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what is permanent solulation of EOSINOFELIA deseas ?
Can depression cause low blood pressure?
What exactly is fluid build up around the human heart?
I read that olive oil can lower your blood pressure, is this true? And if so how much should you use?
What's the best way to deal with High Blood Pressure?
What effect does oral bacteria have on a heart murmur?
What would cause someone to suffer from severe fatigue?
Have you taken levothyroxine for Hypothryroid?
What is the best treatment for mosquito bites?
I have a lot of dirty things in my box. What happens if my Doc sees them inside there?
Can I eat a pickle in that jello bag?
can hepatitis-B carrier patient get HbsAg test negative?
is the swine flu something to be worried about?
What is the current situation of swine flu in the UK ?
Why does the press drum up things such as Swine flu, before it was Bird flu, the little boy who cried wolf?
Does Tetanus Vaccine hurt?
Should I concern about my low white cell count (3.1), low platelet count (134)?
can we get the same stomach virus right after we get over it or are we immune for a while?
Can Pets and Animals get Swine flu?
Would you eat human flesh if it could avoid starving to death?
how long for the recovery of a nose job?
healthy way to recover from an all-nighter?
For the past week I have been having really bad sleep insomnia. Every night I fall asleep at 3 AM or later.?
I woke up in sleep paraylsis last night twice and was felt like I was struggling to breath. Why?
What exactly causes ADHD?
Is Aloe Vera bad? In any way?
What is this pain (stomach)?
Does anyone have any suggestions to lessen the sharp pain in my back teeth?
Why do people vomit after a migraine?
Does Music reduces stress?
How do I remove super glue from my fingertips?
How can i rid stretch marks?
can you get a stomach flu ?
what is autoimmune goiter?
my neice has these boils on her buttocks . . .she is 2 help plz?
Can viruses, like HIV, live inside scar tissue without infecting the host via the bloodstream?
Alcoholic Hepatitus help please?
Is my mum going to be ok? Please help me I am so worried about her?
Is this swine flu going to get really bad or is the media just trying to scare people?
Is my doctors ear thermometer wrong?
what causes "skin flags" to grow on the body?
Is Tramadol/Ultram stronger than Percoset?
briefly describe urine formation?
Does anyone else get migranes? If so, how do you deal with them? What are your triggers?
Does anyone else with Lupus get sick frequently?
Random urination in sleep?
Help me fall asleep?
Is sleeping too much a bad thing?
What can I do for an earache that won't go away?
something for an iron burn?
How do eye doctors know the correct prescription for corrective lenses for babies who need glasses?
Tell me about Gary Null, Ph.D.,?
My nose is bleeding. Have I been picking it too much or not enough?
Whats the worst thing you've had done to you while you were sleeping?
Is there a scientific reason for ears popping?
My Throat is KILLING me!!!!!! Please help?
I have a pain left side upper back just below my neck. I havn't hurt it in anyway even when i breathe it hurts?
Psychiatrist daughter needs web source for jokes to send daily to friend dying of cancer. Any suggestions?
I'm handicapped. Only one arm.?
Why does my right arm get NUMB throughout the day, for no reason?
Why does my back hurt so bad?
Would you date someone that had HSV II?
what is it hanging from my anus?
Dermatologists or skin care providers (or anyone else): what should i do for my acne?
Whhhatt ccann I ddddo aabot mmmy onnnlllinne stttutterring pppproblem?
How do ants know you have food in the house???
Hi i am Kalea bf Adam can you help me out?
What is at the root of passive agressiveness? How can a person change?
My sister got me one of those nose hair trimmers for my birthday, and after using it I can't keep stuff out?
where can i buy synthetic urine?
Why do i feel light-headed every time i drink my blood?
Has anyone undergone gamma knife treatment. Was it successfull?
If you have your wisdom teeth removed, but the dentist does not get ALL of the roots?.. Then what? Do they..?
Has anyone experienced a tolerance to painkillers? NOTHING helps my chronic headaches, so I don't take any
I snore loudly and frequently. How can I stop snoring while sleeping?
where can I get a heat disinfection unit for contact lenses?
when you take your blood pressure what should your pulse rate be?
how many pints of blood in a persons body?
Herbal remedies for the pain and nausea of a SEVERE migraine?
How safe is Melatonin for sleep and at what Mg?
How do you fight flu without taking medicine?
For anti-vaccination people only, please give me some good anti-vaccine websites?
Coptis Chinensis...Long Term Usage...Effects, if any?
How do you do a proper crunch?
What could these symptoms be?
I know this is late but was the Swine Flu a plague?
Was the last swine flu outbreak during the Carter presidency?
Are there videos of people with rabies being violent?
swine flu vaccination mandatory for children attending school?
I might have strep throat...?
how do you clean pinworms out of your system?
are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Is there anyone that has ever got the "lap band" procedure done?
Have you used a "Stop Snoring Wristband"? Does it work?
Waking up like you're never going to wake up?
Which toothpaste tastes the best?
How to whiten teeth if it has a natural yellow tint?
Do you like to use a mouthwash that does not have the burning sensation of alcohol?
Bad Breath?
Do you bury people with braces on?
Do they bury people with their braces on?
They said they have to make a hole on the upper part of my tooth, but is it compulsory?
Cure for dark underarms?
I am soooo confused now.... iron in blood marrow low?
Has anyone a homeopathic method to beat Uterus and Cervical Cancer?
Which month, day, and year in the 1980s was AIDS first identified?
13 year old with brain cancer?
can i still become a nurse with these misdemeanors?
How long does it take to correct astigmatism?
oil in my dads eye?
What a blessing it would be if we could open and shut our ears as easily as we open and shut our eye.?
why do you see colors when you rub your eyes?
why it is often possoble to smell(or taste) medications, such as eye drops that have been placed into the eyes?
Could these symptoms be something serious?
