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part of my thumb is numb?
This is kind of a dumb question, but what should i do for a broken toe?
how do I quickly release my constipations?
swollen knee cap?
removing stretch marks forever?
My knee is swollen and i didnt hurt it at all should i go to the ER?
are you supposed to pop blisters because I have to detassel tommorw and was wondering what do do?
Is there a sensitive nerve in your ear that if damaged or pierced can cause hearing loss?
Will a cut finger be ok on a roller coaster?
What's the difference between a broken toe and a stubbed toe? What should I do if it's broken?
will i be ok?
About stitches...?
Any girls been punched in the stomach?(GIRLS ONLY!)?
How does healing occur?
I think i need stitches!! i cut the bottom part of my toe..bad! do they hurt?
I hurt my ankle somehow, and I think I might have sprained it. What should I do?
I woke up with a spot on my left arm, what could had been the cause? its itchy as well.?
I pulled my groin muscle at soccer, how do I speed up the recovery?
what happens when i can not return to work because of job injury?
is it infected please help?
Weird things popping up on my computer?
is 'weenis' really another name for 'elbow?
Why pins, etc for a broken femur?
After walking my foot started hurting?
Do I actually break my hand or what?????
what sould i do?
how can I heal my tongue?
would the fastest car coming at you hurt if it ran over your foot?
What is better for me? A wheelchair or keep going with crutches? ?
Has anyone heard of a bone spurs in your ankle?
pain and high blood pressure?
What would most likely happen if you take 10 ibuprofen?
Should I go to school with a cast on the right arm and I can't write with my left arm and I got HW over night?
Wine bottle, anus, broken glass.?
cause of muscle spasms in neck and shoulder area ?
I broke my ankle on holiday and tore my ligaments (5 mths ago)?
doctors and nurses only pls?
muscle and body aches....?
Has anyone had ingrown toenail surgery?
have i broken my index finger (on both hands)?
really sore?
If I hit my head on the table long enough...can I die from it?
ok, i have a blocked ear cause of wax, its semi blocked anyway. it just feels heavy, should i just leave it? ?
have i broke or cracked my ribs?
Which is worse, a fracture or break on the tibia bone?
Can you get a concussion without a sharp blow to the head?
I fell down and hit my head, knocking myself unconscious. This was two days ago and I am still dizzy.?
i hit my nose on the steering wheel in a car wreck...?
how long off work with knee cartlidge operation?
my foot got ran over by a car? ?
Can anyone Pleasse explain to me what costochondritis is! i really need to know? is it healthy for age 13?
i was just in a car accident?
Why do we swell when we have get an injury, skin infection or a bite?
I think my rib might be broken or something...is it?
I ate a bad pizza now my jaw is KILLING ME what could be wrong?
do i have a broken toe or badly injured toe?
HELP!!!! How can i stop hurting my ankle over and over again?
What should I do to past the time when I cant walk?
Hurt finger in P.E. class....?
What are some treatments for a pinched nerve in the lower back?
achilles tendonitis help please?
Is it weird that I'm really warm and shivering?
Help!!!! Teeny shard of glass in my foot!!?
tonight i kicked under my desk and a tip of a pencil went into my foot?
What can you not do, if you dont have a thumb.?
Does he have a Concussion?
if your wrist hurts a lot after falling on it, is it sprained?
motrin with ibuprofen?
is it illegal to not go the hospital if you broke your toe?
If you break your toe?
is it sprained? or not?
I've just swallowed the grey ball which is kept inside a computer mouse,?
What does it mean when all of a sudden you have achy heels?
my back please answer?
I wake up with bruises on my legs?
Broken Tibia and Fibula!! Some help please.?
A hole in the bottom of my foot.?
I got really high last night, and threw up. Why?
:( bad day.....................?
Can one damage a wrist sleeping?
Is this normal to happen after a broken ankle?
Where in the torso could you get shot without dying?
help me!!! what have i done?
my sons surgery was 6/8/2007. complete knee replacement. his heel burns,toe's tingle, numbness?
i have a scar from cutting.?
soar heel of foot from working as a waitress?
Neck and back pain due to accident... advice needed please?
My nephew just fell and hit his head?
If you hit your head.?
Is my ankel ok?
My knees been killing me for the past two weeks[I thought it'd get better,but its progressively worse]?
What should i do my gf is coming over and she dose not know i broke my ankle?
What do you call an injury when your knuckles swell up due to punching?
help please LOVEBITE !!!?
please help !!!!!!!!!!!1
why is a scab more itchy when it's healing?
So i took a pretty hard fall yesterday...?
what causes the bruising ?
HELP! I woke up and couldn't move my arm?
Is my thumb broken?
child has broken finger?
Do i need stitches or what shall i do ?
Whats wrong with my wrist?
what should i do for lower back pain(left side)?
What to do about a blister burn?
some pain between wrist and thumb..?
I just hit my head on concrete?
are GP`s surgerys open tomorrow?
What should i do about this?
How do you fix this injury?
i hit my elbow and immediately passed out?
how can i sprain my wrist because i want attention?
What is the most blood you could possibly lose and still survive for 3 days?
i had my ears double-pierced 2 days ago i have a bball game in 5 days...will they close up and how can stop it
Effects of a sprained ankle?
What can I do for neck pain? I got in a car accident a year ago and it still hurts!?
please help, this is urgent- question about newborn rabbits?
bad knee problem please help!?
I was in a fight last night and my face is swollen up.?
can you bleed and not realize it?
how can i disinfect my lip piercing?
is my mom right or should i ignore her?
i used to cut myself..?
Why do i waddle when i walk ?
Medical malpractice lawsuit? What do you think?
can someone please help me im scared?
son needs surgrey?
I had my first drink 2 weeks ago and I've been feeling weird and dizzy on and off until now. What's wrong?
I found a yellow oblong pill with a v on both sides What is it?
what do you think is the best scar medicine?
have you ever lost a toe nail?
I've hurt me ankle, is it serious?
how do i cure my broken toe?
knee accident?
