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the pain that i had is gone now due to some meds. that i was taking and i thank ya'll fo tha input... holla
Chronic/severe pain patients?
how do i lose 10 lbs in 1 week without diet pills or gyms?
Why am I so hungry???
Single crutch walking?
i stubbed my toe?help?
Why is my right ankle swollen?
a shining star for my broken nose?
how long did/does it take to recover from a stretched muscle in lower back?
I burnt my finger on a pan this afternoon, what can I do for it?
did i break my baby toe??
Why do I stop breathing when I'm not thinking or sleeping?
What makes you fall asleep?
i feel lightheaded and have low blood pressure?
I need your help urgently?
Have you ever pretended to be a tree to escape the police?
Docs or professionals ONLY: Is it okay to take vitamins with orange juice?
When smoking a black & mild do you inhale the smoke?
cheek biting habit??
How to stop bladder leaks and accidents?
Survey : Why does everybody seem to want anti anxiety drugs these days?
Taking 3-4 hour naps daily. Is this normal?
How do you feel when you ask a question about a medical condition and a person responds w/"go to your doctor"?
What could happen if you don't eat and sleep?
Every once in a while my skin goes numb, not tingly foot's asleep numb but all over my body my skin feels less
is hanging yourself painfull ???????
Can this kill you...?
procedures of gauze bandage?
help i just got burned ?
Name Some Brands of Band Aids.?
What do you take for a bee sting?
how does it hurt?
wat u will do when some one is in a bad condition?
if you have cold sores do you deffently have herpes?
Mono Vision Contact Lenses VS Bifocal Contacts, do you have any experience with either or both?
Relief for Sore Eyes?
donate eyeglasses 33019?
Are there any tricks for making glasses with plastic frames stay up better?
i was trying to get my contact out and now my eye is bleeing?
Is it possible for nearsided eyes to get better natually? Just a TINY bit?
Does anyone know the fear of objects poking the eye?
Star this if you have eye floaters.I have shut my eyes so that I can't see them X(?
My heartrate is 80-90 beats per minute at rest, and...?
What happens if you smoke paper when you have a heart murmur?
when you are brought into the hospital because of a car accident, what blood tests do they do on you and what?
whats the answer to #49 on the vision test?
OK! guys interesting doctors and paramedics?
What is the feeling of a cold shiver spreading from my back when I am really depressed.?
what happens when you have heartburn?
Is it possible to rest without falling asleep?
Can anyone recommend a good, temporary sleep aid?
How can I tell if its infected?
Is there a remedy in Homeopathy for Psoriasis? Suggest the treatment?
Argentum Nitricum - have you tried it? What does it do for you?
Are there any natural treatment therapies for bipolar disorder?
What is a good home remedy or health food store remedy for chronic post nasal drip that causes a cough?
Nettles for hair regrowth?
What are the most effective herbal remedies to lower hypertension?
What new medicines were discovered during the 20th century?
Does anyone know the outcome of severe "IC" bladder disease?
Any tips for building yourself back up after having the flu?
can you tell your brain that your not sick and not be sick?
What can you tell me about Ecoli?
What causes the chest pain down the center of my chest ?
Digestive Problem any advice?
how do i strengthen my liver functions?
Why are some mental conditions considered a disease?
head lice on kids?
I've used heroin recreationaly for a long time..about 5 years now. Can it give me long term affects or cons?
Do you think killing yourself is selffish?
How do I raise my potassium without medication?
Does nail polish harm your nails?
Sinus infection...?
What causes your foot/hand to fall asleep?
pee alot at night and wake up every hour or so...?
How to quit smoking?
How do i kick the habit of cracking my knuckles?
Why are nurses so backstabbing?
is it bad to crack your knuckles?
42 male,IGE(Allergy) -2500, I am Taking Doxofylline and Montellukast Sodium & Levocetirize dihydrochloride?
I have severe flem build ups in my throat when eating or drinking what could be causing this?
How do I know my baby is not allergic to cats?
I was never allergic to cats, now I am. What's the deal?
Throughout the ages Have there always been Peanut Alergies....?
Tips of concentration, for a boy with a mild case of A.D.D.?
Do others really understand asthma or do they just think you bring it on yourself?
im a single mother with copd lung prombles in im tryign to get a oxygen constrater how can i get 1onmy income?
Anyone willing to share with me their feelings upon waking up from surgery and finding they are intubated?
What does it mean when your mouth constantly fills up with saliva?
Do we have hair in our lungs?!?!?!?!?
What remedy is useful for dry/cracked feet?
My 13 yr.old son has several moles on his chest and back. Since they're not cancerous my insurance will not?
Is there any way to relieve the pressure in the chest once Anklylosing spondilitis begins fusing?
what is the diffrence between meningococcus and meningitis?
is gaining my appetite back a sign that I'm recovering from cold/flu?
Is there a difference between oral herpes and cold sores? ?
Is there a home remedy for a Urinary Tract Infection?
What can I do so I stop getting conjuctivitis every month?
What diseases other than smallpox have been conquered by abandoning the search for a cure?
If you test positive for the ELSA test and the Western Blot test, can a doc argue that you don't have Lyme?
Strep throat how to keep it from spreading?
i have a white line on my left cheek i been have sore throat like every month?
What are the purpose of moles and what causes them?
does miracle happen?like a danger illnesss remove by itself & person well again?
what are the first signs of throat cancer??
What is your opinion or/and comments about the Chemotherapy using it as an method to control/cure cancer?
What is the best part of being an oncologist?
Can you get cancer from talking on your cell phone while it is hooked onto its charger?
When parents have a child that is dying from cancer...and they keep going?
what is the best medision for long mouth ulser?
Muscle Spasm in Eyelid won't go away!?
What could I do to feel a bit better?
When you have insomenia what do you do to try and fall asleep?
How can I lower my heart rate at bedtime?
get easy 10 pts. help with focusing?
Question about Antibiotic.?
ok..i know this is a dumb question but how come occasionally yourr brain feels like theirs something fuzzy on ?
What to do??
