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Blood Sugar Level is high for an unknown reason!!?
how do you know if your diabetic?
How can diabetics safely lose weight successfully?
FOR DIABETICS ONLY. what's the highest and lowest your blood sugar has ever been?
I feel like type one diabetes is setting me apart from everyone else, please help?
Taking a child with acute (aml) leukemia waiting for bone marrow transplant to a ball game?
How do you get rid of those tongue blisters?
My poem for my mum with cancer......What do you think?
how to get rid of anxiety?
I had my A1C ReliOn come bak in the mail today..It said 6.2 I am not trying to cause problems..I just am scare?
Will the swine flu kill me because I have diabetes?
My right ear seems like it's blocked and I can't hear that well. Is there anything to get rid of the problem?
If your stomach hurts every time you eat what is wrong?
why does baking soda whiten teeth?
What is causing my gums to be swollen?
Lumineers? Opinions from anybody who's got them?
Teeth Whitening?
Why do I have green gunk on my tongue?
What can I do about "night grinding"?
Is what I was told about Dentists true?
Do you have Periodontal disease? Have you lost any teeth?
Is swollen tonselles a sign of HIV?
Cold from my first kiss.?
if your nose mucus is clear/white do you have a cold?
what is wrong on my throat?
does swim bladder diseases spread?
ok I asked this question in the other health section and no answers, typical. I want to know ?
Which is more likely to cause an epidemic? Virus or bacteria?
Help! My Boyfriend keeps giving me staph?
I get Impetigo EVERY year. Is there anything that can stop this permanently? Have it once, have it for good?
When I had pneumonia recently, I often coughed up blood. Why did this happen?
diseases caused by pollution?
how is life in grande prairie?is it comfortable and safe to live in?is the weather good for asthma sufferers?
Why does my chest hurt when I run?
Do you think i might have asthma?
Gassy chest??????????? help!?????
Is Obama smoking fire safe cigarettes?
Dermatologists!? Health Insurance?!?
How can you get rid of a stuffy nose?
Is there any where to get a second medical opinion from an independent source that does not profit from illnes
Why do we feel queasy when we're nervous?
Why does the skin under my nails keep ripping away from the nail?
Why am I so tired?????????????
Does anyone have Cinergy Health?? If so, how well do you like it?!?!!?
It takes me like three hours to go to sleep everynight, what can I do?
Silva Method is it amy good ?
how do i fix mylazy eye without surgery ?
sometimes my I can feel my eye twitch on the left side,?
Do your eyes feel dry or uncomfortable when you wear your glasses instead of you contact lenses?
is there any kind of effect to eye in laser tv ?
Taking a Computer and IT course during the summer holidays?
Does the Ahmed Shunt procedure?
Are floaters in the eye dangerous? or a sign of a medical problem?
First Contacts [UK]?
what is the waste in our eyes every morning?
My throat feels weird, what could it be?
Can I take regular Tylenol with Percocet(Oxycodone)?
constant daily headaches... help.?!?
Vicodin and Soma making pain worse?
Why do I keep getting cramps? :-(?
What to do with a sister addicted to pain medication leaving out of town?
What causes arthritis of the knee?
Does anyone know how to cure insomnia?
Why was the flu so deadly in previous centuries?
My Big Toe Hurts when pressure is applied?
I'm feeling weak and dizzy, but there's nothing here to eat. What should I go buy for lunch?
Can you vomit underwater?
What are some healthy meals to eat while trying to lose wieght ?
how can i get a really toned stomach in 8 weeks?
should i avoid FRUIT on a LOW CARB DIET?
What is your greatest weight loss success?
how can i burn 3500 calories in a day?
has anyone died from drinking too much soda?
What happens if you exercise without having eaten for quite a while?
lose my stomach fat?
What do you think about this woman?
my wrist hurts really bad from scooping ice cream lol. how can i relieve the pain besides wrapping it?
Any way to tell if i have a stress fracture without going to the doctor?
what body part is this hurting?
What are the ways of breaking your leg?
What;s wrong with my ankle???
What do I do if my Baked Hot Cheetos get stuck in the vending machine and won't come down?
Who could be so foolish as to take the 'test' that is NOT a test?
my urinal tract itches.whats wrong?
Sometimes when I'm waking up from sleep, I feel paralyzed.?
Exercise and sleep?
Emergency room or home meds?? please help?
how can a person cheat on a hearing booth test??
Help! I can't sleep... SOS?
I need someone to kick my butt?
does prozac make you tired at night?
What is Hepa B? How to prevent HBV?
Does the use of aspirin or Tylenol prolong the flu?
Gram positive VS Gram negative bugs & antibiotics?
How would doctors know if you have post-polio?
what kind of diseases causes babies aged 0-1 to die?
I threw it up but.... Can I still get food poisoning?
is there a cure for ms outthere?
Which vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements are known to cause Acne? Which ones can help prevent them?
Have any other people on Y! Answers Aspergers syndrome?
i always feel like i have to pee?
Belly button ring problems! Help!?
tics / tourettes?
What can i do at night to fall asleep faster?
What are the 3 "3 rules" of life?
Help me every morning i wake up with a phlegm stuck in my throat, its somewhat yellowish and sticky.?
My finger tips are wrinkled?
Have you been in a store and the restroom reeked so bad,you felt like barfing?
Anyone else get the winter blues?
Do you ever feel so alone?
OMG! I think I am totally normal. What are some sign that I may be normal?
WHAT'S american boys???
When will Bacterial Vaginosis go away??
Does anyone out there know how the whole std/hiv testing process works? They gave me some number to bring in?
How to prevent mono?
What is the treatment for Osteomyelitis?
when you get Strep throat and finish the medication is it still contagious?
How long do stomach bugs usually last?
About Hepatitis B top up vaccine?
Anyone had scabies ?
Has there ever been a virus that did some good when you got it?
Once you get mono, are you immune to it?
