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Can anybody tell me how effective a gingival graft is?
Braces Sick?
what are some common genetic health risks i should be aware of?
How can I get 800-1000 units of Vitamin D?
Can having protein in your urine be serious or just a sign of a treatable condition?
When I was just 2 years old, I left my lips out in the cold, and what color did they turn?
whats the best way to crack your back?
Skin Cancer Question?
What is the survival rate and time for those diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.?
poll "What was your cancer journey like"?
Why do people have to die of cancer?
How to get fever, the Onion treatment will give fever?
do mosquitos bite mostly blood group o negative??
What are some good cancer quotes?
how long should an untreated uti in a young male last for?
fifth desiese....?
dreamers are not doers?
How can you get a Fever FAST?
Do you have to get drug tested when...?
should i be more careful?
What food should you eat when you come up with the flu?
FIBROMIALGIA.....Does Anyone Suffer From This???
i have been having heart pain and it is getting worse any clue what it is?
what causes joints in the body to start sounding like they are popping with movement and being a little stiff?
How can I identify mysterious foot/leg pains?
Methadone put me in ICU for 2 weeks and why do you think you need it?
My neurologist says my MRI shows an active MS lesion. What can I expect?
How can I found about a Surgeon's background; for example, any malpractice suits or suspensions.?
Cervical Cancer ?
short Penni's to young boy.......?
Is It True That Taking One Aspirin Every Day Is Good For Your Health...?
is doctors without borders a full time job?
Grandma not Sleeping or Eating.. Please Help?
Is taking Ambien during the day dangerous?
Difficulty breathing after alcohol?
Safe to take 3 sleeping pills? Please Answer.?
Can someone please tell me what is wrong?
If your sleep and your trying to wake up what is a word for that?
Gross health question....on the number 2?
How do I know if I broken my ankle/foot?
How can I heal burn marks on scalps?
I think I might have broke my cheek bone?
Knee swollen, sprained? Quariceps feel soft as if muscle has shrank....?
Girlfriend foot massage?
Which company has best Water Filter Plant in Pakistan?
I'm 11 and does sleep help me grow taller?
Do you think that doctors blame sleep problems on sleep apnea?
Is it possible to be tickled to death ?????????
do you believe weed causes or prevents cancer?
Question about eating right before bed?
what are the symptoms of vibration white finger?
national smoke out...........?
Contacts Lenes for the first time.?
Mini contact lens??
What do you do with your old prescription contacts?
If 20/20 is perfect vison then what is 20/30?
Where can I get LASIK done in Vadodara (Baroda, India)?
What should I do about an uneven chest?
n95 mask effectivity period?
What is the best way to play through an asthma attack?
i think i may have pneumonia again?
how can I see a doctor quicker?
How many people know about the Disease called SARCOIDOSIS?
What to expect at apnea overnight sleep clinic test?
A friend took 40 puffs of inhaler to get high?
asthumia! please help i have been having a hard time breathing.?
Can you recommend an aphrodisiac essential oil blend/formula?
is Nutrilite the best nutrition brand in the world?
how many people die (on average) every year from spider bites?
How do you help your lazy friend lose weight? She doesn't like her weight and it's affecting her life outlook.
Do you think the percentege of poeple living with HIV/AIDS can go dawn?
bad reactions to Levaquin?
Why do we get headaches from too much screen time?
Why is it better to (scientifically) sleep during nigh than at day?
American health care system?
I close my eyes at night and open them and it's morning is something wrong with me?
health care professional?
Why do doctors?
I Want To Quit Smoking Cigarettes... (more)...?
Bipolar husband...should I stay?
I just got dumped by somebody and everytime I'm in the places where we had been together before, something ins
How to deal with constant negative criticism, put downs and hostility >?
why dont they let me wear a hoospital gown when I'm in the mental ward. Other hospital patients wear the gowns?
symptoms of schizophrenia?
Do you wonder sometimes who you really are?
What do u think about italian girls?
does hair make you wiegh more?
What things do people have to be careful of when losing weight?
How can I get a slimmer waist by summertime?
What is the best way to "cleanse" yourself?
how to get skinny legs.?
which is better: working out in the morning or afternoon?
Am I stuck being skinny no matter how much I eat because of genes?
is running to much bad for you?
how to get flat stomach?
What pathogen is responsible for the dengue fever?
if we get blood (to drink) for someone that has not the same type of blood from us...it's dangerous?
is the swine flu going to kill us all?
I have dark eye cirlces under my eyes, itsnot lack of sleep i have always had them any way to get rid of them?
dominant eye?
Why does it fell like I have an eyelash in my eye, but there's nothing there???
Why would my eye color change completely depending on my mood? They will change from green to brown to gray.?
I gave my boyfriend a ******* unprotected now I have an itchy neck and its driving me nuts how do I stop it?
Someone in the med field please....?
is there anything in sunscreen that could be harmful, if used too much??
Safety Issue's of Ultrasound?
I want to know whether pneumonia vaccine is compulsory for 6 year old kids?
Health Insurance...What do I do? Help!!?
whats wrong with my lips?
What are some tips for going to sleep earlier?
What does he have? Thoughts appreciated!?
Why do I feel ill if I sleep in the afternoon?
We know vaccines prevent infection. How can they cure cancers?
Is cancer 'overexaggerated' (no offense)?
What is the meaning of Oncology and Carcinoma ?
What brand of bottled water DOES NOT contain fluoride? ?
What do you think of views of Phil Willis on homeopathy that it works no better than placebo? read details?
Why are so many of the flat earth society apparently obsessed with Candida?
What is your best natural health tip? Tanks?
Do any of the "Royal Rife" machines work?
I keep getting adrenal surges that go to my chest and cause me to have chest pain, what could this be?
tattoo artists,how do you relieve your neck,back and other body aches after along day?
Could i have gotten sick from sitting in a cold room?
Always tired?
I have not been getting any sleep after watching a documentary on the Federal Reserve system, can anyone help?
Why is it that when youre sick you seem to be awake all night and sleep all day?
why is my face twitching?