I broke my big toe...what do I do?
I have a strange tingling in my left arm...?
Car accident, whiplash, no health insurance how to pay for meds?
what should i do?
head ache after a drunking fall?
I was running up stairs and hurt my ankle, what should I do?
Can locking you knees for too long make you pass out?
Someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Badly sprained ankle recovery! What should I do?
What are these pea shaped things?
How to break or sprain my wrist today?
beer disinfect wound?
what do u do if u fall and u still have the knot on your head for a week?
would it hurt if i _____________?
Sprained Ankle Still Swollen...?
ankle "popped" and intense pain?
Do you think my ankle is broken?
What's life like bleeding on the floor?
Is it possible to have a chip in one's arm to control drinking?
I just popped my belly button inside out...what do i do?it won't go back in...?
Is my dog oK if her toe nail fell off?
I dropped a plate on my foot...?
what color cast do they have ??
how do you know if youve cut dangerously deep?
HELP!! I was just laying down and I think I've broken a rib. Please help!?
broken toe? help plz this is important?
I keep getting this sharp pain, I can't move my arm or my shoulder because it hurts so much. What's wrong?
i have to stay in bed till wednesday since i had surgery what can i do to pass the time??
How can I break my foot? (For a friend)?
why are my hands and feel always icy cold?
When I lose my touch of doing something I'm really good at, how do I get it back?
When mad last night my husband hit me really hard twice on my left knee now it's swollen what could be wrong?
If you were decapitaed, is it possible to remain alive (or be aware) for a period of time after?
I got kicked in the head yesturday and hit my head again today...?
Broken Toe?
When i stretch, or run or jump, my ankle hurts...is this normal???
How deep are the arteries in your wrist?
i want to walk again?
i have a broken leg and i went to the doc and got meds what can i do it still hurts i'm on crutches and i fell
what is inflamation of the nerves called?
I broke my finger a week ago?
My Beagle just got bit on the leg by a Germam Shepard.?
Any natural remedies to reduce scarring & speed up healing? (Read)?
How is the fastest way to heal a bruise?
Right knee went out a few weeks ago. Had x-ray....show nothing, but orthopedist says tendinitis,?
Why is.........................?
dislocated knee?
What is the youngest age to have plastic surgery?
can it heal?
sprained ankle help need fast go to school all week?
Right I've got a very serious problem and i need advice.?
What's a???
Need to find a place for a 25yr old male, laid up with a leg injury, has no money, needs to recover?
I recently sufferred a major head injury how long will I have memory problems, I am still in the hospital.?
When you're not well do you feel snappy?
Broken wrist can i play sport?
I just fell off the curb and got a bruise, can anybody give me some kind words?
funny bone...?
I sprained my ankle and the swelling wont go down, what do i do ?
Should I seek medical treatment after a motorcycle accident?
I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder, how do i get rid of the pain?
Did I break my toe, or is it just bruised?
Getting kicked in the groin doesnt hurt that bad...does it?
I just banged my head, am i okay to drink alcohol?
Back injury.......................?
I slipped on an arm and broke my book?
My calves hurt after i run and while I am running how can i get rid/prevent it?
I slammed my hand into a brick wall. What are the chances that I sprained it?
I just got shot with a machine gun. My head is hanging off and my guts are spillin' out. IT HURTS!?
How can I tell if I have stitches?
Is my hand fractured or just bruised?
i sorta sprained my ankle and i cant really walk that well, do you think i need to wear an ace bandage?
What do i do if i hit my head and now i have a soft spot?
What's the strangest injury you've ever had?
Quick, its bleeding. tell me what to do?
i fell off my horse today and i landed pretty badly?
Somebody tell me whats happening???
Sould i chop off my arm with a rusty knife to see what happens?
Did I do this workout the wrong way?
What are signs of a concussion?
how bad is a broken leg broken arm broken hip in 4 places and bruised ribs?
What does it mean when......?
8 month old needed 11 stitches above eye/eyelid. How to minimize scarring with dissolvable stitches?
Is my finger broken?
Should I do this, I'm alone here?
I have a Broken arm, will it be bad to start working out my good arm?
I twisted my ankle in P.E. Should I go to the doctor?
Should I go to the ER?
how do you leave bad experiences behind you and move on. the experience happened a week ago.?
i have a cut on my arm what are some methods i can use to heal it really fast?
my knee????????????
can brain freezes be fatal?
how do you fracture ur ankle?
throwing up blood?
I cut myself and i think i cut a vain please help?
Help! I have fallen and i can not get up!?
I laughed real hard just recently...
AGHHH! I just cut myself with a very sharp knife! Help!?
have you ever broken a bone?
So I have this knee injury from figure skating and I don't know what to do help?
Should I see a doctor?
Have I sprained my finger?
I recently had a knee replacement. Will i walk like i used to?
If my arm came off what should I do?
do cuts heal better covered or uncovered?
What's the best way to sanitize a sharp object used to perform surgery on myself?
I have 2 kids, I'm on crutches with a broken ankle, we want to get out of the house!?
My nose is burned,what do i do to heal it?
this is kinda gross.. my toenail is about to fall off?
I get my surgery tomorrow...any advice?
ok! sorry for the caps! when i got busted my thc level was at 120ml?
does anybody have any suggestions on easing excruciating knee pain???
how do you get rid of a swollen part of your after a fight?
Why do people post such insensitive questions in the cancer section?
I'm quitting smoking?
Just found out my aunt's in the "final stages" of cancer. How long does she have?
Why won't the pharmaceutical companies promote the cure for cancer that has been found in DCA?
Can lack of sleep cause LEUKEMIA?
Is it dangerous!!????????????
Can a human live without a liver ?? my dad had liver cancer !?
What can I buy my cancer nurse?
my father is blad. i m too gettin blad but i dont want to be. its hereditatry. please suggest me something....?
Is there any deodorants/antiperspirants that don't have aluminum or harmful stuff in them?
Is it possible that sugar consumption is the cause of the high rate of cancer in western civilization?
my grandma has cancer. she lives in florida but i dont want not see her before she goes. what should i do?
