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How long does sinus pain last following sinitus?
How do I know if I have asthma?
if you tested negative for tb but were exposed to active tb do you have to take the medication inh to protect?
If i feel like this am i sick?
How many of y'all tend to get a bad cold just in time for Christmas? ?
I quit Smoking 2 weeks ago?
How do you know when you are having an anxiety attack?
Panic Attack for no reason?
What is the breathing device called that they send home with you from the hospital? Non RX?
How to deal with having herpes?
Homemade acne remedies?
I'm only 16 years old, and i'm getting stretch marks all over the place like crazy! What's the problem? Help?
how can i remove the Acne from my back ?
i have a cold what methods help?
What are some home remedies for asthma (I don't have my inhaler)?
Im Coughing up blood in the morning for the past year, is this bad?
Is there any Life Insurance company that will insure me and I am on oxygen 24/7?
can this be colon cancer?
Interesting Question on Cure for Cancer! =)?
do they ask if you're not a virgin when getting the cervical cancer vacination?
my friend just found out she has cancer?
Can someone younger than 18 have breast cancer?
What is the best way to help keep your mosquito bites from itching?
How to ged rid of acne for good?
is bio oil good for acne scars ?
Is the Numoniya is curable with pranayama?
Can you give me the best ways to stop smoking???
Question about smoking and health?
My mom has asthma, I'm showing symptoms of it. Testing tomorrow, what should I expect?
A question about braces?
How much do dentists charge you for not keeping your appointment...?
This is weird but is there blood in suliva?!??!!?!?
whats wrong with my jaw?
i was putting my bottom lip in my mouth, and it swelled up!?
How can you get your teeth whiter....besides you know brushing them...?
Do Braces Hurt? Please help i am scared?
does it hurt to have stitches taken out of your mouth?
fav toothpaste?
Help with a really bad toothache!?
I have rough hands? any help?
ever heard of bed bugs? or how to get rid of them?
Who knows a good diet to help get rid of acne?
how to get rid of acne?
I have cobbles. What can i do to make it better?
I heard Aloe Vera juice is good for skin. Is it correct?
I am 20 years old and I am dealing with acne. What acne treatments are best for African Americans like myself?
is getting your wisdom teeth out scary?..?
Do Braces hurt really bad?
Does it hurt when you get your braces off??
Question about BRACES?
my six month old has a bad cough what could do he was given albuterol but that does not work help?
I have been struggling with either sinus or cold problems in Southern California. What works best?
sore throat. whats wrong?
Please Help Me:I smoke and i am afraid?
On Monday the neighbors house flooded and nothing is being done. Health Risks? What do I do?
How to cure my ASTHMA?
i need help quitting smoking.?
do i have skin cancer?
Is it ok to go tanning when you have an ovarian cyst or cervical cancer?
chicken pox scars!??! omg i need help. pleaseeeee help?!?
What can i buy to help stop blackheads?
i have scars for a long time.how can i removed them? ?
teeth whitening?
Do you floss every day?
I've had these bumps thingsss on my leg..?
My parents won't let me go on accutane (I'm 21). Is there anyway I can go on it without them knowing?
How can we control or get rid of Sweat?
Wart removal?
pros of smoking tobacco?
I am a student nurse and I have an assignment to design a toy for a 6 yr old girl w/ asthma?
I've been a heavy smoker. I want to quit now, but both of my roommates are heavy smokers!!! How do I quit now?
Does milk worsen nasal congestion? If so, how?
what cuases cancer ??? im 14 and im scard of it ?
Is it possible for gonorrhea changed into HIV?
if you have an std especiaaly if it is serious how do the?
Is humidity bad for asthma simply because it's good for dust mites, or is it also bad for the asthmatic lungs
I lied to my boss and said my aunt was in the hospital having trouble breathing?
nasal congestion >:(?
how do you smoke pot?
I got a pain in my chest today?
why is smoking bad for you?
Need help quitting smoking?
I am on antibiotics for pneumonia, are nose bleeds common?
how to have a glowing skin?
Is pail skin a sign of anorexia?
what's the best treatment for acne?
my legs are SOOOOO itchy and i scratch them til' they bleed....?
info about quiting smoking?
Why is when I breathe in.....??????
all my friends have just recccently started smoking, i dont want to start?
I quit smoking and NOW I can't breathe! What is going on?
My teeth/gums bleed overnight and are sensitive when i touch them. what can i do?
my teeth are really yellow i brush 3 times a day?
Toot extractions and a root canals? is this normal for a 27 year old?
Help Braces???
Help! I'm getting braces tomorrow =(... how much did they hurt you getting them on a scale of 1 to 10???
Can I get braces at 16?
Diet cola less bad for your teeth than regular cola?
I just got a filling today. How long will pain from the novacaine shot last?
how long will it take to get my braces put on?
I will have dental insurance in two months, but I have a cavity now?
Can breast cancer happen in women who are in their 30s?
Anyone out there who has battled cancer with Alternative Medicine and won this battle?
Asthma and Stress related?
why does my skin turn red so easily?
what's causing my itching?
I'm 22 , should i start using anti ageing cream?
What is the best cigarette?
MEDICAL-- I Quit Smoking why Can't I breath ???
Why does my cough get worse at night?
whats good for toothache?
i had this bubble on my lip?
How long did you have your braces in for?
What are the best/fast teeth whitening products?
spacers before braces ???
braces!!!!!!!!! = /?
Is it really necessary to have wisdom teeth pulled if they're not bothering you?
what happens if i do cocaine the same day after wisdom tooth removal?
Can a parent refuse cancer treatment for his/her child?
Please help I am so so scared I have cancer?!?!?
My cousin was just diagnosed with Level 4 Liver Cancer...?
Malignant or Benign?
Help with acne?
Bed bugs scars after 3 weeks?
quick sunburn relief methods?
What should I do about my asthma?
what is a respiratory disease caused by cigarette smoking?
Good way to prevent your skin from breaking out? (Acne and stuff)?
