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headache behind right eye, reduced vision in right eye...?
Can your vision be so bad you're not abel to wear contacts?
Why Health Insurance don't cover Lasik? Why is it concider cosmetic?
Is michael really dead.?
is it safe to wear eye contacts other people put on their eyes?
What is a good way to determine when a child should get contact lenses?
Is it okay for a sniper to have glasses or contacts?
Ok so I just got contacts...?
how can I get over a cold really really fast?
how do i get rid of a cold sore fast?
This guy at work.....AIDS?
if you have gull stones or a gull bladder infection is mostly commonly caused by poor diet?
Should I stay home even if I don't have the swine flu?
¿ Im Mexican, but I dont really believe in our info media,who know how bad is this epidemic illnes virus?
What does it mean if you are type A positive?
What are the differences between normal flu and swine flu?
What kind of Diseases can i get from making out/ kissing a boy?
How does simply washing your hands kill bacteria?
Scared&No one to turn to...Having huge problems with eating...Please help me...?
Is overeating okay......................?
Any tips to help me loose weight?
Is it true underweight people,or people with little fat have hairy arms?
why doesn't penicillin cure a viral infection?
Would you rather suffer from constipation or diarrhoea?
Are Tapeworms Dangerous to have?
do you think its bad doctors refuse to see patients with swine flu?
should i be woried about swine flu?
How long does food poisoning last?
my brother is sick with fever what should i do?
is it okay to use eye wash instead of lens solution for storing contacts?
Can I go on the plane with contacts?
I have not eaten for 15 days and I don't want to gain it back what do I do?
My sister has diabetes could I get it?
Making A Big Deal Out Of Swine Flu?
what are the simptoms for swain flu?
I got a bit of Pringle in my eye...?
Pinkish tint of eyes due to contact lenses what could be the cause?
How do the optometrist test babies eyesight?
what can happen if you wear contacts nonstop ?
are contacts better than glasses?
What color are my eyes?
How to make sure I won't get fat? Teen.?
Any tips how to gain 5-10 lbs in a month?
How can i make my hips more skinny?
how to get a fever please?
What exactly is so bad about Swine Flu?
Alcohol Vomiting Help !!?
Do i have diabetes?
Feet numbness - Only when I've had them up or after getting out of bed.?
diet soda is bad for diabetes people?
Do you take sugar in your coffee?
Do I need to wear my glasses all the time if it is -1 ?
Question about glasses...?
What happens if you die with your contacts in?
Are my eyes grey or blue?
Can you believe after all the hype about dirty hospitals that a hospital in kent is?
Why did the doctor prescribed an antibiotic for my 9 year old's viral infection? Can antibiotics kill virus
What causes coldsores?
Infection of Tuberculosis?
what's your first reaction when told you had hiv?
I got HIV from kissing a girl?
Do I have Swine Flu?!?!?!?
Why isn't there a cure for HIV yet?
I have a question on the oh so deadly swine flu, is it a virus or a disease?
Can I get a eyeglasses with frame even though I have perfect vision?
What's the easiest way to take out contacts?
Anyone know why I see little light spots in my vision randomly?
So i recently bought glasses and..?
what does pressure in the eyes mean?
Help! OPEN! [email protected]#$%^&*()[email protected]#$%^&?
Why do my mouth or bucal cavity feels like as in High fever.?
What can you get from dog feces?
Do I have the Swine Flu?
Being forced to overdose on antibiotics..?
got a rotten cold what the best cold stuff to use to get rid of it?
How many items can one insert in an anal cavity before sever hemorrhaging occurs?
is this an infection?
How dangerous is the h1n1?
my son just got a h1n1 live vaccine. can he be near a newborn?
Do you think the Swine Flu scare is for real or not?
Question containing the RFID Chip, and Swine Flu Vaccine?
I'm a diabetic and I'm have a hard time keeping my energy up without raising my blood sugar what can i eat
Have been recently diagnosed with diabetes I'm supposed to try to treat it with diet, but never got a diet
Could I have diabetes? Should I see the doctor?
I need help!!!! Contact lenses question.?
I don't see as well with contacts as I do with glasses, is that normal?
Why do people raise their brow when they squint?
What's wrong with my eye?!?
colored contacts help!?
Im going to eye doctor and freaking out?? ?
Her optometrist dilated her. I am worried for my pregnant friend. Will her babby be delivered out of her eyes?
runny nose and sneezing , is this swine flu?
what happens if i get chicken pox twice?
antibiotics are making me sick what to do?
Is it bad to not have had chicken pox?
I've had this cough since i had the swine flu, and it's not going away?
has anybody here got the swine flu?
Is the Swine flu for real?
How did my boyfriend get mono?
How can I protect myself from the swine flu?
why is swine flu called {swine flu}?
Whats the disease that makes you shake?
How can you mate and not worry about diseases?
do you think i have swine flu?
If I'm a pig, does that increase my chances of getting Swine Flu?
2 deaths in California may possibly have resulted from swine flu?
sore throat ... just had swine flu?
recurrent abdominal abscess from hernia repair?
can i get hiv from using a razor blade when i have a deep cut and it has been in the cupboard for weeks?
i think i have a severecase of strep help!!!!!!!?
My Son and I have been exposed to H1N1, should we get vaccinated or will we be fine?
What colour are my eyes? (Read Description)?
contact Help????
How much our lenses for glasses?
I got punched in the eye and now have eye floaters.?
Specsavers - Prices?
Contact soft contact lens solution help?
I'm a little worried about getting contact lenses tomorrow..?
Is weighing 148 punds for a guy who is 5'8 too much?
Doesn't it make you sad to see kids as young as 9 asking for weight loss tips on here?
To be 8 1/2 stone at 12years of age and 5'3 is that over-weight?
My cousin wants to break the world record for worlds heaviest woman?