Cancer support question - boyfriend's father?
i found a lump. can teens get breast cancer?
how do i know if im addicted to cigarettes?
How to get rid of a mouth ulcer?
What's an effective allergy and/or sinus over-the-counter medicine for a itchy, runny nose?
cut grass makes me short of breath like my throat tightens up n my nose goes all runny n my eyes water ....?
Any tips for a low-fructose diet?
My nose is burning, how can I fix it?
I work with children and get ill constantly. Any solutions?
Is it ok for me to use household salt and water for sinus irrigation?
I just ate food which I KNOW I am going to get sick from!!!!?
My husband and I want to move within Montana, but I have horrible allergies to, well, everything. Where to?
i have a rashes... i don't know if these is a allergy or what? it's almost 4 days and it wont healed?!
Did I develope a food allergy or is it a bacteria? 25 yo?
Runny nose, watery eyes and sore throat. Cant get rid of!?
help!! HUGE mosquito bites..?
I'mAllergic to poison Ivy and I get it bad?
Bananas are tasty but it makes my tongue itchy?
could it be hayfever season already? i havent stopped sneezing this morning and the last couple of days?
Every time I eat fruit and some vegetables my throat hurts and my eyes itch. I also sneeze what is the problem?
Can tests on a stool or blood specimen reveal an allergy or some other problem?
Am I allergic to apples?
My toddler is allergic to peanuts...help?
how to get rid of cat allergys?
What are ways to get itchiness out of eyes?
My sons allergy Dr. wants to do a peanut challenge in her office? Has anyone does this? What happened?
Anyone who is allergic to gluten read on . . .?
if i am allergic to sunflowers, would i also be allergic to pollen free sunflowers?
is it possible to be allergic to ear plugs?
Does anyone else have a severe peanut allergy and know how to take good care of it.?
my husband has yellow fluid coming out of his nose?
Sore throat due to second hand smoke?
Had a reaction to my first round of allergy shots but the Dr. said it's not possible?
Best way to get rid of a sore throat?
is thrush really not an STI?
Should we get vaccinated from the swine flu now?
Sclerossis of the liver.?
My 5 yr old is running a temp of 103. Besides Tylenol how can I get temp down/
Can anyone help me with this?
isn't there any cure for allergic rhinitis?i am been suffering it from past 5 years and find no cure?
Does pink eye go away without being properly medicated?
My eye is suddenly hurting and it's going all swollen on the lid and red!?
Blowing nose real hard gives me supersonic hearing?
Im I allergic to bananas?
Cutting out all bread for a week. How much weight could i lose?
how do i make myself sick without sticking fingers in my throat i just want to be thin i used to be slim?
In the morning after I eat, I start to gag and almost throw up.?
Facial & throat swelling, hives...what is this??
Is something wrong with me?
i have allergies and i cant seem to get rid of the big black puffy bags under my eyes i have plz help?
My sister has swine flu, I feel like i have a clogged chest at the moment , and my nose is blocked!?
im going to purto rico soon...should i take any medication or flue shot?
is asthama a completely curable disease ?
How do I get rid of my cold?
i get a lot of nosebleeds?
Soy Milk? Good or bad?
Is it normal to be allergic to smells?
Is the Swine Flu the next Spanish Influenza?
How long does a cold normally last for?
Can you cure people of kissing in public and is it catching?
I have the Swine Flu and no health insurance...what now?
How can we precautions from swine flu?
Swine Flu now in UK....?
is swine flu an pandemic or an epidemic?
if a woman's blood is transfused to a man, his behaviour and mind will a bit changed to more feminie?
Can you be allergic to your own sweat?
Tickle in my throat driving me crazy?
What are some good remedies to get rid of congestion and post nasal drip after a bad cold?
Can you be allergic to one type of animal and not another? Example: cats but not dogs?
For adid reflux, does white vinagar work like apple cider vinagar? please tell me if you have tried it.?
is yawning contagious?
i have a puss infection next to my anus?
Am I Going To Catch Swine Flu?
My 2 yr old was just diagnosed with the flu, has had a fever for over 24hr up to 104.9, fever don't seem to go
I'm sick of being sick...HELP?
What makes a milk allergy different than milk intolerance?
I've got a nasty taste in my mouth, it's a metallic/tin taste when I eat/drink anything? Any ideas??
my tearducts are itching me crazy!!?
Is it best to stay away from things I'm allergic to or should I keep eatting them to build up a resistance?
Very very very BAD allergies?
Can you catch chicken pox twice in a life time?
Do I have strep throat?
Is vomiting a guaranteed side effect when drinking?
Why doesn't hand sanitizers work for stomach flu?
Swollen lymph nodes both sides of neck for 2 months. Tested + for mono, should I worry it's more serious?
I recently have developed an allergic reaction to watermelon and raw potatoes.?
Peanut Allergy Emergency?
been wearing eye makeup for 15 yrs solid and now I have allergic conjunctivitis, how is this?
How can you know that you are allergic to bees and how can you avoid it?
my forehead is hot, im sneezing and i have a fever i know its a cold any remedies? to help it?
How do I fake a fever?
Chickenpox in adults - any info please?
am i a vampire i have all the symptoms?
I have strepp throat, what should I do? (Details)?
What should i do with my sons moldy sneakers?
if I spray WD-40 up my nose, would that clear up my cold?
alryt y da hell do v sneeze???
Is the swine flu goin to like wipeout the human race?
Should I get the H1N1 vaccine?
Child with chicken pox coming to party?
My 3 year old has the flu and she does not want to eat or drink all she does is sleep.?
11 year old sister has a fever of 103.6 - 104 degrees, any ideas?
If there was an outbreak of Black Death, how would it be cured?
What is good to drink when sick?
Does any one know why I sweat alot even tho i'm 5'10" about 12 stone and pretty fit.?
Can you get swine flu from vienna sausages?
i kissed a pig yesterday, do i have swine flu???!?!?!?
