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My wife and i decided to forgo vaccination?
Caffine Overdose?
What would cause a person's arm to not raise all the way up anymore?
What's your favourite logical fallacy used by AltMedders on Yahoo?
Who among you knows about herbs? What is sheperds purse herb tea good for?
Chemotherapy or going natural cure?
Stuck something up my but?
Do you still have your bottom virginity?
which asanas of yoga are good for muscle strengthening of arms?
What causes a stomach ache, and how do you get rid of it?
Does anyone know anything about how to control "Sciatica"?!?
have you ever woke up with a pounding headache, and just cant remember what is what?
Can your knee hurt from sitting at your desk all day?
How will you tackle your allergy?
Why are my elbows dry & itchy?
How can I decrease the amount of dust in the house?
Why does everybody get sick in the winter? Wouldn't the cold kill germs?
why is meningitis dangerous to the brain?
What happens when we suffer from conjunctivitis?
Glandular fever and problems swallowing ?
Why Can't They Find A Cure?
How old is Oprah and does she have any deadly diseases?
I have a white scab-like thing right before my right tonsil. help?
Lime desiese plzzzzzzzz help
adaptive clothing study?
How come no one is passing out free candy bars and syringes for Diabetes Awareness Month?
If I donate eneough blood,...?
I heard that in the U.S. you could get a medal for 25 and 50 yrs w/diabetes. Does anyone know how to do this?
Blood sugar = 40 or 50 when waking up in the morning?
can a diabetic be a organs donor?
birth control and antibiotic?
Do odours carry germs...?
How much tussin is to much tussin?
Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy?
Why do we suffer "Monday-itis"?
my father has copd, respiratory failure, chf, on oxygen........?
Heart Pain when running What Could It Be ?
Blood pressure , is 120 / 80 good or not ?
Friend needs a pace maker?
Can you get cancer of the heart? If not why not?
Cholesteral. What supplaments help lower it. I am at correct weight & try to watch my diet now.?
Do Cardiac Arrests Hurt?
my heart is squeezed...?
Is anonymity important to you? (Info on the new Profile that Yahoo is rolling out.)?
too many disorders, no friends, no job, no nothing.?
What's wrong with me?
How to prevent Perinatal Transmission of HIV?
Why don't doctors prescribe stronger antibiotics or at least longer courses?
10 leading causes of mortality,morbidity,infant mortality rate.5 leading causes of maternal mortality.?
how long is the recovery period for vein stripping?
staphylococci are bacteria that are?
I feel helpless and Im worried he may die what can I do?
If antibiotics kill all bacteria in your body, then how long will it take to get all of the good bacteria back
What would you say i am sick with?
Do you have any advice for how to deal with weight loss plateaus?
what is the best over the counter fat burner?
since America's obsessed with weight,why is it that people still make poor choices with what they eat?
Will I gain weight from eating too many grapes?
What all should I include in my diet so that I have good energy levels throughout the day and stay healthy ?
Whats the best way to eat a starburst...?
Has anyone here ever suffered from Anorexia Nervosa?
OMG! am i fat?! URGENT!?
Whats plans are in place regarding possible school closures due to swine flu?
what are my chances of contracting hepatitis c from my boyfriend?
Who will make the effort to rename the "Swine Flu" with its new name "H1N1 flu"?
What can i do if i get Swine Flu?
the common cold where does it come from?
i am hepatitis b postive. may i marry?
Can you get the swine flu from sharing toilet seats at the same time?
Should I ring into my work with swine flu?
What Would You Do If The Schools Mandated That Every Student Has To Get The H1N1 Vaccine?
What is the best way to avoid being cut in half?
I just tore off a scab. How much blood should I allow to seep out before I get a bandaid for this thing?
What's the matter with my finger?
What is the proper way to heal a paper cut on my middle finger?
Can't afford a good new firm mattress - what can I do to the mattress to solve back problems?
Pain in lower back and knees!!!!!!?
When getting a massage, is it best not to eat beforehand?
What causes leg cramps at night and how to prevent them?
will u please pray/send positive thoughts/feelings 2 me so that my serious stomach pain/problem might b healed?
How intense is the burn when you snort pills?
Is green tea good for the immune system?
what is your stand on the use of herbal medicine?
Homeopaths - Why does ink not get darker when you dilute it?
I wonder what the mainstream medicine apologists have to say about this story?
which pranayam is better if you are down with viral fever?
Is there a poppy alternative?
whats the best way to quit smoking?
Are There Sodas Sweetened with Xylitol?
Multiple Sclerosis - Need Resources?
I'm always feeling tired and cold, headaches, pains in shoulder, legs, arms, and joints ?
I'm suffering from acne, how much water should I take a day?
Why is it that in the morning, our skin looks so refreshed?
So whats it like having an STD?
Can someone please advise me on what and how to use this. I already use albuterol.?
Smoker's Only - Have You Noticed Stronger Addiction?
What's a good way to take care of your respiratory system?
What should I use for NPI Lookup?
cant breath from smoking?
How difficult is a stickectomy?
Why should taxpayers accept anything less than the healthcare of our employees (Obama et al) are we less human?
Can I catch mono again after I have already had it?
weird sicknesses keep happening, any ideas about underlying cause?
My neighbors 1 year old daughter had impetigo and was treated and the treatment worked.?
can i donate blood if i have had glandular fever in the past?
what to you do if a flu shot makes you sick?
In light of this tomato scare, can you get salmonella poisoning from ketchup?
I feel terrible?
Your top 5 healthy eating habits?
Is coffee healthy.........?
plzz help!! Examples of.....?
How much yoga does it take to become a yoga pro?
My BMI is 20.3, should I start putting on more weight?
What Slimfast products do you use and What do you eat for your one meal?
How to tell difference between being lazy and being very exhausted to work out more?
Hypothetically speaking, how would you notify your next-door neighbor of an irregular mole…?
What is your greatest strength?
Why can't I sleep? I am on medication to help me sleep but just can't seem to sleep. I am scheduled to have?
What are you more scared of ?...?
How to increase Resistance power?
Any tips on how to quit cigarettes???
Surely its not a bad thing to go off the rails if eventually we find the right track ?
