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advice needed on deppresion?
If someone told you they were going to kill themselves,would you believe them?
Is there something wrong with me?
Scenario: you wake up next to your sleeping partner and you've shat the bed due to illness. What do you do?
Am I going mad? Talking to myself?
I am 14 years old. And I am really depressed. People always talk about me I think I am going to commite sucide
I am not happy with my life-any advice?
Whats wrong with me?
What happens to someone if they don't eat?
i think i got raped. please help.?
I am going to kill myself for sure.?
what are you scared of?
Can anyone relate to the helpless feeling I have about being unemployed and on the verge of losing everything?
Is my daughter evil or a sociopath?
My life is so lovely that I might as well shoot myself...?
Have you ever disliked anyone who has done nothing to you?
what can i do when i am bored?
horrible stress at school?
ive been bullied my whole life?
if you knew a friend that had CANCER,and everone kept making fun of them wat would you do?
what is breast cancer?
My mum is having breast cancer surgery in an hour and I feel like I don't know enough about it all?
Will anyone pray for my cousin "Ramon Arturo Lidiano Frias" ? Who's suffering of cancer possibly pancreatic.
I'm a 44 year old single mom very depressed with no energy left.?
how can you beat severe depression?
i need to lose weight? asp?
If I start going to therapy or counseling, will others be able to find out?
can someone help me or not?
I'm having the worst day.... =(?
how come i still want him?
I have an ENORMOUS...?
I cannot sleep at night?
HELP PLEASE<REAL LIFE ON THE LINE. My friend needs $12 000 for radiation treatment to save his life, how?
what does testicular cancer feel like?
What's up with my lymph nodes? Have you ever heard of this?
can anyone tell me why oncologist don't put people to sleep when they do a bone marrow biopsy?
is there any danger in swallowing *** from a guy who has cancer?
How can i make someone with cancer feel more comfortable at a family get together?
i want to tell my parents that i have been self harming but..........?
i'm scared of ghosts and i'm not able to sleep at night..its effecting my health too.what should i do?
Is there any good reason not to smoke mariuana?
Has anyone had any trouble with kids starting fires ?
Long term depression... still battling?
help with the fear of death?
How much information should you tell your therapist?
I rely on clothes to boost my confidence and zest which I think I'm going crazy, do you agree?
How do you cope when you get lonely?
If you are allergic to bee stings are you allergic to honey too?
How do you prevent yourself from being affected by others' negativity?
How do I stop from harming or killing myself?
I'm shaving my head for cancer?
Please help, I'm 15 and scared I may have breast cancer.?
Why does chemotherapy make your hair fall out?
My bf was raped by his dad when he was 14 and now it is making him have low self esteem how can I help him?
when im about to sleep i hear voices and when i close my eyes i see face... can anybody help?
What is wrong with my son?
i am addicted to masterbating,how to control it or how to avoid it?
How do i stop cutting?
Anyone I can talk to?
I have a problem!?
Is This Anxiety?
How do I help my best friend get over her obsession with a guy?
how do i get the courage to phone up this helpline?
How do you get rid of mild depression?
Tap water causes cancer?
i think i've got melomona -skin cancer- doctors only?
does smoking pot kill you give you cancer and make you a drug addict?
How can a guy die from ovarian cancer if men don't have ovaries?
My dad has just told me he has aggressive prostate cancer, I'm absolutely devastated, my dad is my whole world?
what am i supposed to do if i wanna kill myself?
Why are you awake at this time? 2am uk?
Theres something wrong with me.Somethings just not right?
Do you ever wonder if some of your contacts forgot to take their meds today?
Help, i'm depressed and had enough of life?
basically i self harm my mate wants me too stop but i cant its like an addiction any advise?
do i have depresson?
Is there a vaccine for cancer?
I found out my father has cancer.....just don't know what?
Will swallowing a pen cap give you cancer?
Breast Cancer concern!?
whats a natural cure for cancer help?
Why is it I can't STAND to hear someone make noise when they eat?
I have what's known as Multiple Personality Disorder...
would you commit suicide....?
How Do I stop hearing others thoughts?
i cant go 2 sleep!!!!?
Is everyone happy...?
What should I do?
If someone have a foot fetish is he nasty or he have a problem?
Computer Addiction....?
how can get rid of feeling guilty?
im suicidal. HELP i can't find a cure?
I talk to my cat, am I going mental?
Do you think there is a cure for Cancer?
how do i know if my friend has breast cancer?
Can you have cancer and not lose your hair? Idk if this girl is faking?
Is cancer real or a myth?
whats the happiest moment of your childhood?
i'm falling apart?
Have you ever been so Depress that you can't think straight?
cutting myself?
wanna know how anyone get rid from depression?
Best cure for immediatley curing a coldsore?
how can i deal with these painfull facts?
My mother thinks I am anti-social?
are there really lymph nodes in your breast?
Is It Possible To Receive Chemo for 2+yrs. for bone cancer?
Does eating raw eggplant help cure cancer?
Beer + Chemo Therapy = ?
Suggestions for a Team name for a Breast Cancer walk?
Treating cancer with radiation therapy or chemotherapy?
Do you know anyone with cancer?
Do you think I have breast Cancer? I'm really worried! Please help?
Suicidal stuff??? URGENT!?
How did you get out of your depression?
What causes you to have anxiety?
My fiance had dilated pupils today, I've never seen them that big before.?
Help my friend is sick!?
I've been told that I already received the max dose of radiation, doesn't that mean I can never have it again?
what are the symptoms of colon cancer ?
Can breast cancer run in families?
how many cigarettes or cigars does it take you to get throat cancer?
Not quite ready for nursing home, but getting difficult to handle?
I've only smoked cannabis once in my life. Could my symptoms be caused or exacerbated by this?
whats your views on being an alcoholic?
