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Breathlessness after swine flu?
i had my last cig 8 days ago when will the coughing start?
Does my child have asthma or bronchitis?
COPD-- is this genetic?
Odds of cystic fibrosis?
Hey do i have herpes? Please help me?
is it normal for a female who recently quit drinking and smoking to sleep a lot? is it temporary?
Will Lunesta help??? Dying of sleep!?
help to quit smoking?
When you go to a complete physical checkup. Do you bring a list of all y our problems?
Is it ok to sleep after hitting your head?
Natural Supplements and food to lower cholestorol.?
I'm looking for Dr. Dean Bonlie in Calgary Canada?
the artery health institute llc?
alternative to statins?
question following heart attack?
Is there a site where it list medical terms used in ambulances and in the medical field? (like bpm, b fib... )
Can you explain this?
whats the difference between genetic and inherited?
Any solutions for pasty build up after throat cancer??
Oily skin problem?
Has anyone else gotten really sick a few days after taking the flu shot?
How do I numb my throat? I have a severe strep throat pain. I haven't been able to sleep for about 3 days ?
why a hospital stay is often unpleasant for the patient?
Questions about a cold?
My 3 month old son has Cellulitis...?
how do i know if i have mono?
My Boyfriend Is Very Sick...Please Help?!?
gf has hep c??
How do you deal with a wheat, dairy, and corn allergy?
allergy question Florida-Arizona ?
What U.S. city has the highest pollen ranking?
Why are some people more affected by allergies than others?
i think i have a health condition but i dont know what it could be?
Has anyone used SinuCleanse and do you like it?
PLEASE HELP, in so much pain!?
how to get rid of a stomach ache quickly?
Why my shoulder (Ball & Socket) joint paining as unbearable since two months and also fore-arm since one mont?
Leg really sore near the bone?
Spine degeneration - what next?
Does flexeril help during menstrual cramps?
fishbone got stuck in my throat?
Please help now, got a major migrane atm?
my knees always crack?
How would I do this without it being painful?
I wish I had never been born?
Have you told your employer and/or colleagues about your mental health problem?
Please help. How do I get over my fear of going to the doctor?(plus more)?
What are the criteria for someone truly being an alcoholic?
losing patience with my (alcoholic) mom?
Yahoo is reporting that antidepressant use doubled in the US, that makes me sad. Should i get some pills?
Heavily tattooed phlebotomist?
I've forgotten who my Doctor is.?
Help with computer radiation?
How is the best way to sleep for a good posture?
what happens when an amnesiac gets their memory back?
Why do I always feel more tired when I sleep late.?
when you feel like your body is shuting down on you whats the best way to fight it?
scoliosis.....need this answered!?
Can You Drink Alcohol While?
Bipolar Disorder?
Are their any grants out there for people with terminal cancer?
does head and shoulder shampoo really clear bacne?
Acne medication in need, tried most stuff and nothing works?
Do I reduce my food intake or increase my insulin dosage?
Are pineapples and bananas safe to eat for diabetics?
Why is it that so many people with diabetes get carpal tunnel and also have feet issues?
Are Diabetics covered by the 1996 disability to work act?
Does Medicare Part A pay for prescriptions?
stem cell treatments and Diabetes?
DIABETES!!! im freakin out?
what medicines can cause problems with the liver?
DIABETICS! TYPE 1! What quesions are you sick of most?
My friend has crabs what should we feed them?
i have Balanitis what should i do?
Did you know, putting your elbows on your desk is what causes them to be rough and scaly?
itchy arms?
blackheads and Lemon Juice...does it really work?
acne problems help plz?
Can you think of witty retorts for people asking what my psoriasis is?
question for the ladies..ive been blind most of my ...?
How can we treat poisoners insect bites?
Alright I'm 5'2 and 105 pounds. What type of excercies can I do to loose some weight?
Does lemon in your water first thing in the morning really help you metabolism?
help! ankle problems?!?!?
Sunburn Control?
Please tell about twitching?
What do you think is the most effective way to calm your tongue after eating hot and spicy food?
why do i always bleed in the nose?
REALLY bad sunburn!!!!?
how many pounds do you have to lose to go down a dress or pant size?
If a bee flew into your ear, would you hear buzzing in your ear right away?
what are some of the signs ans symptoms of pathogenic disease
How long would it take me to lose 40 lbs and how to do it?
"Not Detected" HIV test results at 9 weeks after exposure. Test was a "HIV Antibody/Antigen". Accuracy?
Hepatitis C Virus Survival?
certified diagnostician with a double speciality in infectious diseases and nephrology?
sounds like mono?
Is anyone else sick of young women asking if they're fat?
I've been doing a lot of pull-ups lately (more than usual), but now my inner forearms are getting kinda sore..
Fat at age 5?? I dont think so......?
Ab exercises, how do you think i can get a 6 pack?
Can UTI be fatal???
can you get hepatitis A from sharing a glass of milk?
What does Pen aqueous do?
What is going on??
Can dogs contract or transmit leprosy from armadillos?
How to resolve bloating after traveller's diarrhea?
cant sleep at night?
Ouch! Contact lenses sting?
How much sleep deprivation can one endure before it really starts to effect your health and vitality?
i get nauseous after every meal?
I get physically hurt really easily. Do I have weak bones?
HELP!!! really bad sore throat.. what should i do?
What would you class as a disability? Please read below...?
Isn't it gross?!?
can albino people dye their hair?
Who will fix my daughter's brain tumor? She's going to die.?
Does not eating affect your breathing?
Breast cancer questions that should be asked...?
C-diff. Can I be screened before surgery?
on Discovery Health right now.....?
are contacts worth it?
What sort of person is prone to get Nyctalopia?
do i need glass with -.25 sphere, -.50 cylinder, 180 axis eye exam results?
the white part of my eye is yellow?
I just got my contact lenses (no grade). I have a few questions about it...?
whats ur title if you want to be an Eye doctor?
