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health issues...please help?
Why am I so hungry??
i got dark eye circles...i hate em.. any suggestions??
does sleeping naked prevent piles?
is it possible for cancer to lie dormant (hidden) in the body for years before having symptoms?
vitamin e on acne scars?
Swine flu? Why the hell should I care?
how do doctors take out tonsils?
Why doesn't one of my eyelids fold back properly?
Why is my rib cage deformed?
i would like to be in contact with fellow panic attack sufferers i have been like this for 18 years?
Injury Network?
belly button ring?!?
i cant go to sleep, i fell like somethings clogging my nose like mucos how do i make it leave?
I think I have a fractured eyebrow. Will it grow back?
Scar tissue after ear piercing?
Head injuries?
i hurt my ankle/ lower leg on a bouncy castle?
how damaging can a hernia be?
Has anybody died from having the HPV injection?
How could I have PID if I have only been with one partner and did not have an STD?
AIDS Africa?
Can two virgins.......?
Diagnose Me Please i need help?
Is this normal when getting a massage?
I can't wake up in the morning!!!?
I'm addicted, please help me?
How do you detox from Nyquil?
hi i have a white bump on my tounge?
Is your heart pumping, blood surging through your veins, are you alive?
Do you belive microwaves are good or bad for your health?
what are some causes of dizziness?
I've noticed just recently, that I have developed white spots randomly on my face.. What is it ??
I have very pale skin, but have never ever had a sun burn? Why?
How can i prevent varicose veins?
how likely is it that the baby has survived?
i have really bad varicose veins. the top of my leg has become more and more numb and dont know why? ?
What is this popping noise in my ear?
Can I catch a cold by taking a shower and then going out into cold weather?
*My Right Eye Keeps Twitching?*?
I take ecstasy (1 tab) every 6-8 months, do you think it still will impact me in a "big" way?
Can I be euthanized when I get old?
Do color blind people see in black and white or what?
Systolic/diastolic blood pressure very close to each other.?
I have been having chest and arm pains for about a week now and it hasnt got any better.?
I brought down my cholesterol and blood pressure simply by taking a certain mixture of otc vitamins and.....?
Heart Pain ?
Can a low pulse pressure be a normal finding?
Catheter Ablation Question?
how can hypertension leads to heart failure or to stroke?
Out of nowhere my heart starts pounding very hard??
If you wanted to get elected surgery but you had a heart thing would you have to ask your heart dr. first?
What bacteria/virus causes herpes simplex?
peeing constantly and diaherra??
Just a really bad flu?
what causes a virus to infect your heart?
if i shave my breed than kised my firnd who is hiv carrer.can he transfer hiv to me?
I have a huge irrational fear of being HIV positive. Can anyone give me some feedback?
how do u know if u have HIV or any other adis,,,, and whats the solution for them???
I have had the FLU since Sunday. It is now Wednesday what do I do to get rid of it by tomorrow.?
If GPs will keep on rejecting new patients to register to them even as private patients where else can we go?
What's the best cardiovascular exercises to shed overall fat?
What do you use for motivation to "work-out"?
what does glutamine do for you?
Witch vegetables is lower your blood pressure and what do I need to avoid eating?
A question about beginning exercising?
How to gain weight?
Teen Weight loss over the summer?
i m 17yrs.. how can i reduce my fat on my thighs??
why do toasters have a setting that burns toast to a horrible crisp which no decent human being would ever eat?
When will this go away? And what can I do to help it?
What do you think about kidminckys?
spaced out/ nothing seems real?
Am I just weird? Or does anyone else feel the same way?
Does your Mental Illness control YOUR life or do YOU control your own life?
do you think im stupid?
sighs I am sooooo depressed today what's a New Year's without your family I think i need a hug :(?
How does insulin scientifically work?
What are the symptoms of diabetes? Can the effects be life- threatening and can they be reversed?
Are there any snack cakes for diabetics ?
Thank you. I will take all the advice to seek out a dr.?
i am a tipe 1 diabethic,contracted it after a illness.i'm going to transmit it to my future children???
Continuous BG Monitoring... geared up for a fight?
What are the Functions of vitamin C?
If you dont wear glasses do your eyes get worse?
is it bad for your eyesight to wear window glasses on your eyes?
PLEASE HELP! 10 POINTS! How do you decrease an eye grade?
my mom won't let me get laser eye surgery!?
Air optical lenses?? Answers pleaseee?
Is it true that eating butter or margarine makes your eye sight worse?
Wearing 3-D glasses...?
swelled and very painful leg - what is it??
Where has West Nile have been found across the world?
bloating, severe cramps left lower side of stomach??
I'm 13 and have OCD just one more question!!!?
Can you develop autism as you grow up?
I woke up a few hours ago?
I feel rotten and not realy getting any better?
When liquid comes from your raptured eardrum, what does it look/feel like?
is over-stress related to spots?
diseases of different specialties in medicine?
I am showing all symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis but my pain is one sided. Is there any other disease ?
What is plasmophasis?
What are the side effects of Q Fever?
which is a more serious disease. chrons or ulcertive colitis?
My sister had a small tumor in her neck. She got a biopsy. Found pus inside. What is her disease?
Can you get sick from eating/drinking in a bathroom?
Constant Dizziness?
What is Epilepsy and what is the treatment for it?
How can I order hydroquinone cream 4% without a prescription?
clear anal leakage?
what is the meaning of rose quartz , what does it symbolise , what does it attract ?
Has anyone that took antibiotics in the past ever heard of probiotics to replace what the antibiotics killed?
Where to learn real Bach Flower Remedies?
Husband snores?
Which herb is help full in muscle cramp?
I have a close friend who experiences OCD and ruminating thoughts. What are the very best natural remedies? TY
What do I need to start an Herbal Store?
What did people do about std's before doctors were as good as they are now?
Warts? Horricle q lol?
What could I take to get energy?
Im 18 and have slight but quite noticeable varicose veins on both legs. Does neone know how 2 get rid of them?
I asked this on the food board too but, is ingesting a small amount of teflon?
My bf and I have stopped smoking....?
Is it normal to have a "knocked-knee", if you know what I mean?
is sleeping late bad ?
