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What did I do to my leg???!?
Right big toe?????????
sprained ankle in a splint but it hurtsss alot . 10 pts plzzz help.?
Did Hitler Stick tooth rushes Up his Anus?
Should I tell a person about someone else's HIV status?
my girlfriend is a iv drug user 4 21 years she says she has always been careful can she still be infected?
What are the alternative medicine cures for HIV?
can cervical cancer be cured?
can marijuana cause lung cancer?
i sat on my glasses and one side came of but i still have my screw will specksavers fix it for free?
I got my head stuck in a bowl, what should I do?
Should I see a doctor?( urgent please read)?
I have been on my period for the past three weeks what can it be.?
Will HIV show up right away on a test?
I have been reading that HIV isn't that easy to catch? Is this true?
Are there any other STD's that come and go like herpes does?
can you still get a STD if niether your partner or you have an STD?
Why do people always assume that herpes is in the junk...?
I am 13. I recently got a small cut on my nose but it healed. But there is still a faint line. Will it fade?
IIs It Okay If My Sprained Ankle Has Been Swollen for 5 weeks???
Does it bother you to go without wearing shoes?
Is my big toe broken or what?
can you give me any info on tennis elbow?
I'm dying....................?
i'm 15 years old and just found out that my mother has breast cancer...can you help me?
Arm injury, is it normal?
Scab on head?
When a fracture patient comes to the first aid clinic writhing in pain, is he given a pain shot immediately?
I tripped over my cat and fell on a few staplers?
My ankle don't hurt it's just my heels? What should i do to get them to quit hurting?
I accidently got highliter ink in my eye (i think its on my eyeball). What should i do?
What should I do about my hurt finger?
Stitches Falling Out?
Broken Pinky Toe?
is it normal to try and kill yourself once in a while???
Does having stitches taken out hurt? They are below my bottom lip. Thanks?
dropped a portable telly on my big toe
i hit the back of my head? should i be worried about this?
Should a hospital or its doctors and nurses be responsible for a patient braking their hip while in their ER?
Should I sue? And what ground do I have?
ok... so my hand?? again, doctors welcome!?
i just burned my finge=r like 10 mintues ago?
Is it normal after a concussion to be extremly tired?
can I wrap my bruise in plastic?
Does anyone have a clue of what kind of insect bit me? All I know is that it hurt like hell! ?
Is it possible for me to have HIV?
is it bad to get a ******* right after the girl smokes a cig?
A friends infant has genitil warts on buttocks are there other causes than child molesting?
what are the side effects of chemotheropy?
Why Do Young People Start Smoking Nowadays?
i know the cure for cancer?
what are chances of me getting breast cancer? i'm 14?
a five year old girl with cancer?
i've had an irritated eye for about 3 days already, it's red and tearing and I can barely open it?
i got a problem i cant seem 2 slow down i speak very fast eat fast walk fast well u got the idea?
do toe nails grow back?
Thumb keeps shaking?
question about finger?
Anyone know a way or a product to heal wounds faster?
Broken glass imbedded into my knee?
Accident Prone?
I am very clumsey so I roll my ankle all the time. any suggestions as to keep from rolling my ankle?
Is this a crime?
my boyfriend has chlamydia...help?
Can I catch herpes II, through casual contact?
what are the signs you have HIV or another STD?
How can I tell if my thumb is broken?
i have a question on crutches? please help, asap?
got kicked in the stomach by my boyfriend...?
is it broken?
Sprained Ankle should i really be trying to walk on it?
Worried about friend, couldnt sleep, and cant concentrate in school? quick answers please!?
What do I do with my finger?
My Eye hurts really bad. Help me please.?
how to cure a bruise really fast?
Can you get STDs from genetics?
Is grinding completely safe?
i'm scared that i might have an std. how do i know?
County hospital doesn't want to treat my mom...?
Im 22 and have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. How should I tell my family?
I am 21 years old and I found a lump in my left breast?
What's the longest you've known anyone with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia to live?
Due to an industrial injury some years ago I have been forced to use two elbow crutches to walk .?
yesterday i fainted, banged my head and i feel sick and dizzy still?
I am scared!?
I wore a ring yesterday but I can't get it off my finger now, it's too small, what can I do?
When i take deep breaths my back hurts ?
Why does an ice pack or a cold item make swelling go down?
I took sulfur pills and now i have bumps on throat..ow????
I may have an std??
if some one gives you herpes, and never told you until they broke up with you. can they be arrested?
do they test you for herpes when your pregnant ???
whats this noise coming from my foot/ankle?
how long does it take for an untreated wrist fracture to heal?
What is a way that you can quickly heal your throat after throwing up a lot. ?
Is it possible to have laser eye correction surgery on the NHS? If so,how do i go about applying for it?
dont you hate it when you bite your tongue?
Will my little brother's arm be alright? Please answer me!!!!!?
Is there any correlation between anti perspirant deodorants and breast cancer?
Colon cleanse product a scam?
my mum has cancer & shes dying?
im having my Cervical Cancer jab next thursday douse it hurt? ?
My girlfriend has lung cancer!?
I'm getting my Cervical Cancer jab in the next month; Should i be scared?
If my friends and I jump off like a 10 foot ledge will we get hurt?
whats the worst injury you've ever had.?
I'm having knee pain on the inside of my left knee under the knee cap when I walk.?
Do you have to stay in the hospital if you break a leg?
broken finger, should i go to the hospital?
I banged my knee and its swollen...?
Is it ok to wanna break my ankle/leg? How CAN I BREAK OR SPRAIN MY ANKLE/LEG?
How do i cope with child cancer diagnosis?
Hi, I hope somebody can help me on this one.?
does everyone have to take thier appendix out?
What should I do if i come in contact with my mom? (she had radiation therapy)?
why is it so hard to accept that you're is soon to die, cause by cancer? i dont know how can i accept the fact
Do I have Oral Cancer?
does baking soda and maple syrup really cure cancer?
