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I have a cut on my thumb. maybe an inch long. deep enough that it bled for 24 hrs, but shallow enough that?
Why would the pain caused by a poison bite subside after applying hot water?
What do you call the (rope) that's used to cut off the blood supply to a wound?
I ran into a door and my toenail came almost off will it grow back?
What causes sleepless nights?
should i get knee surgery?
Tonsillectomy on wednesday??
N.H.S,norfolk and norwich?
Why cant I 'Rise and Shine'' in the mornings?
Would you pay 20% sales tax on everything if everyone in U.S. could get health care insurance?
what are the symptoms of dementia?
meaning and spelling of eradication?
Does anyone know anything about the Flu epidemic of 1918?
we have had a stomach bug that is still going around .. can we catch it again?
I am a malayalee living in USA,thinking of visiting Kerala next month. What you think about chikun gunya Okay
Can you catch oral herpes from drinking after someone?
What causes massive wart growth in humans?
If sumbody hurts u again n again,How would u feel?Can u tolerate all this?
Please help, I'm suicidal...?
Why have I lost all my feelings?
Is it normal for a 32 year old man to have a crush on the same girl as his 7 year old son?
Is HIV/AIDS curable? How soon will a person usually die after he is infected with HIV virus?
hepa b transmission?
should I get my daughter her std vaccine?
yo folks its tenth std for me this year.. can some one ?
Do you/your partner/previous partner have an STI/STD..?
how and where do u think aid's originanted from?
What are the best possible foods to lower blood pressure?
What are some ways that you can improve your eyesight?
Are there any natural treatments/supplements to help with uterine fibroids?
***I Need An Alternative to Antidepressents***?
What is this profesion called?
my roomate takes a pink pill. The bottle says Hydrocodone.What is it?what is it commonly used 4? Side effects?
What are the benefits of Cranberry Pills?
Do you think there will be a better way to improve your eyesight in the future?
can someone help me...?!?!?!?
My mums around 50 years old, is very fit yet she has high blood pressure, gets dizzy spells alot ...?
My son just turned 13 years old. He started complaining that he couldn't swallow well.?
Colored Contacts?
is pediatric nursing under health care?
What kind of dr. do you go to for a hernia?
Would it be legal and would a doctor do this?
Why did the room suddenly "spin" even though I was sitting down?
Do you need an x-ray or MRI to diagnose a sprain or strain shoulder?
Knee pain from riding accident..?
sudden sharp hip pain while running?
how do i tell if i pulled a mussel?
doing push up and injuring area around pisiform bone at wrist?
Knee injury need some help?
Does giving blood hurt?
I have a knot on my head what should i do?
what are the best exercises to get thinner thighs?
How can I get rid of my tummy?
Removal of braces...?
what are the terms and conditions to be a Dentist?
Retainer after braces?
Should my daughter get Braces from a dentist or an orthodontist? ?
White Teeth FAST?!?!!?
feels like there's hair on my tongue?
Piece of pepper/spice under gum? Weird Question...?
i have something in between my back teeth like a flap of skin can anyone help me???
what are effective ways to rid of bad breath i tried everything from altoids too tongue scrapers this is imba
where can i buy safety floss?
i can't search for nursing reviewer for CAD?
The fibrous skeleton of the heart........?
Good hospital for bypass surgery in north india?
What does it mean when a 50 year old has a problem with slight jumping or shaking for no reason?
i have congestive heart failure, diabetes, and nerve damage to my legs, plus i am over weight what do i do.?
Heart Hurts???
Question for Doctors. I am perscribed Ritilan by my doctor and I have questions.?
How to treat bacne?
frequency and irritable bowel syndrome?
I was recently diagnosed with stage 3 borderline ovarian cancer. I had surgery in Jan 08 to remove it?
Do you have to be overweight to have sleep apnea?
have u ever been in a coma? how did it feel when u woke up? how did u feel to be alive?
What is the best cure for severe lowere back spasms besides muscle relaxers and pain pills?
I can't function with or without my pain meds??? Any advice?
Fentanyl patch?
What makes some one comatose?
How can I stop biting my nails !?
best way of getting rid of fat under my chin?
Does 20 minutes in a Jacuzzi stimulate the muscles in the human body?
Gun shot wound....IV in the chest!!?
I honestly don't think I need my medication anymore, but don't know what to do?
Ok today i got bucked off by one of my horses and now i'm all like weird..Help?
why do some farts smell worst than others?
Airline Security and diabetes supplies?
What parts of the body can be affected by diabetes?
Sugar cravings for diabetics?
Diabetic nerve pain? Help!?
Is my type 2 diabetes GONE?
How does being diabetic effect your treatments for breast cancer if at all?
I have severe dietary issues (gluten, dairy, pre-diabetes), and only in dating and at work....?
If you re-use one of the testing needles for BS Wouldn't the numbers be off?
Why I eat more then my body needs???!!1?
i had swollen lymph nodes under my arm pits one time. But no other symptom of hiv.?
Cystic Fibrosis and Scared!?
I've been having trouble breathing... it really hurts ! Anyone know what this is :S?
Does the Swine Flu have this much of an impact on our bodies because our immune system hasn't seen it before?
What can I do to rise up early?
What are some causes of memory loss, and what kind of doctor specializes in this?
i need to stop coughing ASAP. any ideas?
How long does it take the lungs to clear up after quitting smoking?
I am looking for a health insurance in USA, but there are things that i dont get....can you..?
Does anyone get blue fingernails when having a raynaud's attack?
Something stuck in my Esophogus?
I put down the Cigarettes today thanks to Yahoo Answers, now what? Suggestions?
Does anyone else do this?
Is having the ability to hold your breath until you pass out rare?
Am i sick!?? Help?___?
Cluster headache, Migraine, or something else?
Why am I aching so badly?
this is gross but funny too, (kind of serious also,) regarding my nasal problems?
what are the remedies to improve skin complexion?
are there any early signs that will lead to alzheimer's or dementia like from youth?
