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where i can found the best mesothelioma supports information??
What exactly is in Shisha?
i am 24 years old.my immunoglobin ige is 581.32 iu/ml.whether there is any reason of being cautious of it?
How can I stop falling asleep in class?
Has anyone purchased $160 monthly medical ppo as advertised on tv?
Hernia Patch?
why do i feel like this?
Where are the bodies pressure points?
i do crack every day and every time i walk ma lungs hurt what do i do?
I have a lot of mental worries. Can this lead to short term memory loss?
Does anyone else suffer with Monday morning anxiety and depression?
What causes severe cases of insomnia?
Is there a stigma attached to Mental Health or is it considered "trendy", and acceptable, to tell?
Do you believe that worry, anger & depression are toxic to ones mind & body?
How to deal with verbally abusive parents?
I AM SOOO SAD...............................?
What is the order of draw for phlebotomy?
How often does a new type of virus appear?
What is the diagnosis for this patient?
Alcohol and Zithromax??
Whats the best way to get rid of little coldsores in one day? HELP!!?
how long can food poisoning last?
Stomach flu Question?
Flu shot deaths in the U.S.?
What vitamins are vital for healthy eyesight?
How do I put in eye contacts and eye drops?
What is the abosolute best contact for someone who is past the lasix line, and has severe dry eye?
Which is the right way to put in contacts...?
are eyeglasses harmful?
my eyesight is 30/20 and does that mean my eyeglasses number is +1.00?
How could I improve my eyesight wihout surgery?
Are circumcised men less likely to get rabies?
Do you have AIDS or Hiv ?
Toilet water on Tampon?
i gave my bagel an std?
perspiration problem ?
Best Medical Schools?
What kind of nursing degree do you need to be an emergency room nurse? or a delivery room nurse?
Any Tips On A Cold?
What are the benefits of taking an afternoon nap (siesta) ?
Are there certified nursing assistants who work with babies and children in hospital?
weird cramp keeps poping up?
how can i get a sound sleep ?
Have you tried to quit smoking? How did you do it?
I need help with a butterfly?
What is the awkwardest position you fell asleep and woke up in?
I sprained my ankle 7 years ago, it still hurts?
I busted my lip. how long will it take to heal?
I took the H1N1 Vaccine 2 days ago and now im sick?
What is your opinion about global warming as mange medicine?
Can our body beat swine flu?
HIV.AIDS in India?
why can't you get rid of an HIV infection?
How to get sick overnight or at all ?
What else boosts your immune system besides onions?
What are the benefits of vinegar?
Is there a cure for pregnancy insomnia?
Will vitamins in the USA become a Prescription Only items?
Can anyone recommend a natural sleep aid?
what is an herbal alternative to lipodissolve?
How do you get rid of facial herpes?
How many of you have talked to a pharmacist about your medication?
Where can you buy the pens that are used to detect lead on toys and other items?
how do you become a labor and delivery nurse?
Why do my fingers taste salty?!?
weird spot on arm after blood was taken?
Why do people ask medical questions here?
Can any one out there give me suggestions on what I can take at night to stop my couphing so that I can sleep?
why does ure chin wobble when u cry?
How did my beef noodle get infected?
I Think I'm infected?
Don't I increase the odds of getting a disease by shaving "down there"?
what would happen if u made a hole in a normal spider bite?
can your stomach twist in side of you ?
are you more pron to bug bites when taking vitamins??
what kind of bite is this?
coffee burn?
How can I help someone through a very painful bereavement?
What are ways to speed up your metabolism?
What is healthier...Frozen veggies, or canned?
what can you do to motivate yourself to do exercise?
What is the best way to learn yoga at home?
How much candy, how many pies and cakes have you eaten so far this month?
Do you like to go swimming in the winter time to keep fit and exercise?
Do you suffer from Anorexia and/or Bulimia ?
What would cause your nose to bleed?
what is a health service admininstrator???
Any ideas on how to fall asleep faster?
How can I fall asleep quickly?
trouble sleeping?
cant sleep and got addicted to tylenol PM?
Urgent Help Please!!!?
Can staying in bed eventually kill you?Someone said it makes you very weak.?
Is it true when a sleepwalker is sleep waking you aren't suppose to wake them?
Don't you think correct breathing technique can resolve many of our problems ?
how long does it have to be since your last bowel movement for you to be considered legally constipated?
What can I eat, take, or do to increase my memory ability?
Anyone had any success with magnesium supplements (eg.:Jigsaw magnesium) in alleviating chronic fatigue?
Why is it that I find it hard to get to sleep at night but then when I wake up in the morning ....?
40 Tips for living life?
Can a straight guy be raped by another guy?
Question about Social Anxiety Disorder treatment...?
How to help a dear one cure from unipolar depression?
Who else goes through this kind of depression?
What is soothing music that will help lull you to sleep if you, for example, suffer from insomnia?
Ways to cope with/illiminate suicidal thoughts and low self esteem?
Have you ever seen a whale shaped cloud?
Do you know this italian song???
Is depression an STD?
Clear Liquid Comes Out Of My Butt!?
how to make a girl climax?
Lately when i come home and have my normal daily 12 pk of beer the next day i have terrible diarreha?
Bags under my eyes?
How many hours per night do you typically sleep?
Does anyone think its gross to not take showers at night?
Would like to hear from People who have been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis.?
Industrial piercing care - Cyst or keloid?
What does brain freeze mean? how to get rid of dreaded brain freeze?
would you date a skinny girl with massive stretch marks?
Has having a pet made your cancer journey more tolerable?
What type of salve is good for the chaffed area around the anal opening?
Does wearing someone else's glasses ruin your eyes?
Why do I start blinking a lot when I wear my contact lenses?
do eye excersizes actually work?
Visine-A actually turns my eyes bright red; has anyone else had this happen?
Blood pressure is 206/125?
