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I want to stop wearing glasses...but I don't want contacts. Eye strengthening exercises?
Are contacts comfortable?
extended eye contact !!!!?
What to know a bit about contact lenses?
I know I need an eye exam but I am scared?
Would your eyes drop out if you kept them open while sneezing?
color contacts?
How can I lose 30 pounds in a month?!?
What's the healthiest and easiest food to bring to school?
school is starting and i'm still very fat wut do i do?
starvation diet {easy 10 points}?
diabetes help. am i taking the right medicine?
My dad has burning feet so bad he cries-hes 75 ,diabetic &gout. Dr gave him pain med-he sleeps24/7 any sugges
what is d ideal sugar level 4 dibetic patient (fasting & after food) in mmol/litre & d side efect of metformin
I just got contacts. My eye doctor said I have minor astigmatism, but gave me soft contact lenses.?
I dropped my contacts, are they okay to still use?
Need some information about contact lens?
can you get a bug bite inside your eye?
Should eye drops be used just for taking care of your Eyes?
Dont want glasses !!!!!!?
Is it true that weight lifting will convert your fat into muscle?
How Many Of You Honestly Believe That Muscle Weighs More Than Fat?
Does anybody know of a really good diet to help me loose weight really fast?
What is the best water to drink (like brand name)?
Would you class this as an eating disorder?
okay. i'm thirteen. i just stopped growing and uh. ?
how do i get in shape in two weeks, im fat and i really want to lose at least 20 pounds in just 2 weeks...?
weight question? please read?
How can I lose 15 lbs in 6 weeks and be beach-body ready?
When looking in to a mirror, why do our eyes seem to stay in 1 place?
contacts fo eyes??????????
if you have 20 25 vision would you still need glasses?
Can you fix glasses on your own? ?
My mom Has Diabetes And we Have No Insurance Is there a health program taht can help us..?
what are the effects of ketamine?
i am on insulin after each meal but my blood sugar continues to climb.?
Diabetes Question???
When blood sugars are high...?
Can a diabetic whose blood sugar drops appear to be like someone with dual personaility disorder?
If yoo have diabetes can you go for 10 hours without eating?
Will your eyesight get worse if you don't wear glasses for a month?
Can anyone answer my question? I'm a bit worried?
Do I Have Diabetes or Not? Please Answer :)?
I have insulin resistance and I'm unsure of how many carbs to have with each meal.?
what is considered high blood sugar leveles?
how did i do today? (diet wise) read more please!?
I need serious help asap plz???
Do women really weaken legs?
How can I lose 13lbs in 20 days??
I just ate 13 chocolate chips cookies!!?
Do I look like what I weigh?
I'm 14, I am 5'5 and I weight 104 lbs. Is it too skinny?
Has anyone bought eye glasses at costco?
Too young for contacts?
whats the best eye colour on a girl?
I have 2 different eye colour! Help!?
What color would you consider this eye?
am i 'fat' or 'curvy'?
What is the best way to lose weight?
Do you think I can lose 10 pounds by christmas?
is it true that if you don't have dinner you loose weight faster?
Change in Eye Color?
I have hazel eyes: can I wear blue/green contacts?
What would the difference be in being 80% deaf in both ears or completely deaf in one? A big one or not?
My contacts frequently fall into the toilet. Is it okay to put them back in without washing them first?
My father's is a diabetes patient, he is using insulin but still his glucose level is high !?
Is there anyway to lose weight when you are Insulin Resistant?
How long should I stop drinking alcohol for?
have i got diabeties?
why does your eye twitch?
Is there such thing as colored contacts that help your eyes,but with no prescription?
what is with my eye???????
I wear glasses which are +8.50 on my left eye and +8.00 on my right can i wear contact lenses?
Is there any food which will burn or release off the excess fats in my body?
should i give up smoking?
Do girls like big chest or abs more?
im fat and i hate it and im really really hungry?
Does milk help you grow in height?
is this fat???
what is the best exercises for the bum?
I am very fatty, so I am suffering from blood pressure. Please advice me what can I do ?
Name a specific food with a high fat content?
When i lose weight will my stretch marks go away.?
Diabetic Foot Ulcer. Please help! :(?
Can I test myself for Diabetes by using someone else's blood-glucose meter?
if my mom's blood type is O and my dad's is AB,what is my blood type?
What brand of contacts are the best for children?
Got bifocals today&I'm already starting2regret it-keep seeing fuzz where it's neither near or distant vision?
(I'm pathetic)I know but I have a contact stuck in my eye.?
contact lenses (newbie)?
Are your eyes supposed to be really dry after wearing contact lenses for an entire day?
My contact lens is stuck to my eye and will NOT come out! HELP?
can anybody tell me simplest way to loose weight?
Whats the best way to get a flat stomach by this summer?
im 15, 125 lbs, and 5'5". My mom is 5'3", dad is 5'6". does this mean i wont grow anymore?
What are some good filling diet foods?
plzzz help me i'm am literally dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How much weight do you suggest I lose? [pics]?
how to quit alcohol without taking any medecine?
Possible Undiagnosed Diabetes Question?
If someone with Type II diabetes goes untreated, what's the risk?
My bs number is 430 and hasn't been below 300 for several days. I don't feel ill and I am very stressed.
Contacts or glasses? Help! ?
I have 20/60 vision without glasses. What kind of vision would I have with glasses?
Please help!! Or could he wear contact lenses?
should an conjunctivitis cause eye pain?
Do I need to stopping eat carbohydrate because I'm a diabetes?
for diabetics ONLY?
How I control my Blood Sugar without medicine?
Type 1 diabetes and nutrition. I have a 12 yr old with type 1 and we argue over nutrition. He feels that he ?
can you use daily contact lenses again and again?
What do I do if I have a swollen eye?
Contacts wearers how often do you wear glasses?
