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Could this of given me HIV?
i want mono, whats the fastest and easiest way to get it?
How do I get rid of a Common Cold?
how can hepatitis be passed on, i aint got it by the way.?
My 9 month daughter needs to wear prescription eyeglasses!?
I am getting reading glasses.?
Just came back from the eye doctor and....!!!!????!!!?
i want to wear contacts just to change my eye color?
Contact HELP!!!!!!!!?
my parents won't let me get contacts for an astigmatism? help me convince them?
When you're blind, what do you "see"?
Are Viruse's "Intelligent?"?
what is the U.S doing about all of the diseases in Africa?
what can you do to help get over mono?
2 days ago, I had very high fever. Now, my temperature's normal again, but I'm really dizzy. What should I do?
How to Tell What My Husband Passed in His Stool?
How can i get ride of a UTI without medicine?
Would it be a good idea to have the H1N1 (Swine Flu) Jab/Shot?
Is it true that if you catch swine flu you turn into a hamster?
What are some natural ways to cure insomnia?
What is the natural remedy to take away stress? I'm working in night shift.?
Please cure my hubby's bad breath!!?
is something wrong with me?
is wearing contact lenses everyday bad for your eyes?
Eye exam for driver's license?
need help falling asleep!?
I Slept with my contacts in and now my eye hurts, is red and puffy what should i do?
My eye feels like it is twitching but when I look it doesn't appear to be! What should I do?
sore throat for 3 days?
What to do about fever and vomiting with diarrhea?
What's going on?
is thrush contayjus?
what is auto immune system?
Please help?..Measles *is* or measles *are*..disease?
If you have HIV and you want to have kids will your children get it? ?
I can't get the mucus out of my throat. Help?!?!?!?
Do you think this could be more than a cold?
I recently had a fever and a cold. I need them back. What should i do? PLEASE HELP?
What sickness do I have?
Im i overweight?...This is serious?
Do you know a store where I can purchase exercise DVD's at?
will eating alot of grapes make you fat?
If someone is 12 or 13 and weigh 140 with a height of 5'5, is that overweight?
Why did no one tell me i'm obese?
Has the swine flu been suspected/confirmed where you live?
Swine Flu.............?
what does it feel like to die of AIDS?
How can I catch a cold without being around someone else with a cold?
Should take off my eyeglasses if i know I'm going to get into a fight?
Can You Wear Colored Contacts Over Clear Contacts?
ppl with contacts click here?
I accidently gouged my eye in a work accident. I now have cross eyed vision with both eyes. :( Help!?
Why is my vision still bad after a recent eye exam?
i have floaters in my eyes, should i give up rugby?
can a computer permanently hurt your eyes?
Eye exam tomorrow..and I am nervous..?
Can You Answer One of These Questions About SWINE Flu?
I have an unusual cold?
could i have the swine flu.?
Cold Sore in my mouth??
do i have the swine flu?
what is black stool in humans?
mono question?
Will bands/singers cancel tours (Swine Flu)?
Really Thirsty.......?
do i have diabetes im showing some symptoms?
I found this pill in my sons room?
what was the last thing that made you smile ?
If you wear glasses but you dont need them does it damage your eyes?
why do they ask if you're diabetic before eye exam?
Are my contacts drying up on my eyes when I'm on the computer?
I think moldy ceiling dropped in my eye?? Please help!!!?
Why are my eyes yellow?
Can I buy antibiotics over the counter without prescription for my UTI?
my daughter has a fever of 105.4!?
What should I do if I have the flu and my roommate still wants to have people stay in our room?
what's the best way to avoid being bitten by mosquitos in india?
Do you think it's pink eye?
is aids/hiv curable by indian medicine,IMMUN- QR / NATUROPATHY?
Is swine flu just going to split into a more powerful strain?
Swine flu? Pandemic - should we be worried?
How do you feel about the 2009 swine flu outbreak?
Is the world going to end cause of the "swine flu"?
is it possible to have caught malaria in macedonia, I was there recently and have intermittent fevers ,?
where can i buy protein powder?
Im 17,what's the fastest way for me to loose weight?
I Don't Know If I'm Fat, Average, Skinny, or What?
swine flu questions!!!!?
who Else's is dyeing from a cold or flu cos i am dyeing from a cold?
how do you know if you have pnuemonia/?
had mono last november,doctor said I was fine, girlfriend diagnosed today,hasn't kissed anyone but me... how??
How to heal Swine flu faster?
Does eye sight worsen if you don't wear the glasses you're prescribed?
my left eye has been tweching for the couple days should i be worried?
Would laser eye surgery fix a squint?
Should I get Contacts or Glasses?
So I just got contacts........?
Do you ever get this in your eye? ?
When you have diebetes type one do you need to eat more sugar or stop eating suguar?
when your sugars are high is it normal?
I think I'm on a 1 way path heading for sure diabetes..help...?
How do people become diabetic, what is it, how do you prevent it? what medication do they have to take?
Will eating Soup often cause Constipation? ?
Do you think I have Diabetes?
Suggestions, please! What do you recommend to improve one's alertness and mental capacities?
How bad is smoking weed?
the swineeeee flu?????
CLOSING THE SCHOOLS - What's your opinion ?
can piles be caused due to infection ?
how do you get ride of a sorethroat?
what is home remedy for arthrites?
home remedies for soar throat?
Should I go to the hospital?
is local anasthesia administered to the patient during endoscopy?
Thinking about getting a flu shot, will it keep the swine flu away?
Do you still exercise if you're ill?
I don't have time to exercise?!?
How serious is the Swine Flu?
what is dehydrated?
Which country is the first Swine flue case reported?
Do I have the Swine Flu?
Swine-flu: should Mexico have been quarantined before the virus got out?
as maddlin mccan been found yet?
Will you be getting the swine flu vaccination?