Is there a fungicidal soap?
my 5 year old was diagnosed with nummalar eczema at first it was one ringworm that went to her scalp then that
Is a stomach ache a form of an allergic reaction?
i have rash on my thighs and it is red in color and it is itching any remedies for it?
Are you allergic to paprika?
How can i stop a cold from coming?
how dangerous is HPV?
If one has affected by HIV, can road side blood donation camps find him out while donating blood ? Pls reply?
1 in 5 people have herpes including my sister. do you know of anyone that had a good pregnancy and had herpes?
My ears won't pop, I feel constant pressure!! Help!!?
How much sleep does a teenager need?
How many glasses of water in a 1.25ltr bottle of water?
Fainting after leaving a tanning salon????
please help.suddenly i started to sleep for 14 to 16 hours daily?
How does one take "weed"?
why do white children experience puberty earlier than other children?
Refrase... What's the fastest way to kill yourself?
how do you tell if someone is on crack?
What's the best way to get the real situation of bird-flue in China?
What are the signs/symptoms of intestinal parasites in children?
How do you take away the pain of swimmers ear?
what is asiano bacterian?
Are most doctors willing to perscribe tamiflu to be on hand incase the bird flu hits the us. Why or why not?
I have the beginnings of a head cold. Is there anything I could take to reduce it or make it go away quickly?
HI nurses or someone can you please tell me if?
does a bitter sensation in the tongue necessarily imply an infection?
HC2 Exemption certificate: What is the full value of a voucher for glasses/contact lenses?
How can i overcome my fear of contact lenses?
pinhole glasses 30 min a day makes ur vision better?
My friend has hyperopia in one eye and myopia in the other. Unusual. Anyone with info or advice?
What the Hell is this thing in my Eye? (Pic)?
Why aren't you supposed to put self-tanning lotion on broken skin? What will it do?
What are some exercises to increase stamina and breath capability?
Will this cardio/weight training mix allow me to drop two dress sizes in 17 weeks. PLZ HELP, I have no idea!?
What exercises help you lose belly fat the fastest?
Is there any way to burn 2000 calories in one workout? If so how long and what activity?
home remedies for tooth pain?
Mattress related back pain?
after having a metal plate put in my neck to stop the pain and straighten my neck,why do I still hurt??
Knee joints clicking?
Broken, Fractured, or "hurt" knee?
Unexplainable bruises on my shin...?
Possible Sternum Injury? I dont know help please..?
Hard bump in the joint of the finger?
Do I need a brace for my Sculiosis?
How can I stop cracking my Knuckles!?
I cut the nerve and the artery at the base of my pinky on the inside . The ER just sowed it up will it heal.?
can you tell me if people with fibromyalgia qualify for disability?
Is operating my eyes with LASER safe?
Know about Autism?
Age-related changes in heart function include...?
Are there any appetite suppressants that don't increase blood pressure?
how to treat a patient with pulmonary hypertension but have systemic hypotension?
what is lifespan of heart transplant recepient?
why when i exercise my heart is at 198 and 200? Iam currently taking propranolol and iam on my second day.?
My Husband is having a high cholestrol of about 6.4. Any ways to reduce it?
What are Six Month Power Braces???
I am 13 and I have a tooth growing in the top back left. Is this wisdom teeth?
gum problem?
How do you use baking soda to clean your teeth? ( when and how)?
How can I convince my parents to get me braces?
Does the loss of this filling mean I now need to have two teeth extracted?
Yellow Teeth :'(?
Is it possible to brush your teeth without wiggling your @rse?
What determines how an individual perceives pain?
what pain killer is best for lower back pains?
NervousPlease Help!?
Anyone know of a pain medication that does NOT reduce fever, prescription or otherwise?
long term sore throat.....?
I hurt my back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do you get rid of the pain in your legs?
Owww, caught my mole on my zip?
Painkillers and drug tests?
can u overdoes on cyclobenzaprine 10mg? If so how many would it take?
What is the point of taking an expectorant along with a cough suppressant?
Lung congestion question?
Can mild dehydration cause brain damage in the elderly?
Can OFLOXACIN TABLETS be taken to cure cough cold and fever along with paracetamol and citirizine ?
Is there anything I can do to help prevent reoccurring pancreatitis?
What is a good quaternary disinfectant?
Flu Remedies?
how long does lindane stay in the body?
can mono be harmful if you are h.i.v. positive?
Is there any Natural cure for Multiple Sclerosis and osteoporosis in the same person ?
herbs or remedies?
zinc supplement?
How does one actually do chakra work?
please help me! i really need help?
Are energy mints good for you?
please read this especially if you are heavy drinker?
Scared my man HIV positive guy
What is the latest research on AIDS?
introduction of aids..?
Are Oxycodone & Oxicontin the same, or do they just sound the same?
Anybody relate? (blown herniated disk L4-L5-S1)?
When your foot goes numb and you feel pins and needles what can you do to?
I want a tongue ring..how bad should I expect the pain to be and for how long? also what do I clean with & eat
has there ever been a man who needed to be circumcised more than once in his lifetime?
leg cramps help!...................?
What is the likely cause of general swelling 10 days after mast cell surgery on my dog?
Multiple Myeloma,.. Scary thought,?
Water bottle question about caner...?
hi, i have esophagus cancer, i'm male 27 years old, type adenocarcinoma and at stage 1?
Vision surgery?
Is Walmart vision center good?
Can you wear contacts during football?
I am 18 and have been wearing glasses for almost 8 years, is there a way I could improve my eyesight?
Is staring at the computer screen bad for your eyes?
I had terrible allergies in Las Vegas both times I went in April. What allergens are active in Las Vegas?
How do you tell the difference between a cold and allergies in an infant?
I am allergic to Sorbitol, an ingredient in nearly every gum today. Is there any sugar gum out there?
What the heck is going on with me?
Does the ipure necklace or braclet work?
How can you prevent from getting allergies from your cat at home?
i have a stuffed up nose how can i make it go away?
So my 9yr old has a peanut allergy?
in malaria when does jaundice occurs? after fever or during fever?
pinus disease?
i had my tongue pierced 2 weeks ago but it's still swollen.could it be infected?
