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Anyone have good or bad things to say about laser eye surgery?
How often on average should someone in thier 20's or 30's get a new prescription for glasses or contacts
What are some good remedies for the red eyes that accompany glaucoma?
Is this even possible? Tatooing the eye ball?
If a person with no eye defect begins wearing glasses with some power, how will that person be affected?
Should I get contacts for my birthday?
Is health Insurance a boon or a bane?
How do you know if your having a sinus or migraine headaches?
If you feel an emergency department at a hopspital has purposly given an incorrect diagnosis what to do?
Does any one know what it could be?
What effects would universal health care have on health care workers?
Does have a sleep during the day or sleeping too much make you feel ill?
my sister said the only reason people become doctors is for the money?
I have been told by a doctor that i have bronchial spasms however...
How Long Does Asthma Medication Take To Work?
Can brain respire without oxygen?
Irritating cough?
zyban for giving up smoking?
Does an EKG tell if you have poor circulation?
should i try to stop smoking while in need of some more soon?
If i buy steroids online will anyone notice?
What is a good kidney Detox?
why do you get the chills when you have a fever?
Question about chemotherapy and hair loss?
If someone with PTSD gets amnesia...will they still have PTSD?
Aldo what did that doctor say today?
Do you think stress and how you perceive it is the single most pervasive factor that determines your state of ?
What causes extreme chest pain?
What do the blind see in their dreams?
For people who are allergic to water, does that mean they can never take showers or baths?
Tips for getting mom to stop smoking?
I need sleep...what is wrong with me?
If I stick a swab of toilet paper slathered in Preperation H cream into my husbands rectum to stop him from?
Inflamed liver?
What is the small bump behind my cartilage piercing?
Planters wart on thumb?
How can i get rid of blackheads, that wont go away?
how do i know if my wart healing?
please tell me how to get rid of my tons of blackheads?
How long does it take for a rash from Veet to disappear?
why is my face always bright red/pink?
Ear syringing?
My friend says if she takes 3-1mg. Xanax it give her a lot of energy. Could this be possible?
Getting over a cold?
do you feel good about your body and you didn't before?
Health poll!.. Do you need to have regular injections for any reason? surprising how many folk do!?
Where do you put your hands when you sleep? I put one hand under the pillow and the other across my chest?
Strange things happening in sleep?
Who feels Super duper and really happy right now?
what steps to doctors take when antibiotics dont work?
Pandemic Flu Plans?
I Need Answers For My Assiment!!?
Are women the only ones who can get atypical cells?
mmr vacination?
Did you know the CDC has issued a medical alert about a highly contagious, potentially dangerous?
Echinococcus Granulosus ???
What disease or condition can this be?
Is it true that cheese can cure bad breath or help whiten teeth because of enzymes?
natural antibiotics?
Can Homeopathic Medicine really help me grow?
What is the best full body cleanse recipe?
OM - a magical sound can cure lot of ailments -has any body tried ?
How does homeopathy work?
What is your experience with Chiropractors?
What's the best mood-booster?
Ideal weight question?
Does Ultra Green Tea Lean work?
is jogging in place as effective as taking a real jog?
drinking too much green tea w. milkAND sugar?
how can you make the front of your thighs flat? (on girls)?
How to lose 10lbs in 11 days?! (will fasting work?)?
Exercise for a first timer tips please..?
If I sit on a Stability Ball instead of my bed while I'm on the computer, will it actually benefit me at all?
I don't like products with any proven efficacy. Are "dietary supplements" for me?
Abdominal hernia: How can you tell if its getting worse?
Can contact solution be used as eyedrops?
Is alcoholism a worldwide problem ?
is it possible to faint in your sleep.?
what signs do i look out for - heroin user?
Can I hire someone to come and swaddle me at night?
When you use a public toilet do you sit on the seat?
Are you as tired as I am?
Which acne treatment is best?Skin id,acne free,proactive?
What is the best way to get rid of acne as an older teen or adult?
What are these red bumps on my legs/how do i get rid of them?
My knee caps and elbows are darker than my skin?
people with pump please HELP!!!?
Does smoking weed give you lung cancer?
If you were not BMing for 6 days, shouldn't you have questionable diarrhea?
why do you see different colors when you press down on your eyes?
I couldn't see through my left eye. :S?
Why are my contacts making my eyes turn red?
Are any of my contacts online right now?
What exactly is the viscous gel for in the eyeball?
explain why getting a vaccination results in the same type of immunity to the disease but is safer?
What are good websites for the Ebola Fever?
what is the disease called when you are born with two sets of DNA?
how can u prevent Alzheimer's disease?
HIV or common cold/allergies?
HIV exposure?
Calpol Cold and flu medication .. not suitable?
Bird flu?!?
What nursing diagnosis can i use when mother is Rh negative,blood type O. Baby is blood type B,Rh positive.?
Will these prednisone side effects go away on their own?
What other treatments would a Jehovah's witness allow?
Question about Seizures?
Swollen lymph nodes!! What's wrong with me?
what can you do if you cant afford health care?
What can you do yo keep yourself up..but you dont have..........?
is it hard to read lips?
how to get rid of blackheads?
Worried this is something serious....seeking medical advice.?
Have you had or do you know of anyone that had "Shingles"?
Why is 'heavy legs' condition recognised in France but not in UK?
Can a body fight off cancer without going to a hospital fo treatment?
Does anyone know if there are support/chat rooms online for epilepsy??
how long does massage school take?
I'm having pain in my lower right rib cage it started in my shoulder?
have too much of head ache problem due to strace do u know any tips to reduce it?
Is there anything you can do to help leg pain?
Left side of my chest hurts...why?
What's a chest pain that feels like this?
sinus infection symptoms?
Allergy Season Question..?
Can drinking of beer cause ear infection (allergy to yeast?)?
How long will hives stays in my toddler!!! HELP!!!!!?
Traveling to Italy and I don't speak italian I have a nut allergy when eating how can i avoid having a problem
Is Hepatitis C an airbourne pathogen?
Is it ok to take a shower when you have a cough, and healing from a fever?
