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use fructose instead of splenda ?
Why are the Homeopathy "skeptics" wasting so much of their time/life?
What is the best over-the-counter cure for very stuffed up sinus's?
Is it illegal to prescribe contact lenses to someone who's blind out of one eye?
Wouldn't you know if you were color blind?
Help! How do I read my eyeglasses prescription?
I have a question about Diabetes?
I'm A Type One Diabetic When My Blood Sugar Is High I feel Shakee Just Like My Blood Sugar Is Low But It Will
Anyone with type 1 Diabetes who uses Lantus?
I think I have diabetes?
cure for sore throat?
What are the consequences of smoking weed?
Does lighting up incense in your room hide up the weed smell?
how do i force my sister to lose weight?
IM 13 ALMOST 14 wants help?
My wedding dress won't zip up all the way! PLEASE HELP?
my eyes have been crusted together for 5 days now in the morning only?
What eye colour do you have? What eye colour would you like?
I get really watery eyes when I wear my contact lenses - why is this?
my glasses broke in half, how can i fix them?
my dad has eye problems but wont see the doctor does anyone tell me what they think is wrong?
Do people still use the term spliff when referring to a reefer?
How do I do the salt water flush successfully without vomiting?
Best ways to cure a cold/flu?
Some symptoms of juvenile diabetes?
What is the medical diagnosis for: fever, nausea, dizziness, blood in urine? Am diabetic?
i am borderline diabetics , can i use honey as sugar subsitute, or sugarfree is sold by chemist can be utilise?
Is 97 a good blood sugar level?
Can you get Type 1 diabetes at age 19?
How to gain more weight!?!?
My mum thinks I'm starving myself?
i m 14 years old.what should be my ideal height?
I never eat breakfast, I just drink milk in the morning? What's a healthy breakfast?
If I chew food and then spit it out, will I still absorb the calories?
I have so many skinny friends & I know I'm chubby, I JUST WANT TO BE ANOREXIC!?
i way 5 stone wanna lose weight what is the best way?
I'm 15, almost 16. 5'8.5 and like 155 pounds. I try not eating & doing crunches. Nothing works, please help!
My daughter age 6 , she is detected -2 no. for eyes can laser treatment is advisible in such small child?
Is it possible to strengthen your eyes?
is there anyway to change my eye color with out using contacs?
Is there eye drops you can get to undilate your eyes after a eye exam?
Can anyone read this eyeglasses prescription?
Does it take time for you eyes to adjust to new glasses?
i have a spec of dirt or something in my eye. how do i go about getting it out? or will it naturally work out?
Im 12 and sick of my glasses, help i want contacts !?
How to get rid of worms?
should complimentary and alternative medicines be required to have FDA approval?
Could I possibly have diabetes?
what should a person with DIABETES eat / drink at XMAS?
Should McDonald's be burnt out of existance?
Does this hurt you????
a question about my weight?
What is a good alternitve beverage to Soda Pop?
Is it possible to gain weight by...?
I want to lose some weight but dont want to bulk up!?
Does the image we see appear to us in the brain or in the eye?
Right or Left contact...does it matter?
can contacts get lost in ur eyes?
Relief from chronic dry eyes ?
What is "perfect vision"?
how to change your eye color from medium brown to a hazel or light brown?
Do you think I'm overweight?
am i fattt? (pictures)?
How do I get people to stop calling me anorexic?
What's better for health: Bath or shower?
I found my dads weed. How do i confront him?
My 56yr old dad has diabetes type2 with insulin dependency, will I get it too later in life?
Difference between Laser Eye Surgery & Contact Lens?
What does my eye test results mean?
how many times should i wash my spectacles and do i have to wash it with soap?
if u get pink eye are your contacts ruined?
Do you think i should have contact lenses?
There is something wrong with my eye?
Why can some people eat all they want and not gain a lot of weight?
Is baking soda & water safe for indiigestion?
HELP!!!! I've got itchy throat?
Do you believe that there is a natural cure somewhere in the world for every illness?
What is the best herb to help me relax?
I've been feeling really shaky and hungry lately... almost like I have low blood sugar. Diabetes?
Diabetic diet?
Does Diabetes has a cure?
Will avoiding sweets reduce risk of diabetes?
Is there a way you can get diabetes?
Can you take a shower with contacts?
I can make my vision blurry and then clear, just like that?
Eye floater problem?
Does anybody know of a place where you can get an exam and glasses at a reasonable price?
Will my vision get better if I don't wear my glasses often?
Does smoking pot make you perform better in sports?
Is being a stoner a mistake?
how can i get a six pack?
Is lifting everyday a good thing or a bad thing?
I can't seem to stop putting food and especially sweets in my mouth. Can you help me?
Is it true that using a treadmill makes your knees hurt?
What's wrong with my eye?
I popped a blood vessel in my eye...?
glasses or contacts. whats better? why?
Wearing glasses hurts good eyes?
Blind spot in my eye, after being punched?
NutraSweet's good or bad on non diabetics?
what do we do if our dog drank half a cup of coffee w/ 2 tablespoons of sugar?
My blood sugar ranges from 138 to 160. My 7 and 21 day average is 150. Should I be concerned?
Is it possible to get diabetes when a relative has it?
I'm 23. My blood sugar is 102. Is it bad?
How much should I eat to do my own blood sugar test to see if I could have diabetes?
Omg! Help! I can't stop!!! Help!!!!!?
(ages 14-18) HOW MUCH CAN YOU BENCH??????
how do i gain weight?
Reasons Not To Get Contact Lenses?
how much do you pay for a gram weed?
Why do I feel so werid when I'm high?
I might get contacts in the summer, and..?
how often should you get an eye test?
I've heard of people who can look into your eyes and tell you what is wrong in another part of your body.?
It's Hard for Me to Swallow Pills...?
Metformin and Glipizide?
What is considered a normal blood glucose level? My level is at 108 should I be worried?
Are there any DIABETICS on Yahoo?
do you think im fat??? should i lose some weight?
Weights...Why am i not losing weight!!!?
How to get rid of belly fat?
