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What's the medicine for Salmonella?
Medications and Shingles?
Are there any new strains for Shingles?
Why are Doctors from India not returning to their native land to assist their people with the AIDS epidemic?
how dangerous is a wasp sting?
what happens when a vein is blown out in youre arm?
Owww! Please help with this....?
Steam Sauna's True or False?
Adelle Davis, anti-stress formula?
please suggest me reference book on homeopathy remedies?
When you get a colon cleanse?
What is the best or weirdes cold remedy you have tried?
will the turmeric side effect be permanent even though I stopped taking it?
how dangerous taking alternative medicine without much control?
Can homeopathy help with my problem?
how can I do chiropractic adjustments for myself?
What is hips?
Why do I get dizzy when I lay flat on my back?
I have severe pain on the lateral side of my lower leg on walking and running. wat could it be due to?
How can I destress at the end of a day?
I have had pain over right eye & above right ear for three weeks?
Anyone heard of this?
for an MRI of my foot will i have to go all the way into the machine? or would my foot just go in?
Why does everyone say that this is a hang nail, ?
Why can we just have a change of blood like for cancer to remove HIV virus?
How can I find out if a girl has an STD before I kiss her?
HIV sympton--white marks on tongue?
How do you not inhale when smoking?
Will mold symptoms go away if I move out?
Are cigars just as addictive as cigarettes?
inhalers damage lungs?
i have breathing problem maybe anxiety?
Smoking every once in a while?
triple c....Coricidin cough and cold medicine?
Does smoking pot once [or twice] do any damage?
How can I tell if I have a cavity?
My dentist says one of my teeth has suddenly 'died'?
Retainers braces help?
What's this gray thing my ortho put in (swivel?)?
Does root canal hurt? scale from 1-10?
Do people really brush their teeth while they're in the shower?
How destructive or constructive, is the phrase 'Pull yourself together' when someone is severely depressed?
Could I be bipolar I am really happy sometimes and talk excessively and out of turn?
When the pain becomes too much?
Those with mental health problems... ?
If i had the sudden urge to Iick myself and drink from the toilet, should i go see a doctor, or a vet?
i think i may be bipolar?
I find it very hard to speak to people and when i do all that comes out is rubbish. Please Please help?
can you help me please? I'm feeling suicidal
what are the words most used in your country?
Heart racing & dizzy?
Can salty foods make your heart beat faster than usual?
How can you tell if a pacemaker is working?
Breathing Trans Fats?
what would make blood pressure high on a hot day?
Can someone interpret these vital signs and ecg readings?
What Is Morris' Index For Left Atrial Enlargement? How To Calculate It?
this is for real i scared my grandma and she had a heart attack and she doesnt remember that i sacared her?
my heart is beating 57 beats per min is that ok?
What is the difference between serum ferritin and serum iron?
those with experience with Lyme's Disease! what medications work and don't work?
what can i do to help get rid of my flu?
Can your sickness affect your eating?
soar throat with fever!! grr it doesn't go away.! what can i do?
iv just found out that i have hep c?
My son,aged 5.6 years, drank the milk which was previously mouthed by a cat.Is it necessary to go for treatmen
uhhhh is this is illegal?
What drugs are used in chemotherapy?
What are the chances of oral/thorat cancer for young male?
Trying to quit smoking?
breast cancer?
Constant Headaches?
How do I cure my frozen shoulder?
Does anyone have any information about enbrel that might have been frozen?
why do my knees swell up alot more during my period & my hips ach?
Sometimes when I wiggle my toes?
My throat makes a weird gurrling sound sometimes. Why?
is it serious what should i do?
Diabetes ID bracelets UK only?
How does Hyperglycemia causes Seizure?
What causes dizziness?
Any diabetics out there? Please help me!?
Urgent: Diabetes, a small cut?
Could I have low blood sugar, or is it something else?
Can somebody explain this to me?
i am non diabetic but my sugar level was 8.4 this afternoon 2 hours after eating is that normal?
External use of wound alcohol - Does it get "internal" when I put it on an open wound?
Can Dyscalculia be caused by a head injury?
Can calf muscles Bleed?
do i need crutches for a fractured hip?
what are some ways to heal cuts faster?
What is wrong with my foot/ankle?
Funny bone problem....?
what the fastest way to lose 40 pounds quick and easy with agood diet and exercise plan.?
suggest me a simple and easy diet to follow?
How long does it take to get the flexibilty to do the splits?
Lower belly fat that drives me crazy!?
adipex online?!?!?
I Am 4'11 and weigh 107, a cheerleader who needs to lose weight. how is the fastest way...? i am fat right?
Who's Sick of Girls Wanting To lose like 40 lbs in 2 days?
Can you get Oral HPV from drinking out of an infected persons cup/ Straw?
if we get blood test,is that they do different test for different diseases...?
what happens with fingering ?
My mother has arthritis (both knees). What gives her best relief?
Can anyone with Total Knee Replacement Surgery share his/her experiences about its effectiveness?
carpal tunnel?
a percocet question?
Neuralgia, I'm only 27, what treatment is going to work, and how long will it last?
my belly button hurts...?
Does anyone know how to counteract the effects of caffeine? Is there anything to take to reverse its effects?
What are some ways to boost the immune system?
What organ in the human body is responsible for 'butterflies'?
What would you do if you were out of medicine, food, etc., but you don't have a car and low on money?
Pain in fingers and toes. I also have severe lower back pain.?
Why do we get twitches?
When does your skull stop growing?
how do you diagnose wheat intolerance?
Super Awful Allergies?
My dogs scratch insanely between July and October.......?
Chloroquine and Sulfa related?
Latex allergy sufferers.. How do you cope?
Overexposure to mowed grass is triggering sinus infections?
Contact or solution allergy?
Fused vertebrae?
Im getting continuous muscular spasms right above my knee, any idea what might be the cause of this???
I have a really wierd pain . .?
Do People get sick with the flu when they are so dizzy and have a headache?
Could I have HIV !!!?
