics?
Am I allergic to red dye?
is there ANY way to stop a runny nose?
how is vinegar help coldsores?
Visitor coming...?
what do you do to deal with the rage you have for a partner that gave you herpes?
i gave ma boyfriend heads, he is clean and so am i we both virgirns, is dere a posability i can get herpes?
What causes excersise endused asthma?
Why am i getting a cold chill down my back?
Newborn Pulmonary Aspiration?
I've been having bad Asthma attacks and...?
Why a sharp pain in chest...?
Can hard nodes or nodes that have been there a long time be lymphoma?
Brain cancer and kidney stones?
is there more than one kind of breast cancer?
my dad had a mri and a cat scan that showed a spot by his adrenal gland they took a biopsy which came up neg,?
im on indometacin but have had treatment for hepatitis c and awaiting negative or pos result?
Did Colonel Sanders have any other serious illness, besides Leukemia?
Cant bend wrist!?
shoulder pain?
if you have a cut that's not entirely healed, and then go swimming will it make it more likely to scar?
i need help i sprang my ankle and i need a quick way to heal it by wednesday?
I have a small hard bump on my shin bone in my leg.?
Quick tips for relieving pain after getting kneed in the nuts?
What do you think?
How can I break my ankle, or sprain/twist it badly?
do i have to pay nhs prescription charge if i have diabetes?
I believe I am prediabetic, but would like to treat it as diabetese now so I can keep it from becoming diabete?
Anyone heard of inhaling aroma of 'sliced-up onions in a jar' insomnia aid?
Where can I find a detailed guide of homeopathy remedies online?
I am looking for nutritional/diatery alternatives to the treatment of bi-polar?
Homeopathy success stories?
Are chiropractors safe to use with a possible prolapsed disc (or other possible low back pathology)?
Do herbs really help your eye vision?
Anybody own a Hulda Clark zapper and, if so, got any tips on using them?
Tension .... help ... and suggest me.. what to do..?
Right shoulder pain for about 6 months now?
why is that sometimes a part of your body twitches and u can feel it move. ?
upper part of my leg hurts. I was kicking a ball and when I swung my leg I herd a noise but I can't remember
Spinal Cord Stimulator?
head pain while jumping rope?
How would you manage if you had to wear a cast on your right hand for 8 weeks?
I have a headache, what's creating this pain?
What exactly are antioxidants and how can they protect my body?
I have had frequent diarrhea? IBS?
Help with mono?
What to do with fever blisters?
What r the symptoms of tonsilitis. Has anyone had it? My tonsils flared up 2 months ago, and now again.?
Any doctors/ flu infection?
Tic Bites?
What do you think i have?
If someone has cervical cancer does that mean they must have HPV?
Where can I take The "Abbott Determine hiv test" in Hawaii?
Can you tell regular mouth blisters apart from an STD blister in your mouth?
what do STI'S cause? please answer.?
I Just Found Out That I Have Herpes. Now What?
How have antidepressants helped you?
How do I find an inexpensive psychiatrist?
Fear of speaking on the phone...?
do you like your mental health team?
feeling someone's presence.. like really faintly ..can it be termed as hallucination..?
How do I get over having a horrible semester, I feel so down right now?
what kind of mental disorder do you think hitler had?
Whats the weirdest fetish you've herd or can think of?
Chronic Fatigue CURE!!!, answer is below (Because I can't answer my own question earlier)?
how can i remove acne marks from my back and face?
I took 9,600 milligrams of Folic Acid what can I do if overdosed and what are symptoms?
What is the reason of glucoma eye disorder? Answer with details of its type and remmedy is requested?
barium meal,advice please!?
Where can someone get free medical help for Amyloidosis??Soon!?
guys..do you get irritated...?
Need information about ER for my story?
burn blister??
question about stitches?
why do paramedics send so many people?
piece of bar soap in ear?
Sunburn on my chest from a Tanning Bed...Vinegar?
a piece of 0.7 lead is in my finger?
What am I supposed to do if a dog bit my son???
