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Is there any doctors on here?Please help?
how do you kill a fly withou hurting it in the process?
i'm having headache, pls help?
help please?
Severe abdominal pain, Should I go to the ER? Please Help!?
I have pains down there...?
I get an unbearable pain in my head when i walk its like my brain is exploding...?
Am I the only one that goes up stairs on my tippy-toes?
HeLp Me NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Please?
Can gas cause chest pain?
At midnight, it will officially 1 week since my last cigarette!!?
I think I have ADD?! i dont know, what should I do???!?
I was happiest when Anorexic?
what is "hand foot and mouth"and what are the symtems?
Intense stomach pain after a large meal! What could this be?
how can i redeem myself for sniffing my sister's undies,I feel bad?
im depressed beacuse i have no friends?
What kind of cigaretes should a 10 year old smoke?
been diagnosed with anxiety disorder?
Any advice would be great?
I'm angry at everything?
Do you ever wish your inner voice...?
Can anyone help please its serious!?
NeEd HeLp! It'S a SiMpLe QuEsTiOn!!!?
foods that contain no milk?
Any Mary Kay consultants know if colloidal is an ingredient in Timewise oily skin combination or cover-up?
My apartment has Mold, can I move early?
What happens if..??
What do I do with this?
I have tiny bumps on my face due to allergic reaction to fresh lemon juice I think - what shall I do to cure?
why my eye swells?
How do i pretend to be sick...?
Natural humidifiers?
What is the name of the allergy shot I can have administered once a day.?
The nurse gave me a weird pain killer. What do you think it was?
help with headache?
If hydrocodone always makes me throw up, does that mean I'm allergic?
What causes Bunions?
Is is harful that I sit on a chair during the day?
I need help to stop my cutting?????????
are pot and hookah really that bad?
why can't i sleep at night?
Should I still go to the hospital?
is it okey to take a shower even if you have not sleep overnight?
Why am I a total failure at life?
how come some people eat but they not hungry and they don't really wont food?
would it destroy you and send you under if you lost all your material posessions? or would you survive it?
What is the best way of getting out of 'stress' ?
How can I control my anger when it comes to my insane grandmother?
Swine Flu is it really an accident?
Shortness of breath, light headed, and passing out!!! What are possible reasons?
I seem to be extremely allergic to .........?
pain left hand side of belly?
causes of pain in both the calf areas?
What is the best topical solution for muscle pain?
Does anyone else put a muscle cream like Rub A5 or icy hot to get the feeling of a spanking?
Cramps so bad they cause vomiting?
What is the curse of a sharp pain in my lower back that goes away after about 10Min's as strangely as it came
nose piercing?
why am I getting leg/shin pain while jogging?
other ways to let out anger other than self harming?
how much does your personality change when you have had one too many?
Would You Smoke Pot in My Situation?
My life is perfect....?
okay,i'm emo( i cut myself) but i'm trying to stop. any suggestions??
What do you do if you feel like a complete failure?
whole body hurts, especially the leg muscles. what can i do?
Ow my back HURTS?!?!!?!?!?
Headache for 3 days???!!!???
My knee is really sore when I try to straighten it. It feels like it is getting stuck. Help!?
Migraine symptoms?
Does a pain in the neck and shoulders make you feel nausious?
restless leg syndrome?
What was your most painful moment?
How to give an excellent foot rub?
What to do if i have Lupus?
6 years old boy, fever going up to 106 degree?
so i've always had really bad acne...?
Is it worth it to kill myself? PLEASE SAVE ME!!?
Could you be allergic to and/or sick from weed?
good over the counter allergy med to rid sinus pain and eye puffiness?
What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction to food?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
Every morning I keep sneezing. (only the morning) Why is this??
Am I allergic to alcohol?
What are symptoms of a cat allergy?
Do you like sneezing?
Help...neck pain?
Anybody have a herniated L5, and how long did it take to heal?
whats wrong with my neck, its pissin me off?
I am allergic to acetaminopin and advil and asprin. So what pain reliever is there for me?
help me!!!!?
Ok I really don't know how to explain this, but I get aching pains in my muscles and bones?
What can I take for pain besides Tylenol and Advil?
why do i have always stomachache after eating my meal?
will popping your neck break it?
how much sleep is too much?
Boyfriend having procedure done, but what kind?
if i sleep only 4hrs a day..what will happen?is it good?i'm 15years old?
HELP!!!! I did something really stupid and I need some serious advice!!!!!!!!!!?
How smart are people with bipolar disorder??
What is the best brand of beer for treating depression?
Should schizophrenics and people with other mental illnesses be allowed to die with dignity and given a lethal
I know someone who has done a great damage to me and has changed my life dramatically?
i cant cope?
how can i concentrate on my tasks and prevent my mind from diversions?
Really bad sore throat help please!?
Does anyone know what this is or can help me please?
What can you eat when you are allergic to milk, garlic, and beef?
Please help, I do not know what is wrong?
is this an allergic reaction to alcohol?
I started breaking out in hives 4 years ago from extreme cold weather? No one I talk to has heard of this...?
what is pneumonoultramicroscopicosilicovolcanoco… (that is the longest term in the medical dictionary)?
I got stung by a bee! HELP!?
I have terrible allergies, what can I wear over my face when I mow the lawn?
Peculiar allergic reaction in a 4 year old? Only happens when two particular foods are eaten on the same day?
Question about Ibuprofen and painkillers? pain on lower calves?
My lower back is killing me. I can't exercise properly. What can I do?
Is there any cure or temporary relief for a crick in your neck?
What you do when you have sore neck?
Massive headache, feels like its behind my eyes?
help please! 10 points first good answer?
I am so angry! Eating sugar does not cause diabetes!?
Why do I see darkness every time i get up from the sofa?!?
i have flu, fever and cough. can i consume chicken?
How to remove a wad of cotton stuck in my ear?
How long does it take antibiotics to start working when you have a sinus infection?
Help needed for Insomnia?
what is the perfect girl look like?