STD rankings among colleges/universities?
Bacterial Vaginosis?
I have an Eye Issue! please help!?
one of my eyes is lighter?
Can I put my contacts in water?
I was told there is a specific name for a eye doctor that doesn't involve doing surgery work..what is that cal?
What does this perscription mean?
How can I get rid of my glasses?
Which one is bad for your eyes about staying at the computer?
seeing things dim (not clear)?
Do you need to see a eye doctor for circle contacts?
Can Hepatitis A Virus be trasmitted through saliva?
do i have a throat infection ?
controlling stomach flu symptoms on air plane?
have you ever heard of someone getting e-coli blood infection due to the breakdown of muscular tissue?
Can being anemic cause bacterial infections?
help anyone? rabies? pathophysiology??
Is the flu shot intramuscular?
how much does this type of surgery cost??
How can I strengthen my Knee's?
Did I dislocate my shoulder in my sleep?
Why am i getting lower leg bone pain especially the the joint near the kneecap.?
Narcotic drug Addiction.?
Is It Possible To Not Have Any Tears Anymore?
I need to know why I am crying ALL the time!?
Do you think that psychiatric medications hurt the brain?
does anyone else have this with effexor xr?
Am I Mentally ill?Need Help?
bad cough for 5 days
Constant cough and mucus buildup in my throat?
small pneumothorax question!!!!!!!!!!?
Is your immune system vulnerable if?
Our LG Split airconditioner gives COMMON COLD when we sleep with temperature 26 but not 29?
Is this normal...?
what is coughing hack, do girls get affected by that?
The HPV Virus? What do you think?
How do you tell a future partner you are herpes 2 positive?
What is Unani treatment?
Help me get rid of blackheads?
Anyone in Northern Virginia have acupuncture treatment? Recommendations?
Your views on spiritual healing?
what can help high blood pressure and diabetes alternatively and what is a good diet for someone with this?
What supplement cures ulcerative colitis the fastest?
How To People Illegally Obtain Pills?
Do you know a good website where I could find either homeopathic products or herbal products?
blind person taking lsd, shrooms, or dmt?
Site suggestion for best B-12 shots?
For people who've lost weight...how did you lose it?
What does drinking 8 cups of water a day really do?
Is chocolate milk very fattening?
Can anyone tell me how to tighten up my lower abdomen.?
I need to loose weight fast, healthy or not anyone know of anything to loose say 30lbs in 2 months?
Post-Workout Whey protein?
What do you know about Orthopedic surgery?
my nose has a new dent in it, i just noticed it, could i have been hit and it got damaged, how did the dent ge
Is cartilage self re-newing?
What is the quickest and easiest way to lose weight?
i wanna get rid of my chubby cheeks, should i lose weight or tone up?
my toenail was curling in on the edges,so i cut the corners off with the clippers now its grown back an hurts?
do i have sinusis??????
How tall are you?
Why do you americans have to pay for medical treatment?
Osgood Shlotter? What is it?
why do old injuries hurt in bad weather?
Has anyone had a Stapedectomy ?
how many tylenol pms?
what is the pain in my lower leg and ankle when I am on treadmill?
sore throat?? help??
how to get rid of fever blisters or cold sores inside the bottom lip in your mouth ?
Where can one find step by step procedures/protocols for HIV testing using a PCR?
I had pnemonia and am on antibiotics. My sister has a mrsa infection on her leg. Could I get it?
Is there anything safe that I can give my 60 pound dog for a fever?
How come I have a headache and sore throat?
How long does it take to recover from the flu?
I have lot of gastro-intestinal trouble. What to do?
Do I have tonsillitis?
Why is it important for people who think they are infected with HIV to have a second blood test even if...?
HIV is their a cure or even close to a cure?
How to eradicate AIDS from this Earth?
i need 10 facts about aids IN AFRICA?
Where can I get a sonogram without getting a mammogram first?
Are these symptoms those of a type of cancer?
Ive been diagnosis with early breast cancer .Can anyone tell me what Im up against ?
My wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer it is level 2 B...why?
Methotrexate for a 13 year old?
How does cancer form?
Please Help. Left Breast is Leaking Could It Be Cancer?
My lymph node's are always up could it be cancer?
Postpartum Cardiomyopathy?
tingling feeling in the left arm?
Which of the following would raise or lower blood pressure? Just say up or down following the number.?
What are the symptoms of the final days with Congestive Heart Failure?
is it true that if an ekg and an xray are normal?
Really scared, don't know what to do.?
was it ok to take pills even if you have a heart failure?
i have a heart murmur and i'm having chest pain every time i work out?
When i am standing up, and I take a deep breath and stretch I almost pass out?
soreness in thighs and knees at night...?
curious question: what causes headaches?
pain in my vesicle?
is there anything you can do for arthritis in your lower back?
i had an accident got 2 misplace disc an one protruding on my neck, I would like tp know that if I ran out?
I've been sick with?
Bad Breath Cure - Simple Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Bad Breath?
Is it possible to get dental work done at a school for dental assistants and technicians?
YIKES! Is this a tooth cavity?
I am getting braces......HELP please?
Pains With New Braces?
Would getting my teeth sawed down minimize the appearance of my overbite?
can you die by swallowing gum?
Does sugar make you nervous?
What are the diagnostic criteria for Diabetes Mellitus?
a GOOD tasting cheesecake recipe for diabetics?
Have you or anyone you know had a pancreas transplant?
Why doesn't my daughter's Humalog insulin last for 28 days?
When is the best time to check blood pressure?
If I had my legs amputated, would I have to change my height and weight on my driver's license?
I've got the diabetes. just got it a few weeks ago and dont want it anymore . .?
how long before Chlamydia can cause damage?
herpes culture result: 0.90-1.10 equivocal and no herpes symptoms what does it mean?
what things should i keep in mind and do to avoid getting infected by my HIV+ partner?
How do you know if a cut is serious enough for stitches?
infected burn? how to fix it up right?
Tick Bite (worried)?