What is the best way to make a 104.5 degree fever drop down to a normal temperature?
Do I have the Swine Flu or is it just regular flu?
How can i get myself clean from a drug test?
what is the most dangerous to a person living with aids to get sick with?
Can you tell me about swine flu?
If you suffer anaemia,you will constantly feel tired, weak and find it difficult to __________.?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea?
I have a bad itchy rash on my legs, and arms, could this be eczema?
Are infertile people zombies?
Is it possible to acquire pink eye from fecal matter as in the movie "Knocked Up"?
Can you have both pneumopathy (pneumonia) and meningitis at the same time?
Is this the COLD or H1N1?
Anyone else got swine flu here? x?
Suceptibility of swine flue in Australia?
how to stop this swine flu from spreading?
From CIA insider: More scheduled global hoaxes: equine flu (2010) canine flu (2012)?
What is the normal blood pressure of a chap in his late 40s?
Can blind people experience sight through hallucinogens?
Insurance companies and anti-depressants?
I started smoking and can't quit?
Do you think I need a face lift and tummy tuck folks? Nessie.?
Does vitamin b help thicken the hair if not then what does it do?
How long do fart germs last on an object?
How can I cure my ear ache?
Have you benefited from taking nutritional supplements?
Can't Stay On Your Life Support...?
Can any body give me the perfect time table............i mean when to eat , when to exercise,when to bath,?
Hospital bills for ER. Astronomical!?
Can hospital refuse to treat somebody?
Sleeping problem???
how do i get rid of the gassy noises in my lower abdomen after i eat?
My son's EKG came back abnormal , Unusual P axis, possible ectopic atrial rhythm, right axis deviation?
Why do people who have heart attacks sometimes get serious pain in their left arm?
which chamber of the heart pumps blood to the systemic circulation?
Felt like I was going to faint or have a heart attack?
If i don't get the use of my finger back will they amputate ( cut it off )?
Hollywood 48 hour diet?
Does it hurt to have stitches taken out...?
What is this fluid filled bubble in my lower back?
best thing for impetigo?
I accidentally cut an artery in my hand while cooking yesterday?
What type of cardiovascular workouts does Santa do when preparing for Christmas?
How can I get motivated to lose weight to get a bikini body?!?
Why is it since I started walking more....I wear clothes that are two to three sizes smaller but....?
what are some good exercises to do at home to lose weight?
flat tummy?
If correct posture is so good for us, why don't we do it naturally?
is 500 calories a day safe for a 15 year old girl?
A well working girl teen diet?
I see you are sitting at your computer.....what are you eating or drinking?
well im 14 and i........?
Is proactive a good product for acne do you recommend it?
if amyone has trouble with dry skin, eczema, priosis, etc i have a solution!?
How to remove a tick head? I removed the body but the head is stuck.?
Isn't this the most bizarre illness you've ever seen?
What's an itch?
what is the importance of Psychological Exercise in yoga and when should be they done?
Holistic / Home Remedies for Colds?
Why do some acupuncture skeptics use bad science to support claims of "nothing more than placebo"?
How to treat a sore throat with home remedies?
What do you think is the reason people turn to alternative medicine ?
When I manage to get AltMed Banned will you give your children real medicine?
Medicines that contain alcohol?
Could someone please tell me what this neck X-ray report means?
I sleep for maybe three hours twice a day. Does anyone else have this sleep pattern?
Snoring. When I was slim I didn't snore.?
Asthma Symptoms?
i have a serious sinus problem? what can i do?
SORE ELBOW From Weightlifting?
Need advice on dislocated jaw?
Pain in my shoulder?
I have a horrible pain in my right shoulder...any suggestions on how to make it stop?
Doctor or Chiropracter?
Why does it hurt when I touch some part on my head ?
why is it that even a hep c treatment won't get rid of hep c?
how long do colds last? or is this something else?
Is it possible to get chiken pox twice?
Is the H1N1 vaccine ready to be released this early!?
What movie does the swine flu remind you off?
My mother has to have a Liver Biopsy. She is afraid. How much pain will she go through?
im 17. nd my parents wrk off the books..im from nj...how can i get health insurance?
how much is a physical without insurance?
how much benadryl is safe to give to a four month old?
LensCrafters Eye Exams?
How do anorexics lose weight?
career in pharmary?
How do i fall alseep?
Are the crown7 electronic cigarettes any good?
Weight lose?
I'm allergic to school!!?
Is it possible to be allergic to Decaf Coffee?
Allergies to Tomatoes?
How does penicillin cause allergic reaction?
Are there any home remedies to help me taste food while my nose is stuffed up?
Juarez,Mexico Dr's name for amino acid shots?
Please Help! Need information my mom is in ICU.?
I have a lump in my upper arm, that has moved over time; should I be worried?
gettin an HIV test today ! ahh?
I think I have a freckle in my eye?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne quick?
My buddy has a staff infection on his thigh, what should he do?
What's the best thing for a sore throat?
Bloodshot eyes? Red eyes?
Are there any negative long term effects of having laser eye surgery?
Tips on Contact Lenses? - Just got them! :)?
Colour eye contacts question ?
Need Help! Stye in my eye!?
Does the Magic eye art work for Colour blind people?
Can Eye Doctors Tell If You Do Cocaine?
whats the difference?
What is the difference between H1N1 and the regular flu?
I've treated for pinworms, but symptoms are still occurring?
How many people get the regular flu in the US each year?
What are the seven ways you can protect yourself & others from deadly hugs?
Is Indian Government badly failing to fight swine flu?
Swine flu out of proportion?
Does white eye, like red eye, in pictures always mean a tumor? Yes or no?
Why are we ticklish?
How to ease out exam tension ?
Home remedies to stop smoking?
health question about corn?
Do you or anyone you know not use TP? ?
Benefits of Brazil Nuts?
