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how to cure migran problem that causes the head to become heavy and dull?
when i eat watermelon i get bumps on my lips?
If A Nose Bleeds What Do You Do?
can i use vaseline petroleum jelly on my face?is it safe?
I'm kinda scared because I'm swelling and I don't know why!!?
i found a blue pill with k19 on it and i don't know what it is?
does Icy Hot really help or just distract?
Okay,so Lately Ive Noticed My Breasts Have Become Swollen And Soar One Seems To Be More Swollen Then The Other?
is 4 1/2 hours enough sleep?
Contacts Lense HELP?
help, this is driving me crazy!?
Ear Clicks When I Swallow, Left Ear Feels Stuffy
I think a fast food employee put something really bad to my food (lots of answers plz)?
Who has ever washed and wiped an Adults Arrse?im starting a job next week in aged care and disability.There?
Not a question I really want to ask...?
Is garlic good for reducing high cholesterol?
I get really bad migraines, what is the most effective medicine for these?
I'm a 2 year smoker, please help me quit.?
how do i know if i am allergic to foods or medicine?
Is this an allergic reaction ?
Allergic Reaction! HELP!?
will I die if I stay in an apartment that has mold?
What happens when you take an advil when you're hungry?
Not feeling very good... (a.k.a. feeling bad)?
Would it be dangerous to take 1500mg of tylenol?
Stabbing Chest Pains?
I am a recovering opiate addict, and am due for acl surgery, do i tell the doctors this or keep it to myself?
Sticking out the tongue?
how do i get rid of ths pain in my leg?
I am having chest pains, my arms are weak and tingle, and my breathing is weird. I am only 28. what is wrong
whats wrong with me, any ideas. all answers will be greatly appreciated?
Best way to get rid of a migraine?
I took too many Tylenol!?! Help!?
Bad sunburn?
Anyone know a cure for cat allergies?
What can I eat?I'm allergic to everything!?
A question about Peanut Allergy.?
How can you get rid of a stuffy nose and a sore throat FAST?
Scared of anaphylactic shock.?
why does my throat feel tight?
Does this sound like allergies?
Is soybutter safe for my child who is allergic to ANY type of nut?
Where is a good site to prove that beer and alcahols are bad? And what alcahols causes?
How do I get my life-long acne problem to go away?
How do i get ear drops to stay in my ear?
how many cells does a normal person has?
has anyone got a cure for indigestion?
is there any exercises to prevent or cure backpain?
ligamens join bones together. What do tendons do?
PLZ HELP ME, CHOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!?
problem HELP PLEASE....?
Was in car accident and thankfully no one was hurt, but now we are left with no car and my husband who was the
Kidney pain for a few days what does it mean?
vicodin cheap?
Should I try to get stronger painkillers, or not even bother?
Should you be asleep just now?
best med for a migraine once it sets in?
what is aka herpes simplex virus and how it effects?
when I blow my nose slightly, my left eye hurts, like i'm pinching a nerve. Any ideas as to what it is?
alergic reaction to foam putty or floam?
Allergic knot on forehead?
I have allergies... but I have no clue to what!?
Clearing sinuses: does neti pot work? How about alkalol?
how do you know if it is hives or a rash?
Should I get an allergy shot?
I think I am getting sick =( Help a 13 year old out?
can you tell me about Ozone Generators that are Sold as Air Cleaners? Are they good for asthma?
I'm a recovering heroin addict and I feel like I lost everything, what should I do?
is crabs only for men?? && can it lead to death??
what kind of deodorant will work best?
Am I too strong or something is going wrong with me?
i cant breathe is there something wrong?
My husband has a fever. At what temp should he be brought into the hosiptal, and...?
What is the best hygienic way to clean the anus after defecation?
My first time using a tampon?!
I have chronic insomnia, but its not serious enough for Rx meds. Any advice?
I have trouble getting to sleep :(?
I have got a prolonged cough I'm sick and tired of it i have taken enough medicines tel me a permanent cure pl
I'm diabetic.for past few weeks my sugars been going out of control.they were in control at first.help!!!?
There's something wrong with my throat. I can't swallow properly and my voice is hard and rough.?
do you smoke?
Taking Hydrocodone?
how to deal with back stabbing and untrue friends?
what hand do you put your walking stick in. when left leg wonky?
my cousin has strep throat?
I've had a hangover for five days, help!?
I am 16 and are having chest pains.?
Headache - is it migraine or something else ?
I had my tonsils out yesterday morning- will i be able to eat a thanksgiving dinner this thursday?
Which doctor should i consult?
Nose has been REALLY runny ALL day, burning, eyes burning...Any suggestion on what it could be?
swollen lips?
really runny nose but i dont have a cold so whats wrong?
smoking weed !?
I sleep on my ......?
What do you do in a diarreah situation?
Is it better to bathe in the morning or at night?
What's that cracking sound...?
Safe night-time remedy for sinus congestion?
I threw up twice last night but I'm not sick? What is wrong?
if you were able to take any drug wat wood it be?
can i use visine eye drops?
I haven't been able to sleep at all for one week straight, any suggestions?
is HIV & AID's tthe same, if not then what is the difference?
I'm allergy prone. Now that I'm pregnant, can i still take Zyrtec?
Hives!! help???
Why does my right eye hurt like a bruise when i blink?
Should i go to the doctor? 10 points!?
i have this really bad habit of biting my nails. Is there anything i can do to stop??
Can watching too much TV be bad for your health?
How far should you put a digital thermometer into your ear to get an accurate reading?
Quit Smoking! I have smoked for almost 10 years (10 - 20 a day). I have quit 5 days ago.?
Do nicotine patches work?
Are they sleeping pills that can make me have a good deep night sleep?
how to keep the baby more chubby?how will i make her to eat?
How do i avoid a hangover tomorrow morning?
Why does my lower eyelid keep twitching?!?
