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I've just been told i'm a diabetic, do grapes make my acc-check go up?
What vitamin deficiencies are caused by lack of sun?
What are the pros and cons of contact lenses?
What are the risks of breathing in the fumes of a coal-powered engine?
nyquil and alcohol is that okay?
I need a complete LIFE makeover?
If you get over the flu, can you still get it right after?
Do you collect bellybutton lint?
What should I do with the remainder of my life?
Someone answer my question?
When i breath in it feels like my heart aches..?
Very severe headache?
Can you Help Me Please???
What bacterial growth phase produce toxins ?
Who gets Leprosy???
Why are the chicken pox called the chicken pox and why are small pox called small pox?
Is it harmful to take antibiotics for a week and then find out you never needed them in the first place?
interesting diseases?
I Just Came Back From Mexico And I Keep Getting Sick?
What is it like to have AIDS?
I licked the floor and now I cant stop sneezing. Have I got swine flu?
im really thinking about eye surgery is it safe ???
Sitting in front of the computer screen?
is there a type of eye exercise that can improve your vision, if so can you let my know what it was?
Why cant you look with you left eye to the left and right eye to your right?
Why do your eyes burn when you're tired?
Oral Herpes Contraction?
I have a blister on my inner thigh?
i have ben feeling dizzy for 4 day and cant sleep help
Stay with insurance company after I'm taken off my dad's?
Canadians.........What do you think about your healthcare system??
Lump on back?
bipolar disorder? Seems like everone has it..?
Sleeping Remedy??
what is the name of the prescription assistant program that montel williams advertises on tv?
I Have dry, flaky, cracked, stinky & itchy feet, any good homemade remedies? i heard drinking water helps.....
How does potassium chloride used in a water softener affect your health.?
What is the significance of having a pulse rate of 191?.. Isn't that a high number?
Any good advice on handling severe anxiety on job interviews?
Do you ever find answers in your dreams?
Should I just bite the bullet and have her move in?
how do you heal a nasty sunburn??!!??
Why are allergies more likely to develop in the oldest child in the family?
How long does it take for penicillin to get out of your system?
Is there a list of all milk ingredients that have lactose?
stopping skin itch after allergic reaction?
Can you be Allergic to another person?
i have little bumbs on my hands and feet?
How to build care giver cancer centre?
Please pray! My aunt was just told that she has cancer.?
How does chemo usually affect a 14 year old girl?
Is there a support group for family and/or friends of people who are terminally ill with cancer?
Mother in law is dying of a rare cancer: help with husband?
positive impact of culture on health?
Sore throat earache headache no fever Meningitis? or Sinusitis?
Mono causing ear plugs. Will they go away?
Microneurosurgery. What is it? Name some of the procedures or surgeries.?
"special" girl being treated wrongly by staff at my school?!?
is it normal a couple months like four after heart surgery to get dizzy when you?
My husband had unstable angina ( AKA mild heart attack) ? Could this be caused by mixing alcohol and Vicodin?
What could a low diastolic blood pressure reading (in the 70's) be the cause for?
Pectus Excavatum- embarassing as hell?
How much alcohol to lower blood pressure?
Are Heart Spasms a massive heart attack waiting to happen?
Miracle! Massive Stroke, Does this happen? Opinions?
restless leg syndrom?
Is it possible for your body to be locked in 'Security Guard' mode?
Change of COURSE?
how to learn reki at home?
how do i quit smoking?
Oh, why, now am I feeling a deftly hollow? Could it be my heart?
should i go to sleep?
What is a hydrascan?
Smokers: are you really TRYING to quit?
How long does it take Italian tank-drivers to complete their training?
i can't sleep anymore what's wrong with me?
How can you overcome painful time in your life?
Why am I overly conscious of my arms when I am talking to people I don't know?
My friend who studied theoretical psychology told me that he is worried about me.?
so I just found out I have Nice Guy Syndrome; should I do anything or let it be?
Is there hope for the clinically depressed?
Hello, i'm 23 years old and happily married with 2 kids, but I need help..?
I need a lot of help?
Does less sleep equal less healthy?
How can I lose weight fast?
how can i loose 10 pounds in two weeks?
Metabolism question..?
How can I loose weight this summer? I HAVE 2 MONTHS.?
what are the pros and cons of exercising right after you eat?
chlamydia how do I have it?
Can my previous employer tell prospective employers that I tested positive ona random drug test while working?
How can i cure Miagraine's???
Is there such thing as "wonder drug"? or, what about a "superfood"?
What are some natural cures or herbs to combat menopause?
which is the best homeopathic treatment for myopia for a seven year old?
What are some natural effective ways to relieve anxiety?
what's a good home remedy to use for easing nausea in a toddler who is a very very picky eater?
I wanna try DMT or LSD any suggestions?
I Just Saw an Ad for the Con "Teeter Hangup", From the Ad, it Worked for him, Does that Mean it Will Work for ?
when the blood gucose level is low?
How do I go about asking my doctor for a glucogen kit?
Why is my diabetic mother having high glucose readings now that she started exercising?
Do you think I may have diabetes?
If you were dying and the only way you could live was to receive embrionic stemcells, would you live or die?
they say that you can't go in a hot tub or take a shower untill 15 mins. after taking an insulin shot.......?
can a diabetic have a heart attack by being mad and upset all the time?
What can i take that will numb my hunger pains?
Steroid Injection for Sinus Infection?
Is a low lymphocyte, high neutrophil, and total WBC count normal?
Drinking alcohol causes insomnia?
Where can I get my Piles removed privately? West midlands area?
why don't doctors get that not every child with constipation is the "textbook lots of miralax" fix?
hit finger, now dizzy?
Should I talk to my doctor about going to the bathroom?
How do I stop cracking my fingers?
help on info hepatitis A??????????????????????
Mono relapsing on me?
If a human with rabies bit another human, could that person get rabies too?