Ankle clicking a lot - please help!!!!?
can someone give me an opinion on what I should do about my knee pain?
Can doctors write refills for narcotics on the original prescription?
Is it okay to stretch when you are sore?
New symptom from herniated disc is it normal???
How can I help the swelling on my pinky finger go down.?
Ouch! I just cut my ankle shaving?!?
What is wrong with my knee ? 10 pts for you !!?
i just broke my ankle and my foot is very swollen. i need to reduce the swelling by friday. what should i do?
Lower back pain need advice?
I know most cases of herpes don't go away but some do. How is this possible?
why have i got a crick in my neck or is it crooked?
swollen and bruised leg after flying? should i be worried?
Why is it...?
can ankle sprains get infected?
Do I have a concussion?
Ever had to go to the Emergency Room?
A severe sunburn question.?
If my doctor gave me a parking permit , don't you think it makes sense for him to give me a power chair?
How do I find a place that will do tests for STD's for free?? Where do I need to look?
I think i sprained my ankle!?!?
ok my foot realllyyyy hurts but i dont want to go to the doctors...?
I MIGHT have swallowed nail polish remover?
Bit by my cat, area is tender and hot to touch?
I'm kind of bored. Should I severely injury myself so I have something to do for a while?
So i hit my head really hard 3 days ago, still have a headache, should i see a doctor?
Tingling in wrist in arm?
What can I do about a fingernail that was smashed and eventually fell off?
how can i break my arm or elbow?
What are my chances of catching AIDS if a person with AIDS farts next to me?
I don't know how to act or feel about my dad's cancer diagnosis, help.?
what are the rules when living with someone who is taking radiation pills?
Is there a cancer treatment that doesn't involve radiation and or chemo?
why can't i donate blood now that i have been diagnosed with cancer?
How is medical research on cancer going?
from a picc line, can we take bloods from a double lumen picc line when one lumen is having tpn?
help me with this smokers question please?
Spot on tounge?
what is this little white bump towards my throat??
Recently, i've had ankle pain & swelling on both, also chest pain & abdominal pain, any ideas what it may be?
What do you do to get rid of canker sores?
How can I tell if my finger is broken?
Owwww i think i broke my finger?!?
Will i be ok? i slept with my phone under my pillow while it was ON!!!!?
How do you make a big cut that's from the wrist to where you bend your arm stop bleeding? Really need help!
Is it a zit? or herpes?
can I get tested just for syphilis and nothing else?
My shoulder blade hurts so bad and my muscle in my arm hurts too....?
How can I stop cutting my wrists?
i think my intestint came out of my anus?
Nail or no nail?
If hospitals cured cancer they would go out of business?
What Is This In My Mouth?
are canker sores a sign of herpes?
Herpes cant be cured. How can it be contained?
If a woman has the HPV virus and then gets pregnant, can she transfer it to her baby?
Can I pass on the HIV virus?
I caught an std that i recovered from 2 years ago. Should I tell my new romantic interest?
why do people still fill an itch when there leg or arm is missing?
How long does it take for toenail grow back once lost to trauma?
how do i not tear my family apart? should i really go?
Bleeding from bum, please help!?
Can Anyone Help Me out? [ Knee Pain&A Bit Urgent ]?
why do i have foot pain and cramping? 10 points to the best answer!! :)?
i had a concussion on friday and i went to the hospital but now in having really bad headaches help please???
OMG every one at school is talkn' bout AIDS what the hell is it how do you get it how do you know you have i w
can you go back to having HIV after having full blown aids?
how do you know if you have swollen lymph nodes fro bad tonsils or lymphoma?
Do i have toe cancer?
please answerrr!! im worried about cancer IN my nose?? is there such a thing??
Why Does It Take So Long????
is it necessary to finish 30 sessions of radiation therapy ater 6 chemo therapy for Breast cancer Stage 2b ?
can a hystrectomy cure hpv and cervical cancer?
Any cancer?
My wrist is numb and hurts when i put on my coat/jumper....?
My cousin had stuck a bead up his nose and we cant get it out so i need some help any ideas?
I have a sprained ankle and was wondering if it is good to sleep with a ace wrapped around it while sleeping??
I got puched in the right part of my chin by some random person?
how do i break my wrist?
I pulled a muscle on the right side of my back in the middle?
How to break my ankle and I don't care about pain?
how do you sprain your wrist on purpose?
How can I help my muscle fix quickly?
A sore next to my lip after giving oral?
Where can i find pictures of what HIV symptoms look like?
Does B17 cure cancer?
will we ever be able to cure cancer and aids??
I've smoked from age 19-23, but I've quit now, what are my chances of getting lung cancer?
My right pinkie finger goes numb whenever I use the computer?
How do i treat a jammed thumb?
does any one know of a cream that can numb my foot as i have a injury but still want to play football?
how do i know if i have shin splints?
If you swallow a pill too hard, can it burst and go into your nose?
Is it possible to purposely break my arm and how can i do it?
I fell down the stairs today lol and I sprained both of my ankles want can I do to relieve the pain?
medical - what is nacl?
Is it possible that it is fractured? Or broken? What should I do now besides see a doctor? What will they do?
Should i go to the doctor?
The swelling in my foot will not subside....any suggestions?
leg pain?!?
How long should a sprained ankle take to heal?
Did i break, sprain, or fracture my pinky?..or niether?
Navel / Belly button piercing???
how do u heal a sprained ankle?
Help!What do you do if you get rubbing alcohol in your eye!?
How long will it be till my toe and toenail go back to normal after getting badly bruised and blackened?
What is wrong with my jaw?
If one eats healthy, is not overweight, exercises, is non-smoker, then there is no risk of having cancer?
Is it physically possible for someone to have brain surgery and be able to text the next day?
Is it possible to have lung Cancer at 16/17?
If this question is too hard to answer for you...please don't.?
What can you do for SEVERE muscle pain?
Can you get any STD's from a bj?
