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What are the best ways to make my veins pop up?....?
Pharmacy. Why does it take so long to take 60 pills out of one bottle and put it in another?
So what are the chances that this new swine flue?
I have had watery diarrhea for ten days? Help.?
What is unusual about HIV? What does illness does it cause and how can it be avioded?
Im scared I have meningitis?! help!?
My nephew was just told he has merca the doctors say he is a carrier, what does that mean?
How can I feel better? and fast?
Can you get ink poisoning from open cuts?
im sick with the flu..anyone know how i can feel better?
Ugh 34 weeks pregnant and now I have the flu!?
Were you nervous when you were tested for HIV?
how would you react if detected with AIDS?
Can Chlamydia be cured?
Does a steroid shot raise blood sugar in a non-diabetic?
what is a natural blood sugar reducer?
Can one reduce blood sugar by exercising?
What can I do to bring my Blood sugar down, if it is still high after I take my meds?
Do I Have Diabetes Because Of My Dad.?
What is the best type of mattress to sleep on for the best quality sleep possible?
For heavy smokers who have quit cold turkey, how difficult was it to stop?
how many teaspoons of sugar per day does it take to get diabetes ?
i am taking avandia for sugar control,,should i stop?
Is 100 units 1cc if so is 1cc a ml?
Are wellness centers' towels clean and safe ?
Can you pleaswe help me diagnose this? it could be serious?
everytime i eat i feel like i HAVE to exercise or i wont eat at all?
I wanna quit smoking, but I am really stressed!?
what could be wrong?
Did you know that the British health care system (NHS) is open to the entire world?
What percentage of people develop correctable vision problems in their lifetimes?
Why do your eyes make weird patterns when you close your eyes?
What is this caused by?
Sometimes little spots of light flash in front of my eyes. What are they?
can i use a "used" contact lense?
If i can touch my eye will i have a problem with contacts ?
what are the side effects to the tetnus vaccine?
How can you tell when the sinus is infected, how serious can this be,and any suggestion for relief?
why do i get ill everytime the weather changes?
Gluten intolerant??
Buying healthy food on a budget?
How many times a week should you work out to keep in shape?
Do any of you girls have any proven methods of getting thinner legs?
Is it worth it all to be skinny?
Why do girls think that's pretty? Why is this their goal?
How did microorganisms first become resistant to antibiotics?
weakening immunity not vaccine failure?
which antibiotics can pass BBB ( blood brain barrier ) ??? please i want accurate answer?
Appendicitis question?
why is it that when you're awake its called spit but when you're asleep its called drool??
Is there an individual health insurance plan that has bariatric coverage? ?
HELP i need sleep I have been so tired laterly?
My Jaw gets stuck?
what kind of special thing you could do.?
Is it better to take medicine before going to bed or during the day?
Is it illegal to use bleach in aged care facilities in general cleaning area,s / bathrooms.?
Diabetics: what symptoms were you experiencing when you were diagnosed ?
Could going on a roller coaster do something to affect your blood sugar?
Ladies who are diabetic?
Why can't EMLA cream be used at the Real Time BG injection site?
How can you prevent "No Delievery's" in an insulin pump?
Diabetics on insulin: Do you have a GlucaGen HypoKit for emergencies?
How can I get my diabetic mother to eat right and try to lose weight before it's too late?
I'm scared here. Help me out?
what has to be done to make the indian cricket team best?
What is the best STD?
Can you really get an STD from a public toilet seat?
is it possible a needle used in flu jab in upper left arm can damage a nerve and cause weakness & muscle spasm?
How and with what do doctors treat Hepatitis?
Strep C? I have a question?
Is it bad to eat ginger if you have heart problems?
Can having a kidney infection, prevent pregnancy?
Do i have a ear infection???HELP PLZ?
dose any one have a straight answer for what mono is? Please.?
why does heart beat goes fast while sleeping ?
What kind of life can a person live with only 20% of their heart functioning properly?
`what could this be?
please tell me about pulse?
I have caught a virus from my grandmother that casues vomiting?/?
My heart tickle/hurts when ever i get crushed, is that normal?
What Are The Signs Of A Heart Attach And/Or Stroke??
My husband limps real badly................?
How did Tylenol know where to go?
What triggers a headache?
my wife has done something to her back and cant straighten up properly and is in extreme pain.?
I can almost do the splits, but I have like two inches left and I cant seem to go down any farther.?
really sharp pain under left rib?
Effects from cracking neck?
Do they make band aids for different skin colors?
can my kids get herpes from kissing drinking and eating behind their mother?
Some white stuff just came out of my vudgina. Is it herpies? Do I have a SBD?
what is the component of sweet potato leaves that can cure boils and acne?
do any of ya'll know someone w/ aids?
Homeopathy Question?
Edema in legs and stomach area. Homeopathic treatment?
What is an ear candle?
how much effective homeopathy is on PCOD? anyone experienced?
Floatation therapy?
what are advantage of traditional and modern medicine?
What herbal product(s) come closest to providing the same effects as marijuana?
why is my husband's blood suger level not dropping below 200?
Is kidney donantion usually done when the donnor and recipient are both young?
what do doctors do with body parts after amputation?
What is the highest blood sugar reading you have ever had after taking it yourself?
I am a diabetic and have nerve problems with my big toe.?
Whats effecting my grades ?
I feel completely useless?
Can i buy these over the counter without them asking questions ?
HELP! Why every night when I'm about to sleep I always think of sin cos tan?
Do I Have Depression?
Im thinking of becoming bulimic .....?
seem to have too many problems for a 14 year old?
To those with "mental illness": Are thoughts a big part of your experience?
Allergic Reaction to Sprite?
Is a child with severe food allergies considered disabled?
Are there effective filter fans for Asthma sufferers?
PERFUME Allergies?
I hope this is the right category???
I have bronchitis and a fever. How long until the fever is gone?