Survey ... How old were you when your wisdom tooth grew in ?
if i go to the dentist?
I'm getting this finally off my chest! :) Honestly, how do my teeth look (pic)?
If you lay in the tanning bed with whitening strips on your teeth, will anything happen?
is it possible to sand down teeth that are too long?
do moldings hurt when you get braces...?
How much does Braces for teeth cost?
Do Cigarettes....?
what is the cause of bleeding gum?
Blood donation-harm or good?
HELP! Sore, congested throat, and a cross country meet tommorow.?
what is full meaning of STD?
I went to the dentist and was giving a cup that turned out not to be water!!!!!?
OMG Im going to be a brace-face! what colors?
How do you get rid of being afraid of the dark?
Ugly flat mole, mom won't let me remove it?
how do you get rid of stubborn warts on the tip of my finger?
What are the chances of developing breast cancer at age 31?
Is lung cancer particularly painful?
Diagnosed with Kidney Cancer...Shall I tell Grandchildren?
My friends 8 y/o son got diagnosed with leucemia!?
if a parent has a possible hereditary desease does a child have to be informed by law?
Can you get lung cancer from second-hand smoke?
My friend has cancer, i'm going to see her next week and dont..?
can you help someone with lupus?authritis pain on hips,joints and dizziness.?
for smokers only please?
I have blood in my flem. What does that mean and is it bad?
I've had hiccups for about 9hours!?
can you get a biopsy at your local gp's
Last Gasp?
Im going to stop smoking today?
is it safe to smoke a paper cigarette with nothing inside it?
dentists charge huge amounts for a service which we already pay for through tax/ni.lets boycott them 4 a year?
Does anybody find this gross?
Can dentists remove plaque? If so how much would it cost?
black for braces.?
What's the best & fastest way to whiten teeth and get them super white? Money is not an issue...?
Cavity and Fear of Dentist?
What is taking so long!?
Getting rid of dry skin on face?
How do i get rid of my dry skin on my face fast?
Dose anyone know why someone should start bruseing very easily. Lady 58year old. Bruises appearing on legs?
Do Stretch marks go away or fade?
What is the best acne treatment you have ever gotten that works amazingly and continues to work unlike acnefre?
I have really oily skin, is there anything I can do to make it less oily?
do i need braces ?! (photo included)?
Do braces hurt?????????
If you truly believed you knew the cure for cancer, what do you think it would be?
Do you have a close family member with cancer?
kids pick on my little girl with cancer its breaks my heart :*(?
What are the best natural foods to eat for Cancer?
Why does God allow my husband to suffer horrible pain from lung cancer and cancerous tumors on his spine?
My boyfriend's mom has terminal lung cancer...?
My dad used to have lung cancer , can we sue a cigarette company?
Whats bad about 13 year olds smoking weed?
Cant breathe right????????????
What is more effective in producing Bronchdilation?
had enough of my job can i just quit?
what is curing time of TB?
Sinus infection question?
Can you get sick from lack of sleep ?
Will crabs eventually go away on its own?
how long could you be infected with hiv at the very longest without knowing?
does she have herpes?
How long can you carry the HPV Virus?
How do you cure sweaty hands in a few days' time?
best acne product you have used?
I have some fungus on my toes how can i hide it when i go swimming?
What are the benefits/drawbacks to feeding tube for cystic fibrosis patient?
I snore really loud everynight. it is effecting my relationship. How can I stop snoring?
How much does uninsured sleep apnea treatment cost?
What do you think of a 2 year old smoking a cigarette?
what's a nebulizer????
how long should i stop smoking marijuana for if i have a chest infection while on antibiotics?
Why is it when you quit smoking you get cancer or worse?
Can you get Pneumonia from kissing someone who has it?
which one comes first: mouthwash or brushing your teeth?
Do root canals hurt?
As an adult, have you ever considered getting braces?
Im 43 and my bottom teeth about three of them are crooked but not serious, my two front teeth are a bit?
I have a large red bump on my thigh.?
How do you tell if your Big toe is broken?
My ankle has been hurting when I dance on it, what should I do!?!?
I is Okay to go on a rollercoster with an injured back?
boy Friend keeps getting fits not sure what to do?
what are some of the medical managements for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases(COPD)?
Is it ok to inhale smoke into your lungs when u smoke?
How long before carbon monoxide kills me?
no carpet, no wallpaper, no furniture.......?
Anyone out there with the back condition Spondylolisthesis.?
where is the best place to live in the usa with a respiratory disease?
what diseases are caused by the deficiency of calcium?
Help w/ cancer treatment???
10pts.Is Brain tumor a type of cancer?
trying to decide on taking chemo or not taking chemo for colan cancer?
think i have tongue cancer?
what is the connection between marijuana and cancer? does it help cure cancer, or just relieve the pain?
How can I reduce my risk for all types of cancers?
Should I see a doctor or someone?
Help Sprained Ankle!!?
i have had awart on my finger and i want to remove it any ideas i have frozen, burnt & cut and it just comes b
i was pickeing my nose and all of a suden i wus like WTF IM BLEEDIN?
Are backstabbing and cut-throat tactics good?
say u wanted to overdosed and went to ER but refused to drink the charcoal what would they do?
I can't stop coughing! I need to sleep, can someone PLEASE help me!?
I have asthma and it's hard for me to excercise?
Emergency - I need a patient advocate for my Mom is Apple Valley, California!?
would being around horses and hay bother my asthma?
are there treatment options for the flu?
Can someone catch pneumonia by kissing someone who has it and are on an anti-biotic?
Can OSA (Obstructive Sleep apnea ) be regarded as a disability ?
Why do I get Nasal Congestion repedetly?
ive had a bad cough for a week, today i coughed so hard i coughed up a little blood is this ok?
I kinda have a sore throat?
is it possible to build an immune system?
How long can you live with lung disease that can not be treated?
ways i can help my mom overcome cancer?
need support and prayers pray everyday?
i have cancer! i'm scared!?
where can lung cancer metastisize too?
