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breathing difficulties is this okay?
what happens if you mix mucus and bleach together?
i smoke pot regularly but haven't in three weeks?
How do I get my boyfriend to stop smoking weed so much or even stop?
Can I marry a girl treated for TB two years back?
what do you call the people that work with cancer?
Is Smoking Bad for you?
whats your first impression you get when u see a grl smoking a ciggarette? ?
Nasal congestion. Any remedies?
is smoking a pack of cigarettes a day deadly?
Tips for a sore throat?
how do i fake a sprained ankle or get one?
Is my leg broken? Please help it hurts!?
I have tendonitis in my shoulder....how to lessen the pain so i can sleep?
OUCHiESSSSSS =[ please answer 10 pts. thumbs up for all?
Could you really walk away from this without injury?
what do people do for broken ribs?
Please diagnose me... I am FREAKING OUT.?
how Do I Know If I HAVE Herpes????PLEASE ANWSER?
One of the boys at my school keep teasing me because i have a cold sore and it means herpes?
do neti pots work? i'm preparing for winter illnesses?
how can i get rid of my baby's coughing?
TB test help..............?
Why the somokers hit the upper side of the cigarets box when it is new???
i have sinius problem from last 4 years.?
i think i have pneumonia!?
23 Years old with Pneumonia?
im not sure if i have asthma?
breathing problem throat hurt while breathing?
Pipe Smoking?
asthma information?
How to get very sick?
I suffer from panic attacks...?
where and how can i get steroids?
Horrible Sinus Infection...Please HELP!?
Red, puffy TB test after three days?
Are you sick of computers taking a breather?
Is it still possible to have cancer if its not in the families genetics?
Chemotherapy question. What can help for bad diarrhoea caused by chemo?
Looking for advice on coping with a loved one who has terminal cancer?
I have a golf ball size knot on my back, it doesn't hurt. Could that be cancer?
Friend is Dying.............?
i got aids was doing my gurl real nice i pulled it out for the bust and doctor says shes got aids i blame her?
Is herpes painful or does it just itch?
i think i have a minor concussion, what should i do?
OK so I know this is kind of gross, but the fingernail that I locked in the truck door about 10 days ago is?
Knee Pain Please help!!!! Whats wrong with my knee?
I will need to be on crutches for 8 weeks following knee surgery, do you know what type are the best?
Nurse's or Doctor's PLease?
my Mom is old...got fracture,what to do now?
Why was my recent asthma attack at work not enough for my boss to give me sick leave?
Will the pressure of a plane cabin affect me?can i fly since?
i have breath problems?
Can this be bronchitis?
anyone have problems with Cipro Or levaquin?
Was the hospital wrong in my diagnosis? Can the nurse get in trouble for treating me this way?
how can asthma cause sleeping problems?
How to help a cough if you have high blood pressure?
Help! Really Sore Throat!?
Child is wheezing, loose oil stools and cracking sounds in lungs, what could this be?
how can i avoid snoring? without any surgery.?
Very sore throat ????????
i think i have bronchitis?
Can a dentist tell the difference between pot and cigg's?
Am i getting a chest infection?
Cause of Tail Bone Pain?
How do you know if you injured your big toe?
How can I tell if my tibia is broken/fractured?
Is it possible that a hip injury gave me a fever?
Can I go by myself? Mother problems?
I accidently cut myself but there's no blood, just a clear fluid instead of blood?
Can you get herpes from a partner who has no symptoms?
Why can't Asthma be cure with today medical technology yet?
Is it bad to smoke one cigarette a day?
I am 16 and i chew and i have white spots on my tongue is it cancer?
Is cancer caused by having too much acid in the body?
is it true that Cervical Cancer is genetic?
Health Benefits of Smoking?
OMG?! Is this skin cancer???HELP!?
my mom has cancer?
how to increase lung capacity. any Idea and any experience.?
hi i want to ask how to exist some HIV? please answer me?
Does this look like herpes?
how do you make your own bandaid?
How many bones have u broken and how did it happen?
ok everyone i need your advice, should i miss work tomorrow?
How do I walk away...?
I injured my toenail a few months ago, and just now when I was looking at it I felt it come loose...?
my ankles hurt so much?
Broken arm can i play sport?
Broken toes ?
i have a Burn on Wrist, What do i do?Help?
what are the symptoms of pnuemonia?
I just found a packof cig's on the floor, should I or should I not smoke them?
Difficult and heavy breathing, dry mouth, shaking, continous coughing?
Family and friends of asthmatics?
my throat is dry!!!!!!!!!!!?
Second hand smoke v/s welding smoke?
How the hell does Listerine cure gonorrhea?
How many AIDS do i have? Is there a way to tell?
can you go to jail for not telling a partner you have an STD and you give it to them?
Should I continue dating this married man?
Why do doctors/nurses use both sides of the stethoscope when listening to your chest?
i'm only 14...and i get anxiety attacks is that ok???
pneumonia bacterial and viral?
Should you wake a sleeping child to give them an asthma puffer?
is walking pneumonia contagious?
Im coughing up blood...?
Is Broncitis contagious??
I just woke up from a coma?
Does breaking your tailbone effect you in anyway?
what will make hot glue burns stop burning?
For those of you who have been on crutches, what is the most significant way it changed your lifestyle?
why is m neck curved and how can i straighten it?
I Am Bored With A Broken Arm?
for peps who were glasses:?
Is it possible to break your ear?
what are the causes of frozen shoulder other than d.m.?
do i have a dislocated jaw or what?
How long can a person live with Stage 4 cancer, from breast cancer that metastasized to the bone?
Has anyone had bowel cancer ( colon cancer) or know anyone who does? answer this please?
Can you get cancer if you hold a cell-phone?
Does nicotine cause cancer?
Teenage HIV dilemas?
Can i get an STD if my friend let me use his Fleshlight and in the past he had an std but says he was cured..?
scar from dog bite how to make it fade as its quite ugly?
what does repetitive mean?
i keep braking my bones all time?
is my toe broked, fractured, or sprained?