Could someone tell me what are the reasons for tears coming from an eye for no reason?
am i fat ???
Do I have a good bikini body?
How can I lose 4 pounds per day?
Is 5' 8" and 135 too skinny?
What is the best way to loose fat?
Do u really get fat when......?
what is the best food to have for breakfast?
do you think i have diabetes?
candy before glucose blood work.?
Has there ever been any cases in the world where someone has gotten rid of or has been "cured" of diabetes?
Is avocado good for those who are diagnosed with diabetes?
What happens when you fall asleep with ur contacts in?
What is your glasses prescription?
I'm still pretty young and my eye vision is really bad. How can i improve my vision?
What happens to the eye as we age?
If you see floaters, and there are more and more the brighter it is, would glasses help?
wat is the easiest way to lose weight for a 15 year old.?
am i exercising to much?
starving yourself?
I'm 5'3 and 102 pounds, is that too much?
How can i get stomach fat off without surgery?
how to lose weight by starving fast?
Is there anyway to relieve pain from running? My shins hurt after running.?
How can I lose 20 pounds fast, without FASTING (not eating)? The goal date is Sept 15.?
what breakfast could I have that will keep me full for longer?
why are sceptics so quick to comment on alternative medicine treatments?
Why do people think herbal and natural products are completely safe?
what is the best known nonmedicinal treatment for ADHD?
Diabetic testing blood, what is more accurate the finger or arm?
is gatorade ok to take for someone who is 80, any danger in the blood sugar level?
I am a diabetic and when I go low at night I sweat. Sometimes I don't wake up until I go extremely low. Has
my glucose read 415 what are my risks?
Oh God I Have All The Symtoms Of Diabetes(Type 2) What Should I Do And What Could Happen To me!?
does respiration produce glucose?
Would these glasses look okay on a girl?
I've hurt my eye! Help!?
i feel ugly and fat.....am i?
What is better if you want to lose weight - running or walking?
how can i burn off body fat, but not starve myself and become ill?
how much should i weigh, 13 yrs.?
i am 5"4 and 106 pounds am i overweight?
Will I lose weight just by walking 30 minutes a day?
Am I fat, or is it just me?
I am a type 2 diabetic and have to travel for work.?
I don't have diabetes do I?
Do you think i could have diabetes?
Help! What does it mean when my left eye is lower than my right eye?
Can I use my glasses prescription for contact lenses?
Anyone tried two pairs for $69.95?
whats some good eye drops for dry tired eyes?
Recommended time to spend on the computer?
sleeping with contacts in?
What does it mean when they say this?
Home Remedy for Athlete's foot?
POLL: How long can you go without eating food ???
What are good Vitamins for teenagers?
I'm 14 and i weigh 117 is that normal? Whats the best way to get down to 90 healthy?
I am a 14 year old girl and my height is 5'6 and i weigh 98 pounds !CAN SOME1 PLEASE HELP ME OUT I NEED WEIGHT
What would happen if you stopped eating?
i need to lose waight?
My weight changes daily, is this normal?
Is 5'2" short, normal, or tall?
if i only eat plain tuna and plain pink salmon can i lose more than 5 pounds in 1 week?
my eyes have gone all weird?!?!?
Problem with glasses!?
Tears coming out my eyes when laughing?
how many days can i wear my 1 day acuvue for?
my right eye has been twitching for 2 days now and its really irritating. What should i do about this?
My friend needs glasses, What should i do?
Is this normal ?
i need to lose weight?
everyone is giving me different answers!?
What happens if I accidentially take 2 multivitamins instead of one?
Eyeglasses vs. contact lens: When is it better to wear contacts instead of glasses?
Is it possible to revert my eyesight back to 20/20?
Should i get contacts? Do they hurt the first time you wear them?
Colored Contacts Help?
Contacts... Need help quick!?
my blood sugar level is 44 help?
What are really good eye exercise?
My daughter says she cant see the movie when wearing 3d glasses?
Why am I suddenly having such discomfort while wearing my contacts?
How long can I wear my contacts in a day?
Preventing glasses from getting wet?
who has laser eye surgery?
Can i still wear my contact lens?
Awww man! MY EYES MY EYES!!!?
How do i loose the fat that wom't leave?
how do i become insanely skinny?
I want to drop 50 lbs by my birthday in exactly 4 months, HELP! Money is tight...?
how can i make my legs thin in 12 days?
Does body fat weigh more than muscle?
The best way to keep a flat tummy is...........?
How can i loose 20 pounds FAST!!!?
Should I have this for lunch?
I want to loose 15 pounds in 3 days but how???
Everytime I drink milk I start to having to have to crap in the next a few minutes lol. What does this mean?
Do diabetic vampires have to be concerned about the blood sugar level of their victims?
why is my mom suddenly having difficulty to speak?
HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!!!?
why am i not hungry even though i have signs of being hungry?
blood type?
I have been seeing recently a flashing light coming out of the right corner of my right eye.?
Flashing light on my right eye ball every 2 minutes?
How Can I tell what side is the correct side of colored contacts?
Can I leave my contacts in eye drops overnght?
Contacts and age you should be allowed to get them.?
im not anerexic but im really skinny. i need help to gain weight?
I have perfect eye sight but i am thinking about colored contact lenses to change my eye color.?
I need help with my eye vision.?
Is it possible to have your eye color changed?
contact help?
Question about contacts?
People with eye contacts open this!?
Improve eyesight, anyone?
I think I have diabetes! HELP!!!!!!!!?
Do you tend to bleed more when your diabetic?
injection with air, HELP?
Is diabetes really that bad to handle, is it like cancer. What's it like to live with diabetes
How do i know if i should take a snack or not?
I hate my self for letting it get bad! DIABETES?
Israel prevented 17 sight-impaired Gazans from leaving for cornea transplant operations?