Vegetarians and others immune to the SWINE Flu?
recurring sore throat and white spots on tonsils, whats going on?
Hepatitus A - Too many injections?
I have hydrocephalus and have had for about 15 years now and no shunt. Can I live without one?
I have a really sore throat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it normal to have holes in your tonsils?
would it be dangerous for a me to take 5 Oxycodones to get high?
Do people with higher metabolisms heal faster?
whats the quickest way to recover from pulling a muscle?
how do you say sprained ankle in french?
How long can dizziness last from a head injury (blow to the temple)?
When should I wear a knee brace?
I have burned myself and think it is 2nd degree?
Have you ever had a broken leg and not been able to take a shower?
Help..I fell off my scooter and got all scraped up...?
i have a torn rotator cuff , am doing pt for it -- has anyone done this, does it work , does it take long?
How much scotch tape does it take to fix up a broken finger?
I ran away ... HELP ...?
HELP!!! I can't get the smell of fish off my fingers?
I have acne in my arms. Any good tips to get them off?
colored contacts!?
Hi, Can you give me a link of a web page that contains the "Rebuild Your Vision" exercises for FREE?
pink eye symptoms?
What kind of genetic quirk could make a persons eyes change color?
why would a nurse say in one sentence that Hiv cannot be contacted by drinking after another person, then in?
How do you become infected with scabies?
The Bump on the roof of my mouth?
Tommorrow I quit smoking - any suggestions to get through this?
My kidney's hurt. What else could be the problem besides low water?
Do you crumple or fold?
I bruise really easily.. What's this mean?
I slept on my arms and lost sensation in both of them and it took 5 mins to get it back! HELP!?
Blood after fingering?
What is this? Allergy?
I suffer frm sinus but can't find wot I am allergic to? When I get up at 7:30am,y do I get stuffd nose 4 1hr?
Really bad cough.. scratchy throat.. what could it be?
allergies! help!?
mucus in my throat and snoring?
effects of antibiotics on a 2yr old?
will bacteria ever become immune to hydrogen-peroxide?
What is the difference between the Ebola virus and Hemorrhagic Fever?
Could I have a parasite?
Is cold or hot better for a sore throat?
if a tapeworm inhabits your body, how long will it be before you start experiencing symptoms?
Nausea, Throat tightening?
Why can't you draw blood from a vein with a heart beat?
my entire left thumb has gone numb?
I wake up and my hand is completely numb!! i can't feel a thing!!!?
Why is it that when I am trying to sleep or cuddle on the couch, my body is like an oven?
Is a G Tube removable? If so after when ?
how often do you REALLY pee your pants?
Can medicine for a uti cover up symptoms of a std?
Is there any way to get tested for herpes if you've never had a herpes symptom?
How can you get rid of a sore throat?
Bad sunburn ?
Do i hace a Spider Bite or a Bed Bug Bite or something else?
I have an infected cut on my finger and it's only getting worse, what can I do?
How do I get a splinter out of my foot?
scalding hot water just poured on my hand?
What should I do?
What are some symptoms of heart failure in women? Is excessive sweating a symptom?
how fast does lipitor work?
how to read this fish drawing for lab results in patient with cardiology disorders?
Long QT Syndrome Question?!?
Where can I go for medical advise on chest pains and palpitations when GP not interested?
why people tinking that am not nomal?
How much damage has the average man done to his arteries and heart by the age of 30?
How can you know that you are having a cyst in the breast?
Home visits for cancer sufferers.?
Does anyone know where I can get any good breast cancer merchandise online?
My cousin has cancer in his brain, lungs, Bones and Lymph nodes. He no longer?
Does anyone suffer from low platelets??? I want to talk to you.?
why do some people always crack their knuckles?
What do you do when you cant sleep?
What is the treatment of the SARS Disease?
what does PMSBO diagnose mean?
what does nonreact mean on an hiv 1 2 test?
Is there a test for scabies infection? I want to be sure before I go for prescription medication?
My dentist gave me some antibiotics for a tooth infection but the antibiotics caused me 2 have a really bad?
But did you know that sleep problems may also induce depression?
What does palpable mean ( may be spelled wrong)?
flu symptoms- yellow skin?
Experiences with treating OCD?
Keeping up with school work when you have depression?
would counseling help me?
I'm 28 weeks pregnant and have a bad sore throat i've been taking sudafed pe but not working what should i do?
What does an LSD trip feel and look like?
What vitamin supplements are beneficial to eczema management?
Im young,good looking so why do I hate going out and socialising?
Fellow cancer survivors?
MRSA? can it be transmitted to animals?
Early Rapid Breast Growth for a 13 year old?
My friend has bedbugs? HELP!!?
my grandpa died from cancer 10 points?
What will happen to my skin after I do this?
Can baking soda cure cancer?
Are getting headaches normal? What about a headache everyday or so?
Sharp Head Pains?
Has anyone tried Tesco Paracetamol tablets?
I would like to know if Medicare pays for Depends with Doctors Prescription?
Is there any way to cure the damaged pancreas?
is coffee with caffine in it bad for a diabetic?
Does Metformin induce telogen effluvium (hair loss) in some people?
Diabetes - newly diagnosed. Could it be....?
IF I have diabetes, is my life span shortened?
My dad has diabetes and drinks jagermister with rockstar and coarse light everyday, can he be at serious risk?
Why does Mama Smurf get so many thumbs down?
I made out with a girl with an active cold sore on her lip. Will I get cold sores?
i have a question can cow get herpes?
Are COOTIES just adolesent AIDS?
some times i pee out my mouth why is this possible ?!!?!!?!!???
Is it better to strain and read small font or increase the font size in Internet Explorer? What is better?
Eye feels weird?
whats wrong with my eye?
If its not a lazy eye then what is it?
My eye does not itch and I do not wake up with it crusted shut, but it just keeps watering. I've had?
