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What are the causes for Leucoderma ? Can it be cured completely? can it be prevented?
Have you been affected/infected by your?
Urgent and serious- is it true? Is it possible?
can you get an std for sticking like drum sticks and thngs in your butt.?
I have swine flu! Please help :/(really bad , dry cough)?
Can Hepatitis or HIV (or other nasties) be transmitted in blood fractions?
Have you had your swine flu vaccine yet? Some do not want to take it.?
Is it normal to keep a headache/migraine the whole time youre on the pegylated interferon?
what part of the body and how does the flu attack the body?
has anyone been inside a virgin when she sneezed?
Should we ask Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey what to do about swine flu?
Can you get third degree burns from hemorrhoids?
How'd you get that scar?
What are the chance of a successful liver transplant ?
OK I need help here, I have this huge zit on my buttocks and I want to know if it is safe for me to use?
Is it necessary for a virus to be isolated "outside" of the host organism to fulfill Koch's Postulates?
Are the staph outbreak and the droughts connected?
Is there a pregnancy related condition that is similar to optic neuritis?
What is the mortality rate for H1N1 influenza?
I found out what my sister has...?
pig dissection durring swine flu?
I've got the flu!!!!!?
Anybody out there suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? If so, any advice?
Is there such a thing as people being allergic to Avocado?
Can nasal steroids help with allergies and make me a veiny, ripped, hulking beefcake?
Are you allergic to Plasters?
Has anyone had any luck with "Supple," a drink containing glucosomine and chondroitin?
Why is my mouth so dry?
Does vegetarians have lower cholesterol level ?
I haaaaas a blue waffle !?
My cheeks and chin are really itching, flaking, and burning. Could this be caused from her yeast infection?
i found a cute guy on the way to the mailbox. He looks a little dirty though. if I dip him ?
I sat on a public toilet after some guy who was Mad At Gravity, and now I have crabs! What do I do?
Who wants to build six packs abs?
How much is too much exercise?
How many coffee breaks does one need in a day before
How many calories does a person looses while laughing, talking and practicing the Yoga?
Whats some good easy weight loss ideas?
What makes a puppy throw up, pee blood and lose weight fast???
at any point in your life have you been overweight?
Is it good to take a short nap, i.e 30-45 minutes when you feel tired?
How long would it take my breasts to sag if I keep taping them down.....?
'Why' Arthritis question..........?
What would happen if sprem got into the vadge?
are perfumes harmful for skin???
Are the Infectious Diseases section's TCs and regs happy about Swine Flu because...?
what is an interferon beta and interferon alfa?
Diarrhea blood and mucous.?
I am noticing this from contacts as well as myself. Do you have question diarrhea when returning from a trip?
Is it safe to fly since the out break of swine flu?
My sister put on Levofloxacin for 7 days will it cure her 2 infections?
A doctor told me I have anemia that is particular to only those?
What is the difference between leukemia and lymphoma?
My herpes are acting up again?
What does it really mean, medically, when something is 'septic'?
what can a man do to get rid of cold?
How to bring a fever down...?
What precautions should be taken to prevent swine flu?
is hepatitis a deadly?
Has anyone every taken the antibiotic "Augmentin"?
how can we tell if we have swine flu?
Do you think a certain food i ate, got me sick or is this just a stomach bug? (Details inside!)?
Can I negate the bad effects of my high Sodium diet by drinking a lot of water?
What are the 3 most serious health risks associated with physically inactive adolescents?
What are the side effects of this new "Beer and Boiled Eggs" diet I've been hearing so much about?
What is a good diet when you have a diabetes (high blood sugar)?
How to lose some stomach fat in one month?
Is it true that eating the same thing every day can cause a weight loss plateau?
I'm addicted to cycle classes! What can I do about it?
How many virgins does Madonna eat for breakfast every morning?
Has anyone experienced laryngitis associated with the H1N1 flu?
very weak immune system?
Why do we need to breathe?
Is candle smoke harmful to be breathing in for a few hours?
what is tuber closis.?
Do you think mankind will ever find the cure for the common cold?
How can I pick up the pieces and get my life back on track?
My doctor wants me to have a blood test done for following, why?
Does anyone know the ages and health conditions of the Mexicans killed by Swine Flu?
If I take an anti-inflammatory that lasts for 24 hrs is it ok if I take something else if I get a headache?
Could swine flu be self inflicted?
Killing Fields?
What are "Lifestyle Diseases"?
I had Welsh Rabbit for lunch. Does that increase my chances of a visit from ?
What might be wrong with me? Symptoms included?
Is it true --Cancer to Surpass Heart Disease as World's Leading Killer?
Are oral contraceptives really necessary?
Do I have leukaemia?
Why would someone suddenly start getting abscesses?
Does anyone know what would cause you to lose your sense of smell?!?
Will you pray for my mom?
What Is a Staph Infection?
Hand Santizers kill 99.9% of the germs. What happened to the .1% germ?
Can N95 disposable industrial respirator masks be used safely in place of the kind they sell in drug stores?
How do you get rid of a sore throat?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
What should I do if I was bitten by Bellatrix Lestrange?!?
how can i lose 30 pounds in two months?
How can I gain weight the healthy way?
It is believed that getting up early in the morning is healthy? How?
Can you *really* target an area for toning and weight loss?
How do I learn to do the splits by myself?
Additional weight loss needed after 10 yr gastric bypass?
For those who love to run.....?
I lost over 140 pounds in just two weeks. Do you want to know how I did it?
I am kinda small for my age?
Diabetics who have went off of meds. what do you do on a regular basis?
Does a high or low blood sugar at night affect your dreams?
Do you think it's possible that mosquitoes like diabetics better because their blood is sweeter?
A girl I'm dating has Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. What can I do to be cognizant/sensitive to her condition?
what can i eat to stay heathy as a diabetic and also to save my eyes?
How does one cure "Lockjaw"...?
Early signs of lung cancer?
What is Eczema?
BACK ACNE!?! help please im desperate & very upset!!!?
If a flu shot is going to give you flu like symptoms, how long after would you start to feel them?
A cancer patient...a true friend?
Alexandria's Genesis?
have you ever felt like there was something lodged in your brain?
We've got white, yellow & green. What are some projects I can do with my kidlets using cervicular discharges?