Monosodium glutamate?
will they ban preservatives soon in some countries?
does a vaporizer help with allergies?
are your allergies kicking up? ?
is anyone else allergic to the chlorine in the pools?
Does anyone have celiac disease?
if you hold your nose while eating, how are tastes affected?
Is it possible when you have a bacterial throat infection that your tongue and gums act up?
Is diet soda just as bad for your teeth as regular soda, even though it's sugarless?
Urgent! - how can I get rid of the garlic on my breath?
Wisdom teeth questions?
Can patients demand certain treatments from their dentists?
Why do I bite the inside of my mouth?
What is the trick to perfectly white teeth?
Where did the bristles on the yellow toothbrush go?
Cancer for sure: Can anyone give odds on living and or other information? Thank you.?
Question about the aftermath of thyroid cancer?
does breast cancer hurt?
I know your spleen is the left side once in a while i get little pain that goes away its not swollen?
does anyone know a site about this?
help me pray for my grandma??
I'm going to donate my hair to make a children's wig. Who should I donate it to?
What can I do to help my skin condition, keratosis pilaris?
How do I get rid of a tan?
Tips on improving voice quality and sounding better while speaking?
I have been awake for over 24 hours and still can't sleep?
What Is This?
How do you take care of your health and well-being?
can you cook your kidney?
How could we make Health care free for everyone?
Every morning when I wake up my eyes are RED! Whats wrong with them?
How long does it take for scars to go away?
my back hurts when i work on chest muscle?
HELP !! pulled arm muscle! need better very soon !! HELP!!?
when will my scar heal?
Foot Pain while excercising?
Go-Karting Wiplash?
masterbation repetitive wrist injury?
lung disease common among coal miners,stone cutters and sandblasters?
Will activated charcoal at the bottom of a smoking bong remove toxins in smoke?
My asthma has suddenly gotten worse, any suggestions?
Anyone know anything about croup?
Hey guys, i need your opinions... a little help please...?
what is prader-willi syndrome?
How many people are unaware that they are HIV positive?
I have a question about HPV...?
Cure for Herpes.?
I want to lose weight but I am ALWAYS tired. How can I get more energy so I will feel like exercising?
This is how I make tuna fish??? sounds unhealthy 2 u,lots of carbs??? thanks?
Is it true that the cheaper the ice cream, the less fat & cholesterol it contains?
how to concentrate without getting distracted?
Death Note L weightloss true?
i want to lose some weight but i keep getting discouraged so i stop?
Does anyone else out there belly dance for exercise?
What would be some creative healthy snacks for children 6-10 Years old?
Are there any diet websites that are completely free and offer plans?
how can i get real fat on my body(food suppliment,steroid or any mussle gain operations) ?
I believe my doctor said 'Double' ear infection?
Food-borne illnesses?
Get rid of Scars and scratches fast?
My mum is in lot of pain with her Multiple sclerosis, How can we help?
Jaw Pain and misaligned teeth?
anyone had prescribed DUCENE 2mg for anxiety, are they good?
Why Won't My Sore Throat Go Away?
Medical mystery....help please? DOC'S WELCOME (ANONYMOUS)?
Should I see a doctor about a sty?
How do I get my voice back after a bad chest?
Why can I not see my reflection?
Drugging people with perfume samples?
Why does ur nose run but ur feet smell?
How many mental health conditions are because of society's view of normal rather than the individual's problem?
what are some ways to remember things better?
When does it get any easier?
Started Zoloft today...?
is there any cure for laziness?
Would you listen to me if I was the voice in your head?
I feel sick of living?
What should you do if you feel like the world hates you?
Remove scratch-resistant coating from glasses?
Do all dishwashing detergents produce the same amount of bubbles? Clean the same number of dishes?
Extremely Painful Eye ache/eye strain?
How do I fix a scratch?
How can i improve my eyesight without wearing specs?
What does it really mean when you're eye sights are bad?
Eyeball spams? PLEASE HELP?
old age and eye color.?
Do house flies cause you to get a staph infection?
Hepatitis B?
Management and treatment of Koch infection. Combined antibiotics.?
once your on penicillain, how long is it until your not contagious.?
what are the odds of surviving septic shock?
i probably have chikungunya.. what do i do??
how can i tell if my ast and asl levels are elevated more than normal?
dizziness and black spots?
Computer Eye Strain?
I'm getting really bad headaches?
Should I NOT go to the hospital since I cannot afford it?
eatingG or sleepinG?
How long does cleasing tea for your body take to get all the toxins out of you system??
What is the effect of insuline on our behaviour?
Help! Somethings Wrong!?
Both Monavie and POM make a drink using the ascai berry. Monavie is $45 and POM $10 for the same amount. Why?
Green Tea Advice - Does anyone get these symptom's..?
what scent makes you have to pee??
where is the question i asked?
Do you need a prescription to buy those glucose test strips?
Ideas for a natural disaster survival kit?
Where to go for free diabetes testing?
i went to increase my height what is the good madicine?
Diabetc bracelet?
What's up with my ear?
My finger is in need of some serious help?
Whats the best way to heal a active bleeding cut?
Bad pain in knee ??????????????????????????
what is the easiest way to remove staples from your scrotum?
What do chicken pox look like in the early stages?
HELP im 23, 3 seizures, taking Nuvigil, Xanax, & Zoloft?
autism and a gluten free diet?
I'm taking minocycline?
I was just diagnosed with HPV. My ob says my current boyfriend of 3 1/2 years gave it to me due to timing.?
African Americans & HIV/AIDS?
Why do so many people confuse HIV with AIDS? Do you know the difference?
How can you tell if you have herpes?
But it feels really good?
Home remedy for a sinus infection?
what kinds of sedatives would you put in the yogurt for a successful suicide?
what is a natural laxative?
What medical reason is Marijuana ( cannabis ) not legal?
What is the best herb or herbs for memory and what is the best way to take it.how to get the best benefits?
How come some needles are skinnier than others?
Does anyone know where I can get some ma huang?
happiness helps get rid of my depression?
homeopathy while breastfeeding??
How to get rid of migraines?