Soccer With Torn ACL?
What are the pros and cons of having a arthroscopy operation on a mensicus tear?
Will my Shoulder heal?
Should i go back to the doctor for my thumb ?
If you get a wound and place a foreign object over it can the skin grow over it?
Do you sometimes stick your nose into where it's not wanted?
Where can we find information about the number of people who had bad reactions to H1N1 shot?
What would happen if hiv/aids mutated and became transmittable through kissing, touching, etc?
What to do for sinus drainage?
sharp pain on the left side of my back, trouble breathing?
Does anyone know where a hypnosis for quiting smoking is in Bakersfield CA.?
would i enjoy a job as a respiratory therapist , or pharmacy tech?
why can i only breath through one side of my nose?
Syrup instead of honey?
How to make your mom STOP smoking.?
Routine measurements and tests for your heart?
My doctor prescribed a satan to lower my cholesterol. I don't understand. How would that help?
What is the maximum amount of vitamin B12 that a person can take daily?
Extremely low blood pressure, should i be worried?
Why no water for someone with a heart attack?
is have a hole in heart deadly?
Why when i wear my glasses/contact lens i tend to feel dizzy and abnoxious all the time?
It is normal for eye glasses to dilate the pupils? I have never worn glasses before. Help!?
Walmart Optical-Return policy?
I don't want to offend anyone but iv'e been constipated and was asking if dried figs help?
Is this ripping off?
i never used to drink lots but for past 2 months iv been thirsty a lot even at 11pm ?
My mom can't find out?!?
My sons testical didnt?
My eye????
will weed show up in my test results.?
i have a lump on the side of my neck.. what is it wat do i do?
Sleeping problems?
health concern ?
I cant sleep until like 3 in the morning and I go to bed a like 9?
any suggestions on what I can recommend a male friend for bad breath?
Is brushing my teeth three times a day too much?
What can't I eat and can eat with braces?
What colors should I get for my braces?!?!?
Why don't we just have fake teeth...............?
Can anyone explain Fake teeth are they different to false teeth?
does it matter if you dont have perfect teeth..?
A lot of discomfort in my mouth?
Why does toothpaste bother to say "with fluoride!" when you can't find it without?
Does anyone know how I can locate Dr Penfold and professor Durden?
Mental Health where are you???? healther(salutisti)?????
Have you ever been diagnosed as suffering from "Depression", depressing isn't it?
Ways To Deal With Depression?
How does one continue living when one knows that all hope is lost and whatever he does to improve things....?
I'm wasting my youth, PLEASE give me advice?
There's a man eating a sandwich in my garden, what do I do?
Have you ever seen Mr. Brown?
Metal spinter in actual fingernail?
What does it feel like when a spider bites you?
chihuahua foot bee sting?
My tongue has a line down the middle, very white and has got teeth marks around the edges...wot does this mean
I was cut off my insurence and welfare will not help me how can I get my asthma meds for cheap if not free.?
What do you do if somebody is suffocating in foam? (e.g., bubblebath?)?
well my niece has a big knot on her butt. and when you squeeze it greenish, orangish pus-like stuff comes out.
Do I have the swine flu?
Swine Flu Outbreak in Tulare County (California)?
how does an animal get Rabies?
I've been having such a hard time lately. Do I have Schwing Flu?
Am I contagious still?
My 8yr Old Son Has A 102.5 fever, WHAT DO I DO?
parvovirus for dogs? how does it spread?
low income health insurance?
What is the best job on the "paper" side of health care?
POLL Should we charge doctors when we wait too long?!?
Do you have a phobia about needles?
wake up more tired than when i went to bed?
should i go to school?
What did I experience?
can sleeping in too long make u feel crappy?
What home remedy is best for dark circles & puffy eyes.?
Sudden faint after a choke from eating..?
can smoking too much marijuana cause mental problem?
Have you ever donated any of your organs?
Anyone own a Sleep Number Bed for back problem?
I hope you don't think this is a silly question but...?
why do scabs itch?
sleep and metabolism?
twitch in my left eye???
I need a heating pad and fan to fall asleep at night is that bad?
I'm trying to quit smoking. I am at less than 20 cigarettes a day.?
If I go drinking tonight and dont take my daily meds for 1 night, will the drinking still effect me more?
I suddenly started studdering?
Yellow pee?
my joints please help?
my friend smoked weed?
stop sweating and start living???
Ever go on a diet and it does not work?
how can i lose 20 pounds in 1 month without diet pills???!!!?
what are some good excercises or machines to work out my abs and waist?
How can I lose 15 pounds?
I am 13 and I am not overweight but I want to lose weight please help?
teen weight loss...advice?
What makes hunger pains and your stomach 'growl'?
My father is now hospitalized has been for a month now due to a stroke,cbc is not good, recieving dialasis?
how do u get rid of a 102 degree temperature?
Can you sue a hospital for getting a staph infection that lasted 7 months?
what is the treatment for strep throat?
appendicitis or paranoia?
Can a bone infection return for no reason?
Medical help??
Does HIV virus reactivate when it comes to a wet place?
Are dry nails a sign of an unhealthy liver?
Why do i feel sort of tired after almost 12 hours of sleep?
My eye keeps twitching!?
How long does it take?
HELP! This whole X-Mas break I have been going to sleep at 2:00am at the earliest and now I cant fall asleep?
Does hypnosis really work?
I'm feeling really really tired?
alcohol consumption between a man and a woman?
why am i throwing up?
Why 6 months HIV testing if 3 months conclusive?
I've only had one partner and now i have an STD. Does this mean he cheated?
Should Texas make young girls get a shot that fights an STD and cancer?
he ejaculated blood!!!?
can chickens get gonorrhea ?
how can you me pee?? ?
Can anybody help me with anal seepage?
What causes moles?
Can hypnotherapy help cure dyslexia in achild who is 9 years old?
i think i have bed bugs !!???
What is Brain fluid.? what are the causes for it.? is operation must for its cure.? if so how much it costs.?
Walking barefoot on crutches - what is the most diffcult thing to walk on? ?
why when you hit the funny bone its not funny?
please help!!!!!! I'm desperate!!?
