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Hearing music in my head?
I need help I don't know what to do any more?
Answer the blank: High blood pressure is more common and more severe in ________ people.?
When I speak, I don't have enough breath to finish my sentence. Why? It's worrying me no end!?
can crying too much lead to heart disease?
if you needed a heart transplant ?
Why are the rates of STD's increasing?
Has anyone ever been bitten by a wasp?
Swelling from Bee/Wasp Sting?
I taped my eye shut for an hour, now it's smaller than the other one.?
i ate 22 vicoden es yesterday and my side is really hurting?
how can I help the crack in my lip heal fast?
For how long do you brush your teeth?
is it normal to have 1 wisdom teeth?
I am terrified to go to the dentist, What can I do before appt.'s to calm my nerves?
breath smells!!!!!!!!!!!?
i am 16. what should i do.?
Why are people allergic to cats? ?
I have small itchy red bumps all over.They disappear and then reappear in new places.My doctor can't diagnose!
how to break someones nose?
child with peanut allergy?
I think I'm allergic to toilet paper! Any suggestions?
What can you do about dry cracked skin?
Who doesn't use sunscreen?
how to get rid of feet odor?
are you fat if youre 5'4 16 and 125 ibs?
How do I know when I'm fat?
a fat 14 year old girl needs advice on Weight loss... picture!?
Should I tell my boyfriend I have suicidal thoughts?
What do I do now I'm at rock bottom?
What's the best(sure) way to pass nicotine urinal test.?
i was drunk last night and i spilled a boiling kettle TWICE all over my hand!?
why do anti-smoke mongers keep forcing their agenda on smokers that don't wanna quit?
do i have cancer? i'm serious..please answer?
Is it possible for a 13 year old to get breast cancer?
can men have breast cancer?
If I found a cure for cancer would the government kill me?
cancer, cant go to toilet because of medication?
is lung cancer possible for a 19 year old?
Is there bad breath cure?
my lips are frozen! HELP?
what causes a black swollen leg?
diagnose my symptoms please?
Is laughing gas used for pulling wisdom teeth?
Root Canal?
NEVER gotten a CAVITY FILLED! help! and wisdom teeth pulled!!?
although i brush my teeth regularly my teeth are not as white as i would like them! Any ideas??
Is there anything you can say or do to help my friend who is quitting smoking?
I want a pill to make me 10 to 20 smarter?
why isn't there are a cure for the common cold?
Swine flu epidemic.....?
How many people in The USA have died of Swine Flu?
Poll: did you have the swine flu yet?
How can one keep from getting swine flu? Can swine flu be fatal?
what do I do for pink eye?
I think I may be depressed. Can you help?
How do you quit being depressed?
I dont wanna live anymore...i need help now plz read?
Do I have OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder)?
Toothpick In foot......?
Can you receive herpes?
HELP very worried about my blood pressure?
If a guy that was about to die in the electric chair had a heart attack should they save him?
is my blood pressure healthy?
Think I'll have a heart attack soon?
What is okay to drink when you have braces?
Will my braces leave white marks?
I'm always chewing on something. Possible Oral Fixation. How do I stop biting?
What does the 'B' in Oral B stand for?
why do miskito bites itch?
Strep Throat....help?
If you use Benedral will it take away the itchy sensation in a person's eye?
i just sneezed. Do i have H1N1?
Ahhh I just burnt me finger.....?
i used to cut myself all the time now i started again?
How Do i know if i broke my hand?
Broken or fractured,what's the difference ?
Did I Eat Okay Today?
Am I Overweight?
I am 13 and how can i make myself shorter?
You are what you eat? what are you then?
how do you get rid of acne?? plsz help!?!?
How do you deal with cracked heels? The hard skin on my feet is worse than ever. At 50 years old, it is causin
can I pierce my ears safely at home with a needle?
how can you get rid of white heads on the face quick and easy?
Is there a way to get rid of lisp?
Does stitches hurt when taken out?
someone tell me what this is? im scared?
i think theres something wrong with me (please read)?
My boyfriend brushes his dogs teeth with his toothbrush?
Baking powder OR baking soda help whiten your teeth?
I get dizzy/ lightheaded, to the point of near fainting. I haven't fainted, but what could it be?
I'm an alcoholic?
do you think its personal to tell someone you do cocaine?
What is the lump on my neck?
Is it true if you poke where your ribs near lungs you'll stop breathing?
My chest kind of hurts and I'm coughing up lots of blood it's pretty late should I go see a doctor?
If you are around second hand weed smoke but you don't smoke will you still drop a dirty?
is smoking weed a good idea?
My *hicup* keyboard won't *hicup* stop hicupping, What *hicup* can I do about*hicup* it?*hicup*Its annoying!
My new job is making me VERY depressed........I don't know what to do?
commmiting suicide that wont get in my families way?
If someone feels sad, do you become sad even if it has nothing to do with you?
I need help...desperatly...?
Can stress, anxiety & depression cause breathing problems?
Help I think this guy's dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Why are Penicillin and Ammoxicillin prescription drugs? Why not OTC?
What is the secret to a good night's rest? How can I sleep better?
Strong random pains in my heart?
I'm having a heart attack, how long do I have till I die? And what should I do?
Is It Normal To Feel Your Heart "Moving"?
ok really sun burnt..?
Can I still be sued?
Stretch Marks? I'm 14!?
I am skinny but eat like LOADS! ?
Why am i always hungry after dinner?
im scared bcuz of the swine flu virus?
I think i have swine flu..help.. do i?
i am scare to death about the swine flu?
Should I be scared of kissing my boyfriend because of mono? ?
can you get an ear infection by sharing the same headphones with somebody who has an ear infection?
Swine Flu Vaccine, its poison!!! any one agree?
do girls care about teeth on a guy?
My teeth are yellow help!?
do top braces hurt really bad i'm getting them on today?