Can I get treatment for Typhoid over the counter in th uk?
How do u know if u have strep throat?
Common Cold/Flu with throbbing ears!!!!HELP!?
Swine Flu, how do we know the difference between a sore throuat, cold, or just aches from stress and worry?
ew i have this white discharge?
What kinds of diseases can you get from cutting yourself?
Are my eyes Green or Hazel?
Do you ever feel like someone is watching you in the shower?
I just started wearing eye glasses today..it's weird. Any advice?
for ppl who have glasses :?
How do you clean the nosepads on your eyeglasses? (there is some oil stuck in there)?
Can ur eye color change??
Whatcha gonna do if the bird flu comes for you?
Is yeast common in toe nails?
How will I know the difference between a normal bad flu and a swine flu?
Did Obama make swine flu?
My son is 22 months and has been throwing up ( sick bug) for 10 hours now?
can swine flu survive in hummid hot weather like kentucky?
I havent had the cold or a flu for 3 years. Should i be worried?
Is it really true that if...?
Are you scared about swine flu?
Do You Think It Would Be Safe To Visit NYC, Or Does It Have Swine Flu?
Is there a possibility that i might have swine flu?
Why would lung dieases be more common in a large uban area than a remote rural area?
should i go to school ?
can you name a virus?
How often should i go to get my eyes tested?
One eye is blurrier then the other, what should I do?
What's the fastest way to get rid of pink eye?
Is it bad to wear contacts for months straight when you're supposed to take them out each night?
what is the relationship between tonic water and malaria?
What temp would be considered a dangerous fever?
How is the swine flu continually making headline?
Is there any one here who has swine flu?? lol?
Is the swine flu virus a new thing or has it been around before this year?
There has barely been anything about the Swine Flu in the news for a month or so,and suddenly its a pandemic?
are you a swine if you catch the H1N1?
can u get HIV from swallowing some ones blood tahts has HIV??
hep C positive, heavy drinker? 10 points..?
I was diagnosed with swine flu on tuesday, now I feel better, was it actually swine flu?
i feel like crap :[ and im a?
fentanyl patches?
what do the docters have to give you pain killers for I want percocets or oxys
Why cant i stop cracking and clicking my fingers do i have a problem?
Why do I keep getting head aches?
Last night as I was sleeping I woke up to SEVERE PAIN in my calf. What was this?
Suggestions for relieving sunburn pain?
Snorted 4 crashed panadoll tablets .... shaking , vomited , nose bleed , fainted ???? help only 14?
will high food prices help many people lose weight?
What Brand of Cigarettes would help me lose the most weight?
Is weed good for you?
do you smoke or take drugs?
swine flu question???
If I only sleep 2 hours for the rest of the week will i get a cold?
Would you tell your bestfriend that his girlfriend is HIV positive?
I have type 1 diabetes, and people are kind of making fun of me, there my friends, and i kno they are jokes?
I took a picture with the flash on & my eyes hurt really badly now....?
Health Questions, About my foot. PLEASE ANSWER!?
Why does my right eye contact feel scratchy?
I want to get contacts, but I have astigmatism (don't see as sharply). What is the best brand for astignatism?
How many germs does a toilet have?
should schools send out letters if they have swine flu?
My wife is mad at me because I want to send her to a hotel because she might have the swine flu.?
"clicking noise" in my knee?
Seeking info re: administered spanking for chronic pain relief?
Shin Splints?
Releif for strep throat.?
How many should I take?
Can my daughter qualify for disability?
How do I stop the pain ?
I've been getting migraines again that make me nauseaus. I can't afford to miss work...?
anxiety, anxiety, anxiety?
I need to tell her, but I need a good excuse!?
What do you think about smoking weed ?
I've got 'the trots'!..Whats a good natural remedy?
Why do I feel like I am gaining weight when the scale says I am loosing weight?
Can we stop worrying about swine flu now then?
Swine Flu...Unstoppable? -Yes or No Question.?
What are the symptoms?
What Should I Eat, i Have Strep Throat :/?
can diabetes turn in aids? or cancer?
why is my 14yr old son's blood sugar is 365 right now??
Will Lazer Eye Surgery Be Safe For Me?
Lazy eye question????
Contact Lenses 14 year old?
Glasses, contacts, or laser surgery?
I'm having problems with my contacts. I have a really hard time getting them in.?
why dont people admit that they farted?
Swine Flu - Where has it gone?
i went to mexico for a holiday swine flu and came back to uk and i have a flu?
I had chicken pox when I was a baby can I get them again?
Can anyone diagnose these symptoms for me?
What do pigs have to do with the swine flu?
i might have mono or strep throught im 14 and i got my blood work done today.please give me tips im scared.?
Is it possible for me to have cat scratch fever?
Do u think (UK) this is going to be the last we'll hear about Bird Flu?
Why does the doctor never prescribe my 4 year old antibiotics?
Do i have a swine flu?
can u recovery after contracting swine flu?
What are we going too do about this swine flu?
I'm 59 and just found out i have cataracts in both eyes, the right eye is the worst. Should i have it fix now
Help on eye colour pleasee?
Can i sleep with my contacts in?
Women, Why choose contacts over glasses?
this is my eye without make up how old do you think im?
What's the best remedy for a bad hang over!?
Is it okay to take a vitamin with alcohol?
I can't swallow pills?
Why is marijuana illegal, When all the research I've done indicates that it's healthy more then anything else?
PLZ HELP ME do I have to go to the docs?
my bones crack while I exercise is this normal?
Why does my abscess pop and then comes back a few minutes later?
please answer quickly:(?
OH NO i did somehting really stupid with silica gel,am i about to die?
Can you get sick from Water?
Swine flu precautions?
Help me please? Is it a sign of..?
Will YOU be taking up the offer to have a Swine Flu vaccination?
