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What is a good natural remedy for stress?
could anyone please advice? Eye problem?
Can I soak my contacts in water instead of solution?
Is it really bad for your eyes to sit to close to the TV or is that a myth?
Can you switch from wearing glasses and contacts?
When you started using glasses, did you feel like a dumb?
CONTACT PROB! ten points to best answer!!!?
does weight watchers have a program for diabetics? cause i can't lose weight just on a low cal diet.?
I can't change my eye color, can I?
a way to improve eye sight?
Help! i slept with my contacts on last night and now i cant take them off its as if theyr stuck to eyes?
First time with contact lenses?
Where can i get Circle Lens?
How do I learn to swim, I have a great fear of having my face in the water?
please answer yes or no obviously.?
What would happen if i didnt eat for 4 days?
If I only eat slim fast and nothing else will i lose weight very quickly?
ideal weight for 18 yr old girl height 5'5 ??????
how can you lose ten pounds in a week?
What's the best way to quit smoking?
I weight 174 pounds and im 14, how can i lose weight for high skool? thnx yall!?
How many calories should I be consuming?
Eye Drops for Dry eyes?
Ive recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes,im wondering if you can actually eat chocolate?
Diabetes blood sugar levels?
Diabetic question?
How do you plan to commemorate World Diabetes Day?
Can I train myself to be able to see blood?
i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes Thursday no one understands?
what could i have? could i have diabetes or hypoglycemia?
What color would you say my eyes are?
What makes you fat the quickest...eating the wrong foods or just not exercising?
i would like some help with a diet plan to lose 25 pounds by christmas?
would i be considered fat overweight or average?
If I want to lose weight by eating healthy do I avoid...?
Wat's the best way to lose weight?
How to gain weight !!!?
What is the MOST you've ever weighed?
Trying to lose some weight?
if your 140 pounds is that over weight?
How tall are you? Do you like your height?
what could be making my sugar levels so high besides diabetes?
What causes my glucose readings to be above normal(118) first thing in the mornings?
Too much insulin?
Where do they get human insulin for diabetics?
Do I have diabetes?
Do you think she is full diabetic or pre-diabetic?
carbs,calories,Who's right who's wrong on weight loss and blood sugar
Why don't doctors study more on fungus?
How are you supposed to learn about homeopathy?
can you guess my eye color?
Whats wrong with my eye?!?
Something's wrong with my eyes.?
i can't read from further away. ex: when driving i can't read signs. what is this called??
My eyes hurt when I read?
Contacts? are they good or bad?
I have this red dot in my eye right next to my iris. It doesn't hurt, its just there...what could it be?
How many enemas a week is too many?
What's the best cure for under eye darkness and bags apart from sleep!?
what are the symptoms of diabetes?
is it true that you can go blind if you have diabetes and how often does it happen and why?
I have a problem....please help?
Everyone says i look tanner..but i havn't tanned?
do you think im fat and ugly?
can anyone remember names of old chocolate bars and sweets?
Am I Anorexic?
Which is better?: eating supper before or after a 1 hour walk.?
After going to the TOILET, do you take a minute to OBSERVE what you have just DUMPED?
Should I still eat spinach or not?
What are some foods that have a lot of protein?
Size of Eyeglass Frames depends on Prescription ?
I had a problem with contacts?
how to get rid of acid reflux without med?
What's the best way to rid of high blood pressure?
Should I take testosterone hormones if my voice a bit girlish?
I wear glasses and I would like to try contacts but I'm so scared of touching my eye I can't put on eye-liner!?
I have had the stye for a week now, and there's no end in sight!?
Wearing colored contacts over regular contacts?
i think i lost my contact in my eye?
Do glasses change the way you look?
Opinions on Insulin Pens?
What is the best lancet, meter, and insulin for a newly diagnosed 4 yr old who is having a hard time:(?
I Know a person who is Diabetic with Hep. C?
Is there such thing as an at home glucose test?
How did you find out that you had diabetes?
What does it feel like to be "stoned"?
mixing drugs with alcohol. don't want any stupid answers?
my mother has very high blood pressure and today it went up she couldnt breathe.do you know any remedies?
best cure 4 stomach aches?
What is the safest recreational drug?
Can you really make MDMA brownies?
What is 'heartburn' and are they any 'natural cures' for it? Is it the same as 'acid reflux'?
What should I do If I want to lose weight??
Why are there more fat people than thin people already?
i'm 19 yr old is there any way i can get taller?
If I'm eating between 600-800 calories a day,?
Diet, will it affect my height?
Is eating fat okay if you are exercising?
is 5'8" considered short?
i need help losing weight?
why have i stoped loosing weight?
Why would my vision go black for 15 mins?
glasses... contacts?
How does one go blind?
does quitting smoking improve your eye sight?
Is laser eye surgery effective and does it last? What age is suitable to have it done?
What Kind of juice cleans penies best?
diabetics: have you ever let your blood sugars get high so you could lose weight?
looking 4 non chemical cure 4 diabetes?
What does Type 1 (Juvenile) diabetes mean to you?
how to get a clean drug test?
Is it true that peeing in the shower can cure Athlete's Foot?
Is there a way to change your eye color?
How does contact lenses compare to wearing glasses?
When should you start wearing glasses all the time?
Can you use any eye make-up while wearing coloured contacts on?
What is my eye sight without contacts?
eye contacts help please! 10 points best answer!?
Eye color? Thanks for answering. ?
I am REALLY FAT! (5f4 180 pounds) Please what can I do to lose weight fast?
genetic thunder thighs?
Can eating too much fruits make you fat?
Is this Normal?
Is it safe to walk/run in 90 degree plus weather?
what will happen if I eat a lot of rice before I go to bed?
Eating too much?
What should i do? I need to lose weight.?
cafeteria causes obesity in schools? what do you feel about this?