I think I are damejed my kidney from too much alcool?
Men: Would you Breastfeed your babies?
How to control my oily skin?
What is an itch? Is it a feeling or a body defense against unknown irritations?
Is it true that if I put on sunscreen after I already have a slight sunburn...?
how do you get rid of a double chin?
What is a good homemade all natural remedy that will help me clear acne?
Can Mono Spread Through Dried Blood?
studying abroad. Swine flu?
Is this the flu?????????????????????? Please help!?
Scabies.....New bumps...But possibly cured?
About the new flu that's spreading from Mexico?
Has everyone heard that the vaccine Gardizal is allegedly killing women?
Have you ever had a sebaceous cyst, what cured it?
I have sleepless nights trying to remember the difference between amnesia and insomnia?
Could my babby pig have bird flu?
Leukemia cancer questions...Please answer...?
How to Keep Skin Clear and Youthful?
Do tunas have anus's?
Is it true that Ping-Pong is a Chinese venereal desease?
To all the young people with STD questions?
hw do i loose weight ?
how can i get toned legs?
Do you workout daily if so do you use any ab roller?
Weight Watchers Online Food Point Chart?
What is the best type of bread to eat for a low carb diet?
I've lost weight but feel bigger than ever?
How can i get thin???????
What do you think likely caused this reaction?
What kind of vitamins do you take or do you take any at all?
Serious question about eyes?
Do color contacts afect your eye color ?
Can old histoplasmosis in the eye cause blindness ----yrs later on in life?
How many of my contacts got 8 inches last night?
cause of astigmatism?
Why do eye drops hurt my eyes?
can someone get HPV by hugging someone who has it?
Rett syndrome?????
Anyone have experience or advice regarding vitamin D deficiency?
is there any truth to this causing cancer?
How to get my 2 year old son to take his chemotherapy capsules?
Lumps under arm?
What drug smells like skunk?
Can you die from sleep deprivation over a period of time?
Health and doctor question in canada.?
what are some ways to get your body to relax so you sleep??
What could be an alternative to ease the pain of costochondritis?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of using herbal medicine?
Is it true that tobacco tea has potent anticancer properties?
♥ What are some foods/beverages to avoid if one has an ulcer, and any natural remedies to help?
Gallbladder Surgery?
My grandma called me yesterday and ?
Shouldn't I get a nose job?
nasal congestion in my 6wks old baby, what can i do?
Would you date someone that had Asthma?
What more can be done to promote awareness of Children's Interstitial Lung Disease?
Why do long acting beta2 agonists (found in Advair, Symbicort) increase the risk of Asthma related death?
Are these symptoms of asthma?
breathing through my ears, how do i stop it?
Help ! What would you do to convince your father ?
VOICE! help!?
is it harmful to swallow the phlegm you cough up or is it better to spit it out?
How do you catch a stomach virus? What causes it? How did I get it?
How rare is it for an adult to have the same type of ear infections as children, requiring tubes in the ear?
what causes an e Coli infection?
How long after having a stomach virus are you no longer contagious?
Do I have a liver problem?
Can a pregnant women infect her baby with Hep B & C, while pregnant?
I want to drink 8 glasses of water everyday as recommended by doctors. However
help with rash?
Can a Person feel a Spider bite ?
Help our 8month old got into the bag balm, what shold we do???
Any tricks for getting out a stubborn splinter?
Premature Atrial Contractions?
My friend was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. he eats alot of Thai food? Could this be a factor?
why did my panic attacks come back?
How does your heart responds to a love gesture?You know what I mean?
Anybody out there have children with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome?
When someone has an enlarged heart is there anyway that this can be reversed?
Me, my heart and my mind, we got issue.pls help me?
Where can I get wax or silicone earplugs?
Has any one heard of too much magnesium inhibiting the absorption of spironolactone, or just making it not w?
How can I prove that people get better if they are determined?
Tired all the time?!?!?
I get two different stories from two different cardiologists?
Universal Healthcare?
How can I get to sleep faster?
Its 4:30am and i cannot sleep?
What causes backache at a very small age?
Where can I buy pain meds online?
What is a good routine to fix bad posture?
Degenerative disk: I am looking for something to stop the pain while I am up and about.?
my hearts hurt what to do?
What can ease my chest pains?
Ma head hurts, how can i make the pain go away?
KILLING HEADACHE please help before I shoot myself!!!?!?
I have a really bad fever blister on the inner side of my bottom lip....what can help it!?
I keep falling asleep while studying!?
Really bad head ache?
anyone out there taking Chantix to quit smoking?
Destressing tips ?
can anyone tell me if there is something wrong?
i have a stomach and i'm feeling really weak.?
how to pass out?
How to improve blood circulation around eye area
Myright eye keeps twitching....! Help!?
What are some things I need to consider before deciding to wear eye contacts?
How do I know if I need reading glasses??
big eye bags. what can i do?
What are those clear floaties I see in my eyes when I'm squinting on a sunny day?
Can you take Zoloft and Phentermine Together?
Is there a name for this?
i would like to quit smoking?
*please read*?
What is the best way to confront a friend who has a drink and drugs problem?
What can be done to reverse the aging process, so I can hope to love again?
Does the Red Cross throw away blood donations that contain Marijuana?
How to lower uric acid levels in the body?
Lansoprazole (Prevacid) for mild stomach acid?
My blood sugar level has been 50 and 59 this week on 2 seperate occasions of shakiness. Is this severe?
I have a Numb chin. It's very strange?!? Please help?
Black Stool, PLEASE HELP!?
neosporin question?
is power nappin safe?
Stretch Marks?
Calorie intake for Male to tone down?
My contractions have stopped!!! I am 37 weks and only 1cm?
does anyone know how to get your medical records release to yourself?
What is done by a doctor at a "routine checkup"?
Too much sleep?
how do I report nurses smoking pot?
