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do you breathe when you pass-out?
My nose is itchy. I'm sneezing like crazy, but I don't have a fever. May be allergies but not sure. what to do
I like to fill-up my ashtray and then throw all of my butts in the street at once.?
My Friends Smoke! Should I smoke?
want some tips to reduce weight at present i am 65kgs i want to lose 10 kgs more i female can any one help me?
im 13 and weigh 123 pounds, is this bad?
do you think i am fat?
What would you do if you got called fat?
24 Hour Fitness Locations ?
When I talk to myself, I usually get a responce. Is that normal?
HELP!! looking for intelligent comments only!! Serious question!?
how do u make friends if u think you're dull, ugly & boring?
How often do you make your children eat foods that they're allergic to?
Is There A Laundry Detergent That Cleans And Won't Bother My Skin?
What are YOU allergic to?
What does it mean when someone gives no eye contact ?
HELP! my eye has gone red and I have to go somewhere in 30mins! help what do I do???
Why do my eyes hurt when reading?
Is there some natural liquid solution for dry eyes?
Why is it that when you squint your eyes you can see clearer?
Help! I think something's wrong with my eye? ?
ok does this sound like diabetes? i've been to the doc but havent got my results back yet and realy scared.
has any one else got type 2 diabetes & how do u manage your blood sugar levels ?
do i have a sixth toe?
Plz help i am scared to death 10 easy points?
how do you loose a tooth without pulling it or wiggling it out? ?
YELLOW TEEEEETH ?! D: need help?
My ear hurts! whats wrong?
Why can't you have aspirin in a first aid box?
How do I get the itch out of a Mosquito bite?
Did I break my finger or what?
i think that i'm bipolar?
what is the easiest way to give up smoking?
What if the doctor doesn't take me seriously?
i had a near deth experience last week over dose on herion do u think god wasnt ready for me or was i just lu
how would you react if someone you really like told you they had herpes cold sores?
How old do you have to be to donate blood?
What do you think of magazines in the bathroom?
I just swallowed my gum, what do I do?
how long does it take you to fall asleep. what are some tricks so fall asleep faster?
Have you ever laughed so hard you passed out?
should i be freaking out?
i can't help but sunburn HELP!!!?
What would you rather bee or a wasp?
What's the best way to hide carpet burns on your knees?
Do you believe that someone can die from a broken heart?
this happens to me almost every morning. does it happen to you?
what is the best method of cleanicg marijuana out of your system. I don't need sarcasim?
My Kidney's have hurt very much in the past three days what could be wrong?
My eyes won't stop watering.... Help?
Can't stop Coughing?
My boyfriend tried to eat a beer can (actual metal) & cut his mouth open yesterday. Could he get an infection?
I haven't had a bowel movement for three weeks, should I be worried.?
ANY good remedy for an ear infection ?
Am I Having a Heart Attack?
What the different between type 1 & type 2 diabetics?
what should i eat right now? i just got my braces on yersterday anf my mouth is hurting a lot :(?
wisdom teeth surgically removed. Any words of wisdom?
Braces? Rubber Band Colors!?
ROOT CANAL! Advise please!?
My tooth is starting to turn black, what does this mean?
Why am I Always Hungry?
My 10 month old baby is crash dieting for a photoshoot but the salon won't let her use a tan bed, any advice?
I'm Skinny & Fat, At the Same Time! What Should I Do?
I'm 13, 5'3 and 105 pounds...?
Am I too tall???????????????
fat or thin answer which one do you prefer?
Does laser eye surgery hurt?
why does my vision go funny?
what should i say to my parents?
my eyes are perfect. I want to put spectacles on it. tell me how to harm my eyes?
I have blue eyes,white skin, my partner has hazel/green eyes sallow skin. What eye colour will my baby have?
Does lying effect size of eye pupil?
if an ant goes in one of your ears can it come out the other?
I feel like I have a splinter in the bottom of my foot, except I don't. What could it be?
please please help i am so worried about my sister?
Will weed show up in my blood work?
how to get rid of hiccups?
how many tylonol does it take to OD?
Ouch! My Ring is Stuck on My Finger, how do i get it off?
ever had surgey.............?
im 16, and i need a back brace for scoliosis?
does any one know any good tips to ease a migraine without resorting to painkillers or herbal remedies?
i'm a 15 yr old female, and i'm just wondering what the SUPER bad pain in my heart could be?
I put my pet snake in my mouth. Now all my gums have gone sore and mushy and i have ulcers. What've i do done?
getting my wisdom teeth pulled. ='[?
Is it okay for a guy to be a dental assistant?
EX-SMOKERS: Please tell me by what method you were eventually able to quit. I desperately want to stop.?
Do you lot like me?
Am I Pregnant?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you make a tooth come Out?
i had a weird experience at a dentist office and am not sure what to do regarding this situation.?
What color braces should I get next month?
Do you clean your teeth every night?
I've been rubbing sugar on my teeth for the past month but they arnt getting any whiter, am I doing it wrong?
am i weird???
i really need someone to talk to?
what can i do about my fear of kissing?
Should I Start Smoking?
What could cause....?!?!? [best answer]?
i have a pressure on my left side of my chest and im only 14 years old and i have chest pains?
how come I can't quit smoking? any suggestions? I'm at wits end?
should i tell my dad i smoke cigarettes(occasionally)?
Should I go to see my dad in Chapel of Rest?
My daughter got a piece of wood stuck on her foot. She doesn't let me take it out. What should I do?
Please Help! Should I Go To The ER? Emergency! Please Help!?
how long do i wait to go to the dr.?
What happened to Swine Flu?
Why is it that the needles need to be sterilized before giving the lethal injection?
What are the supposed symptoms of the swine flu?
with the swine flu becoming a greater threat?
Can you get AIDS from a mosquito?
How can I starve myself without being uncomfortable?
Am i too skinny everyone says i am?
I want to lose 14lbs the HEALTHY way..how can i resist chocolate and biscuits??
(pic) how can i make my abs bigger?
Am I fat? 10 points...pics included..?