"If I haven’t been outside during the day for over three years (night job) what level SPF should I use when I
Why do some think that HIV do NOT cause AIDS?
How are sinus infections developed?
Is it possible to get over the swine flu without a vaccine?
I have to take the H1N1 vaccine?
Can cold sores be a sign of illness?
Can my dogs, cats and my hamster get swine flu if they were near swine flu sick people?
I have a very bad viral infection in my mouth?
Why is everyone overreacting over SWINE FLU?
why do i sweat so much during school?
how do you get sunburns out?
What and how bad is stage 1 breast cancer?
cancer patients...what gives you hope?
I am 29 i been smoking since 15, if i quit now can i live as long as i would if i didnt ever smoke?
Are you allergic to any kind of food? ?
Could i be suffering from hay fever? ?
i was out doing sum training and the temp was -8. my nasal cavity hurts?
Does anybody else get all teary eyed when?
Do you think a nose-diaper would be the solution to counterbalance a big ol' nose attack?
Is it possible to donate lungs with asthma?
Where can I get the machine for the Asthma Inhalation Solution?
Ascites: Have you or anyone you know been diagnosed?
Why is it when you're sad, you feel an ache in your chest?
I told this guy that I have a really bad sore throat?
what are the water based fruits to be used on skin, especially face???
What is a "soft diet"?
Does eating yogurt give you culture ?
Eggvey<I> When was the last time you had, "poached eggs"?
Question about dead weight?
If rice is a high carbohydrate food that is not good for you, then why do we not see more obese Chinese people?
How many calories can a person hope to burn up with 20 minutes of vigorous lovemaking?
What is mercer Staph? What causes it? Is it cureable? Contagious?
Are children any less vulnerable to the swine flu after the first shot?
i really need answers plzzzzz thanks! how do people get diagnosed with leprosy?
If you were accidentally stick with a needle, from whom would you want it to be?
who should get a flu shot?
Can THE FLU Change Your Taste Buds?
Is it just me, or is Oprah like a plague?
Is there a herb that will open up blood vessels more?
What does it mean if someone has high blood HDL Cholesterol and low LDL Cholesterol levels?
What is a stale donut, STD exactly?
I have acne on my face and back, how can i get rid of it easily without using much money?
My arm is looking pretty freaky at the moment. What do you suppose it wrong with it?
What would cause a sudden on set of dehydration?
Where can I order The SmallPox Vaccine?
Where can i find a RELIABLE store to buy original TAMIFLU drug?
Zombie Infection; The initial outbreak - help?
I've got Swine flu :-(?
Why the low grade of fever only at night?
How did the swine flu start spreading to people?
If I dont have eye drops what else can I use?
When was the last time you were feeling unwell. What caused it?
What's the best way to avoid blood poisoning when my lover bites me.?
Are freckles caused by the sun?
Can anklylosing spondilitis cause heart palpitations?
Should I tell my herpes that I have a boyfriend?
To gain weight, do I have to eat alot of fibre packed food or avoid them?
What are some side effects of replacing a person’s vitamins with Reese's Pieces?
Are there any good pocket sized nutrition reference guides I can hand out to coworkers?
Does the ali weight loss pill really work?
Help! What kind of Phentermine should I get?
Does sleeping immediately after eating causes you to have a pot belly?
at what point did you give up and start wearing stretch pants?
Should you eat only when you're hungry or should you eat at regular intervals so that you dont feel hungry?
Is is possible to catch the flu or pneumonia from a cat?
what is the situation in your country with swine flu?
What would happen if the body never responded to a cold virus?
What are the signs of Pink Eye? ?
Does any one who get this new flu will die or some can survive ?
How can you tell the difference from a virus and just you ate something bad?
Could my pot belly pig have swine flu?
what ever happened to the Bird Flu?
mmr vaccine and delayed reaction?
How scared are you about the swine flu UK (others can answer too)?
What is the disease..?
Do you think the swine flu shots are dangerous?
Why are they saying it's a new form of Flu when it's been known about for at least 90 years?
what can't your immune system recognize and tehn destroy the HIV virus(es)?
Am i gonna get rabies and die?
I have fecal body odor?
Question about Thyroid Removal?
How do I get rid of skin tags on my neck?
If you have a fever, what is the only prescription?
Does anyone here know anything about the rare skin disease bullosa or know someone who has it?
Smoking for 36 years.... does my dad probably have lung cancer right now?
i wish to find a neurological examination of male scrotum and penus(medical only )?
What daily habits distance you from your natural state of well being?
How can I make sure I'm drinking enough caffeine?
How much do you exercise?
heart pain during jogging?
Have YOU ever met anyone that was physically stronger than they appeared?
Do you have bad heart burn every day even if you eat very little?
how to get really skinny thighs?
How can a 13 year old lose weight?
Will Tinactin work on mu fupa fungus?
Skin iD...?
Does anyone know if this method of tick removal works?
Haemorrhoid Treatment?
Spiritually speaking: Are we close to a cure for cancer?
Why does the dietitian counselor tell diabetics to eat peanut butter? Diabetics need lots of fat?
A good bread for diabetics?
I am a Diabetic! Why is it that when my blood sugar goes up high I crave diet soda like crazy?
Should you continue to play baseball when you have a super high blood sugar?
Does the practical give away of antibiotics suggest there really is a plan to reduce population?
since when do doctors not treat bronchitis with antibiotics? Yes it may be viral but wouldn't it be better .,.?
What is a greater risk to public health - smokers or car exhaust?
Can we get infected if someone was sick and they farted and the other person inhales all the gas/bacteria?
pneumonia!? high temperature! Help me!!!?
Smoking...27 Club...connection?
Singapore's Prima Deli cakes cause of food poisoning? What's the Cause?
Can a person have "Shingles" more often than once?
who is susceptible to death by the swine flu?
if handwash kills 99.9% of bacteria whats the 00.1 percent that it doesnt kill?
Why pigs are being blamed for swine flu?
I think i have a stomach bug ! Please help!?
puss alert need lots of commands?
Whos successfully found a GoogleWhack?
Can someone please translate the diagnosis below into plain English for me?
Have you ever suffered twice from deja vu?
does viagra have any effect on a female body?
Why is everyone so freaked out about the Swine Flu?
what is the difference between cold and flu?