What do you think about nurses having power over life or death?
who is suffering from depression and is fed-up right now ?
Why cant I wake up for school?
Depression question..........Please look?
how do i know if i'm having an emotional / nervous breakdown?
What if your best friend told u she wanted to Kill herself and possibly harm other people???
All I ever feel like doing is crying?
Help Me Please!!! I don't know what to do!!!?
Stupid Mistakes?
what are some signs for ADD?
!!ONLY!! and i mean ONLY if you have self harmed answer this question.?
How Do you Get Over School Depression?
Why is depression so rampant during the Holidays?
xanax question..?
emotions ???
Please Help I have Anxiety and Panic Attacks everysingle day, it's destroying my entire life, what can I do???
What's good about life at my age?
Help me!!!?
Whats wrong with me?
what kind of drug is this?
Does anyone else feel weak/guilty about talking or confiding?
managing depression without medication? Is anyone doing that successfully?
Do you ever feel like you are invisible?
ok.I want to commit suicide, name some pills , which are available in canada?
Is there a really BORING movie I can watch?
whats wrong with me... please help!!! serious!!! ?
Keep Thinking Hearing Voices!!!?
No one is listening to me???
Help me Im weird?
Why do i regret this so much?
Should I Try Shrooms Or LSD?
Which is the BEST cancer treatment hospital or clinic in UK / London?
Weird growth in throat?
Dad advice about smoking.?
How can lukemia be cured and how long can you live with it?
Do I have leukemia?
Breast pain. Is this a sign of breast cancer?
is cancer a virus or a bacteria?
Can you die from leukemia ?
What's the next best thing to suicide?
If i commit suicide & died will my favorite singer then will love me ?
which drug is what? i'm so confused?
smoking weed makes you depressed?
Is this depression? Have you had it? Have you dealt with it?
Suicide attempt...how do I earn their trust back?
What do you think, is being "insane" better than being "normal" ?
Test tomorrow!! What will help me sleep??
i had a fight with my sister.i am not seeing her anymore.but i hear her voice calling me!am i crazy?eli eliiii
whats your Ultimate fear?
What do you do if you can't sleep?
This cannot be normal for a child of fourteen.?
Is this the beginning of anorexia?
Yoga solves Mind Depression?
My mind refuses to sleep! help!?
I am so stressed out latley..is anybody else out there right now as stressed as me too? any words of comfort?
I'm really worried about growing up. i'm 15?
Need Male Viewpoint?
I am alone in my living place, now i m depressed due to having no friends or other relatives. plz help suggest
Does this make you cry?
What the hell is going on?
Could I have bipolar?
Could I have been a rapist in a former life?
Whats the big deal about cutting? I cut, and so do some of my friends, and we're OK?
Am I insane? Or does everyone else do this in the privacy of their homes?
im sick of life why?
What is good for lowering depression?
How can i sleep better at night?
Is it okay to cut yourself a little bit?
I feel suicidal,i don't know what can i do,i don't see way out...?
Can anyone help me- depression?
Am I being paranoid?
Do you think I might be depressed. Lately, I've been thinking about trying coke?
I am soooooooooooooooooooo terribly depressed today I just found out that my baby neice died from?
My daughter is going to die any day now. HELP ME!!?
what do you think of someone with a disability?
i hate myself because im turned on by rape?
Anyone know how to cure the common cold?
Is tonsillitis contagious?
I ******* hate myself so much?
How do you cheer yourself up when you're down?
is it ok for me to cry?
should i stay up and study or go to bed?
I want some time off work what illness can i have that will make them think i am not lying!!?
My mother is so crazy she has a bipolar disorder does anyone know how to deal with people with this disorder?
why are you treated like a retard by society because you have a mental health problems and struggle to adjust?
if a guy said he would call and he hasnt, should i call him?
where is my husband tell him that i love him so much,please?
What Causes Social Anxiety?
What do you do when you feel very lonely sometimes?
Can a person with adhd be declared mentally insane?
I think I might be being abused.?
Help me.. please..?
is depression for life?
what other mental disorders other than schizophrenia or depression also relate to people being talented with..?
Do you think psychiatrists help people? like teens?
Whats A Good Way To Calm Your Self Down?
Why do I keep seeing the number 39?
Am I addicted?
What do you do to fill up the gaps/loneliness if your unemployed?
has anyone on here helped severely depressed or bipolar sufferers?
death of a relative made me lose the taste of life.what to do ?
When will I get a break?
What is wrong with me?
What are you addicted to?
Can you be metally ill and still be demon possesed?
I think there is something wrong with my wife not my son?
urgent overdose help?
what is alcoholics anonymous?
What in the world would cause this to happen??!!??
what can i do to help me sleep?
What do you do when you are being constantly ridiculed at for suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts?
How does one not become consumed by the basic futility and meaninglessness of life?
im tripping out now!!!!!! for real?
I swear I have some disorder?
Is anyone out there psychic?
Do i have a split personalty?
If you had to write a note before you died, what would it say?
What is your view on self harming?
I'm really suicidal?
why are some people emotional while others are not?
wish you'd never been born?
I dont feel like living anymore?
Why when I'm manic..........(serious answers only)?
freaking out over weed, anxiety and depression help?
how can i get cigarettes at 14?
Question about diabetes?
How can I get rid of a cold sore?
is anyone getting sick of people asking if they have swine flu?
Is it diabetes if ants are attracted to someone's blood?
Am I diabetic?
how do i stop diarrohea?
why am i addicted to plucking my body hair with tweezers?
Hearing voices.. scared of going to bed tonight?
I'm feeling too stressed at work to do my job properly - what should I do?
how can i stop being scared?
Should I be worried about this? PLEASE HELP!?
Anyone have any tips for first time smokers?
I want to die young?