I'm 18 years old is it to late for me to get braces?
Can someone please give me advice on how to stop smoking?
How would you tell someone they had cancer or a terminal disease?
Im sixteen years old and have found a lump in my breast...could it be breast cancer?
Where's the wierdest place you've gotten a mosquito bite?
If i wrap my feet will they get smaller?
what are some good ways to fall asleep faster?
Help! Am I going to be ok?(OD)?
What's it like to be on level two?
why am i fat and ugly? ?
How do I get rid of razor burn?
Help. EMERGENCY! Overdosed on Clonopin. I had about 30 2mg pills and I'm scared. DON'T WANT TO DIE!?
How painful does this sound?
I can't get my ring of my finger because it's swollen - help!!?
I swallowed an ice cube, am i going to die?
What's your take on Marijuana?
I'm a 14 year old girl my height is about 5'3 How can I safely increase my height?
What is best to do when your'e sick?
ARE you a smoker or a non smoker?
What's your bedtime & wakeup time?
If you can't afford dental insurance, do you think the dentist should give you a small discount?
What is worse...The Dentist or a broken arm?
People who have/had braces...?
My boyfriend is experianceing swollen gums along with pain and when he pushes on them puss come out.?
Could anyone tell me what to do to recharge my batteries?I've lost my energy, my motivation,can't study anymor
Bug bites?
I have Asthma and i can't afford an inhaler nor can i get one right now!! I am having breathing problems!?
My right ear is clogged with wax: how do I unclog it?
tightness around my heart?
my boyfriend has to get his aneurysm fixed tomorrow do you think hes going to be ok?
Heart Pain?
Are all cases of irregular heart beat serious?
Ton's of food allergies, Please Help! She is 6?
Nasal spray or nose drops?
Random nose bleeds and head aches?
So if a person was to have allergies this time of year what is causing them.?
What brand band aid can I use?
Braces...4 days! eek! im scared! Tips? What not to eat? HELP!!!?
i poked my spot with a toothpick and now it really hurts?
This time tomorrow, I'll have braces. Any info/advice?
Is it true that Vomiting makes you lose weight?
Drinking to much water cause diarreah?
Is there a disease for being too skinny and whats it called?
Don't you just hate it when you bite your tongue?
should you pop a burn blister?
could bleeding be a sign of an STD?
burning sensation when peeing!!??
I have a weird odor to my urine but no other symptoms any ideas to what it could be?
Do I have strep throat?
How worried are you about swine flu?
Need help NOW!!! Should I go to the Emergency Room? It's 2:15 AM!?
Help me i'm scared!!!!?
help please?
It it true that yellow urine means you're dehydrated and clear urine means you're drinking enough water
I felt so restless when I got into bed and couldn't get comfortable.?
how can i get rid of blackheads? what creams are good?
The Baby I am Baby sitting has little red bumps all over his body what might it be.?
dry lips, what do i do?
I used to cut myself? ?
what is the worst evil drugs or alcohol???
If you are over 18 yrs of age...?
how do you feel at this moment??'?
Help me please!!! I'm so scared! Serious answers only?
If i'm 15 and i'm 5'5 will I grow anymore?
i eat bugs out in the back yard is this normal?
What is about Cigarettes that people enjoy smoking them so much?
I hate to ask this, but is it normal to poo everyday?
i have a habit of smelling dog poo , and im being serious?
i think i might have a broken leg/ankle?
HELP!! My jaw is stuck!!?
Fell and hit my head...should I be concerned?
Could anyone advise me how to fix a broken shoulder bone?
Food came out of my nose. Am I ok?
What is the best way to handle a nose bleed?
what are the long term effects of diphenhydramine?
im really overweight ?
What are good exercises to perform while trying to lose 200Ibs?
am i skinny, fat, or normal weight???
Do I look fat ? Please help me ! ?
is losing 11 pounds in a month a good achievment?
Can someone figure out what's wrong with me?
What should you eat to get a stomach ache?????????
i eat (clean) toilet paper...?
I've burnt my lip? 10 points.?
do you know what I can put on carpet burns on my knees to ease the pain?
Why do they test for HIV orally now?
What if she has herpes. What do i do?
heart attack?
Im scared of dieing.?
What's wrong with my heart?
Do you believe doctors should have the last say in a patient's life or should the patient or his family?
What is the best medicine or cure for my wife's allergy?
my sons skin?
My nose won't stop running and I can't stop sneezing!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!?
help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......…
What's your blood group?
ok i need this answer in the next 10 minutes!?
Can you get addicted to smoking after just one cig & is it illegal to smoke when you're 13? or just to buy 'em?
What color braces would look best?
how long do you have to wear dental braces?
can anyone tell me a remedy to stop a tooth ache from hurting I'm in pain please help!?
I'm thinking about becoming a Dental Hygientist. Is this career anything like sitting at a desk all day long??
What would you do if you were bitten by a zombie and had an hour left before you turned?
should i take the swine flu vaccine? why or why not?
Why is everyone freaking out about the Swine Flu?
are you afraid of the swine flu?
What does "Pandemic" mean?
are sinus infections contagious?
What will happen to me if I still haven't had chicken pox and i'm 16?
Am I wrong for smoking weed?
How bad is weed for you?
Cigarrettes-Lung Cancer?
I'm hallucinating.... again!?
i gave myself a tattoo, well i cut my wrists and put pen ink in it, am i going to die?
ok so i cut myself & cant stop my arms looks like a road map can anyone help?
why is it so bad to cut yourself. if it makes you feel better isn' that good?
do u think some1s in my house?
What illness do I have?
How do you deal with loss of a loved one?
i really like this boy named Brad?
braces question please helpppp?
whats the best painkillers to get rid of toothache?
I can't afford braces with the money i make?
How can i not be tired in the morning?
is it true we eat spiders in our sleep?
is 137 pounds for a 14 year old girl with height 5''7' normal or is it overwweight?