I'm 37 and have Chicken poxs?
SWINE FLU! I'm 20 yrs old and i've never had the normal flu. I've had 4 colds though... Will i die?
what is crohns disease?
rash on baby's face, torso and hairline and runny nose. details inside?
How do i sleep when my nose is stuffed?
Does anyone else have a food allergy?
are you allergic to anything ?
Why has aids deaths decreased?
Addiction risks with Vicodin?
dooes it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Ear infection pain?
Can you feel pain in a dream?
Stress and Migraine Headaches?
can heroin be prescribed by doctors?
Has anyone any tips on how to fall asleep?
My left eye keeps twitching????????
I keep feeling dizzy & lightheaded?!?
Could I have an allergy to mosquitoes?
if I got eczema from exposure to remodeling dust (allergy??), will I always have it..If I move or thoroughly?
what does booyaka mean? i've been hearing it alot lately.?
How do I reduce my cholesterol?
I need to start excercising again. I don't have the energy to start. If I excercised I would have the energy.
HELP ME!!!!Im 13 and fat!?
I HATE MY WEIGht!!!!!!!!!?
im 13 and need to lose 5 or 10 lbs!!!!!! PLEASE HELP PLEASE!!!!!?
what are symptoms of being allergic to smoke??
i got perfume in my eye?
why can't i ever breathe through my nose?
My belly button keeps falling off?
Do Hydrocodone and Oxycodone for chronic pain increase the pain indeed?
What's the worst pain you've ever experienced?
How can I soothe achy neck?
Does wheat flour contain gluten?
My question is how does mold/mildew in a building affect your health?
How can I get rid of this never ending stuffy nose!!!?
When your in a room with someone, who has a cold, as well as you do, why is it when you cough, the cough?
What Allergy medication works best for you?
Due to a allergy my eye lid is red and swollen, do I use ice or heat to reduce the swelling?
I keep getting sore/swollen parts on my lips after eating certain foods - any one else experience this?
For over six months I have suffered sinus congestion. It is the worst when I lay down.?
If you are allergic to one kind of nuts does that mean you shouldn't eat any?
Hives/Skin Rash Problem?
how do you cure hay fever?
how to cure cancer............?
Is the treatment for cancer...worse than the cancer?
What purpose does oncology serve mankind?
I think my girlfriend is lying about having cancer does this add up?
Are there any side effects of using nasal sprays(like dounase, flomist)?
Left side of my nose feels blocked?
My 6 month old is coughing.?
Passing allergies to babies?
How can I mow the lawn with allergies?
i just found out that my son is allergic to water. what should i do?
ive been feeling ill for about 2 days, does this mean i have swine flu?
illness or allergies?
what over the counter Allergy medicine won't knock me out.?
help me please asthma i cant breathe?
could i be allergic to my period?
i have this allergy right now. is there a helpful remedy to it?
Went swimming, now I'm sick as a dog ?
I have a reddish rash, its bumpy, and spreading all over my arms very quickly.?
FLEAS! help my niece..! ugh!?
Kid allergic to corn?
how can i get rid of a stuffy nose without spending money?
Am I allergic to apples?
if you get a nose job could your nose fall off?
hey how do you get rid of a blocked nose?
what am i allergic to?
im 13 and 5'8 and 140 lbs. am i overweight?
In 7th almost in 8th grade is 91-95 lbs considered fat?
Should I run tomorrow?
Am I fat? 120 pounds?
I have a question on Allegra- D 24 Hour?
something that looks like Hives grows all over my body?
allergy shots? please answer. its important?
My daughter woke up today with one eye thats puffy. What is it called?
my friend that is coming over is allergic to...?
I got my nose pierced about a week ago, its started to swell quite badly. HELP PLEASE.?
I have an allergy to milk. What can I not have? And what Can I have?
How can i get a flat tummy by august?
What is a good motivation for losing weight?
How can I loose weight?
i need a answer bad!!!!!!?
Anorexic, gained weight after 1 week, freaking out?
Im on a diet but im bored of Water.. What can I drink?
My 3 1/2 yr old toddler wakes up with puffy eyes some mornings. Some mornings one of her eyes are almost ?
A very weird skin rash just appeared on my legs.?
My father has asthma but would like to play the violin but is allegic to some rosins . What next?
Is it possible to develop an allergy when you haven't had any in your life?
Can I take a nyquil if I took an allergy pill only 3 hours ago?
Can you develop an allergy to soy after a few months of prolonged exposure?
how to cure a blocked nose..?
Best way to clear up skin ?
My skin is itchy all over all the time.... cancer?
What chance do I have of surviving this?
I'm terrified of cancer.?
what is the best medicine for my skin allergy?
I have a good remedy for sinus/allergy problems?
How do i get rid of mucus in my nose?
Why am I having constant nosebleeds?
i went to the ear nose and throt specialist. and i am confused?
The time is over...........?
Is anyone allergic to Gluten?
How can I find out if I'm allergic to cats?
I saw this gaviscon advert where this woman takes a tablet and firemen appear in her mouth does this happen?
Sneezing in the morning?
What should I do if i know I have terminal throat cancer from smoking but my family doesnt belive me.?
did I develop an itchy Allergy legs from my computer?
Question about Nose can't breath properly?
Im home sick what should i do?
My three yr old is allergic to milk and eggs?
Always thirsty, having to pee, and exhausted?
Can scientist experiment this? Can scientist train our cells to fight against cells of cancer or HIV?
Can people develop allergies to things, out of the blue?
what can cure cancer besides drugs ?
Cancer patient, how long to live?
Is there a chance for survival? ;(((?
I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. Is one positive node out of 9 just as bad as 9 out of 9?
What is the chances of a 14 year old girl to get breast cancer?
what is sarcoma? is it really a type of cancer? how is it possible to cure?
There's a large red spot on my left breast... please answer, I'm scared.?
my rabbit has a runny nose, is she ill?
why are fall allergy symptoms worse at night?
Is there such a thing as people being allergic to people?