I take medications for my mental illness, is it okay to get a flu shot? Or will it interfer with my meds?
Sleep trouble!?
Is ADD a real condition?
Do you ever feel like ripping someone's head off?
Do i have a mental illness?
How can I make my hair fall out?
Is there a name for this disorder?
What do doctors give patients to relive pain when in the hospital?
symptoms of galbladder going bad?
How to stop the pain of swimmers ear infection?
Other than the heart what can cause you to have chest cavity pain and stomach ache .?
I can't hear out of my right ear?
Should I have a softer bed?
i have headach from last weak .this continues all time very light some time strong even when i gets up in the?
Is aspirin classified as an NSAID drug?
What is the best over the counter relief for lower back pain?
i smoked a blunt and my heart sped up, had chest pains, middle of my chest felt like a stapping of pain..WTF? ?
how to alleviate jelly fish sting?
Do hives get worse?
How to beat allergies?
Is it possible to be allergic to a VACCINE?
Are there any negative side effects of regularly taking Benadryl?
Cheating on a gluten free diet?
corn and maize -please read before answering?
Dust Mite allergy?
Can alcohol cause hives?
if a chocolate has the ingredient lactose...?see for more info?
how can i cure a charlie horse?
sitting in this chair all day!!!!?
rheumatoid arthritis question?
what do you do when nothing comes out right?
Panic Attack Question!?
my neck is really sore. please read.?
i have fibromyalgia can anyone help am in so much pain all the time?
i keep on getting pains in my head?
For about a week now my kidneys have been bothering me. Why could this be?
what do you do to releave stress?
numbiness in front of forhead with slight headache and some off balance?
Vicodin Addiction or Dependance? Please Help!?
Is this a food allergy?
How do you stay awake with little sleep?
** what helps you sleep **?
I'm falling asleep in class. Please help!?
how to prevent scar from a burn?
Back and rib pain what could be causing it?
I suffer with chronic pain h/aI am desperate as what to do.?
i have tennis elbow ' i have had surgey and this has not worked what can i do now?
Pain in lower right side near ovaries it seems... any clue?
why i always want to sleep all time?
i need help and fast !
i have been havign chest pains when i breath for a couple of days. The pain goes away and comes back.?
I want to die some times?
I've been really depressed lately, for no reason.?
Why is it that when depressed we turn to pills and alcohol?
My question is about Social Security Disability and SSI.?
Please answer!?
Haven't eaten in two days, yet i don't feel like eating.?
Any suggestions on how to quit smoking?
Sciatica pain - can pain be relieved?
what is the best time to go to bed?why?
can you develop a allergy reaction to penicillin after 7 days of taking the medicine?
What allergy medicine could I take without getting nose bleeds?
Need help with petcare and allergies[10 points ftw]?
What is the best way to stop a nose-bleed,one side only,cotton is not working.?
can having nasal polyps be fatal?
My dog has skin allergies!?
Every time i eat raw vegetables my lips break out with sores and they itch and sometimes burn,?
help!! cat allergies!!?
M y Granddaughter is allergic to dairy foods.?
could this be an allergy?
IS 1g of penicillin OK for a 15yr old?
My blood sugar count has been high for 3 weeks now. No matter what I do, I can't get it below 320. Any ideas?
Am I a psycho?Please help me!?
I think I'm depressed...what do you think?
I've been having problems with my memory and am not sure why?
Who should I talk to if I have depression?
bottom problem with chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
a pain in the lower stomach, groin area...???
What is this abdominal pain?
What do you usually take when you have a bad headache or migraine?
My eye, jaw and temple hurt in one side of my head. Why?
I have been dealing with headaces or head pain for over a month now...?
Should I take Percocet? What if I become addicted to it?
Really bad abdomen pain in my lower right I find it hard to walk what is it?
Best Deodorant to use?
help im trying to quit smoking started patches but....?
Is this a normal weightfor a 16 year old?
why does your ear make a high pitched noise that only lasts for about 8 seconds??
My brain is really itchy. How can I scratch it?
how to pass my time in my holidayssss???????????
Gurls: Can you help me please?
I'm so hot! How much does the temp have to raise to give me brain damage?
How do I get rid of piles(haermorroids).Is exercising okay or it just worsens the situation?
Are Skunks Good Pets for People Allergic to Cat and Dog Dander?
when i ate shrimp my whole body itches!?
HELP!!! i burned my neck with a curling iron?
I have had continual pins and needles in only 2 of my toes. Should i be worried?
My husband jumped in the pool and immediately had ear pain...it's now 5 hrs later and it still hurts. Why?
how can I relieve neck pain and headache?
why my girlfriend always got stomach ache after her meal?
Spinal pain!! PLZ HELP: Serious or not?
Ive been having a lot of pain in my chest and left arm.. any thoughts?
how serious is a herniated cervical disc?
Other than sleep name something you do when you're tired?
i have like a lil bump under my eyelash (where the hair starts from) it kinda irrates when i blink?
is this urine infection. and yes please give me adive in how to cure it.?
On a scale of 1-10 how bad do these shots hurt?
Pain in left side of chest?
Which would be better for my back pain?
I took some Benylin Extra Strength that expired on JA 11. What is this going to do to me?
HELP! I have really severe pain?
my knees ache when i get cold or tired , im 19 . is it possible that i could have arthritis ?
How can I soothe these burns on my upper arms?
I'm having severe pain on my right side, near my lower back. The pain is very intense, like a throbbing pain.
I threw out my back at work and am in severe pain. I can barely walk. Does anyone know a good remedy? Massage?
I have a Lump?
Is there anyone out there who has successfully overcome depression and if so how did you do it?
WHat is the right thing to do??? help me pls?
Are your past memories a gift or a burden?
please help me, ive got this really weird stupid problem? but i cant stop! im begging you, please?
PSYCHIATRISTS - TWITS, OR TERRIFIC; your anecdotes and opinions please!?
Does anyone know any good ways to calm down? perhaps meditation?
be really honest with yourself. Do you sometimes like being depressed so that you can be creative?
my acne is getting worse everyday.i just got proactiv solution,not helping.who knows an excellent body detox?