I have an aching stomach...any ideas what to do?
I took 35 ibuprofen but why dont i feel sick or anything?
advil or tylenol?
elp me please :[ i cant stop crying..?
i have a mattress that causes me lower back pain but i can not afford to change it?
Severe Back Pain?
Bad Headaches?....?
Pelvic pain?
Why do old bone breaks ache in damp weather?
Are 'tramadol' tablets the saem as 'TRazadone' tablets? I think my pharamist may have got it wrong!
is anyone else allergic to this?.......?
Am I having an allergic reaction?!?
When does America get it that it is the fattest being in the world?
I have a nose bleed!!?
Symptoms of something or am I just crazy ?
Should I switch to an all natural product for my body & hair? Like Burt's bees? Is it better?
Its allergy season, Ive got allergies, now my nose is frequently bleeding. Is this becuase of my allergies?
My friends baby is allergic to...?
I'm having a food allergy attack at the moment?
Need suggestions for ridding my home of allergens.?
Insomniac here, cant ever sleep. any help?
I have had a temp. ranging from 101F to 102.9F for the past 4 days. Any suggestions on on what I should do?
Have you ever vomited and...?
has anyone heard of cobra insursance? health ins.?
I have a huge bruise on my arm from a blood test...?
Am I going to die....?
what can cause savere leg and feet cramps on a reguler bases.?
sudden sickness!!!! help please!?
My snot smells REALLY funky?
I went for a run and when I was done my eyes were really swollen and red, I don't know why?
I have lactose intolerance and have really bad red bags under my eyes, how can I hide them?
should i get a nose job?
I need help with allergies?
My mum is allergic to asprin; will I be too?
How to stop myself from throwing up?
What are the symptoms if you are allergic to pork?
Does nasal spray releived clogged nose from head cold?
what is the percentage of people allergic to wheat?
so scared?
How do I change my sleeping position?
How to get rid of stubborn ear wax?
I can't sleep.......?
What is the best way to have Moles removed?Is there any safe way to do it yourself?
Should kids wear helmets when riding horses?
I am 15 years old and i have been seeing floaters, is this bad for me?
What's your instant stress reliever?
How Do You Go to sleep when you're hungry?
12 hours of sleep and still sleepy??!?
Can a sinus infection cause your hearing to be sensitive?
why my brother's nose is so big??
How can a 'Couch Potato' eat potatoes if they have an allergy to it?
how cani heal soare throat and cough?
Is this allergy possible?
How do I unblock my ears?
how do i get rid of my cat allergies?
How can I stop being so angry all the time?
I was raped and now I'm wondering...?
Have you ever gotten so angry that you got physically ill?
does anyone know whats wrong with me?
I overdosed 10 midols pills HELP//1!?
Pain in lower arm with numbness in hand?
how do i get a outgrown toenail out safely?
What does DNA stand for in relation to genetics?
Advice On Nose Cauterization.?
Why do I sneeze more when the air conditioner is on? At home, work, in the car, I sneeze over & over.?
How can I get rid of mucus in my throat?
I need help getting rid of red, puffy eyes!?
Is this what an orrr.gas m is?
my ex twisted my arm behind my back trying to break it?
Can anybody diagnose what might be wrong with my knee?
whats wrong with me??
After excersising i get these thigh cramps, is it okay to get them? and should i keep excersising with cramps?
do i have a migraine.............?
Can anyone tell me their experiances with clonidine for Percocet withdrawels?
Help with migraine. Got any tips?
How do i make my back not hurt when working out?
Why do I feel like this?
How do you get rid of head lice/bugs??
Safe to sleep in room????!!!!HELP please!!!?
what is worse: be addicted to drugs or alcohol?
Do people tend to lash out on the ones they love the most?
Tips for going to sleep? ?
When you have a water bottle can you use it multiple times?
What could help a 15yr old girl who has very strong body odor?
How do I clean my ear from earwax? What to use?
Sun-burn ( Help!!!)?
How do I know if I'm allergic to alcohol?
side effect of nasal spray?
i have a weird reaction when i eat pineapple?
How do you prevent getting a headache from drinking wine?
Why do doctors smoke ?
I think I got a problem, something is not right with me?
can a fan blowing air all night cause pnoumonia?
Does my baby have milk allergy or lactose intolerance ?
I get bug-like bites from my mattress. Allergies? Bugs?
Allergy Medicine??
can tanning at the beach or the pool give you skin cancer?
Help quitting smoking?
things besides drugs that make you fall asleep fast?
How can I make my eyes sparkle and be brighter?
Can you build up an immunity?
Sleep Help?
Constipation help? =/?
urgent smoking survey for smokers and non-smokers please fill in, i need at least 50 people it is due 2 days!?
In the UK Can u b put to sleep via tablet for a short while while a blood test is done? I have phobia?
really really tired now??
Allergy to shrimps. Shortly after eating them, I had hives forming over my face and neck. I took Benadryl?
I drank spoiled soy milk. How bad is this?
Why won't they listen?
how can i find out about my swollen hand?
I want to join the Marine Corps and i wanted to know if being allergic to shrimp would disqualify me?
Why does my knee make this sound?
what are some good ways to clear up skin.. like acne...or get rid of acne scars?
I'm Coughing up blood?
i travelled in an airplane for the first today..i experienced pain in my ears and my ears felt very numb why?
Really tired and hungover at work. Help!?
Tonsilitis or a mouth ulcer on my tosils?
Hi if I put my eatable ready to eat food on the top of the trash can and use trash can as food serving Table?
why do i sleep so soundly when it rains?
What gets rid of blocked noses fastt?
The Best Nasal Decongestant?
iam having dry cough for the past one month, how to cure it?
Why is my daughter's nose bleeding?
How can i stop scratching?? ?
One of my good freinds has been smoking weed everyday for the last two months.?
