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List of foods that diabetics should avoid?
what do i do if my throat hurts and i cant talk?
What foods makes you Horney?
Is there some thing you can make or use to replace macaroni in macaroni & cheese for a diabetic ?
type 2 trying to manage blood sugar is this normal?
Hypoglicemia not in diabetes and checking your blood sugar.?
What should I do if I'm consistently being diagnosed incorrectly?
Do you think that I have Diabetes?
is it normal to go number 2 and have blood not in it but with it?
What is the BEST cure for constipation?
What's it like being high on weed?
I get constant head-aches, and pills don't work. What is a quick cure for a head-ache, other than sleeping?
What are some herbs that will help support circulation?
What are some natural ways to help to fall asleep?
Can you recover from diabetes? as much info as possible please?
How many days can a diabetic go without food AND insulin?
gestational diabetes?
Is 204 high? (glucose test)?
what is "graves disease" connected to the thyroid?
Do you have Adult Onset Type II diabetes? Did you experience depression prior to your diagnosis?
Are these symptoms of diabetes?
What happens to you when you have diabetes?
Does anybody know about gestational diabetes tests?
If a person does a line of coke for the first time, what are the odds they will become addicted to it?
Is there any cure in homeopathy for a person who is carrier of Typhoid virus?
What is the most humane way to kill a pet fish?
Is it true that when you're on ecstasy and drink 2 litres of water you die?
what supplements helps you to focus and feel clear headed?
how can i avoid the urge to do weed?
I have type 2 diabeties and arthritus , can pain medications affect my blood sugar control?
Why religious muslims and hebrews have higher level than average diabetes?
Is anyone aware of a place to get a free diabetes test in Ohio?
Glucose in urine?
i just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes yesterday and...?
is insulin is more effective than pills in diabetic treatment?
I can't find my debit card, and i need the card number. i don't know what to do! can you help me?
I recently was diagnosed with type II diabeties and was driving commercial vehicles(bus) for the past 15 years?
Safe food for diabetes?
what is good to take for a urinary tract infection/female 61 with diabetes?
I've hit my daily maximum for antacids. What are some natural remedies for acid indigestion?
Is there any kind of exercises, or alternative medicine type things I can do to help with ADD?
Why do people who don't take drugs answer questions they don't have an answer to?
Whats it like to be on Salvia?
Diabetics what type are you and what do you take?
Constant high blood sugars.?
Why do fruits get a bad reputation for diabetics?
What is the best multivitamin to take for a weaken immune system?
What are some natural things you've tried for allergies? Have they worked well?
Can anyone please tell me some good natural help for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
are taking pills natural?
My uncle went into a diabetic coma, and we recently found out that he also suffered a stroke as well.?
how do ketones accumulate in a body of a diabetic patient?
can bacterial infections increase development of diabedes?
Should I give blood at the upcoming blood drive?
Can type 2 diabetes cause you to have a stroke?
is it possible to treatment nuropathey completley?
I have a gall bladder that the doctors say no longer works.?
Why does my blood sugar go down when eat?
is there a way for your doctor to tell if you have diabetes without a blood test?
What is a candy bar with high (HIGH) sugar, but tastes awful?
My blood glucose reading was 4.5. The nurse says this is great and I dont have diabetes, but....?
Beneficial food and drink for Diarrhea?
How to be a healthy diabetic?
Diabetic coma is that like a normal...?
diabetes juvenile help?
My friends daughter, 19 yrs. old, was recently diagnosed with diabetes...?
Are diabetics allowed to have this?
Why is the Pharmaceutical industry jumping on the fish oil wagon.?
do you believe in Homeopathy?
How long can i keep weed before it's to old to smoke?
i'm hoping for a way to improve my sleep pattern!?
If the drs made a mistake by giving me insulin could I die?
how much weight do you think i will gain from diabetes?
I have a weird reaction when giving blood. What's going on?!!!?
what exercise should be prescribed to diabetes type 1 patients?
I found out my mother has high blood sugar what should she eat?
How do you become diabetic????
Diabetic question about Equal?
At what age should a child start to take over their own insulin shots?
Can I put my site on...?
my blood type is o negative. what does that mean?
diabetic problems?
what kind of meal plan is good for a diabetic? like what do you eat for breakfast ,lunch and dinner?
I am grade 2 diabetes and I am having my Blood counts 7.5 to 7.9 in the morning. What can I do to reduce it?
Please help me.My friend wants diabites?
Why does my blood sugar spike after 2 cups of coffee w/no sugar, 2 tbsp nondairy creamer?
What do diabetic ulcers on the feet look like?
what are the causes of diabetis?
do i have diabetes? and i want to know what type?
Diabetes! Im very confused :(?
Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or see the word Homeopathy..?
Hang over help: I can't drink water or i'll throw up?
What do you say to a drug spokesperson who says drugs, not eating healthy food, is only way to stay well ?
Is it true that Cinnamon tablets lower blood sugars in type 2 diabetics.Has anyone proof it really works?
what can i do to lower my sugar level when i wake up ?
sugar diabetes.........confused?
Not sure it's diabetes....?
If they don't want flowers, medicine or a memorial, how else can we mark the passing of a 'Hospital'?
Marijuana Question!!! (NEED HELP)?
Is alternative medicine inherently untestable?
Does too much vitamin c hurt you?
Do I have type 2 diabetes?
How do you lower your blood sugar quickly?
What tests would have have to take in order to take a blood test?
My hands tend to shake sometimes, and a friend told me that it means I have Low sugar levels...Is this true?
Beyond swelling of extremities, are there any serious consequences of taking actos and glyburide/metformin?
does taking steriods increase your blood gucose levels?
I wanna be a blood ? how do i do it ?
Complications of Diabetes.?
what should i do i have diabetes?
What is Insulin.....................?
Do you believe that Reiki is fraud?
does anyone know a natural cure for someone with kidney disease on dialysis?
Why does the U.S. spend between 10 and 12 billion dollars a year fighting a herb?
how long can insulin be out of refrigeration?
I've been prescribed that I was a type 2 diabetic, but Im also on insulin, and I want to get rid of it? I?
Where can i find a list of foods with their sugar information?DIABET help?
can low pottassium levels kill you?
do i have diabetes?
blood sugar level 29?