Do you think that I may have contracted salmonella?
What is the probability of other children inheirting dystonia?
Is it safe to consume chicken in india now?
What kind of doctor should I go to for a FULL STD checkup, and is the swab required or is a urine test enough?
Have you ever tried m&ms and ruffles together?
What causes Insomnia?
What is the rumbling you feel in you stomach?
Will I get seasick on a cruise ship?
how do i strengthen my voice so it will stop crackin faster?
If you were to consider seeing/have seen a bodywork therapist, what would be/is important to you about who..?
Why does caffeine give me anxiety attacks?
Is there a medical condition that causes bad handwriting?
how someone can join international red cross?
When will people realize that low carb diets are not the answer to peoples weight problems?
I binge eat and gain back all the weight over the weekend?
What foods are healthy AND tasty?
whos lost weight using treadmill?
Should I avoid drinking green tea if i don't want to loose weight?
How long of not working out does it take to get in shape?
If I eat an apple a day will it keep the doctor away or will I just get sick anyway?
What kind of sinus surgery would you reccomend?
my wrist hurts a lott buttt?
can metal in your body move or shift?
Some questions about pain tolerance?
can doctors prescribe themselves mediction?
Migraine for 4 days, nothing helps?
How to get rid of an ear ache?
Massages...Don't you love them?
Help Please?
What is a stress fracture? how would one know when they have a stress fracture?
Sprained finger from basketball?
22 month old suddenly won't put weight on his right leg?
"Delayed" ankle pain. Is it normal to be sore 1.5 days later?
i have a small cut below my tooth... what can i do to heal it or calm down the pain?
Which accident helpline is the best to use when claiming compensation?
I have this cut please help me its really painful!?
What makes that nauseous feeling??
Any home remedies for dealing with Acid Reflux during pregnancy?
What kind of food that can make blood sugar level decrease?
If someone is an alcoholic for several years and urinates in his bed, what does that mean?
difference b/e primary and secondary hypothyroidism?
do u think i have diabetes?
What's a good exercise regimen for someone w/ Type 2 Diabetes?
medicine tablet's, capsule's wrapper, foil?
What is cytomegaloviral infection?
MRSA in the blood is it dangerous and is it contagious?
Has anyone been around a person with Hepatic Encephalopathy?
what are causes of dengue, chikungunya,malaria?
I think I have the flu....Should I go to the DR?
number of people living with hiv in texas?
why is an over-reliance on pain killing drugs?
why does it hurt when we break a bone?
belly button piercing and tattoo? i want a PROFESSIONALS help.?
Methadone Maintenence?
Whats the best way to heal a cut? Covered, uncovered? Any home remedies to heal it quicker?
teenagers ankle swollen with no pain. what happened?
What is the best thing to use for mosquito bites?
do spider bites heal themselves?
Docs, nurses: question about suturing small lacerations in children?
Do you call a tiny piece of material that gets stuck in the skin of your finger a sliver or a splinter? ?
Shoes rubbing on my feet??? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
scared! need ur help! 10points....?
what do i do if my ear smells?
What does herpes FEEL like the Second time around? ...?
Does anyone drink coffee for their asthma?
Are colds spread more rapidly in winter months because there is more condensation in the air?
Can someone tell me how to do the Buteyko Method for treating asthma?
Coughing up brown mucus?
Conscious breathing? Am I normal?
Help please... Do you know anyone who takes advair discus inhaler medicine for ashma?
stop snoring.. help!?
Is there a coffee filter bag to filter beans for heart patients?
Do heart attacks happen fast?
which is the best brand and model number for home Automatic blood pressure arm monitor?
What does Norm Macdonald eat everyday to lower his cholesterol?
can Nitro glycerin be taken daily?
inflammation around my heart?
Should I Go to ER for this issue?
If your pulse is over 100, what does it mean?
Heart Problems at 13?!?!?
Refering to my previous question about the 42 year old man! Guess had answered it was an AMD!?
Is it okay if i don't wear glasses for my short sight. I have a correction of -0.5 cyl -1.5 on my both eyes.
how long do colds last for?
CD4-positive helper T-cells function by:?
Did I catch this bug too?
I need a doctor PLZ...fever problem?
i have a miserable cold?
what is wrong with me?
what is mean by Aids ? ?
is hemorrhoids communicable or infectious?
Taking topamax for migraines but it's not working?
What causes wrist and hand pain???
what is something that represents pain being lifted away?
fibramyalgia advice on pain relief and coping?
Problems with the right foot, the heel or archilles tendon?
I think my friend is addicted to pills; says she has ovarian cysts and the docters don't know whats wrong.
Mexican Pills...Hydroco Apa...Plz Help!!!!?
my partner has been to the doctors once and to a chiropracter the second and they have both said he has ?
pains in the back of my head?
i wounder if you try this before ?
hiv+,male,and hiv-female,can ave hiv- baby?
Why do we feel pain? And how do we get rid of it?
Who should I write to about my girlfriend being very badly mistreated for an outpatient hospital procedure?
Did you know?
How do you not get attached to people?
about your state of mind during menstruation?
Help my partner has borderline personality disorder !?
Is it possible to just be downright depressed?
What are my chances of becoming a functional adult?
Can depression/anxiety cause this? Has anybody felt this way?
Can benign thyroid nodule become malignant cancer?
Some say bladder cancer Has gone to more parts of the body?
How can i raise money for cancer?
Breast Cancer?
I have braces but i want to get a vertical labret lip piercing will it effect them???
What will drinking lemon juice mixed with water do to my teeth?
Dental Braces?
what does the dentist office do with all of the teeth they pull?
I am absolutely petrified of the dentist. Does anyone have any advice on how to relax about going.?
Can't Get My Tongue Bar Out?
Does everybody have to remove there Tonsils?
Favorite gum?
Do you like going to the Dentists ?
where can i find free emotional or pshycological help for losing weight?
what is the best appetite suppressant that won't give you the jitters...?
How can I slim my thighs down?
how much times passes between eating a lot of calories and building the fat?
How can i get rid of 2-3 inches of belly fat before christmas?