Hey, anyone on a weight loss journey here?
does it slow digestion to take a bath after a meal?
How can I discipline myself to do exercise daily?
Hi im amanda and i gain weight like i change my underwear =[ i dont know what to do please help?
Do people realise what a girl with 10% body fat looks like?
Can someone tell me about HPV?
How many people on Yahoo! Answers do you think have had or will have Chlamydia?
Why isn't the Doctor?
Panic!......panic !.......?
im sick, should i be worried?
How long does it take to quit smoking?
Are there any doctors out there that have a team that work their butts off figuring out what is wrong with?
What does it feel like to die? The actual process in your body...?
Why do doctors sometimes think, they can play with your patience ?
How come I always feel thirsty?
Will you go out today for a stroll?
what health problems do SC genotype patients face?
how long before i get hallucinations from sleep deprivation?
Why is it when i sleep i wake up swollen again after rhinoplasty?
I have a cold & now have loads of cold sores?
Do you know for a fact if hypnosis really works?
Why are veins blue even though they're is oxygen in your body?
Does looking at a TV screen in the dark damage eyesight?
My eyes become red after taking out my contacts?
Optician says contact lenses will look 'too blurry'?
whats an OPD appointment?
is this a safe methodd of REMOVING contacts lenses?
What do Contacts feel like when they touch your eye?
how many spiders do we eat?
A way to "get away" from how i am feeling, without alcohol.?
Do you suffer from mood swings?
trouble sleeping and lost..help?
People tell me that I have OCD, how can I politely set them straight?
i know love is the immediate need now but my mind?
How do I deal with this depression?
Questioning why i'm alive?
Know of any natural Sleep Inducers? Melatonin isnt safe or regulated & chamomile/milk/sleep-tea has no effect?
Is Lunesta a good sleep medication to take?
Does pain increase your blood pressure?
do you think there is something like "occasional" or "social" smoking?
Do I have a torn ligament?
Why do I always have to clear my throat? How can I stop it? Any drug or medication?
Why do guys fall to their knees after a kick to their testes?
how should i tell my parents that im not going quit smoking weed?
Spooning with a pillow to sleep?
How do I make my arm stop twitching ?
Got any good scars??
Son hit his head on the tile floor. What shoud I be looking for?
Meniscus Tear, second surgery in 10 months?
Sprained Wrist?
How do you do a split without hurting yourself?
I think i broke my hand,does someone knows these symptoms?
I just got out of a coma after 4 and half years?!?
what success have you had using homeopathy or other natural remedies?
What are your favourite essential oils and what are they used for?
If doctors really want to help you and exhaust every possibility in doing so.....?
marijunia with tobacco or just plain weed?
Herbal supplements for heavy periods?
Does anyone know first hand about cinnamon?
Need info on natural hormones?
If my ear is draining during an ear infection, does that mean it could be getting better?
when someone has an accident and goes into 'Shock',How and Where did the word shock come about???
is there a difference between cream and ointment?
why can't I stop frowning? it's too early for wrinkles i'm only 21! could it be stress?
what is the highest SPF?
What happens when you get bitten or stung by a very tiny wasp?
What do people who know you like most about you?
How do you stop sinus pain in nose and forehead if already treated for sinus infection?
Whenever I eat shrimp of any kind why do I run a fever?
How come when you nasal passages are blocked, sometimes you lose your taste receptors?
A question about coffee ?
Why don't I sneeze whilst I am asleep?
My grandma shot my cat!!!!! what do i do?
why would i throw up if they ate the same thing nd didn't get sick?
is ms cotin 30mg better and stronger then oxycodone 30mg?
I have pain in my joints/nerves, what's wrong with me?
Please Please help me with my pain and my doctor!!!!?
A intense pain in the lower left side of my stomach??
I'm having random tail bone pain?
can a bad bump on the head cause a brain tumor?
What is a hunchback? Help!!!?
I am drunk right now, on a wensday night, is that bad?
Doctors salary in England/Scotland?
What would cause my blood pressure to be significantly higher in one arm than the other?
what's the best thing to drink when recovering from a tonsillectomy?
Is it ok to fall asleep with a lump on your head?
Sleep troubles?
Medical Advice on person born with 6 toes on both feet ?
how can i stop drooling in my sleep?
I couldn't sleep today,Is it puberty?
How do you get yourself to fall asleep faster?
Polo mints are they really the worst sweets for teeth?
If you have gotten dental implants or know someone who has, how did that work out?
How can you avoid Tartar build-up on your teeth?
Teeth hurt when I eat chocolate?
How Did People In Renaissance Times Brush Their Teeth?
Bannana skins make your teeth white?
dipping and going to the dentist how long till they cant tell?
What causes someone's tongue to be white?
I'm trying to eat healthy, take a look at my shopping list...?
I am very thin but I have a flabby stomach--how do I get rid of it?
Plain water vs. carbonated water?
Ideas for a healthy breakfast and lunch?
If the fat calories are from good fat from peanuts, will it make you gain wieght?
How can I motivate myself to work out and loose weight?
What is a healthy weight for 14 yr old, about 5'6?
hi height help?
In your sweet embrace do you feel like all your pains erase?
is it possible to have rabies?
Roommate sat next to very ill passenger on plane - contagious? ?
what do the word mild dysplasia'cin1' means?
Is someone uses your soap(dial) to bathe and you use it after them would their germs be on it and you get it?
When should I take the fluconazole?
Which one of the following is false?
if you HIV, is there anything specific that appears in your body that gives youu the sign that you do?
Viral infection post oral surgery, possibly due to dirty instruments?
How do you get bronchitis in the summer time?
Why is Levaquin still being prescribed?
how do doctors determine if antibiotics are nesseary when you have a cold?
Can a mild sore throat be caused by not drinking enough water?
can u pull a muscle in your chest from coughing?
I'm looking for some.....HELP !!!!!!!!?
i have a sore throat and i need to have it better for friday for singing what can i do ?
How do you know if you have a yeast infection?
HPV and men?
Can the Teutonic Don Juan of Y/A catch virtual VD?
How did AIDS come to human?