Can you get high with your contacts on???
What jobs can I get in a hospital without any experience?
Caffine Sickness ?
Nyquil effects?
How can I get to sleep earlier?
One a day hay fever relief - advice needed please...?
help. bulimia is taking over my friends life.?
is it better to get 6 hours of sleep than 7 or 8?
How to take care of bellypearsing?NOW?
I have a feeling a daddy long legs must have crawled in one of my ears while I was asleep....?
What causes nerve sparking down right leg when pressure is put on right calf..?
who has a ........................................…
Did I just Dislocate my head?! (My neck hurts A LOT!)?
weird sickness, help!!!?
My grandpas having surgery on his back, 3 slipped discs, how long is the surgery? ?
Why would a healed cut hurt?
How do you know if your toe is broken?
have you slipped on the ice yet this year?
how do i get rid of cat allergies?
How can I clean my room if I have severe allergies?
What can I do to fix my red nose by tomorrow?
Allergy Shots? Should i get them?
German Shepherd problem..?
Soy Milk....................................…
Nasal passages are trying to push something down my throat...?
why do antihistamines make you so tired?
Mother in law had sickness and diarrhoea a fortnight ago ...?
where are cold germs most commonly found around the house.?
I've never had a cold sore or similar. Does that mean I haven't lived my life to the fullest?
What is the fastest way to overcome an illness?
How can I control yawning fits?
Does donating blood make you gain weight?
Any recommendations to get rid of cholesterol?
Can a guy get a breast cancer?
How does body milk protect our skin from ultraviolet radiation?
Doctor's advice on this please...?
frequent migraine sufferer with new kind of head pain- short stabbing pain deep in left side of head... Help.?
Does vitiligo cause symptoms such as a weird-looking shriveled up nose?
what exercise can i do to increase my lung function?
upper respitory infection or swine?
Has anyone heard of using bee venom for treating arthritis?
Is there any way to prevent illness or limit chances of becoming ill?
Sulphur as homeopathic treatment?
How can i have a better attention span ?
Has anyone ever tried those detox foot pads? Do they really work?
Could magnets and iron tablets help ?
Can someone explain what vaporizing marijuana is about? A doctor on TV said that takes away cancer risks?
can somebody tell me about mindfulness meditation and its benefits for health?
how can i treat my migraines?
Is Jello really good for your nails?
Is this the correct strain of Kratom to buy?
how many times you breath in, in one Minuit time?do you feel easy while you breath in or out?
whats it like to be shot in the chest?
I am in Liberia now. I want to purchase homeopathic medicine named berberis "Q" drops. Plz tell me location?
A question for vitamin takers;?
Have you ever tried this? My Mom has always sweared by Vick's vapour rub for many yrs.?
My eye(s) itch, are red, and have yellow goo, what is wrong?
does the patch and the gum help to stop smoking? is there any other alternatives?
No sleep b/c of nerves and anxious, pills don't work?
What does it mean when your fingers just the part from the knuckle to the finger nail turns blue/purple?
How do I get energy to wake up easier in morning?
not feeling well, what should I do?
OK, I'm bored. What suggestions do you have to put a bit of excitement into my sorry little life? ;o)?
Can you get an infection if public toilet bowl water splashes up on your private areas?
Why do dentists tell you to rinse with salt water when you have a abscess?
How much toothpaste are you supposed to put on your brush?
3 years ago I had a rootcanal on my front tooth after it was knocked out. Now it has a brown line thru it..?
What is a good toothpaste to buy?
How long will I have to brush my teeth for perfect white teeth?
Can you pray for me?
What size floss do you use?
Please help me... they said they will have to do Root Canal Surgery to me...?
yeast infection or somthing else?
Aids from needles but not mosquitoes?
I have aids should i tell my parents?
What is the easiest way to lose love handles after already losing weight?
Does smelling apples or bananas help you lose weight?
Since I have lost a little weight, I have more energy & my lambada has increased. Is this a normal reaction?
What is the easiest way to burn fat?
Do you burn calories when you fart?
what's the best place to have a tattoo?
stuffy nose!!help!?
First Aid for the Soul?
Why do I randomly get really dizzy?
Health ins?
i want to give up smoking?
Need help surviving a cast!?
what happens if you overdose on adderall?
i have really bad posture!?
What are some cheap protein supplents I could take with Synthroid?
Is osteoporosis and Rhomitory Arthritis considered a Disability ?
would drinking milk harmful for us?
These would be symptoms of... ?
i need to know about Myotonic muscular dystrophy and how it could affect my labor?
Does anyone know what this spot is on this xray?
Is alcoholism/drug addction a disease?
Please answer,Does dying hurt??
Stomach Infection Symptoms?
how does typhoid fever / salmonella typhi spread ?
What can I do for a Toddler who has a stomach virus?
How do i get rid of a cold soar quickly?
If you have the flu or something you need to take an antibiotic for how long is the cantagious period before t
armpit pain? is it dangerous?
Catching roundworms from puppy?
Symptoms of the flu?
yesterday i stretched my ears from 16gauge to 8gauge in one shot, am i ******?
What are the early symptoms of bowel cancer?
My mother has mantle cell lymphoma and her BP is 70/40 she is not eating much she is lucid what is happening?
What cancers cause low white platelets?
Anyone with a history of skin cancer want to share your experiences with me? I was just diagnosed with?
is there a organization for families who lost a love one of cancer?
Question about a memory foam mattress?
Heart Attack HELP!!?
Please Help!!!! I am trying to find Health Insurance for my partner..?
What to do to avoid sleep during day-time?
How can I get home health care for my grandmother?
i have heartburn and indigestion with purging in the morning and im not pg what is wrong docs say im fine.?
why am I soooo tired?? I get like 9 hours of sleep and try to wake up, but i just CANT!!?
is it bad to drink while your on paxil?
I'm freaking out!?