What cities in the US has swine flu been found?
wanna know if i have swine flu!!!?
how to catch a cold quickly?
who is scared of the swine flu?
how do you no if your diabetic please help?
What can I do about my blood cravings?
Black & white vision in one eye???
Can I swim with contacts in?
How do disposable contacts work?
How do i get glasses when i don't need them?
can wearing glasses correct a lazy eye?
Why cant my friend wear glasses?
I am 5'8'',14, and weigh 135 pounds.so is that normal?
i want to drink alcohol, but i don't want to get fat! What can i do?!??!?
what is the healthy wieght for a 5'7 16 year old female?
Who is scared about the swine flu in mexico coming to the United States?
Why do some people still die of Scarlet Fever?
my younger brother has head lice whats the quickest way to him out of his misery?
What do you guys think of the swine flu?
how do you gete taller?
i share a room...............?
I'm coming down with a cold are there any good remedies that don't involve popping pills?
Is 12 too young for contacts?
does eye color afect sight? plz i need to know!!?
Can my glasses be fixed or do i need new one?
How much are contacts? And which would you suggest for a 15 year old?
What in the brain causes a person to have a lazy eye?
Wearing my glasses gives me a headache. Any tips on how to get used to them?
Am i the only one not scared of swine flu?
Swine Flu: Do the face masks work?
urinary tract infection?
what causes a bladder infection and what could the results be if an?
Why did Swine Flu originate from America?
Is diabetes a Genetic disorder?
why do i pee on myself when i drink alcohol?
Is there a way to get rid of diabetes completely?
can i give a diabetic pure suger when he is in a low(has type 1 diabetes)?
food poisoning or 24 hour flu?
Why did everyone take such drastic precautions when swine flu first came here? (UK)?
How serious can Appendicitis be?
Are there any known cases of Swine Flu in Florida?
What happens if woman is breastfeeding a child and she is unware that she is HIV Positive?
can wearing prescription glasses that aren't prescribed to you impair your eyesight?
Is watching TV in the dark bad for your eyes?
Do I really need glasses?
What's the alternative to surgery for cataracts in an 80 year old?
What are some trick for putting contacts in the eye for beginners?
Is lasik eye surgery safe?
Do you wear glasses or contacts?
I recently bought +5.00 reading glasses. Idont wear glasses but want to full time. Kind hardto seewiththem?
Should i worry about the Swine Flu?
Swine Fluuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!?
UTI or Kidney Infection?
Can somebody tell me if I have swine flu?
As a young citizen i have to explain the importance of being fully informed about swine flu?
Are drugs dangerous or not?
SO is thier a current cure for the pig flu...?
what do you need to be protected from the swine flu?
Drinking other people's wee...?
YOUR OPINION: Is marijuana addictive?
what's the worst thing about running out of weed?
do i have swine flu i have all the symptoms except for a fever?
Am I wrong by not considering myself as "fat"? Picture included?
Tell Me the Truth...am I Fat?
Do you need an parent with you to buy weight loss pills if you're at a convient store?
Should I eat?
i am starting to hate my doctor!?
My Doctor told me I needed more protein in my diet. I don't like to eat meat though... Is there a shot...?
why do car companies make eyeglasses?
my eyes will not stop burning please answer fast?
Do you have two different colored eyes?
my eyes keep changing colors?
some questions on "floaters"?
does wearing contact lenses under the age of 16 damage your eyes?
Your mans treatment of your tush?
We are all gonna die ! level 5 pandemic?
Stepped on a nail, now foot always hurts, what is wrong?
What causes Bacterial Meningitis? How is it treated?
Strep Throat Question..?
Is the Center for Disease Control mandating HIV testing for all Americans a good idea or a bad Idea?
HIV may develop es into few symtomps. I.e skin rashes.what kind of rashes will a infected person get?
What should I do............?!?
Plz help me, i am really worried!!?
who got the shot for swine flu?
swine flu vaccine problems?
How do you get rid of COLD?
Dose Bubonic plague still exsit ?
is pigs flu (H1N1) carried by Guinea Pigs ?
how do you get rid of soar throats?
Have I caught swine flu again?
can you fake a staph infection?
What kind of things can i do to protect myself against Swine Flu?
How important is getting a flu shot, really?
i have a stomach bug but i'm sooo thirsty?
Should I take my contacts lenses out?
What happens if you sleep in soft contact lenses?
Contacts on Eyes does it hurt ?
Has anyone had this before?
if i wear my friends glasses, wil my vision get worse aswell?
OMG what is gonna happen about the swine flu?
how do you know if you have swine flu?
I think I have strep throat, should I go to the doctor? would it be too late?
Swine flu second wave?
swine flu vaccine for a child of 3 years old?
Any home remedies for someone sick with the flu?
I am have booked a holiday to florida for august this year! with swine flu going around, not sure if i can?
How do I keep motivated to loose weight?
do you think i am anorexic?
Should I lose weight?
what is a...????????????????????????????????????…
Is a soar ear and sore throat a sign of the H1N1 virus?
Do I have Swine Flu? What is it?
What's a good way to get my adrenaline up?
it seems that i have some ear wax right down deep in my ear and it seems to effect my hearing a quite bit?
iam having chest pains and my husband is at work and i can't call him and i don't know what to do sign help as
laser eye surgery, how long does it take to heal from it?
can you use colored contacts even if you dont have bad seeing?
can you get contacts that just change the color of your eyes.?
How do I convince my parents to let me get contacts?
Should I wear my glasses all the time?
Help, my eye site keeps getting worse?
Where did the Swine Flu come from?
can exchanging of the saliva through kissing can cause AIDS?
I work with a girl that had a blood transfusion while delivering her baby and got some type of blood infection
are there preventives for swine flu or not?
Should I be able to know if my students are HIV positive or have Hepatitis?
can candy cause diabetes if you eat them allot?
i'm 14....diabetes?!?