Does nonoxynol 9 kill the HIV virus?
How long is it reasonable to wait in a doctor's office waiting room?
Can PRK results change after stressful event?
My body gets that "pins and needles" feeling too often?
Why do we get a lump in our throat when we are emotional?
Anyone heard of home rehab without detox?
Knee Replacement Surgery?
Clicky Toes ?
butt crack feels like it burns?
i humped a pillow.....and it felt reallllly good?
How can I become a guidette in 5 months?
Landlord poured sulfuric acid down the drains to fix plumbin problem. Was this safe?!?!?
is loratadine made by apotex gluten free?
Hay fever bugging me! Anyone know what I can do?
Does anyone here get allergies when sleepy?
My throat is very Itchy?
Is it possible to be allergic to nail polish?
What is the best thing to do if you nose is running?
I have a friend with HIV. Can you give me some advice?
How do they test for STD's, does it involve an intimate examination?
Herpes. Is it possible to get it on your hands and how? I have this weird rash on my fingers that itches.?
ischemic stroke?
can I file for SSD I quit work in 1997 and became disabled in 2005.?
Weird heart beating question..?
How many paticipitants from DMC, kindly respond please? thanks.?
Would you consider taking herbal medicine over the commercial available medicine?
Are there any homeopathic remedies/meds which are FDA approved?
Alternative treatments for depression and anxiety?
Are there any natural herbs/substances to help build my one year old daughter's immune system?
Does anyone know anything about Goji berries and how much to take on an average day?
Whats the difference between Photorefractive keratectomy vs Radial Keratotomy?
Do glasses for farsightedness look like magnifying glass?
how can i tell the difference between my right contact lense and my left contact lense?
How can i make my eye lids back to normal? one is bigger?
Can anyone give me eye advice?
Contacs are hard to put in?
how long does these contacts work for?
how can i get a good night sleep without taking any medication?
Xanax/Grapefruit Juice?
Is it normal for your face to be numb after surgery for eye and nose?
Tips needed to overcome extreme tiredness and lethargy...?
How to fix my asymmetrical face??? Lots of problems.....?
How do I get rubber cement off skin?
Joint pain, pins and needles, need advice?
is it possible to not have a bellybutton?
after my D&C bleeding was for one day after one week it has all over again started to bleed?
Honestly, does wii fit help you lose weight?
What are the healthiest and least healthiest meats?
How do you stay commited to eating healthy/exercising?
Losing weight....?
Will I loose weight if I...?
What would be the health benefits of an all Potato diet?
how do you lose arm fat without making your arms big? HOw to lose lower abdomen fat?
how many miles to run to lose one pound?
I eat when I am not hungry. How do I stop?
How much calories is it in c u m ? if you swallow like.?
is scurvy a deadly disease?
what are two precautions that could be taken to reduce the risk of dna contamination?
sick sister?
I have a fever, but also a party to attend.?
If a person has hep c genotype 2b, does it effect a person's thinking? Ever since i quit drinking, and found
I didnt take my meds like I was sposed to, now my strep throat is back helppp!?
Did you and other people in your family got a cold and flu between September 1st to now??? It's the flu season?
I experience panic attacks that last up to 2 hours??
I feel dripping in my cheekbones every time I lay down. Is it postnasal drip?
help me please...im cold :(?
I got rust all over my hands, should I be worried?
I need some serious help and doctors wont help!?
Sore throat??????
Laryngitis...Job interview today HELP!?
is there any thing i could do to stop my gallbladder attacks?
I've had laryngitis for going on 5 days. It started as a dry cough and then a full blown cold.The cold is gone
weird feeling?
how can i stop spitting??
what is the treatment for diabetes?
Can you get diabetes from not eating sugar?
Where can I get free insulin ASAP?
How to reduce my blood sugar numbers to the 80s and HA1c to lower than 5?
Will diabetis cause dizziness resulting in passing out?
Could I be diabetic even if it doesn't run in my family?
In Ireland, can you donate blood if you're a Type 1 Diabetic?
can a diabetic eat bread?wat kind of a bread can thy take?
What should I bring to the hospital if Im staying all day/night?
does anyone recognize these symptoms?
how does one catch a cold on purpose?
How long does it take to recover from smoking cigarettes?
how do you fix a swolen prostate?
How do I know if I have a concussion?
What are physical signs that a cut is self-inflicted...?
Toes keep dislocating?
How do you take your appendix out on the Piccadilly Line?
I need help please!!!?
Just punctured the hand, now my whole hand hurts?
Where's that place on your neck that if you touch it you pass out?
Is there a way to keep your....?
Is it ok for a non-alcoholic to go to an AA meeting?
which medicine would they intally presrcribe me for migraines?
Perscription Question?
Why did my doctor look at my hands (palms) for rhuematoid arthitis?
anyone out there have surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome & was it a sucess?
Why does my head throb when i do something active?
Help hurry! In pain!!?
Hickey making me feel ill???
What can I do to prevent an ear infection?
Nursing home patients?
Showering- Hot or Cold?
Where can I find information to download about HIPAA?
Is there a web site that you can list all your medications to see if any of them conflict with each other?
best place to go for nose straightening?
what is also known as the osteon?
How long can one be affected with gonorrhea until they have a pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)?
Ways to get rid of psoriasis?
Burning from Eczema..Help!?
I have psoriasis....and?
Why does the numb spot on my back itch?
Why do you get age spots on your hands?
Why does my finger get swollen when I get a little tiny scratch from a cat?
Who do you think has cleaner hands: men or women? ?
Ways to keep myself awake??
with a corneal ulcer how long does the pain last after you start taking the drops?
Kayser- Fleicher ring?
is it safe to have a bath during fever?
Strep throat or false alarm?
Is there a meningitis epedemic that no one is telling us about?
Does cher have a disease?
How many Americans are affected by Seasonal Defective Disorder?
