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i feel really down and suicidal...is there any point staying alive?
im 16 years old and am really scared of the prophecties surrounding 2012? i feel cant enjoy because worrying..?
I am scared to go to bed everynight! Please help, and dont help if your just going to laugh.?
What's the likelihood of my anxiety attacks going away?
What to do when you have a headache?
what is the function of the residential aged care facility ?
Can hand-washing be replaced with Germ-X or other hand sanitizers?
cut eye help??
How to treat an open wound?
how do you cure a mosquito bite on your lip?
severe mosquito bite swelling, what can i use beside over the counter meds for the itch?
Help! I have a ring stuck on my finger! What do I do?
How many ppl have you been with?
how to get weed out of ur system and fast!!!!!?
i made a mistake and i need some help please? =[?
How do you stop biting your fingernails?
How do I stop itching down there?
how do i cure my allergies?
is there anyway to work out if you are allergic or intolerant...?
Can anyone who is allergic to cats please tell me if one of their symptoms include swollen & bleeding gums.?
Why can't I sleep?
How can I tell my bf to get an std/herpes test?
Scalded my foot with hot porridge... don't laugh?
I accidentally stabbed myself with either a pen or a pencil, what should I do?
I've been sick for a week, not hungry, losing wight, dizzy, pain in my legs, and very tired. Help?
my grandfather is dying, he can't eat, what can we feed him?
i'm a drug addict, i need help.?
I'm sixteen and was just diagnosed ADD, should I take ritalin?
Are these some symptoms of depression?
i need help please :(?
I'm bored with life and I don't know what to do!?
Could anyone recommend an effective anti-depressant? Prozac & Citalopram haven't worked!?
um...kinda awkard question....?
today is day 1000 after having open heart surgery?
whats it called when you put a metal thing in your heart.?
What puts you at risk of getting a heart disease?
Do you know anyone at such a young, old, or any age that has heart disease?
What can cause a swollen eyeball?
does flavored yogurts work fine for a yeast infection?
tell me about mold why is it accuring in my bedroom?
can u develope allergies during life?
Can Claritin / Loratadine be snorted for quicker allergy relief?
What do you do to avoid smoking?
Any ideas how to get a burn to stop hurting?
What is the best way to heal a painful blister-like, flat-like, bump on my tongue?
im 5'3 and 117 lbs am i fat?
Men!!! I'm 5'9, 123lbs, and a size 2. Would you consider me too thin or average?
how can i loose a stone fast?
Are there any reasons a person stays skinny no matter how much they eat?
i smoke 5 packs of cigarettes a day will i get cancer?
what cancers can Alcohol cause?
how does a doc tell you that you have cancer?
I'm having breathing problems...?
Does anyone know if mold in a home can cause diareha, fatigue and fever?
What's your way of comforting yourself?
Do you ever feel so lonely, that you feel like you cant handle it anymore?
Itchy roof of mouth, but dont have hay fever...?
if i am allergic to mango can i eat a mango flavored lollipop?
Does a shot of liquor clear a stuffed nose?
Does this mean i'm allergic?
Which is better for a sore throat?
isnt smoking a form of suicide?
Not trying to offend anybody, I'm just confused: Why is cutting so bad?
Can wearing a hat at night make my ears grow closer to my head?
I think I'm constipated. What do I do?
I keep having this recurring dream that I am driving a car and my foot is on the break but the car won't stop.
what's the average time for taking bath?
What 's the fastest way to fall asleep?? When I go to bed, it takes me max 4 hrs to fall sleep, any ideas???
i get a lot of sleep at night and I'm young, however I'm always feeling tired and never want to get out of bed
is this heart problems?
can a person have venticular tachacardia when they are sleeping?
my uncle had a massive heart attack and now has no brain activity.
how do i get rid of my anger?
how can i stop my self from pulling out my eylahses?
One ..two..three..four?
Would you continue to live?
Bad tooth, dentist doesn't want to pull it?
Braces and elastics questions?
What colour should i get my braces? o: ( girl )?
what are foods that stain your teeth?
very itchy skin from tanning??
acne help?
What do you think causes Cancer?
If U lost Ur hair for medical reasons would U shave Ur head, wear a scarf or wear a wig? (Females Only)?
Would you take chemotherapy to try to keep cancer from returning?
What is causing my dry skin?
I'm going to a prom this upcoming Saturday, and I need to get rid of my ashy/dry elbows and legs! How can I?
can u get acne if ur stressed or tired?
what is the best cure for chapped lips?
itchy belly?
Is this normal?
Patients in coma are brain dead. Are they living or non-living?
Should i tell my friend that i'm bulimic?
Should I see a doctor?
If you're drunk all the time, does that make you an alcoholic?
Should i quit taking birth control? the weight issue is depressing me?
how can i lose weight without exercising?
why am i so skinny ?
Music when exercising?
Do you eat more or less when you are depressed?
Hey I'm a cutter I have?
What are some good meds for depression?
what are the effects of air pollution ?
Electric cigarettes?
question about smoking in the work place?
How do you quit smoking cold turkey, whats the best method, cutting back, or just abruptly quitting?
sore throat cant talk well?
OK i've smoked ciggarettes, two a day for some time now.?
**HELP! i have to get braces! i need advice! please answer!?
Is there a way to strengthen teeth?
I'm scared to get my cavities filled.....any suggestions? Last time the gas they gave me didn't work...help
Will my teeth fall out? Do you have any thoughts/advice?
do braces hurt the next day after u get them?
how can you make a scrape heal faster?
what is the best way to make muscles?
what causes de ja vu (in your opinion)?
I have a habit thats driving me crazy. i scratch my scalp,it don't even itch. I just pick at it.?
What does the drug 'St John's Wort' actully do for your health?
Can marijuana make you sick?
What are the dangers of smoking pot?
dandruff cure :D :D :D?
Does everyone sweat no matter the condition of the climate?
my g-pa died of lung cancer, will i?
Pregnant and just diagnosed with cancer?