Contacts burn my eyes?
left eye was poked and hurts?
Marijuana prevents cancer?!?
how to remove gallstones naturally?
Candida or systemic yeast infections: why do doctors act like yeast infections all throughout the body aren't?
Does cannabis help soothe menstrual cramps? The only reason I ask is I saw a documentary saying?
Can I take homeopathy while I'm on birth control?
HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!?
Question for Doctors or those in the Medical Field :)?
Changing pharmacy locations?
Do eyesight improvement programs actually work?
What is the best cure for a sun burn ?
If you were/are a smoker, and you were told you would not receive medical treatment until you quit, would you?
Is cracking your knuckles harmful in any way?
If the doctor gave you meds for BV and the infection went away?
difference between cold sores and herpes?
Can I cure Bacterial Vaginosis naturally?
can you get an std from being head-butted?
Does Vitamin E Oil help get rid of the appearance of scars?
Do you believe that you can use your powerful mind and spirit to heal yourself ?
what is the difference between normal tumor and cancerous tumor?
If you starve a body of elements essential to survival, can cancer cells be killed?
Having headache from yesterday, it's in my head's center, do you know about it??
Does enzymes have pork?
can drinking champagne cause cold and flu like symptoms?
Finger print scanners at work ,for attendance. Is there any risk for infection or etc?
Have you used Mesosilver?
I have yellow colored mucus coming out of my ear, is this normal?
Can my Dog catch MRSA?
Bad case of diarrhea?
How are shingles contagious? And how to they spread? ?
When I awoke from surgery my voice was lower?
How to heal a pulled neck muscle?
Extreme Muscle Soreness?
Did i break my nose?!?
ACL (Crutiate Ligament) Surgery question...will I be able to walk without it?
How can I break my arm?
why are some people have really long low calves?
Do I need to go to the ER? Help!?
Sometimes I feel like my joints are messed up?
is it true that menthol cigarettes crystallizes your lungs?
what will happen if i inject albuterol sulfate is injected into?
why do i get short of breath so eadily when i jog up the steps in high school?
Have you ever been successful with keeping one cigarette in a drawer to quit smoking?
Heart transplants?
what are risks of low blood pressure?does low blood pressure means no blockages?Can Artery clearance threapy?
How do I lower my high blood pressure with breathing?
Can your heart shift in your body?
Blood pressure suddenly dropping and feeling very faint?
My 7yr son has WPW what to we do he is very active they say not to let him run around?
Heart plz helppp me?
What am I allergic to? Fish or something that is added to it? ?
It is diabetes 2 with glutten intolerance (Celiac Disease)?
Am I allergic to Latex?
Gluten Allergy?
why does your nose run when you get in a cold place?
allergic to jalapinos? is it possible?
I've started wetting the bed again. What do I do?
Would an adult craving chocolate every day have a particular medical problem?
Autism caused by vaccines?
Are two carrots a day enough to make me turn orange?
Anything to regret moving from United health care (PPO) plan to Pacificare (HMO) plan?
Can you pop a blood vessel in your head if you strain too hard?
Bad breath in the morning ew? How do I prevent it or completly stop the smell each morning?
Help to quit smoking!!?
what does it mean when you wake up like you have been hit by a bus and still tired and dizzy?
My health is in bad shape?
I'm sick but my mom is making me go to school tomorrow how to feel better in class?
Woke up this morning feeling like P. Diddy?
Is your health important to you ?
I have dark scars from mosquito bites!?
Is it possible to donate part of your kidney and survive without complication?
Our apartment which is 2 storey building is near where the cellphone cellsite is located.?
side effects of zoloft?
Yarrow cures infections?
Will I catch my boyfriend's throat staph infection? Can I take antibiotics to prevent it?
Are there any diseases which have been cured by a medical plants from the rainforest's?
Which all are the organs not affected in any type of leprosy???
am I losing my hearing?
how long does it take for mononucleosis to come up positive after contact with it?
Question for a medical professional? Rhumatic Fever?
how do you not get sick?
does anyone have any suggestions on a really good medicine for runny/stuffy nose?
Do you have health insurance?
palpitations, what causes them?
can a person fully recover from brain damage?>?
What is the purpose of a yearly physical? Is it really all that important?
Tingly feeling in hands and sometimes legs.?
please help i ran out of idees?
can anyone help figure out whats wrong with my health?
I need urgent help. This is not good..?
what are the best foods for losing weight?
benefits and uses of a sauna?
Why is healthy food so expensive?
I've been eating one meal a day for more than a week, but I often get headaches by late evening...?
Fastest way to lose inner thigh fat?
I want to eat healthy but I keep binge eating. How can I stop?
any recovered anorexics do this?
Is weighing 92 pounds normal...?
when a person gets baked why do they get so hungry ?
Which STD is Curable?
Longest time a herpes outbreak lasted?
How should I go about telling my girlfriend I have HSV-2?
16 Year Old Just Diagnosed With Chlamdya...?
Can I get any type of disease (Aids, OR STD) from paper,money, or a receipt?
How do you get rid of leg cramps?
Specific muscle pain under shoulder?
Which would you rather put up with---PHYSICAL OR EMOTIONAL PAIN?
Last night i woke up with the worst cramp in my leg?
Whenever I bend over, I get a sharp pain in my stomach on my left side, just beside my rib cage.?
why do my eyes hurt so much?
Whats going on with me?
Do I have MRSA?
How do you get rid of those dark circles under your eyes?
Teen depression solutions?
How to make yourself emotionally numb?
Borderline personality?
I feel like I'm dieing.........?
Sometimes I feel extremely depressed?
i cant sleep, i cant stop crying and i have no friends?
Why don't we spread a little bit of Italy here in the USA mental health???
What is the condition and what could be causing it?
Successful ways to quit smoking cigarettes?
I sleep too much?! ndkgnkfdh?