What's the stupidest injury you have ever had?
describe recent scientific advances in finding a vaccine for HIV?
Is This The Flu? What Should I Do?
I don't have a fever, so why do I keep getting hot and cold?
How do we keep our kids safe from the swine flu?
What are my chances of having/getting the swine flu?
question about swine flu?
Swine flu I GOTTA KNOW WHERE!!!!!!!?
What's wrong with me and am I contagious? I am a 15 year-old girl, and I had a 103.2 fever which reduced to
Who else thinks the Swine Flu is MAN-MADE? 10 points?
Why is BAHA important to bilateral microtia case?
I breath normally but sometimes suddenly i take deep breathes approximatle couple each minute, is that normal?
asthma help please??????????????????/?
To those of you that have stopped quitting smoking?
What do those "ADVAIR" inhalers do for ones lungs?
what are the early signs to know if u are catching pnemonia or if you caught it..?
Can a 13 year old girl die from asthma?
i have a question about being sick can anyone help me? serious people only please!!?
whats worse, cigarettes or pot? and why?
I'm catching something and I have to sing on Saturday. What should I do?
after taking food, it is bouncing back to mouth
I know this is a dumb question but....?
how much is too much water?
need energy is b6 or ginseng OK to take if u have hi blood pressure?
How did u quit smoking?????
Clear skin by Friday?
Droopy eyelid...should I be concerned?
monovision and lasik eye surgery?
Can everybody in a small family have different eye colors?
What are some eye exercise for farsighted? ?
To K K about your answer?
Do wearing glasses increase the deterioration of your eyes or no effect?
why do we have to pay to be healthy?
Will my eyes correct themselves?
What would you see if your 2 eyes stared directly at each other?
what are the causes of hemorrhoid ?
How do I cope, my mom is dying of cancer?
can anyone give me any information on acute myeloid leukaemia ?
Anyone here been given 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU)?
I don't have enough stress in my life <sarcasm> What are some fun and creative ways to compound it?
Serious question: Is there anything I can do for a co-worker who is in an abusive relationship?
what is happening to me? :((?
Uncontrollable mood changes?
have things ever became so bad for you that you considered..?
why cant i be normal? was my life always ment to be terrible? should i just kill myself?
my gf is in the mental hospital in Ohio. Why won't they let her use a computer?
How do I tell him about this ?
Vicious sleep cycle..?
My right ear hasn't stopped ringing since 830 this morning! What could be the cause this?
blocked ears! =(?
Does Vitamin-A help you improve your eyesight, or does it just help you keep healthy eyesight?
how do I get my eye to stop twitching?
Do I have Insomnia?
How do I wake up?
Can't go to the bathroom, constipated? please answer, this is serious. :[?
Why don't mosquittoes (and other biting insects) transmit HIV and other blood-borne viruses?
How dangerous is Swine Flu?
Why is the USA not taking the same actions as in Mexico with the H1N1 - Swine Virus?
where can i get mask of swine flu?
I Need the Name of a Disease..?
Can I catch HIV or hepititis from sharing tweezers?
what does it mean to be H.I.V positive?
Who contracted the Swine Flu?
The Pope and swine flu.....?
Does anyone here have/know about sarcoidosis?
What are the best exercises for getting rid of love handles?
How crappy was my breakfast? (I'm on a diet)?
Is it fair ?
Does eating hot food burn calories? like Jalenpeno's?
What part of the echinacea plant do you use as an herb?
How does Sprite or 7up help when one is sick?
homeopathic for emotional issues?
Niacin, how do you work your way up in dosage?
What is an alternative medicine for hypertension. Garlic?
How do sceptics respond to the argument that you need money to give proof?
What does that new drug craze Salvia do once its in your system? Has anyone done it?
Should the FDA put warning labels on products that contain an excess amount of sodium?
What could be causing chronic headaches?
Nausea in the car when it's been raining?
WHY does flu season start in November?
why is yawning contagious?
Any thoughts on why this happens?
What happened to me last night?
Can People Faint Lying Down?
Is beastiality and zoophillia a mental disease?
Has anyone tried Skinzium to help treat facial eczema?
This is a serious request! I need to know how to induce amnesia... please help?
What is wrong with me i feel like about to vomit and i cant open my eyes?
nose and eyebrow piercing on the left? and snake bites.?
I have had a blood blister on the tip of my finger for almost 2 weeks now. How do I get treat/get rid of it?
Best thing for mildly infected cigarette burn?
How should I go about cleaning a cut? ?
I just been stung by a BEE?!?
I need some ideas?
Medical Coding...?
High Blood Pressure Question?
Marital probems? Hubby on Topamax?
Is it really true that nose and ears are the only organs of human body which don't stop growing till death?
how do you get a close family member to stop smoking?
I've got the flu...?
How long can a person stay awake without sleep?
Why cant i sleep?
Could it be possible that meningitis come back in less than 2 months?
Swine flu leaflets- waste of money?
Swine flu/H1N1, when do you get severe symptoms?
help strep throat so weired ?
Stomach Flu or Food Poisoning? HELP!!?
Am i still contagious with mono?
why does swine flu exists in the world?
is it normal to have white stuff all over the back of your throat after having your tonsils out?
what are diseases that will kill you?
if Treadmilltest is positive is it mean that i have block in heart?
A patient with aortic stenosis has had two options of treatment presented to us?
Chest problems-is this heart related?
I'm 26 with hereditary high cholesterol.my LDL is 166 mg/dl and HDL is 50 mg. Is it too early to take statins?
What cause extra nerve in the heart that cause palpitation?
Heart attack and arm pain?
My doctor prescribed me 20mg of Citalopram for anxiety and told me to take half. Why only take half?
what is this black on the neck I just read ....how is it realated to diabetes?
What are the biggest symptoms of diabetes?
Question about Diabeties and reading food labels?
What's a day in the life for a diabetic?
Is honey suitable to take in moderate amounts for diabetics, type 1 and 2? Why or why not?
Has this ever happened you?