My son is having surgery to have his wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, anything I should do? get?
I am able to take Percocet with no problem..Is it ok for me to take 30mg of Morphine(contin)?
Please answer quickly it's getting worse!!!?
ive taken 2 Ibuprofen and a 400 parcetmal?
my daughter aged 9 woke up with a saw neck yesterday...?
hit the back of my head in a fall..hard?
what is haemoglobin? what does it do in your body? if it is low,how does it affect your body and health? also?
I cant get too sleep?
why do people get muscle spasms?
Helppppp? Nobody answered before lol.?
Does a magnetic bracelet actually work? if so how?
How to get weed out of the system?
Going to the chiropractor?
Hi i'm 15 and started to wet the bed. Do you know any disposable underpants that i could wear?
why are you going on barefoots?
low blood pressure - is it dangerous?
Birth control Pills?
I'm ashamed, please help?
Am I really that weird S:?
Is it weird to have constant fantasies...?
Isnt Bipolar just a fancy name for someone who has bad mood swings?
How can I deal with my terrible forgetfulness? I'm now female, 46, and I forget stupid things all the time?
What kind of nose is this?
epipen accidentally injected?
sleepy all the time?
Appendix area/Red Dye #40?
can people with a nut allergy have bounty chocolate bar?
How do houses get so dusty? I'm having problems sleeping now, please help?
I have a child who is allergic to cow's milk, soy, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and art. preservatives/sweetners.
how vitamin E works in our system? can vitamin E whitens the skin?
Gluten-Free and Casein-Free diet?
I got stung by a bee on Sunday and it's still red, swollen and itchy today... should I be taking Benadryl?
Why is this happening?
How do I tell my mom that i ate my arm?
What can I do to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel?
I just took two advil around 50 minutes ago, can i take two more?
what to do when painkillers aren't working anymore?
How much Vitamin C per day?
How can I get rid of a headache I´ve had for 10 hours?
Do you guys looove OxyContin or what?
I have a terribly sore throat, and it's distracting me from my work. What can I do?
Are growing pain's in your legs normal?
what is a good drug to get me to sleep.?
i'm on the edge of ending it all. financial stess has me to the point where i don't want to go on anymore
Could I be depressed?
nervous before a speech - tips?
why do i always feel sad yet I have the best life?
How long does it take you to catch up on lost sleep?
is there anything you're allergic to?
My nose is always plugged up! My eyes are allows irritated!?
How can you tell when you're blushing?
Is shaving your arms healthy?
What's a good remedy for sore throat?
How can i reduce my swelling?
Anyone have any idea what would cause sinus pressure?
i ate bad prawn (seafood) 2 nights ago and drank milk as soon as I realised it. ?
allgery shots?
Severely allergic to cats and rabbits. Any known drugs or surgeries to diminish my allergies?
Am I having an allergic reaction?
sour milk?
I think I have a pineapple allergy, what do I do?
I have a g retriever with a runny, red eye, done this 2 weeks agoand it cleared up its back cudit be anallergy
I've got itching ear canals, runny & stuffy nose, & sneezing, all year round. How can I ease this & breathe?
please help... horrible persisting lower back pain?
what are your remedies for migraines?
What can cause shin pain?
How badly does cartilage piercing hurt and are there any problems?
I need to get rid of a headache, fast!?
ears stick out?
leg cramping any help asap?
Painful Foot Cramps, help?
sometimes i get these really sudden pains just under my ribs it total hurts is it something serious?
I've had a headache for the past 2 weeks.. help?
I almost passed out from getting hit in the stomach and now have pain, why?
What is causing this intense INTENSE pain in my pelvic area?
Hunger pains turning into nauseated feeling?
Do I need a Hip Replacement ?
Blood clot in the leg...is it possible just to drain it and not take a blood thinner and muscle relaxant?
What helps you??
Can you die from pain?
oxycodone? sprained ankle?
Best thing for burn?
what could be cauing severe pain in the left arm?
How can i get rid of migrains??
I'm 15 years old. I want to donate a kidney. Can i do so with parental permission? Do i have to wait to be 18?
When going to number two Is this normal?
When did you last puke?
Do you a)pay attention to your dreams and b)think they are important, having significant meaning for your life
have you heard of this?
caffeine allergy>>>>>help
is there a way to stop being allergic to bananas?
Shellfish allergy safe to have iodine?
Do I have hayfever/allergies?
Why do you have to rinse your mouth after using an inhaled steroid?
allergic to caffene?
help my eyes?
will a nasal decongestant make a runny nose run more?
Allergic to rusty medal!?
Im gonna stay at home if the swine flu gets any worse, im scared now?
what caused the holucast?
A close friend has been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer.I need help on dealing with this situation.?
can you get cancer from smoking marijuana?
Yes or NO - Do tomatoes prevent cancer ?
Suffering from sinusitis with Heavy nasal mucus & smelling. With homo path don't cure. Any english medicine?
allergic to chlorine?
Is it a latex allergy if you're only allergic to wearing gloves?
What would you do if the Swine flu turned people into ZOMBIES?
What happens to amputated limbs at the hospital?
For all you lawyers!?
If i have to pee about every 5 times a day, is this normal?
white spots on nails?
What supplements do you take when you're feeling "run down" and lacking in energy?
Am i alergic to myself?
I think I'm allergic to shrimp and salmon?
Please help with swollen eyelid!?
Will percocet's show up in a military drug test?
Very sharp painfull lower right back, please help me?
I have a tingling sensation in my right arm goes up to my face & down to my fingers, no pain, just tingly??
what ever happened to the bird flu?
When will they discover a cure of swine flu?
what will flush my kidney?
missed antibotic?
nose picking?
do we really need to sleep?
Which is worse health wise? being overweight or smoking? Please only serious answers?
Please! I need help, how do I cure chapped lips?
Can built up ear wax cause hearing loss? How do i clean out my ears?
Best way to relax ??
what's a good remedy for swollen feet and ankles?