Been taking anti depressants for 5 months and suffered a relapse, help!?
Why Are People So Aginst Self Harm? Why Should We Feel Bad Just cuz you dnt like it?
why do i worry, and care too much.....?
Why have i been crying way easier lately?
Sad and alone feeling. What to do?
Why do i keep cutting?
Can you die of loneliness?
What is the easiest way to remove ear wax without harming the eardrums? .?
how do i get the swelling of my lip down?
Spider Bite!?
Should I use alcohol wipes?
where can i find an ice pack?
Whats your worse habit?
Why does it bleed so much when you slice your thumb while cutting leeks?
I got bleach on my finger........?
WHAT is the difference between an STD and a Venereal Disease?
HIV theory. Do you think it would work?
What is the earliest age someone can get syphilis?
Who do I see to get sutures removed?
Why do I feel so bad if I get less that 12 hours of sleep.?
Recently I have gone dizzy and felt like I would faint.?
My boyfriend wants to quit chewing and is having a hard time, any ideas on how he can quit and stay quit?
Some Asians believe when they dream their molar tooth comes out, one of their parents die, why ?
How to cure swollen gums?
I got a filling re-done on Monday and my tooth still hurts?
When my top filling touches the bottom filling. ( 1 month after getting the bottom done ) It stings, why ?
What causes lisps?
How do you heal and make Oral Ulcers feel better? Is there a way or do I have to go through the pain?
Why are my lymph nodes swelling?
How do I get rid of allergic reaction to cod liver oil?
Iv had an Allergic reaction?
I have a severe milk allergy. Can I eat this?
Dusty feeling in throat is keeping me up (fall allergies) what should I do?
My cat sneezed in my eye and its bright red, should I be worried?
Has anyone had Intacs surgery for Keratoconus? ?
Any1 here restored their eye sight through eye exercises?
is it possible for the eye color to change by the type of food we eat??
How can I regain my eye sight as it used to be before I started wearing spectacles?
What can i do about my lazy eye?
what are herpes symtoms for a man?
What is your opinion on the STD website (please read)?
i have this bump/balloon type thing coming out of my *** idk wat it is. tell me?
hOW tOO lOSE WEiGht.♥?
Is this a healthy, reasonable/realistic diet?
Question for dieters?
How do you feed yourself and your family?
Putting on weight.......?
About how many CALORIES do you eat in a DAY and what is your WEIGHT/ HEIGHT / AGE?
Is there a way to put your body on a tiolet schedule?
why are we awake for more than 12 hours and sleep for 8 or less?
Is there a link betweenn diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis?
Blood sugar question?
If alcohol lowers blood sugar why don't Diabetics use it to control high blood sugar?
Im worried I have a medical problem with me, Mainly diabetes.What do you think, And should I go to the doctor?
Whats the chances of me having type 2 diabetes?
i have a Pancreas question?
My A1C level is 6.1, but my fasting glucose level is 81. My doc says I am diabetic? Is this right?
what should my blood sugar level be ?
what ethic group is more prone to sickle cell anemia?
What is hookah?
how is this possible with advanced emphysema? ?
My EB started coughing. Does anyone know how I can treat her?
Could Lactose intolerence cause coughing and a Pylem build up?
Smoking one cig a day or sleeping a full night?
UK - do receptionists at a GPs surgery have access to medical records beyond basic name/address etc?
Real sudden loss of appetite and I'm shivering?
Is it a dumb idea to take vitamins before bed?
How can I get to sleep?
how many residents in a residential care home to one carer?
Does any one know abt "SUDARSHANKRIYA" the Breathing Technique taught at Art of Living Course?
i cant get to sleep untill late?
I slept with my contact lenses on... is that bad?
Oxycodone prescription?
Neurontin help anyone with pinched nerves?
Plantar Fascitis? How long does it take to heal?
Methadone and klonopin?
Why do I have hair growing on the bottom of my left foot, but not my right?
My mom cant walk.....please help?
does Losing your viginity hurt?
throbbing headache on the back right side of my head?
shin splints?
Whats the difference between HIV-1 and HIV-2 ?
How do I know the difference between a UTI and gonorrhea?
Do any animals besides humans contract std's ?
Just curious..?
how do u know the difference between a torn muscle and a sprain?
What's the difference between breaking your finger and fracturing it?
am i overeacting to this subject?
Is band-aid not good when your scar is healing up?
I have Anus problem..?
How long does it take you and your head to die after it gets chopped off?
why do my glands hurt ?
Tonsils, white spots?
Multiple-Choice Question!?
my dog hasn't been eating, loss of energy, and throws up yellow stuff?
west nile virus?
Is this a disease? I'm so scared!!?
How do doctors test for worms?
I see the normal ranges for RBC. Is a 15.8 RBC count definitive for there being a problem?
What are the symptoms of pre or peri menopause?
Any home remedies for colds or flu??
I have been eating lemons lately but I ran out of honey & have been sprinkling powder sugar on them. I read ?
What is the proper way to fast?
Hey does this mean that people are waking up and choosing health with alternative treatments?
Are there any harmful effects of taking the following vitamins and supplements in the same day?
Homeopathic remedies for wound?
Do you own a Venta Airwasher and do you think you got your moneys worth?
can you suggest any natural cure for anal fistula without any surgery?
Permanent memory problems from drug abuse? Please advise.?
Does being aware of your condition (especially if it is psychological) help you to deal with it better?
My doctor doesn't seem to think i'm depressed, counselors mad, still feel awful. What should I do?
Am I suffering from a type of depression?
What do I do? What does this mean?
life is not worth going on?
is there an epidemic?
How can I tell if I'm manic depressive?
Why do some people have such perverted minds?!?
what are some modern dietary diseases and problems?
What foods are good for blood pressure?
Heart Pounds in Chest at Night - Is this high blood pressure?
what kind of medicine will increase the heart beat ?
What would be my meal prepation for an 80 year old male patient with Congestive Heart failure and dysphagia?