Should I listen to my mom and lose weight? Am I right to be upset?
5 foot 1 130 pounds??????????????????????????????????…
Im 5'2 and weigh 101 lbs. is that a lot.?
What is it when certain smells attract you. I love the smell of dirt...I'm serious.?
Cat scratch... now finger is swollen and red?
I am mot an alcoholic, but was told I need to go to AA for pill addiction, why?
Help! I am constantly having to urinate ?
what would you rather have cancer or hiv?
Am I Ill??? please help?
i have mono, can i kisss my boyfriend?
What Is Swine Flu ?????????????
Is it true that all Mexicans have Swine Flu?
Swine Flu vaccine..yes or no..your opinion ?
how can you cure a yeast infection?
What do i do? SWINE FLU?
Is it chicken pox? Small red bumps only on her stomach and back.?
do u think black and pink braces would look nice?
I Have A Braces Question?
Why DO people smoke anyway?
ughhhhh important ! read!?
Weed Or Alcohol Which Is Better?
Is it bad if you accidentally eat food with maggots in it?
How can I get to sleep?
My friend is having a heart transplant operation at this hour 12:02 AM EST, 12/29/08...Will you say a prayer?
how can i unblock my nose ?
What is the 'best' breed of puppy for a child with mild allergies to dog dander?
Which of the two diseases scares you more ?
Now i want to truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
if i only drink water for a week, no food!?
Am I overweight I am 12,im 5'0 and i weigh 80 pounds?
Just courious, Am I Fat?
what is my age?
doing the splits? is splits something you can either do or you cant?
Im 16 and can do 30 pushups. Is this good?
How tall are you? Please Answer?!?
No Insurance..I need relief of toothache such as root canal.Im going to the hospital, can they not admit me?
what can you do for a tooth ache?
Is pneumonia contagious?
how can i tune my body into needing less sleep,is it possible to have 4 hrs sleep and still feel awake?
is it healthier to smoke really weak cigarettes?
urinary tract infection?
wants to smoke pot. any tips?
Have you ever broken a bone, or had Stitches?
how do i know if my foot is broken?
I have a black eye, but I have to do something important tomorrow How do I get it away by tomorrow. ?
What's a good prescription sleeping pill with minimal side effects?
What is this bite? [Pics]?
how do you stop self harming?
My daughter tried to kill herself?
Does anyone know how to cure fear of spiders, just seen one on my bed now cant sleep p.s. it was big?
without using any machinery or medicines how to decrease the belle?
My mother died 10 days ago and I'm having a hard time coping. What can I do to get through this awful time?
Is Brushing and Use Mouth wash such as ' Listerine ' Enough ?
Question about BRACES!!?
can coke dissolve a teeth?
Can you use too much mouthwash?
allergic to mangos............?
Help please - allergies - this could be serious?!?
What is the best way to flush out your kidney's?
Can I leave my hair wet and let it dry by itself if I have a fever?
will swine flu turn us into zombies?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What started the swine flu?
What's my risk for getting swine flu?
aids: from a bloody toilet seat?
Is this normal...?
Hiv from kiss????????
Shaving your Armpits?
i have a friend who is 21 5 foot 8 and weighs 57 pounds and she' still trying to loose more ?
Is anyone else embarrased by their habits?
I'm peeing more often and my pee is now clear like water. Is something wrong with me?
should i put a bandaid on my blister before i go out?
Cut won't stop bleeding, please help?
How can i get a sorta deep sliver out of my foot?? 10 points 2 quickest and best anwser!!!!!!?
I cant sleep! Help please! I don't want to take any medication though.?
my heart double beats some times.?
Do I have a SERIOUS problem? Please help!!!!?
I got Bitten by a Great Dane HELP! ?
Are there certain foods that cause your body to smell? Allergy question.?
Why have I been having hacking cough in the morning & @ night but not during the day?
I am 28 am I too old to get braces?
How can I pull out a tooth myself?
help theres hole in my tooth?
Do 4 out of 5 dentist really recommend gum to their patients that chew gum?
I need help with bad breath?
i have toothache, its late, can anyone suggest a remedy till i can get to the dentist?
How can I pull out my teeth without any pain? Also, without taking any medicine.?
i am getting my braces off today does it hurt while they take them off?????
Should i go to school when i have Bronchitis?
am i overwieght? im 5'7 and i way 103 pounds .....i feel like a fatte am i??
Lose 5 pounds by Friday?
Are there some females who can do a lot of male push ups, than some guys if not all?
Which is better caffeine or alcohol?
Is there something safer to smoke than tobacco.?
most minor injury you've been to hospital for?
My dad fell down wooden stairs today. He can't really walk or stand without pain. What should I buy to help?
Should I go to the doctor?
how to stop a bloody nose?
what are you allergic to?
I have a really bad cold. Best way to clear your sinuses?
i can't breath through my nose!?
What is it you don't like about going to the Dentist?
whats wrong with me?
I saw a women and a man get killed?
Why does my friend have a scent?
I randomly started to cry while smoking weed.?
When you die do you want to be buried, burnt or recycled?
Three days later and ....?
braces on 2 days ago, what can i bring to eat at the movie?
i dont know what the hell happend to me?
POLL: what colour is your toothbrush ?
Does having teeth extractions hurt?
Why does the heart beat after death?
Im having panick attacks and am going to the docters about it, im 17 will they need my parents permission.....?
Heart pain? Please help!?
I got my tongue pierced on Sunday. It's now Tuesday & is still bleeding & forms a little clot. Is it infected?
i have a small cut on the side of my mouth, how can I get it to heal up?
Alzheimer's? what is it?
My throat is really sore :'(?
Where are there a lot of bacteria in your house?
Is there a cure for Cyber Cooties?
Can a nurse dicuss a patient's problem to anyone outside of the hospital staff?
Is swine flu just a big rumor to jumpstart the economy by making people spend money on the health industry?