Mosquito's?? What is the best way to stop them biting? Without using Deet?
i get a tight chest when theres dust in the air is it serious?
What's the best food to eat after you get a tooth pulled?
Im 19 and i think I'm to old for braces?
How long do braces hurt? When will I get used to them?
What is this? Someone please tell me how someone would get this so I can make sure I don't!?
im anorexic, i need help with something?
should I go to the hospital?
is my nose broken? easy 5 points?
Just jammed finger really bad. Ice it or warm water?
My mom got hit in the head with a small rock- should we take her to the hospital? HELP?
What should I do about my rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath...etc?
Could I have had a minor heart attack?
am I going to have a hart attack?
Could there be something wrong with my eyes?
what will happen if I cry while my contacts are in?
What is wrong with sleeping with your contacts in?
Any way i can look at a computer screen without hurting my eyes?
Kind of a dumb, but personal question...?
Does it look like I have herpes?
Should I pop my blister?
My husband sleep the whole day till he goes to work & he sleeps for whole day during sun&satdays what d reason
What's the remedy for Iron burn on fingers?
Anyone battling to quit smoking?
wat hapns wen u dont pee for a week?
does this scare anyone else on here?
How do I GAIN weight?
If I eat a CANDY-BAR instead of LUNCH I won't gain weight right?
how does not eating affect you?
I want to hurt myself now.?
Why Do People Pick On People Who Are Different?
girls weak spots what are they?
why are so many people so scared of the swine flu when it can be easily treated and NO ONE in the US has died?
Doesn't it kill you when it saids kills 99.99 percent germs.?
Is Swine Flu Going to Hit California?
How should i fake having diarrhea?
should i get those braces or not...???
how to deal with my braces?
i think my stuffed animal is sick?
i have been sick, and now both of my eyes are blood shot red,what do i do to get get rid of the red eye?
Help! Woke Up With Bloody Nose..?
My eye keeps itching me really bad. How can i make it stop?
My toes are BLEEDING!!!?
How can I live without smoking?
What causes noise bleeds.?
how easy is it to stop smoking?
How can I stop smoking cigarettes?
Is it bad to wear contacts if you don't need them?
men, what's your favorite eye color on a girl cause im gonna get colored contacts and i have hazel eyes now?
Please help very urgent!! PROBLEM WITH EYE..?
I'm 14, is it okay to start wearing contacts?
how to i remove an eyelash from my eye !?
I'm 23 with high blood pressure?
My blood pressure is 155 over 107. Is this bad?
Am i having a heart attack? help!!?
high cholesterol level?
My cholesterol level is 7.1, and blood pressure is 104/80, and my doctor said that's nothing to worry about
What is the name of the infection you get in an unclean hospital?
How bad is it to not eat and not sleep for 72 hours strait?
Why am i craving blood? Serious questoin?
How do you get rid of hiccups. Had them for about 5 mins now and it's driving me mad?
is it bad when your ribs show?
need help, slammed finger in a car door?
Would You Ever Go Out On Crutches Just to See What it's Like?
underneath my left eye you can see it beating!! help!!?
my friend had a toy car got stuck up his bum, it's been there for 3 days. should he go to to the doctors?
Will a glass splinter become infected if I don't remove it from my foot?
I am FREAKING!!! This Wed I have to get my stitches taken out...?
i have a habit of picking my nose and eating it and i can't stop!!!?
What type of shower is better for itches; hot or cold?
what are you allergic to?
Can a school ban all kids from brining food w/nuts if one kid is allergic to nuts?
What are you allergic to...?
Feminine Parts Poll: I think there is something caught in my fallopian tubes... what should I do?
Laundry Mistake Could I catch STD?
Do you know a good way to remove a ring from a painfully swollen finger ?
i got a splinter lodged in my finger how do i get it out, it's a big one?
Dealing with kids sunburn?
Why is swine flu such a big deal?
can humans get tape worm?
Is anyoneelse really worried about the swine flu?
i have a fever of 103.9 what should i do.....?
If i brush my teeth like 20 times in a day would it whiten my teeth ?
About how long will this take to get braces off if i have teeth like this:(pic.)?
Do I need braces HELP!! [[with pictures]]?
what is your phobia?
is there anyway to force myself to be happy?
I feel worthless... what should i do?
A Physician who perform operations in the mouth is called a/an _________surgeon.?
Can I live a normal fulfilling life with multiple sclerosis?
How bad is swine flu and is it anything to do with bird flu?
My boyfriend punched a wall last night,and 24 hr later his knuckles,palm,and fingers are swollen,is it broken?
If I cut off my arm will it grow back?
i hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen?
Bad Cut Please Help?
what are some good smoking songs ?
im 13 and i smoke do any 13 year olds smoke too ?
It's snot!!!!!!! What exactly is the purpose of snot?
If my daughter has an ear infection, is it absolutely necessary for her to be on antibiotics?
What is the best possible way that i can get dat Beyonce booty?
I'm really upset!!! weight question?
What is your age and height?
i haven't eaten anything in 3 days...?
Am I overweight? Honestly?
How serious is a blood infection?
can a person have heart in right side of chest?
What would happen if the heart failed?
Causes of high blood pressure and ways to lower it? I am 30 and recently my blood pressure was 140/90.?
Bad scrape, please help!!?
what do i do when my foot goes all tingly and it gets hard to move. ?
Please help me it hurts....?!?!?
How can I make him know that I'm not fat at all?
I just got contacts and I have some questions.?
I sprayed myself in the eye with perfume at bath and body works...?
my son wants to have his left eye replaced with a robotic eye where can i get this done?
Do you wear glasses full time?
what colour contacts wud suit a black girl?
Why does my eyesight keep getting worse?
Best medicine for Allergies?
i have a wheeze sound inside an it have me coughing a lot?
Can you recommend a good treatment for hayfever?
I'm having all 4 wisdom teethout tomorrow. What shoud I expect?
Is it better to floss first or brush first?
Help, I have got bubble gum in my heir and I don't know how to get it out?