Is 175 a normal number for a non-Diabetic?
what questions should you ask your doctor on a follow up for your diabetes?
what is the generic name for lantus, what are the classification of lantus, sub class, indications, side effec
I'm 60 and a Diabetic (Type 2) 172cm tall & 90kg. and a big gut. I want to lose it. Can't stand it anymore.
Does sugar really make u hyper?
do you think that all medicine is just due to placebo affect.? ?
is getting hooked on painkillers?
How Scientific is Modern Medicine Really?
what can i do with these contact lenses?
Everyone in my family wears glasses or contacts, but I don't, what am I doing right?
How does one get tarantula hairs out of one's eye?
should i wear my glasses when going to the hairdresser and optometrist?
should i wear contact lens in a pool?
do u think its weird for a guy to wear contacts?
For a diagnosis having to do with my eyes who do i go to?
How To Lose My Butt?
Have I Got An Eating Disorder?
Am I overweight?
what do you think? do i seem overweight?
What is the most fattening food or meal in England?
Is this a good way to lose weight?
Will I lose some weight without excercise if I just eat less?
If starving yourself doesn't work, why are people anorexic?
How can i lose weight fast?
What are some natural ways to detoxify your body?
Is there anyway to prevent the depression after coming down of off extasy?
Please answer this question!!!!?
What is your eyesight vision .....? ?
Is there treatment for Glucoma?
what to do when your transitional lenses aren't changing?
what colour would you say my eyes are? HELP?!?
Ok...So i want glasses but i dont really need them..?PLZ HELP!!?
Whats wrong with my eye please help (pic)?
i'm a diabetic patient.................................…
if the pregant mom is diabetic, is the baby will be diabetic too?
How do you tell a diabetic woman to listen to you?
I had a blood test 2 weeks ago, and my blood sugar level came back at 6.1, the dr said it's borderline and so
Insulin problem... help please!?
my Best friend is a diabetic?
I just went for a 30 minute bike ride, is that good?
What is the best time of day to weight yourself?
Is it true that you have to get fat in order to build large muscles.?
I'm never sore after weights training!?
Help I need a crash diet fast!!?
whats it called when you eat so much you throw up to stay thin?
How many calories should a person gain in a day?
what is the best way to lose weight safely?
i'm overweight, and depressed, which should i take care of first?
Can someone have two different colored eyes?
Is it normal for my eyes to hurt while I'm wearing glasses?
Help for uneven glasses?
How long can I really wear one-day contacts?
Is it okay for guys to wear colored contacts?
my left eye is in pain. no gunk, dry, feels like there's something in it. It's not pink eye. What is this?
Hungover,how to feel better?
my sisters blood sugar is 400 what should we do?
diabetes question???
What is the diet for diabetes?
Question about diabetics?
how often does somebody have to take insulin if theyre type 1?
plz tell me iam a diabetic or not?
law for diabetic who is low in store?
How do you go blind? What does it do?
If i was to use eye drops while wearing contacts will they fall out?
irrational fear of eyedrops?
Should i wear My Glasses all the TIme?
Is my eye sight worse than my b/f's?
Is this good for my age?
If I stick My Finger Down My Throat Will That Help Me Lose Weight??
Whats the weight area if your 14 and 5'1"?
How much weight will I lose walking an hour a day for a month?
i have lost 13pounds in 2 days i think i am losing it fast?
Sometimes I feel so fat?
i'm slim,,so i dont wanna lose any moreweight,but i have excess fat around my waist.how do i burn the fat?
Will eating a lot of bananas make you fat?
How do i get six pack?
what is the ideal weight for a 5ft1 or 5ft2 girl?
What effect does marijuana have on the mind?
haven't the fine line between sanity and insanity gotten finer these days !?
do wearing contact lens harm our eyes.?
if i don't wear my glasses what will happen to my eyes?
how much do contacts cost?
Can you put hydrogen peroxide solution in contacts?
are your colored contacts supposed make your sight funky?
How can I change my eye color naturally without using contacts? ?
lasik eye surgery good or no?
Is it ok to take vitamins before bed?
whats the best over the counter medicine I can buy to help me sleep?
what is the best way to build your immune system up?
what do you think is the best drug?
Whats a good weight for me?
about laxatives?
Is it true larger framed people will have larger framed children?
Should I worry?
im 14, how can i loose 30 pounds in 1 1/2 months?
How can a 16-year-old boy lose weight?
Am I overweight for my height and age?
I have a pool party in 6 days. Is there anyway I can lose some of my love handles by then?
im 7st 2lbs and 5.5ft and 16 and female but...?
Is 50 the new 40?, is 40 the new 30?.... are we getting younger?
Do contact lenses fall out of the eye?
Floaters in eyes a problem?
getting used to glasses?
How do blind people see?
How does a person have two different colored eyes?
My sister and I have different eye colours?
What natural remedy boosts concentration and mental energy and lowers blood pressure ?
What are some things you do to get rid of stress. Or to relax or whatever?
What's the worst thing homeopathy could do to you?
why does sugar and chocolate give me a headache?
how to aviod pain when injecting insulin?
Do you know anyone with Diabetes?
i drink way too much tea daily, but im kinda concerned about the amount of sugar i intake with the tea?
I have diabetes type II. Should I be using a monitor with the test strips to test my glucose?
Should I get glasses?
How do you rate optical express opticians for service/price etc....?
Can I take my old prescription glasses to a frame or optical store and have them put old lenses in new frames?
lazy eye question ?
Do i need a new eye exam to switch contact lense brands?
If you cant see clearly and the eye doctor says you need glasses can you just put on contacts instead?
How can i loose weight?
how to lose stomach fat?
I'm 5"7 and weigh 112 pounds. Am I fat?
If Rice is fattening, why are asian people so skinny?
What are good snacks/foods for gaining weight?
What is the PERFECT ab workout?
Do You Like Abs or Fat?
What is the only single food a human can survive on?
How do fat people go skinny dipping?
How do I lose 5 pounds in one month?
has anyone taken anti depressant for a bad break up? does it work?