Is diabetes contagious?
What is the SWINE flu? How come people are dying from it?
why has no one found a cure for the common cold?
Do I have any chance of getting swine flu? I'm scared?
my collegue was throwing up and had the runs at work..will i have caught it?
How many people took the H1N1 vaccine and then got sick afterwards?
Does swine flu really come from pigs?
My eyes?????
I see black spots if out in the sun?
Could I take a shower with my contacts?
What age can you get contacts?
If you were to change your eye colour : which would you pick?
Fever, Headache, Shivering, Excreting small amounts of dark yellow urine, are symptoms of which disease? ?
What is the likelihood of contracting cold sores after age 40?
Should my 3 and 1 year old children be around someone with MRSA (mersa) ?
A Question About Swine Flu?
Normal Flu Vaccine and Swine Flu?
does tuberculosis spread through smooch or kissing?
How can I clear a cold and get my voice back in 2 days?!?
I don't feel good?
I think I have a bladder infection (and it's Sunday evening)... what should I do?
I squeezed my fever blister/ cold sore & it swelled. now my lip is huge and deformed. what do i do?
i need a hangover cure fast!!!?
Do animals also have diseases like cancer,blood pressure,diabetes........ect.?
is the bubonic plague(black death) similar to modern day diseases like HIV AIDS and etc.?
what are the white spots when u have swollen tonsils?
How can I kill the bad bacteria of my stomach (intestine) in natural way?
Are reading glasses....?
Should I wear contacts or glasses? [pics included]?
Can you really tell the size of a man's crotch by the size of his hand????
What is your ideal healthy breakfast?
i think my appendix bust because my right side started hurting really painful at first?
i have pain in the upper left side of my chest...whats wrong?
Causes for Osteoporosis and Remedies for it.?
For two years my lower back has hurt what should i do?
heartburn,feeling sicky at night,pains in my tummy what could it be?
what is a good form of pain relief?
If you have a really bad headache will snorting a regular (safe)dosage of advil help the pain relieve quicker?
Does your first tattoo really hurt?
If you pull a muscle can it be serious?
pins and needles in right sholder and pain across both shoulders?
Is Mexico done and cured with the swine flu?
Has anyone had a H1N1 flu vaccine yet?
What's the best way to get rid of lice?
What is your comment on H1N1?
What states has the Swine Flu been confirmed to be?
Does being 'borderline diabetic' prohibit beer drinking? Is there lot's of sugar in beer? What about whiskey?
will UK shut the school because of the swine flu?
is liver cirrhosis contagious?
Ok, my family has had the stomach flu, I havent gotten it yet, will i get it soon? What are my chances?
does the flu jab in the uk make you ill?
Can the President get swine flu?
urine infection!?
Why is everyone freaking out about Swine Flu?
Okay, like, I'm really sick here someone help!!!!!?
What would happen if you vacumed your eye ball?
Eye keeps flickering?
If someone is blind, is there any way to bring their eye sight back?
Eyeglasses parts?
My mom says my eyes were pure purple when I was born can this be true?
How did you get used to wearing glasses all the time?
R u left eyed or right eyed?
What happens if I wear higher prescription eyeglasses than my actual prescription?
Swine flu ...........................?
Why is the swine flu hitting the 25-45 age group?
HELP does bleach and water help u pass a drug test?
what's the fastest way to get rid of a headache?
I need some remedies for sore throats that don't involve alcohol (no crude suggestions please!)?
how to improve your eyesight?
Is it disturbing that a certain AltMed member on this board is recruiting people from other websites...?
do i have the swine flu?
does swine flu vaccine kill you?
Do you think the swine flu was manufactured?
I think I've got the flu. What should I do?
I know I sound horrible saying but this swine flu..?
my 5 year old boy has a swollen throat and a temprature...?
My boyfriend has TB, Can i catch it from if..?
Is the swine flu the world's way to get rid people on this overcrowded earth?
my wife has had a cold for a week now and it is'nt getting better. loads of snot and lost her voice.?
Can you develop astigmatism or are you born with it?
What is better contacts or glasses?
Left Eye pain + Headache?
Is this an infection? What is it?HELP!!?
Ok, so I went to the doctor and got antibiotics?
What is the difference between regular flu and swine flu?
whats good for your thoat when it hurts when u swallow anthying what medicine?
Will the Swine Flu reach epidemic proportions?
Ive had a sinus infection for a couple months now.My doctor prescribed me 3 coarses of antibiotics.?
How can I get in the hospital on purpuse?
What will help my sore throat?
sick with a fever of 100.0?
Why are obese people at risk for diabetes?
Dizziness, Headaches, Feeling "Drunk" or "Drugged" and Sudden Tiredness/Sleepiness. What is going on?
Where can i buy diabetic chocolate ? Does Boots sell it? A nice chocolate?
I don't mind dying as long as I am there. True or False?
Anti Antiabiotics!! HELP?
I Just Got Glasses...But I'm Afraid I'll Get Made Fun Of?
How to persuade parents to let me get contacts?
Laser Eye Surgery?
Getting my eyes dilated next week?
CO-CODAMOL Taken long-term?
pain in my lower back and radiates down thru the buttocks into my legs?
pain in upper abdomen and shoulder on left side when i breath in, what is it???
Why does "pain" happen? What triggers it, and why do our bodies let us be so uncomfortable.?
When i start to run my ankles hurt?
What internal body organ near lower left back could cause periodic pain?
HELP, my friend cut her wrist, what to do?
just been diagonosed with muscle tension headache, what is the best remedy for that?
Could you get Swine Flu from eating pork?
My girlfriend got cut by a wire fence?
Is it normal to get two colds in a row?
can i get autisms from kissing?
Can Swine Flu be cured?
Can people get recovered from swine flu?
Widespread shutdown of schools and businesses due to the swine flu?