Spider Bite what to do?
what would happen if you took ipecac when you hadnt swallowed anything poisenous? ?
I had foot surgery today.?
my brother dropped a thermometer, the mercury got on his hands?
My stitches look opened up..?
My white part of my eye is a band of light blue?
Reason for the sound in knee joints when you are in walking!?
I hyperextended my elbow...how long should it hurt?
durring coughing my right arm hurts, from my shoulder to my wrist?
shoes rubbing sores on the back of my heels?
How can I stop cracking my nuckles?
need some advice please???
Does fibromyalgia cause swelling all around your body?
Can pitocin produce an allergic reaction?
Any home remedies that really work for Rhinitis???
9 year old with allergies!?
Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to tea?
why are my mom's eyelids shaking rapidly when she closes them?
How do people get allergic to peanuts?
For about 1 week now i have had this pain on just the right side of my head and forehead my right eye hurts an
Does anxiety usually occur with an eating disorder?
how can i learn to be more patient?
Growing taller?
Do hearing aides and or glasses make you more dependant on thm? weaken the hearing or eyes?
I expect my loved one to get a dire diagnosis soon. How can I help her and what are the words she will need?
in the UK the public freely give their blood to hospitals for operations , research etc.?
Are you healthy?
hot breath/cold breath?
Warts on tongue?
Ladies or medical people?
Glasses for lazy eye cause blurriness...is that normal?
Can your eyes change color permanently?
How long does it usually take for your eyes to go back to normal after being dilated?
Is the future of optometry in jeopardy considering that laser surgery is becoming more popular and effective?
Swami Ramdev's Divya Drishti Eye Drops?
what does it mean when you get waves in eye vision?
Lasik... Is it safe and does it work?
eyelash undernath eye?
Can an eye that drifts be cured?
Can a Chemical Imbalance in the brain, be fixed without medicine?
how can i cure my poor eye sight?
What's the best way to overcome Complex Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder?
Overnight Contact Lenses For Short Sight, Do You Use Them, What's Your Experience?
Can people who are blind see in their dreams?
Do you tell your psychiatrist of every bad though you've had or do you keep to yourself certain things?
How to break a motivationless apathy streak?
Have you ever felt like your stuck?
how do u not give up on life?
depressed...../ cutting my self ....?
Why do most Africans with 'AIDS' test negative?
can it be detected in urine; a girls pee from a guy?
Son was diagnosed with RSV on Sunday. No fever anymore, not as much coughing...(see below)?
Is this really pneumonia?
I have had a nasty cold for a week. Now my right ear sounds plugged up ?
Is it normal to be off a ventilator for 3 days and still have difficulties speaking, swallowing, and moving?
Casual Weed Smoking?
Is there any relief for headaches that occur all day, every day?
What could it mean that i have light chests pain and back pain could it be the beginnings of heart problems?
My lower back `Pops' after lifting a heavy tools. Then i feel pain when twisting my body?
V.A is taking too long to get me my pain meds?
what should i do about my sciatica /leg nerve damage?
I get sharp pains inside my *ahem* on occasion ? why?
why am i always cold .it doesn't seem to matter how much heat or clothes i have on ,i never feel warm.?
Pain In Anus,serious question.?
long term complication from spinalfungococcal meningitis in adults?
what is a short draw in phlebotomy?
How many excess calories does it take to create one pound of fat?
Why do people gain weight after marriage?
should i eat first then workout or the other way around?
How to lose weight being a vegetarian and a teen?
So many weight loss products so little time?
Does Drinking 10 Cups of Water...?
What can I do to make my stomach proportionate with the rest of my body?
did I work out too much..?
abbs. / flat stomach.?
what happens when you sprain your ankle?
What kind of leg injury do you guys think this is?
L3/L4 annular tear?
The stove spat at me and it got in my eye. everything is blurry.what do i do? ?
how did you first hear about self injury or cutting?
why do i walk weird sometimes?
what is crabs, i mean the std, how does it work, what are the effects?
kissing and HIV?
if a person have herpes,what are the chances of him or her giving it to their partner?and is there a cure.?
Is there a treatment for HPV for Males?
Are cysts contagious?
How does Encephalitis usually exit the body?
i'm triathlete and always training no matter if I feel sick ,with cold or flu, then I must stop for some days?
i have been sick for 3 days now the last twodays i had a fever with chills and today i have the flu ?
Am I getting a cold? Please give me some advise?
Made out with boy, Meningitis?
what is in a vaccine?
I was hit in the spleen and I have mono, Help please freaking out!?
Herbal supplement for ADHD?
What can I do to kick stubborn, recurrent yeast infections?
What is the best cure for external hemorrhoids?
Canadian question about therapy animals?
Why not pattern US health reform after GB / UK? They use HERBS?
What are the best brands of Sleeping Pills?
What happens during a homeopathy consultation?
Natural height enhancers?
pure mdma is so amazing. what are your stories?
Is it possible to know if someone has herpes, before kissing him?
does breastfeeding has anything to do with std?
what are risks in low blood pressure?
Can excess Calcium in the bloodstream cause Angina and Hypertension?
how does abnormal heart beats affect the heart?
How do you calculate your target heart rate?
Anyone have racing heart and extreme tiredness when waking?
Gym Exercises after AVR Procedure?
What is resting heart rate?
what does Tachycardia, left atrial enlargement abnormal ECG with T wave abnormality?
This is a medical question?
does ringworm affect a certain age?
Is clidamycin a good choice for orthopedic prophylaxis?
a thing which we can stop but cannot catch?
do i have mono???
I'm doing a health and need to know the long and short term effects of Anthrax?
does anyone know....?
Cure for glandular fever?
CrAzY manicure lady!!?
in which area of blood vessels do you find most white blood cells?
Father died of cancer in the pancreas, but on death certificate it says gastroenteritis?
Lymph nodes??
lip cancer????
My Mother in law was diagnosed w/lung cancer, and now it has spread to her brain, what should we expect?
death of a father?
