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Has anyone used olive oil on their skin and what are the benefits?
Should it be biopsied?
Why do we have birthmarks?
What is your opinion of hydrogen peroxide?
I just came back from the dentist: How much hydrocodone is too much?
That's interesting ... just been reading about the history of dentures?
Do strawberries really whiten teeth?
what is the teeth problem in the UK ?
Please help, this might be serious.?
Is there any danger with the swine flu vaccine?
Why did they stop making the regular (the blue/white one) albuterol inhaler??
Respiratory physiothearpy?
I have developed a recurring sinusitis during the past 3 years. What is the best cure and prevention for it?
Blurry vision in one eye...?
Should I wear my glasses all the time?
Can two blue eyes make a brown eye?
How long did take you to get used to progressive bifocals?
first person who responds and stars this will get 5 stars as a best answer:)?
Anyone have any good remedies for clearing up eczema?
what is dermagraphia?
my face is very red and blotchy sometimes,i think i have rosacea but im not sure exactly how to help it?
should I be letting my child play with asbestos?
Help! Dad has kidney stone, now I'm stuck with him!!?
How much pee can an average bladder hold before it can't hold it any longer and it comes out uncontrollably?
Is the procedure "Oblation" for heart arrhythmia safe?
what food items can lower high cholesterol level,and what are the foods allowed/not allowed?
My holter test showed incomplete RBBB, what this implies? Allother testslike echo and TMT were normal.?
My aunt who has heart problems is stuck in Galveston after hurricane Ike. How can I get her transport via EMS?
plz give me any 3 recipe that pellagra suffering patients should eat?
Have you ever heard of Dr. Mark Connolly, heart surgeon and AHA physician of the year, St. Micahels Newark?
Lyme disease from birth?
could the swine flu virus jump from human to human to an airbourn virus?
About strep throat, again?
Once you've had swine flu, are you immune to it?
Why are all the questions in infectious diseases about....?
can i get a disease or something from?
What is the sum of this equation, Virus + government + Big pharma =?
what are the complications that cause people to die from "swine flu"?
Is anyone a Type 2 diabetic on insulin?
My father always says that he got diabetes because of stress at work and in the family, could it be right ?
Can the swine flu shot yield real high blood sugars the next day?
Which artificial sweetener or sugar substitute tastes most like real sugar?
how do you know if you have diabetes?
Is it safe for an older person with type 2 Diabetes that is out of control to be living on their own?
What does it feel like to give blood? Does it hurt alot??
Do you find it difficult to get out of bed and get going in a morning? Here are some tips for an easy,?
Is the popular Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc supplement beneficial for improved health OR just a huge waste of money?
How many calories should i eat a day?
How long before exercise should you eat energy foods such as bananas?
Poll, I have lost about twenty pounds, what are some things to keep me motivated?
Ways to lower cholesterol. Which do you know?
Why does every teen wanna lose weight?
Why is it when i take my glasses off there's a weird pressure against my nose?
Can mould and fungus in your House affect your health?
Numb toes?
How to live without cigarettes?
how does cancer occur? how to prevent it ? is it a heredity discease?
I think I have Sleep Paralysis?
does anybody know about skin conditions mainly eczema?
Is there a site on the web where you can type in the symptoms that you are questioning and it will give you?
What are the early symptoms of swine flu?
[UTI] Question. I know..?
Why does swine flu affect mainly the under 65s?
What do you think, Swine Flu or bad cold or what?
Do I have the swine flu?
If someone is diagnosed as HIV positive, are they really living?
What if you have worms and you stop eating?
How do you sort out your feelings when you have mixed emotions about something?
How does one differentiate between stubbornness and patience?
Have you ever drunk an "espresso"?
Is anxiety over not having internet access this weekend a sign of addiction?
how to come out from inferiority complex?
Does the number of days one spends with their in-laws have any correlation with having blood in their stool?
How to keep from killing yourself?
New Total Hip and socket replacement: How much is too much walking on it?
What is the size of the BAHA hearing aide?
Our Voices............................?
On average, how long does it take to get blood test results back?
is there anything i do about my grandma?
how often are u supost to see a gynecologist?
Help please. Is this calculation correct?
How do I get rid of this?
i'm slightly allergic to the sun and my hives are peeling...?
Allergic to Chinese food. Any ideas exactly what?
Why does mold make my nose itch?
Why don't we sneeze while we sleep?
What are some home remedies for strep throat?
Does yellow to green mucus mean I have a virus?
How Do You Die From Getting Swine Flu?
can you have swine flu with a temp of 37.4?
What are some facts about this disease?
Anyone who has recently had strep throat or remembers what it was like?
Deaths in Sweden right after taking the H1N1 vaccine...?
How important is swine flu vaccine?
How do I find a good primary doctor and dentist in a new town?
Is there a good OTC medication for earaches that takes care of all the symptoms?
What do you like to do to relax ? Any good ideas :) ?
What are some songs about anorexia or bulimia?
Do men prefer girl's who shave, wax or remain au naturelle in relation to the hair around their ladyparts?
Did you ever see your insides?
Is your voice genetic or do you get it from the people around you?
Does vitamin e oil fix skin scars and discoloration?
Does benzoyl peroxide cause premature aging?
How can I cure severe dry, cracked heels. I can't stand to use a blanket because my heels stick to it! HELP!
What is a good cure for a blister?
How come people didn't have acne before the 20th century?
Have you ever heard of something called skin tag's?
wondering why any doctor would subject anyone to chemo?
Where can a woman or man go for the best "beauty" services within the U.S.?
People who believe in the mind/body connection, what do you do to get someone balanced or yourself?
can I beat depression with natural medicine?
How can I get more focused on making the money I need?
IS there any vitamin where I can have more energy?
I went to the doctor with some sort of poisoning...?
my roomate might have staph....we use the same shower...can i get it?
Does anyone know about Thymic Hyperplasia?
What can be done for occupational safty and health and specifically HID/AIDS?
what is the lowest retail price on Chantix?
Blood pressure reading 70/50, what's up?
Has the politics of our healthcare system impacted your life?