Smoked for the first time just a little while ago?
what can i do about my serious nasal issues?
Am I allergic to something?!??! PLEASE HELP!?
could i be lactose and tolerant?
Does this sound like Post Nasal Drip to you?
Is it safe to take Loratadine (Claritin) every day indefinitely?
please advice me on what i can offer my son who's 13mths and milk protein allergy?
Is how allergic a person is to cats any good relation for how allergic they are to dogs?
If I am getting a minor case of hives from an antibiotic, should I keep taking it?
Why does my nose constantly run?
If Gods Real Then Why Did He Create Cancer?
Im afraid of that dye for a Cat Scan?
What do you think about nationalizing healthcare which the Democrats want to do?
is this cancer or just a skin bump?
Today at work my eyes went weird and it was hard to see. it felt weird and i got a huge front headach.. Help?
Cracking my knuckles...?
Hand and finger pain?
How can I get my legs to stop cramping?
OUCH. It hurts, and I have no idea why.?
HELP, MD answers appreciated?
which dog food was recalled yesterday?
Is there a {{{{ Doctor In Yahoo Answers?? }}}}?
Is my left knee possible hurt? Whats wrong with it?
painkiller queston Hurry Fast?
Retiring is when you stop living at work and start working at living?
is there anyone else planning on giving up smoking?
Why do old people have a funny smell?
Whatd is your Morning Ritual?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
how to fake being ill really well?
My veins look green?
Do you smoke? Are you addicted?
Does anyone here have trouble falling asleep?
does any one thinks goat milk helps asthma andwhy?
I recently discovered that I am allergic to MSG. I am looking for a lists of foods that I CAN & CANNOT eat?
I have quite severe hayfever and throughout winter and now spring i'm experiencing the same symptoms wt is it?
What is the best medicine for allergies to mold, grass and tree pollen?
i am getting very think hair on my vigina what do i do?
I have pain from shoulder to shoulder in my upper back, what can I do please?
I am getting really bad back pain from playing my guitar.?
How can I get rid of this back pain? I have scoliosis?
I have a bad head ache and an hurtting stomach how do I fix it??????????????????????????????????????…
Sciatica cures?
Is it ok to cry from physical pain if you're an adult? I had a really rude nurse!?
i want 2 have anal with my husband but i cant take the pain is it all menatl / does thge pain eventually go?
Please let me know about any foot doctor in Bangalore(I have constant pain below my right heel since 3 mnths)?
Back pain relief?
Chest pain when Jogging?
how much diphenhydramine does it take to od?
If my boyfriend doesn't get rid of his cats?
how to make my bloody noses stop?
Im 15 and 7 months old and im just over 5'6, HOW CAN I GET TALLER?? is der anyway i can be at least 5'10??
how often do you visit the doctors?
what is neurology?
what's the most efficiant way to stop smoking sigarrets?
How do I get my teenage boyfriend to quit smoking weed?
I'd like to know what lotion is good for dry skin, because my skin is itching and I figure it's dry skin.
my lips are cracking and peeling and really dry. How to make it better without taking medicine or?
If stiff shoulders and neck are causing Migraine what is the best remedy please?
What is it like to be put to sleep under general anesthesia?
Help! Kink in my neck?
am at work now and having a headache. how to get rid of it?...?
ive had a toothache for a few weeks but recently ive been geting dizzy some times when i move my head?
need the loo a lot?
I dyed my pubes and now there is a burning pain?
my arm is on fire what should i do?
What causes the vein on your neck to hurt, my right side of my neck hurts, is that normal?
I'm on methadone and I have to have a painful root canal, what can they give me as a painkiller?
My neck hurts all the sudden... I'm worried.?
Any ideas on how to ease headaches other than taking painkillers?
little white bumps on lips - they feel like sandpaper and burn!!?
Home cure for bacne?!!?
Could I be allergic to one of my two dogs?
what foods cause allergies?
is itching a side effect of opiate use?
Why are my allergies extremely bad this Srping?
how to get rid of alergic reaction on the face?
What do surgeons do b4 a surgery so you wont feel pain and youll go 2 sleep?
Migraine headaches. What do you do for relief?
Why is medical jargon used by health care professionals?
Is it our human rights that are being ignored?
Doctor or nurse or somethin, paranoid about my health or at least my neck area.?
is AIDS Test a necessity before marriage?
Has any on had any thing like this?
How much blood does an average adult human being have?
Do you think they should legalize Crack for medicinal purposes?
Do you believe that we should remove healthcare benefits for those who choose unhealthy lifestyles?
i need tips on how to not pee?
Why are people avoiding me?
Don't you like the name PIGBIRDHUMAN VIRUS more than boring Swine Flu?
I did something bad with a hotdog, now I cant get it back. any ideas?
i can't get no sleep?
Why does my brain keep wanting to be awake when I want to be asleep?
What is the best way to help a sunburn heal quickly?
what is the best thing to do about allergies?
is it normal?
ANSWERE OR answere?
Is alcoholism hereditary?
Is it true that Tennessee is the allergy capital of the USA?
What if i have fleas?
My 2 1/2 yr son eats ranch dressing all the time, but if it gets on his cheeks he gets hives. allergy??
Peanut allergy reactions?
What kind of brand of make up products can i use that doesnt give me an allergy?
fluid in ears?
i have alot of phlegm how can i get rid of it??
I think my daughter is Lactose Intolerant.....Help!?
How do I get my girlfriend to the hospital and see medical attention?
What exactly is a physical?
Is it true that Romen noodles can cause cancer??
Fiance has terminal Cancer?
breast cancer from deoderant?
Can injuries to the breast cause cancer?
cancer Q's answer pleeze?
my dad hates me becaus i buy him hair gel for his birthday he is bald from the cemo therapy with colon cancer?
Is chicken skin a carcinogen?
My mum had cancer is this good enough to thank my teacher?
i think i took to amny pain pills?
omg! please help!?
am i a vampire i dont feel pain?
cough hurts really bad?
Does cracking your knuckles REALLY cause arthritis?
