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give me braces facts? i need them?
I had a tooth pulled this afternoon at 3:30 and it is still bleeding, is that normal?
Do I need to see a dentist? pic included!?
Rotten tooth?
My friend does not brush her teeth (only once a week), what can i do to make her start being more hygenic?
root canal?
would a different dentist continue my braces treatment?
How long after you get a filling does the numbness wear down?
Does anyone know of any ways to make a blister heal quickly?
i wear a copper ring and it hurts my finger. how do i stop it?
win i pee it Bern's sometimes is it infection?
At what age did you smoke your first try ciggaretes?
how to treat an asthma attack at home? without an inhaler?
Are both your lungs the same size?
Have you ever had braces or do you need them?
Tiny little hole in the back of my teeth?
Does everyone have to get their wisdom teeth taken out?
getting my wisdom teeth cut out - who has had this?
Can a destist tell if you suffer from an eating disorder?
How much would it cost me to have a tooth pulled out by a dentist in the uk?
How can you pull a loose tooth without it hurting?
OMG HELP! Is my lip pierce infected?
How long is the process of getting "braces"?
My teeth are yellow, HELP!?
Do Blood Clots go away?
how to clear my acne scars fast?
Rash from hot tub on my legs?
Do bruises leave scars ?
What causes B12 defiency?
Are we really breathing in pee?
Help with erythromycin?
How do i light a cigarette without....?
I can barely breathe. is it asthma? now I'm starting to struggle breathing its cool indoors?
tobacco ; druq or not .?
When you close your mouth and your jaw is completely relaxed... Do your teeth meet or touch?
Does using mouthwash stain teeth?
Bleeding gums during cleaning?
Does anyone have an idea of the fee to replace a filling?
How do I talk to my orthodontist when he yells at me?
Gums bleeding uncontrollably?
do braces change the way you talk?
i broke my tooth in half, what do i do?
Question about braces ?!?
Top & Bottom teeth touch with retainers?
Can someone die if they took 50 advil?
Does the cervical cancer injection hurt?
How do I discuss terminal cancer with a 3 and 6 year old without causing fear?
What are the chances of my uncle getting through this?
Why do cancer patients lose their hair?
what is it in cigarettes that causes cancer?
Braces Dont actually work!!?
Braces on a 17 year old would that look good?
braces is a sign 4 wat?
I went to the dentist today to see why my tooth was sore.?
i floss but still get bad breath sometimes?
im getting braces in a few weeks, any tips?
i am getting braces monday 8-11-08 just top teeth
Dental Professionals~ Do you routinely take patient's blood pressure readings?
I'm getting 4 impacted wisdom teeth out on Saturday and I am deathly afraid of throwing up?
How can i tell a co worker that they have bad breath?
What are some ways to get rid of acne off of my forehead even if I wash my face everyday, keep the hair tied?
How do I treat baby burns instantly?
I have dark patches below my eye.?
how to reduce acne problem?
does anyone have any natural remedies to help loosen chest congestion?
green? cant be normal....?
Very Urgent Health Question?
Does anyone know anything about a TB test?
i havnt smoked n 5 months but i smoked 3 weeks ago am i clean?
Why or why wouldn't you date someone with herpes?
My acne isn't going away?
I coughed kinda hard and no lie I saw like stars floating by. What does this mean?
Anyone ever gotten sick after kicking the smoking habit?
Neverending cold?
Why is my blood sorta green???? SOMEONE HELP?
I'm a singer, i have a performance later tonight and now I'm suffering from itchy throat and cough... help!!!!
If you smoke 20 a day?
Does it matter whether you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
A short, boring question about teeth? =D?
How do I pull out my tooth with no pain?
White spots on teeth?
HELP??? about braces!!!!?
Help need to get teeth fixed but can not afford the cost, and insurance does not cover?
Isn't there some kind of liquor that helps with rashes when applied?
soloution for sweating hands whilst on laptop and gaming?
I have a bruise that has been on my leg for almost a year?
what's wrong with my head it's itchy, scabby and dandruffie scalp(its not lice)?
Could me quitting smoking have caused a chest infection?
Why does a snorer never hear him or herself?
smoking or not smoking! what's your choice?
(Very serious question here) The guy I am seeing thinks he might have HIV, we've never had any relations ....?
can you a STD from the public toilet. that's how i got mine.?
