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I have a severe sore throat, fever, and rash. Doctors couldn't help. It hurts so much! What should I do?
is this all connected or am i just completely losing my health??
kidney stone!?
Personal accounts of Anorexia or Bulimia?
I just sharted to the max. Does anyone mind?
If I make foods using chick pea flour (gram flour) or lentil flour, will this count as carbohydrates?
Ther's a birthday comin up. We're think'g somthng lik a blck forst cak; bt she's diabetic. Wht d u recommend
Do I have Diabetes? Please answer me. Im 16 years of age.?
What are the real chances of complications with diabetes?
Has his ever happened to you?
exaple of a mutation..?
I'm a type-II diabetic and I take metformin 500mg once daily. During daytime my level is between 130-175 but e
Did any of you celebrate your 1 year of being diabetic or diagnosed day?
Shingles-Do they(lesions,pain) get worse, before they get better? Will shingles affect the brain?
What is psychosomatic illnesses and what causes it?
Skin mole!!! Help Me!!...
I have been having sore skin lately. Does anyone know what could cause this?
i sweat a lot?
What can I do to slow down hormonal aging?
Dammit I hate blackheads!!!!!???????
How come white blood cells dont fight the HIV virus when they are instantly present in the blood streams?
herpes blood test?
Period Blood?
If pet dander is a pets skin cells, could testing a certain breeds dander determine if you are allergic?
What are some other names for gluten?
could i have an allergy?
Could this be an allergic reaction?
does anyone know anything about allergies to mosquito bites?
are there any medicines or anything that will unplug your nose?
Why is there fluoride in the water?
Can you mix different tanning lotions to get tanned faster?
Has anyone here taken two 5/500 Vicodin with a beer before bed?
Heart palpitations at night?
Basically I've had no sleep for three days apart from an hour here and there, I just can't sleep! However...?
What happens if I ate moth eggs accidentally?
What is a cerebral shunt?
How sick?! NEED to go to school tomorrow!!?
Tested positive for group b strep?
will i need any medical vaccine for dominican republic?
I had hepatitis a when i was a kid we were put in quarantine can this still be raising my liver enzymes?
Is there a way to find out if you have had the chicken pox?
If i go to the doctors for a lyme disease test, will nicotine show up in my system
Why are my hands always cold...?
what is skinny mans disease ?
My friend may have mono. Will I get it if we sit next to each other and share a locker?
Will 2nd degree burns leave permanent discoloration on skin? If so, is there a treatment to prevent it?
Can Duac and Doxycycl make acne worse?
Burn from acne treatment. HELP!!!?
Whats worse, cigarettes or cigars ?
Lasic eye surgury or not?
Pink Eye or Dry Eye?
Looking for people with thin corneas who have had LASEK or know someone who has had it, any problems?
Everyone hear about the AMO Complete Moisture Plus Multi-Purpose Solution RECALL?
Will Someone PLEASE give me a GOOD answer? Important to me....?
So they give physicals at the free clinic? If so, how much would it cost?
What would make a 43 year old gush blood very heavily at a constant rate?
why do i only poo once a week and everyone else i know poo's once a day?
Do homeless get special kinda insurance or health care ?? What do they do when they have a med condition ?
Are yawns still contagious when you're not tired?
How does trans fat and saturated fat affect human body?
Alcohol testing...?
Have you ever stepped barefoot on a piece of glass ?
I blew my nose and I had like bright yellow mucous...It's gross...?
do you know that holding your sneeze can damage your brain?
Sleeping with your eyes open?
my feet hurt! what should i do?
What is a stinger shoulder injury?
When to return from an ACL sprain.?
Short-Term Disability and FMLA?
How is that possible???
Question About ACL Sprain?
if my knee gives out if i cut to fast and gets stuck when it pops back it hurts n the mcl area whats wrong?
you i just cut all my knuckles punching a CD what can i do?
Does drinking a lot of coke cola can affect skin on the face, less pure with acne?
How can you reduce the look of stretch marks?
What is an itch and why does scratching it help?
Could this lesion be problematic?
How has flaxseed oil helped you?
How Do You Lose Dandruff?
What is this brown spot IN my belly button?
I used NIX but I don't think it worked.It feels like something's still crawling on my head.What should I do?
MRSA. Any doctors in here???
Bad case of Diarrhea...?
Does Quickclear really cure herpes? Has anyone tried it?
can you get infected by cutting??
Help! Infected with istbar, IstBar.Powerscan, ISearch.Slotch. and how can I get rid of them?
how long dose it take 2 know if u have chlamydia?
if i kiss sum1 with herpes in the mouth will i get it???
Pituitary tumors?
why do moles cause cancer?
Relative Hospitalized over a dozen times?
Is there an easy way to remember the effects of cardiac drugs?
What can I do about a DR. Who refused to treat me For Cancer?
my daughter smells like dead ants!!?
could hair loss be caused by calcium deficiency?
has any one ever been prescribed nasonex for have frequent bloody noses?
tips for falling asleep when i cant?
How much Niacin does it take to clear drugs from your system?
my mom's spine is crushing the veins on the back of her neck, so no blood is going to her brain. help?
Why can't I eat or sleep?
Is it true a banana can really calm your nerves ? a.s.a.p?
Im sick and I have a bitter taste in my mouth. How do i cure this.?
Is this normal a 13 year old boy weighing 111 and hes 5 foot 4 inches?
Are there any alternative medications to plavix or aspirin?
Does your heart skip a beat when you sneeze?
What is causing my heart pain?
Is it normal to feel a radial pulse after compressing the artery?
17 year old girl..... Pains in Chest and Left arm!?!??!?!?!?
If depression and anxiety is a growing problem in our society - what are the causes?
My fear of a possible power outage is driving me insane! Help?
I'm going through stress. Plz help. 10 points!!?
My teacher doesn't believe in social anxiety disorder.....?
Does anyone else find that their pet is one of their greatest helpers within their illness?
Have you never had the feeling of being watched?
Can anyone help me??
Why do some people talk in their sleep?
Best cures for bee stings?
Swollen upper eyelid with red bump on it?
if some1 is paralytic due to acohol abuse... why does the paramedic rub hard on the chest?
