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Are there really medicinal uses for marijuana?
how do i know if i have a marijuana problem?
i hold my pencil very weirdly?
Do you think I'm fat?!?
How fast can we seeee?
Is it ok to sleep in contacts once?
is smoking marijuana everyday bad for you?
I found some old vicodin pills about 6 years old i wanna know if they're still good?
Are there any home remedies, anyone can recomend for passing a urine test for marajuana?
Something's wrong with my right eye..?
Question about getting glasses?
I've been thinking about getting contact lenses but was looking for the cheapest place?
Does wearing glasses improve vision?
Why can't I drink water after midnight before surgery?
I can't take my soft contacts out my eyes?
Is Anti-glare coating on spectacles really beneficial?
what medicine is good for memory?
Is it bad to drink sleeping pills?
weight for girl who's 5'4?
Do you think she has a good body? (Pic)?
If someone weighs 132.6 pounds, and is a twelve (turning thirteen in 2/3 months) year old girl considered fat?
Do carrots make your eye sight better?
Is it bad to wear my contacts too long??
I have these spots in my eyes. It started out with about 4 in each eye. Now, there's about 30 in my left eye.
Why won't people look at me in the eye?
I need home remedies for "Sore Throat"?
how to reduce eye sight ?
Eye Test different results from D&A and Specsavers.?
If you were in a car accident and your eyes were hurt, what part of them would be damaged to cause blindness?
what are some non-prescription medicine for styes??
Glasses: do people actually need them!? i mean biologically speaking we wernt exactly designed to read....?
is it true reading in bed is bad for your eyes?
Is there a such thing as colored contacts?
What are some pros/cons about contacts?
How can i lose wieght fast??
Which is the healthiest way to gain weight?
will i lose weight if i eat nothing but cornflakes?
Have you ever tried those natural pills for stress called 'Kalms'.... did they work for you?
Natural migraine remedies please.?
If you wear eyeglasses, how often should you get an eye exam?
where can i buy strong powered wild eyes contacts online?
eye booger overboard in my right eye!?
Does it hurt to wear contacts?
I passed the eye test OK, but do I need glasses to prevent eyestrain and headaches while using a computer?
very nearsighted friend who dont?
Why can't I eat the amount of models do?
What's the best way to burn calories,quick?
does milk help u build more muscle?
don't know how to get in shape?? help!?
Am I too skinny or fat or what?
Why do girls and women do those sissy push ups on their knees even when they're obviously able to do real ones?
What's a good colon cleanser?
Eye colour popularity?
Different color eyes?
Sometimes my eyes get a bit dry with my contacts in. Is it okay to use my contacts solution as eye drops?
Where can I get colored contacts?
Are my new glasses really that ugly? *picture included*?
How do you corret a lazy eye?
What can I do for light-sensitive eyes?
How to get rid of a stye in your eye...? please help!!!!?
What is the best cure....?
Why Doctors still telling us aspartame is safe?
How do I know if i have PINE EYE?
why is one eye bigger then the other onee..?
DO I have Pink eye???
Is my eye color common or rare?
A way to restore vision?
What have you done in the last 30 minutes??
I have six days, any tips on how to lose 2 pounds?
I'm American, 5 foot 7 and weigh around 350 lbs - am I fat?
Curing hiccups quickly?
how do i get rid of stuff on my contacts?
i have a prescription of -5.75 is there any way i can improve it? ?
quick way to loose 10 lbs.?
I'm a really overweight person and i wont eat vegetables, any tips on how to lose weight?
My kid is way to chubby. I need a few fat jokes to inspire him to drop the load.?
Why doesn't the FDA review and test dietary supplements from health food stores?
Homeopathy? How effective have you found it?
Is there a way to get high without drugs?
Does taking your glasses on and off have a major effect on your eyesight?
Is there an operation to correct short sightedness with the left eye -15.75 & right eye -13.75 ?
Can I get contacts if my script is -1.00 in both eyes and I am 20/50?
Eye problems................................…
Contact lens doesn't come off my finger easily. Why?
my first time wearing contacts and im really scared. i cant get the lens inside my eyes. please help!?
What happens if i sleep with contacts on?
why do color contacts give blurry vision?
Parts of the eye - pupil?
Please don't consider this question about blind people rude/offensive?
What's the best hangover cure???
is ibuprofen the same as asprin?
i think i'm developing serious panic attacks but i am afraid to take meds in case i get addicted?
Am I the only person who thinks 5 foot 6, 87 pounds is normal?
I'll tell you what i've eaten today and you tell me if it's healthy?
am i fat??????
can your eye twitch due to stress?
Why do my eyes hurt when i put on or take off my glasses?
i have bad eye sight and i dont wear glasses whats going on with my eyes cuz something isnt right ?
Is it possible to lose an eye contact in your eye socket?
Hlp glasses???? ASAP!!! PLZ!!?
In my eyes, my irisis are brown with yellow, is that normal?
Why is there such a commotion about vaccines?
I was wondering , if I get constipated alot if enemas would help me if not used several, times?
how do i boost immunity in my kids aged 6 n 4? they fall sick very often. v r vegetarians. Do's and Don'ts pls?
what can I take for acid reflux? Something that is natural, that I can find most any place.?
Why is my vision more precise with glasses than contact lenses?
my wife's left eye is a lazy eye and i have normal eyes, if we were to have a child, will our child get it? ?
Is it okay to wear contacts in the shower?
how long does it take for you to go blind if you rub your eyes alot?
am i over weight or underweight?
Does anyone know how to workout your tricep muscles?
I'm a 5'2 girl who weighs 107 lbs am I too fat?
Eye doctor problems??? Plz help?
It feels as though there is something in my eye but not sure there is?
Should i go back to wearing glasses?
My contact ripped....help?
My vision is deteriorating and I need help?
Am I really....??!? plz help?
How Can A 13 Year Old Girl Lose Weight For Cheerleading?
What does a 14 year-old boy do to loose weight?
Has anyone ever heard of cow's milk being unhealthy??
I have a slow heart rate. What can I do to speed it up? What's wrong?
What are some common household tips to cure common cold?
anyone have a good cure for a hangover?