Should I got to the emergency room for this?
whats the best way of relaxing after you hae finished a 9 page essay that is due on monday ?
True or false : Quitting smoking cigarettes is as hard or harder than quitting heroin or alcohol ?
yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah just tell me answers don't say I shouldn't you'd be wasting your time!
What's in the cake that makes it unhealthy food?
Is my weight healthy for my age?
i just turnd 13 and im 246 and 5'3 work out tips and ways to deal with the bullying????????
Is it ok to eat breakfast and nothing else?
What's the most physically painful thing that's ever happened to you?
i want to break my right wrist but idk how?
If you chop someones finger off by accident, can you reattatch it?
Recently my friend shot himself in the foot. It has turned black. What should he do?
Would you be in the hospital long if you shot yourself in the foot with a rifle?
anyone else got a touch of insomnia?
When your sick with something, why does your body feel like it's freezing cold?
Alzheimer's Question?
Does it hurt when you get your braces off?
Does getting a tooth pulled hurt?
I recently changed dentists & the new dentist took x-rays when my old ones were just done 2 yrs. ago. Typical?
How to get white teeth?
How often do you brush your teeth - be honest?
Who can do fillings besides dentists?
how tall are you and how old?
What are some long term effects of smoking weed, ive smoked everyday for about 9 months?
how can i stop biting my nails.?
Do you examine your "Poo" for health reasons?
i have blisters in my mouth?
when my husband eats pineapple he gets little sores in his mouth,what is this?
How much are braces ?
What's the best way to remove tea stains from teeth?
will it hurt?
What is a good way to get more sleep?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
how can you deal with sudden reactions to food & drink?
jellyfish stings..what to do?
i cant hear out of one of my ears it started a couple days ago i work in a fiberglass factory could that be it
how can I stop my legs and feet swelling up when I go on holiday. it usually spoils the first week.?
My friend just swallowed ink. What do I do? Help!? Urgent!!!?
Is procrastination inherited?
How does gargling salt water help a sore throat?
explain déjà vu please....?
i feel really depressed should i see someone?
Should I commit suicide?
Is piercing a form of self injury?
What do I do with all my infected yeast?
scared of std need some opinions?
How do you give mosquitoes CPR?
How do I know if someone has swine flu?
My mum's had a sneaky cigarette, and doesn't want her No-Smoking group to know?
How much do I look like I weigh and should I lose weight?
help! tell me am i overweight?
what will happen if i don't drink water?
do i sound fat to you?
is this normal?
How do I relax when i am getting my blood pressure taken?
Am I too short? I'm 5'2" and I'm 15. Everyone seems so much taller.?
well if my hands get swollen when i go for my fitness walk is it normal or should i go to the doctor?
What age do kids usually get braces?
i am getting braces in 2 days........do they hurt?
How bad does getting braces hurt?
Do getting braces hurt?
Braces or Spacers?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??…
All my top teeth are hurting what this mean?
would you bite the tip of your own finger off for $50,000?
When i get a cut, it bleeds alot!?
I am a 16 year old male and I am 5'11 188 pounds i got a fat stomach. Will I get taller if I workout?
how can you gain weight? its so hard! ?
What time SHOULDNT i eat?
is it bad to eat a lot of oranges?
What is the best weight for me?
Do you think it is a good idea if I stop brushing my teeth, it takes up too much time?
What's the worst accident or injury you've had in life?
kinda weird question, but i really need an answer and fast!!!??
Anyone fimilar with this pain?
Whats the worst accident or injury you've had?
Is there anything fun to do while on crutches?
this is getting way to serious!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do I sleep so much?
i tried cocaine about a year ago and i was wondering if its possible that it could be traced through urine?
Is there any liquid i can drink to make myself throwup?
Can lice kill you?
Is this bad?????????????
I'm so afraid of dieing...?
what can you do when your life seems bleak and hopeless?
How can i conquer this fear and get some sleep?
My tonsil is swollen, my throat is very sore and i can't swallow, any solutions?
My allergies have been driving me insane what to do?
I Get SUPER Tired/Fatigued & Dizzy After Eating Wheat?
What allergy medicine works best?
Itchy Legs after exercice ?
what can u smoke to get a high like weed?
how can i heal a stomache full of air?
for those who stopped smoking....?
I WANT WHITE TEETH how do i get them without spending alot?
My son keeps getting ulcers in his mouth, why?
Why are so many people allergic to peanuts now as opposed to years past?
How do I unclog my nose?
Does gravy contain gluten?
does anyone know why me eyelids are swollen?
Can someone be allergic to agave?
How do I get rid of liquid-filled bubbles on my hand from my allergic rash?
I am tired ALL the time!!! Doesn't matter how much sleep i get.?
Whats worse, smoking tobacco in a 'roll up' or smoking cigarettes?
What drink makes you pee the most?
whats the best thing to go on a burn from steam?
Why is the original taste of toothpaste mint?
My mum had 5 extractions,was not x-rayed first, has huge infection,pus&pain,is it normal?
Will the doctor think I'm stupid?
feeling super down, need a pick me up. D:?
first bloody nose and dizy all day. whats wrong with me?
Would an insect bite or something leave me feeling like this?
Allergy attack?
How to get rid of my dust allergy?
I need some help with people who are highly allergic! I'm afraid of what would happen...10 POINTS?
Can one get arthritis/rheumatism before 50?
HELP!!! ANSWERS WANTED... EASY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!please?
My 2 yr old son was bitten by fire ants on his foot and now his foot is very swollen ....
omg! please help! may have a srioues problem!? please help really worried!?
What could happen if you get fingered or ate out?
Is there any instant cure to feeling like you're gonna throw up when you're drunk?
i have trouble sleeping... what's the best medication?
I have an ear infection I have used the ear drops and the pain has finally gone away but...?
Should someone with a heart condition go on a rollercoaster??
