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Got any good diet tips?
i wanna lose 10-19 pounds in 24 days.. what should i do?
whats the best way to lose weight?
do i have a disease?
Does caffeine really cause dehydration?
am going try and give up smoking but am really scared i'll gain weight any tips??/?
Glass Questions!!!?
why is everything I see sort of grainy?
what is the safest/best contact lens solution?
My eyes are being itchy. I have stuff to spray in it. But it doesn't work.?
FIRST time getting contacts!?
What do blind people see?
Why does my contact lense move when I blink?
Am I underweight or average?
Is there a food that I can eat that will definately help me gain weight?
How often do you go to the gym?
is 5'3 too tall for a girl!?!?
am i too fat ?
ok i want to start working out but i will admit i am a little chubby I'm 14 and im 5'8 and 158 pounds?
Would guys be interested in me?
can people stop answering questions they know nothing about?
pain in my lower right part of my stomach. Type 1 diabetic?
GP Appointment Booking System?
my face gets real red is this a symtom of diabetes. It is mostly my cheeks.?
I have heard that eating of Salt causes Diabetes??? Is it right?
I used cologne and after shave I have eye surgery today?
Why do some contact lens wearers prefer the longer term contact lenses? Seems everyone should be wearing daily?
Is it possible for a human to be parti-colored(having patches of a different color in there eyes)?
Do the visually impaired dream???
I need help?
Dear Muslims & Globe-Do you know -Your- Diabetes is treated with INSULIN -which is processed from PIGs blood ?
What can I do to fight sugar cravings?!?
Mouth numbness/tingling?
does diabetes effect your attitude?
Does anyone besides me have diabetes burnout?
best way to clean eye glasses?
Thinking about getting contacts?
How did you react when you first got glasses?
I want to try to lose weight?
Do you think I am a fatty?
Is it better to exercise everyday or just a few times a week?
When is the most accurate time to weigh myself?
Do i need to loose more weight to get rid of it?
Would this make me lose weight FAST?
I really need to lose at least 10 pounds for this big school dance in like 3 weeks, how can I do it?
i am overwight kindly suggest me hoe to loss wight .?
I Keep asking my Mum if i can go to the Doctors and ask her if im Bulimia and she thinks im Joking?
What's a good exercise for the tummy that is gentle on the back?
Does insurance cover contacts eye exams for every two years down to the specific month?
What's wrong with my eye?
can anyone recommend a laser eye surgeon in uk?
Red Laser pointed into eye for 1 second, will my eye be ok?
Contact lenses won't stick to me eye?
blood sugar questions!!?
if u have diabeties and you are extremly tired all the time what could cause it ? ?
What are normal blood sugar levals?
I hate having diabetes! I need help!?
Is it possible that i have diabetes?
How long do shrooms last? And how much should I take?
Hangover cure - any ideas?
can diabetics eat fruit?
What would be the ideal weight for a 16 year old at 6 ft?
What is the quickest way to build up my legs?
What sweetener is the best?
Is 2,000 calories in 1 day considered a binge?
What are positive effects of obesity?
How to get a flat stomach in just two months just before school starts in august .?
which is the best way to loose fat from tummy?walking?
Can anyone describe a workout you can do in your bedroom?
I Damaged Someone's Eye?
so what is the go with laser eye surgery is it permanent? will my eyes fall out in 5 years?what could go wrong
Where can I buy colored contacts?
May I go for eye surgery?
First time using cosmetic lenses?
What type of lens are used for fixing farsightedness?
Is there anything I can do for my eyes?
You Know The End Of Cottton Swabs!!!!HELP!?
how to test for diabetes?
10 points best answer!? Describe in your own words diabetes?
my blood-sugar level:145 fasting/185p.p, my height5'7",wt.63kg.Indian-Male,What to do ?Suggest my diet,drug et
Where can I get one of those diabetic dogs that sniff out low blood sugars?
a person with type O blood can receive a blood transfusion from what type of blood?
If I buy glasses online, can I get lenses at a local optometrist?
My eyeball isn't completely white?
two different colours in one eye?
Is my eye infected or something?
Can I wear 2 pairs of contacts at once?
My wife's eyesight power is +3.5 in both the eyes. IS it bad? Would she have to go for Lasik Surgery?
Is it bad if you take naps with contact lenses on?
How come when we get salt water in our eyes, it hurts, but when we cry we don't feel anything?
Poll: Would you rather have Type 1 or Type 2 and why?
My post-*dinner* blood sugar is > 200 but the fasting sugar next day is 98. Is this fine?
any1 want to buy some insulin?
why is it the night be4 i gain a pound but the next morning i am bak to to my normal weight?
Oh my God!!! Do drinking an Instant Carnation Breakfast every morning make you gain weight!!!?
How can an obese person burn fat quickly?
500 calories a day.?
108lbs fat???
How much weight can you lose by starving yourself in 1 week?
How can I lose belly fat without pills?
How much time should be spent on a treadmill?
if i eat 500 calories a day is that good for your health?
blurred Vision on one eye?
I burned my eye with Clear Care solution today, how long until my eye feels better?
Are acuvue contacts really what they advertise?
Is my eyeglass prescription different from my contacts?
My eyes are EXTREMELY sensitive to light.. What can I do without wearing sunglasses indoors?
i am 13, should i get contacts?
Can I put on mascara with my contacts in?
Eye color changing when crying?
How much weight should be lost?
IS loosing 20 lbs a big difference?
whats a good way for a 15 year old to lose weight?
What's a good aerobics exercises? I cannot jog, I have bad knees.?
Can you loose weight using colon cleansing i have heard stories of people loosing as much as 100lbs in weight?
HELP me understand this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
what can I eat at a restruant while on a diet???
I hate that I live in a house with family that brings in JUNK FOOD!! What do I do??
is my friend fat ?
Can someone give me a motivational quote for dieting?
I am randomly seeing things move. Is there someway to make it stop?
My parents wont let me get contacts!?
How to correct squint/lazy/cross eyes?