What are some things that you're addicted to?
What do you think about Tom Cruise planning to eat his unborn baby's placenta/cord? after birth?
What's the best way to get a child's body temp? A thermometer on his mouth or putting it between underarm?
Why are people so stupid in today's culture?
Does licking your wounds really prevent an infection?
I can't touch my toes?
how do you break your leg or arm?
Oh my God, I'm in my office. Someone just walked in with a gun and shot Ms. Stephenson the recptionist?
how do you clean a pillow properly if you think it's infected?
what is rape?
How can I get rid of hiccups?
How can I get rid of my acne, I don't have THAT much but it's noticeable and I don't like it?
i've been getting really bad rashes under my arms....?
What foods can give you Food Poisoning ?
diagnos me! should i be concerned?
Help Me!, I Got Swine Flu?!?!, Im dying :(?
Swine Flu - Are We Gonna Die Or Are We Gonna Live?
I'm going to choose a hobbie over a boyfriend. what are some cool hobbies?
What's the best thing to drink while you have a cold???
If I am allergic to cats will I be allergic to rabbits/bunnies too?
i'm sick what do i do?
How to get rid of a cough ?
If someone's been smoking for 25 years, can their smokers cough disappear if they stop smoking?
i have asthma, most of the time after i eat i wheeze. does this happen to anyone else? what can i do 2 stop it
I had open heart surgery 7 weeks ago. Is it ok for me to fast or sit this Ramadan out?
I'm 40 years old. My heart has been skipping beats every 5 minutes,making me cough. I am also drowsy. plz help
I'm having heart flutters. Should I be worried?
I'm looking for a statistic. How many adult Americans brush their teeth at least once daily?
help meeeeeeee?????????????????
When can i smoke a cigarette after getting wisdom teeth removed?
Wisdom teeth cut out?! Too scared,thinking about canceling my appontment for the second time!?
Could mouthwash be bad for your mouth?
do your teeth seperate a lot after getting your wisdom teeth out?
Does it hurt when you get braces?
MY leg hurts??Why??Anyone?
I fell down 5 flights of stairs this morning.?
What's the worst way to die?
bruise please HELP me?
how do people know they have HIV/AIDS?
Is Herpes same as AIDS?
does kissing give you std's?
Can crazy people be smart?
Why can't we live forever?
I'm an addict?
Whats the best thing to do when you're depressed?
Don't you just hate that?
i can't hear out of my left ear!!?
How can you get rid of a love bite?
What can ease itchy hayfever eyes? I've woken up with mega itchy eyes it driving me crazy!?
whats the worst thing to be allergic to???
What could i be allergic to?
Is pot an addictive drug??
What food acts like a laxative to your body.?
A question about marijuana? Mostly for people who DON'T smoke it?
Why can't I stop doing heroine?
What is an easy way to get taller?
what does men have but women doesn't?
Do you brush your teeth everyday?
How do I make my teeth look less yellow ?
Would you feel disgusted if I tell you that I want to be a dentist?
i have severe acne, but i almost feel guilty that i'm upset about it.?
How do you stop a 2 yr old from talking???
Am I dying of a brain tumour?
I'm scared about swine flu but want a truthful answer...?
When will all these Swine Flu questions stop ?
Should you have the swine flu vaccine if you are pregnant?
Where did swine flu originate from?
i am rally worried about swine flue, that it will kill all of the earth and be as bad as a black pleague?
Shouldn't everyone face the face that eventually we are all going to die...?
what does it mean to be constipated?
Baby sis got stung by bee,HELP!!!?
i got a bad sunburn what is the best cure?
I'm sick! Best remedy for decongesting sinus'?
Every individual must be trained in First Aid(CPR)..it can save one Life..do u agree?
Ive ate really expired mayonnase.?
How can I minimise dust in my bedroom?
For the past two years I have been clearing my throat and nothing seems to help me overcome it, what's wrong?
Can allergies (runny nose, sneezing & watery eyes) turn into a sinus infection?
what's the difference between a cold and allergies?
I want to take a picture of myself naked...?
What is the amount of calories you should consume each day?
How can I gain weight?
my finger was bitten by a kid pretty hard and now it's been numb for a few hours. Should I go to emergency?
is there something that makes mosquito bites quit itching?
How do I remove a small piece of glass that's stuck in my foot?
Miskito Bites there really itchy help?
what's the best advice for very low blood pressure?
is 130 beats per minute a fast heart rate?
Who is right...the doctor or my home testing blood pressure tester?
I've had a headache for 3 days straight. The pain is in the right side of my head. Is this serious?
What can i eat/drink to get rid of constipation?
Why am I having random, sharp leg pains at night?
how can u get rid of sunburn?
What's wrong with my face?
Calling in sick to work Thur & Fri...what excuse can I give?
How can i get taller?
What do you do if you're choking and you're alone?
What's your blood type?
I'm 13, and i cant take naps. Even if I try really hard. I just can't take naps. WHY? is this normal?
What is a way to wash marijuana out of your system within 2 weeks ?
I cut my stomach...?
are YOU a smoker????
I'm suffering from dehydration, what do I do?
I have a question myself, how do you go to sleep when you don't feel sleepy?
My girlfriend swallowed a grasshoper alive.He is in her stomach now.Isn't it dangerous?Shouls she vomit him?
I was trying to pierce my eyes and now I can't see. What do I do?
Why do i keep feeling short of breath?
I've never liked myself and always mess things up. Should I start smoking to help my attitude?
is it true that the hospitals let patients smoke on their wards years ago in the uk?
Why do I get hives if I'm not allergic to anything?
I just found out my son is allergic to dogs and cats, but I don't want to get rid of my animals.?
Why do I get light headed around cigarette smoke?
Can you be allergic to Benadryl?
Can you french kiss if one person has braces and the other doesn't?
I have chipped my tooth and it hurt when my tongue is over it. What should I do?
I ate a week out-of-date egg? Will I die?
How many of you wash your hands after using the toilet?
How do you bring down a fever?
do i have swine flu???????????