IF i became anorexic..how much weight would i lose?
What is the average weight for a 12 year old girl?
How to gain 10 pounds???
How old do you think kids should be to get contact lenses?
when should i get new glasses?
Is it normal to have orange eyes?
My eye lid keeps twitching, why?
Wore my contact lenses whilst swimming, got some water in my eye, and now they are less clear...?
im thinking about geting my vision fixed with laser eye surgery does any one one if it's good does it workhelp
how long did it take yu to get yur contacts? O.o?
how can I tell if someone is doing weed?
I think I ahve diabetes, but can't talk to my parents. What do I do?
should i change my diet for my diabetic boyfriend?
I'm 12 . I'm 5'7 and weigh 196. I'm very active and i've always been husky since i was a toddler. Am i overwei?
i have a phobia of injections administered by other people and need a filling.What can I do about pain relief?
has anybody used glucophage before?
can a 13 year old even build muscle yet?
am i overweight or fat or should i lose weight?
Why can i eat loads and not gain weight...?
Alright....here's my story, I need some help?
how do i keep my 8 pack from going away?
Can anyone interprete my eye prescription?
Best Color Contacts for Brown Eyes?
why is my eye acting up?
Eye Question help please?
i hav just found out that i have got type 2 diabetes what do i do if my bs goes to high or to low?
How can the doctor tell by looking in your eye if you have diabetes?
Could this be diabetes, hypo or hyperglycemia?
What's your blood type?!?
Is it possible for type 1 diabetes to reverse itself ?
im 14 years old im about 5'0 or 5'1 im short for my age how can i get taller?
Do I need to lose weight? I'm 13 and 5'7 and weigh about 117 .?
How can I covince my doctor II'm NOT underweight?
What can i snack on that's sweet,but healthy and non-fattening?
What are some alternate things i can do instead of suicide?
Where can I find a real Free Trial of Acai Berry?
How do you 'eat' honey?
How can you get fingerprints off a body?
can diabetic people eat chocolates?
My 3 year old gran daughter had a blood sugar level 0.07 was sent to hospital they told us it was hypoglycemia?
What ethic do you think get Diabetes the most? (pick two ethnics)?
how much should a 13 year old weigh?
Am I overweight? Plz dont click on this if your just gonna make fun of me.. >.<?
My contact lens has been bothering me all day, and now when I look at a bright light/screen, my eye hurts...?
How long can you wear contacts each day? Like how many hours?
I don't believe in modern medicine, how do I shock the parasites right out of my intestinal tract?
Is this massage true?
am i diabetic... i took a pee test in the docters office and it came up that i do not have it but.read detail?
blood sugar level is 13.4 please advise?
what is normal blood sugar, mine was just 130?
Is subsituting Sugar for Sweet n Low the Same as Subsituting for Equal (Diabetics)?
Why won't God heal amputees?
There are MANY people around the world with anorexia, but isn't it better than being FAT?
can somebody please help me wit my weight?
I'm I At An Unhealthy Weight?
I am determined, How should I lose 40 pounds?
i have a twitchy eye :(?
Is it best for my eyes to wear glasses, contacts, or neither?
Can astigmatism change thoughout life better and worse?
colored contacts won't stay in place!?
Is your eye socket in anyway connected to your sinuses?
Glasses all the time?
Have you ever smoked weed?
How many hits to get high?
can diabetes be detected by blood test and urine test?
do you think that Cinnamon improves blood sugar control in type 1 diabetes?
Are these symptoms of hypoglycemia?
someone asked a q. on wikianswers ''i'm 230 lbs and might be gettin diabetes' .. how/why would they think so?
If up to 115 is normal then why did my Doctor tell me I am a diabetic & put me on meds?
do crushed pills work?
Can anyone provide a diet plan that provides even minimal daily RDA of vitamins and minerals?
what is the best and quickest way to lose weight?
Why am I fit but my face isn't?
Would you consider 5'7 138 lbs fat or over weight?
I'm 14, 5'1.5'', and weigh 105 pounds. Am I fat?? please be honest.?
are you struggling with type 2 diabetes?
What is wrong if you have elevated sugar level, but don't have diabetes?
Just ate and did a blood glucose reading and it's 119?
Could I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my contact lenses?
Circle Lenses??? HELP!!!?
Can someone put me at ease over my eye test results please?
I took THREE sleeping pills, why can't I sleep?!?
Should homeopaths be detained under the mental health act?
do you think it's possible to have an out of body experience?
Anyone know any good hangover cures?
i have diabetes, but something weird has been happening, can u help me understand why?
How many parents have trouble with schools in relation to insulin injections?
How does alcohol and smoking affect people with type 2 diabetes?
What will happen if a person stops eating for 5 days and only live on water and diet pills?
I need to know a poison that will not show up in blood tests.?
my diabetic score is ? my meter reading says HI means that it is over 600 i just took 50 units of Lantus?
teen weight loss....................................…
Is 122 pounds overweight for a 5"3 tall 15-year-old girl?
I have about 50 pounds to lose, how did you do it?
what weight(s) r normal for 12 year olds?
How much does a 13 year emo boy weigh.?
how do i improve my eyesight without taking any form of medicine or operation?
Can surgery correct lazy or droppy eyes.?
could needing glasses cause dizziness???
Why can't I read red on white?
is reading in the dark harmful to the eyes?
Need help buying weed 10 points?
Very Worried!!! okay, my mom is a really bad diabetic, and also has SEVERAL mental health probs...here's the
what must be done in order to improve the eye sight,any preferred diet is their?
how can i lose 78 pounds in two months or so with out paying a dime......please help i'm stressed out?
my step sister is 8 and will be 9 on november 6th shes 113lbs what weight is considered average for her age?
How to gain wieght fast?
Why am I still a little chubby?
Would you get high if you ate marijuana?
Where in the UK can i buy 'relaxation tapes'?
how should i store my weed?
I found an old bottle of xanax from 3 years ago, does medicine still keep it's strenght?
My eyes changed color, what could make that happen?
Glasses or no glasses?
Is it common for optometrists to charge a "training fee" for people new to using contacts?