How far should i be sitting away from the computer screen?
is my eye normal? (description and photo inside)?
Whats wrong with my eye lid?
I would like to get extended wear contact lenses -- but is it okay if I DON'T sleep in them?
i need your input on drugs and pot.?
If i were to drink nothing but water, would i lose weight ?
Am I getting fat/chubby etc?
How do I lose 9 lbs. fast?
Am i over weight?
omg !!! i think i might have diabetes . what are the symptoms?
What is it with diabetes and all these alternatives to real tried tested documented and true medical advice? ?
I am Diabetic and I love to bake -What is a friendly diabetic flour-or substitute I can use?
If you are a teen with Type 1 Diabetes WHAT is your a1c?
Am I supposed to urinate this much?
thirsted for blood is it normal?
I've had the same glasses for 5 years, when it my vision going to change?
Can i regain my eye vision naturally?
How old do you HAVE to be legally to get Lasik eye surgery?
is it bad to keep two contacts in the same container?
major Contacts trouble??????
laser eye surgery...?
Alternative to anti-depressants?
okay so what can I do for heartburn.. home remedies please.. i dont like tums or any medicines.?
does not eating help someone loose weight?
Do you think I'm fat ? ( serious answer's only)?
I want to lose 100 pounds.....?
What will happen if i keep eating this little????
I don't have any kind of eating dissorder people!?
PLEASE HELP ME!! (easy 10 points)?
I'm tired of being sick all the time...?
Is there a better way to reach oblivion than weed smokin your way there? Any ideas of other ways? :)?
Is there any non prescription medicines that can make you calmer?
i need glasses for reading but can't be bothered getting glasses?
Can I live without wearing eyeglasses?
my eyes are streaming like i am crying all the time ?
Why is it that whenever I rub my eyes, I see black and white spirals?
Really bad habit of rolling my eyes inward??!!?
Questions about monthly contacts?
How many times is it recommended to put artificial tear eye drops?
How can I get a diabetes test?
very worried of diabetes?
Blood sugar is 545...what should I do?
How can I lose weight? I'm a Diabetic and am having problems keeping my sugar low even with my meds. ?
Am I likely to lose weight with my current diet?
I'm underweight?
What are some truly effective weight loss diets?
i went to the bathroom yesterday when should i go again?
Am I overweight?
How Can I Stop Eating So Much?
im 5'4 and i weight 106 am i fatt??
15 years old, 5'2, 110lbs..HELP!!!?
Help! drug test!?
how much time does it take after one gets laser surgry on eyes for vision to be normal?
what do you think of proclear contact lenses?
How long will it take me to go blind?
Do you think blue eyes suit me? if not, than tell me any other eye color that suits me?
Polarised or normal sunglasses for skiing?
i really want to lose weight!!!?
Why is it so hard for people to lose weight?
I need to lose stomach fat quick!!!?
im short, what can i do?
size 6 ladies...are you fed up like me of being accused of being anorexic when youre naturally thin?
Would you say im fat obese or inbetween or chubby?
best way to lose tummy fat?
How many hours after you eat do you have an empty stomach????
I am 13 years old I weigh about 145-151 pounds am 5 feet 5 inches and want to lose about 20 pounds.?
Is there a correlation between beer drinking and diabetes?
I was just diagnosed as having hypoglycemia?
What should I make for a newly diagnosed diabetic's birthday dinner?
Do I have low blood sugar symptoms?
do you have to be diagnosed with diabetes to enter that nick jonas contest?
Can Diabetics Carbo Load?
Calling all Type 1 Diabetics!?
what website can i find out my BMI?
help taking off eye contacts?!?
Has anyone ever ordered prescription glasses off the internet...??
sologans for eye donation?
My boyfriend is blind in one eye....?
Eye corrective surgery (Lasik, Lasek, PRK)?
How old do you have to be for Laser Eye Surgery? And does it hurt?
Do you prefer a M.D or D.O?
Are liquid sleeping remedies such as Nytol as addictive as sleeping pills?
I'm 18 6'4" tall and weigh 270lbs. Should I lose wight first or build muscle then lose weight?
what does it mean if my abs still hurt after 2 days of workin out??
How did you loose the weight??
I weigh only 120 lbs but people say i eat like a guy. Should I slow down or chow down? NICE ANSWERS PLEASE.?
Does my boyfriend have the right to control my diet?
i'm 14 help me !!!?
Green tea okay?
is it bad to eat a meatball sub on wheat from subway w/ baked lays chips for lunch?
how much do you weigh?
Would you be prepared to?
are potatoes danger for human health?
Is there any health implications for a diabetic taking red wines of 10.5 % vol.? Any risks in taking alcohol? ?
Not diabetic....3 months ago had a 6.1 Hemoglobin A1C...NOW ITS 5.8..Is that good?
Do you think there will be a cure for type 1 diabetes in the near future?
I think I am diabetic and my parents won't get me tested?
my mom is 52 years old .her fasting sugar is 63.is it normal or no.?
My father's both kidney's working only 10%.Help needed ?
Please help! Low blood sugar & Hypoglycemia & diabetic?
Men who are diabetics? ?
my glaucose level dropped in 24 hours???????
is a surgery receptionist allowed to open patient mail addressed to a doctor?
what is a normal blood sugar level!!!?
Do I have type 2 diabetes?
what food can eliminate or minimize uric acid in our body?
I was dancing like a maniac for 35-40 minutes, now I feel sleepy, but did I burn at least something?
Why are skinny people so mean to fat people?
what is the easiest way to stop smoking?
Is not eating a good way to lose weight?
how do i get rid of my under eye black circles?
How can i get good abs for this summer?
How do I gain weight? Im a female?
how much weight will i lose if..?
Glasses make eyes worse?
I sometimes see shadow objects out of the corner off my eye?
should I get rimless/semi-rimless glasses if I have -6 vision?
Who has any personal experience with this kind of surgery?
do i have a problem ?
I have had this floater in my left eye for about 3 days now...?