What are signs of beginning stages of cardiac problems/arrest?
how do you read your blood pressure and what do the numbers mean??
Is it common for puppies to have a heart murmur? he is a 10 wk shih tzu?
What does it mean when a doctor says that you have a leakage in your heart?
How effective are alternate medicine in the cancer prevention?
my mum in her eighties has primary liver cancer. what is the prognosis, how much time does she have to live?
Is it true we all have a Cancer gene inside us?
does my mom have breast cancer?
I remember my dad's last days alive, dying of colon cancer. He had accepted it and waited for the end.?
We have donated so much money to the Cancer Society - why isn't their a cure yet?
Nausea in the morning and at night?
i am suffering from leg/knee pain-what are the probable causes/is it thyroid related?
I have twitching or habit problems?
I need advice about health insurance. I don't have any? PLEASE HELP. And, no spammers.?
Help! My father was placed in a nursing home Friday and he had to be medicated. Is this the best option?
Why do I throw up in my mouth so much?
Why are there noticeable veins on my right eye?
I think I have some sort of eye infection. Itchy, pink-eye, lashes falling out...?
Retina Hole in Eye - Eye Pain?
At what age should a child be introduced to computers? Should pregnant women use computers, as in a job with?
any info on contacs?
Tired eyes...?
How do you cure a headache?
How could a Six Flags trip be managed with Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease?
Why am I still hurting?
What is that brain disorder that causes people who've had a stroke to start speaking with a foreign accent?
what is autism?
If you have short little toes rather than long finger like toes, does that decrease your chance for hammer toe?
how do i go about selling organs that i dont need to live?, im healthy and need money and people who are dying?
What is wrong with me?
My spouse has suffered from septic shock as a result of c.diff. How long does it take to get over the symptoms?
can anyone think of something that would cause these symptoms?
does anybody play with catheters?
Should an adult with no immunities to the chicken pox be vaccinated?
What are the most common sickness doctor's study?
Sick for 5 days now.. flu or cold?
Mad Cow Disease... ?
Toe infection spreading to something serious?
Psychic or coincidence?
How to get rid of a runny nose?
Is there a relation between an allergy to red dye, strawberries, and certain tomatoe products?
I have an allergy and I don't know what it is?
If I'm allergic to oranges, can I still use nectarine blossom perfume?
allergies:i have so many allergies I'm not sure how to enjoy eating at the moment I am really skiny because i
Allergy to nylon....what type of tights should I wear?
I am allergic to the protein that is in milk so I cant have milk at all! Should I be taking B12?
Help! I can't get my contacts out...my eyelids are red and swollen....this is my 2nd day, and they won't budg?
what can happen if you have both low bad and good cholorestorl readings?
how do i fall asleep
What requirements are there for "cause" to take blood from victims of a car accident?
im having trouble sleeping?
Health Care in the States?
what is the easiest way to stop smoking cigarettes.?
Zoloft question?
When i fall asleep, i feel like i'm dying?
Problem with breathing?
I pray you will help me.?
Is being well-adjusted to a sick society a sign of good mental health?
Help please ?!!? i don't know what to do anymore):?
I am on antidepressants and have been for 4 years. My question is?
Does achieving the next level on Yahoo! Answers make you feel anxious?
why am i always seeing this?
Are now Italy & Usa a big family?
has anyone had an STD? what kind was it and what were the symptoms?
What are the benifits of drinking Green Tea?
is it hard getting around school with crutches?
I really fear injuries..!?
i have a cast on my arm and its burning?
Um.. would a bruised rib stick out after ~2.5 weeks?
What should i do about a cut wrist??
I used to cut myself.?
my daughter swallowed a small lego? Should i worry?
can you have mono more than once?
stiff neck with fever, chills, headaches?
How do I heal a mouth ulcer?
What happens to a Gram-negative bacterium when it's treated with Gram stain?
How long should it take for tonsilitis to clear?
How much time will piles take to get cured from homely methods??
Do I have herpes??
how can i get over this pain?
What would cause a person's blood pressure to be low?
Im feelind really out of it, light-headed,and tired?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a mouth ulcer?
buying perscription drugs online?
What's wrong with me?
Is this bad? WHAT is it?
good nights sleep?
Shower morning or night?
i was at a party last week and a group of people were eating cocaine? im just curious though you snorted it?
How long is a prescription of Tamiflu good for?
I sneeze when i look at the sun!! why?
How long does it take for 5mg of valium to take an effect and for how long?
What precaution's should be taken to prevent the spread of the swine flu virus?
Marijuana fact? confused...
ZOMG! Help stop the diarrhea!!?
Have you ever worn tinted contacts to keep your true eye color a secret?
My Doctor Says I Have to Get My Tonsils Out?
Have you worked out this month?
I have a meth lab question?
What is the remedy to prevent snoring?
do doctors use topamax just for weight loss?
Have you skydived and could you breathe?
I believe valerian root will be good for my insomnia. Is this a safe herb/ medicine? Can I have it daily?
Treating a Gun Wound?
is anyone taking or has taken toprol, and if so what side effects did/do you have?
how to keep up with so many cpap patients for followups?
which is more dangerous? second hand cigarette smoke or second hand vehicle exhaust fumes?
Has anyone had success with commit lozenges?
I have a stuffy nose but no medicine at home how do i get rid of it?
exercising and breathing?
Types of Smoking?
is anyone taking byetta for diabetes?
When people who have diabetes get that thirsty feeling, is this because their blood sugar is high?
Can tablet urixin 400 mg be taken by diabetic people?
Have you been successfull at managing type 2 Diabetes with diet and exercise?
when you find yourself needing a prosthetic foot?
Newly diabetic!! What in the hell can I eat SAFELY at like Mcdonals, Wendys, Jack in Box, Burger king,etc????
How does melatonin affect sleep and appitite?
freshers flu........?
Is it safe to take Miralax with Amoxicillin?
When you swallow gum, does it actually stay in your digestive system for years?