I just had PT for my back today, the first session, is it normal for me to be sore?
How much should I get for my pain and suffering?
My neck hates me.?
pain getting worse?
I just burned my leg really bad what do I do?
I've been coughing pretty hard for 3 weeks. Asthma runs in bits of my family do i have it?
why weed creates an adiction?
Ok, i got caught smoking weed at my school twice and i don't know what will happen to me? can someone help!!!?
Help! I'm 16 and I smoke for horrible reasons!?
How would you deal with having to breathe through your butt?
Pain in chest... any ideas?
Are there repurcussions of playing football bare foot?
broken down old grandpa needs operation but medicare WILL ONLY PAY %80?
Infected Ear Piercing, should I see a doctor???
help!!quick!!doctor?? advice!! My drunk friend just swallowed a pointy at least half inch maybe inch?
Today i was at school and i was at school and i was kicking a ball and I was only wearing socks and i fell?
chronic tendonitis question?!?
Nail injury: should I just pull it out?
how do i get something out of my eye-it really hurts and i cant see anything in there?
I can't tell if I broke my toe?
What expectorant is good to release phlegm in asthmatic children?
How does a person know if they have a deviated septum?
Is there anything I can do about nasal conjestion and excessive mucus?
does anyone know how to set the pressure on a bipap pro machine. if a technican can do it , why not me?
how do i get rid of a stuffy nose?
Does smoking change your opinion about a person?
I have a 2 year old that is always congested but won't take ANY medicine or drink fluids. Any suggestions?
I'm coughing up blood, should I be worry?
Pen light in my anus! Cant turn it off nor get it out! Help! Please no trips to the ER again for stuff in anus?
There is a lot of pus coming out of my leg?
Can a head injury cause a seizure?
I like j-walking, is that wrong?
What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?
What happened to her wrist?
Can you cause damage to your eardrums from listening to your Ipod?
would i be able to walk if i broke my toe?
My grandmother was his in the head. What should I do?
Fracture or Bruise?
please tell me a naturally way to cure cancer ?
What's the symptoms of cancer?
How do i accept the fact that i am going to die from breast cancer?
i just found out that i have cancer like a week ago. i have an option to do treatment should i? or not too?
Could I really have cancer?
Whats wrong with my knee?? (Pic)?
Why does a broken bone hurt?
Why does it hurt?
some people are good people deep down?
Is it okay to shower if...?
Why is my right toe slightly numb?
nerve damage??
What should i do??
my upper arm muscles keeps twitching. Its not painful, it just twitches. Why and how can i stop it?
How long does it take for pain from a trapped nerve to subside?
i just fell and i hit my elbow. help?
Is my finger broken or sprained?
I stubbed my toe yesterday and it still hurts...?
What have I done to my ankle ???!!!?
A friend of mine just had an accident, please help!!!?
how long do i keep my splint on?
weird thing on my toncil.(sp?)?
Bruises ?!!! HELP!! PLEASE !!!?
I rolled my ankle last night, and went to the ER. I thought it looke like it was out of position?
my sister in law doesn't think u can get mouth cancer?
how does cancer get diagnosed as 'terminal'?
my 2 year odl son has.?
How do I ask him about STD's?
What can I do to make my black eye less obvious?
Is is possible to die from internal organ failure from a car accident?
Has anyone ever chipped their knee?
I fell off of my horse and hit my head...?
my husband has been having a problem with his toe numbing....?
what is the risk of cutting?
I fell on my hand today, and my wrist is swollen. Maybe sprained. Hot or Cold compress ??
Cat scratches???
Any suggestions on how to get rid of a trap nerve in my back please?
Sore legs wat can i do ?
Is The Cervical Cancer Vaccine Completely Safe?
Does hair grow after Chemo?
Do you think that people with STD's should not be able to work at any type of place dealing with food?
Anul Waxing?
hi me and my boyfriend is trying to have a baby and i have herpes can some thing be wrong?
14 years old, went to the bathroom #2 , and there was blood in the toilet .?
How Do I Stop Myself From Bleeding?!?!?
What's a good home remedy for sore muscles?
What are the effects of...?
my friend has vampire symptoms!?
Are cold-sores herpes?
Is oral really pretty safe for hiv?
herpes? please help.?
Why is it incorrect to say that cancer is a genetic disease and therefore is always inherited?
My friend lied about having cancer now she wants to kill herself, what do I do!?
Where did HIV originally came from?
Can you sue someone for infecting you with Herpes? Afterall, you'll have it for the rest of your life...?
i want to do a fundraiser for my little brother who has cancer any ideas on what to do?
End-of-life question (may seem odd)...?
Lil' Sister came up, says she heard of a cancer cure with radio waves. Sounds far fetched to me. Know anything
Cancer, where does the word come from?
Can oncologists pretty conclusively determine during chemo if it's working or do you find out when it returns?
can you get stds from earwax?
Do you think, one day...AIDS will be?
Can I get pregnant from using a towel that my dad used or using the same toilet?
Virgins STD's?
Why dont people take Herpes seriously?
I have ovarian cancer. How long will I live?
Are all cancers hereditary?
do you think i might have cancer?
What is the minimal age for lung cancer death caused by secondhand smoke?
Are some people resistant to HIV and AIDS?
Who mainly gets STDs?
I have recently been diagnosed with colon cancer?
Throat cancer?
My husband's cancer has come back, he has stage IV colorectal cancer that spread to his lungs?
Is it a high 'red blood cell' count or 'white blood cell' count which can mean cancer?
what makes breast cancer special?
cancer that has spread to another organ is called?
Where can I go to have doctors check up with out insurance?
how come you don't hear much about doctors or a lot of rich people getting cancer?
Is it possible for a 20 year old girl to get cancer?
Preventing and curing cancer?
I fractured my collarbone yesterday (INORITE!). How long does it take for the pain to go away?
i got strangled now i cant do things normaly?
My dad says icing an injury is bad, and wants me to actually submerge my injury (ankle) under really hot water?
is it a pulled muscle in your back when it shoots pain down the back of your legs?
what does it mean when a guy touches your waist with his elbow?
pulled muscle?