Allergy scratch testing: Positive or negative experiences? I go for the first time tomorrow.?
i'll interview you...in your own word what is the most common causes of food allergy?
Can you develop an allergy to chocolate as an adult?
Any Cures for Breast Cancer?
Food & Chemo?
What are signs of skin cancer?
Can anyone irrespective of their health condition have Cancer at anytime ?
My sister thinks she has a lump on her breast..what do she do now?
I would like to know if there are any third stage breast cancer survivors out there?
Sudden Headache/Cold Symptoms?
What is the best treatment for hayfeaver for a 14 year old?
I keep breaking out in hives when I take a shower.?
i fainted and feel very weak...?
What happens if you eat your own poo?
what is your worst childhood memory?
im havent ate nothingin 7 days?
I need help with asthma?
How do I know if I'm allergic to eye make up ?
Am I allergic to something?
Zyrtec D vs. Claritin?
Does anyone else have this~ Allergic to soap!?
How come when I wake up I get all sneezy?
Ok i have cracked lips for almost 2 years now, i can't seem to find anything to heal it.?
How do i find out if im allergic to something?
I'm afraid to eat?
Cancer patients & survivors : what made you finally decide to go to the doctors?
do most people survive breast cancer?
Why do you they say love is watching someone die?
Why is breast cancer so widespread?
Define: 'Mentally Ill' please (In your own words) ?
I'm an alcoholic and I want to quit, but how?
I'm scared of my first kiss...for strange reasons!?
I've been with the same guy for 2 yrs. Is it ok for him to treat me like this?
My children have been fighting with sinus infections, coughing, runny nose since birth no-one No's the cause?
is it possible to be allergic to grass?
Could i be allergic to denim jeans?
Is it possible that I am no longer allergic to latex?
About Breast Cancer...?
Ct Scan Results, Please Help?
I am on Armour thyroid and still can't get the weight off, any help?
How did you find out you had cancer & looking back...?
What type of doctors work with cancer patients>>>?
Isn't it about time SOMEONE finds a cure for PANCREATIC CANCER!! A wonderful person 56 is dying right now!!
Is cancer and diseases a scare to you? In this day and age?
i am allergic to chicken?
uhm... random question?? easy 10 pts?
Do you think I broke my nose?
Was I in the wrong?Food allergies and inlaws....?
My 3 year old is allergic to peanuts. Is anyone else dealing with this? Any advice, other than the obvious?
Can barbque cause cancer?
omg IM LIKE 5'4 I WEIGH LIKE 123............IM A FEMALE N 18.............HOW DO I GAIN WEIGHT?
I need to repair my streched lobes?
I have been taking sleeping pills every night for the past 3 yrs. Tonight I don't want to. Any suggestions?
How can I stop throwing up please help!?!?
permanent solution for heyfever?
how do you know your allergic to milk?
some thing for sinus please?
Why do I have to cut my hair when I get cancer?
my friend is 75 years old and has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer it has spread to his liver?
low red blood cells is this serious?
My dad is really sick from his treatment...?
Do young people get breast cancer?
Brothernlaw has cancer & feeding tube,insurance doesnt pay for the drinks. does any place donate these drinks?
is it true that if your allergic to shrimp that you cannot eat lobster?
I need advise on my surgery I had yesterday to replace a morphine pump?
Having headache quite often this days, especially if go under the sun or places which is very bright. Pls help
Are you in pain?
What would happen if you took pain relief and then drank alcohol 3 hrs later?
Standing for long periods of time
I have pain between my shoulder blades...are there any solutions?
If i took a little more hydrocodone (vicodin) will it hurt me?
tummy pains?
i have asthma and allergies to pet dander..i start wheezing and can't ever go to my friends homes anymore.
Is there a blood test to find out if you have an allergy?
Breast Cancer Survior?
why do hot chettos make my nose run?
what will happen if you're lactose intolerant but still continue to drink milk?
My great grand daughter had a severe allergic reaction today, can you help please?
Why are my bogeys pink?
What are the Odds of a Two Months Old Baby having Lung Cancer?
My mother-in-law has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been advised surgery.?
after having breast surery from breast cancer can it spread into the side of your breast?
hi, i am DEADLY afraid of needles [shots]
If you have the beginning stage of any type of cancer, will this show up in a blood test no matter what ?
I feel depressed, should I see a pyschiatric?
What are some of the symptoms of Depression.?
What could my dance for breast cancer be called?
Do you think this is breast cancer please answer?
Breast Lump Concerns me.... HELP?
is there such a thing as bowel cancer?
what is a head scan and are there othere ways to look at the inside of head?
what things are people allergic to?
Problem after I drink milk.?
Can Allergies trigger the cold?
What do you do for someone with terminal cancer?
My husband has pancreatic cancer with liver metastatic?
donated blood...please help me!!!...?
Just found out my Mom has breast cancer...?
Is the cervical cancer jab totally safe?
What could this be? help please!?!?
why do i have itchy and watery eyes?
I got a couch from someone who had cats. I'm highly allegoric to them, so is there anything I can do fix it?
perfume allergy?
Can I take vicodin if allergic to codeine?
What is a good allergy medication besides a perscription for hayfever, pollen, dust, and dander that?
Are poptarts gluten free?
Can't stop SCRATCHING wth is worng with me?
I think I have cancer on my nose?
Any cancer survivors want to volunteer a few pieces of information for a statistical test I'm doing?
My daughter's lips are always dry. How can I improve ?
My daughter wants to kill me... help, need info!?
So basically I'm confused and I've decided to commit suicide.?
Sleep problems.................?
How come im getting random nose bleeds?
i think my son is allergic to his formula cuz he has a bad rash on his neck?
Did you know this about Altoids?
can you be allergic to weed?
what would u do if u had cancer?
what would cause a woman's stomach to swell and for her to lose weight and eventually her life?
Is there any actual difference between a tumour and cancer?
After breast cancer operation if the patient doesn't do periodical medical check up, is she in danger?
Is smoking good for you?
Can it be poosible to shrink my feet?
IBS advice needed please?