I have started smoking much more now, how can I quit?
okay, I've been unemployed too long... How do I sign up for COBRA?
Does a tight ballon knot ( anus-hole ) predict good health in people over 25 or 30?
How many minutes does it take blood pressure meds to work?
Cold Medicines & High Blood pressure?
My heart beat really fast for about half an hour..?
Heavy heartbeat,especially lying down?
Cardiac arrest - Signs, First Aid, Kit, Treatment, Survival chance?
I Need Everyone's Prayers and Support Please....?
What are the problems with too big of a heart?
anyone ever used stiff strips?
How do they get the swirls in the toothpaste to come out so evenly?
who is the Best Cosmetic dentist in beirut lebanon?
When you look in to the Mirror...........are you just a little bit shocked?
why is a tooth brush, called a tooth(singular) brush, when it cleans teeth??just a daft one for you!!?
Who is the best esthetic dentist in lebanon?
Strep throat?
Epstein-Barr Virus?
I recently had a mrsa infection. Should I be concerned about undergoing breast augmentation?
have u ever stayed at the hospital if so why...?
What is the purpose of the little hanging ball thingy in the back of your throat?
How does HIV become resistant to an analogs action of substituting for its respective nucleoside in DNA?
How to get better eyesight?
Who else is making their computer dizzy?
what is the solution for patients suffering from loss of half visual fields?
I pray its not tongue cancer!!?
Can MP3 player ear buds cause sore ears?
Does any one have any thoughts about the AMA Voice For The Un Insured ?
How Do you Get Rid of A Stuffy Nose?
I want some sort of health insurance, I need help i'm 19 and a college student.?
My husband is going to some hospital to get some scan of his eyes done that could make him blind?
Could this be a sign of growing breasts?
What are the worst and best?
Can't remember what happened during asthma attack?
he's been to the vet for kennel cough. they gave him some eye drops and 2 other medications. however, 4 days?
Having really bad chest pain and sometimes hard to breathe, i have a cold/flu?
Why can't the Functional Residual Capacity, Total Lung Capacity and Residual volume be measured by?
Lung collapse question?
Why is smoking a pipe not as popular as in the past?
Does Aloe help to get rid of scars?
Whipple Results... thank you.?
Are Tylenol 3's good for an occasional hangover?
Pain in the elbow, numbness in the arm.................?
What's the quickest and least painful way to escape?
POLL: Can you swallow your tongue?
Would you Help ease the pain?
I have a small stinging in my throat?
Why is my joints acting weird?
What are some foods that really boost our immune system?
Fiance now has MRSA,should I go get tested?!?
Is it bad to stop taking antibiotics before the packet is finished?
Carbolic soap is it still available and where can I get some?
When did MRSA first show its ugly head in the UK?
Does anybody know what SJP stands for and is it nasty ?
Low blood pressure.....anyway to treat it?
Which product is better to quit smoking - Zyban or Chantix?
What do you think about to help you go to sleep at night?
How many hours of sleep does a 59 year old person need?
If you place your hands palm to palm. Do you find your fingers to be longer in one hand?
I'm sober, it's 10:30 and haven't gone to bed sober for years, how do I get to sleep?
Byetta users... Are you aware of this.....?
I want to abandon to inject insulin daily, if you've alternative, & you've used instead of insulin, plz tell m
Hi - I'm diabetic...(please see details)?
how to keep diabetes away?
What can be done for type 1 diabetes?
Are these urine test strips expired?
Is dark vinegar better than white? What kind of practical uses for it around the house?
How can you tell homeopathic remedies apart from each other?
What would be a positive ARTHRITIS treatment and medications for shoulder pain?
What Are Some Good Medicines for Stomach Problems?
Does anyone here believe in natural health cures/remedies? Why or why not?
Anybody w/ Hyperhidrosis ever try taking silicea?
is there a natural way to avoid mosquito bites?
whats a good way to get your daily water?
I cut my finger and my blood is orange!!??
I just CUT my finger off by mistake with a chain saw!!!!! PAIN PAIN!!!!! WHAT DO I DO!?? ?
When you eat it pretty bad on your bike is it best to wait and recover or just..?
How can you tell that a bite is from a bug and not a mosquito?
What stretches loosen up muscles just under the shoulder blades?
how to get thin fast?
Just a quick question about exercise?
experience with Apidexin?
What is the best way to calculate the age of a person?
How much weight do you have to lose before you need new clothes?
do u want to start a diet with me TODAY, we can support eachother!?
What is your of the "Health Care" plan? Do you feel it will help your family?
When I can hear the blood pounding in my ears have I had too much salt?
What is wrong with my leg?
What happens to the body while we sleep, why is sleep essential, what is the least amount you can survive on?
I am looking at health insurence I have a few questions!?
what is sickle cell disease?
Vaccinations and my 5mo.old?
Are surgeries videotaped?
Can the Swine Flu contaminate our water supply?
I have mono. If I get my tonsils taken out this week, will the mono go away?
What is this Swine flu thing exactly?
Where does and how does all the mucus come from in your sinuses?
swine flu chain prayer?
possible pandemic but airports remain open ?????
Not sure that this is even the correct category.....?
How do I meditate?
Why are there so many fat people in our society lately?
my boyfriend went to buy some cigarettes...Wednesday evening...he isn't still come back???
Question for the people who suffer from depression: Does your depression come and go in waves?
Does sleep that's induced by medication still count as quality sleep?
With advanced medicine do you think it is a positive thing to keep the elderly alive even though they do not?
What do all the different titles mean for doctors, like 'attending' etc?
Improve eyesight naturally?
Cracking Your Back?
Magnetic ball tiny about 1 cm by 1cm stuck in rectum Help!!!?
HELP 7 Months pregnant n severly DEPRESSED PARTNER.....?
Cholesteral in Seafood?
Heart skipped two beats... PVC'S?
High Blood Pressure: what are the dangers? and can you really get it from other people aggravating you?
Something I Wrote Way Back:?
Today i bought some {CARDIO CHELATE with EDTA} the store said it would make me feel much better after 3 months
what are the symptoms of breast cancer? besides lumps?
What are ways to prevent cancer?
A question about LICE ?