Blood drawn, now giant bruise?
Do you get a cold if you don't dress up warmly in winter?
How can I get rid of a migraine when I ran out of the medication I usually take? I work soon, any advice?
I bought the Allen Carr book " Easy way to quit smoking " do you think it works?
My Grandma......?
I can't get up in the morning!! help please!?
My Throat Is Killing (right side) And So Is My Ear (right side) So What Do I Do And anytime I Talk It hurts?
Help - I have had a terrible headache for days now but I'm pregnant and can't take anything!?
I'm taking vicodin for arthritis in legs and lower back but it does not help, any suggestions?
i just swallowed a whole bottle of aspirin?
Sharp pain in arm?
What can I do NATURALLY to fight heartburn?
runny stuffy nose just started winter vacation PLEASE HELP!!!!?
how come snot is endless?
Could I be allergic to sugar?
What allergens in shrimp can cause a reaction other than tropomyosin?
Sinus or allargies around the eye?
Is there any way to become "un allergic" to cats?
Food Allergies lactose intolerent?
Do food products in the U.S have ingredients lists on them?
What is an efficient way to stop red eyes?
An easy way to get a rash?
What do you think about before you fall asleep?
Without meaning to sound crude...?
Painful crust on eye!?
After almost every meal I start feeling a lot of discomfort and pain in my stomach. It feels like I've eaten
Could I actually be dying right now & not know it?
I know my older brother has a urinary infection, I am helpless to help him?
what is the difference between incapasity benifit andinvilidity benifit?
Can i get a infection now because I didnt sanatize a pin when peircing my belly button?
Dandruff, pls help?
Do you think it's nasty if someone skips showering for one day?
what causes leg cramps/how to heal them?
Intense leg pains any help?
how can i remove the dark patches from under my eyes?
Waking up early?
how do you know when you have had a good nights sleep?
How can I promote my bowel movements?
possible claritin d overdose help?
I am a mum of 5 kids on my own & work. My life is just kids work sleep & eat to much how do I stop the eating?
why do some mens Adam apples stick out and then the others don't?
How do you get your boyfriend to quit smoking cigarettes?
I need a telephone # to report a job that aloud people to smoke illegally .?
Does anyone know of a way to relieve muscle tension in the neck and shoulders?
whats better to take for back pain acetaminophen or ibuprofen?
How can I hurt myself without pain?
what christmas related item was once mixed with wine and used as a painkiller?
what is the best thing to do about lower back pain?
How did I get pleurisy?
my radiologyst says my mri was completely normal but i found a bulging disk is that suspisuios ?
can someone with a wheat/gluten allergy eat organic meat, chicken & fish?
I also asked this in the dog section, but I want to make sure I have it in the right category.?
Recipes for gluten free bread.?
What natural allergy remedies are there?
If i am allergic to fake gold, will that affect anything when i get my ears pierced?
what is the solution for bloody nose?
my allegeies cause me to snore a lot. anyone know something i can to to make it stop?
Is it just me being lazy??
So I am quitting smoking AGAIN.... how can I make it different this time?
does mastubation makes you bald?
Time to quit smoking.?
What is the safest thing to take to get a good night sleep? serious answers please?
Least painful way to die?
i have a constant ringing noise in my ear?
My big toe is really sore lately, the only way I get some relief is to pull it so the joint "cracks and clicks
Bedbugs!!! how do i get rid of them?
How to find out if I am allergic to dogs?
Allergic to Gin and Tonic? Help please!?
I mistakenly took 2 antihistamines (one a day by mistake)?
Carpal Tunnel?
cant sleep at nigh.......?
Knee pain and sacrum pain?
I'm in soooo much PAIN!!!?
Should I see a doctor for this?
migraines and diaria?
aching back and higher ribs?
Does anyone suffer from fibromyalgia, and if so what methods of treatment are you following. Or is there any.?
how bad does a foot tattoo hurt? ?
I'm seeing a pain specialist today for DDD,bulgin disc,protruding disc,cervical arthritis how might he help?
I feel so weird, I can't seem to think or talk properly at the moment..?
Drinking beer a week before surgery?
What's wrong with me?? I havnt went to the bathroom in a few days and i did today and only blood came out??
If Cigarette is really harmful then why almost all the doctors smoke????
I haven't slept in 72 hours. What should I do?!?
Sleepless Me?
I need some sleep! no sleeping pills left! any ideas guys??
Is it bad if you keep your computer on all night long, doors and windows closed? Will it affect you in anyway?
Is Mineral water [bottled water] better for you or is tap water the answer?
Does anyone know why I get headaches?
whats the constant fluttering feeling in my calf?
Headaches in the morning.?
why are prescription drugs cheaper in Canada than in the USA?
Why do i have a nose bleed alot?
How can I soothe my raw nose?
where can I get a netipot?
For allergies can you take benadryl just at nights and it will work during the day?
is it ok to eat sugar puffs that have been up my nose?
what happned to the sudafed in the blue box?
What can I buy to cure my sinus infection?
what to do for a runny nose?
Alot of dust collects on everything in my room.When I clean it away it comes back quick.How can I stop this?
is your knuckles spost to hurt when you play guitar?
My wire is stuck inside my cheek what should I do it hurts.?
It hurts so bad I want to cry?
Pain in my left breast area that comes and goes?
Can you imagine pain?
terrible back pains?
Please help??? I am in pain!!?
what do i have? or what should i do?
my daughter has yellow eye mucus and her eyes are alittle puffy. are there some home remedies? what should I d
please help me i posted this once:(?
why wont my Soar Throat wont go away?
pill stuck in sinus cavity..and i need help ...please?
Blue cheese has penecillium mold, should people allergic to penicillin not eat blue cheese.?
what should i do Norse bleeds with my other half?
what's a good remedy to help make allergies more tolerable?
