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Can you see pupils dilate when you're wearing coloured contact lenses?
My 3 year old's eyes change colors several time a day, why?
When you go to an opticians oppointment?
Is there any way to improve my eyesight enough to get rid of my glasses?
can dettol mix with water?
Help! I dyed my hair yesterday and now it itches SEVERELY bad! How to i get it to stop?!?
stung by a jellyfish?
I think I have a spider bite ~ what do I do??
I have a bad cut what should I do?
what is human papilloma virus?
What pathogen is Influenza caused by?
How do i know if these cuts are dangerous?
can someone catch hiv this way?
how many unknown diseases are discovered every year?
is it true that when u have an yeast inffection for 6 years it damages inside of u and u are not able to get p
dose my brother have pink eye?
do almost all people catch chicken pox at some point in their lives?
can I get a disease from handling animal blood?
Should I be concerned about what my MRI found by accident?
How do I find the right multivitamin?
Weird pain left shoulder area, can feel heartbeats sometimes when I sleep?
whats the highest ranking job title that you can have in a hospital?
What causes a persons skin to turn gray?
How to get rid of sinus drainage/post nasal drip?
Brain scan showed something,consultant dismissed, should I seek a second opinion needed?
Why do my hands not move independantly?
I am so tired all the time. No dr can tell me why?
How can I raise HDL (good cholesterol)?
what does low density lipoproteins transport cholestrol to?
What causes heart palpitations after having surgery with general anesthesia.?
my triglycerides and bad cholesterol is really high.. how can i lower these?
What can make symptoms of mitral valve prolapse worse?
Boyfriend's mom's pacemaker...?
how a heart echo works?
the american heart association?
What do you think to bio-oil?
How long Does It take For Lack of Sleep to Be Detrimental to Your Health?
Why does my left eyebrow keep twitching?
is there anything that can put you asleep for maybe like 2-3 days?
hello people with stds, how is that going for you?
I was bad and let the STD community down, my vadge went away?
If your partner gave you an STD?
How quickly can structural imbalances in my back be corrected?
What would I rub over my hand to get rid of a burn, which is turning into a scar?
when was the last time you stumped your toe and hurt your feelings?
Sprained Elbow--Can I still type on the computer or is this bad?
10 point awarded to best answer!?
When was the last time ...?
My Doc said 2 weeks prior to my surgery I could only take Tylenol. Is it ok if it is Tylenol with hydrocodone?
Why do I always have terrible headaches after taking an afternoon nap?
I have bought lyrica tablets online?
Do u know any medicine for muscle relax & if yes then suggest me where to buy & any discount code for it.?
Did Paul Bunion have a bunion? Yes?
Is there any way to prevent bruising?
How can i stop leg cramps?
why when your about to cry do you feel a lump in your throat?
Someone please help me!!Body sore for no reason now bruises are popping up for no reason?
my bottom left side of my throat hurts when i swallow? is it bad?
Why do some people not swing their arms when they walk?
Can't you learn a lot from a smart child?
What do You think does calcium or vitamin D supports bone health?
what are the defining characteristics of a tumor?
Why does my eyelid keep twitching??!?
How to improve eye sight?
was your childs school kind enuff to partner up with the health dept to give free h1n1 shots?
how many of u talk to urselves?
Where in Asian or Mid East can I get Liposuction / Tummy Tuck done ??
sinus infection 2 weeks?
Which of the following is included in a client’s plan of care?
how do u fall asleep really fast when ur really excited?!?!?
Have you ever been in a coma and been able to hear and understand other people?
What's wrong with me?
How do I Stop Smoking QUICK AND CHEAP?
Does my c-section scar look botched?! How long will it take to heal?!?
Is it possible to get a cold if you are around a smoker (see details)?
The thyroid gland to work a tad faster?
Vegan Homeopathic Remedies?
Should professional mainstream practitioners be working with alternative medicine?
Anyone here use Fish Oil (Omega 3's) for calm effects, for anxiety? And how much?
Question for Homeopaths, Holistics, and other natural healers?
has anyone ever heard of "no more cold sore"?
Does Suboxone Realy Work?
cold sores?
What is a normal morning non-diabetic blood sugar reading.?
Throat condition...?
Really bad eczema that won't go away with medications help?!?
How can my friend get insurance for his wife with diabetis?
Sometimes when im on the computer i start seeing double letters under the real words wats happening?
Anything other than Laser Eye Surgery, contacts, or glasses, that can improve my eyesight?
will such things really improve my eyesight?
Are contacts bad for your eyes?
What can I do about the "floaties" (grey dots) in my vision?
What Will Happen If I Wear Her Contacts?
Why do i have light green eyes?
What songs best represent the twelve steps?
If i don't have heath insurance how can i get treated for free? Please help?
What is the minimum staffing level in a Nursing Home?
Has anyone heard of Manuka honey?
Any other way to deal with asthma without an inhaler?
How do you find a head hunter for a job in Respiratory Therapy?
Anyone know a sure-fire way to get rid of hiccups?
Can you permanently clear a stuffed up nose ?
Do the old consume too much health care?How should health care resources be distributed across the population?
How Can I Fall Asleep Faster?
can you fail a drug test off smelling non burning weed or being around it burning but not smoking it yourself?
My friend has had a collapsed lung twice, how serious is it?
i have a really bad cough. and i want to know what kind of foods would be good for it. ?
Does Rozerem Really Work to induce Sleep or is it just a way 2 pay for a placebo and do a sleep routine?
Is there anything you can do to stop puking?
Am i right in thinking?
What is the best (and easiest) way to lose inches around my thighs?
How can I lose 20 pounds before school starts? (please help)?
Do fresh fruits and veggies with nothing added to them?
how much energy drinks can you drink before they start to hurt you?
Who Likes Acai Vitamins?
I need some very important advice my daughter has had tmj for a very long time doctors and dentists have?
Is there an antibiotic you don't need a prescription for?
how many hours a day does a nurse work?
Sedation used for a picc line in the neck. Is this a normal thing or are the nurses leaving out information.?
If you have had a blood test in the past would your blood type be on record?