How long does the HIV(IDES) virus stay alive out of the human body?
ok why do so many people say that HPV comes back, how ever have no proof or know any one where hpv has return?
Is it normal to get yeast infections regularly?
how can i tell if my girlfriend has herpes?
If you give oral to a male who has a disease similar to HIV, are you at risk?
What type of doctor would I go see regarding my knee?
My female friend, 37 years old is having cancer stage 2.?
If you could how would you cure cancer?
I've been smoking weed for a good year now, do I have lung cancer?
i got a lump on the breast that itches and burns?
I think I may have some type of cancer!?
Is it true that nike shoe cure cancer?
Has anyone had internal bleeding due to anti inflammatory drugs?
i want to find a cure for cancer more than anything in the world, but......?
the doctor said that I have Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) can my boyfriend get any STD from me having BV?
is it true yeast infections can turn into HIV?
Where can I get tested for STDs in Maine?
std hiv aids infectiongs question?
So I want to get tested for stds but I don't know how to tell my mom?
Cold sore question. Please help!!!! I need answers?
Will an unborn child be 100% likely to be infected with AIDS if the mother had AIDS?
I'm scared..theres bug in me :(?
Does everyone get knocked out at one point in their life?
Does getting shot hurt?
any ideas how i can break my wrist arm or leg??
My leg is hurting, please help?
what kind a doctor is this?
what is the state of AIDS in Africa?
do AIDS victims can affect others without touching them?
what medicine for genorea in pharmacy that we can buy?
What do you automatically think when you hear STD?/STI?
what us the number one std in the usa?
can you get AIDS from kissing?
During your pregnancy do you get tested for stds far as herpes, gonorrhea or chlamydia etc?
Is Ice or heat better for tight hamstrings?
Is reacuring thrush, a symton of HIV or AIDS?
Can i catch virginity from gurl if i wear cundomm?
If my Doctor found I have chlamydia and was treated with Azithromycia 250 mgs does that mean I automatically?
What is worst Hepatitus C or HPV?
HIV transfer question?
What's the most embarrassing *battle scar* you've got?!?
What is the dumbest, or most embarrasing way you've ever hurt yourself?
Can certain thoughts cause brain damage or brain cancer?
is aspartame really a cancerous one?
My mom has a 4 inch cyst on her ovary-- the doctors say to just watch it. What should we do?
HAs anyone ever removed their own skintag?
can you start chemo if you have a cold?
I just got news about my friend. Where can i get information on liver cancer?
Is it true that diarrhea is a symptom of gonnohrea?
can i give my husband a yeast infection?
Herpes or maybe something not that bad at all.?
do herpies alwase have to be an open sore?
knee troubles...?
I need MORE help ASAP.?
Do you smoke and for how long? How old?
Is is okay to leave a bullet inside somone's thigh?
Is long term use of painkillers bad for you?
i think i broke my foot but i cant be sure?
Do You Think It's Right to Call A girl who Is confined to a Wheelchair, Crippled?
what is inside cigarettes?
Who invented cancer?
Why can't they cure cancer yet?
my friend is dying of lung cancer. She is taking the most possible oxygen and it still isn't enough.?
could this be cancer?
urgent please.....about brain tumour?
i think my mum is going to die :(?
Is there anyway to decreases chances of cancer?
Is my friend lying about having cancer?
I heard that smoking menthol cigarettes makes you infertile more then normal cigarettes, is this true?
Skin cancer in tanning salons ?
what is cervical cancer, and is there a cure for it?
Once cancer was diagnosed and is found in lymph nodes, how long have you experienced a person to last?
what do they mean when they say we caught it early?
Im scared.?
MY SON KISSEd a girl who has been "servicing" other boys. Do I need to take him to the dr.?
this may sound silly but hey this is a questions site?
My hip is hurting really bad, can someone help?
Does it hurt when you get your stiches tooken out ?
What is the best treatment for bone spurs on your heels?
Pulled hamstring 6 months ago, still not fit
What happens if i break my arm at school??
I was hit by a drunk driver 2 1/2 weeks ago, Now having Leg pain should i Talk to a lawyer, or his Ins. Co.?
What do you think is wrong with my husband?
Can a hospital collect a 6 year debt that was never billed to us?
I got hit in the head answer immediatly?
What is the best treatment for a venomous snake bite?
If you mix blood, do you get AIDS?
Is it possable to get aids this way?
Cold sores are herpes or not?
My boyfriend just got his third or fourth concussion?
i am crying with the pain 10pts?
is it ok to take a break from working out?
Mom might have breast cancer?
why is there cancer now but not in the 50's?
Should i get the cancer jab?
Can you be a patient of Marijuana with a misdemeanor?
My Dad died 2 months ago from cancer?
What happens if you kiss someone with herpes?
oral question, please help?
If you give blood to red cross will they tell you if you are hiv positive?
my freind put a mouse up his anal what should he do?
What is the difference between AIDS and HIV?
I've been mildly electrocuted.?
What does this look like I did?
How to lie about a suicide scar on my wrist?
What will happen if I didnt see a doctor for my hand?
Herpes & Family?
Lifting Heavy Articles?
what time do you open this monday please?
How to treat my fingernail after smashing it with the car door?
My father just died, what can I do?
How close are we to finding a cure for cancer?
blood test results no answer over the phone?
I have swollen limph nodes on my right breast and constant headaches...Could that be a sign of breast cancer?
What is a natural way to help lung cancer?
Why is cancer research better in canada than any where else?
Can someone get herpes on there cheek?
how did aids start?
Why do doctors "scrub-up" 5+ minutes then don gloves, masks and gloves to preform surgeries?
arthritis or carpal tunnel?
i just hurt my lower right back by wrong move. im in agony. any advice?
What is it like to have to live without legs? My friend has been in a terrible accident and has lost his legs.
i was in hospital for bad sprain and bruse took xrays wrist not broken the doctor didnt give me any painkiller?
When walking with a cane, is the cane used on the weak leg side or the alternate side?
is it ok to write on a cast?
does HPV cause cancer 90% of the time?