Is this a healthy blood pressure for a thirteen year old?
Do i have diabetes or am i just terribly sick?
Best natural remedies for depression?
What's a good meal recipe to prevent or help heal someone with kidney stones?
is there any permanent solution coming in future for children suffering from diabetes disease in small age?
why am i having extreme! high and lows? (type 1)?
what symptoms can you get if you're diabetic?
Where can I take Vials of Lantus Insulin to be tested in a laboratory? ?
help...do i have diabetes?
I having feeling I am diabetic?
why can't diabties be cured ?
What is the fastest way to raise my blood sugar dramatically?
Can ingesting an excessive amount of carbs and starches make ur blood glucose level rise and/or cause diabetes
im non diabetic. im just weight conscious so i take sugar free tablets from past 1 yr. is it safe for me?
PERSONAL EXPERIENCE PLEASE Are you diabetic? did you symptoms build up and up over a week? type one please.?
Blood Donation...?
does drinking alot of water help lower your blood sugar?
How would you tell your parent that you want to get tested for diabetes?
As a type 2 diabetic, im still not eating as heathy as I should be. I also cant afford to go to a dietician.?
What are the main causes for nosebleeds?I have alot and I also have high blood pressure.Diabetes?
help for a newly diagnosed diabetic woman earning minimum wage.?
Do I have diabetes? :/?
Advice Please - Bread Makes Me SOOO Tired!?
I thought diabetes people are fat?
What are the harmful effects of being very low on Potassium?
MAJOR headache, no medicine, help?
Are You Aware That Drug Companies Pay Doctors To Prescribe And Promote Their Drugs?
is it a problem if I can't sleep without weed?
is it safe to drink ur own urine like kevin costner did in waterworld?
Ok, im 55, & need something for menopause, other than black cohosh?
Does anyone have a PROVEN quick way to clear a stuffed nose?
How can you get hold of sleeping pills ?
what KIND of diabetes?
Is diabetes a disability?
Frequent urination could mean diabetes?
Is this something that can kill me?? (PLEASE HELP ME!)?
Where have all the homeopaths gone?
Why do the paramedics strip be completely naked if I'm in a bad car crash?
I found a syringe and a spoon on my dad's bed.?
What legal high can i buy which is like coke or speed?
some foods that help to fight helicobacter pylori...?
Do i have diabetes?
I have an uncontrollable hunger for food that i can't shake. can anyone help?
What are natural remedies I can take to soften stool?
If something's good for you but tastes disgusting, will you still force yourself to eat/drink it?
natural way to deal with anxiety?
Does anyone know the best way to give up weed?
Are coffee enemas safe?
For diabetics "white foods" are what.............?
Do I Have Diabetes or Something?
Type 1 Diabeties/hypoglycimia?
I have an adult friend who has high diabetes I have a question?
I'm peeing blood!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you ever eat a Hershey's bar even though you have diabetes?
is those reasdings of blood sugar dangerous 2.5 and 3.8?
Can anyone explain in layman's terms the "Somogyi Effect" or "Dawn Phenomena"?
I think raw food has CAUSED diabetes, what do I do?
question...help????????????? Diabetes?
what is the best way to quit smoking pot?
What are some ways to prevent and release anxiety Naturally?
10 points !!!What do you call the people who do autopsy's on people ??
what's the cure for asthma?
If conventional medicine is so wonderful why does alternative medicine exist?
Can no sugar added cookies or ice cream still raise blood sugar in diabetics?
I have been type 1 Diabetic for 21 years...?
is it possible to get diabetes if i eat like 4 puddings and 4 jello's a day, when theya re 22 g or sugar each?
I think i may have diabetes:( ?
BLOOD GROUPS! If my Mum Is AB and my Dad Is O, what am I?
Are there any real doctors out there?
Sore throat cure?
reasonss too smoke the weed!?!?!!?
Does acupuncture really help with sciatica?
OMigosh, Im really sick right now? I dont know why? Im Diabetic and...?
Does too much sugar really cause diabetes?
my moms a diabetic, and she doesnt know where to dispose of her used syringes,,,?
I'm a diabetic and have a blister on the side of my foot, should I pop it?
Smokeing pot makes my day. Does it do the same for you?
Is Chiropractic a legitimate therapy?
How to clean my marijuana bowl/bong ?
Alternative Medicine?
This is going to sound really strange lol....Should I try it?
y r all mumz stiffs?
can diabetics eat honey?
Am i drinking too much?
Glucose tolerance test?
What alternate medicine would you recommend?
Is taking adderall without a prescription against God's will?
Does anyone know how to relieve a boil ?
Will this be ok.............?
Is herbs better than medication?
ii'M 14 YRS. OLD AND ii MY W3iiGHT iiZ 180 AND ii'M 5'7 WOULD iiT B3 SAF3 FOR M3 TO US3 W3iiGHT PILLS?
my 17 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 6 mths ago, should i let him play bball this year?
What do you do for diabetic whose sugar is high?
What does pre diabetic mean?
How can you tell if you are Hypoglycemic?
Herbs that can be smoked?
will i overdose/ plz answer?
Healthier? Cigarettes or Weed?
Need help on Diabetes...?
how to prevent diabitic?
Why am i feeling thirsty all the time?
Are piercings and Diabetes related?
Does anyone know about Glucose?
How would alcohol affect a type 1 diabetic?
IS this HIGH for a two hour reading?
Are there any adverse effects in getting a TB test if I'm diabetic?
i have diabetes. what is safe to put on dry, cracked knuckles that are hurting really bad?
Help with glucose monitor test results- do you think I'm diabetic?
How high can your blood sugar rise before it becomes completly dangerous?
can you still be an airline pilot if you have diabetes?
Are "natural" vitamins better than "synthetic" vitamins?
What do you find is the best mix in a joint?
I have strep. everything around my head and neck hurts. I use up so many tissues - advice to heal fast!?
Whats the best way to get high legally?
I am having mouth ulcers since last 3-4 Days , & are extended upto the stomach.Pl suggest home remedy?
Marijuana and drug testing?
What were your symptoms when first diagnosed with diabetes? Or did you have any symptoms at all?
Diabetics, traveling by air, what do you pack to eat?