Swine flu is not going to be a pandemic?
is it possible for contacts to dissolve?
Where can I get colored contacts?
why do some people need glasses? why can't we all have 20/20 eyes?!?
lets say my sister has contacts.can i use them if we disinfect them?just curious?
Should I get contacts?
I have a HUGE glasses fetish, but my gf does not need them. How can I make her have to get glasses?
what is a natural laxitive?
Are there any herbal remedies that will aid sleep?
I have a sore throat and want to get rid of it as soon as possible :( know any good natural remedies?
Can you swallow pills?
does it sound like im getting a cold or something? :(?
if the swne flu oringinated in mexico then how was it transmitted across the world?
What can I do to treat my 5 year old who has vaginitis?
What people dont understand about this Flu Outbreak?
I think my mam could be seriously ill...help please?
What disease is known as "Yellow Fever"?
I'm going to die.... (Ulcer)?
Is there a vaccine to prevent shingles?
If you have the Swine Flu, do you have a 0% chance of surviving?
Do my children have swine flu?
what is amoxicillin used for?
I'm sick: Will laying around in an unbelievably warm sleeping bag all day, watching movies make me sicker?
Are you likely to catch an STI from sharing a drink with someone?
Do I have H1N1, the flu, or a virus?
Can anybody tell me how the Swine Flu came about?
Should i check to see if i have the Swine flu?
has anyone survived the swine flu?
Swine Flu Outbreak? What is it? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS! :-)?
Can acupuncture help me quit smoking?
Ever had lice?
is size 10 and being 5"5 fat help!?
How much weight should I lose?
how can i lose 15 pounds?
What is in my eye?I see stuff swimming around it and i see them clearly at night!?
Help! What's wrong with my daughter's eye?
Is it okay to use contact solution in my eyes?
Can marijuana do anything to your eye sight?
Can you get herpes on your knee?
If somebody eats Hepatitis C virus, will he get the disease ?
what are the causes of hepatitis?
How many people die each year from the pink eye?
what is more dangerous? bird flu or swine flu?
Should i not do it..................?
how many countries have swine flu and has it reached Turkey yet?
Anyone else got Swine Flu (H1N1)?
The diabetes is a very big issue in the whole world. why?
Am I too young to develop Diabetes?
Can You Outgrow Type 1 Diabetes?
why isn't marijuana legal when the majority of the nation smokes it?
pot and cocaine in your system?
I really want to get high what should I do?
Can anyone tell me whats the best cure for a hangover?
How can I stay up all the way till 6 a.m.?
Really bad eye infection. Help!!?
what infection causes fever, vomiting, sore throat & dizziness?
any remedies for a fever/cold?
how to get fever within 2 days?
Has anyone ever had scabies?
I have a flu right now worried it might be swine flu?
Treating pink eye?
Is it possible to go blind for a 10 seconds and regain your vision back?
Can coloured contacts change your eye colour permanently?
what causes bags uder your eyes???
we both have the sickle cell gene. Should we still get married?
What if H1N1 virus was a test made by the government?
im throwing this huge party and im getting over the flu?
Is Swine flu passed from pig to human through the air or through the pork?
What happens if you get swine flu during pregnancy?
Is 103.8F (39.9C) a high fever for an adult?
I think I have h1n1 virus??
The Truth Behind the Swine Flu!!!?
If I get swine flu, what should I do?
how much is 11 stone in lbs and how much is 8 stone in lbs?
am i overweight or average?
Can using weights when young damage your muscles??
omg im gaining too much weight too quick.!!!?
Can you get colored eye contacts without needing glasses?
do i take this matter further? i could of gone blind?
Do contact lenses work differently if flipped the other way?
my mom has brown eyes so does my dad and both my brothers but i have greenish blue eyes?
If you could have any eye color, what would it be?
do i have tonsilitus?
How do people get Tapeworms?
What will happen if you have diabetes but don't get treated?
Can water really low your blood sugar?
can a diabetic drink rum & diet coke? it has 0 carbs/0 cals?
Hello! I'd love to hear any simple, short meditation techniques that one can access any time anywhere?
i am looking for good suggestions to stop smoking?
should i stop smoking weed ?
i feel im catching a cold. what are good home remedies to help get over it b4 it starts?
Chicken pox?
do they put live viruses that cause the viruses that they are meant to prevent in vaccines?
dang I typed a question about bedbugs along time ago?
how is AIDS a problem?
how do you catch pinkeye?
Is large white patches on your tonselles & an ear ache a sign of HIV?
SARS is fake? Is this true?
conjunctivitis, how can i ease it?
Should I go to school or not?
Do colored contacts come in prescriptions?
There is a line of red on my eye, I don't have any optical treatments?
what are some places to get your eyes checked and to get your glasses?
What is a stigma in the eye?
how can i tell if i am really sick?
Do I have any of the symptons of Swine Flu?
Is pooing blood dangerous ?? Please help !!?
When did you last have a virus, the human kind?
Salmonella outbreak in peanuts?
why isn't being fat a disability?
I eat alot but don't gain weight?
Do you consider people to be 'fussy' if they don't eat the fat along with lean meat?
i get told i dont eat enough?
Is eating burnt things bad for you?
Home Remedies?
How bad will the Swine Flu spread and how fast?
question about swine flu?
think daughter has pin worms.?
Could I Lyme's Disease and not MS?
Who want's a good map listing the most current sites of swine flu outbreaks?
How is TV good for children?
Why is it that the hiv/aids has been around for 25 years an hiv offenders still not getting the right meds?
HELP! Urinary Tract Infection, I need your opinion pleeeease?
What is HIV and H1N1 ???
Do you sanitize the TOILET in public restrooms before performing defecation, and if so, what is the best way?
if mercury is so poisonous and deadly, why is it in the swine flu vaccine?
Should I go to the Hospital?
Can I get flu symptoms, from the flu shot?