I Think I Might Have Leukemia?
how many cigarettes a day insures no cancer ?
Why do people smoke? It is a nasty habit and people shouldn't do it.?
Does Afrezza cause cancer?
when your breast itches or hurts is that a sign of breast cancer?
Does Cancer run in a family?
My throat hurts?
Can I be allergic to grass?
Can you tell me if it's alergies?
I have Ulcerative colitis and diaheria and allergic from wheat What food would be right for me to eat.?
plz help. i need to know?
I am 38 with small lumps in my breast.?
whats the cure for cancer?
Do You Know Anyone Who Has Beaten Terminal Cancer?
How does cancer 'spread'?
for the non smokers that criticize others who do smoke?
does hairfall occur immediately after 1st cycle of chemotherapy?
Radiation skin care, what can help when you are going through it?
Jade Goody. Read! Is this true?
hive after showering - why? is this an allergy?
does anyone know why i keep getting this discharge of clear jelly like gunge from my eyes?
What is a ear, nose and throat doctor called?
When I've had a short sleep my nose runs and i sneeze alot. Why??
can i be allergic to black dress socks (sunday socks)?
HELP! My dad's diabetic...?
should someone who's type 1 diabetic drink coca cola?
How can I help someone who I know is using LSD?
Do you thinkit's possible to have a normal relationship with some one who is Bi Polar?..?
What's Your Anti-Drug?
Can fourteen year old get breast cancer?
Please answer my mom might die?
What are your opinions on sunbeds?
My Daughter diagnosed with Hodkin"s Lymphoma then which treatment i can do ?
My eyelid is puffy and huge. What is it. what do i do?
Am i allergic to pot?
symptoms: swollen burning eyes, itch all over body, almost feels like a sunburn on my back?
I think I'm allergic to cinnamon?
can a two year old eat shrimp?
I know my son is allergic to nuts when eaten. Tonight at church they had nuts but he did not eat any but start?
how do you know if you are allergic to something?
why am i sneezing so much?
My quest to cure cancer.?
can i a 20 year old get breast cancer?
Is swami nirmalananda giri maharaj can cure cancer?
If I have breast cancer...?
Smoking cause [wrinkles]?
Can I develop a food allergy.....?
Im home sick, allergies and im soo bored!!!?
How can I fight allergies without taking medicine?
what causes birds flu and how harmful is it to man?
is there an injection that makes you not allergic anymore?
can radiologists prescribe medications?
ok i havent been able to breath out of my nose for a year now?
small cell terminal lung cancer, how long on average can she live?
Can i get the HPV vaccination? (the anti-cervical cancer injection)?
I have a lump in my throat. It's on my lower right side of my neck,close to my colar bone.Could this be cancer
Can a person have chemotherapy 2 weeks in a row?
I am going to give 1 dollar to the cancer kid at my work for every star I get!?
which things cause to uterus cancer?
What is the difference between an allergy and intolerance?
Is this possible or not?
Allergic to cheap metal but I still want to pierce my nose!?! ='[?
im sick with sore throat and stuff up nose, when do they go away?
Whats the best tablets and nasal spray on the market for hayfever relief?
Allergy Shots ??
Claratin made me feel weak and tired any suggestions on another allergy medicine?
how do i know if i'm sick or just suffering from allergies?
Helping a friend with self harm- we said we'd help each other?
im going crazy, please help i need help. 10p for best answer.?
Help heal my fear please?
What do you find helps you through the day?
Is it possible for my 4 year old son to be allergic to our new puppy even though we've had a dog for 2 years?
What should I take if I have a really stuffed up nose?
my nose has been stopped up for three months please tell me what it could be im desperite for help?
What Infectious Disease Do You Hope Never to Get?
My sister is 21 years old. Shouldn't her acne have cleared by now...?
What are some symptoms of diabetes? What symptoms made you call the doctor before you were diagnosed?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
Can someone be allergic to cigarrettes?
HElp me!!!!!! theres something in my nose?
treatment for extreme hayfever?
when ever i eat a fruit my lip and throat gets itchy?
Help with HAY FEVER.....please!?
Possible allergy to cats?
my son is allergic to the sun?
what is being allergic to dairy called?
I have a sour throught what shall i do?
How can humans be allergic to dogs? having an alergy to an animal how?
what is someone with a peanut allergy known as?
i've had this cold for 2 months, going to its 3. anyone help please?
help me! i think i'm dieing...?
Lactose intolerant but craving chocolate!?
What would happen if I ate a food with mold on it? ?
What is the universal medication for all types of rashes on the skin due to allergy?
I have Allergy from Aspirin, would it still the same if I take baby aspirin?
Do you know anyone with swine flu?
Bladder or Urinary Tract Infection?
mucus draining down the back of my throat, continually,HELP!!!!?
I Take Threen Tsps. Of Benadryl For Allergies A Day. Will I Over-Dose?
Face is swelling, stinging and red after using a new peal mask. What should I do?
Is there some thing wrong with me?
when you're stressed out do you think that you....?
My cousin was raped and killed herself, now i fear for me, what can i do? Please help.?
My son is 15 and I'm having trouble as a single Mom. Can anyone help?
Should I blame myself for my Mom's death? How do I overcome my guilt?
I just found out I have an allergy to tomatoes. Is there any kind of ketchup that doesn't have tomatoes?
Sore nose :(?
Why Am I Throwing Up Bright Yellow I Haven't Eaten?
does overdose of avil lead 2 death?
Anyone had these symptoms?Driving me mad!?
How can i avoid getting acne? ?
Did Michael Jackson have a skin disease or did he have surgery to bleach his skin color?
Am i allergic to chocolate?!?
Is it bad to take too much Benadryl?
smell coming from mouth or nose, help me i dont know what it is?
What do I take for a stuffed up nose?
can i eat whoppers chocolate if i have a deathly nut allergy?
20 and Not developed?
HOw is my mother allergic to eggs and not chicken?
Am i just crazy.........?
Why does Coffee, Cheese & Chocolate starts off a migraine?