I'm in middle school and I think I'm falling into depression again. what do you think?
Are you emotionally strong or Do you break easily?
Does dush kill sprem? does dush break hymn?
my cousin is 25 and has chicken pox?!?
is this odd for my age?
what can i do to relise pain instead of cutting?
PLEASE HELP! Wife has anger problems... (Men and Women feel free to answer)?
Is Suicide my only option?
How many of you are feeling a little anxiety...?
Do crosswords exercise the brain?
Should I use EXTREME measures to prolong my father's life (advanced Alzheimer's)?
How would I know if I have the regular flu or the H1N1 flu?
Isn't it a disappointment to have a BA degree, ONLY to find out you can't use it & get a decent job?
How can I really find my personality?
how do you stop yourself from committing suicide?
Do I have problems or is this normal?
What is the best way to releave stress?
I have quit smoking. How long it will take for my lungs to be as good as anon smokers Lungs?
if the 1 you love had a brain tumour?
What's all this 'attention deficit disorder' about? Or is it another term for 'badly behaved'?
Can someone help me?
I'm going to commit Suicide if my Fiancee dies, is this a reasonable solution?
If Christians can't contact those forgiven, have they forgiven? What if counselor says this is required?
Am I crazy? Im seriously worried..?
Besides been here on yahoo answers ... what are u doing right now...?
what do you do if you are filled with hatred towards one of your parents?
my mom is mean!?
can someone help me?
How do I get my GP to prescribe Ritalin for me?
Help me. Please. Im desperate. I Self Harm.?
what is depression ?
If you can pick your friends,can you pick your friends nose?
what is my problem? lazyness or sadness or depression or just a phase?
I got suicidal over a lad, whos fault was it?
Why do so many people believe Alcoholics Anonymous works, when it's actually a horrible cult-like organization
Where's my elephant?? this is THE question...isn't it??
Question about Depression?
whats wrong with me?
Why is my boyfriend such a geek??
Am I a psycho?
does every person goes through depression for atleast once in the lifetime?
Can smoking help you with an anxeity disorder?
why do we get addicted to things?
i feel so down, uninterested with most things, i stay in bed all day..?
What if i smoke only when needed?
Is it possible to get the chicken pox twice?
What does a wart look like when its going to fall off?
Is this a corn or a wart on my toe?*picture*?
What does this tell you about me. Am I a freak?
Extremely nervous before stuff like interviews?
Do you think there are any sane people on this planet??
Do you think i have an eating disorder ?
what is the best way to boost ur energy?
I think I have a mental disorder...?
do anti-depressants actually work ?
I really want to die but dont seem to go through with it. I am so unhappy so why cant i jjust end it?
I have a strange obsession...is this normal?...?
doesa anyone know of a non addictive medication for depression?
How can I fight the felling to cut myself don't call me emo or I will report u?
how to overcome Jet Lag?
"Have you ever had thoughts of suicide"?
what is wrong with me....please help me!?
I just tried to killed myself.?
Should shock collars be used on retarded people?
im scared..i want them 2 stop, but they wont?
i think i have a mental problem?
Serious question about pill addiction?
I don't want to live this life anymore?
anyone you know ever try to commit suicide?
I can't sleep because of thunderstorm with a heavy rain..i feel scared and paranoid specially now rainy season?
Can you tell people everything you know in 10 seconds or less?
Do depressed people whistle? Not can they whistle, Do depressed people whistle? I thank you. Dave?
Anyone have panic attacks?
i want to kill myself and just end it all.. please help!?
Lving with Depression/Bipolar...Without meds or professional help of any kind, is it possible?
So who's gunna save me?????????????????????
I just saw bigfoot, am I hallucinating, what disorder have I got?
Can "OCD" Be Treated?
Where do you go when you are sad?
Can depression make you not want to go to school and think suicidal thoughts??
Manic or just normal?
I need to go to the ER because of suicidal thoughts..but will it cost me a lot of money?
i am suffering from depression since 3 yrs.i am medical student.feeling suicidal.drugs not workin.any solutio?
I am so PISSED. My niece took LUNESTA and tried to commit suicide last night!?
Sleeping issues. PLEASE answer?
Do you think I have a phobia?
how do you deal with something bad that you have done.....?
How do I tell my friends about my suicide attempt?
what would you say was wrong with this person, psychologically?
How do you increase your self confidence?
i'm 13 going on a plane for my first time, just wandering what are the odds of me dying on this plane?
i think i have bipolar?
Is this an illness?
I am addicted to yahoo answers...?
What is aderoll used for?
What's the best thing to do if you don't know what you want to do with your life?
I need somebody to freak me out about redbull?
what can i do to change my sad lonely life?
Is "Depression" over-diagnosed?
what do you do to cure depression?
What do you do to relax?
Do Drugs!!!!!!!?
I'm shy or maybe have social anxiety and I feel like life is passing me by. What do I do?
Do you ever worry? About what?
i have a horribly shocking resemblance to...?
I just want to say....?
What's your earliest childhood memory?
how do i deal with a phsycopath?
I'm having severe suicidal thoughts.?
what is this called and how do you get over it/?
Signed off with Stress - what did you do when you were in my situation?
i am a teen battling severe depression and don't know what to do?
Why do people have to be so negative about things?
will anyone be able to help?
Please help me I have an extreme fear of going insane.?
What are the negative affects of getting too much sleep?
cutting question...help ?
I self harm...?
How do I tell this guy off?
Is G-d testing me?...?
Do big muscles attract more women?
I'm scared of old people?
Can Someone Like Me Who May Have Aspergers Get A Girlfriend?
does any one else feel detached from life?
Is smoking good to get rid off stress?
I'm really scared, how can i not be???
If you were more than 100 pounds overweight, would you consider having a gastric bypass?
i'm in love with a heroin addict and i don't want to?