Stomach Virus???????????????
whats wrong with me?!!!!?
Is it illegal to refrain from telling students if you have tuberculosis?
Will I get shingles or chicken pox?
how many people died from plague?
Food Poisoning Maybe?
throat is a liddle tinggly??
if you die with braces
Do any foods help preserve teeth? What about milk?
How does a mouth guard stop you from clenching/grinding your teeth & how effective are they?
How painful is getting your wisdom tooth hurt and what happen if you don't do it?
What are some nicknames given to kids with braces?
What is the worst part of getting a root canal?
How can i help hide my under bite, my jaw looks huge and look so weird??? TIPS????
Do stitches come out by themselves?
Do you think that I need braces?
Deviated septum surgery?
The quickest way to get rid of a cold and cough?!?
a two year old girl as asthma what medication does she need
Is there something wrong with Yahoo's lungs?
Is this enough to cause permanent vocal damage?
I can't breathe?
If it still smells like cigarette smoke in a room, is it still harmful?
Do you think obesity is caused by genetics or simply eating too much?
Do only really overweight people go to *Curves* or regular girls too just trying to tone up?
If you wake up in the middle of the night...hungry?
How to fall in to sleep fast?
I have had twitch in my eyelid for about 2 weeks now. What could be causing it and how can I make it stop?
Would a taste of austerity in the future predicted recession be good for the nations health.?
How do I get up early in the mornings?
Should I let my Girlfriend sleep through nightmares, or should I wake her up?
Is being nauseous or not being able to eat very much a common symptom of a cold or the aftermath of a cold?
IF I eat too much spicy food, will it help prevent HPV?
Can you get an STD in/on your breasts?
fingering with a razor?
my knee cap pops out, and then comes back immediantly...?
Painless ankle fracture?
i gut a doctor appointment in a Fue weeks. but thay say i cant drive there or take a taxi or home home for?
Why do small cuts hurt more than big ones?
carpal tunnel?
How do I deal with a sore tendon on my shoulder?
Are Conjoined Twins considered "Legally" to be one person?
I was sick yesterday, threw up a couple times, now i'm wondering would taking my thyroid pill upset my stomach?
Plz tell me what u would do in this situation???
I got ointment in my eye, how do I get it to stop burning?
Do you sometimes think no news is good news?
Question about an unidentified body odour?
Isn't it the best feeling when you wake up in the morning.....?
a little poll?
can grapes give you a laxitive effect?
What new advancements or treatments are on the horizon for type 1 diabetics?
questions about diabetes?
is my GP right in saying that glucometer tests using strips do not give accurate fasting and PP results?
How am I going to pay for my daughters medicine?
Do you know of any home remedy for seed warts?
you know people who are long term depressed or lonely often have change of appearance round the eyes, whats...
What causes tingling in your back up at the top across your shoulders?
How do you get rid of a lisp without speech therapy?
What conditions or diseases make you thirsty quickly?
Can animals suffer from down syndrome or anything equivalent to it?
Can low iron in your system make you more prone to illness?
I've developed a twitch in my left hand; it's not going away. What could this be?
It seems I have a brain tumor... do you know how to explain some things in layman's terms?
am i weird?
I've got severe facial deformity disfiguration malformation....why do i have to put up with people calling
What can cause sudden high blood pressure and tachycardia?
What is a good way to hide the cuts?
What should I do if my ear is swollen but I want to keep my piercing?
How often should I apply Aloe Vera for my sunburn?
Bleeding from my ears?
Burned My finger on the flat iron!?
Lifesaving Question: name of position on side. Please read ?
What should I do about my burned tongue?
natural/alternative cancer treatments?
Cervical cancer, stage three....?
SINUSITIS?? slight swelling on cheek and ache behind eye????????
What separates what people are allergic to and not allergic to?
Getting tested for allergies?
Oral alergy syndrome treated with milk?
My left eyelid won't stop twitching?
How does the amount of sleep (less sleep, more sleep) affect the way you perform on tests?
Not being able to sleep and having night mares?
Where can I shadow for physical therapy?
im sick and weak, how do i get my energy up?
My right eye is SEVERELY irritated last night I could barely sleep because every time I blink it hurts SO bad?
Are energy drinks bad for teens?
swallowed glowing foam?
Hi is sleeping late is it bad for my health?
How did HIV/ AIDS start?
Do people still die of AIDS?
Cold remedies at the first signs of a developing cold?
Can a person carry and/or spread measles if they've been vaccinated?
What would you like to know about swine flu?
diabetes question????
what should I expect from takng Metformin?
Can a diabetic go into bodybuilding?
Can they be wrong about my diabetes?
Type 1's...what's the highest BG you've ever experienced?
Are you diabetic?
how long can a migraine last for.?
Migraine Help!?
Why, whenever I am stressed does my left shoulder hurt?
I have a prolapse of one of my disks (Slipped disk?) am getting an epidural for pain, Anyone else had one?
Extreme pain and stiffness everywhere at night only?
Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I came to ask a question because I've suddenly got a condition that worries
What does it feel like to be shot or stabbed ?
What are the best colors with which to decorate an alternative therapy room?
What is the most effective form of meditation for you?
I just got diagnosed for gallstones.?
Are there any herbal/natural medicines/remedies for bipolar depression?
Homeopathic remedy for cystitis?
Does Marijuana cure??? And is marijuana the most effecient treatment available for diseases and symptoms??
Is it safe to take Ginkgo pills?
what is the best way for me to quit smoking?
What is the medical term for chest?
What happens if you use an inhaler when you don't have asthma?
3. Is this eating habit and lifestyle good for Bob’s heart and lungs? Why? ?
Why did my cold get so bad?
Can strep throat turn into pnemunia?
Please help.... Laryngitis?
Is gray a common eye color?
Where does anxiety attacks come from?
Are there any eye exercises that can improve vision?
what can i do?
I'm 14, what can the doctors do about my lazy eye?