Is my water bottle still safe to use?
How to sleep?
tb testing procedure?
are the diabetes dangerous to children?
How can tomatos have salmonella? Isn't that a condition of raw meat?
How much knowledge do you think a Pharmacist has about your illness?
How many people die annually from an infectious disease?
Should i get the Flu Vaccine?
How can i catch tuberculosis a.k.a. TBees?
2 Breast Cancer Questions?
Could i have bowel Cancer? Please help?
Are There any Type 1 Diabetic Moms Who Had Very Successful/Healthy Pregnancies?
How is a biopsy on the hips performed?
help please! i dont know whats going on-emergency!?
Is urinating every hour to hour and half a sign of something wrong?
how can you tell the different between blood vein and blood clot?
What is the easiest way to cure sweaty palms and feet?
Can an infected tooth, spread to the brain?
What causes those white spots/areas whiter than others (some yellow) on your teeth?
How do you get back to eating normally after you have your wisdom teeth removed?
Do they bury people with their braces on?
If someone dies with braces on, do they leave them on?
How many people on here have had their wisdom teeth removed?
help with overactive thyroid?
body ichiness????????????????????/?
How do you get your sleep routine back on track?
How can I fall asleep?
How do I tell my girlfriend that she needs to get help?
Sleep question?
How long does it take NICOTENE from cigarettes to get out of your System?
I'm really tired, but I don't want to go to sleep. What should I do to stay awake?
Could I get glasses after some years, if I use computer a lot?
can you remove SCRATCHES from EYEGLASSES?
Does anyone know of a photo online of someone with "natural" Red Eyes?
how long will the lasik surgery take?
Why the hell are my eyes getting discolored!?!?!?
Squiggly line in my eye?
Hazel eyes drastically changed color?
is tonsillitis infectious?
how long do you have to wait after donating plasma, before you can go again??
Why dengue mostly affects males?
chicken pox vaccinasion?
Is anyone suffering advanced stage lyme disease and getting no help?
Why is it good to drink lots of water when you have a cold?
Cure for Aids? Here is a link I found on the internet. Is it a real fact of scam?
My 10 year old son wont sleep, Advice?
Question about my blood test results.....?
has anyone tried the "eat right for your blood type"?
Why does my heart beat faster and harder after ive smoked weed?
Why do some of us have joints that we can always crack?
I want to exercise but...?
can you get an epidural if you have a back tatoo?
Why do we scream when we're in a lot of pain?
What is stronger, Percocet, Fentanyl patch, Dilaudid, or Norco?
can a mild electric shock hurt you?
Should I pay my doctor a visit in the morning?
Are wrist braces supposed to feel uncomfortable and hurt a little?
How many pain relief pills does it take to kill you?
Uh oh - I think I damaged my ear. My eardrum is vibrating!?
Tell me whats wrong with me?..Coughing up blood?
John Ritter had a double pupil? what does that even mean?
How long does it take food poisoning to kick in?
Should you or should you not soak your feet ?
What is your addiction?
Give Me Stars!!!!! Pleezzzzzzzzzzz?
What are you before you are born?
Could your farts be considered a lethal weapon?
Putting pressure on a bruise, good or bad?
What are some good questions to ask when considering an Assisted Living Center for your elderly parent?
Went outside in the snow barefoot, do I have frost bite?
Can you help me to stop bleeding?
can we bite nails during fast??
What finger should I use for a impaction?
How do I give a back massage?
Ankle Sprain Help!!!!!!?
Should legal action be taken for this?
I can't feel my toe...?
An incredibly weird question....?
Any advice on how to treat a strained neck?
how does poor blood circulation affect...?
Can emotional stress cause skipped heart beats? ?
How long does it take for a heart to become significantly enlarged?
Cigarette smoking is a risk factor in coronary artery disease because smoking?
What are the signs and symptoms of an oncoming death for an elderly or sick person?
Is there any cardiologists out there that can help me make a decision?
Is there a connection between a vagotomy and an aortic aenorysm?
Rash, any thoughts of what it is?
Would an alkaline diet shrink pancreatic cancer 10 points best answer?
How to prevent "Kissing disease"?
For those who are taking thyroid medication for an underactive thyroid what strength of medication are you on?
How do I catch a cold??
nasuea with glucose tolerance test?
Downing St Petition- Raise awareness for male eating disorder?
If you have hyperkalemia (cause unknown) and have been advised to cut down on fresh fruits and vegetables?
How to fight BED-BUGS ?
Is it possible to choke on your own saliva?
How can i go to sleep fast without a pill?
What is wrong with my chest?
Egypt and feeling ill?
at what age do you think you will expire ?
obamas health care alien?
How many cases of the bubonic plague occur each year in the U.S.?
Anybody knows dietary solution to frequent malaria attacks?
Appendix Removal?
Tapeworms - how to check if I have it and how to get rid of it?
Am I infected?
what is serocis of the liver and hepititis?
how useful mosquito is? if its only great power is to kill a million person?
I need help with nutrition label facts?
help,, im skinny with a fat stomach?
Why does sleep appear in your eyes? What causes it?
How can I prevent retinal detatchment and blindess?
accuracy of puff machines in opticians?
How do yu improve your eyesight??????????
Is this serious...............?
How come we dont see upside down ?
I've had this horrible cough for 3 weeks, should I be worried?
Kitten Sneezing?
Can HIV be transmitted if the person were to be given a facial?
My situation! Any advice?
How can I get rid of my AIDS?
Are you more likely to be considered a Protege, or a Prodigy, or someone that will get zapped by a Cattle Prod?
what would cause a high vitamin b-12 level?I do not take vitamin b-12 vitamins!?
Homeopathic nasal spray?
Open Heart Surgery, Safe to perform at home?
Are there any alternative medicines that help someone with ADD rather than prescription drugs?
Do most naturopaths share this opinion?
Best way to cure a hangover?
What is the name of the tingly feeling you get when you are relaxed?
Doctor's appointment and shaving - etiquette? Doctors or nurses?
What are some good sleeping tips?
where can I get new eyes surgically implanted?