Why is America obsessed anti-oxidents? ?
Loss of breath in cold water?
What are some tips or tricks in order to get yourself back into school/work night sleep routines?
What just happened to me/my head?
How does an old man take care of his face?
Is there a way to for me to get my hospital bill reduced or even not pay at all?
Sleep question? A hour of sleep or no?
Falling asleep at 3 Am ever night.?
After By-pass surgery, is it normal to have a bad cough and hot sweats?
Stage 2 Hypertension diet?
How long have you been smoke free?
Are Stents left for good, or can they be removed?
how can I slow down my heart rate?
little help on scarred tissue on the heart?
well mr erk thak you because i am a had a TBI and a stroke as well and im working to gett my strenght back?
What's the difference between HIV 1 and HIV 2? Which type is more deadly? How are they managed?
We changed the dressing today on the incision. It is still draining but tonight was fresh blood.?
Can I handle food, if I have ringworm?
Tuberculosis: how to prevent from third attack?
what is roto virus?
What could craving for salt (in Tobasco sauce) be from?
where can i buy malarone tablets for malaria, at a good price?
What is essusion?
why is that dengue,birdflu etc become a serious problem when it existed for ages?
serious question please help....thanks?
can you get herpes or other skin diseases from a bus station or a bus seat?
Where can a muslim woman with herpes find a muslim man with herpes to remarry?
What is Borderline Adrenal Response?
Factor V disorder?
What are the indicators for septicemia?
I've had constant heartburn for 3 days now. How can I get rid of it?
my 11 year old daughter recently got diagnosed with aspergers syndrome a form of autism now taking medication?
Does anyone have or know someone that suffered from hydrocephalus?
Why do you pick on Tourette Syndrome?
Do hemorrhoids block passage when passing bowel? My stool is like peanutbutter which results in endless wiping
I have an abscess tooth with no dental insurance plz help?
where can i find cheap braces in toronto?
Dentures & Bubble Gum! I cant get all of the bubblicious gum off of my dentures!?
How long does it take for teeth to grow fully through?
Does swishsing whiskey around in your mouth really take away the pain of a toothache?
im still so scared, i took some tylenol and the pain is gone but i still have swelling?
What's wrong with you people, brush your damn teeths - i'm going to suffocate?
Woke up to a swollen face and small red splotches all over.....?
Why are some people allergic to things, and others aren't?
Gluten free foods?
When you use saline solution for your nose like put it in one side and it comes out the other, couple things?
do i have pink eye?
anyone else get cattarh after eating dairy??
Tickle In My Throat ?
all day on sunday i felt queasy and had to go back to bed?
what could be wrong just came back from Africa?
Was it a wasp sting?
Shoulder blade pain, please help.?
What is better for an artificial hip? To do daily walks up a hill to keep it mobile, or take care of yourself,
If your hands are currently receiving burns in an auto fire, can you unbuckle your seatbelt?
Make my my fish walk?
Shin Bruise - Is this normal??
my hands are always so cold, why?
Is it ok to take Mucinex (or any other expectorant) along with asthma meds?
can exercise induced asthma be a symptom of anemia?
Voedalhassab ongoing?
What causes tracheomalacia in newborns?
What is an at home "Sleep Test" like?
hospital question regarding sigh ....?
why do people cough at me?
If you don't have health insurance, what kind of preventative/diagnostic tests can you get?
I have insomnia really bad. Does anyone know anything that will help me sleep at night besides medication?
Is it normal to fall asleep in under 2 min constantly?
Ok I took my Blood Presure,The top number seems a bit high?
Why can't I sleep at all?
Sleep problems with a 5 year old?
I was around someone with shingles two weeks ago, she was diagnosed with shingles today. Can it be spread?
Is it Dangerous to take pain pills than go to sleep?
please help with food stamps.?
Can you get high off deodorant!!!!?
Do you have depression? Share a part of life.....be a part of curiosity?
How can i protect my eyes from worsening?
Blurry vision with new prescription?
Can I get contact lenses with my poor vision?
what sleeping pill should i replace halcion with ?
When medication says, "take with food" is there any specific food that is better to take it with?
why do you always have a falling sensation when you are falling asleep?
My little boy...?
Please Please Please Does ANYONE know how a person can deal with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Please share your "pot" (marijuana) experiences with me?
Can herpes and other VDs be detected through blood test ?
Can you catch anything of toilet seats?
Why are there people on this site who say that AIDS is a myth?
How many people estimated have AIDS/HIV in illinois?
what is a good Total Cholesterol, HDL and blood glucose level?
Do all type 1 diabetics eat a snack consisting of a carb and meat before bedtime?
What is a good appetite suppressant for a diabetic?
How can a person with diabetes eat mcdonalds and gummie worms but say apples are bad for them?
diabetes questions and worries?
Do you have relatives or have a parent that is diabetic?how do you deal with it? ?
My EO level in my bloodwork i had done is high. It is 9.8. how bad is this?
What would the pros and cons of socialized healthcare in America be?
How do you feel about Euthanasia?
What is the legal age to have a historectomy in the uk?
Does "Cracking" your knuckles/fingers cause or prevent arthritis? or neither?
are you pink underneath?
At work we ran out of decaf so I crushed up 4 tylenol PMs and put them in our coffee. What this ok?
Are belly buttons man made?
I suffer from candida overgrowth... how can I solve this problem?
what is the best homopathic remedies for prostitis?
What are the natural rhythms of conversation?
putting vitamin a pill juice in eye?
How much white sugar you eat per day?
How do I get a natural "buzz"?
i CANNOT sleep for the life of me?
aldara used internally?
Can you have herpes and not know it for 5 years?
Who is Responsible for Obesity?
Kindly suggest a healthy menu for a day .?
What's the easiest way to lose 30 pounds? That's practical?
what are the effects of the complete loss of appetite?
What should I buy at the grocery store to help with my dieting?
Can cottage cheese really help you lose weight?
Do FACE EXERCISES even work? What are they suppose to do?
Free meals for size zero models?
How to stop eating disorders?
How are strokes similar to heart attacks?