Coughing and wheezing...?
Is it still 2nd hand smoking if you have a person sitting next to you who's reeked with smoke?
13 and has terriblest eyesight ever!(contact wearers or eye doctors might know the answer)?
I slept with my contacts in…?
Do you believe certain mental disorders could be caused by demons rather than "chemical embalances?"?
How can you tell the difference between just feeling sad, and actually being really depressed?
How will we get through New Years Eve ?
Do you think intelligent people are more susceptible to negative thoughts?
I don't know who to turn to can't take it anymore help?
Help me please I feel broken..... :'(?
My Best friend is paralyzed. How can I help her?
What caused you to sever ties with your addiction?
I have a question bout depression?
Is it safe to use holiday dishes made in china?
Bulging vein in upper leg?
Office Visit vs. Outpatient Visit?
If I sleep for 9+ hrs I feel as tired as when I have only slept 4 or less. Why? Does my body need the rest?
What is the best way to get rid of a blood nose!?
Has anyone benefitted from a sleep study or had one?
I was taken to harborview medical center and restrained against my will?
afternoon sleep?
why do children needs vitamin A?and what are the signs and symptoms of vitamiin a deficiencies?
under which conditions does malaria flourish?
How does one treat fungal infections of the nails?
Is vacinations bad for babies?
When I was little i got vacinated for Chicken Pox?
any way I can get strep?
What is in the MMR vaccine?
Has anyone ever had a breast abscess??? ONLY ANSWER IF YOU'VE HAD ONE!?
How can help my friend?She is having AIDS.Can one buy AIDS drugs?
can you get a diesase or something else if someones urine who has aids spills on you.?
Kidney disease renal failure symptoms question!?
What is the best solution to Diabetic Neuropathy in hands and feet?
Sugar Free Sodas Danger?
Diabetes and depression...?
What's the importance of HbA1c test. what information will it give.?
ok i want to donate blood but my Hermatocrit level is low please help?
HPV vaccine - how to reduce pain in arm?
i eat massive amounts of spaghetti?
Why does reading the STD section of this site make me feel itchy "down there"?
part of toenail disconnected from skin?
How do you check for scoliosis?
What is wrong with my knee?
I punctured my leg on a metal rusty/dirty chair, is it possible to get tetanus?
Numbness in tip of pinky and ring finger?
how do you knock someone out by squeezing their pressure point?
effect of metoprolol sccinate medicine on cardiac ailment. ?
can a 15 year old have abdominal aortic aneurysm?
why thiazide drugs are better choice than loop diuretics in the treatement of hypertension ?
is it normal for me to be scared of sucess?
I had an EKG done because I felt my heart beating hard and doc. said I have palpitations and need further test?
What is E coil? I'm Kinda Confused.?
Name and list the general functions of the organs of the urinary system.?
where do white blood cells develop?
My fathers urine test shows 10-20 pus cell,++ epitheial cell & trace albumine what does it means?
Anyone know a baby that has had a staph infection?
I'm almost getting over a cold and then a pneumonia, can I drink cold beers, again?
Will I get the flu I'm worried?
Is it allergies or just a cold?
Sodium benzoate intolerant?
I've had this awful cough for the past three weeks. Could somebody tell me whats going on?
Looking for fan fiction of the Nasonex Bee?
tired and weary but can't sleep any suggestions?
how we avoid sleeping at night shift?
(medicaid)new york benefit identification card?
Who takes vitamin b12 b6 folic acid from Trivita?
does anyone have a problem with sleeping?
Why do I CONSTANTLY get the "Butterflies in my stomach" sensation?
i get orgasms during my sleep?
Why don't I have energy during the day, but at night I do?
I am having trouble sleeping!!!!! Cure?????????? Advice??????????
how can i stop all this flatulance on slimfast
oatmeal is good for acid reflux ?
What can be done to help a patient with liver disease?
What kind of treatment is available for someone with ALS and..?
I feel terribly ill (symptoms) ?
would someone having a life threatening disease in my family improve my chances of winning Americas Got Talent?
How can you tell if you are lactose intolerant?
I threw up some blood last night?
ways to whiten teeth at home?
what was your experience with removal of your wisdom teeth?
How common is it to be born without wisdom teeth?
How can I whiten my teeth at home?
Is this teeth whitening method dangerous or safe?
Who decided mint would be the the flavour of fresh breath?
I have just had my teeth done. Are they not the whitest, straightest teeth that you have ever seen?
If you die before you brush your teeth, will a strange smell emit from your mouth?
What are the symptoms of low blood sugar?
What are the normal blood suger level for non diabetes and diabetes?I GET REALLY CONFUSED. Read more detail.?
Diabetics Are you still nervous when your sugar is to low?
What lifestyle choices/habits cause diabetes?
Does insulin resistance make you feel irritable, tired, grumpy, vague, exhausted?
Carbohydrate counting...?
How Can I Regulating My Body?
I am so sad. I have diabetes, and I am obese. People act like I don't have the right to exist. It hurts.?
Can popcorn be bad for the digestive system?
how many calories should you intake on a low calorie diet?
Star worthy?
what are some excercises can i do to make my lower stomach flatter?
Am i a fat cat (pic)?
How do you get rid of Love Handles?
If you perspire easily,does that mean you burn fat easily?
building up my butt. please advise me?
My great-grandfather is in really bad condition and doesn't have insurance...?
How do pharmacys work?
For all the Registered Nurses out there!?
is it harmful to your body if you put ure laptop on ure tummy? (something like standing infront of a microwav
I cant sleep!?
Ways to fall asleep easier?
Sleeping Problems?
Have you ever used garlic to make warts go away?
Does anyone else have the habit of chewing on their shirt?
How close are they coming to finding a cure for hiv/aids?
what is the symptons of hiv aids?
How can someone cope with living with HIV/AIDs?
I have been exposed to a student's blood. Do I need to worry?
what causes your appendix to burst?