Can i eventually go blind??..?
What if you sleep with contacts in...is that dangerous?
Contact lenses EASY 10 POINTER!!!?
okk. please please help.?
How do I get rid of these mildly baggy, dark circles under my eyes?
What happens if I get a low blood sugar during my SAT test tomorrow?
What happens to a person if they don't know they have diabetes so it goes untreated?
am type 2 diabetic, which medicine is best for me?
What is the highest HbA1c you have had? for diabetics?
Alcohol and Type 1 Diabetes?
Can I sell my old glasses lenses?
HELP! red dot on my eye!?
am i colorblind?????
Do you think my contact lense and eye is gonna be ok?
contact lenses?
Can you still be good looking with a prosthetic eye?
I have lost one of my contacts?
Hey how do I reduse the size of my Breasts?
What is a safe and fun diet for kids?
Does eating a turkey sandwich with wheat bread lettuce tomatoes good to lose wieght?
which diet pills are the best and safest?
how can i lose my belly fat?
How can I lose 60 pounds?
a simple exercise that works out stomach and lovehandles areas?
My friend is trying to lose weight and living on 2 slices of toast a day,?
Ways to exercise indoors?
Losing Weight???
What is the best Christmas treats that diabetes people can eat?
I am diabetic.help me!?
With type of diabetes is more dangerous type 1 or 2?
Anyone have diabetes? What were the first symptoms you noticed before you found out you had diabetes?
what is the normal sugar level? ?
consequences for contact lenses?
If I press my closed eyelid with my finger, I see a faint blue dot in the darkness. What's that called?
i put eyedrops in my eyes and ... (911)?
My Left Eye Waters and Turns Red when I put contacts in?
FAT????? is this fat?
Can you get type 2 diabetes if your Type 1 diabetic already?
Where in your stomach do you get a pain if you have diabetes?
Where is a good place to buy..??
Would smoking be bad for diabetics?
I'm a guy with type 1 diabetes, does my twin sister have it too?
What is a good home remedy to bring blood sugar down fast?
your favorite Contact Lenses?
I sometimes dry my mascara with my very hot hairdryer (eyes open) and up close to the eye.?
if you put ice on your eye lids will it change color?
how to ruin your eyes?
i am 5'4 and 120 lbs, am i healthy?
if i live on vegetables and fruits for two weeks , will i loose 20ibs fast! =)..?
I dont care if Im fat?????????
do you think i ate to much today? *easy 10 points?
What is the difference between "aspire" and "inspire"?
if u stopped eating altogether, how much weight per week do u think u could loose? ?
What should I weigh?
How many calories are in an 8 oz. cold water?
Is 100 lbs too thin if I'm 5'10"?
I just got contacts yesterday?? Any advice?
my right eye twitches!!?
Can you really go blind from touching your eyes?
I wear contacts and haven't seen my dr. in 2 years. do i need 2 make an appt. before I order more contacts?
Information about contact lenses please?
Why does my doctor think that I am overweight?
My BMI says im overweight :S ?
Is it better to drink a protein milk shake before you start working out or after?
This is what I ate today...what can I do to IMPROVE?
What is the healthiest way to loose 5 lbs?
which would u prefer to cope with?
please no one is answering !! i need a range of answers!!?
why are people so rude to fat women?
Is it possible to get coloured contacts that do not alter your vision?
Which eye color do you like?
Does being a Optometrist require a lot of math ?
How do you keep your contacts from sticking to your finger?
how can i get THIN and NOT toned?
how to stop hunger pains?
I need to gain at least 40 pounds, I am way to thin. Any suggestions???
Should I go on a diet?
what happens if you eat bad mayonnaise?
do u have to throw up after you eat to lose weight or can u just do it at night.?
how can i loose weight?
How many poos is it healthy to have a day?
Im going to stop eating for a week for my cheering comp?
How can I stop eating?
is 41 bad for low blood sugar?
fruits beginning with s?
If blood glucose is high for a diabetic Is it common that his body gets high temperature once for some time?
How can you prevent diabetes?
how can an unbalanced diet lead to type 2 diabetes?
Cineworld 3D Glasses With 1 Eye?
If you're wearing contact lenses, does blinking accidentally move the lenses from position?
Could i really get blind because of this?????
If both of my parents wear glasses, would i also need them?
How bad of Vision is this?
how to avoid get pengent?
I show hypoglycemic symptoms when I don't have low blood sugar. What can I do?
fruits for diabetic patient?
How many carbs am I suppose to have?
Why should I be checked for Diabetes?
is it ok to wear contacts for only 2 hours a day?
diabetic neuropathy?
Going for blood test, information please? :)?
is blood sugar higher after eating?
Are Cheerios a good breakfast cereal for diabetics?
can sugar........ (please read)?
Contact lense help?
Is there an age requirement for getting Lasik Eye surgery in Georgia (US)? Can I get it at age 14?
When i press on my eye, I get black circles appear, Why?
I want to know whether there are eye glasses when viewed from them, the other person seems to be naked?
Do I have a lazy eye?
What's wrong with my eyes?
This question goes out to teenagers that are 12-19..?
I wear a size 7-8 jeans, I am 12 years old, 5'5.. am i fat? ?
Help! Im 13, how do I loose the weight?
Does celery really help you lose weight?
OUCH! I overdid it?
what are good diet pills?
Where is your metablism?
I'm becoming overweight. :(?
Detox your body to lose weight?
am i fat????????or pretty?
How do you feel when you take Ecstasy?
Best way to treat a sore throat?
Do you think it's harder to lose weight when you are taking insulin??
what does eating too much sugar do to me?
Can diabetes lead to cataract and can an early stage of cataract be treated naturally with diet & supplements?
Just medical and professional help!!!?
Type 2 Diabetes Problem?