How long is the life of someone who is HIV positive?
How do I tell my 6 year old daughter I have brain cancer?
does smoking kill humans?
my boyfriends dad is dying from cancer...help me?
Pain below left rib cage?
Whats up wiht my knees?
Part of my toenail is black?
How can you break your arm/wrist, easily, and fast.?
Any suggests for me to prevent carpal tunnel?
Sick of health warnings?
My knee popped, what should I do?
How have people broken there legs?
Can my doctor do anything to help me out with this?
can hpv be transmitted by toilet seat etc?
Has anyone every worked through having a partner with herpes?
What's in a CBC Blood test?
how long does it take for HIV to show up on a test?
How long does it take an injured foot to heal?
Car Accident, need advice?
headache from from working out?
do u ever get dizzy when u sit on a couch and when u get up in 2 hours, for 10 seconds u see black and ur dizy?
I lit a firecracker and i held it too long and my hand blew off, should i get this checked?
Sprained Ankle?????
mom's leg is swollen even 9 months after surgery?
Can you brake your nose and not know its broken?
Shoe Blisters???
Is it true that if you lick a wound it'll heal faster?
burning sensation when i pee?
What is this MRI Report Saying is wrong with my knee>?
Help! I hurt my arm yesterday and it's bruised HORRIBLY.How can I get rid of it BY FRIDAY? Please help me!!?
how to take out glass from my foOt ?
Two Broken Ribs and coughing up blood is that normal?
is it infected??? my ears???
Does anyone has IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and can you eat fruits?
What To Do About Stitches?
I hit my head and i don't know what to do?
she has a nasty bruise!!!?
Can a 6 month-old be tested for STDS?
I'm embarrassed to be asking this.. can you get and std from giving a guy a handjob?
Can you get Hiv from touching the clothes of an infected person?
HIV Question?
Who passed HPV to me ?
is it normal for me to start laughing when i get a cut on accident?
what should u do if ur finger was slammed on the door (please read on)?
What should I do about my bad back?
How can i get a Black eye, Swollen eye, Without to much pain?
hpv question can u help?
i think i have cancer?????????????????????????
Are ciggarates really that bad?
is smoking the whooka better than cigarits?
when is litttle wayne dieing?
how do i stop the soreness for throwing up?
if not turned up for a clinic appointment.Can you go back?
OUCH! i hurt my back bad!!!!! *Serious answers only!*?
the car door slammed my finger..?
Im wanting to get into a fight....?
how do you wrap your knee the right way? ?
I have a huge bruise, how long will it take for it to fade?
3 day continuous muscle spasm, how can i stop it?
Broke 4 fingers on my off hand today- 3 at the joint closes to my hand. Best way to splint? Didn't like MD's.?
about std and hiv????????
we go to the moon but still we are unable to cure HIV and AIDS?
HELP! it hurts! i need help i cant...i CANT have a disease or anything...can i? im 16 and TERRIFIED HELP!!?
whats wrong with my skin?? help!?
How can I tell if my foot is broken?
Should I go to the doctors?
I fell on my ankle again recently in dance.how do i ask my parents to take me to the doc wo sounding whiney?
If a worm crawled up my nose and...?
i've had my left ear pierced for 6 months, if i take it out for a couple hours will it close? ?
Tailbone hurts?
My ankle..whats wrong ?
How Can I Make Myself Sick??????
seriously dizzy... help any advice??
I kinda have a rock stuck in the bottom of my foot....and I can't get it out...?
i hit my head just a bit hard and im a bit lightheaded no nausea unconsiousness of loss of memory. concusion?
Just found out my brother has AIDS, is there ANYTHING?!?
This guy i know has a cold sore?
if i kissed a guy with herpes?
im 14 and think i may have got chlamidea (spelling?) but im to scared to tell my parents what should i do?
How can I tell my girlfriend I got crabs from her brother without her getting mad?
Is this normal for 3-4 days after stitching?
How do I relax the tight muscles in the upper part of my back around my shoulders?
Achilles tendon been sore for so long... like 1 year and pops! What should I do?
getting tested for std and hiv?
Can you go to the doctors without your parents knowing?
what can i use to help my nose heal?
Is it possible to get cancer after smoking weed 5 times?
Why can't sharks get cancer?
I have a question about Chemo Therapy!!!!?
Do I have colon Cancer?
If cancer hasn't worsen. then why do some people get sicker and weaker in a matter of a month then die?
what are cause of skin cancer?
What do I do about this?
It hurts badly?
If I Said You Had One Day Left?
is it easier for females to spread hiv than males?
Aids and drinking cup question...?
what's your favorite STD?
Is my arm broken Please answer?
OMG MY ANKLE? Plz answer?
Last night while i was washing my car , i ripped ...........?
My cousin fell through a roof and landed on his head. Chances of survival?
broken arm or wrist stories?
Is it possible for a person with no syptoms of a STD give it 2 a partner, and the partner to show no sypmtons?
is it normal for one of your testicals to go up inside your body?
How do I convince the authorities to close my local pool?
Why is HIV more prevalant amongst the gay community?
I had a really bad leg cramp at night!!! please help!!?
How to prevent muscle pain that you get when you use muscles you haven't used them for a while.?
My ankle hurts whenever i bang it against something.?
Any ideas on how to prevent blisters and bruises on your hands when your using crutches?
My bed is shaking?
Back and neck pain...?
Why wont the swelling go down?
how long is a broken humerous p[ainful for?
Help me plz??? Easy 2 or 12 points!?
Possible Concussion-Should I go to the doctor?
im really worried and not sure?
How many people have std's?
my son was bitten by a hiv infected kid on his hand. got a small skin break. will he get the infection?
Knee Pain?
how do i use crutches? really im serious?
8 weeks ago alump of wood fell on my leg . still bruised swollen. is this the start of an ulcer?
How do I make swelling on my chin go down, BY TOMORROW?
Cold hands?
when you dislocate your finger, does it hurt to get it popped back in?
