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I always have these sweat marks on my shirt no matter what. What can I do besides get strong deoderent?
Does cancer always show up in blood tests?
My friend has been in a coma on my couch the last two weeks, is this swine flu?
Friend with yellow eyes? (serious answers)?
I drink way too much tea and have lots of stress, could this be because of tea or something else?
I have these symptoms....What is it???
what is good to cure ring worms?
Whats the right name for people that sleep with dead people?
Why does this happen to my eyesight?
Welll only girls please!!!?
this may be a stupid question but, i dropped my cigarettes in in a river, can i still smoke them?
why dose my eye lid keep twitching??
a really important question?
Pls advise what I can do to reduce shoulder and neck stiffness when I am too stressed with my work?
Help!! I have hay fever!!?
Am I truely allergic to cigarette smoke?
Do hershey chocoloates contain traces of nuts?
Does anybody else's throat get sore when your sinuses drain?
Am I allergic to Orange Juice?
Do allegry shots really work?
The nerve under my left eye keeps jumping and it's extremely annoying, any idea what it is?
I have nausea, vomitingw/blood,tremors,tingling shocks upback of neck w/dizziness & R side abdominal pain?
My little boy wants to get a cat how do i know if we are not allergic to one?
i'm sick, and i dont know what i have, perfect. it might be allergies, or i might have something else. help me
How can I make my nose bleed on purpose?
Clogged nose?
Survey! do you know of any way to stop having teary eyes and a red nose when ever the really cold winds blow?
My little brother has lice?
Why do we jump when we're scared?
Why do people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up every two hours ?
What's wrong with my ear? Please help?
The ends of my Thumbs, middle and index fingers crack in autumn and winter how can I stop this happening?
How can you quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey?
Is there nething u can do for chapped lips besides chapstick, drinking water, and petroleum jelly?
Help for my child...?
i killed a bug and it gave off this HORRIBLE smell? and i was wondering if it was some kind of defensive chemi?
How do you get rid of dry skin?
Is it true that AIDs doesn't..?
What could be the cause of ur poo to be green?
Pain over right lung and in shoulder blade?
Why some nights can i not sleep?
I am married n often pee in bed at night though i go pee before going to bed n dnt drink. how to stop?
My dad has diabetes, what should i do?
why couldn't the save my nana from cancer?
I am a teacher should I give up smoking or tell them to smoke?
Can you please tell me if im dying?
Im16&i found a month ago, a lump/ball in my left breast. its a little bit bigger than a quarter. is it cancer?
What is the quickest way to get rid of the common cold?
How can i stop biting on my fingers when it has become a habit of sixteen years?
What can i eat or do with household items to get sick?
is it unhealthy ! to pass gas's ?? and why !!?
My family have flu, would it be offensive to wear a gas mask?
Need fast way to get rid of foot odor?
Smoking while on the nicotine patches?
silver fish. how do u get rid of them and are they diseased?
Am I having dizzy spells or blackouts. I'm worried?
Quick question:answer pls?
Why do guys make a shower dirtier than girls do? They do!?
In hospitals, what are the clothes pin clips on people's fingers?
Does smoking make you gain weight?
How can I make my son stop with insulin?
I need to contact jade goody the doctors gave my mum 3 months to live with her cancer and now it has gone?
only doctors and people who went Thru this could answer!?
Too tired to fight?
I'll never fall asleep...?
does this happen to anyone else?
Is smoking weed daily really that bad for your health?
Please help really urgent..!!!!?
what is the quickest way to get to sleep?
I cried in class!!!!!!?
how do i stop being drunk?
When taking a baby's temperature under her arm, aren't you supposed to add a few degrees to it? How many?
tell me "unique facts" about dehidration?
Is anyone allergic to anything weird?
if rash on baby's face is as a result of food allergy, what could be used to cure it?
Bizzare rash on my face.....HELP!!!???
I get a severe headache everytime I go to Wal-Mart. Why?
I've just accidentally had 150mg Tramadol ?
am i dying??????????????????
Is there a cure for Asthma?
my left testical hangs 1" lower then the my right why?
what is wrong with me???? ='(?
How to go to sleep when your not sleepy?
I accidentally ate a bunch of ants that were in a box of cereal is that bad for my health?
Friend is allergic to cat dander from furniture and my cat is gone.?
How do i get rid of alergies?
MYSTERYY?? anyone??
should I go to the doctor to find out if I really am allergic to Lysol?
HIVES! what can i do to at least stop the itching?
Am having itching inside my ears. Which anti-allergic ear drops can I use?
can yoy do meth and methadone together?
How long with both eyes closed, Can you stand on one leg?
Can i catch HIV/AIDS from someone who doesn't have it?
My mom just found out that she has Multiple Myeloma, what is the survival rate for this cancer?
what are signs of limphomia...not sure of spelling.?
Hi i would like to know if it's safe to visit Chernobyl and does it make you sweat coz it pop it's top
Cancer ribbon?
My sister (19) got lumps in both her breasts. Is she affected by Breast Cancer?-?
if you eat skin cancer, could you die?
how often and long would you have to do dip until you get cancer?
why is it if we sleep longer were more tired in the day?
can you let come one who tuck ectasy by accident fall a sleep?
why do i get so many nosebleeds?
Does mayo help to exterminate head lice?
any one here suffer from sleep paralysis?
What's the best way to fall asleep without taking sleeping pills?
Im always tired...anything i can do?
When was the last time you went to the doctor's?
is sugar the cause of ADHD?
i get so hot at night i sleep naked, i'm afraid of earthquake happening and me running naked,any suggestions?
what will i get now coz this is not working?
Stomach ache on the left side of my stomach?
1 to 10 what was the leval of pain when u got ur ears peirced?
I'm worried?
Why do I always get headaches/migraines whenever there's a full moon?
Throwing up blood...I'm worried about my husband?
Anyone know what happened to me, I feel very dizzy started yesterday and this morning..??