I want to lose about 10lbs by march?
Has anyone ever tried "Orovo" Dietary Supplement Pills?
Top ten tips to quit smoking?
If I'm 5.7 and wanted to be a size zero how much would you have to weigh?
Anyone take apple cidar vinegar?
Help! Home remedy for cough! Fast!?
I get itchy skin when I take Ginseng, what herb can I take to counter that?
What helps you meditate not sleepy?
wat douse otic meen???
How do I pass a marijuana drug test?
trying to find some herbs that are good for anziety/depression i dont wanna take presription drugs?
what could be the most effective drug for insomnia?
sick any suggestions?
Is it a cold or allergies that I have right now?
nausea after drinking milk?
contact irritation?
what can I do about my allergies at night?
Why do I get an itchy nose when I see salt?
when you smoke nutmeg how long dose it take to kick in?
What do you do to treat your allergies?
Pain and swelling after shoulder surgery?
Have you ever had tendinitis in your thumbs?
What exactly is a 'knot', in reference to a back massage?
when can i say that the cracks on my heels is mild, moderate or severe?
spinal cord stimulators?
Horrible overie pain..cysts...emergency...help?
Calm, before a storm?
I am having some problems with frequent foot & leg soreness?
Anyone had a case of the Mumps as an Adult?
blood poison?
Can anyone tell me how soar eye spreads?
I went to the Merton Hotel in jersey for our holiday on the 29/7 -5 / 8 06cold you let me know if Norwalk viru
What is type E strep, and how seriouse are the diseases it causes?
can people with amnesia remember the languages they acquired?
exercise to do not involving knees?
when a charlie horse goes on for 6 hrs, is it not a charlie horse?
How many mg of percocets will kill you?
last night i hit my head on a weight bench rod when i woke up this mornin i was out of it is this a concussion
Part of the bottom of my tongue is cut. What is it?
I need to find out how to break my leg?
Did you have a worst afternoon than me yesturday ?
What age did you start to feel OLD?
Can a Hiatal Hernia cause this much pain?
How can I deal with this pain?
Anyone know any reason why my right arm would feel sore and numb in the evenings?
Write down all the reasons you can think of why we should keep ourselves and our homes clean.?
What's wrong with my leg?
Is there any cure for my wrists - they always hurt from mouse clicking and typing?
Does it really hurt THAT bad when a guy get hit in that 'area?'?
What is that pain at the back of my head....tension headache? My head would ''crack'' like knuckles at times?
what is gallstones and what are the symptoms?
amox tr-k clv will this treat a sinus infection?
abnormal childs doctor in india?
Description of the virus herpes lifecycle?
Have you noticed a sudden spike in flu cases in your area?
Epithelial tissue covers all inner and outer:?
Is it normal to get shingles at 10 years old?
is this a sore throat or a strep throat?
Splashed hot vegetable oil in eye help!!!!!?
Can you explain how this is possible with my eyesight?
what UK sites can i get cheap coloured contacts from without a prescription?
Is it possible to inherit scents from your parents?
Can you answer my questions about asthma?
Is this sinus problems or is it something fatal?
Has anyone suffered from a dry irritating cough for 3 months?
std testing???
When you are sick is it better to actually sleep or stay awake but rest?
Does any one get dizzy while driving?
what do you think is the best way to quit smoking?
Do you need to be a certain age to become an organ donor?
What can I do to help get the swelling down in my feet and ankles?
Ten points best answer!?
bajara rotti is good for diabetes?
How much does eating beforehand change the results of a glucose tolerance test?
how do I get rid of that post-breakfast high?
what percent of a soda can is sugar?
If I have diabetes and my doctor gives me the live H1N1 nasal mist vaccination anyway, what should I do?
I have been really hungry recently.?
can a person with type 2 diabetes have honey? I am not saying a lot of it, just 2 tsp in tea instead of sugar?
What are these diabetic trances?
is it possible for me to have diabetes?
How long does percocet stay in your system?
When a Methadone counselor that never took a pain-pill in their life's advise...?
Why do I suffer so much ?
Is contortion bad for your back?
briefly describe the steps of the inflammary response.how does it helps the body fight infections.?
Has anybody had conjunctivitis for over a year?
How to get the flu? Causes?
Is there a virus or disease that does this?
is a blood pressure 210/70 high?
What is congestive heart failure?
others says this is not asthma... if its not asthma,,, so what is it?
Is this normal ???????????/?
Sometimes at night I can hear a whistle in my right ear...goes with heart beat. What is it?
I have a holter monitor for 24 hours, what can I do to make sure my sympoms happen during these 24 hours?
I need some tips irregular heartbeats and slow blood development Please.?
Angina, Please Answer?
is it possible for children to show signs of schizophrenia before becoming teenagers?
Are you in panic mode?
How do I know if I am bipolar?
hpv "warts"?
How long can or does the HIV virus remain dormant in the Human Body before it becomes AIDS virus?
Anybody With Anxiety Depression Ever Wake Expecting It To Be Gone Yet Get Depressed When They Find It Has Not?
Shy and unable to make friends! what to do?
Life-long low self esteem. Can it really be changed?
Can anyone please tell me what to do to STOP being a PROCRASTINATOR?
Is there a drug out there that specifically deals with controlling anxiety?
is there any medicine for centipede bites? pls. help me.?
My stitches still havent dissolved?
Gum Bleeding after Flu?
I got this curling iron burn on my forehead and I picked the scab help!?
Spider Bite?
How can I stop my knee scarring?
how can you tell the difference between a spider bite & a misquito bite ?
im 17 years and im 110 pounds how do i gain muscle weight quick?
how to lose weight 4 summer?
Does wearing gloves while working our make it easier or are they just to protet your hands from getting callu?
Were you fat as a kid? Are you fat as an adult?
should i get my knee drained?
Does my ankle seem like its healing?
I dislocated knee 2 days ago and it was pushed back in but my leg is swollen; how long will it be swollen for?