What's a laxative?
Can you get high off of Tylenol if you...?
i'm taking a medication that says: "avoid eating spices" but could i still eat some jalapenos?
Does rubbing an alcohol swab on a scatched cd, make it work better?
I shared a cigarette with an HIV + person, can I die from this?
How do you know if you have an eye infection?
Do You Think The Bird Flu VaccIne Is Safe?
Have you heard the swine flu is a hoax?
Swine Flu In The United Kingdom?
how to report a doctor for giving h1n1 flu shot with out consent?
Should I get the H1N1 vaccine?
Is swine flu transfered from pigs?
is there any way you can find out your blood type?
does diabetic chocolate have more sugar in it than normal chocolate?
What is wrong with my eye(s)?
some tips to increase my eyesight?
Cn You get pink eye from sharing contacts?
Could being on the computer alot cause my vision to go blurry in the distance?
hi i know i ask alot about my eye but thats what this site is?
what if the swine flu turns in to somethinkin bigger then we all think?
I think I'm getting a cold...?
urinary track infection?
swine flu is it reocuring?
My sister is sick with soar throat what is one way that she can make me sick so i can skip school tomarow?
Rabies question. I got bit by a dog 1 month ago. The dog was 1 month overdue for his shots. do i have rabies?
What damage or change does the echinoccoccus granulosus (tapeworm), cause in its host??????????????????????
at 5'6 158lbs Im medium framed, am I fat or chubby or pushing elephant?
Why do people who join weight-watchers not realise that the only way to lose weight is exercise & eat less?
Does being 5'8 and weighing 135 pounds look good on a girl or is it TOO curvy?
am i too skinny is it unhealthy?? ?
do you think this is big/fat?
Hey everyone, im 13 and im really skinny..?
I got the flu and running a high fever, tummy hurts and all I want is ice cream.?
will I get sick if I kiss my girlfriend?
can appendicitis be contagious?
strep throat, told to stay home 24 hours, would you go to work anyway?
urinary tract infection?
what can be done to ease the flu?
How is mrsa usually cured; with what antibiotics?
My cousin has a staph infection due to back surgery and it is spreading throughout his body.?
How did you feel when you first got glasses?
what colors do u see in her iris?
eye prescription. contact lenses or keep glass.?
I want Colored Contacts?? But I have a fear of eyes?
twitching after smoking weed? help ?!?
HELP!!!! it's an emergency.......... please please pease?
why do people smoke weed?
Why do colds/flu lead to chest infections?
Who here is sick and tired of hearing about swine flu? READ DETAILS?
SoreThroat thats continous?
What do you think of the latest report from W.H.O That the Worlds battle against A.I.D'S is being lost..
do i have the swine flu?
swine flu or allergys?
Swine Flu. Is it really as bad as everyone is saying?
Why can the human body overcome some viruses like the common cold but not others like HIV, Herpes?
Can diabetes drink alcohol?
Diabetics: Is there such a thing as testing your blood-glucose 'excessively'..?
How important is it for a diabetic to have a flu shot?
What happnes if you don't take insulin with diabetes type 1?
Hydroxicut 13year old help ?
What is the likelihood of me dying from Swine Flu?
how does a person know if he/she is hiv+?
Swine Flu or N1H1 virus question?
can you get chicken pox twice?
can i catch a ear affection from someone?
I'm thinking about getting contacts, anyone have a bad experience with these that's worth sharing?
My eye is all red and it's irritated and cloudy!?
How can I build up my immune system?
bladder infection or no..?
Is flesh eating bacteria a myth or is it real?
i got my hiv results today. they told me it was "indeterminate"?
What can a 6 week old baby take for a stuffy nose and maybe a soar throat?
is this more then a cold?
is the swine flu really that bad?
Please help me... I hate having a cold!!!?
My 4 yr old has a fever of 103.6. How high should it get before I really worry?
Sick for third day in a row. Flu like symptoms, now starting to feel like strep?
how is malaria caused?
help with a cold please?
Do I have swine flu? Please help!!?
When is the disease occur in?
how can you tell if your liver is shutting down from hep c?
My husband and i both have G/Herpes..Is it possible to have a healthy baby??
Do you know some at home remedies for cold/sore throat?
What color are hazel eyes?
Do contact lenses permanently damage your eyes ?
I'm getting glasses. Help me.?
weird question, help me out.?
if i was to shoot myself in the eye with a 1.77 do you think i'd go blind?
how do you know if you have piles?
gum disease help?
Why wouldn't AIDS be transmited by bedbugs?
Does the Swine Flu make you feel worse than regular flu?
Should i be scared of swine flu?
They are now saying its swine flu but too late for medication!?
Get rid of sore throat!!?
How can a virus such as the swine flu just all of the sudden appear?
is eating one meal a day bad for you?
does running every morning for a mile really helps you lose weight?
Why do they say you should drink lots of water when you're trying to lose weight?
i am 185 and i am 5'1 what should my ideal weight be?
am i fat or chubby ???????? PICS INSIDE ?
Give some interesting HIV prevention slogans for t-shirts to raise awareness of transport workers?
The Swine Flu going around?
does foot and mouth affect dogs?
I think I may have a parasite, and I'm not sure of what to do?
What Are The Symptoms Of Swine Flu?
What type of sickness do I have ?
my uncle lives with us and he is hiv positive!!! i really want to know if there is away i could get it???
How dangerous is swine flu?
What areas of the u.k are affected by norovirus?
Could mosquitoes carry and transmit the HIV virus?
IS Swine Flu Man Made?
Has anyone taken the medicane ERYTHROMYCIN?
Shivering and vomiting, those are the symptoms of what?
Help please, please, I am so scared! Will I die?
just had an eye exam...never wore glasses...doctor said i need to wear bifocals full time!?
Why is sleeping with contacts on so bad?
how do i make my eyes need glasses?