Why do i keep getting sick??
I stopped donating blood transfusion because...?
what infection is this ?
can you have treatment in any hospital of your choice now?
I've tooken a piss 4 times in the last 4 hours?
how long after a head injury ?
My blood pressure is 110/50 and resting hear rate is 45 BPM, I've been blacking out recently?
Eyesight -4.50 Prescription HELP!!!!?
Is it true that wearing glasses will actually worsen your vision when you start wearing them?
Health Insurance & Health Care - is there a health care crisis in this country?
How do I bring myself to wake up in the morning? (read details)?
ive had headaches for 3 days and got the shits last night?
is this normal?? lol?
How early should ovarian cancer be detected?
The only cure for the Psoriasis?
Good experience with Derma Rollers on stretch marks?
Eggs and honey=clear face?
CFS Caused By a Virus?
can any tell any 5 diseases kept at bay by immunization schedule?
What are the best eye-drops to get for dry eyes?
has anybody had eye floaters
How much do colored contacts cost?
Will my vision ever get better?
if you have glasses and you dont really need them?
What happens to your eyes if you are in the dark for a long period of time and then exposed to light?
natural way to cure bad eyesight that work.Pls help ppl...?
Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?
If you stay awake and never sleep, what will happen?
What is it about poor health that makes a person age before their time?
what would cause SEVERE stomach cramps as you were half way through dinner?
What is the best way to ride out mild opiate withdrawal symptoms?
If I rub Orajel on my face, will it go numb for a little while?
Is there a medical term for boogers?
Did Michael Jackson have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?
its about Health! I always have the fear of Heart Attack!?
Why do we use salt and sugar?
if a baby HLHS what are the chances of survival?
Should I go ahead with the treadmill stress test?
Why does my heart hurt?
What is Pulmonary Stenosis?
what is the nickname for the eustachian valve of the heart?
Coldness and a purple discoloration of the fingers and toes. Is this in any way connected to heart attacks?
my son has guilleam barre syndrome and has now power in one leg will it ever come back?
What is GNLD?
How do you know if someones an alcoholic?
How do you feel about Vietnamese Son Pham not getting his face tumor removed by Sick Kids Hospital?
Anyone know anything about skin graphs?
Have you ever had your appendix removed?
stiches help plz?
I've had a knot by my shoulder blade for about a month, and today I'm getting spasms down my arm and?
My hand was stuck on the engine, and it was hot and now it is hurted and bleeded!?
name the organs forming the passageway from the nasal cavity to the alveoli of the lungs?
Exercises for asthma! Please?!?
Is it possible to grow out of asthma?
Is forced burping harmful?
Michaelg has a question?
I have a problem with phlegm!!!!!!?
what is hpylori?
How long do clinical trials and fda approval for a vaccine take?
do i have mono?
Antibiotic question?(Zithromax)?
doctors note ...fakes...?
I have a rotten cold?
What kind of diet will you be starting in 2010?
How important is drinking water everyday? What exactly does water do to your body?
I've lost 22 pounds so far and now I can't seem to lose any more pounds?
What are some good excercises that can be done at home during winters?
Can you lose a lot of weight by just eating raw fruit and veggies?
Can anyone tell me some effective exercises to get smaller thighs?
How many calories does one chappati provide?
Is there a website that will show you what you would look like if you lost weight?
Any idea how to get rid of a stiff neck,self inflicted with being on here?
Cigarette Help?
Frozen Shoulder - Is it EVER going to thaw?
Help! How do i get rid of this eye infection?!?
Could you drink enough water that you could drink water while urinating at the same time, constantly?
Why am I always getting a bloody nose?
Could my mom get her sight back ?
How many hours of sleep do teens need?
Sleeping in: On the weekend and/or your day (s) off, what time do you wake up if you've slept in?
Help! Short of breath. Swollen feet and legs. Don't trust cardiologist's results. Advice?
What are some good ways to get rid of anxiety without drugs?
Can your Lymphatic system malfunction? Can it be harmed, or make you sick?
hole in upper buttocks is bleeding and the second hole appeared..what is going on with me?
Pain Management treatments?
I need some supportive advise on withdrawl?
P & S//Does anyone know how the surgery went for Fishineasy?
My husband had a spinal fusion operation and it has gone worse?
OMG, I am close to L3. What will my contacts think of me?
how do you get rid of acne scars in less than a year?
what is the treatment for facial skin pores?
anyone tried rubbing potato slices on face or tomato juice to get rid of acne or make skin whiter?
What can i do to make my sunburn feel better?
I met a young child with warts on her hand and I asked her what they were.?
Acne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again?
how do you get rid of an ulcer, FAST!?
Do nicotine patches work?
In your opinon which is worse? Smoking weed or drinking alchohol?
I am always tired. It doesn't matter how much I sleep, nor how deep I sleep, I am constantly tired. ?
Sleep Paralysis?
Question about smoking (smoker's only)?
What is the best lotion or treatment for dry chapped hands?
For anyone that's given up smoking?
Acne scars?
Why does malaria spread via mosquitoes but HIV does not?
What are the common side effects of a flu shot for a child?
different types of mrsa?
I need info on availiable resources open to people that have aids! Financial,housing and other support systems
Can you survive yellow fever?
LISTERIA what a disease?
why do you have to stop smoking when you've got glandular fever?
will not wearing your long-distance glasses for weeks at a time make your eyesight worse?
Why can lasix not be used to just take a persons vision back as far as it cans?
Why do our eyes close when we are asleep?
How Does Eating Spinach Help Improve Eyesight?
eye sight. help please ? ?
Opinions on homeopathic medicine? Do the remedies work well? Any success stories?
What therapies has Conventional Medicine adopted, that were once Alternative Medicine Therapies?
Do you think it would be asking to much if I asked Farmer Bubba down the road to put me out of my misery?
Any natural remedies to control anger? Not St.John's Wort though?
Home Herbalists... what are the basic herbs that you keep on hand in your home?