If I am allergic to Cats, Would I likely also be allergic to Lions, Bobcats and Tigers?
Do you think allergies are a caused of increase use of chemicals in the environment and on us?
What is wrong with me!?
itchy eyes?
allergy to pillow?
Have any migraine sufferers had any luck with magnesium?
As a stop smoking drug, would a product like Wellbutrin be better than say Zyban/Chantix?
Do detox foot pads (Kinoki pads) really work?
Why don't they make nicotine gum that tastes like cigarette smoke?
martha stewart I am not?
i am a nurse, praying to have a job, hospitals or nursing homes to feed my family. can you guys help me?
A question about becoming immune to antibiotics?
Please enlighten me on what causes "Swine Flu"?
Do I have swine flu or not?
Whats the difference between an epidemic and pandemic?
considering the history of "swine flu vaccine" and sudden spike in Guillain-Barre Syndrome cases in the 70s?
If everyone is so scared of swine flu then what would happen?
what kind of bug bit me?
Why are my hands ALWAYS cold?
does anyone suffer from seasonal asthma?
Chest infection and antibiotics?
HELP!!!!! i have trouble breathing but i dont know how to tell my parents HELP !!!!!!!?
how many people die a year from steroids?
HELP, "health issue": need substitute for "classic cokes"(hate Pepsi) - any ideas?
Are room heaters good for your health?
Why do our eyes water when we go out in the cold or the wind ?
Why are the Americans having a go at the NHS?
Hospice Nurse and heroic measures?
Waking up in the same position i went to sleep?
Have you seen any bits?
What will it takes to be an Infectious Disease Specialist?
Whats the difference between swine flu and the common flu?
HIV virus becomes aids from the time being?it will affect those pre-employment..specially a call center agent?
Breakthrough about the Mexican Swine Flu!! Could it possibly have been spawned by Chupacabras! They eat?
1976: Fear of a great plague Swine Flu?
What is the healthiest way to lose weight and keep if off for good?
Calories vs FAT Calories...?
Question about vitamins and eating?
Why Am I Not Losing More Weight? Experienced Weight Loss Professionals Only!?
i am giving up smoking with the patches?
Balimia, or Anorexic??????
I think something's wrong with me?
Have you had any form of exercise this year?
Will getting a tonsillectomy as an adult affect your singing voice?
Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep faster?
How do you prevent moving around too much in your sleep?
A *serious* medical question...problems with my veins in my legs?
Do you smoke? Have you ever tried to quit? How many times?
how to make your posture better?
Michael Moore's SICKO documentary?
Broken ankle surgery, when does it finally feel better?
Are there still people so gullible they think autism is caused by childhood vaccines?
Are there any nursing students out there who need help with care plans?
does interracial breeding eliminate sickle cell anemia?
Duration of the stomach flu?
How long will it take to become a dermatologist?
Why do we tend to be more susceptible to the common cold/flu during the Winter season?
My little cousin is convulsing, has anyone heard of these symptoms?
Unkown Infection?
What happens to that .1% of germs that are left when you use another wipe?
How easy is it for a toddler to get MRSA if someone in the house has it?
Why should I be worried about how I treat a cold when the cold doesn't treat me very well at all?
Prophylaxis medication for exposure to HIV?
is there a better way to greet someone?
can you get hepatitis while performing CPR on a stranger?
What does it mean on a pill or vitamin bottle when it says "For therapeutic use only"?
Playing Mobile Games are Danger for eyesight and thumb bones ?
I want to quit smoking?
What was the last nostrum that you took?
When you have a really amazing sleep, do you find that you sometimes drool a little?
This odd pain in my lung...?
What causes gall stones?
advice on migraine/bad headache medicine?
i had surgery on my face, unable to work now, spend all my money on drs to help me should i sue that dr?
Is it normal for me to feel very sore in my rear, after spending several hours with my boyfriend putting his?
Questions about Neuralgia?
Can I develop heart disease or any potentially harmful problem because I am too emotional and sensitive?
Is it common to have high blood pressure but not cholesterol?
i keep getting heart pains for like a minute then they go away for about 5 mins then come back?
if a baby/adult has there heart on the right side can he/she have a normal life?
How is the spleen connected with ITP
how long does it take for Immodium to work?
What does huntington's disease do to your apperance?
Will Elmiron make my hair fall out?
I Got 4 Shots?
Is there any truth to this?
I have the flu?
Anybody made a homemade shampoo using only natural ingredients?
Frank' ly speaking -- why would anyone use the WHO as a credible source?
Any naturopaths who can help me with this?
how high can you get from eating marijuana?
looking for leylines in Pennsylvania?
anyone have carppel tunnel does workers comp give you problems?
Can playing wind instruments (such as the flute or recorder) help asthma suffers?
help for asthma?
How do you know if you have a ventilation or perfusion mismatch?
FLU SHOT: Does it really works? How long it lasts? Shoulnd't it be called the Anti - Flu Shot?
Should i take more Salt with my food!?
When or what time of day is your metabolism most active?
Are workers who work in factory and construction sites more fitter and stronger than body builders?
Is it okay to take a break from working out if you're feeling tired?
How many carbs would you say are in this cookie?
can u have a 7 pack....................................…
Does anyone out there eat just one meal per day?
interstitial cystitis?
How does Bird Flu virus spread from birds to animals, especially humans?
If someone who has Hepatitis C does that mean their liver is functioning 100% Like someone who doesnt have it?
Some diseases of the heart are due to infections, and others are not.?
anyone suffer from hydrocephalus?
If a child has been vaccinated against measles, and has contact with someone with that disease,?
Can you be immune or resistant to staph if...?
How To Become A Paramedic?
Is it healthier in the long run to NOT be germophobic and ingest a little germs once in a while?
Could it have been the added stress that made me lose my self control here?
first aid kit, how much should i spend on one?
always wondered but kind of wary of asking [in case I caused offence], do deaf people think in sign language?
How do people who have had past PTSD episodes convince others that they are not/were not crazy?
Could TB be erradicated with $32 million a year?
have you ever had to deal with suicide?
How long have you waited in the ER?
my mom and sister plays with each other navels by ant bite until blood comes out.is it safe to join them?