Why is everyone in a panic about swine flu?
How are cold viruses spread and how long can the germs live on a surface?
i heard swine flu is in my state now. help?
What does the 1 in H1N1 stand for?
Are there swine flu cases in your town?
Was swine flue made purposely in labs?..?
Is there an alternative to inhalers for allergies causing asthma?
is there a hayfever/sinusitis injection cure? or acupuncture cure?
dry throat?
Weight Watchers point system. How many points a day can I have.?
What are some good and quick ways to lose weight in one month?
Why do you get skinnier when you sleep?
How much weight do you normally gain around the holidays?
Stopping smoking help?
TB in the lungs, what are the implications of being Rifadin resistant?
Do you plan on getting the swine flu vaccine?
How long does it take to show symptoms after being exposed to a stomach virus?
What should I do to prevent myself from becoming ill?
Common cold, allergies, swine flu?
is it enough to use Dettol spray(or any disinfectant) on toilet seats in public toilets ?
What are the chances I have H1N1, and when would I show symptoms? (If I had it)?
Have you heard about the latest virus? I thought I should warn you!!?
Was media wrong to call Texas swine flu death, 1st US death?
Is it true that a tightly laced corset causes fainting?
Are there any diagnostic tests to identify whether a person suffers from Parkinson's disease? Read details?
Moveable lump.. do they tend to be benign or is that a myth?
Why do some mosquito bites get much more swollen and painful than others?
Who can i get my hard headed mother to spot smoking??? PLEASE HELP B4 I DIE!!!?
My grandads got cancer! I can't cope!!?
Are these symptoms of a serious problem?
What's the diferrent between cyst and abcess?
What to do and what food to eat to develope immunity inorder to tackle with flues?
How come tetanus vaccine give life-long immunity when some other vaccines don't ?
Fact: AIDS is stopped by a gene in some people. Where is the gene therapy for that...?
Husband diagnoised with Hep C, need help?
Indians:Are you wearing a mask when you go out in public,to protect yourself against Swine Flu?
If marijuana is legalized for severe illness...?
Could someone get me a list of foods to avoid if you have an ulcer?
Edema (swelling) in lower legs and ankles during summers?
Why are my public lice all dying or jumping ship, so to speak?
What do you think of smokers?
Low Blood Platelet Count?
what would happen if you changed saline water in the iv to regular water?
How many of the RN's out there understand the difference between COPD and CO2 retention?
What is the best way to stop snoring at night when sleeping?
how do you keep yourself feeling fresh, energetic even after a tiring day ?
How come morning height is different from evening height ?
What is the best way to stop emotional eating?
Enough with the dieting spam already!?
How does a 17 year old Girl get a toned stomach.. any exercises ....?
How can I quit smoking?
When will I start seeing result for taking Proactol diet pills?
how to burn fat easily?
If you lose a shoe in a strip bar, would you ask a dancer to look in the back for it?
acne cures?
Have you seen my heart?
Exactly what is being used to treat the H1N1 virus for those getting admitted to hospitals?
my child got the nasal mist swine flu vaccine and i denied it what can i do?
i am having throat pain not any other symptoms swine flu is i having swine flu?
Spinal Meningitis in a five month old baby?
I'm always sick every other week?
Why is it that every time after I drink RedBull,my heart starts pumping fast and I feel sorta stressed?
Nutricionists: How is Olive oil good for the body? Does it cure any diseases?
How can I stop smoking?
Clogged lymph node underneath one eye. Anything to help ?
What do you do when you have an itch you cannot scratch?
How long after exposure to swine flu do symptoms take to generate?
Is the new swine flu virus contagious? What are the symptoms of swine flu?
Can I still be a carrier for H1N1 if I've been vaccinated?
Why did they rename the Swine Flu to H1N1?
I have a son who is Hepatitis B positive. At the moment, he is on no drugs. May I know if there is any cure.I
Bio / Germ / Virus Dr's and Scientists how bad will the Swine Flu get?
Can someone explain to me Natural Immunity when it comes to Uncontacted Peoples?
Swine flu - if someone had it....?
So i was wondering what people's opinions are on the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine?
how many calories & fat does bacon have?
What is a good exercise program for back problems?
How can I stop feeling so nauseated after workout?
What are your fitness goals? (If any)?
Atkins Diet question....?
How can u increase your endurance?
Is that right ... you shouldn't eat too much pineapple?
Stupid question...?
i get neck headaches from carrying things what exercise will help stop this?
What' the best way to get rid of mosquito bites the quickest (Day88)?
I saw a site on TV advertised as RAinsider.com. It's about arthrtis, but can't find the site. Anyone seen it?
Why did my legs start to itch like crazy the last 2 times I went walking?
if u take valtrex does that put u in remision from herpers an u wont' give it to ur patner while they r wearin?
What is the difference between an antigen and a pathogen?
Just phoned the swine flu helpline..?
What does this swine flu data really mean?
Swine flu = lab fopa?
is it true that beavers carry some sort of disease that a human can get by coming in contact with them?
Have you found a cure for this man flu?
is there really a shortage of TamiFlu?
Why when we dizzy we can vomit?
neonatal seizures.......?
is ADD caused by Lead exposure?
Weird purple circle in the middle of my forehead? Help please?
Raised rash and black circles – what does this sound like?
What is a good cure for gravel rash?
How did But Scratchuh get rid of his STD's?
Do you think surviving cancer shortens your life in the future?
Will you pray for me? I really need this money....?
I think I'm going to die, and I'm scared?
Can diabetes cause these symptoms?
How come Chinese people eat such a high-carb diet that is centered on rice or noodles yet don't have diabetes?
GIMME SOME SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Anybody else have children with diabetes?
If both of my parents had diabetes would it be likely I'd get it to ?
Are there any other Diabetics out there that crave soda when their blood sugar is high? Why does this happen?
How much you know about diabetes? Why people try to shy away from it, even if they have it?
All T1's I have met are incredibly brilliant people. Does T1 diabetes force you into a mental edge?
Why do men lose weight (typically) faster than women?
is it ok to follow chocolate diet to loose weight?
What diet solely consists of Cadbury mini eggs and Jack Daniels?
how can i reduce my tummy in 1 month?
Does the time of day affect how many calories you burn while exercising?