I have pulled muscles in my back from doing Wii fit, what should I do about it?
Medicine help, please?
headaches lead to crying man at least once a day?
Orange yellow liquid coming out of nose?
Its been 6 days since i was given pink eye drops from the doc, when should i stop using them?
Do I have poison ive?
Do you blindly obey your doctor?
maybe a silly question?
Should I sue the hospital?
17 year old smoker wanting to quit! help please!?
Are foam ear plugs safe?
is my eyesight going to get worse? ?
how can I lower my cholesterol, without too much hastle - i love chocolate!?
how can i quit smoking???
How can i improve my eyesight?
what can I do for a head ache I have no panadol or any pain killers I need answers asap please ? thanks.?
Why are the bones in my wrist starting to hurt?
Tight rubber band-like pain in back of head with eye pressure?
How bad is sugary junk foods for a diabetic?
my back hurts.....wat is it???
I've been getting pains under my left breast. What does this mean?
I don't start feeling cold until around 20 to 30 below 0. (without wind chill) What should do about it?
Does sunscreen expire or become ineffective and if so how can you tell if it has..what is it's lifespan?
Streaming eyes, runny nose, dry skin, tickly cough..could this be an allergic reaction to something?
My chow mix constantly chews at his backside and benadryl doesn't help. What can I spray or coat it with?
How to manage hives created from stress?
can i buy my epipen with out perscription?
What is causing my lower back pain?
Intense stomach pains after attempted overdose?
Why do we feel numbness in finger?
Did anyone else have a bad day today?
I've been walking around since 10am 'till 7:30pm today, Now I ache.. a lot. What can I do about this?
What exactly would happen if you overdosed advil (35 peices) in a single hour?
Chest Pains?
does anyone know if darvocet is as good as vicodin?
Serious Pain?
Why are my fingers numb and tingly?
Is it true that cell phones give you cancer/brain tumors?
who has/had h1n1/swine flu and STILL LIVED without going to the hospital?
If ur losing ur father to cancer--what's the best way to deal with the whole situation?
Poll: What is the most common reason for leg amputations?
when i stand up everything goes black and i feel dizzy?
How often do you take a shower?
medical question, really scared please help?
Taking my son for a Throat Culture. Will it hurt him ? How can i keep him still ? Please answer. Worried?
What would be better to eat when you have an upset stomach - scrambled eggs + toast or a baked potato?
depressing situation...what can be done?
Should I worry??
I smoked a gram of weed lastnight for the first time in 3 months. Can i get it outta my system in 19 days?
How hereditary is the coeliac disease?
Help, it won't stop?
Can the mucos membrane inside the nose repair it's self without cream?
Allergies/Sinus... nose won't stop running, chest very congested?
I have woken at 3am for the past 6 months and then just seem to wake every 30 mins help please. Ineed sleep?
I crack my bones A LOT and I'm only 15! What will happen to me when I'm in my 30's?!?
Smoking Smarties??
Why do I keep getting boils underneath my arms?
Any body sleep walk?
Is whiskey a good alternative to sleeping pills?
My sons voice is starting to sound different. Please help anyone.?
Whats wrong with me?
medication. what does twice daily mean?
Is it possible to break a bone in your foot without realizing it?
any tips how to relieve my restless legs syndrome in bed
i have recently had a bad attack of sciatica, any sort of advice would be helpful to get some sort of relief?
Help? I have a bad headache and i need tips to help it go away?
after getting 2 shots in my right shoulder today and one in my left it is painful when i move my arm. help?
Lower Intestinal Pain, can someone help?
What could be causing my headache/migraines?
How does my boyfriend ask for is pain medicine to be uppedd to a higher dosage?
How do you know if you have carpal tunnel syndrome?
bad wrist pain?
Should i lock myself in my room and never go out again so i wont get the swine flu?
If you're afflicted w/ cancer & you're having second thoughts on doing surgery,would you rely on your Faith?
i think I'm diabetic... I want everyone's opinion, what would YOU do? Diabetic or not.?
Anyone ever had a rude doctor?
How can I fall asleep easier and faster?
What can my friend do to recover?
What does it mean if you are nearsighted?
would anyone notice if you died now?
Blood Bowel Movement? Toilet full of Blood? Help!
Any tips or advise on quitting smoking?
how long can a human being survive without water and food?
ii cannot remove my tongue piercing!! it hurts alot & it is swollen.?
why do i have a sore neck?
Sharp pains up my arm?
Why does my nose itch when i eat sand?
can you be allergic to onions?
I become nauseous when I have eaten foods prepared with coconut oil not with palm oil?
Alergic Reaction ceclor and ammoxicilian?
Am i allergic to Claire's earrings?
Lactose Intolerance in Babies?
my dog may have a flee allergy what will it look like?
Can one have an allergic reaction to vitamin and mineral supplements?
If i was allergic to?
prescribed medication ,have to take capsules,throat closes up any suggestions please,?
how to stop smoking weed?does it have any damage to brain?
About how much would it cost to get one lazy eyelid lift?
How do i stop clicking my knuckles and joints?
I think I'm going to throw up...?
Can I get an STD by squeezing someone's back fat together and making love to it?
My grandfather has joint pain.Any remedy?
Vicodin, Soma and Xanax Addict?
Arthrithis,Back pain,bone spurs?
My Grand ma gets muscle cramps when she gets up in the morning from sleep. What can be the reason? What......?
why do pain killers make me sick to my tummy?
The sides of my lower back hurt if I don't pee before I go to sleep. I have pain all day and it's hard to walk?
Anyone who is gluten and lactose intolerant?
can some people be allergic to water?
How long does it take for this nutmeg to take effect after you smoke it?
My boyfriend has really bad allergies, any ideas on how to decrease the chance of his allergies acting up?
why do i keep getting the runs????
Insomnia advise please?
How can I stop gnat's biting my son without chemicals?
How can i get hid of a runny nose quick (cold)?