Have you ever tried smoking?
How do you get health insurance?
Are you a highly sensitive person? And have you looked up some help?
Serious Question? (Account Blockage/Recovery?)?
how many cold/flu pills do you take to robo trip?
How long are Hepatitis A & B vaccines good for?
How long will a measles-like rash with mono last?
Sore throat, losing my voice?
Do you think I have polio?
Is there really a virus that causes obesity?
how do you stop mosquitos from breeding in an outside toilet?
website to find current illnesses going around?
why u must take and finish your antibiotics when u take them?
a kid threw up right infront of me if she had the flu will i get it?
Is sudden blurry vision the first step to blindness?
where can i get swine flue?
cost to get a mole removed ... ?
is soap and water enough to get someones elses blood off you hands incase of a deaseases
Does my Mom have symptoms of phlebitis?
A diabetes question I have really been wondering about?
what exactly is diabetes?
Open vial of Novolog ... How long can it be kept?
Can I possibly have type 1 diabetes?
Diabetes? How do I know if I am contracting it? are there tell tale signs of ones sugar being out of whack?
Is it safe to crouch underneath the piano during an earthquake?
can i put neosporin on a stye on the eyelid?
Is it bad to use 2 pillows when you sleep( stacked on top of each other)?
Is this bad if I'm 15 and shaking this way?
I'm getting blood drawn for blood cots but I was wondering?
How does being sick cause weight loss even if you dont have a fever?
Swine Flu Symptoms or Just Normal Fever?
What does it mean to have a low MPV count?
Recovering from flu, anybody else get very tired?
What is the best way to get rid of a sore throat?
How serious is Swine Flu and regarding symptoms?
Do you ever eat cause you're cold?
What is the most dangerous disses?
How did people deal with impaired vision before the invention of glasses?
What is the best lighting to have when using your computor?
Laser Eye Surgery.. Is it Safe?
what kind of exercises could improve my eyesight or what can i do to improve it?
Why is my eyesight getting better?
how can i get rid of...?
Response to dealing with torture?
what is good for toothache? tylenol, ibroprphen,excedrin..etc.?
I have fibromyalgia and live in pain all the time?
help i need your opinions!!!?
My feet feel like ice blocks?
Does desire cause you pain?
WHat are hearing aids like?
Can hormones make you smell bad?
does donating blood feel the same as getting a blood test??
I'm in the UK its 2.30 in the morning (cant sleep)?
Why does the asid in your stomonk dont go trough you ?
how long does it take xanax to get out of your system?
How come im more tired when i wake up early even when i get same hours of sleep?
Do you look in the tissue AFTER you blow your nose???
how do i get a flat belly in a month?
How are vitamins named? Like why is there B-6 and B- 12 but not A-12?
I know if you eat less than 1200 calories a day, your body's metabolism slows. But what if I am not hungry
I'm 16 5'5 and 155 lbs am i overweight?
Side Effects of Asbestos?
How long until the onset of symptoms from mold exposure?
What does it mean whenever they say I have inflammation of the lungs, is there a cure??
can black mold cause seizures?
Chest Infection X-Ray?
My Mum & Dad smoke around 10-15 cigarettes a day. Im scared so much for thier health.How can I help them stop?
Smokers- why are you still smoking, even though you know the facts?
Im Sick!!! HELP ME!!?
Skin under eye problems?
What causes brain freeze?
What could it be?
how do I quit smoking?
I am having a closed knee manipulation tomorrow. Has anyone had one and how did you do?
Wat should i do about my sleep? Info inside?
What's up with all the anti-smoking nazis on YA?
What should I do for a cat's eye infection?
What's the fastest way to get rid of this?
How to buy Antivan in Canada through a reputable Canadian website?
how can i treat my excessive underarm sweating?
Anyone know any secrets or tricks to fall asleep?
How can you make yourself sick without sticking your fingers down your throat?
Does pain in your lower right back quadrant mean that your liver and kidneys are diseased?
teen and parent smoking THIS IS SERIOUS?
Is cayenne pepper good to aid in digestion?
Have you or anyone you know attended Clayton College of Naturopathic School?
Cleaning uses for essential oils?
Will giraffe fetus powder capsules help me to grow taller?
do you agree with this Vicks Vaporub and Cough ?
What will Vitamin B12 500mcg do for me?
If you fell 9 storeys would you die instantly and painlessly?
If a stye remedy requires a hot tea bag and I offer to throw the whole mug of scalding tea...?
How long will it take to recover from keyhole surgery for a meniscus tear ?
Is this a good idea to decorate my crutches?
I Have These Pains On My Shoulders! Plz Help Me! Don't Ignore This! Plz Answer!?
How am I getting around with no feet?
Can fat protect you from stab wounds?
Do you get sick from the flu shot?
Does spicy food help with cold and flu symptoms?
Is it possible to have Gold eyes?
I'm weak all the time?
can you buy ped egg at walmart in canada?
Why cant I sleep at night ?
I keep blacking out today.?
Can a heart mummur cause chest pain?
Is there a difference between heart failure and congestive heart failure?
Do you have to have high blood pressure to have preeclampsia?
Have you had problems after open heart surgery?
what is the normal level of creatinine in the blood? What would be the effect if is high? or less?
Serious heart issues- What am I experiencing?
i am a 14 year old male wat should my RESTING heart rate be?
All I Want to Do Is Stay In Bed,Im Afraid To Get My Heart Rate Too High.?
How to lose weight with type ONE diabetes and hypothyroidism?
can I exercise if I have subacute thyroiditis?
I havent been taking my metformin .. dangers ?
Can diabetics join the police force and if not what is the justification for this?
Is there any such thing as laser eyesight correction that can restore my sight to 20/20?
Why do eyes twitch or tic?
When someone has cornea surgery how long does it take to heal? what are the chances of?
What font is used in eye exam charts?
IS it possible to become blind from playing to much video games?
What does it mean when I get double vision while wearing my contacts for a while?
why do colds last so long?
when did start HIV/aids in the world/ Ethiopia as epidemic?
What are some drugs that can reduce HIV?