The lower bottom of my ear is a little puffy?
My finger got caught in the door nail bed damaged, how long will it take to heal and how to prevent infection?
spider bite!?
What's the difference between peroxide and rubbing alcohol?
my cure for a hangover is to stay awake until im not drunk anymore. what is a better way casue im sooo tired.?
Can ear aches travel to your other ear?
should i pop it?
garlic can it be harmful ?
Is it the medicine that is causing me to be this ill?
What are some natural remedies for fibromyalgia symptoms?
Can I make my own sun screen?
hi,i was wondering i want to be an aromatherapist,do i need any qualifications? like a-levels etc?
Personal accounts please for uses of colloidal silver... useless, remedy or slow poison?
Are anti-anxiety pills safe?
H1N1 Vaccine And Microchips?
looking to join marines and have a question about immunizations?
why does our skin get wrinkled after we've been in the water for a long time?
what are some symptoms of bipolar disorder?
Does Fifth Disease Worsen at Night?
is isopropyl alcohol the same as rubbing alcohol?
Wellbutrin seizure, common? Epilepsy?
Is it safe to take magnesium while nursing?
is it normal if you if you listen to your Ipod and then after afew days your hearing is weird?
I have stitches in my nose and they itch really bad. I want to take them out and I was wanting to know if I?
How can i quit smoking, i wanna to but i cant?
Is there a way for me to improve my vision?
hypnosis rubbing off late maybe? idk! help!?
Help me please.......?
what year in day did magic johnson announce he had contracted the HIV viruse?
What has the US done in regards to prevention and cure for HIV/AIDS, not just in US but the world at large?
HIV exposure?
Can you give me a simple defnition for AIDS??
are people aware of AIDS?if yes why? if not why?
bacterial vaginosis and oral?
Desribe the compensatory mechanisms that are maintaining blood pressure during blood loss?
some people say smoking effects the person near by is that true&why?
Is vaseline alright for dry nostrils?
I know this may sound really nasty but what does dirreah mean?
Diabetes not getting my period?
what are the guidelines for transporting prescription drugs and diabetic syringes on an airplane?
I'm 29 weeks pregnant....just found out I have high blood sugar.?
Why does my Partner have a craving for sweet things?
A1C levels? What are they?
Type2 diabetics? knowing what you know now, what you have done differently with your life?
do you think it could be diabetes?
What is the best over the counter medicine for sinus headaches?
does buckwheat have gluten?
How is mold detected in walls and etc?
i am allergic to iodine in seafood what other foods should i not eat?
problem with my daughters head?...hair?...?
I have real bad allergies and right know I'm suffering with real dark lips. I'm ashame to go what should I do?
Swine flu vaccine side effects?
What can cause strands of my hair to change color and texture?
I'm running a fever of 101... but I don't feel sick, just really tired... What could be the reason?
i have 2 take omega 3 capsules and it says take preferably with a meal...?
I'm addicted to everything?
I need some stress-reducing, sleeping techniques...?
why would anyone not want health care to pass?
Im hungover....help?
stomach flu what can i eat?
soar throat??? HELP!!!?
Can you get shingles without every having the pox?
could it be strep?????????????
have i got a water infection?
West Nile Virus?
What was the very first disease / virus to ever inflict an organism?
I got the flu shot for about 4or 5 ys in a row. This past yr I never got one and I keep gettin sick?
HPV/Pre Cancerous Cells/Cancer in Men?
HPV QUESTION....I had an abnormal pap.?
Could I Have An STD???
Why does my eye twitch?
Can I polish my plastic glasses to remove scratches?
Can i get colored contacts if i don't need glasses?
What is your experience with Lasik eye surgery?
is anyone an optometrist out there? Or someone who looks at eyes?
Is it safe to wear colored contacts after Lasik?Because it does not change your eye color?
Any treatment for "Lazy Eye" at the age of 13?
My vision is 20/20 but it looks like im looking through some veil-cloth or a bunch of pixels?
does skipping rope everyday increase my height?
I would really love a good thinspiration quote or some other type of motivation to lose weight. Anyone?
I'm making a "lifestyle" change, advice, suggestions?
How to get a six pack abs fast!!?
Serious question, do swings help tone the legs?
this question is for you guys who are or were anorexic.?
fever and ice cream?
what does it usually mean if you get a hard?
what makes us want to itch or scratch ourselves.?
how do you know if you are addicted or becoming addicted to cocaine? or just like doing it?
Please please answer, blood donation?
Things that can help me get to sleep and stay asleep?
Sleep deprevation please helpp!!!?
I took my son to see our G.P today and while I was there I noticed...?
Why do I feel sick every night? Laying down to go to sleep only makes it worse.?
Do you sometimes not like to sleep?
mode of transmission urinary tract infection?
which clinics in singapore to get treatment for nail fungus ?
does any1 know bout yellow fever?????
Is it true that you will never get the EXACT same cold twice?
ok if the lyme disease is the scientific name the wut th is the common name?
If a persons foot gets infected and grows twice it size and doctors dont know why?
Can you transfer parvo from one house to another?
Rotavirus Vaccination in India(Mumbai)?
How strong is the connection between alienation and mental illness?
What are the signs that someone's going to have a nervous/emotional breakdown?
What do/did you say to people that you had to cut off due to your illness ?
Don't judge me please. :)?
i have very low self esteem?
anxiety attacks?
I am depressed just thinking about the world if there wasn't that little place called New Zealand. HELP!!!!
Tension Headaches - I need some answers???
water coming out from nose?
are you taking 'lisino-hctz' to controll your bp ? what side effect do you feel ?
how do u know that u are an alcoholic ?
Do you start to feel the effects of Salvia the first time you smoke it?
Feeling lethargic, what could be wrong?
How good does it feel to smoke marijuana?
What is a normal Arrhythmia Summary for an 11 year old Boy?
If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while doing surgery?
Physiology TPR, heart rate, B/P,Stroke volume problem: help!?
Is my blood pressure and pulse low, and does it propose any risks?
is this a good idea exam related?
should i follow my mind are my heart?
Which is the best treatment for Autism ?
Medicare runs out in one day because my dad refuses rehab?