Strained my lower back from coughing; what can I do to heal this terrible pain?
joking? joking?
Need help fast!?
does that commercial for lyrica make you realize there is a such a thing as fibromyalgia?
i have a sharp pain in my back intermittently. What can it be?
Migraines, and Headaches (Help)?
Wrist Cutting, please help.?
How did you quit smoking?
Why am I always tired?
What to say to someone who is dying?
Could second-hand smoke give me cancer?
do i have leukemia, plz help?
what causes breast cancer and what are the measures needed to prevent it?
is there a free site u can go to, to get counsling on how to deal with someones death , thank u?
Have I got hay fever?
Is it too late to build immune system?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
My Allergies have SPIKED, is it possible to become allergic to your pets?
how to get rid of a headache?
Is Ambien better to take than a prescrip pain med? I take a small dose almost every night due to back pain.?
I'm 30 weeks pregnant and getting searing pains in my upper abs, any idea why?
I'm sooo tired at work today, any ideas how I can sleep in my office without getting caught?
Is it bad to sleep in a chair for three nights?
What is the best method to disinfect, sanitise a toilet without using *harmful chemicals ?
My left eye's been twitching for the last 24 hours. Not constantly, but it keeps doing that... but why?
I took my sleep medication two times tonight?
why is my dad not dead?
How do you fall asleep?
Is it normal to have high blood pressure at 24????
I'm trying to quit smoking...?
Tattoos - is there any health risk in having a tattoo done - maybe infection etc?
Has My HUSBAND CHEATED??? I have an abnormal pap-smear! HELP PLS!!!?
nasel sprays..?
before there was insulin how did they cure diabetes?
I'm kind of itchy all over?
Why haven't any black people contracted swine flu?
I was worried i wake up every morning my right hand always numb?
My throat just recently began to get sore, what are some ways to make in go away before a cold kicks in?
What causes kidney stones? is there anything one can do to prevent them happening again?
what's good for migraine headache?
How do you make a burnt tongue feel better?
why does eating cause a migraine/?
very painful sore throat?
I think I might need my appendix token out but im not sure these pains are so bad. Please help!?
how are you feeling when you wake up in the morning?
Headache help?
Are There Any Good Reasons Why Cannabis Should Be Legal?
i get these really bad headaches in my eye/forehead then end up throwing up?
i problem is that my boyfriend smoked weed his whole life i just wanna know how can he get of his system?
I am miserable, suggestions to help me feel better?
can anyone advice me on pillow allergy?
Is it bad to take allergy medicine when you aren't having allergies?
If I drank milk last night can I have an allergy reaction to it in the morning?
I told my doctor i am allergic to sulpha drugs. He prescribed me ceftin, containing soidium lauryl sulfate.?
Can allergies be developed over time?
my daughter has allergic reactions to????
how much does zyrtec cost?
What's it mean if you start shaking?
Why can't I swallow any food?
can you take asprin while taking ibuprofen?
I'm looking for anyone with chronic pain of the tailbone. What has worked for you?
Keep feeling dizzy and yesterday eyes went weird?
I am ALWAYS Tired?
Help!!!! please hurts to breathe!!!?
My ear keeps "closing" so I can't hear. I hear a constant ringing noise. It'll sometimes pop but not for long.?
Help me. A lump on my butt?
Does ear syringing hurt?
is depakote used to treat migraine headaches?
i have an acne problem i guess..?
I'm in serious pain, what is it?
my husband has been suspended from his job due to a sight defect will he get paid or can they sack him?
I have ugly.. bad habits.... need help?
Can cracking your knuckles give you arthritis?
how long does it take for cannabis to leave your body?
pancreatic cancer....................?
Best way to beat chemo and radiotherapy induced fatigue?
how long does someone have to smoke for to get cancer?
i have a rash on my chest, and i found a lump under my right armpit. it is sore, and sore to touch..?
charity help for a girl dying of cancer, whose 14?
My mum quit smoking and is always super pissed, What can i do?
how long will a person suffering from cancer live ?
A problem with the pills?
what causes the whites of your eyes to become yellow?
am i allergic to something?
unexpectedly throwing up whil eim asleep, wha'ts wrong?
allergic reaction need help?
I have a friend that can't walk barefoot on carpet.......?
After i eat nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds etc) i throw up one or two times....can i fix it?
Allergic to fettacuinne alfredo?
how can u handle it if someone dies thats close to u?
Why is short term health insurance so expensive?
is it normal to sleep for 12 hours sometimes?
if ive got phnuemonia will 2 antibiotic capsiles help?
I need some over-the-counter stuff for more energy?
serious advice only, for someone who almost choked on an apple?
What's the secret ingrediant in Gatorade that makes it better then water for hydrating ?
What do you do to fall asleep?
what causing my arm pain?
My fingers are burning!! Please help!!?
Hi, i keep getting a dull aching pain above my right eye in my temple, had it a few days now....?
What is the course of treatment for athiritis in the knees. I can't take anti-inflammitories. They always?
How quickly can you develop lung cancer from smoking?
I'm so tired of people....?
What do you say to someone who just found out their dad has cancer?
If I took one drag of one cigarette can I get lung cancer?
What are some causes of cancer?
any one know?
Help! need a really good deodarant 4 girls!?
If you have quit smoking or are trying to quit, what is your biggest challenge?
Heartburn --- I think --- what do you do?
I want a cigarette, as its no smoking day in UK now, will i get done?
Is it ok to be upset over this...........?
found a bottle of pills in kids rm, they are small light green round tablet with a A on top and the #214?
I smoked weed three days ago. How long will it take for the weed to get out of my system?
I have a tummy ache that won't go away! 25 year old female?
how to get rid of back pain!?
how can i get pain meds online with no prescription that will actually send the meds?
Severe Pain in the Lower Right Stomach?
Can't deal with my dad's cancer anymore. help?