What would you do?
J wave in ECG reading?
Does loneliness affect you adversely?
How can a tonsillectomy go wrong?
Issue, need help, STROKES?
Why is ELTROXIN causing me to GAIN weight at an alarming rate?
what would happen if you inject bleach into your veins ?
Why am I tired i need help please?
Gents: Most delicate areas in her body?
Can you get an STD or AID's from sharing a cigartette?
Is it normal to urinate brown liquid?
do i have Trichomoniasis?
Do I have herpes??????????????????????/?
Difference between cold sores and herpes?
Can an adult be accurately diagnosed with Autism?
what causes your ears to ring?
Is there a dual diagnosis with this child? began with sore throat, turning scratchy. Then backache and headach?
is it indicative of some kind of underlying health problem if you absolutely MELT in the heat?
Can low blood sugar be an indication of liver problems?
Can ankylosing spondilitis cause someone to pass out?
Would I be able to receive a nose job on the NHS?
Are there "untraceable" poisons???
My father is obese and may need surgical intervention. Will his insurance cover the LAP-DANCE gastric surgery?
Can anyone interpret varicella zoster lab results?
*Food Poisoning..?*?
i was looking for answers about the drug pegasus for hepititus c?
How obvious is a sinus infection?
does drinking plenty of water helps loose weight?
How can I flatten my tummy without doing crunches? Had back surgery last year & can't do crunches or situps.
how do i lose weight?
Is it fair for my boyfriend to ask me to stop eating sweets since he stopped smoking?
Trying a 40 day water fast, does anyone have any experience?
why do i have a gap in my thighs?
I'm ugly and I know that losing 100 lbs. is my only hope. Can I pull it off?
Lets say I have consumed maybe 50-60 animal crackers over a period of 5 hours........The calories don't?
Whenever it rains on my head I get Migraine Headaches!!?
How to prevent Retinal Detachment?
my eye lashes keep falling out and into my eyes. I'm curious to know if they're all swimming around my cranium
Can a eye be replaced by another real eye?
Lower Eyelid itches?
Touching my eye?
Where do your tears come from?
How can you tell if a sneeze os from allergic reaction or a cold coming on?
Is there a way to get rid of pollen allergies for good?
Pollen allergies. what the best way to manage such alergies?
Where can I find peanut free foods?
Constant runny nose from one nostril, why?
Do I have strep or is it allergies?
Can you suggest a great allergy medicine (not prescription)?
Why do carrots and watermelon make my tongue feel itchy and tingly?
Can I get STD tested without my parents finding out?
Can HIV be spread through pinky promises?
How is Hepatitis B spread?
I've had a stye for four months!?
Can someone who had mono previously, get mono again?
IS chrons diesease contagious? ?
How is influenza A virus confirmed in the lab?
What is wrong with me?
Why do some drugs advertised on TV say you can get TB?
can you work in health care with hep b?
i have pinworms what should i do?
Why Not exercise when there are ketones in the urine? or more glucose level is more than 240 mg/dl?
how to defeat diabetes?
How quickly should Metformin bring my blood sugar levels to within normal range?
1 hour glucose tolerance test--FAILED!?
If someone in your family has Type 2 can genes be passed and you get Type 1?
Is a fasting blood sugar level of 107 dangerous?
high blood sugar???????????????????
diabetic can eat bananas?
dr wants me to diet/exercise..been eating chicken breast w/ veggies..cucumbers, hotdog, locarb/sugar choc milk?
Could the stannous fluoride in crest pro health stain veneers?
What kind of glue do dentists use to glue in bridges?
Does getting braces hurt?
Pain and swelling of my Cheek due to one of my back tooth pain. Please help me!!! I feel like dyin?
So I tried whitening my teeth with baking soda...?
How do you smile, with all teeth out?
Are all your teeth supposed to come out?
My wisdom teeth are coming in straight and are not bothering me, do I still need to get them removed?
What would u recommend 4 stomach pain?
Extreme sharp chest pain?
Im worried about my head ....WHAT DO I HAVE????? please help?
Chronic lower back pains, right side.?
Go to the physio or wait and see if the pain goes away?
Pain killers addiction?
i went to see a pain management for the first time and he made me feel?
How do I give myself a neck adjustment? ?
I am seeing a new Psychiatrist tomorrow....?
Caregiver - HELP! What can you do with someone who is excessively rude to you, even after you have waited on?
i'll be having my board exams this aug. what memory enhancer vitamins could i take without any side effects??
Not sure what kind of bug bite this is...?
how long should it take to get of 65ml of methadone?
Would a fracture of the scapula...?
ER doctor?
Do bruises show up on Black African people?
ankle injury?
Unstable shoulders?
You Know When Someone Gets Their Finger/Arm cut off?
Help with hurt foot?!?
Are yeast infections contagious?
How do you get rid of a long-term cough? It's not an infection, had antibiotics but the cough persists....?
Are there natural ways to control or even maybe cure asthma?
diseases caused due to the present envoirmental conditions.?
I have a popcorn ceiling which may be asbestos, and my son scraped some of it with his toy, how do I clean it?
Sleep apnea surgery? Need input from people who've had it done. Thanks!!?
I accidently smoked the filter...?
Does sniffing steam help laryngitis?
Do you know what is Jalanetri? How it stops breathing and its connected problems?
Does marijuana harm your vocal chords?
why does excess salt cause a rise in blood pressure?
does a patient having 369 cholesterol needs to go for an angiography? triglycerides are 1245.?
My fiance had bloody fluid around his heart and Anemia? Anyone know what this could mean?
Probably a very dumb question about taking pulse.?
Is it possible for a 14 year old to have heart burn? and is it bad for you?
are there decongestants in lem sips if so can they be taken by people with high BP ?
has anyone ever choked your heart?
Will an umbilical hernia affect the ability to gain a flat stomach?