Dry skin solution for the face?
how do you get rid of acne?
Does my friend have to tell her employer that she has herpes?
Is it possible to go to the local health department to find out of if someone has been tested for HIV?
I just found out my friend has AIDS hes gay and we smoke together im i at risk should i go to the doc or what?
Is "Cold sore" in English, lip herpes ?
Has anyone gotten an STD from oral?
can you tell me more about HIV or AIDS??
The std test was on Monday afternoon, the doctor said the results would be ready in 3 days for the blood test?
Snorting salt .. Help please!!!!!!!!!!!?
Got a cough from starting to smoke? Plz help?
Is Smoking Too Cool or What?
what is the cure for tonsillitis?
WHAT COULD THIS BE? (Need lots of answers)?
my 2 children have bad asthma and are frequently having attacks that lead to hospital, can i claim disability?
I havent been breathing for like 3 days am I going to be ok?
how do your lungs get scared. If you don't smoke or do things like that to your body.?
I'm 52 I don't smoke (never have) but just lately when ever I need to take in a deep breath it makes me cough
smoking weed with asthma?
Do tanning beds really give people skin cancer?
doctors said that they cannot heal my father from liver cancer?
I have cancer, i am 15 years old?
Can you really die peacefully?
is it possible to use sun block if you're swimming?
how kan i get rid of acne?
i have really bad acne and spots help!! urgent 10 points best answer?
I didn't have lots of spots on my elbow earlier but now i do and they are REALLY itchy what do i do lol ? OW !
I want to get rid of my acne please help..?
HELP bad sun burn?
my right ear is blocked my mom says you are bunged up from a cold but that can't be?
When an infant is not breathing, where do you check for a pulse?
Anybody else's hay fever kicked in yet?
What cures a common cold?
Cough / sore throat / NO VOICE?
Why do kids smoke? Why?!?
1 pints a day causes cancer. Are they serious?
Have you ever donated hair to locks of love?
Do you know somebody who has cancer?
2 days ago my friend hit me in my lower stomach and it hasn't stopped hurting sense, whats wrong???
My friend punched me in the chest and now I'm coughing up blood?
Is that normal that my elbow hurts when i work out?
worst injury you have ever had?
does anybody know any info on the respiratory system?
Asthma symptoms, or is it something else?
im sick but i have no idea what i have?
I have a mole on my butt, what should I name it?
what could happen if i clean my ears too much?
What's this white spot underneath my nail?
How do I relieve itch from sunburn?
what in the world causes dandruff?
a freind of mine has bad breath smell what could be the couse?
What can i do to not smoke?
coughing out blood after quiting smoking what does that mean!!!?
How long can a person be on a ventilator in an ICU?
Do I have asthma or is it normal?
Throat problems?
i need to bruise my face?
Concussion in my 8 yr old?
Will I be okay?
Do you think i need crutches?
I think I broke my finger?
Acne solutions?
What is this on my son's foot? See Picture?
I think i've got a zit on my nose that hasnt gone away after a week..?
I was running in the cold and got real short of breath, It felt like there were stickers in my throat coughing
how to stop smokin, help help?
I seem to have developed asthma in A & E 5 times can anyone suggest treatment other than inhalers?
is chewing tobacco a good substitute for smoking?
What is the best product to treat eczema?
I've had lice for over 10 years?
dirt in belly button?
Why does dandruff make your scalp itch and is it ok to scratch with your comb?
How to get rid of acne scars fast?
Advice for treating Rosacea?
Getting a tatoo to cover up a few small smooth scars?
Is there a type of worm that can live under the skin of humans? I have an itcy place in the bottom of my hand
Is chocolate bad for the skin?
What type of blood has no oxygen in it?
Does anyone know if there is a certain color for a cystic fibrosis awareness ribbon?
is it really dnagerous to smoke weed while carrying a child?
why are my ankles swollen?
Help Me!!!?
how can you get rid of sores?i always get them on my butt?
My daughter has Excema would it help her if she would drink more water?
can anyone tell me which product will really clear my skin but is not too expensive?
how can poison ivy be prevented?
rash underarm pits,?
can someone help me ?
how to get rid of chapped lips?? ten points! help!!!!!!?
why do we sweat when we feel hot?
How to get rid of acne?
Can anyone help with my skin problems, doctors or dietitians please?
what is the quickest way to get rid of a zit? i need help!!?
What causes humans to have dark circles under their eyes?
dealing with acne?
in my child , he is 13 year old suffered with lot of white spot in body...kindly suggest us the treatment....?
Head-lice problem.Helppppppppp!!!!!!!!!?
When I sleep, I sometimes can't breathe and I wake up, what is it?
How can ppl say 2nd hand smoke is more dangerous?
Cannot Breathe, Inhalers out...?
what medicines help sleep apnea?
Smoking monopoly money Harmful or not?
I need help with my acne?
my child has puss in his toe and he says he can't feel his toe what shall i do, there is puss coming out?
Asthma nurse changing my medication? Is she allowed?
can ringing in ear caused by ear infection/fluid in ear be cured?
Does this sound like Pneumonia?
Our grand baby was diagnosed Fri with pneumonia. The daughter in Law took her to daycare today. I don't think?
what is the strongest or best cough suppressant?
i have a really bad sore throat what shall i do ?
How can I help my dad stop smoking?
HOW the hell does someone go into C and W hospital for a Hip Replace and winds up 2 days later with pneumonia?
What are some easy ways to catch herpes?
What is gonorrhea is it bumps or what?
is it okay to go on roller coasters with stiches?
can someone break their wrist without knowing how?
Dislocated Finger?
daughters pierced ear keeps getting infected??
i am having a cigarette and i am going to get started... but where should i begin?
My 3 year old son has been in hospital with asthma...?
If you saw a 13 year old smoking a cigarette while walking down the street, what would you do?
what is the best way to stop the itch and clear up poison ivy ????
Does anyone know anything about "ringworm?"?
What causes you to itch, and then leave read bumps on your skin?