What does it mean when your pee is the color..?
Does anyone know of a vitamin or pill I can take for neck and shoulder muscle pain? Stretching doesn't work
Knees hurt sometimes...?
Sleeping problems?
Fibromyalgia Patients Only?
About to have a epidural steroid injection...however still very hesitant-how bad does it hurt?
I'm depressed, I want to hurt myself, but how can I do it without my mom finding out?
social anxiety?
Do you find it hard to admit when you're depressed for of being accused of attention seeking?
can you stop gum bleeding and decaying? do gums grow back?
is it dangerous to drink before getting your teeth drilled (because of the novacaine or something)?
Damon or ceramic braces? Please help!?
What foods can I not have with braces?
I HAVE CRABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's so bad about flossing with a sock?
I'm dating someone who I found out has HIV. I've been safe, but what should I tell them I know and leave?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed and I have a few questions?
do dental assistant get distracted when their patients come in smelling like fragrance?
I have just found out my friend is HIV positive and her new born baby..?
discharge after coloscopy?
Wet the toothbrush first, then paste, or paste first, then wet the toothbrush?
Help... random allergies?
Is there a better material for earring protective sleeves used against nickel allergies?
What are symptoms of dairy allergies?
If you have a latex allergy, do you also have a reaction to fruit?
Sinus Infection?
Eye Allergies?
prednisone question?
Is my hair a carrier of the cold sore (herpes) virus?
Testing possitive for TB? can you help???
I have HPV (Human Papillomavirus). Should I be worried?
what is the fatality rate of bird flu in humans up to now?
Help! I just went to the hospital!!?
Deciding to vaccinate?
why do some people have a higher and lower sense of taste?
does monocyte means hiv?
What is your best tip on dieting?
good exercise routine for a beginner?
What motivates you to workout and eat healthy?
How can I loose 30 pounds by August 15th?
Weight Loss Plateau?
How long should a beginner be on a rowing machine for?
What's a good exercise routine for a female teen?
does drinking too much water bad for you?
I'm ssooooo desperate for bigger legs?
Anyone have any headache/migrain remedies?
Fibromyalgia-going to pain clinic, not getting the results I need, how do I ask for a higher dose?
does anyone have any sure fire way to get rid of a migraine would really love to know?
My 6 year old after we put up our Christmas tree, feels aches and pains thruout her entire body. was ok?
Aching shoulder?
What can I do about arthritis in my wrists/hands and ankles, what can I do help?
what color is the diabetes ribbon ?
What are the sympoms of a kidney failure?and What causes kidney failure?
Anyone help.?
I'm diabetic & recently had cellulitis in my leg. My doc say no shaving. What's a safe to remove leg hair?
what could i do for con stant back pain?
Diabetes & hypothyroids?
So is it pretty much a sign of diabetes when someone gets sick and tired after eating lots of sugar/carbs....?
Never have perfect diabetes.....?
what to do bout ear aches?
sunburn issues? please stop the itch?
I need something to help the skin around my eyebrows...?
Burned My Finger On Oven. Help!?
Who would like a craftmatic type bed, almost new?
Mosquito bite-like rash?
I got stung by something...?
Got a tetanus shot on Christmas Eve, now it's swollen?
I stepped on a nail?
snake bite?
im looking for a women with herpes and hpv to date and possibly marry 1 day?
how does one first suspect that they have aids?
Protruding Suture?
My son fell 40 feet from a block of flats, the only injury's he had were a cracked rib & severe pain inside hi
does extreme heat affect chronic sinusitus?
How good is sudafed?
I have high blood pressure and I am very congested. What should I do to relive the congestion?
toenail of left big toe has come off. my soccer match is in 2 wks, wht precautions shud i take bfore playin?
I've had headache for 4 days, does anyone know what could be causing this?
any safe medications to take for flem while pregnant?
Hurt hand punching..Please help!!!?
My lungs stay full of phlegm and I cough up tons of stuff. I cannot take the meds perscribed due to ?
Is sleep apnea a condition your born with or can u develop it?
Do you think i broke my forearm?
I only cough when people are around?
when i cough up a greeny( horrible spit) and when i spit it out it has brown stuff in it?
how should i get rid of a cut on the top of my?
Could someone please tell me what could possibly be wrong with my legs?
What is the secret to Majic Johnson's good health considering he has HIV?
west nile?
the bacteria thats in your body is it cureable?
how i come there CANADA,UK AND USA?
What is causing my unilateral cough headache and neck stiffness? Please help!?
alright, so I've been dizzy for about a week, and I though it was something else, suddenly I got a sore?
First pain management appt....??
what is the scentific cause of a headache?
Upper and Lower Back Pain?
what can i do for ache feet?
i have a bad hip?
orthopedic shoes. what is the best tennis shoe for foot support and walking?
Swelling of facial tissues on left side?
Could pins in my foot move 2 yrs aft. surgery and cause pain? Has anyone had this happen or seen this.?
sharp pain?
I have a really strange joint condition, no one knows what it is, i need some suggestions.?
horribly sore!*?
chest pains?
How can someone with HIV consistently test Negative using an ELISA test?
A question....?
My girlfriend was just diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.?
Is the AIDS epidemic worse in Africa or Latin America?
Is physical pain a symptom in some mental disorders?
Have you ever known an Alzheimer's patient?
Why do i feel like i have no future?
What do people without any mental illnesses think about?
Are Anti-Depressants just a legal way of making a person feel good about themselves?
My friend is really depressed. How can I help them?
Have you ever felt like you were dying inside? If so, what happened next?
How do you learn to like yourself?
Should acupuncture hurt or make you cry?
alternative healing for abdominal cancer?
is there a lot of controversy sorrounding organic food?
What are the best energy pills to take for tiredness---is Iron the best?
Is there a prescription ALTERNATIVE for treating A.D.H.D with a a OTC type or form of medicine for A.D.H.D?
Is there medicine for making my critoris longer?
homeopathic cure for drunkeness?
who would win in a fight me or you ?