I'm a teen, and I want a flatter stomach. Abs. Any help to get the flub away in about 32 days?
What's the best way to control food cravings?
What are some of the best overall fat burning workouts?
If Cheetos flamin Hot Puffs are 150 calories for 13 how many calories is 1?
What are the most deceptively fattening foods?
I have been eating a lot of veggies and trying to eat real healthy not my belly feels kind of acidy?why?
How can I make sure I maintain my weight?
how to stop EATING MY SELF?
Pray for me?
Why & What could cause white blood cells in my urnie?
i fainted this morning it has happen in the past a few times but lately is has been happen more?
Could I have a hernia if there is no visible bulge?
My mum has swineflu, how concerned should I be?
How can i fall asleep fast?
Is anyone a doctor? Serious please?
if you smoke green tea, then an hour later take a Tylenol PM pill is it bad?
Based on your own family's experience, what do you think the pres. should do to improve health care in America?
Ear infection, the Flu and now tonsillitis, when will I get beter?
Dealing with Flu?
How is a hookworm infection treated in dogs?
Where do i get Golden Eye Ointment or drops in the US?
how to get rid of a cold in less then a week?
can i diagnose various conditions just by looking at my tongue?
i have an itchy eye... what can i use so i could stop the itchyness?
eyes r dry...contacts...help?!?
How does the contact lens fairness act work?
Is there really so called Perfect vision since 20/20 is considered normal vision?
Will my eyesight worsen with or without glasses?
Do I have an eye infection??
Perfect skin all through college- and now acne! why!?
what is the best way to get rid of acne?
jojoba oil for really bad flaky skin?
i was fair during my childhood... but nw my complexion has changed... can i become fair again????
I am breaking out all over!?
red pigmentations on face?
Have You Ever Had Nail Fungus?
Do you have to take ALL your clothes off for a mole map?
Are there any good non-prescription support hose, that will help with arthritis in the hips and pelvic area?
Heart stopped?
need advice on improving job attendance?
What is a DO?
Does anyone feel?
Does the Yahoo! Answers community have an opinion about Soul Doctor?
Is it normal to feel extremely sleepy while doing homework?
People who are living with Fibromyalgia?
Why did my face and fingers go numb?
stopped BCG for children who are not at risk?
Shaking and light headed?
Could fever and chills go along with pollen related allergies?
Why Do I Have A Constant Cough If I Think I Should Be Used To The Environment By Now?
Allergy Free Hair Dye?
what is called '' Allergy '' and what will be the remedy ?
getting bites all over my body out of nowhere?
Allergic reaction to pineapple ?
Is it normal for an asthma inhaler to give its user a sore throat?
Why do your eyes turn red, and your nose run when you cry?
Do you know anything that may decrease or help eliminate an ovarian cyst?
Are there any natural healing products out there that would help?
Natural remedies for Agitated depression?
What type of alternative medicine, ritual, or discipline has worked for you?
Does Goji berries improve eyesight?
Some questions on lsd?
Peppers, spices, or natural ways to open sinuses?
When is the soonest that you can take an STD test ...?
problem , hiv, can you help ?
how can i get free diabetic supplies for accuchek aviva?
Herbal Medicines for Wounded Diabetic foot?
Can a person with type 1 diabetes donate blood?
im a type1 diabetic after taking insulin n exercising my sugar is still 300+ whats should i do?:-((?
About Diabetes?
Sugar intolerance, is there such a thing?
Will metformin (glucophage) clear high blood sugar levels if it's taken after eating to many carbs?
Type 1 diabetics........?
my blood sugar is 314 .i was told am diabetic i've my orientation to this was a total of 5 minutes?
Eye twitching?... never ending?
I sweat a lot for some odd reason?
exercise while in a cast?
Does anyone know if you can get...?
Sometimes the blood in my arm goes all the way to my hand and my veins pop out and my arm feels very weird?
Where can I find left-handed toilet paper?
Should people who wish to stop others from buying euthanasia or assisted suicide, take responsibilty for them?
Terrible Eyesight ! 20/180 Or -8?
I am really ill but I can't get myself to go to sleep? what do i do?
MRSA - Purple Streaks?
How does the environmental issues, MRSA, Cdifficile,and E-Coli affect our community in NewYork?
What is menieres desease?
Meningitis vaccine?
viral infection...how long does it last????
Help! Need advice on Flu. When will it be over?
Help me please!!! I have the flu!!?
flu shot question????
How fast does plague spread in a population?
Severe Brain Damage?
How do I meditate properly?
What OCD tendencies do you have?
Will you pray?
Does my attraction to Edward Cullen make me a necrophiliac?
can someon be borned with AIDS or HIV without his parents have it?
How come Magic Johnson never developed AIDS?
Do you find it ironic that Mr.Crabs lives in Bikini Bottom?
Spider bite starts stinging?
Severe stomach pains and nausea?
What to do for a burn caused by sparklers?
Can A Black Widow Spider bite be fatal?
I used to have frequent nose bleeds and coughed up bloods clots every time....?
Stung By A Hornet.....What Happening?
is cocaine ever used during sinus surgery? they found cocaine in my blood and i do not use it. ??
under bite jaw surgery?
Health Insurance Information?
Has anyone used Chantix to quit smoking?
does sleep MD really work to put you to sleep?
Is it true that short naps (less than 20 mins) are better than longer naps during the day?
Massive Sweat problem please somebody help me!!?
What do you do INSTEAD of smoking a cigarette ?? HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!?
i want to quit smoking but i know everyone has there own way how can i?
Someone help me please!?!?
How do I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and how do i STAY that way?
what to do if some one is about to shoot you?
I have an alcohol medical exam in the next couple of weeks and i need some help..
Precancerous Spot?
Unethical medical field, fake surgeries, bloated medicine prices by Jain Hospital?
What makes us itch and why?
What Can I Do To Stay Awake ... ?
does not having enough sleep each day age you faster?