My sons eyes r stuck together and swollen. The doc told me it's allergies but the meds they gave me dont work.
i think i have narsassistic personality disorder?
I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, is there any hope for me left in life. This is an awful diease. ?
Is my friend's cutting/burning a cry for attention?
What do you do when you are really depressed?
what causes and itchy anus?
Please help!!! How do I make my skin DRY?
My 20 year old son is complaining that the side of his head feels numb with pins n needles?
Does this sound like diabetes?
How easy is it to get hooked on sleeping pills? I'm going through chemo & take Tylenol PM to sleep?
Have you ever felt like the day after the night before without having the night before?
How can I get what I think is a blood blister on my tongue to heal?
why can't I sleep?
Sharing a washer/dryer with strangers. Is it healthy & is it only in US?
How do I quit smoking?
jesus christ. my little sister has justdone something so stupid. im so worried.?
Is Swine Flu a manufactured virus?
How to Stop Sweating?
What makes us not pee when we are sleeping?
Why don't people on Yahoo just go to the doctor?
Is it normal to have a sore arm after a tetanus shot.?
What are the causes of an itch?
what do you suggest doing if you are allergic to beds? What's another good place to sleep?
What is the best cure for hayfever?
I am allergic to everything, gluten free and still sick?
How can I get a good nights sleep?
How did you quit smoking?
can you take a moment to pray for me?
Do I get too much sleep?
My 8 year old daughter's face is brecking out what do i do?
What does your white blood cell count is a little high mean?
How much sleep do you really need?
Help!!!!!!! my boyfriend is throwing up alot and has dirrahea....his dirrahea sounds like hes peeing?
Can a person catch cancer off someone else??
has anyone had anti-allergy injections and do they work?
How do you find out if you have a food allergy and it might make you fat?
Oh no diahrea!?
which throat drop works better: Halls mentho-lyptus or Luden's great tasting wild cherry?
Does anyone else think it's gross that guys read on the toilet?
throw up? Importaint!?
How do I quit smoking for good?
Seriously,given the 'choice' would you prefer to be blind or deaf?
Is diabetes contagious?
Do you think that in revalations the plagues are meaning swine flu? Do you think it will be an epidemic?
Swine Flu: Does anyone else have a sore throat?
Can drinking too much soda pop over time help contribute to diabetes? ?
Full time employees: Are you tired or energetic after you get home?
I've tried just about everything and still can't sleep. A lot of details inside. Can you give me some advice?
Medical Question! Please help - this is a serious question.. that needs serious answers!?
Can I take ibuprofen right now, and drink alcohol tonight?
i am dying of cancer and i really want to know is it painful?
Are you scared of death ?
Is anyone awake right now? ?
Do I have mild schizophrenia?
i want to die,??????????
What headache do i have?
Please Help Me With My Weed Question?
I'm so tired all the time, what can I do to feel more alert and awake?
My ear's been blocked for 3 weeks, why?
I'm 22 years of age, and I keep getting random nose bleeds, does anybody know why?
Is diabetic chocolate different?
can you get aids from someone spitting on you?
Do you believe that by the receiving of the H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine, it will become mandatory for everyone?
I am doing a spech on natural cure for cancer (2mins) can anyone sugest anything?
what is yeast infection ???? is it allergy from yeast ???
Why does eating canned tomato soup make my throat sore?
Is what I'm eating making me sick?
When you suffer an allergic reaction, can it make your lymph nodes swell?
I get hot feet when I sleep,very hot and uncomfortable,what is it?
Why medical pills are not square in shape ?
Do doctors get a paid by drug companies for each prescriptions they write?
how many hrs a sleepdo u get a night????
i keep like go really dizzy and my eyes go fuzzy and i nearly/always fall over and i black out?
Diapers on adults OMG?
Why am I always so cold?
What are some methods used to fall asleep faster?
is it possible to become allergic to a medication that you've never been allergic to before?
i have diabetis i'm 44 years old and have high blood sugar does any one know of any natural ways to lower it?
I'm 13 and very worried...?
Has Susan Boyle got pig flu ?
My head itches!?!?!?help?
if i ate a chocolate straberry would i choke????? keep in mind im allergic to donuts?
can you put on contact lenses with latex gloves?
i don't normally have hay fever. Why have i got it now?
What casues headaches?
Is the Swine flu the start of the end of the world?
Who what where when why Swine Flu ?
Whats the real truth about cigarettes?
Seriously - Why not kill myself now?
Would You Label My Childhood as 'Traumatizing'?
im an alcoholic WHAT!!!! no way i cant be.... can i???
I don't know whether i wanna........................?
Do I have a reason not to kill myself?
drop sodas=less acne?
Allergic to carrots?
am i allergic to these foods?
how do you get rid of scratch marks on your skin?
~~Am I the Only One Who....?
Toddler with Dairy allergies! help!!?
=>Instant Allergy to Alcohol Cure? how do I cure my red face when drinking?
can you get an allergy to cashews late in life?
My hands and feet are extremely DRY?
If I've had chickenpox as a child, can I still get shingles as an adult?
does my boyfriend have swine flu?
Is this damaging to my body?
I've gotten very little sleep recently and now I'm numb all over?
I am feeling quite poorly?
Went to the doctors today and had a blood pressure of 124 /80......am i about to die?
My friend has an allergic reaction to weed.?
The caulking around my shower is black. Is this mold & could it be making me sick.?
What are some spring allergy symptoms?
My eyes sting if I put moisturiser or sun cream on my face.?
please suggest me medicines?
Is the hayfever season already here, in the UK?
How to stop a runny nose?
Could my 6 year old cat develop allergies? Is there anything I can give him?
How do i know when im allergic to bananas?
Do YOU have an allergy to cast iron rain gutters on your toes?
Best NON-DROWSY Allergy Medicine??????
What are some good sites on Food Allergies ?
My 15 year old has been having frequent headaches 4 past 2 weeks and feeling dizzy at times what is the issue?
My 5 yr old son is having hives what could be causing them?