Can you still tan wearing sun block?
Does the pressure of glasses frames on the bridge of the nose and face contribute to rosacea?
Does warm milk and lemon really help remove blackheads?
How can you determine your skin is sensitive?
How can I get rid of under eye wrinkles/lines?
Found tiny tiny bugs on my sheets?
mm..hi,wanna know how to make my skin more healthy?
What does it mean when a doctor hides information from you?
I have Colitis and an Ovarian Cyst..?
I have heard that my employee has either Hep. B or Aids. What are my rights to protect my other employee?
How To Stop Tonsil Stones?
sore throat once a month, Does taking tonsills out really work?
Should I get a flu shot?
how to get rid of pink pearly penile paupels?
does any one know of anybody who died from hep C?
What would cause you to feel very nauseous and light headed?
Is it bad to peel the dead skin off of sunburns?
is there a cure for lovesickness?
Is it possible to be very close to albinism but not albino?
is it bad to eat oatmeal if you have gout?
dizziness and almost fainting, whats going on?
If you passed out from a low blood sugar, and nobody was there to save you, how long would it take you to die?
is coffee dangerous for health??
How many miles per hour can the average person walk?
Why is it expensive to eat healthy and why does the cost contuine to increase?
Is it worth it to go to the gym for short periods of time?
I'm trying to lose weight - Should I eat before or after I work out?
If I put a Taco in each hand would that be considered a balanced meal??
Does this gross you out?! motivate you?
Varicose vein "burst" and left big bruise, bad or normal?
Numb arm when sleeping?
Does smoking cannabis make you dehydrated?
my knees and ankels need your help!!!?
Is All Cancer the Same?
What exactly is bilateral coanial atresia?
What is this Asthma cure?
Sooner or later, doesn't EVERYONE stop smoking?
help?!! Is this an allergy?
Can too much salt, sodium, nitrates, nitrites and preservatives trigger nose bleeds?
Itchy Eyes , Hayfever?
How should one prepare for an Allergy test?
How can a person knows if she is allergic to gluten? What can she eat or not to eat?
Im allergic, so my mom makes me... ?
What are energy meridians in the body?
Does mitohormesis suggest that antioxidant supplements are overrated?
People's experiences with energy healing?
What homeopathic remedies or cell/ tissue salts have you used to clear your acne?
Where is Moinjodaro?
Does anyone have any personal experience with any of the herbs said to improve memory and concentration?
Why are people so susceptible to scams like colon cleansing and homeopathy?
Financial help for cancer victim and famly........?
Does anyone else have this problem?
What is the difference?
I brought some pure tea tree oil, what can i mix it with to go on my skin???
What is the best way to take Melatonin ?
is hsopital general de aragon really present?
i want to get family member to quit smoking?
I am constantly tired all the time. I could sleep a whole day away without thinking twice about it whats wrong
can someone smoke a cigarette a day and not become addicted?
How to stay awake all night?
Senseless in the 3rd and 4th fingers of my left hand?
after the first of july will everyone in the big-brother house have to stop smoking?
isnt it sad that i am having chocolate withdrawls?
how does sinus infection antibiotics work, seems like i was better before i got the antibiotics !?
Is tonsillitis contagious?
sore throat + college football + beer = ?
is this cut infected?
How can you die from kidney failur?
Swollen Throat . HELP ME PUHLEASE?
modern living has not made the indian people unhealthy, weak and diseases prone?
pranayama and heart blocks?
Recently developed a weird pulse pounding on left side of my head/neck. Happens lying down and bending over.?
how does your body feel when you are getting high blood pressure?
what happens if a heart attack goes untreated?
Is it true that people with hemophilia are immune from heart attacks?
why does my heart hurts every time i breathe?
How reliable is Anthony Colpo's 'The Great Cholesterol Con' ?
Why do my eyes change colors?
Eye exercises?
eye color changing...(c details)?
Is Laser Eye Surgery a good option?
What to do about Discolored Scelera (whites of eyes)?
How do you test your blood glucose when your doctor advises you to take medication for diabetics with meals ?
i have stomach aches daily a few times a day?
Ingrown Toenail surgery?
HPV - plantar wart?
Is this any type of cancer?
I'm a stutterer.I feel inferior.Others make fun of me.I hate myself.How can i feel better?
would could cause pressure in my head or on the sides of my nose?
hypoglycemia getting worse and weird reaction to sugar?
I'm having problems with falling asleep since summer started...?
Why are three knuckles on my left hand always swollen and hurt a little?
clogged ears?
Let's say you could control medical research funds... please read on?
Kind of a Gross Question but need some help.?
Which kills you more quickly: A stab to the stomach or the liver?
why did band-aids leave a burn looking mark on me?
Will the ER take my ingrown toenail out for me?
Can you get into legal issues when you do CPR on someone?
I have a painful, red bump on my hip. What could it be?
whats the easiest way to get a bandaid off?
When were you last stung by a nettle?
My wifes mother is choking on a piece of meat?
How do you swallow a pill?
which fever accompained by cold is caused by a micro organisms?
I have hydrocephalus and in my 3rd trimester, is it possible for the shunt to malfuntion then go back to?
Is Swine Flu not as big of a issue as it was before?
does microwaving food with the flu virus on it kill the virus????
Why did Mary Mallon a.k.a "typhoid Mary" not show any symptons of the typhoid virus?
What do these symptoms mean?
Can dangerous germs linger and dwell in library books?
Health Insurance - $160/month - Scam?
Is it good to stretch before you go to sleep?
What is Universal Healthcare exactly?
What do you do to fall asleep?
hellp me plz! My eye's twitching!?
Best way to help deal with pain?
Can depression cause migraines?
How can I avoid neck pains during exams?
Help Please! 10 pointer!?
Could my knuckle be broken?? How can I take care of it without going to A&E?
how do others handle living with fibromyalgia?
