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bleeding when i go to the toilet...?
Does this sound like a rough week for person fighting cancer and about to start chemo?
Is cancer a painful way to die?
Who started the Swine Flu?
Any advice for helping out a friend that's battling cancer?
My grandfather has lung cancer and cant get treated?
Iam gonna get call from doctor tomorrow about my sons histology results Would they call me if it would be bad?
Does skin cancer lead to death?
How to avoid catching what your room mate has? (sick)?
Survey: Does it annoy you when people don't cover their mouth when they cough?
My stepsons stepfather has hepatitis C should we be concerned about contact?
HELP. I am very sick and nobody believes me. I think I am dying...?
Could it be breast cancer?
If there is a cure for Cancer, would anyone tell the public?
Is hospice care only for those who are dying?
Am I insane for planning a trip so soon after chemo?
What can I expect from tablet form Chemotherapy?
what are sarcoma and carcinoma?
What are my chances of getting breast cancer if three women in my family have had it?
a guy I know is very fidgety and can't keep still for longer than a few seconds?
what are the first symptoms of diabetes? PLEASE!!!?
If i got Chicken pox at age of 7, Can i get it again? becos right now i am care-keeper of an infected perso?
Cancer.. final days?
i have an itchy ******** any ideas how to get rid?
how can i help a relative with cancer?
at what age can you get cancer?
Say you had a child, when she/he grown up at age 14 would you buy them achahol or tobacco?
What's it like living with diabetes???
HElP!! whats wrong with me?
In stage 4B pancreatic cancer w/ liver, bladder metastasis at diagnosis what is the life expectancy?
What are the symptoms of cancer? How can someone diagnose if he has cancer?
Lump on breast automatically mean cancer?
Does smoking cigarettes cause cancer?
what are the side effects of chemotherapy?
What should my mom tell her students about her breast cancer and chemo.?
starting to smoke Cigars?
I have extra expenses that I need help with due to child with cancer and husband broke his leg?
17 yrs old with swollen lymph nodes all over body.?
Is it possible to inflict oneself with cancer deliberately?
can u have cancer but feel perfectly fine?
i have really dry skin HELP best answer gets 10 points?
How can I solve major acne problems?
What subtance in cigarette smoke causes lung cancer?
Whats so special about breast cancer that it gets a whole month of recognition?
What do you know about bowel cancer?
What will you do if you know that u don't have friends and soon u will die from cancer?
Am I at the beginning stage or Anorexia?
what are the chances of recovery from stage 4 colon cancer?
Does the H1N1 virus care that my birthday was two months ago?
Medical professionals only please?
How long would a person have to live without being treated for breast cancer?
I found out I have cancer! What next?
Help! My Mom has cancer?!?
what is the BEST anti-nausea med for chemo patients?
is Cancer curable in 2 weeks, but the mda suppresses this knowledge because cancer therapy is so profitale?
Can you die if you don't get checked out for cervical cancer?
I Just Know It's Something Bad...Breast Cancer?
What should I do with a earphone that may cause cancer?
should breast cancer braclets be banned from school?
Do patients going through chemo lose all body hair?
Is there any way I can tell if I have skin cancer?
How long can someone live after finding out they have malignant melanoma Cancer?
Is it possible for a doctor to tell by a x-ray if a tumor is benign or malignant?
stage 3 colon cancer...starting chemo in 3 weeks.. any success stories out there..after chemo?
Can all thyroid cancers be detected w/ an FNA? (Caution:long story ahead)?
Help me understand how families deal with cancer - family has no extended family?
Why can't our bodies fight cancer?
is it true that it's illegal for clinics to treat cancer in ways that will cure it in the united states?
I've just found out my friend has cancer?
If an oncologist is called?
I'm only 18! Could these be signs of breast cancer?
what are the 10 worst foods to cause cancer?
how do you know if you have cancer without going to doctor?
i just found out i have terminal cancer?
Could i get cancer from using axe?
Should I support my fiancee's decision not to treat her Cancer the traditional way?
Can I have breastt Cancer?
preventing breast cancer?
i made up my mind to stop smokin cigs?
other than breast cancer, what could this be?
Experiences with brain cancer/ brain tumors?
Is cancer always found in a blood test. Please see my symptoms?
I just rec'd a call this AM from my Dr informing me that I have melanoma.?
armpit sore?
Please tell me if this is normal(Cancer)?
Do you think that using use and throw watter bottles again & again cause cancer?
How many laxatives should i take after i binge-eat?
how do I avoid da munchies??
am i overweight?
what have you eaten today that has the highest calorie content?
Why am i still so fat?
What is the best thing to eat after working out to lose weight?
how can i grow taller within a few days? im 13 , 95lbs and 4'11?
how is it possible to weigh less in the morning, when nothing left your body?
I'm 13 and weigh 144 lbs. Am I fat?
eating before or after exercise?
Why does pain get much worse about one minute after taking painkiller?
Am i over weight???????????????
how can I lose 10 pounds with out taking pills?
I'm a male, 5'91/2" tall and 150 lbs. Am I fat?
Am I Too Fat Or What?
will i lose my curves if i starve??
How do i loose weight if i am 200 pounds male and a 13 year old?
Is htis a normal wieght?
Do you think i'm fat? Honest opinions please..?
do you think I can lose weight by not going to the gym but to walk in town?
how to get a six pack??? 10 points?
Do Fruits have any caloriess ???
am i skinny, average or fat?
Does my bf think I am fat?
Tell the truth! Am I fat?!?! hehe?
What's the quickest way to lose weight?
How can I learn how to do the splits?
How can I gain weight within two weeks?
Is this a healthy weight for my height?
Am i overweight??????????
I want to loose weight i am 5"2 and 189 lbs i don't eat alot of junk but i drink soda if i cut out the soda
am i too skinny?
how to lose 20 pounds in 2 mouths without exercise?
Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?
In Absolute Agony! Please Help....?