Grandad's got cancer and my mum won't stop crying. How can I help?
Can you "catch" cancer?
do veins show on bone xrays?
Breast cancer. Need expert help.?
better to use pillow or no pillow?
morning head aches?
Worst pain you have ever felt?
Neck pain, make it go away please?
I got stung by something and I am in a lot of pain?
Am i suffering heart problems?
Back Pain?!?
I hurt my ankle a little what can I do to help the pain?
I have pain in my back. Seems to be muscles are the reason. How can I lose the pain?
Sharp pulling pains in my belly?
Does this mean my nose is kinda blocked? please tell me?
what's a good permanent cure for allergy?
I have a strange "allergic reaction", and I'm kind of freaked out...?
does getting a tat hurt? like the needle?
I wake up everyday with an headache can you tell me why and what can I do to stop the pain? ?
Bad stomach ache and heartburn. What should I get?
Should my head still be hurting? 10 points!?
need help!! need a pain reliever for my swollen tonsils!?
I have degemerative disc disease & take muscle relaxers and vicodine. what are my options?
its abt BODY ODOUR !!.. can u help me plzzzz!!??
I feel really strange?
Help! My daughter has lice with the bugs and everything....creeping me out. Ive washed everything but?
I think i know what's happening but i want your opinion?
i've been peeing like 15 times a day is that normal?
Whats wrong with me, please help?
what does it mean when a Dr says your blood work looks great?
My boyfriend smokes alot of weed...?
Is it possible to help an alcoholic?
Im looking for a air filter/cleaner to help with my allergies. Is this a good idea, if so what do u recommend?
Wierd stuff in my throat? ?
Is it possible to be allergic to pineapple?
I have hives, and it's my first time getting this, I'm kinda freaking out here lol, when does this go away?
pircings that hurt you?
bad migraines?
My chest hurts real bad from having a cold, how can I make it feel better?
My wife suffers chronic pain from lupus. Joint pain, headaches,muscle pain, bone pain, sharp back pain and is?
I think something is wrong with me, it hurts!?
Sharp pain on left lower stomach?
i took a motrin an hour ago, can i take codine(tylonal 3) now that motrin ain't makin' it?
gargling warm salt water?
heartburn....help and this is serious?
What do you take for a MIGRAINE?
Why am I so tired??
Kinda gross medical question but really need advice!!?
i have been so itchy!?
Can lack of sleep cause weight gain?
Why am I so tired?
Does anyone know of a quick, efficient way to get rid of a cold?
what causes migranes? and how can you avoid them?
How do I get rid of hunger pains?
i have an IQ of 58... how can i improve this?
SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY!! I don't want to become an emotional wreck again. What should I do to combat this?
I'm mentally drained and see no sign of hope. Any suggestions?
If one is allergic to bee stings will he be allergic to jellyfish or fire coral?
I Am Allergic To Dust Mites, would it be dangerous for me to get a cat?
My nephew is just 2 months old. He has developed some skin allergies on face and body.?
food allergy help..................?
I drink lots and lots of soda. What effects can this have on my kidneys?
why do i have severe back, hip and leg pain the morning after drinking alcohol?
what should i do about my burnt finger?
opinions on pain in the belly button area?
Really bad headache on right side of head.?
Does it hurt to gt your ears pierced with a needle ?
How do I get rid of this ear pain?
Help with chest pain please!?
what can i do to help with headaches without prescription drugs?
Need advice from people who have quit smoking please?
does cracking your knuckles really make them bigger?
I am soooo tired, how can I perk up naturally?
Help!! My 8 1/2 month old was taking a nap....?
Can't get up in the morning?
do you agree?
Difficulty sleeping?
Can you get the same sort of soreness from partying all night as you'd get when spending half a day at the gym
Helping My Parent Quit Smoking HELP PLEASE?
I have terrible heart burn and waking up during the night with a watery mouth feeling like I want to vomit?
How could breast cancer be related/connected to women's rights?
what types of cancer can be passed down from family?
Jade Goody cancer - Could this have been prevented? Has she missed smear tests?
My husband has Pancreatic cancer and with the doctors terminology I am so confused.?
the dying process of cancer patient?
Can you get cancer from chewing on the inside of your mouth?
Is it ok to eat soap?
Sick! and my birthday is coming on the 17 of november! what do i do?
do you have asthma?
If someone is allergic to shrimp what is the chance they are allergic to crab?
what foods can make your throat dry?
why does your nose run after you've been crying?
Worth sleeping?
should we sacrifice sleep for success???
how does the tar of a cigarette affect ones health?
will intake of more oxygen keep man healthy?
How can I reduce my sleep time to 4 hours a day?
is eating too much ice bad for you?
ive been coughing for a week now what should i take?
Where I can have proffesional help, consultation or health check?
I need to stay awake on a long drive right now HELP!!!!?
Why don't people understand Mental Illness?
how do i get rid of cramps?
Migraine or headache?!??!?
why is it when i have 10 minutes in the afternoon?
my bone at the top of my bum crack hurts is that a sign of hiv or sumtin else plz help?
where to hit someone with brass knuckles so it doesn't seriously hurt them?
Whats wrong with my leg? Answer fast please!!!!?
What to do with a sore throat?
Headaches, dizziness & stabbing abdominal pain.?
I have a stomach ache what should i do?
is the fastfood healthy?
I know its embarrassing to say but I'm really constipated. I need some answers on how to solve it.PLEASE!?
Can't sleep! Help please??
my 3yr old daughter suffers every 2-3 months from severe leg pains high fever and really bad cough. normal?why
is there any drugs you can take to sleep whilst on speed?
my friends got shot please read, will they live?
i cant sleep its 345 am and i cant sleep wat should i do tell me remedies?
Can someone go into remission and relapse 9 years later?
What is worse? Epilepsy or Cancer?
I went to a tanning bed and went tanning for 3 months. Will i get skin cancer?