Are there any reasons *not* to become a bone marrow donor?
Are these symptoms related?
Time of month question... Doc advice please.?
Why do I keep waking up?
What causes Brain aneurysms to reoccur?
has anyone else got gall stones and how are you coping with it?
attending my first aa meeting tonight.any advice please?
lymphoma symptoms?
Why does my skin break out, when I use foundation with SPF in it?
Egg yolk or egg white for face mask?
ACNE easy way to get rid of!?
Bacteria question?
my freind has ringworm and she wants...?
I need help, I haven't a clue what could be wrong with my knee?
Help for pulled muscle under right shoulder blade?
Intramedullary Rod Question: Screws and Recovery timeframe.?
Sore Ribs...Help Please!?
something wrong!?
Should I take my insulin pump on rides at fair?
Did you know that Washington can help people with diabetes?
what diet controlled diabetics can eat?
what does it feel like for your blood sugar to be high?
What is the craziest diabetes advice you've ever heard?
Why does oral glucose administration give a greater insulin response than IV?
what effect does drinking water have on hair and nails?
What can you do about the dent in the mattress from where you sleep, other than flipping?
How long should I expect to wait for a letter confirming an appointment to see a specialist at a hospital?
what are the risks of not getting enough sleep?
Little sleep...need more energy!!?
ears help please?
Tylenol PM...this is long, but I need advice, should I get professional help?
do you think health is a right or a previlege?
If you need glasses and don't wear them immediately, will your eyesight get WORSE?
I left butterfly stitches on my legs to long.?
Is the scrape on my knee infected?
what should I do if I just spilled a bit of boiling water on my arm?
How to heal a jammed finger.?
HELP! My ear!?
exhaust pipe burn...help!?
Answer immediately please !!!!does epsom salt burn little cuts on my hand ?
internal bleeding?
what do you do when you get your lips stuck to ice and you pull off the skin on your lips?
HPV - still have LGSIL?
HIV and '"proper etiquete?
The level of nicotine in cigarettes keeps rising.?
Ethics of Cancer Research Industry???
What is "patches disease?"?
Does Alli diet pills work for everybody ?
How many calories would I burn if I did 100 leg lifts?
How do they lose so much weight on the Biggest Loser?
How come purging doesn't get rid of calories? PLEASE answer?
How can I get better posture?
whats the best way to burn fat of your belly?
Is Melanotan (not II) legal to buy now?
I'm going to get an MRI done for my back Thursday morning, how long does it normally take, can i bring a book?
How do you personally get to sleep?
What should be in sunscreen to protect face from aging/wrinkles? Is sun after 5 or 6 pm not bad for aging?
Would doctors, nurses, etc. salaries go down if the U.S. provided universal healthcare?
Do smelling salts really work if someone faints?
Can you drink alcohol while on prevacid? Help?
my friend does not have Insurance and needs help with perscription cost. Any thoughts?
vitrectomy surgery?
does anyone use GP or RPG contact lenses?
After LASIK, not sure whether or not vision will sharpen/improve.?
Red eye, long time, drugs not working. Am I tripping or should the doctor have taken a sample?
Can't get contacts into my eyes!?
Need to get a eye exam and new lens, but I want to use my old frames.?
Why do your eyes go red when you cry?
Do allergic reactions to food cause temporary hair loss?
What's the best method to make ur eyes less swollen from allergies?!?
Why does your nose run when you have a cold?
Why is it children in third world countries don't have thes same kind of allergies we have in North America?
kidney functions?
Anyone with Osteoarthritis taking Arthritec?
Have you tried the new pill "Chantix" to quit smoking, is it working? Are there any side effects?
when i am sleeping my arm and hand is getting sleepy and i wake up.What kind of treatment can i get?
I always look nervous an my hands are shakey why is that?
how to get rid of farmers tan?
i have a rare condition called?
Does anyone hallucinate when they take Ambien? I can not sleep on it, I just trip!?
Can Cholesterol Levels Be Too Low?
I have epilepsy and am ill, depressed and my carer is moving away what should I do?
Husband having troubles hearing?
were can i see night shift nurses?
posture help?
Health workers?
How can I get rid of a cold sore?
Will neosporin work to get rid of a scar that is about an inch long that is 2-3 months old? What about mederma
Dry, dark spot on my knee...help!?
i have acne & ppl make fun of me for it.what r some ways of taking care of my face?
I recently got what I think is posion oak and now..?
my hands are wrinkled?
have you ever gotten out of the shower?
is tonsillitis contagious?
how long does it take to clear up a yeast infection with fluconazole?
has anyone ever had an infection in the colon?
AZO Standard pills for a UTI infection..?
what kind of virus is rsv?
Possibly positive TB test? HELP?
What can you do to prevent Salmonella once you consumed raw chicken?
can i have my hair dryed at the coeiffeur and i used 2 have chiken pox 20 days ago?
i have a cold?
if a person that has aids eats a vulture will that cure them
my friend has oral herpies and i dont know what to tell her.?
Heartbroken and can't sleep?
What is it about physical activity that is so important for our emotional well-being?
Besides meditating 24/7 and taking adderall for ADHD, are there any other new alternatives?
Why do people sometimes cry when they are happy??
How many of you were emotionally/physically abused as a child?
Did you ever want something so badly...question inside...?
what gos on in your mind? what are some things you think of?
I'm psychic and i always can tell when stuff is gonna happen, it really helps me out but...?
Why am i so mean?
stretch marks acne scars?
Has anyone put there nearest and dearest in for respit care?what are they like when they come home again?
Why do they remove flowers from your hospital room?
if a child is exposed to marjiuana smoke?
Ear Wax: Where does it come from??
Can Fish oil cause heart palpitations and if so do the palpitations last up to 3-4 days after taking it?
Is the "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique" real?
How easy is it to get access to health care in Vancouver, Canada?
my heart like stopped for a second?
Can people in their 20s have heart disease? how common is it?
Does having high blood pressure make you bleed faster?
how do i see my heart rate on a ECG?
what are the chances of surviving a stroke?
I'm 13,Healthy & Lately Been Getting [VERY] Weird Scratching Feelings In My Heart!?