How do you find out if you have a hernia?
What would cause high blood pressure during and after surgery? General anesthesia.?
Feeling faint all the time...?
I have an ear infection, should I go to work?
Dent in my muscle?
To all the doctors out there I urgently need your help!?
well..i am 20 years old male..i was not having proper sleep from past 10-12 days..so i went to doc and then?
I started working early, used to get up at 9 now get up at 6 - I noticed my eyes look more tired now?
Is it a haemorroid? Forgive spelling if incorrect?
How do I srtengthen my pee muscle?
does anybody have the perfect remedy for congestion?please help?
what is guillian barre syndrome?
Does air from each of your nostrils go to a different lung?
Lighting a match..breathed in something?
Herpes breakout home remedies?
what can be done about people spreading missinformation in health questions?
Whats the difference between HIV and AIDS?
can i get infected with yeast after sharing my pants with a friend?
ÓMG! This HIV+ honey bee bit me! What do I do?
how many people on the average die of the regular flu every year?
Is it "strep throat" accompanied with the flu?
swone flu issue here please help.?
Swine Flu In Mexico and Earthquake?
Can you get a black eye from stress?
Is it possible to split or damage a nerve?
I sprained my knee 10 weeks ago is it ok?
what 's wrong....????
How can you tell if you have internal bleeding?
If we had no eyes????
How can I lose 2 stone quickly?
Which of these excercise patterns are more likely to make a person lose weight?
what is a good diet for 14 year old girls?
I want a bigger booty, how do i go about accomplishing this?
How do you deal with depression when you are going through some very stressful times?
what are mental health disorders?
ime getting confused with my contacts..........?
I've had 3 panic attacks in the last 24 hours...?
Should I get a second opinion?
How do you find the humanity in someone who barely acts human?
Side effects from giving up tablets without proper medical supervision, please? Jokers can abstain, thank you
I hear voices in my head?
Have You Ever Been In DEEP DEPRESSION?
Where in my mouth do you put the thermometer?
My knee joints make a popping sound when I sit & rise, Need to be worried & see the Doc?
muscle twitching.?
I'm having colonoscopy tomorrow but no one has told me to take any laxatives?
Give me reason for prearranged funeral please...:-)?
Why does people say that taking showers right after you exercised will make veins show up permanently?
Whats The Worse Thing you ever Swallowed?
I need help - shakes...?
How long can a person live without insulin?
Does type 1 diabeties affect puberty?
What are some of the symptoms you may experience if you have diabetes but are not sure yet?
I've heard of a third type of diabetes?
How long will blood sugars stay elevated after a steroid shot?
Is an Effective HIV Vaccine Feasible?
What's the difference between jaundice and hepatitis?
Medical question!!!... We're leaving for Peru VERY soon & need advice re: "immunizations"..do we need them?
Is there such a thing as Avian Swine Flu?
Could I possibly have pink eye?
hi i got the swine flu can anyone help me and tell me what to do?
How do std/sti's start? Where do they come from?
What are the chances of contracting an std when there was no fluid transfer?
can u tell the difference between male & female urine?
Can you catch an STD from a bathy?
What if you get pregnant with Syphilis?
Can crying cause head aches?
Why have cancer rates risen so drastically?
How do you help an alcoholic that doesn't want help?
is cancer worth fighting if you know it will eventually kill you?
If chlorine is a carcinogen how does public water and pool water affect a person with recurrent skin cancer?
is being positive while having cancer make the percentage of them surviving increase?
Im looking for some songs on losing my sister to cancer! i am making a tribute album for my mam & sisters?
braces with colorful elastic bands/simple metal braces?
What can they do about a bad tooth?
If you died with braces on would they take them off?
HELP need advice do you have a full set of dentuers?
How To make Teeth Become White in just 1 month?
Have you ever cracked anyone over the head with anything,in a fit of rage?
Best remedy for a tension headache?
alcohol abuse & liver damage?
Is there a such thing as ODing on TUMS?
Somebody tell me Metformin can not be taken if I am not a diabetes patient.?
Should I study aromatherapy or reflexology?
Homeopathy - Strength Question?
Is it true that refilling plastic water bottles causes harmful effects, such as cancer?
There's something wrong. When I bend I am getting a sharp pain in my stomach..?
How do tattoos stay, if we grow a complete new skin every 3 months?
Do you believe childhood obesity is an important problem in America?
I have trouble sleeping at night, is there anything I can do which will help me sleep?
Is aromatherapy a daily part of your life?
are there any remedies for constantly ringing ears?
i'm going to have knee cartliage surgery...?
What are the weed street terms...like regeno is fake weed etc. what are all the terms i need to know?
are you the type of person that would make fun of a person with a disability?
isnt smoking weed better than smoking cigarettes?
How do you get rid of nerves?
what is the fundamental difference between Tylox and Percocet? they are both oxycodone.?
Dark yellow urine, what does this mean?
Quit Nail Biting In 9 MInutes?
I have a small lump under my chin area, should I go to the doctor? Or has anyone ever had this happen?
what does one avoid contacting hiv?
Can the swine flu be transmuted through food?
My vigina has been itches really bad here for the passed two weeks i have taken an UTI test and another one?
Would you be allowed to box recreationally if you're diagnosed with HIV?
Very mild case of swine flu!?
Since we have had H1N1 should we be vaccinated?
What is the best I can do to feel better?
My mom has swine flu...?
Is it true that getting slaps on the face prevents many diseases?
How can this be possible?
Splenda side affects?
what do you think? diabetes?
3 months ago i started using a pump after 32 years with diabetes. now, i no longer have any energy ? why ?
Are sugar substitutes better or worse then sugar?
if it hurts to pee but only itches in the morning is that herpes or a different infection?
What are the effects of smoking have on the respiratory tract?
How to stop smoking ?
How should a normal cough last for because it seems mine is going into 4weeks now?
Grapefruit is an endocrine disruptor... what the hell does that mean?!?!?
My Dr. just prescribed Clonodine to my daughter because she has a hard time getting to sleep .?