RE: Breast cancer. Where particularly on the breasts will 'lumps' be found in cancerous tissue?
Another question about cigarettes?
I have a clicking in my head?
i have a numbness in my right leg,what could it be?
Pain in my left elbow....?
Can a toothache cause you to feel like you have a bad headache?
I'm in A LOT of pain and I don't know what to do?!?
my shoulders are not symmetrical?
Doctor wont do anything! need answers now!?
Does anyone have fibromyalgia?
does anybody know of a pain killer stronger than vicodin?
am i allergic to cats ????????????????????????????/?
Pharmaceuticals, legalized drug dealers?
has anyone experienced a child putting polystyrene or other object up their nose?
How can i stop my nose from bleeding?
Why does my throat feel dry and chalky?
is eating fruit healthy for u?
whats the avarage amount of chews u should have when eating?
Bleeding from anus (female)?
How do you get rid of a stye on your eye?
How do I just get up in the moring without pressing snooze 10 times?
I've recently been diagnosed as having a vitamin B deficiency and would like to know?
Want to quit smoking what should i do?
is feeling shaky a sign of diabetes?
Fibromyalgia - do you have it?
if i took 3 tylenol 3 should i go to the hospital?
How do you get out of back pain?
Migraine Headaches? Cafeine? ??? (Help)?
i have a bump inside the right side of my neck help??
My Stomache Hurts Could it be my appendix?
Does any one know anything about the link between between playing the playstation and developing migraines?
what can i do? I have troath pain,plz help.?
who else thinks that saying all emos cut their wrists is a sterio type?
What is it with cancers and life expectancy?
My friend just got rid of her Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma...?
What does your family think about you smoking cigarettes?
I have skin cancer which started on my foot...?
how do you get really pale from cancer?
Cervical cancer scare or not?
hi,i'm goin under chemo now,wat kind of supplyment can help my body to recover? thanks?
Lung cancer?
what to expect in the final weeks of lung cancer?
what is the least painful way to commit suicide?
Is it possible for somebody who suffers from panic attacks to work a normal job?
HELP i just burnt my hand........?
head out for walk or do exercises indoors?
Why could my left side hurt while urinating?
Why is it painful when i flex my arm muscles?
i feel like theres something stuck in my throat?
for years now , i'm experiencing headaches, which won't go away after taking aspirins, .?
How can I avoid getting leg cramps at night while I'm asleep?
HELP! canker sore.. SO much pain :(?
How do you put in contact lenses?!?
I have a sleep question...?
How did you quit smoking?
Will I get chicken pox as an adult?
Hello,has anyone had bad results from lasik? I don't know if I should get this done,i see all the TV ads.Thank
Why in the hell can't I sleep? I took extra pills and still can't fall asleep.?
How can i get to sleep in less than 20 minutes?
Dreams & marijuana?
sore throat!!!?
please help..neighbor problem..I am upset and badly need advise.?
unctrollable crying, shaking and pins and needles atfer a fight with my bother whats wrong wit me?
What can I do to stay healthy?
Why doesn't anyone believe i'm in as much pain as i say?
Why is my friend sick ALL the time?
are people that are allergic to bees allergic to honey?
Do you pick your nose?
my dog ate my earrings!?
am i allergic to chocolate?
is it normal to get a nose job without being a celeberty?
do you think im going to OD?
im having trouble getting rid of my headache?
Should I see a doctor?
I normally have pain in my left groin, what must be the problem with me? what body part is called the spleen?
would you choose Lortab or Vicodin based on your experience?
Do most things feel pain?
Could my abdominal pain be a stomach ulcer?
I have really bad migraines at least 3-4 times a week since I was 12!! HELP? Doctors are welcome to answer!!!?
What's this weird bump on the inside of my wrist?
if the husband uses cocaine and marijuana, will this affect the health of his future baby with the wife?
What's the best way to detox the liver?
Can blowing your nose too hard cause damage?
100+ fever, sore throat, strained eyes, achey body and really watery stool...what's wrong with me??
is there a fast and easy way to clean your body from smoking a few times?
Is it too late for a 40 year old to quit smoking?
numbness/tingling in arms, especially. . .?
Need tips for ear infection?
I want to go to medical school, but think it may be too hard? Any Suggestions?
What is this?
I found a lump in my neck, should i be worried?
Who do you know personally that has had cancer?
need some creative ideas!?
are fibroids the same as tumors?
My friend has to have a 'Port' put in and 'Chemo'?
Are there any stage 4 cancer survivors out there? Please tell me your success stories.?
I think I need a counselor but I'm afraid to tell my mom.?
i've been depressed since at least 3rd grade. i've been on inumerable meds, nothing helps...?
i have a cutting question?
What happens if you're allergic to nuts and you makeout with a guy who ate nuts earlier?
Everytime i shave my neck breaks out in a rash how can i stop it ?
what is the strongest cough syrup you can buy over the counter?
what creams or lotions will cure a heat rash?
what allergy medicine really works?
Is it possible to develop an allergy to cats?
really hurt arm?
what makes detoxing from pain medication easier??
What can I do about back pains?
OUCH What's wrong with me!?!?
How do you relieve back pain without medication?
What are the major causes of leg and foot cramps?
How can i sleep at night?
cant sleep??? plssss helpppppp!!!!!?
questions about glasses. does your eyes get worse when you don't wear glasses and you're suppose to?
For 10 points plz help me answer this!?
My friend has brain cancer?!?
Why dose the government let cigarette company's make cigarettes even though they kill so many people?
Thickening of inner Uterus "cancer" can anyone give me some information?
If you had to write a letter to your cancer what would you say to it?
A girl in my school has leukemia, what should I do to make her feel better?
my dad is 66 has cirrhosis of the liver and just got 40%of his liver removed due to cancer,will he die young?
have i got a form of cancer?
My friend was diagnosed with HPV aka cervical cancer..?
What happens to you when you have cancer?
Sore Throat...............?