Can anyone give me some preventative measures?
Do you have any simple uncommon healthy habit that you practice on a daily basis?
I have problems with my appearance. What should I do?
how can i stop my anger issues?
How do blind people tell a $100 dollar bill from a $1 dollar bill?
Should hygiene be a personal choice or required (Swine Flu)?
What would happen if you held in your farts for the rest of your life?
what is the MRSA virus ?
if at the beginning of the injection of mantoux test there is no bleb about 6-10mm, what will happen?
how long for symptoms of axniety to go away or at least abate some?
If you have mono can you go in a hot tub?
How long do the symptoms of Shingles last?
My cold went away, came back?
If I am still sick on Monday should I still see my doctor if my flu or cold is still there or is that to late?
do you think one day a virus engineered my humans will kill us all?
can i get a....(UK only)?
how did i receive a Weakened immune systems?
Has Anyone ever heard of this?
does clean & Clear Advantage work??
whats something good for blackheads?
I dont feel good??
Question about surgery...
What is the interrelationship between the pathogen, the nevironment of Skin Cancer and the host?
Keppra vs Dilantin experiences?
Omg! Did Obama just say he was going to cure cancer in his address on TV?
Is this new hope for cancer patients?
Anyone else feel slightly nauseous when using LCD?
Antibiotics - what happens if I dont finish the whole course?
Is this all caused by the same virus?
Does coffee consitpate you, or make you go to the bathroom?
PLEASE HELP me i need someone that knows what they are talking about!!!!?
How can i fall asleep?
What are the side effects of no sleep?
How does the flu affect asthma?
can certain fumes cause sinus headache?
asthma,suffers, any good remedies?
asthma..plz answer!!!?
Why would smoking be a risk factor for catching Pneumonia?
HELP! Am I damaged?
Is respiratory arrest painful?
And when you start any diet what's the first thing the experts tell you?
Do you have a disorder and >?
what would the Dr's do if you said you often felt suicidal?
How do you break out of a deep funk?
Is it common for mental health professionals to have a personal history of mental illness?
I'm happy around people...but I am really just sad?
How much is stem cell surgery for the pancreas? (Diabetes)?
Can CAD be reversed?
Why is my mom's guienne pig dizzy?
What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism?
Has anyone used alternative medicine for type 2 diabetes with good results?
If 100g lean chicken breast (all fat trimmed off) has?
Is there a site where I can put on my symptoms and they give a list of what could be wrong?
how contagious is strep? is it airborn?
'Pregnant man' fascinates?
In urine test, how long are a few bud lights detectable?
is it possible to get staff infection from urine?
I was Sick This past Firday and satday?
when i do bench press my rotator cuffs kill?
My younger brother recently got in a Tae Kwon Do injury, and the doctor said he has "Discoid meniscus"...?
I hurt my knee and had to get 18 stitches...?
How to fix knocked knees without surgery?
Anyone else break their toe this bad?
ooww oww oww whats wrong with my foot!?
What Herbs Promotes Mental Clarity?
How does Healing Touch Therapy actually heal?
Natural Remedies...Any experts/advice?
What treatment options for RA do I have other than drugs?
For how many days I am supposed to take sulfer/sulpher 200, homeopathic med for burning feet.?
Constipation? IBS? Please Help?
Help, I'm nauseated..?
Do people report threads that are not against the rules to get back at people?
Name brand meds? Really?
I have a kidney stone..help?
How come I cant fall asleep!?
I burned my hard palette with some pizza over two weeks ago and it still hasn't healed. Should I be concerned?
Do any of you get spasms in your brain when you hear a certain sound?
are orange peels bad?
If I go to the emergency room with no health insurance, what will I have to pay ?
how can i fall asleep and wake up in 5 hours feeling well rested?
Will I develop more food allergies as I age?
Do you still get nutrients from eating something your allergic to?
What is the reason behind spitting out colourless phlegm?
what are the tests for allergies?
How do you test if your allergic to cheese?
What does it mean when your throat hurts when you breath?
uhm.. so anyone a doctor?
Where can I buy Foot Tape? (to prevent blisters)
What are the most helpful First Aid techniques you can use to save a life without having to use materials?
ear pierced?
Is there anything that relieves stomach pains?
What causes the left side of chest to back and up the neck to hurt dully and then reoccurs?
Does anyone have experience with the Rx options with Fibromyalgia?
back pain, somone want to try a miracle cure ?
hello , i have pains in left lower left leg that move all over at random times please help??
WHICH`Side`of`BED`did` you`out`of`this`Morning``?
Where can my man get checked out at for hpv? Is there any free clinics he can go to? ? ?
To people with herpes: Do you ever get over feeling like a leper?
Whats the % of people infected hiv/aids in ontario/toronto area?
What brakes down sugar or carbohydrates ?
What is the treatment for hepatitis b?
when i stand up after getting out of bed i am quite dizzy and falling over?
How do you make your leg fall asleep?
should I go to the hospital?
Two fingers swollen for days, no reason?
broken veins?
my friend took about 12-15 motrin?
if air bubbles get in youre iv tube and go in youre arm can or will it kill you?
Is cardioversion woth it?
tension happen in brain and love is felt in heart,then why do people get heart attack when in tension and why?
wat is angioplasty?
Diagnositic tests for SVT please? Thank you.?
Lipid test results! Help me understand please?
how fast should my heart rate return to normal after a work out?
Has anyone ever been determined disabled by social security due to obesity?
If you have Diabetes type 1 with no family history, how old was your father when you were born?
Are there a lot of carbs in children's tylenol/advil and cold medicine?
can a patient w/diabetic obtain a cannabis card?
My mother took the wrong insulin injection this morning. What kind of affect will it have on her body?
Is there a way to bring down the level on the hba1c test quickly?
i'm in hospital i've eaten a daffodil bulb instead of a onion?
Hand hurts and numb once in a while why is this it's hard to fall asleep cause the pain and feeling?