Have an allergy - itchy, bumps on skin?
I can't get rid of my HIVES, HELP!!!!!?
Am i having an allergic reaction to my deodorant?
Are scented candle fumes ever dangerous to breathe?
Any here allergic to red cherryade?
how can i cure my allergies naturally?
Do i have asthma?
are you worried about getting the swine flu?
I'm 14 and have weird stretchmarks! How do I get rid of them?
What would happen if someone didnt take a bath or shower for years?
What happen if you continue to eat the food you're allergic to?
What's wrong with me?
My Daughter will be 2 on July 30, her fever is at 103.3. Should I take her to the E.R.?
how do i get herpes? please help?
A bump beneath my chin; anything to worry about?
Should we really be THAT worried about swine flu?
can you fall asleep if you have no eyelids?
please read: ( i feel so sick and i need your help?
I have insomnia...any suggestions?
Is having 6 sick days off from work in a year considered a lot?
how can you tell the difference between strep throat and just a regular soar throat?
How do I stop feeling so choked by Cigarette smoke?
Drug craving?
if you had a health problem would you?
what is a sty ??
What is a good natural remedy for hay fever?
acne trouble! help!?
My left eye has been twiching on and off for a few days..?
people who are celiac - i heard you cant go gluten free until you get the test otherwise it wont show up?
How can donating blood be a big morale booster ?
Is there is there any medication for aching joints, headache, chills and some sort when you get sick?
If donating blood and underweight...?
I'm a 16 year old girl with a wind problem?
How to fall asleep quickly?
Having bath is dangerouse?
can you catch the same virus twice?
When I am cold, I get sleepy. why?
Helpp im confused!!!?
Is Sudocrem okay to use on one's face?
how can i prevent hay fever before it starts?
What should i do?
Is it possible to get meningitis from going to the Carribean?
Am I allergic to celery?
I like to hide foods in my belly button to snack on, is this normal?
I need help with ways to fall asleep?
throwing up and has a numb thigh?
do u throw up with acid reflux?
i have cerabrel plasy its when the carer changes my diapers she is nasty to me i dont know how to tell mum?
I quit smoking yesterday and I can't sleep. What I really want to do is...?
10 points - I once wore very heavy glasses, so the nosepads left a noticeable dent... Will this dent go away?
Why is it not a good idea to sleep on a full stomach?
nervous with shots need to be calm!?
Do computers really harm your vision?
Has anyone quit smoking cold turkey?
how tall would i be? if my mum is 4'11 and my dad is 5'10/5'11?
Did your mother bring you up to rely on laxatives?
I'm feeling pretty sick, can you try to find out what I might have?
what should we do about this new baby's legs?
what is the neccessary food and fruits taken in weakness of eye sight.?
i feel like i have a cold, but suspect it's allergies ... how do I know?
I'm allergic to alcoholic beverages,what is this condition called and why?
can i be allergic to apples but not apple juice and apple sauce?
I'm 15 and just got allergies?
My son has an ingrown toenail. He was given antibiotics. It won't fix the problem. What do I do next?
I've been smoking ciggerettes for 14 years... how can I quit?
why all the fuss about swine flu?
what's the name of that medecine, pink and in a bottle for stomach pains?
i live with my boyfriend for 5 years and i am on his bank account ,i have type 2 diabetes, can i be evicted?
HELP..Anyone heard of this condition?
How can i get rid of my acne?
is this an allergic reaction?
Is it possible for a dairy allergy to suddenly come on?
I have bloody stools daily?
i just had some pineapple chunks and now my tongue is itching on the sides. Does this mean that i'm allergic?
Do I have a big nose?
Is there something wrong with my lips??
I'm only 14 and i get constant headaches! Can it be serious?
weird smell wen i go toilet?
What Should I Eat When Sick?
I have a drug test tomorrow.....OH.......NOOOOOOO…?
Do you take a shower in the morning or in the evening?
How many times a week is healthy to go tanning?
Why can't I book a doctor's appointment in advance of the day?
How do you really relax?
hi i have not been smoking for days and now?
Why do people say you can get away with 6 hours sleep healthily?
Food allergies and sinus problems?
Is Advair as dangerous and many make it sound?
Face swelling up.............?
Has anyone heard of cat-allergy symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting?
My Sausage and biscuts have some kind of red rash. Any help?
Can a dog with a flea allergy be cured of it?
i'm allergic to seafood, is there any injections i can take so i can eat them?
how do i know if my child is lactose intolerant?
I can't go more then a few hours without eating otherwise I get horibly dizzy or faint. Is this a serious?
Please help!!! How do i get rid of dandruff?
Fun STDs Section POLL: Assume the user above you has an STD. Which one do you think he or she has? :]?
Why do i get the shakes when i'm hungy and is it something i should be checking into..or what?
nose bleeding??
Allergy remedies?
Peanut and seafood allergies...?
Do allergies make anyone else's nose swell?
Why can't I sleep I have work in the morning?
After being ill, should one change their bed sheets?
Can I get HIV this way?
can diabetics eat any food?
if germs don't like to live in the cold then why do we get the flu in the winter time?
what happens if your ill with sciatica - and are not registered with a doctor.and A&E cant be bothered with u?
Do I need to get to the doctor ASAP or can it wait a week?
How do you get rid of a stye? [The one on your eyes]?
Tell me what this is, please?!? Allergic reaction?
what types of noodles are wheat or gluten free?
Dog allergies but no symptoms? Possible?
I am allergic to Benadryl...Is anyone else?. Have Drs. told you it is impossible?
I am suffering From Sinus problem for the past 4 years.?
Cat Allergy?
Children's Benadryl?
I have metal allergies, but I heard that you no one is allergic to stainless steel or surgical stainless steel?
Question about seasonal allergies.?
Does any body know any good movies about cancer?
what are some ways you can help someone dealing with cancer?
malpractice, cancer for over a year?
Can my friend get cancer from this?
i think i have cancer inside cheeks?
Getting insurance with cancer?
What's your solution to warts?