Gallstones or stomach ulcer?????
Have you ever taken Tramadol as a pain killer..?
I think I broke my pinky toe. My husband said he has broken his and the doctor said he could just let it heal?
What Are Some Natural Remidies To Make a Sore Throat Stop Hurting So Badly?
how do i stop ear popping?
How do you manage pain in your ears?
Sick!!! how to get better?
do you smoke? at what age did u start?
Am I overweight I weight...?
I like eating liver sandwiches,someone told me it's bad for my health.?
what is the doc who gives people medicine when having surgery?
What are some good ways to loose weight? need help!!!?
Does smoking pot help you lose weight?
what causes the pains in my arms when drinking alcohol?
is this sciatica?
Im sooooooooo scared what if it hurts really really bad!! I hate pain?
How do you stop your skin from having that terrible burning sensation after handling spicy hot peppers?
HELP!!!! my nerves are so bad, that im cutting myself, anything i can take for my nerves, taking ativans?
what will 1500 mgs of hydrocodone do to a 113 lb person?
What Is The Best Time To Exercise?
16 years old pain in my right side?
Ear Pains?
My throat hurts so much! It's because of plehgm, but the only medicine my mom found so far creeps me out.?
i have a sore throat...?
i have severe back pains and would like to know if the is a web site i can purchase oxycontin on line.?
uper neck, uper left back hurting and my left index finger is numb. whats going on?
Bully's at my school put 4 staples in my left arm and 2 staples in my right arm. Can this damage my body?
guess my age?
am i fat? (pics and measurments)?
I am now weighing 137 lbs at 5'4. Good weight? Still fat?
I'm a male standing 6'3 and a 135lbs, my girlfriend is 5'2 and 263lbs. I'm trying to get her to go on a diet.
Only eating once a day..How quick will i lose 7lbs?
sore throat and croaky voice?
Lower back pain near ribs?
any 1 else had the same?
Help me... I have horrible stomach pains.?
My throat hurts when I swallow?
B12 injections?
Who Is Your Roll Model?
What are good healthy snacks that are also filling?
how do i gain muscle on my thighs and calfs?
Puking after eating to lose weight? ?
What happens if you dont eat for a day?
I am way too fat and I need help! Is this a good idea to loose weight?
am i fatt? someone help?
what is the most effective way to loose weight, around the tummy area?
Why do they say you are suppose to drink LOTS of water when dieting?
What do you think of my body?
How come I haven't lost a pound?
Why am I so skinny when I eat SO much?
I am 39 & have 150lbs to lose. What is the best way to get started?
146 pounds, at 5'6, just ate 2 portions of
what's the healthiest way of lose weight?
I'm having my wedding on Aug. 5th and I want to lose some of my stomech fat. How can I do it fast?
How do I get a flat stomach without losing weight?
What are the possible causes of lower back pain? How to avoid it?
Is my back ever going to stop hurting?
Fibromyalgia..or what?
I'm 40- Recently have cracking in knees,no pain but it freaks me out.hearing it. ?? Help!?
I have a a ball like thing on my neck it will not stop getting bigger what is it?
A very bad leg pain .?
I took 4 oxycotin, 5mg each.... could this cause an overdose? Please help, I'm a little worried now.?
Is there any natural remedies for lower back pain?
Help please. Doctor's input would be nice.?
I have bad knees so doing sqauts hurts how can I make it not as painful?
what are some good ab exersizes so that i can lose fat? when will i see results?
i'm a 13 yr old girl who is 5ft 3in. & i weigh 116 Ibs. is that overweight?underweight?or average?
what should i eat...!?
is 5'3" and weighing 130 pounds healthy?
Is this going to kill me?
does anyone know the best type of pain killer for avascular necrosis of the hip bones.?
Does cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?
is inflicting pain on myself really that bad?
Crushing headache?
Sharp pain in shoulder?
I found a pill with ethex 302 on it, it is white with black letters what is it?
does acupuntcure work with sciatica?
How come most men are fat and wide???
Is fasting for 3 days good drinking liquid only? Can you lose 5 pounds in 3 days doing that?
does starving yourself really make you lose weight?
Can I take Co-Codamol tablets to the USA?
Lower back issues..!! suggestions please?
Can you tell me what this sounds like every part of body aches, neck is swollan, tierdness it comes and goes ?
do you have to have a referal to see a rheumatologsit?
Best things to do when your back is sore?
do i have migraine headaches?
I just got braces. There is a painful sensation all around my mouth. How to numb?
is it necessary for a therapist to touch breast tissue during a massage?he goes under my bra?
Does cracking your knuckles, neck, or any other bones cause arthritis?
My back pain?
Does fibre really speed up you're bowel system?
my mom is 150 lb and she wants to weigh 127lb .could someone please tell me how she can loss the weight?
What's the quickest way to sober up?
Is 5'3" a short 15 year old girls height?
i have heart palpertations all the time thay getting on my nervs?
Too much Oxycontin??
i have a ? about s**?
I'm having this weird pain...?
I have taken 32 400mg tablets of ibuprofen?
how do u get codine?
Whenever I get hungry, I feel sweaty and shaky, almost like I'm gong to pass out. Does anyone know why?
im 22 240lbs @ 5'8" and putting my self on a 1000calorie diet. Any thoughts comments suggestions advice
I'm 12 years old and i weight 85 is that healthy?
Can I be healthy and still eat fried food?
can someone please give me advice to my lower back pain?
Pain to the left side of my belly button. HELP!!?
If i sit to long i get a sharp pain in the back of my leg?what is it???????
This morning I felt like I had a big rock in my butt...(serious)?
can i request my doc.send me for a ct or emg or mri scan?
My right wrist hurts when I bend it?
is this a migraine ?!?!?
can an overweight man become skinny one day?
I'm I over weight?
Do you go to the GYM ??????
do you get really annoyed when you see fat people eating at macdonalds?
why did my neck hurts a lot during class.... help?