Strange stains on my fingers? Help!?
im tired all the time and i just got a weird bruise on my left arm..?
what is the worse drug you can get hooked on. my friend is on crack is this the worse.?
how do they keep baby wipes and wet wipes from going bad or moldy?
can i get glasses that are clear for distance and readers for bottom?
Do people with almond shaped eyes usually have a bit of a lazy eye when they smile?
I got my contact lenses today and I need some advice.. ?
Fell asleep without taking out contacts?
Why do people blink?
where can you buy sara palins eyeglases?
What not to do when taking antibiotics?
Which illness has produced the nastiest sarcasm?
What foods should I avoid as I have diverticulitis?
diverticulitis??????? my mother has been diagnosed?
is hepatitis c contageous and how is it passed to another person?
Is it ok if I will only take 3 or 4 doses of anti rabies vaccine instead of 5?
I was not killed by the poisoning?
I recently found out that I have pinworms...?
Can herpes spread?
planned parent hood costs?
how has antimicrobial therapy for gonorrhea evolved over the past 15 years and why was that evolution necessar
Is there any reports on people having HIV, for 20 years or longer?
If allergic to the pollen of olive trees are you allergic to olives?
Do you know Info on FLUORIDE?
two allergies is that common?
Allergies or something else???
i am really scared of my allergies?!?
What is wrong with my eyes?
Dr Williams speaks of Rimmon Juice which makes blood pressure drop. Got any info on this? Thanks karen?
Can anyone suggest alternative treatments for depression other than anti-depression medication?
how do you help a love one that has acid reflux and doesn't find a solution for it?
naturalpathic asthma?
Achy body and less energy?
How do people view parkinson disease? 1.dementia 2.depression 3. anxiety.stress and tension 4.memory loss?
Can someone who has a mechanical aortic valve implant do a sponsored parachute jump ?
Cardiac arrest and people going stiff?
How much has the risk of heart disease increased ? See full Question here :)?
Can u tell me if this could be related to heart disease or something else?
Abnormal EKG?
When your back is sore?
i have been in pain for so long, my legs and arms hurt so badly to the point the pain wakes me up.?
I have a really bad ache in my back below my shoulder blade, any way to get rid of it?
For those of you suffering with chronic fatigue and pain,what has helped you the most?
how to get dissability check? i broke my neck?
How do I get a fever of 102.5 down, tylenol is not working?
Is it ok to take Nurofen, paracetamol and codeine at the same time?
Why do feet not hurt?
How does cutting relieve pain, rather than add to it?
High gallbladder ejective fraction?
Is the American health care as bad as it sounds?
I started meditation around 3 months ago but I developed insomnia after I started it. What should I do?
worried about Incap Benefit medical after having been on it for 6 years. What can I expect at medical?
Please tell me about your problems with not having Health Insurance???? What is your age????
Strange liquid leaking in the back of the head?
daily diary?
do you think its wrong?
i drink far too much alcohol?
Lung cancer #2 killer of U.S. women? Smoking rates very low-air fresheners, scented candles....?
During the surgery to remove a thyroid they will do a biopsy for cancer - Can anyone tell me what is done if?
What's a good website to get help with coping with cancer?
Brain tumour surgery?
I can't believe this is happening now. What next??? Cancer again?
with ALL the money being donated/spent on cancer research, shouldn't we have a damn cure by now?
How do I lose fat on my abs and build a 6 pack?
How can I keep my energy up during the winter months?
How can I get rid of my flabby stomach? I'm only thirteen.?
What are some ways to stop me giving up on my healthy diet and exercise plan?
Any comments why milk went up$. 30 in one week?
What do I need to do to train for a 5k run?
I have prolonged mono with interesting symptoms, do i have CEBV?
tuberculosis and AIDS are associated with significant loss of body weight. How does this come about?
A friend of mine also coworker has a blood infection that the doctors can't figure out. What could it be?
I can't get rid of a ulcer on my tongue. what should I do?
Temperature of 96.1?
Should i get my tonsils out?
which animals can contract the bird flu?
if ketokonazole causes feminizing effect, will this problem solved after discontinuation, will it persist afta
How to get over a cold FAST!!! HELP!?
WoRmS? D:?
I am a 16 year old high school student, and recently i've been having a lot of trouble sleeping.......?
Why is it so difficult to wake up in the morning?
Colonic Irrigation!....... Do you know anything about it.?
nose jobs / rhinoplasty?
How many time have you seeked medical care and the service rendered was unprofessional?
Why do I always have more energy at night?
im 15 and i cant sleep at night?
how do you take a nap without sleeping the whole day/night?
can std's show up on blood test.?
can STDs (not HIV/AIDS) be transmitted through kissing?
I've got the herpes i need help?
How to comfort someone with Aspergers Syndrome?
Exhausted from fighting mental illness?
Do I have ADHD or something else like that ?
Is there anyone else out there that takes Adderall XR?
Depressed...need advice?
What has your garden gnome done for you lately?
Muscle Spasms?
Burning sensation in my stomach when doing squats?
achilles tendon??
Ouch! Burn on my hand itching and sore - any advice?
Can u please help me?
Could I have broken my wrist?
has any one had a miracle that healed a injury.?
Rub it................. ?
Home Remedy Kitten Eye Infection?
Swollen tonsils, right tonsil WAY bigger than other?
Question about antibiotics?
I want to kiss him but i might still have mono?
so i herd about this shingle vaccine?
Who found out the bacterium of typhoid ?
Does a Doctor have to tell you you have Aids?
Do you have any remedies to fade away those bulging varicose veins on legs?
My nails are PEELING OFF!?
Any 1 trying to stop smoking any tips or ideas help please?
I have a twitching eye?
Do people that have glasses have more than one pair ?
I pick my fingers and lips how do I stop?
why are there so many period questions?? ?
Problems getting out of bed for school...?
getting ready 2 quit smoking !?
i Cant sleep by myself!?
Ugh help Contact irritation??
disposable contact lens
Can people with a severe astigmatism wear contacts?
What is lasik surgery like?
What is the chance of someone having 2 different colored eyes?
about eyes..:)?
What are the signs of kidney disease? Yellow urine?