I've been under a huge amount of stress since my dads stroke.I have black circles and bags under my eyes,help?
am I a smoker if I only smoke 1 cigarette a day?
How many hours sleep a night do you get on average? ?
what is the seriousness of blood in your stool?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
My daughter is 5 months pregnant, with no job and no money to get back and forth to her doctors appointments.?
Do you think i am dehydrated?
How long does food stay in your stomach, after you eat it?
Can't afford surgery for my wife.?
What is the quickest way to get rid of a headache?
allergy to latex...... irritation driving me crazy? ?
Is there such a thing as an allergy to chlorine?
Have you been stung by a bee?
Can someone explain my mystery rash?
Where can you get hypoallergenic pillows?
im very tired but cant sleep. its 3.20am anyone know?
Is statutory warning "Injurious to health" on cigarette packs or liquor bottles really effective?
How to unblock my nose and what causes it?
Question About Water?
What is wrong with my boyfriend?
I have been checked by every specialist, had every test done, and have been sick for 19 months.?
Eye Glasses or contact lenses?
Ear Wax removal?
what could be a cure for stomach ulcer?
Will I get high the first time I smoke weed?
i'm allergic to wheat, soy, dairy, and eggs, could i outgrow any of them possibly?
I must know what allergy i have i must know!?
Are oats considered "gluten"? If I should avoid gluten/grains, should I avoid Oats? why?
Is red dye #28 an allergen?
I cannot go to sleep, what can I do to help me fall asleep?
Are Contact Lenses Comfortable?
its 5am almost and im still awake?
I've just finished my last cigarette.Any hints/tips for me so I can keep off the cigs?
Do doctors get monetary rewards from pharmaceutical companies for prescribing their drugs?
Do you think smokers should pay for their own healthcare?
Is it good to bathe twice a day?
What is the name of habit to bend and push the fingers & make them to make a sound?is it harmful or not?
It takes me forever to fall asleep and I automatically wake up by 6:30 am. How can I make myself tired?
why do i hear a drumming sound in my ear?
allergic reaction??
Can you grow out of an allergy?
is there an easy way to know if things you buy are really Gluten free?
How do I get rid of allergies? And fast?
I have had complete nasal congestion for a year now non-stop. I have tried everything! Please help?!?
Can coffee make you constipated?
can you die when you get a hernia removed?
I want to stop smoking but cant and i really want too whats the best way to go?
smoking is injurious to our health or others?
Why can't I stop eating?
Tasting urine, good or bad?
I'm dizzy.. help?
i there anything seriously wrong with me?
what could be causing my hands and lips to get numb?
am I allergic to fruit?
feels like something is stuck in my throat? pleasee help!?
Is it normal to get an itchy throat after eating apples?
Can you be just a little lactose intolerant?
Do you use allergy injections?
my nose is really stuffed, and bad.?
i want to die and no one cares?
Horrible Habit? Help please?
please HELP!!!!!?
Uh oh, another suicide question?
does anyone have any homemade remidies for stomach bloating? i tried the counter ones and their rubbish.cheers
Need help with sister..Pictures included?
any suggestions on why my eye is watering ?
blood pressure monitor?
Really Scared????
I'm allergic to cows milk, whats the chances of being allergic to all kinds of animal milk - goats - sheeps et?
How serious is to have lyme disease?
When do I need to become concerned?
my son is disabled and still wheres diapers he dosent like me changing him he is 13 years old what can i do?
Can a massage be covered by insurance?
what can i do/take to relax my stomach?
Why am I so tired all of a sudden?
shopping doin my head in?
Is it possible that my incredibly bad flatulence is caused by me not eating much?
I sleep good but fall asleep almost every time that I use my laptop computer. Why? and how do I stop this?
Are lentils and chick peas gluten free?
is this an allergic reaction or what?
Is this an allergic reaction?
A stray cat bit me !?
I am a Coeliac.... anyone else?
am i allergic to chocolate?
Allergies.. no relief?!?
What is a hernia??????
what 1 product should i buy to get all of the vitamins im supposed to have??
Can't sleep at night?
Coughing up thick mucus and chesty cough for over three weeks....Is this normal?
my daughter have got feaver 99 from last 28 days all tests are ok what whould i do doctor say stop medicanes?
What`s a GEEZER ?
Why did i get such a bad hangover or could it be something else?
I haven't taken a dump since tuesday morning, it's now sunday night, is this a problem?
Why do I keep losing my memory? I can't remember if it's because I have amnesia?...?
allergy Question please help?
what is wrong with me...help?
Are there any pets that have hair that don't cause allergic reations?
how do i sing witha sore throat and blocked up nose ?? ..xx?
Do I have a food allergy?
is it possible to get the hay fever injection done privately?
Can I have allergies even though I’m not seriously allergic to anything in particular?
Okay, if zombies are already posing a problem this early in the year, what else do I have to look forward to!?
I feel like my life is empty??
Whats wrong with me (or am I paranoid)?
weird problem??//???/?
Whats a painless quick way to kill your self?
I don't know what to do?
Sleep how many hours?????????????????
How is the best way to quit smoking ?
Alcoholism, how do you help someone?
what do you do when you can't sleep?
how do stop a nose bleed?
I think my husband tried to poison me. How do I tell is this may be true?
HELP, save me and 10 points 4 u?
what's the best way to get rid of a stuffy nose???????
Bulimia- Chest pain, swollen neck glands, bloody vomit? Should I go to the doctor or no?
Is it coming back..........Please please read?
i am going to kill myself on august 25. what is the best way i should kill my self any ideas?
Please help me!!?
I Cant Sleep.! Can anyone help me?
Am I considered short?
I can't sleep...?
excessive burping?
Quick Poo's?
i have green feaces Is this serious?
Question about problem with milk?
Allergy problem?
What if I am allergic to cats?
i have dog allergies what can i do?