What do I do now?
When do you think my grampa will die..?
Is it ok to stop taking your blood pressure medicine?
High blood pressure have you found a more effective way of controlling it than by using prescription drugs?
how can i help my mom control her blood pressure?
i took some viagra and i have been hard for about 8 days now is this bad?
Why don't our pet dogs, or cats, ever die of heart disease?
how can i sleep immediately?
i just burned my face..help!?
Getting rid of bad breath.?
Does a "growling" stomach really mean you're hungry?
I really want to die...Somebody please help me..?
What will happen if someone takes 5 packets of Tylenol (Paracetamol) at once?
I feel suicidal and need somebody to talk to anyone please?
My nose is running. Where the h#$% does all the snot keep coming from?
how to stop a bloody nose?
Extremely dry eyes! What do I do?
Blisters from EVERY shoes I wear!?
whats the best way to treat a burn on your tongue "PLEASE HELP"?
EMERGENY help help!!?
Bee stings...?
Ear piercing infection! help!?
Standing up or sitting down; how do you wipe your butt?
My doctor and a med student. Can I ask the student to leave? (privacy)?
how do i know if i have a yeast infection?
How to catch Voldemort?
i have cancer and don't know who to leave my millions of dollars with?
Should I smoke ONE cigarette?
My dad has cancer and im really struggling to cope, can anyone offer help?
Where physically on my body does gallbladder pain occur?
shortest time known of someone getting cancer from smokeless tobacco?
What causes a person in their early 40's to get shakes and or small tremors for no apparent reason?
how do i tell him?
Everytime I walk up the stairs, my legs feel like they aren't getting enough oxygen.?
Do black people get black dandruff?
Does any one know anything good to drink or eat that helps prevent or get rid of acne?
I need to know how oxygen enters your lungs?
How do you keep warm on a freezing cold morning?
Is sleeping on the phone dangerous?
Can I get anxiety pills over the counter?
i lost my voice over the weekend.... how can i get it back?
Do u think Technology is making us lazy ???
my head hurts really bad and i need headacke relief but i have no medecine help!!!!!!!!!?
When and if you die, would you prefer burial or cremation...or something else?
How many of you know your Blood Type (O,A,B or AB)? Please say what it is, if you do...?
what are the safe steps in doing my own ear piercing?
I stuck a dime in my ear. now it wont come out. is that bad? and its starting to bleed.?
im fat. :[?
whats your thoughts of a female who is 5'9" and 111 lbs ..?
Am I of normal weight?
How can I gain weight?!!?
What dress size do you consider to be fat for a woman?
is a 130 pound 5'2" 30year old average woman skini or fat? what you think!?
Ear piercing bleeding 6 month old?
My partner's jaw hurts on one side when he eats!?
What are good home remedies to use for toothaches?
help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee :(?
Coughing fits related to allergies?
What are you allergic to?
Can anyone advise me on sinus problems?
My stupid alarm won't wake me up anymore!! Suggestions?
what is the cure for bad breath and body odor?
Help! We just had a family Crisis.?
My childs father has moved on w/ another women. I'm so upset all the time and miss him. What can I do ?
When eating ANIMAL CRACKERS, do you imagine you're TORTURING the ANIMALS?
how many people are awake right now?
What to do if you are feeling suicidal? Seriously?
Why is my heart fluttering?
I ate a pill on the floor of my office and now my heart is racing?
high pulse rate, do i need to worry and what can cause it?
How does the heart continue beating after removal from the body?
What's the difference between being allergic to medication/food and not being able to tolerate it?
i touched pepper spray and then i picked my nose...?
Whats best treatment for a burn?
PLEASE HELP whats wrong with my butt? :(?
Help!!!!! bumps on the back of my arms??
Does putting toothpaste on your face really help get rid of acne?
Why does my face dry and peel enormously after a shower? Any help on getting rid of this?...?
How come when a woman farts, it doesn't smell as bad as when a man does?
I started taking diet pills and I can't stop having headached?
Can teenagers under 15 have depression?
How do I stop myself from being tired?
I'm going to visit my friend in a psych unit tomoro. What can I do to make her feel better?
My 7 year old so was HALLUCINATING! Help me!?
Daughter been told could have mental illness like bipolar, she gets top marks at school. How can this be right?
I smoke 60 cigs a day will i be ok?
i laugh at lung cancer, i smoked now fer the past 6 years, nothing happened yet, im not going to get?
I can sue the company I worked for if I found out that I was using chemicals known to cause cancer?
when i scratch my scalp i get white stuff in my nails?
Whats a good Acne Treatment?
I have eczema -- what's the best lotion to use? I find that many make the itching worse!?
Really need acne help??!!?
Are mercury fillings poisonous?
What can be done about my teeth?
What is the point of brushing your tongue?
How does the human mind know to keep breathing when we are sleep?
does anyone know what's inside glowing stiks,braclets or necleses.Will it make my kid sick if he cut open one?
Scarred for life?
I fell and hit my head on a TV; there's a 3/4" cut that's bleeding a little bit. Do I need stitches?
Doggy stung by bee?
does a mosquito get drunk if it bites you when you're drunk?
Is coloring on your finger bad for your skin?
my baby has got nappy rash please help.?
how can i loose weight without any exercise?
Is a PB and J sandwich a good substitute for fatty school food?
Am i overweight???????
How do you sustain the will power to lose weight?
5'4'', 126 lbs, size 6. is this fat?
whats the easiest way to loose weight?
I don't like smokers, and refuse to be friends with any.?
what is nicotine exactly?
I have a cough with pleghm, I don't know what to do?
What can i eat? Im allergic to Gluten...?
Conflicting info on sausage in a gluten free diet. can you help?
allergys or not?????
Splinter-Removing Help Needed!?
A stranger's fingernail cut me, should I be concerned?
Any home remedy relief for heartburn other than baking soda (tried that).?
my son was just diagnosed with a heart murmur. the doctor said i shouldn't be concerned. should i be?