Fastest Way To Heal Sprain?
ice baths and hot water baths after track practice?
injury advice wanted please?
my friend just accidentally swallowed cleaning products?
is stretching a pulled groin bad?
i really want to kill myself without pain?
How much does Porcelain veneers cost ?
I have a wisdom tooth is really gone (shattered) and has to be removed.The main question is below?
what is the function of blue 1 in toothpaste?
I got only four braces on my front teeth upper? Why?
how to prevent bad breath? ?
Do You think the military should take care of denal work after it was desttroy by them?
i need something quick?
can i take benadryl allery&sinus headache and mucinex at the same time?
Sometimes I feel so internally upset i get sick to my stomach, how can i relieve this nervous feeling?
i have constant migraines and i need help pleas?
Sharp pain right side head ?
To much Indomethacin ?
Why do I have this pain?
Is it bad to take advil after a car accident?
Fibromangela advice please?
What are the chances of HIV turning into AIDS- Untreated?
HPV vaccine..help pls..should i get vaccinated?
What happens if chlamydia goes untreated?
if hiv only infects CD4+ cells.. can't you cure it with a bone marrow transplant?
My boyfriend is HIV+?
where did the diesase hiv and aids came from?
Should there be mandatory testing for Aids?
What component in sunscreen lotions cause allergy reactions?
Why do some wheat products give me heartburn and others not?
celiac friendly camping foods?
how does the allergens in asthma (eg dust mites, pollen, animal dander) cause asthma reaction?
Is it possible for someone to be allergic to poor people?
What would happen if I put a smidge of baking soda on my ear drum and then a couple drops of vinegar?
i used to be allergic to cats..?
Can a person be suddenly allergic to chicken ?
Will food allergies go away in time?
can being on the computer for a long time cause dry eyes?
Vision problem has developed recently?
Will my lenses appear too thick in a half-rimeless frame? prescription is -4.75 & -4.5?
Colored COntacts?
How do you treat ovarian cancer in fat guys ?
Can Saccharin (or any other artificial sweetener) really cause cancer?
what is the cause of this endermetreosis ?
throat cancer, how long has he got.?
about cancer?
If pathology report has brc1 mutations on it does that mean you are at risk for other cancers?
cell phone = tumor?
what exactly is lukemia?
I need to buy Acomplia or Rimonabant online . Where can I buy acomplia?
When we are sick why do we lose our appetite?
why do I eat too much carrots?
are we jeapardizing our children's health by using too many antibacterial cleansers, wipes and sanitizers?
i hate mens feet what part of the body do u hate and why?
Ear pain - help me! ?
I have been suffering sever pain in my joints for 16 months now, what is it
i am feeling a horrible pain at the right side of my throat travelling up to my ear?
Belly Button Suicide??
I am really scared and unsure if i have HIV?
I messed with this girl, Someone told me she has herpes can I catch it if....?
Staphylococcus aureus infection is a major concern for patients on home parenteral nutrition. explain why?
virus with sore neck?
what is the cause of excess secretion of saliva from the mouth ?
What can I do to maintain my health against air pollution?
I don't have a respiratory illness, but every time I wake up at night, my lungs feel very uncomfortable?
I seem to Have a Hard Time Breathing?
Asthma AND pet dander? Please help!!?
Too much phlegm in my throat - why ?
how to clean out the lungs?
can migraine cure?
how does heartburn feel like?
Should I see a chiropractor for my migraines?
Left chest bone crack causing pain..?
hydrocodone effects?
What could be in my leg?
Uh. Did I take too much pain reliever?
neck stiffness and headache after too much sugar?
Numbness in my left ring and pinky fingers?
I'm sore, will you massage my back ?
Is White supremacy a mental disorder?
If you've known someone who committed suicide?
how can one get ones endorphins going easily and naturally, without having to do excessive exercise?
Whats the best anti depressant / anti psychotic for no weight gain?
Can We Survive Largely off of Fats and Protein?
what is the best way to lose your stomach?
Any ideas on how to gain weight?
Who is insane? Does your classification differ from the legal definition or DSM notions of "mental illness"?
vitamin overdose?!?
i started a diet program and one of the recommendations is non food related reward, have any ideas?
lose weight ..?
why is everyone so obsessed with dieting?
Why are the parents of obese children charged with neglect?
how do you repel people who keep trying to come into your life when you want nothing to do with them?
Homemade fat-burning patches?
Exercising for weight loss?
Is there any vaccination to protect our childern from meningitis.?
explain why HIV cannot be controlled with antibiotics?
things that are affecting Uganda?
Is E.histolytica harbour peyers patches?
Im currently taking Samento for lime disease/fibromyalgia, has anyone had any success?
hiv-1 and hiv-2 do they have the same window period?
What are the DIFFERENCES between HEPTATIS A, B, AND C????
Where can you buy secret clinical strength?
How long for prunes to relieve conpation. I have a hard rock in me. Help!!?
Manuka Honey (10+) expiration question?
What is the best way to protect the skin before radiation treatments?
Is severe diarrhea a side effect of taking Turmeric?
massage therapists......?
how do u get pills out if your system?
What are some good natural appetite suppressants that have reasonable clinical evidence behind them?
What happens when you get HPV?
address for donations for memorials for diabetes?
Does type 1 diabetes only emerge at a young age? And is it hereditary?
who can tell me about good life without diabetes.?
Toddler high blood sugar?
A word to the wise about Disetronic insulin pumps...?
How many people are affected by getting laid off?
Can I get acanthosis nigricans from eating sugary bad foods? Read below?
How do you get diabetes?
Survey for parents of type 1’ers?
can a person drink blood?
Do ulna nerve heal/regenerate?
my lower lip is swollen!!!?
4 weeks back had an aciident n got 3 stiches on upper lip,now im left with a scar,no hair grows on it,pls help?
Questions about a previous injury. Compound fracture.?
how can i hide my cuts?
how can you heal a bruise for good?
What happens when your hospitalized for cutting?
Sore calf muscles for days- no apparent reason?
is anyone else living without taste and smell?
what is the difference between a pace maker and a defibrillator?
when i drink coffee the day after drinking, i get heart palpitations. even without coffee my chest gets tight?