Can I take a shower or a bath with a fiberglass cast on my leg?
I turned my ankle 2 weeks ago and it's still swollen?
The last week I have noticed bruises that I don't recall getting...?
Stubbed my big toe, now what?
How long do people typically live after the diagnosis of lung cancer?
How much do a pack of cigerettes cost a week?
Grandmother has breast cancer nodules in liver and lungs. How bad is this?
Why are people who are diagnosed with cancer told to avoid acids in their food?
this sounds horrible but im jeoulous of my sister with cancer?
Shoulder Pain.?
Why would a scar be painful? have scar from brown recluse bite several months ago it was lanced and healed?
How to break your finger?
What's wrong with my foot...?
whats a natural way to help get rid of flash burn other wise known as welders burn?
Help !!! D o i need to go to hopsital?
What do I do after I burn my finger?
My knee hurts can someone help [10 POINTS]?
I got a painful muscle spasm, aka charlie horse, this morning around 6 am.?
what are the signs of my having carple tunnel syndrome in my hands(excuse the spelling)?
Pulled muscle or pinched nerve . PLEASE HELP?
My 2 yr old son got his finger in the door when I was shutting it.?
My father was recently diagnosed with cancer, and has been pretty upset. I was looking for some good christia?
Why do doctors stare a lot at the patents?
How much does chemo therapy cost?
what to do when you have brain cancer?
I really hurt my foot.?
Should I see a doctor or give it time? I was in a car accident a month ago and still feel the pain.?
is my finger broken??????/?
When you grow muscle, is it painful supposed to be painful in the specific area that is growing the muscle?
Help--I'm scared?
i stubbed my toe and now its bleading what do i do?
I do not have any sensation on part of my toe. What is it?
Dark spot under my vision?
I got stabbed in the thigh?
Ongoing Toe infection since May 2007 been on antibiotics at least once a month and its still not clearing it?
stupid ? but, does it cost around 800$ for a doctor to check for STD's??
Do i have throat cancer?! sumone please help?
Do i have cancer and i want to know If anyone can give me some decent advice please!!!?
My mum has pancreatic cancer what are the possible outcomes?
If a woman has an STD can she legally still have babies?
Would you sooner ride in a horse carriage than drive in a car that throws out cancer fumes and kills children?
My dad has cancer, please can someone explain? (14 year old girl)?
Is it true that there is a link to cancer being caused by plastics...?
if they find the cure of cancer do you think it should be free?
If u only smoke once in a while,can you still damage you lungs and throat and still have a high risk 4 cancer?
Can a woman be a carrier of chlamydia?
is there any side effects in mastrubating?
Need help with my broken leg?
I i have pain in my leg(knee)?
My 6 year old son broke his arm last Friday and he is seeing the orthopedic doctor tomorrow. The hospital?
PLZ HELP!!! can i still model with...?
how do i deal with crutches for 6 weeks?
Back Problem??!?
I am a keen runner- What exercise can I do to maintain my fitness while my leg is injured?
whats the quickest way to get the swelling down on a busted lip?
i just took a major and it's pretty dark red blood everywhere the water looks like a scene from jaws?
Knee popped while playing football?
Would you know if my Toe is broken?
My husband fractured his wrist as a result of a fall because 30 people congregated at the place you get on & o
i have a cast its not waterproof, and i was going to a party on the lake togo tubing it is today?
How can i make the scar on my leg go away?
what can i do about a pulled muscle??HELP!?
How do you fell today?
i was bitten by a black spider a few moments ago and im freaking out because im starting to get sick. should i
3 weeks of a nerve going in my eye!?
... but i love heels!?
Swimmers ear, help :[?
How do I calm down about this? HIV from kissing?
Can u be born with a std?
I overdosed on high strength asprin 2 years ago and I have some questions.?
unaligned upperbody?
Night Time - Funny Sensation?
Would eating advil, prescribed by a doctor, help to heal a small tear on the meniscus or cartilage in the knee
Can you fly if you have cracked ribs?
Going on the advice youv already given me....?
Will you look at this cut?
Treatment for HORRIBLE 2nd degree burns??
Is it true that if you loose your big toe that you'll loose your balance?
Stomach and side pain?
Is it possible?
What did I do to my ankle?
this is embarrasing, but,?
Anyone on here had an ingrowing toenail?
Medical mistake....?
i think i broke my finger?
my toenail is broken and i don't know how to cover it?
What can you do to prevent Carpal Tunnel?
I think that I scratched the inside of my upper eyelid, what should I do?
Do I have a brain Anyurism?
Is this weird: i can set my hand in fire and it won't burn.?
Are their people who have HIV still alive after 15 years?
question about hpv?
can herpes kill u????????????
If everyone who had HIV/AIDS died, would it go away?
Is there any way that people eith AIDS can get cured?
could girls spred hiv?
If I have a canker sore is it herpes?
What are the symptoms of STD's?
have you ever heard starve a fever an feed a cold?
Do doctors get a discount at hospitals?
it is hard for me to inhale my chest hurts so much, i think i strained a muscle, what can i do for the pain?
serious swelling on new ear cartilage piercing??!! PLEASE HELP!!?
What Are Some Quick Ways To Heal A Sore Throat?
What are the symptons of a trapped nerve in the Back?
Is this really bad?
can i get a std from this?
Does anyone have any experience with using super glue to cover a wound?
My Father Has A Prosthetic Leg And Doesn't Think He'll Ever Walk On His Own Again....Is He Right?
Do you think I should go to hospital?
i think i may have given myself a fracture but i dont want to go to the hospital for an x ray?
My friend has a large vein on her knee and she can't walk on it - HELP?
brain injury?
My head hurt when i do push-up or pull up?
black toe nail why do they go black i have not injured them and dont hurt why??
how do i cover up cuts on my arm from cutting?
HELP ME! last night i think i got my period , because there is bloody secreations from my anus?
can you fix a broken toe? should I go to the emergency room?