How come when we try and tickle our feet nothing happens but when others do it we burst out laughing?
too much blood pressure medicine?
What should my blood pressure be based on age/weight/height?
Any reason for a stress test if EKG and echocardiogram were OK?
What are the first symptoms that you have if you have heart diseasease?
I just had this quick huge boom type feeling in my chest which scared me but went away immediately.?
what are some advice on becomming a doctor
Help on Huntington Disease project?
need to do a presentation on MRSA?
If someone who has hepatitis C and they had a liver biopsy and the biopsy shows they are at Stage 2 grade 2?
Hello... I need to know if anyone has experienced the same as me. My son started out with a very high fever?
HIV does not cause AIDS?
I think I might have a paracite what to eat?
There's a white patch on my tonsil, has anyone ever experienced this before and if so what was it?
do i have phenomena?
Why do we hiccup??????????????
Has anyone had success with ELMIRON the medication for INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS?
Do you have a beard and use a full-face CPAP?
What is wrong with me?
Ive Had bronchitis for about a month. I went to ER about a week and a half ago but im still not better?
Are there any brandname eyeglasses that have the sizes that I'm searching for?
What is the best option between Rezoom, Restor or Crystalens corrective eye surgery?
Are there really eye excercises to help improve vision, and if so, what are they?
Color Changing Eyes and other questions concerning my eyes.?
Free or discounted vision care?
can any infections (bacterial,std)be passed to my toddler when we take our bath together?
I have HIV how do i come to terms with the fact that it isn't a death sentence anymore. but,?
Would you shake hands with your boss if he has warts on his hand??
i need some help with these ...??
migraine advice?
What drug schedules can Nurse Practitioners prescribe?
Some questions about painkiller abuse?
I have been getting muscle cramps in my calves during my soccer games lately what do i do?
I am so scared right now, please help! I have recently had a an MRIof my brain and neck. I was having?
Knee problems help please?
will the broken bone become as if it hasn't been broken ?
A Little Cartilage Bump?
how do bruises form???????????????
Can an employer refuse to allow me to wear shorts to work if they are prescribed by a doctor?
Have you ever been involved or witnessed a freak accident?
why do our hands get closed when we sleep?
why do i often have blue feet?
Is this bad? will i be ok?
Pre-diabetic and looking for south beach supercharged info.?
Is there any way i can find a bracelet that helps diabetes?
Can you buy insulin (Novolog & Levemir) in Mexico pharmacies? If so, are there any particular cities?
im scared i might have diabetes, need help!?
I have diabeties and i was wondering does the pump hurt? and is it easier??
light headed/dizzy spells.?
help! sick what should i do?
How do I get rid of an Sunburn?
Have you heard that acne is caused by a Vitamin A defiency? Does it really work?
can i eat eggs to cure my weak eyesight?
Friend With Tourette's Syndrome How Can I Help????
can be allergic to other people
Is taking an allergy medicine everyday like Benadryl harmful?
allergy question?
Why does my boyfriend sneeze so much?
Allergic reaction to Robitussin?
My rat keeps coughing, and she has this red crusty stuff on her nose, is she dieing?
What's a good cigarette to start with, after stopping smoking rollies?
How can I still be tired after ~15 hours of sleep?
Should I donate blood or not? and why?
using oxygen while smoking illlegal or dangerous?
Is it unhealthy to go to sleep with wet hair?
Do you get enough sleep?
When you go to the bathroom, how do you clean yourself?
question about sleeping?
What's the best way to smoke a cigarette without getting caught?
What will Obama do about HIV?
what kind of foods can you eat if you have oral gonorrhea?
What is the difference between Social Phobia and Avoidant Personality Disorder?
I can't calm myself down without cutting?
Can I, some how, recover from heavy loss of memory?
Do you know cassoeula e polenta?
signs of depressionx?
Why is it I have to worry ?
My head's square, triangular or rectangular?
What is wrong with me?? :( help?
Kidney question?
What times of day are the least ideal to exercise, and why?
detox or cleanse without a special diet?? i want to clean my insides?
How can I lose weight?!?
Is Arizona Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng as good as hot green tea that you brew?
Forcing myself to throw up but not bulimic?
Love is what?
Has anyone tried the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program? What is it like? Does it work?
Drinking water?
Eat then work out, or work out then eat?
My boyfriend was on antibiotics for acne for 2 years straight, & has a lot of health problems. Connection?
Sleeping late and waking up early?
Does anyone have info on how to quit smoking?
Need to get better...FAST!?
What happened to me last night?
Why is this happening?
If you have rheumatoid arthritis, good idea to get a flu shot?
How did Max Robinson contract Aids.?
What is schistosomiasis?
What does the HbcAb mean?
what were your symptoms bumblebee the doc diagnosed me with ibs but mother had gallstones and not all my?
What can the virus Ebola do to the human body,once the body has become infected???
What was the worst sickness you ever had?
Is this an anxiety attack?
What is causing my headaches/dizziness?
X Stop procedure...?
Are you a regular blood donor?
how can i hide my epilepsy from my work colleagues?
Can cell phones interfere with oral medications?
I'm looking for a Someone in my area CT, MA to donate a kidney?
If I spray everyone who walks into my office directly in the face with lysol will I be swine flu risk free?
What is the best brand of toothpaste to take nicotine stains off your teeth?
Was it a dentist that invented taffy?
What is the procedure of getting a route canal? And the after effects?
Why do I get hungry when I chew gum?
yellow teeth from swimming?
Crack in tooth?
Have you ever accidentally bitten the vein on the bottom of your tongue?
Which Is Safer: Chemical Peel or Dermabrasion?
HPV - Plantar wart question?
lymphoma?? help i need help asap!!!?
Will my baby have Chrons disease?
My white rabbit has a white creamy puss over his eyes and on the eyeball,does anyone know what it is????
How to go to sleep?