Are we all going to die?
Can you sue a hospital if the patient caught a bacteria when she was admitted and died?
if its old pee and you freeze it will it pass the test even though its old pee????
Will I get HIV infected by drinking other guy's beer?
How to get a fever?Tips (better if overnight)?
im 6 '2 265 i smoke pot on december 30 i had a drug test jan 17 will i pass?
i have a little swolen lump on my anus?
My neck hurts really bad when i move my head!?
I get a headache atleast once a day and I sleep a lot. What's the problem.?
Super sore from snowbording, what do i do now!?
Random shooting pains in lower right stomach?
I have cancer as well as being sick. Is there anything else I can do besides chemo?
can ciggaretts cause cancer?
Is there something in my ear?
Can u please??
how to clean clogged arteries and blood vessels naturally?
15 years old, am I over weight?
How can I gain tons of weight?
How do you stop someone from snoring?
I've quite smoking for a week now...?
I sometimes "catch" myself not breathing... i'd even wake up when im asleep... whats up with that?
my son is a pot smoker?
Is this normal? What's wrong with me?
Are there any kind of foods helps when you're depressed?
Am I developing an eating disorder?
jellyfish sting treatment?
mosquito bite I think is something wrong./..?
Can I pose a serious question - for once.?
My husband cleaned his ear with a Q-tip and the tip didn't come out. What should I do for him?
Throat cancer.... I'm sorta worried.?
what happen if you kill a dog?
Should i go to the ER?
My brother just threw up...SWINE FLU?
How do you get shingles?
Why are people worrying? NO ONE DIED FROM THE SWINE FLU TODAY?
If people are so worried about getting swine flu, why don't they stop eating swine?
Should I go to the ER? I feel so sick!?
What can I do to save my marriage when my husband is an alcoholic?
what side is your appendix on?
Dizziness after smoking...?
What might happen to you if you swallow a big, crumpled up piece of aluminum foil (without choking)?
numbness in the legs?
Pain in my side, what should i do?
why dose my tummy hurt?
What's happening with me? I've been having headaches everyday for almost a week now?
Do guys REALLY wash their hands EVERY time before they leave a bathroom?
Is 1.78m / 5'10 too tall for a girl?
Please tell me I'm not the only one who......?
can you die frommm this?
I can't sleep...any tips to help me fall asleep?
Is it bad that my hands are cold all the time?
What are the effects of drinking too much pop? Can it become life threatening?
help me!!! i cant get to sleep at night!!!?
If your WISDOM TEETH are *NOT* impacted, does it still hurt to get them out?
When do children start losing their teeth? ?
Can anyone help me with my BRACES!?!?
For those of you with food allergies, what would you have done?
Help .. Red itchy kind of swollen eye?
will a vinyl matress cover keep dust mites from coming in or out of the matress?
Throat's sore & my left ear won't clear when I hold my nose & blow them out. What do u think is causing this?
What can you do to prevent cancer?
My husband has late stage cancer and has started to wet his pants. Should I tell him we're through?
if i have a bald spot and they took blood from me will it say i smoke weed?
how do you prevent STDS and why?
im 18 can i go take a std hiv test and herpes test for free i dont have any syptoms after 2 years?
how can i quite smoking?
What can be done about the swine flu?
2nd hand smoking ?
Should I breathe today?
What's the best way to get rid of excess mucus and chest congestion?
My Teeth Hurt, Im serious, please help, Im going crazy!
I don't brush my teeth?
Does toothache ever go on it's own?
Why won't my dentist help?
Red Srcatches on my husband's back. He said he got those from working out or he cheated on me? Please help!
is it normal to go number two and then have a drop or two of blood...?
Is it weird for me to be doing this when I am only 13?
Don't say I'm stupid........?
Help! I've just burnt my fingure a few hours ago from the oven! it's swollen..i wanna prevent it from scarring?
What do you do if you get stung by a jellyfish?
My cut on my finger is not healing.?
How to soothe burns?
what could very temporary chest pain be caused by?
what makes the heart beat outside the body?
I'm kinda scared, is this serious? (its gross)?
i am 5'2'' and i weigh 90 pounds?
Do you feel ill after eating a McDonalds meal?
i'm soo mad! why in the world all the girls I know my height are so skinnY!
I'm 17 years old and i'm overweight. Currently i weigh in at 260 lbs.Can anyone give me tips on losing weight?
I am very, very overweight?
I think I have swine flu... do I need to contact my doctor?
i have swine flu... help?
anyone thats had strep... read!?
how do i prevent swine flu?
Is it possible to be allergic to mosquito bites?
how come im not allergic to anything??
if i urinate on my lawn does it cause an environmental hazzard?
What is the cure for ocd?
I'm thirsty and I can't drink anything! What should I do?
Is it harmful to take medicines empty stomach?
I'm feeling suicidal?
I am so depressed...?
Is this a normal emotion?
I'm thinking of killing myself. What should I do?
please help people who have or had braces!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do dentist's always have bad breath?
Are root canals painful?
Will I Pass This Home Drug Test 2morro????
What size are your feet?
HELP!! what do i eat if im nauseous?
Please help! Nobody answered me last time...?
i was wondering...............................…
If my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year of '04, am I still at risk by genes?
Is there any way that a CANCER patient dies painlessly....Please tell me,it's emergency.............?
anyone have any realistic remedies for a sore throat from strep???
I have bit the inside of my cheek and it's really sore. Does anyone a quick way to relieve the pain?
I need to get rid of a headache FAST!!?
Why does my knee hurt when I do physical activity? PLEASE READ!?
DEPRESSION. Is it a disease? Or can it mean you havn't found yourself yet. No sparks in your life.?
my brother stabbed me in the eye?
can anyone figure out whats wrong with me?
Have you ever broken a bone?
HELP please? Something wrong with my mom's stomach... any ideas?
Does root canal surgery hurt?
Is this unhealthy....?
can normal family dentistz tell you if you need braces?
I want whiter teeth.?
my 11yr old daughter has been having chest pains & becomes breathless.?