After i drink I wake up with a headache and have it all day until i drink again what's wrong with me?
my knees pain a lot... sometimes it's severe. I cant keep legs in the same position for long time.?
Volleyball Pain?
How do you get rid of migraines?
what helps back pain?
Is minor neck gland pain something to worry about?
wat should u do for a tension headache? i have 1?
severe knee pain..can anyone help?
who can tell me the fastest way to lose 7 pounds. they dnt have to be 'healthy' ways?
How do I get taller ?
Look at my picture. Should I lose weight?
How do you like "Am I fat?" questions?
What do you guys do to motivate your self's?
I am 18 and I am 5'5" my measurements are 34-28-35 is that too big?
whats the best low calorie food ?
what's best to eat before running?
why can't i lose my belly fat?
I went running today, and my muscles are sore. What should I do?
My gf's bones always make a clicking sound why?
What are her chances?
if your stomech hurts what should you do?
Chest Pain ... Dull Ache in middle of chest??
My dad is 60 years old and in perfect health. He has pain in his left shoulder for 2 hrs in the morning. ?
Is it normal to get a stomach ache after taking a laxative?
How much is the average chiropractor's visit?
my weight's getting me down! please help?
if i'm 5'0 and weigh 105 do i have to worry about my weight?
Am I really overweight?
If your stomach hurts after you eat what does that mean?
do guys like chunky thighs?
Sit ups are so boring?
My right arm keeps going numb?
I just took 2400mg acetaminophen, will I be alright?
get rid of slugs in the home?
My throat hurts when i swallow how can i make it better?
If its stinging when u urinate what could it possibly be?
What hurts more: to have your leg broken or to have your heart broken?
I collapsed yesterday,i had been standing up outside, felt dizzy?
What causes cramp and how can I prevent it?
anyone can give me tips to gain weight?..?
its my second day of my diet I'm not eating no more than 600 calories a day, will i lose weight quickly?
How can I gain weight?
Should I remain vegetarian or should I start eating white meat?
leg in severe pain? what to do?
Do you lose weight if you starve yourself?
I'm 13. I weigh 230lbs. I'm 5'3. Any1 know how I can lose 100lbs in 7months? I want 2 do it b4 High School.
Do I have an eating disorder?
Embarassing Question About Beginning To Work Out?
if i eat 200-300 calories a day and exercise how much weight could i lose?
CAPTiAN CRUNCH iS THE BEST CEREL EVER!!!!!! do you agree???
HUNGRY!!!! Help please!?
am i fat????????????????????????
if you are 5'5 and a female how much do you weigh?
I need to lose 20 pounds before Christmas - please help me?
I'm 15 and 5'5" and weigh 145 lbs. How do I lose weight!!! Please Help!?
I'm 13, and i think im overweight, is it possible for me to lose about 20 pounds before school starts?
if i just eat lunch and drink water all day will i lose weight?
I have a question!?
I dont drink water..i drink soft drinks all the time specially coke..i want to drink more water any tips? thnx?
How much weight do you normally gain during the holidays?
What's your number 1 way for losing weight?
I've got a big tummy. How to reduce it?
Should I lose weight or not?
why do ii get a stomach ache after eating?
anyone with advice please ?
How long should you wait after you eat to throw up?
whats the difference between type1 and type 2diabetes?
Is it unhealthy not to eat?
Why isn't my friend a fat a**?
I am 13, and i want to loss 20-30 lbs. I am 160 lbs. How can I do this?
I am 5'2 and 140 pound am i really fat?
i want to be healthy whatt should i do?
Question about selling blood?
a mate of mine has just taken my blood sugar (sat) it was 26.5 is this bad?
Can you lose weight by eating whatever and as much as you want, but exercising everyday, an hour a day?
How to calculate exercise and diet calories to lose weight?
How can i get to my goal of 5' 10"?
are muscles permanent?
Hi am I entitled for free prescription as I am a diabetic?
What are the signs of appendixs?
Whats the hardest part about living with diabetes...diabetics ONLY or people living with a diabetic?
i have a friend who i s borderline anorexic..?
what should MY blood glucose be? a fasting was 111 . my doc sent me home w/a glucometer to check my result
I'm diabetic and my two of my toes on the same foot are turning blue. One of the nails is turning yellow.
I keep getting shooting pains! Help?
please help?
ive taken 11 panadols , still have a headache HELP!?
OUCH!!! i really feel like i need to crack it but it wont! What should I do?
How can I alleviate the pain of a "crink" in the neck?
should i tell my recuiter i have hemorrhoids or should i not say anything?
Hurt fooot :(?
Is there any way to prevent small pupils while on painkillers?
my 9 year old sister has....?
sharp chest pain?
I have Diabetes type 1 and I have had it for around 6 years, I'm 14, when do you all think there'll be a cure?
I just saw that my dad was looking up diabetes online. Now im worried?
Is it safe to NOT consume any kind of sugar for a long period of time?
Are you hungry?
I'm 89 pounds and 5'4 tall am i fat?
Do I need to lose weight? Use Alli? I'm 5'7" 170 lbs?
Am I underweight, for my age and height for a guy ( I think I am)?
Is this worth going to the doctor's for?
i cant stop uranating, about once every two hours and at night as well.?
Diabetes Survey :D please answer?
I GAINED 5 POUNDS IN ONE DAY! How is that even possible? I'm about ready to cry?
how old do you have to be diabetes?
y is the word cuvry now used to descibe overweight people?
if hickys can cause broken blood vessles,?
I have a kidney infection and hate cranberry juice...?
How can i get skinny FAST ?
I'm 5'6 and 155 lbs, what do you have to say about that?
i have a nice flat stomach but big gut?!!!?
should i lose wheight?
How can you lose weight fast?
do you think a UK size 10 on a 5 ft 6 girl means that she is slim, normal, or fat?
my friend is 13 years old is 115 pounds an 5'3 is she skinny or average?tall or average?
do pulled teeth along with braces hurt?