Ecstasy..please read&answer ! 10points for best answer!?
How rare are bi-colored eyes, and what do they mean?
i got my eyes checked Saturday, i need glasses. when will they come in?
Going under the laser for Lasik... what is your opinion on the procedure?
What eye color do I have?
Is there a way to improve eye sight?
am i fat?????????????????????????????????????…
what's your height/age and how much would you like to weigh?
what is a good weight for 16 year old girl?
im 13 weigh 80lbs am i fat im afraid to eat bc i think im fat?
home remedies to whiten teeth?
Should I get contacts?
Is wearing only one contact bad for your eyes?
What if I cut off my eye lids? Will my eyes be ok?
my baby has one eye with a big pupil and one with a small. Should i be worried?
why aren't there as many different colored contacts for people with astigmatism?
Can 0.25 eyesight corrected through/by any means?
Is it OK to wear a 30 day contact lens for more then 30 days?
Can I store a contact lens in bottled water for an hour and a half?
So this morning I woke up with a red dot in the eye....?
Just got glasses. Is this normal?
What is your hangover cure!!?
Are you against or pro homeopathy and why?
Is there a type of marijuana that doesn't have any chemicals and is totally natural and wont harm you?
Any remedies for sore throat? any?
How can I change my brown eyes to green without contacts though?
Why are my son's contact lenses falling out?
Am 24yrs. How best is the Laser Eye surgery to get the better vision than wearing spectacles ? Someone suggest?
Are prunes good for constipation?
Sleepless Nights - Remedies?
how do you naturally cure constipation?
16 and want to try cocaine?
Can you have better eyesight than 20-20 vision?
I got conditioner in my eye, will i be oaky?
How long should it take your eyes to come back to normal after they are dilated with drops from the eye Doc?
I like glasses, but i don't have bad eye site. I know that I can find glasses with regular glass? Can I?10 p!?
so i sit in front of the computer for a long time?
I want colored contacts but i dont need contacts or glasses i just want different colored eyes?
my blood sugar us 112 mg/dl how can i lower it?
Share your diabetes diagnosis story. How did you know?
How do i know if i am diabetic? opinions please?
Why aren't you supposed to sleep with contacts in?
one of my eyes hurt when wearing contact lenses?
i have a half blue half brown eye. does any one else have this type of eye?
I have pain around the eye area and my eyelid is twitching?
can u die from helium ?
Do Asians have a hard time with contact lenses?
Can You Wear Coloured Contacts If You Have Stigmatism?
Do I look fat?
Am I overweight? If i am, please help me!!!!?
Come on girls and guys, motivate me to lose weight!?
How can i get from 130 to 115 before school starts??????
Which would be the best therapy for your back pain? Massage or Chiropractic?
my dog is talking to me and i think i can understand him also im seeing monsters?
Could i have diabetes?? 8.0 ?
How can I quickly reduce my blood sugar level?
How do you know if you have diabetes's?
Question for people who wear contacts?
I understand that alternative medicines have not been tested to the same degree?
is it safe to drive with a hangover?
Do you people know if bacon is fat for you?
What can I have for breakfast if I don't want to feel hungry after for as long as possible? ie on a trip?
I have a pair of glasses and contact, should they be the same prescreption?
Why do I see blurry when I wear my coloured contacts?
Who should I go to if I think I have pink eye?
vote for people with contact lenses.. good, or no?
Does not wearing your glasses make your eye-sight get worse? (short sighted)?
If a person has Diabetes but can't afford a doctor and is feeling very woozy and dizzy?
What are the signs of diabetes? And is it possible that i could have it?
Eye Makeup and Contacts?
Can i wear astigmatism contact in non astigmatism eye?
One eye stronger than other?
Where can i get contacts for my eyes?
My 12 years daughter don't eat g. vegetables, What should I do?
The scales don't say I'm losing weight, but I feel like I am?
What are The Diet foods a twelve year old should eat?
How can I gain weight!?
can you lose weight laughing?
How bad is it to sleep in contacts when its not made to?
How should the 'perfect' contact lenses feel?
Is something wrong with my eyes?
I just got back from the eye doctor. I have huge pupils and I see very poorly?
i am 35years & diabetic can I consume 60ml of wine or brandy or whisky? which is not harmful for diabetes?
My friend is a diabetic and won't take care of herself???
Does cocaine make you as crazy as you see in movies, like give you a ton of energy?
Is Salvia bad for your health?
I really want to reach 'ecstasy', What foods can get me to this, Facts Plz, I want to trip out, in a legal way
What's the best product for body spring clean detox?
when someone notices your height and says "you're small/tall"?
What's the quickest way to lose wieght in six months and be healthy and have energy?
how come i still don't have a six-pack?
Does it wreck a low-carb diet to eat a meal with carbs, say, once per week?
Are these foods okay for a diet or stay away from them?
Do you think I'm fat?
I have two small grey dots floating when I loom round with my eyes?
what are the pros and cons about having contacts?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
i really want contacts ! can i wear sunglasses then ? if yes, why ?
Do you have floaters in your eye?
what are the chances of something bad happening During or after laser eye surgery?
Did computers, books, and television ruin my eye vision?
Ear Candles (Are they effective)?
What are some good home remedies for a cold?
SO! mosquitos are trying to eat me alive, does anyone have any idea to keep them away?
Is rice harmful for Diabetic patient?
Why are people so stupid when it comes to credible science?
How many times do you re-use your lancet?
I have an 11 year that has 200 to 240 blood sugars at post meals, should i be concerned?
im 13..i wanna loose a bit of weight?
Am i overweight? i weigh 130 lbs and around 5'7.?
is it possible to lose fat eating mcdonalds?
How come I am so short?
Can fat people wear bikinis?
is it still okay to wear a dried up contact lense?
Does not wearing your contacts or glasses make your eyes worse?
contact lenses get behind your eyes ¿¡?
how to convince my mom i am responsible enuff for contacts?!!?!?
My eye is swollen?
Help about "Contact Lens" ?
Is being blind a terrible thing?
why does my eye doctor only let me choose from circular or oval glasses?
What would make me no longer need glasses after 22 years?