How can i hide the cuts on my arm?... or if people ask what do i tell them?...?
i got my upper ear pierced&it's really swollen& painful after i took it off and put it back.what shld i do?
My daughter is 2 years old and fell off the couch and has a knot on her head. What should I do?
im breaking my arm on purpose; what do i tell the doctor that i did?
I think I have an STD?
I keep hearing women get cervical cancer from hpv, but how does it affect men?
can my yeast infection?
I had a total blonde moment and ripped my bottom lip off .. what can I put on it to make it heal quicker?
Amputees feel their phantom limb. Do you think circumcised people also feel their phantom foreskin?
How to heal a broken foot?
is my ankle brocken or sprained?
My toe, very painful...please help!?
finger all tingly?
Can anyone tell me what to do?
serious answers please! i think i have a bruised vein..?
Got punched...hurtts!?
I had a blood clot in my calf, now the dr wants me to wear a stocking must I?
I pulled something in my back. If I move to the right it leaves me yelling in pain..can this be serious?
Need some encouragement.
How do you treat a twisted ankle?
Why do they cool the brain if someone has a sever brain injury.?
Was the ER doctor wrong?
how can you tell if you have a big nose. i think i do, but what are the signs?
Doctor want my casts off............... i don't feel i am ready?
What was the name of the first person to get AIDS in the U.S.?
It's been couple weeks since hurt knee. @ time of injury felt sudden pop, followed by swelling. what is it?
I got in a car accident and hit my head, now I'm starting to get really bad headaches.?
Rusty Metal?
My hubby did my butt, it hurts and its all swollen will it go back. ?
Does punching your own head cause alot of damage?
I broke my ankle several months ago, and it's finally been feeling normal. But this past Sunday I?
what kind of std can you catch from kissing?
What's wrong with my muscles?
When someone gets shot ...?
What do you put over you'r cast when you'r in the shower??I just broke my wrist!!!!?
can I have cancer for a year and not know it?
When colon cancer has spread to lungs and liver & treatment is stopped how long can a person live?
do radiation therapy increase cancer cell growth?
my friend has cancer need advice?
Stomach/Colon Cancer?
breast cancer in male?
where r your lymph nodes?
My friend is lying about having cancer?
Why shouldn't infecting someone to HIV not be a crimainal offence?
Is this herpes that i have? SERIOUS ANSWERS.?
Has anyone lost a friend/ family member to AIDS?
does most everyone walking around these days have an STD?
pulled leg muscle?
swollen red slap mark on arm, how do i make it go away?
what do i put on this burn?
stepped on a rusty nail over a week ago?
what is the best way to treat a sprained ankle?
I stabbed myself in the eye!!!!!?
If you broke your arm, would you still be able to move your hands?
Is My Big Toe Broken?
I fell and hit the back of my head on cement?
how is it that 80 to 90 % of the population has the virus that causes herpes?!?
Is it possible to be born with HIV if there is absoloutely no history of anyone having it in your family?
what if we are both virgins? can i still get an std from a virgin?
I have some symptoms I want to know what you think?
lung cancer?
man to sue nhs in cornwall - what do you think?
Do i need some help if i cut myself but i dont bleed?
This is serious... I am in serious pain....?
got in a fight and it still hurts?
10 points!!!!?
i twisted my ankle playing football?
HIV AIDS if ur GAY - True of False?
My computer keeps shutting down?
can you get aids from getting somone elses blood in your cut?
A general HIV/AIDS question?
i have a std how do i tell my boyfriend?
Has this happened to anyone, as soon as I sit at the computer, my left arm and hands get tingly and go numb. ?
Should this be happening..?
Help? I sat down at my computer about 5 minutes ago and I suddenly got this rush of light that won't go away.
please answer quick this is happening right now!?!?
my little brother fell off his bike?
Have you ever broken a bone if ya what bone?
How can I stop smokeing cigarettes?
what causes you to have std's?
can hiv virus transmit if hiv person bite someone with his teeth?
Is this a possible way to contract HIV??? Please read!?
I just told my future husband that I have herpes, he was shocked and worried at frist?
when u have herpes, is it obvious that u are hiv positive?
i have just stubbed my toe (please read below)?
I have Ink In My Cut?
What's it like to know you're going to die?
should i go to the doctor?
how long will it take hair to grow back after chemo therapy?
does the death of so one young make us feel our own mortality?
can an 11 year old girl get breast cancer?
chances of lung cancer,when ur parent has it ?
Who knows a thing or two about shin splints?
Do you think removing my stitches would be painful?
I was in a car wreck 2 days ago. I've had a mild back ache since then. Should I call a Dr.?
Dislocated shoulder?
Black thing on my foot???
i have a big scrape on my leg and i am graduating in two days. i need my scrape to be gone. what can i do?
sore shoulder from ballroom dancing. Should I apply cold or heat?
i think i may have sprained my wrist?
Swollen Knee........?
what makes your toe nails dry out and turn yellow?
do aids have a higher rate in africa or north america?
can you have a first time herpes outbreak over a year from contracting the virus?
is oral herpes curable?
Is this HIV?
Weird bone in foot.?
Ankle still swollen after 4 weeks? 10 points for best answer!!!?
Best Hospital for Burn injury??
Omg please help there's something wrong with my bottom..?
methods to get a bruise?
cutting myself...?
what if your elderly employer fall down, what will you do?
how can i fake and get the doctor to put a cast on my wrist?
Is It Possible That I Have A Concussion?
Cancer Research gets billions of pounds in donations, why haven't they found a cure yet?
What DOESN'T cause cancer?
Can you catch cancer from a high school lunch lady?
would you ever teased somebody with a skin disorder or cancer?
I'm 14 and just recently I found a lump in my breast. Could that be breast cancer or am I just overreacting?
of someone blood test shows they are enemic what does that mean,and what can be done?
i think i have AIDS in my walls?
can you get aids from a scab ( ie dried blood )?