Is it safe to take heart medications, blood thinners, and blood pressure medicine with penicillin?
find jobs in clinical Exercise Physiologist?
How can I lower my blood pressure without taking the pills?
Does anyone experience pain, cramping and tiredness to the leg while walking due to poor circulation?
what is the best diet to follow for a person who is starting to have heart problems?
What does it mean when your blood pressure drops when you stand up?
Has anyone had their gall bladder out and hiatal hernia repaired at the same time?
What more damage this lazy eye can do to me now?
Does having high cholesterol mean you have clogged arteries?
What does it mean if a person needs open heart surgery cause one line is blocked?
what is the name of the condition where you've got fast heart beat even when you're relaxing?
My heart went crazy when i smoked weed, somebody please help!?
Apart from antibiotic drugs,how else can i treat STAPH.?
Hand sanitizer question?
best ways to beat the flu?
Who/What brought the existence of the HIV VIRUS?
Why are my eyes like this?
What is good for your liver?
Is there a homemade cure for diarrhea ?
Health Insurance Online?
Sore lump on base of skull?
is anyone trying to quit smoking? Any tricks? I have especialy hard time when i'm upset, or on break at work
what do you think?
How many people actually call their doctors to ask them health questions?
ummm... yeah?
i cant sleep, someone help me?
can guys be tested for HPV?
I woke this morning itching and there were little black dots dancing around on my skin...do I have the herp?
Why are all of my suggested questions to answer in the STD section?
what is the best way to see your own anus?
Recipe for a Hot Totty(Toddy)?
does blood in your booger mean you have TB?
how do they get the stripes in the toothpaste so perfect?
What's a clear retainer?
is chewing gum bad or good for you?
If you died with braces on would they take them off?
Do you take your teeth out at night and put them in water?
I got a cavity filled a week ago and my mouth still hurts?
Poll The The question is...do you floss every time you brush?
What works to treat symptoms from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
What damage has 'sleeping with the light on for 2-3 years' done to me?
Thyroid problems?
What experience with powerchairs and scooters do you have?
What are the Ups and Downs of being an RN?
how to relive stress or relaxe?
Sleep or no sleep?
how many hours of sleep do you average a night?
What are some good ways with dealing with Cancer, because a loved one died not that long ago?
does anybody can help me with my problem of my dads lymph node cancer?
I have breast cancer and will have surgery soon?
can snausages be used as an effective contraceptive and prevent STD's?
Can you get hiv from toilet water splash?
If we all start out life as virgins, where do STDs originate from?
What are some symptoms of ismonia?
vodka knowledge stars accepted?
Is it a Spider bite?
How can I make myself throw up?
Please help me to treat my severe sunburn? There is pics of it?
♥ What are some all-natural alternatives that help with insomnia, pain relief ... ?
Why don't more physicians, psychiatrists, etc. consider nutritional deficiencies as causes for various illness
how many trips will a gram of saliva 10x last?
How do I get rid of this $%@&#?! tickly cough?!?!?!?
My friend has been experiencing dierrea and a fever.?
What is Krones desease?
could this be Cerebrospinal Fluid leak???
Is MRSA untreatable? Lets be serious?
The difference betweem SHIN SPLINTS and STRESS FRACTURES?
What is the maximum time a person should be left with a broken bone before operating on it?
Help with scoliosis? Please.......?
how to fix bad posture?
Ice bath???
My wrist has been hurting..?
I been getting these very bad....??
how can i motivate myself to lose weight?
How much treadmill do I need to do to lose weight?
How do you resist giving in to food cravings?
How can I beat my bad food habits?
Do I have a problem?
100 calories a day....now at 154 pounds.....what to get to 110...how long?
Is numbness the minds way of dealing with trauma?
Sad Music Causes Depression!?
What do I do about my mind and sanity?
What's the quickest way to get rid of depression?
Is playing the victim just a cry for attention or is it a real mental disorder?
I'm afraid I've hurt my bread maker's feelings. How can I rememdy this?
How do you improve your eyesight without LASIK in singapore?
Why does my eye do this?
Coloured toric contact lenses??
a year ago i tried contact lenses but the opticain could not show me how to put them in. so i was stuck with?
How long is too long to wear contacts each day?
Can people actually not have black eyes?
how many people have died from swine flu COMPARED to the number of deaths from regular flu?
Whats the fastest way to get rid of a stuffy and runny nose?
What is good to settle your stomach when it is upset, that is low in sodium?
Heat rash and swollen ankles?
On average how long does eating a sausage roll from Greggs take off your life expectancy?
Been feeling dizzy,tired,short of breath for these past two days...?
i am sick need good remedy.to get this togo away.taking vitamin C.?
addicted to ice cubes?
Can a normal saw cut bone?
Why does your head hurt if you sleep with your feet more elevated?
What is the average number of times a day that a normal person will break wind?
How does socialization, religion, culture, and ethnicity contribute to health beliefs for pt and nsg practice?
How do we not fall out of bed when we are asleep??
can being dehydrated make you not be able to comprehend right?
What could it be?
why dont i ever sleep?
Have you ever woke up thinking you had been asleep for hours?
i have slight eczema on various parts of my face?
what should i put on the cover of a brochure about syphilis!?
Fingering ?
i need help with kissing?
Horrible allergies, how do I get rid of my itchy throat?
Why do allergies occur in some people, but not in others?
Are there any cats allergic to humans?
Could I be lactose Intolerant?
Food Allergies? Need Help Just To Find Stuff To Eat!!!?
my grandson's allergies seem to out of control this year.?
I have been eating so many fresh tomatoes and was wondering if they could cause you to itch?
Eating pan could cause tongue cancer?
i think my 2 year old daughter might have a brain tumor!!?
My grandmother? Prayers? Advice?
Can anyone give me some advice on how to face your own mortality?
how often are doctors themselves tested for infectious diseases?
It's not a UTI, what is this?