My friends addicted to nesquick and is using it as a drug??? please PLEASE HELP!?
What do you think about smoking pot?
Is there anything natural you can use as a topical antibiotic?
What is the best hangover cure?
How do people feel about being myopic / nearsighted? Do you hate it?
Does wearing glasses prevent your eyes getting worse?
Fell asleep in contacts?
my left eye vision and right eye vision is deferent.?
How to put in Contact Lenses?
How can you tell your prescription on your eye-glasses?
I over-dosed on Exlax, help!?
Am I Tall or average?
I'm fourteen and overweight :(?
my friend only eats 900 calories a day?
how do i stop myself from eating when im bored?
Do anybody know how to lose 5 pounds every week?
I quit smoking today and I'm feeling dizzy and sad. Help :( how do I minimize dizziness ?
Could marijuana be used to treat alcoholism?
What will Xanax do to you if you've taken 2 50mg of and and aren't perscribed?
Have you ever seen a rare eye colour beside the usual ones?
I can't cry anymore, why?
My eyes have gotten smaller?
Do contacts wreak your eyes ?
If you were 5'0 what would you like to weigh?
How much should I weigh?
I am 17. 135lbs. 5'5. Goal weight is 110 or 115. Someone give me a lot of tips on how to do this within 2 mths
5'1 feet 100 pounds?
how bad is 6.6 blood sugar level?
what type life style should be adopted to avoid heart deaseas &diabetic?
me & my friend r thinkin of takin sum ecstasy @ skool. its gona be a triple. ive taken it before. good idea?
Why do stoners think they're so brilliant ?
Are bifocals with the lines really noticable?
pink eye??
if you have soft contacts can you keep them in water overnight?
Can constantly wearing my glasses damage my vision?
is watching tv or playing video games in the dark bad for your eyes?
if its true that you dont loose weight by starving your self?
What would happen if you put your contact lens inside out in your eye?
Is it bad to wear contacts if you're under 18?
my eyes used to be brown since i was 1 now they completly changed to this color why is this?
i want contacts but have no eye problems ,,what do i do?
Is it ok to eat eye boogers?
Q. for every single one out there wearing Contacts.?
Is it harmful to shine a laser pointer to someone's eye from far, or does t have to be up close?
Does eating more sugar makes a person diabetic?
i suffer from extreme anxiety what's the best way to treat it?
how can i increase my height natural without medication?
what is the best way to cure a hangover?
is there a natural cure for male impotence?
What are the signs of diabetes?
Does it matter if i overuse disposable contacts?
I,m loosing 5points asking why the hell is y/a having a coffee break ,get back to work.?
Do you think being 5,5 and 160 pounds is fat for a 14 yr old girl?
I saw a guy at the gym wear Saran wrap around his belly. I've heard of this before. Why?
Why do I sweat so much when I work out?
who think NHS is the worst?
Has anyone found Valerian any use for stress? I'm taking 3 tablets, 3 times a day?
how can I sleep better? ?
Natural remedies for...........?
What are good herbal remedies for anxiety?
Whats a better alternative to smoking weed?
Should I get my pupils dilated when having an eye exam?
is their anway to get colored contacts that don't improve your vision?
EMERGENCY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bleeding eye !?
If you are nearsighted please answer my question?
I'm always getting sick? How can i improve my immune system- the natural way?
Marijuna isn't addicting. Is it?
does putting eye drops in corner of eyes work?
Is it easy to wear contacts?
is it possible to be allergic to eye pencil products?
how much marijuana do you gotta smoke until you feel the effects?
Is it possible to not have to take insulin as a type 1 diabetic?
A question about contacts?
how do you put eye drops in a 3yr old eyes?
Have you had laser eye surgery...?
Why won't my sister's optometrist give her her prescription so she can purchase contacts from someone else?
Help i can't really see in class But i don't want glasses!?
laser pointer in my eye?
My Contacts Is Stuck In My Eye!!! HELP!!!?
why do hundreds of thousands of people die each year...?
is there any natural cure for arthritis. I am in so much pain and?
Advil...pm?!??!!??!!!!?!?! Im a chicken! LOL! help plz?!?
what's the best way to battle depression, the natural way.?
How can I stop my eye sight from getting worser?
blood tests?
Diabetics. Your advice please?
Do I sound like I'm diabetic?
Diabetes lifestyle changes plz oh plz help me?
My Boyfriend has Type 1 Diabetes. I am not to shore what it is or anything! Help!!?
What's the best natural way to get rid of excess fluid/water?
if one has eaten lots of junk in a day will it make up for it if this one goes for a long walk?
will jogging 2 miles help me lose weight?
people who are 5'5 or 5'6?
Is it really unhealthy to go 7 hours without eating?
Is there something herbal I can take for anxiety that you've found really effective(UK?
how can i cure an xtc hang over? ?
How do you know when you're going blind?
theres guys in my class with laser pointers and they keep sighning it into my eyes what should i do?
Whens the last time you had your eyes tested?
At which age did you start wearing glasses/contact lens?
does anyone else hate going for an eye test (thats if you have them)?
for people with contacts: do you regret getting them?
Contacts inside out?
If you have trouble driving at night because the lights from the other vehicles bothers your eyes?
Why do contact lenses hurt my eyes so badly?
What is the proper name for the vision out of the corner of your eye?
How to improve my eyesight?
What's so great about Polarized Sunglasses?
Looking for natural sleep aid remedies?
Explain why I'm tired all the time?
Do you know what scents I can use (essential oils, incense) to ward off evil spirits?
I've been sneezing all day yesterday and today, what could be the cause of this?
Can blind people dream ?!?
What do I do when I am taking out my contacts and they get stuck to my eye?
Why do so many girls have a problem with wearing glasses?
Is it okay to wear mascara on the same day as an optician's appointment?
Contact lenses or glasses?
What are some reasons your eye might be twitching?
is there a limit to how high a human can jump?
My sugar level is at 348 - has been 450 - what are the effects of your level getting too high -?
Is this diabetes?
Should I be concerned with this blood sugar reading?
What do you say to your mom when she is rapidly becoming blind (advice)?
My left eye keeps twitching?