How old do you have to be to have laser eye surgery?
What do they do when you go to the eye doctor for contacts?
do I need glasses.....?
if ur blood suger is 150, is that dangerous?
How often is it that the side effects happen ,i have a huge concern about blacking out because my blood sugar?
Glucose in the urine?
Confused that I could be Diabetic?
dessert recipe for someone with diabetes tendency?
what are some foods that dont contain calories?
How many calories should I eat a day?
How many cups of water is one adviced to take every day? Why?
How do you stay motivated to stick to your diet?
is six weeks of exercise enough for a visible change?
do you think if you weigh 120 and you are 17 is it fat? overweight?
How tall are you?
plese help me with my weight and diet?
Whats the LOWEST perscription?
I like to watch the sun as it moves across the sky but now my eyes hurt, why is this?
what is harder for you?putting in the contacts or taking them out?
Can I buy readymade eye glasses or do I have to get my eyes checked before getting them?
What is my eye color?
On average how much does a new lens for glasses cost?
As i was putting on my contact lenses....?
Why are my eye whites, yellow?!?
My eyes always go out of focus and blurry?
is it healthy to not eat during the day, but eat later on?
please answer this food/health qn please!!...??
How much water should i drink on a dialy basis?
do i eat an unhealthy diet?
is this unhealthy?
please help- 10 points to best answer asap:)?
Are u a fussy eater?
I'm NOT fat but not so skinny either, what are some ways i can lose a couple pounds that dont involve drugs?
why is doing only situps not enough?
i lost 3 pounds in one week! BUT.....?
what's the diffrence between the contacts you get at the beauty store and the ones you get at the doctor?
Why are my eyes so dilated? ?
I can't see far very well . I don't like to wear glasses every day pl any one know about eye surgery
I have 1 green eye and 1 blue eye, how often does this happen?
why do my eye tears everytime i yawn???
What is wrong with my eye? Please help?
weird reaction to smoking weed...?
Is a HAI (Human Awareness Institute) workshop worth it / personally fulfilling?
Diabetes...please answer!?
Does this mean I'm hypoglycemic?
Help i've Diabetes.?
Blood Tests. Diabetes HB1AC?
Wearing eye-glasses constantly (and regularly) IMPAIRS or REPAIRS your vision?
my friend has a lazy eye and complains that it gives her bad sight. Is she correct about this.?
Bi-focal contact lenses: What's my problem?
My eye is red after wearing my contacts for 2 months.... What to do?
How long does it take for the dilating eyedrops to wear off?
does milk make you gain weight?
Is this a healthy breakfast?
please dont judge me .. im just asking.?
loose Weight.?
haw much lbs in one kg?
Is dark chocolate more healthy than normal chocolate?
anyone know about a good appetite suppressant?
help what should i do?
How do i loose tummy fat? I want ABS!!!! Big PTS for best answer!?
What can I eat instead of sandwiches?
What's your natural high?
Are their any natural treaments, herb or otherwise, to treat hyper activity in kids?
What will happen if my blood sugar falls really low while I'm asleep?
Is it bad for my eyes if I go without glasses? I can see far but my eyes hurt if I don't wear my glasses?
I can see billions of little organisms on my eyes.?
Why can't nearsighted people see things far away in a mirror near their eyes?
Whats the dangers of contacts?
How can I improve my eyesight when I am short sighted?
swimming in contact lenses?
is it ok to order contact lenses with a different base curve and diameter?
Do you think I might get beat up if I keep looking at other guys at the gym?
hi everybody! can anyone help me? I cannot stop eating even when I am not hungry?
Is there a best time to work out?
How do I lose 18 pounds in 2 weeks??
need new songs to work out to?
I am 11 and i weigh 117 pounds what is the normal weigh for my age?
I've lost half a stone!! How can I keep motivated?
How do I lose fat but gain musle?
Im Not Eating? Help!! mee!!?
what is a reasonable weight for a 5ft 8 woman?
I know this is bad, but what is causing it?
What do you think about this?...........?
How to improve my eye sight?
What is the best way to get used to varifocals?
Can looking at a computer screen for a long time damage you eyes?
I was hit in the eye and now i am seeing double!? Please help!!!!?
can sum1 tell me a way to control my anger??pleez....?
How many calories should i eat a day to burn my belly fat?
how many calories are in this?
What happens if you eat raw noodles?
I want to reduce blood sugar level, how?
i have diabeties...can i donate blood?..?
Do blood tests hurt, I am so scared :(?
How do you know when there's somehting wrong with your glasses prescription?
Is an optometrist required to give you your "eye" and "glasses" measurements for glasses?
How do I get my eyes back to their original color?
What's more fun, shrooms or X?
best unbiased professional alternative therapies site?
Help me please, can't stop itching!!!?
Does drinking tea at night help you sleep?
Am I skinny, chubby, overweight, or just plain fat?
how to get rid of constipation!???
Is it healthy to eat chicken for breakfast???
Am I too Tall? How Tall might i be?
Bench Press?
How much water should you drink daily?
what is the safest way to lose weight?
what vitamin gives you lots of energy?
124 pounds, 5 foot 5 1/2...?
anorexic or not? picture included.?
I got Myopia with astigmatism....is dere any treatment available that my vision bcome normal....?
Is it okay if I shower with my contacts in?
How often should you get new glasses?
I am legally blind. What r my rights and is there transportation assistance for a person like me?
I,m blind in one eye due to a detached retina. Will I have eye strain on a long driving trip? Wi. to Fl.?
where can you get color contacts ?
Do cat-eye contact lenses make it difficult to see?
I'm gaining weight and I don't know why?
Will i lose weight ! If i run for 30 mins everyday?
Weight loss quick!?
I hate the taste of milk?
Can you do these?
Am I skinny?
losing weight with out drugs?
What's up w/ my blood sugar?
what can cause dramatic weight loss over 3 wks?
Is 76 Bad for blood sugar if your not diabetic?
Why are diabetics generally fat?