Why does the body ache when you have flu?
What will be, if a person had a NEUTRAL 0 BLOOD TYPE which don't have any of the NEGATIVE/POSITIVE of RHESUS?
what are the precautions that we should take inorder to avoid vitamin deficiency?
why does your body hurt when you have cold/flu?
What are the aids stages?
I came down with the flu last night, how long will I be contagious?
life threatning deseases--- medical feilders help?
please help me! my 6 month old might have mrsa and im scared?
what is the best climate for an asthmatic?
What is the best kind of mattress/bed for someone who is overweight?
How to calm cigarett cravings?
What are the causes and treatment for atrial fibrillation?
What are some great ways to reduce worries, lower blood pressure and enjoy things?
Is there any way to reduce the risk of Heart Disease?
Cardiologist may restart my heart rythm again to set it correctly?
Is there any relation between surge of High Blood Pressure along with increased Serum Cholesterol ?
what is the correct medical term for the sensation of your heart beat when you put your hand on your chest?
why do pacemakers......?
When he says 'Get 'R done ' what does he mean?
Question about Scabbies?
When was the first test done for hiv-aids in america?
my boyfriend and me just found out we have had bv for 2 years can this make him unfertile?
Can an asthma attack be stopped on its tracks?
sneezing and c-pap?
Asthmetic 3 yr old?
What is the best cure for hicups? Stuck with it for a month and are so sick and tired of it.?
I haven't slept in six days, please help?
is laser eye surgery for eye sight correction risky?
Referal after an eye test?
Daily and Extended Wear Contact Lenses?
is this normal?
Cornea hurts. can't put on contacts. help!?
I look and I can see the things that I can see, but sometimes when I see some things, they sometimes bother me
Why do your eyes get red when you're tired?
My brother was shot in the face with a very strong airsoft/bb gun.?
Bad knee pain?
How long will it take for the perineal abscess on my anus to heal?
i hate being like this?
Home Remedies?
how to cure chigger bites ?
Can anyone tell me please, Is there any good but cheap websites to buy xanax without a prescription?
how do you heal a cut over night?
How do I flush my body of THC?
who is the hottest woman alive? Adriana Lima!!?
Will there be cure for deadly diseases like cancer and HIV in near future?
The Scientific Evidence for HIV/AIDS?
could "being pregnant" be classed as an STD?
Do you pray for this disease --> herpes?
Where can i buy STD'S?
Can I kiss a girl if i have herpies 1 or 2?
"ACE inhibitors" work as antihepertensive drugs by:?
What does it mean if i got tonsillitis, herpes, and conjunctivitis at the same time?
Avian Flu in the UK?
Can a blood transfusion change your DNA?
Can you get tapeworm infection from eating dirt?
What do you guys think my chances are? just curious i have a big day tomorrow?
how do i fall asleep faster?
i have volleyball practice for 3 hours in the morning and i sweat and smell in just a half an hour! help?
why do emos cut themself?
what are the sources of omega 3?
Looking for people that have used Chelation Therapy...?
Where can i study alternative medicine?
Natural headache remedies?
Do you really believe that ear candling is effective?
why is it left to comedians and magicians to debunk homeopathy and other health scams?
Is there anything you take (food, drink, herbal remedies..) when you first start getting sick?
Does anybody know of any Borderline Personality Disorder chat rooms that usually have people there chatting?
When depression hits you, how do you deal with it?
What's the worst aspect of depression for you?
What characteristics would someone have if they had sadistic disorder?
help. i dont know what to do. i don't have anyone to talk to. feeling helpless?
what should I do I feel like I'm cracking up ....?
Is it normal for a 32 year old man to want to go down the toy aisle at Wal-Mart?
Has anyone heard of the therapy designed to help ward off Alzheimer's Disease?
Can't sleep?
Help! Dizziness, Nausea - What is this being caused by?
What plant or Herb is used to cure smallpox?
How do you know the difference between having mono and a strep throat?
Is it possible for humans to be infected with the same strain of influenza more than once?
I read once that a small subset of eastern europeans have an immunity to AIDS, is this true?
Tapeworms and the like. Is there a professional way to find out if one has them. Like x-ray?
I have been recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C.....What can I expect?
I can't figure out the name of what is wrong with my eye! Do you know what's wrong with it?
how much do contacts cost?
To be blind for a week? Is it safe?
Is it normal for eye color to change according to mood?
is it dangerous to watch tv in the dark?
my eyes are itching feels like there is something in them and there isnt and i see blurry after a while????
Have you listened to you Grandma' advice?
Once again I have a cough that feels like it is turning into bronchitis...what can I do besides take?
What are the best ways to get back into activities, such as exercise, after lapsing for a time?
None of the anti-perspirant deodorants seem to work on me?
How can I cool a cast on my hand and arm?
Any O-[neg] donor (or matching types) made the act of blood donation a gift for a future emergency transfusion?
Does crying make you dehydrated?
Hospitals Hospitals Hospitals?
can somebody help me please?
I got a cavity filled five hours ago and my mouth is still really numb?
Stop Bad Breath Remedy - What Are The Most Effective Remedies To Stop Bad Breath?
How long exactly is as long as possible?
how do i pull a loose tooth quickly?
is it possible to swallow your toung?
Do you always clean your teeth before going to bed?
dark skin...inner thighs, and lower butt.?
Can you take two Tamiflu at one time?
what viral infections that have absolutley no symptoms in toddlers?
Does anyone want further updates on how JKid is going?
How do I transfer my CNA Certificate from California to Missouri?
What is LPN nursing to you? explain why you like or not like about it.?
I didnt sleep last night, is it unhealthy?
why is it that i'm not a morning person??
is 6 hours of sleep a night safe?
What is the best way to get to sleep fast and to go to sleep?
How can one's willpower be so weak?
Can warm milk really help you sleep?
Body Jumps right before you go to sleep?
What causes skin tags?