Why does an overdose of sleeping pills can kill a person?
what is the best remedies for colon problems?
what over the counter remedy is good for relaxing you and not addictive?
If I'm nearsighted and have glasses, do I have to wear my glasses while I'm reading?
i got a bug in my eye when jogging?
Where can I go for an eye exam if I don't have insurance?
is it okay to wear expired contacts if you didnt wear it a lot?
How much does prescriptions for glasses cost usually?
Specsavers: Is appointment necessary?
Why can't diabetics use Wartner - freezing treatment for foot warts?
Worried I might be diabetic? Letter from dr. blood sugar at 8?
24 weeks pregnant with possible gestational diabetes! please help!?
ways to tell if you have diabetes?
Why do I keep getting "Charley horses" in my legs at night. I uped my intake of bananas and OJ, and I don't
im 17 with type 1 diabetes, i took my self off the pump & meds, i was good, now i feel diffrent again..help?
What is the best way to cure a sore throat?
I smoked a leaf blunt, is it safe?
What are the dangers, if any, of smoking weed?
Is anger ever healing?
I'm 5'4'' tall and 135lbs and a size 11 juniors. do you think i'm fat?
is 700 calories alot for a 13 year old girl (71/2 stone, 5 ft 6)?
how can i motivate myself to diet. i need to lose 10lbs and the weather is making me feel down.?
What is the easiest and quickest way to fall asleep without pills or booze?
Is diet soda as healthy as water?
WTF is up with this????
What can I do to GAIN weight?
Is 107 pounds a healthy weight for a 5'7'' - 5'9'' 16 year old girl?
Fiber in apples?
I am only 15 and my contact prescription says under pwr. -5.00 Is that a bad thing? Am I legally blind?? ?
help! my eyes get blurry when I wear contact lenses?
if u have meiopia (icant see 4rom far away)can u get contacts4it instead of glasses?plzzz answer?
my eye vision - black dots and uneven lines floating infront of eyes.?
my eye sight is now -5.5 of left & -7.5 of right. Please help?
What exactly is a lazy eye?
once you get glasses is it possible to at some pointnot need them?
True or False? A copper bracelet will help with arthritis and rheumatics.?
Need Quick Cure For Sore Throat?
Can't swallow pills....HELP!?
Are there any alternative medicines or treatment for fibromyalgia?
can wearing non perscription coloured contacts everyday damage your eyes?
hard contact lenses or glasses?
Fuzzy line "floating" around by my left eye?
Can Optometrist tell if you have slept in your contacts?
Myopia, will i Ever recover?
Can people with astigmatism wear contact lenses?
Has anyone tried the Atkins Diet?
Alternative to diet soda...?
If I chase fattening food down with water ..will I reduce the fat that I consumed?
how to lose a gut.. quick ?
If i eat 1000 calories a day how lond till i lose 1 pound?
Will chocolate ruin your diet?
Is there anyway to lose 8-10 pounds in three days?
Im 22 years old, almost 5'4 and i weigh 182. I need to loose weight so im going to start eating healthier...
what is the quickest way to lose 7 lbs ?
energy food?
In your opinion, what leads to obesity?
Diabetes death?
My parents don't believe me but...?
How can i get diabetes?
The unhealthiest state?
Can diabetics eat grilled fruit salad?
My right eye keeps watering?
Rain and Contact lenses?
my left eye has better vison then my right eye is that normal?
Is there contacts that you can were in water?
3 things which are relevant to a deaf person when attempting to communicate?
If you have ridiculous beliefs, shouldn't you by definition expect to be ridiculed?
What is and what are the Pro's and con's about Homeopathy?
Is it safe to drink allot of water?
I really don't understand this...?
Best fruits for diabetics?
Transitioning from one eyeglass prescription to another - is this safe?
Do you need a prescription or doctor's approval for eye drops for dry eyes?
my aunt's eyes went from brown to bluish-grey?
Why can I stare at the Sun without hurting my eyes?
Will it actually hurt anything, if i never take my contacts out?
Why have my eyes been getting infected from sleeping with contacts in?
Removing Contact lenses?
is it better to workoout at night or in the morning????
I've lost my motivation to exercise and am getting flabby..Suggestions?
How to get rid of a big belly.?
What are these two horizontal, nonpermanent lines on my stomach?
why does my stomach refuse to go down even though i eat healthily?
what is the quickest way to get a stomach ulcer?
does overworking a muscle group too often make them smaller?
5'1 and weigh 120? :(?
Jogging for 20 minutes or Walking for 20 minutes? ?
how can a person increase his height without doing any sort of physical labour?
what's the most interesting home remedy you've heard of that really works?
What is your best hangover cure? ?
How to make my immunity (health) stronger and more resisted in viruses?
My dad has diabetes and heart problems, he's been numb feelings for the past week, why?
Can I donate blood??
Can anyone tell me what I can eat on a clear liquid diet?
are computer screens bad for your eyes?
Do you have to go to the eye doctor first before getting contacts.?
Can I purchase contacts that have different powers than my original one?
Extreme anxiety about wearing glasses all the time?
ive taken over 90 xanax pills?
I found a pink pill in my home with 3 X's on one side and nothing on the other. Any ideas what it might be?
How many believe that home remedies, are sometimes better than real medications?
What's the ideal weight for someone who is 5"9?
Will carrots make my eyesight better?
Is a diet healthy for 11 year old children?
Am i fat? pictures included?
im not sure exactly how to ask this. please just read my details.?
Tell me good & healthy breakfast?
I'm 5ft.5in.and 138lbs and my doctor keeps on saying I'm over weight?
What dress size would a woman likely be...?
hey i'm a 15 year old female and i just wanted to know whats the fastest way to lose 20kg in 2 months?
I have a friend who has diabetes. She isn't sure on what foods she can and can not eat.?
DO I HAVE DIABETES?????????????????????????
I just took a long hot shower with my contacts on, and it was hard to take my contacts out.keepreading....?
how to improve eye sight naturally?
I'm thinking of laser eye surgery?