Can I get lesser prescription contacts so I can wear glasses too?
Will my eyes turn blue?
What is the best way to gain weight?
how to stop emotional eating...?
Do you have any tips for losing weight...?
Please help my mom wont let me diet!!♥?
I would like to lose about 20 pounds. Can I lose doing just yoga,pilates,or free weights or do I need cardio?
what is the best pill for weight loss?
why don't skinny people get fat when they eat soo much?
is there a possiblility that you can loose at least 10 pounds in 5 days?how?wthout any pills?
How unreasonable is it, and what can I expect as an outcome?
my father is a diabetic and we really don't know can eat.His sugar is high we dont know what can he eat.?
Can the person who is suffering from diabetes live a long life provided he manages to keep him healthy?
Can you get diabetes at age 18?
How can you get rid of eye floaters?
What happens if i wear my sisters contacts?
What's the best way to get an eyelash out of your eye?
Why would someone with a prescription of +1 in one eye, and - 1 in the other eye need glasses?
why do my eyes sting sometimes when i put my contacts in?
By doing this will I loose weight?
Am I an hourglass figure?
healthy snack?
how do you lose weight?
my sister is 5"1 or 5"2 and she weighs 130 lbs...?
im 15 years old and im overweight help please?
HELP....im a cow!!!?
would it be okay to not always wear my glasses?
Why do I have trouble sleeping?
Ok! I weigh 158 Pounds and I'm only 13! What do I do??
How can you get a 6 pack in the quickest way?
How many pounds can i lose in a week if i eat 800 calories a day?
Is it ok to give a heavier person at work diet advice?
How much weight will i lose if i fast for a month?
i am finding it hard to lose weight what shall i do?
how to get a six pack fast?
^I'm so confused about the drink ENSURE?.plizz tell me will i gain or lose weight?
I keep waking up with my head on the desk?
i went to go take my glucose test and my results were high?
Is there something you can eat to LOWER blood surgar levels?
what is the difference from diabetic socks and regular ones?
fasting for two weeks?
Diabetes and Pregnancy?
what do i do to come off lantus if im switching to a different insulin?
Is diabetes caused genetically? ?
Anyone used Optical Express for laser eye surgury?
what happens if you sleep with your contacts in?
do you think I should get my eyes checked?
My vision keeps getting worse even at the age of 18..why?
what does this eye exam mean?
What does my eye prescription mean?
who do i take my daughter to see if even with glasses and bifocals she can only see shadows?
I just got contacts and I have a question!?
my doctor did a blood test and it said i didn't have diabetes so what now?
Is there a cure for Diabetes?
Is my wife not properly treating her diabetes?
Does this get you high?
what is it about smoking a cigerette that makes you wanna poo?
What's the best way to get rid of a hangover?
Can you get antibiotics without a perscription?
Does anyone that has fibromyalgia, has irritable bowel syndrome, or leaky gut syndrome..what are u using ?
Do artificial sweeteners cause an insulin spike?
I need blood work done, where should I go?
I'm diabetic and need to take needles onto the airplane?
Diabetes question with using meter?
Is losing weight a symptom of TYPE II Diabetes? not type 1. Type 2?
why cant diabetics use heating pads?
my glucose levels are raised does anyone know what this could mean?
what foods have sugar?
How much sugar is too much for a border line diabetic?
What's a normal blood sugar level for a human? Is it ok to use the same needle for human as cat to test sugar
Do you think I am too sensitive?
Am I normal or not for my age?
Is it ok to weigh 135?
I'm 5'7", 155 lbs, can I be considered thin?
How can i lose 10 pounds in 4 days!plz help?
what diet pills actually work?
am i hot or am i not?
I'm ready to lose weight, get back into exercising and eating right! how do I start?
i recently purchased contacts, the BC is 8.3, is it larger or smaller than 8.5? not the number the actaul size
Contact Question?
Cannot see out of my left eye?
cross eyed and lazy eye there samething right?
Poll: Which is your favourite among Avatar, Blind Side, Crazy Heart, and The Hurt Locker ?
What does my glasses perscription mean ?
is there a way to cure lazy eye?
how many vicodins do i need for a GoOoD trip?
'flu home remedy?
i had 2 vaccinations after i smoked some herb?
What can I do for gout? I take Allopurinol 300mg. Doesn't work!?
How do i smoke my weed!!?
How can I relax my eyes?
Anyone know of any home remedies for a cold?
What is the best med...?
What's the best hangover remedy?
can I lose 15 pounds in two months without exercise? how?
Am I fat or curvy? (be sensitive lol)?
I got muscle pains in my stomach?
how do i stop myself from eating between meals?
Has anyone lost significant weight by eating only one meal a day?
What is the best exercice you recommend to burn body fat?
Do you have to be very THIN to have anorexia or a similar disorder?
How did YOU get your flat stomach?
Would i look a lot thinner if I lost a few pounds in water wieght?
Is it true if you dont eat for 2 days your stomach will get smaller and you wont have to eat as much any more?
How do I boost my immune system now? Food?
whats the best medicine out there for seborrhiec dermititis?
What is the fastest way to clean THC out of your system for a drug test?
What is a VERY good vitamin to take for healthy hair?
My 3 year old is a magnet for bug bites (bees, mosqitos, spiders). Are there any natural & safe repellents?
How do nurses memorize the names of the medicines fast?
I have a weight loss question? URGENT PLEASE!!!!?
is there naybody who lost 11lbs in five days?if yes,how?
What is the best way to grow taller in natural way?
Should a person use soda to regulate brittle diabetes?
Recent sugar readings - normal?
Diabetic Recipes, help?
Im I overwieght still or normal?
Symptoms 4 diabetes?
Are these blood sugar levels alright? (Gestational diabetes)?
how to lower a blood sugar level?
how can manage health in age of 62?
blood tests. help !! :]?
I checked my sugar this morning it was 155 after 8 hours is that normal or high?
Plz suggest me some cold remedy?