Stretch marks all over one arm and nowhere else...?
What foods do you recommend for a high fiber diet?
How do tell him that I have NF1?
Can you get an STD from saliva?
how do i tell someone that you have an STD?
What would happen if i never showered again?
possible exposure hepatitis?
How is Yahoo! Answers helping with the current Swine Flu crisis?
Could I have the Swine flu?
I just found out I have had a staph infection for about a year now. How serious could it be?
Glands are feeling swollen.....?
How can a flu virus be a mixture of pig, bird and human viruses, unless it's man made?
Did anyone else have trouble when taking Tamiflu?
do you recommend getting the swine flu shot?
How to spread swine flu?
Is it safe to get a heart pacemaker after having bypass surgery?
how fatal is a dilated aortic root?
My doctor has suddenly stopped plavix?
please help with medicines!!!?
Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia?
When will people become aware that we should eat saturated fat and EPA/DHA ricj dites NOT low fat diets?
Backward Cholesterol?
what should i do when i am having high bp and high pulse rate ?
Why does my heart always beat fast when he's around?
What treatment or cure is available to Skin Cancer?
gallbladdar removal surgery?
Is the preparation for a colonoscopy really horrible?
Testing on animals, agree or disagree?
I have been referred to occupational health through work can I ask to see my employers referal letter?
I feel achy, couldn't sleep last night?
how to wake up my friend! (right now :L)?
Staying up late......?
Where does all the snot come from when you have a sinus infection?
Best hours for sleep.?
How much epsom salt do u put in warm water for an ingrown nail?
Best way to loose the redness from a sunburn?
mosquitos and mosquito bites?
To Pop or Not!?
Should i fly on a plane with an ear infection?
sugar and soap for an insect bite? my mum swears by this, has anyone else heard of this?
Help with a tongue burn?
Husband stung by a bee or wasp?
I got bite by my m8 dog 2day. It was not a bad but did bleed abit. should i get a tetanus?
How does Lou Gehrig's Disease pass on?
bad breathe?
how can i cure my flu quickly?
What are the long term effects of smoking pot? What damage does it do to the throat and lungs?
a neonate 2 days old is on ventilator but spo2 is not maintaining he is not having any chd xray does not help?
HELP PLEASE, coughing up seriously thick flem?
do you know ciro? the son of sandra milo?!?
What's the difference between anxiety and an anxiety disorder?
If you had a bipolar, or manic friend how would you help him or her?
Suicidal people see the world very differently to non suicidal people, do you agree?
help my poor and chip english?
loner ....?
Is my obsession too extreme?
Johnny Rotten save the queen... she ain't no human being...?
Where is the flu virus when it's not "flu season"?
What does West Nile Virus do?
Feeling lilke you have the flu...?
What type of Immunity is a person receiving when given the Hib vaccine?
can you get hep from using someones razor? how long before the virus dies in the air?
how much is it to get tested for AIDS?
i have flu and my mucus has a little blood on it..is it normal/okay?
Can you get sick from a sneeze?
is it posible that having a cold makes me feel really down?
How soon after exposure does HIV begin weaking the immune system?
What Are Hyper Herpes?
What's the longest time a person lived (or still living) since detection of being HIV positive?
HIV test after 48 hrs exposure, i am over panic ,?
I was drug tested at work...?
I work nights and have some trouble sleeping in the day any tips to help me ?
why can you cough in your sleep, but cannot sneeze in your sleep?
Shall I take him to hospital? HELP!?
I have never eaten fruit or vegetables in my life, what effect will this have?
What would you recommend to a client who wants to achieve good intestinal health?
Is this normal for a pothead?
Urgent need to poo when I get to the front door.....!?
help me!my fmiddle fingers being wierd!!!?
Are You Older Or Younger Than Your Actual Age?
Are you a healing practitioner? What is the best healing book you know of?
what is the best medicine for vitiligo and what foods should be avoided?
What are some natural muscle relaxants?
My partner snores so loud what are some natural remedies to stop this? Help it's driving me crazy!?
Is peppermint oil a good choice to make ........ ???
Can homoeopathy medicines be taken along with antibiotics?
What are your thoughts on this photo: a baby with two faces?
What do you think Happened?
How much can I expect to pay for health insurance for a family of 4?
I Get Headaches Really Often?
how much time do you sleep?
How should a kid diplomatically refuse a gown at Dr's office ( respiratory infection)?
My Sister rubbed her face raw?
Ever since i smoked last my throats been giving me bad problems and a cough?
can eyesight be improved by ne method?
Is it possible that my old broken bone might have fractured again in some way?
I worked my abdominals and they were sore, but its 2 days later and very painfull?
I accidently a Coke Bottle.... What should I do?
bruised heel?
i had a knee injury?
my daughter is cutting her wrists...i don't know what to do...any suggestions?
do you have any major allergies?
How long after I stopped taking bactrim will it be before it leaves my system???
Please read? Allergy question.?
Do you have any allergies?
cool humidifier & vinegar?
Why do I feel sick after dairy?
are their agencies looking for STD Cures?
How did Aids first form?
Why is AIDS so prevalent in Africa?
who did aids get started?
Low body temperature?
Can you get too much sleep?
Can't Sleep! Any suggestions or reasons?
Lost my vision temporarily?
I been up for just about 48 hours..need to stay awake for at least another 12 !!?
my body freezes during sleep!?
How are you supposed to clean out your ears?
How old can people get before they need help taking care of themselves?
Why does it hurt to make pizza?
weird question about fingers? ahha?
My aunt is suffering form Vitreous Detachment - what are the chances that she might lose her vision?
Is it possible that your eyes get smaller from lack of sleep?
My eyes are too small for contacts, but i hate wearing glasses. is there any other way to not wear them?
IS there anything i can do about the floaters in my field of vision?
I am dreaming I am blind.?
What is my vision on the 20/20 scale?