What happens to monthly contact lenses if you continue to wear them for over a month?
Is it normal for contacts to make you feel somewhat dizzy?
my eyesight is pixelated?
what eye wear can i help to stopmy eyes getting sore when using the computer ?
Is it good to drink some one else's urine?
what foods are high in fiber?
pre-diabetic how can anyone diagnosis that? A 1 time high sugar test,isn't that being slightly pregnantEither?
What are the odds of two different colored eyes?
Just bought coloured contacts (non prescription)?
why do I have Light green eyes. Opticians!!?
What are the risks and complications of LASIK, also Does LASIK eye surgery safe, and ?
Are having "floaters" (the little things that you can see in your field of vision) dangerous?
Why did my glasses prescription change so fast?
Bad reaction to weed?
Healthy constipation remedy?
What's a safe, effective remedy for poison ivy?
what is the number one homeopathic remedy for stomach pain?
Im 12 years old, 123 pounds, 5' 1", And FAT!!! what should i do?
do you absolutely have to drink 8 glasses of water a day?
AM i really over weight??
I drink every weekend to forget the hard week. Anyone think that is bad? Got any other suggestions?
Exercise before or after I eat? Does it matter?
Did you already have the "Swine Flu" this season?
Contact Lenses?
How much does 4 hours of gameplay affect someone's eyes?
What's the best cure for lonesomeness?
Help me deal with depression without telling me to take meds.?
How to quit smoking?
Do Blood Tests Hurt when you are getting tested for Diabetes?
I recently got my blood test report and the glucose shows 218.does that mean it is high nd i hav2 wory?
Can my employer deny me a doctor's visit if they know that I have diabetes & they knew the appt was scheduled?
are these symptoms of diabetes?
I eat a lot of tomatoes and I always eat them raw. Is it good or bad for my health. I'm a diabetic.?
Are there certain foods you can avoid to decrease sweating?
how much should 12 year old weigh?
Is it bad to workout when you're still sore from the last workout?
im on a diet i want to lose 2 and half stone by may what would be best way for me to do it?
Why are bone thin girls so mean to bigger ones?
How do i loose weight from my legs???
i think my friend is taking laxative to lose weight but I'm not sure what are some signs?
Are glasses or contacts better?
Is there a such thing as eye cancer?
How can I get past the fact that I'm nearsighted at the local pool?
Help! I think I saw a worm in my eye?
how do i get in shape?
how much weight will i lose if i take in only 500 calories a day?
RE: Diabetes Type II - Can one of the real doctors online pls answer?
Dont you think they should have games on the insulin pump?
I lost my contact lens and then found it dry and shriveled up, what can I do to make it back to normal?
Wearing eyeglasses at the beach?
Why and how do the pupils of your eye change size?
contact lenses gone wrong?
how come my eyes are itchy like 10 times everyday?
should i apply eye drops when wearing contacts?
What happens if you put your contacts on inside out?
Why are my contacts becoming blurry?
Should I have been prescribed glasses?
what is good for enegry?
Can you die from smoking weed?
how to grow taller--natural way?
how long does it take for someone to become anorexic!??
I am skinny except my belly fat, how do l lose it?
What are some high energy foods?
big boned?
Why do some people seem to age better than others?
IF U DONT EAT FOR 8 weeks hom much will u LOOSE?
are there purple color eye contacts?
Colored Contacts??!!?
Is there ANY harm contacts can do to your eyes?
Colored contacts wearers: is your vision blurry when you were them?
Does bad eyesight cause headaches?
I get sick a lot. Mostly UTI's and colds and stomach viruses. How can I boost my immune system?
Can a person with small Asian eyes wear contacts?
Why do skaters have such great bodies?
if i goto the gym 6 or 7 times a week, but dont REALLY diet, just cut back, would it be possible to lose 15lbs?
My PE teacher is going to make me run a mile every friday hes rough on us & im out of shape what can i do?
eating problems. i get sick everytime i eat something. please help!!?
Is anyone else diabetic..?
How many type 1 diabetics...?
Is this a sign of DIABETIES?! --SCARED?
Whats the best over-the-counter sleep medicine?
I have a sleep disorder and have been taking ambien to help me fall asleep. I want to get off these pills.?
I just realized... that my left pupil is bigger than the right..?
Are contact lenses harmful for the eyes?
I just recieved contacts and there something I don't know about the expiration?
If you buy eyeglass frames elsewhere cheaper, will opticians be able to just make you the eyeglasses for them?
My sight is getting really bad?
Should my eyesight be like this?
why cant i sleep in my contacts?
is there any eye drops that help moisture and nourish eyes?
my eyes keep wanting to shut and the back of my eyes hut can anyone tell me what this is please?
how bad are -1.25 eyes?
Contact lenses ((Read Details))??
Do I really need glasses?
I Just Got New Contacts?
feeling dizzy staying at computer for a long time?
What food is there you can eat as much of as you wish without gaining any weight?
Am I on the healthy side of the BMI scale?
what is the quickest a safest way to gain weight?
how did i gain so much wieght??!?!how do i get back in shape?
I'm obsessed need help?
I'm15 1/2 and 6' 1" and i weight 160 pounds?
Does eatin nothin loose more weight than dieting and why?
Would you recommend smoking weed from an apple?
first time ever completly drunk, how to avoid a hangover?
I'm looking for a natural supplement to fight a bacterial infection?
Health risks for excessive beer drinker to suddenly quit completely?
I have diabetes, can I eat any carbs?
Does anyone else who's diabetic not wear that little tag bracelet?
Please read... Need answer for type 2 ?
Diabetic not getting enough sleep?
Was my weed laced with another drug?
What excercise can i do to get rid of belly fat only?
500 calorie diet.....?
How much weight would i lose if i didnt eat anything for 2 days?
how much weight can i lose by water fasting 3 weeks ?
how do i lose weight?
Does using a eye-patch help fix a lazy eye?
Is it ok if rainwater droped on my contacts...?
Contact/ eye problem, PLEASE HELP!!?
I just bought some coloured contacts. But my eyes tears and burns REALLY bad when I put them on.?