How bad is this blood pressure?260 over 120?
My 15 year old son has 198/115 blood pressure, he is 5'9" and 140 lbs. Could this be hereditary?
What causes a heart attack at 22 years old? Is it possible if you are normal weight?
How do I stop my finger from bleeding?
Brown Recluse Spider Bite?
What can I do about a blister under my toenail?
Should I quite smoking, and why?
Is it possible to break your knuckle?
At 40 it's still acceptable crying because of physical pain?
how do i......?
what would be the signs of a broken leg??
What should i do if i think i had a Stroke or heartattack?
blood pressure up a bit could this give me headache & fell dizzy blood pressure is 138/105?
Unusual heart beat episodes?
what happens if you don't treat high blood pressure?
Is it possible to eat via your butt?
Fat American kids- who's to blame?
what is a good exercise to loss fat on your stomach ?
How can I eat slower? ?
Would you rather burn or freeze to death?
SunBurn Help!?
Crap!! Why is it that paper cuts hurt so much?
TOOTH WHERE IT SHOULDN'T BE...Tooth growing on bottom gum towards tounge in 5 year old, what is this?
Why cant i get braces?
Do fillings hurt?
help with braces!!!!!?
What's suicide?
Does Lying awake with your eyes closed count as sleeping at all?
what can i do to help calm my nerves, so i don't snap?
I got stung by a wasp or something!?
i smoked ganja once how long will it take to leave my system PLS HELP i have a test coming up soon?
Is there a difference between autism and mental retardation?
After Braces?
Getting braces in a couple weeks?
Do braces hurt? HELP!?
Can you sue a laboratory for a wrong result?
I smoked a whole pack of Marlboro Reds last night, but now...?
My Mother wants me to go to the doctors because of a cough but this is the problem...?
Is it okay to have a Cigar once a week?
what is up with my throat?
I tried my friends asthma inhaler and now i feel sick, is something wrong?
wha can i do to lower blood pressure?
my cholesterol leval is 6.9 which i think is dangerously high but my doctor says i dont need medication?
dont you hate it when some skinny girls complain about fat they think they are??
Do I look like I need to lose weight?! (pic included)?
Does sitting in a sauna make you lose weight?
Is Guinness good for me?
iam 15 years old i weigh 120 and i want to weigh 333 thats my favorite number is it safe to use steriods ...?
fragrence allergy???
Eye crust and redness in the morning
What can I put on it to stop the itching..?
My teeth are turning yellow! :[ & i brush them twice day .. help?
Am I too old for Braces?
People who had their wisdom teeth pulled:?
Should I get an HIV test?
what can it be if you are spitting up blood and throwing up and having sharp side pains?
Head Injury, Blood, Dizziness, and Vomiting?
My eye hurts really bad?
I've been having trouble breathing a lot lately and my mom will not take me to the doctor. what should i do?
What is wrong with my lungs?!?
is bronchitis contagious?
please help.SMOKING............................…
Is second hand smoking worse than actual smoking?
At what point is a person's blood pressure considered too low?
I'm a 14 year old w/ a weird heartbeat.?
How can my dad lower his blood pressure without taking drugs?
when having a filling does it hurt?
My stupid tooth broke in half !!! Its killing me--what do I do?
i just got braces yesterday and today when i brushed my teeth my tooth that stuck out a little is....?
What colors Should I Get Put Into My Braces Brackets?
why is it not good to drink liquids with a meal.like it's best to drink before or after but not through?
PLEASE HELP?! EASY 10 POINTS!!! Exercise!?
Can you be fat and wear a bikini?
Why do people gain weight in the winter time?
I love beans, cabbage, fried onions, curry....but they cause very smelly farts. Is there anything I can do?
how pretty am i 1-10?
Shouldn't the pressures to be thin be seen as a good thing?
Does smoking weed make you lose weight?
If you had six months to live what would you do with the remainder of your life?
I just found out that my brother has full blown cancer how long does it take before it takes over his body?
What type of cancer is most common for smokers?
Got Tested for HIV, But Now I'm afraid That The Medical Assistant Used The Needle On Someone Else TOO!!?
Can herpes be contracted even if there is no visible out break?
The Longest You've Been Awake?
Why are parents like this?
What is WRONG with me, someone help me, i am going to kill myself.?
I don't know what to do. I give up EVERYTHING! (13 and need help)?
Do people really think it's cool to self harm?
Sunburned on nose so badly it stings to touch?
whats the noise in my ears like wind blowing all the time?
i'd like to quit smoking...i know different things work for different people?
what's the best way to stop the bleeding from a cut on your face after you shave?
I just got metal braces this morning. Everything I try to eat causes me pain. Any advice on what I should eat?
Is 19 an average age for wisdom teeth to start growing in?
I have a tooth that may need a root canal. Why doesn't the dentist want to just pull the tooth?
why does it hurt me to breathe when i run in the cold?
My hands get really dry in the winter. What should i do?
how to take the heat out of sunburn?
how to cure a broken heart?
Should she take her pill today?
can anyone tell me how a person would feel,if they were havin a heart attack? is there much pain.?
how can i lower my blood pressure?
my friend has fainted 3 times over the pat 3 weeks, what could be wrong?
I got braces yesterday and (no duh) they hurt...?
What's the best way to get a wiggly but stubborn tooth out?
I'm Getting Braces Soon!!!?
How Long Will I Need Braces?
I used the 7 day challenege of Crest White Strips. It's been 3 days now and I have big white spots!?
Why do dentists give you free toothbrushes? Are they better quality than what you'd buy at the store?
Does getting braces hurt?
What is the skin below your elbow called?
Do you have Stretchmarks?
What's the best way to get rid of acne quick?
Do baths give you body acne?
how to stop dry mouth?
I have started drinking Soya Milk instead of Cows Milk?
I get sick the day after I drink alcohol?
Why does my throat close when I eat peanut butter?