Burning eye.. Cut or infection??!?!
What's is the best way to burn fat?
recovering from anorexia/toning up?
What is the weirdest food that you eat on a regular basis?
Are u going to get vaccinated for the swine flu?
OMGSH I accidently ate a mango with fungus on it!!?
I feel like Im getting the flu, what can I do now to make it easier?
Does gangrene hurt?
Are Flintstones vitamins complete for adults?
Infant and open heart surgery?
Would you take someone to Emergency because their Blood Pressure was sky high for over 12 hours?
please pray for my grandpa?
Did Jenny McCarthy cure her son of autism or was it a misdiagnosis?
I have 2 more months to live?
Do you share your Crabs.......?
What does it take to because a neonatal nurse?
Can I take a double dose of 10mg prednisone to help with a mild asthma attack?
Attention: COPD and emphysema sufferers?
Can you get high from smoking the Shisha?
How do I wash my hair if I have shingles (herpes zoster) extending deep into my hairline?
Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, what happens?
How does a bacterial infection turn mucus green?
Do I have a small infection....?
Are people panicking and acting hystericaly with this swine flu virus?
Does Chemotherapy always result in total hair loss?
HELP what helps with SEVERE insomnia? Can not sleep at night only day?
Are there any diseases/illnesses which are a hundred percent fatal?
Why Are you so Harsh?
How can you manage a trip to Six Flags with celiac disease?
is it possible to get STDs by mansturbating?
Will America cancer survival rates drop to equal those of Europe?
Can you give me some information on bowel cancer?
Do you have small hands or big hands?
If tylenol is an a mild analgesic, then how does it break a fever?
How many people have had Swine Flu in the UK?
How to get over a cold fast?
What sickness do I have?
i have a few questions on Swine flu...help?
If I get enough high fructose corn syrup, will it protect me from swine flu?
Do you think the swine flu will be spread flu virus will spread accross the world?!!!?
does quick trim work and is it really worth the cost?
How can I decrease my stamina?
Do you eat a little often or eat a lot, but eat less often?
Vomiting after running?
how do you know when you are really hungry?
do you tend to eat more or less when depressed...?
Does Water Actually Make You Thin?
Do you need a juice boost?...x?
I have a female friend who is having severe problems with hives can u help me?
What are the symptoms of brain tumour & how can one detect it ?
What are these tiny red dots that I have on my body?
Anyone try "urine therapy" for acne??
What are foods and drinks that I should avoid if I currently have a throat infection?
is drinking milk bad when you have a cold or flu?
does reducing fever prolong the duration of a virus?
Do I have the Swine Flu?
Why is my chest infection getting worse after taking antibiotics? Please help me!!?
Do I need a perscription? Pig Flu!!?
how do u feel when u first get swine flue ?? and what do u feel like ??.....?
how many of you think that the "swine flu"H1-N1 was a hoax?
Who is A.G. Urological Sciences Inc. of Sunrise FL?
Could I have Insomnia?
Do gastrointestinal cancer symptoms usually show up gradually, or quickly?
Dementia:Will you pray for mom?
How exactly do bone marrow transplants work.. and would I be able to donate?
Does flexibility determine artery blockage?
Should having high blood pressure be a competition?
Why does my heart beat so hard?
Question on Cholesterol level.
What is the effect of smoking bans?
Do you tell long winded seemingly?
Which is better Silicone or Saline?
How long do I need to fast to do "fasting lab" work?
why we crave for fatty food when we are depress or anxious?
Ugh, I am so angry with myself..?
I need to get a gift for a guy that's into yoga..any ideas?
whats the best way of loosing weight? no pills or patches please.?
Do you think we will be fine by only consuming fresh water for 40 days and nights?
is brown bread healthier than white?
how can i get taller?
Did you lose weight with the pink patch?
Why do some people get the flu when they get vaccinated for it ?
should the cooked food (dal,sabzi)be kept open in the refrigerater?
What makes some illnesses contagious, and some non-contagious?
Swine Flu and SARS question?
A friend had a blood test, her ALT levels are 369 (40 should be the highest) what does that mean?
Why doesnt food with salmonella bacteria in it taste or smell bad?
Will a person always produce hiv antibodies?
How do I get rid of my parotiditis!?
what should i do i just found out that im hiv+ and im only 16?
what are the seven tpes of herpes?
Can a completely paralyzed person feel sensations, such as heat?
WBC count of 37 and leukemia, how bad is it?
Why don't my contacts like me?
Can i get aids from banging a horse?
Prayers are needed for cancer victims & their young families?
what are the chances of dying during heart surgery?
How did you deal with the nights between the time from being diagnosed to the surgery for breast cancer?
does anyone know of any foods and or supplements that may be good for lessening the effects of M.S.?
How long do you have to use a Neti Pot before noticing a significant improvement?
know anyone who has one of those implantable insulin pumps?
Do you think diabetes should be considered a disability?
is it safe to eat and use tomato sauce , is it effected by the virus?
does anybody have a remedy for morgellons symptoms? Such as ringing in the ears and the crawling feeling?
Whatz the rate of success in laser operation of the Eye?
can swallowing one drop of HIV positive blood give you AIDS?
i need an axample of a daily meal plane for a diabetic?
What are stores gonna do with all that pink beast merchandise now that Beast Cancer Awareness month is over?
contracting AIDS?
Diabetics, what have you learned that helps you keep you blood sugar level?
Hey...to all of my contacts and everybody on Yahoo! Answers...?
Are there any confirmed cases of being bored to death?
Are the Skeptics truly what they claiming to be?
Are you a good sleeper? I am not..........the older I get the less I sleep...what is a good remedy for that?
Why so much anger over alternative cancer treatments?
Best home remedy for a sore throat?
Would you give your child, "The Swine Flu Shot Knowing it is linked to Killer Nerve Disease". Would you?
Is fatigue a symptom of high blood pressure? They call it the silent killer. Are there "any" symptoms?
Cardiac question: when diagnosing a TPO, is it possible to sedate the person having it done?
Do you are anyone you know have "Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome?"?
Is there something wrong with me?
Is 111 over 64 blood pressure, ok?
What medicl advanteges does Saline have.?
How likely is it that I have Melanoma?
Has anyone in here had surgery for hyperPAPAthyroidism and then years later had to have ?