I'm having bizarre attacks. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
who's mor elikely to have high blood pressure - someone angry or someone depressed?
I'm insane?
How do you stop hating yourself and everyone around you?
Is this normal? I don't know if somethings wrong...?
Please help me understand what's going on.......PLEASE!!!!?
Over emotional and crying for no reason...?
Do I sound strong or weak?
What do i do im 17 with cancer?
Can Cancer go away or is it there permanently?
i smoke 4 cigaretts a day is it good or bad?????????
Why are most of us afraid of cancer?
what do you guys think about smokers?
OWW!!!! Im in so much pain!!!!!!!!?
Mulitiple painkillers...what are the risks?
Bad headache, Loss of feeling in arms & legs, sickness...?
I'm sick. What can I do thats easy and fun to keep me occupied?
I just swallowed a piece of rubber. How do I throw it up, cause I don't want it to cause damage or anything!
How do you sleep?
10 points best answer...Under arm sweat?!?
I lost my voice, how do I get it back?
How safe is it to eat 'Expired' food and drinks, like Chips, Popcorns and Mountain Dew, Coke?
My girlfriend is lactose intolerant, will this affect her consuming my man milk?
help with alergys!!!!?
i haven't got any fillings at the moment but i'm due to have two tomorrow.?
Can getting your wisdom teeth cause headaches?
Do you have your wisdom teeth still?
What's so great about a tan?
What is ringworm , what are the symptoms , and how do you get it?
Going to the doctor,My arm full of cutting scars..?
Why did he do this to me? WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?! :-( Get me out of this ugly dark skin.?
I am an addict and I need help. I don't want to go to jail............?
Question about High Temperature?
(HELP) My Toe Nail Is Falling Out...????
I'm in the medical field but I can't figure this one out. Maybe because it me and not a patient.?
How much do you smoke?
What testing methods are used for determining if smoking is bad for people.?
What does it mean when someone says you have a "touch of pneumonia"? ?
can someone help me on smoking?
I am allergic to sugar?
Does local honey really provide relief from allergies?
My daughter would like to eat seafood(crab, shrimp, crawfish), but, she can't. She's allergic to it.?
My nose will not stop draining into my throat. This has been happening for 7 hours now!?
hey random question about aids?
heartburn hell?
10 points if you answer truthfully :)?
im 13 and i have been having breathing problems?
hellp do they hurt?
What do you take to get rid of a headache?
BRACES....any answer would help :)?
I'm 38 yrs old and still only have three wisdom teeth, will the fourth ever grow and could it be problematic?
does getting a filling hurt?
i'm having an op on my mouth next mon! does a needle hurt ? ?
I just swallowed my lip bar?
Hot water splashed on my face? ?
What do I do if I got bit by a spider? It doesn't seem too serious, but the bite really hurts!?
My ribs are showing through my skin. How do I make it not show?
ive a huge..........................?
why can't there be a cure for the common cold?
I cant get the 8 hours of sleep?
What is the least painful and possibly the quickest way to kill yourself?
What Would You Do If A Crazy Person Tried To Kill You?
is there any point in living?
what do people with cancer do to pass the time while they are having chemotherapy?
What does cancer mean to you..... in one word?
My Mom has primary liver cancer, probably inoperable, any advice?
what causes cancer? does eating meat?
why is my blood pressure so high?
19 yr old heart attack?
Is it true that you have maximum 10 years to live after open-heart surgery?
How is caffeine good for the heart and brain?
Should I smoke weed????
if i smoke what happends to me?
How do I make myself stay up late?
Should I go to the hospital?
What is America's #1 killer?
Am I insane? Paranoia?
i would burst into tear for no apparent reason?
Is this a condition? Is there a name for it .lol?
Be honest. If you're not mentally ill, how do you view people who are?
Is it within one's limits to go in or control one's depression?
How do i get rid of Phlegm and mucus in my throat??? Please help for god's sake?
Anaphylactic reaction to fish vapors?
my right eye feels swollen and hurts ?
im very gaseous when i eat cheese and drink milk or eat eggs and drink milk?
Badly injured please help me....?
Weed/Drug Test Tomorrow Help?
why do brits have yellower teeth?
I'm having 6 baby teeth pulled out today! How do I deal with the pain?
( POINTS)After i get my braces on, how long will it take before i notice a difference?
Im getting braces...read details! PLEASE?
smoking cigarettes and throwing up?
i have got really bad bad chest pains and breathing heavy?
what is wrong with me? i feel worse than yesterday?
I got hit in the kidney a week ago, now I'm peeing blood. Should I go to the doctor?
What should I do for my daughter's bruised, swollen finger?
I wanna break a bone or be seriously injured any ideas?
how can i break my right arm? (ten point 4 best answer)?
Hellp! I think that i may need to go to the docter!!?
How can i get rid of acne/zits in a week?
Can anyone give me the name of a lip balm that really works to "cure" chaped lips? Chapstick isn't working.
uhhh i need help someone please awnser?
How to cure acne naturally in 3 days?
Brother was bitten? EMERGENCY! Help.?
how long should stitches be left in?
Why is my tri-cep twitching? It has been doing this now for 4 hours. What is the cause?
What would you do if your sis in law, got raging mad for forgeting to pick up her daughter?
My mom got bit by some insect/bug but we have no idea what it is?
What are some ways to stop the itch of a mosquito bite?
what is the best thing to put on a cold sore?
What things could you sincerely suggest to avoid getting too stressed out at work?
How many cups of water is 1.5 L of water?
When you have an unpopped boil, should you pop it or what?
If girls aged 12-13 were to get the cervical cancer vaccine, what would the effects be on the future?
my friend lied about having terminal cancer?
Hi. I've been diagnosed with leukemia, I'm really really really scared. I need word of advice Anybody?
Why would a Christian pastor get cancer if he's done nothing but good things most of his life?
Am I Crazy ?!!? PLEASE Anwser didnt get anwsers on other question PLEASE. Thank you.?