Contacts in water than saline solution?
Do I have to pay for two different eye exams to get a glasses and contact lenses?
how do i get my contacts to stick to my eye easy?
Can u get high with half a bottle of nyquil?
is there an alternative for high blood pressure instead of taking tablets?
I need a Herbal remedy to help calm down my very aggressive autistic son?
Is it best to be to fat or to thin?
What can I do about my flabby legs?
Is dried fruit good for you?
In your opinion, is a girl that is 5'10", 170 lbs, size 12, .8 w/h ratio average, little chubby, or fat?
i have a serious problem...kinda :>?
Does using a treadmill or walking at least a mile 3 or 4 times a week really help lose wieght?
What is the best way to burn fat on the thighs, butt, upper arms, and stomach?
my body litterally prevents me from getting fat?
am i anorexic?
What do you think about when you want to quit running?
What colour contacts should I get for my eye colour?
How can u tell if u have ur contacts backwards or not?
I'm out of my Contact Solution. Help?
Bad Eye Sight in Teens!?!?!?
Can you have purple eyes?
I am sitting in my office and can't go anywhere but i have a terrible HEADACH! I have taken 3 asprin.?
How good are Homeopathic doctors? And do their remedies work?
what are the most powerful and best natural remedies to fight flu pandemics?
Whats worse? Weed or cigarettes?
Can I get glasses without an exam?
what is the best colored contact brand for brown eyes?
my contacts would stick to my eye!?help!?
Is it ok to eat before you go to sleep?
Is walking effective when losing weight when your usually a couch potato?
Is it healthy to be 5'5 and 106 lbs?
my name is nasir i am 27 y old 6.1 h and my wight 142bl so do any one know how i can gain fat in short time?
help! am i over weight? ten points best answer?
do u think im fat , chubby , normal, skinny or wat im 5foot 6inches and i weigh 102-105 pounds?
what the fastest way to lose weight?
How many times a week should I do cardio?
people say it's unhealthy to starve yourself to lose weight,then why this?
When are the best times to smoke weed?
Do anti-vaxers cause real harm?
what is a good cough remedy?
Migraines everyday..How can I treat them?
What makes some people love cannabis?
Is it possible to get contact lens for a high prescription (severe myopia)?
half my eye is red from being punched. will this go away?
Why are my eyes so sensitive to light?
I'm considering lasik surgery...?
should parents be allowed to choose the gender of there babies before they're born?
Dying need to be thin....please help....?
Why is a size 14 considered fat? I'm a 14 and I'm slim.?
how do i lose a ton of weight really fast?
ladies six pack pecs or arms which is your fave?
am i overweight?
are these good options for dieting and eating healthy?
Will sleeping after weightlifting make me lose muscle?
if i eat 1,500 calories a day and purge it all wll i get thin fast?
Are apples good for you?
What is a natural remedy for high blood pressue?
Im quitting drugs and I need stuff to help me keep off of them?
How to cure a sore throat without going to the doctor?
Do I need special lenses for my glasses?
what is the best way to not ruin our eyes in the computer?
Why do I need glasses?
Why does my vision seem worse at night?
Ugh, I slept with my contacts in?
i need to lose 30 pounds in 6 months!!?
I work out at least 3 to 4 days out of a week. I want to know why I have gain weight instead of losing. ?
what age can i start taking steroids???
i am 5'2'', 151 lbs and 13 years old, am i fat or skinny?
HEY! dieters and all...do you think its possible.?
Does warm water really helps in losing weight??
my eye color changes often but i dont know why. can someone tell me?
What does this mean.........reading my prescription for glasses?
I want to get contacts but I don't like touching my eye, how can I get over this?
I'm seventeen and recently I've become very very nearsighted.?
IF I used my glasses to start a fire, would it harm the glasses in any way?
Can I just do eye washes to help clear up pink eye (conjunctivitis)?
Serious question about contact lenses .. need a quick answer!?
i think i need glasses, do I?
is there a hole in your eye?
What is the ideal weight for a 12 yr old 5 foot girl?
How can i lose weight fast?
How many of you are overweight?
Hi im Kayla, im 13 years old and im only 73 pounds! how can i gain weight by school starts again?
how can i shrink to a diff. size in a week?
need to drop wait FAST!?
If you are 5'2" and you weigh 120 pounds, is that over weight?
Are my legs too scrawny....? &&PIC&&?
I need something to help me stop eating...?
stomach workouts? please help?
Can u use fruit to do drugs/get high?
I dont no what to do. Im scared?
What can I do about this agonizing sunburn?
Poll: Do you think medicinal marijuana should be legalized in the US?
Red eyes when smoking pot?
I need anti aging supplements. Where can I find some?
What is the best and fastest way to get to sleep?
So, homeopathy has no side effects, huh?
do steroids work and what safety precautions should i take?
What can I give my daughter to help her sleep?
What do you normally have for lunch?
180 too much for 12 year old girl to weigh?
I want to loose 50lb by ecember is that imposible. What the diet going to be. please help?
Ugh, I am overweight and I have no self control! I just ate 2 chocolate cupcakes!!?
what is the best way to do situps?
Which is worse, Anorexia or Bulimia?
Please answer am I overweight?
Can eating less reduce cholesterol?
Where could I find.....[contacts!]?
eye problem!!! please help :)?
I'm thinking of changing from glasses to contacts, is there anything important I need to know?
I am due to have my first eye exam tomorrow at a spec savers optician. What happens during the eye exam?
Am I long-sighted?
how do you know if your teenager is high?
What's the best way to avoid a hangover?
What's the best hangover remedy?
what is the best way to clean marijuana out of your body to pass a urine test?
how to clear off dandruff by natural remedy?
Do I have diabetes? Are the chances high?
Can an optomitrist withold my contact lense RX??
whats the difference between a lazy eye and a wandering eye?
Am I supposed to change the liquid in the Contact Lens barrel case daily?
What's the weirdest "alternative" therapy you've experienced, and did it work for you?