Why is the common cold so hard to cure?
i`m in bed with a bad cold i have this bad cough, do you know what i can take to feel better?
Would my cuts (that i cut myself) leave a scar?
Hey guys, am I overweight?
what do you do when you hit yourself with a hammer? help!?
What do you use on a cut so it won't scar?
How to give yourself a bruise?
Who hasn't ever been stung by a bee?
What's happenening to me?
My boyfriend is not sensitive to my needs and ignores me emotionally i'm not truly happy, any advice?
how to calm myself and not feel so stressed out?
in the past 2 days ive slept for about 2 hours i cant fall asleep no matter how hard i try! any reason why?
braces please answer????
i'm having my wisdom teeth extracted and my bottom back teeth both sides at the same time.....?
when do u think i will get braces?
blood preasure 150/120?
Sometimes I have chest pains like I'm being stabbed in the heart or something?
my resting heart rate is 68 bpm, is that good?
granny attack please help?
My mom smokes cigerettes and is on oxygen. How dangerous is this?
Why dont my girlfriend like anal?
what is inside of your eyeball?? i always thought it was blood:)?
how to get rid of acne as quick as possible. Help!!!?
Please help! This is an emergency!?
Should I go to the doctor now or in 5 days?
what makes you pee alot?
A Vicodin a day? Is it safe?
Mild chest pain for 22year old woman?
why does my shin hurt?
My son is allergic to rice,corn,wheat, oats,gluten,chocolate,peanuts,green peas,and egg yolks. Can you help?
Are chick peas related to peanut allergies at all?
What dose this sound like??? (10 points for best answer (ASAP!!!)?
How to get rid of a stuffy nose!! and fast?
how many times have you vowed never to drink again?
How do I cope with being tall?
How do i tell my Mom i need a therapist?
Do you ever have that feeling in your mouth where you think you're going to vomit?
Does anyone else do this?
What's a good acne medication for zits and blackheads?
How do you get rid of your double chin? ?
Dry itchy skin. What can I use to moisturize?
how do i stop my toothache?
How do I tell a guy that im good friends w. that he has dirty teeth and needs to whiten them?
just got the top of my ear pierced and ...?
Do you think anorexia is wrong or right, why ?
am i overweight for my height?
How much water should I drink at a minimum each day? Does swimming tone your body?
i need advice and fast?
my 3 year old son has like 8-10 little blisters on his tongue he's slobing alot and its hurting him what?
Its 5.30am and i can't sleep, any ideas?
Help! I could use an answer tonight. My feet and ankles are very swollen. I don't want to go to the ER.
omg please help im scared to death...?
My neice's 3 year old son has been diagnosed with a 5-7 mm hole in the heart?Should he be operated upon at thi
Pain in upper left chest?
How do you stop snoring?
My boyfriend told me that he would rather pass a kidney stone than spend another day with me. What is he?
I cant take it anymore? help?
i woke up and the world was turning!! pleaase help me?
i think im anorexic but im not sure?
These are my symptoms what do I have?
Why do we feel crap in the mornings?
do i need to wear an identity bracelet if I'm allergic to penicillin?
I am allergic to chocolate shold i eat a chocolate cookie? (this was to see what people answered xD)?
Hii Everyone :) can someone please tell me if malt o meal cream of wheat contain gluten?
Is it possible for someone to be allergic to eggs?
should i go to the doctor?
please dont judge me but if i too 10 paracetamol could i die?
How old were you when you first started smoking?
hurry before school plz?????girlz only!!?
Did you know that people are buying breast milk on line?
Really bad sore throat....?
i cant sleep can u help?
How do I fix my breath!?
Do you think I should get braces?
Is This Normal??!?
how to make teeth whiter?
When do I have to brush my teeth with braces?
braces question......?
what will you do if butterfly bites you?
should i just kill myself?
Do you think alcoholism is a disease or a character weakness?
How can I break my arm with out it relly hurting how can I break it easily? ?
How do I brake my arm quick and easy?
Do you get a warm tingly feeling when...?
Can you poke the black part of your eye?
Even if I sleep approximately 7-8 hours a night, I'm still tired in the morning? What is wrong with me?
How long to have braces on?
Should I use mouthwash after or before using dental floss?
I've decided to perform a minor operation on myself to save money, would alcohol?
My teeth hurt from getting braces. Any suggestions on how to relieve the pain?
Do braces hurt when you have them on?
Am I a freak? really worried?
Please answer. Is this true?
How can the top contributers of Yahoo Answers possibly have a life?
I have been smashing down Asbestos cement ceilings, how dangerous is this?
Do you snore?
i can never fall asleep at night, idk what to do!?
i can't wake up in the mornings, my alarm doesnt even wake me, any suggestions?
I got kicked out and need help.. :(?
i want zits. Does anyone have tips?
What do you do about Chapped lips! HELPP?
How do you cure cramps?!?!?
painful kidneys after a heavy weekend!?
I like this girl so much and she doesn't like me and it's driving me literally insane. what should I do?!
Help I am so stressed !!! How can I relax ?
Is my blood pressure too low?
what cause's high blood pressure and what are the cure?
Is it bad for a girl with Palpitation (heart problems) to have a relationship?
sensitive teeth to hot and cold?
what's a good remedy for toothache?
Tightening Braces, does it hurt?
i was hit by a rock and got a black eye it got a little better haw can it get better?
What is meant by trauma shock?
How can you get by on little sleep for long periods of time? (Especially want tips from parents of toddlers.)?
i burned my finger, how can i help it not burn so bad?
How do you lower your blood pressure and pulse?
If the white of your eye gets punctured, how do doctors go about fixing it?
Sunburn, Hot or cold shower?
How to get rid of sunburn overnight?
IS A tetanus shot suppose to itch after you get it?
Poison ivy?
help im 13 and im short?
what is the best thing to eat after the gym?