How does Freedent work?
Whats a good mouthwash for everyday that wont stain your teeth, my son has been using Cordosol and has been?
Clean teeth?
problems with my teeth?
white stuff? Girl question?
do you get put to sleep while you're getting your braces put on?
My teeth!!?
poll: Do you brush your teeth in the morning and at night?
How long does trichomoniasis stay dormat?
what can you do to prevent HIV from turning into AIDS?
Halloween and Mononucleosis?
Please don't let my question go ignored i'm begging for your help?
my dog swallowed dayquil cold/flu medicine (2 caplets) will it make her sick?!?
How common is it to catch Cold Sores without kissing?
does anybody know how to stop eye-twitching?? its driving me bonkers! please!!!! thanks.?
What r the side effects of eye laser surgery , which is done to improve ur eyesight?
can kids have eye surgery to correct far sighted vision?
Lasik eye surgery, who did it?
Diet To Improve Eyesight - Which Are The Top Foods That Improve Eyesight?
what is the pathogen that causes aids?
what does it mean to get 'burned'?
Small bumps in mouth...herpes?
can u catch?
body goes numb??????
what should i do to make my leg stronger?
I have severe back and leg pain, constantly. I am 61 years old.?
Hi everybody! I had my lumber fused in 2005 and have been in pain management. My pain doctor wants to do an?
why do we get pins & needles?
please help! QUESTIONS ABOUT MY FENTANYL 75mcg Patch!!!?
Why does it hurt everytime I breathe in?
Why does my head hurt after I laugh?
Is there one test for everything????
how can I cure my P C from constantly freezing do i have virus?
If I have a whitehead on one of my breast, what could this mean?
Did anyone had trush in their mouth...and yeast infection in the same time?
I am taking Alpazolam & melatonin tablets for the past oneyear. How to quit job practice?
I CAN'T Sleep!! Help Please!!!!
Eye twitching?
Question about myself...?
This guy sold us expired lifesavers!!?
How can I feel better after a night's sleep?
I'm having hallucinations?
if u havent got medical insurance in america.....?
Uh Oh, something just happened to my ear...?
what is the medical term;AF?
Is Ok. to stop use of AMIORADONE after 2 months?
Diovan HCT for hypertension. Have you used it? Was it good for you? Any side effects? Thanks!?
please help?
what could've triggered off a heart attack to a 15 year old boy? :(?
Gestational diabetic, when do I have to start using insulin?
can constipation patients have chocolates?
What are some symptoms of Diabetes?
Would a diabetic’s battle with Swine flu more difficult than with any other serious strain of flu?
What is considered very large doses of Novolog and Lantus to take for diabetes?
Ever since I started taking Metformin (850), my tastes for the food I used to love has changed! Why?
Intense hunger when I wake up! Is it diabetes?
Who has had the gallbladder surgery?
blurred vision, pinpoint headache on right side of head, ongoing for two days. top of head feeling numb, all a
hydrocodone withdrawl?
I fell on my head...?
I have a stiff neck, and it REALLY hurts. What can I do?
How do i get rid of bone sticking out beetween my chest?
I have a lymph node on my right side of my neck...pls help me!?
MY throat hurts. . can u help??
Can you diagnose me? Is it allergies... still?
why may acidic foods such as tomatoes and some fruits to be safely home-canned?
valerian root?
My eyes are swelling! ?
allergy question...?
Constant runny nose year round..?
Test Air For Mold?
neti pot...wtf?
Double Compound Fracture in fore-arm. It's been 3 months. There is a HUGE lump where the bone was. Any ideas?
Okay, so I just had the worst Charley Horse I've ever had?
Muscle damage after birth?
How to wrap or deal with a broken toe?
how can i make swelling go down fast?
what about biopsy?
I broke my thumb.and in a really dumb way.i was walking downstairs and just fell on my hand.and snap!?
Ichy throat, and Caugh. That wont Leave.?
What is the treatment for moderate sleep apnea?
my daughter has been having severe breathing problems for the last few months and I think?