Why do eyelashes fall out and do they grow back?
What are some good ways to quit smoking? I need help...........?
is it normal to have a headache everyday?
My 2 year old daughter has vomiting with no other symptoms...?
Nose Bleeding...?
What do blind people see?
Can Smoking Cigarettes cause Itching ?
what causes headaches?
Is This a Good Vitamin Plan?
What can be causing this much sleep?
What would clear fluid in my ear be?
Can Sleep Apnea make it hard to fall asleep during the night and make me fall asleep during the day?
okay i got a sleep question?
Best way to get rid of bacne fast?
Constipation for over 2 weeks! What are some suggestions?
Is it okay to go jogging after you've had a couple glasses of wine?
How do I get??
How Much Water Is It Safe To Drink Per Day...?
POLL: What is the best way to give up smoking ???
what are the affects of turning Bulimic?
What is your favorite Healthy smootie for working out and staying healthy?
if anyone is wanting to lose weight?
if 4 out 5 people suffer from diarreah?
Will drinking anti-freeze kill you? Or does it just shut down your kindeys?
Treatment and care of toe laceration?
what is the best practice after a snake bite?
Help mosquito bites.?
I found a Band-Aid with a piece of silverfoil over the pad.... does it mean anything special?
I just got a horrible sunburn at the beach. WHat can I do to make the redness subside?
What would happen if you got a cut on a scar?
please sent me some information on first aid. I have to make a pocket first aid guide.?
Please help me. After four shots in my arms my arms are swollen...?
What's your best defense against the common cold?
Is taking naps really that bad?
Why do bones crack and make that "popping" sound?
Will they admit you into an Emergency Room if you don't have insurance or any way to pay up front?
is sleeping late at night bad for you or your eyes?
i keep drooling when i fall asleep on the school bus. Does this happen to you guys?
My right ear hurts when I touch it? Feels like a bruise or something?
Are there any herbal recipes that could help cancer?
When do people generally begin to "die"?
What to expect with chemotherapy?
Serious Cancerous question?!?!?
What are some signs of post traumatic stress disorder?
Do people become mentally ill (madness etc) from stress?
Would you take a drug that blocks bad flashback memories?
What do you think about people who suffer from depression?
Inglesi siete solo acidi!!!!!?
Not really a question, but everyone should read this...?
Do you appreciate music playing in waiting rooms?
I just got all four wisdom teeth pulled. How long should I keep using gauze pads?
Roof of mouth is hard and convex, just like a walnut.?
What do you like about your favourite Dental waiting room?
Don't you think they should make Y! avatars with braces?
Please can you tell me what you think of this verse from Hadith?
symptoms of primary complex and what happens to a primary complex child?
clogged ears?
For pediatric dose of Albuterol how much of an adult pre-mix bullet is given?
Does infection and recovery from Tuberculosis lead to immunity?
Is there any way to "clean out" your lungs?
What is it like for someone to wake up from a coma?
How do you get herpes from sharing a drink?
How do I deal with HIV?
How would the new health bill affect the doctors?
What can happen if I take Echinacea for too long?
how to wake up refreshed in the morning for a big day?
Does drinking water that leaves limescale in the kettle leave limescale in your veins?
blacking out and dizzy when i stand up?
I wake up and have to catch my breath?
It's kind of weird...should I be concerned?
I'm a girl and my hands... veins pop out?
Why sometimes when im sitting down i feel out of breath and it get kinda hard to breath?
Is Augmentin an effective treatment for tonsillitis caused by virus not bacteria?
how can you get pink eye?
What is sporasec tablets used for?
If I live in the United States, can I still get malaria?
do i have mono?
Ganglion Issues?
doctor lanced my boil.how long does it take for the wound to heal.is it suppose to swell up? he wound is deep!
Are hospital emergency rooms closing down in your area too?
I hit my head.................?
is it a symptom of asthma? or I'm perfectly fine?
I am claustrophobic and am having a closed MRI next week. My dr.proscribed (1) Ativan to take 30 minutes prior?
How to fix my sleep schedule for school?
Question about Gardasil?
Why Do Most Snooze Buttons Only Give You Nine More Minutes of Sleep?
Do my hands get bigger if I keep cracking my knuckles?
Does Laser Skin Resurfacing really work?
How dangerous are the e-cigarettes..?
Do I have fleas or am I just paranoid?
can you get over the counter medicine for tapeworms in boots uk?
What are the chances of dying from a shunt revision?
How come when I was watching the Discovery channel those Dr.s on there sometimes dont wear gloves?
How can you get MRSA (The "Superbug")?
has any one heard of bechet syndrome?
how to deal with chicken pox in adults (20 year old)?
What do you think this person's chance of survival is?
can someone tell me what are the abreviado for hepatitis???
Megadoses of vitamin D: What is the story?
I'm 13 and i'm trying to lose 20 ponds in around 3 weeks..what is a quick way to lose weight...?
How can you..?
How do you get rid of cravings?
I put on WEIGHT?
How come weight that youve had on for years is so hard to get off?
OMG The Perfect push-up… excellent exercise to do!!!?
What weight loss plan have you tried?
Do you ever get so hungry...?
what is the difference between flax oil, flax seed oil, fish oil and the omega 3?
Is it possible to take too much Omega 3, 6, 9?
Treating High Blood Pressure "over the counter, diet"?
can abilify damage your liver?
ADHD can it be controlled with watching a childs diet?
what web site has free answers to home remedies?
Is it true that weed does less harm than alcohol?
Homeopathic Doctor/Please communicate.?
After having pink eye, how long should you wait before you wear contacts again?
Are ALL soft lenses okay for overnight wear?
question about contact lenses!!?
what makes oneself fear of death even though he/she knew that there is life after death?
where can i get contacts without a prescription?
The whites of babies eyes?
You know what they say, "Starve a fever, feed a cold?"?
What is the healthiest & most productive way to deal with negativity?