Toenail survery for ingrowing nail, not cut out actually cut away and acid applied - how long before it's ...
i have a canker sore on my bottom lip. it's been here for about a week and its painful. could it be herpes?
Dream that I'm running & then wake up and my legs are actually running and I'm a sweaty mess. Legs very sore.?
What happens to your skin when u get burned?
Could I be poisoned? What could have been in the water?
How do you unplug an ear?
what type of bite do you think this is?
What causes dents on the fingernails?
If you get bit by something and it turns purple is that bad?
How to make sunburn stop hurting quickly?
Bleeding out the bum bum?
a huge 2 inch wasp landed on my hand and then flew away?
About how often should you change your contacts lens case?
Im looking to buy some new sunglasses, Does 100% UV protection = 100% UVA & UVB protection.?
where can i buy freshlook contacts? do i need to consult with an eye doctor before i can buy a pair?
Contact lenses?
fact or fiction: tv and computers realy damage your eyesight?
is it true that wearing glasses makes your eyesight worse?
where can i get colored contacts?
who does influenza effect?
describe the current status of small pox disease in the world poplulation ?
treatment for gum disease!?
How soon after chicken pox can someone go to a dentist?
there is hbsag test in pnp?
I'm negative (antibodies) for Measles, Hep A and B. Do I need the vaccines?
What are some good natural ways to get rid of acne?
what is best ayurvedic treatment for diebetic persons.?
do u know of some excellent home remedies? if so post them here! click here to see mine!?
Who discovered or invented acupuncture?
ginkgo & memory enhancement?
insomnia help plzzzz?
what are some things i can take, eat and do to boost my immune system?
Can drug tests test for shroom?
Have you used this product before?
Treatment for minor nodular acne?
I am having a kidney transplant tomorrow?
HELP!?: i have a little lump....?
Does secret clinical strength work?
Does glucosomine realy help arthritis?
Health Insurance Question??
How often does anesthesia fail, when doctors bring patients into surgery?
Headaches every day for the last 4 months?
Why do people get bad breath when they wake up from sleep?
It's been a month since I smoked weed, and depression has kicked in, now I'm craving it more then ever, help?
To me, it's half past 10 hours and everybody is woken. But in USA people are still in bed. PLEASE you wake?
can you take zomovane whilst taking atenalol?
anxiety attacks and weed?
My dad MIGHT have to get a stent, should I be worried?
Any doctors out there ? Please answer?
Can I get in trouble if I am aware that my wife takes medications that is not prescribed to her?
Doctor advise/answer?
need info on the air we breathe?
what are some home remedies for bronchitis?
cervical lymphadenopathy?
? for U.K. Medical professionals...Are there registers of people diagnosed with diseases other than cancer?
I was tested and told to go on oxygen at night. O.K. did that. My big question is why? No one seems to know .?
I'm having really weird problems with breathing?
iam using a inhailer for astma regulerly , i got a job in UAE.is there any formalities for takeing inhailer?
does anyone know what this cold or something is?
Agencies who can help in setting a Hospital?
Does smoking cigarettes cause chest pain?
Why do I have weak hands in the morning?
Why do you feel that hospital food is bad when I can't get enough of it?
help i got Stretchmarks!?
A questionaire for those who are overweight?
Do you like your Doctor?
where do people got their unique laughs?
suicidal....i need help?
What is the disorder called where a person's hands grow directly from their shoulders?
acne problems?
black dots on forehead?
Acknowledging the loss of a loved one?
Would it be possible for me to get pregnant?
Why doe my mum feel like this?
I only smoke one cigarette a day is it worth switching to the E-Cigarette and how much do they cost?
What could be wrong with my grandma?
Is there any possible way (or will there ever be) of avoiding sleep?
i've been a smoker for 10 years and i recently quit but my lips are dark now, any tip please to get back pink?
Does anyone else with a loved one in a nursing home have a problem with facility having diaper shortage?
what can i do i keep wetting the bed?
What's that white stuff that forms on or around some peoples' lips?
how long do staph infections take before they heal?
Why is it that when I have the flu or a virus I always feel worse when the sunbegins to set?
What can I do that will help chicken pox scars after some of the scabs off?
Can a gallbladder infection cause sinus infections?
Strep throat not getting better?
i have bacterial vaginosis?
How Does a Person Get Hook Worm And What Are The Symptoms?
=======Whats good with hiv?=======?
How does a dog empty their own anal glands????
What does jumping jacks workout in your body?
Am I working hard enough to get a body similar to this?
How do you lose stomach fat and side fat?
How common is heterochromia?
What is the best and quickest way to lose weight in your thighs?
how can i get to 100 lbs?
Do you think the common use of steroids in the past 2 decades have caused us to have unrealistic expectations?
Has anyone out there lost 50-60 pounds?
how can i get skinny?
When my mum goes forever....I wont be able to cope.?
Can Depression Cause Fatigue?
How do you cure a computer addiction?
Why am I so scared of dying?
What is your personal 9/11?
Why do people never initiate social interaction?
If you want to die but don't want to kill yourself, are you suicidal?
how many bones are there in the arm/forearm/wrist/hand?
SIjoint dysfunction -WHEN will it stop hurting & where is there a doctor that can fix it? im tired of hurting!
Top of Foot Hurts- no known injury?
What will the appointment be like if you were in a car crash ? ?
Should I go back to playing tennis after an ankle sprain?
I have a big red blotch on my forehead and a huge rash on my red whenever i go in water ;S :S -?
I have been having some sort of jumping going on inside of my rib cage underneath my right breast...?
Please help me badly!
How do you deal with neuropathy pain? It's not a pain in the butt, just the rest of my body...?
Avascular Necrosis?
Is there an allergy pill that is similar to a celestone allergy injection?
All about steroid use?
Cooking for a celiac?
do you ever get the feeling in your nose...?
How can I stop my nostrils from leaking out all this gunk?
Pencillin allergys.?