Am going to an outdoor concert and have a medical aversion to heat and the sun. Any ideas how to stay cool?
What should i do for my sunburn?
I sweat too much...?
Best cure for acne?
why am i always cold?
What could this be?
Flu Vaccination?
"My mom is very ill from both lungs, she can't breathe right and has a lot of mucus when she cough.What can sh
I HAVE AIDS what should i do?
what should i do if i hav a bone bruise,besides rest that's what the doc told me to do?
I punched a wall like a moron, afraid for my hand?
What happens if i fall out of a 10 floor building?
Can a parent legally override a team physician's decision to not allow a child to participate in sports?
I have acne - does anyone know any cheap acne medicens that actually work and can get it at store?
Can my nosebleeds be dangerous?
What kind of tests do they do when someone is having chest pain that comes & goes?
Do I Have Pneumonia? Or Is It The Flu...Or Something Else? Please Help-It's Really Urgent!!?
White spot(s) in throat?
How does the negative TB skin test looks like?
why do kids think their so cool smoking a ciggarette?
i quit smoking a month ago but i started again today...
can snooring kills a person?
Mom stepped in a hole outside. Her ankle is throbbing. Could it be broken???`?
I've just hit myself in the eye with a hammer trying to fix my broken nose, what do I do?
I have a knee injury, but my parents won't take me to a doctor?
what's the easiest way to put yourself on crutches wuth the least amount of pain?
can I swim in ocean after cutting my leg?
When someone has braces and they die.....?
!! How to know if you have a yeast infection?
Is it okay if you have Asthma but don't go to the doctor?
Was This a Panic Attack?
My boyfriend snores, and I am a light sleeper, any ideas?
Is smoking a bad habit?
Best cough medicine to use if you can't afford DR?
I've heard it bad is it?
Does this sound like eczema?
how do you make masquito bites not itch anymore when you already put on creams?
too much aloe vera on face bad?
can i get pink eye again?
Mosquito problem!!?
What is this weird bump on me? Help please!!?
could this be shingles?? if not then what??
does a weed smokers lungs look as bad as a cigarette smokers lungs?
What can you do to cure/care athsma?
Can pneumonia go away by itself?
can smoking hurt my boyfriend?
My 4yr. old son had his tonsils and adenoids taken out about 10 days ago...is it ok to start a regular diet?
What does hospital taste like?
Is this sleep apnea ?
I've been exposed to active Tb for 1 year, just found out,Drs appt 5days. Could I have spread it to others?
Is my hand broken???????
Is it ok that I put super glue on the spot where I donated blood, my vein?
affection in the arm causing a red line traveling up the arm?
eww! yuck. help me! anyone?
I have a bad sweating problem I have tried every deoderant possible trust me.I am not nervous but noting work?
How come AIDS is funny?
friend coughing up blood....what to do?
Can you get high off muscle pain spray?
How rude would it be if I left a print out on someone's desk about coughing and not covering their mouth?
need help badly please help?
If u had a big bump in ur nose,wod u get a nose job?
My Toenail came off!?
Pain in my knee???
I put a dent in the flesh on my leg. Help!?
i already no a lot of you are going to call me stupid so i dont care if you do. how do i break my leg??????
sprained my left foot, my wedding is on the 29th will i be able to walk on it?
Is an inhaler for asthma still usable once its expired?
should i start smoking?
Is Sleep Apnea harmfull...??
Why cant i sleep properley,it takes me hours??
Can i get aids from this?
How can I get rid of old bruises?
Is It Bad To Cut A Wart Off?
Why do my lips constantly keep getting dry ?
My whole body including my head itches!?
I have a really sore throat! Any ideas?
can aspartame from soda cause laryngitis?
My 6month old was just diagnosed with asthma?
I'm I suffering from anxiety ? :(?
Coughing and wheezing help?
dandruff removal?
Acne/rash on chest area how do I treat this?
my hands are peeling? please help!!!?
How can I prevent myself from getting oily skin?
AHHH! My skin is driving me crazy...?
Does all Aspirin contains Salicylic Acid? ?
how can i get rid of dandruff?
How do you break your arm?
foot injury.. what should i do?
Is there any way to make sunburn less painful?
h have i broken my wrist?
Why do guys cough after a knee in the nuts?
Did I break/fracture my nose?
best way to get inhaler for asthma?
How much cough medicine can I have before I'm officially drunk?
I know smoking can kill you but does it make you sick throughout the year as well?
Does hypnotherapy work to help stop smoking?
Anitbiotics? Can I take them more regularly then prescribed?
how can i stop snoring?
What conditions would cause someone to have yellow skin?
Getting rid of my acne?
Sunburn it hurts so bad!What do I do?
Does anyone know how to get rid of skin tucks (little pieces of skin that grow underarms)?
what is the best treatment for lice ?
really dry skin, especially face..?
What colour should blood be?
How can i break my wrist so i dont have to wright?
I think i've broken my little toe, what should i do?
HELP! It's an emergency!!?
Is there a way to remove phlegm without coughing it up? Possibly a surgery-type procedure?
Do I need to get antibiotics?
I have a bad cold, how can I speed up my recovery?
Will I get flies in my lungs from smoking a fly?
im unsure about how you can catch certain STD'S?
can asthma go or does it just get better then worse?
if someone has acute emphysema and a small amount of asbestos in lungs is this the reason for the emphysema?
Is it true that when you stop smoking you health declines?
What's worse for a child with asthma? Cats or Constant cigarette smoking?
How do I break my wrist? Don't answer if you oppose to it.?
why is it when i get into bed my legs from the calves down start hurting?
What do you do?
If you get cold sores, does it always mean that you have herpes?
I think I'm growing hair on my tongue?
Can putting toothpaste on a zit really remove it?
please read.....?
Okay on another question i saw and answer it was talking about scapies what really is it i have heard of it?
my 7yr old daughter has ichy spots under her arms and they bleed,doc says virus??whats causin this?
help me.....i've got a problem?
acne infection?
my gf has hepatitis, she just told me today.?