I am a non smoker and have had a pain in my chest for about 2mths, I also cough up black mucous what is it?
stopping smoking techniques?
I have a bad cough with brown mucous...?
i'm worried about my friend smoking and taking drugs?
HURRY! I feel a sore throat forming in my throat! What..?
Question on how and when to take flucloxacillin capsules, please help?
If I take flucloxacillin to get rid of an infection, and the flakes turn from gold to white, is this good?
Diagnosing meningitis?
I am getting a cold--what can I do to get rid of it?
is an absess on my tonsils contagious? thank you!?
How long until tonsillitis will go away:(?????
Can you give me your definition of what an epidemic is?
what are the complications in having Aids?
does anyone know of a good natural remedy (herb) for high blood pressure?
What supplements improve a person's ability to concentrate?
what are the mental and physical effects of underage drinking ?
Have you ever realized that when you sleep, every noise around you seems to sound loud than what it usually is?
Where do you turn for help with your mental problems?
i need to get on disability! how can i go about this. btw ,im crazy!?
Anyway to ease the pain?
I think that my insomnia is a result of my paranoia?
Is it OCD if i have to check all the doors and windows before i go to sleep?
constant migranes?
Do you get aspiriin for pain relief in India ?
i got your answer and we had been consulted with all doctors related migration but still it is not working.?
how does sleeping with a pillow between your legs relieve back pain?
Do you know what I have?
cramp cure!?
Why does my neck hurt,?
Does anyone else here have rheumatoid athritis ??
Is scoliosis consisdered a disability?
How to soothe the pain from an insicion?
Its painful please suggest...?
Why hurts the head for some people the morning after 'alcohol consume'?
what is to be expected with a diagnosis of Lymphoma?
Foods, herbs and etc that cause cancer cells to self destruct?
what are the normal and abnormsl findings for for the surfaces of body parts?
Month to month rentals in Gainesville Fla for Cancer patients?
how can i fight breast cancer? eating helathy? excersise? anything?
How long does it take to get high off of sharpies?
Where can I find the entire original last lecture done by Randy Pausch?
Why would hospitals use catheters to relieve urine when they are not always needed?
Will becoming a frequent blood donor lower my Cholesterol?
What is the best home remedy for sound sleep?
What are some ways/tips to staying pale?
My daughter suffers from chronic bad breath & really bad smelling urine & stools. What could be the problem?
How do you deal with tension when it attacks you from all possible ways?
what makes your calves swell?
How do you relax and meditate?
How do I get back to eating regularly?
How sick do you have to be to call into work?
What is that wierd feeling when you're nearly asleep and it feels like you're falling, ...?
Why Does Your Body Shake When Your Cold?
My rash.... for those that have the same...you know who you are?
When you drum your fingers why do some people start with their pinky and other their pointer finger?
if i like a gril and someone likes her what do i do?
How much exercise do I need?
home remedies for diabetic neuropathy in feet?
If you blood sugar levels are low for a long time can you get diabetes?
what is the range of non-fasting blood sugar?
Am I on the road to diabetes?
I have high blood pressure and diabetes; how do I handle?
Why would someones blood sugar be too high and then too low throughout the day?
Can you hear in a coma? and if so, can you understand what is being said?
Can a Type-II diabetic patient can donate blood?
Numbing headache for 3 days...PLEASE HELP?
Shin Splints?
i have acid reflux, but my heartburn seem to decreasing. is it good or bad?
What could be wrong with me, lately I've been getting headaches that feels tingly almost like a brain freeze?
my feelings on my back surgery. is it hard for other surgery patients? or am i just sensitive?
Headache everyday??????
where can I buy oxycontin online?
My dad threw out his back??? (help)?
i was running and i fell down and hurt my tailbone...?
Does gum make u loose teeth?
My jaw keeps cracking and getting stuck, how can I fix my jaw?
How to straighten teeth without braces?
My from tooth is chipped, can I sand it down myself?
My 9 yr old son's teeth cracked!?
I am almost at a panic stage.......?