Question for people totally dependent on glasses or contacts?
Change eye color through meditation?
Would this blood test tell me if i had diabetes..?
Can a vegan diet cure diabetes?
diabetics--How hard is it for You to...?
Sudden blind spot in both eyes?
Do you sleep with your contacts lenses on? ?
i'm shortsighted. Is the eye surgery good? does it have any side effect?
What kind of solution do I keep my colored contacts in?
Could I please get a round about price on an eye exam from a wal-mart vision center?
How can I avoid becoming blind or developing some eye blindness over time?
can you die from your first time doing coke?
Is my son smoking marijuana?
whats da fastest way to cure a cold?
AM I FAT??? (pics included) 142lbs & 5'6?
I ate too much and I'm trying to lose weight. What do I do?
what's a proven way to loose weight fast and safe?
If I lose 10 pounds will it be noticeable to people?
I wan't to gain weight, but it's really hard for me?
Am I big boned? Is there a such thing?
Will switching from regular soda to diet soda help me in my quest to lose weight?
If you were to starve yourself for 3 months, how much weight would you loose?
I Think I Have Type 1 Diabetes How Do I Tell My Parents?
What would you recommend to cure a cold?
whats the best medicine for a hangover?
Whats the worst effect you have got from smoking weed?
Why are my eyes twitching so much?
What's a good antibiotic for a tear duct infection?
Can eye exercises really improve your vision?
What would happen if you kept your eyes closed for 2 weeks?
Dropped my contact lenses in the sink?
My contact tore. What to do?
Why do men find skinny girls more attractive?
this is my picture, guess my age and weight? easy 10 points?
How do u get nice thighs?
I'm diabetic and losing weight rapidly....why is this?
What do you eat/take/do when you are type 1 diabetic and have a very low sugar?
I want to have diabetes- is it normal?
Do you believe in chiropractors?
Will i pass my drug test?
Is it bad to put your glasses on and off?
can i keep my glasses lens?
Can you take a pair of frames to your eyeglass provider and have them fit your lenses to them?
Is it possible to change your eye color somehow?
Is my contact lens still ok if I dropped it on the wood floor?
Can You Really Change Your Eye Color?
How do wearing glassess help your eye sight?
will not wearing glasses make my vision worse?
Eye Doctor isn't Open!! And i need my glasses fixed!! HELP!! 5 points for whoever helps me!?
Why does my vision keep getting worse? Is this normal?
i'm 16 and my height is 5''9 what would be a healthy weight?
I'm 31 yrs. old and I have difficulty losing weight. What is the best way to lose weight for people over 30?
Do vitamins get you fat?
how can i lose 100 pounds in 3 months?
How did I eat so far today?
I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes?
is not wearing glasses bad for your eyesight?
I'm going to the eye doctor in a week or so.....?
Looking for a pair of eyeglasses DKNY 4508. I just broke mine and I can't find them anywhere!?
I'm 20 & My eyesight...?
I keep getting white flashes? Help!!!?
Where can I get free/low cost glasses/contacts?
Tips for a bad hangover?
What's a good natural detox drink?
Do you think Magnet treatments work ?
Why are thickos more likely to believe in homeopathy, reiki, fairies and ghosties?
can you take to much vitamin C?
I think I have may have symptoms of diabetes, can I do anything to manage these symptoms without a doctor?
New to diabetes. (22yrs old)... how does this work...?
How many people in your family have Diabetes? How late in life can you get type 1 Diabetes?
Is it possible for you to get diabetes from water?
i keep seeing spots in my eyes. what is this?
How did you react when you found out you needed to wear glasses for EVERYTHING!?
What would happen to my contact lenses if I left them in water instead of the solution for one night?
Do eyes change colour?
I was told I need to go to Canada for Lasik, I have a high astigmatism, is this safe?
what type of exercise causes the fastest weight loss?
Yesterday, I exercised for the first time in a long time and now im sore...?
Am i fat? what would be considered normal?
I am 93 pounds and 5 ft. 5 and 15 years old, am I too skinny? People say I am but I don't think so.?
How can I lose 10 lbs in ONE week?
How much does a person with anorexia eat a day ?
im 14, 210pounds, 5'9. i want to lose 65pounds by the end of augest. is this a good deit to be on?
Which way would be better to do my toning exercise routine?
Sore throat remedies please?
Have you ever tried Acid, Ecstasy, Shrooms?!?
Am I A Freak With What I Do Everyday ?
Could I Have Diabetes?
How to get better control of my type 1 diabetes so that I can get pregnant?
How long does it take to "get rid of" type 2 diabetes?
A Diabetes Debate- Your opinion.?
will my baby have blue eyes or brown eyes?
Contact Lenses for 6 year old?
I hate sticking things in my eyes but i have to put contact lenses in?
Should Cannibus(weed,hemp,marijuanna) be legilized. Give facts on why or why not?
Using eye drops daily?
eye exam results and test for astigmatism?
Can I wear contact lenses if I have dry eyes?
How can a prove my parents that I'm responsible for contacts?
what happens if I sleep with my contacts on?
how can i get rid of a sore eye fast?
Can I find my contact?
If you don't have your pancreas working good what happems?
My blood sugar ranges 300-565 in last few weeks.Feeling very sick, doctors aren't listening, what should I do?
Do diabetics occasionally have mood swings?
Do people with diabetes...?
How many times do people suffering from diabetes go to the toilet during the day?
What is a nice, convenient way to clean eye glasses?
I need tips on taking out contacts. ?
Could I eventually go blind?
Are people on benifits still entitled to free NHS prescription glasses?
ophthalmologist or orthodontist?
losing weight in 3-4 months?
am i fat???????????
I need to know if I'm fat!!!?
Really fancy some chocolate but I'm trying to lose weight! What shall I do?
Ate a ton of junk food and LOST weight? wtf?
Why do my eyes change colour?They've been almost every possible option there is!?
what is a website that offers free colored contacts?
Is this possible to have the same prescription for each eye but the frame lenses are of different thickness?
How long can you store contacts once you've had them in?