Please Help! ... do you think i have Dyslexia or ADD?
I'm suicidal but don't know what to do.?
What is our perpose in life?
Are you a nutta?
My husband and his ex chat alot on myspace?
why the life is not without tension?
I'm christian, and think im depressed?
i just want to die...?
How do I tell my Mother?
what is the kissing disease that cause's someone to get sleepy called?
I'm sorry but I really hate being alive?
is depression make you get old sooner?
I'm in my late 20's and still stuck in fantasy?
Quickest way out of depression??
if a movie starts at 4:40 pm and is 107 minutes long, what time will it be over?
Is a fever of 102.5 too high for my 2 1/2 yr. old daughter?
I didn't get good answers the first time so help me out. AM I CRAZY?
What is the downside to LSD?
When a person gets too depressed in life to even express it to a Psycho-analyst, what's the way-out 4 him?
I feel i may end up cutting myself tonight. please help?
I'm 17 and this constant stress is just killing me... What can I do?
Can texting be addicting? if so is it an illness?
How do I get help for depression without losing my husband?
HELP please I'm really down?
Do I really have OCD?
is there anyhting you can do to control the munchiez?
drugs,"whole life addiction"?
im affraid of aliens are you?
Serious question (Im sorry to have to ask)?
Finding psychiatric help?
For all you guys out there!!!!?
Am I already dead?
To all smokers..if you enjoy smoking...would you recommend it to your kids if you have them?
God's heal?
to the nurses: what is your opinion on the flu shot?
I feel like running away. What should I do?
cold-hearted women,why?
how do i get over past mistakes and be happy with myself again?
Are you more depressed in the morning, afternoon or night?
im suffering from depression, and its doing my head in. What can i do to get rid of it.?
Is this the ADD or OCD?
I live a complete lie. Is there something wrong with me?
Am I emotionally dead?
Why is it useful to breathe into a brown paper bag when having a panic attack?
I want to die and live in heaven?
Would having a history of minor depression stop you from being able to work with children?
How do you go about......?
i love you guys on yahoo answers?
I always think that Ill miss out on something if I sleep, does anyone else get this???
I have depression since i was a youngester. I have tried mulitile medications. There are next to nothing left?
My head feels strange like I'm sleepwalking almost...?
i feel like im in a?
wat do u think is best gift to give ur elders on birthday?
Need help with poser!?
What is ur biggest fear?Only FEAR not PHOBIA?
How do we live a meaningful life?
Do you think that physical abuse is worse then emotional abuse?
I am 23, I thought life was meant to be better than this?
I have a social disorder?
why am i crying?
How do I stop comfort-eating? I do it whenever I'm under emotional strain. What can I do instead?
What will you do when you feel negetive about watever happens in your life?
What makes you remember things?
What is the best way to overcome mothers death?
What are ways to exercise my mind to relieve stress before it causes an emotional and physical break down?
I think I have had depression for about 3 years now, and it's getting worse. What should I do?
Wish i was dead...what do i do?
what kind of foods do diabetic people eat?
uncontrollable laughter...?
please help, depressed, will give 10 points if you listen?
is it bad for your health to hold in anger?
How do you stay calm under pressure?
Should i go to the doctors or not? =S?
What is mono.....please help?
I'm 12 years old and my mom thinks i might have Diabetes what should i do?
Whats the best acene treatment ?
Swine flu- i think i have all the possible symptons of Swine flu?
Have you or a relative battled cancer? How did you/family deal with it?
how soon,after you start smoking,do the cancer-causing effects start?
I just left the lab. and my white blood cell count is4.1 am i in danger is that to low.?
Why do some people say there is "no cure" for cancer?
Why do more women get breast cancer than men?
is cervical cancer s fast growing cancer?
AHHH! paranoia, it's swine flu today? can someone tell me why I shouldn't be scared?
with cancer sufferers during treatment and shaving, what causes the head to appear almost bleach white?
Im 16 and i think i have breast cancer.But i don't have the courage to ask my Mom to take me to the doctor.?
From have heard the flu is going around fast, and every one may have to take a shot.?
Can swine flu be cured or you just have it forever?
Do you think That now it's possiable to Find a cure for HIV/AIDS?
OMG just found out my 2 year old son has swine flu I'm really scared?
I'm a little confused about the symptoms of Swine Flu....?
have I got swine flu?
my one eye is bigger than my other and my one ear is smaller than my other..i hate myself...?
why do people take antibiotics?
Why do i have white marks on my finger nails?
Who is responsible for diabetes and obesity in america?
I think I have a Urinary Tract Infection...?
Has anyone ever heard ulcers on your throat and if so does anyone know how can you get them there?
is a clear slimy odorless discharge normal for virgins??
Has the swine flu reached virginia yet?
why is swine flu causing death?
Anyone getting concerned about the Swine Flu epidemic?
symptoms of swine flu?
Do I have a pink eye?
Is this swine flu?????????????
Would you risk your child and give them the MMR?
3 days of intense fever!!!!?
Have you bought your face masks yet?
When will the swine flu (H1N1) go away from us?
Can someone have a "touch" of down's syndrome?
Whats going on with these swine flu fatality figures?
Is my NYC holiday in June threatened by Swine flu?
do i have to avoid food all night to prevent more diarrhoea?
My bf had an STD before we hooked up & got cured but we cannot have a baby?
Iz it more likely dat will get da aids dan da swine flu?
Are you concerned about a swine flu pandemic?
Whats the symptoms for std's?
is this pink eye?
Hi all i see my vigina is red & its itching since last 2 days?
How do you tell the difference between swine flu and regular old flu?
Do I have Swine Flu? Opinions please.?
Every 10 seconds, someone in the world dies from AIDS.Every min, 1 new infections occour how can WE stop this?