Does the homeopathic medicine "excrementum caninum" have actual dog feces?
how can a T1 diabetic gain some weight safely? any ideas for me?
i have been diagnosed with type2 diabetes - why do i have to pay attention to how my feet are?
diabetic stories , whenn people are low?
is it me or does stevia have an aftertaste?
What are your nails suppose to look like when you are low on iron?
What are the best methods of getting to sleep?
Wolff's Law?
Knee replacement at 17?
i cant sleep at night?
How to stay awake.....?
How can I sleep better?
Sleeping habits?
which ebola strain was discovered first?
what is Staphylococcus albus?
Is this typical of stomach flu?
My daughter has an ear infection, they put her on 4 antibiotics so far, should I be worried about meningitis?
Should i go to the ER... please help?
if a person takes meds for aids but does not have aids what happens?
To people Adept At Looking At MRIs, is There a Difference In MRIs Between HIV and HSV Encephalitis, -?
What can a male family member do with all his time at home?
Treatment for cracked or broken ribs?
I have this purple bruise. how long does it take to go away?
About A Year Ago I Cut My Leg Really Badly Shaving But Now....?
PLEASE help me with my injured finger!?
What can cause a chest burst like in Alien movies?
A question for international folks about the movie sicko?
ok do i have Insomnia???
Is there any way to get a prescription for a adult diapers?
What does it mean if you sleep to much??
Yawn- Brain's messenger to the body: What causes Yawning?
Does repetitive lifting of 12 oz. cans in any way help develop biceps?
I have had a headache for 2 days in a row.?
Sore Throat....please help?
Are you supposed to keep yourself warm or cool when you have a fever?
What can I do to stop a friend from becoming addicted to pain killers?
As a hypochondriac, what other conditions should I be on the look out for?
Pray for me PLEASE??
Am I not very good at this?
What happens to retarded individuals who smoke marijuana?
i am only 14 but want to go on a fruit and veggie fast for about a week, is this a good idea?
How do they know how many calories are in food?
What rules should you abide to in order to lose weight?
Does closing the toilet seat when you flush prevent the spread of germs?
can enlarged tonsils affect the tyroid fuction?
What exercise can I do to reduce the size of my love handle?
is healthy food the same a junk?
How to lose inches of the inner thighs fast?
How to get taller?
how to stop feeling fat and bloated?
How many calories does a watermelon have??
Can you suggest a vitamin that I can take that will boost my white blood count....?
Is it true that having drumstick along with your meals is likely to turn you on during the night?
I think I am anorexic at the weight off 500 pounds. Everyone walks by me and laughs and says anorexic.?
Question For a Medical Doctor??
Cat escaped, came back home?
what kills hepatitis's c?
hello, i have fever for 3 days now .. any advice for me ? plz i dont like medicine so much?
Lasik Risks & Limitations?
I got myslef in a sticky situation?
help i am a type 2 diabetic my doctor has prescribed me viagra 50mg but does not work!!! what next?
I feel a sore throat coming on; should I take the medicine?
What causes a sty in your eye?
do halogen heaters tan and are they dangerous to skin?
How much is it for the doctor to measure my eye?
Is it possible to get better eyesight naturally? O__O?
Please Help! This is "No Joke" I just woke up and fresh blood coming out left ear. What's wrong?
ok, I've got to cut down on smoking. I'm gonna need help?
Have you experienced "seeing stars"? What is the medical explanation for this?
Blind people queries....please answer?!?
I dont like sleeping at night but love to sleep in the daytime?
how come when you don't eat, you feel the need to throw up?
What's the best non-prescription drug to treat lung inflammation?
Can u lungs heal back if u stop smoking?
Does the cough getting worse with Bronchitis mean the person is getting better?
Can I donate my lung to a family member?
after a week of medication my cough is still consistant, with constant flem and tightness breath, hard breath?
smoking for five years?
can second-hand meth smoke be detected in a non-user?
What are some...?
Should a college student get a flu shot?
Why do doctors in Singapore always prescribe antibiotics when patients have flu with sore throat?
is eating cold things like ice cream or cold drinks good when you have a sore throat or strep throat?
Can u get polio now-a-days?
DOES ANYONE have HEP C? What are some problems you have experienced?
they took my tonsils out, thinking that's where an infection has been residing. Now What?
Is it safe to take flomax and avadart together?
What are the long term effects of Bactrim/Septra.?
Are people becoming too complacent about HIV?
Clear Skin Answer! Mask. how to.?
Has anyone experienced any noticeable benefits from taking Ginkgo Biloba?
cant sleep?
A few "contributers" in the alt. medicine section typically bash this approach, are they drug industry shills?
what is adrenalinum 6X?
why do the "skeptics" encourage us to immunize?
Should I get the H1N1 shot?
What are some current epidemics?
Stomach condition?
How to clear mucus from throat.?
question about leukemia?
Does sitting in a sauna help with acne?
Has bird flu gone away because it hasnt been in the news lately?
Could the HIV virus survive in an outside enviroment if the blood still wet on a broken glass? If so,how long?
manifestation of menigoccocemia?
question about Strep infection?
how long can you live with chiari 1 malformation?
I've missed two nights of sleep in a row; any advice?
Looking for help with some symptoms I'm having?
How do you get aluminum out of your body?
Cure for cancer? Has anyone else heard?
shall I go to bed?
Can someone tell me the difference between a migraine and a headache?
How do you apply Head-On?
Do you know what it is called if one bone in your wrist is longer than the other?
What is the best treatment for PHN?
What do you think this pain most likely is?
Leg Pain Question: Blockage in Vein or Tumor?
Will Doc be back in time to help with the SIC?
I slept funny and my neck hurts, help me?
Ok, my son is almost 4 months old. we generally don't go to the doctor for colds, stomach viruses, etc. ?
can drug use in the past trigger bipolar disorder?
(acid reflux disease) my stomach hurts!!!!!!?
if brain transplantation were possible (its not)..interesting plz answer?
how do you get ridd of black heads?
What is International Hygiene Certficate?
Does no sleep , cause headaches that you cant get rid of?
If you eat a lot of junk food and water, but not much vegetables and fruits do you start to smell bad?