What would happen if a man had the cervical cancer jab?
What can I do with bulging veins on my feet?
Is there a vaccination for chicken pox?
Canker Sores and Hot flashes? HIV?
Is it ok to have a bit of red wine when finishing chicken pox?
gol bladder?
How does combined immunodifiecieny syndrome differ from aids?
could i have the chicken pox?
Would marijuana be detected in someone who was being tested for meningitis?
Am i sick? Am i in a danger?
I have a red eye and it's not pink eye, what is it?
does the mmr shot hurt?
Married for 20 years & diagnosed with cervical hpv. Could this have been dormant in my body for 20 years?
Where did all these STD's come from? And how did they spread so fast? ?
Are thier any STD's out there that cause abdomninal pain and back pain?
What exactly does it mean if the Doctor says someone has Bad Circulation in their legs ?
Your Lupus Experience?
What countries have the highest incidence of osteoporosis?
if you are quite certain that someone you know is suffering from bulimia but they do not want to talk about it?
scoliosis ASAP IS THIS FAIR?
can any one suggest what to use in the process of stopping mold growth and bacteria?
breathing problem?
Steroid Inhaler (Pulmicort) for my wheezy 6 month old?
Stiff, Painful Lung/ muscles?
anyone ever notice how the ER takes twice as long to see the same amount of patients?
please answer?
does smoking make it harder to breath?
Anyone know of a book that will give Breast cancer patient some hope?
Would you ever implant an RFID chip in your body?? (to detect viruses etc.)?
What are these symptoms of?
Can I take a sleeping pill?
Should I take matters into my own hands?
Having headaches when i sleep?
Cant stop doing it !!?
How do i get deep sleep? kindly provide me tips, websites or books to help me.?
I am getting brain surgery n they are going up through my nose is it going to wreak the way my nose looks?
Are there varying degrees of lactose intolerance?
why does this happen?
What's wrong with my stomach?
I get hives when I drink wine, beer, and malt beverage.?
How do i get rid of a runny nose fast?
Allergic to my boyfriend?
can anyone inform me more about what to eat, i am allergic to wheat.?
I think I might be having an allergic reaction?
Pronating arches?
Do you?.......?
My knees turn inwards... why is this?
toe/foot injury?
pulled muscle... :[ HELP 10 PTS.?
My head's on fire, please help?
What does one do when they're nervous?
I always feel that I have a problem. Please help?
Why is it that so many people who don't NEED antidepressants are so AGAINST meds??
How many layers of clothes am I allowed to wear when playing stripping games?
I want to feel pretty again ?
i don't like being seen by other people?
Why am I always so lonley/sad?
Do You Think IT'S NORMAL To Feel This Way?
do you think that italian people are crazy?
Why is Pepto Bismol pink?
Natural treatments for breakouts?
Has anyone used Bach flower remedies for OCD (obsessive thoughts and anxiety) and found a cure?
What is the best over the counter stress reliever that has worked for u guys?
amphetamine really that bad?
Does anyone know veterinarians who practice homeopathic medicine in San Diego?
whats a natural cure for headaches?
any alternative to alcohol?
Neti pot not working for me?
how true dying hair is cancerous?
My neighbor has a stomach tumor & he is getting chemo, does this mean he has cancer?
Lump in the neck under ear...?
What happens to you after you are diagnosed with leukemia?
Do u have someone hoo died of cancer.?
Have any of you lost some one to cancer?
what actually constitutes an 'addiction'?
How can I get the sleep I need and feel refreshed in the morning?
Sunblock and SPF: The Higher The Better?
Has anyone in here had surgery for hyperPAPAthyroidism ?
What should be packed inside an Emergency Survival Kit?
Does or do the head nurse get first dibs on patients of his or her choice .Or is that the person to blame if?
Is it bad/weird that I like staying inside?
What types of smells are you sensitive to?
how do you smoke? do you like swallow it, or keep it in your mouth?
What foods should I eat for healthier looking skin?
What does one actually DO on an elliptical machine?
Would eating JUST vegetables for a full 2 weeks be bad for you?
Best way to detox your body?
how can i increase my height?
exceptional parent magazine and autism article?
Is there any DEFINITE treatment for Dry Eye disease(watery)?is it curable?
Does anyone know what is the correct term for this near death phenomenon?
Cancer operations?
my grandpa was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and he is?
should you be more concerned if you have a bust blood vessel n/your eye while on blood thinners like coumadin?
I'm thinking about talking to my doctor about an immunodeficiency?
Is it time to criminalize obesity?
How do you stop foot odor?
The cost effectiveness of transplants on the NHS?
posture problem, what is standing straight?
when do i need 8 hours of sleep?
how can i fall back asleep?
Help me please!!!! IS THIS SAFE??????????????????????
Why would universal health care be such a "bad" thing here in the U.S?
How do knots form?
Why does HALF of my head always hurt??? I'm afraid can you help me?
How do you get rid of a headache?
I have a pain in my left shoulder when breath and use my stomach muscles. It doesn't seem to be going away.
Neck pain!!!?
wen i lie down my legs get really restless and my kneecaps get sore untill i stand up.Then my knees go stiff?
i think, maybe, i am dying.?
What is the best treatment for back sciatica pain?
High Eye Pressure (Intraocular Pressure)?
Confused with eye prescription?
Can I wear contacts lenses?
How long do coloured contacts last ?
Wearing too strong glasses has made my vision worse - can other lenses make it better?
how much do color contacts cost??
does blue cross insurance cover contacts?
I have a cut on my eyeball.?
should i Put my contacts in with my feet?
Does the United States require restaurant kitchen food handlers be tested for HIV or TB?
How do you use Apple Cider Vinegar to help acne?
Can Herpes Simples 1 turn into Herpes simplex 2?
Has anyone tried E45 Itch relief cream?
anal blood?
How to improve hearing? Thanks.?
is gynecomastic surgery covered by insurance in canada?