My dentist says i have very porous teeth, what does this mean?
I brush my teeth with cheeze whiz, and sometimes it gives me bad breath. My teeth are a beautiful yellow?
are top and bottom retainers sore getting on and just in general plz tell me to help me.?
my girlfriend says that my breathe has a metalic odor?
spider bite that turns red and skin around turns firm to the touch- what do i do?
Ear piercing cartilage...can it really make your ear collapse? Or is that just rumour?
Is putting peroxide in my ear the best way to unclog it? if not what is?
someone bit me on my thumb and i got punched in the ear it hurts but not to much?
how long does it take for antibiotics to work?
what is a plasmodium?
Virus ????
What are the best cold/flu pills out there? Which do you use?
tweety I went to the emergency room after the attack?
tetanus advice, urgent?
Famous people who have had mumps?
what is the best way to tell your family members that you have herpes simplex 2?
Can you get AIDS by wearing an infected person's earrings?
Can a Person who is Gay donate blood and plasma?
Does anyone have any suggestions on dealing with post- workout hip pain?
How can i lose 20 pounds in 4 months or faster???
Can a baby be immunised for ceoliac/gluten allergy?
Is my fiancee having an allergic reaction?
Do you think i have dairy Allergy?
my brother is allergic to cat and when my cat get close to him he start sneezing?
I'm sick!!!!?
HUGE mosquito bites?
I've been having pain in my left rib cage for a week now what could it possibly be?
Pain managment docs for tmj?
How do you give an IM Injection of Vitamin B-12?
Pain and tenderness behind knee?
Fever and Itchy Skin?????
Emergency! Can anyone help me? Treatment advice for Dengu Virus Complications...? Low Platelets?
Could the HIV virus survive in an infected blood, if left for days/weeks in a tube/syringes/needles ?
rare disease???
How do you fix an in grown toe nail without going to the doctor?
How can i hide my badly swollen black eye?
why do the muscles in the back of my legs tear?
I got out of the hospital yesterday and feel better than I did when I got there.The doctor has me restricted.?
help im burnt?
need advice/ stopping drinking?
Did a 12-Step Program really help you?
If I am insane in the membrane, which membrane am I insane in?
To the people who answer questions in mental health and psychology...I have a question for you.?
Who's happy and who's depressed today?
Does mitral valve prolapse show on an EKG?
U.S government should restrict the outsourcing of medical procedures to developing nations?
In the 19th century, how did doctors talk about and treat heart disease and heart attacks?
someone knowledgeable about heart murmurs/holes in the heart?
Has anyone had dr.dubrow as their plastic surgeon?
I had open heart surgery 3yrs ago,it was taped . How can i get a copy of this?
Where is the epithelium in the stomach and illeum, what is it?
can your body get addicted to advair the same way as the old nasal sprays they warned about using?
cough treatment through doctor brandy?
How to get rid of sore throat by morning?
When i breathe in it feels like im not taking enough air in.?
can a urine test detect herpes?
I was taking antibiotics and have a yeast infection know i have open sores and bumps what is this ?
are diabetic test strips packaged in form other than vials?
can you get AIDS from the ocean?
Im 21 yrs old and have hpv.My mom had a wart on her cervix after i was born.Do you think i got it from her?
Following an HIV test, is there an investigation?
can i use amaryl(glimepiride) med. for pcos?
can you build muscle thru weight lifting if you"ve got type 2 [email protected] you use supplements?
POSSIBILITY OF ME GETTING HIV !!!! please help me out !?
Piercing for a diabetic?
I think I have diabetes but my won't take me to the doctors?
if uyour a1c is normal what does that mean then?
What can you do about an abdominal strain?
What can I take for constipation caused by my pain meds?
Pectus Excavatum? ?
Neck and shoulder stretches/exercises?
i have burning sensations on the bottoms of my feet.Are there any natural medicines for this?
300mg methadone ='s 700mg oxycontin,kphelps2012,USDRJD,DoctorDo,De… French downunder,read on
my joints are popping a lot?