Am I Allergic to Wheat?
I need help finding coconut-free cleaning/personal products. Also free of nut oil, sunflower & hopefully palm.
have i reached my chocolate quota for this lifetime?
I have shooting pains in stomach and they hurts so bad I cry when they happen. Is it something serious??
My neck is stiff for over a month. HELP!!!!!?
does it hurt to get shot in the face?
I have been having left hip area and lower back pain for 6 months, any suggestions as to a diagnosis?
Pain in shoulder while sleeping?
What is wrong with me? Ill or unlucky?
Do pain pills make you itch?
My7 yr old son has had a headache for 8 hrs...Tylenol hasn't helped?
can Ecstasy make you violent?
That's it, I slouch and it makes me look really bad, how do I fix it?!?
hi.... Pls suggest me some sleeping tips for the day, presentally i'm working in night shift>>>>>
What is the happiest age?
Random Nosebleeds? who's had em?
Is it alright breathing with your mouth rather than your nose?
Am I allergic to my piercing?
Why do NUTS make me bloated?
can i buy narcotic pain killers without a prescription?
My muscles are spasmed what can i do ?
When I wake up, I have this headache on the back of my head that lasts for around 1 hour - what is the reason?
Is this sinus, migraine or just headache?
lower abdominal pain?
I'm really scared, help me?
darvocet? have u heard of it?
anyone have a remedy for the gout? Want pain to leave?
Stiff Neck, Dizziness, Nausea.?
I'm Really Scared For My Friend. She Thinks She Has Breast Cancer?
what can a person do to get leukemia?
question about melanoma staging.....?
what is the cancer?
What is the treatment of Gas?
Can 16 yr olds get breast cancer??
What's your phobia........?
i feel so hopeless and stuff! please help! please!!?
How can my husband relieve his Sciatica pain?
How do you cure pain?
Does anyone else crack theyre neck?
l have a bad pian on my right hand side in my lower part of my back and in my side?
My daughter's hands turn blue and become painful for no apparent reason.?
how could I get a wax without the pain?
Pain relief for inner ear infection?
how can i take care of my ear infection without going to the doctors i hate going to the doctors?
I have a really weird rash? Any doctors or nurses?
Am i allergic or just seriously intolerant of alcohol?
Young children (2-5) with allergies? Ways to help them? Medication or not?
Do I have an allergic reaction?
I want a cat but I'm allergic to them, is there a kind I wouldn't be allergic to?
Where is the weirdest place you ever slept?
Can anyone tell me whats wrong?
Are There Any Dangers Of A Contact Lens Rolling Into The Back of Your Eye And Is It Possible?
Is there something wrong with having a weak immune system? or are some people just like that?
Should I go to the hospital?
what is the right amount of sleep a 8yr old should get each night?
How many girls out there picky about mans waist size?
Is it true that drinking cold water after a meal can solidify fats in the intestines?
how do u make yourself throw up?
Sleeping pills?
I keep having this urge to pee but nothing comes out and when i push to try blood comes out any ideas?
help with migraine???
swollen eyelid???????????
Is it possible that I was drugged?
question about latex....?
What are the symptoms for pink eye?
allergic reactions to certain fruits and vegetables?
i found two white pills in my sons jeans?
how long before back/ neck pain shows up?
Neck pains?
Please help...constant contanst constant heartburn..?
My back aches day in day out.?
what is pain?
What is a good way to relax at home?
pain underneath top of right breastbone almost at the apex of the sternum?
Moderate/very painful headache for about 1 1/2 weeks?
If you're having a thick white discharge, does that mean you have chlamydia?
can diabetics drink beer?
my sister has the flu.. how do I protect myself. I didn't get the shot??
Does this sound like carpal tunnel?
Ibuprofen overdose?
R U sleeping on me?
I have been experiencing a sharp pain in my throat that leads up to my inner ear.it hurts really bad help plz!?
I just snorted and smoked one aspirin tablet each and I have a horrible feeling. what do I do?
What to do for a stiff neck?
how to get rid of head ache when you have no med.?
Is there a doctor in the house?
what makes you get up in the morning?
Can someone explain why the neti pot doesn't work for me, am i doing it wrong?
Who's having really bad allergies.?
how do you get unconstipated?
Do you wish..as I do...that people didn't come on here for medical advice?
Ive just drank 2 week old water, what will happen?
I've got one year to live.....?
What are things to give a person going through chemo therapy?
testicular Mass?
Coping with chemotherapy ?
Is it normal to be able to feel lymph noids in your body?
brain tumor??????plzz help me!!! im 16?
I have stomach cancer and I feel like I need to?
Headaches and numbness?
If I stretch my hand, it starts to hurt?
I have bad lower stomach pains, what is it?
I haven't had a cigarette for 5 weeks. Starting to struggle a bit!?
What can I do to help me stop drinking?
why do i feel dizzy and nauseous?
The best way to sooth a headache naturally?
why dose my ear hurt?
i have a lump in my neck and the back of my head they are not protruding but u can feel them with ur hands how
A good medication for minor grass allergies?
What is on my nose????????
I have an alergy that when I eat anything sweet I break out in whelts. Can allergys cause this?
I have a question about rashes?
i cant breathe through my nose. been like this for 6 years!!! im soo angry grrrrr?
I'm allergic to incense, how can I be able to go to Mass?
how do i get rid of a stuffed up nose?
Is Claritan or Zyrtec better?
worse? cigars or cigs?
i have a sore in the palm of my hand its been there for about 6 months now could this be cancer?
i have 3kids my little girl has cancer i need some food like away?
not donating to a cancer charity: do you think it will bring bad karma?
Recently diagnosed with aml leukemia?
my best friend died of cancer less than two months ago,and i can't seem to get over it?
Is there a name for people who live to be 100+ years old?
How many of you check your eyes? Do you go to a Dr. every year?
a child sits in front of the tv always and usually turn the volume up because he cannot hear?
is it dangerous to take the sleeping tablet Zopiclone with alcohol?