What helps cure a cold besides medicine?
How do you treat inflammation of the stomach?
natural therapies for cold?
do you lose more weight with weight training as opposed to cardio training?
Will losing excess body fat help me run faster?
How can I go to sleep?
i have to lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks?
is 300 cal a lot to burn?
tummy fat help?
I'm a female, 5'9'' and just under 140 lbs...is this too heavy?
how can i get my thighs and belly toned in a short amount of time?
Can I take two days off from exercising and have it not affect me?
Can you get blind from bald people?
Does it feel good to get eatin out?
Contact Lenses Down Bathroom Sink Drain?
i think i might need glasses...can yall help me out a little bit??
I'm 14yo and want contacts, but Specsavers won't let me! Where else can I get them?
People who have contacts and glasses!?
My 13 year old son's blood glucose level is 113 in the morning before eating or drinking. Is that high?
My moms blood sugar is 471..we just found out...what does this mean?
What can I eat when I have low iron?
I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, having trouble with meds?
Where's the best place to hide a dead body?
What could be the reason why I'm always so cold?
im doing a school speech, i want TRUE answers pleasee :)?
Should i get glasses?
Is it ok to change contact lens solution brand?
I opened my eyes in a tanning booth without knowing it was harmful. Will it have a harmful affect on my eyes?
what eye colour will a child receive if its dad has black eyes and its mom has blue eyes?
Can mascara and other eye makeup affect your eyesight?
I need to get reading glasses.this is my face can you tell me what shape would suite my face?
laxatives to lose weight?
Why does everyone on here want to be so thin?
If I dropped some frozen raw shrimp on the floor and then boil them, will it be okay?
What can reduce the foul smell of the refrigerator?
about 5'5 and 150 pounds...what should i do???
Can swimming help you lose weight?
Will drinking one or two sodas a day give me diabetes?
Will I lose weight if i eat under 1,000 calories for 3 weeks?
How to Lose weight????
what does "fit" actually mean?
home remedies for itchy throat and nagging cough?
I'm looking for suggestions on building up my immune system. Help?
Citrus helps with Colds?
Should we be listening to celebrities when it comes to cancer?
i smoke a joint about once or two times a week and i don't feel anything? is the weed fakie or just not enough?
how to talk your mom into getting contacts?
How long do you have to wear glasses before you can get your contacts?
should i wear my glasses all the time?
What would happen if..?
We have VERY bad eyesight, does that mean our children will to?
Which is the most irritating to you?
What's the best way to get skinny?
What has changed in the past 2 decades that has made obesity a major problem in today's youth?
I'm starving myself to lose weight!!!!!!!!?
Eating once a day?
jogging does it make you look older?
I am eating healthily yet gaining weight! why?
Am i under weight?!?
at what age should a person lose there virginety?
is weed natural can u tell me?
My 2 1/2 yr old has chronic ear infections . Medicine isn't helping any suggestions?
i am sixty years old am i to old for laser eye treatment?
I ripped my contact.. now what?
How do I convince my dad to let me get contacts?
Contact lenses making my eyes feel dry?
What's the best way to get rid of a loud cough and runny nose quickly?
how can i have a easy and painless suicide , i need a sure and easy way,and easy to find a tools of doing this
my eye just came out of my socket?
What Age Do You Have To Be To Get Laser Eye Surgery?
i am used to staying up til 3 or 4 am how and thats about every night how can i start going to bed early?
what can one do to help clear floaters without laser eye surgery?
My parents won't take me to get my eye checked?
Can your vision change from watching television or looking at a computer monitor over time?
why do i have double vision?
13 yrs old....103 pounds. 5'4?
Girls Only!?
How can I lose weight quickly? I just need a solution.?
Anyone tried eating horsemeat?
To you physically fit people who work out at the gym....what do you think of...?
what is 11kg in weight?
Halo there pls give me tips to reduce weight?
Can I still lose weight even though I drink 2 bottles of wine a night?
how long can you live with no food, just water?
I'm craving a slice of pizza really bad!? :(?
What are some home remedies for constipation?
How has marijuana helped you?
The movie "Shoot em' Up", do carrots really improve eyesight?
Can you wear contact lenses if your eyesight is really bad?
My contacts are stuck in my eye?
What to eat to make my eyes sight better or stay the same?
my 7yrs old daughter has astigmatism, does she need to wear the prescribed eyeglasses all the time? thnks?
If you spin REALLY fast then look your up with your eyes do you see your brain?
am i overweight for my age/height?
Whats the big deal about being. 'Fat'?
Do i have an eating disorder? Should i be seeing a doctor?
Is my sister overweight?
what is the best diet you hace been on if you have been on?
is there such a thing as a fat gene??
is this weight fat?
Am i overweight?? how can i lose weight?
am i fat?????
i am fat girl how can me weight loss?
The vision in my left eye isn't as good as my right eye. Does this mean I should get my eyes checked?
How dangerous is it to get Lasik?
Can laser eye surgery correct myopia aka near sightedness?
whats the best brand for contacts?
If I've broken the arm on my glasses.....?
I don't want to stay with Specsavers anymore. Can you recommend any others?
really dry eyes? Don't know what to do?
What can we do about a type 1 diabetic roommate who keeps going into insulin shock/severe low blood sugar?
Is there any chance of a cure for diabetes?
Does this happen to all type 2s?
I'm diabetic. What's wrong, why did I heal quickly?
I need to know the long term side effects of insulin.?
Is this a healthy weight for me?
do you think im fat???
which diet pill is the safest and best working?
why don't i get fat?
how much should a 15 year old be able to bench press and curl?
How many times a day (or week/month) do you eat fast food??
What would you prefer. tea or cofee?
Is it unhealthy to eat the heart and liver of the turkey?
what did you eat for lunch?
How to reduce weight in two months?
Are gray eyes considered a rare eye color?
Is it dangerous for small children to wear glasses?
Small red veins in eyes (I have hard contacts)?