My blood pressure is 105/53, is this good?
how to get out of depressions?
sometimes my eyes burn/sting. what's going on?
My mum has been in hospital for 3 months.....?
I have chronic asthma. My co-worker loves to wear perfume & scented lotions. How do I ask her to stop?
Help me. My wife is pregnant and she's cold. She's coguhing and has sore throat what is good for her?
smoking and kissing someone with asthma?
What's good for a toothaches?
I'm getting braces soon!! Arghh!!?
When does the braces actually start moving your teeth?
Can i ask my dentist not to do X-Ray to fix my tooth?
UK - To go to A&E, do you need to phone first, or can you just turn up?
does the ambulance still arrive if the person in question is dead?
I was stung by an insect, should i go doctor's?
Are you scared about Swine flu?
Have you had swine flu?
I am HIV+. Does that mean that it is impossible for me to have children via natural means? I'm in my 30s.
Can Putting Urine On Your Face Kill You?
Question Regarding Vomiting?
Can an alcoholic ever do controlled drinking?
how long will it take for cocaine to get out of my saliva?
Whats wrong with me?
Can Cocaine cause mental alertness?
Well, i'm 15 yrs and i'm 1m71cm.Can you tell me how to be more taller?
how can i pop my ear?
Cutting myself help!?
Lump on my underarm. Could it be cancer?
can i have cancer? I'm afraid to tell my parents, they wont believe me?
I smoke 7 packs of cigarettes a day?
My son is 6yrs is tired & sleeps alot,bruises easily,never eats &if he does he gets sick is it leukemia??
With 25% of people believing that fate determines wether or not you get cancer, isn't time that folks grew up?
Started experiencing shin pains recently...need tips and advice to get past the pain.?
Why does my stomach hurting?
Why would a girl I barely know, glare at me?
I'm 14 and I need to swallow a small candy coated tylenol pill, i really can't do it, any advice?
Cover the wound or let the air at it? It's kinda gross.?
Should i have called 911???
What's the most healthy food to eat?
i want to be anorexic!?
Do I look fat/overweight? [Pics]?
does anyone out there really wear a size zero?
I'm thinking of being anoerexic. does i sound fat to you?
if i smoke only 2 times (TWICE) a week will that still kill me?
I smoked a cigarette and it burned the back of my throat?
I think it is time for me to stop smoking help how did you do it?
How long does it take to get nicotine out of your system?
When was the last time you were the happiest?
How can i fix my broken heart?
is this NORMAL?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Serious inquiry into transplant surgery?
I called in sick to work because I am sick with the flu and my job is demanding a doctor's note.?
how do u get rid of aids?
My sister in law is Hiv+, she accepted her status and seems to be doing ok. She doesn't have any friends?
I have swine flu. What should I do?
I have strep throat and when i eat something it hurts (when i swallow) is there a way to make it less painful?
Is the age 16 too old for wearing braces?
How does smoking effect your teeth?
i recently just got braces july 16th and they are still hurting is it normal to be hurting this long?
Would you date someone with herpes? (I'm a nurse and ran into this situation between two H.S. students).?
HELP! My foot got so burnt in the sun that now it's swollen. Should I see a doctor about it?
how do u get marijuana out of your system?
What happens when I drink the Windex!?
Should I go to the doctor?
My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer,the Job Centre says I can't get benefit,is that morally right
How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?
can you really get breast cancer from sleeping with your bra on?
Im only 22 and have cancer from alcohol and tobacco use. Should I tell my family? I dont have much time left!!?
What are good reasons not to commit suicide?
I forgot my question. I was going to ask a very profound question. Why do I forget my questions?
how much does it annoy you when you get told to cheer up?
seriously, i can't do it anymore...?
I wish I could just sleep my life away?
do u see a cup half empty or half full?
At what our you go to sleep?
Am I going to be 6 feet?
Do you have a remedy for stress?
I am lying down and im having sharp pains in my chest/ heart area, inside when i breath.? Help Please.?
I swallowed gum the other day and now my throat hurts, why?
Every time i walk past a graveyard i go hard? Help!?
Can I reverse a cold that I'm coming down with??
HELP!!!! I got burned and it hurts so much!!!!!?
How do i know if my legs broken?
Getting teeth pulled out?
my son has refused 2 go the dentist 2day hes 3 and he has really bad toothache?
I recently smoked a cigar and i felt sick after. Why?
Who here loves smoking?
I've had a cold for over two weeks, what's up?
I've been coughing nonstop for about a week now...Just started drinking robotussin but it's not helping;
What can I do to reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure?
Can a 17 year old girl have an heart attack?
Can I give myself a heart attack, if I keep thinking i'm going to have one? is it possible?
Need a cigarette! What do I do?
please please please answer!!! i'm desperate!!!?
When people die,would'nt it be cheaper to bury them in a carboard coffin?
What can I eat for a sore throat?
whats your opinion on swine flu?
Swine Flu in Mexico should i go this Summer?
How do i get rid of Strep Throat?
What does Diarrhea means?
I just shot myself, what should I do?
my nose keeps bleeding everyday, can anybody give me ideas to stop it?
I have a monkey, he smokes joints with me what are the health risks ?
how do i unclog my ears?
I have trouble sleeping. I dont take pills and i dont want to start.?
i think my tongue piercing is infected please help!!?
help, i burned my hand!!!!!?
I'm Having Braces... TOMORROW!?
When was the last time you went to the dentist?
Should I get my wisdom teeth removed, I'm afraid the dentist is just desperate for business?
Is anyone out there gettin' as much?
HELP MEDICAL EMERGENCY In need of assistance immediately!?
i have a pain in my legs and i can't run or walk so wat do i do?
Skin hurts after shower. I use a moisturiser and vaseline after shower, but skin burns and hurts. Why?
Sick!! should i go to work?
How can I get sick fast?
i killed a fly by drowning it by accident how to save its life?
did you know that marijuana isn't bad for you?
drug test tomorrow i smoked yesturday?
smoking ?????