I can't sleep at night....what should I try??
Why can I sleep during the day but not at night?
Have you slept on a Wenatex Mattress?
Any requirements please ?
How do I get my weight loss motivation back?
How does Alli work? Is it safe, and is diet and exercise needed?
Does Skippy Natural peanut butter really contain NO trans fats...?
how does tamiflu capsule work?
Severe coughing................?
cure initial stage of allergy or asthma?
I've been struggling to breathe normally for a few days now, I've got bronchial asthma...?
I had a pneumothorax 2-3 months ago is air travel ok?
Asthma and sugar?
How can I make my voice seem less monotonous and less nasal?...?
What do you think about this reality check for women?
what is wrong with my daughters breathing?
Poll....Good night Leen V......sleep tight honey♥?
Disgusting habits?
Newbie at smoking hookah, help ?
can nutmeg stop or help cancer stop?
why do diabetic people's wounds heal more slowly??
The Autism-Vaccine Connection: What Do You Think?
What would eventually happen if you stayed awake?
Should I report a patient abusing Ativan to their doctor?
Hand Sanitizer?
how do you know if you have too much MERCURY in your body from eating too much FISH?
Do you smoke? Are you trying to quit or can't & have given up?
Have you done your H1N1 (Swine Flu) shot research? Read this.....?
Do you think H1N1 Vaccine is safe to get ? Do you think it's necessary to get it ? Is the Swine Flu that?
What are the precise symptoms of Hepatitis C?
Will getting swine flu now make you more resistant to a possible more deadly strain in the future?
I have had a really bad cold!?
Going on public transport tomorrow, worries, swine flu?
Can the Mexican flu make you the last person on Earth?
Back in the mid to late 70's they were selling these glasses with hundreds of tiny holes to improve vision...
Is it possible to be unburdened with specs ?
Can being in front of a computer screen too much contribute to the development of cataracts?
What eye problems/diseases can i get prescription marijuana for?
Anyone know any good recipes for lowering triglycerides and cholesterol?
Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy?
Are there/have their been any recorded incidences of death from ankylosing spondilitis? If it affects valve?
Do blind people see their dreams? And do colour blind folks see their dreams in black and white?
My questions previously was 'Do Statins have a harmful effect on other parts of the body'?
Does endotracheal intubation cause bleeding?
low blood pressure what to do?
What are some things that could lead to a 19-year-old dying of heart failure?
How can caffeine slow down heart rate?
Questions about Autism....?
Do you believe that Autism is caused by shots?
How could I get rid of my social anxiety without therapy?
What can be causing me to vomit a lot???
How can I get through a cancer diagnosis?
nurses , another pay rise yet they start moaning about being underpaid again sack them all ?
sometimes when i grab something it feels like a rubber band snaps in my wrist & my hand goes numb for a minute
Can lots of coffee cause health problems?
What advice would you give to a friend who messed up her eyesight?
Food servers at hospitals?
Has Anyone Shown Up At The Hospital With Black Lips?
have you ever put a feather under your boyfriends nose to watch go up and down while hes snoring and asleep.?
what are the symptoms of swine flu? jw?
Have your child been injured by a vaccine?
So...the swine flu....?
Can allergies cause fever? If not, whats wrong?
The Worst Plague in History?
Can I transmit H1N1 from the H1N1 Flu Mist?
can "ground zero" refer to where a disease was first spread, etc?
where and when can i get the swine flu shot?? PLEASE ANSWER.....!?
Paramedics and EMT's, name the worst situation you have seen?
Do I have a cold or is it just the change in weather?
i start the methadone clinic tomorrow?
Earliest you can die of old age?
Why do i have bruises on my legs without even hurting myself there?
For how many hours, a man aged near 40+ should sleep in a day ?
Is health care a right?
Do you swallow your saliva when you sleep >? where does it go if you dont drool it out?
how can i help get rid of my acne naturally?
dry patches of skin on my arms?
PLEASE HELP!!!! My boyfriend has HEMOPHILIA & he NEEDS medicine!!?
Eczema caused me to have uneven skin tone. HELP?
Can anyone suggest me how to remove tiny warts from face and neck?
embaresing question!?
Why isn't Jade Goody donating some of her money to cancer research? All we hear about is her greed?
I have been having regular pain in my chest everyday after I eat food, Im pretty sure it's acid reflux.?
can you get an std from sleeping with multiple people even if none of them has an std?
"Take on an empty stomach" say the directions . . . ?
How expensive are things for quitting smoking?
I can't sleep, any suggestion?
Trouble Sleeping?
Result of refuse to pay hospital bill?
Has anyone got a sit down shower ?
why can't i fall sleep!!??
My daughters finger keeps going white?
How do u improve ur eyesight?
why is it so hard to get up in the morning?
What's the fastest way to get rid of sunburn?
What does the medical term . Renal disfunction mean ?
Does anyone have Reynaud's disease?
can radiation therapy patients be around infants after they have had radiation therapy?
Recreational cocaine use?
Are ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS really bad for you?
What are some healthy foods that can help you get better quality sleep?
Nutrition Question: Food Pyramid....?
Which is better exercise BEFORE breakfast or AFTER and why?
I've done 10 sit-ups and now on my 5th push-up and I need help with something.?
How do i warm up before a workout?
You woke up with enough time to do one thing before work...?
How common is nausea and when is it typically observed in TMJ disorder/disease?
Whatever happened to that fifth dentist who never approved of Trident sugarless gum?
How to stop teeth grinding at night ?
Ive just bit my lip, I know an Ulcer is on the way, is there anything I can do to stop it coming ?
Could any one with experience help me please? I went to a Dentist for cleaning and he said one of my molar?
Have you ever broken off a front tooth and you have to wait 3 weeks from last Thursday to get an appointment?
My new girlfriend has a problem with her teeth scraping. Any tips on avoiding this?
Do you prefer DEDs front-to-front, front-to-back, or back-to-back?
which states did the swine flu already spread in USA?
How do you "kill" a virus in a vaccine?
Swine flu hype...turning out to be true..?!?!!?
Baby Shower and Swine Flu?