Not feeling well - chest pain?
What are the side effects of sotalol?
what would be a number 1 problem if your heart is skipping several beats ADA?
Alzheimer's/Blood Pressure/Trazepam?
high blood pressure??? question?
14 year old Chest pain heart attack?
Can I die of a broken heart?!?
ecstacy- blue broken heart, does this sound right?
Fibro sufferers!?
What could cause my severe abdominal pain and blood in stool?
violent leg muscle twitching?
Why Does My Belly Button hurt when I hit it very hard with a Rusty Dagger?
how to get rid of pain in chin bone due to a punch??
Can you test for herpes when you don't have sores?
"The clap" is which STD?
how long are u suppose to bleed after fingering?
What are some ways to whiten my teeth?
What's a good, cheap teeth whitener product?
How do I brush with braces?
Should we worry about getting our four year old daughter's cavities fixed if they are molars?
Teeth shifting after Wisdom Teeth removal?
how can I get it to stop hurting?
Best way to get saw dust out of your eye...?
What happened to my finger?
My tongue is bleeding?
How often should you get your teeth scaled and polished by the dentist?
how much did u pay for braces?
What is a way to get over a cold faster?
what vitamin promotes fast hair growth? ?
How do I grow taller?
Have you ever?
Has There Ever Been A Case Where Someone Has Been Pronounced Dead...?
question about choosing a doctor?
is it weird to want to gain weight?
How does the actual birds and the bees story go?
why do people have Headache's?
How do I get my nose to stop bleeding?
How long are people with the flu contagious after the first sign of symptoms?
what are the safest antibiotics which can be used in children?
how long does monastate 1 take to cure a yeast infection?
How can I get myself checked out for STD's I am too old for The brook centre?
why do i get muscle cramps?
omigod ow!?
:::::::::::::::::::::Why do i feel this way?:::::::::::::::::::::::?
help, serious pain!?
my hands are warty please told me what drugs,I must use & explaine me about them?
Can you get diabetes for taking 10 mg prednisone for 14 days?
What do you do if you are weak?
Bee Problem?????????
What is the best thing to put on a burn on your hand. HOme remedies too, Thanks?
Please help.. Im Scared. My Eyeball is bloodshot, and i cant open it wide, why?
Is there anything that can take the sting out of a sun burn?
treating a blister on my hand?
Mosquito bites =[?
Need help plz answer?
I got a little cut on my finger and a piece of skin was barely attached to my finger and i put it back in?
How do you cope with stress?
What causes you stress ?
Things keep building up and I don't know how much longer I can hold on?
Depression, cutting, stress, gay pride, how do I let my mom know about it?
Why when I look in the mirror....?
I have this weird desire to be commited to a psych ward & am a bit worried?
This is killing me and I feel alone and worthless?
I Think I've Givin Up?
The Common Cold?
I had blood cultures done in the hospital and it came back MRSA. Also had pain, redness and swelling?
what's bacteria?
Can Staphylococcus Aureus be transmitted to the family Pet?
Is anyone out there being treated for latent TB?
Can dairy products be contaminated with E. coli?
shot for strep?
does anyone know?
Would some time in a sauna or steam room help with lower back pain?
Do cold / hot temperatures trigger gout?
My ear won't go back to normal after the plane ride.?
What is the adverse effect of a dislocated arm without proper treatment?
Why do i have a big bump on my neck?
i have a headache and sore throat...?
Why do doctors just hand out drugs now-a-days instead of fixings the problems??
What can I do if my Back bone pains because of sitting a lot in School?
14 year old with TERRIBLE knees.. i need help..?
Do all statins cause joint pain, and can glucosamine help?
I am hypothyroid my recent BP is 90/105. why Diastolic is high and Systolic is low?
what is the worse thing that may happen if i have dilated left ventricle?
My heart palpitates (Flutters) a lot, so what causes that?
Is it possible to have a LDL (Bad) cholesterol that is too low?
Why does my heart skip beats?
Heart skips a beat for the first time?
What is NORMAL Cholesterol -?
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach??? Do u think thats true?
i need money for my friend's dad's heart attack operation?? does anybody interested in giving money?
Forgotten how to spell 'Ceetal' back cut incision.. Anyone pleeeeease?
Did I tear a ligament in my knee? PLEASE ANSWER?
what are some fast recoveries after surgery for a torn acl?
I jumped off a swing and hurt my knee...?
i think i have a Strained acl?
What R The Odds Of Waking Up During a Knee Surgery?
Is my ankle/foot broken??????????????????????pics included?
Can poking around your belly harm you?
do walnuts and almond lower cholesterol?
Is it possible to be allergic to some vitamins?
Why does my pink eye get worse after I take a shower?
what can i use to stop coughing?
What should I use to get rid of the frog in my throat?
How do I know if I am allergic to penicillin?
Whenever I have even a sip of alcohol my arms and legs feel achy?
reaction to erythromycin tablets?
What can i do to get rid of my allergies ot at least tame it?
What is a good remedy for sinus congestion?
What is it called when you look at body symptoms to know what may be wrong with someone. (homeopathic wise)?
Water pills....?
My boyfriend and I got carried away and I have bruises on my breast. How do I make them fade faster?
What is the medicine of the goiter?
Crystal Meth?
Why is gonorrhea called "the clap"?
How would you know if you are infected of AIDS or HIV,is there a symptoms?
It it possible to get an STD from a public toilet seat?
Is there a maximum amount of stds you can carry?
What color were the contacts the Cullens wore in Twilight?
Comparing between Contact Lenses and Glasses?
What are some things my bf can do to fix his lazy eye?
eyes moveing back an forth real fast for a second?
are there colored contacts for people with astigmatism?
Is there any way you can improve your vision without wearing glasses or contact lenses?
Contact LENSES?
Why am I sick every other week?
When did people start smoking cigarettes?
How to cure EXTREME congestion?
I get the hiccups almost everyday, more than once a day. What is my problem?
what's the best medication for an 18 year old who has pneumonia?
I got a tb test an hour ago and now it hurts?