I've recently found out a relative has been diagnosed with Dementia?
How do you know if i child has it that has lot of health issues and can not speak?
If I don't eat protein I feel like I am falling asleep, why?
How long do you have to stay in the hospital after having Laparoscopic gallbladder removal surgery?
Knees Make Popping Noises?
I'm a very light sleeper and wake up at the slightest thing, can you train yourself to sleep heavier?
What is the small hard lump under the skin on each palm of my hands?
i get up earlier .. why is that??
Is eating 4 poached egg whites each day bad for you because of the albumen?
what kind of deodorant do you use?
See what I mean,confusing isn't it?
swine flu and h1n1. is there a difference? any similarities and differences?
Diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infections almost twice a year for 5 years...no idea why?
help i think i have rabies!?
Side effects of a tetanus shot?
Is it normal for your ears to stop up when you stand up, sometimes?
what is the correct way to dispose of toxic fudge? (its a biohazard)?
i accidental ate some meat from yesterday that had worms in it, do i need to take any medicine?
Why is there a rise in cases of TB, leprosy and whooping cough in the USA?
How can I lose weight in like 5 days?
If junk food was available back in the olden days how come obesity rates were low?
How long does it take for your body metabolism to get used to a diet/exercise?
how can i get rid of my love handles?
how to get a six pack fast?
How can I get skinny but not look annorexic or starve myself.?
Am I anorexic?
February is American Healthy Heart Month...Do you have a good tip for maintaining a healthy heart?
Do you go on walks? If so, where do you go? What do you do? Do you get bored?
My patient has some bad warts. How should I remove them?
sleep problems?
Laughing in sleep?
sweating badly!?
If you miss a night's sleep, why doesn't the body sleep for double the amount the night after?
It started in my eye...?
how do you fall asleep on your back?
How do you get your veins to pop out?
I have a Bad Hangover?
plz some one help im trying to stop smoking?
Help quitting smoking?
Does apple cider vinegar help with nasal congestion?
Why would the FDA approve...?
Will I ever get over this Horrible illness?
What are some alternative treatments for Mesothelioma?
How do homeopaths explain the total lack of efficacy in treatment of eczema in their remedies here?
alternative buzz to cigarettes?
help me please i have made lasik in my eyes from 6 months and their is some thing strange.?
What is good for a rash around the eye?
Bright squiggling stars? Ocular migraine? Please help!?
My eyes get blurry after doing work on the computer.?
How much are colored contacts, for a years supply?
Help with a stye in my eye?
Popped a blood vessel in my eye for the first time...what should I do?
Blue Eyes = Bad Eyesight?
Any ideas what causes itchy hands? And what i can do to soothe them?
What is a good remedy or over the counter med for this?
A fast way to get rid of really old acne scars!?
How can I get rid of cracked dry skin around my nails?
How to get rid of acne?
Is there a natual way?
Why are my toes so itchy?
how can I fix dry nose and itchy anus?
SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: why is it affecting us now?
can getting upset trigger an asthma attack???
What are the alternatives to "SPIRIVA" (sp?) as a preventer for asthma?
mom used to be an alcoholic and had seizures. Sober for a few years but spaces out and repeats u sometimes...?
i need HELP! is it possible that i have asthma? ?
Winston Churchills Phlegm?
Do they have a pnueumonia vaccine?
How long does a hydroscan test for a gallbladder take and does it hurt?
What causes autism?
How is it possible to get a brain tumor if brain cells cant reproduce?
Whats wrong with me?
Why is hard for people to donate kidney I've been on the waiting list for three years and still waiting. ?
Is laughing in your sleep a danger? Its not from a funny dream. Its more like....?
how much does the emergency room cost, on average?
What's the main cause of death in Swine flu?
What causes Scabies on my hand?
How is this staph infection "superbug" spread?
i need help with my blood test results?
my husband was diagnosed bacterial diarrhea?
Help! My eye is swollen for NO REASON.?
What are the early symptoms of having a tapeworm?
Yesterday I had sore throat, a fever and puked anything I put down. Today I am bleeding in my stool?
My dad won't wash his hands after touching raw meat !!!?
how to get rid of old existing scars?
I just accidentally a Coca Cola bottle....?
Spider bite...on leg?
A bee sting... itches? Why?
suggestions for sunburn reliefe?
Can Smoking Cigarette's Cause You Lymph Nodes To Swell?
Vitamin D absorption?
How much does a pack of cigarettes cost in Australia?
I Can't Sleep! I Need Help!?
I dont want to throw up at work?
feels like brain is falling asleep?
Sore throat and feel hot?
What Causes Insomnia?
Is The Flu Vaccine Good For Your Health?
Can any1 with multiple sclerosis tell me what the first signs or symptoms are ?.?
what are the causes of an infected pancreas?
Is it safe to let a flu fever runs it course with out intervention?
i am scared i have like red bumps on my breast and im worried im only 17 it cant be breast cancer?
my eyelid trembles...?
A question for an opthalmologist: If I concentrate towards the sky, I am able to see fluorescent dots.?
Contact Lenses-How-to's?
Does 3-D glasses damage your eyes?
What causes blurry vision upon waking up?
I need help understanding my eyesight.....?
Too many floaters?
eye health?
What Over The Counter Drug Can Make You Hallucinate?
Is Alcohol bad when taking medication?
Soft spoken voice-How can I speak louder?
How much antifreeze can I drink before it's bad for me?
People in my area.. northeastern Montana... are beginning to not go to the Doctor when they are sick?
So if Americans don't have insurance, do they just leave them to die?
is there a reason to be damned to live in an virtual cave?
What is the best Bay Area clinic for Migraines?
Chest pain with particular movements and sharp inhalation?
Does anyone here have TMJ?
is there anything that can be done to correct a curving spine without surgery?
Why does your head ache when you get too much sleep?