What are some side effects of these chemo drugs?
If BPA is cancer causing, then why is it still being used in most packaging?
Face / Skin rash from sushi?
im having one of my bad migraines?
How do you get rid of or hide the odor of a dead body?
Please help me!!!! Alcoholism?
Is it ok to take benadryl and sudafed?
Can i buy a pair of contact lenses that last 1 yr without changing them?
how to quit smoking?.is it possible to quit smoking without any medicine and withdrawal symptoms?
does lack of sleep cause diarrhea?
Why do some people feel cold, but not others?
Husband finally receiving a full body scan today...How do the results work?
death in tonsillectomy?
Die by fire or drowning?
how does greentea helps reduce weight? (how many kg per month?)?
What has been the most successful diet you've ever been on?
Building muscle mass and toning muscle?
Is there a good way to get rid of belly fat (in addition to sit-ups and crunches)?
Quickest way to slim up in 3 days?
how do I lose face fat and slim it down? plz help?
Does eating oatmeal in the morning, and a little something at night, would it make you lose weight.?
How can you lose weight on your butt?
Can you fracture your arm and not know it?
Swollen ankle question?
Why do I have constant muscle twitching?
What is the minimum amount of time I would need to sit out from basketball for a fractured finger?
knee pain??
I think I hurt my knee?
Whats the best thing to heal a burn?
What's wrong with my elbow?
Exactly what are the symptoms for Swine flu?
What's the big deal about swine flu?
what could be wrong with me?
How are people with swine flu dying with no underlying health problems?
Questions about whooping cough?
What on earth is a "Flu Friend"?
New strain of swine flu , are you worried cause it is resistant to the drugs they are using now for it ?
i went and had a TB test done... the other day i was just wondering.. can weed show up in the results ?
Have you known of anyone with the diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer that was treated with the drug, Gemzar?
What could be wrong with me?
Do you have any advice for a friend that has still sick from chemo shots?
Terrasil or Terrasil max for removing flat warts on face?
Does my daughter have Autism?
if i have to have a brain tumor removed will they have to shave my whole head?
Where did i get these sore on the corner of my mouth from?
Can I hear about experiences and recuperations of those who had adult umbilical hernia repair surgery?
What would happen if someone ODed on Tylenol PM?
How do I meditate?
is there anyway to regain my eyesight?
Please I need help!?
breathing problem? trouble breathing
Sharp chest pains,pleurisy?????
how does breathing through a straw simulate chronic lung disease caused by smoking?
Chest pains and breathing problems in a young person? ?
ive been sick with this cold for about 4 days now...?
Do you have Asthma? ?
Ever had flu where you just about pass out from nausea many times a day and are watching grandkids?
Can fish suffer from Asthma?
Dr.Blaylock wellness reports that statins are not at all useful ful prevention of MI.How?Is there any change.?
What are the basic differences between narcotic and non-narcotic painkillers?
What does it mean when my urine is sometimes clear?
What does Vitamin C do for your body?
Is there any sure fire way to make your mate quit snoring?
i have a solid little lump about the size of a pea on right testie what could it be?
rheumatoid arthritis?
what can i do for my bee sting??
How exactly (besides some of the symptoms) is stomach flu different than the flu where you just get achy?
What happens if you don't take the vaccine for newborn tetanus?
Could I have strep or just the common cold, or a sore throat?
I have a horrible cold and i cant remember the last time i had a cold this bad?
Have you or your child ever had Mono?
What would cause a zombie outbreak?
Does the topical application of vitamin B3 (Niacin) have any benefits?
Any other alternative medicine for patient with kidney disorder?
Anyone have any data on colloidal silver to treat various sickness ?
homeopathy medicine to improve memory?
What are some homemade emetics?
What would you put in your herbal medicine chest? And why?
Does the dairy free, gluten free, sugar free diet work for kids with autism?
Herbal Tinctures - I've been making mine using herbs and pure vodka as a base but can you add water?
Feel like fainting after a meal?
I Sewed it Up, But I Think I Made It Worse?
Healing the Eyes and NOT wearing glasses????? HELP
How much are contacts? colored/and for seeing?
Does using the computer too much make you short sighted?
What happens to the little hairs and other things that you DONT get out of your eye
What is lasik surgery like and are there any bad side effects?
what colored contact lenses would go good over brown eyes?
Why are our eyes?
has anyone else here had heart valve replacement surgery?
Who is the oldest living person with Hyploplastic Left Heart Syndrome?
Can anyone please recommend a chatroom or other modaity for patients on Coumadin(Wafarin)....a potent blood?
social security?
cholesterol levels?
What is the criteria for monogenic diabetes
Do you have type 1 or 2 diabetes?
I am a diabetic. I often have burning sensation in my feet. What is it due to? What is the solution?
How long does Crack stay in a person's system (via urine test)?
Why is it that people hiccup?
what is this called, when a person who had done well relapses?
How can I remove the "blackheads" from my body, especially my "face?"?
How can we help homless children live longer.?
To all smokers - why do you smoke/?
can I go out drinking the night before I donate blood?
The military is testing a new way to regrow lost body parts.?
Should I be out of pain 12 weeks after Metatarsalgia surgery?
What the heck is wrong with my hip/groin...?
How can you heal a skin cut quickly?
Have you ever had an accident affecting your eyebrows?
And when was the last time ...?
How many surgeries have you had?
Does energy is wasted when a human thinks?
How many hours of sleep do you get each night?
F***, I Think I just Broke my Foot. . .We can't Afford to go to the Hospital!!!?
Supposed to start Zoloft this morning....?
I would love your thoughts?
i find it really hard to get up in the morning...any tips to get up and stop snoozing till im late!?
Anyone know of a bottled water that does not use sodium FLOURIDE??
Does anyone know what this could be? 'Puffy Eyelids, and a Fever'?
What is the best way to sanitaize your home after being diagnosed with a staph infection?
is there any side effects when using ranbaxy caverta ?
home cures for very sore throat?
Why am I paranoid about the swine flu vaccinations?
about chicken pox vaccine?
Can you get bronchitis from the H1N1 flu shot?