Potassium, why do dr's say more potassuim and less salt?
can you unclog your arteries?
what does it mean when this happens?
blood pressure and blood donation?
help reading an ECG please?
high cholesterol?
if you have hole in heart so what is sing of this ?
What can i do to give me energy?
Diastolic blood pressure as low as 45 when lying down...?
TWITCHING in corner of nose where it meets eye...help!!!?
How do you quit smoking?
Can you do oil pulling with braces?
How can I look young without paying a lot of money?
What questions should I ask the surgeon?
Help... weird emotions! (physically)?
cant sleep...no matter what time i go to sleep i wake up early 7am!?
Is a good cure for insomnia watching an old Ronald Regan movie?
tourettes syndrome problem?
What is a kidney worth ($.£)?
Living in a cold climate with Raynaud's?
Do any of you believe Fibromyalgia to be a B.S. diagnosis???
Swollen throat glands but no pain or cold?
How would you live your life, not knowing if you have Huntington's Disease or not?
the LIVER and damage?????
What does this look like to you?
how come when mosquitoes bite u it itches?????????????
do you pop a really big blister from a sunburn?
Ingrown pulled out...?
ideas to help a turf burn.?
How to treat a small blister on my foot?
do i need stitches?
PLEASEEE helpppppppppppp!!!!?
I've had this weird feeling of nausea, but no vomit. It's been going on for a while now. ?
help me please? [cut on my hand.]?
why do some athletes wrap tape around their finger/phalanx?
I want to sleep as little as possible - is this necessarily a bad thing?
Things to know about a Tonsillectomy?
Last time I got sick was about 3 years ago and before that, at least once a year?
Has anyone tried or heard anything about this sleep aid?
I have been diagnoised with Anxiety and Depression,BUT I dont feel I have...?
Colonoscopy painful...scared?
Why does the Red Cross keep calling me?
White stuff on the inside of my lips??
What can help my runny nose go away?
Does sleeping more actually make you more tired?
dental insurance?
what are the best products to whiten your teeth?
Dental hygienists in California?
for anyone who has used the Listerine whitening quick dissolving strips?
dental phobia?
Mouth Sores?
do vegetarians eat animal crackers ?
Herinated or Slipped Disc in back?
where do you go when your doctor screws up?
Bleeding for 2 weeks after being kicked in the stomach -and have the implant in my arm? Related?
Did i pull a muscle?
What if the only injury is the black eye? No other bruises on the face or elsewhere?
after my accident, the next day i started gettin neck pains. should i go to the hospital? ?
what causes a yeast infection?
Where can you buy finger cots?
how fast could hiv turn into aids?
What was America's reaction to AIDS when it started in the 80s?
If I have herpes, am I screwed?
HELP!! how do i get rid of swelling from an allergic reaction??
Can wheat and/ or gluten cause extreme fatigue with no other symptoms?
what cause people an allergic reaction to shrimps?
do hose pipes contain latex?
ears clogged every winter?? *please help*?
Belly piercing w/ a nickel allergy?
Can you be allergic to cats, but only get a bad rash?
Those of you with food allergies...?
Food makes me feel nauseous?
Do eyelashes get split ends?
Is there mites that eat the crud on your eye lids in the morning?
Can you return contact lenses without a receipt?
Skin Problems - please help!!?
Please help. I need to stop itching!?
Do you know how to get rid of Acne Scarring?
affects of lye fumes on lungs?
Is Xopenex [levosalbutamol] available in Canada?
Are COPD patients extremely hungry at times? Or is it because of Prednisone?
Pretty bad lung/diaphragm pain?
I can't seem to get enough air, I'm kind of feeling suffocated, whats up?
What are the after effects on a persons body and mind after they are taken off a ventilator?
I don't want to call myself a mild-severe asthmatic?
when I strain myself, i am 43, am have asthma, and it turns on I have been getting numbness and tingling?
if you had fibromyalgia or Musculoskeletal condition would it mean you could never use a sword effectively?
swimming after navel piercing?
High blood pressure medication. Does it control your high blood pressure at all times or are there still?
How can I help my boyfriend quit smoking?
Does the gym make you too wired to sleep?
i have some questions about sleep?
tired and lightheaded? please help!?
What should I expect at my doctor visit today?
Is there any point in sleeping for 2 hours?
Tips for coping in cyber bullying.?
Anyone else suffer with o c d ?
Why do I have to feel like sh!t all the time?
How close a link is there between anger and depression?
What kind of mental disorder do you have .>?
No motivation for living?
How can i solve Depression without pills?
What color is your straight jacket?
Is "THERAPY AND COUNSELING" the answer to every question in the mental health section?
early flu symptoms?
What do you take for the flu?
What's life expec having renal cell carcinoma stage 3-1 yr after having kidney removed & shoulder replaced?
What are the causes of left temporal lobe pain that feels like a burning every time I eat?
Anyone who has been through chemotherapy, what helped you?
where is a good place to get information on free cancer medicine?
my friend has a tumor in his spine?
Attn: Read and Please HELP IF YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!?
what is at least one potentially hazardous working practice when working in a nursing?
How do you remove red veins in the white-eye area?
Does drinking water when your nauseous make you feel worse/get sick?
Heavy metals in blood have risen and I'm not sure what to do?
Why am I always so tired?
How can you prevent yourself from having a code brown during surgery?
what should i do if i absolutely can't sleep at night?
my brother throwing up black/brown?
i always feel sick in the morning
what are some natural things that helps hpv?
When there will be a vaccine available for herpes?
Can a woman who is sterile have a period?
Is it possible for someone to never blink?
STD question need help?
Can you get an STD from a guy coming on your breasts?
My friend has been craving mustard. not pregnant. Why would she crave mustard? body lacking something but what
Are you supposed to swallow the plastic part of a capsule?
My grampa passed away today ... ?
Voices, sounds, and Recordings heard in head right before bed?
I want to rip off my finger nails, help?
What is the easiest way to commit suicide and then most painless?
What do you think of the new CPR guidelines?
Poll:Do you think it is healthy to see a psychiatrist/psychologist regularly just as you would doctors?
does the liver dump more blood sugar when fasting?