How did your lazer eye surgery go?
Tips to keep good eye sight?
I just swallowed about 50 gms of Mustards. My tummy's aching terribly. Please suggest a quick effective remedy
Why do people keep calling marijuana "medicine"?
heartburn! i need a natural remedy!?
What would happen if I smoked a whole joint?
really am i fat? like fat pig fat?
My eyes have sunk in and look small how can i fix it?
Should I wear glasses or contacts?
Where can i black contacts the cover your whole eye???
okay, i get headaches when at school?
what can docs learn from stool samples?
I'm considering Lasik eye surgery. Does anyone who has had the surgery have good or bad things to say?
How can I get perfect eyesight without glasses?
can someone cheak their eys for me plz?
HOW can I lose weight??(((((Fast))))))?
Can your contact lenses last a year?
If I don't wear my glasses all the time, will it make my eye sight even worse?
what are the risks of using contact lessons?
Does anyone else have Problems keeping their 'Reading Glasses' Clean of smudges?
Is looking at the screen, reading all these questions, hard on your eye's?
If homeopathy etc were banned would quacks just invent something even more ignorant and dangerous?
Is there an alternative health option to cure a sore throat other than antibiotics?
Could I have Diabetes?
What can you do if your glucose readings go over 300 two days in a row?
I have heard that people who have diabetes can't use foot spa's. Is there any reason for this?
my mom was a diabetic for 20 years and didn't know it until she went blind?
Can You Be Born With Diabetes?
Could I Have Diabetes?
Am I Anorexic?
people tell me that im....?
What is a safe way for, a 33yr old man, to loose 15lbs in a month?
i really would want some girl tips on how to be healthy and have a clear face!?!?!?
I want contacts do they hurt?
Can I get contacts or is my doctor just avoiding getting me them?
I think I got bacon in my eye...?
too much sleep?
hey i have a vision question.....?
Does anyone know NATURAL remedies for constipation?
Do you think i have diabetes ?
Does this sound like diabetes?
What sweetener is best?
Could i possibly be diabetic?
i know this person that has diabetes and she...........?
Am I REALLY underweight???
I am learning about digestion, what is insulin?
what's on offer as an alternative/add to pesription drugs re depression?
If you were to go for some complimentary therapy/alternative therapy sessions, which kind would you go for?
dropped contact lens on floor at school rinsed it with water?
does spicy food help lose weight ???
Is 145 pounds fat for a 16 year old female who is 5"6?
How to get more weight? I already eat salmon oil & korean root pills?
Does any body know of Alternative remedies for high cholesterol? I really don't want to have to take Lipitor
First time smoking weed.?
What is your favourite aromatherapy scent and why?
why do people say colloidal silver is safe and effective?
what does a drug dealer look like?
I'm sick with arthritis, what can I do to get better?
name foods,snacks and junk food you can't eat if you are diabetic?
What is your AC1 reading?
I have been recently diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 - I'm taking Glycophage 1000mg it doesn't agree with me...
How do i get rid of acne on my chin? It's below the corners of my mouth, prescriptions don't work!?
Does smokin herb keep/put your mind in balance?
Why do scientists find it hard to agree with homeopathy?
I think I need reading glasses?
Why is it that when you have your eyes dilated it makes you feel so sleepy.?
What food would be good to quickly increase blood sugar level?
A Diabetes question, I would be grateful for the help in my course?
What, besides peanut butter, is a good high protein snack for a diabetic?
Have hypoglycemia and can't keep it stable...? Please?
Nervous about sleeping with an insulin pump on?
What is the best remedy to get rid of hiccups?
ls there a supplement to treat feelings of worthlessness?
I have a really bad sunburn and can't seem to get the "heat" out of it. Help!?
is there a natural cure for depression?
Why is it such an issue if we talk about overweight ppl but it's not a problem if we talk about smokers?!?
do you think i'm obese?
Is is possible to take vitamins instead of eating?
i weigh105.5 pounds and my height is 5'2 and i am 13 do u think i weigh to much?
is gatorade bad for you? ha really random but i want to know =)?
what is the average weight for a female 5'4" in height?
Is fruit healthy????????????????????
Is there any natural effective remedy for a mouth ulcer. I've tried rinsing with salt in hot water...?
What method of smoking weed gets you the best high?
Medical Marijuana Questionnnaire?
feeling sick....remedies?
can you over-dose with tums or pepto?
Does anybody have any good recommendation's for menopausal hot flushes ?
What are street names for ecstasy?
Do you have Type 2 diabetes - and have you used cinnamon capsules to help lower your blood...?
How dangerous is it for a diabetic to drink?
how long we can live if we are diabetes?
How low does ones blood sugar have to be before going into a diabetic coma/insulin shock?
Why is footcare an issue with diabetics?
Does chewing tobacco rid the body of worms and parasites?
is it ok to remove a foriegn object from one's eye using a regular kitchen fork?
Would it be fair to describe courses in alternative medicine as qualifications in memorising nonsense?
is it impossible to look into both of someones eyes?
Can you help me with my contacts?
what vitamins are good for your eyes?
Contact lense wearers...?
When you try on someone else's glasses do you see what they see all the time ?
hi is 20.3 sugar level is thathigh or safe?
i have just found out i have a very high cholesterol can any give me any tips on types of food is good 4 me :)?
can you live a normal life with diabetes? is it a hassle?
Why is it bad for someone to be unaware of having diabetes? What could go wrong?
How often does someone with type 2 diabetes have to inject themselves with insulin?
Should I make myself throw up?
Do I have a weight issue or is this normal?
What are your thoughts on overweight people?
I weight 134 do you think thats being fat?
what foods are high in calcium?
Is it really fat peoples fault that they're fat?
Natural ingredients to help a constipated child? ?
I'm about to take some Ecstasy what should I expect?
Why is salvia legal but weed isn't?
What's your cure for a hang-over?
i just passed out!! diabetes??? im confused?
I'm 13... 5 ft 2 inches 120 pounds am i overweight??? help me =]?
how to get a six pack?
am i fat..or just big?
if you could have anyone's body?
Can a girl lose 30 pounds in 10 days?