Should I wear my contacts again? ( click for more info)?
am i near or far sighted ?
Has anyone bought prescription eyeglasses on line?
Why are my friend's eyes changing color?
Old Diabetic Test Strips Making This Difference?
How much sugar intake would it take to get diabetes?
Is this okay to lose weight?
whats a good midnight snack that will not spoil ur diet?
it's not fair is it ladies!!! why is it that young men can....?
I am watching my weight?
Comments about being underweight?
What is the best WEIGHT LOSS you have come across?? that actually worked??
how much should a 14 year old girl weigh?
im a little fat and i wanna loose fat and goin muscle and be buff?
Annoyed and confused about weight?
Do I seriously need glasses/contacts?
how long does it take to get used to glasses?
My eyes keep twitching.?
I wore my contacts for like 3 weeks straight, and now yellow stuff is coming out of my eye... what do i do?
can i wear my sister's non used contact lenses?
good ways to get to sleep quicker?
I am in the UK i need my eyes tested what Opticians have special offers as I need new glasses and am skint?
does having diabetes make you grouchy?
When you don't eat much can it cause your blood sugar to be high?
is 332 a high bloodsugar number and what should ido about it?
People with diabetes type 1 please answer!?
Is 118 pounds at 5 feet 6 inches slim or fat or average, or just healthy?
i really want a i pod. i would like it for the use of running i am fat unhealthy and cant afford one?
Am i too short.?
Im underweight how do I get back up?
What is the one change you would suggest, to start living healthier?
Is a really big bowl of roasted carrots a healthy dinner?
How much do you think I weigh ? how much should she lose?
Coffee makes my tummy hurt really bad. Does anyone else get it?
How to get used to glasses ?
Why do so many people wear goggles in the tanning bed?
Glasses wearers/optometrists/anyone:?
Is Lasik Eye surgery safe???!?!?!?
where can i buy cheap prescription contacts on line without Dr. consent?
how can i lower my blood sugar level without medication.mine is 8 verging on diabetes?
How can I prevent diabetes?
If a girl is 5'3" and wears a petite pants size 30/32 how much does she weigh?
im 5'2 and 123 (anorexic buddy needed)?
if i swim daily...will i..??
How much weight will this make me lose...please answer!?
aveg. weight for 14 y/o girl?
How can i loose 25 pounds in 2 months?
im 13 and i weigh...?
can anybody tel me how i can loose my weight?
I want to lose about 2-3 Pounds a week how should I?
Im 15 and i weigh 108 and im 5'6" ishhh... how many carbs should i consume a day?
What constitues a successful pathogen?
Good gift for blind father-in-law?
Did anyone have these symptoms and found out they had diabetes?
Can trauma trigger diabetes?
do Diabetics like Sugar Cubes?
How much is a bottle of insulin? "Lantus"?
What's the most UNHEALTHIEST food in the world? =o?
How to lose 15 pounds in just in 2 weeks?
Can I survive on only Chicken & Lettuce?
Sister hasn't eaten in two days...?
i cant gain weight what should i do?
are you proud of me?
My Formal (Prom) is in a month, should i lose abit of weight? pic included....?
Glasses? Too all who have glasses or contacts!?
Eye Glasses help or not?
Please Answer, My Symptoms Are...?
Do I need to loose weight?
Question for those trying to lose weight...have you ever...?
how can a 14 year old grow taller?
how many pounds is 2 kilos?
I am eating a apple in a day it is good for health or not ?
how do i get a 6 pack?
How does a 16 year old get a six pack?
Is this enough food to eat in a day?
I just did cardio and am hungry!!! HELP!!!?
why is drinking a lot of water good for you?
if your sleeping will your body wake up if your blood sugar is low?
Isn't a diabetic supposed to avoid alcohol and cigarettes, I know someone with it who smokes and drinks?
Could I have Diabetes?
what to get a diabetic bf for v-day?
To people who wear contacts is it ok if you put your contacts in water?
Can I shower while wearing my contacts?
My eyes are yellow colored?
Why R fat girls usually stronger than skinny girls?
I'm trying to lose 15 pounds. Any advice for me? PLEASE?
Did I stunt my growth forever? PLLLEASE answer seriously?
Does the Special K diet work?
How do I lose a lot of weight in as little time as possible?
Answer truthfully...... Do you dislike fat people?
Will this "plan" make me stronger?
Am I fat??? What do you think?
Could I be Diabetic judging by what I've written below?
Im so confused!!! If diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar then WHY do diabetics have to eat LESS ?
Does it bother people with Type 1 diabetes to be compared with people who've been diagnosed with Type 2?
What happens when a diabetic stop taking insulin?
do i have retinal detachment, gray shadow creeping down over left eye's vision?
What does it mean when you stand up and you see black gradually goes across your eyes?
Can the eye prescription change like this?
is it harmful to use visine every day? if so, why???
Is there ANY risk of blindness in LASIK surgery?
Which is better to wear to a theme park, glasses or contacts?
is it okay to go into a pool with contacts on?
me and her made eye contact?
small white spot type thing on bottom rim of my eye - what could it be?!?
Who's luckier out of the two of us?
What colour are my eyes (pics)?
what is better glasses or contacts?
Happy with my pump!?
Recently found out that I have low blood sugar, and I'm CRAVING sweets!?
Does this sound like I have diabetes?
my daughter.....?
Of all the diets in the world, what works the best and why?
How many times-a-day do you all weigh yourselves?
normal weight for 13 year old?
13 year old girl in need of a weight loss buddy?
my friends and i just discovered that a girl in our class is bullimic!!!!!?
Is it possible to lose weight while still eating foods like...?
I've tried being anorexic.....I couldn't tell any difference!!!! What's wrong?
Many tell me I'm underweight, if you are a doctor would you tell me?
Is wheat flour bad for you?
Should I wear glasses using a computer?
is this normal- floats in the eye?
Whydoesdry eye cause pain?
Doctor says I have conjunctivitis?