What are the dangers of wearing Ripped Contact Lenses?
Why do my eyes get red when wearing contacts?
What is the best way to increase one's good cholesterol (HDL) besides taking Omega -3?
Can someone please tell me if Paxil can make you feel like your'e on speed?
Do Nearsighted people have a nearsighted imagination or dreams?
why do doctors say only when your 13 you can get contacts?
Which look more like the cullens eyes?
My daughter has pink eye and was prescribed azasite 1% ophth solution today, I have a couple thgs worrying me
My eyes are really dry from my contacts...?
Presciption has changed, new glasses?
Should I laugh at my little brother until he loses weight? He's lazy and needs motivation.?
What Are Some Tips For Activating Your Reiki Energy?
I'm looking for a good over the counter herbal like natural remedy for ADHD any suggestions???
What has the same effect as sleeping pills?
Cure for Motion Sickness aka travelling sickness?
Would Princess Di be alive today if homoeopathy was used?
my left eye has gone droopy and i have a bad headache and vision is similar to migrane but not as bad,whatup?
What is wrong with my Friend?
I'm colour blind, what does the colour green look like?
Is steam good or bad for contact lenses?
Contact Lens and Allergies?
What does it mean when?
can you develop a lazy eye?
Did I get ripped off? my transistion glasses only turn grey not dark?
2 weeks ago had blood test ran for insurance and results showed my glucose level to be at 569.?
What are these symptoms? They seem to be related to what I eat or don't eat.?
what happens if a diabetic doesn't stick to their diet and drinks alcohol?
how serious is hypoglicemia?
I eyeglasses No is +0.75, is it normal or I have to use classes?
What can someone do if your eye doctor refuses to write a contact lens prescription?
:(( HELP!!! my eye power is -16 !!!?
How can I prevent my glasses from getting dirty/scratched?
What is Cataract? What are the symptons?
Opinion on contact lenses?
extreme weight loss for me,the fatty!?
How can I be skinny like Bella, graceful like Alice, and beautiful like Rosalie from Twilight?
Minimum age for laser eye surgery?
Question about Nearsightedness?
one eye dilated while the other?
Getting contacts, need questions answered?
Will the computer screen make my eyes water and hurt?
Where can i order contact lenses without going to an eye doctor for a checkup?
im a man and i have really long eye lashes.....and they kind of fold over and dig into my eyes.....?
"Borderline positive" on a gestational diabetes test?
im so nervous because i think i have diabetes but my mom works a lot and she does not notice! what do i do?!?
Which of these conditions can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption?
if you're diabetic, can you make diabetic root beer floats?
Can you get discharged from the Marine Corps for having diabetes?
My mom start takes insulin Humalog today. ?
How can I make my prayers more effective n make it work?
What are your home remedies for dealing with nausea?
Ways to loose 5 pounds soon?
Why do these girls do this?
Am I underweight? Help please!?
Is 5'8" an acceptable height for an 16 year old asian guy?
I replaced beer with voka and diet coke for 30 days why didn't I loose any weight?
How do i get taller ?
how can i learn to jump higher?
how much weight can i lose in a month?
One eye wants to drift outward?
Permanent Eye Color Change?
How do you cure a lazy eye?
Can I change my old glasses to the new frames?
can i ask my optometrist for my prescription so i can get my glasses with other optometrist ?
are my eyes decieveing me?
St. John's Wart?
What other natural objects give off energy?
Has any males felt gay from smoking pot, but were not?
Could I have diabetes?
Should diabetics avoid rice?
after a night's sleep my blood sugar reading is high? Is this normal? Why?
What are the symptoms of diabetes ?
Advice wanted on best way to sweeten for pre-diabetes guy?
is my blood sugar normal?? PLEASE READ?
What type of eyedrops do I put in my right eye?
is it bad to share eye contacts if she is my sister?
Improve eyesight, and glasses are making them worse?!?
How can I make my eyes healthy?
Should I bother getting glasses?
Sleeping with contacts in - just one night?
How can you get better eyesight?
Am I seriously overweight/fat?
how do you become a faster runner?
im 5'7half and weight 129lbs my size ranges from 0-4 somtimes even 6! everyone says im fat am i?
93 pounds..5'3 is this underweight?
How many days can you go without eating until you hit starvation?
i m realllllllllllllllllllllllly thin.... wanna grow a little fat .... help?
Does cold pizza have less calories than hot pizza???
am i normal?
I am craving for a bag of chips but isn't it unhealthy?
anyone have any home remedy's for an ear infection?
I smoked weed now I am so scared what is going on?
Do homeopathic medicines really work?
i think i have a stye in my eye, ?
Do I need glasses? eye sight going?
What colour eyes do you have?
Cleaning Glasses with Windex?
what color eye contacts should i get?
can scratched glasses be repaired or do i have to pay for new lenses?
URGENT HELP - fly in eye?
If your fasting test was 166 are you immediatly diagnosed or do you have to do another fasting test?
Insulin dependent - FBS 100; PPBS 126; - 32/20 units of 50/50, 30/70 morn/even - shall I take tablet form?
Is there any breakthrough in finding permanent cure for 'Type-1' diabetes?.?
can a type 1 diabetic use metformin?
which do you prefer ?....an eyeglasses or a contact lens?
A black eye for prom?
Do you prefer glasses or contacts?
What do you see when you rub your eyes?
Is there a deodorant that does NOT contain aluminum or other harmful ingredients? Does it really work?
To alt med skeptics and others: Has there ever been a supplement or herb that has worked for you?
can i use homeopathy as an alternative to vaccinating for my (almost) 3 yr old?
lose weight and fast?
flat stomach quickly?
How can I lose weight on my arms?
How much weight have you lost on Wii Fit?
what do you think of my progress pic?? be honest!?
Why am I always so hungry?
IM 14 and I weigh 135. is that overweight and plus i have love handels and i can't wear any tight shirts?
What have we done to make so many sad little girls so worried about their weight?
Am I overweight? Please answer.
Need to lose a stone in 3 weeks, any ideas?