What are the symptoms for neck arthritis? PLEASE ANSWER?!?
A question about toes?
Help! I took viatra and woke up laying in my stomach up in the air?
Why does it hurt so much....?
Can cancer be a side effect of HIV?
My 2yr old threw up 4 different days in the past 3 weeks. She does not have flu i dont know what is wrong?
Lymph Node concern, still swollen after a month+?
Can you get bitten by a tick and not know it?
What are the signs of having Hepatitis c?
how does the immute system combat diseases?
Do you believe the U.S. Meat Supply at Risk of Mad Cow Disease?
how come a person's skin sometimes get more pale due to certain illnesses?
cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer)?
Flu? Meningitis?
Weight Loss in 2 months?
How many miles do you jog a week?
What Weight Loss Products Do You Know Of That Really Works?
Can I sue FDA for not approving my Parasite Diet cure to obesity?
Why am I strong ?
How To Lose Arm Fat ?
So I can't eat anymore?
Now that I'm fully grown and I know where it's at, somehow I stayed thin while the other guys got fat?
What can i do to stop eating when I'm bored?
does anyone know how long it takes for cinnamon to lower blood sugar after?
panic and alcohol?
What are the best kind of earplugs to buy for sleep?
Is it safe to look at the sun? How long does it take for damage?
What are the health problems caused by kids not having proper clothing and no shoes?
So I got my cartilage today and........?
My boyfriend keeps getting indigestion, what helps ease it?
where shall i get coin operated body weighing machine?
Who in the world was the first to smoke a cigarette?
Its not really an injury....but why does this happen?
Are you wearing anything on your feet at this moment?And are you at home,work,school?
How to get rid of spots?
Can I sue a hospital for not running additional tests that could have saved a life?
22 yr old female diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her knees, what can she expect from future?
itchy spots on my body?
how can i cure the lines appeared in my face?
Will Flu shot prevent HIV?
How is encephalitis usually treated, and does treatment usually prevent significant damage?
meningitus and epilepsy?
Looking for online site that you can enter symptoms and get possible diseases.?
how many days do you have to work in a month as a neonatal nurse?
Tonsil problems need help!!?
What is it called when deadly ill people ask to die.?
Immune systems, girls better than boys?
baby with a 103.2 F temp?
Dry skin.,scars,..!please help!?
best remedies for psoriasis?
Poll..Are you a worry wart? What do you worry about?
does lemon juice lighten your skin?
Blackheads on my nose!?
Tiny, deep blackheads on my nose?
Does Elmer's glue really work to extract blackheads?
belly button?
I need a herbal replacement for metformin?
does zicam really work to help stop a cold or help you get over it faster?
Home remedies?
why should marijuana be legalized??
what about legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes?
Alnernative therapies for acne?
The effects of cocaine???
Anyone had good luck with herbal or alternative antidepressant's?
What is the best way to quit smoking cigarettes?
Increased energy from CoQ10?
CPR or ACLS for healthcare?
Can the brain get sore from reading too much?
My hands randomly tremble?
Why do I feel like I am not in my body? I've been feeling weird for weeks now, Help!!?
Is this hypglocemia? or what other heatlh issue?
How come our jaws dont wear out like the rest of our joints?
Emergency room ???????????
The inside of my left ear really hurts when I yawn. Why?
How do you get water out of your ear after swimming?
Have you ever been stung by a scorpion?
my 4 yr old son got stung?
What would happen if you stuck your hand in dry ice?
Xolair: Anybody out there with Immunology/Allergy/Medical background???
asthma question?
Does anyone get 'ITCHY EARS' whilst eating certain food?!!!?
can a milk allergy only cause coughing?
Is there a shot that can permanently rid me of my cat and dog allergies?
Why Do I Cough And Wheeze After I Do A Vigorous Work Out Like Shoveling Snow ?
Singulair side effects?
What happens when water or any fluid enters into our respiratory system while drinking?
What could be causing hypoxemia (low oxygen) after surgery?
Do I have exercise-induced asthma?
Asthma attack or panic attack? 13 year old girl... Help!?
What makes Carbon Monoxide (CO) so deadly?
Should I tell my doctor this?
Second hand smoke effects on newborns?
tomorrow is ash wednesday national no smoking day! are you quitting?
Zostavax for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients?
My dog has been diagnosed with Lyme's. Does he still need a vaccination?
what are the symptoms of food poisoning and when do you go to emergency room?
Do you vaccinate your children?
why is there a leucopenia in typhoid?
Tendon ruptures and disabilities caused from taking levaquin...?
Can A Man Get Venereal Disease?
How to prevent spreading Pink eye ?
black plague report....?
Keratosis Pilaris?
What are some clinically proven methods for getting rid of old scars permanently?
Are sunbeds really worse than the sun?
Are we allowing people to die from salmonella and other bacteria because irradiation is "scary"?
My son developed severe tics when using Vyvanse and Focalin XR. I don't know what kind of ADD medicine to try!
How can I get rid of a tan I've had for years?
Found web www.ismaelwater.com many testimony Cured cancer. Anybody have idea is it real ?
Does it affect my eyesight if i watch tv shows on the computer in the dark?
what makes our stomachs rumble?
Why do People Ask Medical Questions on this Site?
Will I ever get to take off my glasses?
Nose jobs on the NHS? got rejected?
what should i do about my eyesight?
I ate some microwave popcorn that was more than 2 years past the expiration and now i have the runs, help?
How can u freshen up ur breath?
I smoked weed once, can I be positive a month from now?
What are the causes of right sided heart failure.........?
I'm looking for the heart patient diet you follow before heart surgery to loose a lot of weight.?
Blood Pressure Question?
My heart has been "jumping"?
Why did I black out when I gave blood, and why did my heart speed up in surgery?
how does a swollen heart work?
Laser Eye Surgery in Glasgow | Lasik Eye Glasgow ?