Do I have diabetes????
can you improve your vision with eye exercises?
Did I just get ripped off on these glasses?
sneezing with your eyes open?
How can a teen lose weight fast without having to hurt themselfs?
ideas to stop junk food eating?
I am 5''4 and 118 lbs..am I overweight, normal, or underweight?
New year DETOX !?
I really want to lose weight!!!?
Can u keep a pizza in the refridgerator to the next morning?
is this a good plan to lose 10 to 15 pounds?
I am fat??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Contact Lenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is it dangerous if some1's eye pressure is 38? is it 2 high?
Can long term use of eyeglasses physically effect facial features?
if you are considered a borderline diabetic is that just like saying you basically are one or no? i have been ?
What can I do to make my blood suger go down?
Do i deserve an evening snack?
If i dont eat? I get really sick?
My vision blurs?.......?
how to cure a headache?
I want to and need to quit cigarettes, what is the best method?
Do people really think homeopathy can cure cancer, HIV, malaria etc.?
Remedy for common flu? I dont like to see the doctor n it cost me a bomb.?
My Hubby just found out he is Diabetic??
can you make yourself get diabetes or hypoglycemia ?
My Eyelashes!?
Isn`t there something seriously wrong if optician has to wear glasses and he`s not old?
infection 1 week old babys eyes is this unusual?
What is your eye power?
does wearing full prescription glasses contribute to eyesight getting poorer?
what kind of foods enhance your natural eye color?
how do you beat food cravings?
whats a good way to get rid of the little belly i have?
how do you pass a drug test?
What does it mean when a guy is cut? What does it mean when he's built?
Am I fat? Pic included?
I'm so overweight, i look fatter everyday..is there hope for me?
Three day starvation diet for a 13 yr old?
is it bad to sleep with contacts in?
Im new with contact lenses!?
I'm confused about when to clean contact lenses?!?
Is it norm to have one eye a lil bigger than the other?
Contact lense worry!?
Oh ****, i just runied my diet, what to do?
Can you help me with my cholesterol?
Is skipping breakfast bad?
How do I temporarily become anorexic?
Aren't Peanut Butter and Jelly/Jam sandwiches basically just a load of sugar?
What are some good ways to exercise?
What can a 60 year old diabetic do to get in better health?
What are the health risks for a diabetic adult?
Ate a little of my own blood on accident?
test strips $$$$$ Why so expensive?
What color would my eyes be considered?
Wearing glasses less means..?
how long tv watch is ok for my 6 years old grand daughter? ?
I got hit hard in the eye by an ice ball... I need advice!?
question on glasses?
can u damage ur eyes from watching t.v thru a mirror?
how do you know if weed was laced?
I need glasses?
what would happen if i leave my contact lens in my eyes when i sleep?
Why are glasses so expensive?
What color is my eye???????????
Is it really normal to see movement out of the corner of your eye?(will choose best answer!)?
Daily Disposibles and Continuous Wear?
I have contacts and my eyes start to feel dry and/or irritated at the end of the day?
ambien sleeping pills question?
how much would you need to weigh to be a size zero?
is 110 fat for a 5'4 16 year old girl?
Am I too skinny? (picture)?
How much should a 16 yr old female weigh???
im anorexic and dont want to gain weight but have to?
Is it okay to eat 600-700 calories a day?
How can I lose weight?
I am about 80 lbs. overweight...how do i lose it?
just want to know, do you prefer dark choc or milk choc?
I think I would look better at 100lbs. Do you agree ?
does sugar free gum increase your blood sugar levels?
Why can't diabetics put lotion between their toes?
diabetics, would you like to get insulin in all colors and tastes?
Will wearing glasses improve my sight?
what color contacts do you think i should get?
Can I put hydrogen peroxide in my eyes?
can taking a bath after using a computer causes you to wear glasses?
will my contacts dry out? please help its urgent?
Can a scratch in your eyeglasses lense effect your vision?
Does your eyesight get worse if you don't wear your glasses/contacts?
Does drinking 8 glasses of water make your skin good?
How much weight do i need to lose?
Hi im 28 and trying to loose some weight. i want to loose at least 2olbs. i get lazy doing exercise help.?
Is Pot bad for you?
Would I lose any weight?
can eating a lot of protein help make you stronger?
How can i lose weight i am 5 6' and 115 pounds what works fast?
they say not to eat after 8 pm?
become taller?
can anyone please tell me what diet to follow i have just been diagonised with diabetice?
Can a person be fully cured of type 2 diabetes?
I am a 60 year old male, am overweight, diabetic and have high blood pressure.?
is banana is good after excercise?
Do you prefer contacts or glasses?
when getting your glasses adjusted is there special tools that are supposed2b used?or do they just use hands?
how do u sleep with ur eyes open?
Did i cause permanent damage to my eye?
can i get eye contacts with really bad eyesight?
I wanna wear contact lens. Is it bad for ur eyes?
should i wear my glasses all the time?
when i put my contacts in, why does it feel like there's hair on them?
I'm having trouble with my eye color?
how can i lose 5 pounds in 3 weeks easily?
I want to be taller :] what food should i eat?
How can i lose Wait??? Help?
is it bad to throw up to get skinnier?
do i need glasses with 20/30 vision?
Do you think I have pink eye?
Can looking the computer screen for too long make your eye-sight bad?
Hair dye in eye? HELP?
Is it bad to wear contact lenses inside out?
What verb is used for contact lenses? put in, put on-take off or apply-remove?
am i legally blind without my glasses?
Sick and tired of myopia?
Whenever I take my contacts out it hurts?
foods that lower sugar in blood?
Where do diabetics inject themselves?
What exercise helps you loose the most weight when you're 13 years old?
When is the best time to excercise.In the evening or in the morning ?
am i over weight im 5'6.5, im 13yrs. old and im 170lbs.?