Soon to be a World Pandemic?
Do you think that swine flu is over-hyped in India?
Is the 'swine flu' only deadly in Mexico?
Should my optometrist be able to detect a torn or detached retina when she dilates my eyes for the exam?
what causes your eyelid to become uneven, out of shape, or smaller looking then the other?
lumineyes eye color change surgery questions!!!?
How long does it take for dissolvable stitches to come out?
I quit smoking 4 days ago. I'm doing really well but when can I expect to stop reaching for cigarettes?
Has anyone ever used masking tape to remove a wart?
How do you get rid of muscle contract?
What's the best way to quit smoking?
What are the main causes of lack of sleep and how can u naturally curb this problem?
why does my head feel like its going to explode?
Getting up in the morning???
I normally shower twice a day, but since i'm starting college I'm gonna cut it down to once a day. Is this bad
Considering the number of medical people involved in the recent bombings, would you???
Could my brother have the swine flu?
Why isn't there a vaccination for Hepatitus C?
URGENT! Also in my Virus Vault on AVG there are Warnings and Infections?
Should i go to the Doctors? (Swine Flu... I think)?
can hepatitis c be transmited from a bee stinging someone with it then stinging a child that does not have it?
How do you take care of your cold and/or flu?
My friend has swine flu?
I think i have something called tonsil stones?
swine flu can kill????????????
HOW CAN I REDUCE SCARS ON MY FACE.pls help me asap.?
How do I get over the pain of losing my older brother to cancer and become stronger?
I need a liver donor and lots of prayer or my Dad may die in 2-3 months?
i am a 12th std girl?
why has my eye been twitching for like 7 days now?
Does milk affect acid reflux?
how can i get rid of indigestion without using meds?
Why am i so tired all the time?
I CAN't sleep. :[?
I can't sleep!?
emergency room?
My knees pop and crack.................?
Why do my fingers crack uncontrollably?
what is atrophy of heart muscles?
Can cardiac muscle cells use lactic acid as an energy source?
Need help to lower very high 'bad' cholesterol levels. Any ideas please?
What does IVSs mean on an echo and what is normal?
Is osteogenesis imperfecta curable ?
Has anyone ever?
Sometimes I see weirdly... like if i had zoom in my eyes.. does anyone know what this is?
How can I keep my eyes healthy, and maybe even improve my vision?
How to improve your eyesight naturally without the help of eye glasses or surgery ?
does the old theory hold true, that if someone sits too close to a T.V set, it can make their vision go bad?
how much money does an eye doctor make a year?
Why do i look like i have a black eye?
Question about blind people...?
What causes numb hands, back pain, and frequent urination?
What are the differences between celiac disease and autoimmune hepatitis?
how serious is it when your ear bleeds for no aparent reason?
Brain hemorrhage question?
Abnormal bruising? Cirrhosis? (Doctors or nurses please help)?
What two stds should be combined to form a "super std"?
Acheive ulzzang skin?
How can I get this energy pill out of my system faster?
Can you still be affected by pot fumes even if you don't smoke it?
Question about addictions?
What is the best way you deal with depression in your own life?
Help! I am a serious coke addict and I am ready to quit?
If someone swallowed 53 pills of Benadryl would that kill them?
Do you find women's health or men's health section more funny?
sinus reflux from using c pap ?
Mucus accumulation in the throat?
Trouble breathing 24/7?
Does anyone know how to treat sinusitis? Took Azithomycin with no luck. Help!?
Congested lungs only after eating?
Do you suffer SLEEP APNEA? What machine and mask did you find most comfortable?
Fainted and couldnt breath!?
I had diarrhea and now shortness of breath?? Read description : [?
Does Second Hand smoke do this?
How can I treat my HSV 1 infection in my eye? (Ocular herpes)?
is this swine flu -my symptoms?
i heard it may be the coming to the end of the world with the swine flu, is that true?
Is it really possible for me to have had lyme disease for decades?
how do i get rid of the wart on my knee?
About how much will the bill from the ER be for 22 stitches?
Why does a small paper cut usually hurt/sting more that a scrap or bruise?
Anyone heard of a medical term "joint mouse"?
is breast cancer curable?
Do i have insomnia? please read and comment?
Honey on an open face wound?
How deep does a cut have to be in order to scar?
My shoulder often dislocates, what's an easy way to pop it back in place?
How long does it take to bleed out?
How can I alleviate an oil burn?
How to tell if you were stung by a bee?
Please Help. A 2 year old child just drank a tiny, tiny bit of oxy cleansing pads- the liquid in it. help now!
Whats a strep throat? what are the symptoms?
What does it mean to test positive for HBcAb?
How do i avoid a cold?
does a bad head ache mean you have got swine flu?
Where is the best place to buy a urinary bowl?
Should i get a swine flu shot?
Could cats catch the swine flu virus?
is there a legal non-deadly way to get high?
are you against vaccines?
How often do you fall off or out of the bed from to much movement either from yours or others movements?
Why does B Complex (B vitamins) make people's head "spin"?
best way to wake up in the morning?
If you lose water weight do you see results in your body?
Fitness ideas! You have to pedal to make your computer work.?
Cold bath can burn calories?
I took a BMI test and it requested that i loose 7 pound , what should i do to loose that excess weight?
How do you motivate yourself to stay on a diet throughout the holidays?
Would Budokon or pilates be better for a 5' 2'' girl who wants to lengthen her body?
Is this weight ok for a 15 year old girl?
Solutions for dry eye?
About how much does color contacts cost?
Which contacts are usually better for dry eyes: Acuvue Advance or Acuvue Oasys?
blind people?
I can somehow make my eyes rapidly shake, what's going on and is this bad?
how rare are bluish gray eyes?
What's the best cure for gastric pains?
What is mono, the std?
What is it about the anus that makes it smell so bad?
Clear or whiteish stools??
Have you ever had spinal anesthesia?
does anyone know the sighns of swine flu????
Question on salmonella food poisoning?!?!?!?
Swine flu....what the **** !!!?
Curious about the swine flu. No, I'm not going crazy over it...?