Why is thiamine administered with dextrose/saline IV infusion for diabetics?
How is diabetes diagnosed?
How can diabetes affect sport and cause your temperature to dramatically fall?
which is better medicare with a supplement or a private medicare policy?
Putting ice on Raynaud's...?
What happens if you have too much sugar?...?
How do I cure myself of Insulin Resistance?
can a dibetic patient eat corn?
cover for amputated finger?
Are there any averse affects to ingesting activated charcoal?
what exactly is going on in your stomach when you hear it growl?
Shouldn't drugs not approved by the FDA be clearly labelled?
What Does The Appendix Do?
Just a wee bit of a drug problem?
can anyone tell me what happens at turkih baths? i am particularly interested in the mixed section at ironmong
I feel nauseous?
If you had an incurable cancer, would you commit suicide?
Have you heard about the amoeba that eats away at your brain?
Will "sun"glasses with bright yellow lenses help or hurt my vision while driving at night?
Is maggi good for health?
Retinal Detachment Questions and maybe others...?
How to read Prescription eye glasses?
Help. Unable to see laptop at arm's length but told I don't need glasses for near vision as I am nearsighted?
do I need eyeglasses?
Why do my eyes do this?
My right eye is hurting when I blink and move it or even if I am staring?
What additional remedies can I take for flu symptons?
are human worms in stool contagious?
I have a fever please help me.?
If i received the hepatitis b vaccine series,would my unborn child obtain passive immunity?
What I thought was a plain sore throat MIGHT be mononucleosis... help? ?
Is it possible to get the flu off my mums flu jab?
my dog and red mange.....?
can you get smallpox again?
what is happening?(my grandad had a throat infection)?
What would cause low white blood cells in a 12 y/o female?
Chemo Question?
Whats the worst disease right now?? (in Australia)?
How to get rid of yellow teeth after braces are taken off?
What is a good natural teeth whitener?
White Spots on your teeth?
How long will my friend need braces probably?
Does wearing braces make your teeth look bigger after you've taken them off?
brushing teeth how long should hold the tooth paste in mouth?
Why can't I stop chewing my tongue?
If you are allergic to latex can you get a latex mattress?
I know Alavert is supposed to be non-drowsy but...?
Wet car and computer?
What foods commonly trigger IBS attacks?
Are cold sores contagious?
What's the best way to treat a flu?
What is the rule of thumb in regards to a fever and when to see the doctor?
How long is shingles contagious on a solid surface?
Was there any Vaccine for the plague in london, england year: 1603?
i've had a feeling of a knot n my throat for the last 3 nites...my throat feels so dry could it be strep?
I have been under TB medication for over 5 months.?
First Time Flue.????????
How do you make your immune system weak?
help with worms pleze????
Sleep paralysis? Is there a way to cure it?
is kind of low blood pressure OK?
soreness and pain started in my left pinkie finger yesterday;?
Smokers Cough, Acid Reflux, Chronic bronchitis?
Is it possible that what I'm experiencing is asthma?
Does increased pleural fluid cause pulmonary edema, heart failure, and pneumonia.?
CAN A DOCTOR HELP? If a person stopped smoking, would their lungs ever fully recover?
I was smoking, but I quit for 2 years. What I must do to convince my teenage son to not smoking?
Is it normal to be spitting constantly when you're sick?
constipation/home remedies.
Does somebody knows any therapist/healer how had a physical break down from over working on his/her patients?
Where can i buy vitamin b5 or coenzyme a?
Is there any natural remedies to cure cysts or boils?
Where can I buy the herbal incense K2 cheap?
What's a good homemade/Natural tea to relax and make you sleep nicely?
When was the last time you went to the gym?
What are important vitamins or supplements to add to my diet while I am trying to get pregnant?
Where can I find a good toning workout plan?
Do you really lose weight with the Wii Fit?
Am I Overweight?????????????
Should you have a rest day or can you do cardio 7 days a week?
well i want to lose some weight?
At what age do you stop growing..?
Do you have that one really skinny lady at your gym.....?
Nerve or stress related problems?
when treating shin splints?
Have you ever broken broken a bone & how?
Concussion... Does this mean I am ok?
Costochondritis- do you have it?
How long will it take until the chloroform wears off?
How do i get dirt off my lower back?
Does anybody know any treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrom?
have you or anyone you know ever had a freak/unusual/funny accident?
My ankle just randomly starting hurting really badly and I don't know?
why cant AIDS transmit through mosquito's?
Why isn't there a cure for AIDS yet?
Answer this?
my dad is diabetic patient he often gets spasms and rashes on his skin what's the remedy & reason 4 that?
Could i have diabetes?
Could I have a thyroid problem?
Anyone have the new Omnipod PDM yet?
Blood Sugar question?
How to stop the binge purge cycle?
How do you get rid of rough, dry feet overnight?
What should I expect from a mole removal and biopsy?
is there a difference in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis?
What is a good remedy to get rid of blemishes and have a clear face?
Why am I still getting breakouts?
When you have a cold sore and it "blisters"?
i have a painful red mark on the end of my vigina lips and it is really sore what is it?
gluten free diet plan?
Do symptoms for a thyroid problem come and go or are they constant?
Can makeup cause cancer?
What is better Clinique 3 step or proActive for a teenager? something third?
Does anyone knows how long it takes to replace an existing pacemaker/defib?.Is it considered it major surguery
how have you perceived treatment on the NHS on an ITU ward ?
How do I be sure I have costochondritis and not a heart attack (no clinics open tonight, only ER)?
How does acupuncture help a stroke patien's immoblie left arm learn to be mobile again?
Q. i have congestive heart failure. it is worse. how will it finish me off and how can i tell when?
know of any low salt/low fat recipe sites?
I have chest pain and pain sometimes on my arm is this serious?
What should my blood pressure be? I I am 15 years old and 6 foot 7.?
What is sepsis and is it dangerous?