Are cucumbers alright for a person with diabetes to eat?
I can't swallow pills so can I crush the metformin tablets and take them with water?
sick of being type 1 diabetic ?
who is stronger a skinny girl or a fat boy ? and why ?
I weight a lot, but I don't look fat..help..?
Is it possible for me to have diabetes?
i have been on metformin for 3 years i feel as i am just gettting worsee what should i do?
Do hypoglycemic's have to check there blood sugar often?
how to adjust with diabetic life?
what happeh if masturabat daily?
Is there an alternative that we can use for reflux without having to purchase prescriptions?
if i smoked weed on monday and only took 2-3 puffs and go for a urine test wedensday?
Curvacious or skinny?
Help me with my weight?
i need a gain weight plan !!!!!!!!!!!?
Does Green Tea Taste Nice?
is this overweight???????plz answer!?
Which is better? Milk or Soymilk?
so what can i snack on that's healthy and good instead of chips?
Best spritual healing books?
Good way to pass a drug test (THC)without blowin lots o' $ on body flush kits??
how to dilute stones in kidney with the help of natural medicine?
I've got this stomach problem that is driving me nuts?
Best Weed you've Ever Smoked?
i think i may have diabetes but im not sure?
Can someone who has diabetes eat sweets at all? Not the diabetic kind though.?
Not even one person on either side of my family has been diabetic-How in the world did i become type 1 at 40?
what do i do if my daughter is embarassed to take injection on butts and its necessary to administer on butts?
What's a good non-perscription sleep aid?
Detox Foot Patch- has anyone tried it? Does it work?
What is the best cure for a sore throat?
Am I Too Thin?
should i eat cake on my birthday ?
a diet gone wrong! Plz help!!?
Is it possible that. . . . .?
What is the best thing for afternoon tiredness? Especially when you're at work.?
Which test will be more accurate for a diabetes test?
what are the symptoms of diabetes?
How to prevent diabetes?
Which chemical is secreted when blood glucose levels are low?
My husband is a type 2 diabetic, how do we determine how many carbs per day he should have? Also the amt.?
anyone on lantus that can help me please?
do i have diabetes or is it something else ?
my sister has diebetes and cant control it today please help !!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can i cure Asthuma?
i need help pleaseeee?
I weigh 165 lbs and am 5'6"...Does that make me fat?
How long does it take to loose ten pounds......?
im really battling my weight?
how many calories should i eat a day?
I want to gain weight, help?
Are you fat, thin or muscular.?
how to get fat?
How come I'm so skinny?
Can fatty foods help get rid of gray hair?
I am looking for a low sugar drink.... any ideas?
What can a diabetic, celiac, dairy intolerant person eat for breakfast, lunch and evening meal?
Could I have diabetes?
Nosy mums???
is it true that the stomach schrinks when we eat less?
does anyone else feel bad after they eat meat?
i walk/run 4 miles every other day. 50 pushups. stretch for 30 min a day. is this enough?
Rate my Picture.... On a scale of 10 please. :)?
OMJ! Am I Overweight??
i really, really want to lose weight, i've tried so hard and nothing has done anything?
How do you work these fat areas?
one month....?
I wish to quit smoking, any suggesstions?
Can we get any natural food that control diebetes and blood pressure so what r the items can we take liberally?
What to put on a spider's bite?
What's your best home/alternative remedy for anything?
how can i improve my eyesight?
whats the best cure for a very sore throat?
are bannanas bad for you?
600 calories a day for 2 weeks?
How bad is it to stop eating in order to lose weight?
Am I fat? Or am I ok?
How to lose 20 pounds?
Why is immunizing a must in children?
Is St. John's Wort effective for mild depression?
what do you think about marijuana for medical purpose?
Does weed help with OCD?
My mom wont take me to the doctors?
My wife is a diabetic and ask if she can eat certain foods,?
Type 1 diabetes? :( Please help!?
How can I become bulimic and thinner? I am 5'5 weighing 169 pounds, obviously being overweight. I am fat..help
How does coffee with cream and aspertane ( Equal brand sweetener ) affect a blood test for diabetes?
Can hypoglycemia Give you Diabetes?
Does this body need work? Pic included.?
how many calories would be in this?
I need advice how can i lose weight at home, i want to slim down for homecoming and for the whole school year?
Is it better to eat before working out or after?
i turn 16 in April and i am having a pool party?
I'm 14yrs, girl, 106lbs, 4'11". Am I a little over weight?
What makes you "HIGH" without using drugs or alcohol ?
What color would you suggest I visualize for a healing meditation?
Can Chiropracty give you the ability to sing when you couldnt before?
how to put on weight
how old are you, how tall are you, and how much do you weigh?
What's your height and gender?
Answer if you are diabetic ..?
i accidentally share water with diabetic patient,is it safe?
are these really symptoms of diabetes?
I like to stick Twix's up every oraphis i have on my body then eat the remains?
can people with diabetes donate blood?
What's your opinion on medical marijuana?
I've heard that Flaxseed can kill breast cancer cells. Anyone know from experience in this area?
do you have any proven natural home cures for acne?
Am I over weight? I need help!?
waht food contains no fat, no sugar and no salt but taste very nice and tasty?
is it possible to eat junk food and still lose weight?
what weight would you rather be?
Am I too fat to be wearing a bikini this summer? *PICTURES INCLUDED*?
alone on a island......... choose only two foods!?
what is the best diet tip you have tryed that worked?
Do energy drinks really give you that much of a boost?
can this happen?
I am 16 year old girl i weight 129 lbs and im 5ft 7 am i overweight?
Am I a hypocondriact? Use of diabetic lancet.?
What is a high reading for diabetes?
If I lose weight and exercise can I reverse Diabetes?
what does sweating do to your body when i run?
why are drugs so addictive?
Do you believe what Kevin Trudaue says in his book "Natural Cures They Don't Want you to Know about"
My best friend has recently learnt that he might be diabetic?
My brother has diabetes and I need help to try to get him through this. He's only 4! Can someone give me tips?