Is it possible to lose 10pounds in 25 days ?
Blood sugar levels... can u help?
Why can some people quit smoking cold turkey but I can't?
Is it possible for a person to digest food without a stomach?
Insulin overdose.....?
Could I have type 1 diabetes?
i'm nineteen in a seeing a 42yo?
how do you get diabetes?
what is a 29 blood glucose reading mean?
My boyfriends blood sugar is always all over the place :( ?
What happens to a person with type 1 diabetes that does not care for themselves?
Stinky co-worker with Diabetes!!!?
Is peanut butter good for diabetes 2 person to have ?
Will smoking marijuana make my back feel better?
Does Acupuncture really work?
What is worse for you, Eating one fast food meal a day or Smoking 1 gram of marijuana a day?
is a child's sleep this important?
Is there a certain kind of light to use while reading?
I want contact lenses but my mum wont let me?
what is correctable by glasses meen?
When should I wear my glasses?
my eye sight number is -4.00 how i can decrease it to -0.75 or less within 3 months?
I'm 13 And Weigh alot Like ALOT Tommorow *July 24th* I want to start losing weight TIPS ANYONE?
want to lose weight?
how to loose a fat butt?
Im 16 and obese. I hate it. My dad said he'd give £60 if i lost weight =] but i just cant do it. any ideas?
what is my sis on a scale of 1-10?
If fruit and veggies are so good for you then why you have to constantly eat them all day?
is there any medicine out there that helps with memory?
Does anyone Believe in the benefits of mega-dosing with Vitamin C?
How to cure a sore throat?
How to naturally/holistically get rid of a wart?
Do I have diabetes, type 1?
Renal failure?
what should I weigh?
Morning workout on empty stomach, good or bad?
How do I stop caring about my weight?
If you eat food fast will it make you gain weight?
Can I take sleeping tablets like stilnocts while i'm pregnant?
How do you quit meth?
I'm 15 and first got glasses when I went to high school, but since then my eyes have got worse and worse?
Eye test prescription query??!!?
I live in AZ where "medical marijuana" isnt legal yet. i would like to smoke it to cure some health issues.?
Did M.J. die a natural deaath or not?
What are the best ways to get a natural HIGH?
What herbal remedies are good for nerves/anxiety?
Newly diagnosed diabetic- just done a blood sugar home test- is a result of 16 dangerous?
What should I do?!? Important!?
If one's blood sugar is in the diabetic range only once, are they considered to have a "history of diabetes?"
Is there a 'clumsy' gene, and is it inherited?
How do you cure diabetes?
I want to donate blood, But I am scared from needles?
how long will it take me to loose 17 lbs?
im 5'5 and i just turned 15 how can i get talleR?
Weight Issue.....?
yo be straight up with me please ...it is weird that i've been?
Are ANY of the altie regulars brave enough to denounce KTT's 'women who are pro vaccine deserve rape' posts?
shall i take sleeping pills to get good sleep?
Home remedies to cure a dry throat?
How Bad is weed for you?
how bad is low blood sugar?
My parentals think I'm diabetic, is there any way to test at home?
opinion on stem cell research?
type 1 diabetes? please read this i think i have type 1 diabetes and i'm really scared!!?
Why do people go to McDonald's and order a big mac,super size fries,3 apple pies, and a DIET COKE?e?
True or False? Please answer question!?
I'm skinny but, am I fat?
i dont know how to stop smoking weed?
Homeopathic remedy for depression/suicidal thoughts?
One of my contacts slipped out and dried up. How can I save it?
Do i really need insulin if my blood sugar ranges between 87-114 during gestational diabetes?
Does losing weight cure type 2 diabetes?
What is a kickback? is it like smoking pot with people?
i got enough points to be level 2 but i'm still level 1. and i lost points asking this question. WHY!?
What are some of your favorite weight loss tips?
I'm not anorexic am I?
Should i try Marijuana?
Does marijuana make you most high when you first smoke it?
what would 4 sleeping pills do to somebody?
How can you cure allergies without medicine?
Is it safe to wear contact lenses when it's raining?
what will happen if i dont wear my glasses?
It feels like I need to 'stretch' my eyes out constantly?
Eye... So... Cost??? Again don't read if you don't like reading.?
can eye-sight get worse if you need glasses but dont wear them?
Do I need to wear my glasses all the time?
disgusting attitude to child's appearance?
what to smoke other than weed?!! help fast?
Has anyone done any medical trials,The money is amazing why wouldnt anyone do it?
Aside from Tea Tree oil, what's a good natural/herbal substance I can use to help heal some scratches?
How can I PREVENT a hangover?
what would happen if someone who does not have diabetes gets poke with insulin?
Natural cure for cancer. Happy to say it true, but why are people still doing chemo?
can you get high on vicodin?
Tips to stop smoking weed?
My sea salt is expired, is it still okay to use?
How long is it safe to not eat for?
how to lose 5 pounds?
I need to put more weight on?
i have been drinking 125 ounes of water daily.I just started getting headaches should i stop the water?
I'm scared.....I think I might have a problem.?
do i look/sound fat to you? (picture..)?
I need an ingredient replacements for sugar. I'd like to use Splenda.?
Do I Have Diabetes? Please Help?
Once you have diabetes, can it ever go away? Even if you exercise a lot?
what blood type is the best one? the one that can be given to just about anyone?
I think I need glasses..?
Do people that are/look cross-eyed know it?
i have a problem with my eye glasses?
My dad just popped blood vessel in his eye?
I have just got contact lenses they are the soft ones but i find my eyes feel dry and i am aware of them?
What is up with hotmail??? if you don't play for about a month your account will get DELETED...?
Is it safe to share [FAKE] colored contacts ?
Am i too tall??????????????????????///////?
Am i fat? (pics included)?
Am I a Healthy 16 year old?
If I eat more fruits and veggies and not fried foods?
Does St.John's Wort have any known side effects?
any reiki experiences?
what is the best for treating kidney stones?
do push ups work or is it a wast of time?
5'11'' is average right?
how can i get a six pack?
can't sleep does any one know home remedy?
How do I cure constipation?
what is the best way to get rid of negative energy?