I've fallen...and I can't get it up! Any suggestions?
Is it okay to bend your elbow when there is an IV in your arm?
When is it best to use mouthwash, before or after you brush?
How many toofs am I acchully sposed to have?
Does nicotine gum really help?
Does the health of your mouth affect your health overall?
How long does it take to really brush my teeth good and make them whiter?
braces? =|?
If i ate a contaminated thong 3 weeks ago, am i still going to die?
I was told by my father that eating **** freshens your breath. is it true?
My throat is dry and itchy and my bottom lip swollen? ?
How come my lips swell when I eat salt and vinegar pringles?
Can Anyone Be Allergic to to Something that is Exclusively a Polysaccharide (Haptenization Excluded)?
what is the best allergy meds.?
What if you are allergic to Tide?
Pumpers, where do you like to stick your infusion set?
Can gastric bypass surgery cure Type I diabetics who are not over weight?
I have coronary artery diease, Anemia and diabetes am I intitled to SSI benifits?
diabetes and high chloresterol?
which alcoholic drink is good for a diabetic?
poor feet circulation?
What causes the virus Shingles?
What are the two main functions of the immune system?
time travel?
Why is there a flu epidemic in every state but Florida?
my dog has Been diagnosed with stump pyometra?
Can you sue the hospital if you get Staph Infection?
if someone has poinson ivy how long does it take for it to be non-contagious?
can ecstasy cause irregular heart beats or palpitations?
Leaking Mitral Valve?
Is it true that someone can lower their blood pressure by cutting themselves?
what's the relationship between cardiac output vs heart beats per minute?
Completely off subject, but: What would a 120 volt jolt do on an ECG monitor?
I had a fit at my pharmacy because my crap insurance didn't cover the meds, lady told me to take a chill pill?
Shoulder Pain: Left shoulder?
rheumatoid arthritis..anyone have info on relief?
Which one is better, Tylenol or Motrin?
There's a guy in my office with a toothache and no pain killers on hand?
Any tips or tricks for getting rid of neck pain?
What is more horrible than this?
I have bad neck pains and a wonky arm?
which is worse..??????
How to get good sleep? Which vegetables or fruits good for sleep?
What kinds of health problems could be caused by a chronic lack of sleep?
Does aspirin/acetaminophen/ibuprofen help you sleep?
Is It Normal To Lose The Plot Via Bad Sleeping Habits?
fatigue and illness?
What makes narcoleptics black out?
How do you minimize the appearance of a keloid scar?
What is atherosclerosis?
Are there members who have had papillary or follicular cancer?
Is roaccutane safe?
internal body symptoms worry me?
Can A Microwave Cause Cancer?
Does cutting with a knife on the thigh cause permanent scar?
Does your sleeping partner,keep you awake at night,??
If these were the only choices, would you prefer to spend your last days in a hospice or a nursing home?
I was sleeping and I tried to wake up but I couldnt move!?
what can happen if a fly flies down my ear?
found a unlabeled bottle of pills in my daughters room?
Laser eye surgery. Have you had it? How much did it cost? Does it work?
When an emergency room worker wearing a white coat says "I is a nurse", can I trust her medical expertise?
is it a big problem that I drop 5 missiles a day?
I'm using Diane 35, but i got influenza so i started to take my antivirals tamiflu. Is it a contraindication?
BV and garlic question for gynecologists or specialists?
What is cat aids?
can you get mersa in a pool?
White blood cells and protein in urine?
PPD testing question?
is cat saliva really toxic to birds?
Can anyone tell me any of the scare stories they have heard about vaccines for your children?
How to start eating better?
What's the average amount of water a teen must drink in a day?
Dietary amino acids? How body uses them?
Bulimia. Advice?
What is an effective diet plan to lower bad cholesterol level ?
Why is it that some very in-shape looking people @ the gym (such as body builders) only WALK on the treadmills?
What's with all these girls wanting an anorexic body?
Guys...do you want your girl very skinny or with more meat on her bones "thick"??
can you be Bipolar and only show some symptoms?
What would happen if someone lost too much blood?
Whats good to remove them?
Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune disorder patients...?
How come I am having chest pains?
ma skin has gone all dry n dark i want to glow up ma skin?
Homeopathy and water memory?
Natural Cures for Edema?
A question about vitamin D deficiency?
Why is it that some here never contribute anything positive and only warn about any and all alternatives?
herbal tea help please..................................…
dear sir i have night fall problem also vayu dosha,can it be treated and how?
Is it okay to sleep when you have so less time left?
What is your opinion of Methadone treatment for opiate addiction?
Does sleeping at daytime and stay awake all night affect you in any way?
pls help me i have too much saliva and sometimes it just spit out when im talking or sleeping?
I've a bad hangover, how do i get rid of it?
What are the benefits of having a big mouth?
What does remarkable for asthma means?
I have pneumonia and I'm taking Levaquin and Tessalon Perles plus cough syrup------is all this needed?
Why can't asthma be treated permanently?
What exactly is walking pneumonia?
Who, how, and when was Cystic Fibrosis founded?
Is going to the ER the answer with a panic attack?
how was the canavan disease discovered?
How does coffee lessen your chances of contracting the dreaded bird flu?
Thought I had the flu...?
HELP anyone know info about the bird flu virus?
Questions on food-borne illness?
What state do you live in and is the flu bug going around there?
Got Scratched by rust, Will I get tetanus?
what's up with bird flu these days?
honey lemon green tea ok for urinary tract infections?
Is it possible I have a really serious medical problem?
My knee pops with every step I take?
If the mom is diabetic, what are the chances daughter will also be diabetic?
Do black people get downs syndrome?
16 Year Old with Gynecomastia. Help!?
Quitting Smoking?
How many Doctors / Nurses etc. are there in this category?
How are generic pharmaceutical drugs really different from the name brands?
How many hours a night do you sleep?
People who use the Internet for Medical issues.?
What form of poor hygiene grosses you out the most, besides not bathing or taking a shower?
Has anyone ordered meds from stillistand.hotmail.com? (from a guy named Frank)?
why does seasonal affective disorder mostly effect women?
Theoretically, could someone get a sunburn from a fireplace?