Do you need insurance to buy or have glasses?
Is wearing contact lenses which are stronger bad for my eyes?
can i change my eye color with eye surgery?
swine flu questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is the swine flu and how to prevent it?
My friend just puked up blood. What could he eat/drink/do to prevent it from happening again?
AM I FAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I am starting to get severe eye pain in the morning, and other stuff are wrong with my eyes?
I wear contact lenses & I almost never take them out. I wear them for 6 months at a time. Am I gonna go blind?
My eye doctor doesn't believe me!!!?
Eye changes?
do contact lenses make ur eyes look bigger?
sleeping with contacts on?
How do I know if I have a UTI? Urinary Tract Infection?
What am I sick with?!? Please help!!?
Do you think our disease specialist will evr find a cure for HIV/AIDS?
İf you had last 3 days to live , what would you do?
Question about swine flu?
Should I Be Worried About Swine Flu?
Could I have diabetes?
Is there any sugar in salad dressing?
Is it true diabetic women get frequent yeast infections?
Is it wierd to like pain?
Wat is a very popular pain killer?
Having a hip replacement in 2 days?
side of my tongue has a lump!!!?
My knees hurt me constantly! What can I do?
smoke weed????? help???m?
What is a good natural laxative?
swine flu???...............................?
Ways to fight off a cold and ways to prevent getting a cold?
Can you get Swine Flu from eating meat ? please i need and answer and a true one?
Whats the worst tasting cold/flu medicine you've ever taken?
can i take a shower if i have fever?
Has Anyone Survived Swine Flu?
How to cure the common cold?
what treatment options are there for appendicitis?
Just recovered from the H1N1 virus, but still got weakness, cant sit in air con and feel drowsy. What to do?
how do we can stop swing flu?
If HIV kills your immune systtem and your vulnerable to any sicknesses than why not put a person in a steraliz
i think i'm getting the flu but how will i know if it's swine flu or not?
Avoiding the Flu?
swine flue concern still in mexico?
Doesn't anyone enjoy their food anymore.?
Am I bulimic?
eye color?
Are contacts worth it. Should I get them.?
I want contacts asap, but my insurance won't pay for it until March?
What vitamins and minerals to take for good eyesight?
My eyes hurt but I don't know why?
Is there anyway to make your eyesight better?
Do glasses from the dollar store damage your eye?
how many people have died form the swine flu shot?
Am i going to get the stomach virus!? helpp!! im terrrified!?
Do you think the WHO are using this swine flu is just a global exercise to be prepared for the real one coming?
why is MRSA a superbug?
Is this swine flu or a regular flu?
Is there a doctor in the house?
What is this swine flu nonsense?
Please help...do I have the flu?
How serious is the swine flu?
Do you ever wonder how modern humans survived for at least 130,000 of BEFORE Orthodox medicine using only Alt'?
Why do i have diarrhea all the time?
Swine flu stuff? Ughhhhhh.?
Is anyone freaking out over this recent swine flu outbreak?
Which states have swine flu already?
How can ulcers in the mouth be cured?
Ft Worth ISD Has Closed it's Schools because of the Swine Flu Can You Believe this mess ? See The Link Below?
I believe I have a tonsil stone?
Is there a cure for swine flu?
What's the term for an organism that lives on or in another ?
I lifted heavy stuff and now my neck is sore, can you give me some tips so when I wake up in the morning my ?
I'm having problems...?
My sister ear hurts please help!?
Is Solpadiene Addictive?
Expired Ibuprofen Question?
knee pain!! please help. i'm in tears!!?
i have tention always advise me to reduce?
My back hurts I want your opinion?
What do you do for a migraine?
Does anyone know the side effects of tylenol with codeine?
Myy sister broke my glasses should i get a new pair or try contacts?
Has anyone had eye laser surgery?
will it mess up my eyes if i get glasses and i dont need them?
can your eyes' colour change because of sun exposure?
Do you think these are symptons for diabetes?
Stuck in ER with a dirty needle?
Can you pick up HIV from dried blood on a sanitary bin?....?
I recently ate an earthworm, and ever since then I've been paranoid that I have parasites. Should I worry?
how long does it take to die from hepatitis C??? answer please?
Can Anyone Relate To This Staff Infection bs?
Why is everyone so freaked out about the swine flu?
Why do some people not get the swine flu?
Can a 14 year old girl die from swine flu because she has asthma?
5"4 and 157 lbs?
My friend only eats 500 calories a day is she going to die :(?
Urinary tract infection?
What am I doing wrong to be getting ear infections all the time?
Is it possible that you can get sick with the stomach flu again a week later?
symptoms of Worms in the brain?
what is it called when you get sick from thinking that you are sick?
has there been any cases of swine flu in people who have NOT travelled to Mexico?
Scared of swine flu i don't want to die!?
how do dragon flies help eradicate malaria?
if you wear glasses?
Wearing someones new contact?? Not the same vision!!?
What does it mean when you have acute myopia?
Why can't we just buy "Near sighted" glasses at the local drug store?
one eyelid is lower than the other, help?
signs that my eyes need glasses?
Can i put ice bars in my eyes?
Is the zombie virus actually real or does it only exsist in the movies?
What's this I hear about the government taking people away?
How do people die from swine flu?
Throat pain - remedy ?
Stopping The Fever?
what is good for sore throat?
If a person mixes herbs to make medicines what are they referred to as?
home remedies for ear ache/ infection?
Does cat's saliva contain any harmful diseases???
Do i possibly have a UTI with these few symptoms?
how can i prepare for swine flu?
What is the difference between swine flu and a regular flu?
do you think i could have the swine flu.. i have most of the symptoms D: ...?
The Spread of HIV in this way?
swine flu,facts and will the vaccinations be safe to take?
Color Blindness....Hereditary?
Will Jade Green colored contacts show up on dark brown eyes?