Sore throat and cold?
what's a good cream for eczema?
I'm a very unhealthy eater... What will it do to me?
SHOULD all schools close down until the swine flu is under control?
I was told by my family doctor that I may have O.C.D.?
how long does it take someone to die from cancer.?
Strep throat question?
About the swine flu...?
Should I get the h1n1 vacine?
I have a sore throat, what can I do to get rid of it ASAP?
Could the swine flu be the cause of the Doomsday in 2012?
How can you get rid of dry mucus from the nose without picking it?
Help I don't want to die!?
Does anyone else think people with type 2 diabetes are just lazy and don't bother eating/exercising properly?
could you get herpes by sitting in a public jacuzzi?
Bad Memory?
Can Diabetics drink Diet Cola of Pepsi?
Testicular cancer spread to lungs and liver?
Near to death with lung cancer how long left???
do i have colon cancer?
why don't they have a cure for cancer?
my friend might die from secondary liver cancer. she is in bad shape. *read detail plz*?
the dr is referring to my lump in my neck as a lymphoma?
Anyone had chemotherapy?
If you have possible swine flu, what are reasons to go checked out at the hospital?
i found a pill with white round with barr on one side 555490 on the other side?
Should I give into my sister-in-laws constant nagging of getting the MMR vaccine for my 11 month old son?
Just been spat at, need advice?
Whats better when you have a cold?
Were our doctor went wrong? Should we switch?
How can I boost my immune system?
What exactly is mono?
what is the disease that kills the most people?
How long should I be quarantined with swine flu?
What's a stool?
Sore Throat for 10 months~PLEASE ADVISE?
Ok well I'm not sure if this exsists or I'm just to wird but...?
i'm noticing all these little bumps on my fingers, what could it be?
I had a small scab on my cheek, it flaked off by itself and my skin in lighter underneath it. Will it heal?
Do i have breast cancer? HELP?
i have been sneezing and coughing sometimes and have had a headache and now have dioreah do i have swine flu?
when u go to the doctors for thrush do thet make u take your pants of. im 15 and goin but could not do thst xx?
I have serious cancer and a cruel relative!?
could i have breast cancer?
Can/Will cancer be detected in a normal blood test?
My fiancee just found out that he has 2 stomach tumors. Is he going to be alright? How do I cope with this?
Can someone that has passed away still be there with you?
My mum might have cancer?
I need something to take my mind off of this!!!?
Is cancer in everything?
who can't be a blood donor?
Why can't cancer patients have live plants?
ANOREXIA !? <---- Bad OR Good?
acne products.....??!?
When liver and kidney failure sets in because of alchoholism how bad is it?
The swine flu..im so scared!?
cold or flu please read?
Swine Flu = Stephen King's "The Stand"?
does having the Hep A booster hurt?
I suffer from thrush, what should I do?
What is the white blood cells' role in fighting disease?
is the swine flu to freak out about?
My husband got Food poisoning, What can I do to help him?
i have a constant fever from last 5 month what may i have?
Swine flu Outbreak Cure?
what is swine flu.....?
I have a zit on my arm?
The Swine Flu.??????????????????????????????
Do I have swine flu or seasonal flu?
I have been diagnosed with a braintumor and no insurance..?
Ohio new smoking law?
My mom said that putting my cell phone in my bra would give me breast cancer..?
should u worry its cancer?
Do Hickeys give cancer?
I have oily skin and dry skin?
Swine flu? Would closing the border do much at this point?
Has the state you live in had any swine flu outbreaks?
Can HIV or an STD be contraced through the swapping of an infected person's saliva?
Swine flu question.Any1 had it can u help me?
Bladder infection... antibiotics?
How long does it take to get over Glandular Fever?
what sickness do you get when it's too hot?
positive crowd energy heals cancer?
If you smoke weed out of a vaporizer are you still at risk of cancer?
Question about leukemia....?
Are Black chicken safe for Breast cancer survivor(Female)?
Have you heard the sad news?
Can cancer be spread through blood contact?
swine flu - is it true that...?
i have diarrhea, is it possible its HIV?
is this tick thing real?...i don't no who to believe!?
I don't know if anyone knows of the lady Jane something (she died recently), but she ran marathons, making mon
What is the difference between an Air humidifier and an Air purifier?
How long after getting the H1N1 vaccine until you are immune?
Does anybody have the flu?
Rabies? I got bitten on my finger by a dog but its just a light bite.?
I need some help about Strep Throat...?
will my friend be infected?
extreme diarrhoea! WILL I DIE!! HELP ME!?
Is diabetes a disorder or a disease?
How do I make him quit smoking?
How to fix blood-shot eyes?
how can u purposely get acne overnight?
what kind of doctor should i see to get my thyroid checked?
My doctor said I had H1N1 (Swine Flu) But ....?
Do I have a Pink Eye?
I have swine flu... help?
I have a cold.. What do i do to make it better?
Can you really catch crabs from a toilet seat?
I have these little red bumps under my arm pits?
how did the swine flu start? who started it?
please help me?? any cures for lip sores?
does chocolate give you lots of spots.?
The pain is unbearable. The hospice isn't helping. I just want to die.?
Do I have swine flu...?
Tamponn Helpppppppp .?
is there a cure for HIV?
how to be clean for a drug test?
If everyone took the hair out of their shower drain would Locks for Love Cancer wigs go out of business?
my face is peeling due to sunborn in certain areas what can i do?
Tomorrow I am having a CAT scan for cancer, would you , if at age 68 choose chemo?
I've been bitten by a zombie. What should I do?
been ill for 4 days.?
ARGH! Sore throat ?
Do you know anyone who took Radioactive Iodine for Thyroid Cancer and had to stay away from all other humans?
What is the long-term outlook for a dog with lymphoma?
brain aneurisum?