What does my eye color mean?
help with contacts... ?
superglue on contacts lens!!!?
Why does my eyeball click when i rub it?
What does having a "dull eye" mean?
Why does Insulin have to be injected?
please help, I'm getting worried. Has anyone had retinopathy from diabetes?
can injecting coke a cola into your blood stream kill you ?
Whats the best way to quit smoking?
What are some remedies for a sore throat other than over the counter medicine?
I want to quit smoking pot ... but ... ?
does tea help for a cold?
What are the negative health effects from smoking marijuana?
Okay, I've had the blood tests, I am now diabetic, I have a medication to take, Now what do I do?
My age is 27,my hemoglobin level is 15.1 is it normal?
A question for diabetics with Type 2 Diabetes.?
What herbal supplements are best for fibromialgia & chronic fatigue?
What's the best recipe for constipation? My best friend's constipated for 4 days!?
Best way toooo relive stress?
What are some natural remedies for teenage anxiety?
my vision with my contacts are in left eye 5.25 and my right 5.00 I can not see with out theme am i blind?
Is there a high risk of getting infections from contacts?
buying new eyeglasses, they try to sell all these add ons, one being anti glare. Is t his just a gimmick? ?
Walmart cost for getting contact lenses?
All answer please!!!?
how can i change my eye colour but get it back later?
I'm about to smoke marijuana (first time)?
Whats the best method to quit smoking?
What is the best natural way to keep your bones and cartilage healthy?
High insulin level & high blood sugar?
Is it true that people have found the cure to diabetes? But dont want to show?
My husband has never been diagnosed with diabetes but has all symptoms and blood sugar was 464 today? Any idea?
is this normal??? maybe low blood sugar i don't know?
what are good fruits and veggies for a diabetic to eat?
What's the difference between I-type diabetes and II-type diabetes?
Blood sugar of 220? Could this be diabetes?
symptoms of a diabectic hypo?
Is homeopathy the modern equivalent of witchcraft?
Can you sniff ecstasy pills?
Can colour contacts make you go blind?
Please help me with my eye?
Is it possible for the colour of your eyes to change?
Methods of getting contact lenses out?
What the heck is wrong with my eye??? *PICS*?
How can you figure out your blood type?
Blood sugar levels? Any help really appreciated!?
Can I choose to take insulin instead of pills?
What kind of foods can specifically cause diabetes?
whatt are some symptoms of phenmonia?
cold sore fast remedy....I need it gone asap?
Will any sort of tea bag work on a canker sore? I've read that tea tree oil is the way to go...?
How to improve immune system without spending too much money?
I'm trying ecstasy for the first time?
what does it mean when a new dark 'spot' appears on the iris of your eye?
Can stress be a reason for an elevated glucose blood level?
What would be some must have supplements/vitamins for boosting energy levels?
gosh,i've got a vry bad headache dunno 4rm wer, can u suggest me somethin other than painkiller,any exercise ?
What's the strongest type of weed?
My nutrition teacher is failing me because she's brainwashed to think that genetically modified food is good?!
In The Morning are diabetics supposed to have high sugar when you wake up?
How low have you gone?
If a person believes in Darwin's theory of evolution and eats meat doesn't that make that person a cannibal?
what is the best mariuana you smoked?
I haven't slept in over a week!!! Help!!!!!!?
Is there any natural remedies that will make me feel more awake?
Need help with contact lenses?
How long do children have to wear patches to correct lazy eyes?
I am 16 and have eye floaters should I go to the eye doctor?
Eye twitch for the past 3 weeks?
Do contacts hurt?
Could this be bad for my eyes!?
Has anyone been "healed" by a chiropractor? Acupuncture?
Is there such thing as a "weed drought"?
How can i ease my anxiety the natural way?
can anyone recommend herbal remedies to aid stress and depression?
Any natural remedy for lowering cholesterol?
I'm an 18 year old diabetic and i want a tattoo.?
28yrs old living with DIABETES and NEED to gain control please help me!?
can diabetes type 1 (insulin dependant) result in diabetes type 2 (insulin resistant)?
What can you do to make yourself look like you have diabetes?
If I eat healthy, am I still at risk for Diabetes type 2, both my parents have it?
Are their natural forms of pain killers?
are humans warm or cold blooded?
if you diet will diabetes go away?
How many of you have diabetes?
My moms blood sugar is 280?
i think i have diabetes?
what happends when the doctor finds out your diabetic?
Need help quitting weed?
cranberry juice helps UTI?
Can you bleed into your eye?
Do you wear "Readers" glasses?
Any tips for putting on contacts lenses?
What is the best name brand contacts?
My Mom says if I have bangs that cover my right eye I'll be cross eyed . Is it true?
is darkening of feet a sign of diabetes?
does anyone know why i have a swollen red &veiny left foot but right foot is not as painful or as red.?
I have low back pain and I have high blood pressure & Diabeties I haven't felt good for several days?
Can consuming 1 1/4 cups of white sugar in an hour kill a diabetic?
Had a fasting blood glucose test, had a tiny bit of OJ before, could that have affected the numbers?
Diabetic Coma questionss?
got suspended at work as they thought i had been drinking type1 diabetic?
tell me about medicine for memory in homeopathy ?
If I have a dr's appt at 9:30am tomorrow morning, and am going to get blood work....?
medical malpractice?
How do I know if I have diabetic neuropathy?
Is there anything I can do to help my dad? (He's diabetic.)?
What exactly is Type 1 diabetes?
Are colored contacts safe for your eyes?
For those with glasses or contacts.?
how can my friend mess up her eye sight to get glasses?
Do Girls Come Or Not? ?
Can blind people dream?
what are the "healthiest" cigarettes you can smoke?
is marijuana better then alcohol on a physical and mental level?
Can Piles /Hemorrhoids be healed through natural remedies?Please suggest remedies .Shy to see a Doctor .?
What are the best fruit options for a diabetic?
Does cream have sugar in it?
Are these warning signs of diabetes?
Do you think I'll pass a drug test?
Do I need glasses? (I use the PC almost 24/7) Please answer?
making your vision blurry?
My head is going all wrong i dont know why!?