What danger might impaired senses present? How has modern form of noise and environmetal pollution afected ou
Are pigeon-fanciers more at risk from bird flu than duck-pluckers?
Babysat grandchild saturday p.m. she started with stomach flu sunday p.m. Was she contageious while with me?
Why did aids do not spread through mosqutos.?
Does Yahoo have crabs?
Dating with herpes? For people with herpes or a partner with herpes. Serious answers only please.?
HIV testing - anonymous or not?
Can a TMJ disorder cause migraines with aura?
I want to conduct a very small scale research in Autism in Delhi. Does anyone have any ideas?
Best acne treatment if you have rosacea??
Why do different parts of our body have different skin color??
what is the structure of the olfactory including nasal cavities,mucous membrane and blood supply?
Have a chest / lung infection - virus?
Anybody got any CPAP recommendations?
blood pressure?
I am trying to find the symtom of MEN1 I keep finding the genetic causes can you help?
My inner ear itches!!!?
Centipede bite VS Spider bite ... Scorpion sting VS Hornet sting ...?
Bump on my tongue?
Kitten Stung by a Bee?
A question for anyone who works on or around an ambulance?
i fell on my knee from about 4 days ago and i landed straight on it and got a cut ?
Fast help needed: Swollen hand from bite, red hand and red spreading up arm, what should i do?
Treating A Burn On the Index Finger?
I got drunk last night off of rum and vodka... I drank too much?
I have a huge *** cut and I want to take a shower. Should I wear a band aid?
Can someone who's been blind FROM BIRTH hallucinate if they were to take acid, shrooms, etc. ?
How's your vision?
Are you getting fed up to ?
Why do I feel so gross in the mornings?
What happens when you swallow gum? Does it really take 7 years to digest?
prescription glasses? to a new frame?
When you close your eyes, do you see the inside of your eyelids or are you not seeing at all?
Why do I constantly see movement and flashes of light in the corners of my eyes? I have no retinal tears...?
What are Prism-eye-glasses?*SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY*?
How often do you need a new prescription for reading glasses?
Colored contacts- Left eye and right eye, what's the difference?
No one has the right to be dull !!!?
Azithromycin side effects?
What do you think of me discontinuing my antidepressants?
a question for ex smokers?
can anyone help me with this?
i quit smoking and in a way ...?
does posture depend on ethnicity?
Is cracking your fingers bad? what happens if you do them?
so are you?
My doctor has diagnosed a Thyroid problem and I don't nderstand it?? Help needed?
Is there no cure for thyroid (dogs)?
Is there a home drug test available for testing for psilocybin (mushrooms) and LSD?
I have a mixed baby...he has a big brown spot on him..i am just curious as to what it is...can anyone help????
Is peeling normal after 1 week of chicken pox?
what is a phlebotomy used for and best prep advice for the patient?
my 3 yr old has fever just had his shots a week ago what shold i do?
My mom's Insulin pen needle wounded me accidentally but slightly. Could I have got infected with Hepatitis C?
Can you make HIV into this?
raw chicken meat with a paper cut?
Why is it every time I catch a cold, I lose my taste? What can I do to get it back?
I think i might have tonsilitis? how do i know?
How can I Get Rid of a cold fast?
HIV question! very important please help!?
anyone now how to get rid of gallstones naturally?
Kevin Trudeau natural cures -Is there truth in what he is saying?
How effective is water fasting in losing weight?
I'm concerned that the Anti alt-med lobby are advocating a type of Fascism. What are your thoughts?
Isn't this dangerous what can I say to convince my relative (call him bill) to not do this?
I saw on my son's phone "I prefer mollys"; is that a type of drug, and if so, what is it?
how long do weed brownies stay effective for.?
acid or shrooms?which one should I do???
How can I get rid of a stuffy nose?
How can you tell the diffeerence between a cold, sinus', or allergies.?
how to allergy proof a bedroom?
Spring allergies?
food allergies?
I have a damn cold sore in my nose please help?
whats the treatment for a kidney infection?
Does drinking too much coca cola cause abdominal cramps?
my liver enzymes are high????????
What disease do you think causes more suffering to those inflicted; Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis or Autism?
What would happen if you run out of spinal fluid?
Doctor won't believe me? What the hell do I do? :(?
Possibly Pneumonia?? Please Help!?
Doctor put me back on a medicine i was taking when i attempted suicide?
I have calcium spots on my finger nails?
Do you know the symptoms of Rabies?
chemical peel on asian skin for spot marks and scars?
what is an over the counter ointment I can buy for a boil on my butt. I'm desperate?
endocrine system?
Can a person detect when they will develop Ketoacidosis?
How many have heard of this and have these markings?Acanthosis Nigricans.?
I am 22 and had leukeamia at aged two years.. developed Insulin dependent diabetes at aged 7yrs?
What kind of things would you like to know about DIABETES?
If a epileptic person was to blink very fast, thus making a strobing effect, could this give them a seizure?
why do I crave sugar all the time?
Time difference between each HPV shot?
How often do you get outbreaks? Has this every happend to you...?
I'm depressed, and I can't stand it?
In america Lilium is a Judas Rabby?
What is the difference between bipolar/manic and psychotic?
Abused in your family of origin? please tell me what does 'family' mean to you ?
13 year old with depression possible?
Anyone got any stories on how they didn't rock in high school but things got better once you got out of HS?
How to wake up in the morning when you are a night person?
i still feel suicidal and want to kill somebody?
Does anyone know the maximum number of hours an employer in the UK can ask you to work
How do i make homemade eardrops???
Do you ever have a total body twitch before you fall asleep?Can anyone explain why this happens?
eye brightening drops should i throw them away 28 days after usage ?
Slurred Speech?
can you take too much amoxicillin?
What makes your potassium low??
I Have a clicking noise in my head I dont no what it is and evrey time i put my hands on my head it goes?
Bioindicator-Bacillus stearothermophillus?
what is an Emergency Room Technology?
how would i know if i had malaria without going to the doctor
how to get out?
Do cats have an appendix?
what are the symptoms of puss bubbles in throat?
I hurt myself falling up the stairs and got...?
My son is travaling to the Philippines for the first time and was told to get a malaria shot or pills.?