I'm getting my pupils dilated for the first time?
Leaving contacts in eyes all day...?
What can I do about my dry eyes?
Why does my nose keep bleeding?
My sister in laws son had the swine flu....?
i have blood in urine..! wat is the reason for it.. how can i cure it..?
How can I raise money for a medical treatment I need?
why do people think that this is not a serious matter?
OMG I might have swine flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Bird Flu.. Swine Flu.. What's Next?
Is veggie pizza really good for you?
will 8 pounds of fat be noticeable on me?
Is NOT eating red meat really that bad for you?
I've been gaining weight lately and i want to lose it and stay healthy. this is my usual eating plan.?
Swine flu dilemma help?
If you have an astigmatism in one eye will glasses help the eye ?
Any way to make eyesight better other than glasses, contacts, or surgery?
I cant read well with my glasses?
Where do people put their contact lenses when they go swimming?
How should i crush vicodin?
I'm 23 and I smoke a lot of pot and I'm on Zoloft....when will my head explode?
is there any herbal remedies for depression?
Can you die from liver disease?
are UTI's contageous?
can i take anti-biotic and continue taking my birth control?
Why do men have 2 flu injections?
I Am Dying From Diarrhea?
help help!!!?
Swine Flu, Doubling in a matter of 24-48 hours in Vic?
Could this Pandemic reach England?
Has the UK government cancelled any massive gatherings (concerts, restaurants, hotels, etc) due to swine flu?
Is swine flu is dangerous?
About swine flu and symptoms?
can i have diabetes, or not?
I have constantly had slight fever, headache, running nose etc.?
Is reading while in a car bad for you?
i want get laser done for my eyes. my age is 28, my power is -5.5. Does lasser have any side effects?
Eyelash on the eye? How do i get it off?
which is the most rare?
Is there such thing as eye whitening?
the swine flu!schools closeing?
Does a doctor have to tell a patient's significant other, if the patient has AIDS, or other infection?
What do they mean about a Pandemic being "imminent"?
does anyone have any tips for losing 15 pds in 3 months?
What's the best way to get rid of flabby arms?
Will this work to help me loose weight? If not what am I doing wrong?
Something that'll make you throw up?
did i eat a lot today?
Im 5'4 and just turned 14 and between 93-97 pounds,is that healthy,i have really low self esteem and feel fat?
I am a 13-year-old and am 5'7 and weighs 138 pounds. Should I consider a diet?
Can you guess my weight please?
i am 110 lbs and i want to be 105 - need help?
i think im athsmatic?
already asked this qquestion need more edvice?
Can I take a sleeping pill with my oxycodone?
do i have a bad cold or flu?
when a child is immunized, he is injected with a particuler disease. Can't a child be immunized with AIDS?
has the flu hit indiana?
HELP! i can't go to sleep any tips that can help me get to sleep faster without medicine?
What's the best trick to battle a sore throat & runny nose?
Do you feel like vomiting as well?
is shingles contagious?
can you get swine flu from zoo pigs?
Can Asthma cause strep throat?
Is it safe to pour water into your eyes?
Is feeding my son icecream and milk ok for now?
Hard Contacts VS. Soft Contacts?
Does eating anything change the colour of your eyes?
Im a 15 year old guy and off and on again i feel dizzy, i fall over randomly and i get blurred vision?
Why does my mom make me go to school even though I have diabetes?
Can daibetes be cured? If so what can we do to cure it?
does the swine flu have bibal influence?
Do you think i have the swine flu?
Do i have swine flu? i'm so scared...?
Sore throat after I threw up?
what happens during a pandemic? would schools be closed?
I have the swine flu, i'm 13 and i'm scared out of my mind! WHAT SHOULD I DO?
has anyone here ever had a bad reaction to the hepatitis B vaccine?
i hav kissed a girl having HIV , that means i hav taken her saliva into my mouth and swallowed her saliva.?
soar throat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do I have swine flu?????????????????? Please help ! ?
If someone passes gas, and you smell it, does any of the stank get into your bloodstream?
Can people have tapeworm?
My daughter has had extreme side aches on both sides more in the front with a fever...?
What is an Abscess?
Why is everyone worrying so much about the Swine Flu?
Am I really color blind?
Very Dry Eyes.PLEASE help me?
My eye won't open help!!!! (plz)?
Is my eye sight that bad?
When I stand up I sometimes black out?
Is it bad to eat fast?
How much are you supposed to weigh when your...?
How does starving yourself not work? Seriously?
I am 5 foot 5 inches and 135 IBS is that fat?
pleasse help a teen out?
I am 40 and 235 pounds at 5'9, Asian...is that fat, obese or normal?
have i got swine flu?
My ear's, maybe infected? Help!?
what happens when u take too many antibiotics?
What are the symptoms and treatment of viginal oudor.?
can you tell if you have TB just by a chest xray?
what is STD?
How am i going 2 catch a disease off a bird???
hey everyone swine flue is less dangerous lets party and talk?
Why is it that, despite the fact that homeopathy has been shown to be totally worthless,?
After the New Years celebration, anyone have a good remedy for the next day's hangover.?
I get headaches so regularly I'm getting worried....?
what's the best way to stop smoking?
do i need glasses or not?
I want to get contacts but i don't know if i should! Do they ruin your eyes more?
contact lenses hurting my eyes?
my son wont wear glasses any help.?
If your eyesight is minus 2?
Some guy just told me I shouldn't wear glasses because it's not natural and God wanted me to have bad eyesight?
Do I have an eye infection?
Will dropping tabasco sauce into my eyes wake me up?
How to take care of your eyes inside and outside ?
sore throat and chills?
If I get strep about once a month would getting my tonsils removed help?
Could I have Swine flu?
Is cancer an infectious disease?
How do I know I have tetanus?
i have a dam painful sore throat and it has some really weird and irritating symptoms. please help...?