Does Chris Brown Have Herpes?
Does Chris Brown have STD's?
I had a tiny quarter of a pea sized little hemorrhoid about an inch inside my anus.?
How do you get rid of a zit within hours?
i have really bad dandruff i have tried most shampoos?
is there anyhing i can do to fix a fractured arm?
if your arm gets cut off can you get a new one sewn on?
My legs feel wierd all the time when i walk?
how do you cure a bad cough naturally?
my friends has pneumonia?
Im 18 and my chest is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can someone smoke this much?
Is this True or False?
How do I get rid of a sunburn?
I have had severe acne, now, I have purple scars everywhere all over my face, terribly! How do I rid of them?
How do you get rid of a urinary tract infection naturally?
i smoked some weed last night, this is my first in months, can i pass a test today?
Urinary tract infection?
what do i have? is it bronchits? i am not spitting anything up!?
what filters the blood supply?
Lump in my throat and breathing problems?
what is the treatment of sinus?( headache and nasal decongestant, mood less personality) in brecket is symptom
How can I take control of my panic attack?
I have herpes but is this normal? ....?
Does alcohol kill herpes?
how can I eliminate dandruf? Head & Shoulders just doesnt work.?
I have a Weird question-What's the best deoderant (for wetness protection)?
How can I get rid of my blackheads?!?
Will I be able to talk after i get my 4 wisdom teeth taken out?
What helps calm a tooth ache when painkillers don't?
Is this abnormal?
10 pts....whiter teeth home remedy?
How much money should I give my daughter for her tooth that she lost today?
question about asthma inhalers?
Can You Die From Sleep Apnea?
how to communicate with a COPD patient?
Blood in phlegm and chest x-ray?
Can't take deep breath, coughing, back hurts when I cough?
remedies for hard breathing?
What's the best acne treatment for severe acne?
My dad is 68 yrs old and he is always running out of breath.... what is or can be the cause of it?
How do you properly smoke a blunt? (weed)?
im not breathing properly???HELP?
15 year old who smokes almost 3 packs a day?
Any good home remedies for asthma?
how can cure sore throat FAST!!?
Coughing and Fever?
Do I have a urinary tract infection?
Ciggerette smoker!! I need my lungs and stamina back!!! HELP!?
Why is my tongue ring doing this?? picture included?
I have plaque on my bottom front teeth, if i get them cleaned can they get loose and fall out?
does anyone have a good home remedy for a annoying toothache. i do not have dental insurance. please help...?
what causes the roof of the pallet in my mouth to get so itchy?
Is it OK to eat 5 hours after a wisdom tooth extraction?
How do you pull out your own tooth?
my mom have too much pain in teeth?
whats a good way to avoid cavities for someone who eats a lot of candy besides stop eating candy?
What Color Braces? I don't know and I am getting them soon!PLZ HELP!?
What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide posioning? Is there any signs such as skin rashes etc?
Why is my skin always cold?
help!!smoking problemm!?
Is it dangerous when your athsma gets so bad that your chest hurts really bad?
Every morning one of the nostrils is choke up & head becomes heavy, mucus accumulated in throat, not curing.?
a growth in my mouth?
I have a loose dental crown. It was installed by a dentist I no longer see.Should I go back to have it fixed?
What is the best way to get rid of yellow stain on your teeth?
Where is my toothbrush? It just disappear.?
what can you eat after a root canal????
why do my eys turn blood shot when I brush my teeth?
dont know if i should do it ?!?
Can you see a dentist if you don't have dental insurance or one of the discount plans?
after you go to the dentist and they say you need braces how long after that willl you get them?
Will you get rotten teeth from eating after someone with rotten teeth?
Any1 know a good blackhead clearing lotion?
ok i have a small black bump i dont noe what it is is it a acne?
i want to get of my acne. What do i do?
Low energy and sleep apnea?
My friends's GERD is becoming from bad to worse. What can he do for relief?
do you lose your voice when you get bronchitis?
What is a good sore throat remedy that does not taste gross.?
after brushing teeth?
how bad does the shot hurt when you get a cavity? 1-10?
what happens to human jaws when all teeth are lost? I mean what happens to bones?
What should I do about pain in a tooth with a temporary crown?
Cough, I don't think it's a cold...?