Broken pinky toe! help quick!?
Broke my leg....Need suggestions?
If time heals all wounds, how come bellybuttons don't fill in?
had foot op how long can i not weight bear. mixed signals from hospital.?
why does my calf muscle in my left leg bulges when i wake up?
Hurt my shoulder pitching?
i stepped on a sewing needle a couple days ago?
Question about broken or fractured wrist?
i was in my gym class today and we went swimming. i forgot my swim suite. more info please help!?
My younger sister fingernail came off. What should I do.?
will your parent know if you had a std test?
Another crutches question?
What is best for swollen knees Ice packs or heat?
How to break your finger with not alot of pain?
just got back from E.R. ?????????
I sprained my ankle 5 wks ago there is still a large lump by the ankle bone and it's still pretty tender?????
cure for bacterial infection dwn below?
What kinds of tests are required to detect Chlamydia and Gonorrhea?
from you own personal experience..is it possible to get herpes if your partner isn't having an outbreak?
please help......i have got crabs?
Can a patient in the US be tested for HIV without their permission? (note: the patient is a young adult male)?
Grossest injury you've gotten?
Boyfriend fell over 1/52 ago playing football - Rib pain since-scores 8/10?
What color cast should I get?
How can I reduce swelling (apart from ice packs)?
Suggest me on my Oral xxx matters...?
can you catch anything by licking a used tampon?
How long does it take to be seen at the free clinic?
my anus???
my friend has hep c she has been with my man and i was tested and dont have it why is that?
leukemia survivor tattoo idea?
I'm 5 months pregnant and may have pancreatic cancer or pancreatitis. Do you think??
My Biology Teacher has cancer!!!!?
When the onocologist does blood anaylsis does it show that cancer may be present in the blood work?
is there another name for leukemia?
If I need to get a mammogram done, what kind of doctor would I ask to see?
is my toe broken, should I see a Dr?
Broken arm recovery?
why is my left ankle so swollen?????
knee surgery?
eye bruse? :S?
Should I be seen by a Dr, slipped on wet mossy rocks by ocean and cut up bottoms of feet now throbbing?
If you break your wrist what will happen if you dont get a cast?
I'm 26 My ankles crack as if you were cracking your knuckles walking often in the morning. How can I fix this?
I have a cut on my leg and its really biig andd it smells really weird and its disgustingg?
Doctor, doctor: I broke my ankle years ago and I am in pain?
Is it possible to get an STD after using the same toilet as some who has and STD?
STD's and Vampirism Questions?
Can you get STD's from someone who has none?
is it possible to establish exactly who gave std to who?
You can kill the HIV virus?!?
white spots on tongue????
Why am i always getting injured?
Why can't we cure cancer yet?
i'm 4 months pregnate and was just told 4days ago i have cancer.?
My ears feel like they are stuffed with cotton after getting hit in the head why?
I hit my head friday night?
why wont my hand fracture heal?
whats wrong with my knee!?
15 year old girl with breast cancer, please help…?
Can this be breast cancer?
Do more people die of chemo than of cancer?
I'm 29 yrs. old and I'm having symptoms that I feel could be colon cancer. What type of tests would doctor do?
Ive got plantar facitus?
i have a cross country meet tomorrow, and my foot is really bothering me?
How loud is the static on the tv (the one that happens when theres no channels)?
I have a black eye an I shouldn't?
for inflamation is warm press or cold press better?
My friend fell in a ditch and hurt her ankle?
No Way Out?
Is this a good home cure for an ingrowing toenail?
Cartilage infection?
Question about accident?
Is this statement correct? "The HIV virus will live in a dried state for year after year ......?
I have this wierd plant growing on me...?
Help i think i have herpes? idk though?
i think i might have an STD.?
Everyone or just so called Africans?
Can STDs come from nowhere?
the inside of my ankle is swollen?
Big dilemma Mum has terminal cancer should I tell my sister?
I think i have eye cancer?
breast cancer at 15? help please.?
hi i am a 14 year old girl and on the side of one of my breast i have a tender lump in it. should i be worried?
more information about STDS?
When to disclose possible HPV status to a female date?
Where do they have free clinic to get tested for std's or any other types of viruses around Los angeles, CA?
Question about herpes?
If a hiv+ person went near you would you run away why or why not?
are health providers with AIDS still allowed to practice their profession?
Do I need to loose weight?
If a person has an open wound, and someone who is HIV positive licked the wound, would this person be infected?
Can you get HIV orally if Im the one coming in his mouth?
Is my leg ok?I fell face first on a wood floor!?
help me, i don't know what to do.?
Please help us.... please right now. EMERGENCY?
I banged my head on hard tiled floor?
How do you ease muscle pain???
iv got a hole in my leg and its yellow?
Where do you get tested for STDs?
Where can i get tested for free for STD's?
if i share a cigarette with some with aids can i get it?
Never ending yeast infection, HELP!!!?
i took the aids and stds test?
I have a scar on my knee that's turning black is that suppose to happen?
Did I Break It ???
my mom just got cut....question plz?
Are there any alternative treatments for cancer?
Medical proffesionals only please?
How do you comfort someone who's mom has cancer?
Is it true that cell phones give you cancer?
How do I test my teenager to see if they are smoking cigarettes?
question for anyone with hpv?
Friends Mom with STD?
I'm in love with a girl who just found out she has HPV. WTF DO I DO.?
is it true when you get a black eye u cant get it again?
Can you take the antibiotic Amoxacillan if you are allergic to penicillan ?
If you have a cold sore does it automatically mean that you have herpes?
How far away is a cure for HIV/AIDs?
Can you be tested for herpes without having any outbreaks?
some cracked out homeless lady kissed me on the cheek...should i be worried?
can hiv or std's be transmitted if a girl licked you on your neck where u had shaved 12 hours prior?
My cat has cancer...can it be treated? ?
What caused my husband's cancer?-Plastics in microwave oven?
What happens in the procedure for donating bone marrow?
colon cancer(survival rates)?