Is that true, if cosins make children, they will be hampered?
could it be possible that i hate diabetes?
are herbal vaporisers worth using for cannabis?
Any good home remedie's for a bad sinus headache?
Does Reiki really work?
Does anyone have a home remedy for athlete's foot? I've tried the creams & their not working.?
i'm wearing glasses. i'm going to have operation for my eyes by laze. should i do it?
how can i stop wetting my bed?
how do i soothe a sore throat? ?
What can i do to pass gas?
Whats your opinion in this?
If marijuana is natural why is it genetically manipulated?
does cod liver oil (omega 3) make you more intelligent?
Is it healthy to clean your ears?
Quit smoking...?
How to make a piece for smoking weed?
Whats the best way to Cure Sore throat :'( .. ?
I think I'm getting PINK EYE, what should I do!?!?!?!?
is there a way to get mariuana out your system real quick?
Sluggish around my period?
Does stress cause blood Sugar to rise?
Scared to death about diabetes.?
i have diabetes and high blood pressure are they linked?
what is a safe way for a diabetic Girl to lose weight?
When you urinate sugar, is it supposed to burn?
I have a teenager who sleeps a whole lot all of a sudden and complaines of being nauseated. What could it be?
can people with diabetes eat pizza?
i just need to know,is this diabetes?
What will send my blood sugar crazy!?
is there anyone out there who are t1 diabetic who have been called a brittle diabetic?
Have a horrible sore throat...??
what are some smoking weed Movies?
Any helpful cold remedies?
How can i get high of off weed without it staying in my system,besides legal bud?
Do you believe in natural remedies to cure? Is it sometimes necessary to use medicine instead?
Are there any benefits of smoking marijuana?
WEED, how to use it? ?
Can airport security detect marijuana?
question about herbal remedies for someone to answer?
My 17 year old twins are feeling really sick?
diabetes? Please help.?
What is the Benifit of High Fibre Diet?
What's the best way to overcome diabetes type 2?
Is a.m. blood level avg 191 a concern? Doc says don't have to check every day either. Does this make sense?
my girlfriend has diabetes..how do i cope??
Are there any symptoms of being diabetic ?
Diabetic? Please, i'm only eleven :'(?
should someone be punished for having high blood sugar?
I'm seriously not happy with the blood test results...?
Diabetes with me and family?
If you're going to make a parachute jump, how high should you be?
Why do doctors overlook natural treatments and instead use prescription medications for most ailments?
what should i do if my mother is thirsty and wants some water?
I wake up and my sugar is always around 272, I don't eat late at night. I have been on several different
Diabetic Blood Sugar Machine?
Thirst: How much is too much?
what are the first signs that your a diabetic?
Is it true that diabetics....?????
Ok! How can I get rid of head aches naturally?
Hangover cures?
is it bad for me if i smoke pot once every once in a while...or at least 4 or 5 times a month?
What kind of doctor do I need to go to to see if I have diabeties?
I am a type II diabetic patient. The recent reading is 272mg/dl What kind of vegetables & fruits I can take.?
can a person receive medicade and medicare at the same time?
could not eating breakfast and lunch cause tiredness?
if i have low blood sugar am i supposed to eat something sweet?
My husband is killing himself!!?
what does smoking weed feel like?
is bible paper a good alternative to rolling paper?(for joints)?
do you feel like all the fun is out of cooking and baking now that you can't eat the stuff?
can you feel half a pill?
natural cure for depression?
What drugs have you used?
Natural, Sugar/Fat-free, practical remedies for soothing a sore throat & cough?
help! what do you do for Migraines?
Should I feel bad about my 'weed' comment?
I get dizzy after smoking a cigarette?? Is this normal?
What do you know about the drug Adderall?
marijuana questions!!!?
Difference between Hypoglycemia and Type 2 Diabetes?
could this b diabetes or wot?
can diebetics drink alchohol?
Insulin pump and summer time.?
does taking insulin cause food to taste bad and you can not eat very much?
Blood sugar level?
type 2 Diabetes/high blood sugar?
what should you do if your blood sugar is high?
can diabetes cause headache?
what kind of food plan i have to follow to avoid becoming diabetic?
What are symptoms of Diabetes?
How much insulin is right?
I have a teacher who absolutely HATES me for being a Type 1 Diabetic?
Medical Marijuana Question?
Is their any way to hide diabetes from a urine test?
I just tried smoking this fake marijuana called "redXDewn Spark 20 Special Crop" is this bad for you?
Please help ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can you trip on vicodin?????
On Meditation.......?
Urinating often.... Diabetes?
Is it true you can eat whatever you want, the insulin and other medications will take care of it.?
have i been drinking to much caffeine?
is diabetes the #1 killer among us?
Does anyone know of any natural herbs or tablets that can help improve my memory?
Would you agree that medicine isn't quality anymore? I mean, it leaves you sicker than you already are!!!?
where can you get vitamin c from?
salvia for marijuana users?
95 glucose for teen too high?
What do I need to be able to get the pump?[Type 1 Diabetic]?
Tomorrow I have to get blood drawn? (10 EASY POINTS!!!!!)?
Glucose blood test before eating breakfast in the 60's mg/dl?
how do you get ahold of marijuana?
Has cannabis played a part in your life? If so, in which way?
Do dock plants really cure nettle stings or is this a rural myth?
How do you cure constipation?
I need a homeopathic remedy?
If you have a cold, what are the best ways to heal quick that aren't taking medicine or vitamins?
What is the best drug for weight loss?
can accupuncture or chiropractor solve the problem of spinal cord compression?
What is ten percent off of $229?
Could I be borderline or just plain diabetic?
one of the symptoms of diabetes is to pass water frequently?
What happens if you drink wine and am diabetic?
I think I'm Diabetic and I have some questions?
i have been very thirsty the past 3 weeks and i don't know why.?
Diabetes. What are the equivalent Blood Glucose Levels? American and British readings differ.?
i woke up and was paralised and saw a demon?
What is the role of insulin in blood sugar regulation?
Do you think this is diabetes?
HELP on passing a druug test... its weeed.. any home remedies?
how do you cure depreision?
Does anyone know of any home remedies that will take care of a sore throat?
question about Sleeping pills??
What's a good way to get rid of a hangover?
cure for backache?