PLEASE HELP?very sick child,2yrs old and now low iron?I'm depressed over this.?
Chest Pain, that lingers and becomes sharp?
Is being a GP harder than it was 30 +years ago?
Can a 15 week old baby be given beclometasone and prednisolone in treating cough and vomiting?
How to successfully breakup and remove phlegm and mucus in the throat and chest?
im color blind but can i still join the army???????
Are there any alternative medicine treatments that...?
about reiki?
Healing stones .....................?
What are the best books on herbal medicine?
is it true?
How gutted are quacks (and other vaccine scaremongers) that this girl died from an existing condition?
how to cure from flu/fever fast?
is addection a disease or a choice?
reoccurances of glandula fever?
AIDS deaths in the 1980s--what happened to the bodies?
What is a lola lola worm
can u collect unemployment if u feel ur job i`s contaminated and everyone is getting sick from shingles?
Can you help me with my vertigo?
41/2 yr old with knot on arm,could it be cancer?
Is soy milk healthier than regular milk and if so how?
What is the magnetic diet?
has anyone tried the 3 day fruit flush diet by jay robb?
Cissus - Indian herbs for bone and joint support ~ is it a succesful supplement?
I am quite large, is it possible for me to lose weight quickly?
How to girls maintain a flat stomach?
I'm trying to get into "summer shape"?
What are some causes of colorblindness in one eye?
Is the flu really that dangerous?
What causes the Anti E antibody?
made out with my gf and im wondering if i got mono?
What should people with good immune systems do upon having swine flu?
I'll get a written warning if I'm off sick, but I'm ill!?
Is it normal to feel bloated after eating some Dear Friends?
Are headaches preventable?
I have suffered painful seizures for 20 years.....?
when someone has a heart attack, why is there pain in their arm?
Will you share the Saturnalia with me while I tend to another stroke?
Can anyone please explain to me what Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) is. My 16 year old is being tested?
any cardiologist out there?
Is heart disease something you usually go to the doctor for?
how do i stop sweating in school?
Is there any correlation between BMI and mental sharpness and brain functioning of a person?
Why are my normally soft cheeks like sandpaper?
I Need a good song to express smoking and the dangers of nicotine. Any ideas?
What is a lung drain and how does it work?
how does the smoking patches and gum really work?
I need research info, Please help????
Is it dangerous to smoke a stick of cinnamon?
If everyone on the Earth was quarantined for a period of 2 weeks or more, would the cold and flu disappear?
how do you know if someone has contracted rabies?
Why does poking yourself down the throat induce vomiting? Just curious.?
what do you think does my computer have a fever?
Would swine flu end humanity?
My nerves have been so bad that i can't keep any food down?
Nourishment for fingernails!?
Anyone else here "semi-blind" like me?
panic dissorder / anxity Attacks?
What is the best way to cure foot odor?
How much whisky is to much before breakfast?
Is it okay to go on a brisk walk while my leg muscles are still sore from a workout two days ago?
Are there any foods out there that actually lower cholesterol?
How do I figure weight watchers points without having to join?
Doe you know someone who has drank diet soda her whole life and has always been obese?
Do you take a mulitvitamin everyday to make up for what you don't get in your diet?
How many Weight Watchers Points can I have per day?
How can i slim my face down?
http://www.customhrt.com y is it not avaliable anymore?
Non Hodgkins Lymphoma: What is it and what is the prognosis of someone with someone in stage 4?
What to do about vomiting in sleep?
What is the rationale for letting addicts smoke cigarettes or drink caffeine while in recovery?
hi, can Multiple sclerosis get any worse?
Are you a worry wart?
Do V&V have any "rights" to question?
Why do I feel like this?
What make Mosquitoes bite so itches?
How do you "catch" the flu?
If someone with HIV drops blood in a liquid can you get HIV?
Swine Flu is a joke!!!!?
Between 1918 and 1920, H1N1 killed 50 - 100 million people. Why isn't there more people dead this time?
If the pink ribbion is for breast cancer awareness how come there is no symbol for all the other cancers that?
Ever experienced sore toenails at all?
What would you do for a fat line of Chinese hot mustard powder?
does lemon juice fade acne scars?
How does echinacea work?
What can be behind a Blue Green Algae's nutritive values?
Why do mainstream medical personal in this section always ask for proof !..?
is the batch remedies effects permanent or is there away of making it so it is?
Codex = genocide (3 billion people) Does anybody know about this?
Some people are immuned to HIV (or is it AIDS?) can we use them to create a vaccination?
what is beiber fever?
Do you think swine flu will become an I Am Legend?
Are shingles dangerous to pregnant women?
Could i have lead poisoning?
Swine flu, an Apocalyptic event?
How Does HIV/AIDS not pass to a child a Woman is carrying?
how would i know if i have ink poisoning and what would it look like?
should i complain to the school board for late and invalid info on the swine flu?
getting like vertigo and dont know what it is?
How can you get rid of or reduce stretch marks?
Acne/Blackheads. Someone said I should use GLUE?! So should I?
how likely is it for a 20 year old male to get throat or oral cancer.......?
My mom has stage 4 cancer?
What are the heredity risks associated with cardiac dysrhythmia?
how to get rid of heart palpitations?
What is the difference between a heart attack and Angina ?
my chest hurts when I breath deeply, but it feels like is my heart?
Have you ever suffered a heart condition ?
Flutter feeling in chest near heart?
Could 'red bull' cause 'dilated pupils'?
Your heart..is it in one peace right now?
I need to see a Doctor for my high blood perisher and diabetes.?
what is paras?
Why, 3 years after quiting smoking am I still coughing up phlem?
How did the swine flu come about?
A question about asthma?
for the last five days i've had a cough that won't seem to go away. Do I have anything to worry about?
What exactly is "Walking Pneumonia?" What causes it? What can it lead to? ?
a little confused about this swine flu business?
Is it going to be mandatory that everyone be given the Swine Flu vaccine?
my husband got the chicken pox is it true u can't eat meat if u have the chicken pox?
I have HIV. Can I have a family?
Do you intend to refuse the swine flu jab when it becomes available?
"swine flu" should you be worried!.?