Would u volunteer to take the AIDS Vaccine? If So Why?
Influenza, the ''swine flu'' spreading, imported food, people traveling etc etc?
How can I lower my insulin levels (Insulin resistance)?
What makes Dr. Faustman think that treating people with Diabetes with BCG will cure it?
Any Type 1 diabetics suffering from drastic lows to immediately high sugar levels?
one touch ultra 2 reading.?
What causes cravings?
They're talking about childhood obesity in London on tv and I wonder if?
Can anyone help me with insomnia?
I bite my girlfriend (so tasty)... is this bad for her health? can it lead to blood clots or something.. ?
Are you for or against universal health care ?
Is smoking 10-15 cigs on a Saturday night just as bad as smoking the same amount over a week?
Can body temperature be influenced by the mind?
Does anybody know about universal health care in Europe and why they like it?
tips on wakeing up faster?!?
Anger from prolonged sedation in the hospital?
I got contacts and now it seems I can't see a damn thing..is this normal?
How long does it take for your eyes to adjust to not wearing glasses?
What is an optometrist's salary?
Please Explain My Eye Color - Anyone Seen These Before?
Conventional treatment vs Alternative treatment?
Chronic athlete's foot...?
What is the most effective way to battle eczema?
Isn't 70 way too low for blood sugar after eating?
ummm smoke??? what do you think?
My son has failed his PUC exam. Lacks concentration. Supplementary exam in 10 days. I am nervous. Pl. ADVICE.?
Besides St. John's Wort, what are good herbal antidepressants?
I have this memory lapses what can I do? Could they be caused by allergies, diabeties, stress, age 50?
Which of these groups are likely to do better?
Do you practice yoga? How has it changed your life?
What Makes Us Itch.......?
what are some causes of night coughing?
Chest infection?
Has anybody else heard of "Popcorn Lung"?
Pulmo Bailey??
Can you sneeze while you sleep?
What causes Conjunctivitis?
which antibiotics are produced by bacteria and by what bacteria?
Can you get the flu if you already have it?
why is it so hard to get a flu shot?
how do animals spread diease?
Are you going to get Swine Flu from going to a concert?
how realistic could a zombie epidemic be?
How bad do you think the Swine Flu is going to get in Australia, and world wide?
Is this Swine flu scare just like the last one?
My fasting blood sugar is 133 mg/dl. Am I a diabetic or prediabetic?? I have a family history of diabetes.?
Have you had any experience with chemotherapy for non-Hodgkins lymphoma?
Does anyone have nightmares after surviving cancer?
can we have some help here, my husband is new to insulin?
Diagnosis Help for my Friend? ?
If you've ever had athlete's foot, did you spray your shoes?
Born in 81, on both of my arms there are cuts..on both wrists AND on the onside of my elbows? please answer?
How do you deal with the death of a close friend?
Is there an easy way to get over social anxiety disorder?
What do you do when you are so sad?
What has your reflection done for you lately?
Do you know Silvio Berlusconi?
What do you do when you're having a really bad day and you're hurting so much it tears you up inside?
How would you cope with a friend's suicide?
My friends were given the swine flu vaccine today and one of them almost died from the vaccine what caused it?
Can swine flue be transmitted through swimming pools?
Can birds get infected by swine flu?
Why are kids being forced to go school during potential killer disease outbreaks and pressurised for jabs?
swine flu - will i get it if my daughter has it?
Do you think I've got/had swine flu?
I think I caught a nasty stomach bug. Is there any way I can prevent this?
What are Anal Drops?
How to become a CNA!!?
Sleeping issues..?
What is the best state to get cheap/free medical care for adult? Any states have insurance?
I have two dents on both thumb nails , what could this be ?
Sleep at LEAST 10 hours every night but still wake up tired?
What's a good way to fall asleep??
My son got a heat stroke this week....help me?
Are there any health benefits in currants?
Whats the best way I can shrink my stomach?
What are the health tips to be followed for a person working in night shift?
How can I get a flat stomach - fast?
What is the best?????
how can me ( a teen) lose ten pounds?
Star this if you love fat people <3?
What is limbal to limbal astigmatism? and what exactly occurs in ...?
Glaucoma: heredity, retinopathy and corticosteroid use?
Glasgow Laser Eye Surgery? Lasik in Glasgow?
How rare (or common) is having different colored eyes?
If I wear a glasses/contact lenses for my astigmatism will my vision get worse over time?
Can pin hole glasses correct my eyesight /hyperopia/?
Migraine sufferers,do you use daily medication to prevent headaches?
How long do you have to wait after you had pink eye to wear eye make-up again?
hard headache!any help?
What is the best pain reliever ?
Is there anything else I can do for this?
U r the apple of my eye.....?
Suggestions to temporarily relieve lower back pain?
I've been masticating on and off all day, what can I do to soothe my sore muscles?
what should be the the maximum sugar intake for type 1 diabetic?
i have herd there's a liquid that can help flatten raised scars can you tell me where i can buy it?
Are there any survivors of Inflammatory Breast Cancer?
My husband was in the emergency room today...for what?
anitbiotics fro diverticulitis making me nauseated?
is psoriasis cancerous?
Large breast tumor, any similar stories or advice?
Skipping heartbeats?
What is life expectancy of someone with congestive heart failure?
What is the purpose of the flow stator in the axial flow ventrical assist device?
Does Cialis - ed medication affect high blood or people with high blood pressure?
Is there a connection between a rapid heartbeat and true love?
what does black heart stand for really?
Just blacked out. I need an answer kind of urgently?
Is it possible that one get a fever after hearing a shocking news?
can men have their own type of period?
What clothes do I need to protect myself from sun?
What Kind of Pesticide Goes Best With Your Strawberries?
Has anyone else had Problems!!!!?
Pulled calf muscle...?
if micheal jackson cut his wrist would it grow back black?
Do you know anything about "Rotator Cuff" surgery?
How can you just walk on by without one tear in your eye?
HYPOTHETICALLY: If you get hurt masterbaking at work can you get workmans comp?
im trying to quit.?