Can you donate blood if you are an insulin dependent type 1 diabetic?
What suffix is added to indicate sugar diabetes?
What are some other alternative ways to treat depression?
Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia... And Mary Jane?
Is it illegal to dump old medicine down the drain?
How can I give up cigarettes for good?
Is there a legal drug that gives you hallucinations?
Is there any type of over the counter remedies for getting an autistic child to sleep at night?
Are there any dangers of eating hemp seeds?
What should i do?
Does soup really have curative powers?
Natural remedies for cough that actually works????
How much heroine is too much..?
What's the best way of getting rid of the flu, without anthibiotics?
i am a diabetic im 31?
Can someone help me prove this to my little sister?
How long could I go before dying from ketoacidosis?
What happens if you use the same needle to inject Humalog and Lantus but at different injection sites?
What's a quick, fast-acting cold remedy?
Can you still buy triple c's at a drug store without a prescription?
what is the best way to get high?
dad has type1 diabetes and my grandpa and my great grandpa had type2.what is chance of passing to me and kids?
Is starving yourself a good way to control type 2 diabetes?
Best answer gets 10 points!?
Anyone doing colon cleansing right now ?.....?
is there a medicine for hiccups?
My sister has Diabetes.. She found a friend who claims to be a healer. My sister said she's healed. What to ?
who invented Campho Phenique?
Do i Need to take medication?
what do you get when you guzzle down sweets?
Animas pump 2020 should i get it or not?
Dose anyone know if i can mix lantis and humalog in one needle/?
Could I be diabetic? (17 yrs old)?
what are the side effects of warfarin(coumadin)?
How can I treat consitpation with natural food?
What is the difference between all these medical systems Accupressure,Accupunture,Homeopathy,Ayue…
What are some ways to cure cold faster?
how long marihuana stays in the system ?
Clearing up a sinus infection?
Gluten Free Diet and ADHD does it work?
Anyone know the Best cold remedy?
Can anyone tell me about the drug "PCP"? I never learnt about it at school.?
Which gauge of needle do you use? 28?
what is hyperthyroidism?
Am I Hypoglycemic?
How much water do you need to drink before it counts as excessive?
What is the best herbal treatment for Type II diabetes and neuropathy?
What happens to you if your blood sugar runs really high for a long time?
What food is good to replenish your blood cells?
Does eating shellfish affect diabetes?
Is this diabetes or something else?
Do Liver Cleanse's work?
What do you do if the control test on a OneTouch Ultra Smart glucometer is off?
How many visit's to the doctor does it take for him to diagnose diabetes?
Cranberry Juice Question?
Alternatives for Diabetic Supplies?
can drinking baking soda each day help with diabetes by making you more alkaline?
I am a diabetic and had apple pie the grams are 25 how much insulin should cover this? Units of insulin ?
Are these definite signs of diabetes?
Do my symptoms sound like diabetes to you?
Am I diabetic, i have some symptoms?
Why are people able to take whole bottles of homeopathic sleeping pills without dying?
what';s a good cure for ear infections? i think my ear is getting infected, it really hurts a bunch....=(?
What are the symptoms of a 'hypo' when diabetic??
What's the best ALL NATURAL sleep aid?
diabetes herbal better than drugs?
I just found out I am type 2 and am taking insulin by pill. ?
Any Metformin experts?
Type 2 diabetes differs from type 1 because there is enough ___ present in the body.?
my friend is freaking out because her son's blood sugar is 180 After eating meals and junk...?
Is melon or watermelon bad for diabetics?
I have problems controlling my portions during Xmas time?
Is whole grain rice healthy for diabetics?
do i get payed at work for diabetic appointments?
How do you react as a case of diabetes if your Blood Suger would be 250 mg/dl 13.688mmol 2 hours after meal?
A a diabetic, what would be my maximum carbs allowable in one meal?
what should i do?????????????
Does glucagon stimulate or inhibit the release of insulin from islets of Langerhans?
What would cause a person to have low blood sugar and at the same time have a high amount of glucose in urine?
My big toe is constantly numb is it my shoes or diabetes or a pinched nerve wat!!!?
I was diagnosed with diabetes Melita?
Question for diabetics?
has anyone heard of urine therapy and tried it?
Any home remedy?
Cancer and a cure ..........?
if someone smokes weed multiple times a day, do they start smelling different?
minerals are important to the body because they?
Is rihanna pro-vaccine because her parents and lover are doctors?
Reiki also deals with cleansing chakras and clearing blockages. ...contd?
Last night i smoked weed, HELP?
Does anyone know any herbal or homeopathic stress relievers with no interactions?
What is the best medicine for a cold?
what happens if a child eat pills?
what are the good and the bad facts about smoking weed?
do you think i have diabetes?
My grandfather had diabetes, is there a possibility i could get diabetes too ?
do you drink diet soda and how old are you?
Controlling diarrhea?
Do have products for diabetes?
signs of kidney or liver problems/failure?
How can I have good glucose levels and still be diabetic?
pre diabetic question?
What gland is associated with Diabetes?
what happens if i take 72 ibrofen tablets?
Since when does the fire station give free blood sugar exams?
Could we have another misinformed nurse?
could a dog be diabetic if she drinks alot of water. ?
Do these things sound like I have diabetes? (Listt)?
Can Vegetarian have diabetes?
does the dsi come in pink?
am i going to get diabetes?
my hubby was recently told he has a chance of becoming a diabetic.?
Why are there doctors here on Q&A looking to rid alternative treatment....?
Is there any other type of medicine that helps with arthritis pain besides anti-inflamatory drugs?
I am suffering from acidity. Normally it is at peak late in the night. Looking for homeopathic medicine.?
What kind of diabetes would a person have if he/she is really skinny and always feel hungry?
What happens if some one who has diabets eats some thing they are not supposed to ?
Is type 2 diabetes the end of the world?
Is there any way to make insulin injections less painful?
I have a question about diabetes?
Hey! Is it true that the big Pharma and doctors say that natural rememdies...?
is this the right kind of cranberry juice for a UTI?
what is the difference between Type 1 and 2 Diabetes?
why do diabetes 1 have to take insulin?
I was told by my doctor that my cholestral is high and she prescribed medicine..I rather not be on medication.?
what is retinopathy?