I swallowed An Ink Cartridge!?
does more insulin secretion cause diabetes insipidus?
uhh...questions about needles...?
is my hypothesis right?
if i have no sugar or car do u think a neighbor?
How much do contacts usually cost?
what is the best form of treatment for ptosis?
Where can I find contacts the EXACT same color as my eyes?
I forgot to take out my contacts last night. Help?
Does water hurt contact lenses?
How To Improve Your Vision with eye exersices ?
How is the heart rate affected by a spinal cord injury?
what is the difference between mutiple scelrosis and parkinsons disease?
48 with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy...?
how do i know when im having a heart attack?
Is it possible to have enough atherosclerotic plaque built up in your arteries to cause angina...?
is their anything wrong with my heart.?
Is it ok to take DMSA and EDTA at the same time?
10 pts and gratitude if someone can tell me about different diseases for the plot of a book?
Please help...?
What can I do to relieve sunburn pain?
What is the best pain reliever for back pain?
Which works better for low back pain...ice or heat?
what causes my back pain on my left side next to spinal cord??
cutting my arm to feel the pain?
I have tension in the forehead area above the nose and around the eyes.?
Does yogurt have lactose in it?
water coming out of ears?
BAD allergy/rashes!!?
What exactly does dust mite proof bedsheets mean?
alternatives to oral antihistamines?
Am i allergic to pineapple?
itchy throat when i go to bed?
what are the short / long term effects of AIDS on a baby?
If I wash my clothes with someone elses that has a yeast infection can I become infected?
Has anyone had the enlightment of waiting for HIV results?
How do you quit smoking cigarettes?
Stress, anxiety, panic attacks and a court date tomorrow. EEK!?
Do you ever just get sick of it, sick of everything?
How do you know when it is no longer the blues but it is depression?
How rare is Bipolar Disorder?
how can i help my friend with his fear?
What are the signs of child abuse in Adulthood?
would you keep a loaded gun in the house if your S/O was depressed?
Body Dysmorphia: i KNOW i have this, i want help, my mum just won't give me the support?
Cutting yourself makes u feel better?
How can tooth decay be prevented??
Who can tell me if a fracture shoulder can heal?
Face is numb 3 days after stiches. Is this a problem?
Big lump in lower left leg near ankle, doesnt hurt but feels like its swollen?
Have you ever had cracked ribs? How long did it take for them to heal?
I stopped Self Injury?
I'm temp. in a wheelchair, and right below my tailbone hurts. Is this the sciatic nerve? How do I stop/help it?
Can you get a concession with a blow to the jaw?
if i slam my hand in the car door will my hand/wrist break?
How can I get rid of a fever?
What medical conditions do scientists hope botulism will help?
what causes eutrophication? what are its consequences? and you may even suggest ways to prevent it?please....
Can you get hepatitis by washing silverware at a restaurant?
What are some genus names of gram positive bacteria?
will shocking the pool kill chance of rabies?
Shower after a flu shot?
does Hep. c have to be reported to the health dept. in NC. If not where?
can someone explain the relationship between glycogen and bodyfat?
Why do we have the get the flue virus annually but not the other ones ?? ?
Has anyone ever had a kidney infection?
How does lung cancer form from smoking cigarettes?
Does the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser really work?
What is this hard painful lump on my abdomen?
How can i fall asleep faster?
just quit smoking 6 days ago&after 2 days of being a nonsmoker, i noticed my old tongue ring scar was sore. y?
Does it hurt to do a blood test?
Can one not sleep all night and be fine during the next day?
I am pregnant and have HPV mild grade one precancer, will my immune system still be able to fight this off?
Can Garlic Cure A Penile Yeast Infection?
What are your thoughts on HIV/AIDS?
Can you get AIDS or HIV on a POOL?
does chris brown have aids?
I have a question about some medicines I'm on?
does anyone know of a natural cure for acid reflux?
Where is GUT located in the body? What is its use?
Are there any good sleep remedies?
HOMOPATHIC DOCTOR please guide remdy?
can lexapro damage the body?
Is this the end for the alternative medicine section? what do you think?
Can a kidney/urinary infection cause vomitting/nausea?
Any tips on how to survive longer with Pacreas Cancer?
How can I strengthen my immune system?
Has anybody ever had an out of body experience?
How can I find a Healthcare provider and an appointment by tomorrow??
am i becoming nocturnal?
When I go to sleep I close my eyes and everything gets darker then I get really Dizzy, and my legs feel weird.
why does paper cut hurt/sting so much?
what do blind people see?
Still Having Issues with New Glasses?
How Can I get My Contacts in Faster?
What exactly do they do at eye doctor appointments for contact lenses?
I am nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other?
What's it called when your eyes change colours?
Weird thing happened with our eyes...?
I am -4.25 in my left eye, and 4.00 in my right. Can anyone convert that in terms of 20/20, 20/30?
Is a blood sugar level or 85-110 pretty good for a diabetic after insulin?
does low blood sugar mean i'm diabetic?
Does Lantus Insulin cause weight gain?
I wish to emigrate to Canada,will there be any problems as I am a diabetic on Insulin?
Does eating sweet or sugar increase stomach acidity?
When should one see a doctor for flu like symptoms?
Drinking alcohol after rhinoplasty/nose surgery?
Just a little curious about the swine flu, what happpens if i catch it?
why do people snore while they sleep?
if you quit smoking after many many years will your lungs crystallize?
Why does one side of my nose get clogged up bad?
silly question but if humans are allergic to dogs and cats ect can..........?
Whats the best way to DE-CLOG your nose. :x/?
Can you get an allergic reaction too...?
There are medications for everything else, why wouldn't?
Allergic Rhinitis Problems?
what foods can i eat to lower my blood pressure? ?
Causes of Vitamin B2 deficiency?
Can people with low blood presure use an infrared sauna?
Does smoking lower your good cholesterol too low?