Is this a disease??
blood in a cats stool?
what is SARS all about?
What are the first symtoms of the flu?
nurses or phlebotamists question about needle?
is there free treatment for hepatitis c?
What to do when you have a throat infection?
Pro Vaccine People: Are You Asking The Wrong Question?
i have to a repeat blood test to test Er's?
Healthy Liver??
does anyone or even doctor frank know my question?
Pain transference question. I hjave discovered that if I bend back my fingers whilst biting my tongue?
What are the health consequences of not getting enough sleep?
14 hour fast prior to blood work. How much water can one drink during the 14 hour fast?
nursing and some tattoos?
Constant itch in one spot, with no marks?
Do you always listen to the Dr, or do your own thing....?
Is there a address for Clinical Laboratories Inc in Okalhoma City, OK?
Does anyone know where you can find info on caring for a toddler with hep c eg: diet queensland australia?
I have had at least 5 hepatitis B vaccines yet I have failed to develop the antigens. Is this common?
what can be done to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS or its elimination?
Dear Barbara, Should you desire to email me at [email protected], I would welcome the opportunity
Has anyone successfully remove tonsil stones with water picks?
Does Miracle Mineral Kill Dengue Disease?
i want to kno abt aids .how it spreads? n the ways it can cause?
hello...I am 37 weeks today and have been on magnesium since july 2nd. I was in the hospital on 2,3,4 of july?
do you have a child with hypoplastic left heart syndrome?
I'm a young Utah widow & mother of 2.. How do I find help paying my child's medical bills?
Techniques to shut out background noise??
Anyone know PREFER brand for hygienic pilowcases? where can i found place to buy it??
ew gross ..Do you use the hotel glasses?
Please dont laugh, please answer?
autism tendencies?
why do people abuse methadone?
My thighs have been so sore, is there a special massage for that?
My hands are swollen and ache, my palms are really sore, is this something bad, should I worry?
Has anyone experienced unusual joint pain or muscle pain while on Lisinopril ? Mainly in the knees ?
what do you do when your back hurts so bad that it hurts to breathe?
I went running today and my toes were literally bleeding. what can I do?
Gas-like pains are just gas pains right?
Are you in pain right now?
why is it hard to..............................?
how can i fall asleep at night?
Whare can i sell my blood or plasma?
How many people quit smoking cigarettes and actually succeed?
What should America do to ensure the Government does not ruin Health Care?
Smokers, why did you start smoking and how old were you?
Always tired & really worn out! Please help! :)?
white blood cells and bacteria found in urine sample, what could it be?
help with Irritable Bowel - end of my tether?
what is the past death record of the scarlet fever?
can u please use each of these words in a medical sentence 1.laceration 2.viral 3.palpation 4. symptom?
epidemiology of HIV-AIDS infection in Africa?
do you think something like the movie resident evil could happen in real life?
Can adults get rotavirus?
what are the causal organisms for aids?
I don't know what is wrong? Meningitis?
Would you pay high premiums for a life insurance policy on a child with type 1 diabetes?
How many years (ballpark) into T1D, with fluctuating BGs, until a person faces organ damage or neuropathy?
coumadin blood level?
If you wake up, then get up only to be unusually dizzy, with your balance affected, then what could it be?
If the new glucose tattoos are approved, would you get one?
Diabetic pumpers, any tips on having surgery?
since i am a new member of the diabetes club, it kills me when i go into a store and the twinkies seem to know
Allergy sufferers...?
Swelling of the eyes? Desperatly need help! Please look!?
I have allergies and don't want shots every week what do I do?
How many sneezes is normal for a person ?
is there a way to know if you're allergic to ecstasy?
Is it safe to put the laptop on your lap / stomach while working?
is sleeping regularly in a hammock bad for the health?
How can i stop my eyesight from getting worse!?
What does it mean when the tips of your fingers are numb?
i vomited the gastric juice because of being punched in my belly for long time.?
What causes involuntary twitches in the eye?
Easiest way to quit smoking over a long period of time?? Please help?
How long can someone expect to live with?
Is FDA trying to shorten the lifespan of our children?
Supposedly olive and coconut oils daily are good to ingest. How much, and what are the benefits?
Can someone pray or do a distance healing on my frozen shoulder?
Homeopathic Medicines ? Where can I find them in U.S.A and EU? Any Stores as Well as Websites that u know of ?
Has anyone heard or tried Peter Lachland's stop smoking program?
Are Gummy Bear candies the best available tool to take out old fillings?
Alt Medders where are they all?
Can I lose 20 lbs. in 3 weeks?
Anyone who uses Aspartame or Nutra Sweet?
Does Acai Berry work?
Pills for Weight Loss?
what is the fastest way to trim your thighs?
why so many SPAMMERS in this section?
If you put a raw peeled garlic clove in your extra virgin olive oil jar will ?
How to get skinny FAST!?
Blood risk?
what is the cause of mrsa???
If you expose the bacterium to the antibiotic how will the antibiotic kill it?
Ouch my neck! could i have meningitis again?
Sist in hand?
Is it true that when a person with CA die his coffin should be seal dtightly so as not to let the virus spread
What is your spleen?My doctor says I have a small one beside my large one!?
Tips to quit smoking?
Trying to quit smoking...?
I want to quit smoking. How should I do it?
How many hours of sleep do you get? Do you take naps?
I need your help! 10 pointer?
Why does my right inner-ear feel like an earthquake when people talk to me in quiet? What's wrong with my ear?
HELP NEED TO TAKE A PEE TEST FOR marijuana in the next hour!!?
what has worked best for fibromyalgia pain?
Anyone know of good shampoos for seborrheic dermatitis?
Side effects of Chronic myeloid Leakeumia treatment?
is there anyone who has herpes?
what are the symptom of chicken gunia ?, does it spread through physicaly contact with the infected person?
can I put neosporin on a new cut?
Why does a mosquitos bite make you itch?
10 points for best help!?
if u slice ur finger open on a can top..how likely is it u need stitches?
Does someone know about the usefulness of ?
Coughing up blood?
What are your thoughts on Cold MD. Does it really boost your immune system?
My asthma has been acting up a lot lately. :(?
Depression question...?
How do you reduce tension?