Question about bronchitis, body soreness, tingling & numbness on one side?
What is OK about second hand smoke?
Can I use hydrogen peroxide in this way?
Braces.... Helppp!!!?
bad breath?
Are you shy to smile with your braces?
white peices in mouth....what the?
what are some foods that someone can eat if they just had all their top teeth pulled?
how can i whiten my teeth?
Tooth problem,help please?
Can a dentist help my 1 year old daughter recover her two top front broken teeth? What would be the cost?
what's the best thing to do if you cut your wrist on accident??
I'm getting plastic surgery?
Quitting smoking?
Can you get asthma from indoor flowers? And why do they smell so much stronger than usual to me?
are cigars better or worse than cigarettes?
Does it look like I have smoke coming out of my ears?
hi. I'm trying to stop smoking. When I don't smoke, my head feels fuzzy?
Is there any amazing methods for Acne?
what's good for acne?
Help me please. I have bad acne?
how to prevent acne when it's in your genetics?
Acne Issue??????????????????
i have a rash all over my body but they r like blisters what should i do please?
really itchy legs after shaving ?
what are these spot things?
i smoked a blunt, and got a fever of 102 for two days. I didn't roll the blunt.?
I'm not a smoker, but thinking about trying Blu Electronic Cigarettes?
How long will 1 small hit of marajuana stay in your system if you were completely clean before you smoked?
My boyfriend has been coughing for more than four months and now when he coughs he vomits blood please help?
can't stop throwing up on antibiotics?
can a ventriloquist talk to the dentist whilst having treatment?
I got my braces yesterday? Im in pain!!!!?
need crown for cavity????
AH! HELP ME! Yesterday I got 2 teeth pulled and it hurt ALOT! PLZ PLZ READ!?
Throat problems. I need help!?
Antibiotics not taking care of sore throat?
Short of Breath at 25 years of age??
Woke up with a bump on the edge of my lower lip and not sure if it's a zit or a cold sore. Red with white head
Pain in my mouth?
Everytime I brush my teeth i bleed from my gums. Anyone know whats wrong with my gums?
I have a small hole in one of my front teeth. It just appeared there today. What might it be from?
Have you ever used Crest Whitening strips?? [please answer!!!]?
Braces? I get them in 3 days!?
My breath?????????????????????????????
Which electric toothbrush do dentists use?
will a set og grillz fit crooked teeth?
what is the best 'do-it-yourself' teeth whitening product?
If I get braces, will I be able to go to school the very next day?
What made you start smoking?
my son out of nowhere is sick, he has a mild fever and real hard dry cough what should i do?
what are the effects of smoking on an ashtma patience??how do i make my friend stop smoking?
Small itchy black bump under armpit, please help?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
My skin randomly turns purple from time to time?
nothing helps me, i have eczema i use like 5 different creams an take about 2 liquid medications please help?
Eating Ice?
Do you have a hole in the end of your toothbrush, why is it there?
How can I pull my daughters tooth ???
Question about braces and pulling teeth?
My braces wire popped of and is poking at the inside of my cheeks. How can I completely remove the wire.?
Tobacco what do y'all think?
does smoking weed make u like this?
Does taking an inhaler(ventalin) for asthma have side effects?
i've had a hard cold.now i have this green phlegm.?
I smoked a cigarette and I regret it, how can I cleanse my lungs?
Heavy smoker of weed, will me and baby blood be clean by 7/28?
Embarassing skin help?
when does skin start to peel after a sunburn?
There's something on my foot! Please help me figure our what it is!?
Is my girlfriend allergic to me?
How can I have a full clear face without spending lots of money?
Can I use orajel for braces? how much do I apply? 10 points :D?
do i have sleeping problems?
How long must it take to get a blood alchaol level test back from the lab.?
Why is smoking bad for you?
Do you think doctors are wise in cautioning against smoking?
Could it be pneumonia?
if you dont inhale a cigarette is it still bad for you?
Michael Jackson's skin disease. Why don't people believe him?
Why is it bad to get black for braces?
are braces in college terrible?
Should I be sedated for wisdom teeth removal?
I am told there is a live fish eating therapy to cure asthma- any body with a personal first hand knowledge ?
Tell me whats so disgusting about smoking?
is it too late for my dad to give up smoking?
are nasal sprays safe to use everyday?