High Cholesterol Blood Level?
do you really think that socialized medcine is a good idea?(its not)?
How can I go to sleep earlier?
EGFR bloodtest question?
Is it true that i get less than great care from doctors because i have straight medi-cal.?
How do you cure a sunburn?
Second Request, Please, give me advice on how to stay awake..?
sleeping tips for a 14 yr old?
Someone at the Apothecary's absolutely screwed up your order. You get home, open your bag & realize you now ?
How to cure a bladder infection
Stretch Marks.?
Can athlete's foot get so bad that over the counter drugs won't work??
RSD Stories?
Do swollen knuckles necessarily mean you have arthritis ??
what African parasite might do this?
I'm sleepy. What should I do?
How should I deal with my boyfriends bulimia?
Is insomnia just a temporary affliction? Or, once set in, is diificult to get rid of?
Is there any other term for priapism?
Has anybody got a diseases?
Is there any problem with cracking your back?
What kind of doctor would deal with one who has bad knees?
How long does liquid methadone have to stay in your stomach to make sure your body absorbs it?
how can u cure pain in the joints in both shoulders near the rotator cuff?
How long do charlie horses last, what causes them, and how do you get rid of them or make them stop hurting?
does anyone know where I can getno prescription required pain meds Lortab because I have cronic back pain.?
Pain prescription addicts??
Does too much sitting would...
What are the causes/effects of A.I.D.S.?
Will my cold sore go away quicker if I pop it? ?
Help please... Can you answer 2 questions?
Will my knee be okay?
How Do I Know If I Have Shin Splints?
doesn't say don't drink alcohol on antibiotics instructions?
I really wan to have a meniscis tear, how do i do it?
during sudarshan kriya- expriencing vibration in both hands and head explain?
How much cigarette smoking does it take to become an addict?
Does someone who has never broken a bone have stronger bones than...?
Migraine or Sinus Headache?
How can I fall asleep?
knee problems after running?
Spine problems CLUNK?
Are you over 50 & healthy?
how do you stop junk food cravings?
Is eating your own head bad for your digestive system?
Panic Attack, no medications?
Is Depression a reasonable reaction to a dysfunctional society?
Is my memory normal, or do I have a problem?
Why Is Life So Hard?
Alone amongst a crowd- why do I feel so empty?
Lack of self esteem ?
how can i not have suicidal thoughts?
what is her chances of surviving primary liver cancer?
what are the symptoms of leukemia?
is it cancer?
G-mother has cancer... do you think this may help??
how long in between does it take to have the second vaccination of measles mumps and rubela... ?
How long does a rabies vaccine shot last for?
everyone think about this LONG AND HARD!!!!?
could i have mono?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a cold?
Ok, quickly! How can I check Im healthy to go to school???
i have had diarrhea for days and no pukeing
Where online can I find anatomical works of Leonardo da Vinci?
could i be elergic to vicks first defense since i started using it i feel really tired sick and dizzy?
What is wrong with me?
I'd like to hear from British and Canadian people about their health care system.?
Hypnosis, could someone please give me some info?
How bad is it for health to live right on busy road?
How can I encourage a loved one to quit smoking?
Weird sensation in head?
Have you ever heard of some one alone strangled by their own sheets in their sleep?
i smoked marijuana last night and now my throat hurts really bad.?
How long do tooth fillings last for?
Have to get Wisdom Teeth Removed- pls HELP!?
What color bands should i get for braces?
I Broke my tooth what should I do?
POLL: Why Do They Call It Wisdom Teeth?
my teeth fell out?
How long is too long to wait for Dr appt for kidney tumor?
Sudden appearance of a painful blue lump...what IS it?
PIERPONT SYNDROME has anyone else had this mentioned as a possible diagnosis for their child?
Planter's warts on my eyelid?!?
Have you ever had LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do if your eye looks smaller than your other eye?
Why do some people still hate glasses?
why is my one eye dry but not the other?
Why do I constantly feel like there's something in my eye?
Cleaning chemical went in my eye? Eyelinds sting?
How can I keep my eye sight from worsening?
Eyesight Questionnnn:) ?
Do you think people with two different eye colors look weird?
How can we convince them to let us protect our eyes?
How long does it take for chlamydia to cause permanent damage?
Is Herpes hard to get rid of?
What can you do to help?
What alcoholic drinks can I have if I'm wheat-free?
had serious allergic reaction to balsamic vinegar mix?
whole body ache from taking sour food?
Are there really people who are allergic to crazy weather changes?
best way to get better fast?
Why does water give me rashes?
If a baby is allergic to penicillin, will they be allergic to whole milk? If so, what should they drink?
im allergic to cold , when i eat ice cream or any other cold food my throat feels tight is this dangerous?
What type of organism is a superbug?
If a mosquito draws blood from someone with HIV/AIDS and then draws blood from you, can you contract HIV/AIDS?
How do people contract salmonella poisoning?
Am i catching a cold?
If it's not pneumonia, then what?
im sick with the flu!!how can i unblock my nose?
eye infection?
is there a way to tell if a man had an undiagnosed case of the mumps as a child?
What does it mean if you have white bumps on the back of your throat?
What do you use for acne??
Information on Methotrexate sodium tablets 2.5mg?
is it true that mosquitoes like particular blood types?
help on my wife's diabetes insulin and test strips?
How does a low sodium level affect a person?
Viral Vampire?
Does my boyfriend have diabetes?
does anyone know of any good cake recipes suitable for a type two diabetic?
What is the sugar level in 32 years man?
I know Nurses wear white anklets and white nylon stockings, But do they ever wear white cable knee socks?
Can being in a warm room raise my body temperature?
How to stay awake school?
When I go to bed I get wierd stomach noises and pains?? what is it?
Is it possible to join more than one GP surgery in the same area?
Does smoking a pipe make your breath smell bad in the long run?