Has anyone had a brain abscess?
I've had my second chemo treatment a week ago, last night all my bones hurt to the point of tears,normal?
Does the earth have cancer? Are human beings the cancer cells?
What are the best vitamin supplements for smokers???
Cancer, How would Cancer Cells act under Extreme Pressure?
cancer, i'm so scared?
what is submucus fibrosis?cause and treatment for it?is there any body fully recovered from it?let me know the
How do you fix crooked ribs (besides surger)?
About 2 years ago I suffered some injuries to the face, now my face looks different,and i look horrible help!!
How do you reduce the size of your knuckles after they've been made bigger from "cracking knuckles"?
exercising with a fractured ankle?
The Darwin Awards: Have you ever done something idiotic that nearly caused your own death? ?
What are the causes/symptoms of internal bleeding?
CT Scans and contrast injection .. Advice please?
My mother has been told she has a spot on the back of her eye,and it has raised since her last visit.?
What to eat when suffering from a stomach virus?
Can you recommend any good "Ab" exercises while sitting at your desk? ?
how many steps to lose a calorie?
how do i loose 40 pounds in a month atleast?
What are the similarities and differences between Yoga VS. Pilates?
why are runners legs so thin? Dancers legs are so full?
Excersise i can do in my room?
how to get my thighs not touch?
Did you know that not smoking, not drinking, regular exercise and a good diet can significantly prolong?
How can I get a flat tummy?
questions on pulse rate and blood pressure?
HELP! can i get some hangover advice?
Sometimes I feel weak...?
Is there a good way to help me wake up & feel refreshed & feel better (& more awake) in the mornings?
always red faced????????
dirty hall pass big metal and heavy.?
quisiera saber si una persona que tenga una arritmia extraventricular aislada puede consumir licor?
any way to treat aortic stenosis besides valve replacement surgery?
I done my open heart surgery in February, 2010 can i start Gym at this stage?
I recently had to stop my regular workout abruptly. I now have really high blood pressure and my heart feels?
If you have gum disease, how long until it affects your heart?
what are doctors looking for in blood test?
How long can a heart attack last before it kills you?
I am very obese and have tried lots of different things, I am thinking surgery as a last resort any thoughts.
Can you get an STD if you have a really good immune system?
Is it possible to get an STD by using someone else's razor?
What is a TSH 3rd gen test?
who out there has had abdominal surgery repair as in hernias & diastasis correction?
ring around my mouth?
Where is God in all this mess?
can air pollution cause stress?
How many days can we give cough syrup to a child.?
if one doctor found a blocked archerary and another did not what does that mean???
Albuterol and Pulmicort to treat bronchitis and pneumonia?
Pluracy came back. He is 76?
Can you explain what your cigarette or smoking craving is like?
my partner is on anti depression tablets?
I'm thinking of trying hypnosis to quit smoking. Has anyone tried it?
Is it possible to sleep 2 hours a night?
Is it bad to sleep right after a shower?
Why are doctor's prescribing Oxycontin so easily, and with the abuse going on why hasn't it been -?
Setting alarm much earlier than you want to get up?
Staples and paper clips?
Is pee really a cure for most things?
Hi all jus thought id come on for a bit of a moan bit fed up at mo?
Someone who understands energy: What causes one to be drained emotionally?
what are some natural remedies that stop underarm sweating?
what are some ways to keep bone marrow healthy?
Are glucosamine supplements safe for someone with one kidney?
Has anyone ever used magnetic lotion?
What are the benefits of drinking tea?
Brak wants to know, "Should I drink Orange juice after a shot of Nyquil"?
Selson-Blue For Eczema??
i have eczema and i keep scratching which breaks up my skin help!!!?
Swollen tender area under the left armpit????
Eating Disorder treatment seems really scary?
Is it worse for your eyes to focus on a dim or bright computer screen?
Colored Contacts Help Please?
Does anyone have a red iris (eye color part)?
Whne your wearing your contacts and you feel them weird is it becuase they are dry?
Eye pain due to sleeping on my front?
Does organic care anti dandruff shampoo work?
I have mild acne around my mouth and china area..any help?
What do bumpy (not ridged - but bumpy) fingernails mean?
Did you know Henna Tattoos cause allergies?
I have small really tiny creamish white insects?
What home remedy can you use for a sour stomach or nausea?
How to quickly heal a blister?
insect sting in eye?
what should i do about a blister on my foot?
How long does an ear infection (inner) take to clear up while on Ceftin?
Does putting peroxide really help the infection? Because i am a teen. & really scared of getting an operation!
i have a bad sunburn on my entire front chest area. ive heard cold bath and warm bath? which is better??
I got stung by a wasp on my belly and I feel nausea any help in resolving this feeling?
Very Bad sunburn!!?
Am I going deaf in my left year?
what would happen if you put a car in your rectum?
Fizzing sound in ear when i swallow?
What is the best treatments for a very itchy rash?
Dose Toothpaste Really Work On Spots?
I have trouble falling asleep?
I need help getting my friend a new leg!...?
Im kinda scared about my older brother! Please read:
home remedy for hay fever?
How good is the Ionic Pro Turbo air purifier?
Near death experience?
Why is Universal Health Care Considered Welfare? PLEASE hear me out!?
Allergy remedies?
Do I have the most food allergies ever?
what is this feeling?
how the pancreas work?
Does anyone have a list of starchy vegetables or know where I can fined one?
Diabetes Help :(?
where does vitiligo usually start?? do you have vitiligo?
What kind of acne treatment is the best and effective?
what is the best cream for Eczema?
how do they test you for the swine flu?? what tests does it involve?
Do you feel that red meat contributes to breast cancer?
I never feel hungry. I know this is not healthy. What's wrong? How can I get my regular eating habits back?
Friends know your wife has cancer and they invite you to dinner and?
What are the symptoms of depression and when should drugs be used for treatment?
What are some ways to improve ones memory?
What are the benefits of a mental health care plan?
How many friends have you lost because of suffering from a mental illness?
Why is depression getting worse and worse in society today?
Can someone help me?I am very depressed?
Have you ever been so depressed that you just wanted to sleep all day?
What's wrong with me? Why I'm I not like everyone else?