Completely serious here, What is REALLY so bad about the Swine Flu?
swine flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
SWINE FLU: How concerned should I be? Is it really dangerous to all?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
Dime size lump under skin after stitches 3 months ago? ?
In which ways cancer cells are different to normal cells?
What does a absyss on the breast mean ...?
Are there any exercises to make yourself taller?
Any good tips for making yourself fall asleep?
Cause of swallowing problems?
Why does your mouth go dry when you are nervous?
Do you think being mostly Canadian is a good enough reason for me to claim disability?
allergy medicine question?
am i allergic to the cold?
Ugggg I'm allergic to pollen...?
Have you got any strange allergies?
Am allergic to seafood. Why is that? It tastes so good.:'-(?
What is the best portable water purification system?
Why does it seem that most of the diets don't work on over weight people?
how early do you set a healthy eating example for your kids?
How do you tighten a tummy?
Quit smoking and gained weight?
Please help me with the differences we read on low fat milks?
I'd like to lose 6 lbs by the time beach weather hits; any tips?
I am craving burned toast and rotten eggs, do I have a tapeworm?
Does anyone have a positive experience being pregnant and having Diabetes?
A child who's only had diabetes for 5 years is too young for vision problems right?
what causes blood sugar drop? (Please Read Through)?
Where can I find some unverifiable and anecdotal horror stories about universal health care?
Can I get some stars for making it to day 4?
My Mum had secondary lung C she was told yesterday she had 2wks - 2mths but if did cemo it could be longer is?
how do you stop being lazy?
What can hospitals do to keep consumers from worrying their pretty little heads about items on invoices?
Can you tell me about the man who was famous as Father Of Plastic Surgery?
What are the best foods to eat to boost your immune system?
How can I quit smoking?
Is it true that adding a drop or two of bleach to each bottle of water you drink will cleanse your body and?
i woke up and my eyelid was really swollen and my eye is bloodshot?
Who out there can help us out with this problem?
What does it say about people who refuse to wish the best for a cancer victim?
A cry 4 help!!!?
I have a weird question ?
Have you seen the movie Sicko (about the US health care system)?
What is the BEST thing that you do for yourself every day?
What can make you lose the hearing in one ear but not the other and at a young age?
What can I do about my uncontrollable bladder?
Post viral syndrome. Any suggestions?
What preventative measures are being used to reduce the incidence of Skin Cancer?
What is diverticulitis - who is the famous personality sufering from this disease now.?
Looking for information on swollen posterior cervical lymph nodes.?
Very anxious about some symptoms (neurological?)?
what are your views on the 'flu jab' due to have one soon. Not sure how beneficial it is.?
Help! - What's the fastest way of recovering from vomiting bug?
Wrong diagnosis of antibodies?
I am a teenager doing a project on hiv/aids i would really like to interview a young person diagnosed?
i recently got over having mono, or atleast i feel better. how long until i can get drunk again?
what is mad cow disease?
Strep Throat...No Insurance..No Money????
Swine flu vaccine has never been tested on people, mass injections are imminent, will Quackwatch protest it?
What is the true sequence of pranayam.......................?
Should kids be vaccinated?
I want to know about "Letting Go" of a loved one who has passed away years ago?
Do you think homeoquacks even bother diluting their potions to 30C or 30X? Is it even physically possible?
Some people say that homepathics do not work, but if they do not work, how come they work?
Sooo... Ehhh... why is it my hands seem to always go numb about midway through my second pot of coffee?
Why is dealing with your health insurance impossible?
Do you really need 8 hours of sleep every night?
How much does the average hospital room cost per night?
Would you SELL one of your kidneys to a dying multimillionaire stranger who is willing to buy one for $1m?
How fast is recovery after a sinus surgery?
What do you do about headaches that don't go away :) ?
Will you give me a star ? I got a root canal done today :)?
What could it be if you are having side pain......?
removing scars?
Blackheads.....yeakkkkkkkkkkkkk......hel… plssss?
My chest hurts when I coughed and is pretty sore, any ideas what's wrong?
celiac disease?
I have a question about exercise?
I don't know how to lose weight other than not eating?
Does QuickTrim work for weight loss? If so what's the best product to buy?
How often is too often to take a laxative to aid in weight loss?
Which method of cooking vegetables reduces nutrient content the most?
How much weight will I lose? (Pro Ana)?
To see a white light?
Is it bad to drink 1 gallon of water everyday?
What would happen if I drank lime juice with a bit of honey every morning?
What indian government has done to reduce air pollution? and what are the ways to reduce air pollution?
Pneumonia 2 years ago...could it have lead to asthma?
I had a dream where I couldn't breathe and I don't know if it's because I was actually not breathing or not?
Is this a chest cold?
How to throw up with weak gag reflex?
y is smoking weed so bad........?
What are the full forms of AIDS , HIV, SARS, UNESCO? What does the german word "jahre" mean?
Would all antibiotics be effective against a sore throat not due to a cold, or do they have to be specific?
how common is mono?!?
Nurse please.. question about mono???
Lead in lipstick? True or false?
BIRD FLUE;Who is to blame for the UK Turkey Farm Infection ?
people who don't wash their hands after using the restroom...?
My cat mauled a Sugar Plum Fairy.....what should I do?
What is the ideal amount of time for a power nap?
During the work week do you try to go to sleep early? What time is early for you?
Is there any way a hospital can justify charging $2500 a day for a regular room?
Why is it every Sunday right before I have to go back to work I am wide awake and can't sleep?
Why does Wellbutrin seem to make my hands shake and my veins in my hands stick out?
What's an easy way to reprogram your body's clock?
Is there any way to stop the dry heaves?
Have you had moles removed? Do they freeze first? What is involved? Tell me your experience?
Could we legally charge more?
I have a Virus that I cannot get rid of and wondered if anyone else suffers the same symptoms?
How do you get rid of purple under your eyes?
Hi my name serena I just want to know can you catch a std for giveing a lap dance when you are nude and guy?
Can I listen to my ipod during my cleaning?
best way to whiten teeth?
Why does salt water heal mouth sores?
Is there any way to whiten teeth while still wearing braces?
How do you clean you teeth when your have braces?
Help I need energy... This week I can sleep all the time I do not know why, I will?
Why haven't I been able to find Motrin at the store in the past month? Did they quit making it?
Caffine Pills.. Sleeping Pills?