Which should I quit first...my 4 pack a day cigarette habit or the 12-14 Coca Cola's I drink per day?
how much should i weigh?
How Can i stop my nail biting habbit?
if you hold in a fart,will it come out as a snelly burp?
Is there some sort of disorder for people who don't like being around people a lot?
Should I just cut myself?
How do I beat this depression?
Wasp comes back for more...?
Does anyone know anything about Aspartame (the stuff in diet drinks) being bad for you?
Is it possible to get an STD from someone you know doesn't have an STD?
What is the best face scrub?
I just took my daughter to the doctor and they told me she has excema on her face?
I just swallowed a cough drop and it hurt like crazy for a while, but it stopped.. Will I choke later?
Used a Q-tip, now ear is bleeding?
What's the best way to get rid of nits?
My camp friend got a bee sting yesterday...?
Possible to be allergic to only cats?
am i allergic to skittles?
Help! Why are my cheeks always so bright red?
Is this itching possibly an allergic reaction to my Antibiotic?
Can I eat goat and sheep milk products if I'm allergic to "dairy"? Does dairy just mean cows?
I have a serious sinus problem that happens in the fall when I sleep & I don't know what to do PLEASE HELP!!!
I dont floss too much is this bad?
Does it hurt the first day of getting braces?
getting my braces off tomorrow..?
What hurts more spacers or getting braces?
do whitening strips really work?
I Just Ran into a door head first, How can I stop it from bruising?
I am so scared of getting my wisdom teeth pulled?
why does my left lower side hurt and my stomach?
can you give a cat asprin for pain?
name of woman in coma that her parents & husband fought over turning off life support?
How do you treat a burn..............?
i just accidently cut my finger off?
Do you think you will enjoy your 'golden years,' or will they be the 'rusty' years?
What should I do? I cannot see the splinter but I know it is there. I don't even see a puncture mark.?
I've recently been diagnosed with pompholyx ezcema (on hands & feet). I've tried all sorts. Any suggestions ?
itching problem every night ?
does anybody know how to soothe a sunburn?
What's the best way to get rid of a bad headache?
Last night my wife woke me because I was hyperventilating in my sleep ?
My mums finger is swollen, and her ring is stuck?
Is this an Allergy, or Cold?
what's wrong with me? please help!?
Crusty stuff in the corner of my eyes every morning?
What is the best otc remedy for a toddler's dry cough? May be weather allergies too...?
Are you allergic to anything?
How do you end sadness - and I don't want religion?
if someone spends £230 on cocaine a week would you say they have a problem?
I need some help with Depression...?
should I stop smoking cigarettes?
My 9 mth old daughter hasn't attempted to take any weight on her legs yet, is this a problem?
second hand smoke is it dangersous?
Pain in the heart when breathing in?
How can I raise my blood pressure and heart rate? I'm anorexic.?
my hubbys heart rate is at 53bpm should he go to hospital?
am i a fatty?
One of my friends is 5'5 and weighs 150 is she fat???
i am 5'8 and i weigh 145 i want to lose some!?
I just drank 2 cans of diet coke is this bad? Will I gain weight?
Am I Overweight ?????????????????????????????????
cheek bite serious??
What would be the best way to help someone close addicted to drugs?
how to get dirt off of your neck?
this is kinda gross, but can you help?
Why is there no cure for Cancer?
What are your thoughts on the Jade Goody cancer case?
Is it true spray deodrant increases your risk of cancer?
can too much bubble gum cause cancer?
what would you save from a fire?
I'm off to bed now...What will I dream about?
how can i quit smoking weed?
What's wrong with me???
is it possible to be allergic to something you were never allergic to before?
I wounded my face and accidently peeled off half the scab, is there anyway to prevent scarring?
Is this more then a bee sting?
Please Help its an Emergency!!?
will my curling iron burn scar???????????????????????
My girlfriends breath really stinks.?
How to whiten my teeth, with home products?
What do you think is the best attitude for life?
how to get rid of sore throat? lozenges didn't work.. please give me some good advise?
If you quit smoking will your lungs ever return to how they where before you smoked?
my daughter thats 12yrs old is pulling her hair out, this is leaving her with very thin hair.help!?
I'm 26 and have never burped, this is not a joke, can anyone teach me?
bad weed? old weed? what was i smoking?
Can't get rid of a bad productive cough from a cold 2 weeks ago. Do not have health ins.?
white spots in throat?
Having trouble sleeping can anyone help?
What are some physical benefits to quitting smoking cigarettes?
is herpes treatable plz help?
How can I know that I am affected by AIDS?
i'm 6 ft tall and weigh 177 and am female. is that ok?
Can someone tell me why my armpits feel itchy?
how do you get rid of stretch marks?
Can my little sister go swimming with a wart on her foot?
Cheap way to cure acne?
Anyone else share this fetish?
I can't think straight!?
How do you help someone having panic attacks?
What is your cure for anxiety?
How can I tell my psycologist I'm suicidal?
which is worse to have?
too much water in urine?
I have some weird symptoms.?
How to cure a dry nose caused by tissues?
Acne question?
When you know somebody's going to die wot do u do?
I'm 13 years old and I found a lump in my left breast. Is it breast cancer?
does freezing water in plastic bottles cause cancer?
I left my husband when he was diagnosed with cancer.Now he's ok and I want him back.Part 2?
can a girl under the age of 18 have breast cancer?
My daughter has mild eczema. Does this mean she will also have allergies?
how do you wake up in the morning without having coffee & abstaining from all caffiene?
I'm i having a heart attack?help really scared!!?
Is this normal?
i cut myself to get back at my mum.help?
What do you call it when somebody quits eating because they're depressed?
How can i stop cutting myself?
what to do about bug bites?
How can i Quit my Smoking habit?Tried many times but could stop onlyfor 3 mnths max. Cant we stop it4ever?
Can you have braces for over 3 years?