Is it bad if I can hold my breath only for 15 seconds?
Im have a hard time breathing, and i keep spitting out green stuff. am i ok?
stomach ache in the morning?
High Tolerance to Pain Meds.. Oxycodone Hydrocodone etc?
i have a headache between my eyes, whats causing it?
ANSWER! im in so much pain! my chest is stinging! it hurts to breathe what does this mean!!?
My mom is in severe pain from having her ruptured disc surgery (anterior cervical discectomy.)?
Wrist pain under pressure?
bad joints?
cracking my neck and back is dangerous?
The Drug Xatral XL 10 mg tablets- Is anyone--?
What is the average capacity of the human bladder?
How to go about confronting her?
is this true about some tooth paste is bad for our kids?
What is the best toothpaste ?
What is the best way to whiten your teeth?
Will I pass a drug test for work?
are those websites where you can buy medications without a prescrition a scam?
whats the best way to keep cavities away?
my body temperature?
Is yawning contagious?
Whats The Difference Between smoking Cocaine and Snorting it?
Trouble with Braces?
for those who have had extensive dental work?
Find it Hard to Produce Saliva?
Has braces changed you face shape?
How to get rid of all the excess water retention?
Would it be bad of me to disclose where you have a scar or mole?
what actually happens when your tummy rumbles?
do yall think that anadrol is good to stack with hgh i have tried hgh with test prope with good results?
losing weight?
A snack that does not melt or go bad and you would be happy to receive???
Does anyone regret thier gastric bypass surgery?
Have you noticed that people react differently to you when you lose weight?
Weight loss help??
How contagious is conjunctivitis, and how can I treat it / prevent from getting it from a housemate?
Does anybody know a website with statistics about MMR?
I've had a terrible cough for a week but no other symptoms. What could it bronchitis or something worse?
how long does a typhoid vaccine need to take affect?
Rabies Shot for humans no joke ?
how are poxviruses different from other diseases?
Help me with my headaches?
Why do I always have this pain in my side when I run?
Feeling nervous on Skelaxin?
How can I quit Opiates without getting so sick? Suboxone?
Question concerning shaking, sharp pain in the side,feeling like i am going to throw up, and sweating.?
Do u think my back would hurt more from....?
do u think i have migraines?
sharp unbarable pain!? please! whats wrong with me?
why did everyone say b12 injection would hurt - have done two now one in bum and thigh all is fine.?
What is the difference between a flu and a cold? I the flu is much worse but what is the defining diference?
what is the full form of DOTS and whether it is useful in STDs also?
Do you think the AIDS activists that came to Toronto & are seeking refugee status should be allowed to stay?
what is the english word for the malayalam word "manth"?
where was smallpox first found?
does anyone know of a doctor or clinic that deals with advanced aids.? i am resistant to meds. can anyone help
Anyone have or married to someone who has BPD? (Borderline Personality Disorder)?
How can I find a way to cope with all of my sudden changes in my life?
Does anyone out there suffer from Asperger's Syndrome?
Can you stop loving someone if you want to?
I am awake and worried....are you over 40 and stay awake cause you worry?
What is a good cure for depression?
CIN 2 & HPV treatment?
He's says he's infertile, so we have it unprotected?
do you know about morphine?
What is the best way to ease the pain of a sunburn?
How to begin methadone treatment for opiate addiction?
Sharp, striking stabbing pains in back of my skull?
what happened? i don't remember?...?
Is the 2nd day after getting your wisdom teeth removed worse than the 1st?
how long does acute bronchitis last?
New Hep-C patient. Need details on dieing from it.?
I recently was in the hospital with MRSA and had surgery. Can I get it again?
Where can I get a flu shot near Oak Forest IL?
how long does it take for averruca to come out on the skin? Think I've got one, it's mingin!?
second MRI????
What Is A "Fourth Degree" Burn?
MRI results...?
I tore my ACL 3 years ago - should I wrap my knee when I run?
Mom fell and received emergency care but has no insurance?
Did I tear a ligament in my knee?
What if you cut a vein by accident?
if im allergic to cats am i allergic to tigers too?
I developed an allergy to ibprofen and tylenol. Why did this happen?
Any home remedies to get ride of sore throat, dry cough, stuffy nose?
Cheated on my Gluten-Free diet?
Throat feels like closing up? What are good things to take to keep throat wide open ?
what's the best way to unclog your ears?
What will help a bad bug bite?
Finger Nail Polish Remover?
Waking up with bites?
This morning I woke up and realized the top of my earing was stuck in my ear! What do I do to get it out?!?
My almost 3 year old has a bug bite on her forearm that's swollen?
i got stung with somthing and i dont know what it is?
What kinda of bite is this!!!!?
Cut on finger - how to let it heal and minimise scarring?
Bulk up and and get lean?
SLIMMER thighes ( not muscular but THINNER)?
Healthy sweet snacks!!?
If someone miraculously burnt 1 stone (1 lbs) worth of calories off in a day, would it be seen straight away?
can anybody help ( 10 points )?
Since 1994, has children's growth and development rates accelerated because of Bovine Growth Hormone?
Am I overweight?
what does a patient receiving Lasik eye surgery see during the process?
Is it ok to wash eyeglasses with dish detergent?
My eyes are getting blurry. Computer too much?
My eye is watery and burns, help! see details?
How to make your self get glasses?
If you wear 3D glasses for fun as regular glasses, will it hurt your eyes?
Hay, anyone had lazer eye treatment or planning it... oo yea this question is not for those without glasses!!!?
what is wrong with my eye?
Difference between Cold Sores and Herpes?
How is HPV transmitted?
i need to write a persuasive speech on why people need to get tested for HIV AIDS...anyone got any ideas?
what is full form of aids?
can you get aids from alian probes?
post op vein removal infected incision behind knee leaking poison etc could it be mrs a?
Which microbs resist boiling?
Chance of gettting HIV through sharing a straw (for the nose)?
following a tuberculan test, how long does the testing agent remain in the body?
Is it possible that the Pharmacetical are giveing us drug that make us need other drug to profit there busines
what test must someone pass to become a nurse?