Not a smoker,but does smoking weaken your immune system and cause you to lose your teeth?
What's the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria?
I'm always tired?
When you go to the doctor and you have no insurance will they bill you and let you make payments?
How does it feel to be put to sleep for surgery? ?
How do you grow old gracefully?
Does your doctor listen to you, spend more than 5 mins with you and answer the questions you ask him/her?
blood group?
Can sombebody help me, i have eczema/nickel allergy.?
Little Noses Allergy Block?
Is being allergic to food hereditary?
What Does a canteloupe contain that can cause a allegic reaction?
Question about allergies?
Help would be appreciated with my problem!?
I have this really bad sinus infection and/or I think I spread my head psoriasis inside my nostrals.?
Does it puts the lotion on the skin?
Acne Free in 3 Days--Chris Gibson ebook: What is the detox method(s) in the book?
How do I get ride of my HICKEY.?
Abnormal mole on child. Don't know what to do?
why does hair do to the skin etc.. when it is growing back in to itch and annoy so bad?
does any body have any good tipes for my daughter to stop biting her nails .?
Ew! I just made a huge mistake & now I am gonna be sick. Have you Googled the image of a blue waffle infection?
Redish purple blotches on face after vomiting?
does proactive really work for acne?
Is this a mono relapse? Help Please!?
my mom has a brain tumor?
Sometimes my legs itch like crazy...why would that be?
What is a good home remedy for mild anxiety?
Vitamin C overdose?
Arnica 30 (pillules) and Calc Carb 200 (pillules) - what are they good for?
What is my homeopathic remedy, G-Poda?
My hands are cramping up bad...am I getting arthritis ?
Am I able to take a supplement for extreme tiredness while?
Why am i so mean when i don't blaze!? Lol?
Which of the following is not a form of anthrax infection?
Need Help on Gram Negative Cocci?
What would this disease be called?
Swine Flu...or the normal sort (pt. 2): has anyone been pulled over by the police for sneezing at the wheel?
Do you think that this Swine Flu will become a Pandemic?
Does this sound like swine flu? Help please!?
How to get ride of lice?
why does the victim in mouth to mouth resistation throw up? and what is the name for it !?
Why does your nose get stuffy and run when you cry?
Can insomnia make you angry after so many days without sleep?
does hypnosis actually work?
Do you sleep well and do you get enough sleep?
i think i have................................?
Is it safe to sleep on the floor?
How long does it take for cravings to die down and the body to return?
is it a bad idea to visit a proctoligist called DR HOOK?
How to choose safe weight loss products?
What to expect during eye contacts exam?
how to weigh meats?
I've just signed up to a marvellous gym fitness centre. Apart from its extremely pricey fees what are the.....
Why are eye exams usually conducted in darkened rooms?
How can I get the motivation I need to start exercising and loose weight?
where can I find phentermine online?
Do blind people dream? && can they see in their dreams?
What is your favorite piece of fitness mis-information?
If you wear contact lens and you died with them in your eyes, do they take them out?
How do you control portion sizes?
Are our CARDIOVASCULAR Systems better served by us eating Cooked OATMEAL as opposed to Raw Oats?
How can i flatten my stomach and reduce fat in my thighs by the time school starts again (September)?
How can I improve my back posture?
Morbidly obese is like self harm even suicide. Should they be forced to go to a calorie restricted place?
What are some good books on autism, vaccines, the controversy, and government cover ups?
For those with multiple sclerosis, what symptoms did you experience early on before being diagnosed?
Chemical peel - acne - sides of face only?
Why you can't taste or smell when having common cold or flu?
Will someone, suffering with Fibromyalgia, please describe your symptoms? What do you do or take for them?
Should I tell him?
Swine flu gonna keep me away from the love of my life?
How old are you before it can be said you died of old age?
My fever keeps getting higher...101 now,really not so bad,but more below?
Will magnesium tablets help for joint pain or only muscular cramps etc?
Why do I get muscle cramps after eating sugary stuff?
Has anyone else experienced this?
where can I buy biofreeze?
can severe pain really reduce your appetite? I just realized the only thing I have eaten in the last?
Will my physical body have damage even though I dont feel any pain when I subject it to damage?
i hit my head i need help?
Why can't I ever fall asleep?
Is gatorade ok for electrolyte replacement?
I am 7 months pregnant and I have a lease on a duplex. The tenant downstairs smokes all day and all the smoke?
When will the government begin offering health care?
What usually happens at outpatients?
Sometimes when i go from prone to standing, immediate pressure to head, vision gets blurry and dark?
What have you found to be the best thing for chapped lips?
I have this really bad sinus infection and/or I think I spread my head psoriasis inside my nostrils.?
I have this really weird feeling that something bad is going to happen?
What do you prefer: cotton or silk?
AIDS basically screws up your immune system...?
what are the legal responsibilities of the CDC regarding informing the pulblic the risks of smallpox vaccine?
What are the long term affects of the swine flu shot?
Could I have had Swine Flu and not known?
Do I have meningitis?
What are your thoughts about the swine flu vaccine?
What is happening in Mexico with this disease or something!?
do you do swine flu? I do.?
How does the body create Ear Wax? What is ear wax the product of?
How soon after you start taking high blood pressure medicine do you notice a difference?
When your Sick , how much does Sleeping Help?
What should I do, now that I've begun hallucinating?
What are the telltale signs of a caffeine overdose? How many coffee breaks would take to achieve said results?
How do i get a good night sleep ?
How do you tell your doctors that you do not have any spare parts left to donate?
Nurses: Need help please.?
does cholesterol and blood pressure medicine mess with your period?
How does your heart get damaged from bulimia?
Is a resting pulse of 48-56 normal?
What is hypertension 2?
What can the various causes of head ache be?
cant sleep if tomorrow have important thing to do?
how can I get to sleep quickly?
Is it bad for you to sleep on a mattress on the floor instead of paying cost of buying a bed?
My son needs rehab. How long does it take for Marijuana to leave his system?
My Hands Smell Like Onions?
i peed out an insect/fish thing?
is it bad to sleep with your sister?