I just got my belly pierced like 3 days ago and it like got sowllen..what should i do?
Girls, what is the worst injury you've ever gotten to your toes while wearing flipflops?
I feel so ill.?
So I cut my finger.....?
What are the effects of smoking weed one time?
What are the risks associated with taking one puff of someone else's asthma inhaler?
I've been having difficulty breathing, it feels like there's a ton of bricks on top of my chest.?
Whats the best cure for a Blocked Sinus am in pain?
how do yo get rid of warts?
I have white bumps all over my tongue and it just happened today, like bugging me, my mom says it inflammed?
I'm not going to sugar coat it, I'm getting spots frequently and need help?
why are apples bad for ur skin?
found Small hard lump in the front of my thigh pain full to touch feels deep down does anyone know what it is?
please hlp with ringworm?
what is a skin tag?
Would my regular blood test show HIV??? Please Help.?
Is anything wrong with me?
how can i give myself a black eye?
Ive had knee pain for years...?
Whats a good product for acne?
acne problem?
What Clears Up Acne & Fast?
i gave a guy a ******* and now my throat is red?
How do i get rid of my eczema!?
I have a terrible phobia of water so bad that I can't even shower or bath and wet wipes burn my skin. Help!
what get rid of stretch marks?
Weird Feelings in my arms and legs?
how to treat a sick knee ? ( i have used my leg too much and it hurts)?
What helps a really bad sunburn?
what to eat to get clear skin?
Did I break my big toe?
Good way to break your arm?
Sprained ankle, answer please?
I have had a lump inside my neck for some time now, and am confused to what it is. Help please?
What Could I have Done?
Why do you get muscle cramps (i.e. calf, foot).?
SELF-HARM.. HELP!! my friend cut too DEEP!!?
can a man with hiv even with medication, spread the virus to his wife and child?
Are warts contagious?
why is it i have no problen not smoking for days, but as soon as i sit and have a glass of wine , i smoke?
how did it feel your first time smoking ?
sore throat?
Is it harmful to smoke 1 cigarette a month for fun?
ring worms?
help me! i have a cold sore!?
How do you improve your skin?
eczema help?????????? ?
when i woke up under my right eye is swollen and my eyelid too any idea why?
From my entire life if I bathe and do not put on clotes right after my skin itches and I get weak.Why is this
Tiny itchy bumps all over my skin, but not red like a rash would be.?
I wore peep toe flats all day and now i have these blister like things on my pinky toe.?
I think I might have broken my toe, is it worth going to A&E?
My friend fell over and has torn his bowel and now needs an Operation…is that possible?
is it normal that my fingers , are black and blue , following breaking my wrist ? ?
I kicked a stray dog yesterday and I think my foot is broken, what should I do?
Why is it that the first thing someone does when diagnosed with cancer. . .?
Why dont we use heavy water to cure cancer patients?
is it possible i could have breast cancer (im 14)?
What is it that kills people who have cancer?
how do you know when you can't breath?
How long does it take for pleurisy to kill you?
What should I do? I feel like I can't breathe...?
Aarrrgghhhhhhhhhh! HELP ME! Somebody! Anybody! Why me?! I'm so depressed right now! Dont know what to do!?
This question is for anyone who has had razor bumps on legs? (ingrown hairs)?
Eczema! 13 year old girl! Need help!?
question about acne problem?
why am i always cold?
My mom has started smoking again?
Second Hand Smoke for 20 years?
What are the risks/side effects of smoking weed for the first time?
I need help quitting smoking cigarettes?
what do you have to do to stop snoring?
Please i need DOCTORS help right away!(pics?)?
A cut to the vein -- what to do?
i have a bump on my head?
My shoulder hurts...what does that mean?
any DR's can tell me what I can do about a trapped nerve in my neck i have had for 3 days?
Okay, what is this? I don't think it is lyme disease but it is the weirdest thing. A tick bit me a few days
Dry skin in the crease at the side of my nose?
I really want to smoke......?
Is Swine flu fatal? Why are these deaths occurring? Has any one survived?
I want to stop my self from coughing when i have the flu?
is there any way to clean out my lungs?
Can I stop my girlfriend from smoking?
If someone were to have Cancer, would it automatically effect their kidneys?
What is this lump on the back of my left leg?
what raises your risk of cancer?
is cancer to be afraid of?
Family History of Cancer....Do Doctors Recommend This?
ummmm... about drugs?
Did you ever wonder if you are brain-washed?
Healing Cold sore is this ok?
Spots?? Gross but please help!!?
circular rashes 3 of them on my stomach?
EMERGENCY! i have eye circles, how do i get rid of them?
Help me, i need a quick solution for spots.?
How can i break my arm?
i bit the inside of my cheek REALLY bad, enough to make a big hole and now it's a closed sore thats white.
Need to break my toe by tomorrow. HELP!?
What is the normal treatment for a concussion?
I quit smoking 5 days ago and I have started coughing up brown phlegm. ?
can you choke to death on saliva?
How to get rid of rough skin on feet?
what's the reason to have lice in our heads?
Im 17, had acne for years! It comes and goes but depresses me so much when its bad?
I have tried almost everything. Her doctor keeps giving her medician that isn't working.?
Hi. I need to quit smoking, pronto - what's the best way?
Does any1know of any cures 4 a tickley cough?
Anybody have any tips on getting rid of a chesty cough?
I am taking coumadin, and I had a pe 2 months ago. My inr is 1.0 it had been good. Why had it gone down?
i think i have breast cancer? please help?
Why would someone who had been diagnosed with a type of cancer pretend like everything was totally fine &?
I'm 15, and I was in a car accident...?
how do you get the nerve up to kill yourself.?
my big toe it red and blue and swolen, do you think it couldbe broken?
How do you remove scars?
I've got sciatica, how can I relieve the pain? It's really sore.?
48 hours of no sleep am i going to die?
To cough or not to cough?
what do you think about 'passive' smoking ?