Is there something that will help you buying your diabetes supplies if you have no insurance?
Question regarding strange diabetic reaction...?
What Are The Signs Of Being Diabetic ?
I had a glucose test of 131 after three hours of not eating....normal or not?
My son's blood sugar was 246!?
Will contact lenses make my eyes look bigger?
Just wondering what is your eye prescription?
I suddenly can't see things far away?
Is it retinal detachment or not?
I'm getting contacts in a few days and im kinda nervous? help plz?
How do I tell my parents...?
Want to wear contacts again...?
Is it true that reading in bed makes your eyes bad?
How old were you when you first got glasses?
eye herpes??????????????????????????????????…
What is the main job of the respiratory system?
I wore contacts for 25 yrs. Now I can't wear them bcause of "dry eye".?
Can I wear contacts?
What are some Home Remedies to help me Sleep?
What herbal medicine could i take to help with osteoarthritis?
What is the cause of severe and persistent halitosis (bad breath)?
Is this a good height?
22 yr old - 300lbs?
How can I lose baby fat?
At the Gym, why do people sweat all over the machines and dont wipe it?
I'm not happy with my body ... ?
do squats make your legs thinner or thicker ?
what happens if i just eat fruits and fresh veg for two weeks will i lose weight?
Do you think I am fat?
i have something in my eye?
anyone whos can sleep got any advice for us that cant?
Does crying damage contact lenses?
Can having a really long hair fringe damage your eyesight?
should i get hard or soft contacts lenses?
What is it like when you start to loose your vision?
Do you believe this and think it is actually possible? Why?
which is better... glasses or contacts..?
help me puhlease. its super urgentt?
Is - 1.50 & - 1.50 vision bad ?????????????????????
I've worn glasses for 21 years, and am considering switching to contacts. What are reasons to/not to switch?
what is WRONG with me?
What exercises can you do if........................?
Do you think i might have diabetes?
are the symptoms of diabetes and hypoglycemia the same?
Can someone get rid of diabetes?
I have a friend who just found out she is a diabetic. Where can I find some good recipes?
Can children with ADHD also have diabetes?
Does Weed (cannibis) make you tell secrets?
Where can I Buy sleeping pills?
I really want 2 stop smoking...?
need a hangover cure and quick?
What do you think about homeopathy ?
What are some natural diuretics my body still retains water and I take a water pill?
Help. I'm fat.?
Disappointed I am not losing weight!?
Am I overweight? Please help!?
Are there any eye excersices for the eyes to improve vision?
How can I prevent my glasses causing a glare in the sun?
Poll: Do you wear contacts or glasses?
whats the best medication to OD on?
What is your favorite fallacy used by the alties?
How accurate is a THC home drug test?
What's a good home remedy to soothe an irritated throat?
How often do you change the needle for a glucose testing device?
Can prediabetes be prevented?
how do you know when your dangerously underweight?
is chips and salsa at a mexican restaurant safe to eat when you have diabetes? not alot, maybe 5-10 pieces?
I need help finding one of my contact lenses?
I'm 5'7 and 125 pounds?
Is 138 lbs too heavy for a 5' 7 female?
drink 8 glasses of water, have a cup of orange juice, 3 glasses of milk...... what the hell!!!!!?
I need to eat 3 meals out a day. I want to consume only 1200-1500 calories and spend about $20 a day. Help me!
quick and easy tips on how to loose weight and nice light snacks to eat?
how can a guy put on weight.my bf is skinny and i luk like his fat bride compared.?
I drink at least 6 diet sodas a day. Is this bad?
I am thoroughly pissed off at the media telling us what is bad for us to eat. What do you think?
What's the best sleep aid drug?
Are you on homoeopathy because placebo is a part of its effect, that you trust your mind to heal the body?
I have a fasting blood sugar of 150..does this mean I have diabetes? Have not seen doctor yet?
my husband's blood sugar at times gets up over 450 and into the 500 . he has no other side effects.?
Can i become diabetic? HELP!?
how do i lose weight and not build muscle?
my girlfriend is 16 and im 15 but...?
*Drinking water for a week diet*?
is there a safe yet effective way to ask my girlfriend to drop a few pounds?
Can anyone tell me if cigarettes help you lose weight?
Is it true that after you stop eating for a week, you don't get as hungry anymore?
I am addicted to mentos, does it have side effects?
i weight 115 lbs and im about 5'9 or 5'10...am i too skinny..?
Should i get computer glasses?
Very bad glasses habit... help?
What color are my eyes?
anyone ever taken the anti-depressant "Trazadone" while drinking alcohol?
What helps an upset stomach? (No medicine)?
I'm sick..I think I have a fever, what are some home remedies?
Does my mom have Diabetes?
I have insulin resistance and I'm scared of getting diabetes. Should I just stop eating?
Type 1 Diabetes Die t/ Weight loss / healthy?
Diabetes and dieting ?
Am I diagnosed with diabetes?
Eyes go fuzzy when i pee?
What is the minimum age to get contacts?
When I take my glasses off everything is blurry?
Girls: Do you prefer guys with a bit of muscle or are you not bothered?
how can i become fat?
Overweight, what should I do?
FAT TEEN. help please =/?
Should I try Marijuana?
Is natural really better? Does modern medicine only treat symptoms of disease?
What's the best NATURAL way to fight a sleeping disorder?
good marijuana music?
Whats the best thing for a really bad headache? I've taken so much Excedrin my belly is nauseous?
Where to find best treatment for diabetes?
How many tubes of blood do doctors take for a diabetes blood fasting?
Do you think I have diabetes?
help with diabetes just been diagnosed?
What does diabetes mean?
I have Type 1 Diabetes, how can I lose weight?
Are glasses or contacts better?
someone with good eyes - take a look at this pic please !?
Is it possible to get pink eye more than once?
Should I get Glasses or contacts?
What is your take on glasses causing...?
Is it possible for an contact lens to go behind your eye if it's not properly put on?
what's wrong with my diet? my tongue is white?
what is the effect of shrooms?
My throat hurts... from throwing up?