I lost a dear friend to phenomena she was only 53 and in a nursing home I think the nursing home was at fault.
what parts of our bodies can be transplanted in some one else's body?when one's brain is seemingly dead?
my right eye keeps twitching!?
SHOULD I QUIT?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?
Would you assume I had herpes if you saw me on a valtrex billboard?
okey is this right or what ????
how to have a flawless skin face?
Lately, my cheeks are very rosey. What can cause this and how do I cover it up?
Has anyone ever tried Bio-oil?
How can I get rid of my dark elbows/knees/knuckles?
Why do I keep breaking out at 31 years old??
Is death considered an injury?
I fell and hurt my foot....?
Have you ever been in a really bad accident?
Hand injury, question regarding cleaning?
How can I train my eyes and make them more detective.?
I burned my eye with a hair product with alcohol. Will I get any sight back?
If something is painted in the distance of a painting, does your eye focus on that like it's a far-away object?
How can I improve my eye vision???
Why are my eyes rejecting my contacts?
Why do my eyes always become red while wearing contacts ?
Contacts for a thirteen year old?
How do you avoid the "prarie-dog" effect after a number 2?
If a person has a very bad cold/cough, and likes an envelope and mails it, are those germs still contagious?
My friend just informed me that her daughter has Scarlet Fever, what are the chances of catching it?
is mrsa bacteria dangerous?
how do you get pink eye? ?
I'm seriously confused so please help me?
Adults/Parents what do you think of MMR jab?
Apparently I just became allergic to an ingredient found in most shampoos. At first I thought that I just got?
is it healthy to fall asleep listening to music?
Should Walgreen's be responsible for more than just my prescription?
What can I do so that I am less tired during the day?
What are cardiac cancers?
regarding blood pressure.why is the heart rate or pulse rate so high ,need reasons and need to bring it down.?
can an LVN administer chemotherapy, epidural, and cardiac drugs in the state of texas?
Heart Valve Surgery - What's the Typical Recovery Time for a Patient who's had Mitral Valve Surgery?
Can a man receive a heart transplant from a female and function properly? Is a female heart strong enough?
my father is 77 yrs. & bedridden due to pakinsons for last one month although he had this for last year.soluti
does love actually have anything to do with your heart?
Results from blood work show cholesterol is 6.11 and my LDL-C is 3.81?
What is multiple sclerosis (MS)?
autism questions?
viral screening as base line for occupational exposure?
my indigestion / gerd symptoms are making me feel so sick ...?
people who have genetal herpes?
What is a good remedy for carpet burn??
If you get drunk, and a mosquito bites you. does it get drunk?
Sinus Treatment - What's The Most Effective Treatment For Sinus Infection?
Does anyone have any experience dealing with rejection of a double lung transplant?
Why are antibiotic cough drops (that spread straph and MSRA) are still being produced and sold?
Chest pains have me worried.?
what is the normal creatinine level for an 8 year old boy?
What is the correct ration of chest compressions to breaths for an adult in one man CPR?
Muscle Relaxers...??
What does this label on my prescription medicine mean?
Why do people think that because something is sold OTC that it's safe?
why is france good at health care?
Please, Im hoping that more people are online now..?
Hospital Beds....?
Live wild and die young? or?
Can a child with peanut allergies eat white chocolate?
why am i allergic to all nuts besides almonds?
Is it ok to sleep on a wool mattress if I was allergic to wool as a young child?
how to tell a true milk allergy from lactose intollerance?
People with or experience with peanut allergies?
Does anybody know 12 pcs. RAW PEANUT & 1 pcs. RAW WALNUTS it help deppress?
How can I start to go to bed earlier?
Is getting six hours of sleep on average per night good for a high school sophomore?
why is it that when i am in a quiet room my ears ring?
Why do firms that advertise help for the hard-of-hearing give a phone number as the contact point when most of
health care, why does Russia and Australia get free health care and we Americans do not?
:S Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will choose best answer?
Why doesn't it hurt when you touch the white part of your eye but as soon as you move to the coloured part..
i get a headache from reading,is that a sign of needing glasses?
If I don't wear my glasses will my eyes adjust?
I see color slightly different that others.
I used to have one eye floater, now I have two - is it a bad sign?
Contacts question?
What diseases mimic tetanus infection?
what are the symptoms of panniculitis?
Can a staph infection be spread through the laundry?
How to sleep when you have a fever and strep throat.?
Do you have info on "Girl Positive"on Lifetime 25 June 07?
Bad News and Terrible News?
Sinus infection ear infection and viral infection of the soft palette of the mouth oh and pregnant too?
what are some symptoms of the flu?
Who are kidney Stones Treated? How long does it take to get rid of them?
what to do when some one you know smells like old cheese?
Should public smoking be banned all together?
Does anyone have a "cure" for a chronic stuffy nose? My sinuses are usually stuffed up.?
Is it ok to mix children's benadryl and xanax?
What are the problems will be happened if we takes breakfast without taken a bath?
Why do I keep getting nosebleeds?
Is it true that The average person is about a quarter of an inch taller at night.?
How Do You Go About Curing A Phobia?
When did you last observe your breath? See how much less you breathe? Do you do anything to intake more oxygen
How have you overcome such a demanding surgery?
What are ways to hold in your poo until you find a washroom?
what is the good alternative remedies of tonsillitis?
what do you know about '''art of living "" by shri shri ravishankar?
What are some successful remedies for migraines?
Do you believe natural remedies really work and that food can heal?
can you make natural cleaning products out of essential oils?
Has anyone had laser treatment to quit smoking?
Can somebody please tell me more/share with me about the condition of Neuritis and its treatments?
i just tried Andrews for the first time. am i supposed to effervesce?
ways to help eyesight. and prevent eyes from getting worse?
What happens to people in America who don't have health insurance?
What is better for lower back pain, ice or heat?
Survey: Have you ever had an explained injury and not realized what the explanation was until much later?
I have diastasis of the abdominal rectus muscle....opinions?
PLEASE HELP-Severe pain in clavicle for a week and now it's swelling- what does this mean?
My foot is swelling up again!?!?