What is the best way to lay your head on a pillow?
surviving prostate cancer?
does anyone know anything about bladder cancer?
breaking nails?
How do you comfort a coworker who's aunt just died?
Christina Applegate: I'm `100 percent' cancer free. Your thoughts?
On an MRI,what does a tumor look like?
name five human diseases caused by bacteria and five caused by viruses name the organism or virus that causes?
Can you still get strep throat if you have your tonsils removed?
Can a doctor tell if you've had a fever one or two days after you had one?
sudden death?
could we keep the sharp container more than one month if the amount of the sharps not more than 75%?
In cases of medical negligence 'mens rea' is almost always absent;then how it's criminal sometimes?(India)
15 month old with recurrent stomach bugs.?
can you kill ecoli by cooking meat thourghly?
tietze syndrome?
It's been like 3 weeks. Why am I still having "pins and needles" in my left hand?
Can you get STD'S from using someone's soap?
What do you know about hyperthyroidism? What if I just ignore it? What will happen?
gallbladder, bilirubin, liver?
Why do red hair girls have freckles?
When do you think there will be a cure for Multiple Sclerosis?
Can I take Nyquil Cold and Flu at night and still take my Mucinex DM every 12 hours?
How much does a colonic cost?
What causes excesssive bruising?
How long do addictions typically last?
Help meh? D: Migraine like no freakin other?
How can I improve my ways of getting to sleep?
Im scared...What's wrong with me?
What they getting @ the time of smoking?
If you take several deep, deep breaths, what is the results if done rapidly?
I have a cold...and need to get rid of it!!!?
Does Lemon Kill Good Bacteria?
are there any website where I can find images of the 4 dengue serotypes?
a tiny primitive cell with only RNA or DNA is a:?
hepatitis C`?
Think I might have some virus?
Awful cramp in left foot! 9 weeks pregnant?
stomach pain, lower back pain, and nausea?
Stiff back and neck?
what would happen if i took 2 benadryl at 104 lbs?
Does anyone have any information of symptoms of fatigue after eating corn?
How do you say I have an egg allergy in balinese?
Why is my mouth so watery?
Question about Inhaler.?
Hayfever tablets - why can't you take more than one a day?
I have taken to much Sudafed and my nose will not stop running. Now what?!!?
the other day i was blowing my nose and?
how do boys get tested for stds
help what is this?
Can You Catch Herpes From Sharing a Hookah?
Has anyone hated their life so much that they have tried to end it?
What's an example of a healthy daily diet for a pregnant woman?
how to lose love handles?
how to get abs?
Do wall sits and lunges work the same muscle?
I need to get some light exercise. Can someone plug me in?
The real gossip on Grapes?
How do you get a thinner looking face?
Acai Berry Nightmare!!!?
current condition of lilwayne?
On my dad's death certificate, it says that he was pronounced dead at 5:55 am, but I remember the paramedics..
How is dental hygiene and heart conditions related?
does my friend need to go to the emergency room? please help...?
Is this a good blood pressure?
What are the risks of a heart transplant?
Has anyone here had a heart attack?
i am 46 and i use to be active all the time now im tire and cant breath good i dont smoke either?
Is smallpox curable??
Is this serious?
What is the difference between a provirus and a retrovirus?
I feel I am most susceptible to respiratory tract infections.Pl tell me how to increase my immunity.?
Can your ear start hurting after talking on the phone? mine does where your pressing the phone against the ear
sick roomie?
What can I use if I have asthma ...?
flu vaccine good or bad?
Narguila is shown in x-rays?
what are the affects of smoking?
Are respiratory therapists being phased out?
Is there something wrong with me? I had trouble breathing and i haven't ate much.?
Need some questions answered about Severe Pneumonia?
Cystic Fibrosis...........?
how to control acidity?
other causes of diabetes mellitus type 2?
few questions about epinephrine plz help!!?
Do I have diabetes or hypoglycemia or something?
what is orthopaedics?
How to deal with pain from CO2 after laparoscopic surgery/?
Extreme help?