Am I diabetic?
Is the Government actually allowed to do this?
How much is 1.5 Grams of marijuana cost?
Can diet and weight control prevent diabetes ...?
Is there a new diabetic drug out on the market yet?
Do you have children with Type 1 diabetes?
am i really underweight?
Problems with Diabetes at School?
i have been more thirsty than usual?
I am want to make sugar free items at home?
Could I Have Diabetes?
Where can I purchase a Diabetic Test strip?
Will eating a lot of sugary food cause type I diabetes?
Are there any antibacterial tablets you can buy in shops?
does any one have a natural way of treating Parkinsons syndrome?
What is the best product for hair loss treatment ?
what is the best way to cleanse your colon?(repost)?
Herbal Medicine For Migraine...?
Are there any Homeopaths on Answers that can help me find a remedy that is cooling, please?
How can I prevent Type 2 diabetes?
Why does diet Mountain Dew make my blood sugar high?
New Pill for type II Diabetese ?
having trouble with stopped up bowels cant go for 2 weeks?
why is it,thta most diabetics have fat stomachs????
Insulin Injection Pens?
my dad has diabetes A. What should I do?
Could I have diabetes?
Can people with Diabetes (whether its type one or two) drink Minute Maid or Tropicana juices (30g of Sugar)?
i was suffering actute headache from childhood left portion of brain is suffering blood circulation problem?
What has been your experience with marijuana?
How can you improve the breathing thru your nose without nasal drugs?
How to cure the cold fast?
What's the best remedy for nausea?
should someone with diabetes get a tattoo? My friend wants to but is afraid cause of the healing process?
Is asthma worst than Diabetes?? ?
can't drink as much alcohol like before?
I have a super fat friend who looks eleven months pregnant. She's really sick from diabetes and a hernia whil?
Calling all pump users!?
Question about blood sugar levels in a 7 year old boy?
Very fast weight loss for morbidly obese woman?
Which exercises should I do?
i am borderline diabetic and want to know whats in my coffee that is making my sugar go up? its coffee?
where can i find tea tree oil?
What should I do if my sugar is over 400?
What site can I go which list the sugar ranges for diabetes?
i resently found out i have hypoglycemia,but i'm not diabetic, i'm tired all the time, even after meals.normal
How can I tell if I have type one diabetes or pre-diabetes?
Diabetics,What is your daily diet like? If you aren't a diabetic but have a great diet I appreicate your share?
why would your feet swell ? could it be a sign of diabetes ?
diabetes symtomps?
Diabetic oatmeal cookie recipes?
how can you get a love one to quit drinking ?
Question For Experienced Pot Smokers?
A Homeopath on this forum recommended Pills for my ED?
if i eet magic juice will i dye?
How do you pronounce phosphatidylethanolamine?
Can Homoeopathy give cure to common & general ailments?
Do you think I should take LSD?
I lost my voice!! What do I do?
hypothetically, if you found a dried dead pot plant...?
I have parasites. What's a good, quick, natural way to clean out?
Is there any way to reduce our vitamin bills?
is codeine bad for you?
How do I inject peanut butter into myself?
What would happen legally if I refuse chemo or radiation?
What are the dangers of ecstasy?
My ideal state of being is high- Is this bad?
have you ever done salvia?
Are there any alternative remedies to dissolve blood clots?
Can you really reverse type II diabetes with diet and exercise?
Aside from going to the doctor, what can someone do if one suspects they have diabetes?
just because your blood sugar was 41 dosent mean that your border line diebetic does it?
Do you know what the "side effects" of diabetes are?
What should my blood levels be?
Weed and Ecstasy before a blood test?
After drinking several drinks, what would you expect your
am i diabetic or anemic or wut?
Has anyone else been told they cannot be put an insulin pump unless their A1C's are under 8?
Why do I feel weak until I have eat something high in sugar?
any ideas on natural remedies for heart burn?
Name a strong dosage of Ayurveda?
diabetes is this bad ?
Where Can I Find Replacement Parts And A "Do It Yourself" Manual For My Jarvik 7?
will marijuanna help asthma?
Are there any ALL NATURAL/ORGANIC clinical strength deodorants out there?
What is Lavender essential oil used for?
How many of the people who look down on weed have actually smoked it?
I have a friend who is diabetic. At work, he eats a lot of sugar and drinks a lot of soda and fruit juice.?
Why is diabetes so funny?
Blood question!?
What happens if you inject a hypodermic needle filled with insulin into a non-Diabetic person?
new diabetic..question?
Doesn't it annoy you when...?
My mom's Sugar level has reached 300 !! PLZ HELP ME?
Do these symptoms sound like diabetes?
Do i have diabetes? HELP?
what is diebete can it be cured or just control?
diabetes question??
whats an amputee?
Idea for curing Diabetes?
my mom is 52 years old and has sugar levels as 129 as fasting blood sugar and 200 post lunch sugar levels.is s?
I need a low sodium, low cholesterol, diabetic diet?
If I were to smoke Hash tomorrow,and expect a drugtesst in 3 days.what should i be drinking-doing .NEED PASS?
When I went to bed last night, my blood sugar was 106 ... 9 hours later after fasting, it's 124!?
Once diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes can it be reversed? IE if I eat right and exericse can I reverse this?
Diabetic Anorexic (I have a question if you could help)?
what are the signs of diabetes?
Diabetics: What is considered the appropriate glucose range 2 hours after eating?
how cure blood sugar?
want to know if im anemic or if i have diabetes.?
Does it sound like I have diabetes /: ? Please help me?
How do do u mentay feel as a diabetes when u feel ok but after a BS test the monitor shows yr BS 50 mg/dl?
what are the herbal remedy for frequent urination specially during bedtime?
is there any 'natural remedies' i can take to help rid my body of toxins??
How should i decide when to go to bed?
Is There Any Way To Get Rid Of Anxiety Without Medication?
I'd appreciate some information about natural forms of colon cleansing. I am having lots of uncomfortable?
Don't you hate it when you can't get to sleep,and it's morning already!!??
The Diabetes Cure? Whats The Status?
how to get rid of canker soar?
Name a natural remedy you swear by?
where do people get marijuana?