What causes that "butterfly" sensation when you like someone?
Would Benedryl cause frequent nose bleeds?
Lately I've been smoking every 5 minutes and can't stop..?
What do you do to de - stress yourself?
im nearly 17 and feel my life is a waste.?
what is a bone scan?
how can i prevent mosquito's from biting me so much. I have welts all over.?
i just burnt my finger???
I Fly in my Dreams, what does this mean?
What are some of the most easy-to-swallow foods for when you have an ungodly inflammed sore throat?
my finger is swollen and inside the nail has green and white and some purple and it hurts..what do i do?
Please share your viewpoint on immunizations. Important to you or not?
Why do people turn to "fags" or cigerettes for comfort?
Whats the proper name for the little finger?
breast feeding.....with hiv?
Why is it that people in here always answer questions with links?
What would you do if you?
Has your shoe ever talked to you before?
Are there any ex-Jehovah's Witnesses therapists or something?
How to get the old me back?
Does Y!A eliminate the need for a therapist?
What is your worst fear in life?
Dealing with urges to self harm..?
what is the common name for ringworm?
If you have a blood transfusion and then have a DNA test will it affect the outcome?
How many days does it take for pink eye to clear up?
I had an abnormal urinalysis and am interested in what the results might mean.?
What is mange?
Contracted MRSA in hospital... will my bills be paid for?
What are diseases/infections/etc you can get from kissing?
would a person that happen to have a primary complex in his childhood but cured pass this deases after 16years
can glandular fever come back?
what causes wheat intolerances in people?
What percentage of people suffer from asthma in the UK?
pregnancy and asthma???
Is there a way to heal and clean lungs after smoking?
i have to pass a spirometer for my job, i think i have asthma would primatine mist get me by the the test till?
i have a Sore throat and burning in chest?
chest pain? 17 year old girl?
blood pressure?
How many days a week do Paramedics/EMT's work?
My sons father was court ordered to provide medical insurance for our son...?
How to get to sleep more quickly and easly?
Could slicing your wrist deeply and cutting veins get you into a coma?
How do i get my dad to quit smoking?
Got a yucky body odor?
tired all the time???????????
Why do I smell like frozen chocolate?
Will I be able to run tomorrow?
Allergies from houseplants ... ?
injections for astmatics allergic to animals.?
can lactose intolerance go away?
am i allergic to wasps?
gaining weight on simvastatin?
Serious question about ST Depression seen from doing a stress test, can this be caused by heavy caffeine use?
What counts as low blood pressure?
Is this causing my heart palpitations?
I have exercise induced asthma, and I have trouble breathing when I'm not running.?
what does correlate clinically mean ?
Low blood pressure and fast heart rate, what are the causes? (reposted)?
should i be worried? more..?
Do you think people really pour their heart out on yahoo?
Explain how vaccinations work together?
I just got my lab results today. I wont see my doctor until next week. Please help!?
Can i catch chicken pox from shingles?I have never had chicken pox before but have taken the vaccination?
i had one then my dad had one. is it contagious?
AIDS question?
what is chickun guniya?
what are some advantages of cancer?
Does anyone else find it closed minded that people promoting alternate therapies for cancer patients ...?
How Possible is it That He'll Die?
Your opinion: Is cancer a disability?
Any advice for a migraine?
Will my friend get better from OD on tylenol?
Whats the best way to relieve neck/upper back pain that is giving you a tension headache?
What exactly is a headache?
My eyes STILL hurt to move?
What could it be?
Left shoulder arthroscopy, lysis of adhesions and closed manipulation. How long til I can be left alone?
Chronic knee pain after surgery?
What happened to my lower back last night? Should I be worried?
My toe is really hurt (READ MORE!!!!!!!) PLEASE HELP?
My organs feel out of place!!?
My index finger feels really loose?please answer?
We have that Aflac injury insurance crap through my job. Can I get money for my wife's carpal tunnel?
How much does it cost to get new lenses for my old frame? single focal?
poked in the eye with a stick.?
Tilex Bleach in Eye?
Name for eye disorder Opthamologist sees but causes no problem with my vision?
Can I pick up my free trial pair of Freshlook Contacts at my local Costco? Or where else could I pick them up?
Did any 1 else see something shoot past them out of the corner of your eye?? cause me and my sister did?? any1?
What to do when you can't sleep?
What do I put on first - Sun Block or Insect Repellent?
Why can't I sleep? It's been 4 days...?
HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!!!?
Is there an std that causes you to get bumps almost like mosquito bites on your body?
In disaster situations , disposal of cadavers to prevent " disease " is considered mandatory .?
How many days would be considered "late" for finding out i have appendicitis?
Any instance where white spots on tonsils doesn't mean strep throat?
I,ve been diagnosed with Caulobacter. How wiuld i have got this and what do i do. Is it infectious?
A family member i live with has the shingles. How can i prevent getting it since i heard its contagious?
Give me a list of diseases that are able to be cured?
Can you get hiv from a tad of saliva?
can u have arthritis at age 25? is it possible?
Can a sinus infection cause black/bruised eyes?
How can i fix this without surgery???(pic)?
i play drums. what should i do to protect my hearing?
Please some one help 10 points!!!?
I am an 18 yrd male and I go to sleep at 4-5 in the morning and sleep until about 3-4 in the afternoon?
Please help, doctors are being slow to answer!?
I don't know what this could be?
Why wont my hand stop twitching! HelP?
How to make your self puke without coughing hard and nothing coming out?
What homeopathic or natural options do I have instead of inoculations when travelling to Asia?
Is it true, doctors are third leading cause of death, after heart-attack and cancer in USA.?
Some interesting articles regarding Autism and Fever?
please help with my thyroid?
Has Ginkgo Biloba actually been proven to enhance memory and concentration?
You realise homeopathy etc. doesn't work? Right?
Can eating marijuana get you high?