Is living with someone with depression a challenge?
scalp itch - have exhausted ideas to eliminate?
I'm an ER nurse in the USA, what are the ERs like in the UK?
can someone sleep through their alarm?
Headache for 5 days?
Have you ever heard of Topamax!?
Have you, like me, ever been told by a doctor that you were dying, and then it turned out he was wrong?
What are the benefits of Andrews Liver Salts?
What is the fastest way to get skinny?
Is 4 feet 11 inches a bad height for a girl?
what are good excersises etc to do to tone stomach and thighs?
why do some people not get cellulite?
Need help getting better abs.?
how do get rid of...?
I wanna lose some wight off my thighs?
Can HPV cause an abnormal pap smear?
how do you know if you have herpies ?
Did my neighbors invent herpes as a method of population control?
If i smoked weed, and this weed was infested with herpes would i get herpes?
Have drug treatment lowered HIV/AIDS cases in the US?
how long sahll i wait to make hiv test after blood transfer to me?
what is the main source of ebola virus?
Calling all colitis and crohn's sufferers. How did your problems begin? It will help me to know?
Leaving for China in a week and didn't get Hepatitis A shot?
is it mandatory to take the full course of rabipur vaccin?
How to get a fever or be ill (not throw up)?
What are the most lethal killers in recent times (illness and disease speaking) and where does cancer fall?
My girlfriend has H1N1. Started showing signs of a flu/fever 3 days ago. How long until I show signs?
Why do people assume you can't/ shouldn't work because you are a cancer patient?
What are some illnesses that make people overweight?
I have this smell coming from my body,that seems cancerous.It mainly comes from my mid section,which makes me?
How to avoid all possible causes of cancer?
Does anyone have any personal experiences of Multiple Myeloma?
Can you tell me more about the field of oncology?
Has cancer become epidemic?
Acne marks & scars........?
Did anyone experience this before? Please help!?
Has anyone had any experiences with Holistic Treatments with regards to Children's Cancer?
Cat and I both have mucous in stools?
Very important question about AIDS, please?
is it healthy to drink protein shakes after lifting weights?
My face fell asleep (and still is asleep).?
what are the best foods for someone with high cholesterol? what foods should be avoided?
If I told you there was a plant that can cure lots of different illnesses?
Liver Tumor. Doctors ONLY answer.?
Thyroid or not.........?
I want to stop....(bulimia)?
Does anyone know how Ashley Hegi is doing?
could anyone give me details of microtia.?
I fell and hit my head about six months ago and there seems to be a permanent lump on my forehead. please help
Does lack of exercise contribute to a loss in bone mass?
what do these herbal teas taste like?
How might I break my ankle?
Will a damaged cheek muscle heal itself?
what is the longest time some one had to be in a cast?
have you had rotator cuff surgery?
have you ever had ACL reconstruction surgery?
what is the difference between hiv and AIDS?
does this sound like herpes?
How long does an HIV+ person live without medication?
Does anyone know if cholestrol drugs can cause high blood pressure and pulse rate?
how to be a good doctor?
Discomforts in sternum that speads to arms?
I have anxiety attacks, so how can I tell if I'm going to have a heart attack?
Low Blood Pressure/ 15 years old?
What is the best way to treat an ear infection? ?
What is a good treatment for scars?
Is there and herbal remedy to cure or ease gastritis...I took Motrin for a couple of months and had problems..
instead of DUROMINE i have been prescribed REDUCTIL what is the difference.?
Best & effective herbal medicine for arthiris?
What's THE best natural pill that I can take for a stressful day? Happy Camper???
What other options are there besides toric lenses or eye laser surgery?
Can you surgically change the color of your eyes?
I need glasses badly and need to know where is it cheap to get eye exam + glasses in OKC, OK?
Can wearing 3D Glasses constantly damage your vision?
Eye sight test........?
I cannot see out of both eyes, Why not? I can only see out of 1 eye at a time, But not together.?
Has anyone had or know someone who has had retinal detatchment?
Can I watch Avatar in 3D with one good eye?
Left contact troubles? What is the best solution to use?
Is it bad for your eye-sight to run and read at the same time?
anismus - whats the options?
what is symptoms of swine flu?
How effective is the anti-rabies vaccine for humans?
What is malaria??????
How does blood loss affect the brain?
feeling very aggressive?
How do I deal with a dad who has been diagnosed with a form of leukemia?
How do I remove the smoke smell in my system?
Ways to help me fall asleep....?
How can you quickly get over a cold?
Why is it i find it hard to sleep during the day?
Why am I so injury prone?
Hip Snapping Question?
I have been getting major migraines from any light?
whats the best way to relax & destress?
laws for tennessee for notifying a partner that you have aids or hiv?
how cholestrol level in blood is checked usinf CHOD-PAD method? is cholestrol safe?
How can you prevent califlower in your ear during westling?
what will happen to our body if every morning having 1/2 kg of watermelon for consecutive 30 days?
Does anyone know a website where I can get a diabetic logbook?
i have type 2 how do i keep my blood sugar down to about 100 mgl on a daily basis ?
Can a spinal subluxation cause Acne, Eczema, Tooth Decay.....?
Why are people so apt to believe in things like "Swine Flu"?
How much is a mole removal?
How effective is Radiation against cancer?
What causes skin stretch marks and how can I get rid of them? I have one on my shoulder.?
Is it normal to feel physical pain when grieving?
What is the best way to keep yourself healthy during cold and flu season?
Has anyone ever had to take a radioactive pill in order to have photos taken of the small intestine?
Can i take cold and flu medication alongside taking 600 mg ibuprofen tablets which i have been perscribed byGP
how many different kinds of pennicillian are there for staph aureus?
what types of diseases are caused by coliform bacteria?
Staph infections?
Miasthenia gravise.?
can humans get the fish sickness ich?
How do you eat a nintendo ds without getting the stylus pen stuck in your windpipe??
Is it bad to stay up late even if?
Infection? It won't go away.?
insomnia!!!!? what to do?????
hep c treatment (interferon)- will it make me too sick to do good in school?
Bloody stool?
How often should a person have a bm?
Have you ever watched someone die?
How come farts smell so bad in the tub?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
How can I get my sleeping schedule back on track?