Where did these little bruises come from?
Why won't this knot in my back go away? I understand that I pulled it at work, but since I basically do the?
If you got tazered while urinating, would you continue to go, or would the stream be cut off immediately?
How heartburn happens?
how 2 get rid of a spot?
Why are diabetic testing strips so expensive?
How can I get smooth Face skin?
Is something wrong with someone who chews on their tongue subconsciously?
I get really bad Panic Attacks?
Which kind of food causes acne?
what is the strongest acne cream?
I have plantar wart problems PLEASE HELP!!?
does anyone have any experience or knowledge?
does anyone suffer from nummular eczema? what are some natural ways to heal it?
Is Vitiligo always chronic?
diagnose my skin please?
How can I stop my head from itching?
chron's disease?
MRSA_the superbug?
cirrhosis? Today i get liver and kidney function carried out?
What type of viruses or infections would cause someone to have a fever for more than 10 days (and counting)?
Can children also take malaria pills?
what is the fastest way to lose weight?
How can I find real prescriptions written by doctors online?
How do I contact the American Medical Association?
Has anyone experienced Vertigo 2 months after having surgery?
Does this kind of headache set of a red flag?
Why do I sleep so much?
Nausea, headaches and eye pain?
How do I get more sleep at night?
Why do my fingers and toes get cold when the heater is on and what can i do to warm them up?
getting a doctor's note?
Laughing in my sleep, too weird?
Why am I covered in bruises?
Homeostasis essay, help?
About 3 weeks ago I went to emergency room with 103.8 temp, they checked me out after a few hours on a iv drip?
My asthma is bad yet my tests came out fine, x rays,oxygen test, etc. What's going on?
How do you know if you have Sleep Apnea ?
how do heal open sores?
avoiding tummy bugs??
How high of a fever is normal for a primary outbreak of HSV1?
glandular fever, staf, chronic fatigue....all at 20! help!?
Can you get Shingles Twice in your life.?
could i have pink eye?
Dr didn't test me for MRSA but is treating me with antibiotics as if I have it, should I get a second opinion?
Why can't we look at a solar eclipse?
when you get colored contacts, does the hole in the middle change size with your dialated pupil?
Is it really true that more than half of the population now wears corrective lenses? (glasses, contacts, etc.)
What is the treatment for glaucoma and what are it's causes?
Do I have to take out my contacts to take a nap?
can horse manure in your eye be dangerous?
Absolutely the best chart u have seen in years.?
What is the highest blood pressure a person can have?
My daughter has a heart condition help?
why is my blood pressure so high?
Is it normal to have low blood pressure after open heart surgery?
Can you die from taking too much medication?
Does nose right really work? or isit a scam?
Doctors please? Two sets of lashes?
What can I do to have more energy after work?
How to sleep better at night?
I keep throwing up help please......?
Once Asleep each night do you Sleep Through the Whole Night?
Mucus in throat - can't sleep.?
Is sea salt any different from table salt, or is it better for your health to eat sea salt than regular salt?
What are some household products that can be used for First Aid?
Spider Bite!!! Whats the appropriat treatment?
Do-it-yourself stitches? (at home stitches)?
splinter! how to get out!?
My husband´s hands are dry and the skin cracks open. Should he cover them with latex gloves?
treatment for asp sting?
How can I cut my arm off at home safely?
got some oil burns on my chest while cooking.. what can I use so that it wont leave marks...?
Easy way to remove blackheads?
IS there a cure for dizziness?
severe stabbing pain on the ride side of abdomen under the ribs but above the hip. what is it?
Whats the best 'cure' for type 2 diabetes?
What are some cool facts on the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system?
i have pain on my right half head and one side of nose my nose bone also feel pain and my nose flow to throat?
I don't wanna pay alot for a Swine Flu mask. How can I make my own?
What are the earliest signs of the chicken pox?
On what basis is the decision made concerning the antigens selected for the flu vaccine in the U.S each year?
What are the definate symptoms of Swine Flu?
if somebody have taken first vaccine of hepatitis B,and make physical relation with Hepatitis B person?
What to do if H1N1 comes to Singapore?
do we have medicine for AIDS to cure completely. I heard in america have found the treatment to do it. ?
Is Tamiflu necessary to get over swine flu? I have just found out that my cousin who I saw at the weekend has?
hepetitis c... .oh god?
swine flu=real life zombies!!!!!!!!!11?
Vicodine and the withdraws?
Is it true that caffeine...?
Why does caffeine both cause and cure my migraines?
Do you have a contact that helps you maintain a constant temperature of "wet"?
Answer this?
How often do you consume meat? Every meal? Every day?
Do other people's bodily secretions?
Cracked rib treatments?
Have you ever heard of a sports injury like this one?
What would you do if the doctors doesn't contact you?
My foot is so swollen?
I got hit on the bottom left part of my jaw and my lip in that section has been numb since.....?
What's wrong with my nose?
Why does the palm of my hand keep twitching?
Weird feeling during sleep?
How can I include junk food/fast food in my diet without gaining weight?
how do I get some sleep?
SSP2 sick form - Can employer refuse to pay?
Why do I get tired in class?
How do I get rid of a coldsore?
Have anyone woke up feeling paralyzed as if someone was holding you down?
Best way to minimize damage after nights out drinking?
does any one know a good anxiety medication to take with low side effects?
i have really sore and itchy psoriasis can any one tell me of anything i can put on it to ease it.?
With Radiation/Chemotherapy, how to lessen metal taste in food?
how do i get rid of dandruff?please tell some household preparation that will cure it permanantly?
I am a 38yr woman have always had good skin.........?
My gramma died of cancer cheer me up?
Where in the UK can I get a degree in homeopathy, acupuncture or some other alt med subject?
How can I naturally improve my eyesight?
Is there a crystal which can stop snoring?
What are your experiences with collodial silver or Dr. Bob Beck's zapper?
What causes the nose pad in eyeglasses to turn green?
Do my eyes get weak due to wearing glasses?
What's it called when your eyes change color?
Can patching my weaker eye improve my vision?