What can be done to prevent diabetes?
cure for diabetes 2 please please somebody help me!?
blood glucosle patch?
Question about my diabetic glucometer readings...?
how can i be more taller?
is it ok to splurge and eat mcdonalds or ice cream once a week when your on a diet?
Somebody motivate me?
Am i fit or overweight or too skinny or what? plz tell me!?
Instead of running...?
are potatoes bad?
is this healthy what i ate for breackfast for the past 3 days?
do pushups make ur arms "bigger" or loose the fat on ur arm? and..?
What is your ideal body weight?
if i am 5"2 and 103 lbs am i fat?
Is there a wonderful & natural formula to keep mosquitoes away? I don't like the products in the market.?
can acupuncture have a negative effect on the body?
Colon Clense...Who's tried it? And what did you think of it?
any natural alternatives for antibiotics?
what signs do you look for if someone isn't eating well that is diabetic?
What would you advise someone to do to keep them away from getting diabetes?
Is a person with diabetes disabled?
Natural Treatments for Anxiety and Panic Attacks?
What makes a medicine NOT cause any side-effects?
best thing for hangover?
am i fat if im 5'3.5 and weigh 92 pounds?
am i fat???
Guys Do you like girls with a six pack?
Am i too skinny? Does it look like i have an ED? ( picture)?
Is it ok to be 5'9" and 142 pounds?
who's lazy? besides me that is.?
Are you gaining weight or losing weight?
What's the best medicine to cure allergy that i can found in regular drug store??
what are the benefits of a doctor?
Does smoking weed slow down the healing process of a wound?
Do you think i am fat? (Pics)?
how to burn fat and gain muscle?
What does this mean...HELP!?
I have Never had a Veggie or Fruit in my Life!?!? Am i Healthy?
The best healthy food to satisfy a sweet craving?
Does swimming help to lose weight all over?
I am 13 years old and i weigh 80 pounds. Do i need to lose weight?
cycling sore bum?
how tall is 5'3?
Im scared i may become anorexic:(?
plz help me lose weight ...FAST!!?
What is the best weight loss pill?
Need Answers quick!!!!!!!????
Is It Bad to Fast to loose weight?
Am I...........Fat?!?
i am 210 pounds and 5ft2 " tall am i obease?
i HATE exercising but want to get rid of fat on my stomach, not weight
I want to loose 10 pounds in about 2 1/2 weeks?
How to lose 5-7 pounds?
I have a huge question about my weight? I am 15 years old and I am 240 lbs. Is that normal?
My teen type1 diabetic and failed a class ?
Whats the most irritating misconception about diabtetes that you hear?
What Is Hypoglycemia?
My mom is close to having diabetes..?
Can symptoms of Diabetes come and go?
is this right: insulin breaks down sugars and if there is low insulin levels in the body you get diabetes.?
Do I need a prescription?
anyone know how i can lose weight fast? like by new years?
Is 2% really that big of a deal concerning weight loss? Skim tastes like milk flavored water.?
i want tips for reducing weight?
Something weird happened in the gym! Please can someone help?
I have been doing the Atkins diet for 5 years. I stopped cause I am really sick of it. I am blowing up. HELP!!
how much do you think demi lovato weighs in these pictures?
I am 12, 5'3 and a half,and weigh 99 pounds, am i underweight? Or am i okay...?
I'm on a diet and I'm hungry. WHAT SHOULD I DO? =/?
please help me too lose weight i pray that someday i can just dont no where to start i am 230pounds more wide
Am I Diabetic? Please help?
Type 1 diabetes and drinking?
Losing Alot of Blood?
without diet ,exercise,and medicine how to lose weight?
How can I make my STOMACH look FLATTER when wearing a DRESS..?
My sister is 5'7 and 120 pounds. Is she overweight?
is this fatt?
What is a quick natural laxative?
I want to go on a colon cleanse. any suggestions?
Why is it so many people don't believe in natural supplements?
Can anyone tell me of any alternative medicine and the details thats undergone placebo controlled trials?
i have to make my immune system strong what i will do?
I'm fed up with sandwiches for lunch, can someone give me some different lunch ideas please?!?
how do you clean your system out?
I got caught from smoking. What to do?
Do you think standing while internet sufing could be an exercise?
do you think im fat? ?
My mate says that licking envelopes makes you fat. Is it true?
i have a question?????
favorite low calories treats?
Please HELP: 3 year old, fever of 103-104 for 8 days on/off, runny clear nose, cough, congestion and side pain?
What is a healthy cereal that actually taste good?
Is it okay to hit a diabetic?
i am 59. diabetic since 18 months. no specific diabetic symptoms?
Foods and drink that boost the immune system?
Has anybody quit smoking pot?
best cures for migraines?
What's the best diabetic monitor brand out there???????
help with dieting for diabetes?
Trying to lose weight would it be a good idea to cut this off?
Do you guys know any foods that have more protien in them, than they do fat?
My weight is ruining my life! Please help me!?
whats the best way to lose weight?
600 cal. PLZ help! (Picture here!!)?
how can i get my height increased?
Does anyone actually eat up to 2000 calories per day?
how long should you wait after eating before you excercise?
I Think I Am Underweight?
How to cut down on sweets?
if you take ipecac and you weren't supposed to can it make you sick?
How do you know if someone is smoking marijuana?
My urine's color is orange. what to do???!!!!!!!?
i am a diabetic. whenever i put on socks for a long time,a cut starts irritaing between 4th & 5th foot finger
i dont know if i have diabetes my sugar level was 118 before i ate and then 2 hours after it was 84...?
What Happens When You Overload on Sugar?
How high was your bg when you were diagnosed?
Hi, my girlfriend has joined weight watchers?
Tips for losing pounds in 1 month?
Is 45 considered "old?"?
How can i lose weight fast???
what would u call me?
why do some people allow themselves to get so fat?
How much weight should I lose?
a quick and easy breakfeast!?!?
how to make my legs muscely?