LASEK surgery success rates?
Cataract in one eye only?
How do eye doctors determine the right perscription for glasses for a child who is 3 years old are younger?
I Need Eyesight help, please!?
Why do we yawn when we see others yawning?
What part of the brain is malfunctioning when someone has no conscience?
Could I have chronic fatigue syndrome?
How long does it take for your lungs to heal from smoking?
Flailing beanus syndrome?
Feeling really bad lately?
Is it true that in the US you have to pay when you are sick in hospital?
Do you use a leg pillow to sleep with at night for support?
Could the built-in self-healing potential of the human DNA be effectively activated using Music/Sound Therapy?
Im tired all day and cant sleep at night? y?
does drinking milk cause acne?
How do I help being underweight?
Why don't doctors/nurses like syringing blocked ears?
what is the difference between a tumor and cancer?
How hygenic are our hospitals in mumbai?
Thyroid Diease????
What's the best way to use differin for maximum results?
What do infectiologists/infectious disease specialists do?
A stray cat scratched me will I get rabies?
How long does staph(in throat) take to subside? With antibiotics?
how does this 'super bug' spread?
What could be wrong?! PLEASE HELP! Aches/pains, very weak, diarhhea, vomitting, cold!?
Does the tdap vaccine hurt? 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm seriously unwell, can't get to the Doctors today nor the chemist until later, how can I?
why is it important to drink plenty of water while taking antibiotics?
another question about MRSA?
What kind of exercise can I do in my home?
girls, how do i lose a couple pounds?
Do our bodies need eight glasses of water a day?
Is three meals a day too much?
I have a big tummy, Please, What do I do??
I feel like i want to binge, can someone help?
Help me! points to all answers!?
How much iron before you can overdose?
Question About Being Sick?
Should this site be used to give medical diagnosis?
What causes insomnia? Is there a cure? Also, anything I can do to help myself, aside from taking sleep aides?
Anybody know the prognosis for hydrocephalus in an elderly female?
What causes calcium deposits in the abdomen?
Is total PSA test sure answer to ascertain prostate cancer?
how do i cure hives without going to the doctor?
Can perspiration infect other people with HIV/AIDS/STD?
Does hiv exists?
can you give herpes to your child?
Ever since the baker infected my yeast I can't get a rise...what should I do?
Why was he licking me?
It's starting again and I am in the market for a fecker detector.?
what can i do to stay awake?
Does iron medication (RX pill form) cause you to be sick? I just started taking it 2 days ago and have?
My mother in law is having an endoscopy tomorrow. Can she take her daily medications?
Can someone explain my glasses prescription? Thanks x?
do you ever get a pain in youre eye.?
It has been 72 hours since my last...?
Does toilet paper expire?
how do you minimize urinating at night?
Are you going to be careful around pistachios now?
¿Was this improper behavior, or do you think Im over reacting ?
Lack of sleep = Leg cramps ???
my chest bone keeps cracking why?
Has anyone ever had sciatica/sciatic nerve problems?
How soon can this fellow return to work?
what is your sore spot?
Someone called me this today and it hurts?
is sweet and low bad for if you high blood sugar?
Pump question with children?
anyone ever had to get their gallbladder taken out?
How to get rid of huge pores?
how to get rid on nose blackheads?
I just found out that I am six weeks pregnant with twins and I have diabetes?
CPAP mask question for ladies...............?
Feeling weak and shaky...?
I use Sudafed decongestant nasal spray a few times every day. Is this dangerous or damaging in any way?
is it possible to take too much vitamin B? If so, how much is too much/or too often?
How come sometimes when I swallow I hear a crackling in my ears?
Was this a hallucination or part of a nightmare?
Improving posture and back strength?
Has any one out there given up weed? And How?
I want to be a nurse, but my parents don't want me to?
Why are chihuahua's known to be good for people with asthma?
Are their any forms of watch (Or other device) you can buy that detects your breathing?
Having high blood presser sins June.?
What happens if you inhale air sanitizer though your mouth accidentally?
What do I do if I have difficulty coughing out phlegm during a cold/flu?
What changes in the eye to cause vision to worsen?
What is the absolute best moisture producing contact,that is on the market for dry eyes?
Can you ever get the glasses taken off your license?
how can i improve my vision? my eyes are getting worse from tv, computer, video games, etc?
Which of these eyesight prescriptions is worse?
Omg I am sooooo upset, eyes are changing?
What do you see when you're blind?
Camera flash close to eye?
What is the best way to get fiberglass out of your skin?
what will happen if i sleep in a sweat suit?
why do i have such freezing hands?
Eye wont stop twitching?
I'm sick with something unknown?
Is sleeping only 6 hours a night okay for a 17 year old?
Who actually believes?
help me sleep please xx?
Why do I have bad breath immediately after I sleep or even take a nap?
Why does my crack always smell?
Can a mosquito still bite you through your clothes?
What are some quick effective home remedies for flea bites?
how far should i stick a q-tip in my ear?
I just cut my armpit really badly, what should i do?
can you name the burn cream for me?
my cousin ate bleeding hearts he ate ten tops what will happen and what do i do?
What is the best medicine in homeopathy for hypothyroid?
What can one do to lessen or stop period cramps?
Herbal Treatment for ADHD?
I want to try a natural way to cure my depressive disorder.?
What are the benefits of drinking green tea? Is Crystal Light Green Tea just as good as others?
Should the FDA have to approve medications before they are offered to the public?
Why is the Alternative Health Community filled with a bunch of kooks?
Is colloidal silver bad for you? Whats the truth? Does it safely cure viruses?
Is it bad to snack on fruit a lot because of its high sugar content?
Is it healthy for a protein drink to be substituted for a meal?
How can I prevent high blood pressure?
Do I have Marfans Syndrome? I Have Many Symptoms.....?