I know that I suppost to ask the questions.....but?
Why are my eyes sometimes red ...?
when was the vaccination disease chickenpox discovered and by whom?
Can a cold sore cause someone to have swollen gums, canker sores, and cause tongue to have missing taste buds?
I get strep throat alot but...?
phneumonia? No health insurence? How do I get treated?
how many cases of anaemia have been detected with parasitic infestations?
wot do u do when u have the flu?
Can flea shampoo really kill headlice?
Are there any home remedies that work to cure posion ivy?
I'm 20 years old and I have some acne on my cheeks. Is this normal? Also, do you know if Proactiv works?
has anyone ever tried Proactive before and did you like it?
How many calories does jump roping burn?
How many calories to lose weight ?
how can i loose weight w/o the exercise and medication? pls help me find the best way to loose a few pounds.?
Is it normal to work out every night for 4 months and not lose a pound?
has anybody tried quicktrim? does it work?
I feel sick every time I eat. Is there something wrong with me?
How many hours of watching an exercise video will it take to get buff and in shape?
What kind of exercises help you lose your bum and your thighs?
my dad has lukemia?
how do i get my normal sleep cycle back?
tired, but can't sleep... what to do?
can looking at a bag of sugar make you have diabeetes?
i feel a sinus infection coming on can i prevent it?
my child was diagnosed with asthma, but i don't believe she has asthma. can someone give an advice?
Hard time breathing?
How can I build up my immune system?
Will inhaling candle fumes damage your health in any way?
How to stop smoking...?
would patting or rubbing comfort a coughing person. what in case of a girl?
Does anyone here wear a CPAP and do you feel more rested?
i can actually SEE my pulse!?
How do people get tapeworms?
Are HIV-specific CD4/8 T cells good or bad?
Does anyone know the?
What sickness do I have?
Got the flu and other things can't eat all I have been doing is just drinking liquids what else can I do?
What sickness do I have?
sore throat, temp, and now passing blood in urine?
I'm sick, but I'm not stupid.?
Y!A, what would you rather have---a cold or the flu?
I was wondering if everyone else's hands shake??? My are not that bad but I wanted to know if it's normal???
Why are Doctor's receptionists never male?
what are yoga and natural ways to improve eyesight?
How serious is open heart surgery?
What is the best medication for high cholesterol and high LDL's (bad chol) with the fewest side effects?
what is Cholesterol?
Is ti okay to have a normal heart rate of?
How to achieve targetted160 lbs?
Systolic and diastolic blood pressure very close to each other?90/100 HELP ME!!!?
What's the best and safest way to remove an eyelash out of your eye?
Bleeding purple blood?
What is an easy way to remove nail glue from eyelids?
OMG i can't stop bleeding!!!?
My 8yo son was rotating my tires for me and he cut his finger on a piece of sharp metal, does he need a shot?
Can't stop the bleeding?!?
is washing your face with just salt and water good for acne?
Is streaming really good for acne??
Can under eye bags/puffy eyes be connected to kidney problems?
what is the name of disease which lack of ascorbic acid?
This is a question i've always been curious about. Why when you close your eyes really hard do you see lights.?
What does this sound like and why does this mess seem to always happen to me?
What is it called if your eye color changes?
Do eye exercises work to improve vision ?
If someone has head lice and gives an "oral evaluation" to another person...?
Tired, bad headaches, abdominal pain, shoulder, leg, arm and joint pain..what is wrong with me?
Help! One of my online contacts just took 2500 mg of acetaminophen...?
where do you fill your prescriptions? Do you fill more than one and if so?
My friend called today and said he's got some "Bubonic Chronic". Should I send a get well soon card?
If 3 out of 4 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fourth person enjoys it?
Last time I went to see my pulmonologist. I complained about my sinuses to him.?
Why do I get dizzy when I shower with cold water?
Nose Job QUESTIONS! Please help!?
Is it bad to take Tylenol PM pills every night?
why do my major joints crack and pop?
Quitting smoking?
This is really embarrasing Please help?
does it take u a long time or fast to sleep?
The yeast Candida Albicans does not normally cause disease because of?
Does keeping a window open really kill germs?
Brain tumour removal?
How can food spoilages be prevented?
pink/red live worm in toilet?
is smoking 1 cigarette a day so harmful to my immune system while havng swine flu?
Do i have the swine flu?
question about swine flu symptoms?
How Do You Get Rid Of HUMAN Intestinal Parasites?
What are these symptoms connected to?
describe mono?
What's the best face wash and face lotion for guys with sensitive skin?
At this time of year I always have dry skin, my forehead gets flakey, my body gets dry and itchy?
Im on Accutane And im Breaking out more? (worried)Any people who where on accutane or on it ?
I slipped and hit my chin on the floor…?
Hospital negligence?
Not sure what to do, right? So HELP ME need YOUR advice?
What is the worst thing you have witnessed in A&E?
Advice for extremely sore and stiff leg muscles?
What's the difference between being in a coma and being in a vegetative state?
How can MSG allergy sufferers identify what contains MSG when it's not required to be listed as an ingredient?
When your nose is stopped up, why is one nostril clogged and the other free and clear?
Fellow allergy sufferers, what do you do when you have an allergy attack and no amount of medication works?
Help with Toothache?
Is there a way to prevent waking up with bad breath? Any tips?
Do you have mercury fillings or nice white fillings?
I can't tell the difference between my obsession Syd and her clone?
Why do some people have really big teeth?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. What can I expect when I wake up?
guys i need some honest answers please!?
How does someone quit smoking?
What causes someone to sleep, but hours after waking up they feel as tired as if they never slept?
at what age does eyesight stop getting worse?
if you have to get other people to ask for stuff at the pharmacy for you cuz they wont sell you stuff anymore?
What do you think about going to the tanning bed?
Is watching your Ipod in the dark bad for your eyes?
How can I make my mind go blank so i can sleep at night?
is it dangerous to sit by a microwave?
Aloe vera?
Sleep paralysis?
Do I possibly have bad blood circulation or what?
HELP! Why can't I lick my elbow? Do I need surgery?