What is the best mask to use for sleep apnea?
PLEASE HELP!I need help finding a cure for my husband's persistant cough. He describes it as a tickle cough...
Why does my tongue hurt?
Quit smoking 4 days ago again. My breath is so bad. What can I do?
What toothpaste/floss/mouthwash do you use?
put under anesthetic for wisdom teeth?
What can you do if you get some of your teeth knocked out in a fight?
i had a molard taken out, how long before i can drink tea?
How many toothbrushes have you got ?
If you only had one tooth, would you brush it??
What is wrong with a dentist making over $100,000 a year?
omg im 13 and just got braces. IM IN NEED OF HELP X_X?
what are these dark spots on my chest and back?
i have a lot of dead skin on my feet, and there are 100's of tiny holes in the dead skin. what is this?
just pulled out the center of my wart now it will not stop bleeding?
My son went to the pool today and got badly sunburned. He claims he's freezing? Is that a normal reaction?
33yrs old and started smoking 2days ago?
Is this bad to breathe in?
home remedies for coughing?
does it hurt more to die?
Are there any problems that may occur from using a decongestant spray for more than two weeks?
How long after quitting smoking will my lungs get to that of a non smokers?
I need help with my acne!?
i have stretch marks and i want to get rid of them ?
what causes dandruff???????/?
is my fringe causing my spots?
is smoking cigs every ONCE in a while, like once or twice a MONTH very damaging to you? like i might want to ?
i have a pretty bad cough...?
What helps morning sickness?
if seriously coughing due smoking, what can i do as i tried to quite smoking but failed.. need help?
i get chest pains a lot y?
What would help someone to stop snoring? Doesn't like C PAP machine?
can you give a dog people medication?
Can you get a chest infection in just one side of your chest?
Why are my legs so itchy ???
how do i get rid of thrush?
I need a dentists advise, any out there??
What is the middle thing that is in your mouth called?
Do braces hurt?
How do people get overbite and underbite?
I have pins and needles in my tongue. Its a very weird and unpleasant sensation. Should I be worried?
I have coughed for 6 days. In the morning, I cough out yellow & green mucus. Do I have virus or infection?
i want to know how to get rid of an asthma attack right after you get it besides any type of medicine?
Oh help, I can’t taste or smell anything because I just got over a cold and I have a Wedding Friday!?
Remdies For Asthma?
how do u get a blood clot?
Nebulizer treatment for bronchitis?
I aTe A cAsHeW aNd My ToOtH bRoKe.......?
How do you get rid of a swollen lip?
Where can I get Tree tea oil for my acne?
Is my belly button infected?
How do you get rid of acne on your chest and back?
infant mortality?
Sleep problems! Please help?
how can i get rid of a sore throat?
Is yawning contagious?
·What percentage of oxygen is suitable for COPD and what can happen if patient given too high a percentage of
what does it mean when some one puts Example:: i like your hat *cough* *cough*?
The skin around my nose is red.. why?
Help i feel pains on my chest?
i think my bed has begbugs?!?!?
Very lots of small red itchy spots, please help, read further for more information.?
How to get rid of a hickey, or at least hide it well.?
Rash or fungus on legs, round rings that get bigger and bigger, what is this?
why do some mosquito bites itch and others don't?
what is wrong with my lips? (PICS INCLUDED)?
My tooth is dark! Help!
does tea affect the teath?
brushing teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide?
When do wisdom teeth usually starting coming in?
What color is good for braces?
I have a really bad toothache!?
Wisdom teeth removed yet, any suggestions? mine are going in 3 hours?
My Braces HURT!!!?
I'm being trained as a Dental Assistant, is it always this hard?
I hate cigarettes! But why can't I stop smoking them?
Did you stop smoking recently? How's it going?
How do i stop a friend from smoking?
do doctors know whether we smoke or not eventhough we didn't tell them??
How does it feel to smoke weed?
is just puffing cigars bad for you?
Does this sound like a chest infection?
What is a good brand of soap to use for someone with sensitive skin?
i quit smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i hate when people cough?
My brother is smoking pot what should i do?
How to get rid of chest congestion fast?
is hookah bad for asthma?
Sick from smoking cigar?
my dad said he cant taste anything what is that a symptom of?
My friend can't stop coughing and I want to know how to help her?