How do you know if you're really being honest with yourself?
Have you like press the button Alt + F4?
I have absolutely nothing to look forward to in my life...?
What do you think about PARMIGIANA di MULIGNANE?
Italy is invading England... God Save The Queeeeeeen!!!?
Is lack of motivation a sign of depression?
how is cerebral palsy acquired?
What is the difference between hiv and aids?
Feeling really sick...?
I have a mouth ulcer, how can I make it go away..and fast?
I have the Norovirus!!?
Yellow fever risks in Niger...?
How long does the cold virus last on objects eg a stapler, before it dies?
Hearing Loss and Tinnitus?
what is the drug used to increase the lifespan of AIDS patients?
Any really fabulous advice for people dealing with insomnia (yes I take a sleeping pill) please no insensitive
When you were at the dentist, what procedure was performed on you?
i have a sinusitis frm around 2 and a half years.?
how do i get rid of a rash on my face, chest and arms at home?
How to tell a guy you have Alopecia Areata?
What is the best site to cure compulsive gambling?
My mouth hurts!?
dental : How many DENTISTs are required to BREAK A MATCH-STICK ?
Do you think i should i get braces? (teeth)?
how do you whiten your teeth!?!?
Weird feelings when trying to fall asleep....?
Has anyone had experience with Cochlear implants?
really weak bladder i guess, embarrasing?
I have had a tore up tummy fore 5 days?
Can you get arthritis by cracking your knuckles or toes?
im always tired and i need to be more awake i need an answer?
What can I do to promote better health for my eyes?
Eye sight problem, anyone have any ideas?>?
Has anyone ever had bifocals cause nausea?
How to recover from bulimia/anorexia without gaining weight back?
is the bird flu spreading?
It looked like Kawasaki Disease but Dr. insisted it was a staph infection. How can I be sure he was right?
Has anybody ever had MRSA?
What are the ups and downs of getting the flu shot??
If you had the opportunity to spread an infectious diease, would you?
how long does a SPINAL TAP HEADACHE LAST!?
Can you explain this (healthcare) sign to me?
Can headaches make you have trouble sleeping right?
is there anything i can do for shin splints?
what gives you?
what is this yellow around my mouth?
Swollen ankle not healing. Very painful?
What's this light headache I have since I woke up? it lasts all day?
I had this awful pain under my left breast about 3 fingers down under my rib cage, what could this be?
How do I relieve my aching head?
If I drink a coffee before working out, am I still burning fat or just the caffeine from the coffee?
I pulled a muscle in my upper back yesterday lifting a garbage can do I put ice or heat on my back?
How do I deal with cramp ?
How much salad do you eat and which ones do you like?
Does the average adult really need 2,000 calories per day?
How can I convince my parents 2 eat healthier.....? ?
Excercise question....can anyone help? A bit embarrassing, but here goes?
" You need to stop worrying about diets, calories, and numbers..that's the wrong way" UGHHHHHHHH help?
why do people put trans fat in foods?
How to get rid of blackheads (home remedies)?
how do I remove acne on my nose, pores, and scarring? are these bumps?
Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer...?
cold feet?
Do some doctors send everything to pathology?
Would you look at my avatar and tell me if she looks like she has hypothyroidism?
Sometimes, I feel like I have a cut in my nostril?
How to boost immune system?
How do you prevent getting varicose veins in the future?
Why do I twitch when I start to fall asleep?
How to make myself stay awake while i'm studying???
Is it true that eating carrots can improve our eyesight?
Should I go to sleep now?
If you quit smoking should you just quit coffee with it in the morning?
debate continues..alternative vs medical doctors?
what are the good and bad side effects of glutathione?
Why doesn't normal medicine work?
Need help building muscles please OR where can I get my hands on some HGH?
Deep Concern: Please give me your input?
generally, what does color yellow stands for?
flesh eating bacteria????????????????
Food Poisoning Prevention?
Question plz???
How can I stop biting my nails?
Since Monday I've been dizzy and getting a tingling feeling in my arm, and it's just getting worse?
Has anyone ever had septoplasty to cure snoring?
Bar soap or liquid soap?
Every time I get up my knees go "click"?
How old do you want to live to?
The pancreas, living with 1/2 of one?
What are the best snacks for Type 2 diabetics that can be bought at service stations?
What's up with this?
muscle fatigue caused by high blood sugar?
Is it true that Demi Lovato has Diabetes?
blood sugar?
Can large doses of Vitamin B6 help Sickle Cell patients?
Does gelatinous substances within my belly button cause radioactive UVsignals to my alarm clocks crumpet maker
does this really work?
How do you take care of your skin?
I am having psoriasis on my legs thighs & hip.Should i tell my partner before marriage?
blood on your body?
how fluid in acute inflammation help in host defence?
wanna know anyone who uses interferone therapy for eradicating HCV and it worked well.....?
Staph Infection??
Where can I get hepatit B vaccin? I am living in Irvine.?
Will a fever get worse if you fatty stuff?
Help, I just caught cold last night due to cold weather...?
what height and weight should nearly 17 years old be? i am 4'11 and weigh almost 8 and a half stones?
I'm always cold is it something you could suggest I take to build blood.?
My eyelid is twitching! Please help!?
What could be causing tightness, stiffness and pain on the back of my knee?
Flashes sun light in eyes?
Small bumps between fingers what can they be?
How much water would one have to drink before you overdose? Possibly die?
How can I prevent doo-doo stains in my underwear?
Too low blood pressure and altitude sickness?
why is it dangerous to have Implanon when you have high cholesterol?
Does anyone know of any dysautonomia specialists?
Possible heart problem... should I be worried?
Trying to find anyone who has an AVM?
Why does your mucus go green/yellow when you have a cold?
Liver transplant?
Is ALS reversable or does it just get worse?
resistant to HIV and AIDS.?
Did anyone notice G.W. Bush had white powder on his nostril on the Fox Noise channel the other day?
Is it true that a smoker can bring smoke from their lungs even months after they have stopped smoking?
Eucalyptus Oil???
Breath loss.?
I am 33 and have smoked thirteen years.?
I've been coughing up blood?
Question, very important to anyone with personal knowledge of CPAP machines?