Will glasses fix your eyes?
WHY Is No one answering my question???
Cures for sore throats?
Am I overreacting about the Swine Flu?
why do doctors prescribe antibiotics carefully?
What's the swine flu?
how much would you wear glasses?
Do I have to wear my glasses all the time?
I think i'm getting a sty on my eye?
Words get blurry sometimes when I'm reading?
How often do you remove your contact lenses?
Eye test failed...can anyone help?
I need to pass a drug test?
Is there anything to help me sleep, which isn't addictive or doesn't have side effects. I'm fed up tosssing
what is astigmatism?
Is it OK to wear soft contacts for 12 hours or more a day?
why do we get sleep in our eyes?
what are the odds of normal "floaters" becoming a much worse problem?
How many feet are in 58 inches?
I stay thin, i wanna gain weight, but nothing works, please help?
Am I overweight????????????
Do you go to the gym?
will not eating make me lose weight ?
What exactly happens when you take LSD?
foods to eat for dinner wen sick?
You're given One hour left to live! What would you do in the last hour you have on this earth?
What are the benefits of smoking Marijuana?
what's the best remedy to take for a headache without taking pills?
I pee a lot do i have diabetes ?
What is the procedure for a diabetes test? Please answer.?
diabetes? low blood sugar? help!?
Do you think i may have diabetes?
How can I put my contact lens in?
when should you replace your contacts?
One eye is better than the other eye?
Hi, can anyone give me any tips on contact lenses test. I've had 2 tests in the last few days, i'm trying?
Can I wear contacts in the pool? Or should I take them out?
contacts or glasses? please answer!!!?
What body shape would you say i am?
HELP!! im 12 and i weigh 110 pounds!what can i do?
Am I Fat? please answer.?
am i to young for lipo?
What's the perfect 30-minute workout?
im 13 yrs and i want to lose weight!?
Jaundice question?
Should I go back to ER?
are you worried about the bird flu?
Can anyone think of three benefits to the decriminalization of Cannabis?
what is the best way to quit smoking marijuana?
I am diabetic person so I can do for cure?
What should I do to increase my energy level?
Is a fever a symptom of diabetes?
Are their any sweets a diabetic can eat?
Should I go to the hospital?
If Raid is sprayed in a snotty Kleenex, will it kill the germs?
how do you get rid of pink eye?
Can excessive kissing be infectious and contagious ?
what is MMR vaccine vaccination in general thanks?
What can I do to get rid of the flu?
How high does you temperture have to be to be considered a high fever? Mine is 99.4 right now.?
Slightly yellow eyes?
Parents dislike glasses?
Eye Infection?
Can you wear eye makeup if you've got conjunctivitis?
How many hours should you spend on the computer?
Why are my eyes hurt and are sensitive to light during the night time?
what will happen if swine flu is left untreated?
ok then what do you suggest?
I have the flu (fever, muscle aches, stuffy nose, and I'm in WI. Where do I get tested to see if it's swine?
Could I get alcohol poisoning on my first time?
swine flu paranoia... help?
Does this look infected to you?
Do you only get swollen glands in the neck if you have strep or can you have it from normal sore throat?
I'm seriously always sick?
Has anyone here had Lasik eye surgery?
Is there anything that you CAN'T get contacts for (instead of glasses)?
My eyes don't hurt they just feel exhausted?
How long do you have to starve yourself to finally lose weight?
AM i FAT......................?????????????
I'm sooo embarassed to..?
What is your favourite kilojoule-burning outdoor activity?
I'm a size 12/10 and I want to get down to a size 8 in just over 4 weeks please help!?
How long does it take for a cold to go away?
shingles how long does it last for?
My stupid friend has the plague and she is coughing in my face because she thinks its funny. How do I avoid it?
Silly question: When can I start kissing my boyfriend again if I have mono?
Anyone else agree that pumping Ian Huntleys stomach was a gross waste of public money?
sore throat, i don't wanna take antibiotics! help?
Constant headache and I've tried everthing HELP PLEASE?
Swine flu Please read !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Tetunas, what should I do?
Is it harmful to drink handwashing water only?
WHO warns swine flu 'unstoppable'?
is hepatitis b contagious through sharing of foods?
Should I get checked for diabetes?
Does a fasting glucose level of 189 mean I have diabetes?
my father has been diagonised with diabetes.kindly suggest...?
HELP i have to get blood drawn and im only 14.?
What are signs of diabetes?
Have you ever worn your contacts longer than recommended?
Is it true??? Two drops of Vacine in a drink will put a person to sleep for days and can even kill someone???
what is a pinworm?? 10 points!?
Helpp!! Should I go to the Hospital?
101.5 fever?
what are some advantages of getting swine flu?
What does white puss in my eye mean?
can a 15 year old suffer from tapeworms and if so how can you get rid of them?
Swine flu sufferer sneezed on our baby & he has all symptoms except fever?
I have a brother with hepatitis C?
what does swine/pig flu have?
when will stomach bug clear?
In 6 months, I think I've gotten full blown arthritis in almost all major joints, I'm 44 is this possible?
Am I infected with swine flu?
I went to the doctor on Wed. and he said I have strep throat. I got Meds but I still feel bad.?
my daughters have swine flu im scared to goto sleep.could they die in there sleep?
How deadly is swine flu?
can a person get the flu if they had the flu shot?
I have been exercising for weeks but no weight loss?
what is the weight you should be at 13?
Weird weight loss, bulimic.?
Are Doritos Healthy?
what is the fastest way to lose weight?
is a size 10 fat ? ? ?
Can you tell me the way of losing weight that really works?
should i let my daughter get the swine flu shot?
Am i crazy? I'm 15 and i obviously havent figured out life yet, lately i have been beginning the use of...?
whats the best way too get rid of migraines?
y do ppl get all freaked out about the swine flu?
my family left this passed sunday and came from mexico and my daughter started to get sick?