Just got new glasses...?
Which contacts should I get?
If a person was blindfolded for 7 days straight, will he/she become blind?
Does anybody here know what this disorder's called?
how does lasik work (laser eye correction)?
who has eye color like this and if you do?
One of my eyes has developed a smudge vision...?
How does a person with diabetes control it? I have it and I'm having trouble controling it.?
Is there any permanent solution for Diabetes?
Why can't Diabetics have a pancreas transplant?
My boyfriend who is diabetic hurt his hand yesterday its really badly bruised+looks green im terrified that..?
Is wine harmful for a diabetic patient?
I'm i anorexic?
i want to lose 15-20 pounds in 3-4 weeks?
can you get color contacts as your prescription?
Short sighted - Please help!?
Whens are contacts taken out of a dead person's eyes?
Why do our eyes blink?
What are do's and don'ts when you get sick with diabitese and can't aford hospitalization. Type-2?
What are early signs of diabetes? And what kind of testing is done to check for it?
Is 95 normal for blood sugar test after fasting for 12 hours?
How to exercise in heat?
Am I Over Weight??????
what is your height, weight & clothing size?
my parents won't let me diet! what should I do?
Apart from walking what other ways are effective in helping to lose weight on the bum?
Can seeing "floaters" in front of your eyes be a bad sign?
Type 1 Diabetics ONLY. What kind of insulin do you use?
I am diabetic. Can't afford the test strips or doc... so I do know that when I keep my weight down my blood
I have fast blood sugar 125-155.I am 48.5',10" with family diabetic history.my wt was210,I lost 12 lbs by exer
Is bulimia affective? Do you get skinny?
Is 5"4' tall for a 14-year-old or is it the average height?
Is DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) good exercise?
Do think eating nothing but fruit for one whole month is healthy?
I am 5'1, and I weigh just over 315. Is this unhealthy?
How do I prevent cramps when I'm excercising?
Symptoms of type 2 diabetes?
how to go in coma? how can i make myself go into coma?
Could this be diabetes?
do you ever use glucose tabs?
do i have diabetes??!!! please answer seriously?
Smudgy eye glasses, what can i use that will get rid of it?
How can I unfog my glasses?
My daughter has talked about wanting contacts for years at what age should we get them for her?
is there any herbal tea for making ppl sleepy and calm?
Alternative methods for curing depression? (i need 2 help my partner come back to me)?
why do most people tend to use western medicine rather than Alternative to cure H1N1?
anyone know any natural anti-depressants?
Do Diet Pills REALLY Work?
How can I stop myself eating junk food?
is this a good weight for my age?
Anorexia ........................................…
how to get a six pack 6 weeks from now?
can anyone help me get abs?
what do you think of this body (pic)?
What could be wrong with my eyes?
Don't you hate it when you're putting in your contacks and solution drips down your arm?
Are people ever so near-sighted that they're "blind" without their glasses?
anyone who has glasses or contacts...?
What's a good eye drop brand for dry eyes?
is it ok to put my daily contacts back into solution and wear them the next day?
Could I have diabetes?
I feel like I'm starving all the time!?
If I don't eat for a week?
Drank bad milk...will I be okay?
If I have my breakfast at 9am, what would be a sensible time to eat lunch?
Help, I'm 16, 5'9" and weigh 74 pounds--am I under weight?
How to stop eating when I'm bored?
how can i lost weight?
Quizno's sandwiches are good for you right?
How much do YOU think I weigh??? pic included?
is diabetes as dangerous as HIV ?
i need help with my diabetes?
Is attractiveness really determined by weight?
Is working out 7 days a week a bad idea?
lets say a fat girl eats 500 cal on her diet a day?
How can I get shorter in height?
am i fat or what?
Transition lens?
Should I take my contacts out, I slept in them?
What's it mean when.....?
I am 15. Can going through puberty effect your eyesight?
I'm gonna try contacts this summer...?
2 question about high cholestrol...need advise.plz...........?
Insulin Pump Or Injections??
Is it an option for a type 2 to wear an insulin pump?
what would happen if you had a 'hypo' in your sleep when you are diabetic?
Does diabetes affect mood?
What causes diabetes?
Can diabetics be vegetarians?
Quick ways to lose eyesight?
contact lenses!?
What's the problem about sleeping with contact lenses?
I just got contacts, and i'm havin trouble witt them. Which way of the lens is the correct way to put it in?
I need another year's worth of contacts. Do I need to have a check up?
Do I have hypoglycemia?
do i hav diabetes??
HELP! my diabetic mom just got a cut in her foot!?
For the diabetics?
I'm thinking about going on the cabbage soup diet & I'm diabetic. Is it safe for me to go on it?
do eyes worsen only because of genetics?
Large amounts of "floaters" in vision, should I worry?
My eyes hurt/ Has anyone tried contact lenses?
Does a lazy eye sleep longer than a regular eye?
I have short-sightedness and I was diagnosed 2 years ago by an optometrist and I was told to wear my glasses?
Sometimes I don't feel comfortable with my glasses. Should I switch to contacts?
how do I lose weight? I'm 17 and I weigh 144.?
need to lose weight really really fast?
What happened to my vision?
question about eye glasses??
Twitch Under right Eye?
How can I get a eye exam and glasses or contacts with no insurance?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
Do you have to go to the eye doctor to get...?
My doctor said I didn't have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. What does this mean?
What do you know about Depomedrol?
I'm doing a project on diabetes and my mom bought me a meter and testing things to try it...?
Help, paying for diabetic prescriptions?
how do i know if I'm diabetic?
Has anyone ever heard of dogs trained to smell blood sugar changes in a diabetic?
how can i get abs if i am 15 years old and wiegh 148 lbs.?
Will I lose weight with this?
Do u clean ur lenses of eye-glasses in wet way?
eye sight getting worse?