32 days smoke free? Feeling weird?
Is it ok to smoke(cigarette's) at a young age???
How much time off work for bronchitis is 'acceptable' ?
I'm getting a cat and my son is allergic to cats. What can i do to get my house ready for him??
what hurts you most ?
I woke up this morning with severe pain on 1 side of my ribs,what is it?
How can I help my sore muscles to not be so sore?
HELP!! A bully said if I don't break or sprain my wrist he'll hurt me! HELP!!?
Should I go to the doctor?
Did your mom ever tell you this about mosquito bites?
what should i do about my life if i'm gay and live in a country where gays are hated, beaten and even killed?
Ways of dieing??????????????
Can anxiety cause a heart attack?
Is my heart rate too fast?
Anyone else laughing at all the people worried about the little pig flu?
I think I've got swine flu =[?
SWINE FLU................................?
What is the STD known as "Crabs"?
Is it possible for two people who are both 'untouched' to pass STD's to each other?
Do you think its sad that there are 12 year olds on here asking for diet tips?
i'm trying to lose some weight? (pics)?
I need some tips on how to control my appetite.?
does anorexia ACTUALLY help you?
i wanna gain 300 lbs?
how many times do u take a bath during winter time?
What's the best way to gain muscles in your arms in like a month?
Can you glue a finger back on to your hand?
what causes dehydration?
Is anyone scared of the swine flu?
What's the best way stop itching mosquitoe bites?
My whole family has allergies/asthma.I've heard all my life that moving out west(US) cures them.Is that true?
My 12 year old is having his very first filling next week - he's terrified?
I'm getting braces soon, and i'm really nervous, I NEED TIPS! HELP ME!?
my tooth won't stop bleeding?!?!?
What should I do about my rubber bands?
i cut my mole off myself. now it is bleeding. help?
Fingernail stuck in my throat?
I'm allergic to cats, but I have one! Besides getting rid of the cat, what can I do to help me?
Help me plz?
I woke up death in my left ere help what could it be?
I just gave my kitty a vaccination and now she is ill, won't eat or drink, only sleeps Help?
I don't want to sleep because I keep having bad dreams and they scare me. What should I do?
I KNOW I'm depressed... and I KNOW I need meds. How do I go about getting them? What type of doctor do i go2
people don't realize how close i am ?
why do people sneeze?
thinking about starting smoking?
Am I over weight?
is it normal to be this tall at this age?(10pnts)?
I clipped my toenail too short and now the top of the toe hurts. Do you think it is infected?
If a rattlesnake bit me on the prostate, what sort of first aid would you administer?
Is it possible for a bullet to go through your arm and for you to survive it?
I scratched my eye, what do I do?
How can you tell if your nose is broken?
does it hurt when you get your ears pierced?
13 year old daughter, sharp pains??!!?
I'm addicted to pain pills. Where I start to stop taking them?
I'm 17. Is one Vicodin safe for me?
My legs hurt at night!?
does getting your cavities fixed hurt?
Does filling cavaties hurt?
Dry socket and smoking question!?
How long should someone wait to go on high blood pressure meds if they are having a reading of 184/111? ?
why does she need an echocardiogram?
lower heart painnnnnnn?
Does your size affect your RESTING heart rate?
The dangers of fingering?
HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
Where Did AIDS Start?????????
how can i lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks?
10lbs a week too high of a goal?
what is the #1 healthiest thing to eat?
How long is my period spose to last?
Why doesn't snoring wake up the snorer?
I want to quit smoking marijuana but I don't know how to do that . Can you advise me ?
Why don't flies get hit by raindrops?
I am coughing, sneezing, my eyes are watering, and I have a sore throat.?
I'm a smoker , and i have a question.....?
I think i might have HIV HELP ME!!!! Please please please open! PLEASEEEE?
whos wrorried of the swine flu?
Swine Flu? Do you think I have it?
I can't eat anything because of canker sores in my mouth.?
can i go to school with mono?
So is The Swine Flu Just Like Any Other Flu, Or A Little More Severe?
Why am I nauseous nearly every morning?
I feel like taking a bowel movement but it wont come out and it hurts?
I have this small white things in my stool that sort of look like worms......?
What is your opinion of head &shoulders shampo ?
Can an allergy cause a sore throat and stuffy nose?
Does anyone have any suggestions for managing bedroom allergies? Please no sarcastic answers?
when you bleed. what cells rush to the wound or cut and help stop the bleeding?
What's the best way of stopping midgie bites?
What OTC medicines are there for nausea?
Please help ................?
am i allergic to smthng or it is a mosquitto bite...?
what to do if one doctor says you need surgery and another says you don't?
i have a really bad sore throat, it hurts when i swallow...anyone know any quick remedies to help sooth it?
I lost the ability to be able to swallow pills/tablets, what do I do?
Who knows the cure for an insomniac that can't sleep?
My arms & legs ache & hurt especially at night, ruining my sleep. Does anyone know why? What can I do to stop ?
had bloodtest few days ago and the nurse was'nt very good and i've got a painful bruise still. should i sue?
How do you heal a broken heart?
Who to break my leg without too much pain?
Hey,I m suffering from a bad habit of pressing teeth while I am asleep.?
I'm having 3 Wisdom Teeth out, under local anesthetic. REALLY SCARED. Will it really hurt, PLZ ANSWER?
Why didnt anyone tell me getting your wisdom teeth taken out was pure tourture???
So what STD do you have?
How much weight should i shoot to lose before summer? (picture)?
Is it better to eat and then work out or workout then eat?
Am I too thin? Help me please?
I feel so fat...help?
I really need help right now please help a man in a bad and deadly situation?
I feel like drinking up to three glasses of wine EVERY night - does that make me an alcoholic?
What should i do for a burn?
I think i was bitten by a spider and now...?
what is cure for hiv+ person?
How should I be buried after I die from swine flu?
How can i make myself ill for monday?
How do I keep from getting sick all the time?
how do u get rid of a fever?
What would you call this?
How do you get rid of urine on your hands?