Major surgery 'booked' for next week.Now they call & say forgot to book hospital.What should I do?10 points.
I'm scared?
quit smoking by overloading body with nicotine?
What is Hedonic Adaptation?
Does a low immune system allways indicate HIV/AIDS?
How would you feel if your child were on a team where the coach is an HIV positive?
what are some symptoms of TB disease?
What should i do if I find out the lettuce i just ate was contaminated?
Poll:Best Place to watch irrational Swine Flu Paranoia Unfold?
Why is acne considered a medical condition?
concerened about a mole?
How do I get rid of acne scars?
Any more news on JKid?
I need some help please?
what is the normal blood pressure of a normal healthy man ?
which test is preferable to know a person is not suffering from heart disease? read details?
can you live a while if you develop a heart problem all of a sudden?
I started to feel sick to my Stomach, about a Month 1/2 ago, have gone to the Emergency Room, twice.?
Aplastic anemia causes a reduced number of?
What are possible reasons for sudden blurred vision?
hey , i am a fat guy i noticed under my skin in some area's of my body under my skin some small ball's?
Has Anyone Ever Had An Open Soar On The Body, That Has Turned Into Cancer?
A gene that prevents HIV?
Whats the difference between tonsilitis and glandular fever?
How many grams of e. coli can make someone sick?
Have you ever heard of periorbital cellulitis?
Why is it so infectious to be a size zero?
crayon trouble quenstion?
What does it mean when you've raptured your ear drum?
Does your couch bleed when you pull the couch scab off?
Help! I am at work and I just got stung by a wasp! Twice!?
My brother busted his lip open at school earlier...?
will drinking excessive amounts of water counteract my binge eating?
What parts of your body?
What's better to drink more of in order to lose weight? Water or Green Tea?
What are some tips I can use to chew my food at a slow pace?
do you eat what is put before you or?
Why do so many foods have corn syrup in them?
How valid is this statement: "Regardless of your age, if you are presently healthy, you will probably ?
How is Wisconsin only the 25th fattest state in the USA?
do you have your blood pressure and cholesterol level checked on a regular basis?
Question for people who have been intubated?
Just threw my back out at work, any good tips...?
What kinds of eye exercises can improve your eyesight?
Quit smoking 2 days ago. Cravings keep coming stronger and stronger. How long will this last?
I can't eat, drink, or sleep?
OK a smoking check up to see who have still quit smoking & or have you quit yet ????
Can you be a closet claustrophobic?
Can a neurologist please help me with these test results (brain MRI)?
What are some good antiperspirants to stop hand sweating?
Does anyone else think that Autism is being overdiagnosed?
What is a good website for anorexia?
What do cigarette burns on skin mean?
I have e-gonnoreah and now it burns when I e-pee?
Cannibalism - mouth rash?
How long is a general chiropractic appointment? (Details below):?
Severe, constant abdominal pain?
Is it normal for a teenager to have arthritis?
What could this be , chest and shoulder pain ?
what are the best yoga moves to keep the lower spine flexible in all directions? and what are the best ones..?
Are your allergies dreading the coming springtime weather and pollen?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
Where can I find "Tom Sawyer Gluten Free Products" in Toronto, Canada?!?
Can anyone tell me what foods are calcium rich , other than dairy products ?
Am i allergic to weed?
what causes mouth ulcers?
Is anyone aware of any alternatives to "Midol" as an aid to an extremely painful Menstrual Cycle?
Are you aware that you get more mercury from a Tuna Steak than from an "Autism Causing" vaccination?
Does anyone know if apple cider vinegar helps with Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Should Scientists go to jail when they lie about research results?
Benefits of Rose-Water?
Is Belle's palsy contagious?
do drugs show up on a bladder infection test?
How to prevent yeast infection when on antibiotics?
Staphylococcus aureus should you treat it with antibiotics?
what is the Real cause for Tonsilitis?
How long does it take for alcohol to stop affecting our bodies?
because of kissing?
my sister has amonia can i get it.?
why do i wheeze at night and i cough when ibreathe in dust pleasssssssse help?
What goes on mentally/psychologically while you're recovering from a severe asthma attack?
Wife is quitting smoking - need advice?
why are my eyes puffy in the morning after a great nights sleep?
How do I know if it's just a "headache" or if it's really a migraine?
Do vaccines contain toxic chemicals?
Tried to quit smoking cold turkey, didn't work. Proper dosage reduction?
What is a Prescription Drug Savings or Discount Card can http://u112.usadrugplan.com USA Drug Plan site help?
17 years old and trying to quit smoking. Can I buy over the counter helpers while underage?
how come i wake up with a dry mouth all the time........?
Leg by-pass surgery?
For how long can a person live with unchecked skin cancer?
Can hemp oil cure cancer?
If you are in a coma where do you go ?
How does masterbation lower your risk of getting prostate cancer???
Can someone actually die of a broken heart?
I need your prayers and advice!!?
Um, my PVD just died, I only bought it a week ago. Is that bad?
EGG - good cholesterol, TRUE OR FALSE ???
I have a runny nose...where does it come from?
What is the difference between food allergy and food intolerance?
How to become a "morning person"?
Has anyone had problems with Walmart flip-flops?
What are the symptoms of mono, and how long before the symptoms start to show?
Is it only a myth that you can only get chicken pox once?
chicken pox?
Mutiple Sclerosis...?
Why are UK hospitals always wrong?
is Leukemia causes kidney to fail?, or just another failed medical theory test done by hospital?
Is This Picture Real?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Are mosquitoes attracted more to diabetics?
Chi kung ????
Do You Have Really Good Health Insurance...?
I'm having some trouble with my dongle?
Help! I want to quit smoking (quitters only please)?
serious question..??? my right arm is sort of like falling asleep...????
help me quit smoking please?
Just how forget full are you?
How do i help myself get over low self esteem and low self worth?
How can I increase my memory power?
Why would I have trouble remembering things?
I like Miley Cyrus.....?
Is there a vitamin or something you can take to help with short term memory?
Any tips on how to be more sociable?
How long can you physically take being in a state of panic or anxiety?
If my chemotherapy works, how long will it take for my leukemia to go into remission?