Is mortrin the same as IB Profin?
Head-ache? What could I do?
what time do u normally wake up?
They say bananas help with heartburn. Why is it when I eat a plain ole banana I get heartburn?
Suffer with either or both Headaches / Migraines ?
My neck is killing me!!! What can I do?!!!?
im a 44 yom and i have severe hip pain and leg pain feels like its the bone?
my dad has diabetes??
Can people with diabetes still play scrabble?
how to swollow a pill?
Causes of ear aches?
HELP needed quickly-- Extreme Pain. School in 3 Hours.?
what will taking 5 paracetamol do?
All thsis shooting and stabbing?
please can you give the right solution to my problem?
I'm getting really bad headaches. Help?
severe back pain, tryed everything, no relif.?
is 30 mg of oxy 3 times a day excessive?
Is cinnamin a cure for diabetes?
Do you think I'm anorexic?
How many lbs should i loose?
Quick Weight loss help me please?
weight problem?
I have a head ache from looking at my computer screen?
pain in the right side of my head.?
HORRIBLE suburn! Please help?
how do i break my leg?
why dose my legs hart?
How to stop leg pains?
Scared of anesthesia not working?
after running on the treadmill i have pain in my knee joint. what should i do?
Is there a good home remedy for a headache that will not go away after trying almost everything ?
Why do I crave blood?
OUCH? I think...?
What's wrong with my arm?
Can you take skelaxin and diazapam together..worried about interactions?
Can you suggest anything to alleviate this headache?
what causes me to have dizzy spells when I bend down or get up.?
what is the relationship between IB profin and Tylenol?
What is this pain?
Do I have arthritis?
Hip, Leg and Lower Back Pain?
Anyone know of alternative pain relief methods for chronic pain.?
can help me with this?
Chest, shoulder, and arm discomfort? Help!?
I wanna know if I mix 2 bottles of Tylenol pm with a lot of nytol; would that be enough to kill me?
Does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth taken out?
How can my dad have diabetes when he's skinny??
my husband is a really bad diabetic and he's about to run out of meds. and we dont have the money to see a doc
my throat is hurting very badly and i found a helpful suggestion...?
What do my headaches mean?
In a lot of pain---need help fast! Symptoms: eyes hurt(especially to move), sore throat and swollen lymph node
What can I do for a severe headache I've had for 12 hours?
pain killers?
please help in pain!!!!?
tramadol what pains is this for...my script says take 1-2 up to 4 times aday..?
What do you use for leg and hand/feet cramps ????
Can someone tell me why I experience pain in my calfs after sitting a few minutes.?
help my legs hurt!!?
Do you know if it's fat or if it's sugar that I need to cut down on to avoid diabetes?
Can you take ibuprofen and paracetamol together?
Can You Guess What I Have Done To My Leg?
back pains at fifteen?
hi i have had a bug sickness and diahorrea?
Why are you not supposed to sleep with a heating pad on?
lately my hands have been numb in the morning when I wake up- any ideas?
How can I get rid of a headache without Tylenol?
HORRIBLE cramps 10 points?
is it possible for a 4 yrs old kid to experience chest pain? ?
ok i have a question about my friend and what i should do?
Whats wrong with me?
i have a pain in lower back very sore comes and goes?
Is it normal to have heartburn twice in one weak?
What are the best shoes for standing for 8 hours while working? Sore feet are the biggest problem.?
I can't clean my right ear without a ton of pain?
Sunburn Relief!!!?
My neck hurts so badly! HELP =(?
son's glucose is 290, do I keep him home w/t fluids?
I'm fat & ready to lose & tone...but how??
ways to lose weight in less than 2 weeks?
169lbs @ 5'2?
am i overweight?
Who do I see for constant lower back pain?
I get a migraine everyday and I'm 16...can you help?
What do you think of Chiropratic?
Can i write with my left hand?
I have a really bad headache on the sides of my head, how can I get rid of it?
I get a LOT of headaches. Is there anything I can do about it?
how to stop neck pains????
Do I have an appendix problem?
What is the best kind of ankle brace???
What do I have? Headaches everyday, If I run my whole head has pressure. Including my neck. Also, I get dizzy
Why is there an increase in Type 2 Diabetes?
y do i keep getting cramps in my legs and feet?????
I need urgent help with my throat!?
My ears hurt, my throat hurts, my head hurts, I don't feel good!!! I just want to whine!?
help asap? should i call 911?
A couple days ago, my momma had a tick bite. Now her arms are killing her. What do we do?
bulging disc...?
How can I stop my feet from hurting?
My eye really hurts....?
sore jaw after surgery??
why do i get shooting pains in my head that only last a few seconds?
chiropractor prescribe pain meication?
OUCH IT HURTS!!!!!! The lower left-side od my tummy hurts? xould it be appendicits.?
i can not sleep at night i go to bed very late but still i am not sleepy?
i took oxy contin. someone please help me?
How come I'm getting a stitch pain under my right ribcage when I'm on the treadmill?
I was wondering if anyone out there has had neck surgery on a bluging disc . I am suppose to go have surgery.?
When should I see a doctor about back pain?
Stomache Pain and Burning!?
why are more people getting diabetes ?
Age for type one diabetes?
One eye is bigger than the other? Help!?
i want a blurry eyes but how?
How can I help my boyfriend?
Do you wear glasses? Yes or No?
MY eyes have been twitching like crazy??? Help!!?
Whats your favorite eye colour?
Why do we cry when we're upset?
I wore my contacts for 3 months without removing them.. am i going blind?
how do i stop?
my friend lost so much weight..?
How do I get a flat stomach?
what is my ideal weight?
I've Just been diagnosed with very high cholesterol I am going on pills for it what can i do to get it down
What can be eaten if hungry all the time?
Questions on contact lenses?
Brown eyes turn to blue????
what would doctors do in eye exam?