How to look good in a big pink long leg cast?
What Was Your First Big Accident?
What are some reasons for bruising easily?
My upper arm hurts and its traveling towards my chest HELP PLEASE!!!!!!?
what am i supposed to do if i have broken my nose?
quick please!!!!!!?
how can i tell if i tore a muscle?
Anyway of getting rid of bruises [pics] :/ ?
what is the difference between HIV and AIDS ?
my friend found out that she has a STD, she came to me and told me. But she does have insurance.?
If you touch a girls private area and then touch yourself, can that transfer a std?
is masterbating normal?
Have they found they cure for AIDS yet?
Can you get HIV/AIDS by kissing a girl?
LOWER BACK PAIN... Wondering if ANY of you have had this? (READ PLZ)?
what happens if you take 14 ibuprofen?
How do i break my wrist for some attention?
Have you heard the decision about vaccines and autism?
how do i sprain my ankle purposely =[ please help 10 points?
How do I know if I broke a knuckle?
is it possible to break a rib by coughing?
I've hurt my toe- is it broken?
what is worse? being killed in an accident or being paralysed from the neck down in an accident?
how do you know if someone has herpes?
is this an STD on my lip or what?
Can a person get AIDS from drinking someone else blood? Even if you don't have a open cut in your mouth?
What is someones life expectancy after contracting AIDS?
Can you contract an STD from one ?
what should you do if somebody faints?
I stepped on a toothpic, went really far in my foot help!?
i think i broke my toe?
I Have To Use Crutches But I am Afraid That People Will Say I am Faking?
How much should I wear an ankle brace?
i need to get a broken leg for gym that way i dont have to run 4 miles?
How do I know my wrist is broken?
is my knuckle bruised? or do i need surgery?
Does it sound like my rib is broken?
Has your doctor ever told you anything about his private life. ?
can you get fingered within the 48 hours before you get a paps mare?
how long can a person go with gonorrhea without being treated?
Fractured foot not healing??
Im 12 and in a few weeks time im going to be tore apart. i need some advice?
I just saw a spider, then he disappeared. Do you think I'll be bit by it?
are these symptoms of a meniscus tear?
Possible BACK problems!!!!! PLEEEEEZZZZ READ!!!!!!!!!?
i am 4 months pregnant and my doctor prescribed me hydro codone for a back injury will addiction occur
If my arms fall off will they grow back?
Fractured toe?
Should states enact laws that would require girls to be vaccinated against Human Papillomavirus (HPV)? ?
std's and clean people?
Do you think those who spread HIV/AIDS purposely deserve death or life in prison?
what are some social effects of Gonorrhea?
People who've had Chlamydia please Look!!!?
which is better , A wheelchair or forearm crutches for getting around with a broken leg?
Can a femur bone spiral fracture occur with out abuse in a 3- 4 week old infant? If so How?
Does a spinal tap(lumbar puncture) hurt?
Can you die from cutting your wrists?
could my nose be broken??? should i go a+e or just leave it?
easy 10 points.. just answer.?
Can I fly with fractured ribs?
I'm having my Grade 8 Graduation and I have a really big bruise on my right cheek bone! My Grad is the 18 JUNE?
How do i treat a swollen ankle?
should i go to sleep after a head injury?
Knee troubles, what can be done?
Nose Bleed?!? Help!?
What does it mean when the area around a wound gets hot?
how to ease the pain of a gun shot wound PLEASE HELP!!!!?
is it possible to break a bone in your foot and?
Should I tell my mom?
What is the worst injury you've ever had?
i got a nose ring 2-3 months ago...?
Near Death experience Forum please answer 10 points?
Whats wrong with my ankle?
What protection against STDs should I use if I have a latex allergy?
I started walking 2 miles a day, about 3 weeks ago,Then yesterday, upon waking, both knees are swollen?
Finger really hurting, is it broken?
I hurt my wrist after gym..its been 2 weeks, still hurt..what should i do?
Shin Splints??
Surgery! Driving me crazy!?
Why do some black and blue marks turn yellow?
i twisted my ankle while running if im go to the hospital will they give me crutches im based in London?
My Ankles keep swelling?
Last night I fell into a thorn bush?
Is It possible?
what size should a song be for it not to be infected?
In one sentence (or two): What does the HIV virus do?
can you get aids if you kiss a girl with aids?
Is My Brother Gonna Go Blind?!?
absolutely TERRIFIED of needles. how do i get over it since ive gotta take a blood test tomorrow?
sprained ankle.wont go away?
does anybody know, what can possibly be wrong with my back?
Who's liable for my sons medical bills?
Any tips on how to stop cutting myself?????
is it possible to not break your hymen when fingering?
Shouldn't herpes be called the touching disease?
i'm trying to prepare a persasive speech on birth control. How can i catch the audiences attention?
just found out im pregnant and i had chlamydia and im 6 weeks?
when you get burned do you bleed (like scalded with water)?
What are the affects of a huge, black, bee sting?
What happens if you bleed from the ears?
how long does it take the eye to heal?
how deep would the cut have to been on your throat until you died?
how do you know if you sprained or broke your wrist?
is there such a thing as a massage back pack?
My shoulder hurts - What's wrong?
Is it normal for your leg to be swollen...?
Do i have a fractured tib/fib??...ankle?? PLEASE HELP I'M CRYING!!!?
I HAVE TO PEE!!!!! Help me!! Please!!! IM BEGGING YOU!?
what is the perfect present for my best friend?
Why are Hiv/Aids Victims treated so differently?
how can i help ourself from CHIKUNGUNIYA fever?
what does ‘got the clap’ mean?
where can i go to learn about STDs?
PLease help me. can anyone tell me what is wrong!!?
How can we prevent fireworks injuries this 4th of July?
I need advice on how to treat a burn wound?
Put these in order from most painful, to least painful?
Should I settle my worker's comp claim for a back injury?
What mean if my daughterpassed out,bump'd her head, side her neck & the topof her nose it is so hot ?
How long does it take a bruised bone to heal?