I have a lack of appetite, from no sleep for days. What can I ease into?
How can I make myself have a bowel movement after being on narcotics for a week?
Nutmeg and heart rate?
i cant sleep?
Urgent Is a Hart Attack?
Are there any dermatologists who are philanthropists anymore, or are they all just business men/women?
i always sleep with my hands under my pillow, how do i break this habit?
are there any rituals for getting rid of negative energy?
Do you feel better after a good cry or does it just bring the sadness to the surface and make you feel worse?
:/ anxiety help pleaseee!?
INGLISC PIPOL Du IU NO BERLUSCA????????????????????????????????
I demand too much attention, how do i stop it?
Seriously, what is the best, craziest problem that has ever been mentioned on here?
What are some signs of allergies?
i just found out one of the little girls i babysit is alergic to soy, milk, eggs, i cant figure out what ?
does pshsht spray work?
Can you be allergic to the smell of cinnamon but still be able to eat it?
whats wrong with tomatos?
After over-the-counter antihistamines, whats the next step in treating chronic allergies?
What are the symptoms of bunny allergies? ?
How do I know if I am allergic to black eyed peas or Lima beans?
I am trying to lose weight. What are some great metabolism boosting foods to eat?
What are some foods that reduce bloating?
Is coffee bad for health?
Losing weight?
things to speed your metobolic rate?
About losing weight?
My New Diet! Is it good?
I weigh 280, & I'm 5'2". Is it true that if I'm toning while losing, then I'll become "badly built?"
does drinking hot water help you lose weight?
Is this normal?
On + off sick with fever, sweats, confusion, aches, weakness, exhaustion.?
What is the incubation period of the Swine Flu, A/H1N1?
sounds in brain back of head?wats wrong with me?
Do you think swine flu could turn out to be pandemic?
Do people with darker skin color feel hotter in the sun then lighter colored?
Why do my scalp itches every time I eat something sweet?
I am suffering from Bronchiectasis,my Dr said medically is not curable any advice or remedies very wellcomed.
can one's body produce new air sacs if they die (due to inhalation of concentrated hydrochloric acid)?
What are all these symptoms when exercising?
When i cough sometimes, my sides hurt?
How much sleep do teenagers need?
Could minute clinics use scheduling software?
General multi-vitamin?
Can having vericose(sp) veins cause pains in your legs?
anyone loove tannning and dont care what they say!!!?
I would like to know of a drink that will help me fall asleep?
how can i get rid of pigmentation?
How to get rid of marks left from acne!?
i NEED an instant overnight acne cure. Homemade please?
What are some curable forms of cancer?
Malignant Melanoma - Stage 4a?
If a skin cancerous mole is removed early, does that mean the threat has entirely gone too?
Survival rate of this case of Leukemia?
Friend's father is dying, and friend doesn't know...?
Do people Really Think before asking Stupid questions re CANCER??
My heart has stopped beating, can't talk, and I can't breath, what should I do?
define colin cancer?
I got stung by a wasp on the back of my head and right leg.?
Fluid build up?
i've accidentally burned my right arm i spilt hot cooking oil how can i cure the burn i'm using ice now?
How do yous top severe bleeding from the neck?
I drank 2 16 ounce bottles of water within 4 mins of eacother do i have water intoxication I FEEL SICK?
Is it possible to never develop Hepatitis-B antibodies and if so does this put me at more risk?
can i get hiv if someone with it put their saliva on my cut or sore ?
how would you feel about dating/sleeping with someone with an std?
how do you get rid of a flu without having a vaccine?
Is it a viral infection? or sinus problem?
The infected individual is recovering from a cold and could not catch the flu agine ?is this true?and why?
What do you know about last stages of cirrohis of the liver and hep c ?
question about strep throat?
ahh headache, and neckkk problem?? pleasee helpp!?!?
do i have shingles? please help!?
How do you get sick!??!?!?!?
Acid Reflux Diets - Home Diets To Keep Acid Reflux At Bay?
Does bad eyesight get better?
How can one find a girlfriend and not get liver disease or cancer?
HELP. I think I might have Swine Flu, but I'm not sure.?
does she have swine flu?
Viral Neurominidase, Besides Inhibiting the Release of Viral Particles From an Infected Cell, does it Also-?
Uncontrollable shaking...?
does natural vision improvement work?
whats the difference between lasik eye surgery and laser eye surgery?
Why do 3D glasses and Sunglasses hurt my eyes?
Is there any chance of my eyesight improving?
Something is wrong with my eyes!?
What is the purpose of having different colored eyes?
is there a phobia name for Pink Eye?
does anyone here have scoliosis? what is your treatment?
What is the meaning of "No Therauputic Claims"?
Reiki for a torn ligament?
whats good for osteoarthritis?
Anyone ever had a colonic irrigation? If so, what's it like?
Can someone explain the various stages of cancer to me?
has anyone heard the medical term greying out?
Cervical Cancer curiosity?
Do people with MS eventually lose all eyesight?
now swine flu is level 5, will we have to stay in our homes when it reaches level 6?
What's your opinion on this latest form of treatment?
Causes and cures for uncontrollable itching?
Leg numb, nerve/muscle damage after stent surgery to heart??
Get answers from millions of real people.?r=1224781405?
Where can i find images of the heart?
sys blood pressure and dia blood pressure?
Heart Related Question!?
jus want to know my son was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome his passed away...?
heart attack or am i thinking wrong?
What is the most common cause of bacterial sore throat/pharyngitis?
When can i go back to school from a cold?
Bitten by a centepede...?
what is a germ mutation?
what diseases are caused by the spore-forming bacteria?
Do I have chicken pox?
I know this can't happen! Can I get sick from this?
Does anyone no someone with the disease scleraderma?
hai i'm pregnant i had a urine infection..can the baby infect??
Any new devlopments in ptosis slings in last 5 years ?
Pulling muscle in my foot?
umm need answers today meaning right now?
I smacked my nose on a hard surface in a fall tonight and got a blood nose (of course) - it's not broken, but
hit in the lower back?
I've got a lovely gash!?
Son has a big knot on his head but dont know why?
Can pain kill you?