Help my glasses broke D:?
i wanna b taller?
Which Contact lens of the following is the best?
Should I do the laser eye surgery?
What ways can you remove contact lenses that don't run the risk of scratching your eye?
My eye has been twitching for the past 4 days?
Can you get pink eye from being to much infront of the computer screen?
How can I not be caught?
how long did it take you to put on your contacts for the first time?
Afraid about going into public with new eyeglasses. ADVICE?
How much do acuvue contact lenses cost??
Does the colour of your eyes change what you see?
helphelphelphelphelp please?
Diet for a 13 Year old boy, please help? (:?
I want to loose ten pounds fast?
i need to go on a diet, where do i start?
What is The Quickest way to lose weight?
Okay i'm overweight..should I see my GP about Diabetes?
Whats the highest blood sugar recorded?
Hypoglycemic: why can't you have coffee or smoke? What does that have to do with diet?
where do i get eye glasses that have "fake" lenses?
Am I prediabetic...Please advice?
Is 81 a normal blood sugar? Or is it a lil high?
Can I reuse the glucose blood test needle?
What is the best way to gain weight?
I've heard that 2 pounds is what i should lose per week?
does smoking really make you skinnier?
should fat people be restricted from buying junk food in supermarkets and fast food places?
what else can i do to lose weight?
help. i need to lose some weight before school starts..?
How to make my eyes bigger? I dont want to just make them look bigger but really bigger! Please HELP!!!?
help please eye glasses got superglue on them and it wont come off?
why do my eye lids tasste like apple?
My contact lenses don't always stick...?
Why does the bottem of my eye start to twitch randomly?
is wearing contacts scarey do u get used to it?
Paul is a diabetic..the doctor just told him he should give himself shots 4x's a day.....before was only 2x's
has anyone won a diabetes disability case?
What is your least favorite exercise to do ?
im 5'7 and 112 pounds is this ok?
How can I get thicker and gain more weight in a healthy way?
will i loose weight by not eating?
I need to get skinnier before school starts.I'm 11 and weigh 118 pounds already.I'm 5ft2.I'll take anything.
I am diabetic,can I have a glazed donut and still maintain my blood glucose?
I have been diagnosed with prediabetes but I am not overweight and I don't eat excessively bad, help?
I am a newly diabetic & overweight! Should I work out 1 or 2 hours Every Single day????
Does stress and anxiety effect the glucose levels of an insulin dependent diabetic?
Will the glass hurt if I let it get in my eyes?
Can you use visine while wearing contacts?
I have Proclear contact lenses. I was wondering if these are suitable to leave in my eye for the whole month??
my moustache aren't growing? Why?
Does eating carrots help improve my myopia (nearsightedness)?
what do i do with the contact?
For a year my right eye has been dilated, what does this mean?
whats it called when you close your eye slightly to see better?
glasses prescription is OD 2.50 and OS 2.25.... so wat should b my contact prescription?
Does anyone have any tips to lose weight for a 14 year old?
What do you think would be the best way to lose about 5-10lbs?
how do i lose weight without exercising?
I am 5'6 and 125-130llbs. I am not sickly skinny. But I think I could be anorexic.?
How to lower sudden High blood sugar?
what are the signs of diabetes?
Could i be Diabetic?
Can you be diabetic and hypoglycemic at the same time?
Why do chinese people think they have the remedy for all illnesses?
Anybody know any unique remedies for a hangover?
Is it true that human urine is a cure for athlete's feet?
Does anyone know some good deals on eye tests and contacts at the moment?
Is it safe to order contacts online?
question about contact lenses, plzz answer ?
Should i get some reading glasses?
Black spots like a mole on the white of my eye?
Is there any way to improve my eyesight by say 0.5 dioptres or abit more? Thanks for any information?
Would they let a kid buy vitamin b complex at like walmart or something?BEST AWNSER GETS 12 POINTS!?
what is a good natural remedy for nasal congestion?
I use marijuana for my back pain. I broke it several years ago and I have titanium in it.?
I took 60 robo cough gels all at once. I'm tripping pretty good but my stomach is feeling shitty. any remedies?
What if optician got prescription wrong?
can I use water to clean my prescription glasses.?
can you find out your prescription from old glasses?
will my friend end up losing his eye sight?
Does using the computer in the dark hurt your eyes?
Pros and Cons of contacts?
If a teenager loses 50 pounds...?
I know this is probably a stupid question?
What should you eat for breakfast if you are going to run long-distance?
How many calories do you think I ate today?
Red eye - help - my right eye - started yesturday - what should i do?
What are the chances that my eyesight could get worse and worse until I go blind?
With or without glasses? Help ! [pics]?
My eyes are too close together. Can I get the gap widened?
improve eyesight, glasses?
Can i get blind if i put on some one glasses?
What is the Dangerous...?
I have type 1 diabetes and my blood sugar has recently started dropping very often, why is this ?
Natural Diabetis cure drug companys don't want you to know about?
What are some symptoms of high blood sugar?
I've got diabetes. Is taking insulin gonna increase my body wieght?
how do doctors.......?
Best contact lenses brand?
How to get smaller eye pupils?
Has your trip to YOUR optician been really awkward?
If I have lost my glasses will I have to pay for new ones?
Is it normal to have a bit of a headache after getting new glasses?
How long does an eye appointment take?
Why is my big toe growing an eye?
My husband is diabetic and has suffered a very itchy rash in varying degrees of intensity for more than a year?
Why did god punish me with diabetes?
Survey for Diabetics!?
Is it ok to smoke weed with diabetes?
As a recently diagnosed diabetic, is it normal for me to be short-tempered?
What are the cons. of LSD?
weight loss???!!!!?
Is BMI totally fake? I think so. I am 6'0 250# and the BMI chart says I am obese at 31 percent.?
an appitiete suppressant that really works?