Is eating banana raise your sugar level?
how to be a good businessman?
People with type 1 diabetes, Please help?
im always tired, my muscles ache alot especially around the back area and legs. I sleep 12 hours each night?
My baby has an ear infection and is now taking antibiotics. Is there any natural home remedy that I can use?
Is it hot water and then cold or vice versa to cure constipation?
i just found out i had type ii diabetes, does anyone know what i can do to keep it under control?
Will a fever raise my blood sugar reading?
Lantus dosing - if you are taking a higher dose, as in 70 units, would it be best to split into 2 doses?
poll/surveyI am a new Diabetic.What do others with diabetes do when you get cravings, for high carbs/sweets?
Could someone help me about having a diabetes mellitus?
I have type 2 diabetes, I love onions, especially deep fried ones, I was told I shouldn't eat these, is this?
How to stop high blood sugars at night?
How long does it usually take to get blood test results?
Could I have juvenile diabetes?
do you have to get some sugar to live?
how to get rid of warts without using medicine?
Ear infection without a perception?
what r some ways for me to quit smoking weed?
If you could choose one single factor that will make you live to 100 - what would it be?
when I smoke weed with people?
I overdose on ibuprofen all the time, and I'm still fine, so why is overdosing bad?
plz tell me some good strong sleeping pills name against my insomnia....?!?!!?!?
each sde of my lips been cracked for 2 months i have tried blisstex vit e carmex?
Is there a natural supplement for depression/tiredness? I dont have medica ins. & believe dr's poison us.?
best way to kick a hangover?
My daughter has acne that isn't responding to ProActiv. Are there any natural remedies that could help her?
which drugs to take to commit suicide?
How long does marijuana stay in your system for?
How do I get to sleep naturally?
Hangover cure: What's YOUR fav?
I want to meditate but I don't know where I should start?
what are some herbal remedies that take away a cough?
Overdose on sleeping pills?
Any home remedies for.....a UTI?
Please help me to find some medicine?
Who has tried salvia?
Is it possible to overdose on vitamins?
Im always tired. What can I take or eat that's natural that will give me energy?
Anyone know of any natural remedies to help with memory?
Is it safe to smoke weed?
How do I get old human urine smell out of a wood floor.? I'm moving into my new apartment in 5 days. Help!
Hangover cure!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the best drug free way to relieve a migraine?
So i smoke weed tell me somthing i dont know?
Any tips on how to quit smoking? I normally smoke 2-3 packs per day?
Diabetes VERY HIGH, 585. Need advice?
Sugar or protein: what's better nourishment when your sick with the flu?
my blood test shows haemoglobin is 19.3?what should i do?
what are natural remedies for diarhea?
Can you perform reiki on someone that is sleeping?
whats the best maryjane you toked?
What is the best remedy for a cold? Should I get a flu shot?
I need sleeping pills. Can i get them from a normal chemist?
Something safe for constipation?
any alternative medicine to replace liptior?
Ate weed but is not high?
Why do Meth Labs so often blow up?
Is there such a thing as a natural antibiotic?
can someone explain homeopathy to me?
Is aloe vera juice a laxative? ?
if i by a ounce of weed and i need it to last 3months how?
natural anti fungal? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
colonic intergation?
did i just smoke to mutch weed or was it laced?
i just drank water and lots of salt and feeling baaaaaadddd?!?
I smoked marijuana was it laced?
what is a remedy for tendinitis in the wrist?
wats the best natural laxitive to flush out the body?
what is the best and quickest way to remedy constipation?
Weed...what are your thoughts?
Does anyone take a natural remedy for anxiety that is really effective?
a question of weed.....?
What's the best way to cure horniness?
does sleeping pills have to be prescribed??
do we already have the resources?
what are the benefits from smoking Marijuana?
Randomly becoming sick after drinking alcohol?
What does Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes do?
How to treat diabetes?
Is 100 a good blood glucose level?
I am Hypoglycemic and it is very difficult for me to loose weight, even when I follow a healthy diet. ?
What did some of you diabetics believe caused your diabetes?
what food has the highest potassium level ?
Is a complete body skin rash, after weeks of too much sugar, a symptom of diabetes?
diabetes? please answer i am confused?
I need some advice about my blood suagrs?
What Vitamin Brands are Best?
What is the fastest way to dry herbs for immediate use?
Adenoids! Adenoids! I can't find my adenoids! Have you seen my adenoids?
Is this what FDA & The Greedy Pharmaceutical Industry doing to us ? Read on....?
I've been plagued with debilitating migraines. Can anyone recommend a doctor who specializes in trephination?
Does drinking water really help you recover from a cold?
What are the signs of swine flu exactly?
does anyone know ways to get ride of scars?
how do you cure food poisoning?
is there a cure for multiple sclerosis?
Is it possible to be allergic to coffee?
2 questions about blood.Not gross questions.?
Where can I find scientifical evidence of the benefits of washing hands?
Why do immune system rejects a transplant?
Aperger's Syndrome? What do you do to Cope?
How can we prevent epistaxis?
Question about depression, meds, and HIV?
Is anyone interested in catching the Stain Flu?
I ate 10 bags of pork rinds and now I feel like throwing up, do I have the swine flu?
what is a good way to lower blood pressure?
How can you get rid of a boil without having to see a doctor?
Is it possible to develop an allergy to a product that one has used (without issues) for many years?
Do Bald People get Dandruff?
Are there health risks in being exposed to wood burners?
Assuming you've had more than one (and face it, we all have!) what is your favorite shaped rash?
Need help and advice with health insurance (and cancer). Any experience with Cobra?
Should the swine flu vaccine be mandatory, and if they are what assurance do we have that history won't?
whats the incubation period for getting a cold?
How long does it take for the side effects of Sustiva/Epzicom combo to subside?
My batty Catholic fiancee contracted the orange vadge. Should I be concerned this may affect our lovemaking?
Sugar Free Sweets Does Anyone Know ?
Does anyone have Diabetes ii?
What is type 3 diabetes? Pl mention your references (sources of information).?
Diabetes question?
What to Cook for Friend?
Is happiness contagious?
Constant, crushing, severe fatigue with hypothyroidism; what can I do for more energy??
lump on jaw?getting bigger?