What can I take for sea food allergies?
lactose intolerance questions?
Can anyone have allergy to Surgical Stainless Steel?
What cases are not recommended to take the N1N1 swine flu vaccine?
cats and fleas????????
Why do I over analyze everything I say....?
When you're depressed,is it normal to have bad dreams all the time?
What's the point to living?
Don't know where to turn/ feel like dying?
What's the best way to get through depression?
What are you obsessed with?
How can I get over depression without medical help?
i havnt been able to sleep right for 2 years ???whats wrong with me???
How can i appear to be self-confident when I lack self confidence?
Is there a test for a gluten intolerance?
A boy who is allergic 2 milk has extremely bowed legs what condition is this an what's the connection w/milk?
Can it take 4 hrs before an allergic reaction happens from a drug (i.e stadol)?
Just found out today my daughter has allergy to milk and egg white. She is 6 yrs old. Did I cause this?
somebody please help me! Whats wrong with my body?!?
HELP PLEASE... My daughter's fever is going on a week Now!!!?
I have a headache, usually sleep over 12 hours, and still feel tired?
Is being alone at home all day all night unhealthy?
I am off work with stress at the moment. Can i go on holiday?
Help me! Is there something wrong with me?
Is my son allergic to cereal?
Hash reaction?! HELP!!?
Does everyone have an allergy?
Should I eat a banana, because I am allergic?
What are some good ways to prevent allergy problems?
could nausea be caused by sinus problems?
Shellfish allergy...what should I do?
Fish Allergy?
allergies to fruit ?
cure for sun allergies?
is it possible to suddenly become allergic to a type of food?
How likely is it for someone to recieve gluten allergies from their parents?
sleeping habbits messed up?
How many people here have quit smoking since the smoking ban was introduced in the UK last year?
what are some harmful effects of glue sniffing?
My wife insists that I wash my hands before touching anything in the kitchen (not just food ) is this normal?
how can i catch up on my missed sleep?
Whats wrong with me?
What is smegma?
How many of you out there?
Do you ever feel this way?
a friend of mine since school told me that she is bi polar?
I'm very lonely. I am married and have four children but I feel like I have no one.?
Can anti-depressant medication help with anxiety and panic attacks?
SUICIDE HELP please!!!!!!!?
What would happen psychologically if people stopped talking to you?
Teenage Confusion?
I'm always angry, please help?
What's the best over the counter medicine for allergy relief from pollen?
is there anything i can do to stop my spectacles hurting my nose?
contacts and allergies?
what could it mean if you cough up blood?
Should i go to bed yet? I'm really tired?
My head is spinning at random times ?
Long term throat and mouth problems?
What time do you go to bed?
why do we sleep?
i hurt all the time my back down my left leg sometimes right leg what is it ,i wake up hurting .?
Can you run fever a couple of days before you start having signs that you have an infection?
What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Smoking MArijuana?
I have Pink eye..?
why do u get bloody noses?
could i be allergic to pot?
What do you do when your nose is just full of snot?
how many concussions can you have to become legally retarted?
What happens if you carry on using something your allergic to..?
benadryl before eating seafood?
If a person is allergic to aspirin and takes a whole bottle, is it conceivable?
what is the best way to get rid of nose crusties?
Is red licorice a laxative?
What do you think of my life? Please answer.?
What should one do if one's boss is a rude person and he speaks with disrespect, should one ignore and let him
what do you do if society has labelled you a freak, a loner, a weirdo, somebody to avoid, because you have?
Why should I continue to live?
how to stop a bad habbit??? youve had for years?
How do I get my mother to grow up?
Why do most women act as if they might suffer from manic depression (Bi-polar)?
Do you like that feeling you get after you cry for a long time?
how do I clean my colon without taking any pills or teas?
i'm stressed at 14, what shall i do?
How can I be less tired at work?
helpp sleeping problems?
What do you think of my plan?
These are my symptoms: irritability, sadness, emotional, always mad. What's my diagnosis?
Please help! feel suicidal :-|?
What does one say to a best friend whose husband is dying of cancer? They've been married 30 years.?
Any help with diagnoses of my daughter? Please ;-( PLEASE !!!?
what are allergies?
Is anyone allergic to tumeric? If so what is ur reaction?
why do i get a soar throat every time i get a shower?
Megga Itching! Please Help!?
what should u do about a bee sting ?
i have problem allergy and try to find good medicine for that... do you have any suggestion???
what is a nature cure against chronic sneezing problem?
WHAT could be CAUSING my sons RASH?
What could this dream mean?
I have a fever of 101.6% and server coughing. Which is causing lower and upper abdominal pain. what is this?
whats the best way to cure high blood pressure if you are 35!!!?
How many times a week do you wash? ?
I got a flu short a month ago, can I still get it?
How many of you have had this?
why do my joints crack and ache? i feel about 80 yrs old (im 23)?
What does Speed do?
overdosed on 30, 30/500 co-codomol 39 hours ago would they still be in my system now?
Should I run around the neighborhood naked screaming "I'M A LITTLE GIRL!!"?
hi im a 13 year old girl and im so depressed...?
what do you hate most about school?
what percentage of british people are obese?
What are specific foods that cause constipation? Ones that relieve it?
my eye lid has been swollen for two days it itches allot. eyeball isn't red or cloudy vision just a very puff?
i dont understand, im super tired IM exhausted but when i try to go to sleep all of a sudden i feel energetic.
have i got anemmia?
I am unable to see dead people?
Do you get less quality sleep when you are snoring?
i need medical advice please?
Is skin cancer really that dangerous?
What are your feelings on Euthanasia?
I am depressed, what can I do? I don't deserve this, why me?
Should I stop taking my bipolar medication?
what is a homemade cure for a stuffy nose?
I think I have Schizophrenia.?
i'm in a really bad mood...?
What disorder does this sound like?