Do you feel better when youve smoked weed?
Any advice for withdrawls?
What can be done about Lower back pain?
Is there some way to determine personal pain tolerance?
It is possible to get gonorrhoea from a tractor?
What is the correct dosage of Zithromax (azithromycin) for Chlamydia?
GGRRR!! Herpes... how often do you get outbreaks?
My friend and i were at a rave and she felt a pinch on her arm, the next day there was a dot could it be aids?
Is it true that you can get chlamydia by giving (and receiving) butterfly kisses?
how to lose my stomach in 3 months?
im trying to loose weight so i want to eat healthier... So i want to know some ideas of a healthy breakfast =]
How accurate are exercise machine readouts?
how long will it take to lose 10 pounds?
Skinny guy drinking protein shakes?
how do you harden your muscles???
How many reps when working out?
Skinny Skinny Skinny?
what is a way you can make your stomach flat with out doing a lot?
what other allergy symptons can relate to bananas?
Can an adult who has never had a problem with dairy before suddenly develop lactose intolerance?
Sinus sufferers, do you ever squeeze your upper nose bridge and feel like little popping sound?
Help again. I have that same recurrent cough with itchy throat, any updates to any cures or diagnosis, yet ?
Whose allergy is active again?
I think I'm allergic to cheese (don't laugh!). how common is this?
Is there a name for fear of the feeling of flour on your hands?
I have a really bad smell coming from my nose. When I blow my nose the stuff that come out smells. ?
What exactly is radiation therapy?
How successful is Radiotherapy?
ill, need financial help,heart stent, terminal colon cancer hurt back,neck. cant hold work need help no city s
high platlet count?
neurofibromatosis does anybody else have to deal with this pain in the a$$???
4 op. last 2 1/2 years! bladder tie-Hyst. Dexon mesh imbd. in skin. Dr's say infct. Blad_out? Dr. who can fix
Do you have cancer,if so what kind and how do you feel?
is it true that taking piriton for two wks b4 going on holiday, can protect you from mosquito bites?
Can the incubation-period of the virus rabies last for more up to 4-5 years?how long can it be dormant?
In the sea water can live the virus of hepatitis b or c or hiv?
is it possible to have 'half' a cold?
Do I have the flu or is this just a virus?
Hepatitis C Results?
How to dialate pupils on command?
Is it true that we see things upside down? why?
My eye doctor said, "I'm going to order you a BOX of contacts" What did he mean? A box with multiple packs?
Does getting glasses make your vision worse without them?
Visine doesn't work anymore!?
how long does anti glare last on eye glasses?
Is a scratch on your eyeglasses bad for your eyes?
What causes migranes?or what are its trigers?
What is Oxycodone is it like Lorcet a stronger Vicodin?
Flu shot pain reliever need help!!!?
Weird pain behind my belly button?
i got non reactive result in the HIV test after nine weeks of exposure.the value was 0.08. am i safe?
If I have the Doc get me pregnant under the counter, am I still going to need a psych test?
std testing procedure ?
high blood pressure?
im 26 weeks pregnant,i dont have major problems with my heart although sometimes i have palpitations.?
I just called off my engagement, and ended a 4 year relationship. This was the last thing I wanted to do, and
Why does chest pain radiate?
Once low cholesterol level is now very high?
animal meat has cholesterol or produces cholesterol in humans?
Weird side effects of a sting/bite?
what to do if your fringer is red and swollon from a slinter?
Can someone help with this bite?
i took my earrings out after 6 weeks and now i've changed them there bleeding? :s?
I need help to get rid of a foot 'blister'?
this morning i think i got stung by a wasp and i cound not find the stinger and now my hand is sore.?
pleae help i had so much radiation exposure what do i do??????i think its killing me?
Hot water bottle exploded and severly burnt me?
I just burnt my whole finger with a pantry, what should do?
How to help a muscle pain?
Why does my right knee always make a "cracking" sound?
Weird bruising?
school question?
How can i sprain my ankle?
Why is it that whenever I touch my scar on my head I can feel.....?
How do you break your ankle on a trampoline?
My twin sister has infected wisdom teeth, & she can't get it fixed until December. Is she going to be OK?
periodontal scale and root pln $1750??
I ate a twix today and my teeth (back) was hurting really bad, what is it?
How do you tell the difference between baby and permanent teeth?
Can this tooth be saved?
At what age should all your baby teeth be gone?
what is the difference between multicoated and multifocal?
People who have had Appendicitis?
why did merck pull the plug on the hiv vaccine?
do you have to have a fever to be contagious??
Which mineral imparts blue colour to glass?
is it for sure you will get mono?
what do you mean by sEnti mOde??
what's this?
A 72 year old woman comes to you in mid January with a 103 F fever, chills headache, a dry cough, ?
what causes dizzy spells?
asthma question...?
can i take benadryl while on albuterol and qvar?
Can I Still Have a Heart Problem Even though i had an EKG 5 times, some blood work and chest xray? Age 23?
Smokers what do u think about smoking does to the people around u that don't smoke?
Is anyone in a mixed status couple HIV/AIDS+ &- ?...?
what is std?????????????????????
Is it true that you can get the aids from going to a gay chat room?
what is masterbating?
Why does children's aspirin come in 81mg tablets?
What are the signs of getting better from mononucleosis?
Tongue gets painfully numb when startled?
one day my pain pills worked good then they just quit working. I can take a strong pill and feel nothing.?
Every morning i wake up with a stiff neck? Why is this?
How can my husband treat his tendenitis of his arm. Kinda like inflamation?
Knee pain / 'Loose' Knee Joint?
Why does your arm hurt after a shot is given?
Stomach Pain in School, HELP !?
I Really Need Help. What Should I Do?
Stress, anxiety, and crying for no reason?
I've lost my self control?
When did gestational diabetes become a diagnosis?
Can someone give me all the ingredients for the diabetic master cleanse?
is the diabetic person can feel numb? because my two finger feel numb but i can still use them.?