Why is Colon Cancer so deadly?
Is it possible to have breast cancer at age 13?
Coping with chemotherapy ?
Should i go to school with an 101.4 temp?
Am I bulimic?
Chemotherapy = no contact with animals?
abnormal liver?
Can you still type properly after you've been smoking cannabis
What power does positive thinking have on serious illness's?
Why doesn't my dad notice that I'm sick?
I'm fair skinned, and I burn; How can I get tan, without using sunless tanners?
Sister's Boyfriend Has Cancer?
do you think I have a brain- tumour?
Is chemotherapy worth a 5% decrease in risk?
My daughter has breast cancer?
skin cancer? if someone get's it how do they know they have it?
What is that secret cure for cancer? ?
If someone, has breast cancer and has had 6 chemo sessions, what is the next step/stage?
Low Blood Sugar?
could this be breast cancer?
When someone is on chemotherapy, how many blood donations are necessary for each month?
Have you ever been called a "hero" simply for having cancer and surviving it?
can you get lung cancer from smoking twice a week?
What has tanning done to your skin? Does anyone have any experiences with cancer from tanning?
Could it be breast cancer?
Really Scared Need Opinions?
Could I ask my doctor to do a scan for cancer even though I have no symptoms?
Cancer hereditary question?
Does stainless steel cookware really cause cancer?
Can someone age 78 undergo chemo for Hodgkins Lymphoma and be alright?
My 16 year old cousin has cancer. How can I make him feel better?
What do Macmillan nurses do to help Cancer patients?
what is the succes rate of curing lung cancer, my friend has it, and it is now at stage 4..?
what is your current handphone model?why?
All this talk about cancer from diet drinks cola being one..what about getting cancer from ....?
Why do we assume that non-smokers with lung cancer contracted it from second-hand smoke?
who is a cancer here?
What can you say to a close friend in terminal cancer Diagnostic ?
Can heating pads and electric blankets really give you cancer?
I am going to have surgery for one half of my lung is cancer I have been trying to quit smoking .?
what are signs of breast cancer?
What happens when you get prostate cancer?
Dad has prostate cancer, should I be consider I might have some form of cancer?
Prostate Cancer Diagnosis...?
Help.? Breast cancer.?
Question about a persons last days... she had cancer and died a year ago.?
what kind of food could help to fight cancer?
More cancer than in the past?
Cancer,symptoms when it spreads to the brain?
Is is possible that i have cancer?
ok,my bestfriend want tell me herself that she has brain cancer?
is my mum going to die?
Just cause a mole is itchy, is it skin cancer?
have you been told you have terminal illness recently tell us how you feel?
Have you ever heard of absolutely anyone that has survived after having been in stage four/five cancer?
QUESTION (will you answer?): If you had a friend that was healthy one day but then has cancer the next......?
Kevin Trudeau states in one of his books that there is a cure for cancer?
Trying to create a name for my Team- Its about Breast Cancer?
Is it Skin Cancer on my face?
Is it possible for chronic bronchitis to turn into lung cancer?
Can you get Aids from your own blood?
how does smoking cause lung cancer?
What can I do to get rid of hic-ups plz? I've tried the usual of holding my breath, having a drink and geting
What does cancer feel like, physically. Is the lump painful to the touch?
what are the effects of morphine?
where is the shot for cervical cancer vaccination?
my girlfriend has jst found out she has chlamydia who ive been with for 4years, ive cheated in the past but?
can anyone help me with my acne?
Diabetics only please ?
seriously im gonna die of swine flu because im 11 yr old kid and have runny nose and cough?
Why do diabetics have to check their feet?
How Do I Get Rid Of A Boil?
If I took a crap and it was to big to flush, should I be worried?
help with drugged up diabetic niece refusing insulin bm=23.2?
What to do for my last summer ever?
Why is battling cancer courageous?
I love to eat and recently after being diagnose with Breast Cancer there are foods to avoid.?
brain tumor questions....?
How do you handle a restricted diet for life?
weird question?
Why do people with diabetes smell funny ?
How long has Cancer been around? Since the dawn of time?
cancer? or? please hellpppppppppppp?
what are the odds that a mole will change into skin cancer?
Does The Government Have The Cure For Cancer?
My wife's recouping from cancer surgery and has a closomy bag, what's a good way to get rid of the smell?I
What's the point of developing new drugs for cancer etc when health authorities say it's too expensive to use
sister has terminal brain cancer and parents are getting so tired and harder to take care of her?
A question about Testicular Cancer?
Does anyone have (or know anyone with) stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer? How long did they live?
NEED HELP on the cervical cancer jab. I got a bad problem.?
My friend has cancer?
does breast cancer kill as many men as women ?
Is an overactive thyroid hereditary?
Is cancer of the bowels also considered colon cancer?
my sister has colon cancer. Can I give her part of my colon to save her life?
How to help my girlfriend deal with my cancer?
Has anyone been cured of cancer by taking Laetrile?
When a person with cancer dies, does the cancer continue to grow even while buried?
what to do?
I am a 27 year old mom, recently i boticed an internal lump under my right armpit, should i be worried?
I think I have a Brain Tumor?
What is the makeup of cancer and how does it develop in ones body?
How does hair grow back after chemotherapy?
Wishing a friend Happy New year after he loses his mother to cancer...?
Can drinking diet coke give you cancer?
what kind of cancer did paul newman die of?
I know every cancer has a color attached to it, what are the colors?
Who invented the cigarette?
Reacting to finding out a family member had cancer?
Can regular blood work detect leukemia?
I just wanted to post a thank you to all of you who helped me with my moms battle with cancer?
Question for cancer survivors?
Which men are at risk of prostate cancer?
I think I might have cancer?
lump in in my neck don't know what it sis but its worrying me?
what if a couple gets mariied if mother of both have cancer?