Toddlers and toothpaste?
Okay so i have 2 teeth on top are crooked and 4 on bottom, should i get braces..?
Wisdom tooth pain relief?
question about braces?
When do they tell you about the rubber bands for braces?
I have this weird thing in my mouth- my gum is kind of growing over my teeth. What's wrong with my gum?
My filling to my root canal fell out, what do i do?
I think I have an abcessed tooth...?
Braces; Opinion? :))?
Do I HAVE to take out my wisdom teeth?
I feel sick when I smoke?
why is that when you stop smoking and then go back to it?
Is it okay to have a mustache ?
Allergic to showering???
Is smoking weed good for you?
Why do kids who breath second hand smoke get lower grades?
specifically, trace the path of a clot from the leg leading to the lung?
What are the implications of inhaling a full piece of chewing gum?
I couldn't sleep last night I'm very tired.?
Mantoux test - TB TEST?
what is the best cure to stop the blood coming from the nose ?
HELP!!! Any ways to get rid of acne?
Weird bumps all over my face! got them overnight help!?
what is the cure for dandruff?
Which acne treatment works better?
What is the cure for being a werewolf?
can people really die from pneumonia...?
Does the smell of cigarettes smoke hurt humans?
what r the side effects of sniffing spray paint?
Does secondhand smoke harm the victim more then the smoker themselves?
Does anybody know how to get rid of a chronic sinus infection when antibiotics won't work?
can blood clot in lung cause chest to wheeze?
Can any disease cause teeth cavities?
What comes with Braces?
Pieces of tooth falling out?
how much does it cost to get teeth pulled?
How many teeth do you have?
some hair in my beard is getting grey.my age is 25.how can i prevent this?
How to get rid of a love bite?
is it true you can use head& shoulders shampoo to get ride of acne& body acne ?
What is the cause of my mother's nagging cough? And how does she remedy it?
Whats the difference between an Asthma attack and having Asthma?
My 4 year old son has Chronic Bronchitis...can anyone tell me how to soothe his cough?
What causes a pneumothorax Collapsed Lung?
Do I have health problems?
should you exercise then eat or vice versa?
Should I go back to see a doctor again?
How bad can my teeth be, I haven't been to a dentist in years?
Why should you brush your teeth after breakfast and not before?
how do you know if a dentist is skilled or not?
there is a hole that leaks out pus and blood from my gums what can the doctors do to it?
what can I do if I swallowed a fake tooth?
What does it cost to have a crown done?
If I brush my teeth 10 times a day will it be even more healthier than before?
home treatment for abcess of primary tooth?
Good home remedy for toothache?
I need braces. Can you help?
I have developed a skin rash on my legs - doctor called it contact dermatitis. I need to know of products used?
severe backne problem?
hookah? badd?
I took off a nicotine patch about 2 hours ago...?
I smoked weed 3 weeks ago and was tested for drugs today? Is it still in my system?
i had a blod clot in my lunch a few months ago in july, and i was wondering if i could smoke marijuana?
certain i have pneumonia, how urgent should i get care/will it get worse if i wait some extra hours?
lungs hurt.. someone please help?
What does noncardiac pulmonary edema do to your body?
my wife (25 years) has blood in his nasal mucus?
Dentist's numbing injection?
How much does it hurt to have teeth taken out?
how do you chew gum without your teacher seeing you?
Are retainers comfortable?
Can smoking weed give you lung cancer?
Cancer survivors only please?
my daughter is 12 she had work done on her knee the other knee hurt dr found a spot on xray is it cancer?
Fastest way To Get Rid Of Blackheads?
whats the best acne treatment available?
could i possibly have asthma?
I can't keep my 4 year old completely healthy....HELP!?
Where the heck does 'with baited breath' come from?
how much does a root canal cost.....molar tooth?
does brushing your teeth hurt?
How do you get rid of eczema?
What is the best acne product out there? ?
What is the most effective treatment for Acne?
does it take longer for acne marks to heal if you always wear concealer to hide them?
Help Me Pleeezzzz!!?
What is the best way to handle a panic attack or anxiety attack when it is occuring?
how does a nursing students protect themselves "100 %" from communicable disease such as Tuberculosis
what;s it feel like being in advanced stages of emphysema?