Electric Toothbrushes: Good or bad?
Crest or Listerine White Strips?
Do they bury people with their braces on?
i got a hell of a toothache, need advice?
Bleeding tooth?
What happens if i don't get my wisdom teeth pulled out..?
Do you chew gum, and for how long do you chew it for?
I'm planning to buy mouthwash, but i do not know which to chose from.?
im a diabetic person with ketone acidosis..?
Any one know of any reputable diabetes sites besides diabetes uk?
Cant Seem to Lose Belly Fat, Tried everything, considering Lapband surgery?
What Can diabetics eat? ?
how are those colon cleansing treatments?
My father has stomach pains from his medications...?
If you wear contacts, can opening your eyes underwater in a pool damage them?
Do I have to dissolve my 40MG Tablets of Methadone? Why am I not supposed to chew and/or swallow them?
I just found a bottle of multivitamins, still sealed, but the expiration date was 5/2000. Would they still be?
Can low blood sugar make you see white light?
Do you grow while you are in a coma?
Bag placed in body to hold organs in place?
What is something you can do for seasonal allergies when even prescription medication does not help?
Is a coconut and nut?? If someone was allergic to nuts, could they have a reaction to coconuts?
Patch test?
My eye is itchy since yesterday?
my sister has rh negative blood , is that rare?
I am considering gastric bypass surgery.I'd like to hear from someone who's had it; pros & cons?
what is this??????????
I have a mosquito bite the size of my fist! Another is a little bigger than a silver dollar. I was in the ?
Why do we wake up in the morning?
What do you do to cheer up?
What are some treatments for sleep apnea?
Some natural remedy for the cough?
What's the difference between a vaporizer and a humidifier?
Ex smokers....?
Smoke over Florida?
What is herpeghonnasyphillaids?
How can one eliminate stigma associated with HIV?
Help! I have a Crab infestation?
I got HSV2 from someone i loved but didn't tell me?
would a man want to be with a girl who wears hearing aids?
How can bacteria cause food poisoning?
what is this vaccine?
How of flu transmission?
Have you had Bacterial Vaginosis????????
What kinds of kidney diseases are associated with family history?
liver problems?
My tuberculin test came positive for a job, i do not have any symptoms..am i eligible to get a preschool job?
what if i have diabettus?
Possible cure for all diseases?
What is the best home remedy to get rid of an ingrown toe nail?
PLEASE HELP, okay what kind of a bug bite is this? i have pix!!
what's a cure for bee stings?
What's the best way to treat a mosquito bite?
How To Induce Vomiting?
How do you get a stuffy nose to go away..?
medication and doctors. please help?
We sneeze to get rid of bacteria in our bodies... so are people who hold them in more likely to catch colds?
What are some tips for getting to sleep??
Do you sleep on your back?
How do you know if a website is fake or frauds?
18week sonogram, dr. says cant see fingers on one hand could he be wrong? im scared, please help?
Not to sound gross, but I feel extremely nauseous and my feces are liquid? Why?
Is Walking On Your Back Bad For You?
Is Talwin NX a narcotic?
Dizzy when I stand up? whats happened?
What is the difference between long and short acting drug?
Has anyone heard of "the nightshades diet" for chronic pain?
How can I tell if my friend is dependent on narcotics?
This question is only for Chronic Pain suffers, Please?
How can i use medicine to treat my addiction to tramadol?
I have a small blue spot on my big toe .slight burning feeling.?
Body pain that wont go away?
I just had a Cardiac Ablation yesterday, what can I expect now?
Any medical professionals out there: what would you say about these numbers:?
How much is it going to cost for open heart surgery?
high blood pressure at 17?
Has anyone had this test done? if so whats your opinions?
do flower essences work for depression?
what are the best natural medicines for anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety?
Chelation Therapy?!?!?
What are some alternative drugs for depression?
What Are The Arguments For And Against Urine Therapy?
What are some of the perks of being a pediatric oncologist?
what organs are affected by lung cancer?
Why is there a search of a cancer cure?
Why does chemotherapy affect the hair and not the skin?
If I use my laptop while it's on my lap, will it give me radiation or skin cancer?
How do you tell your best friend you have leukemia?
Is it weird to have muscle spasms often?
Help, I'm a fussy eater and don't want to be!?
What are some tips and tricks to make yourself fall asleep and stay asleep easier?
I suddenly seem to need more sleep.?
If i drink (alcohol) at night and then about 10 hrs later in the morning well my blood level be 0
Need help with Insomnia. Am I addicted?
is Happiness permanent or a fleeting moment that returns ever so often?
Why do a lot of people on this forum.....?
Bored in hospital, what to do?
Is it okay to smoke paper?
Other than pink eye, what kind of soreness/ infection could I have?
is it dangerous to wear colored contacts to bed?
I have a question about my eyes?
head/eyes trouble!! hellp~?
Does anyone know where I can find less expensive diabetic test strips?
how high is to high for blood sugar?
How to fundraise for diabetes?
what is the differance between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
just came home?
Can you get sick always when you are a malnourished person?
Im a type 1 diabetic and i want to know if i can still drink on nights out?
i am a type 1 diabetic living in Ireland and am interested in a pump as i work permanent nightshift &?
Longest hours you can sleep?
how do you fall asleep when you are not tired?
What is wrong with my Digestive System?
Is it worth for me to get health insurance?
Will how much sleep i get affect how tall i will get or does it have minimal affect?
Worried parent seeks advice, words of wisdom and possibly kind words of reassurance please ...?
i'm so annoyed, opinions please.....?
what is the name they call people at the doctors office who take you give you a check up?
Is it common for something to break into hysterics because you are sleep deprived?
Cure for HIV. Just an idea I was thinking of...?
When do the acute HIV signs show up?
How can I help hiv/aids?
should i be worried ?
Does it look like I have herpes? Pictures?
wat do u dew wen u hav warts on ure toez.?
What is the relationship between anxiety disorder and secret self harm? ?
Have you ever tried to help someone but accidentally harmed them..?