Why do I get headaches and dizzy spells? Does this mean I have a Brain Tumor?
if you smoked only!!!!!!!!!!1?
Where can I buy the earplugs?
is our pee suppose to be really light.. or really dark.. like orangey..??
What is the best way to wake up when you are feeling sleepy too early in the evening?
I just can't fall asleep until late....?
nose stuffed up when the AC is on?
is this allergies or sinus problems???
allergy shot?
Can Raccoon eyes be caused by pollen and other allergies?
Peanut allergy and rude classmate.?
Can you be allergic to a smell?
Pain in upper back? I feel it to the right around my shoulders? When I look to the right it hurts a lot...?
what can i drink if i am pregnant and i am having heartburn?
what causes chest pain in back of chest and also at the same time pain in whole left side of mouth/face?
should i go to the doctor/ER?
Im lost and dont know what to do?
why do i have no energy?
Should I be nervous about being put under by an anesthesiologist?
My left eye has been fluttering for 3 days. Does anyone have any clue why?
whats wrong with me???
What's the most successfull method to quit smoking?
burst blood vessels from smoking that wont go away--- is there a way to get rid of them?
Severe Pain/help!!?
My sister is dying! Help? Please?
Is this true now?
Does cancer run in a family?
hospices and euthanasia?
Do I have a brain tumour?
i took 5 1/2 aspirins today is this bad?
Back ache or something else?
ringing in the ears?
I take hydrocodone 4 pain. Every morning i feel sick. Could the med. be doing this?
How would you describe the pain - the jam of a Pop Tart that's too hot is stuck to the roof of your mouth?
My vitamins give me a stomache ache and sometimes indigestion. What can I do to stop this from happening?
banged head...am i ok?
i have out side throat pain (between chin and chest) and some times neck pain. but i am able to eat and drink.?
please!!!! what should i do!?
my daughter is very underweight, and i dont know why?
My nose is clogged for like 3 days?
my nose is really stuffed what can i do about it?
how long do seasonal allergies last, HELP, 10pts best answer?
Do you agree with this?
Will this happen?
How many people out there feel sucidal?
What to eat after not eating a meal for 1 week.?
what just happened to me? help?
Whats Wrong with me?
If females were affected by haemophillia, would they bleed to death on their first period?
Severe back pain at 15 years old?
I get stomach aches alot, I really need help!!!?
I have something stuck in my nose.?
How do you treat a six year old's hives?
Do all patients who undergo chemotherapy loose their hair?
please help? i think i might have breast cancer.?
Really Scared?
Is skin cancer hereditory?
I'm a chef at a hospice for cancer patients and sometimes struggle for ideas, any web sites ?
Lump in my breast...help...?
failed so many tdriving tests need help with nerves any ideas?
Does anyome know how to get rid of hives?
When time seems to go slower cos you're bored. Does it ACTUALLY go slower?
Why do the joints of my thumbs sometimes make a cracking noise when I bend them?
im really confused about cracking my fingers. can someone help?
having sleeping troubles, how can i fall asleep faster?
Why do we have to poo after drinking coffee and having a cigarette?
does smoking catnip actually do anything?
Any suggestions of dark armpits?
What is a quick way to lower my Blood Pressure?
PLEASE HELP. i cant hear out of one of my ears?
Can to many asprin hurt you?
which body piercing hurts worst?
i have severe back pain is there any way to help other than taking pills?
i have a really bad headache?
how do you relieve sciatica nerve pain?
Is there such thing as "Growing Pains"?
Will this pain go away with the antibiotics?
Can anyone help explain my neck pain?
Dull pain between arm and chest?
I have had an ear ache for like 3 years.........?
Why does my back hurt more when I lie down at night?
how can i sleep?
My mom is about to start radiation treatment for cancer. Should I avoid contact with her if I'm pregnant?
My mother passed away of breast cancer at age of 39, when should I be tested?
Does cancer make your hair fall out or treatment for cancer?
can i get cancer if i have smoked less than 40 cigs?
i am constantly getting severe headaches with vision impairment, could these be migraines?
a question about percocet?
Are your knee caps supposed to move left and right very freely?
Chronic Daily Headaches?
Why does my leg go numb?
I cut myself what should i do? i will not see a doctor that out of the question?
Headache after work out?
have i got appendicitis?
Tylenol? Advil? Or Alleve? Which do you like to use better?
I've had a sore knee for about 6 months now. Had MRI with no substantial indications of damage or arthritis
Does it hurt?????
Which one is stronger? Vikadin or Percocet?
Could you tell me what type of pills I have?
what is wrong with my shoulder?
epidural injection?
why does my heal hurt in the morning so bad?
My friend is wondering if there's a way to get some vicodin prescribed to him?
Lump on bottom of foot?
my stomach is sore, what could this be?
I'm giving blood tomorrow but i don't know if i should..?
How dangerous is a bloodsugarlevel of over 600? ?
get rid of blackheads!?
need to know if potassium deficiency will cause muscle pain?
EMERGENCY!!! My friend took 16 extra strength rapid release tylenol 2 hours ago...?
Am i hurt really bad?
is it possible that i developed Sciatica due to excessive sitting ?
neck and shoulder pains, especially in the mornings?
Very weird symptom of a migraine?
Chiropractor or physical therapy for lower back problems?
Serious Q. ACL surgery???
Is it possible to overdose from taking too much hydrocodone a.k.a. Loratab 10's
i have sometimes a lot recently hard time breathing?
my eyes get drowsy and tired how do i stop this?
My cat has its nose blocked up is it safe to giv him a little part of benodryl?
Allergic? Can't eat raw fruits nor raw veggies..what 2 do?
My doctor just diagnosed me with TMJ disorder and presrcibed physical therapy...?
im scared to have surgery what do i do?
Pain in my left arm?