What is the fastest way I can alive a sore throat? (homemade remedies)?
why aren't there any recreational drugs taken as a suppository?
First aid for arterial bleeding, insulin shock, and third-degree burn?
how high does a non diabetic sugar go after eating?
how neuropathy happens in diabetes?
Am I going on the right track?
What are the symptoms of Diabetes?
Well my dad's whole side of the family has type 1 diabetes. Will I have it too?
Squiggly line in my left eye...?
How can I get an eyelash out of my eye?
Can sunglasses cause depression, due to lack of sunlight to the eyes?
I suffer with dry eyes..why can I buy that is suitable for contact lens wearers..?
Guys, do you think it is fat to be 5''4 and be 135 pounds?
i am 5'3 feet tall and 90 lbs 23 years old,do u think i am short and thin for man?
Girls i need your help?
Can you lose by drinking 1 non-fat Starbucks coffee during the day, then eating a chicken salad for dinner?
i am 5'4" and...?
How can I fool people that I'm an anorexic?
Why does every girl I see have a cigarette in her hand? Is this a fashion statement or a slimming aid?
what are some better choices at starbucks?
diet pills and loosing weight?
Isnt drugs like Marijuana bad?
Does anyone know any natural painkillers ?
are any of these NOT safe during pregnancy?
What is it like to be high on weed?
Will drinking lots of water & cranberry juice today help me pass a urine analysis test tomorrow morning?
Could I possibly have diabetes?
What is normal?
How can you tell if you're at risk for diabetes?
As a diabetic patient, my sugar level is either very low or very high. what food can i eat to balance it?
How to increase your confidence level?
Is chocolate BAD or GOOD for your heart?
what is some good workout music?
what's the right weight for someone 5'5" ( in foot and inches)?
Do I Have a Small, Medium, or Large Body Frame?
is it possible that i can lose weight without exersicing but eating less food?
im 15 and i eat so much. is that normal?
How many calories should I eat a day?
How can I make make myself be sick?
is it safe to starve yourself for 10 days? Has anyone ever done it? how much weight did u lose?
how to get rid of blurry eyes after playing computer games for too long?
PEANUTS - Eating them are bad for health, their skins even worst. Is it correct?
Is it normal to feel jealous of your own sister?
what is your advice to lose weight by healthy way?
how do i lose 15 pounds when i am 13 years old and i need to lose it before school . so i only have one month?
Why do skinny ppl aways harrass fat or i should say obese ppl?
Am I too thin?
do you think this woman is fat?
Did I eat healthy today??
what is an easy routine that can help me ease into starving myself ?
PLZ HELP ME WITH MY WEIGHT!!!!!!! ( life and death situation)?
Ive been seeing a dark figure standing over me but i cant move or talk.Im not totally asleep. Help?
why do i have this problem!!?
my eye has been twitching for 5 days now...so annyoing?
Is it unusual to be able to intentionally blur and unblur your vision?
Do I need glasses or is it like this for everyone?
My eyeglasses keep sliding down my nose, I don't know what to do?
Is there anyway to improve eye vision without glasses?
I'm really scared?
Can acupuncture cure renal failure in human beings?
Conventional medicine vs alternative medicine?
How come my eyes are always bloodshot at night?
Help with Contact Lenses?
What's some fun things to do when I'm bored? (not on computer)?
Wear contacts lenses without an exam?
Why do people blow a breath onto their eyeglass lenses before cleaning them?
i cant put in my contacts!?
What Are some high fiber foods?
How are you? Easy two points?
How to tell if i am strong??
Please HELP ME!!! SICK FOR 3 WEEKS!!! 10 points!!!?
how can i lose weight? i have tried everything, even weight watchers. any advice?
I feel sick and i have no appetite?
Why do I want to be skinnier when I am 5'6" and 102 lbs......people look at me weird?
Is it possible for vision to get worse if you don't use glasses?
I'm thinking about having Laser eye surgery?
Born Blind or Become Blind?
Just out of sheer curiosity, Can you use reading glasses in place of rx eye glasses?
I have a friend who slept with his contacts on and now it is stuck in the back of his eye. What should he do?
When buying contact lenses, do you have to get your eyes measured?
What can you do when you are waiting for your blood sugar to rise?
What do u think i should weigh?
I am very slim.How do I put on some weight.?
does alcohol speed up your metabolism while on a diet?
Mashed Potatoes Bad for a diet?
i am so fat and ugly!?
How do I lose weight safely at 15 when diet and exercise don't help?
how can i lose weight quickly?
I'm short sighted. Ok to wear contact lenses?
eye contacts?
can spending to much time on the computer make your eyes go bad?
Do your eyes turn grey when you become blind?
what's with my eye!!? (eye contacts)?
Is it ok to go for a jog with my contacts on?
diabeties and drugs?
how much sugar would need to be consumed over how many years to give you diabetes?
Question about DIABETES!!!!!!!!!?
When should I worry about being a diabetic?
Why won't my mother take me to a doctor?
Whats the best weed you have smoked?
Does anybody know any natural remedies for a cold?
What are some good ways to get in touch with my higher self?
Is tobacco addictive?
i'm 22 years old, 5'7 and 165 pounds..is that overweight?
AM I fat i dont really know but i need help?
are these measurements good or bad? too fat, too thin?
i need good excuses!!!!!!?
Do you think I'm fat? pictures?
Can you break your eye?
My left eye keeps on twitching?
Hit in the eye with a soccer ball?
im blind in one eye, does this mean i can claim blind persons allowance?
My husband is diabetic but needs to lose weight - ideas?
do i drink too much water?
does anyone no a bowel movement inducer? ?
The truth about weed?
what to do with a 1/2 gram of marijuana?
How long should i wear contacts per day?
Which sports would be safe to play while wearing contacts?
when to wear glasses?
What do you wish had no calories?
What is a good substitute for bread?
Am I overweight?/(serious q)?
Is it possible to lose 20 pounds by June 1st?
Is a 5'7" 140 Pound girl considered Fat?
can lifting weights help you lose fat?
ahh im fat someone help me?
Will this work to make me stronger?
If I eat 1200 calories a day...?