How long after recovering COMPLETELY from hepatitis do I have to wait to have paracetamol?
plz help out??
i had my tb skin test done, but did not mak it bac in 3 days to get it read how long should i wait to get over
Abscess/Staph Infection Question (with pictures).?
What do these symptoms mean? PLEASE help!?
Can blood Rh factor change during life??
Eye Issue?
Does wearing glasses make your eyesight grow worse?
Is it true that the "terrible two's" are even more terrible if mothers smoked during their pregnancies?
what is chicken gunia what are symptoms?
Has anyone else quit smoking today?
has anybody tried VALERIAN to help with sleep problems?
Burnt my underarm with wax and there is a dark mark even after 3 weeks I think it is burnt.?
How can I boost my metabolism and and get more energy?
Is there a way to get rid of baggy eyes?
How do I increase my hdl cholesterol?
what do you believe are the skills and qualities of a health care professional?
Why is the treatment for ADHD a stimulant drug?
How can you tell if a spider bite is serious enough to call the doctor?
My thorat is killing me?
Can I wear contacts AND reading glasses?
Does using eye drops after smoking marijuana, for your red eyes, damage your eyes in anyway?
What does my glasses prescription mean?
My Left Eye is Blurry?
Do (eye) floaters go and come back?
Why does it feel like there is something in my eye?
She blinded me with SCIENCE! What do I do?
I hate my glasses!!!?
there is same treatment for chlamydia and gonorrhea?
How long can herpes (cold sore) live outside the body?
help! am i infertile? Can you help me?
How to bring up a discussion about AIDS?
small red bumps on tongue, with "hairy" tougne and red patches?
I have a sort of reaction, it happens over my body it just itches, and after i scratch it, it becomes swollen
What cells are most involved with an allergic reaction?
How do I know if I have allergies or just a cold? What's the difference?
aluminum allergy?
Can you get used to cats if you start living with one and are allergic?
has anyone ever sued the NHS for medical negligence???
Weird Alergies: Why are my calves and forearms sore, and why am I so sleepy?
Question about sleeping?
Bump on my head hurts?
What happens when you die and you are on your period?
What does it mean if the lady taking X-Ray says my kidneys are lower than usual?!?
Why do i feel tired and stiff all the time and have no motivation?
Why does it seem like people transform when they're mad?
Can a brain injury cause epileptic seizures to return? For how long?
what are simple exercises for women with breast cancer?
Are these symptoms of diabetes?
does anyone have high platelet count that is NOT correlated with a leukemia and/or other bone marrow diseases?
Red rash on my left cheek and is so embarrasing! Please help =[?
why do mosquito bites itch??
What's that one disease that stops you from aging?
What causes diarrhea?
how can you get a good functioning immune system?
what pill is blue, round, says barr on one side and 555/164 on the other?
What is an ulcer and is it life threatening?
What will a low immune system do to someone who is HIV infected for at least two years?
Pink eye question?
The dyeing cause in an AIDS patient is TB, is there any medicine to cure TB & to prolong life as long as possi?
Depression Psychosis?
What can I do to get rid of pent up rage?
Must I Dwell In The Deep Dark Forever? Please Help!?
Is it ever appropriate to tell someone about your addiction?
I think I might have Bipolar Disorder Iam male?
what does this mean to you?
When you are molested when your young..?
How to treat possible heat stroke? if that's what it is?
What are ways or meds to increase ENERGY for chronic fatigue?
How long are my hiccups going to last?
Is there a medical reason for crying when we are sad?
A question about asthma?
I'm screwing up my life......i need help....?
Drastic loss of appetite?
How come there isn't a section for epilepsy questions?
where is a good place to hide a dead body?
Is this right: The US gov't funds $17 billion/year to NASA, but only $4 billion/year to cancer research?
Since this is a suspected act of bioterrorism, does the CDC have the right to force people to get the vaccine?
Do ovarian systs mean that you might have an STD?
What does it mean when my hiv test says non-reactive?
can u donate blood if u have herpes?
After every meal I get a really big sweet tooth, how do I avoid eating too many sweets?
what do i need in order to do the lemonade diet?
Why do ii feel like this?
I Would Love To Shed About 15-20 Pounds Any Tips?
I want to be flexible. Can anybody help me?
What do you do if you are over tired and do not want to sleep?
Broken coccyx - any good excercise ideas?
is it possible to sprain your knee ?
why do i bruise so much?
what kind of activities would cause knee injuries?
I have shoulder pain, need to know if its time to see a Dr.?
I had nose surgery in october 2007 and my tip still is swollen. I didn't have my tip this fat. is this normal?
My Nose ring is stuck!?
Need help with Fourth of July burn injury.?
How to communicate with a confused person?
Help, family member is sick?
i want a medicine from dr muneer khan....for hypothyroidism?
the panic is over,they found a cure for swine flu......?
So why is it that when 500 or so people get swine flu, everyone wants to wear a mask...?
Is there health screening for football players?
Does a faster heart rate affect your ejection fraction?
bicuspid aortic valve?
What is the most common cause of restrictive cardiomyopathy?
can aperson having high chelostrol level will definetely hve heart problem or there are chances of heart diese
Asthma. Are there clinical test that PROVE are person has it?
Why do pulmonary embolisms cause pain?
is dangerous painting as the paint has toxics? what can I do? the toxic attack the lungs?
I can't breathe when I run?
Does asthma ever go away?
People w/ graves disease?
I have a Chemical taste in my mouth. It is kind of like ammonia or bleach like. What possible could cause this
Physicians Only(OBGYN)S:?
What does it mean to have low neutrophils and high lymphocytes?
If you attend mud wrestling events, does that put you more at risk for contracting Swine Flu?
possibilities for frequent UTIs in girls under 8?
Blood in urine+bad low backache (given painkillers), suspect kidney stone, going for tests.?
how can you get rid of spider veins ?