Poll<I> Does the thought of having a colonoscopy test scare you?
Does oatmeal rubbed on to the skin really stop itching?
bone marrow transplantation.?
I get ingrown hairs on my legs ...help!?
What's wrong with me?
Sarcoidosis and SCUBA?
How does the respiratory system interact with other organ systems in the body?
Back pain, difficulty breathing, can't sleep on left side or lie flat?
How do I tell someone you love it's time to quit smoking? Really serious?
i have some problems with my nose.?
What could I be sick with?
I didnt know to take mom off and she started hallucinating does machine cause lack of oxygen?
Does Pneumonia is contagious?
is smelling permanant markers bad for you?
What is basic health care?
Gaah!! My eye won't stop twitching, whats the deal?
Is there a way to check your temperature without having a thermometer?
School Counselling - Good Idea???
Help! bladder Problems (Pee a lot)?
have u ever farted in some 1's face ?
Is there any other test other than water deprevation in order to be diagnosed as DI (diabetes insipidus)?
I am developing an insulin yogurt to replace injections for type II diabetes, I need a catchphrase? can u help?
Can you train a puppy to be one that recognizes high/low blood sugar?
Lowering morning sugar for type2 diabetes?
I think I may have diabetes?
Things i can do to help raise money fpr diabetes?!?!?!?!?!?
I just found out from emergency room visit - Pancreatitis?
Is it normal for a scar from surgery to still hurt a month later?
Big toe injury?
Can you show me your battle wounds?
is hepatitis C Jaundice reversible when you start treatment?
Does swine flu necessitate a "national emergency"?
worried about brother dying of swine flu?
Advisory on the bird/swine flu?
Where can I go to get exposure to swine flu so I have the antibodies before the pandemic?
MRSA Question about Saliva?
will worms cause any damage if eaten?
My blister sunk into my skin?
Home remedies for Tired Eyes ?
Type 1 and facing sugery...pump users?
Do I have Mono? How is it treated?
what cause a high white blood count or a low blood count?
Cellulite nasty skin.......HELP...!?
Anything to worry? (eyes)?
Has anyone here had Lasik eye surgery?
Is it possible to improve one's vision?
What is causing me to see red/green patterns over my vision when in the dark?
Impoving your eyesight?
If you were held captive on waffle island, how would you escape?
Have you ever had an interesting conversation with your shadow?
I feel Sick.................?
Its my 44th birthday today. Does this mean its time to stop blaming my parents?
How do you become?
How to speed up your metabolism? Is it necessary to speed up the metabolism to lose body weight?
When you're asleep and dreaming about performing calorie-burning activities?
How can it be true that you gain weight if you skip meals?
Is drinking 8-10 liter's a day too much?
I'm fat and I don't care?
Who has read the book- Skinny B*tch & what did you think about it?
Currently Why Have Two Fat Ladies Been Banned By The Council?
Stopping Smoking!!!!?
Is my wife's new diet safe?
how can i get my braces off quicker?
How does toothpaste come out of the tube in coloured stripes?
Are artificial sweeteners hard on your teeth like sugar?
If you have dentures?
Four days ago I got my tooth pulled out..it came straight out..is it normal for the gums to still feel sore..?
When can I expect my adult teeth to grow in?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
Can getting hairs stuck in your teeth cause long term damage to your teeth?
Did you brush your teeth today ?
Why sickle cell anemia and malaria found in same geographical area?
How efficient is the French Oscillococcinum against flue?
Should I get my healthy 4 year old flu/swine flu shots?
Should children be vaccinated against chicken pox?
Can anybody who's child has had a swine flu jab tell me if they had any side effects?
After catching malaria one time. does the 2nd,3rd time etc get better? (less symptoms?)?
H1n1 vaccine really necessary?
Can you catch any diseases from cats?
Now, which idiot started this "swine flu" epidemic?
How can i make my keratosis pilaris go away?
How do hydro-ceramics engineers treat dry hands and cracked skin?
why do my mosquito bites only get itchy at night?
is this a wart on my knee?
When I was a teen I had clear skin. Why am I breaking out at 27?
I have a massive sweating problem and it's really embarrassing?!?
what is the link between obesity and cancer?
Anyone ever use olive oil for scars and dry skin?
what's the difference between -blastoma, -carcinoma, -and -sarcoma?
whats the difference between a freckle and a mole?
When I eat cheese I sweat under my eyes? What's going on?
If you have a wound that will not?
Respiratory problems?
Drink alcohol after hernia operation?
How do I change my sleeping schedule?
toenail infection?
for people who are taking anti-depressants...?
How do I get to sleep?
Do cigarette filters really help??
Today's nurses?
have you tried homeopathy,if so did you find it beneficial?
Help with migraines?
Homeopathic remedy for cough due to allergies?
Major period problems, cramps, digestive problems?
who knows of any old wives tales that works?
Are chewable vitamins just as beneficial as the kind you swallow?
Has naturopathy ever contributed to disease reduction in any population in any part of the world?
i need a herbal tea appropriate for head ache's.?
at risk of a heart attack?
Is Life Line Screening worth the $139.00 ?
For those with Mitral Valve issues?
3 questions about heart palpitation,please mature answers!?
What are a biphasic p waves?
I THINK I had a heart attack and now stroke.?
What causes the dots?
why do my eyes hurt when I'm not wearing sunglasses?
The eye in the back of my head isn't working propertly, what could be wrong with it?
my eyes are weak, plz tell me what to eat to increase my eye power.& which juice is useful to our eye strength?
Eye boogers...?
What's it like to be colorblind?
Are there really any benefits of eating oily fish?
can a body be embalmed five weeks after death?
Im constantly thirsty, sleepy and having mood swings what could be wrong?
Is there a disease called 'Elephantassis'?
what is the symptoms for a male who mastubrate?
Having this problem with my arms(not being able to move them 100%)...?
What was the worst tasting medicine you ever had to take?
How many hours do sleep in a day and When do u usually sleep/wake up?
What should one do if..................?
Can I list my 'stache on my donor organ card?
Why do you get the feeling of a lump in your throat before you cry?