My contact lens ripped; can i still wear it?
do they make contacts for nearsided people?
If I wear my contacts continuously, will it fuse with my eyes?
What are the medical reasons you would need longer eye lashes?
Is diabetes mellitus caused by obesity?
This morning i woke up with a blood sugar of over 400...?
What if Im diognosed with diabetes?
my mom has Diabetes does this increase my chances of getting diabetes?
WHY am i always hungry?
Is this Unhealthy 500 Calories a day?
Which contributes more to obesity? The fat or the sugar?
am i skinny?why am i? help!!!!!!?
how do i lose this weight??!?
Diet coke?
Can I Loose 5 -6 pounds in 18 days?
Will working out (lifting weights) at 14 mess up my hormones?
I'm a 14 year old girl, and I'm aiming for 4-pack abs. Can you give me some tips?
how can i get an eyelash out of my eye..?
Do I need glasses? Maybe I'm nearsighted? ?
What would this do to my eyes?
Im getting laser eye surgery tomorrow and I have a chesty cough....?
I don't like my eye color, what's a spell I can do to change the color?
What it the best thing to do without glasses?
Will they give someone an insulin shot at the hospital for temporary relieve of high blood sugar?
My Hemoglobin A1C is 5.9 percent. My fasting glucose was 98 mg/dl. I am 29 years old. Am I almost diabetic?
I'm Diabetic and young! Are you? Here's my story what's yours???
How can I help someone that doesn't want to be helped?
I need help with my type-one diabetes?
Has anyone any tips for sweet things that a diabetic can eat?
if you have diabetes what body system gets effected?
For the last couple of nights I've been using a sleep mask - and now I can't see properly!?
how can i stop my eyes from being so red?
How do I get rid of my eye floaters?
Can i go swimming with my contact lenses on?
How can i put eye drops in without blinking and missing the eye?
is there any Vitamins for eyes?
Why do I get headaches when I where my contacts?
best exercise to lose ur fat belly?
I'm 15 and I weigh 230 lbs. What should I do?
im trying to get down to a size 0, will this work?
Am i fat ?
how do you loose 15 pounds in 17 days( i need to loose the pounds really quickly cause my bat mitzvah is soon!
how do i stay fit but still be lazy?
I am really trying to lose some weight, any one have some diet examples, PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS?
ideal weight?
how to gain weight the safer way?
Which exercises, besides the obvious running, will help the most to make me loose weight?
Taking Iron pills..will this help me with fatique?
how do i convince my mom to get me contacts?
can i use my glasses prescription for contact lenses?
I might have pink eye? Ways to make it feel better on my own?
i got dry eyes and i blink a lot cuz of that wat can i do to stop blinking and cure my dry eyes?
Can you still cry if you have no eyes?
what to do about my contacts... have not removed for months?
I think I have pink eye... but my eye isn't pink...?
How can one (who loves beer!) break a daily beer drinking habit after many years?
How much weight would I lose if I ate 300 calories per day?
Am i overweight?
am i fat? take a look at my belly?
ummmm.. a little help please what is your opinion on my weight PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
How do you lose weight without vigerous excersise?
does lifting dumbells lose arm fat?
am i fat or skinny?(PICS)?
How much should an average teenager weigh?
Does staying in a computer for a long time can damage your eyes??
How do I stop these eye bags!?
does wearing a prescription lower help improve eye sight?
can anyone tell me how to make the WHITE part of my eye whiter?
Do contacts hurt?
I manage my fasting blood sugar level below125 mg by exercise & diet. Do I need medication?
it may sound silly but does the heat affect people with diabetes more than people that don't have it?
Thirst = symptom of diabetes, I'm supposedly "dehydrated" how much water should be a sufficient amount ?
blood sugar is 400 how to bring it down?
my wegiht is 100 pounds. i want to reduce atlest 20 pounds.?
Is it good to be really thin?
How can anorexia kill you?
How long is the Lasik surgery good for after it's done?
What's the yellow stuff that collects in our eyes in the morning called?
i was trying to fix my broken glasses with superglue, but then I got superglue on the lenses?
how old would i have to be in order to wear contact lenses?
Confused about what type of contacts to get [points to best answer]?
Diabetes? (doctors only)?
i wanted to know if im Diabetic, im not sure?
what should i do if im low and really dont feel like eatting any food?
Just tested my blood sugar and..?
How can I smoke powder H?
will smoking weed everyday..potheads only*?
Is there something in particular on the market to clean glasses with?
Can I have a word of encouragement?
what will happen if someone that doesn't need insulin takes a lot of it?
I'm diabetic and blood sugar is 75, what to do.?
What foods can get your blood suger back up?
Type 1 diabetes is NOT...?
Can drinks like Coke be used as a substitute for water?
will stem cell research permanently cure high blood pressure, diabetes & high clolesterol?
Can I keep wearing sleepable contacts again and again?
how can you darken your eye color without using contacts? can you take something to make them darker?
I'm farsighted, and I need vision correction, but should I get glasses or contacts?
Why do I feel like my doctors will never get my glasses prescription right, for me to wear them?
Is it possible to get eye melanoma cancer at age 16?
why do my eyes get tired easily?
If you have a chemical in your eyes, how long should you wash it out?
my right eye is bleeding?
Eye trouble? Please answer ASAP!?
advice on contact lenses!?
Where can I order colored eye contacts? ?
Can an optometrist get my lens strength without the origianl prescription?
What are some best home remedies for "Constipation"?
metformin. should one stop taking metformin all at once or rather decrease the dosage gradually?
I need some advise for diabetes.?
Am I diabetic?
What are the symptoms for over dose on sugar?
Is a blood sugar of 120 about right for a 69 year old man that is 6'7" tall and weighs 260?
any way to improve eye sight?
How to reduce eye power?
Whats the worst that can happen by not going to the eye docter for yearly check ups?
My eyes have been red?
Can I Just Use Spring Water as Rewetting Drops for My Contact Lenses?