Getting your wisdom teeth out?
how braces will look on me?
braces off.....................................…
How much do braces cost?
I'm extremely depressed... help?
I can't carry on in my job - it's killing me - please advise.?
Help: Is this an eating disorder?!?
What is the best way to deal with people who intentionally say things to agitate you?
scars on my legs, help!!!!?
how to get rid of blackheads without squeezing them?
Acne HELP!!!!!!!!!! ?
Does the 'taking' of soft drugs lead to hard drugs?
Is this true (Sunburn question)?
A prong of my plastic fork broke off and I swallowed it. What should I do? Should I be worried?
What's The Best Way To Heal Sunburn?
Swallowed a pretty big piece of hard plastic?
How do you cure a hangover?
I have an overactive thyroid, so why is it so hard for me to lose weight. I thought underactive made it hard.?
Where can I get pepper spray from?
if blood comes out of the anus area, what does that mean?
I'm 13 and I smoke.?
Runny nose- Quick fix??
Would a child's dosage of amoxicillan help an adult's sinus infection?
what's good for allergies?
What prescription medication do you recommend for bad seasonal allergies? Zyrtec doesn't work for me anymore.
i'm a 21 yr old female - should i be allowed to wear dungarees?
Spider bite ......green and black puss ..........HELP?
Have a problem swallowing pills / I tried chewing them up but can't take the horrible taste, .....?
my whole hand is swollen from one wasp sting. ?
What's the best thing to do when you are angry?
I'm about to leave work for the day?
Have you ever wanted to end your life?
Why am I judged for cutting. It's what makes me,me. So why do you tell me to stop like you actually care?
How do i quit smoking? I've smoked for many years an tried many things and nothing works.?
what should i do if im coughing up blood?
I can't breathe after i cough?
Is marijuana safer or more dangerous than cigarettes?
I'm trying to stop eating fast foods. Can you tell me the most grotesque think to make me stop?
Will walking to school in the mornings help you lose weight?
Do i have to be on a diet to lose weight?
What is it called when you eat a lot and don't get fat?
Do I go to the bathroom too much? ?
It's past eleven thirty at night.. Who else is tired and going to bed now?
ive just had a blod pressure reading and is 158 over 107 is this high or normal ?
Is low blood pressure good or bad for your health?
How close have you been to death and what was it like?
I've been having an irregular heartbeat for some time now.?
Unbearable feeling of my heart beating please help.?
I'm 300#, I've had a sport injury,my leg is badly bruised,and my leg is hot to touch.I'm also on blood thinner
If i got drunk off 4 smirnoff's last night, then today at 11 i take 6 triple C's am i ok?? what happens
Question for cigarrette smokers............?
can you be allergic to one penicillin based antibiotic, and not another?
Help! i burned myself with a curling iron?
Examples for spiked drinks?
If you met yourself on the street, would you want to know you?
my daughter starts sneezing itching tight chest and sore eyes after handling her rabbit. is it an allergy?
what is the best medicine for allergies?
I have been sneezing since morning and it just wont stop. Any suggestions?
Does Claritin D actually work? Who has tried it?
considering suicide please help!!
What do you do when you're depressed?
I'm I nuts? Why the F*** me?
My boyfriend has skin cancer. Should I end it with him?
OK What if you are experiencing shortness of breath and weezing and chest pains ?
Is cancer curable...............?
What's your favorite kind of cancer.?
Is that true lack of sleep will cause to death? Why?
I'm very tired.What can i DO? :)?
Braces help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me - how long until I can get an AIDS test?
Do other teens feel like this?
I was raped recently and im afraid to tell...?
I'M AFRAID TO LIVE ALONE. I'm running out of money and have no family.?
where can i get help?
I have the shakes what can be wrong with me what do I do until I see the doctor tomorrow.?
One of my friends said i had a disorder with popping my fingers?
Organ Transplant Questions? I was wondering if people with Organ transplants can have Pets?
should i get the surgery???
Is It possible to get cancer of the buttocks ?
Could I have breast cancer?
What was the best day in your life?
Am I over weight or fat?
What can I do besides cut myself?
HELP! I am so depressed nothing seems to help me. What can I do to prevent Suicide?
How long does it take for a broken heart to heal? :(?
i lost my apatite. is there anything that will bring it back?
had heart attack 9 months ago and can't seem to be able to regain any energy. I don't do anything around house
I just read that after a diagnosis of Congestive Heart Desease, you only have about 5 years left.?
How does obesity cause heart attacks?
How do I reduce swelling?
Is yoga the best form of Streching? If not, than what is?
any sunburn remedies? mine's kinda burning. thanks.?
i have pneumonia at age 10.the doctor said it was early pneumonia is it serious?
If marijuana has more tar then tobacco then how is it better?
Should I continue to work when I'm sick?
any trip on quiting smoking?
Sore throat and loss of voice remedies?
I've very sick, Idk what I have?
is this a healthy weight, and why am i gaining?
What would happen if someone lived on chocolate?
Is there such thing as drinking to much water?
How can I lose at least 30 pounds in 2-3 weeks?
Could I be allergic to pasta?
I just woke up and out of nowhere my hands are swollen to twice their size!!!?
For Doctors, med students, or anyone with frequent sinus infections?
I have a small lump with two pin size lines like a vampire bite what could of done this?? ?
is life "REALLY" what we make it?
I've got a splitting headache right now. What should I do?
Winter Blues????????????
Colon Cancer? Crohn's Disease? 13 year old girl freaking out here!!?
Found out some bad news that im still dealing with...?
Why do we have to have a WHOLE month for breast cancer awareness?
I've never smoked..but want to?
Question about Braces?
Was the Dentist's Bill Unreasonable?
why do all celebrities have perfect teeth?
Does it hurt when you get braces off?
brushing teeth with braces???
How do I cure my boredom...?
Do you think committing suicide is selfish?
what to do if your felling suicidal?