Depression .....its too much now?
Do you know someone that suffers from COPD, Chronic bronchitis, and Sleep Apnea?
Breathing tube during surgery seriously damaging vocal chords?
What is the best and least expensive way to quit smoking and detox lungs?
who is our best guide4 our lif?
What made you lose your concentration a second ago and misplace your drink?
what food can help with infertility?
Will you please help me?
advice on staying awake?
What are some good pills!?
Has anyone here ever had gallstones?
how can i remember?
is it weird that???
Marathon or snickers?
How to build bicep muscles ?
Alli weight loss pills, What's the truth ?
How can I get my contacts to stay in place for the next hour while I exercise?
if we want to reduce 1 kg how many calories do we need to burn?
I need some good and easy cardio exercises?
How many Weight Watchers points is sea men?
Is it unhealthy to eat too much of one thing?
Is there anything that can be taken for stomach flu?
how many people died of the Spanish flu(influenza) in 1918?
anybody knows a natural treatment to avoid eczema in babies?
i want your help on this topic?
Have any diabetic tried those A1C home tests? Are they really as good as lab results?
Can you get H1N1 Swine Flu from bacon- wrapped hot dogs?
Can a child get chicken pox even if they have had the vaccine?
is gardasil vaccine can cause infertility?
am i going to be alright from swine?
Lymph nodes?
What's it like to die of sepsis?
who can spread chicken pox?
Do Zombies Bleed..........?
Why exactly do you feel weak when you are sick?
stomache rupturing starvation?
What is the actual effect of stress on diabetes?
diabetic and need to go on the pill... help!!?
diabetic pump?
Insulin pump?
Monavie Juice Drink. Any comments from users?
have you hurt any bodys feelings before ?
Needles fear, help please?
Why do muscles tense up when you're tired?
Why do I get cramps and sometimes Charlie Horse, when I eat?
How do I ease the pain of my friend's death last Sunday?
How can I stop snapping on people because I'm in so much pain?
Thyroid linking to cancer?
What are symptoms of Swine Flu (H1N1) in CHILDREN?
Where exactly did the Swine Flu come from?
How does cancer kill?
What is it like being in a coma?
So how did the swine flu get spread from a pig to a human?
what are these small holes in my chest?
What could be wrong with my ankle?
pressure on lower trigger point of the Rhomboid muscle, what do you know about it?
...Rippling sensation and muscle spasms in back?
Since breaking a giant toblerone my left thumb joint beneath the nail hasn't stopped clicking the whole thumb ?
how bad do you have to hit your head to know you have a concussion?
Isn't it weird how people can carry heavy things & never hurt their back but then they hurt their back ->
Does eating local honey really reduce your allergy symptoms?
theres an ant came in my ear?
What is the fastest way to heal a cut? ?
Need to I.D. caterpillar ASAP!?
What should be done to educate people on when to call an ambulance or go by car?
i have a burn on my stomach from a hot water bottle....
I have a cut on my forehead, it's not a bleeding cut, what shall i do?
What do you see when you shut your eyes tightly and press on them?
Are there ways to preserve one's eyesight for later years?
What are names of monthly contact lenses?
Is it possible to have purple eyes?
Why does only one of my eyelids droop while the other one doesn't?
What do blind people see in their dreams?
Question about Contacts?
If you're blind and never saw anything in your life, Do You See in your Dreams?
Can Multiple Sclerosis be detected in Utero?
What causes a brain tumor?
What's the youngest case of lung cancer due to smoking?
Why are the Swine Flu deaths being made such a big deal of when there are more cases and deaths of normal flu?
Do they check items coming out of states with swine flu?
What are some things people with OCD do?
Why are we so obsessed with Swine Flu?
if i ack u to tell me if i am vempire ?how would u know that i am one?
What are symptoms of an ulcer & what are symptoms that it's really gall bladder problems?
Mono: Whats the risk if you have one encounter with someones saliva after they had mono a couple months ago?
If gram positive and gram negative cells both show up on a bacteria smear how does a Dr determine which is?
Why do people feel cold when they have a fever?
Why is it that contracting Chicken Pox is more dangerous as an adult?
What is the metabolic process of a virus?
Is there a chance I have mono?
What could be causing me to be so stiff and exausted and to sweat so much.?
can meth cause shingles. HELP IM IN PAIN?
What's your opinion on the "Snore-Op"?
Which would be a better health care system?
How can you describe the duties and or favors you have received from the head nurse,if any at all?
is it better to eat a couple of hours before going to sleep or right before sleeping?
Have you ever seen a person with two different color eyes?
They say drinking at least 1ltr water early in the morning (empty stomach) is cure for many diseases? True/Fa
Could anything get any worse then Amy Winehouse advising you to go into drug and alcohol rehab?
Black stool?
what should you do when you're having a panic attack?
Swine Flu-Michigan????
Health : Intake of lime juice, give a good shine and glow to skin?
I have a brain question here...?
my ear's f*cked........?
For a 75 year old man going through triple bypass and corodic artery sugery, what is the rick of death?
what is a stress echo test my husband went to the hospital today for appointment he keeps losing breath ?
Why do people have high blood pressure?
Is it true that sipping or drinking vinegar can lower your high blood pressure or just an old wives tale?
Heart and steriods?
Motivation for weightloss =]?
How can I lose my actual weight and my water weight fast?
What gives more strength[energy] to human body,,,,,,,vitamin C or protein?
how to be cool and calm throughout the day?
Please help me? I don't know what to do?
when you go to the gym or workout,what is your favorite exercise?
Any fast and easy ways to make legs skinnier?
Is it true that the acid in Oranges attack fat in your body?
How do allergy vaccinations work?
new peanut allergy breakthrough?
How do nose bleeds just happen?
How does Pesonal Health Insurance work?
Poison Ivy? Swelling?
Why do cold and flu symptoms intensify at night?
what are the symtums of a HIV+ person ?
hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs on your hands....help!?
Plzz help!i need a medical advice?
Can you get HIV this way?
I really don't get it.?
what can i do to cure a pink eye?