What is exactly hookah?
when you breath in does your lungs sometimes get a sharp pain?
is there a positive way to wake up in the morning?
what does it mean when your snot/mucus is yellow?
Nose damaged popped black head Help please!!?
how do i get rid of warts without a lazor or freezing?
Is it okay to take albuterol a day before you take an antibiotic?
coughed up mucus, Did it come from my stomach?
my kid has asthma will he have it for the rest of his life?
I have chest pain that goes down my arm with burning and shortness of breath what could this be?
Can I get addicted to cigarettes from this?
Can smoking irritate your tonsils?
for those who have asthma?
choices in life?
Why does my tooth hurt when I eat sugar?
Flossing with braces?!?!?
How likely?
my teeth hurt help??
lower braces hurt like crap? help?
Brushing teeth: how many minutes should it take?
my boyfriend has rotting teeth and he sometimes uses my toothbrush. can this cause my teeth to rott?
really badly chipped teeth..urgent?
teeth rotting?
Can anyone please help me with this? I'm really freaked out right now!?
dark circles?
whats the cure for numb dry lips?
what can i do to get ridd of blisters/cold sores?
( Not the show) What is scrubs?
Acne problem!! some experts here???
Hospital question??
Blood noses How and why?
question about smoking?
I am having a severe panic attack right now...?
my 6 yo has started coughing a lot with little relief from OTC cough meds, is this a sign of something serious
why do non smokers live longer than people who smoke?
Why are my Hands always cold?
is it possible to get a bugbite on your lip?
im 13 and need help with s0mething.?
What Is the best skin product you've ever used and where do you find it?
Braces? Is it worth 5,200? (Pics)?
I'm all out of toothpaste. Now what?
I'm getting Braces this Tuesday do I get to chose the color on the day I get them or chose it ahead of time?
My legs itch at night?
Does it hurt when a doctor freezes off a wart?
Do you have any scars?
What does it mean if you kiss your wife and your lips swells up a little bit during french kissing? does this?
What's the best over the counter product for acne?
Why are Braces so EXPENSIVE?!?
how is a crossbite corrected?
What is the role of a dentist or hygienist when it comes to reporting child abuse?
Am I allowed to eat with my retainer on?
Will getting my teeth pulled hurt?
Question about my teeth??
how come out in the country these folks have missing teeth?
Getting braces...T_T?
What could be wrong with my boyfriend? I don't think it's strep or bronchitis?
What is swine flew??
Chronic fatigue and oversleeping, how to stop?
hard time breathing?
how do you convice somebody to stop smoking?
tongue oiercings YES or NO ?
I'm getting my braces off tomorrow...?
Short of breath, do I have a problem?
i have an earache/infection and cant hear well, it has been goin on for 3 days... what can i do to make it?
Persistant cough...please help!?
my grandad for the last 3 days has had a alcohol smell to his breath,?
does being a smoker make a sickness worse?
Why is my right nostril always stuffed up when i wake up?
true or false? smoking question...?
ok i t think i am addicted to cigarettes?
how do i get rid of oily skin?
What kind of acne medicine works best on the face?
Small bruise on scalp?
how do i make hickeys?
did u actually brush your teeth before you go out for your date?
What works better for whitening your teeth?
can you smoke weed while under medications?
What does a UTI [urinary tract infection] feel like?
Do I have strep throat it has been hurting sense yesterday morning?
can i buy antibiotic medicine with out a perscription?
How to treat an itchy cuticle?
What is a "natural" cure for excessive underarm sweating?
My Lips Are Reacting to Something?? (pics)?
does diet coke realy rott your teeth?
Can I file malpractice against this dentist?
i really need help with a sore throat?
can a person live without there lungs?
i have a quick question about being sick?
help with panic attacks?
what is the best way to cure coughing?
when i lay on one side i feel like i cant breathe but on the other i feel fine?
Acne treatments: How do I get rid of them? Give me products, personal experience, old family things ANYTHING!?
i don't have any type of skin problem than what products should i use?
If you have ringworm on your head what does it feel and look like? If you treat it early will it go away?
could i have an absess on my gums that doesn't hurt?
please be honest, do braces hurt?
A serious problem. Who knows what's wrong?
How often do you floss your teeth?
is 4 years too long to wear braces?
I been having pain on my tooth on the back of the mouths, the pain comes and goes the dent es said?
can you use white crayon to whiten your teeth?