30 f just diagonised with brain tumur.after biopsy results it confims that suffereing with oligoastocytoma II?
does gasoline remove head lice? i'm sick of it...my 8 year old keeps bringing it home.?
whats the hardest food for the stomach to digest?
Need ideas for healthy lunches that fill me up?
Do you know a good exercise to tighten up the abs????
How many miles do I have to run in order to offset 6 Super Sized Big Mac combos and 3 gallons of eggnog?
What are the various benefits of drinking milk everyday?
How can I improve my liver health through diet?
Does anyone have any suggestions for someone just beginning to exercise?
Is it bad to have fallen asleep right after eating?
What is the best way to treat methicillin resistent golden staph (MRSA)?
Can a hamster catch a cold or other human sickness from us ?
Are flu shots bogus?
Why is it called legionnaires' disease?
Can you have tonsilitis if you don't have tonsils?
How does sleep actually work?
does chantix work you quit smoking?
Any advise on quitting smoking?
Fellow Brits: are any of you exercising your right to opt out of having your medical records stored on the new?
Do you think legal action could be taken against this hospital? (it's kind of long)?
Poll<I> Are you saving the worst of spring cleaning?
What can we do to prevent eating disorders in adolescents ?
Dark ring aound people's necks?
I'm burned out with monitoring blood sugar and talking to DR. what should I do?
Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back?
I'm having sleep problems!! please help?
I'm always tired??? ?
How can I fall asleep?
How did others find quitting cigarettes?
What's the longest time you've waited at the hospital/Dr's office?
Im allergic to most pain relivers, any suggestions on how to get rid of migraines naturally?
What to do about waking up with leg cramps?
How many glasses of vodka does it take to stop a headache ?
My head has been hurting a lot lately..what can i do to relieve my headaches?
What is this pain im suffering on the left side of chest ( right near heart ) when i sneeze ?
My thighs are always extremely sore for a few days and I can barely walk after a long satisfying session of...?
Mosquitoes can transmit yellow fever but not aids. Why?
How can I find out how many doses of a vaccine are in a certain Lot #? Do they publish this info?
Help with the Flu?
Is it possible to get rid of staph infection, or does it just stay in your system?
Are these normal flu symptoms?
how could u tell if your throats about to close?
how do i get of a soar throat fast?
Do you Think I have the Flu?
Other than jellyfish, what other natural forms of contraceptive are there?
Anyone has experience with natural antidepressants?
What's the science behind acupuncture?
Please pray for my wife. She is not feeling well and she's having dizzy spells.?
Have you ever attended a rainbow gathering? What was your experience like?
I want to be a nurse and care for the sick...?
Heart Palpitations??
What causes high cholesterol? How can it be controlled?
Does anyone know anything about "heart murmur's" in children!!!?
what are the symptoms of a heart attack?
Could these blood pressure med have hurt me in the long run?
How can you overcome the habit of biting your nails?
What would cause a person's diastolic pressure to rise?
What is the best way to look after your feet?
What is Paraskevidekatriaphobia?
Whats the diff between short-sightedness and astigmatism?
Why don't doctors get sick?
Cystic Fibrosis....do you know what it is?
im doing a project for school on tobacco. do you know how long it would take to get emphysema from smoking?
Cause Of Mesothelioma?
Using a Neti Pot for the first time... What should I expect?
Is any one else a little scared about the swine flu?
Parents who also smoke, Please Read.?
bacterial infection...?
white goop on tonsil? not strep?
how to prevent developing liver cirrhosis among patients with chronic hepatitis b?
A wee bit paranoid, perhaps?
What role do the following play in educating the public against the spread of the HIV virus:?
Can you get the flu 1 week after being exposed to it?
What's the best way to tone your stomach muscles?
Are the lines on your face from stress or smiling?
What is the fastest way to lose cellulite?
Working out again: What can I do about my arms going to sleep?
Without exercise, about how many calories does a person burn a day?
What's the best thing to have for breakfast?
Did you ever get a cramp in your abdominal area?
How do I get the hospital to take me seriously...?
Question for ER nurses: What's the maximum amount of licorice you wouid expect to find in a child's nostrils
What is the best remedy to get rid of and keep from getting boils?
How long does a spider bite last?
how does water get trapped in your ear?
What are the chances that i could catch mono from my brother?
Do you really really think that...?
What happenes if you cough up blood?
I am taking antimalarial Avloclor and Paludrine soon. Do I take the two tablets seperate or together?
Is this flu lab generated?
why AIDS doesnt spread through mosquitoes?
How can I tell if my friendo is using cocaine?
How would you treat Atrial Fibrillation with a Low Ejection Fraction?
My voice gets jittery and my heartbeats go crazy?
I've recently had a heart attack.....is it true that Viagra can be of some help to ppl like me?
Has anyone here ever been resuscitated? And what did it feel like to almost die?
Will I have to stop watching Porky's due to the Swine Flu?
can the dog get swine flu?
I think I've got swine flu...?
If sterility is hereditary can you pass it along to your children?
N1H1 vaccine, is this normal?
When did Swine flu hit Wisconsin?
What's your opinion on the Swine flu outbreak/pandemic?
Do we have more types of viral diseases in this century than at any other time in history?
Am confused - swine flu?
What is the best kind/healthiest orange juice i can buy from the store?
How can I make light to moderate excercise fun?
Exercise is my enemy. How do we become friends?
Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?
Whats a nice way to say no?
Did you know diet soda is dangerous for our health?
How do I make myself throw up more easily and quicker?
How has Xenadrine Ultra worked for you?
Is it normal to have neck and shoulder pain in addition to jaw pain when a wisdom tooth is coming in?
What color is your tooth brush, and what kind of tooth paste do you use?
How to not let the bad breath interfere in our kissing?
When should I expect my second set of adult teeth to grow in?
What happens if you eat after the dentist?
can an infection cure itself without antibiotics?
Do you have any good home remedies for Strep Throat? :[?
Why would anyone market a cold remedy/pill that has possible side effects of flu like symptoms?
What does it mean when your Lymphocytes are low?
does smoking cause tonsillitis ?
Is the Swine Flu shot a conspiracy to brain wash all of us?
What will happen when the Swine Flu combines with Boogie Fever?
I'm so scared for my eye?
Is there away to stop your self from getting swine flu?
If a zombie virus suddenly started taking over the world?
What is your hangover cure?