Im 16 and I think I am anorexic.?
How do you flush your liver out to make it healthy??
are there medicines to cure gayness in boys of age 21 years please give me the details of the doctors in b'lor
If a doctor restarts your heart, do you remember dying?
Does death scare you?
what's wrong with me?
Insomnia? I'm really suffering at the moment - any tips?
side effects of steroid use?
why do i always feel like i cant Breath correctly?
HELP!! PLEASE!!!! i put hydrogen peroxide in my ear and it wont come out?
Help! I've taken 4 laxatives insetad of the recommended 1!!?
How can I get a cut to heal faster?
Does anyone know anything about ingrown toenails please?
How do I know if I've got a cold or hayfever?
How do you get rid of a stupid sore throat?
Aside from an allergic reason..Why are you ''afraid'' of bees?
Pink EYE??
IN PAIN! bad sunburn!?
Does a stitched wound heal faster covered by a bandage or when exposed to air?
what time do you usually go to sleep?
How to hide needle marks from illegal drug use?
I have bad allergies, I think..?
Do you have severe reactions to mosquitoes & other insects?
is it possible for someone to have an allergy to hot water?
i hit my head and blood is gushing....help please?
Do I have a broken wrist or sprained wrist?
My 8 year old daughter fell at school and hurt her finger??
do you like to sleep with a fan on, for the noise, & even in the winter? i do.?
Can Mosquito bites be dangerous?
will swine flu stop please answer?
Can Everybody please calm down (swine flu)?
I'm scared of shots. And my parent's are making me get the Gardasil shot.. ?
what do you think Swine Flu?
can you get a disease if someones's urine touches your skin or clothes??
Swine flu??????????????
what is this?? :(?
I'm lookin for an anti-tobacco slogan, any1 got any?
I'm afraid to eat?
should i go to school tomorrow?
How do I get rid of stomach aches without medicine?
What happends when your high?
If you are lactose and tolerant what kinds of cheese can you have?
Do you need to wear a medic alert bracelet if you're allergic to penecillin?
What can I give my 1 yr old if he's allergic to diary? How will he get calcium?
Why do non smokers make such a big deal out of smoking?
giving up smoking......?
How soon can you expect an 70 year old to die with heart failure?
What should you do if your heart explodes?
The voices in my head tell me to go to Taco Bell and get a bean buritto, but I don't like those.?
My son ate a spider web and Im worried because i don't know whats going to happen?
I don't remember anyone having peanut allergies growing up, now i hear it all the time. Why the increase?
I have dandraf .i been use lot of anti dandraf shampo.but stiil i'm suffering this thing. how could i reduse ?
Major sinus problem...help please?
would you sleep with a person who has herpes?
My left bottom gum is very swollen. It is making me in a lot of pain. My dentist won't help me because I dont
teeth in six week old baby will it do harm?
People with braces!!! (Please Read)
What is the best way to make my teeth whiter?
Braces Help!!!?
Does chewing gum help clean your teeth?
I want to die - i'm so miserable.?
anyone ever suffered so much stress that you cant sleep at night + feel like you're on the verge of breakdown?
i am gonna kill myself...?
i'm fat, short and ugly. help me?
whats the best and quickest way to clean your system of marijuana?
Healthy to eat McDonald's daily?
Am I fat ? I feel so fat ... ?
Do you think this is a serious head injury?
i cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?
Do you believe cutting or self-injury is bad?
i twisted my ankle its swollen a lot please help (please please read) ?
White spot on the back of my throat?
Is the swine flu curable?
Is mono contagious?
What is the best thing to put on a sunburn?
What is the best way to clean out the inside of your ear?
what do i do if my wires from my braces start to get caught on my cheeks?
Bad breath - what gets rid of it?
does getting braises hurt...?
how can i make myself vomit?
i'm becoming anorexic/bulimic and it's scaring me really bad.?
I'm tired and fatigued all the time. Why?
I cut myself on my palm and it won't stop bleeding! What should I do?
My brother committed suicide a few months ago and i'm having a hard time with it right now, and i can't sleep
Help asap please!!!!Gluten free and casein free?
itching in the throat is it an allergy or acidity?
Does Hay fever Ever Go Away ?
Do you ever wonder what's the point of going to sleep?
feeling depressed. physcial disorder, pic included?
I am planning my suicide...i need help?
drunk and now sick whats wrong?
I Cannot Believe This Just Happened!!!?
What produces tears?
Do I have HIV/AIDS? Im 13..Please help!?
This 'problem' with my heart only seems to happen when I am relaxing?
Is blood pressure of 140/100 dangerously high?
How do they know that smoking is bad for you? Where does the CDC get its info?
pulse of 34 bpm, what does it mean?
Smoking at a very young age. What happens?
Breathing in dry air all day makes my nose dry and gives me a headache. How can I change this?
Do you know the cause of my shortness of breath?
I believe my son has adhd, are there any medicines out there that won't make him a couch potatoe?
My earlobe has a little puss coming out of it when I switch ear rings. What should i do?
I just got burnt on the face, is there anything special i should do.?
I can't look at blood, is this normal?
does anyone know what a cadaver is?
Is it risky to walk outside when the temp is 15?
My co-worker calls out sick every other Monday. What kind of disease might she have? Could it be serious?
I think i have pink eye?
what happened to the swine flu?
i havent eaten for 4 or 5 days is there something wrong with me?
I've got a question about allergies¿?
are you allergic to anything?
can chewing gum give you cavities?
what do bloodtests feel like? do they hurt?
Did you ever have a colonoscopy?
Headaches everyday? Help please?
What's The Last Thing You Do Before You Go To Bed?
should i cheat on my boyfriend?
What does smoking Pot do to your Body?
How can I make my day better if I feel like everything's horrible?
quick!! only got 45 minutes left!!! need help!!?
how can i break my ankle?
Should I sue a nightclub - Got a concussion from bouncer slamming door on my face.?
How do I stop cutting my wrists?
Ow. How do I treat a burn?