My doctor told me a jacuzzi was medically necessary. How can I raise the money to buy one?
how do i get rid of a bug bite?
I Feeling so overheated?
I have strep! Help me with food choices (read details)?
Will i get food poisoning from this??
how do i no if i have had a prolaps? what are the symtoms an sighs?
when a muscle is unable to respond to stimuli temporarily, it is in which condition?
walking difficult for 2 year old?
what snoring aids actually work?
if a persons ribs are all broken, then what other ways can your lungs work?
What food can help me get rid of my cough?
To all you smokers out there!?
How does a "diuretic" medication help hypertension? How does it aid in lowering blood pressure?
why do snorers fall asleep first?
A friend of mine has trouble sleeping. Please, has anyone had this problem but found ways to solve it?
How do I explain to a pot head not to drink bleach?
How long should it take to heal? I'm getting concerned.?
need topics/subject to talk about with hosp patients of all ages...?
What, other than being hit,causes nose bleeds? Whats the science behind it?
Should I be worried about this?
Why are my feet.........??????
Man cured of HIV with bone marrow transplant, is it really possible?
my psychiatrist has already diagnosed me with depression about a year ago abd i refused to take the pills?
Why isn't the national new reporting the truth about all the children dying from the swine flu vaccine?
Can you catch swine flu downloading torrents?
shots!! i need to know!!!?
what is best for arthritic joints?
Can scoliosis be cured with Chiropractic care?
Getting rid of headaches naturally?
How easy must be the profession of doctors in some hospitals?
Has anybody been scammed by ANJEENI psychic healer?
would you get a flu shot if you saw this first? this is crazy.?
Could I have Rabies from a Vampire?
How to get rid of a zit FAST!!!!!!?
How to remove acne scars permanently?
if your coughing up yellow mucus is that a sign of infection?
what is an hiv -ve patient?
[Read ALL Details] I've always wondered about this...am I like, allergic to the sun?
Exactly 7 weeks ago, a boy and i kissed. He found out he got mono 4 weeks after that. Will i get it?
how to get rid of direahha and how to know if i have a fever?
Fingers dry?
rabies...from a slight scratch?!?!?
If someone had the 24 hr. stomach flu, would it be wise to take dramamine to stop the vomiting?
Diagnosed trachial bronchitis - legs are dead weight?
Is chocolate really bad for your skin? Why?
is may too late to get a flu vaccine?
What are interventions for spitting?
what is the black stuff in my mouth after i get my tonsils out?
How does it feel to get laser eye surgery?
Is it possible to become blind from bad eyesight?
anyone use acuvue 1-day moist contact lenses?
Question for DPCWAM......?
What can help ease nausea caused by drainage from a sinus infection?
Why does my shoulder blade stick out?
Can you use hypnosis to find out if you are pregnant?
How the hell is some blood work thousands of dollars at labcorp?
what did cavemen and such do about chapped lips?
How do I catch the H1N1 virus swine flu?
What do i do about our kid that is on drugs?
What are the worse foods to eat when you have gastritis?
Are you worried about getting the swine flu?
What are symptoms and cause of swine flu?
why do i feel so weak and nauseous?
What do you think these symptoms could be.....?
Who's gonna get blamed for the pig flu?
Do you pray for a miracle?
pamperin or midol ?
what tests do they do for hitial hernia??
how do u report a doctor who is not competent?
Advice? Swelling from a sunburn?
What could i have done to my knee? Please help!?
has anyone done this before that has a short temper.................?
If everyone is laughing, I can't be seriously injured, right?
How can you tell the difference between chigger bites and mosquito bites?
my potassium is to high how do i get it to a normal stat, and what causes high potassium in body?
wondering to worry about a Little spider bite ?
How do I fix my thumb? ?
Help me!!! I think I just swallowed a tick!!!?
What are BEE'S Attracted to????
what are warning signs of rupturing spleen?
16 year old daughter, swollen glands, mucussy throat, headache and fever. neg for mono, has high white cells?
being an mlt (medical lab tecnician)...?
does the swine flu shot prevent the swine flu?
Can Salmonella be airborne?
What is Sarc Virus in humans?
I'm starting to get the flu! D= what can I do now to prevent it getting any worse?
how can i lose weight fast but healthy?
Does caffeine affect you more if you are on an empty stomach?
What is the real Need life, just working like a dog and get some money by loosing health or keeping health?
Is putting a tsp. of brown sugar in my oatmeal going to kill my diet?
How to lose 20 pounds...?
How can I loose weight?
What are some good stomach exercises?
How can I become anorexic?
Is eating 870 calories a day good?
What's getting in your way of eating healthier?
How does smelling salts affect some one who has fainted?
I can't sleep?
Improving/keeping healthy my eyesight?
what do you know about the detoxic foot pads shown on t.v commercals? Do they work?
Have you ever had to do CPR on someone?
Why is it that my body randomly jolts during the middle of sleep?
If someone in the hospital is asleep for a week will they live?
I take lipitor it says not to take it with grapefruit does that include orange juice?
Is it possible to have high and low blood pressure?
Hospital Operations in India ?
Question for a physician. Can u read this Hemogram report (blood test)?
Is a teenager likely to live through a stroke?
i am 63&diabtic/high b.p.any side effect if i take grapeseed extract as nutritional suppliment?
Teen Health?
Isnt it dangerous to eat whatever youwant then just push a button to shoot more insulin in??
My colleague's two and half year old daughter is diagonised for woth "Diabetics". Is that serious?
Would you eat your big toe if .......?
AIDS information?
how do you get rid of a rash on the babies back and gential area?
About the swine flu...???????????????
What can help my girlfriend with Iron-Deficiency Anemia?
Can you get Hepatitis "C" from using a toliet seat a infected person used?
Does anybody have pictures of smokers before and after?
Sand trapped under skin after day at beach i am extremely itchy. any ideas how to remove it?
quess what i do not care?
Is this more than just a sinus infection?
How long does bronchitis usually last?
Is Hookah bad for you?
I feel a sore throat coming on?
I suffer from COPD or reactive airway disease and my doctor has prescribed flovent and proventil even?