What is it that makes me blush when I am embarassed?
How can someone with a fast metabolism gain weight?
Doesn't cinnamon speed your metabolism up ?
After illness, how to get back on track?
What exercise machine(s) is best for the butt, thighs, and hips?
How can i get my stomach flat?
IS it bad to run 6-8 miles a day?
Is this a full-on eating disorder?
How can i fatten myself up?
If i am not hungry, how can i reduce the urge of wanting to eat even when not hungry, tips please?
What tainted this water?
how long does the flu last for?
would a high temperature cause someone to take pins and needles and cramps in hands and feet?
Gestation Period for strep throat and another strep question?
Did nature valley have any peanut butter recalls?
If your exposed to hep b by someone who has chronic hepatitis b will you get chronic hepb right away?
Why is spleen pain so common,specially when you exercise?
How to get sick in 1 day for 4 days?
what are some natural alternatives to meds for social anxiety???
If the mind can affect healing, can it, with the right focus, heal anything?
What are the best all natural mood enhancer/stress relief supplements?
Self massage site?
Insomnia. Any good sites or recommendations using natural homepathic methods or medicines?
What is the best and most natural method for a detox?
amputee fashion?
hernia surgery?
I have been diagnosed with multiple melanoma. Anyone out there with any advice?
The Cure Con?
does a swab test hurt? im so scared?
What are the differences between creatine and creatinine?
Natural/homeopathic treatment for rash?
Why do some acne cleansers come in such small containers?
Acne, especially on forehead with many scars?
Foods that are best for ulcer recovered patients?
could u name a neurological disease in which patient be shocked as a reason of fear or exciting phenomena?
Another one bites the dust?
Yeast infection questions...?
can I eat chicken during chicken pox?
mononucleosis Question?
Swine Flu (h1n1) Will we have to wear protective masks too?
What alcohol poisoning?
My Friend Has Food Poisoning - PLEASE HELP?
Can anyone help me answer this question? Thank you!?
Can you survive from anthrax?
Passed Heart Stress Test but Still have Chest Pain?
What would cause a heart to beat between 140 and 180 for 8 or more hours? After 2 weeks of chest ache.?
is it any positive treatment on marfan's syndrome available in india ?can u suggest any hospital name ?
heart pain? help please?
behaviour after a stroke.?
Leaky heart valve??? Help!?
When you have a heart attack, why does one side of your body go numb?
what's the difference between a YAG laser & an argon laser?
another eye problem..?
I went to get my eyes checked at the optician and they gave me an undercorrection?
Can an OPTICIAN please tell me if people with squints can have contact Lenses?
Eye Color Question?
What are your thoughts on medicinal marijuana use?
Does anyone use on-line pharmacy's?
Why does It sparkle everytime I get out of car recently ?
Throat Problems ?
Whats the best medication for my wife?
Do I have a brain tumor?
What cream is best for a bad dose of the piles?
Why do I keep having visions of my head, tiny and shrunken, labelled and resting on a shelf somewhere?
Outfitting an ambulance?
Weird lookin' Bite?!?
human bite serious question?
What is a normal Blood Pressure reading?
What to do if you're a light sleeper?
What is a good way to clean my body of natural toxins so that I can start to feel better?
What is healthcare like in Canada, and are they having trouble with it?
I am so tired here at work that I am in physical pain.?
Does this sound right?
I quit smoking... but....?
Is it normal to have fatigue with a cold?
what is hiv and what i the average life span if affected?
H1N1 swine flu vaccine side effects :( scared?
Tongue infection. How long will it last?
What is Asthma and Explain?
How long is pneumonia contagious for after starting antibiotic therapy?
Blood Clots?
During a severe asthma attack?
Asthma attack?
Quit smoking... Very demotivated... ?
How do you know if you have chlamydia?
Why is it that if you drink pure alcohol it destroys the retina and will make you blind yet>>>?
Brief history of the onset of Alzeimheir's;no links please?
Why does the dye used for CT scans make you feel "funny" when injected?
IVF Centres in pakistan?
Testosterone replacment therapy for women................?
Has anyone taken solitary ayurvedic treatment for any health problem?How was your experience?
Why do Doctors promote statin drugs when they are proven not to work?
Second chance to answer: If you believe "healing energy" been quantitatively measured, can you explain how?
Help Stop Smoking with homeopathy or herbs?
Extra's 5 calorie gum? Is it 5 calories if consumed or is it 5 caloires when chewed?
What do I need to do to thin my upper arms and then put some muscles on them?
How long should I use my exercise bike a day if I want to lose weight?
Cancer patients, survivors etc - Did you lose ALL of your hair during treatment?
What are the benefits of drinking green tea?
is it okay to take laxatives and food suplements while on a fast?
Does hyperacidity kill or prevent the growth of hazardous microorganisms in the stomach such as salmonella?
Can kidney infections disappear without treatment?
I have an ear infection with pseudomonas. What wide spectrum antibiotic will provide the highest MIC levels?
what is the name of an eye medical condition when you see victorian people?
Who discovered Andersen-Tawil Syndrome?
Results of GMC investigation - MMR Doctor?
To find a Cure for AIDS?
Tonsil stones!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the chances of salmonella infection?
Do i have the swine flu?
whenever im depressed or cry, my head feels hot as if im feverish, but i dont have fever. What cud be the caus?
When we had a bird flu scare, thiusands of birds were culled. Now we have swine flu why arn't pigs being culle?
i have a anal abscess, on antibiotics can i drink?
How do you tell if you have a hairline fracture?
I fell off my bike on 2 days a go and I didn't bet a bruise and just got a small cut but I think I might be
Advice on a chipped tooth?
What's the worst electric shock you've had? (If any)?
did i just get electricuted?
sometimes my sons pupils look red.Im not talking about in pictures regular light.HELP??
Sleeping tips?
Is this tonsillitus or something else?
the best way to quit smoking!!!?
Hillary experiences as first lady mess up the health care system. How many reader have health care insurance?
I was drugged Would it effect Us!!!!?
Do you have any tips for sleeping in?