Are glasses the reason I have dark circles under my eye?
i just had my baby 4 months ago?
How much should I weight?
If I'm craving something sweet, whats the healthier choice, chocolate or skittles?
What's the best thing to eat if you feel like you're going to pass out?
Do you believe that size Zero is attractive (UK size 4)??
How rare is this (10 points)?
Eye Problems =[?
Have you ever bought a bottle of tears?
Should we avoid looking at the sun for just 1 second?
Sleeping with contacts on?
Do you wear contacts or glasses?
For years, i've been getting prescriped stronger an stronger glasses. But now, what's going on?
Embarassing question...lol?
White spot on my throat....and stuff..?
are there any health risks if diabetes is not taken care of?
can you use a hot water bottle if your diabetic?
Do I have worms? I'm scared.?
i think i have the swine flu will i die?
Do I have swine flu??
Any tips on the common cold?
can you still get measles or german measles if you have been vaccinated?
20/20, what's it like?
Do you wear glasses currently?
Do blind people dream?
What eye colour do you like the best ? Should I turn my green eyes blue -pic?
if you put your own poo in your eye, will you get pink eye?
this may sound weird but im wondering am i too skinny?
what's wrong with bulimia?
i'm not going to the gym, how can i make my tummy smaller and firmer?
I think I'm starting to get sick w/ the flu. How can I prevent from getting any sicker?
How long does it take for pink eye to spread?
I live in texas and my school closed due to the swine flu and i have a question???
How/why do people die from swine flu? How is it different from any other flu?
Are you worried about contracting swine flu?
if you've had the chicken pox before can you catch them again?
I know this is stupid, and probably gets asked ALOT, but i think i got SWINE FLU?
OMGGGGG This is About The Flu.......?
Swine Flu-could i have it and should i be checked?
Do I have the h1n1 flu?
Any way to make a sickness [virus] go away faster?
Why Is the Swine Flu Becoming Such a Big Deal?
What is the treatment for Urinary track infection?
Im soo scared of swine flu i dont wanna even go shopping tomorrow.?
where in the world is Salmonella found?
Am i being ridiculous by worrying about the Swine Flu?
i have diarrhea what to eat or take?
Can I get my eyes tested for no cost?
I just got contacts and my eyes are burning...?
Should I wear my glasses all the time?
Do I need to wash my contact lens case?
I can't open my eye!?
Would I need glasses or not?
can a teen get shingles?
Is there some kind of virus going around in england?
swine flu zombies... im looking for a safety buddy/group?
how cold does it have to be before you can be sent home from work?
swine flu but asthmatic?
what type of disease is it when your discharge is brown?
What is the best way to prevent swine flu? How can this epidemic be controlled in major towns in India?
Diarrhea problems... please help 10 POINTS!?
who invented malaria?
Might have pink eye? Not sure.?
Do I have symptoms of swine flu?
i don't exactly understand the whole swine flu pandemic, is it curable or not? if it is, can it kill you?
is the swine flu still spreading?
i have 5 yrs baby & she always have throat infection what can be done to avoid the infection?
Ear Infection and then a TERRIBLE Sore throat?
why am i always hungry?
I really adore potatoes?
does God want us to be slim?
How do you lose 10 pounds in 6 days?!?!?
Do you drink green tea?
Help me lose weight...I am 5'10 and weigh 240. I have been recently eating alot more healthy. I eat salads...
how can i help my brother from hiv aids?
I wore my contacts to long and eye is sensitive and sore what can i do?
How do you know if a contact lens falls out or is 'stuck in your eye'?
If you loose your glasses do you need a new prescription to order a new pair from the same place?
Can contact lenses really improve your eyesight?
is my eye color special at all?
How can this be prevented?? any experiences? ?
I'm afraid my toaster will give me AIDS, help?
whiteish bumps on back of throat, feel like somethings stuck?
Help! I have the Flu. Can't "break" th fever?
Why does the UK have so many more Swine flu cases then the rest of Europe?
I've got swine flu symptoms, how am I supposed to get to the doctors for tamiflu?
If i have 5 out of ten symptoms of swine flu, should i be staying home from school?UUURRGGEENNTT!!!!!!?
My daughter has herpes simplex virus, can she also have mono at the same time?
Does anyone out there know the symoptoms to Swine Flu?
is it true that people die of aids everyday?
Will using Purell or any hand sanitizer help protect me from catching swine flu?
anyone had this sickness bug yet?
HELP:I'm 35,a diabetic w/psoriasis and I'm nervous about getting the H1N1 vaccine?
HELP HELP HURRY PLZ plz plz !!!!!!!!!!!?
If the Swine Flu is almost a pandemic, why are we still going to school?
am i gunna git swine flu?
My brother was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and Hep C.?
what are some good but healthy snack's....?
How can i be fit like Miley.Best answer 10 points.?
Do you think i'm fat?
Can you gain weight with from eating Fruits and vege's???
Can children catch diarrhea off dogs?
I have swine flu and need to know if I can quit Tamiflu.?
How to get rid of a cold FAST?
Question about the Swine Flu?
If you were blind, how much would you be willing to pay, to be able to see again?
Can you take this eye dominance test for me?
i have an eye lash stuck in my eye... how can i get it out?
yet another swine flu question?
How can someone boost their immune system?
How to develop a sore throat, or even better lose your voice?
Why don't doctors give antibiotics for viral infections?
i have got mild headache and from morning, is this swine flu symptoms, what should i do now...plz help?
is it swine flu or not?
both me & my hubby are hiv+ can we born a child is it safe for child?
why is swine flu so-called?
I think my friend has Swine Flu?
would you date a diabetic?
I think I might have Diabetes type 1. can u tell me if itz true?
Swine flu and pregnancy. Can you get vaccinated?
how do humans get rabies from humans?
Is this a swine flu hazard?
I'm 19 and have chicken pox. Wtf?
is anyone else worried about swine flu?