On commericals for medications which you should not take if "you're pregnant or may become pregnant"...
What is causing my swollen lymph node?
Can sitting too close to the TV damage a person's vision?
Is it best to take a bath at night or in the morning?
Is There a Cure For Back Pain?
I have a horrible burning sensation of the esphagus, what can I do to fix the pain?
how often do you get sick?
do i need a doctors referral.?
Disk Replacement VS Spinal Fusion VS Steroid Injections?
I'm in my 60's, exhausted all the time. Legs and arms ache. Can't sleep at night, can't stay awake in the day.
lortab, can u get a high?
should i sleep?
should i go to the ER?
Should I sleep for around 5 hours or stay up.?
is swallowing gum really bad for you?
What will happen if you go into a tanning bed while on antibiotics that say not to be in direct sunlight?
Hot Showers In The Morning?
I found this weird pic on the internet...does anyone know what it is? Kind of gross...?
Slumber party tonight? But im allergic to dogs and cats....?
What is an alternative to Milk and Soy?
how do i get an epipen?
if you take more than 10 pain relievers could you die?
is it normal to get a headache atleast 5 times a week?
Severe chest pains, what do I do?
My father's appendix bursted. Please Help?
nose job 17 years old?
have i got m.e..? am tired a lot, or is it just stress?
My 11 year old son wants his ears pierced and I have no problemwith that?
How do i get my nails to grow?
What is this disorder called?
Can girls get a STD from sitting on a public toilet?
Has anyone got any tips on how i can sleep?
My partner is feeling ill and has diarrhoea. He wants me to ask if anyone knows when he will feel better !?
should i go to sleep or not?
help i have a gas problem?
Cracking my back?
I do not get sleeps at night?
Why does my ear bleed so much?
how to take the morning afterpill?
Urgent medical help needed my 5 yo cousin has applied pain relief cream into eyes?
Natural at home remedies for sinus problems?
Does anyone know a cure for pollen/hay fever? Have itchy eyes and a bad bad cold for weeks?
My 10 month old has fever, runny nose, coughing, and now he has little red bumps on his scrotum. Please help!?
How to Prevent Bloody noses during allergy season?
What is the best home remedy to get ride of a sinus infection?
wha is it called when the body becomes allergic to itself and your immune system starts attacking good cells?
is my daughter allergic to dogs?
plzzz somebody help!!!?
am I putting too much strain on my body by running?
i have a lump in my neck and for last 3 months have chronic diarrhoea and nausea in mornings?
Back pain, please help?
My three year old has a canker sore on his gum. What can I use to help the pain? And to get rid of it?
i took a vicodin @ 6:00 and i just took another one at 9:30 4 a migraine the bottle says every 6 hrs. ?
What is the best thing to do for aching feet?
Medcical name for a back doctor....?
Help me stop my leg cramps please?
Is there cats and dogs that are easier for people with allergies?
can sinus infection cause dizziness and light headedness?
Allergic to penicillin - worried about possible reaction with other antibiotics?
My child is allergic to these foods....corn,egg and milk....?
What's happening to you when you get an itch?
I have mucus in my throat? Please help because it's driving me crazy!?
Is it safe to give a dog aspirin or ibuprofen? ?
trapped wind!!?
Chronic pain sufferers.How do you deal and cope with it?
How Old were you when you first smoked pot as a teen?
Eye bags AND I sleep enough?
cant sleep plz help me!?
I can't fall asleep?
I feel really tired sometimes even though i get enough sleep, how can I get rid of this tiredess?
Are there any medications to help you quit smoking? Which one works best?
why does everything seem soo gross?
is it really hazardous to health when we microwave our food?
How can i grow taller?
How do i get mucus out of my throat??? I can't breathe!!?
I need something to tell my parents... But I'm afraid of the results...how should I tell them?
I have a stuffed nose how do i get rid of it like withina couple of hours?
Do Chuck Norris's tears cure cancer?
what is the best way to be happy in life?
Is there something wrong with me?
Why is the lettuce and spinach have bacteria or whatever in it?
Is it okay to go tanning after getting a tattoo?
What color is your bar of soap?
My hands get really sweaty when I'm nervous, like before a job interview. What can I do to prevent it?
I feel dead inside...?
i got raped is that a big deal.?
How can i be positive about myself and not be depressed?
i think i just broke my right hand pinky?
Where is your vertebrae?
My throat is hurting and I can't swallow whats wrong?
Head pains?
How slowly should I wean myself off of oxycontin?
I don't want to take Tylenol 3 cause it has acetometaphine but I have pain in my back & knees,how can i get
i was diagnosed with spiral stenosis. I have pain in lower back,numbing cramping down legs to feet unbearable!?
What's wrong with my braces?
i just saw a medical show about a little girl who was born unable to feel pain.?
are kidney stones worse than constipation?
Migraines migraines, MIGRAINES!?
Chest pain...not heartburn?
how come i eat something and i get a stomach ache?
Mom get tried standing in the kitchen...any suggestions?
will tmj make your eye throb because i have tmj and my whole letf face is swollen and hurting?
are NASAL INHALERS addictive?
Hot or cold compress for sinus swelling?
Help!! child with peanut allergy?
do dust mites leave bites?
Does anyone have an answer to my ellergies.?
What does it mean when your bowel movements are like little pellets?
They say don't clean your ears with cotton buds. What then do I use.?
Why do I always have a blocked nose? What should I do to get rid of it once and for all?
how long should I sleep?
what does it mean when my rectum itch?
Does Medicaid really work?
When there is a power outage, how long will yogurt keep in the refrigerator, if the door is kept closed?
Should I file a complaint if a doctor was hostile and verbally abusive without being provoked?
I cant fall asleep. Can someone please help me?
What are reasons for waking at the same time nightly or every other night?
my arm sometimes aches for no reason. why is this?
Ouch how do i cure a sore throat?
How do I? [Ear pain]?