About two days ago, i realised that ants were starting to be attracted to my urine.Does that mean i'm Diabetic
extra insulin to eat more?
do i have diabetes?
what is the most energetic and healthiest breakfast?
Daily Water Drinking?
About losing weight?
How Many Glasses Of Water Do you Drink IN A day???
What are the best ways or easiest ways to lose weight?
what can we do to stay active?
A matter of balance?
Swamp coolers with straw like filters are they bad for allergies?
Why does striped toothpaste always come out striped, however much you squash the tube?
Help with my daughters arm!?!?
Do people who are blind from birth see colour and have dreams?
help me my cousin have been feelings thing crawling over her and she constantly hungry please help
I sweat a lot when it is hot. How can I reduce this?
Are there any smokers left?
Why does my drug test show positive for weed?
what physiologically happens to cause a person to be unconches when they get knocked out from a blow to the he?
Poll: would you rather?
After being exposed to an STD, when will a male start having symptoms?
How long can the AIDS virus live without a moist, warm environment?
how long can you go without going to the toilet?
pain on left side of abdominal/oblique?
i have a recurring pain on the left side of my belly,more or less where the appendix is but on the left side,?
Is my ear super-sensitive or is something wrong?
What is wrong with me (chest area)?
My mom is having knee surgery for minuscus tear, should she go for the microfracture procedure?
What is the strongest pain killer you can buy over the counter?
what do you think is wrong with my knee?
Abdominal pain in the morning.?
neck pain?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my spine curves at my neck, can i fix this?
Food Allergy?
Why are peanut allergies so deadly and seemingly more prevalent than ever before?
Reccomendations for a good air filter for people with allergies?
natrual home remedies for seasonal allergies?!?
can a housekeeping empoyee in a nursing home be made to take patients outside to smoke?
why are my eyes always red?
allergic to watermelon?
bloodshot and burny.?
Has anyone ever had a problem taking hydrocodone and lexapro together?
my lower back is hurting?
What is it when you having ringing of the ears, neck pain and dizziness!!!!?
My thumb is numb.....?
Lower back pain, & numbness in right buttock and right thigh?
I have had heel pain since i was very young?
Upper & Lower back pain. Any solution?
When I stretch in the morning, I blackout and I get these horrible pains in my head. Is this a problem?
I'm pretty sick right now, help me?
Do charcoal tabs help diarrhoea ?
which of the following could be potentially hazardous to the patient's medical treatment?
My 20 year old pet mynah died this morning. How do I know whether it's bird flu?How do I know I'm not affected
How can I get rid of this Viral Infection?
I tested Positive for TB, now what?
I think I'm coming down with the flu virus, any remedies that migth stop or at least slow it down?
Ibuprofen Dosage for 3 years old kids?
Eeeeewwww!!! Yuckkk!!?
What is the best advice you can give me regarding glaucoma?
What can I expect to pay for color lenses?
I need glasses but have no money to pay?
What can cause temporary blindness?
Contact lenses questions?
can wearing contact lenses too often, make your eyes worse?
Should 'The Green Eye' Go to bed?
is/was n e 1 on workers comp and had cervical disc surgery just want to hear some experiences?
how do you know if your spine is out of line?
Paramedics UK. How do you get an injured patient to go to hospital , if.........?
Knee replacement on one or both knees?
I'm hollucinating, im worried?
What are signs of breast cancer?
What can you not do with a tattoo....like give blood or bone marrow???
Powder deodorant still causes cancer?
How long is recovery time for breast duct removal/biopsy and what is the surgical/recovery process like?
is there time when your feel hopeless about your condition, in case of cancer?
Breast lumps(2) after breast reduction... should I be worried?
Best Way To Get Rid Of A Cramped Stomach?
can angioplasty be done in heart having more than one block....?
My husband's left bundle block= switched to a right bundle block, how dangerous is this ?
How long does it take for heart disease to develop?
Why does blood pressure decrease as blood flows down through the circulatory system?the?
If this IS NOT a heart attack, what else could it be?
What is heart failure?
Re plaque buildup in your body. Is there a test for this?
Why is my heart skipping beats?
is smokin marijuana suppose to make your heart beat as fast as hell???????
Can the results of an mri scan be 'wrong'?
broke my leg and know i can't straighten my leg at the knee?
Please help!? i have killer crippling migraines!! and i don't know why!?
How to get your wrist stronger ?
Labyrinthitis is it that bad?
PLEASE HELP!! My legs ache so bad... what is going on?
Ibprophen? Is it bad for your heath?
all my body is hurting!!FULL DETAILS INSIDE?
Did this pain come from push ups, sit ups or, stretch and reach?
What are the symptoms of Epstein Barr Virus?
Cite two examples of viral diseases that can be transmitted by individuals that show no obvious symptoms?
if u have pink eye should u not use teh computer? how long does the healing take? im swolen @ the eyelid+pnkey
Why am I getting so many staph infections?
I got fired for being bipolar?
Why treat / talk to those with asperger's syndrome differently than the way we treat / talk to typical people?
My 9 year old brother was just diagnosed with Autism?
Does a person have to have a mental disorder to be suicidal?
i love to inhale gases from kerosene/petrol gallons,correction fluid,insecticides,camphor,etc.Is this normal?
Does winter give you a case of cabin fever?
If a person has COPD and starts coughing up blood, how serious is it?
How do you turn the volume down on a sleep apnea machine? aprea?
I am a post operative patient and I left messages at doc office but he has not returned my calls in three wks!
Living in Florida with Cystic Fibrosis?
what is mucous made from and how long does it take for it to come back after you blow your nose?
Should MMS now be banned and those selling it prosecuted?
I want to cure candida naturally without antibiotics and without a extreme diet?
Homeopathy question...?
what are the pros and cons for medical marijuana?
Over the counter concentration medication?
Is there a natural way to raise the amount of DMT in the body without smoking or injecting?
magnesium stearate?
leaving the country. what should i do?