How are you supposed to feel the day after getting intoxicated?
i fell asleep on my arm drunk and it has been 2 weeks and still not better how can i wake it up.?
How often do people get their fingers trapped in doors?
I've fallen down the stairs?
its my upper arm and shoulder?
What is trigger finger, and how do you treat it?
Broken finger...uh oh?
plz help? 12 pts!?
Very bad back problem! anyone good with this stuff?
what to do while a bee stings you?
Is it true that if you pierce they wrong part of cartilage in your ear you can become paralyzed?
if i give blood will they check me for Chlamydia first?
a symptom of Chlamydia is painful urination. Does that mean burning during, or burning after, or both?
I tested positive for gon and chl. but my boyfriend tested negative. Is this possible or is someone lying?
lawsuit against an STD?
Can a girl get pregnant from fingering?
Do you stay with the person that gave you an STD?
Purple sore on my underwear line?
if you get an outbreak once a year, do you still need to be taking medicine for herpes?
help I have a really swollen thumb and theres pus on the right hand side!?
left toe is numb?
I have a deep cut in my arm and I'm pretty sure it's infected...?
HOW to ask my man to get tested for HIV and STDs?
Mom Hit Head..lots of swelling what to do?
wen someone gets taken off by a helicopter for a medical injury....what's the called?!?!?
What do i do to stop the blood after cutting my thumb with a big piece of glass?
How long does it take to heal a small open wound?
If someone has carpal tunnel, should they stop using the computer, texting, and carrying their babbies?
My nails are hurting!?
How is your blood affected by AIDS?
Why won't western doctors accept there is a cure for AIDS?
I need someone help ?
My blood type is A+, my girl friend's blood is type B+, our baby is type O. Is this possible? Is it my baby?
How to relieve a back strian?
If you get bit by a black widow what do you do.?
OUCH! I twisted my ankle!!What should I do??
is it unusual to injure yourself (ex punching wall) rather than injuring person who has assaulted you?
How to clear an infected wound?
knee problems?
Need tips for working with broken ribs at a manual labor job.?
Eyelash went in my eye and disappeared???
I can't seem to cut myself right? Advice?
is it bad is your arm is broken in two spots and is numb?
my knee hurts... wat do i do?
why do i still twitch?
Hpv Question?
Last night like 3 am I woke up because my calf muscle got really tight and it hurt very bad?
Why is my hand so numb?
I have a very painful blister on my toe, what should I do ? ?
On 28th August a lady doctor has given me an injection in my buttock. Is it necessary to remove the pant?
Ankle Sprain Sadness!?
How do I know if I hairline fractured my ankle?
my dad was told he may have cancer?
would my friend die if he done this?
Q. for cancer sufferers?
Help please... my mom just died of cancer....?
will i still be able to carry on with my normal routine whilst im having radiation treatment?
Can you get AIDS from not doing anything?
if u didn't know your partner had what my doctor called HPV and i found out i have it how,can by law something?
if you take a hiv test and it come back negative does that mean your aids test would be negative to?
if my herpes are not inflamed should i tell my girlfriend?
Can I get HIV this way????????????????????????
A girl, in a year higher than me died his morning, shes in third year,10th grade in america i didn no her but?
What's the name of the Cancer that is caused by Bombs, Missles, or Nuclear activity?
Has anyones mom died of breast cancer?
Is Chemo Therapy painful?
I've Been Smoking For About 7 Months, Im 13, Is It Possible I Could Have A Disease/Cancer?
so im 16 nd i met this girl. ive kised her nd ive fingered her but today she told me that she's HIV+. now wat?
why does it feel broken ??
Ow my butt! Help?
Whats the best thing to do when you pull a leg muscle?
Know of any shoe manufacturers for partial foot amputation?
I think I pulled my femoral artery.. is that possible?
my 2 yr old son fell and hit his head on some wooden stairs should i go to the doctors?r=1229925039?
what is the best method of treating a groin strain?
i broke my knuckle two weeks ago and i have a cast on it, i still have some discomfort in it.?
how long does it usually take to recover from a sprang ankle?
Can head injury from years ago affect me now?
i am hiv +. how do i meet hiv + Single male in my country. i am from nigeria living in lagos?
I was raped when i was little. And im scared i have HIV or something. ?
SERIOUS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I want to ask a question?
My mother fell on her elbow on the concrete... What should we do? Please Help!?
Knee pain/aches?
How do you heal a hand sprain?
I’m 21 years old and I live in New York. I always get canker sores in my mouth and they are extremely painful?
What did i do to my finger?!?
Whats that black stuff coming out of me?
I was told bananas have worms till they are radiated. Is this true and is the radiate process harmful?
Has he damaged the bones in his arm?
If a friend of mine, in another state, needs help,?
are you serious?!? thatz crazy! ?
Do you think that doctors have a monetary motivation to keep their patients sick?
do you beleave people get cancer or sick is a way to boost our faith and be?
if the doctor says ' i rule out cancer';what does he mean?
My father-in-law is experiencing paralysis in his hands and legs. Is this due to his lung cancer?
My colonoscopy results today?
Trying to be like Jesus?
how can i pass time with a broken leg?
ANSWER FAST! deep gash in my toe!?
How do i make my nose bleed?
I hit my head saturday night, and I still have a headache. Should I be worried?
If some one has herpes and they do not have an outbreak can I get it?
can you do anything for a broken pinkie toe?
I'm somewhat afraid of needles what is the best thing to do during a blood test?
HELP!!!! MRI what happens?
im not sure what it is?
I'm quite concerned about my finger?
what do you think? herpes?
Can't bone marrow transplants cure people of HIV?
sprained ankle!!!!!!!!!?
Last night i went camping.......?
I have a really bad bruised finger. WHAT TO DO?!?!?
my neck has been strange?
My wound is swelling up? please help?
With more than 50 years of research, why hasn't a cure for cancer been found?
what does lack of white blood cells called?
What Causes Leukemia?
Ok i'm driven to a point i need ask this. What DOESNT cause cancer?
can u get hiv from.......?