I have a bump on my right armpit, what can it be?
i'm 13..i feel so ugly with my acne *please Help*?
what do i do if i have a sinus head ach?
why do my knees hurt when i run (im 13) what can i do to stop the pain?
Is it worth the pain?
What are tension headaches?
My friend gave me some painkillers. I need to know what they are????
Sick at work!?
Will It Hurt To Get My Tonsils Out?
Gall bladder....?
Can drinking soda cause pain in joints especially on foot?
which is the best way to cut my wrists, east-west, or north-south?
What"s the best way to quit smoking for a very addicted person?
what are some ways to fall asleep faster?
Does anyone know any homemade sleep aids that really work?
i'm 16. & i smoked 2 cigarettes yesterday, will this make me addicted??
Why on Earth would anyone want to drink alcohol? It is bad for your health and causes bad things to happen?
Should oxygen tanks be stored in a hot car in the sun? My tenant thinks it is ok, we don't.?
Does the soap bar under the sheet in the bed really help Restless leg Syndrome?
Does Vicodin cause constipation?
Why does my brain hurt when I try to think? Sometimes fluid leaks out of my ears. OW!!!?
Can sinus drainage cause you to vomit?
My kid has a problem.?
Allergic to latex....?
Why do I always sneeze twice?
Food alelrgies/intolerance symptoms in preschool children? Foul breath, ADHD, Intattentiveness, Behavior, Etc
I am allergic to cobalt, but want to take vitamin B12. Is there an alternative to B12 that has same benefits?
is swelling and redness of the face due to an allergic reaction?
why won't my allergies stop?
Runny Nose Constantly & Funny Taste ?
Do you know anyone allergic to all raw fruits and vegetables?
when was the last time you cleaned your belly button?
Is excessive sweating a medical problem?
what fruits are rich in anti-oxidants?
Is getting tested for Glaucoma a standard procedure?
Anyone used to chew nails and tear up cuticles but quit? Do you have tips on how to stop
is bathing really unhealthy, or is that just a wives tale?
i fell asleep in class the other day and had a wet dream i am having them evrytime i sleep! is this healthy?
I want to get off drugs and stay that way. But addiction is tough. How do i stay away from them.?
What's a good way to unblock your nose?
If you swallow gum is it possible to pee it out?
Can you 'become' lactose intolerant?
i have back pain?
Why do knees hurt after walking/jogging?
I having migraine like almost everyday?
after drinking alcohole , next day my both arms pain?
What can I do 3 in the morning?
My whole body hurts from playing the Wii, is this normal?
Is there a disease that makes you vomit and lose weight?
After paying soccer i got a bubble on my toe filled with water what Is It ?
whats wrong with me please help?
are european cigarettes healthier than american cigarettes?
does milk affect medication?
Itching in ears - deep down and can't scratch - it is making me CRAZY!!?
what are you allergic to?
my daughter has a cows milk allergy can i get financial help?
Why am I so tired all the time?
WORMS - I fear for my safety after having swallowed a worm with my friend Joanne. It was dead although?
if i have chapped lips, with a little cut?
why is my finger soar?
Could the pain in my side be appendicitis?
why is my vision like this today?
is it an appendicitis?
what is the best way to cure back pain without pain meds.?
I ate something i'm allergic to?
Does Lactose Intolerant mean you can't have foods with the ingrediance of milk?
throat help!!! please?
i'm drunk and i have a stomache ache. i feel like i'm about to throw up. help?
How can i prevent or relieve migraines?
did anyone else have a terrible day today?
Ugghh! My stomach is in knots what can I do?
My neck is stiff from driving 7 hours on the Interstate yesterday; what should I do?
Is 1000 calories a day too much?
why do some people sleep with their eyes open?
when you are trying to sleep, do you ever see a flash of light when you hear a sharp sound?
who hate this?
How to fix Cold Sores?
now spring is here should i take the toilet paper off the radiator?
night fall happens every night do u have any suggestion on it.?
what boosts immune system? i have allergies?
I have a popcorn kernel stuck in my throat and can't seem to get it out! Help!?
My 4 year old daughter has had a blocked nose for months, the doctor has given periton, but it doesn't work?
Sore mucles :(?
my cramps are so bad!! help me make them hurt less?
terrible pain in my jaw and teeth. any ideas?
what is this pill? it's white oval and has r180 on it?
Having constant headaches and eye pain on right side only. Please Help!?
my left pinky and ring finger are numb what could this be?
Where would you place a pillow if a client has back and hip pain?
What can you do to prevent leg cramps/charley horses?
I have a needle stuck in my throat!!! Help!!!?
anybody have any adivce?
a family member has pain in the left hand side of here stomace and vomiting what could cause that?
I was diagnosed a year ago with fibramyalgia a chronic illness that affects the muscles,mainly the large muscl
Help im in a lot of pain, what is it?
What are you allergic to?
is there a test to see if I'm alergic to bee stings?
If I am allergic to a cat, would I be allergic to big cats too? Like a lion?
HELP! My eyes are so red!?
what was your reaction to last night?
How much sleep do I need?
Growing stomach- not pregnant?
Is it better to take asprin or ibuprofen?
Last night in the middle of the night my leg started cramping horrificly?
Dirrhea, Stomach pains.. help?
i am feeling really bad and in pain?
What could be causing a bad pain on the right side of my stomach?
Why is this happening?
Why would a child have head aches?
ear ache, what to do?
Foot swollen and in pain. Didn't injure it in anyway?
i heard that if you eat local honey it will help with allergies. is this true?
Does any one carry an epi-pen or used it before, or had any allergy emergencies?
Can't breath properly because my throat is tight. When I can cough up phlegm it is chunks of thick yellow. Why
Do people get rashes and skin irritation coz of smoking marijuana?
What is the best medication for allergies that you can buy over the counter?
Could you be allergic to gluten?
I have serious headaches... all the time. Is there any methods or foods or something that could help?
Sore jaw first thing in the morning?
What's wrong with my tailbone?
I have my nose pierced and it's really sore, what could be the problem?