Do they see you naked in arm surgery?
If you're a doctor, please help us out with this question...?
Why Do I Fall Asleep With My Eyes Crossed?
What is the meaning of "Attenuation" & "Potency" in Homeopathic Dose? How to do/make it?
Has a Chiropractic Adjustment Ever Helped You with a Non-Back or Neck Related Problem?
Omega 3 questionnnn?!??!?!!?
Horse with thin coat after Ragwort Poisoning?
OK so I did something kind of stupid...?
Dr. Vikas Sharma's Credential?
High for more than 24 hours on Marijuana?
I got a physical n i was stressed out.My bp was higher than norm.Does my stress have anything 2 do with it?
Right Heart Fail vs Left?
can coq10 be taken together with or separate from blood pressure medicine and cholesterol medicine?
rapid heart beat?
What could these be symptoms of...?
Why do my prescription IRON PILLS say NOT to take them with the following items?...?
Air bubble lump under my skin?
how do i fall asleep?
How can I fall asleep?
How can one quit smoking?
I cant sleep ARRRHHH?
Im allergic to watermelon, can I eat Watermelon Twist flavored gum?
Why is my nose constantly stuffy?
Getting motivated to work out?
I have questions about pancreatic mass... gallstones?
what has caused my sons autism and is my younger son likely to have it as well?
Early stages of dementia... what do I need to know?
If e-coli is hazardous/toxic, how does it get into everyone's intestines in the 1st place w/o making us sick?
My crack is really itchy?
Would I have had a herpes outbreak by now??
what is hpv ????????????
How does pediatric HIV/AIDS differ from adult HIV/AIDS?
I think i might have herpes but i don't have any burning or anything else are there any other symptoms ??
My friend is very sick?
How do I intervene and override my elder father for his health care decisions?
how can you prevent ulcerative colitis?
My 2 1/2 years old granddaughter has a WBC of 31,000. What could this mean?
Do doctors have a higher chance of bringing home germs, viruses and bacteria?
Is rickets a disease?
hep c drinker?
Should I Be Scared Of Fleas?
please help !?
WIll Tramadol induce rapid and severe withdrawal symptoms in an opiate addict?
2 ladies wondering..Medicaid Question?
What's the best remedy for stiff painful joints?
Is toothache the most horrible ache you can have?
Shoulder blade pain......?
I have a dull ache in the middle of my chest right between my breast and no doctors can figure it out??
I feel as though I need to crack my big toe and I can't. It isn't painful, just irritating. What can I do?
Would any of you like a good massage right now?
Having trouble diagnosing this patient's foot condition (pics incl.)?
Is laughing a good medicine?
How can i grow taller and how tall can i grow?
I suffer from night blindness is there anything i can do to help ? Dont say eat carrots?
I cant fall asleep at night any body have any tips?
What will one cigarette do to you?
What causes nausea after a migraine???
I heard on tv that if your taking lexapro, you could be at risk for a violent out break?Is this true? i takeit
Doesn't wearing sandals or flip flops in cold weather cause frost bite to your feet?
developmental delay causes diagnosis tretment?
Tomato seeds, it is safe to be eaten ..?
What do you think is wrong with me?
April is "Autism Awareness Month". What are your personal experiences with this condition?
Over a month of swollen tonsils and no relief!! Sleep problems...help!?
Becoming a cancer activist?
will we ever find a cure for aids/hiv?
who is being affected by aids in africa?
Know Any Movies About Mental Illness?
How can I go to TGI Fridays if my tear ducts are bleeding?
What am i suffering with?
What's your opinion on ADHD?
What is the biggest problem in your life and how do you not let it make you super depressed?
Are there some Christians out there that I can talk to about struggling with my faith?
help im lost and lonley?
is something wrong with my eye?
What's YOUR eye prescription?
I'm making the change to hard contact lenses. Can you answer these questions?
Question for people who wear contact lenses?
i cant stop blinking my eyes?
Got strange eye colour variation, anyone else got eyes like this?
Positive PPD, Negative Quantiferon = do I have latent TB infection or not?
I have been bitten by a dog 2 years and 6 months ago.After many years is rabies still dangerous?
Sickle Cell,Desferal,Vitamin C?
I need a cure for.... (Odd answers)?
Strep throat?
will a hot tub make a fever worse?
Blood in my poo ? Should i be worried ?
what are the differences between a healthy cell and a cell that is infected with a virus?
I picked at my Keratosis Pilaris before I knew what it was....?
Hereditary Stretch Marks? How I get Rid of?
Skin rash from necklace?
How can I get to sleep?
pressure/ heavy feeling in chest?
sleep problems, I can't fall asleep or stay asleep.?
What does a foot doctor do for cracked heels?
Amount of time to sleep?
im concerned ...maybe i have a worm!?
My x-best friend got my mum hooked on crack and heroine?
What is the public's view of the U.S. health care system?
i have HPV Warts?
remove herpes scar?
What is HIV/AIDS caused by?
Is there any evidence of AIDS before 1981?
Is temper hereditary? If so, from which side- maternal or paternal?
how to slow down your metabolism?
how much can ii give plasma?
I wasn't sure where to put this..but...?
What is the best way to get back on track?
Are local Gp's (doctors) use-less or is it just mine?
Disability benefits due to work related injury?
is cuting your wrist dangerous if you dont do it deep?
My husband pulled a Groin Muscle, What can I do to make him feel better?
Knee popping help!.......................?
Why does my jaw not heal up completely?
To any doctors .. i banged my head..?
street lights going on and off?
bad part of losing weight fast?
Is yogurt been proven to lose belly fat?
Alright What is Truly better Water or Gatorade?
does a cup of coffee in the morning count as one of my 8 glasses of water a day?
Does anyone have any personal experience using Garlique to reduce cholesterol? How many points did it drop?
how do I get my friend to lose 100 pounds?
Am I fat, normal?