I know cholesterol is furring up of the arteries but if you're blood pressure is average, say 120-80.?
Blood pressure the past two months has been insane.?
Possible Heart Attack or just food poisoning?
for high cholestrol can i take STANLIP tablet.?
health class?
Does anyone know the avg. cost of Chantix?
Where did the common cold come from?
how one suffers fever after he wears wet clothes?
Have your kids had Scarlet Fever?
I developed an ear infection over the weekend?
Help.... I am always sick.....?
My dog died last night of kidney faliure... what could have caused this?
my 2 1/2 son have diarreah for 2 days and dont want to eat anything. what will i do? i a crying coz hes stomac
what would u do if someone shot at u what would u do?
what makes a person get the hiccups?
Which is better phentermine 37.5 mg tablet or 30 mg capsule.?
Former smokers?
What is the best thing you can give/offer to people with terminal disease?
Weird insect bite on my face with red line?
DUDE Help me out, how can I fake sick?
Honestly, What is so bad about smoking marijuana?
How long does it take before your eyesight adjusts back after lasik surgery?
Contact lenses.Do they stop eye sight from getting worse?
is it normal that my glasses feel dirty all the time even when i clean them?
Is this possible..........................?
Instant fogginess in one eye...?
question about glaucoma?
Where can I buy a contacts case?
Does anyone know what i have?
doctors: can you be allergic to work?
Gluten allergy???
I'm an adult and allergic to soybeans, milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, corn - what should I eat?
do you guys ever hit the wall with your allergies?
Viral Rash?
can people get married with real bad all timers decease?
nausea and sinus?
I was exposed to cyclochexene in the lab and I'm experiencing hiccups so often, what can be the treatement?
Why has asthma increased in children less than 18 years old from 37/1000 to 68/1000 from 1980 to 1996?
Breathing Treatments ...?
How can you stop a friend from smoking?
Is non-pulmonary TB communicable ?
Help me, I feel very sick!! What's wrong with me?
What is the re-occurrence rate for occular herpes?
How do you deal with insomnia while taking Tamiflu?
MRSA, can you tell me as much as you can of this bacteria?
why does the bird flu considered to be such a frightening disease?
when a child has pinworms and you give them medicine, are the dead worms then passed through the stool?
throat help!?
does stem cells work for someone with cerebral palsy?
My daughter gets her 1 year old vaccines in a few days. I am nervouse about the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
scalp psoriasis?
Can someone who had hepa B vaccination still infect other people?
Have you had an lasic surgery?
Epidural without local anesthetic ?
i always have troble with my ankle what do i do?
Headaches from the heater, (dry heat) what causes this?
Took an elbow to the face.....is this normal?
What is so wrong...?
Hey...it hurts...?
I keep getting lock jaw, advice?
when do kids normally start losing their teeth? just an age range is good.?
Does TMJD go away on it's own?
if someone dies with braces on, do they take them off?
Does anyone know a site that I can go to, to get this kind of information?
I have this really huge gap between my two front teeth, my mom said that means I'll be rich someday?
Why does the Queen never give an open-mouthed smile?
What is a canker sore and how do you alleviate the pain?
I have a bruise on my arm?!?
Should one ever employ a henchman who hasn't got a facial scar?
What is your most embarrassing injury, or medical moment?
who has been able to give up smokeing cold turkey? Did you use patches or anything else to help? Its been 3 wk
Desperate for answers--please help, serious answers only!?
Possible to Have Ear Ache Without Pain?
ecstasy/ MDMA use for a year and a half has quit but now needs help?
I keep collapsing throughout the day?
Bad trip? will It happen again?
What's really happening when your bones "crack"?
can't move my right leg. Can someone please help me?
Is ganja better for your health than cigarette? If yes, How it is ?
Can we detect HIV, if the HIV +ve blood is donated during the window period?
Can fat soluble vitamins be absorbed through your skin?
Arthritis (4 Q.s)?
My wife has too much Protein in her urine what does that mean?
Low Hemoglobin help....?
why is sedimentation technique more preferable than floatation for general diagnostic laboratory?
What is HIV rash?
Systemic fungal infection?
Can nutrition assist in immunity of the avian flu?
have people been cured from the aids from using wild herbs?
Is there a flu going around that lasts for weeks?
When you smack a mosquito and it has blood in it, can you get a disease from that blood?
How can I stop procrasinating?
Do your split personalities ever argue with each other?
TH Family: Bill Kaulitz self harm?
Was this an anxiety attack?
How do you become stronger, strong enough to deal with the hardships life brings?
I am sick of being nice. It gets me nowhere.?
What do you buy at IperCoop?
What is wrong with this picture? ?
is it ok to cry all alone when you are depressed and dont want any body to share your pain?
What home remedies do you recommend to cure common cold and fever?
Are there any natural remedies for anxiety?
i need a list of different types of doctors and their descriptions?
VACCINES : Would you trust the FDA when they allow this in our flu vaccines?
Should alternative medicine be brought under mainstream regulation?
Aren't "alternative medicines" totally bogus and a scam?
a fast good way to detox off pot.?
How to care for a wound during post operation? any tips for quick recovery?
How do you go to the doctor if you do not have health insurance?
Any advice on how to sleep better?
Question about blood pressure?
How can I make my tummy flatter and legs thinner?
I have to lose this baby weight?
Anybody Losing Weight?
What is the most effective and tangible way to bust CELLULITE?
Acne Medicine?
Funding for Cancer patient in desperate need?
If you've had a swollen gland for almost 4 days now...?
What exactly does appendicitis pain feel like?
Can low blood pressure cause headaches? If so, how to stop them?
Regarding strokes and vision loss?
how do you get rid of puffy eyes?
How do I detach my feelings from my suffering patients?
Why is my left feet swollen and my left hand swollen (just a little)?
What are your experiences with anti fatigue eye glasses?