Cure for painful cramps/ spasms in my legs?
i got a stress fracture to my lower leg, what kind of cast will i get?
Exercise after Hernia Operation?
My ex husband has been in an accident, (serious head injury) he wasn't wearing a helmet. Will he recover?
Does a pulled muscle in my back shoulder cause headaches?
Im 16 and i have a soft voice!its not deep!Is there a way i can get a deep voice without sugery?
If your tailbone got hurt doing a trust exercise what do you do to heal it? Except new friends!?
Is it not bad if I use Baking Soda to whiten my teeth, twice a day, 3 days in a week..?
POLL: Which gets your "sweet tooth" going into over drive?
what is the term for the fear of dentist?
I am having problems with my braces ?
NEEDS HELP :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(..…
what's the best at home teeth whitener?
Numbing Cream?
what could having the taste of metal in your mouth mean?
what do a rats lymph glands do?
If an 84 year old is diagnosed with cancer, what are the chances of him dyeing?
How many lymphnodes are in one side of your neck?
Looking for a right/left game for breast cancer awareness.?
what is the majior cause of deaths from cancer in the United States?
What is the difference between AIDS and HIV?
Question about HIV/AIDS?
Can you contract an STD from an infected towel?
Can a mosquito have AIDS?
have you ever transmitted herpes to your partner while using appropriate protection?
do you have, or have ever had and STD of any kind? Either yes or no, plz answer?
What are the symtoms of appendicitis?
who is the best doctor for hepatitis b carrier?
I know if you have a high body temperature you have a fever.What about if your temp is 96.5. what causes that?
hepatitis question with blood test?
can someone have reshus negative blood if both parents have reshus positive?
what is a siv?
discuss one pathogenic bacterium or virus;giving symptoms, and treatment if any?
Really Bad Stomach Ache/Pain - What To Do?
how can i helllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppp?
how to make my neck ache feel better, any ideas?
Does being thin lower the chances of getting spider veins?
Have you ever canceled a Doctors appointment because you weren't feeling well?
How can we overcome the HIV/AIDs because it kill many everyday although many have come up on how to prevent?
hpv test under 30?
durax vs. trojan?
can anyone explain about B12 vitamin deficiency?
anyone who successfully quit smoking????
If an ambulance is on its way to save someone, and it runs someone over, does it stop to help them?
best way to quit smoking
Just had a cigarette.?
Is it alright to go lay out in the sun if I just got back from the tanning bed?
Is nausea a symptom of bad eyesight?
is there a way to NOT cry?
Are these Anixety Symptoms?
Do you think alcohol problems are a choice?
How can I make taking a shower more of a physical thing and not an emotional thing...?
How do I stop cutting???
I just dont fill good about myself anymore?
Have you ever felt so bad you just wanted to end it all?
has anyone out there once been a pushover and now has a backbone?
I suffer from asthma. What can I do to stop coughing?
Swine Flu ? Swine Flu Vaccine?
For 2 months I have had chest pains and now I'm getting tired and short breath any ideas?
What does an embolism feel like, what cause it?
my boyfriend has been having chest pains for 2 days now . real intense ones. last night he said his nosebled?
how long does it take for Augmentin to work?
How can I cure a sore Throat?
Whats My Chest Pain ?
What is causing my father muscle pains upon waking up in the morning?
What medication is best for long term pain management and offers extended release without causing drowsiness?
What's wrong with my arm?
long standing back the pain run all the way down to my foot no rest bite what so ever please hrlp?
would cutting the lemonaid cleane to 7 days do any good?
How To Build Muscle?
I Wanna Lose My Thunder Thighs Over The summer?
How to loose 10-15 pounds????
how to get curves??
How many calories do you eat in a day?
how vitamin and fiber deficiecies contrebutes to the diabites?
What the average amount of time to get blood test results?
Does bacon hurt pancreas when you have diabetes?
Is there a supplement to help control blood sugar?
Remedial for Diabetes?
Fasting blood glucose of 101?
overdose on benzos and benadryl