10 points!!!!!! EASY .. how much do you think i will lose?????????????
am i anerixic?
Trying to lose weight before April I have 9 months what's a good diet?
if you chew and spit out your food don't you still get all the calories?
if i get contacts, how long will it take to get rid of the ''omg he forgot his glasses today look''
i have type 1 diabetes but there is no one with diabetes in my family?
Why don't people realize there is an big difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
How much is a sight test on the NHS if I'm 18 and not in education?
How much dosage of Metformin?
How can I lower my A1C?
My Dad is 81, and has diabetes 40 years, he takes a shot every day and checks if his blood level is low.?
Effects of Diabetes on your lifestlye!?
What happens if i wear disposable contact lenses way after then what i'm suppose to.?
Do you like contacts or glasses better?
I'm -6.00 in both eyes - you?
How bad is a -4.00 eye prescription?
all opticians and eye people out there who can help - please answer!?
My eyes changed color?
Whats the most weight you have ever lost without being on a fad or crash diet?
i want to loose weight but how???
please help motivate me!!! im so depressed!!?
i cant stop eating and i think its killing me?
I want to lose 40 lbs?
I'm 11wks pregnant and wanting to know what exercises i can continue/start with being pregnant?
just out of interest girls, how tall are you? What do you weigh? and what dress size are you?
Is eating 800 calories a day ok?
i am 14 years old "5" 6 inches and weigh 130 pounds.... am I overweight????
Help! I can't stop worrying, and I'm kinda scared.?
Can I get diabetes type 2?
Help! - Type 1 for 19 years. having trouble with Lantus and Humalog - Blood sugars are 117 @ 9pm and 365 @ 5am
I have a question about Diabetes...?
Can i wear normal lens if i have astigmatism?
Contacts cons / dangers / etc?
why are my eyes getting blury?
whats the best way to get better eye vision?
i babysit a diabetic 6 year old...what is a normal sugar level?
I have been getting dizzy spells lately, what could be the problem?
which is worst type 1 or type 2 diabetes?
why can't insulin be given orally?
How can I help a 62 yr old diabetic with kidney problems if splenda is bad for you?
my daughter is pregnant & her doctor prescribed metformin for diabetes is this safe?
How much is 8 1/2 stones in Pounds?
do you think i should lose weight?
Wanting to lose 5 pounds before the Summer?
I'm 18 years old, 5' feet, 135 pounds. How many pounds overweight am I?
help with a diet?
why does a 15yr old weight 33st
Smoking And Working Out?
What are the advantage and disadvantage of drinking tea...?
Can you lose some weight by cutting out pop/soda completely from your diet?
Tiny piece of contact lens got stuck in my eye?
my girlfriend is diabetic type 1 what 10 things to eat do we buy?
whether eating more sweets leads to diabetes?
I joined a gym 5 weeks ago and do a 50 minute program why have i gained weight?
If you didn't eat for a two months...?
diet pills?
Umm...help? lol?
How much do i look like i weigh?? *PIC!?*?
If I am a 11 year old girl and weigh 78.1 pounds am I overweight ?
why won't anyone give me a decent answer?!?!?
Skinny people: How do you view food? ?
does everyones blood sugar, nondiagnosed diabetics, can different peoples blood sugar maybe be higher?
type 1 and type 2 , whats the difference? is one more deadlier than another? is one easier to treat than the?
If I was incorrectly diagnosed can I have it removed from my medical records?
diabetics + fruit?
Is it possible I have diabetes?
Why are people so rude to people of size, especially women, they don't know why, but think it is by choice?
Wrong glasses prescription?
What is the advantage of Polarized Lenses?
Can i reduce my eye power?are gas permeable contact lenses that effective?
What are the consequesnces of wearing 2 week contacts for 3 weeks?
im fasting for 2 weeks to lose weight is dat okay?
I need serious answers?
How do I loose ALOT of weight in a month? I am 14 and desperate!?
is 115-120 pounds normal for a fourteen year old girl?
how can a male lose weight.?
What BODY SHAPE do I have?
How could i lose weight before summer ends and school starts?
How Do I Become Anorexic?
Am I eating healthy or not?
severe pain behind my right eye after I finished weight lifting one day also accompanied by light headedness?
Daughter's eyeglasses make things smaller, but she's nearsighted....?
I got hit in the eye A few weeks ago.?
Can you wear contact lenses for you eyes in the swimming pool?
what color are my eyes?
Eye Slogans for office?
What is this on my eye?
Do they put you to sleep during eye surgery?
can i become any taller?
I can't stick to my diet?
exercising at home?
POLL: How much do you weigh?
Is it okay to be beliemic?
is it okay to eat dark chocolate?
i am 24 but 5ft , so how can i increase my height?
what methods could i use to slim down?
My daughter must've rolled over on her pump, the menu was up - that front page. Did she get basal last night?
Pls tell Precautions for cholestrol.?
Diabetes question?
If i eat a cupcake a day for a year, will i become diabetic?
Is 150 a normal fasting blood sugar for a non-diabetic?
My left eye hurts when taking off rigid contact lenses?
( Sunglasses + reading glasses ) is it possible ?
switching from contacts to glasses?
is it possible to have your natural eye color as red?
What should your eyesight be to start wearing glasses full time?
Does anyone else see like this?
butt question?
I'm 13, just under 5" and I weigh 6.9 stone. Is that too fat?
im very fat how can i lose wieght?
how can i work my lower abs better?
underweight or over weight?
Do I look like I'm an okay weight? (pic)?
is the media to blame for girls becoming anorexic?
How much should i be eating?
Is it possible to become flexible at 21?
what causes high potassium levels?
does it hurt to test your sugar?
I just checked my sugar level and it was 123, I haven't been tested for diabetes yet?