Average height for a 14 years old? HELP HELP HELP
Food poisoning from undercooked chicken?
I now have a fever at 103F?
can someone explain to me what EXACTLY is the swine flu?
I ve got swine flu i think its overrated lol?
What is the difference between swine flu and flu?
Anyone have Peter Pan Peanut butter on the shelf??
why would you need hospital treatment?
I took advil and then drank alcohol , very little alcohol though... is it safe?
Alternate methods to swallowing pills?
im 13 and ive taken 8 paracetamols, will it cause any serious damage? im worried sick... :(?
What do you do with a stey in your eye?
i have a really really irritated eye...?
My Mom is seeing flashing lights, and feels ' spider-webs ' in her eye. What can be wrong?
Is it possible to get glasses with thin lenses?
Is there really a way to improve vision?
Should I tell people I'm blind?
Extremely Itchy Eyes?
Killing cattle........strange ?
i have fever today nd cough is it means that i have swine flu? my temperature is 37.6?
Blood type?
If someone has herpes can their children inherit the herpes by birth?
How many times have you been hospitalized ? and for what?
what is the difference between bacterial and viral infections?
what country did the swine flu originate from?
Can you die from the swine flu?
OMG is this SWINE flu ???? SCARED!!!?
I think I have swine flu...what should I do?
Is there anything to help with a stomach flu?
so far swine has spread bigger in?
starting signs of swine flu?
what types of Diseases can you catch by using a public bathroom??
is it safe for my three year old to have the mmr vaccination now that he is older?
Think my golden ret might have insecticide poisning Vomiting lose of balance really sick!! she is 14yrs HLP?
Does it hurt to get a Booster Shot?
Why does a vaccine prevent an illness, but cannot cure an existing one?
HIV, Blood & Cell phones?
Tounge kissing with Dog? Is that gross or what?
MMR vaccines.?
does cranberry juice help flush out the kidneys if you have a urinary tract infection?
question on aids..could i get aids cuz of what i just did?
What do I do if I accidentally ate immodium?
can staring at the computer screen for too long cause your eyes to look as if they're popping out?
Is it worth getting glasses?
Getting Contact Lenses For The Fiiirst Time?
How to improve your eyesight naturally and fast?
Why is my left eye twitching?
Is my eye doctor lying when he says that when your eyes get worse it's all due to genetics?
Am I overweight????? PLZ answer?
Am I at the right weight for a 15 year old ?
What's the best way to stay awake?
what is the best remedy for a hangover?
Other than alcohol drugs or smoking....What is a good stress reliever?
what's it like to be high on ecstasy?
Lovesick - What's the best medicine?
If you "get" H1N1, do you still need to be vaccinated?
What does everyone think about Swine Flu? is it really something to worry about!?
HELP i have a horrible disease! ?
if your mouth have cut and u drink a saliva from a hiv will you get hiv?
Me and my family are going to Nevada (Las Vegas) this friday, has the Swine Flu reached Nevada yet?
Do I have Swine Flu or a cold?
What exactly is my eye color?
when i wake up i sometimes can't see out my right eye, all i see is bright green?
Do you think it would be an good idea to get my eye color changed surgically?
how does it feel like to wear contacts?
Why do I never/barely ever blink?
I was bitten on the leg by another person. Now soft, large lumps are beginning to emerge from it. What the?
Is Swine Flu Cureable?
is there any chance of survival if someone catches swine flu?
sore throat question?
should fast food companies be held responsible for the obesity problem in the us?
Swine flu help please ?
best medicine for worms age 36?
MRSA - (staph infections) What organs does it affect and how?
can i get mono by...?
What is your best approach to recuperating from a severe bout of flu..?
Urine is weird yellow/green...help?
Work and MRSA???? Can I go?
Will chickenpox come again?
help. im so sick.?
Does lyme disease effect your vision?
SWINE FLU [email protected] SCHOOL!!!!! PLZ HELP!!!!!?
So annoyed by all this swine flu crap. x.x?
which has more bacteria, the mouth, or the rectum?
my ears and throat itch!?
Apparently we are at phase 5 of pandemic alert, if we reach a phase 6 how long will it last before post peak?
How long can you live being dehydrated?
why does diarrhea happen?
How can this new swine flu occure naturally?
Can you contract and spread chickenpox if you've already had it before???
Can I take Penecillin if it wasn't prescribed to me?
am i overwieght/underwieght?
is this bad or is it fine/normal?
am I over weight ???
I'm 100 lbs over weight.?
fav snacks?
Can I put eye drops in my eyes before i put in my contacts?
I'm female aged 52. Experiencing hot flushes. I do not want to take HRT. Can anyone suggest an alternative?
Hello I'm slightly deranged!!?
My seven year old wouldn't wake up! Were his meds too strong?
Does wearing glasses worsen eye prescription? Lasik Eye surgery?
When you go get an eye test, do you wear your contacts while taking the eye exam or do you take them out???
permanant damage from whitening eye drops?
my dad thinks the swine flu is obama's way of scaring us into free healthcare?
shall i go to school tomorrow?
Lady dies of swine flu?? scared help? =[?
i have a urinary tract infection...it says to drink water?
Terrified that I could have food poisoning from chicken yesterday please help :-(?
Cold or hot drinks when you have a sore throat coming on?
Did you get sick after your first Kiss?
what is the difference between the swine flu and a regular flu?
How can you get swine flu?
what should i do if my daughter has swine flu? Help?
do i actually need the H1N1(swine flu) vaccine?
If you kiss someone who you know has the mono virus, are you definitely going to get sick?
How likely is it that a person can "re-catch" their own cold virus.?
should i go to the hospital?
If somebody had the swine flu, are they allowed out of the hospital?
I am -4.25 in both eyes. Is that bad considering I had glasses since I was 7 (now almost 24)?