Diabetics - Has anyone ever told you that you have to go to the bathroom to test your blood sugar?
I am a diabetic. Of late I find my toes going numb. What could be the problem and what is the remedy?
can you tell me if this is pre diabetes?
Can anyone describe how some African Americans may use natural remedies to treat high blood pressure?
What are come cool ways to smoke weed?
Does it hurt to touch your eye when placing contacts?
Eye test for glaucoma?
What's wrong with my eye?
Something's Stuck In My Eye And I Can't Get It Out.?
A guy at a bar asked if he could lick me out?
will this damage my eyes?
i have take 5 abmiem and drank 4 beers I weight about 156 what is going to happen to me?
I eat a lot but never gain any weight?
How do I shop and cook for a Type II diabetic?
What is normal for your blood glucose when you are using a monitor?
Should I eat a boiled egg before or after my workout?
Hunger PAINS.... How do i get rid of them?
How do you know for sure when you are in shape?
how do i lose 1.67 lbs. a day???!!??
I feel like starving myself!!!!!!!!!?
Really Odd Question...To Do With Possible Eating Disorder?
How do I stop my stomach from growling?
how to increase height?
Is it possible to lose 1 stone in weight (14lbs) in 5-6 weeks?
What can you eat to get a butt?
can you get addicted to oxycontin?
i really want glasses, but i don't need them?
Can I buy contact lenses on line without a recent eye exam?
can you wear 2 contact lenses on one eye?
Do you have a 'dry eye' problem?
Is one eye blurry when your wearing contacts?
Is it possible to wear coloured contacts with really dark eyes?
I'm sleeping over my friends house and i left my contact stuff at home?
does insulin make you sleepy?
Can people with type 1 Diabetes drink alcohol?
What does it mean when they say you have Sugar?
Can a hit to the kidney area in the back cause Diabetic nephropathy to accelerate?
I was told I am diabetic, but the doctor won't give me a straight answer, what to I do? I am very confused.?
diabetics & tatoos, what are the risks?
How do i know if i have diabetes? i've been really thirsty lately and never feel full. But i do not feel like
I have this blind spot in the middle of my eye for about a year now.?
Is it true that there are contacts that you can sleep with and don't need to take off for a long time?
My mom has brown eyes and my dad has green eyes? Help!?
i can't swallow pills?
how do i cure a hangover?
Whats the best facial cleanser you've used?
is there any natural way to relieve my anxiety & panic attacks without taking pills?
My eye isnt red after 'pink eye' anymore, do I wear contacts now?
i really want to get colored contacts but,?
Do you think I need glasses?
Could this still be diabetes anyways?
What happens to diabetic people if they drink to much?
What happens if you eat before fasting glucose test?
I'm worried that i might have diabetes?
test blood sugar at home if no health care?
im drinking to much water is that a sign of being diabetic?
is grape better or apple ?
I always snack too much when I study, what can I do to stop?
will running effect our abs in any manner?
Does drinking water during a workout cause you to gain fat?
if you dont lose weight from not eating, why are anorexic people so skinny?
I'm hungry, what can i have for lunch? any suggestions?
My daughter is 11 and she weighs 89 pounds and her height is 4" 8'. Is she fat?
How are my eating habits?
should i try smoking weed?
has anyone got a cure for heart burn?
Is it healthy to journal about negative experiences?
is it okay to OD on the vitamin c?
STRIP NC detox to pass drug test.?
what's the difference between type 1 & 2 diabetes?
Should I really have my doctor check me for diabetes?
Diabetic without even knowing?
How a 15 year old could gain muscles without the gym.?
Is my weight healthy for my age/height?
Why can't I lose weight?
i wan to lose wright what can i do to lose wright?
is msturbation harmful or not.and how many one should do it in a weak?
Is this a healthy weight?
is a size 7 for a 16 yr old bad?
Honest opinion: What do you think when you see someone fat at the gym?
Drinking water...?
how do i loose 25 pounds in 2weeks
heard a theory! is it true?!?
What Is the Best Thing For A Hangover?
Herbal treatment for adult ADD?
what is the most powerful antioxidant out there?
Why make flavored medicine if it doesn't taste good?
how can i help my mother who is in denial of her diabetes?
For those who had diabetes....?
black dot in my eye???
Is there anyway to help a nearsighted person's eye sight get better naturally?
How could I improve my vision?
What are some good ways to exercise?
Size zero, what is it, UK?
What I ate today? (Is this bad)?
7 weeks to drop 13 pounds,PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
Going out to eat?
what is it like to be anorexic?
Who knows some Healthy Snacks?
What is the easiest way to quit drinking ?
what has 4 legs but cant walk?
If i am 15, 5'3, 102 pounds, than why do i have a little belly? isn't that considered thin?
Whats your opinion on Marijuana?
can u smoke duct tape?
whats a good supplement to just feel good?
what a good vitamin for a 19 year old?
blood sugar level is 44....on a home test?
Just a few quick questions to better educate myself on diabetes?
What are good food to eat if your diabetic and you have to eat gluten free?
Is it my body type?? My genetics?? My diet???
some people say drink cold water burns calories, true or not?
Help Me!!!!?
What kind of teas are healthy to drink?
i am 5'6,weigh 110 pounds am i fat?
Iam fat. There is no doubt about that part of the question.?
What are your eating habits like?
could my body figure tone and change in 3 days?
Can I buy contacts just to change my eye color?
Should I wear glasses?
how old where you when you got your frist contacts lenses?
What's the most comfortable on the eyes all in one contact lense solution?
I am 5'2" and weight 120 lbs.?
is doing 10 push ups and 10 sit ups every hour for 10 hours from 11am to 9pm every hour going to help me?
What's the fastest way you know to lose weight!?
Will I gain weight by doing this?
bulimia? how long does it take before you start to lose weight?
How can i loose 15lbs in a week or maybe 2?
am i fat??? please help!!!?
14 years old 5'4 and i weigh 117!!?
help!!!!9 year old daughter has scratchy throat she's has 2 go to school?
Do you use a microwave? If so, how frequently (scary study)?