How do I get out of the cycle where I don't start feeling tired or sleepy until 4 to 5 A.M.?
What are the colored plastic strips above a doctors examining room for?
How do I get back on my regular sleep schedule?
I have always loved sleep. i can sleep through my alarm, ect. Is there something wrong?
what are the benefits of walking bare -footed on grass covered with dew drops? ?
Does cracking your fingers really cause arthritis?
Shower morning or night?
Is it true that writing on your hand/skin in pen is bad for you?
When you make new contacts, do you feel like you're betraying your old-school Y!Homies somehow?
Oh no! I'm looking for my pet.?
How do they test you to check for all stds?
can colostomy bags be temporary?
Brain Tumor Inquires?
Bone marrow donation (UK)?
My brother earlier had B+ blood group. Now it is O+. Ma is O+ and Papa B+. how can blood grou change?
I have a pie for a face.....?
What is this.....???Is it just the flu or something else....?
How long to take Bactrim?
can you get mono without having tonsils?
Liver Falure simptoms?
Chicka-Chicka-chicken pox.?
Can you diagnose tonsillitis yourself? How?
Are people still dying of curable diseases...?
Is it true that Red wine helps you lose weight?
How many calories do you burn swimming?
What is the difference between Athlean X and P90X?
will working out/building more muscle stunt my height growth or not allow to me grow tall?
Do men have problems with Cellulite?
Should we not have looked at the scale?
Which keeps the doctor away more: An apple, or a lousy HMO?
Am I at a good weight?
How does the current health care system in America work?
what are the pro's and con's of your medical records being electronically stored on The NHS database?
Why Do I Kick My Legs In My Sleep?
love to pick my nose?
How many people choke to death of food a year? Have you ever heard of a person dying this way?
What really happens when you crack your knuckles? and does it really give you arthritis?
Is getting hot all over after drinking alcohol an allergic reaction ?
what is a class 3 allergy to peanuts?
intolerance & allergies?
Seasonal allergies are killing me...I'm taking 1-2 claritin a day and it clearly does not work, what can I do?
How do you live with your hayfever?
what exactly is the critter that tickles your throat and makes you cough like crazy?
How can Acupuncture release hidden emotional blockages?
Is medicinal cannabis good for my chronic fatigue syndrome?
Child seriously ill as flu shots suspended. Is this the start of truth?
What are some NATURAL ways to boost my immune system to ward off the flu this year?
Husband stinkin farts can he take a supplement to stop this?
Right side Abdominal / Oblique pain. Is it something I should get looked at asap?
Dizziness related to sinus pressure...?
does anyone have problems with sleeping??how can this be adjusted?
What sounds does your noise machine make as you fall asleep?
How Do I Stop Biting My Nails....(on fingers)?
Changing your eye color...medically? Is this true?
if the human eye was a camera, how many mega pixels would it be?
Why does this happen?
Can you do homemade Braille?
tylenol overdose?
Can I get an infection from cutting my fingers on my braces?
Is it any good me asking you what I can do about my sunburn, my empty wallet and my headache?
My wife is trashing the house and has bloody diarrhea?
What is the best thing to put on fire ant bites?
I can't straighten my finger...??
Acne Problems?
what causes bags on your eyes?
How do I get rid of a blood blister within 2 days without popping it?
Should you let a dog lick your face?
How do I insert another person a rectal suppository?
What causes nitrogen bubbles to develop in joints?
I CAN'T ******* SLEEP!!?
Eyesight getting worse?
Question for Nurses,Doctors, and others related.....?
When's the proper time to take Cherifer?
Help, I Can't Sleep At Night?
Why are Doctors receptionists SOOO rude?!?
When was the last time you fell asleep in front fo the Television.?
Swelling near the heels. Remedy please.?
getting headaches from working?
Massages , is it normal to have pain and bruising afterwards ?
What can I do for arthritis? I have pain in my left hand?
Fibromyalgia, arthritis, Raynaud's syndrome, Sjogren's syndrome: I have it all!?
to treat hepititus c with micro electricty germ killer " godzilla"?
I'm pregnant and have the flu, what can I take?
what are all the diseasees which penicilin has cured??
wresting and staph?
Medical Professionals Only: What are the chances of contracting HCV through sharing of sublingual tablets?
how come my throat huts when i cough and swollow. and yet throat is really swollen?
Blood Pressure (Hypertension)?
what are the effects of training on stroke volume?
Marijuana heart rate/Attack?
I got a letter from my Doctor to go for a heart?
8 Month old baby has asthma... please read.?
my mom keeps coughing?
How do i know if my baby has Pneumonia?
Mucomyst with Atrovent?
advair asthma diskus, oral steriod. side effects?
Could you do this? And does this mean my lungs allow CO2 as an inhalent?
What's a good exercise to strengthen your hips?
Does standing up instead of sitting help you burn energy?
How do you make your metabolism faster in order to lose weight?
How can i gain 10 pounds real quick?
How can a 13 year old girl lose like 5-10 pounds fast but without having to buy specific foods.??
How many calories a day should a "street walker" consume?
What's the best way for a really lazy guy to get ripped and shredded fast?
How can I be less lazy?
how to lift weights the RIGHT way?
Swine Flu Question...?
how do i measure the effect of antibiotics on bacterial growth?
Swine Flu and My Visit to London?
Feeling ill, But don't know what it is.?
how will zithromax react with dianabol and testovarin?
What condition can cause the following symptoms?
How long does it take for mumps to clear up?
Is this a serious category?
Why are Borderline Personality Disorder people so good at making people become infatuated with them?
Help for a friend suffering depression...advice needed.?
Please say something to make me smile..............?
what 's color of your life?.....life is now...by totti and gattuso?
Pro's && Con's For BRACES?
Do you ever use a Tooth Pick?
Who does God go to for teeth whitening?
Are there any benefits of using chewing gum?
When you go to dentiest?
Why do I get SO many cavities?
[why] do you chew on your pencils?
know anything about GI dieting?
I cant gain weight.?
My father has a brain aneursym?
blood zit on inner thigh ?
what age did you grow out of acne?
what is the best cure for a stomach ache?
What are the best types of crystals to give to a friend who is suffering from depression?