Why is everyone scared about swine flu?
I have the flu now what can I do to make myself?
Swine flu vs. regular flu...hype?!?
the world biggest tonsil stone?
could i have salmonella poisoning?
what are the best homemade acne treatments?
Is it worth it to take Accutane?
I don't want to know what Web MD says. Anyone have any personal experience with Steven Johnson's Syndrome?
Ok, my friend is having a sweet 16?
Please HELP, Quick! I'm 90 years old young man?
Are you going to take the Swine Flu Vaccine?
how can you prevent leprosy from happening?
what vitamin diffincency do you have if you have impetigo?
HIV infection from needle poke?
Are you suspicious about this HEALTH EMERGENCY ?
Does the government have any control methods for zombie infestation?
whats with all the swine flu questions?
After how many decades of insomnia do you actually lose your mind?
Does anyone feel that drugs such as Ritalin and Klonopin are over perscribed, particularly to children?
Breaking the habit; I need your help....?
help i'm freaking out over this ....?
At what point do you stop feeling sorry for the extremely bad chronic cough of a smoker who wont stop smoking?
I have a red mark on my right arm and it seems to be getting bigger....?
Is having a suntan bad for you?
which homeopathic medicine is very effective in opening blocked coronary arteries.any herb for that purpose..?
can u suggest me the best medicine for skin medicine,ayurvedic,homepathic?
I need a natural home remedy for toe-nail fungus?
what is high tech meditation?
How would an osteopath treat diabetes, or other non-infectious diseases?
Will alcohol ruin the effect of Kratom?
health insurance, pre existing conditions?
Belly button is not in the middle, but to the left (my right)
If you noticed you have a condition, but it doesnt show to insurance places as preexisting condition?
What do you think is the major problem with the U.S. healthcare system today and a possible resolution?
is it harmful?
wat is wrong with me....?
Poor blood circulation?
literally biting your tongue?
If I do not smoke pot very often, but smoked within 24 hors, how long will it take to get out of my system for
What is the Easiest and Surest way of instilling eye drops?
What are those little dots floating in my eyes?
Have any-ones eyes ever fallen out through keeping them open while sneezing? If so how far did they travel?
My optician refered me to the Moorfield clinic.?
Vision get worse from wearing glasses?
Is There Any Way to Improve/Worsen You Eyesight? If you are shortsighted at -2.5?
What are the correcdt levels of Cholestrol,HDL.LDL and Triglycerides?
Any recommendation from FDA for artificial Heart Mate 2, thanks?
help! any treatment/surgery for central retinal artery occlusion?
What kind of medications should you stay away from if you have mitral valve prolapse?
Can anyone help me figure out why my left ventrical of the heart is only working at 35% rather than 50%?
What are the signs that a person has a heart problem?
is any edible oil harmless for heart patients?
Did You Know Your BRAIN IS MAINLY CHOLESTEROL So Is Your Nerve Coating Sheets?
how to grow old disgracefully. any suggestions please?
My right ear is hurting loads?
how do you think you could improve the health care system?
Why has my eye been twitching?
Having trouble breathing....sort of breath....?
Canadians: How do you like your health-care system?
How can someone eat so much there almost to big to fit in a car?
I have a VERY hard time sleeping..?
Falling asleep in class?
I doubt anyone will know the answer to this buy may as well try..?
Bleeding whenever I am stressed?
What happens when you blow your eardrum?
Spider Bite?
Go figure! It's the first day of summer, andI hurt my back. How can I get it to heal quickly?
I Hit My Knee Really Hard--What Can I Do To Ease The Pain?
How do you cut your wrists the right way?
Why do people laugh when I say I pulled my groin?
rice and beans is that fattening? healthy food or not?
How is your day when u go to exercise?
has anyone ever lost 20 to 25 pounds in a month?
What are some healthy meals i can take to school for lunch?
How do you consume fiber without feeling all bloated all day?
How to cut 2 inches off my waist and hips?
How many more calories do you burn standing than you do sitting?
I have finally decided that i have to do some exercise and nothing better then 1st of march!!Any tips guys??
Symptoms of mad snail disease?
Can someone please point me towards new approaches to Alzheimer's disease?
Does that thin layer of tissue that you place on the toilet seat prior to sitting down actually protect you?
Where can one get hamburger herpers from?
Can you get chlamydia from touching a person?
!Girls! what do you think about a guy with perly penile papules?
How to avoid the Swine flu?
Flu vaccine...booster question...?
swine flu in uk ?!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111?
Were you discouraged when you first started in phlebotomy?
Will I not be Mentally Challenged anymore when i dont Have Meningitis anymore after Invented a Cure for it?
What are the causes of a throat infection?
How do I get rid of a cold as soon as possible?
what weapons would be handy to have incase of a zombie attack?
Should I avoid going to a concert due to the swine flu?
I have a few questions about H1N1?
Ive heard about this teqnique to help you see better without glasses called palming- can someone explain it.?
Thinking about getting contacts----?
if we had flat eyes...?
Change your eye color hypnosis?
scared of putting in contact lenses and taking them out....?
When people die with their eyes open do their eyes look up?
Spider bite or something else???
Is my bite from a fly infected?
why does my finger tingle after giving blood?
I feel these flaps in both nostrils when i stuck my finger up my nose i was wondering what they are called?
When will my stuffy nose go away?
Oversleeping Problem (not from lack of sleep)?
Help! Good post-op ideas for 3-1/2 y.o. after tonsillectomy?
Throwing up everything!!?
Choclate Brown poo- SCARED?
please help me with my asthma?
a client has tracheostomy inserted, what important protective mechanism is absent related to this condition?
What does it mean when a person has a calcified gallbladder?
Questions regarding pulmonary emphysema?
havingg trouble breathing?
Quit Smoking Pot Now I'm Turning Into Old Fogie!?
Are you tired? I must to sleep so I now depart, I leave with you a little f.rt, I must confess I am a snorer?
Some weird sickness...?
Are there any treatments for Proteus syndrome?