Does cannabis lead to mental health issues, or do people with mental health issues smoke cannabis?
Why do I have to be so emotional ? It's daily suffering ?
Depression and eating habit?
Feel like i have wasted my youth; i am not good enough?
Am I real? Am I fading away?
Where is Penfold, is he just sleeping off his hangover or is he plotting another hostile takeover of CBOAR?
Am I allergic to something..?
Allergies to Acidic Foods-like tomatoes?
Can eating honey gotten from local bee farms get rid of allergies?
GM foods, I would like to know when I am eating them, wouldn't you?
I have a 7 month old German Shepherd. Since last month it often vomits with some blood. only takes NV food????
Red blotches on my face?
when your out with your hunny and your nose is kinda runny and your hunny thinks it's funny but it's snot.
what illness starts off with dizziness and would make a kid say "it's hot in my head"?
Whats wrong with my leg?
Shoulder injury, exercises needed?
what are three uses for the triangular hole on the front of a cervical collar?
Whats a good website with visuals on how to tape and wrap injuries?
something wrong with my foot!! ow! help me?!!!!!!!!!?
how can you break your arm without getting really hurt?
How do I get my voice back, mine went away after screaming so much on roller coasters yesterday?
Swine Flu............?
why can't stopping travel limit swine flu?
My Daughter has Thrush and her feces are whiteish yellow is that good or bad.?
how many calories do you need to lose in order to lose a pound?
What Are Some Good Ab Workout Routines?
When a very fat man loses weight, does he also lose weight "down there"?
Have you ever used a Slendertone belt to reduce your waist and did it work please?
Have we become so obsessed with weight loss.....?
Does the gadget "Morning Walker" actually work as advertised?
How long does it take to flush out your system with water?
Why does our bodies not digest corn?
Does anyone weigh themselves before and after a bowel movement??
how come when we go to the toilet, we don't the lose weight we just expeled?
Hard For Me To Breathe?
Do you think smoking a cigarette?
My son has a high tempature, could it be from the heat and getting wet afterwords?
What is wrong with me?
Stuffy nose and sore throat in the summer?
Why do my knees crack?
What are the symptoms of low iron levels?
Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?
Is blood blue?
Is it safe to write/draw on yourself with sharpies?
What's the best website to buy tamiflu online, please?
Why do I feel like vomiting when I get nervous?
Why do people lie and say that you will be turned down the first time you apply for disability?
When buying your cold meds do you feel like they are watching you?
question about a body?
For Guys.... Do you prefer hairy or smooth?
why we feel sleepy after having lunch?
Why are my nails breaking?
for the last week i have felt like i am spaced out and dizzy i am 15 what do i do to get rid of this feeling?
How can I stop getting migraines so much?
I dropped an iron on my head?
Were can I find Knee Hi converse? Like the onces that go half way up your leg thats like close to your knee?
Can Chronic migraines be considered for Social Security Disability?
Hi, I am 35 y man, I got Pain in my Stomach upper part up tp my neck, I Lay down on Stomach it heals.Please?
Does anyone know a medication to help a migraine and stiff neck?
I need to find out what is wrong with this person, can someone help me?
Do these symptoms sound like anything?
Anyone else suffer with dysphagia or achalasia?
Me and my boyfriend did it last night and now my @ss is really sore how can I ease the pain ?
Best way to get rid of a summer cold in a couple days?
Help! I have Glandular Fever... =[?
need to know how the immune system works when contracting chicken pox can you help?
Is Amoxicillin and Penicillin the same thing?
How can cold sores be prevented?
I scraped my leg on a rusty nail?
how do you know you have fever with out a thermometer ? symtoms ?
oh no my arm feels like Nokia N95 HELP!!!!?
What will happen if you refuse treatment for breast cancer how long will a person live?
Is it possible for HIV to show up on a test 2 weeks after the exposure?
what are signs of herpes?
How can you tell if someone has herpes or if they have a cold sore.i am really clueless to know the diffrence?
can i get pregnant with only a half of a cervix?
my boyfriend is scared of going to test for hiv?
Cartillage ear piercingg?
Help on how to treat infected cartilage piercing?
bee stings help me..i dont know what to do!!?
How do I clear the ear wax from my ear?
I think i have a spider bite?
what would help?
Help with removing a splinter?
what's the easiest way to break your arm/leg/finger?
Is 'High Fructose Corn Syrup' the same as "Glucose Syrup"?
I had a test for diabeties when I was about 12.......?
I need a huge favor done for me that has to do with Shakespeare and Diabetes!!!?
I'm a diabetic and I have know idea what should I do?
difficulty trying to close eyes while trying to sleep?
Scratched Eye, Seeing a grey line when I look at a solid color..?
double vision?
my doctor said according to my eye condition the contacts i want go up to 300 dollers is this possible??
My eye doctor says that i have 20/20 (perfect) vision but i'm squintign to see the board at school.?
Can you improve your eyesight by doing optical exercises? If so, which exercises work best?
How do you cheer yourself up during the long winter days?
pathofisiology of hypertension can cause intracranial bleed?
Anyone else have overlapping pinky toes?
Does stress cause "hives"?
growing taller?
Temp dropping?
When is the last time you peed your pants?
asthma and bronchitis?
Is fatigue after a panic attack normal?
My dad was recently put on the beta blocker drug Toprol-he has been coughing ever since. Anyone else????
is it obvious when someone has sleep apnea?
Since they have removed the CFC's from inhalers, my albuterol does not seem to work as well? Why is that?
whats worse smoking primetimes or cigarettes?
AV Node Ablation procedure, is it safe?
about chst xray result?
Transposition of the Great Artery?
Can you work for Saudi Aramco if you have a mechanical heart valve and a pace maker?
i'm 15 and think i have heart problems?
Have you ever had a heart attack,?
Does anyone actually do the hair dying allergy test?
When cleaning your house should you open windows?
About MAYBE being lactose intolerant or something....?
What are some good ways to help cure a viral throat problem?*Quick responses appreciated*?
Pink eye?!?!?
OMG Bad News!?
Is Gardasil, the Cervical Cancer vaccine, safe?