Did anyone else get the flu shot and now a couple of months later, you have the flu? ?
OJD?? jonas brothers jonasbrothers!!?
Acne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
What are some of the Symptoms of HERPES??!?
How do I convince my dad that I have an alcohol dependency problem, he refuses to believe it?
How can i get a killer flat stomach?
What small things can I do to lose a couple pounds?
How do I get more flexible?
How would you train to get muscles like the Olympic sprinters?
How do you get and stay motivated to exercise and eat right?
What is the best way to get a nice toned stomach?
What exercises help develop stronger arms?
What are some ways to wake up feeling more energized?
Is March Madness easily transmittable? Like by saliva..?
Flu Help.... ..?
infuenza question?
Isn't all this hype about the swine flu just...?
*Star this if you think there should be a separate category for the SWINE FLU!*?
I snort when I laugh. Am I at a higher risk for Swine flu?
How do you get rid of a computer transmitted headache?
I have started smoking more recently...?
What is the worst ailment you ever had?
Cold sores (herpes ~ yuck)! What's the connection with stress?
Why are they called Planters Warts?
What STD do I have to have to get a TC badge in here?
Poll: Do you have a sister who puffs a lot...?
What are the symptons for strep throat... would this be a symptom?
How did H1N1(the swine flu) start i'm not worried about getting infected i just want to now how it started.?
Besides account suspension, what effectively eradicates The Orange Plague?
will u pray for my step nephew?
What are the symptoms of leprosy?
Last night I dreamt I had the swine flu and now I have a sore throat..actual serious question inside :)?
can i have a star?
I have not been tired for 2 years, my sister says I must have some type of disease, what do you think?
What is a good home remedy for a itchy scalp?
My husband has just been diagnosed with a fatal case of Pushedinfrontofatrain or possible Pusheddownthestairs?
Is a transfusion really the same as eating blood?
Is milk really necessary for children?
How to reduce cholesterol naturally?
What is the healthiest food?
Why is it more healthy to eat 6 small meals rather then 3 big meals?
Should I target one group of muscles or just specific ones?
Is it okay to drink vitamin water instead of taking normal vitamins?
Why am I all bloody on the inside?
Daily Thrash Attack.......?
Aldo, do you take Hobo to be your awfully wedded eWife?
How many pairs of underwear will I go through when I catch the Swine Flu?
Is "Do I have herpes" the Infectious Diseases section's "Am I pregnant"?
What is best way to get big organism?
before you get your tonsils out do you need to take a piss test?
PLEASE help!!!!! High Hemoglobin Level/ Red Blood Cell Count?
Do I have any other options for migraine preventatives?
How many STDs do you think were exchanged during the filming of 'Jersey Shore'..?
What causes itchy tear ducts?
is cucumber any good for the skin?
How ca i get rid of my soar thoat...any advice would be greatly appreciated.?
URGENT!! Heart Attack?
I want everyone's opinion. Who is for the N1H1 (Swine Flu) vaccine & who is against it? WHY?
My in laws went on vacation to Mexico on April 16, and are planning to return on April 27. With the swine flu?
So are you preparing for a pandemic?
Does cat scratch fever turn all of its victims into conservatives, like it did to Ted Nugent, or only some of?
How bad must the person feel who went on vacation to Mexico and than brought back the swine flu with them?
Within the last 4 days, I've broken out in hives 8 times?
Is it possible to get allergic to people?!?
One year ago this month I was diagnoised with stage four Cervical Cancer and am still in battle for my life do?
If your immediate health prospects were not good, would you put your normal life activities on hold....?
Help! I have this pesky problem I can't get rid of, and I need some assistance?
There's this green thing growing out of my arm...?
Do you know someone who should be donating all their organs now?
What foods have dietary fiber ?
How does it work out that a overly thin person can have a high cholestesterial.?
can lifting weights give you a 6 pack?
What are the health effects of saturated rather than unsaturated fat?
Are there any pills to control HUNGER?What are their side-effects.?
Does drinking ginger tea have any benefits?
How to lose weight healthy, but also really fast??
Is the Swine flu a Govt conspiracy?
What are some tips for recovering from chicken pox?
A Question for the AIDS Denialists?
Are you worried about swine flu?
Who would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and...?
How does an Australian anesthesiologist at an abortion clinic infect 44 women with Hepatitis C over years?
If you don't get a shot for your rabies, can it progress into full-blown herpies?
My head hurts! Do you think it's from all the different categories I'm being exposed to?
Does anyone know the "long term effects" of using Prednisone & Cortisone Injections?
Will our troll's heart . . .?
What measures are you taking to not be infected with H1N1?
What are the symptoms of zombification?
How has Swine Flu affected you?
are you going to get H1N1flu shot?
Things you can do to speed up the healing process during a cold?
What can I do to get rid of zits quick?
Do you remember at time when your heart hurt so badly...?
PRAY FOR AUNT POSIE please read?
Have you got a deep voice or a squeeky one?
My eye doctor said I have Clonejunctivitis. How did I get this?
Swine flu or just the regular flu?
What's the best kind of medicine for a sore throat?
Why can't a virus be cured?
Someone just called me a sick pig. Does that mean I have Swine Flu?
Do you think this swine flue is going to affect Cruise Travel?
Can the swine flu be swine flu or swine flu?
What are the 7 shapely secrets?
Is the apple patch diet opportunity a scam?
what would you consider to be the best diet plan out there?
Why are people lazy and not press the star button?
How can you lose weight quick using laxatives?
star if funny?
How do you motivate yourself to workout?
Why does everyone want 6 pack abs? I have 12 pack abs, isn't that twice as good?
Is there a website for survivors of childhood leukemia?
Question to AIDS denialists?
Can you please pray for my grandmother?
Do you snore ?
Cancer treatment question:: I lost all my hair when on Taxol..my eyelashes grew in beautiful but now I am?
What happens when you knock yourself a pro, slick? Do gray matter back got perform us down I take TCBin, man?
Have you ever had a hepatitis A injection?
What is a symptom that the swine flu gives you its self besides the normal flu symptoms?
How do i know i have a normal flu and not the swine flu?
How can I be less paranoid about the swine flu?
Whats rong with me ?! Worms :|?
Adults: Have you NEVER had chicken pox?