Whats does the cervical cancer jab feel like? is quick or quite slow?
Swine Flu epidemic, what are you doing?
I'm worried I may be diabetic. Should i get it checked out?
Oral Herpes husband! Just found out.?
Jade Goody revealed that many doctors missed her cancerous tumour 4 years ago.I have lost 4 friends to cancer-?
How can i cure cancer?
Is it possible for there to be a tumor anywhere in your body?
If Farrah Facet has cancer to the liver, how long can she live?
Help malpractice death other family members do not want to sue should I do?
Friend, 40 years old, is dying of colon, liver and lung cancer?
I need to send a get well card to someone who is dying of cancer. What do I say?
How did the Ped Egg get that name?
What percentage of smokers actually get lung cancer?
Can't make a bowel movement without a laxative.could that be signs of colon cancer?
What is the cure for diabetes? I know there is a cure but I don't know what it is though?
How to help prevent acne breakouts?
Do I have cancer?
Would i get strep throat?
what is so special about surviving cancer. you still will die one day?
Can you get throat cancer from smoking just one cigarette?
Cancer sticks and money?
i won't say i'm depressed, but. . .?
whats the most common cause of cancer?
Does the NHS pay for chemotherapy in the UK?
What is some good home remedies for the flue?
Help Does My Nephew Have Swine Flu?
Why cant "they" cure cancer yet. And how many Years away do you thing it will be.?
If you were diagnosed with lung cancer from a biopsy ?
How serious is the pain in my colon?
red meat is linked to colon cancer, so are there a lot of people?
Have I got cancer..?!? I am so so scared, please help..?!?
do i have breast cancer?
My is 50 and has been smoking for I think 25 years. If she quits now would it even make a difference.?
blood tests, what do they mean?
Its been six years that i'm using insulin,is there a possibility that i can stop using it?
Marijuana Proven cancer cure?
Is there any cure for Cancer?
What was the cancer scientists cured today and what is the method?
Have you ever had a canker sore UNDER your tongue?
Tony Snow-Several Questions concerning his cancer?
if u took an xray for a sore throat or something, can dey tell if u hav breast cancer?
Okay I share an account with my mom and everyone is accusing me of lying about cancer?
Could I have colon cancer?
Can a stuttering disorder be a symptom of brain cancer?
Whats a good face wash/lotion to get rid of acne?
I'm depress, please help!?
Imagine if swine flu mutated into a virus which made the dead come to life and feed on the living (zombies)?
Whats a good way to get rid of scars?
does this happen or could it happen?
How can i get my doctor to test me for cancer? Im really young?
Is cancer an epidemic?
what are the harmful effects of smoking?
Breast cancer fair or not?
my 1 year old is running 102 fever and his scalp is red and sore to the touch?
what age did you start smoking?
What's the best cure for stinky feet?
Does Canadian bacon have the swine flu too?
Why haven't they found a cure for cancer yet?
Diagnosed with cancer and I want to know....?
Thinking of buying this wig to cover my hair loss due to skin cancer. What do you think of it?
My boyfriend has Herpes 1 (mouth)?
My hands are always cold, wtf?
How can I raise my immune system. please help. I keep being ill?
How do I tell my parents that I smoke??
How do you get cancer from smoking?
What exactly is the Swine Flu and what do you think about it?
Any Virgins Out There????
what can you do to heal sore muscles? and how can i prevent them in future?
Chances of catching swine flu?
Really REALLY thirsty!?
My breast was hit by an elbow?
Dad dying of liver cancer, need to know what to expect?
My Dad's got an inoperable brain tumour. He only has 6-12 months left...:(?
Are there any tests to check if one is genetically inclined to have breast cancer ? If so, at what age can?
If I have a biopsy, how long would it take to be diagnosed with cancer?
If a person has leukemia, how long can they live for?
my eyes are always tearing and often get swollen and itchy. i don't think i have allergies. i use eye drops
What can cause someone to have pale greyish skin?
my 3 year old had a ear infection 11/2 weeks ago his lymph nodes behind that ear are still swollen is it norma
i have found some dark blood in my stool in early this morning and i'm very worried about it can blood cancer.?
tears before you die.
My dad is 74. and have a Lung, liver and stomach Cancer. PLEASE HELP?
What should I write in a letter/card to a woman with cancer?
smoking an NHS scam?
Refusing Cancer Treatment?
Does drinking water and eating salad really help acne?
How do I get rid of my cough?!?
if a person has AIDS, do his/her co-workers have the right to know?
can you make yourself have cancer??/?
I told my husband that I wished he was dead?
Blood in my mucus? PLEASE HELP!?
Is daily walking a good exercise...just in general...?
should i tell my boyfriend i have herpes or just let him find out himself?
Can certain STD's be spread purely from sharing a public swimming pool? yes, am paranoid....?
Can you board a plane with a child with chicken pox?
My bladder hurts after i pee and last night i got so dizzy after i went 2 the bathroom i vomited wuts wrong?
cancer scares me!?
I have a friend with stomach cancer that has spread to his kidneys and chest How will his life be near the end
Skin Cancer?
My Mom developed lymphedema 15 years after breast cancer, could this mean the cancer has returned?
Is it possible to have a sist under one armpit and not the other or could it be cancer?
Would you rather spend $335 million researching CANCER or Preventing STDs?
I want to be a bone marrow donor. How can I become 1?. Are there any national organizations?
Do you think the swine flu will actually become an epidemic, or that the media are over-exadurating the issue?
Are cysts considered cancer ?
what can I give her to eat?
four weeks off the cancer sticks today?
did you know aluminum in deodorant cause breast cancer?
My friend just died of stomach cancer....?
do you know someone who has cancer or have you ever been affected? (a lot of anwers? =D)?
I want to raise a huge amount of money for cancer research.?