I have problems breathing when I'm laying down on my left side or on my back. What could be causing this?
Does having a minor heart attack from electrolyte imbalance mean your heart is weak?
Can I be fired for taking 4 months off for heart sugery in Ontario?
Palpitation and Tachycardia after lunch?
I take blood pressure meds, and I noticed when I ran out for three days I felt like I had more energy?
feel very ill when lay flat on back?
Are symptom checkers good to use?
Any one ever have heart attack while on Vacation?
Can blind people see their dreams? Do they dream?
What does dissociation mean?
When someone close to you dies, is it normal to feel depressed on the first anniversary of their death or bday?
Do I have bipolar disorder?
i need important advice asap please?
If you constructed your own depression..can you just as easily deconstruct it..?
how to calm down when angry?
I think I suffer from Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety. Please would you read??. (A bit long)?
I was just accused of being not 100% straight?
When someone sleepwalks, do they have their eyes open or closed?
What medication would be helpful to help with "sensory overload" associated with asperger's syndrome?
Is it possible to get food poisoning or something similar from this..?
Is there any cures for reflux ?
What precaution to take to protect eyes when hooked on to computer,especially during Y/A related excitements?
I noticed my legs and feet were swollen pretty bad early this morning when I went to bed. How do I keep?
diabetic recipes! :)?
Is it true that exercising helps lower your blood sugar & helps prevent diabetes?
Insulin dependant diabetics: Does this disease every cause you to have the "shakes"?
symptoms of diabetes?
How bad is DIABETES? what are some ways to stay healthy with it?
If diabetes is a disease mostly caused by obesity...?
Does my son have a sugar-control problem?
Do you think its very possible that i have diabetes?
Are there still active cannibals today?
Does anyone know of a natural or herbal antibiotics ?
What is a palmar sensorium screening?
what are the phone #'s for Bottom Line Books;health & Natural Healing?
Why are stethoscopes so cold?
how can you get rid of calluses on your feet. Mine are constantly peeling?
Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, or Nurse Midwifes: what are the ups and downs of your careers?
What are the side effects of taking heroin?
if u were to watch a video on HIV/AIDS awareness what would you want to see/hear on the video?
This is kind of embarrasing. I seem to have a bluish anal leakage. I am very worried. It burns also.?
How do I get my ears to heal faster, I heard vasaline works is that true?
Can someone describe a spider bite?
Mercury Fillings?
Is there any way to make cuts go away in 3 days or less?
whats the fastest way to heal yourself from torture cuts?
If you get glass in your skin ,does it eventually come out?
My son was helping me do an oil change and he got oil in his left eye....?
Should I Be Worried About This?
should I go see the doctor, or will this go away?
I suffered a hit and run.......?
Should I go to the doctor because I bashed my arm about 3 week's ago and think I have an internal bruise?
i fell and now my arm hurts any suggestions?
Is there any kind of liner available for boot casts to keep from getting contact rubbing?
Do you ever wonder what makes up blood?
Do carb blockers work?
How can stem cells be used to cure diseases such as diabetes and cancer?
What are foods that have zero carbs?
Can you get blurry vision with a low blood sugar?
Does anyone know anyone taking 1000 mg metformin twice a day? Sounds like a lot to me. What side affects?
Me feet are burning like fire?
What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
Had a 6.9 HbA1c at the Doc's today. Should I mark the occasion with a box of thin mints or a box of tagalongs?
I want to get diabetes?
peripheral vision loss due to age?
Problems with contacts?
Had an Eye exam today?
Is there any way for you to improve your vision?
Who in here had LASIK done?
Can you get colored contacts from walmart without a prescription?
Lazy eye surgery at fourteen?
Flab-tastic Poll: How do I get my arms in better shape?
How can I safely lose 20 pounds in 2 months?
When your MP3 player dies in the middle of a workout.....?
After re-injuring a rotator cuff how long does one have to wait to go through a bulking phase?
Has anyone used Seven Seconds to a Perfect Body?
I am wondering how I can keep my pregnant looking beer belly if I quit drinking?
Do you think taking a day off from exercising will hurt me?
I'm participating in a charity jello-wrestling match next month. What's a good recipe for a protein shake?
Are you happy with your weight?
is there any alternative treatment to avoid liver transplant?
how to change the pH of the body?
Can anyone suggest a holistic or naturopathic treatment or remedy for a longstanding mastoid infection?
Vitamin B supplements and a sharp, pulsing headache...?
Chantix Prescription Question-?
If you cut open a chamomile tea bag and smoke the herbs what would happpen.
whats the price for different amounts of weed, and whats good n not?
Hiv possitive person takes drugs regularly , is it he live long lifetime?
Molluscum Contagiosum?
human papilloma virus (HPV) cure?
Ok so I have herpes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What is STI/STD?????????
i think im really sick?
Stomach flu seems to be over. What do I eat now?
Why South Africa has the highest HIV/Aids infection?
Can you have your tonsils removed if you have tonsil stones.?
Drinking someones blood?
Weirdest thing happened this weekend and I am puzzled?
how do you know if you have a tapeworm?
What is the best type of hip replacement that can be used and which one is most commonly used ?
Is it possible to become sick when the weather changes?
is it safe to sleep all night with oven on and open as source of heat?
Why could my heart be hurting this much for this long?
What's worse? Would you rather have bad breath or . . .?
How does STRESS induce GRAY HAIRS?
What makes the ringing sound in your ears?
Is it best to go to a doctor's office for hearing aids like ear specialist Dr. Carol Jackson by Hoag Hospital?
I am having a total knee replacement on Tuesday. Does anyone have any tips for recovery or words of advice?
How much does Life Alert cost per month?
I just cant seem to cry anymore, whats wrong with me?
How old were you when you started shaving your stomach and inbetween your breasts?
My right forearm and hand have been feeling like they fell asleep for like 6 hours now......?
How does a girl pee standing up?
Why do Dr's keep lowering the standards for BP, Cholesterol and blood sugar readings?
How do type 1 diabetics survive in prison?
Pop can give u diabetes?