My mom was a neat freak, and I grew up hating cleaning; now it is destroying my relationship with my bf?
Am I possesed by the devil?
I think I made someone committ suicide - HELP?
Scared out of mind!!!!!!!!!?
Woke up with ringing in ear. Tinnitus??
Keep thinking I could've stopped my mum dying?
What is a good source of calcium for children that have a milk allergy ?
to get rid of nasal allergy i ve been recomended pranayama.but how can one do it if his nose is blocked?
Do you feel dizzy after eating too much food?
Why do we shut our eyes when we go to sleep?
Do my symptoms indicate strep throat? help?! is doc lazy???
Is it bad to sleep on your stomach?
tell the truth, how long have you gone with showering?--?
how come my boyfriend gets colds all the time?
is it OK to swallow Chewing Gum?
HELP! Sensative stomache when it comes to seafood and dairy. Any suggestions?
How often should teenagers shower?
Quitting Smoking....?
anybody know a good energy boost?
If Anyone believes in prayer?
Am I a Brat?
is this depression or something else?
Would you be angry if your friend committed suicide?
I am afraid of beautiful women…… why ?
this isnt working!?
Will God send me to Hell for starving and cutting myself?
I am a man, and I cry a lot; Is it ok?
Are you afraid of death?
I've been isolating myself for a long time. Does everyone need to be social to be mentally healthy?
Is it normal for me to feel dizzy when taking a blood test?
I swear I'm not trying to be gross...but can you help?
Does anyone know what regular nose bleeds might mean?
Does being big boned actually exist?
23 Mosquito bites and nothing to stop them itch!?
if i wasnt afraid of death i would have killed myself a while ago?
suicide yes or not?
why is post natal depression an excuse for setting fire to and killing a 4month old baby ?
Do you believe people with mental illness should be medicated or not and why?
What the hell is wrong with me, seriously?
what do you do when your depressed?
if Mr. Bean were real...?
Is suicide really a selfish act?
Is biting nails a sign of mental disorder?
i can't sleep?
Why Can I Not Sleep?
so what do I do when my twin brother kills himself?
How do you cope with your emotions?
How to control myself? (serious question please)?
is it normall to cry all the time and not know why?
is mental illness all in the mind?
Sort of a cry for help...?
i suffer panic attacks and am thinking abt buying valium online im in dublin is it legal also can i b ripped o
I have extreme pain in my right leg??
I'm really tyred, emotional, and always want to be the centerof attention, what's wrong with me?
how to talk to patients?
Lack of sleep = Weight gain ? How ?
Why is it things that are healthier for you, taste so nasty, and things that are bad for you, taste soo good?
i can never sleep at night!?
how can u quit smoking?
is it good to be tall ?
am i allergic to pineapple?
My nose is driving me MAD!?
Please give me remedy for dust allergy and throat infection?
Why do i always have runny nose and what should i do?
Is it normal to feel tired and sluggish even after getting 8 hours of sleep per night?
Why do I feel so tired all the time?
What is wrong with my hand (photo included)?
I no that smoking is bad and that for your health but is it really that bad ?
Have you ever been hospitalized or some one you know?
Gotta quit smoking??
I am having a problem plz give me solution?
frequent, foul-smelling gas - why and what to do about it?
Does stress affect health?
i seem to have trouble falling asleep...?
am i really such a girl?
are you more afraid of getting old or dying?
Enough is enough Please help me!?
I get bored with myself very quickly and try to change myself?
i went in the shop today and i was really fat?
Right now I want to kill my mom?
I think I'm pshycic what do I do?
Suicide, depression? I need help....?
Why could I possibly be crying all the time for no reason at all?
I feel as if I'm slowly slipping back into isolation and depression. What should I do?
I just irrigated my nose (lavage). Now my ear hurts!?
what can i do to get rid of this horrible sore throat and blocked nose?
Dust mite pillow covers?
Are there any permanent cures for allergies?
How can I stop this irritating muscle 'tick' in my eye?
if a person have anxiety,does it feel like having heart problem?
Help me PLEASE!?!??!?
Does anyone know the name of the salt water or sea salt nasal spray?
help please what am i coming down with its freaking me out plz help;.?
why do babies get colic and how do you get rid of it?
Is It Possible to Change?
Which do doctors respect more, Physicians Assistants or Nurse Practitioners?
Do some babies have their right from their birth?
SLEEPING PROBLEMS............................?
I have so much anger in me about my parents and I can't get rid of it, and I am finding it so hard .?
Why don't I trust women?
Atheists on Yahoo and rudeness?
I'm desperate. Can someone help me, please?
My legs are always itching and I have loads of cuts on them where I scratch, what could this be?
i am allergic to penicillin,do i need a bracelet to notify people?
Do people with bigger noses smell better?
Any clues what the pain from my head, down my shoulders, and left side of back be?
have you see it ?
Just a silly ques..but what would cause your thumb nails to become purple?
I got hit in the nose and it swelled a little and bled a lot. It's not crooked but it's still really stuffy.
Gout Pain Very Painful?
how can you tell if your lactose intollerant?
sick help?
Question about Celiac Disease?
Allergic to fruit symptoms?
How to Help with Spring Time Allergies?
How is stress related to hives ?
Allergic reactions?
When a person has food poisoning, can diarrhea AND vomiting be symptoms at the same time?
Is there an unscented Fabreeze product? My husband is allergic to scents.?
Does Nasonex leave a weird taste in your mouth?
can someone help me !?
Friend of my mum died, how can I ease her suffering?
After 26 suicide attempts in 2 years?
it seems like i,m always mad and having bad mood swings over little things what does this mean?
Do I have a physic ability?
How to get over loneliness / depression as a teen?
Why am I always tired?
How long does a cold sore last and how do you get rid of them naturally?
I have a insect/grub attatched to my leg.?
my friend just admitted that he was trying to kill himself...?