Could i catch a desease from a rat?
How long does it usually take for amoxicillin to kick in?
Had gallbladder removed 3 days ago, why do I feel so full and nausea-ed after only a few bites of food?
Did you or are you planning to get the H1N1 Vaccine?
I made out with my girlfriend 5 days ago. she found out she had mono today, will i get it now?
How to prevent oral herpes?
Any remedies i can use to prevent a cold?
My dad recently went to Tj during that swine flu outbreak.?
how many swine flu cases are there in the world?
If mosquitoes spread malaria, why don't they spread HIV?
Contacts | Is it Worth it?
Why do my eye lids keep getting crusty?
i cant view images with closed eyes,?
is swine flu really getting that serious?
How to prevent from vomiting?
I think I have diabetes all of a sudden my left foot has no feeling.I can feel me pokeing it..can anyone help!?
If a diabetic eats sugar and does not take insulin, what happens?
About once every couple of months I get shaky, sweaty and I crave sweets. Is it a sign of diabetes?
If some body Diabetic can he drive a car?????
What are the precautionary measures to be taken against swine flu ?
Severe vomiting, diarrhea, headache, aching limbs, chills, & cold sweats, no fever, no sore throat. Swine Flu?
What causes a cold? (or fever?)?
got bit by friends dog... what to do?
How Long it is estimated that the swine flu condition in Pune will return to normalcy?
Will there be a virulent TB outbreak?
What are 3 in which Bacteria is used for a good purpose????
Hi, I'm 18 weeks pregnant and terrified of Swine Flu!! Do I have the vaccine or not?
my son is 9 months old and he has had a pink eye for about 2days, were out of state what can I give to helpit
What is my anal bleeding being caused from?
A TICK?! please help!?
How can I get my little bro to take amoxicilin?
Swine flu... If my mum has it .....?
Will I get swine flu if I just ate hot sausages?
swine flu question for everyone?
Treatments for the flu?
Do I have the stomach flu?
My Infant has a stomach flu and I have to take an international flight. Would you?
I found a pill and I don't know what it is...any help?
Prunes and constipation!?
For all you potheads?---?
what is an alternative way of saying i wanna get high?
My friend's dad has been in Mexico, could I catch swine flu?
Levels of a Pandemic?
Im afraid i have rabies, please help!!?
what is MRSA?
Mono Sickness or what ever "Kiss Desease"?
White spots on tonsils?
I've had strip throat 6 times in the past 2 yrs should i get my tonsils removed or what?
Would i lose weight if i just drank water for a week and didnt eat anything?
am i really fat? mum keeps telling me i am?
am i fat im 16 im 5'3 and i weigh 120 pounds???
what happens if you take to many antibiotics?
I just got swine flu vaccination on thursday and my sister just got swine flu. Am I immune?
Could this be food poisoning?
Are you getting a swine flu vaccine?
How did the swine flu cross from pigs to humans?
how can a doctor tell............?
I got Viral Hepatitis symptoms, but i'm still a virgin????
i'm getting a strep test--i'm scared?
Flu Prevention - Soap and Water or Hand Sanitizer?
I just had my first chemo treatment.Mouth ACHES when I place food or drink on my tongue. No sores- CRAMPS?
My daughter has a 100.9 fever. What to do?
can you die from using a same needle?
toddler with a 104. fever
low blood sugar?? what to do?
How useful is urine in diagnosing diabetes?
Do I have a big chance of getting cancer and diabetes if many family members had it?
I am a diabetic patient..Is it safe to eat pear?
If you're a diabetic and your sugar is high, is it good to drink a lot or no? Will it damage your kidneys?
I just saw a commercial for macaroni and cheese. I'm dying for some of that.?
is diet coke bad for you? i've been hearing lately from people that there's all kinds of bad chemicals in it.
Do you have the swine flu?
My 8 year old has a mouth ulcer. Any remedies please ?
Why can't people just stay home when they are ill?
What is the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic?
Is it swine flu or something else?
Whats a good herbal medicine for IBS?
how to cure a sore throat?
My mom tested positive for Hepatitis C antibodies. 2 y.a., got blood test, no Hep. C. No drugs, tatoos.. Why?
When someone has HIV/AIDS...?
What do you do when you feel the start of a cold?
answers, please..?
should i overdose on sleeping pills, so i wont die from the swine flu?
How many people will die because of Swine Flu?
Im scared i have swine flu?
what is disckliksia disease?
How do you get lazy eye?
Where can i find a good health insurance to pay for eye surgery?
Do i need glasses???
How to make myself have " pink eye"?
If I take antibiotics while sick, (with virus) - will they make me sicker?
should i go to school tommorow?
Doctors: Help ME! I think I have Swine Flu!!!?
Why was a vaccine for the complicated new strain of Swine flu made in months but not for HIV/Aids?
Does anyone believe swine flu is no different to normal flu?
Why would I be getting Strep throat for the third time in 2 months?
What have you done, if anything, to prevent the Swine Flu from reaching you or a family member?
I know this may sound weird ?
can you build up a tolerance for penicillin?
do you think school will close because of swine flu?
Is swine flu a man made virus?
Would you date/marry someone who was HIV+?
How Can I Give Myself Horrible Food Poisoning FAST and EASY? or at least just to get really really sick!?
how to prevent getting a stomach virus? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
Can someone please help me?
Is vomiting safe??!!!!!?
Is it safe to kiss someone who has not gotten the H1N1 vaccine?
I have a urinary infection What can i do? I dont want to go to the doctor.?
does having an abnormal papsmear always mean that is caused by HPV?
They say that Swine Flu is like "Normal Flu" but does that mean that it is possible too die from "Normal Flu"?
I have had a high fever of 103.9 for two or three days with no other symtoms?
hello i'm trying to identify the vaccinations required for work in the healthcare environment. ?