Do you know anyone that has had a bad reaction to a flu shot or H1N1 vaccine?
what are the symptoms of swine flu? i am not feeling that great.?
I shared a drink with my sister last night, and this morning she woke up with the stomach flu. Help?
How many swine flu cases does your doc get each day?
why do i always get sick?
How bad is cancer of the pituitary gland?
Why are prescription drugs SO EXPENSIVE?
Has anyone ever had experiences with sleep paralysis?
Any alternatives to heartburn relief you know of?
I was thinking of donating bone marrow.?
I want to get my entire skeletal system replaced with adamantium, will my HMO cover that?
Fellow widows & widowers...where are you these holidays?
Hello I need some help with this flu/cold.?
Can any nurse explain this to me? 10 points best answer.?
What can sleeping on a bad surface for a long period of time do to you physicallly and health wise?
How do Doctors take a break from a 14 hour long surgery?
Every time I drive, I start to fall asleep... what should I do?
Sodas tear my stomach up now?
How much is too much???
What is the name of the eye drops they use when you're having surgery so your eyes won't dry out?
Is there anything i can do to help?
the correct way to smoke a cigarette?
what is the difference between disease and disorder?
why is cancer such a hard disease to find a cure for?
i have a serious drink problem and now feel ready to stop,i dont know where to start and feel embarassed , ???
If your deaf can you hear people talking in your dreams?
Can a disese like hepatitis B stop people from becoming a nurse?
Is it ok to require mandatory H1N1 flu vaccine for healthcare workers?
What's do you think the worst cold symptom is?
Just found out I have Mono, are these symptoms normal?
Terrified over swine flu....?
Any ways i can proctect myself from the swine flu?
Contact lens question! I'm at my wit's end!?
ever look through a microscope and see little clear dots moving around?
Dark Warp things in my vision?
What is going on with my eyesight?!?!
If i defaecate often will my anus get to large to safely walk?
How big was your gall bladder?
please, if you know anything about concussion, could you help me?
if one pulls a hamstring while running how long will it take to heal, what is best treatment for fast recovery?
Does the sun increase the healing of cuts and bruises?
Pain in my knees.......?
what is the juice that comes out of your optical nerve behind your eye when cut ripped pulled or lacerated?
I have to ask...Why are people asking how to break their arms/legs/ankles?
nursing teas test , how many hours did you study for it?
What do you do when you can't sleep? ?
if you sleep a lot is it good for you?
Do you think it wise to do a game or two of sudoku if you have trouble with sleeping?
Is it bad to crack your neck all the time? ?
what diet pills work the fastest?
SOMEONE HELP ME! I'm 14 and wiegh 280pounds! Please help me!?
Is there a natural supplement I can get at a store that helps build muscle?
What can help to ease mild depression?
what do you recommend for kidney nourishment? pills,foods,etc?
Is it true that natural ingredients?
Do you REALLY need a Whole Body Cleanse?
Yes it's the new year and I need some healthy advice???
Tell me your thoughts on this natural cure for cancer.?
Quantum Elbowology - why the negativity?
Can I take Magnisium vitamins when taking Coumadin?
I heard the yolk of the egg has most of the vitamins & has something in it good for the heart is this true?
What is a "cholesterol problem"? Doctors have said I've had high cholesterol for 3 years but do nothing when I
mini heart attack Thanks To All?
Does anyone know of a permanent cure for nausea / seasickness?
Constant constipation and diarrhea?
nvq 3 unit 31?
Why am I always ill!?!?
Is there any water filter in Australia that uses silver and removes bacteria ? Is there one Company, or many C
Get answers from millions of real people.?
I can't fall asleep what should i do i get very nervous?
Why glucosamine 39 dollars, heck i bought Fish oil, does it also help bones?
Constantly drinking water?
is there a stomach bug going round in UK?
Why is there a shortage of H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccines when the traditional flu vaccine is plentiful?
what does my SGPT/ALT Blood Test Value 71 mean?
how many people have heard about an eye disease?
Is it dangerous to be flying at the moment (with swine flu and all)?
could tamiflu have done this?
what kills bed bugs is there a spry?
Not sure whether to have the Flu Jab tomorrow?
swine flu deaths, serious underlying health problems?
i just ate a live salamander can i get aids?
Has anyone attended Hope Hospitals Pain Management Clinic and what do they do"?
Whisky Ain’t Working...96 Year Old Gal Needs Arthritis Remedy For Hand?
bags under eyes.?
PLEASE help...?
What are some things that I can do to both keep and maintain good back health?
What is your problem?
Does anyone know why my hair is falling out?
Birmingham Laser Eye Surgery? Lasik in Birmingham?
Uneven eyes: one creased, one not creased?
What exactly causes a sty in one's eye?
When you close your eyes, are you looking at the inside of your eyelids?
How many hours a day should I wear contacts?
How can I improve my eyesight?
How common is it to have?
What are the best websites for mental exercises?
Is DYSTHYMIA a lifelong disorder? Can it be cured?
If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be?
why does my stomach get so upset when it rains?This time, it is combined with a headache and body ache!?
How can rid bad odor in shoes, that are fairly new.?
where does vasaline come from?
Has anyone every experienced unusual spells of weakness while taking Fluconazole?
Any home remedies to help treat keloids after nose piercing?
How often do you get sick? Is it usually a cold, flu or something else?
Left one burner on for possibly a max of 9 hrs, help?
Whats the longest possible time i can go without sleeping?
what happends if someone OD's on caffein?
Why is this happening?
tired, but how can i keep myself awake?
Does E.coli minimal medium can be also used for culturing other bacteria?
Is it good to dry a cold sore?
Is it safe to get the chicken pox at the age of 10?
Is it bad to write on yourself?
If my sister has mono and I took a sip of her water, does that mean I'll get it?
Just a quick Question about pathogens!?
Do i have a yeast infection?
Is sleep apnea a disability?If yes how and why...?
Can shortness of breath be a sign of sleep depravation?
Chronic Bronchitis: Is it fatal? Does it have any cure?
Can you have colon cancer and have no other symptoms except pain?
my Dr thinks i might have systemic lupus?