Is The Swine Flu Going To Turn Into A Zombie Apocalypse?
Where can I buy non prescribed colored contacts online?
When were color contacts invented?
Is it impossible to improve your vision naturally?
can putting honey in your eye cause blindness?
Will I go blind if my eyesight keeps worsening?
Is it a dangerous thing to have many eye floaters?
I am seeing circles around all lights, does anyone know what this is?
What is the usual route of transmission of TSE?
Could this be morning sickness or side effect from anti-biotic?
I didn't have chickenpox. Should I get shingles vaccine?
Where did the name Swine Flu Come From?
Sore throat for 10 days, Just found out a family friend got back from mexico in feb could this be swine flu?
So in Autumn, Swine Flu is supposed to be 50 times worse than now ?
Is it safe to get the H1N1 shot?
do you think the swine flu may hit all of the USA?
Type "O" Blood Group allergies?
Organic molasses. Im alergic to sulphur. If its unsulphured, is it free of the natural sulphur as well?
oral allergy syndrome?
allergic to silver necklace?
My eyes get Watery for no apparent reason! Please Help!?
Ever get a BRUISED eyelid?
Shift work??
i have under eye bags,does more sleep realllly help them go away?
Do you think the health care system in America is broken?
i don't feel so good, anything that will help me feel better?
I lose control of my left side when i stand up, My fist tightens my leg drags and my neck tilts to the side?
a lot of hairs seem to come out when i run my fingers through my hair. what's wrong?
Was my weed laced, please help!?
How does scoliosis surgery work?
Ketones in urine....?
Are there any places that sell at home occult stool testing kits?
What system is the endocrine sytem realted to i already have the nervous sytem but i need three and how!?
What can I do to make insulin shots less painful?
What is the difference between Type I and Type II Diabetes?
This isn't diabetes is it?
I have a new BF who has Type 1 Diabetes. When his sugar gets low he sleepwalks. Is there any way to prevent it?
A question about a diabetic medicine?
what is a great supplement or medication for poor blood circulation if you are a diabetic?
can u type with your toes or is it imposible?
does any 1nw if 109 is okay for dieabets?
Getting gf pregnant but i have aids?
were did aids come from?
What's the age limit on being a kidney donor?
Can ear infections cause loss of hearing?
H1N1 treatment for those who have Allergy and Asthma?
Question about AIDS?
I'm dying how do I survive?
What are the prose and cons of dyslexia and how can you tell if you have it?
health is wealth or wealth is health..which phrase is correct?
Is a dog's mouth really cleaner than a person's mouth?
Have you ever seen a face in a dream, and then actually MET that person?
why is it that insurance companies pay for viagra, but not birth control?
i have took celexa for 1 year now have stopped the withdraws last how long?
painfull feet??
Where can you find a EMT bag or a parametic bag?
Tiny Really Tiny Bumbs on my face.?
How to make acne disappear??
Excessive sweating?
acne treatments?
hair follicle help!?
Survey: When kissing somebody, do you use "both" the upper and lower lips?
Chafed thighs? How to soothe them?
how will i get rid of my smelly feet the fastest way?
What causes pain?
Hip problems...?
Oxycodone Medicine Question?
Pain-pill Addiction to Lortab & Xanax?!?help!?
crippling head pain during plane decent?
i have a severe pain in my leg when i walk can any anybody help me?
sometimes i get up and my foot feels like it has needles in it?
if i take 90 tablets of avil 25 waht will happen?
Homeopathic remedy for toddler cold and slight fever.?
institutes training in all types of alternative treatments besides allopathy for curing diseases ?
How can Mould affect the immune and respiratory system...?
cold remedies? i don't want to be sick for christmas :(?
I am making my own body wrap. Which herbs should I use?
what is rolfing.?does it increases height?and to what extent will it increase my height?
Is this possible?
Has anyone ever tried any of these herbal remedies for menstrual problems?
What are the symptoms of salmonella?
what is Lyme disease?
Can antibiotics be bought over the counter from a pharmacist?
Tattoos may be tomorrow's vaccines?
What cells/organs does the Measles virus infect?
What is the best treatment for lyme disease?
I have an infection. What should i do?
could it be tetanus?
Does anyone know of a good yet reasonable dental/health insurance?
Do your teeth sometimes tickle?
wisdom tooth removed?
NHS workers, do you feel appreciated?
Did you know there is a vitamin you can take if you have a loose tooth and it will actually tighten back up?
what fruits dont have to much sugar in?
Am i old to get braces/ is it a turn off?
Have you got it bad?
What is my HIV risk?
purple dots on lips and inside of the mounth?
Calf pain advice please?
How do I control the gas for a high protein diet?
I Need a Flat Tummy! FAST!?
Can you give me some healthy pasta salad recipes?
is it effective to use lavender oil for acne scar?
Is there anyway to get rid of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)?
How to combine yoga and gym effectively?
good makeup/moisturizer for psoriasis?
What is the best way, if I start tomorrow, To get my abs in Victorias Secret shape at home? (Im 16)?
I feel like I have an eyelash stuck up in my upper eyelid and it hurts! I've had it for 3 days, what is it?
Is anyone else ready for this dang year to be over?
Is it true that if you eat a ton of fiber you can eat like 200+ extra calories a day?
Is there a way of healing my rectal prolapse without surgery?
How do I help my husband get a bigger rush out of...?
When there are no options what can you do?
How can I add more stress to my life?
What is it about vaccines that still has everyone so paranoid?
Help! strange symptoms and behavior!?
Do you think that people are too quick to slap the label of a mental illness or disorder on?
Is My Addiction To Y!A Taking Its Toll On Me ?
Inferiority complex...!!!?
Marijuana is all that helps.?
why are.............?
Have you had the rabies vaccinations lately?
What is wrong with me??
Not judging: Not hating: But am I the only one that wonders this?
How does a blind person know when to stop wiping after a bowel movement?
what part of the human body do you hate the most??