Crystal Healing treatments?
What is WRONG with believing in Alternative Medicines?
Are there healers in the 5th dimension?
Does Hep C every get totally cured?
What is subarachniod cyst and can you die from it?
does all hepatitis b infection leads to liver cirrohosis? how to prevent one from having that complications?
Going to the dr this afternoon to see if I have shingles?
Do I get sick from kissing my boyfriend?
Soar throat with phlegm on the roof of my mouth, body ache, and headache. What is this?
My dad and sister have the flu and i really don't want to be sick for v. day. how can i keep from getting it
How can I get myself into the hospital?
What causes dark rings under the eyes when we're tired??
Why am I developing scab marks on my leg?
How do I start using EFT for cancer?
What is the nature of the HIV mutations which makes him so difficult to find a cure?
I am 99% certain that I have hypothyroid?
no i didnt put scissors in my ear pt 3?
I a have just been told I have got parkinson disease can any one help ?
Hemorrhoidal itching advice?Do I need professoinal treatment?
Why is the iris of our eye coloured?
The pros and cons of getting contacts?
Can you switch between brands of contacts without a new prescription?
Fell asleep with contacts in my eyes for the first time?
eye color changement?
contacts give me your oppinion:?
What are good exercises to do to burn stomache, thigh, and but fat?
Which one is easier ' Gaining weight or Loosing weight ?
i weight like 105lbs and wants to lose weight to like a 98lbs...wat should i do?
How Can I Get Weight Loss Program?
Do diet shake eating plans actually work? Which is best for weight loss?
How can I get a flat stomach really fast? Im slim everywhere except I have a bit of a tummy?
How do I look?
Why do men with big bellies (On a hot day) walk around in their front yard showing off their fat belly?
♥ Would a pinched nerve cause a headache accompanied by ...?
Can anything be done to cure a Morton’s neuroma other than orthotics or surgery?
Almost 2 months after a total knee replacement is it normal for my knee to still be red and hot?
Oxycontin Withdrawal?
Why does my back hurt?
blood pressure medication question?
Lexiscan...a new stress test. Should I be so terrified?
stabbing pain in heart?
Would you have catheter ablation for Afib after reading http://adventuresincardiology.wordpress.com/?
What are the symptoms of swine flu?
My Rheumatologist confirmed that I am + Anti DNA Antibodies.. But he will not confirm it as Lup?
Facts on Encephalitis?
I went to the doctor and he said I have a stomach virus. As I was leaving he asked what age kids I cared for?
Is there a vaccination to protect you against dutch elm disease?
i have a chicken pox, how will i have to isolate myself so that it will not spread to my wife and kids at home?
Can you please help? Could this be dangerous?
Getting rid of a bruise?
How to eat with chronic stomach problems?
What is the name of the skin disease that causes a person to have raised warts all over the skin?
how do you get rid of most of your acne in one day?!?!?
HEALTH - what is more dangerous?
Any quick way to help get over...?
Yahoo People:How is Mucus formed?
When a person goes to the doctors with flu symptoms how do they tell if it's swine flu or not?
How did the Swine Flu start in Mexico?
information on treatment for mrsa?
Swine flu vs SARS vs Y2K?
can pigs get the swine flu? my husband is a pig can he get the swine flu?
How do you cure heartbreakk?
please help me, thank you?
Is it true when you get swine flu you are capable of time travel?
Is it normal for eye color to change?
Is it normal for the pupil of your one eye to be larger than the other?
Besides surgery, how else can you improve your eye vision?
contacts dried out for about 10 minutes?
if my eyesight isn't clear anymore, is their still a chance for it to go back in the clear state?
My CONTACTS have turned READ, what is THIS madness?
Do you ever feel sorry for contacts at level one and want to throw a few BAs their way?
scars.getting rid of them????
Can you get stomach ache if you read after having meals?
ways of getting rid of acne?
Can herbs be used to heal minor ailments?
Indian natural herb Tulsi to fight back swine flu?
What Do You Think of this New Method of "Starving" Cancer Cells instead of "Killing" Them?
how do you cure an earache?
Quantum Elbowology and charka alignment?
Is is true ? I've seen those kinokie foot pads that are supposed to rid your body of toxins from your foot?
I have an issue-i'm always hungry!?
Question about SPIRULINA once and for all?
Cranial Manipulation - what does it mean when they say there is a lot of pressure...?
Signs of dehydration?
Chronic Fatigue?
Awake all night and sleeping in the day?
Do you like to long range plan or spur of the moment stuff?
i smoked weed 2 nights ago and i still feel realy weird but just less weird than before. can this happen?
What can you do if youve been sitting down for a long time and your leg has gone to sleep and wont wake up?
how do you lose weight?
I need to lose 60 pounds?
What is better health wise almonds or walnuts?
What should I do for lunch?
What is a good way to eat relatively low-carb while still watching calories?
Hi, do you think this is a healthy daily routine?
Would you prefer to be a bag of bones to look at or a bit overweight?
Why does exercise make your food taste better?
Is a low thyroid caused by a hormonal imbalance? If so should I quit eating too much soy ?
Preventing scalp sunburns?
What's it like to have an eating disorder?
What are my possibilities for getting health insurance coverage through Medicaid or another provider?
What causes goosebumps?
Maybe Obama's health care plan should be broken into installments, with the first focusing on obesity.?
I have EXTREMELY low Vitamin D levels...?
does normal cigarette smoke smell different to cannabis cigarette smoke?
not had any BM for 6 days, done 3 fleets enema and mag citrate no relief. No stool rectum lots of rectal?
Should Florida be concerned about Swine Flu?
Roaccutane -- side effects?
Can hypoglycemia come and go throughout a person's life?
Diabetic 76 year old father with no insulin?
What is the safest way to get rid of blisters?
How do I keep the edema in my legs, ankles and feet under control?
What is known about colloid silver?
How is it that we get sick from eating food tainted with E. coli ...?
what is the probability of dying from swine flu?
How can I make sure I get swine flu?
can the swine flu get me?
Swine flu, do you know anyone...?
Dry Elbows?
How can a healthy lifestyle reduce the risk of cancer? What can you do?
Where can i find deflazacort?