Throat Cancer survivors???
I don't know how to help my partner. Any suggestions ?
5 year old coping with dad's terminal cancer.Why is he doing this? and how should he be helped?
is there a cure for cancer?
Can cancer go away without treatment?
why am I breathe less and easily tired?
Feed a fever starve a cold or vise versa.. Anyway what if you have both a cold and a fever at the same time?
What's the least amount of sleep you could opperate off, for a full day?
How to get my iron levels up?
how dose drug addiction effect the family and love ones?
Does anyone know why my legs would feel heavy when they don't have any pain?
If i don't get 8 hours sleep every night, will i get ill? What would happen?
Should I go back to sleep?
Whats causing this, and what type of dpression am I suffering from?
What is the fastest way to loose weight?
Are seeds allowed in my detox plan? I especially love the pumpkin seeds... But aren't they too rich/oily?
can you guys tell me where can i download free aerobics video inorder to burn my fat??????????????????????????
Is it possible to take too much Cramp Bark (Viburnum opulus) or Ginger Root?
Have you had any personal experience with Arnica?
Do Foot Detox Patches really work, or not?
Ear syringing?
Ohhhh, woe is me!!??.................?
What is a good way to treat Arthritis?
When is a woman too heavy to walk on a man's back?
i have the flu (influenza 'A') does anyone know of any secret remedys that will help me feel better?
Alcohol problem. How to deal with it?
Do you self harm?
um...help..any at all?
Can you get cold sores and not have herpes?
For all who have HSVII (herpes simplex virus 2), have you found anything that helps?
How do I approach my mom about her testing me for STD's?
sore throat after one meeting of the BJ membership? y? help me?
What are the negative health aspects of letting someone urinate on you?
How does one deal with hypoesthesia of the upper cheek and left side of the nose?
What does it mean when a person says he or she has body armor?
I've never worn a prosthetic leg. I'm 37 and lost my leg when I was 6 months old. Is it too late to get one?
Has anyone lost a fingernail after shutting or locking a vehicle door on your finger?
how would you know if you got a bug in your eye and if you did what do you do about it?
Is it too late to get a tetanus shot 9 days after getting a cut?
I Think I Have Carpal Tunnel HELP!?
When to ice or heat an injury?
I've Trapped My Finger!!!!!?
is bird flu ...over and out?
planters facitious?
what fruits a diabetics should not eat?
how do i prevent getting or getting rid of cold , flu or runny nose , and coughing a lot ?
Do you like to shower or bathe in the morning or night?
How do you get over a burglary?
Anybody out there have a craftmatic adjustable bed?? Is is really as good as they say??
Has anyone had TB? What were your symptons and how were you treated?
H1N1 Flu Vaccines Good or Bad?
A quick question about the flu vaccination?
I have swine flu and information?
Why are people freakin' out about swine flu?
What are the pros and cons of rimless and semi-rimless glasses?
how soon can one fly after cataract surgery?
Acuvue 2 colours contacts?
when an eye lash goes in your eye and just disappears, where do they go?
Am I going Blind?I??????????
Are leukemia and pernicious anemia the same thing?
how safe is a blood transfusion?
Why are people so worried about the swine flu?
why do i feel as if i am dying?
How do I convince my parents that the H1N1 vaccine is dangerous?
How can someone have anorexia?
Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?
What does it feel like when you faint ?
How does an eye bleed tears?
What are some good sources of electrolytes?
What is a good face cleanser for extremely oily skin?
What does it mean to have Nitrites in the urine? (Nitrates?)?
What do you think is the most painful way of dying?
What is the best medication for a summertime cold?
sometimes its difficult for me to breath,it is true that it is one of the side effect of taking althea pills?
Allergies to Nitrile gloves?
Can someone help me understand my home mold test results?
Allergic reaction to Nair?
umbilical hernia surgery?
What causes involuntary eye lid twitching? And how can I make it stop?!?
Can stress make u physically ill?? Prefer doctors or experienced people to answer?
Blood Pressure Problems?
i cannot pass test, just flunked sleep apnea test because i could not fall asleep, need new cpap?
Help! Do any of you have any tips?? What's the best way?
Why do I pee so much?"?
could u infect sum1 if you tested negative for hiv test, but...?
trying to overcome HSV....?
Do women with ASTHMA have complications during pregnancy?
My 6 month old daughter has occassional cough and congestion..?
What could be the cause of shortness of breath with arm and leg aches?
what are the chances of a gas mask to contain asbestos?
In layman terms, how would medical proceedure go about repairing a punctured lung?
Help rebuild my Lungs?
Chronic Pain & Exercise.. How They Work Together?
why is smoking a bad influence for children?
Does anyone know how to make penicillin?
Is cyclobenzaprine (flexeril) muscle relaxer safe to take after the expiration date?
Acupuncture for IBS? Does it work?
injured SI joint?
My husband pushed my knee into my chest hard to relieve sciatica ,now knee extremely painful and tingles,why?
why do people in chronic pain have to feel ashamed and gulity for taking narcotics?
16 with lower back pain, how do i get rid of it?
I'm going swimming today! -- please answer!?
Does anyone have a Cure for Eczema?
whats showing on my skin same like psoriasis but the doctor said iy is not how?
Acne related question.?
Am I going to die of pig flu?
How do you get rid of the bruises left from insulin syringes?
Walk to Cure Diabetes - Raising Money?
UNDERWEIGHT with type 2 diabetes....I don't understand?
juices fits for diabetics?
what is the difference between doxycycline and amoxicillin?
I have an Insulin pump question?
Insulin pumps?
How long after being exposed to someone with a cold would I start to notice symptoms?
is there any testing for tuber closis infection?
Inside chest pain?
Insulin pumps information sites?
What happens if you are wearing gloves and scrached yourself with a needle from an HIV positive person and?
People who know about Crohn's disease, PLAESE HELP...LOOK?
Strep throat...Help?
please help with my cold?
what is virus c.m.v if there is a treatment and where?
I am 500 pounds, how can i gain more wieght?