I wonder how safe it would be to take oxycodone then hydrocodone. Has any one ever done this?
Fibromyalgia? Please help....sore muscles?
Can carpeltunnel go away?????
How can I 'un-pop' my ears?
Is there anything better than imitrex for migraines?
i've recently have gotten heartburn at night. why at night?
Is an addiction to something.....is an illness?
how can i get rid of a stuffy nose by tomorrow by not using any over the counter medicines, stuff like vix?
I'm scared I am having an allergic reaction to Féria Hair Dye
What do you do when you get a migraine?
tattoo pain?
The quickest way to kill yourself with no pain?
Bad Jaw Pain - Is it TMJ?
did i break my leg?
systems - left hand/numbness in fingers pain in arm/shoulder&back shoulder blade & arm pit?
Hangover Help???
I've been on HYDROCODONE 10/325 4 a Day For 3 YEARS.?
I swallowed the top thing on a coke can?
I'm scared of getting my blood drawn!?
Is 5 hours of sleep enough?
how do you deal with answerers who taunt and make threats on Y A ?
Whats wrong with me?
What are my parental rights concerning info from my daughter's therapist?
i need some one to talk to ?
Is there a cure for bi polar?
What is the best way to deal with depression?
I feel so worthless and shamed ?
how do u cope with major depression and suicide thoughts can't seem to get a grip on it?
Do you think the" END of the WORLD" is near?
how do u get over suicide?
Is physical therapy a waste?
What Are You Sitting On?
Did accidentally overdose??!! Feeling really sick from tylenol!?
migraine headaches?
i had vinegar on my fingers and i rubbed my eye and now my eye is stinging what should i do?
what do i do when you have a very sore throat?
I have a lump at the base of my right hand forefinger which is painfull. Could this be the start of hand cance
Pain killers, aspirin, before a fight?
Help on finding name of nerve condition.?
I have an ulcer. What can I eat that won't make me feel like I've been stabbed in the stomach?
Do you think I'm allergic to alcohol?
asthma attack as an child now Having attacks again why?
Is it okay to these medicines so close together?
What can I do to help avoid allergy problems?
What is the best cure for a blocked nose?
Pain in my legs, what can this be?
Does ultram cause liver damage?
I'm having a chest pain that doesn't go away, what can it be?
HEEEEEEELP MeEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
what causes back pain?
severe cramps in my lower abdomen mostly to the right what is it?
Whats the worst emotional pain that you EVER felt?
Pain in upper back, dont know what it could be.?
How can I stop someone from doing extacy?
is loosing the will to live normal?
When I go underwater I get a huge nose full of water..?
What does it mean when your knees crack?
my son ear and neck on the left side is swollen, what could it be?
I have a BM about 3 times a week but my stomach has been hurting me and I heard you should have a BM everyday?
can spending too much time alone affect you mentally and physically? in what way?
Help , allergic problem here!!?
i just got a filling..when will the freezing end??
what makes you sleep better?
I really like apples, but I am allergic. What do you suggest I do?
can you be slightly lactose intolerant?
my eyes change calor by mood , why?
everytime i eat i feel sick!?
im allergic to sick and ive just been sick?
lactose in tolerent???
whats wrong with me?
ouch how painful is this???
Need help identifying a pill?
don't want to live anymore, please help?
Are you supposed to avoid alcohol if you are on antibiotics?
what's so wrong about picking your nose?
Depression and ecstacy? - please don't judge...?
i have a fear of needles?
just help me please...?
A question I've been wondering for some time now.?
If you were suddenly no longer able to speak (but could still think and hear clearly) what would you miss most
Can I been seen my a doctor alone?
I think I'm allergic to something but don't know what?
Peanut allergy in babies...?
Allergic to?
How do i get bags from under my eyes without medicine?
What is causing this to happen?
My left shoulder and lower left neck hurts?
both of my legs hurt. 10 points for best answer?
headache after sleeping, is it bad?
Can i get high from tramadol?
Guitar, my finger hurts?
I threw up yellow & blood afterwards. help?
My back hurts like hell.... I tried almost everything but it's not working !!?
What helps with migraines?
My mom's having flatfoot prob. Feels burning sensation and numbness in the toes during night.Not a diabetic.
i am feeling really depressed and alone and i feel like doing something stupid ani dont know what to do?
What is wrong with me?
think i'm having a serious mental break down?
Is this a bad hangover or could it be ?
Took Drugs At A Party.....Help Need Advice?
Whats the best way to quit smoking?
Do you think I was sleep walking last night?!?! I woke up topless!?
has anyone tried.....?
What does salt do to your body if you eat it raw?
How come I am sooo tired ALL of the time?? I get 6 to 8 hrs of sleep, a night.?
what causes bumps on fore head?
What are the best things to do when you have the flu and a sore throat?
I'm having pains in my knees and ankles?
my throat hurts how do i make it better im a 15 year old girl?
Soreness in my back. . .?
when you got your tongue pierced what did you do to aleveate the pain while it was healing?
HELP! how to soothe ingrown toenail...?
What Is The Best Way To Treat Back Pain?
How can I cure an adult's video game addiction?
I've been answering questions all day and i'm finally going to bed, will I dream about answering questions???
Do you think methamphetamine addicts realize what they look like in public?
would loose carpet cause you to become sick>?
what happens if you just keep eating all the foods your really allergic to?
whats a good heartburn relief? besides tums and milk. nothings working.?
Major Stomach problems?
Ear won't pop from airplane.?
Does anyone know about the due dates for filling narcotic prescriptions?
My son has aching teeth from Braces!!!?
Is it o.k. to take paracetamol when prescribed ammoxcillin?
What's good for an ear ache?
Why do people like Oxycontin so much? I've never had it or tried it but I wonder what allure is to it???
Any tips on falling asleep *faster*?
I'm Only 16 Years Old and Already Losing Hope In Life?
Whats the longest time you have gone without sleep?
Do I get too much sleep?