Symtoms on diabetes...?
what are the problems of swollen feet in type 1 diabetes?
Type 1 Diabetes?
Any Problems with Freestyle Freedom Lite Test Meters?
I'm 15 years old. How would someone my age get Type 1 Diabetes?
How were you diagnosed?
i am 65,diabetic and constipated.please help.?
how do i lose weight over this summer?
How can I lose weight on my thighs?
How did YOU lose those last 5-10 pounds?
How do I ...........(come and see)?
How do you lose weight fast and efficiently?
What is a good, fast way to loose my belly fat??
need to lose all my stomach fat?
Guys - Do you feel the same pressure to have the perfect body?
Easiest way to get rid of face fat?
How to get rid of flu like symptom&over dose of cold medicine?
can gingivitis kill you?
my friend might have salmonella from food at a restaurant and i had a bite of her food.can i get it?
Ok,after i quarantine a virus worm,is it alright to restore the file.?
Did I catch a cold? If I did, what should I do to make it go away?
Will Legal Aid in Ontario,Canada take my case?Ex g/f knew she had herpes simplex and didnt tell me .?
Oral thrush and bladder symptoms?
what can i do, my hair is falling out after being put under for surgery...?
Is there any treatment in homeopathy for polycystic overy?
Healing with the power of the mind?
Question for a homeopath: ignatia amara or lycopodium?
Ance Problems?? Please helppppppppppp!!?
Sleeping Problems, Insomnia? Is my schedule to crammed? Herbal(Tea, Marijuana) vs Synthetic(Ambien, Lunesta)?
Need help in homeopathy medicine please. I found out Nat. Mur is best for my symptoms.I was getting nervous?
Any homeopathic Dr Out There? Tinnitus? ( Sonavil )?
Who can I talk to about this?
What are 10 benefits and why I should own my own small chiropractic practice? please help?
What European country has the highest death rate from heart disease and among the highest levels of animal fat
how does heart diesease effect your body????
Blocked Artery and Feeling Fine?
My ESR test reports show me the result at 30, previously it was 25, and in men its normal range is shown as 0-
How much will a will a cholesterol test be off if I didn't fast beforehand?
coronary artery disease+very bad gas pains?
How do guys get aids from girls?
Do i have herpes or?!?
What is this thing on my butt, pleaaaaaaase help?
Ear keeps crackling?
What are the chances of steroid injections for degenerative disc disease to cause weight gain?
Enlargerd heart, shortness of breath, no blood flow to hands and a weak neck are symptoms of what?
low vitamin d levels?
I read a fishy smell on breath can indicate something may be wrong in the kidney?
Why does recovoring from anorexia put you in a hypermetobolic state?
Whats wrong with me? i feel dizzy all the time?
I sleep 10-14 hour daily? How can I minimize my sleeping hours to 6-8 hour?
need more answers, at least 4?
How can a 15 year old, In England get advice on giving up smoking?
Can one drink too much water. (not in one sitting, but on a regular basis.)?
what causes spasms in the rectum?
I was recently diagnosed with early stage of glaucoma, given Lumigan eyedrops.Do I have to take them forever ?
Are there any optical experts out there that can tell me why your eyes have 'illusions'?
If you have glaucoma---Does a change in atmospheric pressure cause a change in your eye pressure?
what is polymerase chain resistance?
what happens if the glasses you have are too strong?
What is the best way to preserve collected blood for days ?
What is Chickungunia ? Any medicine for it??
Are people with blood group AA, O+ more prone to malaria or illness in general?
Re: Power of Attorney for Medical, will that make me reliable 4 unpaid bills 4 the person I have POA on?
What is an example of a viral, bacterial, fungal, and protozoan disease using the skin as portal of entry?
Can eyes change color?
omg my EYES!!!!!!!!!?
Wearing Daily Contact Lenses for only 2 hours?
How do I stay dry in extensive periods kneeling in the snow?
Dad with Hepatitis C, factor 9 deficient, struggles?
if you were innoculated for tb back when you were in grade school, can you get tb now, or how long does this i
Braces behind the teeth?
Question about my filling?
Can a tooth that has had a root canal still give you a toothache?
What happens to the teeth under Veneers?
chewing gum....?
what happen if zombie have no teeth?
I bite my tongue in my sleep. Anyone else have this problem?
How Do You Make Toothpaste?
Can children grow out of the allergy Monosodium glutamate?
Claritin D versus Zyrtec?
Anybody allergic to KY jelly?
can you get stoned from smoking nut meg?
why do i get dizzy and feel like vomiting when riding buses/cars/taxi's but not on motor bikes?
Is it hard being a paramedic.?
How can I relax while getting blood taken out?
mosquito bites help ?
boil trouble!! Help please!?
in ocean city maryland where do lifeguards take people that get hurt?Like they have a cut or a hurt ankle.....
Ear Stretching infection?
How do I get rid of emotional baggage from the past?
What do you do that stimulates your mind.?
Why did Lucifer have it out with God?
Depression, Bipolar, Aspergers, ADHD, or just hypochondria? Is something there wrong with me? Please read&help?
I'm very shy, quiet, reserved and have an awful personality what is wrong with me I want to change my life?
What's wrong with Crash Fu today - he's very informative today...did he suffer head trauma?
Doesn't Mental Health Stigma Annoy You SO much?
I wish something horrible would happen to me?
Which breed/species monkey was responsible for starting HIV?
antibodies during a herpes outbreak?
why is confidentially an important aspect of HIV testing?
Is the Transmission of the HIV to Seronegative Partners In a Relationship With HIV+ Persons, a Common Mode of-?
Shouldn't magic johnson be dead by now?
what if you have a cut or scrape,can this spread herpes?
how do you get rid of zits?
What do ''see'' when you are blind?
what is the worst injury you've ever had?
is it a torn meniscus?
what are some ways to render someone unconscious?
I have a trapped nerve in my back and its causing my right leg alot of pain! What can i do?
A Soccer Injury... Knee?
splinter in my foot?
Help! my finger is trapped in the door, what shall i do?
where is the best place on the plane to avoid airsickness?
How do I lower my stress tolerance?
After having a really bad night, though five in the A.M., what do you do to help yourself sleep?