My Pupil Keeps Getting Bigger And Smaller!!! help!!?
Contact lenses: If I wear them for too long will they damage my eyes?
Do you need a prescription to get colored contacts?
operation tommorow....................??????
Side effects of the H1N1 vaccine / vaccination?
Swine Flu?I need info Please!?
What are some ways to boost your immune system?
Why don't I lose weight even though I'm a dancer?
Is 120 lbs normal for a 5'5 16 year old girl?
5'6 weighing151?
is diarrhea contagious?
what is the spine flu?
Do you think the swine flu has been going around LONGER than they think?
I have swine flu, how long will it last?
what is in the flu shot?
how old do you have to be to buy contact lenses?
How is it possible to have purple eyes?
Is my Glasses to Small?
What's normal for a first-time contact lens wearer?
Is this normal in swimmer's ear/ear infection?
Is bleeding from the ear dangerous?
the person taking my blood doesn't use alcohol wipe before she did it...help..?
Will Swine Flu Become A Massive Outbreak In The UK ?
I just found out that I'm Hep C positive?
If you've never been diagnosed before how do you know if you've got diabetes?
If you rarely get infections, does that mean you've got a strong immune system?
should i go to the doctors ? (swine flu)?
After 12 years of honoring brother's wishes...I disclosed his medical condition to other brothers.?
What precautions, if any have u taken during this Swine flu outbreak?
whats a good website to learn about malaria?
Help with diarrhea please. thanks?
Can I die of Swine Flu?
Did anyone hear about this?
SWINE FLU! ... the little 23 month old in Texas who died?
Does eating less help get rid of pin worm/thread worm?
what is the worse disease?
what's the swine flu/virus?
what color are your eyes, and do you need glasses or other corrective measures?
anti glare glasses are not doing their job and what is anti glare how does it work?
Hi guys, tell me how to improve eye vision?
how do u throw out ur old glasses? what happens to them when u do?
do i have the swine flu? help?
Can i avoid the vaccination legally (UK)?
So how fast do you think the Swine Flu will multiply?
Can I catch HIV from washing up?
What's the fastest and most effective way to get rid of a sore throat?
Could I have Type II Diabetes? I'm only 18 yrs old :'( ?
Could my husband have a drinking problem?
go to school or no? swine flu?
Will masks really protect against contracting the swine flu virus?
can a 6 week old get strep throat?
do i have....swine flu?
what's the most effective way of not contracting the swine flu?
Should I go to the hospital?
What are these symptoms of?
I'm a size 4 and my husband likes to call me fat.?
do i sound thin or fat?
is it okay to be obese?
How do you get an infection?
How Can I prevent Chikun Guniya & Dengue ?
I've had flu for 6 days now - surely if it was swine flu I'd be dead by now?
what's the fastest and most effective medication for the common cold?
How Can I Get Rid Of My Cold?
Who thinks the swine flu is really gonna effect 2 billion people?
Do I need both contacts and glasses?
I have pink eye and I'm scared!!! Please help me!?
question what color is a brown eye if its light brown?
What do blind people "see"?
what color are my eyes?
What's wrong with my vision?
i am a janitor and would like to know where i can get info on cleaning a room contaminated with scabies?
Really sick, what is wrong with me?
How do i get sicker.. fast?
can you get bell's palsy again?
Does this sound like swine flu?
Should I worry about the swine flu, living in Montreal?
What are the symptoms of the swine flu?
can copper get rusty?my son scratched himself with something and i found copper on floor from the pipes?
Does anyone know the best ways NOT to get swine flew?
I think my mom has swine flu...?
We think my dad might have swine flu....?
is diarrhoea better out or in?
What happens to the country if they declare pandemic level 6?
what are the symptoms of swine flu?
Hi, I'm HIV Positive and have been taking Lamivir - S40 and Efiverenz 600mg and Septrin since May 2005.?
How likely is it that i'll get the Swine Flu?
Is it safe to use regular eye drops to soak my contact lenses?
How often should you remove the cleaning solution in the contact lens case?
Help! I accidently took an extra dose of my antibiotic and I feel hot and dizzy?
I don't want to wear glasses but I just got told I need to. Help?
What does it mean when the whites of someone's eyes have a discoloration(not talking about pink-eye)?
what can i do for fun if i am in bed and sick??
The Woman who got Dystonia from the Swine Flu Vaccine?
is there anything you can take to prevent food poisening?
Can you get swine flu from smelling bacon?
50,000 people hiv positive in united kingdom?
Does a 21 year old with a 103.2 degree fever and flu symptoms need to go in?
Is Swine Flu as severe as we think it is?
chicken pox is it possible to have twice in life?
Can you get HIV from sharing needles with a blood relative?
Should i get contacts??
how to make my eyes blue-er? ?
If you wear glasses, about what age did you get them?
my eyes change color everyday. what's wrong with me?
Do I or don't I get my daughter the flu shot this year?
Ummm guys, I have Swine Flu?!?
Question: What's Your Height?
I want to start a healthy way of eating but I don't know how to?
Help! I need a low fat sweet.?
My wife wants to loose 15 pounds what's the best way?
how many calories should i have per day?
How do i give myself a fever?
How are infections spread in hospitals....please help!?
A question about H.I.V.?
how can you try avoid getting the swan flu?
Mono virus symptoms, do i have it?
Will eating pork give me the swine flu?
what do you think of the swine flu?
What do colors look like to someone colorblind?
what color are your eyes?
what causes a red sore eye?
how often do you have to replace contact lenses?
glasses but i dnt Wnna wear them!?
my girlfriend has the flu??
i have the flu, i've had it since yesterday, is there anything i can do?
question about fever?
What are some good ways to avoid getting sick?
why the temperature of the body is increasing while we are suffering from fever?
Has anyone ever falsely been diagnosed with diabetes. I had a FASTING lab done and my sugar was 271.?
what is a disease that can be caused by a vitamin deficiency?