My child has been throwing up for 8 days now. What is going on?
I left my gas stove on for 35 minutes is there a risk of death from carbon monoxide?
Does smoking weed give you the same cancer risk as smoking cigarettes?
can a homecare provider take you a bath or shower?
How to get rid of acne for guys?
Two days ago I was bit by a spider. What should I do?
i'm getting two of my wisdom teeth taken out in a few days and i'm really really nervous.....HELP! info pleese
What is that thing called where you cut yourself and it never stops bleeding?
i hurt my ankle and it swels up all the time and now a not is sticking out whats wrong with my foot?
Can anybody give me a back rub?? It's been a long week!!?
Will there be cure for cancer in the future?
what happens if you don't treat cancer?
what is the chances for survival of a person who has non Hodgkin's lymphoma and it is on a stage 2?
some one toldme if you eat to much quorm you can get cancer?
do u put a tampon in when you have a yeast infection and start your period?
Can a male that's HIV+ have healthy children?
What are the common signs of STD's? ?
What is the best treatment for dry cracked skin on your feet?
How do i get rid of my acne fast?
how to get rid of posion ivy?? remedies help?
Should I pick my scab?
i have a rash on my underarms, im thinking maybe a reaction to a new deodorant. its starting to spread.. ideas
How can I break my habit of picking at my zits?
i passed out with a lite cigarette and burnt my face?
my daughter has these black spots on the inside of her ears what could they be shes 14 ?
Itchy Skin on Neck, Chin and Jaw when in bed at night?
what is Hypertension??? what are the causes of Hypertension?
What changes does a parent have to make for a child with CF?
what disease makes your blood clot by its self?
How save is it to take Prednisolon?
Cough that won't go away?
Help, I can't sleep!!?
i can't cough at all :(?
11 year old spitting blood when coughing?
why do i feel like im choking in my sleep?
Another question about broken bones, it's my left arm(I'm left handed) Can you answer my question?
What's the best way to get over a broken heart?
i need help ? FAST?
iv asked so many times.... HOW DO I BREAK MY WRIST!!!!!?
I have been having knee discomfort....?
Hmm.. warts.?
what skin dease does micheal jackson have?
Anyone got a good suggestion for dealing with Psoriasis.?
does eating chocolate give you acne?
I Have Blackheads And Cant Get Rid Of Them , Help ?
quick fix for acne???
What can cause chronic itching and how can it be treated?
Asthmatics: What "trick(s)" have you found that work best to recover when you don't have your inhaler?
What to do when you can't breathe?
At what age are you able to set up an eye doctor or doctor's appointment?
I can't walk on my foot... don't know why?
What are some ways to calm a swollen eye?
HAVE YOU EVER BROKEN A BONE? [please, tell...]?
what is wrong with me :'( . do i have Alzheimer's disease :S?
Cold & Cough tips on getting better?
Having Chest pains only 17?
Atelectasis???? is it a kind of respiratory failure??
how to stop coughing?
Red Hands - ideas please?
Do i have chicken pox???Plz help!!!?
How do I get rid of my evil acne?????
How do you get rid of a wart on your thumb?
itchy rash?
In what ways can STD's be spread?
Help Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!?
How long does an STD live on clothes? 10 Points!!?
i have hpv which caused precancerous cells.CAN I GET PREGNANT?
Are there any serious affects of smoking whilst you have a cough?
What is happening to me?
Pot In System???
When someone dies from pneumonia from H1N1, is it considered an H1N1 death or a pneumonia death?
Can A Person Have An Asthma Attack From Smoking Weed?
What will help my sore throat?
i just got hit wit a rock on my 4head and a big bump, and blood is comin out, please wat should i do??
Can i wear a shoe w/ a broken foot?
Broken little toe???
Ambulence came because i got hit by a car?
My scar is too deep, what do I do?
got hit in the nose can i get black eye?
My big toe is numb and has been for a week and a half!! i expected it to go away but it hasnt!!!
Is there a good way to get my asthma under control?
Is this a urinary tract infection? DRIVING ME CRAZY!?
is there a permanent cure to asthma?
I quit smoking 2.5 months ago- cold turkey! i have been sick since with sinus and respiratory - is this normal
Yes my question is my son in law has been having trouble for awhile when he goes to the bathroom theres blood?
anyone know about asthma?
Why does my chest, throat, tongue burn after running hard?
Could This Mean I Have AIDs?
Can you get an STD from a public toilet seat?
I dnt kno if i have an std.?HELP !?
help! i have an itchy butt?
Can psoriasis be caused by stress?
what is the best soap to use for sensitive skin and if it itches slightly?
Why do cigarette smokers cough more than nonsmokers? (Choose from the given answers)?
Medical Help Please.?
sea monkeys and steriods?
what can i do for a really bad sore throat?
What to expect for 1st physical therapy appointment?
Should I go to the emergency room?
how do I take care of a planterswarts?
why it is difficult to burn green leaves but dry leaves catch fire easily?
which rubbing alcogol is better for your skin? ethyl or isopropyl?
Can anyone recommend an ointment for stretch marks?
i have somethin related to shingles. people call me a germ. how can i get them to stop calling me a germ?????
Severe asthma relief.....?
What can you do if you are not getting effective treatment from your GP?
is it possible to smoke to without take the smoke into your lungs?
Staphylococcus?, it is Always an STD??? ....?
I have a problem with my...you know?
Party Drunk Possible Rape?
what do i do to stop under arm sweat?
can a child go to school with posion ivy?
I am 26 years old with acne!!! ;o(?
stretch markes?
how can i get rid of my red skin?
I have some anal bleeding, how do I know what is wrong?
how to get rid of head lice?
what would YOU recomend for dry skin?
How can I smoke a cigarette without using a paper tube?
Problem with a nosebleed?
do men have breast cancer?
Does marijuana cause or treat cancer?
my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and im just wondering how likely it is for me to get it?
Do you believe that fear is the companion on the road to cancer recovery?