What causes fatigue in diabetes patients?
what happens when the value of glucose is zero?
Why Was My Random Blood Sugar High?
It bleed... A LOT(continuous glucose monitor)?
I think i might have Diabetes?
How do you get diabetes?
Diabetes maybe?
Is it bad to donate blood?
Is my dad going to die within the next year? Doesn't take care of diabetes,NEED OPINIONS!......?
I have a dentist appt tommrow so the dentist can go through the treatment plan for braces?
Idiot's Guide please - how can jaw bone cells make new bone?
Does gravy have calcium?
How do they make braces for an acting role?
Getting braces in a few weeks? ?
how do u concore your fear of dentist? and how long since youve been to the dentist?
Is gum bad for your teeth?
How do I give my Dentist the sack ?
What food is good for your immune system?
Does anybody know the remedy of stop sweating and start living?
Best holistic natural cure for depression/anxiety?
Does Wobenzym help with memory issues and brain function?
Is milk thistle good for ridding and cleansing the liver of toxins as well as protecting it from them?
Is there a natural alternative to Lipitor with medical research backing?
Why do pain management doctors send their patients to psychiatrists?
I take lyrica 75mg twice a day?
My doctor just prescribed me Oxys (oxycontin)?
can you cure herps and what is the down fall of dating someone that has herpies?
i jus found out i have hpv?
What are some places you can call for help when you have AIDS?
Does Dark Chocolate Help Prevent Heart Disease?
Eggs & Heart Disease - Does Eating Eggs Daily Increase the Chance of Heart Disease?
How does depolarization of the heart work?
Did Karen Carpenter's death to Anorexia Nervosa Open Up Eyes? Do You Know Anyone With This Disease?
Weird heart flutter? (Not the "love" flutter)?
My brother who is now 20 years old, was born with a hole in his heart.?
Can an autopsy show if someone has gastroparesis?
My blood pressure is 80/52 Information pretty please.?
i have a high cholesterol level with hypertension?
How is it possible to fall asleep instantly ?
Can you really go to a hospital and sell a kidney for $30,000?
I've done something, need some advice (Warning: odd question)?
Asthmatics, a question for you from another asthmatic....
Bronchitis at 30 weeks pregnant?
get out of breath?
What is "respiratory failure"?
Recurring sore throat?
Morning Breath looooooooooool?
My friend has panic attacks..?
Whom can you ask if you are under depression?
Does a person go insane if thinking too much?
Do you know how to stop hallucinations/nightmares?
Is it possible to be depressed for so long that you get used to being depressed?
Please say something to help me stop crying?
How can i tell if Aliens are controlling my brain?
i feel suicide like most of the time?
how does indian head massage affect the blood and lymph supply to the head and neck?
My stomach has been hurting every morning.?
Why when inflicting pain on yourself it doesn't hurt as bad as when someone else is inflicting the pain on u?
i have been on percocets over a year now what can i do to quit?
My tongue hurts.....why?
Normally How long does herpes symptoms last?
can u get aids by drinking someone's blood?
Do you think that when promiscuous people get AIDS that they only have themselves to blame?
Waking up in the morning?
What might cause my ankle and part of my foot to intermittently feel hot?
i have a bad cold?
How should I help heal the pain in my back?
where can i find a good physiotherapist for sports injury in singapore?
Foods that help heal broken bones or fractures?
I broke my nose 5 years ago, how can i get it fixed?
can i run with a pulled muscle?
Please help!! Is a swollen hand and fingers a sign of a sprained wrist?
How do you stop cracking your knuckles?
Different colors of pus?
Sudden stabbing pain in left eyebrow, on decending airplane after 5 days in disney, what could be the reason?
Can Darvocet be taken in combination with Torodol?
How do I prevent from hurting tommorow?
back pain fixer-thing
why is built up fluids alot of pain in both legs?
what dose it mean when your bones pop when u breath?
is vocational school a good place to get a degree? When workmans comp is paying ?
I have toe thumbs. Is there anyone else who has two toe thumbs?
Besides cardio, are there other ways I can burn fat from my stomach?
Is It Bad To Workout A Lot In One Day?
Weight Loss Competition?
Why do carbs - bread in particular make you bloated and tired? Is it the gluten or yeast or something else?
Who else thinks 'sod the diet, its xmas!!'??
How many grams of fat do you lose every time you walk a mile?
I'm trying to lose weight but it's not working!?
I have skinny legs, any solutions to beef them up?
Do you thikn this picture is real?
Allergic to chestnut mushrooms but no other mushrooms? Is this possible?
Can a baby be allergic to foods inutero?
can people be allergic to water ?
Do non-drowsy medicines keep you awake? Or do nothing?
Should I buy one of those expensive Air Purifers from Sharper Image for my room? Will it help my allergies???
Where do nasal steroids work?
why am i depressed i have gone to doctors but the medicines make me sick and always make me sleepy?
Is is possible for someone who was diagnosed with HIV to become free of the disease?
what symptoms do u have with crab lice?
can i get pregant if i have Chlamydia?
how many STDs are there?
Has anyone heard of the migraine tablets called migril? If so is there any side affects?
can anyone give me a good exercise for a herniated disk and bulging disk?
Symptoms of IBS ??? or is it something else? Thanks?
How do I decrease the frequency or ease foot cramps?
Chest pain?
My neck hurts REALLY bad-how can i get it to stop hurting?
How long does it take...?
Mom is 91 years old, 3 days ago she fell and broke her hip.Still waiting to get hip replacement.?
this goo is coming from my butt?!?!??!?
Opthamologist vs. Optometrist!?
Can someone please tell me?
What are some possible eye "conditions" as a result of constant deterioration of eyesight?
eyes go really blurry randomly?
Do you know anyone who actually looks better when wearing prescription eyeglasses than without them?
After I take a shower and take out my contacts from the case, do I have to empty out the solution t?
Is it possible to have pink as a natural eye color?
what is heptomology?
what is the mumps life cycle and how it lives?
What is the shape of a virus?
How long is the hepatitis B vaccine effective?