How is it possible for an embalmed body to bleed?
Did you know that licorice is very effective for acid reflux?
Does hand sanitizer cleanse as well as soap and water?
What is the best thing to do when somebody is having a Seizure?
this is going too sound stupid.but I got too ask it anyway.?
What is/are major contraindication/s for giving dopamine infusion?
Shoud congestive heart failure patient get a heart transplant? 10 points?
Will taking cayenne pepper and garlic pills dissolve an artery heart blockage?
Why does it cost so much money to take a stress test?
What should you do when the diastole and sistole tension are very near?
How do I cure the symptoms of a cold/flu? (Remedies?)?
Where did the Swine Flu originate? USA? Mexico? Canada?
fever chills aches tierdness dizzy sore throat back hurts lack of energy loss of appetite blacking out?
Swine flu: There isn't anything to worry about at school today is there?
How would you know if you had swine flu or just normal flu?
Do Showers really blast us with germs?
Im so SCARED because of the swine flu!?
Do you have swine flu? I think i DO. lol. whats your views on it.?
On average, how long does it take one's pupils to dilate when they see an object of interest?
Why do people see sparkling dots and zig zag lines when they look in the sky?
Rare eye color or eye anomaly?
Contact Lenses - Pain, Something wrong?
Am I going blind in one eye?
Has anyone ever had cortisone shots? If so, did they work? For how long? Were there side effects?
Can you get THC in your system by inhaling secondhand smoke? And if so how long will it reamin in your system?
what can i use for asthma?
parents of kids with cystic fibrosis?
One day, all of a sudden I started ...........?
Does Alzheimer's Disease lessen a person's ability to handle stress?
has anyone used methotrexate for psoriasis ?
How to prevent a ganglion cyst?
How long does this sunburn peeling last?
where can bulimia victims get helped in the UK?
Do you think this has made things hard for Tourette Syndrome sufferers?
Ear is clogged, hard to hear, but I do not think it is from wax?
Can food get stuck in your wind pipe and still allow you to breathe normally?
Freckles...Lol. Here ya go.?
Do you think I should go to ER?
How is it that the 20 cases in the states recovered from the swine flu then in the people of mexico are drying?
my daughter has chicken pox, at the point were there blistering and ready to pop. she has stared itching?
Hepatitis B immunization shot not working?
Will you be getting an H1N1 vaccination?
so i heard about the spine flu...?
how do i get rabies like animal?
If this swine flu is so contagious why dont they shut down the borders around Mexico?
swine flu symtoms??????????
how bad am i with my liver?
Why do we feel dizzy when we spin round quickly?
I accidentily cut three fingers off on my left hand this mornin. Should I go to the drs or just use superglue?
I have a really sore throat! Any home remedies to help, besides tea, honey & gargling?
what do you do to make pain go away?
What's stronger Fentanyl, Dilaudid, or Percocet?
how do i prevent sore feet from working in a kitchen?
Is playing bloody knuckles bad for you?
Has anyone here experienced a fallen arch?
Twitching bottom eye lid has been bothering me for two weeks and I have a headache, what is it?
Whats wrong with my tongue?
Should i turn to sleeping pills....?
Website for rating Doctors nationwide?
I'm not sure if this is a real problem but my feet swell badly. I've tried water pills but they don't help.
What can I do for my very bad sore throat?
Does the time that you sleep really matter? Or just as long as you get a full night (7-8 hours) of sleep?
What exactly causes hiccups?
what purpose do eyelashes and eyebrows serve?
Does your "coton mouth" prevent you from living a normal life?
What are you doing when you hiccup?
Can DNA be extracted from a booger???
How you stop da chain smokin, please?
Do people born blind "see" in their dreams?
How do you know if you are an alcoholic and don't just like the taste of wine?
what are the foods that can enhance my memory?
Looking for a chiropractor who has experience with young children in Arizona?
Help from anyone here familiar with astral projection or altering the conciousness?
Colloidal silver: natural antibiotic?
Would lacing my food with Ipecac still make me vomit?
What do you think about Quackwatch's Dr Stephen Barrett?
Do animals get high?
How do glasses make you see better?
Is there eye surgery to ONLY correct astigmatism?
What did contacts feel like, when you first tried them?
Keep an eye closed for a year?
What are some of the everyday challenges you face with dealing with Your Glaucoma?
Has anybody ever just not gone to sleep?
how old do you have to be to get health insurance? and is there a reduced rate for college students?
have you ever fell asleep in class?
Told to go to walk in center by doctors receptionist?
Is it bad to pop your joints or not?
how do you get rid of eye bags?
Can my astigmatism be corrected?
How come when i go to sleep earlier i am more tired in the moring?
How can i not scratch myself and stuff in my sleep?
is tamiflu just another flu in a bottle?
Can you consume several raw garlic cloves after your gallbladder has been removed?
Swine Flu question ?!?
when do the symptoms of salmonella kick in?
I am nervous about my trip to Chicago this weekend...I have heard there are a lot of cases of swine flu in?
how does poor husbandry cause the spread of diseases?
Why aren't they testing for H1N1 anymore?
willl i get a runny nose tommorow?
Mandatory/Required Swine FLU SHOTS In The Fall For Everybody?
If you just got a flu shot not to long ago do you need it again ?
What exactly is it in peanut proteins which causes some people to have allergic reactions?
is it possible to be allergic to cadbury chocolate?
How can you get rid of a running nose?
What can I do for a burning dry acid tongue?
What do I do if I go into anaphylaxis at school?
why do mosquito bites swell up your skin?
Does any one know the survival rate of stage 3 colon cancer,My aunt had 6 cancerous polyp removed and she has
what's happening to me?
please answer this i wana know?
To contact lens wearers?
OMG i went to an astrolger today and he told me im gna have serious health prroblems wif my liver and kindney?
How to identify those things that trigger asthma attacks and how to minimize them?
What do inhalers do to people without asthma?
Why does my throat hurt and develop sticky phlegm at night?
Help, My sister in law's friend came over from New York Saturday evening with Flu symptoms and..?
Seriously do u breath with your both nostrils?