How can I reduce my risk of cancer?
is it possible that a person could have herpes and doesn't ever know it if he wasn't tested?
is there any way you can tell if a woman has any std's just by looking at their reproductive organs?
is it possible for a child to get a head injury if........?
How make swelling go down / get a ring off of a finger?
Got hit by a car on my bike, who pays for my X ray bills?
Why do insect bites feel better after you itch them?
smoked too much weed...?
Go to school with strep throat? BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!?
I'm very sick help! and have no money to go 2 doctors?
i think i have herpes. what do i do?
I had my period in a public restroom, I'm scared?
anyone else wish snoring didn't exist or that ear plugs actually worked?
I have extremely rough elbows, my skin is gray! I what can I do!?
i get boils sometimes on my inner thigh how do i get rig of em???
how can I get rid of scars on my forehead?
can ringworm be just through contact with animals? and would a over the counter fungal cream cream clear it?
Attention anyone! Every now and again I get these sores on the side of my mounth!?&they're not fever blisters!
My friend has impetigo and ringworm?
hi... what is a solution for dandruff problem...?
pink eye!!!!! HELPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!?
Help i'm trapped in a mine, how do i get out?
Does an itchy wound mean it's healing?
Have you ever fainted?
I'm really worried--is my nose broken?
What should I do if my big toenail fell off?
Is there a fast and effective way to get rid of blackheads?
Itchy bumps on legs! HELP! HURRY PLEASE!?
im calm as a cucumber today?how about u?
What is the BEST acne medicine?
Has anyone used St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Oily/Acne prone skin? If so how were your results? Did it work?!?
Can you pop a Hemorrhoid?
oh god i need a cig?
I have a tumor in my calf that might be cancer, it's inside my muscle. What method of biopsy will doctors use?
Can men get breast cancer?
Grandpa has cancer, just found out. Literally in tears, PLEASE answer?!?
PLEASE HELP US ! I dont know what or how to tell her....?
HELP!!! I've just been on a bike ride.....?
i think i broke my tailbone or maybe fractured it..i need some advice?
What are some fun things I can do while on crutches?
Getting hurt at Wal Mart on Black friday?
How to cut yourself so you bleed to death?
My husband fell down the stairs and is throwing up?
Do I need a second opinion?
I am male 23 yrs.Allopathy medicine for cough congestion in throat for 2 yrs with bad breathing from mouth?
my granny ugh?
Marijuana users help? So i smoked today but for some reason i totally forgot how to inhale, and i swallowed it?
Chest pain, irregular heartbeat, trouble breathing
How do you press down on someone's chest when you give CPR?
Respiratory question please help me I am so stuck?
I have crabs. Is it normal for to pick them out and roll them around my finger like a bogey?
I have a patch of dry skin above my lip. It itches sometimes. Could it be skin cancer?
does shaving your facial hair cause acne?
Caught looking up symptoms of STI's on the internet, is he cheating?
the blood of... is not red. it is...?
i'm shaking really badly and i've no idea why, might it be...?
Is it possible to jump without bending ur kness?
How can I help my ankle get better?
What acne product has worked best for you?
Bad Skin Problem!! Help If You Can. Thanks.?
What`s the best ointment for lash wounds?
My face is peeling and it burns?
Can lotion irritate eczema?
While smoking marijuana my friend unconsciously started stiffening up, grunting and turned pale. Wat hpnd 2 hm
Zit on the lips? Or cold sore?
can you get any type of diseses or cancer form smoking for ONLY 2 yrs.?
should herbal medicine can be trusted to cure patient diagnosed of cervix cancer?
When you undergo chemotherapy, do you lose the hair all over your body or just your head?
How do I get rid of my scab on my nose, fast?
What are the best acne care products?
Help with tanning question? Have I damaged my skin already with my first tan? I'm scared!?
Is my cold sore the herpes virus - has my husband been cheating?
my 3 year old daughter had fevers yesterday, took her to ER, she has Strep throat...?
Albuterol inhaler?
i smoked and i cant sing! help?
Re my smoking question?
I'm a heavy smoker, has anyone tried the new medication does it work i done just about everything else. the
How long does Amoxcillin take to clear Bronchitis?
Lou Gehrig's disease?
I smoked pot for the first time two days ago as well as yesterday. Now i feel as my breathing is slowed?
how do i know if i need antibiotics?
Do kids with cancer prefer that you give them your extra hair or that you shave your head to look like them?
What are my chances of getting cancer?
i have got cancer.. :'(?
The left side of my chest hurts when I breathe?
Can someone give me tips on how to smoke?
i'm ttc & have a bad cold--what can i take / do for this horrible congestion??
what can i do if my asthma is acting up, and i don't have an inhaler?
Should I be trying to cough up the yellowish/greenish mucus in my lungs?
What do you think of my scars? ?
I burnt myself on accident!?
what should I do about my shoulder?
My leg is cut am I going to be ok? This is serious!?
I was hit in the head with a steel beam this morning at my friends work. What should I do?
Coughing up blood? wheezing when i breathe? tired all the time and light lower back pain?
Shortness of breath from Smoking?
What is it called when u cough up blood??
what are some of the symptoms of Pneumonia?Please HELP! i think i might have it...i have a REALLY bad cough.?
I have recently developed a medical problem of constantly taking deep breaths.?
if i have (a?) pneumothorax?
For people who have had Tonsillitis?
Does oxygen make blood thinner?
Smoker Interview (Please answer each question)?
Do I have asthma? (HELP PLEASE.)?
Smoking for three months - can I already have health problems ?
What's the longest you've gone without sleep?
Can you get aids from toilet water?
Get rid of muscle soreness fast!?
I have a reoccurring cut that is under my lip, that heals and then reopens. How can I make it go away?
Should I be concerned about this?
What exactly are stitches made of???
I got the crap beat out of me today.?
My boyfriend slammed my wrist in the trunk in the summer. and it still hurts! what's the deal?
can you have two types of cancer?
do you smoke cigarettes..?
hi i want to help a person who is suffering from 4th stage liver cancer.Is there any treatment?
how serious is cancer if it has spread to lymph nodes?
is it ok to smoke twice a day?