What is most beneficial for your well being?
does anybody now how can i get more taller?
My bf got crabs. He sweats he didn't cheat. Can I believe him?
herpes and late period?
is this a lie?
Why do we immunise our kids?
H-how can I stop my slight stuttering problem?
True or false, will someone tell me what you think about this questions?
How can i get to sleep early?
Have you been abused by NHS? 'Cruel and Neglectful' Care of One Million NHS Patients Exposed One Million NHS?
If you swallow SKOAL dipping tobacco, will you die right away?
if ppl keep gettin taller & averg hite keeps increasin evry yr, (100-1000 yrs L8r) will evry1 b giants?
is it possible to be allergic to marijuana? if so what are the symptoms?
Having allergy infections?
why do i always get a cold in the summer but not winter ?
how do people eat and become obese?
How can my son start to grow normal with out milk, soy, and eggs?
Am I allergic to dust mites?
what are the treatmeNts for sickle cell?
what is Epstein barr virus?
should i go to school with glandular fever?
Please advise me?
what are some over the counter meds that will help with the stomach flu?
What are these symptoms of?
Is this normal for a bug bite?
Does anyone know of a successful lawsuit for getting hospital acquired MRSA?
I think I have mono. Help?
how is red tide transmitted?
Coughing for more than 2 months?
Normal peakflow but out of breath?
Since three days ago, its hard to breathe for about 20 minutes every night. What is it?
there is a certain park in my area that makes me cough and feel like I cant breathe?
Can lotion cause a positive TB skin test?
Hard Time Breathing And It's Bad?
bad smell only from nose?
snoring is driving me mad?
was takin pill and a hicup sudenly ocured as i was swallowin feels like its in my lung/chest. Shld i be wryd?
A Question for smokers...Do you smoke because you "Believe the hype"?
How can a heart block effect my career?
Is anyone out there taking Taurine for heart failure?
Please help? My dad lied about a heart condition?
what is the difference between low risk hpv and other hpv??
Hepatitis C?
I got head and made out with this girl, and like a week later, i started to get rashes, could i have HIV?
whats wrong with my heart?
I have been diagnosed with Hyperglaciemia just a couple of weeks ago?
briefly explain the tearms antibody and antigen?
Does anyone know if Medicare covers the shot Guardisil? Its a fairly new vaccine to prevent?
under eye circles?
bump on pierced ear?
sometimes i get REALLY dizzy and black out...?
What causes my hands to jump while i am dozing off 2 sleep?
Is Upper Abdominal Pain normal for Constipation?
When its hot outside i get really dizzy,lightheaded, and i feel like im going to faint? HELP PLEASE!?
what are your sleeping times/hours?
i sleep way too much and no matter how hard i try to get up, i end up going back to bed till i hae to get up!?
Is it bad to bath at late night?
if you roll two grams of weed in a blunt how many puffs does it take to get you high?
what problems did you have with diabetes and pregnancy?
How does a diabetic with extremely dry skin cure sandpaper foot syndrome?
how to cure/control Diabetics??
it there a possibility that nick jonas will die because of his diabetes?
Has anyone ever gone to a Diabetes Camp?
My brain doesn't like perfect vision? O_o?
How many hours a day can you wear contacts?
How can I legally get hold of those drops that dilate your eyes?
Scared about contacts?
I have 2 clear bubbles on the inner corner of my left eye.?
About blind people...?
Do floaters really mean that your retina is being detached or something like that?
I'm colour blind, what does the colour green look like?
Does anyone get daily disposable contact lenses from Specsavers?
16 year old Filipino son with serious acne...what to do?
i have itchy feet - not athletes foot. why is this happening and how to stop it??
for psoriasis , sun light treatment?
Please help! my skin looks HORRIBLe in flourescent light!!?
how is a wart supposed to look like after being frozen for a day?
I just got wart frozen, is it okay to go for a manicure/gels?
How can I reduce swelling quickly?
a bug went into my eye! what do i do?
PLEASE HELP!!how do i make a scab heal and not leave a scar behind??
Any African Americans have successfull skin lightening? PLEASE help me if you had success with your methods?
What is this on the corner of my mouth?
i stuck a bannna in my ear and cant get it out?
i have had my ear peircing for a week now my job does not allow it what can i do until it heals?
I got stung by a bee last week and my finger is still numb and swollen at the sting site. Is this normal?
i scraped my knee and i seen my white meat...what do i do?
My INFECTED Ears!! =(?
Can anyone tell me where i can find research places in Hollister, CA for AIDS and HIV?
Is it possible to get infected....?
How do you whiten your teeth without expensive treatments?
Tooth Brushing Addiction?!?!?
Is Harry Potter immortal?
How do all the celebs have paper white teeth? How can I get my teeth that white?
Is it a sign of old age when you are sharing secrets about dentures?
Braces in teeth?
How can I make my teeth whiter?
Is it bad to brush your teeth a lot?
can any1 guess this place?
What is HIV ? How it spreads ?
Sinus infection not going away ? ?
strep throat, or HIV???
how does a teenager contract cirroshis of the liver when there is no alcohol or drugs involved.?
The only tissue in your body that is able to contract, or shorten?
how can i read a lab result?
What ultralight kills the microbes and bacteria best?
The Flu, did it get you this year?
Do i have Pink eye PLEASe help!?
Any body please help me!?!?
How to quit smoking?
How come some people always seem to be congested in the nose in the morning?
Can you really be dropped from your health insurance even if you pay your premiums?
my right eye keeps TWITCHING.?
Is my blood pressure too low?
Does the direction your head faces, while sleeping affect how you sleep?
How do i fall asleep faster? I wake up like at 3:00 EVERY DAY,i cant take medicine.?
I'm a germaphobe and wash my hands A LOT each day. Plus I hate to even pick up anything dirty and I even...?
i am 29 and now need reading glasses? shouldnt that be something i need when im more like 40?