Veins in the eyes tells alot about your health?
How can you straighten your neck from being tall and looking at a computer for too many years.?
What's with my twitching eyebrow?
TMJ from biting nails?
2 Litres of Coca-Cola?
i cant sleep but im not sick?
What's wrong with me :(?
Ive had a cold for a few days now and since yesterday the smell of cigarette smoke has made me feel nauseous.?
Can't eat whats wrong with me?
Side effects of HPV vaccine?
Living with HPV, doomed forever?
If someone had terminal cancer would they be able to walk out and around?
When is Vag Cancer Awareness Month, and shouldn't that be pink, too?
Why does eczema only break out on certain areas of your body?
What is glandular fever?
does your immune system become stronger?
Is ME transmittable?
Is the tomato salmonella outbreak over?
Parents that only get one or two vaccines at a time?
how do you spell Munchousands?
I have a friend that started treatment for hep c is it safe for her to take vicadin?
How can you tell the difference between fifths disease and chicken pox in an 8 year old? (Pics included)?
What should I take instead of Claritin? It is no longer working.?
Itching & Feeling of Bugs Crawling On Me?
Does anybody know how to handle very dangerous allergies?
Itchy,watery,goopy,red eyes on my two year old !?
Does "Nut Free" peanut butters taste like peanut butter?
OK I know this question is wierd But why can't i breath thru my nose?
Does Buscopan have any side effects???
Has anyone ever used BUROPION 150mg to quit somking?
I fainted yesterday at school in my science class is this bad for my health and well being?
what kind of doctors work in the E.R?
Urine on mattress: What could be a health problem resulting from?
sleeping alot?
well i know you should to feed a cold and starve a fever but I've got both so do I eat or not?
how do you become a Locum Consultant?
how to make a Gunnar glasses?
Help!! Hit with green laser pointer in eye! I don't know what to do!!?
I have mild to moderate keratoconus. I am wearing glasses at the moment and finding reading a bit difficult?
Eye masters, any one else think they sell junk?
Are there any chances of vision damaging if we read in a moving bus or train?
my eyes are strange answers quick?
Why do people blink even when their eyes are closed? If you close your eyes right now you will blink.?
can dogs trigger asthma?
Asbestos cancer (mesothelioma) treatments?
HELP! Do i have Pneumonia?
Why didn't I develop a fever?
What happens if a pill get in to your lungs?
There was a Carbon monoxide leak at my apartment building. How long will it be before i can go back in?
I wanna be normal!!! do i have a chance at being normal one day? a.s.a.p?
Symptoms i think i m sick?
Is an employer legally allowed to make me take a leave of absence for psoriasis?
i think i am suffering from anal-glaucoma. can anyone tell me what the symptoms are?
If you haven't worked as a CNA for 3 or 4 years, do you have to take the schooling over?
nail biter....HELP!?
Blue Shield of California vs. Kaiser Permanente...Which would you choose?
easy way to quit smoking?
Can somebody out there give me some advice?
Can you be freezing and sweaty at the same time?
I had the mono. When can I get drunk?
I have a tickle in my throat, a tingly feeling in my stomach, & experience headaches & dizzy spells at times?
how can a doctor tell if you have a stomach virus?
strep throat that wont go away!!!?
A very close friend has been diagnosed with Latent Tuberculosis, what are the chances of my family&I having it
can someone tell me about merca?
food poisoning??? please help!?
does garlic cure viral deseases?
What causes hiccups?
Please Answer! ! !.....................?
What makes your appendix to suddenly get infected?
Prolactinomas ??
Can anyone help me with medical advice? Here are the symptoms..?
I am 15 and I want to give my cousin my kidney If I am compatable?
odd cut to the side how'can any one have this happen?
My thumb still looks weird?
how long does brain swelling usually last for?
Is it possible to get a hernia after getting appendix removed with the 3 small holes?
muscle strain........?
I Fell And Double Fractured My Ankle.It Happened On A Saturday, so I Had To Go To The E.R.?
i have a huge lump and my neck?
Why can our bodies split double carbon bonds in unsaturated fats easier than...?
Stomach Fat?
Do the calories evaporate out of doughnuts after a day or so?
abs fast??
Where can I buy real Ephedra/Ephedrine online?
Some questions..?
i am 13 and i really need to lose pounds like 30 by june how do i do it?
Have you ever tried giving up carbonated drinks? What was the result?
How can I fight my hunger?
my left ear hurts really bad. i think it's an ear infection. should i go see someone or will it fix itself?
Is putting moisturizer onto a sunburn a bad idea?
How do you heal a burnt tongue?
any home remedies for ear infection?
I have been wearing earrings for 3 year just recently my ear holes have developed knots what should i do?
How to get rid of current acne and acne scars on your face.?
My son may have Psoriasis as opposed to Eczema, what are possible treatments?
Could Rosacea appear only on the cheeks, instead of the rest of the face?
my father in law died of a rare skin cancer the closest spelling is r(k)uneodi mycosis?
What is the most least hot type of fire someone can touch without getting burned?
Are Age spots and wrinkles unavoidable?
How do you get rid of the red dots on your legs after shaving?
What causes eczema and what makes it pop up in different places?
Mole removal?!?
Strange wet/cold feeling on right side of head?
Thousands of dollars later and NOW I think I have my answer, am I right?
olive oil brand????????
What sort of things would you expect to happen in a household where the majority had bad hygeine, eg...?
Should pharmaceutical companies be allowed to advertise on TV?
Does this sound like a real life Dr House?
ok , sleeping ?
How about ?
i have a crooked leg and when i pee i bleed and my toe nails turn yellow?
Are we really that ignorant?
question...need help!!!!!!?
Husband tested positive in a blood test for herpes?
How does HIV transform into Aids?
What the chance for me to get HIV?