Can you get HIV/AIDS from sharing a drink?
Yeast Infection on antibiotics?
Help! I need my typhoid (etc) inoculations before Sunday but my gp's too busy! How else can i have them?
is H1N1 still a problem or has it passed?
Am I fat for 5'6" 133lbs???
Quick! What's the coolest infectious disease
Is the SWINE FLU what humanity needs to survive?
Can I get chicken pox even if i had vaccine?
What's the deal with cold sores?
What could i be suffering from?
my brother has a cd4 count of 53, a viral load of 636,000 and pneumocystis, what's his survival chances?
I see spots in my eyes?
How do you get rid of red eyes?
What can I do to help my sore throat? I've already tried:?
Has anyone taken St John's Wort?
Sugar question??????!!!!!!!?
ive just been diagnosed with diabetes type 2?
at what point should you take a diabetic with a fever to the hospital?
Could i be Anaemic? What to take if i am?
Where is the strangest place you've found one of your used test strips that made you laugh?
Does any of you have swine flu too?
Drug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus?
I have nits, how can i pass it on to everyone in my school easily?
What is the most deadly thing on this list?
When in the past has the swine flu been around?
how many times is it normal to catch a cold?
I am sick, should I still go to work today?
What happen or can you, if you take an expired Amoxicillin (antibiotic)?
Why are so many people completely dismissive of the swine flu?
What should i do if i stepped on a rusty nail?
Does your family have a pandemic action plan?
What's the rationale for the Elderly NOT being Primary Recipients of the H1N1 Flu Shot?
Flue jabs.?
how to get phlegm out of your throat?
Can I get the swine flu from eating spare ribs?
What can I do to get rid of a sore throat?
If you had never had chicken pox in your childhood, is it very dangerous when you get it as an adult?
Dead rat in the water tank water used to brush teeth for a two days have body pain now?
is there anything i can do to prevent my baby from getting the swine flu?
whos mouth do you think is cleaner? a dogs or a humans?
swine flu death toll decreases?
Are there health concerns about wearing clothes from thrift stores (if washed before wearing)?
Hep C, HIV and Herpes.....?
What should I do to prepare for the bird flu?
is swine flu really considered that bad?
what are diseases that are long lasting and non infectious?
can you die from using the same needle more than a few weeks?
sinus question need more than two answers.plz?
how are diseases caused?
how are we going to prevent swine flu?
What parasite spits slime then travels in it. It leaves a grayish trail.?
i can't look people in the eyes anymore..?
One of my 4 year old eye's is turning in toward his nose!!!!!!?
Wear sometimes or *all* the time?
Any eye experts out there???
is £25 expensive for an eye test?
Are there any 'natural' ways to fight cigarette cravings?
What are the negative effects of weed?
Natural ways for getting rid of heartburn. I tried drinking milk and that didn't help.?
Is smoking weed truly bad and addictive?
what alcohol can a diabetic teenager drink ?
natural cures for high blood pressure?
my blood sugar is 149.....?
how can i get rid of hepatitis B?
can dogs saliva get you sick?
Is The Swine Flu Really As Big As Everyone Makes It Sound?
If there is no cure for a human virus what happens to it when it goes away?
HIV and blood...?
Is there a doctor in the house!?!?
What is the best/fastest and most effective way to get rid of the flu without antibiotics?
how to treat mucus coughs?
is swine flu in the uk?
Questions about Swine Flu?
Every October i get a cold?
bse, bird flu,foot&mouth.What chance humans, if a virulent disease ails our population? Do we get culled?
How do I know if i have a desease?
what is anemia and what are the symtoms?
can antibiotics harm you?
which is worse? swine flu or dengue fever?
Will the baby be HIV positive?
is chlamydial infections a genetic disease?
Can H.I.V. be transfered through food?
how to knaow if u have a fever?
can a person go there whole life without the chicken pox?
what happens if the swine flu becomes a epidemic?
Why is an HIV infection a risk factor for getting brain cancer?
treatment/how to get rid off common cold?
what do I eat when i have a stomach flu?
What's worse....Bush late on Katrina or Obama late on Flu Vaccine?
Some debris has made a floater in my eye. Can I use eye drops to get it out?
Other than the link to Autism, where there any other "problems" with the MMR vaccine?
Will there ever be a cure to HIV, what do you think?
Anyone had the tdap vaccination? (tetanus, diptheria & pertussis)?
Beauty salon and hiv?
Glandular fever- and puss in my troth?
is hiv contagious, and how do you get it?
I am going to join the Air Force,but I am a Hepatitis B virus carrier.Is that ok?
how can i make sacrifices besides fasting and abstaining from the foods that i like?
Whats harder, losing weight or keeping it off?
I'm 5'6 and 185lbs, what should I weigh?
I'm a type 1 diabetic?
please help? do i have diabetes?
what would you do if a person with diabetes may have developed Diabetes Ketoacidosis(DKA).?
Can you get diabetes from eating alot of chocolate?? :(?
help!!!i am high!?
What helps constipation?
What natural remedy can I take for hot flushes?
Is pinkeye a result of bad hygeine?
Daughter just vaccinated with Gardasil, I'm not comfortable now?
is there a vaccine for pink eye?
how can I get over my cold qiuckly?
How does 'pig flu' infect humans?
Dry dry eyes!! they hurt help ! is it my contacts?
My eye has been red for a week. Should I see an optometrist or an ophthalmologist?
Why in the last 5 years has my eye sight gotten a lot more far sighted?
I have no contact lens solution for overnight, what to do?
to all people who wear contacts?
Contact lenses HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Howcome when i yawn my eyes water?...?
swine flu or allergies?
what are some gross sounding diseases?
I haven't been round any one which has swine flu is it possible to still beable 2 catch it?
how do i dress up like have the bubonic plague?