High blood pressure in teen female?
i cant sleep. ? please help.?
Do I have sunstroke...?
Why do we have to get approved for health insurance?
I keep second guessing myself. It's really bad, how do I stop?
Should America have for a dual health care system?
Can you become ill because of the temperature around you?
Do you think it's abnormal to sleep naked?
Does anyone know of any natural cures or cures for herpes 2?
if a doctor discovers a patient has an sti are they obliged to tell the partner?
where can i go to find out if i have aids?
can we call for any one bring they chiled to work for find?
is it possible to kill someone with a dime?
Herps 2 VALTREX or Acyclovir and Famvir?
Eye problem combined with yeast infection or bladder infection. Has anyone had experience with this??
How do you tell a 12 year old that his older sister has HIV.?
which is better vitamin c, sodium ascorbate or calcium ascorbate?
Has anyone ever heard of....?
Please I need advice. I'm 22 years old male and I think I have sinus arrythmias :(?
Right after I eat lunch or dinner, My heart beat increase it begins to skip. What could be causing this?
Which low carb diet works?
why is it when you have to get up really early you can't sleep then fall asleep 10 min's before the alarm goes?
Is 11.5/5.5 blood pressure too low for a thin 70 year old man?
I've heard its bad for you to re-use and refill water bottles...is this true? Why is it?
Why can't I fall asleep as quickly anymore?
sometimes i just cant sleep?
Why do I have a cold all year round?
Why do I feel depressed and like a failure?
What can I do about night time hallucanations?
PLEASE HELP. i wants my boyfriend to stop smoking weed as i think its messing his head up. READ?
I'm sick and it won't go away!?
What are the symptoms if you are lactose intolerant? And, are you lactose intolerant?
I have have had allergies the last month and 1/2, 24 hours a day!?
Could i be allergic to cigarettes?
Can i be allergic to lettuce?
how to make my nose bleed without force?
I hate my nose! What should i do?
Okay so last night, I was stoned and my lips were blue, like an ink blue.?
Porcelain Veneers?
I got some cavities filled two months ago and my teeth are still really sensitive?
is it better after you brush your teeth, to rinse with cold, hot, warm, or cool water?
Do braces hurt at first?
Effects of bad dental hygiene...?
What are those annoying little white dots on my tongue?
How do I stop biting/picking my lips and biting the inside of my mouth? Help!?
Flu Symptoms??
What is the difference between the MMR Vaccine and the MR Vaccine?
What illness do I have? Doesn't seem serious, just a cold, but I want to be sure?
Sore throat for 3 days?
What could be wrong with me based on these blood tests????!!!!!HELP!!!?
Has anyone ever thrown up from a throat culture?
Answer this question about scabies please?
Pneumothorax & Pulmonary Edema (CHF)?
10 month old with pneumonia?
what's happening?
What are signs of STD's?
What can i do with my Hpv?
AIDS-the truth about the final days?
Is Vitamin Water healthier then Soda?
I have started drinking Ensure Plus to gain some weight. How long would it take to gain 10 pounds?
I want to lose belly fat. Pls help.
Overcoming sore ankle after cardio workout?
What would you do?
How can I get rid of my love handles?
I'm a 5'8 20 yr old female and my measurements are 37-27-36 @144lbs am I fat? ?
help i eat too much everyday its an addiction?
Does the "Air Climber " work?
What is gestational diabetes?
Is it possible to adapt to low blood sugar?
What foods are there that are high in fibre?
Diabetes presentation question?
diabetic eye disease - vision lost?
what is wrong with me?
First aid for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns.?
What is the best way to protect my family from mosquito bites?
What keeps stinging me at night?
What happens when you swallow perfume?
how many days it takes to be clean from alcohole in your body ?
What should I do with this cut?
I need help answering this question. Any help will be appreciated.?
My eye is red, like a blood vessel popped, but its dark red, not bright red any idea?
i NEED HEALTH INSURANCE FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Best way to quit smoking?
Having issue with Dr... I didn't know the office was religious, in a weird way.?
Have you ever stayed up way later than you should KNOWING you have to get up early?
what is a good way to crack your knee?
Has Doctor Frank given up on us?
true or false?
Too much doubting/misunderstanding is a disease? Do you agree?
I have been on medication for depression and still feel sucidal?
Tips on dealing with DEPRESSION?
I pray for some help...?
Can a person break an addiction without seeking professional help?
Is the mind sophisticated enough to to repair the body psychologically and physically?
no desire to live, no desire to do suicide?
What's american boy?
How long will my contacts last?
Is squinting bad for eyes?
A wad of spit made someone go permanently blind?
How long does it take to get a pair of glasses fixed?
My pupils are going crazy! HELP?!?
can i make my eye colour go just a bit lighter?
In which Fruits and Vegetables are the best Vitamin's and minerals ?
How many MG of Melatonin is safe for sleep?
Does Curcimin / turmeric need to be enteric coated to be of use in the body?
could the skeptics be more so due to being in another country..?
Does anyone teach Homeopathy?
What are some natural ways i can do to improve my vision?
What are some natural ways to curb hunger?
What are the benefits of getting a full body massage once a month?
Does this come with lack of sleep or something?
what is considered an active social life?
What happens when knuckles are cracked?
Have you held back seeing the Dr. because of the economy downturn?
constantly falling asleep? Diabetes? Narcotics?
How to get up early and not just hit snooze 50 times!?
Is it good or bad to pop your knuckles?
Why do I sleep so much?
Why are people so hesitant to go to a doctor?
Hip replacement surgery for a 22 year old?
How do you tell a badly sprained ankle from one that is fractured?
OMG what the heck is wrong w/ me? ?
I've had no injuries. Why are my knees aching?
My knee catches, locks, and clicks....help.?
Please dont call me insane but this is important!?
what does breaking a bone feel like?
Did left eye really kill a little boy?