How do I lose weight?
Ok so what advice would you give a girl 2 loose weight?
what is better to flatten your stomach and get abs. Crunches or sit-up.?
Easy way to lose weight by Halloween?
How come some people look fat at low weights?
if i am 13 and am 85 pounds but, want to lose 20 pounds is that bad? also how can i lose 20 pounds?
Is 5'6 and 120 lb fat?
Will I get Diabetes if I keep Doing This?
I had a blood sugar level test done yesterday after fasting for 14 hours. The reading was 11.6 is this high?
Why do people with diabetes struggle with dry feet, especially heels?
Does reading a computer screen in the dark hurt your eyes?
Is it normal that my 5 yr old daughter's eyes are still dilated over 32 hours after an eye doc appt?
Question about eye contacts?
What is a healthy snack?
How can I get a 6-pack faster?
Am I : too skinny/normal/chubby/fat (give height and weight)?
Is 13 too young to be on a diet?
whats worse for you heroin or acid?
Will you get sick if you drink the bong water?
I'm sick and I lost my voice :/?
Make Up & Contacts?
I'm supposed to change my contact lenses every two weeks,What would happen if I didn't change them for awhile?
Does wearing glasses make you have to buy new ones faster?
What makes you eyesight get worse?
I have a -.25 prescription for eyeglasses would you suggest wearing glasses?
What exactly is peripheral vision and to what extent should it be visual?
Why does Equal make my sugar count go over 200?
My grandpa has diabetes but my dad doesnt, I've heard it skips a generation, so?
Is generic saline solution the same as a brand name?
Laser eye surgery at optical express?
i have a blood sugar leval of 444 just taken, no insurance and out of meds for a while..any help?
Do diabetics get more mosquito bites than the average Joe?
are any T1D (or type 1 parents) not getting the H1N1 shot?
Do I have Type 1 diabetes? ?
is a blood sugar level of 500+ dangerous for type1 diabetic?
Any Type 1's (or MDI Type 2) Have Self Injection Advice for my Son?
What is the most prescribed med for diabetes?
how old do you have to be to get contacts?
Contact lenses..?
For Opticians, my husband friend was born with a lazy eye,?
I think I'm seeing my own eye but I'm not sure?
how to not get diabetes?
Unquenchable Thirst.....please help?
oh No Diabetic!?
Which spikes blood sugar more - honey or table sugar?
my blood glucose count is 3.8 is this good or bad?
Should I be taking insulin if my blood glucose rises to the 350's after eating but normalizes in an hour?
How can I get my son to take his diabetes seriously?
i misplaced my eyeglasses..where do you thnk i can find them..?
I popped a blood vessel in my eye? ANYTHING I can do, to make it less visible/ obvious?
From experience, does anyone know the best Diet that REALLY works?
Alex: Will eventually in the future all people be vegetarians?
If you're 5'6'' girl then how much should you weigh?
What alcohol can I have when I am not allowed sugar?
Does an all organic vegetarian diet help Fibromyalgia? What are other ways to cope with Fibro?
diabetes concern NEED ADVICE?
hi i am a diebatic patient.type 2?
Is 130-105 very high blood sugar?
What's an easy way to swallow pills?
What is the best way to beat insomnia?
What do you think of girls with abs?
what is the "normal" weight of a 15 yr old girl?
Do you think this is a good idea for my diet?
My daughter is 16. Experiencing high blood pressure. told insulin resistant what could this mean at 16?
question about blood tests?
Do you think high blood sugar (with type 1 diabetes) is an excuse for staying home from school?
What's the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
Images of type 1 diabetes?
One of my contacts are stuck in my eye, How can I get it out?
How do colored contacts work, without coloring the person's vision?
Contact question?
My eyes have always been a little bit red, I know its not normal because the other peoples eyes are white.?
Specsavers keep telling me I have minor damage in my eyes!?
Could red eyes be another symptom for something other than pink eye ?
I can't get my contacts in...?
i just woke up..and i cant see?
how long can contacts be left out of the solution?
20/40 Vision.. do I need glasses?
What's it like to be color blind? Also, what are the odds/percentage of someone being born color blind?
Do contacts hurt?
Does wearing glasses all the time tend to make your eyes worse?
how to reduce cholestrol and diabates. my age is 27 years.?
How could i get my a1c down to a 6. I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant and need to get it down to a 6?
Good Foods for Diabetics...?
If I eat a lot of sugar will I get diabetes and how long will it take ?
Does prednisone increase blood sugars?
so i eat alot of sweets everyday. can i get DIABETES? ?
new boyfriend has diabetes. can anyone tell me more about it (type 1)?
Can yous be able to eats water?
what are those pills called that make you take off weight?
Should I be skinner (I'm a dancer)? I feel I should be!?
is it good to drink milk at the age of 14?
What can we do to sleep better at night?
how can you get a flat stomach without going to the gym?
Can I sue an optometrist for giving my husband the wrong eyeglasses?
Can I buy cheap sunglasses frames and then take them to get prescription lenses?
Under eye twitch why?
I have power of -3 in both my eyes .Is there any way by which i can reduce my power ?
48yo woman with sudden vision problems?
which treatment is better - allopathy or homeopathy for OCD?
Can you cut off a hemroid because I don't want to treat it medically?
can drinking to much soda give you diabetes?
Low Blood sugar problem need advice on what to do?
does diabetes has genetic relationship?
I need help with my diabetese...?
I'm a good stone over weight and worry about the onset of diabetes?
Am i overweight?
How to lose weight in the stomach area?!?
am i overweight? honest opinion please.?
Do I Have Bulimia? Please Help...?
Am I overweight????????????
Is 150 lbs. overweight for a 11 year old?
im 17 weight 350 pounds and I HAVE ENOUGHOF BEING OVERWEIGHT.?
Is this anorexic or am i being dumb...?
Am I underweight or not?
How to tell if im losing weight?
I think my daughter has pink eye?
Do you wear glasses, contacts, or none?