I have had bone pain, nausea, and fatigue for over a year and have a nodule on my thyroid. cancer?
Is a small lump in the neck, like in my pictures,?
how would i know if i have brain cancer?
HELP! Lump under my armpit. Cancer?
I hurt my toe last night and I think i broke it...please answer this...i need any advice possible?
I broke my leg up to the knee, how can I wash myself?
If you break your left leg, can you still drive your car?
Do I have tendinitis? Please help! 10 points!?
Could my wrist be broken?
Should I be seeing a MD?
How do you know if you cut the circulation of your wrist?
Have You Ever Wanted Crutches? Or Used Them Just For "Fun?"?
I have a lump on my wrist..?
What happens if someone gets bit by a brown reluse on their shoulder?"?
i accidentally shot myself. what should i do?
my girlfriend has an injury on her knee. please help?
I-ve not exercised for 2 weeks due to illness-will it effect my fitness abilities as am training for marathon?
just stood on rusty nail?
can or should I sue Walmart??
what to expect at emergency room for ankle injury?
i keep getting sharp pains just above my hip that works its way towards my stomach what could this be ?
can HIV turn into cheese ?
Can any1 please tell me of some famous people that have Syphilis. it can be past or present time. thanks.?
should you have surgury for herniated disk?/?
Why is my knee hot???
Has anyone broke their elbow?
I hurt my hand yesterday?
Please help me befoore its too late for him??
Injured my back at work, what should I do....(please read)?
Is it possible to strangle yourself?
Can a man contract HPV from contact with soiled panties?
Someone who has chlamydia wiped some blood onto my skin. Is it possible to catch it this way?
I'm 18 years old. I am having problems with my boyfriend.?
I have Herpes?
is there.........?
why can't HIV be transmitted through sneeze?
Back injury - exercise?
urgent help pain? plz.....?
how long does it take for std test to come back?
is a coldsore a form of herpies?
STD - what is it the legal issue?
Every day or so i get a brown dishcharge from my back passage is this normal?
my son has leukemia, is coming home&was invited 2 a bday party prior 2 his sickness. tell kids parents or no?
why do people get cancer??
12 years old and I think I might have brain cancer?
Has anyone cut thier hair for Locks of Love?
A question about chemotherapy?
please some one give me some advice?
What to do if my nail won't fall off? Will the black underneath it eventually go away?
how would i pop my hip back into place?
what does it mean horrible headaches and nose bleeds?
i think i broke my foot. what should i do?
my foot is black and blue.?
steriod injection?
my dad can't open his jaw/ mouth! help!?
what is wrong with me....help?
Im able to shoot rockets out of my legs..is that normal?
is my little girl OK??? blood?
what the best thing to cool a burn?
i cant hear out of my ear except crackling sounds?
Whats the worst?
My nail got shut in a car door in Sept., and now the nail has fallen off...is it normal for it to look bumpy?
If blood's on your hand can you get HIV that way?
Can doctors lie about giving a HIV test?
my friend is from the us and want and std test ...and she's black and worried about racism is that link believ
How serious is herpes? Is it a major STD or just a nuisance?
donating blood, a free std test?
My knee hurts after doing squats yesterday. i'm afraid i might have a tear. how can you tell if something?
my son split his head open at school?
What are some basic ways to heal a spraned ankle without going to the doctor (besides ice?)?
My sister broke her leg because of a Chiropractor?
Ok....question about HIV...read all details and respond please!?
Can you catch aids from a mosquito that bit someone with aids?
STI testing scared ....?
if a girl and a guy..?
I think this girl years ago gave me cooties?
broken pinky finger?
Can you die from a splinter?
What should I do about the pain in my feet?
Do you automatically die when you snap your neck?
compensations for injuries?
where can i find a wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome that is not an ugly beige or black color??
my arm hurts from doing curls. my lower upper arm. how can i heal it?
do you think there is a cure for aids?
HIV antibody test?
How does a person get aids other than using an infected persons needle during the taking of drugs?
Can you get crabs from buying used underwear at a thrift store?
I have had my cast off my hand for over a week now but it still hurts,why?
i was riding my skate board and i fell and i think i broke my arm?
can a car accidet cause you to have a frozen shoulder?
Broken wrist sliding into second base?
Should you massage a pulled muscle?
i worked out my arms 2 days ago and i still cant put my arms striaght out plz help?
I accidentally pinched my skin; the skin is not torn but there is blood underneath....?
Should I see a Doc if I hit my head while ice skating even though there was no bleeding?
How do I easy my Swollen Feet?
Do I have a concussion? pt.2 Do you think I'm ok?
Boyfriend broke up with me 'cause I asked him to get STD test!!?
I have a Herpes outbreak that I need to go away?
Who here has or had an STD before in their life?
Just found out my son...?
if you stick a carrot in your nose and it breaks how do you get it out?
My 3 year old son bumped his forehead on the same spot he alread had a bruise ; now he's got a lump. Help!?!
i think i broke my tail bone!!?
How do you get a second degree burn?
how do i help a cracked tailbone heal?
What should be done about this situation?
broke my wrist 10 months ago it still gets painful could i have damaged it or is it the weather?
HELP!!!!! could they be wrong? I just a had pap smear.. and they just told me I had gonorrhea?
Can hiv be washed off?
Does Anyone Know When Doctor Who Is Coming Back on ?
i sprained my ankle! what should i do now?
How much time does it take for an average size cut to heal?
i think i pulled or tore my calf muscle? help?
Weird little ball in my neck??!?
how to break your arm by falling off your bed?
How long can a person live with cancer in her panicus & now is going into her liver? She gets weaker evey day.
Can other moles have cancer if another one of your moles was tested negative for cancer?
Blogs by women with breast cancer?
If your Doctor told you that you had six month's to live,how would like to spend them ?
what does it mean if i have a lump in my armpit?
my father continues to smoke and he has stage 4 lung cancer my question is this?