[[ BORED ]] How twisted would you say your mind is?
ADHD !!! what the frikin hell?!?!?
What medication is good for anger?
Why does depression hurt SO MUCH?
should i go to the doctor for my knee?
Cant Fall Asleep!!!!! Please help.?
i'm scared! what are my chances of having HIV/AIDS?
My Dad / AIDS Please Help!?
It will bite but it has no teeth?
what will motrin 800 do?
Advice for my braces?? ppl with braces Only!?
Do you guys brush your teeth in the shower????? :O?
Braces? What should i do?
I keep on getting nose bleeds really randomly !!!?
Anyone have idea for severe allergies without taking steroids? OTC meds don't work at all, Thanks in advance
Ihave a REALLY sore throat its so swollen i feel like gaging !!?
How do i cure allergies to dust mites?
Spider bite?
How do i take a shower without anyone helping me?
Do i have insomnia?
Nosebleed Alot!? Please help!!!!!!!!!!?
cat bite numb hand help....?
Mosquito repellent help?
how do u get rid of strept throat?
how do i get rid of a cold quickly?
Does my daughter need a well child checkup at 6yrs?
I have a cousin who is bed ridden and the hospice nurse says she is dieing. What are the steps of dieing?
I really wanna gain weight!?
What's a good remedy for a really bad back ache? I've gotten a back rub, and tried Tylenol. Any ideas?
Why do people cut their wrists?
Is there some type of glue to heal a heart that's breaking?
I like to fart. Is this ok?
need help getting to sleep!? and how many hours should i get?
ugh, i'm so sick of acne medicines CLAIMING to work. ):?
Werid question about zits?
if i have a scar on my face will neosporin help?
blackheads on my??????????????
I think I'm dying. The following are symptoms?
How can I cure my hiccups?
stinky breath! is this bad?
does it hurt to get your braces off?
I've just brushed my teeth today, and there was blood in the sink. I don't understand why?
I have not brushed my teeth in 4 moths I am doing this to get my all my teeth decayed what next help speed the?
What are you allergic to?
if you had a cigarette and didn't have a light for it in the house what would or could you use ?
Can you live if your appendix bursts? ?
Should taxes be raised on vegetables?
My boyfriend was laying down w/ my head on his chest and I could hear wheezing. What does it mean?
my eyes hurt realy bad?
I have to pee alot,does anyone have this problem?
i have allergies, not asthma, but i cant run straight for even 10 minutes?
Please help, my 6 years old daughter is having skin allergy, don't know what's the causes of it..?
I'm sick... *Sniffle, Cough* ... Please help!?
Have a sinus infection and I'm on the Z-pack antibiotic?
does anyone know anything about eczema?
Why would an adult start getting acne all of a sudden?
My head hurts really bad...i got hit?
How can i stop cutting myself?
i was in a car accident 5 days ago i have lower back pain and rib pain & feels horrible should i see a doctor?
What's the worst injury you have ever had?
i think i have a std and don't have health insurance help?
can you get hiv from the following:?
Why do some people grind their teeth when they sleep and what can be done to stop it?
Why do people stereotype british people's teeth?
why doesn't everyone brush there teeth?
Do you feel sorry for Jade Goody now that she has cancer?
i'm always tired.......?
Fruit Allergy Question?
i have a mole that keeps growing and growing?
I have acne. After I wash my face, should I moisturize?
HOW CAN I GET RID OF LICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do you get stretch marks?
I want to commit suicide in order to help my family?
How do you stop yourself from being so insecure?
Does anyone else hate the sound of people swallowing/eating. ? I HATE IT?
Why do they sterilize needles for leathel injection?
HELP! is it dangerous to sleep with..
I need your help please!!!?
What should i put on a VERY bad sunburn?
why can't we put a qtip in our ear?
my 15 yr old has a sty on her eyelid?
please don't say this is stupid?
I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this, but...?
do u need braces.................?
i need some braces help/advice?
How can i prove to my doctor that i don't have asthma?
My best friend is coughing up a greyish black mucus! Does anyone know what it is? (she doesn't smoke) Thanks!
I've been really sleepy lately??
Why does swine flu have this name?
Do you believe these new diseases are released by drug companies so they can make millions selling Vaccines?
I think I'm bi-polar?
I'm always unhappy no matter what I do...help?
Why can't I just snap out of it?
I'm 14 and confused about life, Please help me?
If Jesus was standing in front of you, what would you say?
Do you think he has a disorder/ problem?
Can sinusitis go away on its own? Or, once I have it will I always have it?
why are my hands cold and purple?!?
How do I get rid of poison ivy on my infant?
I have had Acne since I was a teenager now I am 26. I am desperate?
my face looks disguisting?
I spilled bleach on myself?
Wart, on left hand first finger. How to get rid of it?!?
Is there a name for the condition of having nightmares every night and waking up crying?
If you were to change lives with someone who would it be???
My cat has a cut behind his right ear it wasnt bad at first but now its swolen...what do i do?
What is a normal weight for a fifteen year old female?
What is your favorite way to wake up?
does it hurt when you get a snake bite piercing??
Painful sunburn?
I got bit by a German Shepard and have a black puncture wound. Please help?
Can drinking milk relieve or get rid of indigestion/heartburn??
Braces. What do they do to you?
I'm so scared of the dentist!?
how long should I be brushing my teeth for?
Do you think I'm fat?
Im trying to lose weight so i want to start drinking a lot of water during the day but i really hate the taste?
why do cigarette smokers always look for excuses for why they can't quit?
Why does cancer stop hair growth?
not sure whether i'm intitled to a bus pass for travelling to and from hospital.?
Does school cause death?
I have a very difficult time concentrating. I keep fantasying- I can't stop it. Do I need professional help?
How can i stop my sunburn from hurting?
What happens if you get bleach into an open cut that is bleeding a little still?
having trouble sleeping at night? what should i do other than taking drugs?
What can be used to help relieve the pain of a grease burn on a thumb?
what are the signs of being bitten by a spider?