I have had swine flu now its almost gone I feel really low and weak is that normal?
Have you changed your mind about the H1N1 vaccine?
My eyes change colour!
Daughter's Eye color changed, help! (Picture included)?
What would cause your eyes to change colour?
My eye just fell out?
Help please!! Which optician will give my 8 year old contact lenses?
I have tiny white bumps on the back of my throat, and it's been sore for 4 days.?
a tick is living inside me now!!!!?
Has anyone actually FULLY RECOVERED from the swine flu yet?
help me lose weight please.?
Can smoking make you lose weight?
whats the candy that you crave the most?
Splenda bad for your body?
Please help, my friend is vomiting a lot?
Should my 11 year old take gardasil?
Swine flu - do you think it was created by pharmacutical companies and/or the government?
Will i get swine flu (a1 influenza)?
Does anyone else think that everyone is over reacting about the swine flu?
What are the symptoms of pink eye?
how serious is strep throat?
Should I stay in my home to avoid Swine Flu?
How to clean my glasses..........?
How do you wink with one eye?
Putting on contact lenses for the first time?
eye-laser surgery ??????
Question about contacts? 10 POINTS!!!!!!!?
what's my eye colour?
When was the last time the pandemic threat level was 5?
do you think swine flu will pass?
How sick are you if you have to take three pills of antibiotic per day for two weeks?
What are the chances that (bacterial) conjunctivitis (pink eye) will go away on it's own?
How come people in the more developed world havent died from swine flu?
Are all these questions about the Swine Flu entertaining or annoying?
How do i get rid of strech marks? I have brown skin?
Can swine flu be in pork we eat?!?
why is the swine flu so scary?
Am I Dying? sounds silly,, but am i?
My Eye Color???
How much does a pair of prescription glasses cost if I don't have insurance?
What could cause a massive headache for 9 days?
i want to wear glasses but dont need them?
To vaccinate or not vaccinate our children?!?
I think I might be sick? Is my body temp to low?
Can HIV live in books?
Can I get Salmonella poisoning from heating milk in the microwave?
Do you think that I can lose 50 pounds by June?
What should I eat to put weight on? (Vegetarian)?
I need to lose lots of weight?
Why am I not seeing weight loss results on the scale?
whats wrong with being chunky and happy?
hi! i am 18 yrs old, female, 5'1 , 99 lbs. i want to gain weight but i have fast metabolism. help!?
I'm 13 years old and the fat kid at school. I want to become a athletic muscular guy and lose weight.?
Where is swine flu getting most commom?
The best face masks for swine flu?
swine flu are we all going to die?
Please can you tell me how to get rid of yeast ifection?
will immodium work if i go to the toilet shortly after taking them?
SWINE FLU..........PLZ HELP!?!?!?!?!?
Will the swine flu virus Kill me?
How can I get rid of a Cold in 1 day?
Could we survive without the bacteria that live on and in us?
i have horrible headache. i dont have any painkiller. what shoul i do??
will it be hard quitting marijuana?
I'm 16 y.o. and I think need to start wearing glasses, but how do I get one?
i see black spots ?
How do I find the contact lense that is floating on my eyeball?
why do i find it harder to see when driving at night time?
is there a way to change your eye color?
Is spectacles a common term for eyeglasses or glasses in the UK?
How do you get rid of a UTI without antibiotics?
Why are jabs taken on the rear? if so which are?
How do you get rid of a Migairne Headache with out a perscription?
what make glands in neck swell and ear hurt?
What is wrong with my throat? HELP!!?
There is Pain in my arm?
My husband has gout in the big toe anyone any ideas to ease the pain?
someone please tell me what u think? im scared.?
Pierce (idk spelling) your cartledge????
What is the safest way to knock someone outcold without hurting them?
lower back pain .. and i dont no why?
PLEASE! How to soothe a burnt tongue?
Should i go to the hospital for this cut?
Have you gotten your flu shot? Is it true what they say?
If the bird flu were to reach North America, how many people would it kill? How do you protect yourself&others
I am very upset and tired. Could this be a symptom of anything?
If my mom has diabetes 2 am i at risk to?
pl give me some solution for the acidity problem?
Could marijuana benefit those with the flu?
I just got contacts yesterday, now my left eye hurts?
Can you drive if you're blind in one eye?
Where could I have gotten my eye color?
My son's left eye's pupil is bigger, should I be worried?
Sorry for another 'Swine Flu' Q...?
Should I be worried abou the Swine Flu?
can you get strep throt when you DON'T thave your tonsles?
4 y/o had a fever of almost 102?
Swine Flu Transferration?
Do you know anyone who has gotten the swine flu?
Will you be duped by the swine flu lies and get vaccinated?
Should everyone get the H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine? Can you get sick from the virus after the shot?
You can't have HIV/AIDS when you use Protection?
Swine Flu? I'm Terrified!?!?
I am in the hospital, my water broke wed night i am 20 weeks being given iv antibiotics dr said today ?
Blood fell out of my mouth mouth?
Can you only get pink eye once!?
What are the symptoms of strep throat?
which has more germs in the restroom?
Getting rid of pink eye?
Why are people freakin out about the Swine Flu?
am i tall for my age?
I'm around 4 ft 11 inches and in the 8th grade. how much should i weigh?
I am fat 183 lbs 5'2 32 years old. Help?
I'm on a diet. Is gum healthy to chew?
Im 15 years old 5'4 and i weight 145 pound. I really want to lose about 25 pounds in 2 months any ideas how?
I have the swine flu what should I do?
Would you go out tonight with all this swine flu hype?
if a person has hepatitis b does this mean that they a re nasty and don't have good hygiene?
Funny how just one pig can cause the outbreak of a pandemic that can possibly kill thousands?
Blood passing from the anus...?
How Do We Know If It's Swine Flu?
What if i was running an AntiVirus on a laptop and it said that it found a virus called "Swine_flu.exe"?
Do you have green eyes & are they pretty?