HIV! Can you get it from performing oral?
My wife hurt her back while lifting, now she can't get up nor move without pain. What can she do?
Is my knee sprained?
I stress fractured my ankle and have some questions:?
Ever been in an ambulance??!?
Do scars show up in x rays ?
Do the scars on your knees stop you from wearing shorts?
My teacher had a seizure in class while she was reading, then she went back to normal 5 seconds later?
are cold sores STD's?
Can herpes simplex 2 be transferred by kissing?
my girlfriend has hiv ?
Gardisil, after you go through this info, what is your opinion now?
I was a a skatepark today and fell on my hand pretty bad.. two are myt fingers got really big and swollen.?
Jammed finger?
I cant take the pain anymore...someone please help...!!!?
on a scale of 1 to 10....?
broken leg!?
Help plz.. i have a long needle in my arm .. i cant take it out !!?
Child fell runnin after brother fell hit face on table next day swelling! How can I bring the swelling down?
Im 18 and i been drinking alot...?
i got hurt at work i saw a lady fall i helped her and broke my foot now work wont pay?
Is there a such thing as bones cancer?
my partner and i are due to fly to eygpt end of june , thing is my father got diagnosed with cancer 2 month?
Help? I'm 14 would I have breastcancer? Heeeeelp!! I'm scared to deaaath?
Do you know anything about IBC breast cancer?
Dieing on holiday how does the family get the body back?
My mom's cancer may have spread to her leg bone and liver. What treatment options does she have?
What kind of foods to avoid for people suffering with cancer?
How do you crack your own lower back? Have acute and sharp pain.?
Is pink eye supposed to hurt?
Are you suppost to use cruches when you have a sprained ankle that hurts to walk on, or do you just limp?
My legs are really sore. What do I do?
how does one fracture a bone intentionally?
4 hrs ago i was bitten by a dog and its still bleeding...?
Pulled a muscle in my arm playing tennis?
what do you call the inside of your elbow?
my cut on my leg?
PLEASE HELP.. Severe abdominal chest pains?
i got chlamydia and i never cheated on my girlfriend i dont understand how i got it any suggestions?
What is the quickest way to heal a black eye?
Should I wear my ankle brace at night?
Do I have elbow cancer?
Whats the most painfull part that someone can get shot at?
What is this?! serious answers only =)?
Legal Question regarding STDs?
how do you cope with the of cancer?
What is the job title that treats cancer with radiaiton ?
How come some smokers get lung cancer and some never do?
Why is it that immediately after an injury, you don't feel as much pain as hours later?
should i get an xray on my hand?
What is the difference of saline solution and purified water for cleansing wounds??
my son is 15 months and his back teeth are coming in, but there is a blueish bump on his gum and it is swelled
i stubbed my toe so bad, i cant apply any pressure at all....help?
help!! my jaw is locked and it hurts and i dont know what to do about it! it hurts like hell!!?
I have lump in my mouth.?
i just popped my knee out?
how do i know if my hand is broken?
Is my ankle sprained?
should kids with AIDS be allowed in school?
How long can someone with cancer survive?
Can lymph nodes turn into cancer?
Has anyone ever become a Bone Marrow Donor?
what causes hair fall in cancer, cancer itself or chemo?
Why does smoking increase the risk of lung cancer?
White lump in back of mouth?
Since 4/15/08 & 5/21/08 & 5/27/08 I have suffered mulitible traumas?
Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
How long does a bruised tailbone take to heal and how should i treat it?
Injury please help?
How did you break your arm, leg, wrist, etc.?
Do blood tests hurt? And do you feel any pain after it's been done?
Has anyone ever had or heard of a punctured lung from acupuncture?
Should I Leave My Job?
how can you cover scabs on your fingers without wereing gloves?
If you don't have HIV can you get it by drinking HIV blood?
I shared a drink and I'm FLIPPING out with worry...what if I caught something?
Do you believe HIV/AIDS education should be taught in schools?
stomach and throat pain?
Ankle Brace...?
Feeling run down any tips to get on the mend?
I have a nose problem.My nose is swollen.?
Hypothetically, what should one do if one loses a finger?
Swollen Painful Right Hand..What Could this Be?
What happens when you break your arm?
A stay in hospital?
When I press down on my toenail, it hurts...?
is cold soars herpies?
Once you get a cold sore, what are the chances of recurrence? and how severe?
Is there ANY more hope for my mom?
should people on chemo stay away from pets?
I dont know but i wory about cancer all the time?
Im scared. Doctor/Nurses/People who have been through it advice. Ovarian Cancer/Cyst?
Can anyone help? My ex is in the hospital, with secondary lung, liver and stomach cancer, he´s hooked up..?
Do you know anyone who ever had colorectal cancer?and did it come right back or wait a while?
What would cause the white tip part of the fingernail to start showing white in the middle of the fingernail?
If you fell in a store would you sue?
hellpppp my leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somethings happened to it.................?
Do I really need to go to the doctor?
My eyeball is bleeding?
diagnose cracked or broken rib?
A lump in my armpit?
If someone is sore, does it help to get up and move and stretch or is it better to lay on the couch all day?
How do I make my bones stronger so I can drive?
Why do people rub things better?
Can HIV or cancer be transmitted through urine?
scared of needles! getting a cervical cancer jab soon?
Why can't I donate blood just because I had cancer?
Underarm Pea Sized Lump!! Could it be Cancer?
Do you think there will be a cure for cancer?
should i tell my ex-best friend about my tumour?
can i get herpes from someone who has them but not breaking out?
Does gaiety cause AIDS?
hi what the best remedy for headache?
How did I get warts?
Would you date someone with HIV?
can you catch stds from using the same vibrater or what ever as someone who has an std...?
Is a PAPSMERE test able to detect STD's?
Does Carpal Tunnel cause knots on the wrists?
Can you sprain your nose?
HELP!!! How do you get rid of canker sores?
what's the easiest bone to break?
How do I????
What the hell is wrong with me?!?
knot under belly button, feels like crap?
what can i do about sore theigh muscles?