What is causing my feet and legs to swell im not standing very long at all?
what are some symptoms of diabetes?
Does Insul-Opt work? ?
can diabetes make you skinny?
are there chemicals in the new fire safe cigarettes and if so what are they?
application of ceftas dt tablet 200 mg?
why do I feel like I can't breathe when I wake up?
More asthma advice please. Doctor not that helpful?
what is flem and where does it come from ?
After most of my symptoms of viral infection are gone, here comes a new one! Chest pain and cough?
Why is phlegm coughed out better when i stand up?
Would you sooner smoke or live on tranquilisers? It appears that most non smokers do as well as dying 3 years?
Hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening?
how can i rebuild the enamel on my teeth?
Natural Teeth whitening? Help!?!?
should you use hot or cold compresses for a tooth abscess?
Labret piercing & deteriating gums??
the best teeth whitening kit even?
Why can't your jaw be opened when you are asleep?
How can you prevent varicose veins?
why do my eyes keep twitching?
Trouble hearing high pitch noise?
I'm sleepy? Should I sleep?
How to Quit Smoking . Any help will help !!?
what does it mean when you soooo tired that your body is wanted to completely shut down this has never happen?
My eye is blurry as hell since I got up?
what is mylodysplasia?
I am looking for books dealing with end of life from terminal illness.?
Sore throat,headache,stuffy ears?
should I get immunized for H1N1?
what are the possibilities of contracting aids if getting a tattoo or piercing not professionally done?
Swine flue can a dog catch it and if so can she pass it along to a human?
What are your thoughts on vaccines for malaria in Africa?
Am I insane??????????
Is the cat on the table?
What can I do I am starting to feel sad and lonely?
Im dealing with depression and depersonalization .......?
What is the mental disease of a person who always thinks ill of others and try to rob mental peace of others?
My psychiatrist treats me like like an agony aunt - Help?
How do you forget about someone who has hurt you deeply?
Does Dumbo is the first exemplar of Recchion Elephant?
How to anonymously tell someone to get checked for std's?
How to prevent yourself from getting STD's?
how do girls get infected down there?
Blood sugar readings are lower 2 hours after eating than after fasting for 14 hours. What does this mean?
how does a pump user's sugars not get screwed up on daylight savings?
Does anyone know if resperdal can affect blood sugar readings?
Is there anything I can do to keep sores from breaking out on dad who is in hospital. He is diabetic.?
Do i have diabetes????? ***(20 characters)*****?
Diabetes or bad dinner?
what's the connection between artificial respiration and the middle position of the heart?
Should I be tested for blood clots?
what heart condition do I have?
Do you believe energy drinks are dangerous?
i got bloodwork back and my chol/hdl was 2.9 low and my globulin was 3.6 what does this mean? ?
is carpal tunnel syndrome hereditry or is it something that just happens?
What kind of matress is good for you?
Why do my joints 'crack'?
does the menthal in the cigarettes really cut your throat?
The Bones Crack In Feet All The Time, Why?
Could I be dehydrated even though my urine is clear?
How many deaths were due to SARS and West Nile Virus?
Flu? What should i do to get better?
If I got bit in the hand by a suspected rabid dog, would I feel tingling in the mid forearm?
is this tablet "ADEFOVIR" more effective then zeffix for HBV?
What could the meaning of spots on the liver be?
What are the H1N1 symptoms?
Do you feel bad for the people with swine flu?
Slimming down in two or three months?
What machine at the gym benefits weight loss the most?
Where does the fat go when you lose weight?
What is eating out and getting poked?
How do I stay healthy...?
Which is the worst for you: saturated fat, cholesterol, or sodium?
How is it that people are so horribly influenced by the media regarding how they look?
starting cheer/tumbling?
Why do so many girls do this?
how can i approve on my push-ups?
i want to lose 20 pounds by august?
wanna loose weight???:))tips here?
how do i write a excuse letter for teacher that my son has a bone fracture ?
is it a con , paramedics please answer?
recovery time. ankle reconstruction?
I Think I hurt My Tail Bone... HELP!?
around the bend in 100 hours?
Can i spread HPV 8 years later?
How do I brink up STD to my gf?
a disease that hard to cure..?
Blood test?
Trouble after Boniva IV?
Do you have any special things you do for acid reflux?
How many of you know or heard of someone who is or has a light sensitivity problems?
If a serious ill person refuses medical treatment, can this be seen as self destruction?
One of my friends has alopecia. Although I think he's just balding, how can I help him?
How many muscles do we use to blink our eyes?
Is Ptosis more common among the asian community?
Is there something wrong with my eye?
Red eyes from contacts?
How come your eyes don't see two separate images?
What is the name of those single-eye (one eye) spectacles people used in the past? That hangs off a chain?
How can I tell if my contact lens is inside out or upside down?
Needle in the eye - what to expect?
What is the difference between Splenda (sucralose) and Table sugar (sucrose)?
My mom has diabetes and she cant do half the stuff she could before.How does she get rid of it.?
What food can help the body to manufacture more blood if you have a problem of low blood level? please help!?
Can YOU sum up diabetes in a paragraph ? (:?
What causes poor circulation?
Any ideas on natural cures for diabetes?
Do you need to have all of the obvious symptoms for diabetes to have it?
At what level do you start to notice your headed for a sugar crash?
How can you tell if your bronchitis is acute or chronic?
How safe is Advair, does anyone know?
Anaphylaxis, asthma, epilepsy, SVT, autism in 6yo girl.?
Isn't everybody's lungs filled with fluid?
Hiatus Hernia?
Whats wrong with me? Really worried.?
Can you name a few diseases you can get from smoking?
can garlic clear up sinusitis ?
what causes allergies to suddenly develop?
what is the pollen count like for Orlando in June?
When I take allergy medicine I develop strip throat/sinus headaches?
everytime i look at the sun i sneeze..?
What are the risks of the MMR and chicken pox vaccines during pregnancy?
Do you need to get more than one dose of the swine flu vaccine (H1N1)?
how long is a long intestine and if 4 inches is cut does it take long to heal?