Can the post office tell if you're getting illegal drugs in the mail?
Why were you prescribed Tramadol (Ultram) and how has it worked for you?
What corses cramp in the bottem half of your leg?
Why are my back and shoulders aching constantly?
What is the problem with my groin/hip flexor?
Why do I have headaches and Sore eyes?
my daughter has a pinching pain in her lower center of her stomach?
I have been feeling ill all week, any ideas what it could be..?
Where is the best place to go for managing pain from osteoarthritis?
This horibble feeling in my throat... Help!?!?
I CAN'T stop CRACKING my WRISTS!? is this bad?
Loss of appetite, yet still hungry?
cardio vs pilates?
how can i loose weight in ?
I want to lose some weight before summer ...?
Why am I not losing weight? I am only eating 1200 calories a day and working out?!?
How can I get a bikini body?!?
How can i make my thighs abit skinnier and loose some fat from my arms?
My ex fattened up my kid so that she gets tired doing minor exercise. How do I get her healthy again in 1month?
how soon does a cold sore or chancre symptom start appearing or occuring?
help.. std question..please?
If a CBC is taken and WBCs and RBCs are normal is number could their be still a risk of HIV/AIDS?
can u get aids if saliva gets in condem?
STD Affair?
weird question?
I have a feelin i have HIV but i dont want 2 get tested in fear of havin HIV which i know may sound ****** up?
how do you cure a strep throat fast?? ?
Diphenhydramine/benadryl addiction?
If someone says you have blake eyes ? What does that mean ?
Would Curing Cancer Be Counter Productive?
What should I do?
I should have said, that I am a Care Assistant?
If the brain can survive for 4-6 mins....?
Is this a normal side effect of smoking weed?
Why do people get lice and do they jump?
how is every body today......?
Are they seasonal migraines, or is it stress?
What causes pins and needles?
How should I treat knee pain?
Your epidural to the spine experience?
if a baby is allergy to lactose can he consume breast milk?
Please Help Me Find a Good Hypo-Allergenic Hairspray?
If someone is allergic to bee's, then are they allergic to honey too?
my dog is allergic to everything, and its not funny to hear him bark and weeze over it.... am I wrong?
is peanut butter against blood pressure?
my eye keeps twiching?
Do you think I have Arthritis?
Is it normal for a needle to cause your whole arm to throb for days?
why is my throat swollen?
How to releave a lower back pain/strain ?
Problems with my legs/knee caps?
What are some Major painkillers people would try to get?
Urinary Tract Infection medicine not working?
Scars from surgery hair and less damage?
My grandpa has a dislocated should and i need help.?
what happens if your finger cant bend after disloacting your finger after a few months?
do I have a ACL ligament tear?
how to avoid getting a scar?
Could my nose be broken?
trying to get my stupid leg cast off?
I want to go to Optometry school but dont know what majors I should select during undergrad.?
If I wear glasses in my eye then does squint eye will recover?
does cracking your knuckles cause any harm?
i got stabbed by metle and i havent had my tetnes shot for 8 years will i be ok ?
Have you ever had laser surgery to fix a hole in your retina?
Can looking at a computer moniter for too long make your eyes longer?
How bad are my son's eyes?
i have a red dot in the white of my eye. should i be worried?
Is this eye doctor doing it right ?
What does a blind man 'see'?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
American Diabetes Association question?
Hyperinsulinaemia and Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome..Link?
Pump users traveling to different time zones; especially those with different basal rates throughout the day?
insulin pump? anamis?BEST ANSWER!!?
What other organ(s) does the pancreas work with and how does it work with it? ?
What are some good foods to eat or drink to get regular. Excercise, beer consumption all are factors?
I am scared I have diabetes and am scared to go get it tested, help?
what is good to use on blisters that accumulate on lips after chemo treatments?
Treatments for stage 4 liver cancer with unknown primary, suspect lung or colon and has metasized to bone?
How is cigarette smoke linked to heart disease?
I am pregnant and extremely worried....?
What is the truth about egg yolks and high LDL cholesterol?
Is there anywhere I can buy an individual stent (for hearts)?
what cause hypertension with reference please?
I have talked to a doctor about cialis and he knows that I am on heart medicine.?
Who was the first man/woman to find cure for breast cancer? ?
Help with teeth whitening?
marijuana smoker and cigarette smoker's lung comparison?
Really bad burning in my chest... feels like a fire in there... plz help im desperate!!?
Dentists, how do you relax your nervous patients?
My boyfriend's little sister has a shortness of breath, chest tightness, fatigue. Any ideas on what it is?
How does Bakingsoda whitens your teeth? how long does it take to see results?? and how do u use the bakingsoda
do cough medecin get u high?
When was the first case of diagnosed cancer in the world?
Can wisdom teeth ever come in without a problem?
What is the youngest age to develop breast cancer?
I have a close relative wtih terminal cancer,so I need to buy a morphine pump. Do you know wher I can buy it?
At what stage would a CBC (complete blood count) show lymphoma?
People who have known cancer, can you help?
Is pinning your ears back painful?? can you get ear braces instead??
Wisdom Teeth?
Looking for recommendations on dental work in Juarez, Mexico. I live in Albuquerque and need a root canal.?
How can i stop gagging on my mouthguard? ?
How do you tune in short-wave radio with loose teeth-braces wiring?
how do i find info on the knee?
The flu is a nickname for what infectious disease?
Does Moxifloaxin treat giardia? If so, how many days to complete the course?
Hand sanitizers-alcohol content?
What is the percentage % of positive ppl with hepatitis that test inconclusive for hiv ?
Has anyone else had shingles and know how painful they are?
Is there any list for Infectious diseases devices?
need as much information on HEP, C as possible?
What are the signs of a nervous break down?
Ways To Prevent Bad Dreams?
Why do so many people here think they have bipolar?
Why does my body refuse to do anything, even though I absolutely know I should get these things done?
i have too much emotional pain, what do i do?
My classteacher said I have ADHS(this psychologic thing)......?