I hit my head on a baseball what do I do?
which one is your biggest toe?
Where can I a good web site to find a diabetic diet?
How do the American and British measures of blood sugar compare?
Necessary Food to be taken to reduce high Blood Pressure & Sugar level?
microalbumin protiens and marijuana urine test question?
Could it be diabetes?
Uk users unite?
What is AIDS,How It Is Increasing?
Can a person with herpes give blood?
my friend was wondering what are signs of herpes???
Has anyone here ever gotten an STD?
What are 3 reasons why health insurance costs so much?
Has anyone on Answers had ascites?
how do i apply for social security disability income?
Why is it so hard getting to sleep at nigh but hard to wake up in the morning?
Can you advise me on a "trigger finger" operation?
Is there anyway you can stop your nose from growing?
what should i do?
there is a lump on my butt?
What could this be a hole in my foot?
Can I buy antibiotics over the counter in France?
what are the symptoms of malaria?
What diseases can mice get?
Describe da state of herpess N virus in a person who had cold sores several years ago...?
Having Typhoid. What is the normal widal test report?
Canker sore in the back of my throat! Help!?
are you getting your flu shot this year?
Allergies or something else?
Help with PPD... Allergy?
Bad allergies!! What to do?!?
Does Pseudoephedrine HCI (for sinus) keep you awake or make you drowsy?
How did people deal with allergies before medications to fight them came out?
How do I become lactose tolerant?
Safe to eat cooked pig eye with formaldehyde in it?
Poison in muh peach?! please read.?
can someone just be allergic to just brazil nuts and not every type of nut?
Colon cancer - pre-diagnosis signs/symptoms?
What are the signs and symptoms of leukemia?
What can I do for my neighbour?
I want cancer????????
Please .. I need all the prayers I can get..?
How many times can you answer the question, "I am 15 and I have breast cancer...HELP!"?
CAN ANY1 MAKE me feel better im sooo sad i m a worrier?
Will eating a handful of almonds every other day make you gain weight?
Do you know any good exercises to reduce stomach fat?
What is the best weight-loss supplement on the market to date?
Do you find it's better to exercise in the morning or at night?
Is it okay to not exercise for a day?
two part question RE: fluorescent lights/milk in plastic jugs/produce (veggies & fruits)?
whatt can i do to give myself will power to stop eating?
How many calories does running fast for 15 minutes burn?
What's wrong with my son?
What would you do if your doctor's nurse flat out lied about your medication?
Eye protectiong in tanning bed?
How do you get a GP to take you seriously and do something? (UK only)?
Should I take my doctor's prescription medicine? One of the side effects listed on the bottle is 'death'?
dealing with triggers in drug adicts?
What are the white marks on fingernails?!?
What is it in blood pressure medicine that causes this cough?
How do you get rid of that burning feeling in your nose after?
Why is this happening lol?
do all tea have antioxidants?
Why am I off my food? I usually love my food but the thought of it makes me feel a bit sick...?
Are those electric ab belts safe to use with a Defibrillator?
why heart stroke happens ?
What is this chest.. or heart discomfort?
How many stages are their in Congestive heart failure?
anything wrong with me??
does anyone here have mitral valve prolapse as me?
What type of specialist deals with hypoglycemia?
What is sugar alcohol and will it affect my blood sugars in any way?
how does diabetes kill people? i'm curious cause nick jonas has diabetes :)?
does anyone faint after getting up quickly , have you had this diagnosed?
why after having gestational diabetes 6 weeks later dr. said my blood sugar test was bad, had it redone and?
can anything specific cause you to get type 1 diabetes?
agent orange side effects include RA?
Is it true that sodas or pops can cause kidney failure?
Whenever I was in grade school, I had an adverse reaction to my Cootie Vaccination...?
Can you be on antidepressants and still be sad?
does a person's bowels let go after they die?
Could this possibly be Asperger's Syndrome?
contacts and red eyes?
What are the red lines that appear on your eye called and how are they caused?
flashing in left eye?
How much would a fitting exam for a free pair of contacts cost?
most natural blue colored contacts out there?
Are there any tips for putting on contacts?
Why did my right eyelid (top) suddenly droop further than my left one?
I suffer from nervous twitches in the face,due to vitamin b deficiency?
Should I be worried, I took a dump three times today...?
Is Starbridge a good insurance?
bathroom trouble. If its just a pebble, how do you get it out ?
Throbing pain in the temple and forehead?
I don't know why they are neglecting to tell us?
Isn't this very dangerous to health?
Anyone had to deal with MRSA?
Any information on lung nodules?
Someone please answer!!!!! Doctors or someone who knows a plus too!!!!?
why does cold air cause a burning sensation in my nose?
My 7 daughter thought she had to pass gas and she let out a moderate amount of mucus and blood.?
Do I suffer from pectus excavatum (sunken chest) or is this just minor? [pics included]
How long can you actually have Herpes before an outbreak/symptoms occur?
I just found out that I have bacterial vaginosis...did I give it to my boyfriend?
has anyone been contacted?
Am I immune to Swine Flu?
Glandular Fever?
My mom's Urinaralysis results reads Pus Cell (WBC) is Full Field / hpf, what does it indicate?
Alcoholic with Hepatitis C?
Sore Thoat For Two Weeks HELP!?
can u get.....?
what the heck is hep c with geno 1-a?
How to strengthen the muscles of the head( brain) ?
You know better, know the "tools" to use, positive shift in the heart...yet you still ache over losses.?
Do you have to take medicine with water or can you drink soda?
The sebaceous cyst in my ear ruptured, how do I treat it?
Are there any at-home treatments for spider bites?
I want to know WHY hydrogen peroxide bubble when it touches flesh, but not a table.?
Is it common to get chest pains when you quit smoking?
Crushed Fingernail First Aid?
Can't hear out of left ear?
How can I stop hating myself?
I think I got my boyfriend..?