How safe is the flu shot?
will school be cancelled tomarrow because of swine flu?
Why is there no swine flu in south africa?
How scared should I really be about the Swine Flu?
do annual flu shots work?
Is it Lyme disease???
does anyone use Acuvue 2 Colours Opaques?
Is 20/30 vision really bad?
contact lens with astigmatism ..?
I am colorblind and I want to know why I can't see a red Laser Pointer on a White Board...?
Monthly Contact lenses?
please tell me am i a diabetic person or not. my doctor didnt say anything about that after seeing my blood te?
I'm 66 years old and my feet are swollen. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. What can I do for relieve.
Is hepititus C contagious?
How ong does a urinary tract infection take to go away after taking antibiotics?
high fever with white stuff on tonsils?
What percentage of HIV patients recieved the virus from immunization needles administered by a doctor?
what hurts more getting your appendix removed or tonsils?
Swine Flu ( Gov. trying to kill us?)?
Is this a UTI?
Is it good to have tubes put in children's ears if they get lots of ear infections?
do you smoke weed or not?
Im getting a sore throat, any natural remedies?
Why don't people realize that marijuana is no worse than ciggs. or alcohol?
fatal infection?
what are the symtomes of swine flu?
Should i be worried about the Swine Flu?
Man-Bear-Pig flu, isn't it?
How to keep mosquitoes away ?
How do I know that its a bladder infection?
What's a sickness that would Keep someone Home From School for 2 Weeks?
The Swine Flu?!??????????
OMG!! MAKE IT STOP! vomiting and diarrhea!!!?
My 14 month old son has persistent fever of 102-104 after a vaccination shot (Prevenar). Should we worry?
swine flu?? please help me!?
does zovirax cold sore cream work if you already have a cold sore when you apply and use it?
how to battle a bladder infection??
My boyfriend is in jail and he has MRSA staph infection and they wont do anything. What can I do? ?
if someone is purposely trying to infect someone with a needle that has hiv, when injected would?
I have a really sore throat. What should I drink/eat?
Why are polio vaccines still necessary?
Would somebody plz tell me about MRSA?
how does strep throat begin and how long before symptoms show?
Where do I get the AIDS vaccine?
can you get hepatitis C from drinking or eating after someone with it?
Sore throat! how can i make it go away quick?
help! im dehydrated!!!!!!!!?
Whats all these symptoms?
My husband got sprayed by human feces at work!! Should I worry?
what is the likelihood of having glandular fever in your late 40's?
do you were glasses because i do?
i want lovley sparkly eyes?
Ecstasy or Shrooms.....................?
Im 18 years old and a high school senior. What programs are there to help me afford my diabetic medication.?
sugar levels?
What are the signs or symptoms for Diabetes?
Do I need to get glasses with this prescription?
my eyes keep watering, why?
What type of glasses are these?
What happens if you wear contacts past 2 weeks?
what is the cheapest healthiest meal that can be made for a family of four?
is it better to smoke a small amount of blazin weed till you get high or smoke all of it?
Natural remidies for constipation!?
Does marijuana really make you laugh?
Do i have blue, or gray eyes?
How can I tell my parents I need an eye test?
can you swim with contacts in?
My eye color is changing, help i'm worried?
Do I need glasses/contacts?
Hey I was just wandering what being blind is like?
I am 14 and i started going to the gym alot these days and my pee is water clear is that bad?
is McDonalds really is bad for you as people make out?
Are pancakes good for you?
Ways to lower my blood sugar level?
I've been diagnosed 'pre-diabetic' AND I have a cholesterol problem. What can I eat LOTS of?
How many grams of marijuana usually are in a dime bag?
best place to hide your weed?
My blood pressure skyrockets when I'm stressed, my dr said do yoga. Uh- any other suggestions? Yoga=no.?
i'm 15 and done it all?
what is the fastest way for me to gain weight?
I have problems with my eyesight. That is, I can't see distant objects very well. Should I wear eyeglasses?
I need colored contacts for free?
Contact Lense HELL?
HELP there's something wrong with my eye!!!!?
Why does your glasses prescription gets higher when u have glasses.?
Does this mean the guy I'm dating is diabetic?
Diabetics, how many infections have you had from reusing syringes and/or lancets?
eye color??? ?
Is there any chance of my eyes to get lighter?
Can I Get Contact Lenses?
Is it bad to wear glasses all the time?
which to you prefer glasses or contacts?
Being left eye dominant, I was wondering if Lasik surgery will correct this problem, I wear glasses and near s?
I found a pill in a old box of my friends stuff and we have no idea wat it is..?
Need help feeling better, been really lazy & tired lately. Just don't feel right. Any suggestions?
computers gave me myopia and astigmatism?
how do u successfully stuff your bra?
I wear contacts for nearsightedness, my vision is better for close up without contacts on, what would you do?
Is there any other natural supplement that you can take other than St. Johns Wort for depression?
How Can I Stop My Body Odor?
Do you always remember whether you have taken your insulin?
im 13 and hate shots but need some advice?
Is O+ the best typ of blood?
Can I cure Type 2 Diabetes?
Where does the fat go when you loose it?
Im 15 160 pounds and 5-8. do i need to loose weight?
I sometimes see little dots floating around, is this normal?
Lose 25 lbs by end of the year????
What are ways to gain weight?
how TALL are you????
Girls, does a guy need super cut abs to have a nice stomach?
why am i always hungry?
Anyone on Lantus insulin, just want to ask for your experience?
what's good for blood circulation?
could i have diabetes?
How do I stop a persistent eye twitch?
Contacts won't go in my eyes?
how can i improve my eyesight?
Are there glasses that protect your eyes from computer use?
The bottom eyelid of my left eye is big and swollen?!?
When do i have to wear my glasses?
where can i buy the cheapest prescription reading glasses?
What's the best method to lower high blood pressure naturally ?