I don't know the politically correct term for "cross eyed"?
Who's your favourite Optician in the UK?
i'm 14...so are contact lenses suitable for me?
How High of a Prescription is This?
I'm blessed with very good eyesight, but i look really cute with glasses....?
whats a quick way to bring down blood sugar without insulin or medications?
Whats Wrong With Me ....Diabetes...?
How are diseases and tumers started? Also how are cancers started, what created them?
my kid has chicken pox? what do i do?
Killer sore throat?
Should I get the swine flu vaccination?
Is it possible for scientists to come up with new viruses that are deadly? Med Students please answer?
what is immunisation?
ulcer or something worse?
Is it OK to travel to Paris since the swine flu is still around ?
Swine flu... isnt it bizaar...?
What do I have??
Can you get Lyme disease from kissing someone who has it? Or get it any way from the person?
Can you have infections or diseases after a tattoo?
what is the differnce between a stye and pink eye?
can you get the H1N1 if you already got the shot?
How can I prevent tonsillitis?
ok ok help please advice.... is this the stomach flu!?!?
why are viral infections more difficult to treat than bacterial infections?
I have a severe infection on my arm. please help?
Why is my cold makeing me so tired and warn out?
What are some good home remedies for a sore throat?
How can I get rid of eyeglasses?
I wear my contacts for fifteen hours a day, is that too much? Can I sleep with contacts in?
is it okay if i dont wear my eye glasses?
I've ordered some glasses from online and I didn't know my eye size or my bridge so..?
now im starting to freak!?
will the vaccine kill everybody who is injected and then they will blame the swine flu?
if u do not eat pig can you still get the swine flu?
How long does it take to catch a cold?
Do you believe aids came from monkeys? or do you have another explanation?
Howw did swine flu start♥♥♥?
Can strep throat happen over night?
Flu shot and now i don't feel good!?
Do you have a cold or the flu right now?
Gloves, Yes?
Buddy went to take a hiv test said he felt something in side his arm apart from the needle. later found that t
what is the swine flu?
I think my brother has swine flu. Should I call the police?
Swine flu in my school...?
my friend when for a std test on her own she said that she could feel something apart from the needle and i to
Does dog/cat poo have rabies virus?
I have Infected toes, I don't know what it is? HELP!?
can i just get my tonsils removed now so i can avoid it in the future?
What will happen if the Swine flu advances to a level 6?
My brother told me HIV is not real?
Why don't people get leprosy anymore?
My brother has a 104 fever that has been going up and down all day. What should I do?
I think I might have swine flu! Help.?
is swine flu deadly in young adults?
Someone please tell me why the regular flu isn't an epidemic?
What should i do if my brother started to get chicken pox and i didn't get it yet?
Question For parents?
Bottled water as a substitute for contact lens solution?
Eye Whitening?
Is it hard to put on your contacts.?
How long should an eye exam be?
Do you think I need glasses?
can u get measles if you have had the mmr jab?
swine flu vaccine ...my boos wants me to get the shot..should I?
If ever there was a swine flu pandemic, would a P100 respirator be able to protect me?
What is the cause of swine flu and why is it called swine Flu?
why does she avoid eye contact?
do you know the history of vaccination?
what are good remedies for a fever blister?
Stomache Virus vs. the Flu?
do sleeping pills need to be prescribed?
What are some remedies to remove stress?
Give me some natural things to do to help me stay awake.?
what's the best cure for a hangover?
Is Swine Flu a Real Threat in First-World America?
Does eating bacon from the store indanger you to get the swine flu?
DIABETES how do you cope?
What is a 'Substantial Breakfast' for someone with diabetes?
Can anyone have diabetes with out knowing?
My right foot is seriously cracked and my mom says that's a sympton of Diabetes. is this true?
when i buy glasses do i have to pay for both of the lens and frames?
Can you wear glasses that aren't your prescription?
How can I tell if I'm wearing 1 of my contact lenses inside out?
I took these pics of my eyes, and they look crazy. Why are my eyes so different from others? What's the deal?
Can you view an autostereoscopic device (3D without glasses, e.g. Nintendo 3DS) with only one working eye?
why are fat people miserable?
Why will there never be a cure for HIV? Why are people scared of those with it?
I have pink eye but i have to go to school tomorrow.?
Preventing a cold?
why do i always get colds i m very healthy and active, and it takes forever for them to go away?
So how can we protect ourselves against the swine flu?
Vomiting And Diarrhea ?
What can I do to get healthy when I have the Swine Flu?
Emergency! Swine Flu?!?
Do i have symptoms of Swine Flu? Should i see a doctor asap?
Cold or Swine Flu!!!!!!!!??
Swine flu...are we being lied to?
can dim vision be a symptom of eye fatigue?
I accidently took a shower with my contacts on! PLZ HELP ME!!?
I can't get my contact lense out of my eye, please help!?
What's the easiest way to take out soft contacts?
Laser Eye Surgery?
if you have an eye infection should you wear eyeliner?
How can I restore proper vision?
What's the difference between ring worms and pinworms?? I'm not sure which one my brother has?
What Disease should i write a report on?
In all seriousness, regarding the swine flu?
How do you kow if your getting a cold?
are any people on here lying in bed suffering from flu? i have been in bed all week?
Help me I have had a fever of 102 for 5 days now i have a headeahe and my body is sore my throat is so swollen?
First time smoking weed?
My friend doesn't believe in hypnosis. How can I convince her that it really works.?
bead stuck in the ear?
Is it ok if I drink water when having a sore throat?
Can you catch H1 N1 a second time ?
The first person has died from swine flu in the u.k that was otherwise healthy,are you afraid?
what is a deadly disease?
A housefly landed on food i ate :( ok?
Why Cranberry juice for urinary infections?
How would you know if you have the swine flu?
chickenpox at age 20 is it safe? what can she take?