What does Vitamin E do?
I have a weak bladder..?
Why is white bread so bad for you?
we have 1 fire door as well as the entrance door,the fire door escape route has been blocked by builders ?
wats wrong with me? very worried please helppp?
i only poo once a week, is that bad?
Sandflies (midgies) and Mosquitoes bites remedy?
I have metal allergies to zinc & nickel and i want a piercing.?
NO Yeast AND NO Dairy Desserts?
i am going to an ear nose and throat specialist for problems?
Allergic to water? Rash?
Why does my nose turn red and itchy when chewing gum?
Can Hay Fever be caused through having lots of flowers in the house?
Runny nose and headache while/after eating!?
I need some help figuring out...?
People that are allergic to cats how severe is your allergy?
is it possible to be allergic to rabbits?
Heeeeeeeeelp? Allergies?
I got an allergic reaction to something i ate now i have crazy symptoms what so i do?
Runny nose daily, is it normal?
I ate something im allergic to and now i need to throw up but ...?
If I am allerrgic to Sulfa based production would the Sulfates in cheese bother me?
my index and ring finger are numb at the tips?
How will weed affect me if i take a daily dosage of ridalin?
How do I quit smoking when I don't want to? Please help.?
Want to stop waking up, not what you think?
I Cant Sleep!!!?
what is the dirt in the nose called?
How did you quit smoking cigarettes?
does anyone know how to get rid of a sore throat?
If I'm allergic to cats and dogs, will I be allergic to a parrot?
A question for chemo patients?
Im 11 years old and i picked my mole will i get cancer.?
How do I contact Marvin Zindler? (Eyewitness 13 news)?
Can you be happy/enjoy life when you have been told you are terminally ill ? if so how?
Is it true that sleeping with a bra on can cause BREAST CANCER!?
Help!! I think my friends sister is making her son sick!!?
Whats wrong with my boyfriend??
Is late night exercise really the cause of my sleep problems??
How Can I Get Out My Contacts After Sleeping In Them?
any advice?
sleep problems?
Are taking naps during the day bad for you?
i just found out i am pregnant and i can't fall asleep, also wake up and can't fall back to sleep! any advice
am i suposed to hav fingers on my feet?
I have about 4 hours sleep everynight will this affect my health?
Why don't we,people, speak the same language?
Baby allergic to Cats?
Why do I feel so gross when I wake up?
OMG! My eyes itch. I don't have any drops. What can I do?
can you take zithromax if you are allergic to penicillin? Or can you take Cipro? I'm not sure which to take
Dehydrating as i type. How can I stay hydrated?
what can i do to reduce my teary eyes? I can't stop them from being so runny pls help. I don't know what to do?
Am I allergic to oinion? Is this possible? HELP!?
I have a nose question?
Dieing of allergic reaction! Some one please!?
Hayfever Help!?
why is my nose constantly blocked??!!?! :(?
Ears Clogged, Please help?
What's the best type (rather than brand) of antihistamine for year round dust rhinitis allergy?
how comes a registered disabled person cannot get a car for being disabled but someone who is less abled?
I sleep 15 or more hours a day. I'll wake up for a couple hours then go right back to sleep?
bloodshot eyes?
How does one treat a HEEL-SPUR ?
My stool is discolored [like, a dark green], is there something wrong?
How can I get crazy glue off my hand?
how long do you have to fast before a blood test???
Problems Sleeping...?
how long does the average person sleep a night?
can duck tape remove skin moles?
I may be bipolar. Self Help?
i just drank expired milk, what should i do?
Seriously, can Listerine dropped in the eye help kills infections like pink eye?
Have u ever super glued your finger to something? how did u get it off?
what is oncology and hematology?
I tryed to pee in the ocean but coulden't. Does anyone have ant tips on how I can pee in the ocean?
when was the first time you got drunk?
My front or my back?
How to quit smoking..!!!?
I slept in till 12 is that bad?
why tobacco is harmful to health?
My eyesight has been very horrible?
does breast cancer make you loose your hair?
Do cell phones cause cancer?
does looking into the microwave oven cause cancer?
Do I have breast cancer?
Would i get cancer too?
would it be offensive if i did a cancer walk and as my team name i had it be 'got cancer?' like got milk?
ok I asked this question before but did not get the answers I needed.?
Would it be possible to really cure cancer?
I heard that picking your nose causes cancer and eventually leads to abnormal behaviour resulting in a severe ?
If you found out that your daughter cuts?
Is it true that reality is for people who can't handle drugs?
Why would someone want to quit smoking?
I've decided to quit smoking. How many people have quit and how did you do it?
Is it normal to always be so, so tired after breakfast, lunch or dinner every time?
What body temperature is too LOW? I'm talking the opposite of fever.?
I seem to have a stomach virus, what's the best thing for me to eat?
Why does your tongue go a funny colour???
hi im suffering from deep depression,been to the doctors who dont seem to do anything about it arpart from?
Is this child molestation?
easy 10 points for best answer?
what is mental well being?
Do you ever feel really alone but then are scared to talk to anyone?
does not beliving in love makes me selfish???
Did you get any sleep last night?
trouble sleeping?
How often do you think about dying?
What is a temp 39.8c?
My mom just had emergency surgery on her intestines and she has a bag now....?
"Other than sleep name something you do when you're tired."?
i got drunk!? can you help me...?
any tips on how to get rid of chapped lips?
I haven't been able to concentrate properly for a few days?
What do nurses do?
What is wrong with me!?
how can i stop swearing? please help?
What is your opinion on adhd?
i dont care about myself?
Do you think I can keep this tattoo a secret from my mother?
Can somebody explain what schizophrenia is like for the person suffering with it.?
How often do you drink?
What are the best drugs to take?
Quit Smoking?
how to quit a 3 year old habit of smoking?