Have you had the Swine flu shot, yes or no?
What Is Mesothelioma?
Huge festering boil on my wotsit?
How do I tell my herpes that I have a boyfriend?
is there such thing as herpatitis?
Is weightlifting good or bad for your knees?
Is it really true that your body "gets used to" exercise?
Is Today "Gut Friday" At The Gyms?
So, how many times per day is the word "lose" misspelled as "loose" in this section?
What is the best way to stop thinking about food?
A question about .....food?
How do I calculate how many Weight Watchers points I can eat?
Did Jesus have back acne?
My husband coughs sometimes and you know how sometimes you cough so much that you throw up?
help! i have something comming out of my vigina and its not blood its something solid?
Whaty should I do for a cat's eye infection?
Do you like to get poked?
MMR jabs - what are you doing?
What is the difference between an antibiotic ointment and cream?
How do you diagnose swine flu and what is the accuracy of the diagnosis?
which is better,viral immunity or bacterial immunity?
Can this disease kill you?
How often should ventilation shafts be cleaned?
If you had only one hand, would second hand smoke effect you?
How can avoid losing my voice ( I have a cold )?
Stop Smoking.. Need Advice?
I'm doing an informative speech on autism, what should be my visual aid?
has anyone tried nicoban?
How long after exposure could I come down with the dreaded Pygmy Shrew Flu?
Is it dangerous to go to swimming pool because of swine flu?
Why are people so uptight about this swine flu?
High Neutrophils, Low Lymphocytes, High Sed Rate?
How can I stop sweating so much?
I want to learn more about Monavie. How do I sign up? What does the berry do? etc?
I breathe heavy and sweat when I exercise. Also, I feel a dull ache in my muscles. What am I doing wrong?
I have one hundred pounds to lose! How much can I expect to lose in three months.?
For weight loss which is better eat only when hungry or on a time table?
Is chocolate good for you in any way?
Is it common for your shoe size to get smaller when you lose weight?
My hands and feet are suddenly sweating like crazy! How do I get rid of this problem?
Can anyone tell me what kind of results they have had with HOODIA in regards to weight loss?
What are the nutritional benefits of eating caulk?
How are people dying of this Flu?
Star Fever Agency?
which is worse ?the mosquito or the fly?and why?
What is the rate male : female infected by HIV?
What can I use for my throat? ?
If someone with SEVERE toenail fungus has been successfully treated, I would LOVE to hear from u!?
Am I more likely to catch Swine Flu if I eat at a Taco Bell, as opposed to some other eating establishment?
Advice: My Girlfriend is allergic to the sun and I'm a sun worshiper!! How can we last?
Could antibiotics used in animal feed elicit anaphylactic reactions in people with IgE demonstrated allergies?
I think I have allergy towards certain food. Is there any cure for it?
How do I supress my allergies without medication?
Do you know what "Butt Dust" is?
When I eat spicy food,my face itches real bad. Why?
Is Strep throat possible without tonsils?
Why do I need to take Tamiflu?
What type of degree do those who work for the CDC have?
Can you catch the swine flu again once you have had it?
Is it true that there won't be any more Beer because of the Swine Flu?
I think I have Metatarsalgia?
Can somebody tell me why you shouldn't get swine flu vacine?
Are you taking the drug Digitek or Digoxin?
What makes albino people so white and what causes it?
dandruff =/?
SPF level?
My mom just beat her cancer! Yay!?
What is good for colds/flu?
Ways to prevent swine flu without going overboard?
Chest pains?
My doc told me that he has a VJJ, what does he mean by this?
Spinal fluid leaking into /onto the brain sounds real bad, is it?
What foods are the most effective for causing Gout ? I have been feeding my fat slob husband ...?
Did you know Blood Transfusions May Have Killed Millions?
Can you get AIDS from a primate?
Snack suggestions to take to an office without a fridge or a microwave?
Men only: Does your gf/wife use free weights when you are at the gym?
How many games of 'Text Twist' do I have to play to get my arms toned for summer?
I've heard if a person eats 180 hot dogs, 42 twinkies and 4 cases of diet soda they won't have to be embalmed?
Is there really such thing as snacks when you can only eat 1300 calories a day?
What would be a good way to reward yourself for losing five pounds?
What is that New Health Drink Delivers All-Day Energy and Makes You Smarter at Work?
How many more fecking swine flu questions are going to be asked?
Feed a cold and starve a fever or feed a fever and starve a cold?
What is the difference between germs and a virus?
Rocky Point Swine Flu Threat?
Do you think i should get the normal flu shot this season (NOT swine)?
How long do you think it will take for swine flu to spread accross the UK?
I always hear aids started because man made love to a monkey. Did Swine Flu come about because man did a pig?
I suffer from Meniere's Disease. Does anyone out there have any advice on how to control the symptoms?
I found out that the colors Teal and White show support for cervical cancer...does anyone know of an?
Please pray for this woman. Please read.?
I'm having a herpies outbreak and I'm on my pierod. Should I have a bake sale?
If I'm a drinkin and my eyes say yes but my slobbering pie hole says no?
What would you like to know about the update on the "swine flu"?
Do you use Germ -X .......?
Dr. Sanjay Gupta contracts H1N1 virus...WHO KNEW?
I think I have serious pink eye..?
How do I know if I have swine flu or regular flu?
I have swine flu! I need help, please!?
How infectious is Mad Cow Disease?
Dear Reputable Drs and Shaman, is there a place i can relocate my brain to should my head require amputation?
I've tried everything. What can I do for Insomnia?
help I don't want to die unnessarily?
I'm on a strict weight loss regimen. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase diet water?
How do people manage to keep themselves away from junk food?
Any tips or techniques to increase height and look taller?
I have just been seen naked......?
How many calories can you burn in an hour from doing kegels?
What can I do to curb a huge appetite?
How do I lose face fat?
Perky Breasts What happens?
Should I be Suspicious?
Is working around microwave popcorn bad for your health?
My dad is in the hospital in critical condition with a nasty lung infection, is there medicine to help him?
how bad is Emphysema?
nicotine withdrawal...has this happened to you?
how to get my mom and uncle to quit smoking?
Smoking while recovering from Pneumonia, how can I stop ?
Cold med chewables?