Am i the right weight ?
How can water have a memory?
are there any dietary restrictions once you've had the gall bladder removed?
Can I give blood if I'm 16?
why is blood comeing out my ***? am i ok?
If my sugar reads 301 what should i do?
Ways to know if your diabetic?
will weight loss surgery help with diabetes?
If a person is Diabetic and thier blood sugar is extremely high,could they register positive on a Breathalyzer?
is 12 stone overweight for a 14yearold girl thats 5.9 !!!?
what is the best way to loose weight!!?
trying to gain weight?
How to make my Calves and Thighs firmer?
How do I get my self to stop?
what happens if you only dink water for one week to lose weight??
best diet pill for FAST weight loss?
is this ok for gaining weight? anorexic?
I just bought Kashi Go Lean Soy Protein Powder, is Soy Protein Powder good or bad?
i want a six pack abs but i cant hit the gym because i am busy with a lot of things what should i do?
How do i know if i have diabetes?
Sugar Level ?
What's the sign of you iron being low?
Why am i gaining weight?
is 15 pounds a lot to lose? (info added)
is it ok to eat watermelon and cantaloupe when you are on a diet?
If i dont eat and....?
How do you get your tummy to stop rumbling!!!?
why does my stomache look like this?(pics)?
my cousin is braging on that she has a smaller stomach and shes coming today!?
Lose 60 pounds in three month is it possible y'all?
how do u lose 2 pounds a day?
i am 6'5 inches and weigh 53 kg (116 pounds) should i be trying to lose weight?
Why do the medical personel constantly put down natural remedies?
Do I have diabetes? Please help me.?
Would ice cold bong water help weed be safer?
What can i do about Dry skin? In winter?
I can't believe what I just heard on an infomercial?
Will weed make me fail a quiz?
What can I do to cure "this"? (description about "this" included)?
Is this evidence that homeopathy works? (lol)?
Im suspected to have diabetes. if the tests come back positive what will i need to change to my life style....
Can low blood sugar cause dizziness?
Do you eat sugar free chocolates?
everytime i drink coke i need to go toilet?
What's the best way to deal with Diabetes and Parents?
What pills can i take to kill me? Do pain killers work?
how do i naturally stop hair loss?
is there anything that i can eat/ take or any method which will make me go 2 sleep or make me REALLY tired?
my father's diabetes?
is it ok to give blood?
Drug Test Queston! Please Help!?
can you be hypoglycemic without being diabetic?
If someone is taking gulocophage and wont eat how can you keep the blood sugar from getting too low?
can eating to much sugar (cooklies,candy,cakes,etc.) cause diabetes?
Can someone suggest natural cures for diabetes?
i need a natural doctoer that doesent use medications. what are thoes doctors called?
What Has Vitamin K In It ?
What are the cause of diabetes?
Why would you be so "high" even after a fasting test? ?
Difference between Diabetes type 1 and 2?
what is good for a cough besides going to the doctor and getting a prescription?
Why do most physicians look at chiropractors as quacks?
What do you do for a headache if aspirin's only upset your stomach?
Alternative Cramp Cures????
Is Splenda okay for diabetics?
A good natural medicine for Headaches?
Can you roll a joint without rolling paper?
What is the fastest way to cure a sore throat?
Are there any natural remedies for headaches?
Have you learned to see the body's energy field (auras)?
What is a natural way or remedy of getting rid of foot fungus?
I took 17 pills from a Tylonol bottle. Will it kill me?
n-e safe-ish ways 2 get hi?
Where can I find acid?
What would Mistletoe be used for?
Would you be offended if your professor was staring at your insulin pump and your cgms site incessantly?
Diabetic Child want to give own shots.?
My father has diabetes, does this mean I will have it too?
what words come to your head when you hear the word 'Diabetes'?
ok recently I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I am 30 weeks pregnant. I am looking for any and all.
Doc suspects diabetes. What does this mean?
Should I become a Dr?
Can you treat and cure existing UTI infections naturally?
What's your cure for verbal diarrhoea?
Can I Get Sick From Smoking Weed?
What are some good home remedies for sore throat and cold?
what is a natural cure for diarrhea?
What can we do to get hard-headed Americans who know nothing about Marijuana, to take legalization serious?
What's the best cure for a hangover?
I am constipated. Someone told me that rubbing a Tom cat on your belly cures this. Anyone concur?
Are marijuana cookies safe?
i found a large blue gel cap in my home labeled something like s&c vol (or wz?) 32. in my son's room?
I think I have Diabetes?!?
Is it true if the person is diabetic, their urin always contain sugar?
Low blood sugar levels?
Will diabetes 2 be considered a pre existing condition if switching health insurance plans? ?
Effects of background music while trippin?
Homeopathy medicine vs polio vaccination?
Was this normal for smoking weed?
I think I'm having anxiety attacks. How do you deal with them and how do you know if you need medication?
Is coffee good or bad for diabetics?
Which are fruits good for diabetics having less sugar content?
Is mangoosteen juice is a real anti oxidant or another scam product ?
My age is 50, staying alone. pl tell the remedy for insomania.?
What are some natural sources of vitamin C, as in wild edible plants?
Recipe for homemade natural shampoo?
Why do I faint when i see too much blood?
My son doesn't take his diabetes seriously, what are long term effects of high blood sugar?
I went to lunch with my brother this AM and he ate like a pregnant woman?
If I had sugar in my pee (maybe due to diabetes) what would it look like?
what is the trade name of the tablets which have 'OMEGA3 FATTY ACID'?
I'm getting worried??
Does smoking pot help stabalize diabetes?
My dauhter with fever and vomiting,checked urine,there is sugar + and ketone +.But no sugar in blood.Wht's it.?
Glucose test analysis according to symptoms?
Has anoyne found a good way to battle diabetes 2 and have you found your own remedy that works?
Is whole wheat pasta okay for diabetics?
25 year old male, how long does it take to bring a 100 fasting blood sugar level back to normal?