Which is worse, MS or Parkinson's?
Why are people stupid enough to feed ducks?
Best latest hearing aids Emily at Dr. Carol Jackson's, Ear and Balance, has, do they work?
Do You Think A Canal Hearing Aid Would Be Appropriate For A 3.5yo?
Have you ever wondered if all of your contacts are the same person?
Help ? Quitting smoking........?
Why do I get heartburn every time I eat a banana?
My 12 year old son has a lump in his right breast!?
Do I need the Doctor this time?
what would happen if your hand, or any limb, fell asleep and you left it that way for a really long time?
I am addicted to rubbing icy hot on random parts of my body. Will it make a difference that I am pregnant?
Should i start using crutches?
Why is it dangerous to awaken a sleep walker?
What can i do to recover from possible RSI injury?
How long will it take to completely heal?
I got a blood blister on my foot from wearing cleats too much...?
I need to safely break my arm but not fracture it?
Yesterday I accidently slammed my thumbnail in the front door?
how can i fight insomia?
Has anyone had a partial nephrectomy?
Can I share this video about what causes cancer with you?
Have you ever had a "kidney stone"?
How do I get a flat stomach in 14 days?
Can someone help me lose weight? im 15?
How can I get my muscles to recover quicker?
How to tone my stomach?
Is there any way I can figure out my body fat percentage at home..?
How can I minimize my love handles in a couple of weeks?
About how many lbs are in a pant size?
Becuase orthopaedic doctors or surgeons can do the same thing Podiatrists can do, Does this threaten.....?
Do your veins stick out when your dehydrated?
What makes you go to sleep? What happens?
Is it true that consumptions of Multivitamines causes bad body odour?
what do you do in the evenings now it's dark and cold?
Why do people inhale these stuffs??
what is the best and fasted way to help yourself sleep at night?
CPT Codes?
Doctor/Patient Inappropriate Interaction...?
Lately i have had a lot of trouble getting to sleep, how can i try to go to sleep faster?
Has any one used Sprulena?
Could this be a pulled muscle?
im tired but..?
If I quit taking Zoloft will my panick attacks come back?
How can we protect our eyes from computer radiation?
What are some non-surgical, not glasses or contacts ways to improve my eyesight?
Does it really worth it to have laser surgery (LASIK)? Would it totally help me get rid off this strong myopy?
i have eye floaters and im only 15?
First day of wearing contact lenses... question!!!?
If you get rushed to the hospital and ur unconscious while wearing contacts, what do they do?
I have been having really tired eyes lately, please help!?
What do you think constitutes a DNR?
What is the difference between an audiologist and a speech language pathologist?
I can't sleep, any suggestions?
I feel sick everytime I use my laptop...why...?
LOOKING ANSWERS FOR NVQ2 UNIT HSC218 support individuals with thier Personal Care Needs?
Does anyone have "floaters" in their eyes?
my boyfriend always gets nose bleeds and im worried its serious what could be wrong with him?
wuts the best way to get someone to stop smokin rocks without rehab?
Does nasal rinses help with allergies?
Whenever I drink milk my ears tickle. Could this be an allergy?
I am allergic to a lot of soaps, what is the best body bar soap for me to use?
Maybe I have a mold allergy?
What medicine is most safe?
♥ Are there any all natural vitamins/supplements that are designed to increase serotonin levels in the brain?
Has anyone tried PrevaDerm?
what percentage of homeopaths are deluded and what percentage are just out and out scammers?
Weed?? Is it worth doing?? weedweedweedweedweed.?
does cranberry work for men?
How long does swine flu last for?
What are the symptoms of a swine flu relapse?
Would you give your child Tamiflu in this situation?
I think I might have Hepatitis C...?
Do i have swine flu?..?
90 million does of flu vaccine?
Well isn't it a refreshing change that Africa has not been blamed for Swine flu?
My mother had breast cancer - I'm 18.. Should i go for a routine check up any time soon?
Plastic water bottle is BPA free - will it not leach chemicals after use even if there is a 1 in the triangle?
Every time i stand up i get dizzy is the bad?
Have you ever got something stuck in an orifice and had to go to a&e?
do you know a web site I can go to to find the top vascular surgeons in the united states.?
What does this mean? (Blood pressure)?
My doctor told me that eating a lot of salt and raising blood pressure ?
Abnormal EKG results...what to think?
i would like to know about arteries in the arm?
Can having your hands in hot water raise your blood pressure?
I think I have been poisoned and going into cardiac arrest.?
has anyone died from swine flu without underlying medical conditions?
How could you tell if you have swine flu or regular flu?
how many flu virus are they ?
What are the warning signs of swine flu and how do prevent it?
How long In till the Swine Flu hits Massachusetts's?
Could I have mono.......?
Can anyone find a link where people who have recovered from swine flu has spoken with the media?
Why is the Bubonic Plague called "Black Death" and Yellow Fever called Yellow Fever?
my husband has the swine flu!?
Salmonella Cure for Cancer?
How do I support a friend who lives 1000 miles away and is starting chemo/radiation?
how does Chemo make you feel? how sick?
What causes gastrointestinal noises on an empty stomach ?
What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you - in a doctor's office?
POLL: WHO'S H0RNE(i speled it wrong on purpose)?
My throat hurts really badly, But I dont want to go to the doctors just yet..?
Care to share your experience with 'olive leaf extract' supplementation?
Fighting sleep???
After using the restroom, why do we have the tendency to look at it and examine it?
Do you think it's true?
What's the best mental health vacation to take?
how can i lose weight fast?
Emergency constipation relief? Fast acting laxative remedy? Embarrassing topic #1? ? ? ?
Why has my appetite increased?
Phosphacore to Lose Belly Fat - Anyone try it? I've been hearing good things about it?
Girls how do you keep your stomach flat?
I need to get in shape for cheer fastttttt....?
What is the best thing to eat before I do a 12km run?
How to get a cheerleaders body?
How many people like to eat PANIPURI?
How has cigarette smoke affected the mucous layer?
Reflection on caring for copd patients?
Question for doctors and/or people who work in the medical field please. :)?