I'm having a hard time dealing with my boyfriend and his obsession?
How can I not be so sad right now? What can I do to make it stop?
Seriously... do I have a problem?
Can exercising during a heat wave cause a severe headache?
gall bladder removal?
Why does my heel hurt?
Zoloft & Ultram-Major side effects?
Pain on lower left side under ribs (what can it be?)?
Sharp pain in the left side of my head!?
What can I do to ease pain because of my sciatic nerve?
Why does my back and face numb?
my teacher's dog bit my earlobe and it was bleeding. How can I stop the pain?
Omg!!??!! My foot just...............?
once u have a tummy crease can u get rid of it?
Apart from exercise, what kind of food can help boost HDL cholesterol? My HDL is borderline & LDL is high risk?
If you consume under 2,000 calories a day do you automatically loose weight?
what is a fast way to loose weight for summer!?
losing fat off of bottom half of my body?
What is the most affective way to shed stomach fat in one month?
how can stop from feeling hungry?
how can i stop thinking about food?
If 10% of people with eating disorders (or just anorexics, i forget) are male, how many of them are gay?
i have the best work out plan for girls and guys?
I have a bite where I've scratched it.. Now it hurts when I bend my knee?
help massive blister on my heel??
Bug bites. I seem to be on their menu. How can I repel them.?
I woke up with numbness and tightness in my thumb, index, and middle finger. What is this?
Does having mild dysplasia mean I really do have HPV?
HIV question? help please?
If aids is an unnatural occuring disease where did it come from?
could i have aids from a party?
Are those rumours true?
if 1 in 4 people have herpes does that mean if you slept with 4 ppl?
can humping a pillow at a youg age lead to stds or anything bad?
how long does it take a cold sore to heal and no longer be contagious?
do you think that it would be wrong to make a site that...?
How do I get rid of an allergic reaction to benadryl?
Stuffed Nose Help!?
allergy making me to cry plzzzzzzzzz kindly help?
am i allergic to raw carrots??
Does anyone suffer from asthma with eye pain?
why do old people's nose keep running?
Know anything about Life Line Screening?
My mouth smells like peedammit?
Can you get a STD from thrift store pants?
sinusitus, what more can I do?
Why is water coming out my nose?
Can I take vicodin and tylenol pm's together?
Bad leg pains...Help!?
Did you know tonic water can stop night leg cramps?
Dealing with ear drainage?
Survey~Have you ever had a surgery in which they shaved the bone?
I took Excedrin tension headache while breastfeeding?
Can lack of sleep cause extreme headache?
How do I know if I have a appendicitis?
Why does it hurt when I put my finger in the stove? Please Help!!?
Why can't doctors find out what's wrong with me?!?
What's a good natural cure for acid reflux???
Has anyone ever tried the home remedies for kidney stones that you can find on the internet?
Best supplements for burning fat.?
The effects of Nyquil?
Should alternative medicine proponents be warning of the rising dangers..?
hey, does acupuncture hurt?
Have you ever been to a Naturopathic Doctor?
Alternative Medicine for IBS?
I WANT ANSWERS! Weight Loss Success Stories, I need the motivation!!?
How can I weight train without having any weights in my house or any access to a gym?
How much JUNK food do you normaly eat a week?
What are some good food for healthy hair?
what is the fastest way to loose weight?
Personal trainer?
How can I get into shape?
What do you think i weigh?
i wanna eat healthy but its soo hard for me! i cant control my cravings!?
what do you consider as FAT?
how do bacterial populations of the stomach and large intestine differ qualitatively and quantitatively?
If quinine is from the new world and malaria is from the old world, what was quinine's original purpose?
Rabies question...?
How long does treatment take for Chlamydia?
Want to know you risk exposure to HIV? You have any symptoms?
Could cymbalta replace neurontin as a pain relief?
Is this carpal tunnel?
What are Video Game Headaches really called?
why do i wake up in the morning feeling lightheaded?
Why does my foot hurt?
I need help understanding a lower back x-ray result?
bad pain under armpit randomlyy?
can my day get worse (HELP)?
How do I get my knees to stop cracking?
Can Lovastatin cause the blood sugar to be higher?
what is the medication lyrica used for?
how can I help my boyfriend stay healthy with type 1 diabetes?
does it really matter what type of cinnamon you take to help lower blood sugar in type II diabetes?
Can someone exsplain the song 'curse of curves'?
low blood sugar?
could anybody tell me which foods ar acid and which foods are alkaline?
what will be the cause of dry mouth?
I just got braces !! XD XD XD?
wisdom teeth?
toothache while 34wks pregnant?
What Is The Best Way To Get Wobbly Teeth Out?
Removing ceramic braces?
BRACES help what do they feel like plz answer my questionz.?
Why is it that you're supposed to use heat on swelling after icing it the first twenty four hours?
my mouth is throbbing! help!?
what is the deadliest cancer?
What is the health benefit a person can get by drinking chinese mushroom (tibicus)?
will girls who are currently 16 be given the cervival cancer vaccine in the UK?
Fournier Gangrene treatment, Xleoda for Chemo and survival Support Group?
Has anyone heard of a form of cancer known as LYP?
Anyone lost a parent to cancer recently??
lump on breast?
Are there official websites where you can talk to Cancer Survivors?
When are chicken pox most contagious?
what are symptoms of hepatitis c?
What do you think of the Bird FLU? Is it coming?
is it posible there is still chemicals in a home that would seep into your skin that been condemed by police?
could a pap smear detect if yoy have hiv/aids?
is my wife cheating ? and doctor is not telling the truth ?
does H I V always turn into aids?
I want to get an STD check?
What are the setbacks of a "flipped" sleep pattern?
The P wave on an ECG is described as a positive deflection that corresponds to ________ ?
if you are obese?
Why give beta blockers and beta agonists to the same patient?
varying blood pressure measurements?
I need someone who can read ECG tests...?
What's the difference between Nasonex versus Astelin?
Where can I get/find some holistic allergy relief?