Why shouldn't you pop a blister?
how do i treat a burn?
Would cold weather cause flu?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
I swallowed a worm! What should i do?
smoking weed, is it bad for you?
Should I tell my boyfriend that I got herpes from his dad?
I feel EXTREMELY depressed now.?
My mom won't let me take my medication!?
what do u do when you're irritated???
I think Im catching a cold what do i do?
Would you swim with a person who's HIV positive?
I took xanax, and also got a swine flu shot. am i going to die.?
Do I have a cold sore?
Acne ........................?
if i was taking about a gash, what would you think i was talking about?
My mum is in the next room and is snoring SO LOUD even over my earplugs which is rare and I cant sleep!?
i can't breathe?
After having laser eye surgery. Is it true that you'll probably go blind within 10 years?
Why do people chose to ruin their bodies?
Any remedies for a bug bite?
Are there certain parts of the body that heal faster then others?
If you are only a 13 year old boy, is it all right to punch a girls teeth out???
what happens when the earth and all life on earth disappears.?
Does anyone know any home treatment for broken ribs?
How come when you get a concussion, you're not supposed to go to sleep?
can you brake your bum ?
My teeth are horrible?
does it hurt worse ot have a cavity filled on your top tooth or bottom tooth?
ok i am 18 and i have to get 2 root canals do they hurt i need 2 know be for monday?
Are Dentists trustworthy?
how long does it take when u brush ur teeth?
whats the best way to get rid of a hickey?
sun burn...any ideas?
Throat pain after kissing girl? * PLEASE HELP, BEST ANSWER :POINTS!?
How to relieve cold symptoms? Any suggestions?
how do i know if my daughter has a cold or swine flu?
Could you name a virus that can be cured?
Is the stomach virus going around contagious? ?
Does it sound like I have the swine flu?
I have very severe seasonal allergies, can anyone tell me how to make them stop?
Does the Neti Pot actually work?
every time i cut an onion, i seem to tear up, could this be some sort of allergic reaction?
are hives dangerous?!??!?
I am allergic to my favorite necklace!! how can i fix this?
Is it possible to have a adverse reaction to..?
how do i get over my fear of fighting someone?
have to get to sleepNOW but I can't!!!?
he gave me herpes what should i do?
please somebody help! i'm so dizzy.?
I broke my ankle over a year ago, still having problems!!?
How bad does a wasp and a bee sting hurt?
my son got a kick on the side of his head today and was knocked out for a few minutes,what do i do?
How come some people die when they cut there wrist and some don't?
panic attacks?................................…
How does smoking shorten lifespan?
What is kerry katonas illness?
Whst are the Pro's and Con's of Smoking?
i know a girl who?
How many times do we have to change our underwear?
is it normal for a baby to have light seizures in there sleep or shake as though it's a seizure.?
PLEASE help me!??? !!!?
what are the procedures to having your stomach pumped before you call an ambulance ?
Why did she bite me in the neck? AGAIN?
I accidentally swallowed a magnet. Will I be okay?
will cricking my neck do me any harm?
can a 16 year old girl have a heart attack?
I have to take a treadmill test whilst wired to an ECG on Tuesday?
heart attack?
I have had very massive headaches what could be causing this ?
The way my dad eats REALLY annoys me?
Please help ! .... thank you?
Why can't I get high?
Can you be allergic to anti-allergy medications?
I am lactose intolerant...?
How can a person get AIDS?
AIDs - can you get this by doing...........?
is it dangerous for my 17month old to come in to close contact with my 5 year old son who has the chicken pox?
should we avoid eating pig products because of the swine flu ?
What are all the states swine flu is In right this miunte?
Can strep throat come back?
what's wrong with my finger?
I'm scared...please help me!?
when i say the word cancer.......?
cervical cancer injections for teenage girls?
why is so many people getting cancer?
constant back pain after car accident?
thumb nail is split halfway down. tape? or superglue?
I have a pain in the foot?
Loose hairs?
What 20 items do I need in a first aid kit?
I am allergic to all sugars including natural, yeast & white flour. Are there any beers and wines I can drink?
how can i cure a common cold fast?
wasp and bee stings, one you use vinegar the other bicarbonate of soda, forgot which for which,?
How do I sneeze like a normal person? I have to pinch my nose to keep from blowing snot every where.?
Can I get HIV this way?
M.E. Its not real. It's a lazy persons illness. Don't you agree?
If you get bitten by too many mosquitoes can any thing happen to you?
How to get rid of flu quickly (for tomorrow)?
How do I keep people from knowing about my vampire disease?
How can you help a friend who self harms?
What are your fears??
I can't sleep. Anyone got any good natural methods to get to sleep?
can i use a tack to pierce my ear?
How long can you have HIV before you start to show symptoms?
Teen troubles. I'm a single Mom. Help!?
My doctor is messed up.?
This happened 20 minutes ago, I don't know what to do?
Is it normal to want to be alone?
Does Aloe Vera help take away Acne?
Am I alergic to this deodorant?
what should I use to get rid of my acne, I've tried basically everything.?
how do you get a hickey off?
What should I do about my foot?
My toe nail is about to fall off?
Something is wrong with my anus ?
How Contagious Is Mononucleosis?
My twins (4) don't sit down to eat, any suggestions?
should i be worried about getting HIV from someone bumping into me?
swine flu in family.....need help!!!?
Isn't it an interesting coincidence that Lou Gherig had Lou Gherig's disease?
What is the best way to keep the immune system at it's best?
I swallowed poison, emetic help!?
I Can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!
Are you supposed to feel like you just took a shower after having your teeth cleaned by your dental hygienist?
How often should you dispose of your toothbrush and replace with a new one?
is the tooth fairy real??????????????????
Is 26 yrs old too late to get braces?
Is this a typical allergic reaction or is it herpes?
My nephew has a peanut allergy? can he eat coconuts?
I've got bursitis in my hip. What can I do to alleviate the pain?
how to take out a tiny splinter?