Is it possible to cure UTI without antibiotics?
Does VIP Insect Spray have any health hazards of inhaled or swollen? Please urgent my son just took some!?
Could it be Celiac??
Last meal and Ambien CR?
My Friend has OCD how can I help her?
What would cause this involutary shaking of my head?
why does my urine smell sweet?
Nail is coming off!!!?
How long does it take for moderate cervical dysplasia to turn into cancer?
Lately I have been noticing a yellow tinge to my skin. Could I be turning into Homer Simpson?
If I download a Porky Pig cartoon, will I get the Swine Flu Virus?
is this eczema or ringworm?
is being two dark i bad think?
Are there any negatives to getting laser eye surgery?
What would too much caffeine do to your body?
How long after quitting smoking does the extreme rage and anger subside?
I was given a prescription from my doctor for a drug called "Placebo" I took it for weeks , nothing happenned
Ouch...what the heck is this?
Do you always feel tired in the morning no matter how much sleep you've had?
Why do I crave vinegar?
which glucose meter is better,ascencia breeze or the ultra one mini?
Diabetes and lantus?
What kind of blood test is a Hemogram?
Is it safe to have a dental job when you have diabetes?
Does taking prozac make a diabetic's blood-sugar hard to control?
kidney infection?
CLUB PENGUIN? for my son please help?
How can we create a society that accepts mental illness?
How does one hypnotise themself?
Has anyone made a big change in who they've become?
How do you cope with the emotional effects of a lay off?
Listening to music helps me cope with depression..?
I m feeling low these days without any reason...wat should i do 2 recover myself,plz help?
i have no motivation to workout or eat healthy since school started and i got a job,how can i get motivated?
how much weight per week would a person lose if they didn't eat any food?
Im worried about my father?
what tones your legs.fast!?
School is coming!! What about exercises????
I need to lose 10 pounds!!!!?
Excercisess beside situps to help lose stomach?
Do sweet potatoes have less carbs than regular potatoes?
Will you exercise today?
How long do lymph nodes stay up for after a common flu ? ?
Can parasites cause anemia in a human? ?
Nasty virus not going away!?
Which type of anti-Malaria tablets work best with the least number of side affects yada yada?
Does alcohol kill germs on dirty needles?
Raccoon encounter vs actual "exposure"?
what is the best way to bore my ear
could anyone tell me who sells the cheapest prescription glasses as i change often and am a diebetic?
how to use eye drops?
What would you pay for a 1 year old sleep number bed?
How much Vitamin C can you take a day?
sore legs at night?
Any advice on getting a 3 yr old w/a canker sore on tongue to eat/drink?
Im gonna be getting only about 5 hours of sleep...Advice?
How is religion just as important for health as exercise?
Nose Bleeds?
what happened the other nite?
Can u get acne from eata too many chocolata bars?
How to pop a cyst in my ear...?
What does it mean to be unresponsive? What's the difference between unresponsive and unconscious?
So now there are too many cases of swine flu to report :)?
What is the fastest way to get rid of moles?
Is there any hope for schizo?
I want to know something more about cervical cancer. Please help!?
I had a LEEP procedure done... what are the chances they got rid of the HPV virus?
Whatever happened to Andrew Stimpson?
I'm sick! Is this an allergy infection or a sinus infection?
Is it possible to develop sudden allergies to an animal you have had for a few months?
Is It Possible To Develop a Food Allergy Later On In Life?
Anyone else out there deathly allergic to any food?
Weird itchy red spots appear randomly through out the day on my face?
mosquitoe bites...?
how come when i wear latex gloves my pen** gets stiff does anyone else have this weird and different problem?
Does lifting weights cause eye strain & blurred vision?
why do the eyes move rapidly when in rem sleep?
I vomitted 5 times and now my eye is swollen, is this life threatening, maybe some type of hemmorhaging?
Have you ever gotten glasses or contact you cannot see out of?
Is this a normal prescription, for a 17yr old?
I have very fat eyes, and they embarrass me greatly. They are also very heavy, and difficult to carry around.?
What do you do if your eye falls out of your head?
How often do TEENS get breast cancer?
another question about cancer?
stem cell reasearch an chimeras?
why aren't we finding the answers?
what is a GNA/CNA?
what can you take to stay awake the whole night ?
what is a good plastic surgery software program to use, like real surgeons use to move a nose in or out etc?
Is it better to take lexapro at night or in the morning?
can vitamins be bad for you??
What are driving nails into your coffin...?
What Can help me sleep better at night?
I am having trouble sleeping at night but all afternoon i am so tired i could nap. Should I?
Is anyone here with early stage breast cancer taking Zometa?
how long do anti-biotics take to start working for the flu?
Question about Eczema and redness relief?
Do i have a throat cancer ?
My friends doctor said my egg is cracked what does that mean?
Is my friend recovering alright?
is there any authentic treatment to cure or to slowdown progress of poly-cystic kidney disease.?
How do you use a digital Vaporizer?
How does the Honey, Salt and Lemon gargle work to cure a Sore Throat?
Insomnia/ Melatonin?
my mom just told me about a tablet to help you stop smoking, called champix?
I recently had some fibrous masses removed from between my lung and the lung sac. I would to know the cause?
strepp throat?
laryngitis? please help!?
I am having a tonsillectomy on Friday.. but i have a cough, will this effect the operation?
By what temperature does the Salmonellae bacteria die?
The lepto vaccination?
I used to have strep throat a lot when I was a kid. I havent had it since I was in 4th grade. Any explanation?
how does haveing sickle cell affect your life?
what is the treatment for food poisoning from tuna?
I have tonsillitis for this long time.Answer my question.?
High Fever?
Can some one please tell me how to care the Baby who suffering from sickle cell?
wild delirium?
So does the 5 second rule not apply anymore when you drop something on the floor?
Online I found that typically after contracting herpes, within 2-20 days the first symptoms will show...?
Question for those who have HIV or AIDS...and where else could I post this question to get the best answers...
help with my friend?
off work rotator cuff surgery ,workmans comp. not paying,nothing to fall back on ,need job ?
Analyse this case and discus the ethical issues involved.?
Occasionally I get this mild feeling like I might pass out.?