I took two Tylenol's, 500mg each and one Ibuprofen of 400mg.?
my abdomen hurts...help?
it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!?
help ear ache help help ??????/?
Whats the best drug to relieve pain after surgery?
Does it hurt to get you tonsils taken out?
Does anyone think there is a cure for everything?
Why are cancer patients always so angry and sad?!?
What is dust, and why doesn't the world run out of it?
Head Trauma... please help, I'm in a lot of pain!?
i got my tonsils removed yesterday...?
Extremly intense menstrual cramps!! !!!! sux for us women... = (?
My 2 year old daughter has been suffering from constipation for over 2 months.?
Personal Addiction I Want To Quit...?
If you're in hospital for three weeks recovering from spinal fusion, do the nurses have to take you to the?
has this happend to anyone?
Giving up smoking- any tips?
I have a really sore throat and it hurts like hell. Does anyone know any remedies that work fast?
whats the best way to get rid of my thick yellow narly toe nails, before i pull them out by the root?
Is it legal in the United States to buy mail order drugs from Canada?
what should i drink if i have a sore throat?
I'm allergic to almost every fruits, veggies, and peanuts is their any treatments or cures?
Can't stop sneezing after a trip to the attic?
Personal and rather embarassing question?
Flakey Skin on face HELP !?
What illness do I have?
is central chest pain connected with anxiety and stress?
Joint pains everywhere?
I've had an ache in my left arm all day, in the shoulder and wrist but since I've had a beer it's gone away
What wrong with me, is it my heart?
How do you keep yourself awake when your body needs sleep but there's much for you to get done?
ok if i smoked weed once how long will it stay in my system(i asked this before but i have somethiing else to?
I have something stuck in my eye, what should I flush it out with?
Was this negligence of a hospital?
When im nearly asleep...?
Constipated(PLEASE AWNSER)?
How do I get rid of a fever in an hour or 2?
What is the worst that can happen from smoking 1 cigarette in your lifetime?
What can I take for constipation?
I keep feeling really dizzy when i eat. what could be causing this?
I got my tongue pierced and my tongue hurts why?
my ears are blocked =(its sooooo anoyying i think it might be ear wax..im only 13 =[ can anyone help? please?
my nose is sooo stuffed i can not breath through my nose at all! anyone remedies?! ?
pain killers question?
how do i make a shot less painful?
Whats wrong with my tongue?
How Many Miligrams Should a Teenager Take Of Hydrocodone?
Leg pain, is it serious?
Can a chiropractor actually kill someone when they adjust someone's neck? ?
do you catch allergies or are you born with them?
My daughter has MIlk Protein Allergy!?
I have a cold =( Please Help!?
im sick! help!! do i have a disease?
Why are you afraid of marijuana?
Why is it that I am so skinny but, I eat a lot?
Diabetes pt has a sugar reading of 619. How bad is this? Thanks, Barbi?
has this happened to anyone else before?
my throat has been burning for a few days. What should i do? It kills!?
i heard my knee pop 2 times when i felled...what should i do?
My husband has been taking 40,000 mg of Tylenol a day for pain. What can happen if he continues to do this?
what's the best remedy for cramps?
short term memory loss,how can i improve it?
Who is feeling down tonight?
Why am I always tired?
How to unclog my ear!?
I heard that everyone is allergic to something is that true?
How much is Allegra going to cost me?
do i need to see a doctor(constipation?)?
What is the best thing to do for pulled neck muscles? I am in soooo much pain.?
What helps better hot washcloth on the sinuses or cold ice pack im in pain in my maxiallry sinus.?
How do i stop my braces from hurting?
Should i see a doctor?
My chest hurts for 3 days now everytime I inhale, which doctor should I see?
how do i swallow a pill?
I'm really worried about HIV?
Itchy Stitches! HELP?
I'm dying of allergies! I've never really had them before. I don't know what medicine is the best?
My nose is conjecsted, and I have to record in studio tommarow. What are some ways to get rid of conjestion?
I have chronic pain of my joints Im on solpadol two four times day im finding they are not working now ?
What does this mean?
ear peircing ow!?
i accidently swallowed a calligraphy pen nib - what should i do?
Do I have a bladder infection?
I broke my ankle..help? 10pts?
If one has some pain for a couple of seconds after getting angry, what does this mean?
i am stupid i am on pain killers.....?
Headache Remedy?
I think I'm allergic to milk and meat?
Has anyone taken Tramadol.?
Any miracle remedies for pain if you can't hardly swallow?
Plantar fasciitis- what's YOUR experience of it and how do you deal with it?
How many hours of sleep do you get a night ?
I've lost my voice - how long until I get it back?
what medication can I use to Flush out a 12mm kidney stone without going for surgery?
Shoulder and lung pain?
what could it be if my mom has swollen lips, fever, chills, and her bones and muscles ache and no energy???
Can women with Scoliosis have kids?
What can you take when you snore really bad?
How do I cut my cigarette cravings in regards to my "triggers"?
how to control hyper tension?
How do you get rid of a soar throat FAST? The natural way?
My son keeps getting nosebleeds and sinus infections since we got our dog?
Stuffy nose, runny nose, and sneezing?
y does it seem like that whenever i run around christmas time i always get sick?
what are some causes for a nose to swell?
does marijuana cure cancer, or just help with the pain?
I Got bite by somthing?
is it possible to be able to cook prawns so my fiance wont have a allergic reaction to them.?
Possible Allergy to Alcohol?? but also some cough medicines? Looking for advice please......?
What does this mean?
My dachshund puppy is 8 weeks old and has itchy, watery and mucus in his eyes. ?
How effective are allergy shots?
What are some remedies you use to soothe a sore throat?
how to unclog a stuffy nose?
do you think it could be a Appendicitis?
OW! Please help im in pain!!!!!!!!!!!?
My toes constantly crack - is it normal?
Excruciating pain from braces?
What would happen if someone took 30 xanax and 30 vicodin?
Can sore lips be a symtom of vitamin or mineral deficiency ?
Im having trouble getting to sleep and constantly waking up.?