PLEASE HELP!! Why is the top of my right ear warming up?
What do I do for a tick bite?
How do you help someone having an asthma attack?
is weed bad for lungs?
i feel SO anxious ,just gave up smoking, will it stop??
Which one Are you :?
Do smokers deserve to get sick?
Terminal cancer - Will I know when I'm in my last few mins, or just go to sleep unaware then stop breathing?
I am a cancer survivior - What should I do now?
what cigarette do people start out with?
Fear of needles!?!?!?
When a person has a venomous snake bitten on his neck, what is the proper first aid?
How do I make the itching stop?!!! HELP.?
My eyes are burning. Just got done cooking. Why?
If a person goes to the hospital and ends up admitted can they check out themselves?
what can i do to combat a false positive drug screen or test?
I feel so huge. I am 5'8 and 143 pounds. I know I am fat. What can I do to loose weight?
are my love handles bad?
am i over weight or underweight?
Does drinking a gallon of water help you get built body wise?
Any lip balm recommendations for MEN??? Vaseline won't cut it because it makes lips too shiny and girly lol.
Aids came from the black race or from the white race ?
Ever broken a leg or anything else?
Please I'm desperate! I lost my voice and i really want it back!?
My eyes have been twitching for over a month! What do I do?
Why am i feeling so sensitive lately?
I'm a loner?
Have you ever come to a point where you can't take anymore?
Is it okay to cry in therapy
How do i stop hurting myself?
Is this normal?????!!?
About repeated lower abdominal pain and pain after urination.Does it affect my chances of not having a baby?
I lost my band-aid in my bed. What do I do? Is it possible to spread germs, bacteria, or possibly diseases?
What is this VERY BAD bug bite?
How do I tell the special people in my life that I'm going away for a while to get the help that I need?
help!!! super SORE back teeth! T.T?
What are some good braces colors?
What are the easiest ways to eliminate bad breath?Any advice?
im 16 and need help?
what to do about a mole?
Is it ok to have a fore skin?
what are moquito's attracted to? please answer.?
whats a good remedy for mosquito bites?
I done cut off mah fingers on mah right hand! But ah kin still tipe. Does ya think I should go to the hopsital
My friend has a spider bite what should we do?
12 hour nosebleed??
Can you get an allergy from an anti allergy drug?
How do I blow my nose effectively?
How to get rid of a stuffy nose without medicine?
how do i stop snoring? help!?
Someone smoked in the same house as my 2 year old :(?
i was born with a slight murmur on my heart?
What is the best first aid/cure for a broken heart?
Margarine or butter?
Anxiety attacks can they be cured?
blood pressure reading of 115/70 is this normal or to low? I had just ate like 30 min earlier.?
Does angina mean I'm having a heart attack?
what could be wrong?
What's the longest you've gone without showering?
Should I stop taking my antidepressants?
Self-harm at 15. successful ways to stop and cope with life?
Can't believe I'm actually asking about this...?
Should I tell my mother or my grandmother first?
how do you break your left wrist?
What is the worst Worst injury you've ever had?
What's the worst pain you've ever felt?
.-My Girlfriend has not had a bowl movement in 3 dayz and as just tried a suppositoreies but is scared?
Vampire Disease???????
DO I HAVE SWINE FLU? i live in NY city?
How do you catch that swine flu?
Help! I was bitten by a cow two days ago. Should I be tested for mad cow disease. Going mad with worry!?
How contagious is Swine Flu?
I have cancer, anything to do before I die?
Can I get paid to take care of my mom?
I last smoked pot over 30 days ago and just took a few hits. Can this be detected in a hair follicle test?
How do you deal with the news that you have cancer?
How can I pop my ear? I can't hear out of it and its going to hurt when i pop it.... :/ ?
I'm turning 40. Advice to cheer a guy up?
hey everybody my fiance just had a baby boy "jamie" 6lb 11oz over the moon.yeeehaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!?
How can i stop smoking weed?
Little Debbie Brownies with the candies on them???
Nearly thirty, never been athletic, what's the best sport to pick up and why?
Is it gross that I don't wash my arms and legs?
Does anyone know what causes a rash under a ring on your finger?
My forehead is always covered in acne how do i fix this?
I'm just plain depressed and i dont know who i am anymore. i really need some advice! please anything.?
I'm 32 years old and my dad hung himself when he was 57, and so did my grandfather- both the same age?
Autistic Kid Harassing me?
(SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)(HELP)Can you die from drinking to much water?
Hand Poisoning?
how can i grow taller?
If you belong to a fitness gym, how much do they charge per hr, for child care?
Help!! How can I improve my eyesight?
Shots, important question!!!!!!!!!?
what does it mean when u get hiccups 2 days in a row?
Soooo i got a ring stuck on my finger!!!?
stitches...One of my friends fell last night carrying trays of glasses.. too late for stitches?
I got a bee bite and it itches very bad?
How long after a cat or dog has been in a house is it safe to assume all the pet dander has died?
anyone know how to treat rashes(like) in arms..they look like goose bumps and they're not itchy.?
is acne an allergy ?? is acne an allergy ?
People stare at my smile.. first I was flattered.. now it's just bothering..?
Wisdom Teeth Removal?
What Happens If you don't wear braces?
Anybody here ready for bed?
Please help me. I'm having a Blood Test. I'm terrified of needles. Will it hurt ? Really don't want it. SCARED
does aloe vera help sunburn?
hi ive got self harm scars that i need to hide any ideas how to do it?
A girl who attacked me 9 years ago is working at the doctor's surgery i go to,can she gain access to my record?
How do i heal my broken heart?
Why Do I Sleep So Much?
I just want to quit smoking !!!!!! how ?
I need to stop cutting but I dont know how?
How can i not be afraid anymore?
Will you ever be happy?
does everyone do stupid thing's from time to time?
I heard lemon juice is good for healing acne scars, I have some lemon juice how do I use it on my skin?
What do you think is the leading cause of obesity among children in today's world?