What is your survival plan for the Zombie outbreak?
Large bump under armpit?
what's the best way to ease a sunburn?
Why would I feel like i have high blood sugar when its not high at all?
this is kind of gross, but i have been puking up blood lately and puking on an empty tummy...what's up?
i have a phobia of sickness and ill, please could you answer this?
breast cancer at 14 years of age?
How Is Patrick Swazy doing lately with his cancer?
Where does cancer come from?
Do I have swine flu/H1N1?
Can You Contract HIV/AIDS From Sweat?
i have swine flu!!!!!!!!!!?
how to get naturally flawless skin without makeup?
help me or i will die?
what's a natural way to get rid of and prevent acne?
Can you be diagnosed with cancer and not know what kind?
what percent of a cure if one has liver, lung and bone cancer?
Doing chemo while their liver is failing?
My husband died of cancer three months ago. I'm still having difficulty moving on with my life.?
I think I have fibromyalgia, but my doctor won't diagnose it, what should I do?
I have to take a dump but it wont come out.?
stupid boyfriend and pregnancy/std i don't know?
do u think people with herpes will die?
How Serious is lymphatic cancer?
My grandma died of breast cancer. Does this increase my chances of getting ANY cancer?
lump found on left breast?
lymph nodes in my neck always swollen?
my bf as swolen lymph nodes 2 in neck 1 in armpit docs says dont no if cancer til take them out.im worried.?
Skin cancer?
does smoking marjuhana or any drugs cause brain cells to die?
swine flu .. !!!! people!! omg!?
Is swine flu really bad? If you get it r u going to die? I am scared about swine flu!! (Help)!?
Itchy red bumps on my body..im 20 years old!?
.........breast cancer...........?
Is this a sign of breast cancer?
What do you think causes cancer?
what happens when you have cancer how do you feel?
how long does a person with leukemia live with treatment?
can you get breast cancer at 13?
im young and dieing with cancer?
Do you believe that they have found a cure for Cancer and Aids, but they won't let us know?
I've been coughing constantly and spitting up black particles..I don't know what it could be..?
Can u catch an STD from kissing a girls breast?
Why does the news ALWAYS make the SWINE FLU stories so DRAMATIC?
How do I act around my girlfriend who was just diagnosed with cancer?
Can you fight cancer?
lump on my head that moves by itself to the other side of my head?
my GF has skin cancer?
is hookah worse than cigarettes?
What is the best natural Treatment to cure any type of CANCER?
blood test results >> what does this mean?
iam addected to sugar and my grandpa of my dad's side has diabities iam i at risk?
Paranoid about leukemia...?
Why do you think people are coming down with cancer so easy lately?
i want to tan in a bed but i dont want to get cancer.?
Colonoscopy preparation help?
Do you think I have leukemia?
help any ideas of what 2 do 4 afriend whos a cancer patient?????!?
My grandma has just died :'( .......?
Do you take the Swine flu seriously, or do you just think it's a million miles from you?
What is one word that describes your attitude to swine flu?
How do I tell my mom I might be diabetic?
whats metronidazole tablets?
Omg china has had an outbreak of the plague?
is it good to be sick or not?
What are the symptoms of swine flu?
what is the best solution for getting rid of acne?
My dad and cancer aren't supposed to be together in the same sentence.?
Should Aids be made legal in Oklahoma?
Is it more dangerous for a post-cancer patient to smoke than a person who never had cancer?
My Mum starts chemo tomorrow and i just can't deal with any of it!?
if ive had swine flu does it meen im amune to it?
what are the symptom of swan flu?
Why is God infecting people with the swine flu?
Which countries does swine flu exist currently?
I'm about 30 pounds overweight and addicted to sugar. Whenever I .....?
My boyfriend keeps nearly fainting and im worried.?
My uncle is dying........?
Help! Am I going to die? I'm only 25?
I shared a water bottle with a friend who I think may have oral herpes, but I'm not sure, could I get it too?
Please answer my question!?
Today i Stopped Smoking ! anybody else ?
Do you think I should get the vaccine or not?
Any songs about cancer?
Do I have right to decide my father treatment?
Is there swine flu in egypt?
Is there any other way to get rid of migraine's?
Possibility I have swine flu?
childhood vaccination good? bad?
Is there a Chance I could catch Swine Flu from Taco Bell?
How many more melting ice-bergs, hurricanes,disasters, before we act on global warming by reducing pollution?
My mom might have breast cancer; I'm only 13! HELP! ?
Hair Regrowth after chemo?
how do people get brain cancer?
I think i have diabetes. What should i do?
What's your very best food to beat the constipation?
do cell phones give you brain cancer?
Is smoking cigarettes unhealthy for you?
Is it possible for my friend to be telling the truth about him having lung cancer?
Emergency Room for Chemotherapy?
I have found a lump in my breast and it has been there for 2 or 3 months now. What are the chances its cancer?
could i have male breast cancer?????????
can you give me a good web site where i can read about brest cancer(beside google)???? Thx in advance.?
What is a nice gift to mail to a friend who has cancer?
Is cancer a contagious?
A friend of mine just finished up kemo therepy for cancer and has to go in again, but doesn't want to because
HELP! I've got a pistachio up my nose!?
brain tumor question. Im afraid any help?
My father recently passed away from 4th stage cancer.?
can you really eat cancer?
Do people who get cancer deserve it?
at what point will i be considered a non smoker?
my son has 103.1 temp should i take him to the er?
What is THE best way to treat achne?
Have you ever heard that if you open your eyes while sneezing they can be damaged?
Is it just me or dose it seem that everything causes cancer?
suggested foods for breast cancer patients?
is dear any hope to cure colon cance in 4 stage?
I need help with big decision!!!?
why do i have blood from my back passage is it because i have I.B.S.?