Survey...Is there an alternative to .?
Any adults with ADHD have success with natural remedies?
Crystals .?
I have to pass adrug test and i'm dirty?
Does glucophage give you diarreha?
If you were a guy that wuz a new studentand were datin a gurl would u freak if u found out she had diabetes?
What are some physical(Sports) limitations of diabetes?
easy way to get away from diabetics?
I have pre diabetes, how much of a chance do I have of becoming diabetic?
im a diabetic im trying to loose weight to keep my blood sugar down i have a hard time counting calories?
how can I help my diabetic partner?
Do you think i may have diabetes?
blood work?
Is it safe to drink my blood?
What is the point in going into the Alternative Medicine category with the sole purpose of discrediting it?
How long do paracetamol capsules take to work?
I feel really spaced out, what can I do to "ground" myself?
what is the difference between traditional and alternative treatment?
question about marijuana ?
Are my symptoms, symptoms of diabetes?
help!! just diagnosed with gestational diabetes!!?
How Possible Is It to Have Asthma, Diabetes and Have a Pacemaker At The Same Time?
Why would a 13 year old have diabetes type 2....?
Know any good home remedies for flu?
I'm seeking an alternative medicinal therapist to give me some advice.?
What is sheesha / shisha?
What if the world had no colors?
I just injected air into myself with a syringe?
Hands are shaking during class? Do I have diabetes or something else? I did have a lot of stress today?
What's the safe result when yo utest your bood for diabetes/ glucose?
Do I have to be license to Practice Massage Therapy?
Why can't humans replace all foods with vitamin, mineral, and protein pills?
Any remedy to cure sore throat instantly?
How convince my docter to give me some valium?
what sugar substitute can be used safely by diabetics without spiking my glucose monitor? is there anything?
If you are not diagnosed with diabetes will you die?
Type 2, Hyperglycemia........?
Is their any safe alteratives to sugar. All the artificil sweetners seem to be posion?
Why do doctors keep prescribing antacids when they know it is damaging people greatly by doing so?
I cant get high with weed?
does Vick's vapor rub help toenail fungus?
Which natural herbs can help me to go to sleep quickly?
Pills I found in my son's room?
advil, aspirin, and tylenol are all used for a common reason = pain/fever. whats another medicine like those?
what can drugs do to you?
any home remedies for excessive ear wax...don't want to have the doctor irrigate.?
My Mother is DIABETIC Type 2 and recently her sugers are VERY LOW??? What can she do?
my blood sugar is 278 I take metformin and have started dieting I ate oatmeal only today I am in danger?
is 87 a normal blood sugar to have in the morning before you eat?
can a yeast infection take over a month to go away.? i have diabetes and the doctor says...?
If NPH insulin is kept refrigerated, will it last longer than 30 days?
What are some natural ways to bring down your blood pressure?
Quit weed or cigs first?
i'm 34 and will be 35 on march 10 i would like to find out how old i really am?
is it ok for blood?
could i have diabetes?
Does diabetes kill you, sooner or later?
I'm 14, and I'm very scared...?
Where can i find Diabetic recipes?
What can happen to someone with diabetes that takes insulin shots and never checks their blood sugar?
Best way to clean your blood stream and urinary track naturally?
How do diet pills actually work?
what are some natural/alternative ways to treat depression?
Who's against marijuana even if its used by someone responsible?
i need to pass a drug test in 2 days. what can i do other than detox. im a lil heavy. 180lbs 5'6"?
whats a good home remadie for people 40 + with type 2 diabetes ?
Could i possibly have diabetes?
Tell me 2 songs that PUMP YOU UP!?
As i have diabetes type 1 will my children?
Is it bad to get insulin on your skin?
What type of diabeties is more severe, 1 or 2?
My girlfriend is prone to diabetes?
Is it safe to take mineral oil on a daily basis as a laxative?
Do pharmaceuticals damage people's reading & comprehension skills?
I have an injection on Friday and I am really scared :( any tips or advice to make it not hurt as much?
what are natural ways to battle anxiety?
Homeopathic cure for alcohol poisoning?
Can I be a massage therapist if I have sweaty palms?
Are these pills safe to take at the same time?
Arthritis pain and natural remedies?
If you smoke a little weed...?
Can pure THC kill you?
does anyone take metformin for their diabetes?
help me i have these diabetes and they are worring me?
PlEaZ Im DeSpErAtE!!!!!!!! DiaBEtEs QuEStiON!?
How many days man can servive after failure of both the kidneys?
Insulin side effects.?
What's my risk of getting Type II Diabetes?
can i have a normal baby if im diabetic?
what would you prefer to have sugar substitute or the real sugar?
What do people with type 2 Diabetes have to do to on a daily basis?
does marijuana make hair grow?
If there was no alternative, could YOU remove your frostbitten toes with a jigsaw?
how is my daughter getting high on vanilla?
I smoke a lot of weed?
Do you take all your clothes off when you get Acupuncture?
Is there a Herbal medicine for Stress?
Is it true that the annual deaths by Drug companies and doctors are equivalent to 1 Jumbo jet filled with ....?
What is the best way to get rid of headaches?
Why do doctors have terrible handwriting?
wht drugs or alcahol makes you the most happy or high in a good way???
Early onset of a cold, best way to prevent...?
I have an assignment on Diabetes and I need to know how early diabetes can be detected.?
my blood presure is 120 and im a teen is that bad???
Advice about foot problems in diabetes?
Blood sugur at 126 could that mean diabetes?
Help, I think I might have Diabetes?
I can't stop eating, what can i do?
what plant or oil is a natural antibiotic?
Is it possible to diagnose diabetes yourself?
what kind of vitamin should i take? i don't drink milk,have 6 kids,low energy,fatigue,low blood circulation
DO you think I sound diabetic?
why is medicine one of the most expensive products today.....?
can type 2 diabetes be cured?
for diabetics, what insulin pump has worked best for you?
What happens when diabetes is left untreated?
How can a vegetarian have diabetes?