How do I treat my annoying cough?
how long is sufficient to call a smoker, a non smoker?
Help! My Foot Hurts Real Bad!?
Sunburn followed by headaches...?
My friend has recently been in a serious accident?
My son hit his toe 2 days ago and it is very swollen and his toenail is black?
what would happen if a police officer saw u on the side walk with ur arm bleeding a lot?
how can i treat scoliosis?
I have a house guest with Herpes-what can I do to safe guard my house so I dont catch it?
Are you afraid of people with HIV/AID's?
can coughing be the only sign of asthma ?
What if you can't get a deep breath?
What is an abdominal or Pelvic CT and how long will it the test take ~ on average?
My son has a chronic lung problem?
do all RNs work long shifts?
how bronchial asthma is transferred by heridity?
my mother is on oxygen and she have a gurgling sound ?
I am having constant pains in my upper left chest; like as if someone "punched" me there? what could it be?
Terrifying Cough?!?!?!?!?
I'm craving for a ciggie right now?
I jammed my finger a few months ago and there is a bump. What can I do?
HELP!!! my friend fainted?
i punched my front door and left knuckle marks now my wrist hurts and i cant use it what have i done to it?
Ankle sprain or fracture?
how to treat a broken or cracked rib?
Im 14 how old do i have to be to go to the doctor with out a parent if i think i have found a lump in my?
question to do with smoking?
How do I cure my sore throat with limited amount of stuff?
my brother was hit on the head by a double A battery any info?
Girls, what is the worst injury you've ever gotten?
Bruising Easily?
Any advice on how to clear a blocked nostril?
Symptoms of asthma?
Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning if your house is 40 yds from a heavily traveled two way state road?
Evil cough?
how long does it take for a lung to recover from 1 cigarette?
what to do if child collapses?
quick question about smoking weed.?
Urinary Tract Infec. help??
if you have a burning sensation when you pee wht should you do?
can you take azithromycin for a sinus infection?
every month my son,4 yrs old get fever,cough and cold,what should i do?
Does sinusitis cause neurological symptoms?
Cough and throat soothing help?
I asked if bronchitis is contagious. Exert explains what bronchitis, does not answer the question. ?
what makes you dizzy,nauseted and like your head is in a cloud?
Is Cipro a good Antibiotic? What experience have you made with it? I heard it's supposed to be good, true?
I broke my pinky toe!!!!?
what happens when someone breaks his leg?
sore foot- i dropped a can on the top of my foot-its bruised and tiny bit swollen but it hurts like heck?
I slammed my finger in a door, it went black, now I'm worried that I may get blood poisoning?
Could you break your foot/leg/ankle by doing this?
I've smoked 20 a day for ten years. I'm 29. When/will I get cancer?
anyone ever have a colonoscopy test done yet??
what does it mean if i start coughing blood up?
Asthma? My 20 month old son has had a chesty cough on and off for about 2-3 months........I took?
Sinus Infection , Common Cold , Or Bronchitis , Hmmmmmm HELP?
help me its rlly important?
I have been married for almost year and my wife just revealed to me a couple of days ago that she has herpes.?
i work in a restaurant that allows smoking if im off the clock can they tell me i cant smoke inside?
Can you help with my strained vocal chords?
i blew my nose and there was blood?
I have a bacterial sinus infection. How can I treat it without going to the doctor>?
Can anyone give me an imformed answer about asbestos?
Do I have asthma or is it the cold air that is causing me to cough?
I received a TB shot about 2 mths ago; lost documentation for it; can i get another one for my new job now?
Why does my lung hurt?
I think I could have swine flu? I am not sure what to do?
My dad has not been eating for almost 10 days since he's got a flu. Pls advise. Tks.?
Why do I get dizzy after I smoke?
My knee..is all screwed up..please, somebody help?
tailbone troubles...ugh! help plz!?
can you die off pain?
i broke a nail and its bleeding.. (not the nail but the part under it) what do i do?
How to fake an injury to get out of a dance?
Severe Back Pain.?
What does a MRI feel like?
Common life span with stage 4 cancer?
Is there a cure for cancer?
What is more life threatening, a cut or a sprained ankle?
im alittle worried about this bruise?
I need to get rid of a bruise on my shin fast.. any tips?
is my wrist/elbow broken?
My ankle cracks/snaps when I walk?
How do i hide cuts that start at my wrist and end near my elbow?? Help needed now! <3 .?
Crabs - unwanted parasite or America's hottest new pet?
Passable effects of gastric bypass surgery?
My professor is always coughing, but he is not sick or anything. What's the matter with him?
my mucus is green...is this normal?
Sudden shortness of breath!? HELP?
medical professionals please help!!!?
What kind of sickness is this?
Define meningismus.?
people dying?
Has anyone had to take Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) before and had nausea from it?
Can I get sudafed prescribed by my GP?
any one in to tickling?
Does anyone have a medicine that actually works for the coughing type of asthma?
does drinking water really help you recover from a cold?
Brain Cancer!?!? Read ASAP please!?
Can cancer be detected in blood tests?
This is for anyone who has had or know of someone who has had Prostate Cancer?
Is chest pain asthma related?
Help pleaseeeeeeee!?
can you break your breastbone?
What do you get a yeast infection from?
Can you get hiv from french kissing?
i started smoking recently...and i got so lightheaded i passed out?
I am FED UP with my husband's snoring?
I caught my 8 year old smoking what do i do?
if you push one eye sligtly to one side do you see a black circle?
What can i do with this injury of mine?
If Your Toe is Amputated... Will You Be Able to Walk?
What should i do to prevent a really bad mark at my little sister's face?!!! PLEASE HELP :(?
Do men have to be treated for Trichomoniasis or does it go away on it's own?
can you be born with STI ?
How can I cure my snoring? Thanks?
How can you get pneumonia?
i think i have pneumonia, anything i can do to get better quicker?