Canadian Parents... What's your position on the H1N1 Vaccine ?
Do You Think The Swine Flu Epidemic Was Caused By Terrorist?
is it possible for me to get mono?
Do you always feel a tick when it is on you?
Are there any organic options for somebody who suffers from headaches?
has anyone heard of a pain specialist?
How to cure the heel injury?
Burning pain in the upper backside of my arms?
why does it hurt so bad?
How do you live with constant pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis?
what type of doctor makes the most money?
I have a really bad cold?
Techniques to sleeping on your back?
weird sensation in my leg?
mosquito bite isn't going away. Could it be a chigger/Spider bite?
Where can I get First Aid/CPR Certification in San Francisco?
clogged ear after home ear wax removal kit?
What numbs your skin?
do i have an ear infection?
If deathly allergic to bee stings and wasp, will a scorpion bite kill me...my throat closes up.?
I'm a Floridian & always use 45+sunscreen.Didn't know it was 100 yesterday. I fell asleep (stupid) jumped in
can i sue? Dig bite?
how easy is it to transfer herpes?
Can you damage your hearing by listening to high frequency sounds beyond human capacity?
My 43 year old boyfriend possibly has anal warts what concerns should I have? What doctor should he see?
What happens if anemia is left untreated?
What would cause blue liquid to come out of the skin?
What to do about a lingering cough after the flu . . . ?
What causes the lump in your throat when your about to cry??
are your concerns as redundant as mine when?
I was down with high temperature last couple days.Lost taste in my mouth. What should I do to get it back?
About what age do adults start to shrink in height?
Is there a safe way to let blood?
What are some other bacteria...?
What is the difference between aids and flu symptoms?
Could Aedes aegypti live and reproduce in a cold country such as Canada?
Errggh Tummy Bug?
Can bout of viral diarrhea last for more than 10 days?
My ex-husband told me he has Hep C. We haven't been intimate since 97. Can my 15yr and I have it?
Stomach virus?
in germany hepatitis c traitement?
It's National HIV testing day???
foods that bring blood sugar down naturally?
what is the best way to reduce blood sugar without taking drugs?
free diabetic and insulin pump supplies?
Is there a cure out for Diabetes (Type 2)?
Can you get your sugar tested at a fire station?
I have small blood cells what does this mean ?
Controlling panic attacks ?
Is anyone afraid that under Obama's health care plan that pumps and supplies won't be covered?
how long does it take before your insurance company approves your insulin pump?
Type 1 Diabetes Car Magnet.?
Homeopathic references?
can anyone suggest a non narcotic homeopathic remedy for pain? Advil motrin not effective enough.?
new age healers - where do you get vitaminds?
My children have nasty reactions to mosquito bites , is there a natural way to help them?
Does anyone believe in homeopathy? does it really work?
Are there any herbal remedies for depression and anxiety?
How can I inspire myself to do homework before the late hours of the night?
Could you help me decide? Asperger Syndrome, Depression and/or Bipolar?
Should i seek Help?? Is this a mental problem? HELP!?
I was raped by my step-mother and my family doesn't acknowledge it?
For the ITALIANS!?
Sleeping all day and night, can't stay awake or do anything?
Quick Q..............?
whats wrong with me? it's really starting to scare me!?
I don't feel real anymore?
How do we know that chemotherapy is more effective than a vegan diet?
I'm a 28 year old male, I'm 5'8" and I weight 275 lbs. I am in pain daily I want to drop 80 lbs. HELP PLEASE?
Whole Body Cleanse before diet?
I need to lose my belly fat in two weeks?
How many litres of water should take to get healthy ...?
Has anyone taken the pill "reductil"? does it work? any good /bad things about it?
I'm trying to loose weight but find it hard to eat less what can I do?
How many steps does it take to make one mile?
My friends mom is trying to make her be anorexic?
I weigh 140 pounds and need to loose weight!!!?
Help me!! i want to lose 35 lbs by the end of january, what do i have to do to reach my goal?
Did God create AIDS to control the population count?
What is the full name of AIDS & HIV?
is my friend going to die of aids?
does anybody want a girl with herpes?
Ever been caught masterbating and by who?
13 year old son has a concussion how do i keep him awake for another 10 hours?
My joints keep snap/crackle/popping?
What do I do about a sprained foot?
Suing for a misdiagnosed stroke in Colorado...?
i wanna get the muscle!!!?
how long for a dislocated knee cap to heal?
Accidentally swallowed odd things?
What are lung infiltrates?
why is air worse for people with asthma?
is it very weird to be turned on by snoring?
Is it possible to dry drown if you are found under water?
i want my dad to stop smoking?
I want to be a person who helps people manage their diabetes whats this called?
Diabetes V/S Disability?
what is vitamin D defecienty?
inslun pump at water park???
Diabetic Boyfriend Troubles?
answer to a diabetic question?
what causes a charley horse?
Oww! I have a fever blister...?
What is the best daily migraine medication out there????
Fibromyalgia question, can you help?
Are there any doctors in the house?
How can I stop cracking my neck?
How come the young people of the U.S. have the highest STD and Pregnancy rates in the world?
What's up with the people here saying AIDS doesn't exist?
does leaving toothpaste on your on your teeth for few mintues make them whiter?
Why is flue pollution added to our drinking water?
Braces? Help?
Why does water taste super cold after eating a mint, cough drop, or brushing your teeth?
have you had a root canal? please help 10 pts!?
Should you really brush your teeth after every meal or is this just a marketing ploy?
Why do "we" look in the mirror when brushing our teeth?
Doctors dentists, medical profession ?
Help! I'm a nursing student.. How do I get over the fear of giving shots?
Is morning walker really effective.?
Can it be an ulcer or GERD? I get really BAD heartburn and indigestion and it will last for days at a time?
Cracking/crunching in jaw and pain??
What Scares you the most....And how do you deal with it?
Do you find that exess fat makes you bump into yourself too often?
Am i ambidextrous?
Why do I have a burning sensation in my abdomen ?
what is the treatment for strep throat?
can large amount of hiv/aids blood survive in water that is being sent to our homes, schools etc?
i have strep throat. how long does it take to feel beter after antibotics?