My friend takes laxatives to loose weight...........?
why do I awake with a dry tongue, very dry! every day?
Can loneliness make you feel ill?
Why am I becoming MORE MISERABLE as i get older?
What are some methods that I can use to forget about my depression?
What medicine should I use to treat my son's allergy?
Do you ever get bloody noses?
I'm allergic to dark chocolate, does white chocolate have the same ingredients?and could I eat it?
Can a person become allergic to cats (cat hair) even if they weren't when they were younger?
Im sick...:'(?
What's the best first aid for a Yellowjacket sting?
Does anyone know how to reduce the swelling/redness of mosquito bites? i have so many and theyr huge ='[?
can i still have a good family?
medical question, kinda dumb sorry?
ok, I'm not overweight, but do you think i'm fat?
Should I lose some weight?
Am I fat or skinny??
am i fat? pics of my belly...?
am i overweight?!?
smoking is good or bad habit?
Smoking cigarettes ?
Bee Sting Help Please!!!?
How to treat a Burn ?
I am tired but i can't sleep any suggestions?
What is something you want to do in your life before you die? Also, How do you want to die?
am i addicted to smoking?
Which is worse: Drinking, Smoking, or Cutting?
Is it bad to smoke at 14 years old?
What are symptoms of swine flu?
swine flu Should i be worried help !?
Can you get Chicken Pox twice?
can u spread a cold sore through kissing?
PLEASE!!! HELP Whats wrong?
is my toe broken? should i see a doctor? please help i never broke anything before!?
What are the signs of a broken finger?
Heal cutting scars/cuts faster?
whould it be ok to use peroxide on ...?
What kind of acne do i have? (Pictures Included)?
Does coffee age your skin?
Do I have insomnia?
I am 5'4 and I weigh about 100plbs and I am 14 years young. I don't like food.?
what can i do to care for my burnt finger?
Don't you find it worrying that doctors call treating you their "practice" ?
Do you have a strange phobia?
Could you love someone who had a mental illness?
I cut myself and nobody helps me even when i do get help from doctors it just doesn't work for me it just hurt
Easy way to lose weight without exercise?
i'm 15 and am 5ft 2" do you think i'm gonna grow anymore? is there anyway to?...?
My wife is getting fat?
If you weigh 100 lbs, and you are 5'5 is that fat or skinny?
Is it possible to be allergic to cigarette smoke?
If a person was sick, (sore throat, and cough) how long should they wait to go visit the doc?
am i allergic to cats?
Getting 4 teeth extracted for braces?
tooth hurting and face is swollen need help?
Braces help! URGENT!?
To those who say 'Don't sleep around because of STD's'....?
Do you think drug companies are not trying to cure HIV because they make too much money off of it?
I just came inside my girlfriend.?
I need help - I can't stop ripping out my hair?
How do I explain to my grandma why I tried to kill myself?
i hate my life. I worry to much. I feel to ugly all the time its not fair?
What are you allergic to?
Why can't I breathe after being around cats?
Had a runny nose for 5 days but no itchy eyes. Allergy?
When is a bee sting fatal?
We all like being clean & fresh. Does anyone else find perfumes used by many too strong & hard to breathe in?
Pain when applying braces?
Question about Mouth Piercings?
are you suppose to floss before you brush your teeth or after?
is it true that if you don't wear a retainer your teeth will go back crooked?
would it be safe to get the 'webbing' between your fingers pierced?
do you ever put rubbing alchohol on a cut purposley?
What is the best way to handle an ingrown toenail?
i bit my own tongue; really painful?
How to get a good night's sleep without drugs?
What causes young people to start smoking?
If i smoked weed on friday and saturday will it show up on a test i took tonight?
a question for asthmatics....?
I quit smoking 10 weeks ago and am still coughing up gross dark flem... Should I be worried?
i think ive had allergic reaction, can somebody help me!?
What is wrong with my nose?
what conditions make bread mold fast?
How Painful is it having a tooth out?
I just pulled my tooth out with some pliers, I can't afford the dentist, How do I stop this non stop bleeding?
Need help on choosing a color for my braces?
IS there any at home remedies for a abscessed tooth? I am in alot of pain and no dental insurance :(?
I have a little problem that is really embarassing...?
How do you get rid of FOOT ODOR?
What is Puss made from?
I have a itzy bitzy sliver in my finger tip and can't get it out, any ideas?
Do small cuts heal quicker with or without a band-aid?
I have a blister....?????!! help..it hurts!!?
I'm so depressed right now, should i get drunk?
I want to know if Am bulimic!!?
What is your average sleeping hours? 4, 6,8hrs....? Is 6 & ½ Normal?
i think i have BO but i cant smell it??? how do i get rid of this smell and stop underarm sweating?plz help?
I have a fever of 101.7, what should I do?
My daughter is getting really bad stomach aches?
I can't keep my eyes open!?
Does anybody know what could be wrong with my boyfriend?
am i overweight?? :(?
Have I over-eaten today so far?
Slimming World advice quite urgent..plz help.?
Do you think yoga is just a form of exercise or part of a religious ritual?
Is it a health risk to have my pc in my bedroom? will I be exposed to its radiation when i sleep at night?
How old is OLDEST cigarette smoker that you know (or have ever met)?
What's the best way to take out a splinter?
Besides bug spray, what's the best way to repel mosquitos?
How do you cure a burnt tongue?
How can I determine what has bit me?
Are you going to agree to get an H1N1 Swine Flu shot when they come out?
Why do people not seem worried about swine flu?
Is cancer an infectious disease?
I stepped on a rusted nail last night, do I need to go to the doctor?
Swine Flu, Should we be worried?
Why do I keep getting sick?
is it supposed to hurt when your wisdom teeth are coming in?
is it dangerous to sleep with retainers on teeth?
Anybody got any tips/suggestions??
every time i wake up, there are too much sneezes and flu (watery flu) and my eyes become red, how to avoid?
what is the best solution for dry itchy skin?
i got a penny stuck in my nose....?
My grandma passed away this morning & I'm non-emotive?
Suicide, I need help?