Don't you hate taking your contacts off?
Can I go blind from doing this?
Is eating nut's as a snack healthier than eating crisps?
Why do i get so tierd after eating?
how do you lose 14 pounds in 1 week?
What is the best thing to do while tripping sack on LSD?
I have a really bad cough(again) that came with a cold, i always get left with the bad cough for a long time..
why do pharmacists insist on trying to give you cheaper alternative tablets than what your doctor prescribed?
How come it's legal for homoeopaths to practise?
Can a diabetic have cheese?
I just found out, that I have high sugar diabetis! What in the hell can I eat???
How much do glucose meters cost?
My grandfather is 77 years old and goes in and out of sanity when his blood sugar level is low? Help?
what are some natural ways of lowering blood sugar?
Is it true my eyesight will deteriorate if i wear lenses ?
How to get used to wearing glasses?
I can't sleep at night, should I take pills?
is 11.8 high for a blood suger test?
My boyfriend has diabetes i have a serious question?
How do you know that you may have diabetes? What are the symptoms?
Diabetes Diet?
I believe that toilets should be flushed only once per week - is that bad?
weed, dope, you know !?
Is alternative medicine a bit like when children play at doctors and nurses, but for adults?
What's the best alternative way to treat depression other than taking pills?
Will I die from this?
how can i improve my eyesight using diet & not undergoing laser operation?
Is 5.4 a normal blood sugar level in the morning?
How do I know if I have diabetes?
What is the best way to cure sore throat?
Can any one reccomend a holistic medicine, for insomnia other than Melationin & Valerian Root???
____________ is the sugar that is found in the blood and used as the body’s main energy source?
Diabetes help, please!?
Can you wear contact lenses when swimming?
Eye Pupils mean what?
Do cheap reading glasses mess your eyes up?
Get rid of red eyes from smokin pot?
What is your favourite eye colour?
Do you wear contacts or glasses?
What do you use for a sunburn? I'm already using sunblock.?
does having diabetes really make your body parts fall off?
I'm taking Prednisone for poison ivy and just read warnings that it can raise blood sugar.?
Weed.. tell me what you think about this?
Why are so many people duped by Alternative 'Medicine', when most of it has been scientifically disproved?
how to get rid of wax stuck deep inside my ear?
ecstasy? help meee???????
whats the best way to quit smoking?
Diabetes Cake Ideas????
my period is nothappening from past 1 & 1/2 month the date was 21st april.please prescribe medicine name sos.?
urgent help needed from doctor nurse have just taken some tablets called kalms for stress they are herbal?
Why are 'they' hiding the cures?
Why are health care providers sometimes hesitant to support complimentary alternative medicines?
What weight should I be at 5'10-11"?
im 13 130 lbs and 5'7 am i over weight?
Do you think that size 12 is fat?
What can I do to flatten out my stomach?
Is it normal for a 42 year old to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's?
what is the difference between Sugar and Diabetes?
Why do diabetic people loss their sense of smell?
Do all type 2 diabetics eventually need to use insulin?
Should I get a glucose meter?
smoking weed the first time?
EaSy QuEsTiOn!!! TeN pOiNtS!!!?
Legalized in 13 states?
5'2 and 145 pounds. Am I fat?
Someone talk me out of this?
I am 5'8" and a size 12 to 14 - do you think I am fat?
Will i lose weight if i drink just water ?
Please Help 11 and FAT?
what are natural ways to relieve migraines and chronic daily headaches?
what's a quick fix 4 insomnia?
Is there any home remedies for diarrhea and if so what are they?
When a type 1 diabetic reaches high school and is independent, do they still do everything via the nurse?
How do you find out your blood type without going to doctors?
Can someone PLEASE answer my question? I'm worried..?
Does sugar in urine mean Diabetic?
What foods are bad for those with diabetes?
My doctor told me that I must reduce cab intake for borderline diabetes?
What can I advise or do for my Dad who has tingling feet, he's diabetic.?
I am looking for a diabetes monitor I only work part time and have no insurance Basically I can't affor 1 HELP
WHat type of pain reliever is recommended for diabetics? Aspirin, tylenol or ibuprofen?
can people with diabetes answer please?
i have asked this before and I got one answer that said my numbers looked?
Can i have diabetes if i have 10 out of fifteen of the symtoms?
Do you think this will help me lose weight?
is there an opposite of anorexia?
am i overweight?? im 15 year old girl that wieghs 156 and im 5'1? plz help.thanks.?
What's YOUR theory for why cancer rates are so much higher now than they were 50 years ago?
Leaping off of the empire state building?
Why isn't Marijuana Legal?
what are some natural stool softener's?
Is anyone else tired of the I'm 5'4, 100lbs,etc...AM I FAT?????
i know eating fruit is good but can you eat too much?
How can i gain weight?
if you just eat vegetables&fruit and drink water for 2 1/2months, how much weight can you lose?
Why does my side cramp when I run?
Is homeopathy a religion rather than a medicine?
Steroids are they really bad?
what's the best supplement to reduce cholesterol?
what can i do to get rid of sore throat... when i tried everything!?
Can drinking coke cause diabetes?
i just got contacts, how long can i wear them?
What would happen if you covered your eyes for a long long time?
My contacts wont stay in my eyes!?
Should i a trust an optometrist?
Does the brand of contact solution matter?
gettin contacts soon what should i know..?
Does anyone know some good websites where I can get some cute eye glasses?
THC in Hair?
natural herbs and remedies?
. I'm in a bet. How can I lose 15 pds in one month?
I'm on a Diet right now, and I'm starving! What can I do to fight this urge to eat? (Already had my calories
How many calories d'you think I've had today?Too much? Too little?Perfect?
Is my weight normal or am i overweight?
is being 6'2 and 19 weighing 110 good?
I decided to eat one carrot and one banana every day. Is that a good idea?
Chinese herbalists, is the writing on the wall?
How do you treat stomach ulcers?
Which hallucigen should I try first? Shrooms or LSD?
Type Two turning into Type One?
Stubborn 80 year old grandma w/ diabetes... HELP!?
what are the symptoms for gangrene?
Is it okay to wear regular colored contacts when you have astigmatism?