What is the best diet drink?
How long can you last without eating?
How much do I look like I weigh now?
What is a painless and quick way to die?
How do you force yourself to fall asleep?
I don't believe my dentist?
Do braces make me ugly?
Funny taste in my mouth?
Braces question:?
What would you do if you found out you had HIV?
I just got back from Mexico last week.. Swine flu or no?
Has the swine flu 'pandemic' been blown out of proportion?
I may have swine flu!? Please help!?
anybody sick right now or getting sick?
why have I got puffy eyes?
are expired allergy meds ok to take?
If you are lactose intolerant, can you still consume soy milk?
Is it possible for a person to be allergic to alcohol?
Good allergy remedies/medicines?
Is poor circulation associated with heart disease.?
What actions should one take after surviving a heart attack?
What should the figures read on a blood pressure machine for one to be normal? What is the normal heart rate?
In desperate need of help....?
Should i go to the hospital?
what does 'bipolar' mean?
What is the best cure for the Winter blues?
Do Clowns suffer from Jesticular cancer?
question about jades cancer?
do u think there will ever be a cure for cancer?
I Have Cancer, but I don't want to tell anyone, I feel alone?
can animals get aids?
what can i do to go negitivee on a piss test right before?
Is it safe to drink your boyfriend's pee?
is there a chance of me having aids. plz answer and read i am so scared?
i got so high last night that i ended up in the hospital!?
I only slept 4 hours, I can't go to sleep!?!?
Can't sleep?
Can i be allergic to bananas, tomatoes, and cucumbers?
What are the symptoms of wheat and gluten intolerance please?
Sinus Infection!?
i fractured my foot 2 weeks ago and now its turning blue and purply is this normal?
i think i broke my toe?
I accidentally cut myself, but my mom's going to think I did it on purpose. Can someone help me?
Was I wrong?..................?
What causes severely rotten teeth in younger people?
After you've been crying...?
I did doorbell ditch and now I'm guilt what do i do?
....Do you like Italy?..?
what happens if an ingrown toenail doesn't get taken care of?
Ingrown toenail, need help ASAP.?
Why are my hands and feet always cold?
How can I get rid of the dry cracks on my feets' soles?
Please help me with my acne!?
What is a good acne removal product?
What is the dangly/wiggly thing hanging at the back of the throat called?
I'm always cold.. Anyone know why?
Suicide a good option ?
I think I'm depressed but I need advice.?
i think i have depression but my mom doesn't want to take me to the doctor what should i do?
I have anger inside of me and I dont know how to let it out?
what doe's D.N.A. stand for?
i need to get a doctors note for work before tomorow. the thing is my doctor won't give me one?
Why am i always cold?
What's all the controversy about Antibiotics? Are they bad for you?
I'm having an operation soon, and I'm really worried....?
What do you do when you feel like you are going to pass out?
Heart attack?
a frd of mine bites her lips to the extent tht they hurt.she cant stop! help!?
Can you walk gracefully with a stack of books on your head?
What happens if you don't take a splinter out?
what are the effects and consequences of huffing paint and other products?
My 9 month old just ate a bite of a cigarette. What do I do?
how do i stay awake for the whole night?
What should I give my baby to treat him from diaper rashes?
my right arm hurts so bad especially in the morning. is that arhritis? am 56 yrs.old.?
how can i heal faster?
Cracked finger and now it hurts really bad?
How do I "pop" a dislocated shoulder back into it's socket?
please help my addiction to yahoo answers?
Im Very Worried Like Crazy!?
Please help me all suggestions are welcome?
Has anyone had their teeth whitened?
i need help to ease the pain with braces!!!?
wisdom teeth?
What can I do about broken teeth?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled out at 1:00PM today. I have to play drums at 4:30 tonight. Is it possible?
Bite on my neck? please help
Is there a word that you're really uncomfortable using?
I'm 15 and smoke..........?
What happens if your friend has H.I.V. and you used that persons lip gloss? PLLLZZZZZZZ HELP!!?
If I kiss my boyfriend, will he get sick too?
What would you call this condition, its really serious. need the name for it please?
do i have swine flu ?
Is the Swine flu for real?
will the swine flu vaccine become mandatory?
My Brother got Chicken pox 11 days ago .. now he's recovering 80% .. but i don't know i wheather will get it .
Confused about swine flu?
can you get swine flu over the Internet?
Which is the most common disease ?
How do you tell a 4year old boy that His Mother has breast cancer?
I have pain in my breast, chest, upper back & neck but scared to go to to doctor and find out its cancer?
Does your bed partner's snoring keep you awake ?
Where can i smoke without mum knowing?
Why are smokers attracted to garbage science to prove that smoking is good?
Do I have the swine flu?
every time i smoke cannibis i get really bad wheezing chest?
Should I take steroids?
broken heart = literal heart hurting?
21 yr/o female. having heart palpatations. chest pain. tightness.?
Extremely TIRED!!?
I have to urinate every 2 hours or so...it feels like my bladder is really full but it last like 10 seconds??
Why don't cows die of heart attacks if milk is high in fat and cholesterol?
Is anybody else appalled at the inability of people on this site to write a coherent sentence?
What's the best way to combat stress?
I am depressed as my IQ is too high; what can I do?
how to get rid of a small mole?
how to get rid of acne by friday?
Is there something wrong with me? Im different and Im concerned?
blood test shows im low in iron?
I dropped my retainer in the toilet?
i just had gum surgery i need some quick relief ...my teeth &gums hurt?
Tell me your own personal experience of wisdom teeth removal?
Should wisdom teeth be pulled? Or is it ok to let them grow in?
I have a question about braces?
question anyone can answer?
Have you ever sprained your ankle?
how to break your arm?
what have you broken?
is it possible to survive without showering for 3 years?
I have a fever blister on the side of my tongue, what can I do/use to ease the pain?
If I drink this Ipecac syrup - will it work?
No insurance, but I have an ear infection. Will they still treat me?
Should I go to the hospital?