I smoked a black an mild the other day an it made me throw up more than just a little bit.?
busted my lip....?
does breast cancer hurt? if there is a lump will it be painful?
Diagnosed with breast cancer, how do I tell my boyfriend?
what do i say to my friend who just got diagnosed with cancer?
how to stop the smoking?
Will you pray for me? Because I have an inoperable and rare intestinal cancer that metastasized to my liver...?
PLEASE PEOPLE, is my friend's dad going to DIE soon?
i smoke like 30 plus a day i know the risks so why should i quit?
Does Chris Brown have AIDS?
Have You Ever Sprained Any Part Of Your Body Before? If So How Bad?
Licking wounds?
My mother has had back pain and moved around to the front. Now she there is like bruising. HELP?
Swollen bruise?
i got a scratch on my fone?
i need help please im so confused and scared?
so i broke my toe and was wondering....?
Oh no ... help me! Injury!?
i fell over yesterday i cant walk on my foot and my hand is swollen around my knuckle?
i have a yellow discharge. It smells, and itches but not a lot and sometimes burn when I pee.?
I have a job that requires lots of lifting of heavy objects. I don't want to injure my back?
How to get around?
I have burn blister help!!?
can my employe take me threw disaplinary action for somethin i did 9 months ago. he new about it wen happened?
What do you think....need much help.?
Middle Fingure hurts?
Could my finger be broken???
wat helps a fractured wrist heal faster?? 10 POINTS?
People look for cures to cancer, but how many actually look to stop cancer from happening in the first place?
is it genetic or stress that causes hair loss?
My father is suffered by mouth cancer... can anyone suggest a treatment?
Has anyone turned 100, without ever having had cancer?
if i put my di'ck on surfaces.....?
If someone took some pills and you kissed them can the pills that they took end up in your bloodstream?
do i have herpes please help?
My right wrist keeps making "click" sound when I move them to and fro?
sore shoulder?
Ihave floating black bits in front of my eyes....?
I'm kinda nervous about this...?
How do I get my mom to bring me to the doctor?
Fractured wrist and elbow?
Sometimes when I wake up, I can't move my entire arm.?
is this a ......?
how do i break my arm?
I cut my self deep whilst shaving and about 4 hours on, I'm still bleeding, quiet heavily still! HELP!!?
I got kicked in the breast ! Am I gonna get cancer ?
What do you think about the cervial Cancer jab ?
can you get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes even if you don't smoke that much?
do i have brain tumor ?
If I have Herpes STI will my kids get it too?
After I made love with this guy, i feel a burning sensation everytime i pee?
does masterbating gives you hiv?
i have hpv i i told my bf that i have it is it hard for a guy to deal with the whole hpv situation?
Girlfriend lied about Herpes! What should I do?
How to cure a broken leg?
i had an accident with a table saw i cut off about 1/2 inch of my thumb and lacerated my index finger?
does it hurt really bad wen you get an ingrown toenail off?
I just cut my leg shaving.....?
i sprained my wrist 3 years ago and when i bend my wrist my bone sticks up. What could be wrong?
head injury HELP?
how long does it usually take for a sprained ankle to heal?
I got double vision three days ago and still have it?
I have second degree burns down my back and it ends at my right leg. What can I use to minimize the scarring?
What do you think of sending out free chlamydia tests to young people?
Are yeast infections from a female contagious?
aids can also spread through kiss?
How AIDS is caused to gay?
whats the cure for aids?
Is there a nurse who works in spite of minor physical disability and is that okay?
omg i cutt my hand open really deep please amswere asap :(?
I have to have surgery on my left ankle...?
My anklee???????
How can I give myself a bruise?
I want to know how to fall out of bed?
(HEALTH CLASS) How to break your leg and get a Long Leg Cast?
how to take care of a swollen arm?
Bruised, broken or dislocated?
I fell down the stairs and hurt my back, will it heal on its own or do i need to see a doctor?
Every time I get up I have a huge black out while my eyes are still open and I get dizzy?
Please tell me control of backpain while sitting?
can you die from...?
possible fractured/broken toe, dropped a weight on it..please help?
bruised beaten and crying?
I got hit on my forearm w/a softball 3 days ago. Now a bruise is finally showing. Is it going to get worse?
What should I do? My pinky toe...?
My friend (was in car accident) is in ICU with Trach, but is conscious. Why must he have a catheter?
Treatment for a pulled groin?
Whats wrong with my finger?
I think my leg is broken?
I wonder what's happened to my left hand! It feels numb but?
What hurts more a broken limb or childbirth labor?
my baby daddy has AIDS. what should i do?
A very serious question?
i am worried can someone p/s answer this question?
where did aids start in africa?
reocurring yeast infections!!??
ive got hiv?
Is it normal for a girl of 17 yrs old to get breast cancer?
My BFF has cancer. What can i get her?
father has cancer and is losing weight could marijuana be the answer?
Quit Smoking and have questions about how I should feel?
when cancer is operated on sometimes something makes it blow up and spread instantly why?
Should i get crutches?
i think i broke my pinkie help!?
How do I break my ankle? Please no rude comments.?
have you ever had to get stitches ?
I fainted about a week ago, and I don't know what to do.?
Possible to get AIDs?
How do i know if my nose broke? ?
I fulled my finger for real!?
Is My Toe Broken? Please Answer?
if i am 3 foot 4 how old should i be?
ingrown toe surgery?
Is it normal if my second toe is longer than my big toe?
How bad did i hurt my foot?
Help I hurt my back today?
what is the best way to stop self harming?
how long is to long?
Can mosquitos give you AIDS?
I have crabs! HELPP!?
Major Herpes Question?
If you found out that you had HIV, would you speak up?
How could you guess if a lump in your scrotum is cancerous, for example does a tumor feel hard?
How can i relax my mind from cancer?
i am really freaked out! plz read?
My mother is dying of ovarian cancer, I am afraid of death, what does it mean?
need help with deep scratch on my face?