Burning the candle at both ends any advice/ help will be appreciated!?
Are there danger eating watermelon and drinking alcohol in the same day?
Please heeelp me! I need some sleep!!?
how old where you when you started smoking?
I have been put on doxycycline for lyme disease...its it okay to drink alcohol while on the antibiodic?
Right eyelid is twitching, verry annoying?
How to quit smoking? Is there any tips for quitting smoking?
Is it possible to sneeze with your eyes open?
Allergy Tests?
I inhaled Dust Cleaner last night...Will i be okay?
Me & my son always suffer from Allergic Rhinitis & cold Tell home remedies.?
Can loud music hurt my ears?
stomach ache?
I have this horrible ear ache! What do I do?
Does anyone know how to get rid of migraine's?
i have this pain in the left side of my chest and goes to my back and i burp alot?
any advise for migraine relief without tablets/medication?
throbbing, continuous headache that won't go away, help?
What can i do to cure a cricked neck?
My 3 yr old woke me up with this AM with a really bad tummy ache and then has been throwing up bile.?
Does Soy Milk mess up your hormones?
im allergic to Codeine, would i be allergic to heroin too?
How do I get rid of my stuffy nose?
How do you know if you are allergic to gluten?
Drank too Fast?
is cracking your back and or knuckles bad for you in any way?
what can i put in my ears to prevent them from closing?
what to do ?
I've had a stomach ache along with fatigue and feeling weak for a whole week now..whats wrong with me?! =(
This may sound a little weird?
Help Hurt my occyx bone!?
ok so in my left side of my back i have this pain and it feels like some 1 is stabbing me its been like it ..?
what do u recommend when your ear hurts?
Head and Eye Pain?
how bad does it hurt?
What can i do about my pain?? Please help me!!!?
my sister beats me up?
What is the advantages of quit smoking?
Hands up...Who is the oldest person in the community?
What does health mean to you?
Do you floss your teeth everyday? Why is that important?
Am I starting to get a cleaning problem?
Hubby has possible sleep apnea but.....?
The top has fell of my mole and gone very red could it be cancerous?
What's a really good acne face wash?
I have a dog allergy, if i had a dog, overtime would it go away?
Is it dangerous to be living in a room for 4 months with a moldy bagel?
What is HANSEN'S DISEASE ?please let me know ?
What could be causing this ongoing headache?
did i sleep wrong? or whats wrong with me?!?!? HELP?
I Need Advice.!! I have a large lump on my head along with pressure headaches & earache..!!?
how do you detox off ms contin ?
Migraine medications?
Today my knee dislocated itself, what are the chances of it happening again?
Ear piercing. Is it infected?
hey Im 16 and ive been having chest pain my friends keep telling me to get it checked but im scared of the doc
I have been without my lap top for about three weeks, and have had with drawal symptons, should I rush back in?
having trouble getting pain meds from my doc what should i do.?
How come since I've quit smoking...smoking is haunting me?
When you have a cold, why doesnt your nose run when you're asleep?
Last night I smoked like 3-4 cigarettes. Did I do any damage??
What do u do for a child who refuses to keep their hygeine up?
Hi im 13 and i need help now!?
I woke up in the middle of the night and my arm was completely numb...?
what might be wrong???????????? plz answer quick!?
My throat hurts?
How can I help straighten my back posture? ?
if someone is 'mentally deep' what does that make them? explaine in simple terms please!!!?
Why during winter months does our skin dry up?
Can an obsession be cured?
if someone got sh0t in the head, would there be time for them to feel the pain?
What painkillers can I take?
I recently have got a lower back ache that doesn't go away. Would a hot water bottle or ice pack work?
Ribs hurt when doing sport?
Why can't I taste anything?
why do onions make our eyes tear up?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Any relief out there for eye allergies?
i'm allergic to titanium earrings. will surgical stainless steel might work?
any good ways to take out vomating no medicines?
What's the best thing to drink for a sore throat?
PLease help !!Will i be ok !!?
ahhh nooo! i have the beginnings of a cold, woke up this morning with the back of nose top of the throat..?
what does it mean when my fingernails are growing faster than before?
Coffee before sleep ? good or bad ?
how to cure a sunburn that is really bad all over my body?
I'm getting braces soon,Will they make my lips look bigger?
Need help staying awake, you have any ideas?
How long foes anti-depressants take to affect me?
I found some pills in my home that are round, white, and say 70 on one side and Z on the other. What are they?
all of a sudden feeling light headed and spaced, some help please ? ?
Ive been taking lots of naps and always get headaches is something wrong?
should i see a doctor?
back pain when breath!?
should i get it checked ?
How can I get rid of the hacking cough and congested nose that lingers in the end stage of a cold?
Need suggestions to cure a sinus infection. I'm desperate. Please help!?
My nose is all stopped up, and I can't breath?
Is there such a thing as an Allergy Test?
Can a baby get an allergic reaction to baby oil?
Would you be in a relationship with a diabetic man?
I need some serious help!?
sore bum crackk please help?
my ear hurts because i tried to clean it with my finger and I always insert my finger, is ity cancer??
question about painkillers and alcohol?
What is a corset? I'll tell you why I'm asking. Last night I woke up with indigestion and when I looked it up?
Does anyone know what this could be?
Questionnaire for women who have had children - regarding what pain relief methods you used during labour?
Why is it that on Thursday night I can stay up late and feel good, but on Friday night I'm sleepy by 12?
I overdosed on Robitusson. Will I be ok?
help me hayfever :( helphelp?
My 4 year old lab has seasonal allergies, is it ok for me to give her allergy medication such as claritin?
Whats wrong with me?
I keep coughing? my doctor said to take claritin, but it only worked for a few weeks, my non-stop cough cont.?
Why is it wrong to pick your nose and eat it?
why is rudoulf's nose red?
Feels like theres mucus+food in the back of my throat?
I have always been very ALLERGIC to CATS. Since meds haven't been working, do you think an allergist can help?
Pains in chest?
Do I Have A Beer Allergy?
Mucus in throat/nasal?