Is there any connection with PCOS and Body Shape? If you have PCOS, what body shape are you?
Help, does anyone know what the normal blood sugar reading of a toddler be?
Where do we get the cells in Stem cell research? Do people who donate the cells die?
Should you give water to a person vomitting because of Diabetic Ketoacidosis?
Early signs of diabetes?
I am diabetic and very dizzy?
more diabeties questions?
Type 1 diabetes?
what happens to medical records?
I'm donating blood on Tuesday or Wednesday. Is there anything you'd recommend? Does it hurt?
Wierd sleep patterns please help!?
Does a spouse still have to pay for husbands hospital bills, if husband past away?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a mouth ulcer?
Magnesium Citrate: drink the whole bottle? and how to drink it as to not be on the toilet all day.?
I think my mom is high on unisom, is this possible?
chapped lips bleeding and ilk?
Is llama spit dangerous to use as personal lubricant?
Is it bad to crack your back a lot?
Does anyone have a child that was diagnosed with an autism disorder?
Night sweats... whats the cause and can I make them stop.?
please help me :( Why am i in constant pain, doctors havent found anything wrong?
homemade remedies for scars?
Is there any correlation between Vietnam Veterans and their kids having Bipolar who were born after the War?
Herpes scare!?
can you have aids with out testing positive for hiv?
is this crap thrush!!?
How do I get my eye doctor to understand what I need??
what is the best color sunglass lens for green eyes.?
i cant put my eye contacts.is their another way for that?
Are there any places that carry prescription theatrical contacts IN STOCK?
Is the baby more likely to have blue or brown or hazel eyes?
What does it mean if my soles usually wear out in the back outer edges?
Drop health insurance? Need help from someone in medical field...?
what can happen to a person if you give them a immunaztion with tap water?
Why are my hand almost always cold as ice?
why do you get sleepy in the middle of the afternoon?
My throat feels very weird... Help?
is it normal to hate showing my feet?
how can i make this cigarette the last cigarette?
Why does it flash white when I bang my head across the floor?
Everywhere I go, there I am. Should I be worried?
how to get rid of old acne scars ?
Brain Tumours?
Is there anyone out there that would go barefoot year round if it did not get below freezing?
my son is having some chronic pain?
warts on the bottom of the foot?
Any herbal remedies for lowering libido?
What causes attention deficit, what natural ways can a person stay focused?
I am looking for natural remedies for my 10 month old baby and stuffy nose.?
How good is taking mega doses of vitamin C?
Why do pharmaceutical corporations make commercials in nature?
Is there a pill or natural erb I can take to get rid of my excessive nervousness?
prescription for alcohol withdrawl?
Is there a sleeping pill That Works the first you take it?
Massage Therapists: Is it normal to have an orgasm?
Whats the difference between an Anus and a Rectum ?
What could a pulsating in the ear be?
weed and lung pain?
Is it normal for your hands to get numb playing on an ipod touch too much?
Why is it that you can sometimes feel your pulse in other parts of your body?
How can I get rid of my thigh pain for past 10 years ?
how do you get veins to pop out in your forearms?
Where has my vital energy gone. How to boost up my energy level.?
help!! i need to sleep but i can't please answer a.s.a.p?
A silly question maybe....?
What could be the cause of back pain and chest pain near the heart, and loss of appetite?
could this be reye's syndrome?
what are plants used for heart disease especially myocardial infractions?
Nitro in Cardiac Arrest!!!!Why not?
Urine Test For Cholesterol?
Gastric Bypass skin left over?
Has cheese anything to do with cholestrol and heart diseases?
cancer cures?
Brown Spot On Your Heart?
I don't know what to do?
Is cancer on the rise, or does it just seem that way because doctors are able to diagnose it sooner?
Can anyone explain the significance of the PSA test in someone who had his prostate removed because of cancer?
question ????
Fast Ways To Loose Weight...?
how many situps and crunches do i need to do in a day to get a flat stomach in a month?
Is malaria a serious disease?
How can I get a bigger butt?
do girls master bite?
bee sting?
Is my fingernail going to fall off?
What if you came upon this situation?
I have a neurogenic bladder is there a cure for this type of bladder condition?
What is meant by duty of care
Freaky Bug Bit my brother...?
When's a good time to take the bandages off?
Gray hairs caused by anemia, will they go away if anemia is treated?
Is it fibromyalgia or something else?
Tingling in legs, sometimes pain, what is it?
How can we rescue Lice from the heads of ugly children?
I have shingles! from reading answers I get this information..?
Can Lamictal cause side effects similar to bipolar symptoms?
what is the treatment of winter depression?
Could I have a Disorder these are the symptoms?
Does anyone who suffers from depression feel like sharing their story?
grieving, how to cope.?
I lost my head....?
What's your phobia?
which medication is better for asthma symbicort or seretide?
Question about LUNG doctor?
What are good foods to help with bronchitis?
Chest X Ray was clear, is it definatley not cancer?
Ive had bronchitis for about a month, even though im not coughing or having fevers anymore, ?
Decrease in Pulse Ox?
I want to quit smoking but i always fail?
Has anyone read or heard any "not bad" things about smoking?
adverse effects of antibiotics...?
Am I getting chicken pox?
lab work on Friday whats to be expected i know they will be doing other things after blood work?
Does anyone know the latest treatments for Hepatitis B?
Can you Have the Flu multiple times a year?
How long will this cold last for ?
What happened to avian influenza?
Is it unhealthy for me to crack my neck?
Is lots of sleep bad for you? How much is too much?
what is that white bit in your nails?
what is the best pillow to buy to prevent waking up with neck aches?
Why am I so tired whenever I get a lot of sleep?
Are these Veins or is she sick?
Does Someone Have Preauricular Sinus?
Plantar fascitis/bone spur problem?
guidelines about rabies - disease ?
who found the cure to SARS?????
Reasons for extreme fatigue?