Medical transcription, dictation help from Doctor please!?
2. The cell most likely to be attacked by an HIV virus is a _______ cell.?
WhatsWhat's wrong does stress cause diarreah?
helppppppppp :P? the bird flu?
What is the best flea powder for carpets?
Why is there blood when I blow my nose?
I need a cortisone shot, massive allergy attack going on but all the Urgent Cares are closed -next best thing?
My daughter has been breaking out in hives allover her body lately. It's no big deal other than that it's
Does Benadrl make you lose your appitite?
Any recommendations for vericose veins / dry skin?
Want to purchase the Mind Power Studio product - costs $67. If any1 has bought it pls confirm if its worth it.
too thirsty?
what is brand name of Viagra in India? and which company marketed it in India?
What can i do to stop mosquito bite itching and redness?
PLEASE HELP!! Irritable bowl syndrome or something else? Is there a cure.?
Does high blood pressure runs the family?
eyesight problems,can anybody help?
How long after onset of symptoms does a heart attack occur?
Coronary artery spasms .. do you actually FEEL the spasm?
My wake/sleep schedule is really weird, can I change it?
I am so tired all the time...help to answer my question.....?
Milking the Prostate?
What is the average PSI of the adult human heart?
y im always complaning about life y i just can be happy?????????????????????
How to deal with my Father who has undergone a brain surgery?
Why do your fingers shrivel up when you go swimming?
What are these symptoms of? abdominal pain, fatigue, bone pain, headaches?
Any Health professionals out there know how to treat extreme MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity)?
Science/Skin Cancer Question?
Has anyone else in Y&A been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis?
SLE Lupus- Answer from Personal Experience only please.?
FOR DIET SODA DRINKERS!!! Do you guys want to know something that could save your lives?
How do you mentally fight living with chronic pain?
medical practice of sticking pins in the body to relive pain and cure illnesses?
I am trying to lose 115lbs. Is there anyway to avoid loose skin?
How long will it take to lose 10-15 pounds if I run 40-60 minutes on the treadmill everyday?
For all of you out there wanting to know what to exactly eat while losing weight and weight training :)?
how can i loose 10 pounds FAST?
what exercises can i do at home to tone my slight belly bulge and legs?
need to lose 15 pounds?
are there any health benefits of eating fish heads?
love handles..?
How many of you have?
A question about clotting disorders?
Could someone survive on nasal mucous?
What can people do to feel less lonely besides getting hooked up with someone because they feel so bad alone?
Help help. I got gum stuck in my hair?
It's so hard for me to wake up in the morning!?
Are Amish healthier .... ? ?
Does it feel kinda creepy if you touch the roof of your mouth?
Can you go to bed at night without having dinner?
Had a blood test 3 months ago. Doc said everything normal. Do I need to worry about HIV. Never been tested.
Why do we have to get vaccinated before we travel to Africa?
What is black syphilis and why are soldiers who contract it not allowed back in the united states?
Can diabetes patients eat dates[Kajur],if yes then how many dates can he eat in a day?
A Web-Site or Link that shows a Food Guide or Plan for Diabitics?
i got high HIGH thyroid and type 2 diabetes, has any1 been through this?
I'm worried about joining the Cross Country team?
im not sure if i have diabetes goin to dr on monday but still?
Should diabetics recieve foodstamps to help with the cost of healthy food?
Have to go on injections - don't think I can do it.?
after a mild TIA what precautions are needed for preventing another episode?
Doctor's treatment for bladder infection?
how long is the bile leaking last?
H. pylori -- more info pls ?
Would I still be at risk of having rabies?
What age do they make you get your hepatitis shots at?
Do I have pink eye? I have some symptoms, but my Mom has never had pink eye so she's not sure.?
How to Cure diarrhea FAST?!?!?
how do u get leprosy?
When should the patient be notified of the purging of archaic or inaccurate information?
First day of college tommorrow and I have the flu!!?
tanning bed question..help plz!!?
Health Card?
I didn't sleep any last night? What do I do at work to keep me awake?
allways tired without any reasons?
I would like to see a review or at least what Ruyan e-cigarette did for someone, i know its new, but somebody.
Contact lenses?
Is there is a excercise for COPD?
Did you ever have the hospital procedure to clear your sinuses?
Why am I told to wash my mouth really well after using Advair?
Is lung damage from smoking reversible at all?
Need Advice On Whether I Have an Ear Infection?
A trauma coma is different from a coma after resucitation for cardiac and respiratory arrest?
An elderly patient is complaining of a bad cough at her yearly physical.?
does hypertension cause hands to shake?
is smoking hookah good for you?
Is nose right a scam? Does it nose right work?
Have you ever gone hogwild on Answers & possibly scared your contacts away?
How do/did u cope with parents detorition?
what are the symptoms of depression?
Will I ever be cured? Is it really possible?
what the hell is a gordon brown?
Dedicated to those who hate themselves! Read up?
Happy birthday to me!?
Is polysporin and neosporin the same thing?
what kind of natural remidies can I use for hyperthyroidism?
if a spider bites someone.?
Help! I think I have a spider bite!?
I can't get water out of my ear....?
How do I heal my nose ring infection?
How do you get a small stubby splinter out of your finger?
how do i break my arm?
Anyone have a prosthetic eye?
Have you ever got it stuck ...?
Help! I think i'm hallucinating?
My legs and feet are always uncomfortable and sore? What can I do to ease the discomfort?
hand pain and numb fingers?
foods with anti-fungal properties?
Herbs for Menstrual Cramps?
i have breathing trouble wat kind of meditation can i do?
lower stomach pain! please help me!?
Good Health? I was sick and on 11 different medications. I didn't get better, it got worse and worse...?
serious headaches?
How do you find your medical /dental records??
5 questions?
~~Did you get your flu shot yet? Did it hurt to you?
What do you think about before you fall asleep?
Does anyone think that dentists are charging just way to much?
I am so tired. Any quick remedies I can do while I'm at work to get more energy?