I'm 24 and have acne since i was 16 i feel so ugly nothing works and i cant afford a dermatologist help?
Can having a B12 deficiency..................?
What happened to my knee?
>>> Broken Tailbone, should I go to Hospital??? <<<?
When will I get the feeling back?
omg please help my baby!!!!?
How to break your Wrist or arm?
Can you tell me whats wrong with my wrist?
My shoulder has been bothering me for 3 weeks.It's not swollen or bruised but hurts real bad.EXCRUCIATING
when you have pink eye...is it like herpies? do you have it for the rest of your life like a cole sore?
Is it true that if you have a history of breast cancer on your mother's side, you should avoid soy products?
Can Cell Phones kill people?
Does a breast cancer patient can survive if she's on stage 3 already?
What are the odds of a nineteen year old having breast cancer?
how do i know if i have hiv without being tested?
My head just fell off. Is this a problem?
How long does it take for General anesthetic to leave your system?
Does it hurt if your break your forearm ?
I have a nonunion clavicle (2 yrs. old....right arm) and my surgeon will not operate because I smoke!?
My daughter has a swollen ankle (she landed funny jumping on it), there is also some bruising, but NO pain?
Is it bad to massage a sprained ankle?
Blood on left eye side from black eye?
protruding disk?
Why are my left ankle and calf still swollen after a flight on July 4th?
Can you write with your arm in a cast, if so how ???
car accident: back hurt on backboard?
I broke my leg and I have to have crutches for a while. Getting around school is killing me!?
Is it normal for a swollen foot to turn blue?
HELP:My sister wants to break her arm what should i Do?
Omg.. please help. I am dying.?
If you hit yur foot multiple times can it break?
what is the bst way to heal a fractured foot?
I fractued my back in june...?
Where can i get a free (or low-cost) and anonymous STD/HIV test?
Can men have breast cancer?
i am 75 yo with anal cancer. i also have a bad heart. i'm starting treatment in 2 days . i would like some inf
Does smoking weed cause cancer?
for doctors or nurses !!! fibroid tumors ???
Can you break your chin?
Please Help!! My finger really hurts!!?
Why do people put stake on there eye when it has been hit and causes a black and blue instead of an ice pack?
What are the signs of a bruised rib?
Why hydroen peroxide is good for you?
Is it possible to get stds from being in the same room as the person?
how long does it take for an sti like gonohrrea to develop on a man?
is it safe??
My parent has a brain tumour, can you help?
Does cancer of the mouth kill somebody?
At its early stage cancer causes no pain,why is this?
does HIV (Aids) can occur while having oral s ex?
Is it legal to lie and say I have an STD?
i think i have alittle hunchback?
Attention all medical personnel....?
Is it possible to put a sticker or decals on an arm cast?
Painless lump inside of my eyelid (can't be a stye)?
how do you know if you have all ten toes if your blind?
i think i broke my nee how can you tell besides getting an ex ray?
Is HIV an STD???????
how do i get tested for cancer?
What makes some people get cancer and others not?
This is creeping me out. Please Help!?
Sleepy Hands?
My child is going on vacation with grandmother how do I designate her legal for medical purposes?
I dislocated my shoulder about 7 weeks ago and i still cant throw. why?
I can move my finger a little bit?
I feel bad because I didn't call 911 help?
would you use Neosporin on bruises and burns?
how do u tell the difference between a sprained, and a broken finger?
Hairline? huh? What is a hairline fracture?
if i hit someone in the temple really hard with bare knuckles will it just knock someone out?
So whats wrong with me?
why is the toilet seat always cold?
Is it true that more than one STD (syph, ghonorrhea, the drips) can cancel eachother out?
Is a pop usually a break or a sprain of the ankle or foot??
i have a spider bite and the doctor said to put guaze pads in it but it gets stuck to the inside and when i t?
broken pinky toe?
How do you mess up blood ??
Paint ball injuries and bruises: what should I do?
hit my head?
How do i prove i am not faking?
Break My Finger Quick?
how do u get rid if an ingrowen toe nail?
Can brain scans cause cancer?
please my uncle is ill.?
If you had incurable cancer would you date or begin a relationship?
please please help me i am so scared, do i have cancer?!?
why am i still having knee pain after a car accident 9 months ago?
My finger might be sprained?
Can you apply heat to reduce swelling?
What's the best thing to do for a pulled neck/shoulder muscle?
Did i break or sprain my ankle or not?
OUCH...how do i stop the pain?
Is therapeutic massage ever covered by health insurance? ?
Can cutting effect your hands/fingers.?
when your laying on your back, what is it called???
where did aids come from, like who was the first human to have it? did people have STDs 500 years ago, where?
OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!!!! Please help me! ow!!!!!?
About a month ago, I broke my neck. I was told not to smoke, but can I smoke Marijuana?
In a lot of pain.. is my ankle broken!?! Help!?
should you pop a blood blister?
i have aids?
what are the sure signs of contracting HIV.....?
Can anyone tell me what a cyst is exactly?
if you have a canker sore and kiss someone what would happen?
Can you get a STD from recieving a hand job?
What are the chances my paralyzed friend will walk again?
What does activity do to a concussion?
Does carpal tunnel ever really go away? (without surgery)?
My boyfriend fractured his foot? how to make him feel better?
My ankle is broken, do i for sure need a cast?
Is my foot broken?
Have you ever broken wind and found lumps?
is two weeks enough time to recover for a nose job and go back to school?
What are the chances of getting AIDS from someone's razor blade?
What are the chances of getting skin cancer?
which one of the following is a characteristic of cancer cells?
Can the brain live without a body? ?
Is my mother dying of breast cancer?
Does soy cause cancer?
cervical cancer vacine?
I have a bubble in my knee, what in the world is it?
why are my ankles swollen all day long?
i have an earache ..?
how can i hide self-injury cuts without accessories?
do you get a cast if you break your toe?
Are unloaded BB guns dangerous if fired upon your skin?
Personal question?
head injury should i go back to hospital?
Do I still need to go to the doctor?
pulled a muscle in my back, what should i do?