How do i stop my migraines?
i hurt my knee..?
how can i fix my back when my insurance wont pay for therapy?
I have bloody stools SOMETIMES and they go all squidgy and ploppy and bad abdominal pain... What do I do?
would you donate one of you kidneys to someone?
do u thank i got a sleep disorder?
Am I being mentally abused?
I can't stand my job. How do I cope with it?
What's the best way to halp my friend?
Do you think im addicted?
If You've Ever Self Harmed?
4 year old with 3 verrucas on foot whats the best way to get rid of them?
There are little red bumps on my hands, lower arms, neck and now they're spreading to the rest of me. help!
how do i get rid of......?
when was acne discovered?
Am i Deppressed? i mean like the physical condition?
i stepped on a screw and it pierced my foot to about 1 cm, what should i do?
whats a good time to sleep if you have to wake up at 6am?
Doctor Question?
What is the difference between day time sleep and night time sleep?
Help with bruising and swelling??!!?
I was cooking and a drop of cooking oil accidentally got into my eye.?
Are bi polar women difficult to deal with?
Is it possible to get stiches near your throat?!?
How do I get several splinters out that have been in my finger tip for more than a year?
do you know someone who stutters/stammers and do you think it's funny??
No bowel movement in 4 days. Worried?
I have chronic diarreha. Is there anything I can take to stop it? Inmodium isn't working.?
Could I be an alcoholic?
Blowing blood outta my nose!! HELP!!!?
i have just woke i have mega hangover cure anyone???
What is the best way to unblock my ear, as it's been blocked with wax for over 1 month? I'm using olive oil...
I'm really paranoid!!!!?
Do you have herpes I heard a lot of people do?
I wore a pair of panties I bought at a yard sale and now I have an angry red rash. What will soothe it?
Are viral infections contagious?
How can i get my boyfriend to stop smoking pot?
does anybody know what I can take to stop coughing?
I accidently took Nyquil in the afternoon?
does a root canal treatment hurt?
what is the name of the disease that makes you can't remember what you just did?
What are the first signs of being anaemic ?
Have you ever heard of this?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
do i have an eating disorder? ?
Is there any ways to stop my back and shoulders from peeling? (I got a sunburn)?
what is the best conditioner?
How do I heal a small cut as quickly as possible?
What should i do if i have a water bubble blister on my foot?
how to tell,,,,,,,?
mosquito bites...... help?
How do you deal with a roommate who has poor hygiene skills?
Do I Have Swine Flu?
What is a good get well gift for a unwell 50 year old lady?
can you get chicken pox mare than once?
Do you think the Swine Flu is all a Scam?? what is your input on it!!?
Is Swine Flu officially in England?
Do you believe schools should remain closed in the autumn to prevent the spread of swine flu?
Should I pop these blisters (which are on my toes)? I've never gotten them before. HELP!?
Is it possible to twist your ankle on a trampoline?
cant get over it?
What's the best way to stop smoking?
What causes the sound of air swishing inside your head?
Have you ever had a family member diagonse with a CANCER?
Why can't we cure cancer? At least one form of it?
I have high cholesterol and I was wondering, can I eat anything that doesn't have cholesterol in it?
can someone just die from like a heart attack or stroke or do they feel it?
My dad is in a coma due to a heart attack. What are the common signs of waking up ? what do we hope to see ?
Why is my resting heart rate 76 beats per min?
does anyone know why people's breath stink?
Braces...What's The Procedure?
what is the best toothpaste to use ?
I'm no longer afraid of dying....at all. Should I be?
Do you know if anyone has dies from taking cocaine before?
My right nostral is very stuffed. It has been stuffed for while. Morning. afternoon, evening. It is insane.?
Anyone know if there is anything you can take to stop you from feeling agitated and shaky please?
Please name all foods that "have" gluten in them, other than wheat.?
My sis is allergic to lik all types of metal-nickel,gold,silver-she gets an ictchy rash how'd U stop the itch
how can I pass wind with out anybody knowing?
Really bad sunburn!?
if i was rape and what kind off hospital room will i bee in and which part of a hospital will i bee in ?
Omg!! I just got some soap in my right eye...will it be in there forever..cuz it stings really bad!!?
my fever just keeps going up?
how to help sunburn heal faster?
What kind of a bite/sting is this?
What type of bug bite is this?
what's the word that means when you are pretend to be sick all the time for pity?
i cant sleep at night?
Will the pain and tears ever stop?
STD from Dog is it possible? help...?
If 2 virgins can't give eachother or get STD from one another, how did anyone get STD?
Your supposed to drink so many gallons of water a day, but.......?
Abdominal Pain. Is it appedencitis, or gall bladder disease?! It's giving me a lot of toruble!?
how do u cure the hiccups?
My heart is crushed..I'm losing someone I love and I feel like dying..HELP!!?
Can you only be colorblind if your born with it? ?
Does Proactive Acne medication work?
4 yr olds finger is swollen and puss under nail bed wot infection is it and wot treatment?
I've got a weird blister thing going on downstairs. What could it be and should I go to doctor?
I'm having an anxiety attack! I get weird calls and I think someones out to get me!?
Do you think I'm insane?
Can't forgive myself.?
How would the surgeon fix my under bite? How much would it cost?
How can you convice someone to cover their wound?
How many glasses of grape juice should you drink each day?
What is a bug bite that has a red dot in the middle?
cut finger?
Do Humans eye's change color??
help burn problems?
PLEASE HELP!!! How can I get rid of a lovebite on my neck ASAP?
i have a sore throat that only hurts late at night and in the morning, why?
can a doctor tell i smoke?
I'm out of cigarettes...and I need one right now.what I can roll up and smoke untill I get a packet of cigaret?
Experiencing difficulties in breathing & coughing out blood! What may the cause?
Sore Throat or something else?
How do I cope with craving for a smoke?
Is laughing gas safe to use on a 12 yr old girl? PLEASE READ!!?
Mouth Ulcer... How can I make it go away?