2 weeks ago I went to the doctor.........?
I heard that minor cuts on swine can be cured with bacon?
Who should sleep on the couch? The snorer or the snoree?
Can people who were born blind imagine images and have visual dreams?
health survey Have you heard that if one of your senses is impaired another one you have makes up for it?
Can alcohol permanently ruin your vision?
I have an earache that came on fairly suddenly,what can I do to stop it from getting worse?
When you're pretty sure you have recurring strep throat and there are no clinics open other than E.R...?
when was the last time you went to see your doctor/ GP ?
I think I have "Exploding Head Syndrome"?
Whats the grossest thing that ever came out of your body?
In regards to hypothermia, what is the mechanism of action involved after the body stops shivering . . . ?
Your lasik monovision experiences?
Serious paranoia issues??
I'm always tired no matter what time I go to bed I wake up tired. I take vitamins everyday. HELP!?
Maybe Now We Will Now Understand ???
Chemotherapy treatment?
Why Ayurvedic medicines don't have cure in emergency situations like severe vomtings?
How comes the swine flu has only killed people in Mexico whilst not in US,Canada and possibly Scotland.?
Should I report my doctor for lying to me about my pathology results?
Out of curiousity, regarding the "pandemic" of this Influenza A?
Can i get cancer from gardacil?
Why don't we ever get "goosebumps" on our face? ?
What is a good homemade face mask for skin with acne?
Are leech bites dangerous?
Why won't my ear stop itching!?
What are "red bugs", are they the same as chiggers?
Serious as hell-vey: So my legs below the knee itch like a mofo. I have no rash or bumps, & I'd give anything?
How would you fix the U.S health care system?
Is it ok to wear contacts everyday for 8 hours?(I have astigmatism in one of my eyes)?
Begin born blind and having dreams?
Strengthening eye sight by staring?
What are some good tips for better eyesight?
Can someone give me Info ON LAP-BAND?
i can't sleep??
have you ever heard anything like this?
My New Year's Resolution Is To Quit Smoking...?
What is psoriatic arthritis ?
School lunch for a type 1 ?
what do i do if i have a kankersore??
If the doctor suspected HIV, they'd call you right in?
What are some non-medical reasons that lymph nodes swell?
What exactly kill germs when washing hands?
can i improve my eyesight through exercises?
For tooth abscess, What natural products or poultice is available?
Does Aromatherapy actually work or is it just BS?
Homeopathic medication and Full Moon?
Do you think twice about highly advertised, corporate, potent medicines?
What would happen if you smoked Catnip? Would you get high?
Should pharmacies sell homeopathy?
is there anything i can drink or take to help pass kidney stones?
Where can I find a massage therapist who is willing to touch me?
Do wounds heal better covered or uncovered?
Is Redline energy drink safe?
As a medical assistant how will managed care affect your work in a...?
Have you ever experienced any unacceptable behaviour from NHS staff?
What would cause me to be so tired? I sleep all day until I have to goto work, get off and sleep.?
Did you know that smoking is not bad for you?
Friend is stuck, we haven't got phone, help us!!!!?
Do taste buds grow back?
Which movie or song after seeing, motivates you to workout very well?
I recently started taking 20mg of whey protein before and after lifting wieghts.....?
What the healthiest fruit?
Is it true or false that double toned milk has same calcium content as normal milk?
Gain weight?
Is running 30 minutes straight the same as running 30 minutes with breaks in between?
Is 115 pounds sound right for a 5'3 woman?
Am i obese...? how many sizes should i go down...?
I am depressed and is this why?
white discharge,bad odor,itching,slight pain?
are eating disorders hereditary?
What could be wrong with me?
Aspirin mask for acne?
Why Do You Go Bright Red?!!?
treatment for a protruding disc at lumbar vetebra 5?
If one had an a itchy reaction to hydrocodone, is it likely that one would have the same reaction to oxycodone?
Please help, ive been having abdominal pains near the navel!?
Pains in the upper leg, thigh area?
what can i do to ease this pain in my leg?
Does anyone know the answer for this question?
Symptoms of HIV Positive?
what role does epidemiology play in improving australias health status?
How should we handle the spread of Hiv/ Aids in America?
friend thats fatt?
How do I quit smoking 3 packs a day?
my buddy beanie was mauled by cats today...and his nose fell off...?
Why do some scars heal faster?
My left foot hurts when I do yoga, should I stop doing yoga?
How do I tell the difference between a sprained ankle and a twisted ankle?
Is this normal?
how bad is diabetes for Nick Jonas?
Two antibiotics tested for their efficacy against a single bacterial species .?
Contagious or Infectious ?
What product should I use for my acne?
Cure for Aids?
do you think cancer will ever be cured?
what's the difference between systolic and dystolic in blood pressure?
How much coffee (per day) teeters on heart attack territory?
Due to someones previous question about Zopiclone how can I wean myself off it,please look at my profile.?
Can emotional trauma and long-term psychological stress cause a heart attack?
Are heart Mumurs hereditarial?
How can i lower my cholesterol? Doc just said theres nothing i can do.?
What do you think should be done to solve the cost of health care problems in the U.S?
i cant sleep at all. ive tried and tried.?
Why people CAN'T quit smoking?
How long does it take for someone to get into a deep sleep?
i need answers about hemorrhoids?
my friend cannot sleep because has attack of espirits or demons in the night?
whats the longest you ever slept without waking up?
If you don't crack your knuckles for a long time?
wheh was the last time you donate blood or have you every donate i went today and i fell good?
Belly fat is a problem for diabetics, what about extreme belly muscle?
Do you know anyone who has been able to "reverse" type 2 diabetes with diet, exercise or other means?
Nick Jonas Diabetes question?
Does/did your diabetic child not get invited to sleepovers? How do you handle it?
When you get a cure, what will be the first thing you do?
Hospitals are generally or governmental. Identify at least one example o?
help quick! treated uti worsens!
Typhoid Fever?
So, if I were in the hospital with the Ebola outbreak...?
What is best for a common cold?
why don't all children get vaccinated?
Can Ticks Kill Humans?