What's good for lowering glucose and cholesterol levels naturally?
Is it possible for your eyes to,?
I'm having troubles putting in contacts because I'ma "blinker". Haha. Any tips?
i just got my new glasses and i cant see well in them?
Best place to buy contacts online?
Does wearing glasses make your eyesight worse?
Glasses question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Is -8.00 really bad for a 14 year old?
can you have red eyes?
Help fast plz!!!!!!!!! eye trouble?
will i be able to lose 8 pounds?
Can i drink too much protien?
do any of u here size 0? how do you keep your body size zero?
what to do at home???? 2 points! ?
I've been having a weird craving for the taste of blood lately... What could a solution for that?
I'm 13 ,7st and nearly 5ft Am i fat?
How do i get a six pack?
How can I have a faster metabolism?
Do I have Diabetes?????????????????????
Can having too much sugar and sugary food cause diabetes?
Why do so many teenage girls think they have diabetes or hypoglycemia?
Can an 18 year old get Type 1 Diabetes if he has hasn't experienced any of the symptoms in his childhood?
can to much Sugar kill you?
How effective are urine tests for the diagnosis of diabetes's?
How bad is my eyesight?
Is CLEAR a color ?
I want to buy eyeglasses online but I can't read my prescription my doc gave me?
eye laser treatment?
Sudden eye/headache pain. Why?
Will it hurt to wash my eye out with warm salt water to help my sty?
What is a *strong* prescription?
what is wrong with my eye?
Short sighted only in my right eye - what will they do for glasses?
What is the little squishy part of the inside corner of your eye called?
How can I get stuff out of my eye?
Should i get frames or contacts?????
Is there any medicine to change my eye color?
i'm so scared.......?
Can I get contacts, for my eye sight ?
what's wrong with my eye?
How do I know if there isn't enough oxygen going in my eye?
do you think that i could be diabetic?
for parents of diabetic children only- reduced sugar drinks?
Im 12 do I have diabetes?
What is a natural way to lower blood sugar?
How many times a day should I test my blood sugar?
can i fast for 6 hrs apposed to the 12 hrs before blood work?
could i have diabetes type 1?
How can I gain more weight?
why are you fat?
Do you hate to exercise?
Why Am I Not Putting On Weight?
Anyone know a good way to gte rd of constipation?
can whole milk help get you lean?
weight loss suggestions?
does drinking alot of water really help u lose weight?
can you bring your kids to weight watcher meetings?
Cheapest place for an eye exam?
Can I wear my contacts overnight?
Do people with wider pupils see more than people with smaller pupils?
is there any possibility of losing vision by taking laser eye surgery?
Which is better: Aquasoft or Opti-Free Replenish?
HELP Im blind pleas elp!?
why is the end (tip) of my left eye twitching today?
eye glasses question!! need help!!!?
Could a 14 year old take the acai berry natural supplement?
Is tobacco addictive?
is it ok to do acupuncture while receiving homeopathy?
How can I avoid becoming diabetic? Help!!?
Am I supposed to eat every 4 hours?
Do you have any suggestions for Diabetes and Mood?
When did you get good at identifying a high BG?
can diabetes be reversed?
Does drinking more water help you lose weight? How?
Does exercising with a lot of clothes on make you loose more weight?
Can married women do aerobics ?
How come skinny people don't get fat when they eat fatty foods?
155 pounds and 5'9?
6 lbs. for prom?
Will it harm my diet?
I dont know whats wrong with my eye could someone help me out?
why do my eyes change colors? (family background too)?
i got contacts yesterday and it takes sooo long to put them in....it took me over 2 hours to put them in the?
Throbbing headache when wearing glasses?
Is it bad to drink eye contact solution?
How much do contacts cost ?
Kaleidescope type blurring in my right eye, what could it be?
What should I name my bong?
what are your habits of smoking?
how to get ride of my big stomach?
I want to lose some weight,does anyone have some sites that have diet plans?
How do i lose fat around my thighs ?
Best way to clean my contacts?
Can I wear my contact lenses while having pink eye?
What are black eyes?
** How bad would a person's eye prescription need to be, in order to be considered legally blind?
Can your eyes randomly change color on their own?
Why do my eyes have dark hollow areas under them?
What are some good herbal supplements or treatments for irritability, anger and anxiety?
Hayfever - natural remedies?
whats the difference between reading glasses & regular glasses?
What do carrots do to the eyes?
Allowing for deterioration of eyes when having laser eye surgery?
Do I have to wear toric lenses or can I wear regular contacts?
How often should I use opti-free replenish?
help!!!! how do i remove contact lenses with acrylic nails?
what are good healthy snacks ??
how can you find out how much body fat you are?
why ask this question...best and most thorough answer gets ten points!?
Does Celery really have negative calories?
Just need an opinions. [ Pictures]?
why does muscle weigh more than fat?
Where to go when you don't have optical insurance?
Is my weight okay?
What the heck is going on? I barely eat an gain weight!?
do i weigh too much for my height?
I'm a women &I'm 5'2 and wish to know how much I should weigh?
is xanax over the counter or prescription?
OMG!!! I just ate something that has high fructose corn syrup in it!! What is going to happen to me?
what kinds of foods are not good for blood group O people?
is it possible to feel low when my blood sugars in the 70's?
What do you do if your diabetic friend gets drunk?
What are the symptoms for diabetes?
Do I have pink eye??
What is it called when your eyes don't focus?
how can i see more blurry?
How long is your glasses?
Slept with contacts for about 2 hours??
Fuzzy vision problems?
Can eye glasses correct my vision after a period of time ?
how do you imagine my body?
I have been running for about one hour everyday for about 2 weeks. when will i start seeing a difference?
my boyfriend called me fat, now i need help.?
Girls-which are better - abs, biceps or pecs?