HA HA Where did Christopher B go? Didn't her CURE herpes?
what is the sign and sypmtoms of Diabetes Insipidus?and its quick(home remdies)?
what do alpha and beta cells do in the pancreas?
Cramps with type 1 diabetes.?
What happens if i am diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?
I'm not a diabetic, but i get these weird feelings, making me think i have a low blood sugar.What is it?
Help me please with a dinner meal, ?
diabetes walk? answers please<333?
Ways to raise money for diabetes?
Are there any holistic/natural treatments I can take to help fight Myasthenia Gravis?
Which carrier oil is best for blending essential oils?
Is there a good home remedy for inpotence?
Its all about the cholesterol.?
purple sticky salvia?
Would anyone be willing to sign my petition?
is eczema contagious?
If I had measles as a child, am I safe from chicken pox?
Would you force a teenager with cancer to undergo chemotherapy against his will?
Do I have swine flu? And another RANDOM question?
Can not eating normally cause depression?
I'm afraid to sleep nowadays? I keep having very bad dreams...what to do?
Is it good for me to be seeing.....?
How can i cope with the death of my only child?
my boyfriend has high-functioning autism, what i can do to help him?
Are you ever unhappy with the person you are?
What's Bothering You? What's On Your Mind? Anything...?
Do you claim all that you are entitled to?
Is it true that if #^?
about how much does standard lasik eye surgery cost?
Will heavier glasses change the shape of my nose?
Which place is better to get laser eye surgery: LasikPlus or TLC Laser? if you had it done, tell me how long.?
Serious question about pupils and brain tumors. OPTHAMOLOGISTS AND DOCTORS PLEASE READ?
Does anyone count and/or evaluait patterns, shapes, road signs, walls, ect.?
is it possible for your eyes to change colour in a few minutes?
Eye color contact lenses...?
how much is gastric band surgery in Belgium ?
congestive heart failure?
How can you have a heart attack and not know it, having a defibulator/pacemaker?
Is E-coli infection rare?, How is it harmful to humans?
Are cold sores herpes or not?
blood test?
The back of my throat is orange?
I am in the hospital with my 4 year old son and they don't know what's wrong?
Report on Immunisation & Types?
When having a outbreak what can you do when you feel like you want some "loving" from your partner?
Can eating raw food diet change your eye color?
Ladies which do you prefer neck and shoulder massages, foot massages or are you a full body person?
Been sick for about two days now - got the constant cough and flu?
How can I stay awake during school?
what is happening when you get a chill down your spine?
eek help me!?
What are the types of fetishes?
What "used as directed" can kill you?
Are you an organ donor? why or why not?
Does having asthma cause fatigue?
what does air pockets in the lungs mean?
What can I do to help my moms severe coughing?
felling out of breath?
I have Pneumonia! Am i going to die? what should i do?
I inhaled windex and now I feel sick?
I'm gagging myself..?
clear skin in 2 weeks?
I have pigmentation caused by using a topical steroid which I used for my eczema...How do I get rid of it?
Blood In Urine, what could it mean??
Swine Flu. What do you think about it? Get the vaccination or not?
Inflammatory breast cancer anyone ?
worried about my daughter catching swine flu?!!?
who is tired of hearing about the swine flu 24/7 & who has it in their community to prove it where do u live?
How can i kick start my weight loss again?
Can DECAF COFFEE cause This?
what are the most effective ways to increase height?
Gatorade propel water vs. Gatorade or Powerade?
just a little question?
Am i overweight?
I want to start gymnastics, am I too old? What exercise can i do to improve my sterntgh and flexibilty?
Will eating cardboard supply me with the necessary fiber my body needs?
what is the blood test cmp profile used to determine?
low blood pressure?
why cant you keep your eyes open when u sneeze?
Trouble with finding a good vein for blood work?
Why does 'Fybogel' take so long to work?
What is this weird taste in my throat? blood?
How come all my doctor ever does is take blood samples from my neck?
When I stretch, sometimes my chest pops, is this normal?
did I fracture my forearm?
how hard is the skull?
Old Injury?
Do you have a spinal fusion?
What makes some injured people feel worse?
2 days ago I tripped over my husbands boots and stubbed my toe. It hurt really bad.?
How can i speed up the healing process of my broken knuckle?
Would wearing your hearing aids make your hearing loss get worse?
What should i do if my child is vomitting and complains of stomach ache?
Is it safe to be on prednisone and have surgery?
Has anyone had luck with Cymbalta and Restless Leg syndrome?
Pain is spreading from shoulder to neck and shoulder blade. What could this be?
Is my elbow dislocated?
Why does my leg hurt?
Why do my arms hurt so bad?
Can Chlamydia be infected to one person's urine from another person's throat?
What would be the signs of a wheat alergy?
what kind of syrup an what kind of Barr?
I use massage oil on my skin containing peanut oil, will this hurt a child who is allergic to peanuts?
Going wheat free.?
wheather any person can able to touch his nose by his tounge?
What is Phosphorus which is used in Homeopathy?
What causes leg cramps?I have been getting legs cramps alot lately especially at night.?
TIps to sleep better.
Sleep Better?
Whats wrong with my body?
Why shouldn't you wake up a sleep walker?
Exceptionally big feet?
why is it so hard for me to sleep?
Long term vertigo and vomiting?
Could hives be a result of liver damage?
Can grand mal seizures cause brain damage?
CHIONABLEPSIA what it means?
How many CAT scans and doctors until you know you don't have a tumor?
Following complete renal failure, without hemodialysis, how long before death occurs?
how can i get rid of agarophobia?
Panicking about swine flu/vaccine--calling all H1N1 experts, or anyone who's up on the info?
How to get rid of dry marks around my lips?
question about cancer?
I feel weird but I font know what's wrong.?
How can i tell if i have an astigmatism?
first signs of diabetes?
Do Blood Sugar Test Strips Work long after the expiration date?
What's the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes?
What are some causes of Diabetes Type 2?
i think i have Diabetes.. Help ?