The new ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE: what's your assessment of it? Have you, or know anyone who has smoked them?
How to quit smoking!!?
I was wondering if I could somehow get my toes and fingers switched surgically and a dorsal fin on my head.?
is it ok to sleep from 6am to 3pm ?
How many negative calories does celery have?
how do i stop bingeing??
How many days a week do you have to go to the gym?
How much should I weigh?
How one can become fat???
For teenagers, are you happy with your body?
How to get rid of stomach fat not excessive but enough to make it wobble?
My six year old wants to know: "why do people drink water".?
i just ordered a case of monavie juice, does any one know anything about it?
If there was something wrong with your liver, could it affect your weight gain and make your wee smell funny?
what are the risks off homeopathy?
What will happen if I gave my 2 year old 1 half of a 500mg chewable vitamin c tablet?
What is a Fast Effective Way To Calm My Nerves, Besides Smoking A Cigarette?
Can you buy raw milk around Louisville?
What's better for a sore throat: salty, spicy, or sweet?
Does anyone of you know some chiropractors in the Philippines?
Colon Cleansing Pills ?
Does R.E.I. require new employees to take a drug test?
im 27 years old and i feel like im 70, i have no interest in anything. why is this?
I'm a little confused about Jade Goody's cancer?
When they can not operate on a brain tumor what is the reasons?
Can people with stds have kids and not pass it newborn?
Is the Hep B shot effective if you don't receive the 2nd shot within a month?
Is it true that one way to prevent the DENGUE is to take vitamins specifically B1 Thiamine hydrochloride?
accute hepatitis b?
health tips in rainy season?
Is rifampin approved in the U.S. for the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aures infections?
Lime disease. Heard of any PA. Townships reporting presense of the tick?
spelling? .sounds like ..Benz-mite-is-zol used to fill human worms as per TV program "House" Tuesday pm.
Taking benadryl for sleep, a lot, what health risks am I taking?
How can I stop my lips from getting chapped?!?
Can panic attacks be a side effect for Ambien, Trazadone or Rozerem? Are any of them contraindicated with?
Eye has been twitching! why does it do this?
How come when you turn 50 the Primary Care Dr wants to prescribe every test known to man for you?
ok im 14 and just got a tattoo yesturday i need advice...?>?
Why the hell do my ankles crack when I walk?
Why is it when I sleep more, I'm more tired?
self mutilation?????
What is diabetes?
Can I eat sushi with pancreatitis?
Does anybody know a good diabetes diet?
A question for women who take Metformin; or have PCOS; or high blood sugar?
what is the normal range for blood sugar?
Can obese people get tremors?
my father is on insulin for diabetes. He gets his shot at 6:00am. I would like to change that to 6:00pm.?
could i be diabetic, quick responses please?
What do you think this is, am i diabetic ?
How does laser eye surgery work?
Why are the frames for new eyeglasses I ordered always cracking even before I get them?
Why haven't they made rainbow eye contacts yet???
How much damage to the eyes is incurred from looking into a UV printing light?
I'd like to know which is better Acuvue 2 or Acuvue Advanced, and what's the difference?
Contact lenses problem, what should i do!?
Does anyone has any problem with Acuvue Oasys? I'm currently using Acuvue Advance and thinking of switching to
Slept with my contact lens in and I cannot find it now?
Is pectus excavatum deadly?
How do you increase NITRIC OXIDE Levels?
Blood Pressure - Inderal LA (Propranolol generic) and Cozaar good combination?
What is a respirator fit test.?
funny feeling never had before..maybe exhausted ?
heart bypass?
How can i go back to school with Vasal Vagal Syncope?
can you sneeze in your sleep?
HELP...BOWEl TROUBLE.....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I avoid getting the cold that is going around?
Mild panic attacks becoming frequent...?
Scoliosis Breathing Problems?
Seal bark noise when coughing, laughing, or sneezing?
Oxygen Levels Normal?
I had tracheotomy during stay in ventilator for more than 7 days. I have come back from hospital. Now I can no?
Breathing problem Please i need your help.?
Ways to fall asleep faster?
where can I buy sodium ascorbate?
i'm scared of vomiting?
Im tired, no appetite, and really weak.?
Some people sleep with their hands clenched or rolled up, is this harmful, and or is it nuero based?
Just got my tonsils out , now a question about drinking?
i know i am awake but i can't move my body and it's like something is trying to put me back to sleep.?
Caffeine makes me tired and sleeping pills make me have a terrible nights sleep...is this weird?
ball busting fetish but scared of not being able to have kids?
Cold sweat, nausea, panic, racing thoughts?
My aunt wants to know what causes an earache?
What are your thoughts about Bulimia & Anorexia?
what would happen if somebody drank like 1-2 tablespoons of rat poison in tea or something?
My daughter was diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease this morning. Any advice?
Would you donate a kidney to a stranger?
Neurologists/people who know about brains.?
Those who are blind from birth , how they see the things in dreams ? Shapes , colors , sizes ?
Is there such a thing as being too forgiving?
Aaagh! who else finds depression so frustrating?!?
Does chantax work for smokers well?
obama health care reform?
What do you do when you have a costochondritis attack?
Should you shower after having a vaccination?
What causes the chest bone to crack? (like when you crack your knuckles/back)?
Nurses and Doctors, how do you deal with an annoying relative of your patient?
no pain after broken elbow surgery?
I've been really nauseous...?
What's more painful - a torn intercostal muscle or a cracked rib?
Sprained My Ankle Need Help?
he fell and his leg hurts?
I stepped on a cactus?
what does a bruised foot really mean?
Will My First Time Hurt?
I have a friend who is suffering from erythema multiforme....any info about this skin allergy?
What can I do about an allergic reaction?
Runny nose and sneezing?
Have You Ever Experienced Cloth Allergy?
What else works best for taking 'itch' from poison ivy. I used aloe vera.?
Does the USDA or FDA consider coconut as an allergen?
Anyone out there with behcet's syndrome? I was just diagnosed.?
My wisdom teeth are almost done coming in, I'm in SO MUCH PAIN, I've been taking Advil and numbing gel...