How can I get my voice back?
what's the best way to get over a fever?
What's the best cure for a sore throat?
Hangover!!! Help!!!...?
why is it that when you drink milk you feel it go all over your ribcage?
What do you think of FAT people?
is my sister overweight weight?
im 4'10 and im 14. whats a good way to get taller
Will your eyes worsen if you don't wear your glasses?
How am i supposed to see?
When wearing contacts ... Please help?
How far a man can see through his normal eye ?
Does wearing cheap sunglasses harm your eyes?
red bubble inside eyelid? help please?
seeing black spots in front of eyes?
I want to wear contacts, but I can't get myself to touch my eyes. What should I do?
what worst could happen from lasik eye surgery!?
What has an eye but can't see?
Is it bad for your eyes if you're staring at the computer for a long time?
i'm taking the big step, i'm gettin contacts, i'm scared about the whole process ex: putting them in?
what's the most addictive & dangerous drug?
can someone PLEASE HELP me ASAP im really scared?
Will I pass a drug test TONIGHT?!?
do homipathic remedies work?
I'm a type2 diabetic; but i don't want to accept disease, is that bad?
Is diarrhea a symptom of diabetes?
15 YR. OLD GIRL POSSIBLE DIABETIC-not overweight at all (4'11" and 80 lbs.) MOM HAS QUESTIONS.?
What do standard blood test, test for?
???How Do I Stop Eating So Much?
my ex boyfriend just started working at my job and lied all over his resume....should I send anonymous tip?
I want a six- pack,so will you please help me?
how to run a mile in 10 minutes or less?
How can I lose 30 pounds in a month?
Anorexia. Someone said I was gaining weight. And I am considering becoming anorexic. What should I do.?
Collecting my first pair of glasses today?
how long should it take to get used to wearing glasses?
can i get contacts with an eye glass perscription?
What color are my son's eyes?
is it just me or do you have this too...?
why do i black out whenever i stand up?
Natural remedies for bladder/urinary tract infectons?
What is the most dangerous and addicting narcotic?
What's the best medicine for Depresion?
which are the best eye drops for brightening the whites of your eyes?
what color eye shadows are good for brown eyes?
If you don't already wear one or the other, would you rather wear contacts or glasses?
Is it ok to use contacts after soaking in water for 24 hours?
what does it mean when your eye twitches?
Hypoglycemic & Outbursts/ Violence?
How do u know u're diabetic???
What to do if a teletubbie is trying to kill you?
Can your blood be tested for marijuana?
am i underweight?...?
how to lose 20 pounds in a week?
Am i fat ?chubby?
Do I need glasses?
Recently discovered I can't read small print up close, but 12 inches away is fine whats up?
my eyes seem to always be red, i tried eye drops but they dont seem to work. is there anything else i can do?
Do you wear glasses and what type/s?
Why won't pot ever be legal?
Have you ever smoked marijuana?
What is the best home remedy for sun burn?
Please, Help me i have an abbarrasing story?
i feel like i ruined my diet :[?
How can I lose 15 inches before March?
What are the best eye excersizes that is actually improve your eyesight?
At a salon I got a hair in my eye-It has been irritated for three days! I don't know if it came out! Help!
Will I ever be able to rub my eye vigorously again after Lasik eye surgery?
Is this pink eye or something else?
Cheap sunglasses are bad for your eyes?
Are my eyes going to fall out after LASIK (laser) surgery?
Help needed for friend!! Insulin overdose?
How Do Type 1 Diabetics Feel About Stem Cell Research?
Are you considered "pre-diabetic" if your blood sugar ever goes over 140?
What do you think about the pilot that crashed his plane into the IRS building?
Does anyone have any MEDICAL PROOF that smoking marijuana causes cancer?
Im 17 And 190 Pound. How Much Should I weigh?
i know its not "healthy" but it would only be ten days, would this work?
Lose weight? Easy and fast?
What's the fastest way to lose weight?
I don't want to live this life and be this way anymore please help me!?
I really want to lose weight, and I need serious encouragement, and advice.?
How do blind people answer questions on yahoo q&a if they can't see them
Can you make eyesight worse by wearing strong glasses?
How do I convince my mom to let me get contacts?
Contacts help please???
How can I improve my eyesight?
how long does olive oil take to clear ear wax?
My girlfriend is 22yo and is 5'1'. She wants to gain more height, is it possible?
Is water more harmful than canabis?
After a new eye test I had different prescription, do I need new glasses?
Do contact lenses fall out or move around when playing contact sports or by just wearing them normally?
How come we have blind people in America when we have laser surgery/lasik available?
Contact lenses move up on eye problem?
do you think it's ok for a diabetic to check their sugar in public?
What is the best way to rid the body of toxins.... don't say drink a lot of water/?
What happens if you take a pill over a month old?
Can i cure my gayness with hormone shots?
Ways to keep eye sight healthy ?
for people with contacts?
can a bad diet affect your eyesight?
red eyes! heeeelp.?
how can you tell if someone has a glass eye?
Can someone who isn't blind learn how to read braille?
is this eye pretty or what?
Will I be blind in the future?
How can I touch my eyeball without freaking out?
What can i do to help consipation?
What do i do if i find a giant joint full of weed on the ground?
First time smoking weed?
What does it mean if your vision is 40 40?
How do you increase your eye sight?
cataract worry for 92 year old?
My eye gets..........?
Should I bother wearing my glasses?
can you smoked pot if you have pink eye?
I've started drinking 2-4 bottles of water a day but I still feel and look like garbage?
What's a good way to put a little fat on?
my boyfriend says I am fat I am 5'3 and weigh 160?
please help me! a weird bump on my eyelids and it itches. what is this?
Is it really a big deal that I don't take care of my eyes?
Does this ever happen to you?
Under my eye is red? Blood red? and HURTS!?
Can I Get Asian Eye Surgery?