My dad has diabetes i dont think i do but?
My boyfriend has diabetes and has severe trouble controlling his anger when his sugar is high?
Would this help me figure out if i am hypoglycemic?
Hi, i am planning to sell my kidney.can i get the guidance?
Does the climate or weather affect your high blood pressure?
how do you sleep when you can't sleep?
my friends upper back looks like a hunchback how can it make it go away ?
HELP! I Think I just went deaf in my left ear!?
How Long does it take to be fully recoverded after a Ingunial Hernia repair?
how long do you have to stare at the sun, without blinking, to go blind?
Nails getting harder!!?
How can I keep from falling asleep at work every day mid morning?
I have herpes, but how am I supposed to kiss a person without worrying about passing it on?
I have Phimosis, What shall I do?
I just have a question about AIDS...?
is analigus safe?
how many weeks/months does a freshlook colorblends/tricolor contact lense lasts?
Can you get glasses to straighten a crossed eye when you are also blind in that eye?
does anyone have glycoma or high eye pressure?
Cleaning your glasses/spectacles?
Question about contact lenses?
Can lazy eyes develop after 18 / during your adult years?
How bad would a squint have to be before you got it corrected?
whats a home remedy for pinkeye?
Is it true that after 6 months after having mono u still have it but its not contagious?
Could this be mono??!?!!!!!?
Someone said it is flu season..?
are doctors the worst offenders?
Any tried and true flu/cold remedies?
how do you get out a hair thats stuck in your throat?
What are the symptoms of HIV?
past life regression or..?
i need your heps asp!!!!!?
My son has caught lice and i think gave them to me!!!?
I got a problem with flatulence. How to cure this?
Why do some Doctors yell at their Patients for ignoring their advice?
where can i buy indium?
Sleep Problems?
What is physically happening when we crack our knuckles or our back?
face numbing?
What are the best arm exercises to get rid of underarm flab?
What is your favorite kind of waffle?
How can I tone up my bum, thighs and stomach without the use of equipment?
What are some foods you shouldn't eat when trying to stay healthy? And what should you eat?
My parents wont buy healthy food. How can I convince them to buy healthier foods?
What is the difference between "calories" and "calories from fat"???
Is toast healthy, or unhealthy?
Does it bother you when girls you once liked who have gained a lot of weight?
What is a good amount of workout time in Gym?
What can happen to me if I drink too much coffee?
how do you get rid of blackheads on your nose and chin without popping?
R-CHOP/Cancer Weight Loss?
How long does a person live with hepatitis C?
what is the life expectancy for pancreas & liver cancer non-operable aged 43 woman, jaundice already set in ?
Is 2cm Breast Cancer Curable?
How long do you think it will take for people to stop thinking of me as "cancer girl"?
How does hepatitis B kill someone?
Can you get BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) even if your a virgin?
Do you think that STD's are nature's way of showing us that it's best to be monogamous?
Tested positive for Herpes Type 1, Tons of Questions! HELP!!!?
What does a 51% bloodflow output signify on a PETscan test?
What's the fuss with Atenolol? Some doctors are strongly advising me to disconue it...?
Stroke after Bypass surgery?
How long will it take for my friend to recover from heart surgery?
Who has a Medtronic defibrillator implanted in their chest?
What is Fry's syndrome?
Why are people so weird sometimes?
Help!! I need a natural remedy to clear up acne blemishes on skin?
Cure for excessive underarm sweating?
I had an immunology blood tests and got the following results:?
question about zits?
How do doctors separate their emotions from their job?
Negative effects of being sober?
any natural remedies for tourette syndrome?
HELP with stubborn cold!?
How long does it take to become a Theatre Nurse?
Please don't judge me!?
is there a home made "recipe" that can be used to clean your colon?
Does any body know of any alterative medicines for epilepsy?
How do I remove an ingrown hair from my wife's Schnauzer?
Thumb numb?
Do I Have a Ear Infection?
Please tell me for Foot Corn - Home Made Treatment?
is there a way to stop?
Blood Poisoning?
How do you strengthen fingernails?
I feel like my blood pressure is kinda low, what do i do?!?
Does cracking your knuckles when you're young lead to arthritis later on?
I am sleepy...?
If your foot was "asleep" and you didnt do anything about,how long would it take before the limb fell off ?
Are contact lenses hard to put on your eyes?
hi ppl. Ive got a big nose an cant breath out of 1 nostril. i haven't got any confidence?
Do Camel Jade cigarettes make you sick??
Allergic to Speakers?
I have never been able to breathe through my nose..?
Can wheat or gluten cause headaches and if so why?
is it normal to have allergies in winter. or a season that doesnt have pollen in the air.?
What are the side-effects of the medicines 'cifran ct' & 'bifilac'?
Last couple of mornings i been waking up with a bad head ache an my nose full of bloody snot? Sinus infection?
How do you survive severe allergies?
Will my acne come back if I wash my face everyday?
What is the best ointment to relieve itchy mosquito bites?
HELP!!! cold sore 4 days before Prom?
What to do about acne scars and blemishes?
Yikes!! How do I get rid of my acne on my back?
For people with stretch marks?
After labor, bed sores.. what can I do?
goose bumps, what's all that about?
Can a person while HIV become an Airline Pilot?
molluscum contagiosum?
Why does your nose get stuffy/runny when you cry?
What can i do to strengthen my back and prevent it from injury?? HELP?
Why do my hands turn purple when i'm cold? even if i'm not very cold at all...?
i have a back pain. what should i do?
Help I pick my nose and eat it I want to stop?
Why does my computer chair smell like farts?
regarding types of diabetes, what is the mechanism underlying glucose induction of insulin secretion?
How long until sugar effects diabetes?
What does Insulin Level has to do with Periods?
Do I have Type 2 Diabetes?, alcoholism?
Why are people with diabetes at higher risk for hypoglycemia?