Tried new Crest Healthy Radiance?
What Tooth Paste Whitens Teeth The Best?
i'm going to the orthadonist soon. will they put on BRACES?
I just discovered a hairline crack in my front tooth HELP?
Does it sound like i need braces?
Is it time that dentists felt the cold wind of market forces as did opticicians?
why your teeth are falling off since the moment you said hi this morning.?
How do you boost your metabolism?
What are the benefits of drinking hot water with lemon in the mornings?
Should i purchase weight loss pills to give my work outs a boost?
Do people on no salt diets still have salty tasting tears?
Will i gain my weight back if.....? Pros please help....?
Dairy products are FATTENING!Why do so many people think eating dairy is good for you?
Why am I always hungry? What product or food can I take to stop it?
Is this girl still able to lose weight (or fat) from the tummy area? Or should she be happy with it? (pics)?
Do I look too fat to you? (pic)?
Smallpox scar?
What would cause a bacterial eye infections after retinal surgery?
Whats more deadly - West Nile Virus or Bird Flu?
If I've never had chicken pox, but have had the vaccination. Can I (as pre-teen) get shingles?
Is this a flu, cold or infection? I have swollen neck gland, a really sore throat and my ears are making...?
How do you get rid of a UTI at home?
am carrying now.5 months.this time am getting severe cough and gold. it will affect fetus also?.what i have?
I keep waking up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep again. How can I stop this?
Can you smoke so much weed you smoke yourself sober?
Things to do whist recovering from an eye operation?
What is Herpes?? Please answer?
i have got thrush help :((((((((((((?
Is Trichomoniasis worst then other STD? And if the guy had it do you think he also had HIV?
is there anything i should do to prepare for my hypnotherapy for smoking cessation on Friday?
does anybody know any body detox remedys of any kind??
Wet rash behind ears?
Reposted: I feel things in my hand that aren't there?
What is the best sunscreen to use on your face?
I heard computers give off radiation? What can block this radiation, a back pack? some cloths? a peice of wood?
Why Cant I Talk.............?
Whenever I drink lemon juice with salt my bladder starts to hurt. Why is that?
Quitting smoking--will this method work?
Just had surgery and was given Oxycodone 5-325 tablets for pain killers. I experience itching after each dose.?
Possible causes of occasional dizziness?
My girlfiend has become alcohol dependant?
Is screaming bad for your health?
Similar to Lyme Disease.. but not!? Doctors don't know what it is?
is there a cure for hepa b?
why aids cannot trasmitted through mosquito?
What type of antibiotic is usually given for strep throat?
some one tells you you have a fatal disease but when early tested for it the nurse when explaining the results
How did Gujarat overcome the problem of Vector Borne Diseases ?
fellow hepatitis c victims?
if your eye sight is vibrating,what could be the cause of it?
Is 84 a low glucose level?
is a hypoglycemic coma the same thing as the unresponsive state before a glucagon injection?
metformin is this for diabetics ?
what are foods i should take as a diabetes patient?
does marijuana have a weird effect on diabetics?
summer and gestational diabetes?
I am a 40 yr old female ,and my blood sugar fasting test indicated 114,am I pre-diabetic or diabetic.?
My girlfriend was just diagnosed with diabetes...what can I do to support her?
Where can I find sincere stories of people who have overcome Diabetes in their life?
is anyone else out there diabetic? i am and i feel alone. (type 1)?
How is angina diagnosed and what is it?
Can influenza flu cause gradually myocarditis in several weeks or months later?
26 year old female with chest discomfort/pain....?
heart burn from alcholol?
Q 4 people with ANGINA. What are some of the things that you do to calm yourself during an attack?
collar bones?
What are the symptoms of hardening or clogged arteries???
What causes me to be wide awake the moment my head hits the pillow?
does crying a lot make your blood pressure decrease?
Why am i sick every morning?
Emergency: I woke up and found my 14 year old brother drunk???
Is there anything that will work to cure chiquingunya?
When you are diagnosed with cronic neutropenia is it a type of luekemia?
how many documented cases of avian flu have been noted?
sodium stibogluconate toxicity used in treatment of kala azar?
What are the best ways to prepare for the probable onset of the Avian Flu?
Anyone recovered from malaria? How long and were there lingering effects?
can i catch scarlet fever off my grandson?
if sepsis is leaking(oozing) out of a patient -will she die? if so how long?
How long does icing affect swelling?
Need to know if I have to go to the emergency room or not!?
what is best way to get up and down stairs w/ crutches?
All toes on my left foot were amputated last year. Wondering if running and barefoot walking are possible?
can your toes go numb after wearing heels for a while?
i injured my arm at work and need to know if they can do this to me?
How do you know if you have a concussion?
pop tart burn from years ago.?
Heavy chest, difficulty breathing and cough...? Any ideas?
::Help:: Sore throat?
Cold Remedies or help soothing......?
do i have post nasal drip?
Adenoids/Tonsil Removal?
Can you smoke weed when on nicotine patch?
I think I have asthma, help?
inhaling and exhaling air too long?
is it true you gain weight when you begin to run?
Does moving the elliptical machine by myself from the garage to the second floor count as today's workout?
What are some ways to tone your stomach? and legs?
How come veins in the arms and other parts become more visible with exercise?
help! Im eating healthier,and drinking tons more water...?
Flat Stomach Without A Sixpack?
Any1 who has a very slow metabolism & has lost at least 35 lbs pl ans.?
My doctor said I have to lose 100 pounds?
Is it true that every ten pounds a person, he or she looses a dress/pants size?
If you stopped eating, what would happen to your body first?
is it possible to reach your weenie with your mouth? how bout your butt?
can u get herpes on your fingers?
Have you ever had an STI or STD?
Can someone have an allergy to Benedryl?
Inexpensive Spray To Kill Bed Bugs And Dust Mites?
Can you have an allergic reaction from touching a black widow web?
Do I have pinkeye?
Anybody have an opinion about sulfur products?
I got diagnosed with gonorrhea my boyfriend didn't i have not been with no one else nether him is it possible
I feel like my vision is dimming one year after my laser eye surgery?