Has anyone used Abilify?
Why exactly does crying make a person feel better?
If I lost my temper, do I have anger issues?
how is babby formed. how girl get pregnat?
Am I an ADDICT "I can't help it"?
Is it time I found a new job?
Question about people who..?
Waking up with a stiff back?
Big worrys about my mums medication?
Opinions on Chiropractors...?
How do painkillers know where you are hurting?
disability income?
Abdominal pain on my right side.?
best constipation relief?
Does your cellphone ever hurt your head?
Is it normal to feel hung over after a dose of hydrocodone wears off or is something else wrong with me?
What is a natural way to stay energized?
How to begin using crystals and stones to clear all the chakra's?
Has your energy changed since wearing your holographic Power-Balance bracelet?
Herbs for healing the brain from head trauma?
Why do people believe that homeopathic medicine works?
Why are natural products that do little if not anything to help you still marketed and recomended?
Has anyone heard of "power balance" bracelets?
Can you have a naturopath as a substitute for a GP?
What is Celiac Disease?
How do I stop mosquito bites from itching?
What are the seven stages of love?Can you guess your stage?
I have red bumps on my legs that arent itchy...?
how many people know what Bipolar disorder is and what it does to u?
My husband had a picc line at the hospital and now it is leaking water. Is this normal?
what is it called when you can't sleep at night?
How many hours should I sleep ?
Is the electronic cigarette really worth it?
Why do my ears keep ringing? (Mainly my left ear) Also, why do I take forever to fall asleep?
Help, I cant sleep at night.?
Question for people who have lost an arm?
One of my fingers stopped finging... how do I get it to start again?
Health Care, Now what?
Still feeling weak and light headed hours after donating blood?
how long before Herpes Symptoms are shown?
Why won't anyone help me clear up my STDs?
Can you get allergy testing on the NHS at all?
Allergie to vegetables?
How come I can pick my ears but not my nose?
What is the best cure for runny nose?
Does Ginger Ale really help?
Am I allergic to my cat?
I found Drixoral from Canada Pharmacy?
Dementia...how fast does it progress?
Most harmful bacteria enter at?
bacterial vaginosis?
Can Infection Still Spread While On Antibiotics?
How do doctors screen/test for UTI's?
Is it Conjunctivitis?
How to kill Lice Fast.
Immunity Against Tuberculosis?
hey i need help i have a sore throat?
How do they fix water under the knee?
Do I just have a bruise or is it worse?
I injured my upper thigh and now a year later it still hurts. Should i get therapy or something?
I got an accident. is this internal bleeding?
Could i have a minor hip fracture or does it sound like somethin else?
my wrist hurts for no reason?
What's the biggest injury you've ever had?
I fell down really hard and ?
What's it like dealing with your own death?
how to cure abrooken leg in the 1840's?
Can anyone help me out with this??Something about a cure for cancer.......?
What are the most effective medications (including dosage) for the treatment of Tourette's syndrome?
eczema and bathing?
Myth about Bunion Surgery?
Could this eyebrow muscle twitch be caused by extended use of the computer?
How to treat that toenail fungus?
How many birth days does the average man have?
Embarrasing health question..any advice?
ways to sleep during class without being caught?
Radiology Program Interview?
how can u fall asleep faster?
I go to bed at 9:30pm but cant fall asleep till midnight?????WHY????
Anyone else can't type when there fingers are cold?
What's the difference between being in a coma and being "knocked out" or unconscious?
How many calories are in 50 sprays of Spray Butter?
How can we stop MSG being put in our food?
what are some healthy low calorie snacks?
can you make abs look flatter overnight?
I need to loose 50 lbs in 5 months?
Whats a great way to start back working out again?
Does working out at a young age really damage your muscles?
please help!?
I'm doing an essay on Americans are getting fatter.Does it matter?
can low carb diet cure diabetes? or get it enough under control to not need insulin.?
exchanges and counting help?
Gluten-free diet what are the names for foods GF ?
You guys have any "Diabetes Manners" tips?
i am really thirsty, but never hungry?
i have a question about testing my well water...?
what are the symptons are of a herpes breakout?
what type of doctor prescribes valtrex or acyclovir?
what do you think about insurance (private/public), discrimination on people living with hiv/aids?
I may have herpes.. I'm not sure.. couple of questions..?
What would high iron in the body mean?
Why is this happening ?
Mood swings...?
Why does your stomach grumble?
Is it true people smoke homemade ciggarettes??
Do anybody else have bad urine?
Why do we yawn??? and why is it that when someone near you yawns you do too?
I have a question about meth.?
Substitions for yougart but non-dairy?
ear piercing infection, confused, please help?
if you had MRSA in the past what are the chances it will come back?
what is pelvic lymphocele?
cold and sickness bug?
what"s different between humen brain & animals ?
help!!! i think im getting the flu?
my sister was telling me this story about her friend getting the flu and...?
Do i have leprosy? I really need to know?
Is it true that cold water is not good for our health?
Can a CT scan cause a stroke, or even a mini stroke?
Huge Sleep Problems- any tips?
hello is their can help me i got varicose veins?
Will they be removing the so called death panel of 9 now that we are on to them?
What is Axonal sensorimotor peripheral polyneuropathy?
Are restaurants safe that don't use gloves when making food/is it legal/safe?
what is the best face pack in india?
My taste buds have lost functionality. Different foods taste like different types of fish?
can you still go on roller coasters after laser eye surgery?
why is vision in dim light better out of the corners of the eyes than when the eyes look directly at an object?
Acuvue oasys contacts irritating my eye?
Dark rims around iris?
What can I expect when I go to the eye doctor for contacts?
My glasses don't seem strong enough for me anymore?
panda eyes!?
what is the relationship between acid reflux & chronic cough?
What are herbal treatment good for thyroid decease?
Sinus Infection, what is this discharge ?