Tonsillectomy recovery??
Has anyone taken Biotin a vitamin for hair and nails?
is there a such thing as a tatto that lasts for like 5 years or something, then completely goes away?
Does anyone know what could be causing me to have tingling and numbness lips time to time?
I'm quitting smoking and my boyfriend says I'm a little on edge, but that it's normal. Is he a ****ing ****?
I'm 16 years old and have recently been diagnosed with M.E, what can i do about it??
does meth have gas in it?
i can't stop cutting how can i?
ingrown toenail?
What kind of things should I put in a First Aid Kit?
Are British Paramedics clever and why ? PLEASE ANSWER?
what things can you do to ensure a quick healing time for a dog bite?
I was in the ER and I had to swallow/breathe in water...?
I cut my foot.?
I have so many misquito bite~! Help~?
what does it mean when you can smell the iron in your blood?
i heard that drinking and eating dairy products can increase a person's risk for cancer?
Infant has dermatitis/eczema. What can I do for him?
Flu vaccine and H1N1 vaccine question?
No SPF suncreen works on me?
Would there be any symptoms....?
Garlic burned my Skin help!!!?
Can you take agnus castus long term eg. years without there being any problems ?
Crime, racial problems, and HIV/AIDS in South Africa?
Do i have the H1N1 virus or what the hell is it ?
HPV questions, can someone email me please?
I heard some new vision correction method is comin out thats gonna replace lasik. what is it?
How do you prepare your eyes for contact lenses? I can't touch any part of my eye...?
What happens if someone shines a laser pointer in your eye?
I have brown/hazel eyes and want Freshlook Radiance contacts in Eden, but how light of a green are they?
Can eating healthy prevent a person from developing cancer?
everytime i stand up my eyes cloud over, can anyone explain that?
can you get skin cancer from tanning?
How long does a cancer cell live?
Why is cancer hereditary?
I had Hodgkins Lymphoma which used to be called Hodgkins Disease. Why did they change this?
how long a NORMAL Ct scan is good for?
what sort of attention would a child with cancer require?
what's your opinion on psychiatry?
Ways to combat depression?
This is an emergency! Please helpppp!!!!!?
How do you stop being lazy?
Are people who think god is watching them clinicaly paranoid?
i need advice please?
It is nearly 2 a.m. here, I can't sleep and I am tired of my life?
I have been trying to fall alseep for hours now.?
Help yawning at night???
what could be the danger of accidentally inhaling parts of a screen in a smoking pipe?
Question for anyone that is paralyzed or has a physical disability?
will my toenail grow back?
Nurses... what do you need??!!?
big lips -- does that mean the dermis is deeper into the skin?
what do u think is the cause of it?
Where can I get my hands on Supplement called Sheep Placenta Extract in capsules?
What's the best music for treating dementia?
Sarcoma Tumor - herbal remedies?
Whats the best kind of depression meds?
Has anyone had a foot detox treatment? What were the results?
What's the best anti-stress supplement you've found?
im suffering frm itching on body for a month,spots appears &disappears immediatly,anyone have home remedy?
Have you ever used drugs?
what are the contents of a perfume.?
Allergies or Sinus?
food allergies. i had food allergies for years when i was younger and was told i had grown out of them but...
odd allergies?
Recovered from herniated disc, but still in pain.....?
What face protection items for high school wrestling are there to protect a broken nose?
I have RSD from a recent injury. Does anyone know anyway to treat it?
I had a cortisone injection in my heel for faciitis, i had it done Monday afternoon and i am still suffering?
if your foot hurts for a few days wat do u do?
How to get injured to get out of school?
what would happen if i cut my foot off?
what's your stupidest injury?
Actos. It is known it can cause edema. What is the mechanism?
Wht do doctors run so many tests?
How many gallons of blood has a 90yr old man heart pumped with a heart rate of 70ml & stroke volume of 80ml?
Why is the right side of my heart enlarged?
is something wrong with my heart?
can you still get the h1n1 nasal spray if you have a heart Murmur?
Pelvic inflammatory disease?
Have you been diagnosed with HIV?
I'm wondering if all cold sores are herpes?
Could I get an std from getting a bj?
If you're diagnosed with an STD what are the odds you'll find someone to love you for you?
Can you get aids if someone who bit you was bleeding and gave you an open wound?
This is seriously scaring me. PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!?
What are the symptoms of syphilis?
hi.. my girl friend having fungal infection in thighs an groin... she is feeling shy to see a doctor.. can you?
My tooth hurts when I drink cold water?
What is a good substitute toothpaste (UK) for the original Mentadent P?
anaesthetic injection for wisdom teeth removal?
Is anyone else here allergic to flouride?
How do you tell your dentist he has a big wiener and please stop resting it on the arm rest because it is more
What do you do when you have bit off more than you can chew?
Have you a strange bite ... or have you had orthodontic treatment?
Have you got fresh breath?
Can someone compare the Swine Flu with the Grim Reaper for me?
About cause of Ebola?
a close friend has had a shunt put in (drain brain fluid to stomach) but now he is getting fevers?
What was the reaction at the discovery of AIDS?
Are these the three surest signs that you are going insane?
is swine flu more dangerous than the normal flu?
Bitten by a tick...Pulled it out...but still concerned.?
h1n1, will you get the vaccine? If so why, if not why?
What are some cool viruses ?
Has anyone here sued a nursing home for neglect?
what happens if you dream the ENTIRE night?
Do you REALLY have to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day...?
is it normal to have nasal congestion for a couple of months ?
tonsils and adenoid removal- covered by heathnet?
i feel poking type pain in chest is it for gastric or anxiety i feel to cold after anxiety attack ?
do small nostrils relate to having asthma?
i have had a sore throat for a few days now and have been feeling run down. i'm finding it hard to eat?
cough mixture for diabetics starts with an R?
What diabetes glucose monitor delivers the least pain?
Why are there 2 different types of Diabetes???
Will my doctor test me for diabetes during my physical?
I have a really sweet tooth but I don't want to get diabetes....?
PLEASE ANSWER, could this be diabetes?