Are there ways to fix a lazy eye?
Do You Think Having Surgery To Change Your Eye Colour is a Good Idea?
my eye power is around -6. I'm 19 yrs old. I need to reduce my power . plz suggest me an answer?
Is sharing food with diabetic patient can cause diabetes to other person?
I need to eat a little at bedtime because of medication. I've been having a piece of fruit, but often my blood
They just pronounced that my twin brother is in diabetic Coma?
is it a bad thing to drink blood ?
I'm getting glasses and I look sooo bad in them!!?
I am 16 years old 5'6'' and 220 lbs... i need a way to lose some weight!?
should i go anorexic?
What's the best exercise to get a 6 pack?
I'm An Overweight 8th Grader Who Weighs 221 lb And Wants To Lose 60-80 lb For Graduation By May 29th Help!
What's the best way to get over the flu?
please help me im really scared?
Hi! Can anyone plz answer the ffg. survey? i need it asap for a school project?
What are contacts like?
Is there something wrong with me eye?
Do contacts damage your eye?
How do i remove an eyelash from my eye?
how can you improve your ...?
how much weight should i lose?
Are my legs too big? :(?
Discouragaged??? :( :( :(?
what is the best way to put on weight. i'm 22 and 7 stone i eat loads but can't seem to put on weight. i want
I was shot up with 8 CC's of Morphine, it just makes me goofy and groggy?
How can I improve my eyesight naturally?
how do i get RID of a SORE throat & FAAAAAAST?!?
what's the fastest way to get rid of hiccups?
Would you rather be drunk or high?
Is marijuana a good treatment for bipolar disorder?
does mixing pills with alchol and overdosing hurt?
contacts help putting them on and taking them off?
what is the thing that makes people want contacts more than glasses?
Can wearing your glasses/lenses less STRENGTHEN your vision?
what did nearsighted people do..... before glasses?
Is it safe to wear reading glasses if your eyes are normal?
What is a "lazy eye"?
why are my eyes gooey?
I'm Pre diabeties...what can i do to get healthy?
Can anyone suggest a glucometer that you don't have to test on your fingers?
Will being diabetic make it harder to gain employment?
What's the odds I have diabetes if my blood sugar is 63 after a twelve hour fast?
If untreated, can diabetes type 2 develop into diabetes type 1...?
Is using a bong to take marijuana healthier than smoking it? What about digesting it?
Why is my left eye's vision clearer then my right eye?
Do contact lenses affect 3D glasses?
can you feel a contact lens when it's in your eye?
Where are my glasses?
Is it bad to sleep or take a short nap with your contacts in?
I slept with my contacts in... and my right eye is really irritated.?
Could i go blind from looking into the sun?
Why do so many folk give conventional medical answers to questions about Alternative medicine?
What do you do if you can't sleep? Other than pills.?
Should I tell the truth or lie about this?
My grandmom is diabetic, I'm afraid she forgets her insulin takes it again. if she over dose what do i look fo
I just got diagnosed with diabetes, is that why I've been feeling so tired and thirsty?
Which fruits can Diabetic patients have?
Is it possible to lose visible weight in 4 days?
FOR THE GUYS! is a girl who weighs 102 pounds and is 5'3'' attractive to you?
'overweightness' in girls...???
You think this is possible or to high of a goal?
What brand of color contacts should I get?
How do I get over a hangover?
Remedies for a sore throat?
Do you have to have all the signs to have diabetes?
the taste of diabetes?
how can insulin dependent diabetes mallitus be cured?
Do I have diabetes?
Any natural anxiety remedies/tablets that work for you and will work for me?
What is the best drug?
Where can I buy apple cider vinegar?
can you rinse soft contact lens with tap water?
do u like glasses er contacts better?
My friend was fixing a cement wall and got concrete in his eye and it is almost swollen shut...what do we do?
my eyes changed color on it's own?
my eye power is minus1.i don't want to wear glass help me?
18 years old and long distance eyesight is terrible. Help?
how do u put contacts in ur eyes?
How can I find out if I have diabetes without going to a doctor?
Pushups are too easy, please help?
How can i lose stomach fat in two months?
I'm 13 years old. I'm 5"2 and weigh 7 stone. Am I overweight?
How Much Water Should You Drink A Day?
i'm 13- how do i get a cut out body?
What is a natural way to get rid of a headache?
what are weeds that you can find that get you high that's not!!! marijuana?
Do you smoke weed.........?
Whats your glasses Rx?
Clip On Sunglasses?
I have a small yellow streak in my right eye...?
What degree means you need to wear glasses all the time?
how do i get my contacts out of my eyes?
is it painful when undergo LASIK?
How do you get rid of red eye really fast?
I'm diabetic. I perform self-monitoring of blood glucose daily. Can my fingerprints be distorted?
Don't know how to help my husband anymore.?
can you tell me if i have diabetes?
Is 160 a normal blood sugar level?
What's an effective natural cure for depression?
Where can I get salvia???
I thought I had something to take for acid reflux in my cabinet,?
how do i make myself need glasses?
Where can I get colored contacts if I don't need glasses?
i have a bump showing on my eyelid. Its not on my eyelid but i dont know if it is on my eyeball or under my?
Is it dangerous to wear a ripped contact lens?
I think I am Hypoglycemia but my symptoms are some of a diabetic?
Pre-Diabetic symptoms?
Am I recovering good? I was anorexic..?
wtf dont make no sense?
am i fat?????? please only the truth i hate liars... ?
how do i grow taller?
Am i average weight?
I'm 15 (almost 16) and I'm 5 feet 9 inches and weigh 155 pounds. Is that normal or overweight in your opinion?
10 points!!!I don't want to use a microwave to heat my food anymore because of the bad radiation levels,?
Should i smoke weed or not?
How can homeopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists and other quacks treat patients when they have no training...?
Are getting colored contacts changing yourself?
Do contacts make your eyes weaker than before?
How do I go about extracting my own eye ?
Do you know anyone with two different colour eyes?
Is it true that there is no such thing as "borderline diabetes" and you either have it or you don't?
any1 on metformin? please all answers welcome for metformin!-?