Ladies & Gentelmen did you meet person with 2 different eyes color before?
Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses can't be inserted on the white of the eye and slid over the pupil can they?
What can and cant you do with contacts?
Anyone else see two slightly different shades out of their two different eyes, or am I just a freak?
Is there Anything I Can Do to Help Prevent Retinal Detachment?
How do the Black Angel FX contacts look on the eye?
Omg .. where are my contacts?!!! are they stuck?!!!!!!?
Does the WBC only increase in response to infection? ?
Rheumatic Fever?
Science project research on "What is the most effective anti-bacterial wipe?" Help!!!?
bacterial infection?
are all hacking coughs contagious?
i'm sick all the time?
How do you know if you have worms or parasites???
Is it dangerous to wear on one contact?
I have a weird flu?
Ear acupuncture - If I get a very carefully placed piercing will it work as a 'permanent' acupuncture spot?
does hypnotherapy work?
Producing too much acid in the oesophagus going into the stomach. is corroding the pipe on the way down?
Are There Any Herbs Available For Anxiety?
What is the present status of herbal medicine?
What is the best way to keep acute colitis from, flaring up?
Can chlamydia kill you?
doctors appointment?
What is the cure of nasal sinusitis?
Gum disease and fluoride toothpaste - does it make it worse?
I'm going to have teeth extracted, what medication can you take?
In Pediatrics, what are the Nolla's stages of tooth development?
Best teeth whitener you've ever used? ?
Does anyone grind there teeth whilst sleeping?What was your dentist suggestions?
Having a brace during Adulthood - what is your opinion? Clear or metal?
Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves? ?
is it true thst bird flu mainly affects below 5 years and above 60.?
Can you please share something about BIRD FLUE? What are the precautions I can take?
are parasite worms do sever damage to your body? how do you avoid them?
primary complex?
Why is this happening to me?
Why is my past still haunting me?
I'm Living With a Dysfunctional Family - How Do I Not Become Them?
how do i quit being so sensitive and stop letting others bother me?
What is the Matter With It, that It takes the time, to go out of it's way ,to harass Others?
Why haven't states required HPV vaccinations (such as Gardasil) if it could really reduce cervical cancer?
how long does it take to show hiv/aids in your body?
How likely is it that you will get sick from giving a guy a bj?
What's the best gift for a person in a hospital (having operation)?
In a medical malpractice case, a physician must give testimony at a deposition that is part?
Please tell me your experience with Aortic Valve Repair or Replacement....?
I injured my neck and shoulder, should I work out w/ light weights?
How long would a cut from a razor take to heal?
Pain in heel/ankles after working out?
how long does it take for bruised ribs to heal?
a question for people who had ever gotten surgery?
Anything to do if nail falls off?
My 16 month old sister hit her head?
what's that black thing on my wound?
I just cut off my thumb on accident...?
Is It Possible To Injure A Rib From Coughing Too Hard?
medical therapy for treating hiccup?
Sinus infection due to mold? Help!!?
do your lungs ever go back to normal after smoking?
Recent Breathing Troubles?
I extremely hate having this chest infection. WHEN is it going to go?! Please help me?!?
Why does my sore throat come in the moring and night only?
lymphoma question? PLEASE ANSWER!?
What happens if i lie when i apply for my health insurance?
What is colon cancer?
I had breast cancer,in my left breast, treated with a lumpectomy and radiation and sent home.?
Seriously: Wine vs. Grape Juice for cancer?
My neighbor and her husband found out today that he has cancer,?
Are there any cancer survivors here?
How to lose weight quickly & tone the stomach & thighs.?
How easy is it to stay in shape in college?
Any good suggestions on low cal, healthy hunger killers?
How fast would I lose???
I'm gaining weight like crazy?
my chest burns when i run?
How to get motivated in the morning?
I just binged!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel sooo bad...Do I have a problem?
did anyone of u use slimming tea? can u tell me which is the best brand?
How can I lose fat off my face?
many antibiotics are fungi...but?
Will antibiotics make my yeast infection worse?
Is this just a bug? I think it could be worse...?
I think Im am Starting to develop a sore throat what are ways I can prevent if from getting worse?
I work at a bank and handle money all day. What are some things I can do to keep from getting sick?
When you contract hepatitis c do you know it right away?
Are there any videos concerning balantidium coli or balantidiasis?
I poked my fingers in my girlfriend's gina :), I noticed that there was some blood from her gina....?
Do you still use insulin and check your glucose level with type 2 diabetes?
Usage of tab metformin hydrochloride tablets 1000mg daily twice,along glimepiride tabs 2mg 15years any effect?
I eat about 80 grams of sugar every day total consumption...will i be at risk of diabetes?
How can I be diabetic?
Do you think i have diabetes?
Type 2 with hypogylcemia?
I recently had Blood Tests done & I wonderd if any1 knew if 1 of the tests include being checkd 4 diabetes?
129 blood sugar normal or high?
why am i feeling low but im either high or low . im diabetic . help me.?
can a1 +ve blood group donate to a +ve blood group?
why do our eyes water when we yawn sometimes?
Where is the best place these days to get laser eye surgery?
Which Are Better Contact or Glasses?
If I wear contacts do I need glasses?
Where can I get bright green contacts like this. Is it possible online or not?
What cause people to only see in black and white?
Could this be allergies?
allergic to oatmeal?
why do you become allergic to things that you weren't allergic to before?
pressure in temples, forehead, cheeks, nose?
Does anyone else see floaters it sometimes drives me crazy?
Has there been recent cases of the bird flu in California?
At what point should I go to the hospital? Doctors and nurses, answer please?
Can i Exercise while having chicken pox....???
how do i get kid's at my school to quite making fun of my disease?
Can an overweight person have HIV/AIDs and not lose any weight in 5 years - actually gain weight
what is difference between HIV AND AIDS?
Paper pin and HIV infection?
am i gonna have serious problems?
omg, i cant believe im HIV positive?
What is the odor of burned fingernails?
Have you ever heard of a whiskey voice?
Soaking An Ifected Peircing In Bedadine?
Muscle injuries?
Treatment for Spider Bite?
How to clean childrens ear wa?.?