How to get un-sad after watching Titanic?
I'm really depressed I miss my mom, she died and I can't stop crying!?
This may sound stupid.. but how do i get over this embaressment?
Do you know Lilium?
Why is it that claritin stops working for some people?
I'm allergic to both vitamin water and welches fruit snacks?
If you're allergic to bees does that mean you're allergic to hornets as well?
I've just started seeing my new boyfriend 2 weeks ago? nut allergy?
I'm on the antibiotic Azithromycin (Zithromax) for a Sinus Infection. How much can I safely drink?
C4/C5 bulging disc. Any success stories w/o surgery?
Is dizziness and vertigo a symptom of cervical myelopathy?
Thumb broken or just sprained?
why is my neck constantly cracking?
Any Thoughts on this?
shooting pains up your bum?
For injury induced arthritis of the shoulders and lower back,any advice on adaptive tools that work best?
How do I identify a fracture?
How do I heal my "broken" toe?
I'm Scared?
Do next ?
who has ever had there ears syringed?
why does it burn when i swallow water? ?
what happens to blood collected for blood tests, after the tests ?
Is it bad/harmful to combine two different hand sanitizers into one container?
What does DL in methionine-DL stand for?
sleep: 10 hours out of the past 152?
Is tanning in a tanning bed once a week bad for a 13 yr old?
everytime i sleep i have nightmares?
If I was contaminated with mercury, lead and arsenic how long before it shows up in hair analysis?
How long did it take for you to recover from Lyme Disease?
Can you get mono in this situation?
Am I sick?
how do you get pin worms?
Can i take kelp supplements if I have an underactive thyroid?
has anyone had a gastric band fitted through hypnotherapy if so did it work?
are there natural ways to stop anxiety?
Has anyone read ' WRONG. Why experts keep failing us and How to know when not to trust them' by David Freedman?
Should I become a doctor or an architect?
yeast/fungal detox supplement?
For those who believe Big Pharma cares about saving lives, how do you explain this?
How to get a flat stomach fast?
Cranberry Juice diet?
how effective is hydroxycut advance?
Advantages of being skinny/thin?
What's known about Bioactive Liver Rejuvenix?
10 Glasses of Water = 300 Burned Calories?
Why are there so many OBESE people who blame their problem on genetics?
How do I lose my big fat thunder thighs?
Can people with rabies bite others and get infected like the movie quarantine, but not turn into zombies?
Red itchy bump onmy thighs, very itchy and painful?
I get sick everytime I eat--why?
Please help! What's wrong with my friend?
low white blood cell count?
does vitarain or vitamin water have sugar?
How big is the plate for the plate format for diabetics?
can low blood sugar cause sleep walking?
The heart pumps enough blood each day to fill about ______ oil drums each day.?
Do people treat you differently because of your health?
New Lantus user - few questions?
what could it be ? thanks ?
How quickly does it take to replenish your vitamin and mineral levels?
Question about the food pyramid?
Does the electronic cigarette really help you quit smoking?
Plastic/Cosmetic surgeons - What surgery will make this guy look good (pic in link)?
How to get rid of cracking/popping noise in knee?
Why mus ti undress for a MRI?
I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS WALK ON MY TIPPY TOES! is this bad? was i meant to be a ballerina?
why is it that you get a headache when u are really tired?
CAn you stretch regular size contact lenses to more bigger? is it possible or impossible ? xD?
It seems like there's a line of static in my vision?
temporary loss of sight in black pixels, after I've got out of a really hot or dark atmosphere to a normal one?
Are my eyes getting worse or am i just tired?
What are contact lenses like?
does minimizing tv time improve vision?
How do you make your eyesight better or keep it from getting worst?
What are the signs/symptoms of HPV?
getting "tested"?
We have ryan white care act, what do other countries have?
What do neonatal nurses have to do?
What color of braces will make my teeth look white?
How much do braces cost?
What is the best dental floss? Is it possible to over floss?
has anyone before done a bone regeneration surgery for sever bone loss due to periodental deasese?
My front tooth fell out, do you think I could get away with painting a sweetcorn with tippex?
Can you get mouth cancer from using mouthwash?
Question for dentists...do you prefer we close our eyes when you are working over us?
regis philbin - status after surgury?
I need Some Fun Facts about Breast Cancer?
Question for those who have undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy?
My dad lost one lung to lung cancer?
Survey: Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma?
my mummy died of cancer?
Does anyone know how to still loose weight with asthma and prednisone therapie?
I Have hiatus hernia and have cut down on bread any good substitute?
Are the effects of cocaine reversible???
can enlarged adenoids cause hearing lost?
Astma Attacks?
Is carbon monoxide bad for you in small quantities over a period of time?
Quitting Smoking?
Cosmetic surgery? Details and opinions on it please?
what is the relation of singing and health?
Why does the roof of my mouth feel dry constantly?
Is It Weird That My Mother & I Held Each Other & Cried The First Time I Got My Cervix Measured By My Doctor?
When did you last have a few aches after working?
longest you've gone without sleep?
Have you signed up to be an organ donor? Star if you think this is important.?
should I goto the hospital? im scared HELP HELP!?
What are the causes of muscle twitching/spasms?
regular coffee makes me dizzy, decaf coffee make me feel sort of weird, what could be the problem?
Runny ears and spicy food?
I drink a lotttt of diet soda. Am I going to die?
how can i fall asleep faster?
How to find health insurance for my son?
how many hours of sleep should a teenager get?
Got shocked by my alarm clock, am I okay?
My friend needs help!!?
Can honey actually help allergy sufferers?
Sulfur allergy?
Is this an allergic reaction to food, or what?
How to stop myself from getting sick, which I know will happen soon?
Hives showing up at random times?
What causes CHARLEY HORSE cramps in lower leg?
cure for aching muscles?
why do i sometimes tingle when i listen to music?
Symphony of symptoms (yeast infection/lump on neck/ red eyes)?