If a lump was cancerous, would it take over 6 years to kill them?
my best frend is having a bloodclot in brain and doctors told that she lives only for five years.plz help me..?
Sprained knee or more?
I am in deep pain, would you please help me in here?
How can i stop my back from hurting.?
Is it a sprain or ankle? DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE DOCTOR?
Bumped my head, now have constant headaches?
Bumped my head on the side, should I be worried?
Hurt my ankle?
Is it broken?
if the cause of cancer is unknown, then why do people say not to do certain things cause they cause cancer?
how do you know if you broke your finger?
I have a spinal cord injury, why do my legs twitch sometimes?
Is it my toe broken???
is it gay if a man cross dresses in a bet or for fun or for revenge?
I have multiple abrasion scars from a bike accident. What's the best permanent scar treament?
I have been on pain killers for a while due to an injury and I'm a bit backed up now can anyone give me some
Do Muscle Tears Ever Completely Heal?
Do i have a concussion?
i got rugburn on my face..its really bad, it keeps burning..is there anything that will help it heal fast?
Doctor's Advice..?
should i go to drs??
Can you help me ?
Head Injury.........................?
bleeding after surgery?
Should I go to the hospital?
dous pouring gunpowder in a gunshot wound and lighting it heal the wound?
tennis elbow why is no treatment working?
I fainted today for the first time ever, should I be worried?
I hurt my toe, mom thinks that i have a stress fracture, &making me wear a boot- will this help heal my toe?
I'm panicking...my sister's toenail is coming off!!!! What should I do?
Why can't I move my arm straight anymore?
Finger problem??????
how do i wash with a full leg cast on?
Bruised toe and going to Six Flags?
i was straightening my bangs & got a big burn on my forehead & now its like black so what should i put on it?
Whats wrong with my earrings?
When the voice is gone?
i was playing basketball and my ankle cracked and now i can barely walk. help?
Why do sharp things make me feel better?
Ear piercing have swollen?
I was burned with coffee at starbucks because of some clumsy worker .?
Ok last night i came home.......?
I fell over and cut my knee and palms open?
sudden deterioration in body worrying, no help from docs, anyone help?
Cracked ribs...?
What's your worst injury?
Can I get the cervical cancer injection?
What stage might my mom's colon cancer be in?
What should you eat if you have a breast cancer? Anything food that could kill the cancer cells?
why it is so hard to find a cure for cancer? scientific answer please?
can u get cancer from drinking?
My surface piercing is bruising really bad...?
knee brace or no knee brace?
I injured my wrist, what is wrong with it?
Fastest way to heal broken bones in hand?
what should you do when you sprain an ankle?
How do you know when you have a frozen shoulder?
If my 2 year old son has a slight scar after 6 months, does that mean it will be there forever?
I have been on amoxicilin for a good part of the month and now i missed my rag --is this normal?
my 4 yr old has been complaining with his hand asleep and feeling funny, what could cause this?
Remedies for scar tissue?
Can you get skin cancer from trying on someone's clothes that happens to have skin cancer?
cervical cancer jag ?
I hate chemotherapy!!! Will I always feel like this?
What do you think of this L. Ron Hubbard quote(founder of Scientology)?
Does wearing a bra to bed increase risks of getting breast cancer?
How will my friedns react when they see me on Tuesday?
Is this bad or normal?
When trying to save a field mouse, it viciously bit me....Do I need to worry about any health issues for myse?
how long should i rest a day with a broken wrist?
Spitting up blood after hit in face?
I have a broken finger, but my parents won't take me to the doctor?
When do I put on a finger splint for a jammed finger?
knee pain? :T?
Someone please help me about my injured foot?!?
What do you think it feels like to be stabbed in the eye?
How to break leg/ankle without pain?!?
Why do people die after a hip fracture?
Growth on big toe; which saw best for amputation?
What does it mean when your calf muscles and arm muscles tense up and relax on their own? It feels like...?
help for sciatic nerve?
Is there anyone suffering with mild brain injury?
!!!! I have a hair IN MY EYE!!!!!?
Swollen knee?
how long will it take for me to walk after cast on ankle comes off?
How do you break your arm??????????
how to break your wrist?
what is this?
playing football with a busted eardrum? Good idea??
what do you think about welfare? my husband worked two jobs,but yesterday broke his arm he'll be out a while.
I had pins in my broken arm removed 7 days ago. Is the burning in fingers normal?
i got biten by a radioactive spider?
i sprained my ankle how long will it take to heal?
jumped off cliff week ago- back still hurts, will it go away by itself?
Reallyy bad tummy pains...... :(?
My uncle on my Dad's side just died of cancer Thursday. Now I'm scared because my mom has cancer too...
Why would a nurse get mad for a patient yelling it hurts after sugery?
can my parents claim compensation?
Help I hurt my foot a month ago and it still hurts?
What’s a good way to protect and look after your knees with an active lifestyle?
i have inflammation in my lower and mid back..in the discs.. is there anyway to get rid of it?
leg cast and socks?
Any ideas on how to control the pain (fractured sternum)?
what is a butlers fracture?
Is it good to break your left arm?
How can I cut myself without scarring?
My dog bit me, please help?
random pain in right arm...what can it be?
how do you treat a crick in your neck?
Why am i getting headaches and getting very very tired quickly?
How long does a hairline fracture of the tailbone take to heal?
Is my wrist broken? Should I go to the hospital?
I 'popped' my neck and now it hurts?
how did anyones knee reconstruction go?
Knees keep giving way? help?
What could be wrong with my foot?
should I go for a walk in the dark?
Is my ankle/foot sprained or broken?
Self-injury scars, how to heal?
I banged my head two months ago and got a cut which i had to get a staple in but its still sore.?
How do you know when you have a concussion?
Is it worth claiming for a fall while wearing flipflops?
Is it considered malpractice if a Dr ignores the signs of on overdose?
Would a broken toe keep someone from being able to walk?
I don't think my girlfriend is interested and me any more and sometimes she give me the cold shoulder?