How you like this music Skeptical and Allopathic users?
You believe in alternative medicine, then have a need to see a doctor who refers you, where's the alternative?
Why does weed affect short term memory?
Who's the best etailer of first aid supplies?
What are the health benefits of flax seed? Should I eat them whole?
Why am hungrier on some days than others?
Why is it that when you're about to sneeze, looking at a bright light source makes it happen sooner?
Earring Sinking Into Ear... HELP!?
How do i take care of my skin.And how do i makeit become more beautiful?
whats the best way to remove a knife from your body?
Does spitting too much make one protein-deficient?
Can iron supplements cause discoloration in tooth enamel?
Do you love coffee, but have been made to feel guilty for drinking it?
Any ideas on what can cause someone to pass out & not be able to remember what happened?
How do I convince my dentist that the nitrous is for me, not him?
Is there something wrong with me? If so...what?
Do obese people have the same amount of blood as skinny people?
You know you're getting old/older when...?
does internet effects the mind ?
Is there someone or something in your life that keeps telling you to light fires?
How much of an affect does losing women in my life have on my POV of relationships?
DO YOU always keep struggling or do you eventually give in?
When a relative with Alzheimers argues with you?
Why can´t I help feeling so miserable and horrible?
I think im addicted?
For the italian?
What is the difference between culturelle probiotics and acidophilus?
What does it mean to quone something?
What can I do to help my low blood pressure?
Why does my knee make a cracking sound?
doctors or physical therapists please help! i have a bad knee that isnt gettin better!?
Coca-Cola Syrup?
How do I get this guy i care about to stop smoking pot?
What is wrong with my ear cartillage piercing?
Should I see my lung doctor & Are you psychic?
Why and how does Milk and other dairy products cause mucus ?
any doctor here?real doctor ya...PNEUMONIA or TUBERCULOSIS?
my girl friend has problems breathing at night time before bed time?
Sleep Paralysis! (Awakening with no ability to move)?
what is the solution, to cure TB and what food to be give for TB?
Can a brain regain function after 19 minutes without oxygen?
can smoking cause your throat to hurt?
what are the physical symptoms of testing positive for hiv. and if you test positive do you have aids?
How to survive in the snow with a fever?
Dr. Warren said a swap from mouth or saliva can be taken for the test of HIV. Saliva also contain HIV virus?
Shingles Symtpoms?
how can any of my surroundings affect any thing of my life of skool or any other thing?
Do people in the United States still get typhus?
Watz happen wit my body?
do i have staph ={ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
have u heard/used the varicose vein treatment called vnus - the closure?
When I wake up in the morning, how can I be energetic and ready for the day?
Does anyone know where I can get the green finger tape/wrap used by Order-Fillers at Walmart Warehouses?
So... what am I supposed to do?
right shoulder pain while breathing in?
Why do I have really cold hands?
Before you fall asleep, what do you think about? Do you like to daydream during the minutes before sleep?
Are midgets actually waterproof?
Is There Any Way To Stop Tossing And Turning In My Sleep?
Do they bury people with their braces on?
Do you have a gap between your front teeth?
Who's better Kobe Bryant or Lebron James?
I have a braces question?
dental assistant?
When they refill a tooth do they use anesthesia[pain killer-or w/e]!?
Has anyone tried dazzle smile pro? Does it work like it says?
Why is it when you brush your teeth after eating/drinking an orange/juice, leave a bad taste in your mouth?
When is blood pressure too low?
irregular heartbeat- what does this mean?
Blood pressure 127/65, pulse:50 BPM. Is this odd?
High Blood Pressure at age 19?
What causes heart palpitations?
If anyone can please answer my medical question...?
suspecting tia somthing like a stroke?
contact lense and pink eye?
If lasik and lens are new alternatives for glasses, then why don't many doctors do it and stick to glasses
Why do my eyes get blurry?
What should I do?
What happens if you accidentally point a lazer light at your eyes?
How do I improve my eyesight without using corrective lenses or surgery?
Eye rest help! HOW?!?
How to look NEAR and FAR?
What would be the connection of being a tool and die maker to urinary bladder cancer?
During my colposcopy, the doctor took biopsies of Abnormal Cells/Displasia... do I have cancer?
What is the youngest anyone has had breast cancer?
How likely is relapse?
Cancer, my husband has it and just recently lost his job.?
Can you please pray for my mom?
what is wrong with my heath/nose?
I want to lose i considerable amount of weight in four months, how much could i lose?
how can i feel great without loosing weight ?
energy levels in afternoons?
can anybody suggest me some pills names which is used to loss weight?
Who are the people that figure how many calories are in various foods and how do they figure it?
What would happen if I stopped eating, drank only water and boosted myself up on vitamins and supplements?
I have removed white bread from my diet, what benefits will I see?
I'm afraid to eat in front of people?
Why do some injections hurt and others don't?
ARGH anything to help with my period pains? please answer!!?
how to get rid of knee joint pain??? plz Doctors, help me out. I'm suffering.?
Oxycontin Help. Attn Doctors (if I have to then Attn anyone who can provide)...?
Pains in my head? Help!?
question about my wife.....?
Homeopathy remedy for quitting smoking?
I've recently noticed a lot of Aloe Vera juices in the market, what's the advantage of drinking it?
Cancer Treatment?
An instant cure for headache please?
What is your view on holistic medicine?
Is An Acai Supplement Worth It?
Help???? Don't know if this will effect...?
How do you heel a jellyfish sting?
What can I put on a burn to help it feel better?
What type of sting hurts more, a bee or wasp
my bug bites are swollen...like woah.?
got cut on my finger help!!!!!?
What works for nausea?
Using headset results in pain in ear?
Why does my back crack sometimes?
pros and cons of being a nurse?
How old do you have to be to donate blood?
I have this weird pain in my throat and chest?
How Do i Wake Up Early?
Errrr i cant fall asleep!?