Do you have to take off your contacts if you get on a rollercoaster?
YOU are my GLASSES, where are you?
My husband wants to know why his eye has been twitching for like a week?
colored contacts?
Does AIDS spread through food & drink sharing?
what happens if you are given the wrong blood group during transfusion?
When i woke up this morning, I woke up with a soar throat, the Chills, and a slight fever?
if my grandparents and my father had diabetes, is it a high risk for me to have it?
Hey,, If a diabetic doesn't go to the doctor anymore and doesn't check her blood levels what could happen?
help, im poor and having trouble controlling my diabetes?
Here's a list of my symptoms. Am I diabetic?
How do you stop diarrhoea?
Where did AIDS come from?
i got my H1N1 flu shot am i safe now?
Doctor's Excuse Question?
What will The Color of my child eye be?
Will I get my contact lenses right after the eye exam?
Average Price blue contacts?
Help I can't get my contacts on! any advice!?
lazy eye/amblyophia question?
I'm 12 years old, can i wear colored contacts? If i can't, how old do i have to be?
Seriously, 'do you think I have the swine flu'?
Why is swine flu now called H1N1 ?
What is the best way to get rid of a sore throat?
can hiv be obtained from this?
so confused about swine flu vaccine!?
Will I be immune from Swine flu?
Can a urinary tract infection cause extreme pain?
How can i get rid of strep throat?
Low Calorie Alcohol Drink?
Am I fat????????
I am underweight and I am 48kg. How do I put on weight?
Since its summer, is it possible for flies to get in your ear ?
Swine flu, at what level would you start to buy supplies?
My brother was raped, could he have any SERIOUS physical damage caused to him?
My eye has been irritated for over 2 months now
Should i get Glasses or contacts? ?
Is it bad to have big pupils? ?
Eyes changing color? anyone else have this?
Can I Wear Contacts While Swimming?
bloody stool what would cause it?
do i need to get doctors note for being sick for 2 days ?
how can i fake a fever?
is it ok to take amoxillian 6 hours apart?
Will I get Swine Flu if I eat pork?
Is it ok for a 50'ish Type II Diabeteic to get a tattoo?
How can I get vicodin or Percoset prescribed to me?
I'm 20 and am suffering from chicken pox, is it normal...?
Does anyone else out there think that maybe the swine flu is just made up?
If I eat Pork, will I get Swine Flu ?
I've had bad vision my whole life so what's the point of glasses?
Can I wear 3D glasses while wearing a normal glasses?
If you wear glasses when you don't need to, eg if you're an actor, is it bad for your eyes?
does anyone else have trouble putting in contact lenses?
will i need glasses??
How to insert contact lens. It doesn't grip the eyeball.?
Should i wear my spectacles?
would you travel to mexico with the current situation with swine flu?
why can't i bend my pinky finger without having my ring finger move at the same time?
Can I catch the Swine Flu by making love to fat girls?
is it possible to die from swine flu if ur 12?
my full time maid servant's brother is having T.B.?
contagious cold sore?
Should I be worried that I have Swine Flu?
Why so quick to judge on Swine Flu?
why is it called the swine flu?
What do I wear in hot weather if I'm fat?
I'm 5"6 and weight 138 pounds, am i overweight or underweight?
How do i prevent myself from getting hungry?
if I'm 4"11 how much does my weight have to be?
how do you lose 450lb please help?
My eye color (pic included)?
Does wearing sunglasses protect your eyes while on the computer?
Contacts lens Help?!?
i am seeing weird things flying around?
When I take my contact lenses out, there is a film on them. What is that and how can I make them more comfy?
got my 1st pair of contacts today & it seems like i can see farther&better with my glasses rather than contact
What do you think about Swine Flu?
Does this sound like it could be the flu and should I take my child to the er?
Could I have Lyme disease?
have you ever felt sad killing a mosquito?
I think i have the norovirus sickness bug?
My daughter is 14, & having a fever for 4 days?
Possibility of Swine Flu? Help?!?
Whats the difference between a 'pandemic' and an 'epidemic' and are there other '...demics'?
Could this be swine flu?
Do ginger people have souls?
is the regular flu contagious?
Does anyone know the symptoms of the swine flu?
How does Malaria and Dengue spreads?
can you die from a massive stroke?
HIV question! please no rude answers! im really worried and nervous!?
Are shingles contagious? ?
Do i have tonsillitis?
What are the symptoms?
Does anyone know about the staph infection called Mercer , and if so what can be done about it?
Do i have a cold ? Flu ?
How can i cope with JUST getting glasses?
Can you change your eye color without contacts or surgery?
how can i change my eye colour?!! and dont give me that crap that i need contacts!?
Can your vision get better on it's own?
drinking to much water causes diabetes?
It's Runs in the Family, how can I prevent it?
is there any solution for AIDS?
How to get rid of a cold, fast?
Never had Chicken Pox?
Im 5 months pregnant.. Should I get the Swine Flu Vaccine?
how can the swine flu hit so many countries so quickly?
I'm trying to lose weight. If I take vitamins, drink plenty of water and only eat once a day, will I lose lbs?
am i fat? [[pics]]?
what should i do to make my stomach flat?
Can you eat breakfast cereal with water?
How can you tell if you have an ear infection?
what can i take to boost my immune system?
Do I need to worry that my daughter scratched herself on an earring on a public path?
How Dangerous is the Swine Flu?
Can a dirty filthy house/apt. cause staph infections. stuff/food on floor for months/yrs? yuck! no lie!?
I've already had 2 bladder infections and I'm only 15?
I have had diaherra for 5 days now, what should i take for it?
Mexico sickness ? ? ? ?
dangers of common diarrhea?
Would being pregnit, having a fever ?
I have flu at the moment. Should I be worried that it's swine flu or is it likely just an ordinary bout?
Can you catch a cold from hot weather?
My parents blood type is both B... and mines A positive. Is that strange?