Do you ever hear music in your sleep?
"Other than sleep name something you do when you're tired."?
My belly button really hurts I cant even sleep.. help please?
when should you see a doctor if you have Lung Cancer?
How come it is believed smoking causes cancer, when survivors of fires do not get cancer?
Did anyone actually know that...?
What food should a cancer survivor avoid?
If someone has stage IV thyroid cancer, does it mean that it is just a matter of time?
how long to live?
i had a tumor cut out does that mean it was cancer?
why am i suddenly urinating constantly?
I don't fall asleep until 6/7 am?
Insomnia Question?
are nurses trained to lack compassion?
Should I start smoking? What are the positives about smoking?
hi any help on this one please?
I need a reason to keep on living.?
thoughts of death, constant worrying?
what does everyone think of lexapro?
Why am I always sleepy?
why wont people tell me the truth a bit of honesty never hurt no on it is crippling me inside all the time?
i reallyyyyy wanna die i hate myself?
I'm a woman, and my hair is falling out!!?
I was dizzy all day yesterday since i woke up, & today i am dizzy again help!?
oMg WhaT shOuLD i DO!?
Wetting the Bed?
if im on blood presure tablets how often should i have my blood presure checked?
I was told I have aneimia on the phone? What does that mean?
Does the NHS really provide health care for all? Is it really free?
I stored my contact lenses in tap water with salt dissolved in it... Are they ok?
Taking 5 year old for a Blood test. How can i keep him calm ? PLZ HELP ME?
Is there such thing as a lieing disorder?
Recently I have found that after sleep my face is puffy and I have creases under my eyes?
Sleep Problems?
people can you PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?
How can my allergic girlfriend and my cats share the house?
What time is a good time to sleep?
What is your favourite bean?
I get dizzy when i stand up sometimes what is happening?
Is bubble gum harmful to health?
quick cures for blisters?
I've been prescribed with Citalopram by my Doc for my social anxiety. Has anyone had this work for them?
How can I deal with cutting?
How sad am I do I have nothing better to do?
how can i feel better?
Should I worry about my hand being numb sometimes...?
Is having a migraine a good enough reason too stay off school?
Please Help my son!!! Talking about suicide at 7 yrs old!!?
What are your opinions on this sick website...?
Urgent Help! Pls anyone...How to Deal when someone very dear and close is very ill?
Do cigars show up on a drug test?
what are the signs of breast cancer?
is it possible to smoke like a normal smoker and not get addicted..?
can you have cancer and not feel it?
Is this a mental health problem?
Do or have you had an addiction and how did you overcome it?
Is there something wrong with me?
I am really depressed and lonely?
am i the only one?? anybody else SI WHO IS NOT A GOTH OR A EMO?
What does it feel when you're on prozac?
I was raped when I was 7 years old, its still ruining my life to this day, 9 years on...?
my daughter's self-esteem.?
When is it okay to stop your car on railroad tracks and wait?
How do I stop hating someone and truly forgive?
you think there are foods that prevent cancer entirely?
I already know but do you know what neuroblastoma is?
I'm a 25 year old female. I've had pain on and off in my lower left abdomen?
What Machine Do Doctors Use To Scan for Cancer?
Lump in Left Armpit?
Does a cancer patient who has blood in their urine need to go the doctor immediately?
Should i quit smoking pot?
What does chemotherapy feel like? How does it affect a person?
Why do people still go to tanning salons even though they are still getting cancer?
Does a person have to be suicidal to be bipolar? to have manic depression?
what should i do please i need help life or death?
Is it true that once cancer has entered ur body, it is incurable?
My dad had a growth on his head, could it be cancer?
Do I have a brain tumor?
Is there a cure for cancer?
my dad is 70 years old and diagnosis with liver cancer should he give up on the chemo treatment?
stage four. lung cancer.?
do you think teachers can sense if a student is depressed?
I have a friend who cuts when she' upset to make her feel better. Does this mean she's mental?
Are you happy when you wake up?
Anyone willing to talk to me??? Suicidal :(?
Is it normal to hear sounds in your head ?
im 13 when should i got to sleep?
I can't stop wanting to die. Is there anyone in devon, uk who wants to save me? 26 year old female?
Why are people so selfish that they want other people to stay alive just so they won't have to be sad?
is it normal for me to fantasize about being raped?
how can i stop being so unhappy?
Have you dealt with depression before?
Is it possible that I have lung cancer?
how do i tell my parents this?
breast cancer?!?!?!hhhheeeellllpppp?
Am I selfish? My father-in-law is sick and my husband would like to move countries to be with him.?
I am afraid of my shadow. What should I do?
Would this be classified as rape?
tell me, do you think my mother is abusive?
My Friend is cutting, I want to help her but...?
does my boyfriend have anxiety?
How do I suppress hate that I have for certain people?
What is depression?
What's wrong with me?
MY friend hears voices what do i do?
I need help, i am a 47 year old women, going through a divorce, of my choice?
how can depression still creep in even though i am on anti depressants?
I am going to try this one last t ime?
I take Anti-depressants.?
my alarm clock wakes me at 7 o'clock every morning. why do always wake up tired, angry and irritable?
What comes to mind when I say?
What's the mental condition called when you obsess over one subject?
Hey folks, I'm going to die in 5 weeks?
Brain Cancer~!~?
I'm so f*cking done with life?
What really bothers you that people do?
I'm in pretty bad trouble. I'm slipping into a depression and I don't know what to do, & turned to alcohol.
why am i always attracted to broken guys who are in need of help?
How can i get rid of horrible acne ?
Benefits of being a loner?
Don't know what to do any more, I just want to end it all. Can anyone give me some advice?
I am worried that I may have used drugs (I don't think I did) but I can't stop worrying about it. Any ideas?
do you have a weird phobia?
How to overcome Boredom caused by depression?
how to cope with self harm?