What's the best way to give up smoking ciggarettes?
Anyone else painfully shy?
Would you say this is normal? Like do other people feel like this?
What do people NOT understand about your mental illness that bothers you?
Do You Ever Feel Like...?
I haven't been truly happy in 3 years and I'm only 20 years old?
how do I get my antidepressants back?
Is this a mental disorder? Please help?
I'm depressed and don't feel like being alive anymore.?
I keep waking up with dozens of bites, what could they be from?
could my 12 yr old have slapcheek [5th disease] no temp, itchy rash on arms and legs only, healthy otherwise?
Is it harmful to try LSD once? Will there be a difference in the way i am now compared to the time after?
What happens if you get scared half to death, ...twice?
My doctor said that i shouldn't wear my wallet in my back pocket, how do i break myself from the habit?
If a person has been deaf all their life and has never heard a word, what do they think in?
when you think of numbers do you see them as a colour?
is it true if you get your head chopped off its still alive for a second or two?
allergic to wheat and dairy?
Gluten free diet question?
When using a prescription allergy nasal spray...?
bumps on back of throat?
how can you tell if you are allergic to dogs?
I have "nasal polyps" & can't breathe - help?!?
why is everything i eat/drink making my mouth itchy?
Sleep paralysis. How does it happen?
Sleep problems? Please help!?
when you don't have insurance, why don't doctors take good care of you?
Sleep question...?
Will this kill me? Need help quick please.?
I'm going to fall apart?
Isn't it awful when you try to get the wrinkles out of your socks and ?
my calf feels like its going to explode..?
what is an anthroponotic disease transmitted from humans to animals????
Do you know what the death rate of people in the u.s using herion?
Does it Hurt to Touch and Then go Your Seperate Ways?
I cant seem to get rid of bull nettle that got on me, any answers?
Chipped Shin Bone?
Have you ever known anyone with an 'acquired brain injury'?
How can scoliosis get better with out treatment?
how do i get my spiter bit gone?
How can I get to sleep with my migraine?
Skin problem on right hand ...?
Quit smoking for 2 months today! Any encouragement out there??
swollen from fingers to elbow?
memory problems?
How come my pee is this colour?
lately i've been waking up at random times?
Could this be a circulation problem?
I have a hiatal hernia?
How long are people with with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) likely to live?.?
what kind of condition do these pains indicate?
Coughing that makes you Vomit? Whooping Cough?
im sick, what can i do to get better ...?
i have bronchiectasis ........my right lung is fine...i have infections frequently with brown color of phelgum?
Why is Tamiflu being authorized by the NHS Flu helpline for people who have had symptoms longer than 48hrs?
does a brow lift change shape of brow or just raise it?
What to expect while getting Lasik Surgery?
How much do acuvue contact lenses cost?
Is it okay for me to use Opti Free Replenish Rewetting Drops even when I dont have contacts on?
Recently became short sighted - Reasons???
can anyone else induce hallucinations by closing your eyes? please read!?
How Far Around Is Your Full Visual Field?
Where should u go to get treatment regardings HIV?
how do antibiotics help the body in fighting diseases?.. Full explaination please.?
Stomach Ulcer or not?
Is it possible to catch stomach flu from a newspaper column?
can you get hepititus through a needle stick?
When a nicotine patch passes its 'best before' date does it become harmful or just less effective?
Has anyone used Chantix to quit smoking? How did it work for you? Did you experience any side effects?
Does HeadOn "Apply Directly to the Head" really work?
can i go to differnet doctor besides family doctor?
When do you go to sleep at night?
Why do the tips of your fingers shrivel like a raisin when you stay in the water too long? ?
Tips and Tricks for Swallowing Pills ?
Help me please i need some advice/words of wisdom ...?
Good Morning! How are you today? Do you feel better as the weather improves?
canadians and countries with free health care system. Please comment on documentary sicko. M. Moore.Is it true
Racing Heart/Palpitations - Doctors can't find a cause.?
what exactly is "heart disease"?
Key hole surgery on the heart?
Pardon me for being an idiot, but...?
Limbs Falling Asleep?
why is my heart rate so high?
what is actually happening to your heart whilst your having a heart attack?
Psychotherapists Vienna, VA?
Why are intelligent people more susceptible to depression?
Advice please? How can I stop all this nonsense?
What in the world is wrong with me?!?
What's American Boy???
What is EMDR?
My brother needs to know the approximate cost of an above the knee amputation and cost for care and prosthesis
Why does bright sunshine in my eyes sometimes cause me to sneeze?
Do you sleep with your contacts in?
teen weight issues?
I got a very swollen mosquito bite on finger?
What is some good workout music?
What are some foods and/or exercises that help get rid of belly/waist fat?
How do you raise your good cholesterol ?
autoimmune disease symptoms?
What could be wrong with my son...he has EXTREME light sensitivity, abdominal pain, coughing and lethargy?
Why does my vision become blurred in cold weather?
Arthritis: Where did you get it first?
Does moving an arthritic joint have a negative or positive effect upon that joints lubrication? Does moving it?
Abs in 2 months?
Could someone please help me?
Other than eventual death, what are the long term effects of meth?
How much water do u drink in a day?
Why are burnt food bad for us?
Has anyone gone to a great homeopathic doctor in Las Vegas?
Do the foot detox patches really work?
Can anyone tell me some alternative therapies for this?
Is there an ALTERNATIVE depression remedy that is likely to help anyone who needs it?
Will acupuncture cure my pins and needles?
Do doctors not tell us about natural cures because they get kickbacks for the drugs they prescribe?
Should the mental health and alternative medicine sections be merged?
what foods make you go?!?
Should Homoeopaths be forced to offer a money back guarantee if their potions don't work?
How much does it cost to "shave" a tooth?
is tooth past edible?
extraction VS expander?
Why does my retainer smell bad and what can I do?
How this maxillary first molar should be treated?