My orthodontist left his practice with no notice and no forwarding information. My braces are paid for. HELP!?
Braces-what happens when you go back?
How can i learn to "chill"?
I'm sick & I don't know what I might have.?
possible solutions for a hourse turning away whilst feeding, coughing and having several chest contractions?
i just got the H1N1 nasal vaccine, will I get sick? What was the point?
if ur anemic and also smoke is it bad?
my bf is peeing blood ?
If you have Acne, how are you going about it?
hormonal skin problems, what can i try?
FREAKED OUT. I have a cold sore. I've never had one before?
I have a major problem with my cold?
Im on day 3 of quitting smoking.... help me!?
i'm 18years old n had not had chickenpox.should i take vaccine 4 it?
OH MY GOD HELP ME! I just got my braces in. How do I make the pain go away!!!?
Tips on getting braces?
My dad has had 6 teeth extracted today, it bleeds a bit, how should he sleep tonight?
are there any health defects gotten from chewing gum?
I just got spacers on the bottom of my teeth today and they are really giving me soooo much pain.?
what is the medical term for removal of a tooth.?
Do I have something in my teeth?
What color braces does anyone recommend?
How can I get rid of the eczema on my face?
can i get my dimple back?
I have a fungal nail infection on my fingernails, I want rid, quick, any advice please?
whats the name of that cream at the chemist for cracked lips?
i get this really bad acne, like a really large lump which would be impossible to squeeze. What can i do. ?
How to get rid of the REDNESS of a sunburn?
I do have short of breathe when i sing, i don't reach high pitch. can one tell me what is wrong?
Is atelectasis a Restrictive or Obstructive disorder? and y?
Is this normal with Tonsillitis?
Never ending cough?
what are the after effects of pneumonia on a person?
Trouble breathing?
Sooth the cough of a 4yr old girl?
dark circls under eye's how can i reduse them?
Help with psoriasis?
i have black phlegm when i cough?
3 month old has had rattling chest horrible cough no fever for three weeks doctor not sure what is going on?
How to explain asthma symptoms to a employer who won't allow me to leave work?
Blood vomiting and heavy coughing?
As an emt aside from respiratory distress, when do you place someone on oxygen?
is it mono or something else?
How to get (not get rid of) a sore throat?
Stop snoring solutions?
Would it be possible to Cure AIDS by.....?
lady's what is ?????
is it just my eyes?
how do you whiten teeth fast and under 20 bucks?
A question about removal of wisdom teeth?
I have a gum pain and I don't know how to treat it?
Do you have any words of encouragement for me this am before I go to the dentist?
Is the tooth fariy real?
My daughters filling came out and her tooth is cracked. what should i do?
my gums have swollen, and i have braces?
how can i convince my mom to let me get clear braces?
I have a large swollen gum joined onto my molar, what can it be?
does anyone kno wats good for acne???
my acne wont go away!!!?
What is the best product for stretch marks?
when should i start taking my daughter to the dentist?
my gums are swollen?...i use mouthwash all the time!?
When you have a root canal done,can you have pain in thet tooth years later. Has this happened to anyone?
Can I eat with chipped front tooth, is it considered emergency that I should see dentist for?
I don't have insurance and I often worry about my teeth, what are some good tips to maintain healthy teeth.
Where can I buy the topical (swab on) anesthetic that dentists use to numb the gums? What's it called?
In the near future will dental health be important?
Jaw clenching?
Braces still hurt. Why??
Red bumps all over my left leg?
under my arm...it hurts?
i want to get a tan but idk how long to stay in the sun for to get a good one?
Peeling Hands?
How can you git rid of spots that come after a zit, usually when you scratch it.?
dandruff emergency!!!!!how to get rid of dandruff at home?!?!?!?
how do i get rid of razor burn?
Belly button piercing?
How do you help your boyfriend stop smoking?????
Does anyone know what I can do to soothe a sore throat?
Hi, I live in Ireland - can I ask the dentist to remove most of my teeth?
why is a tooth pick so HAPPY?
help really scared?
Whiter teeth?
should i go to dentist or emergency room?
how do i make my teeth white without whit strips or blaching or any of that exspincive stuff???
Can 6 year olds get their wisdom teeth?
Braces help?
braces and elastics [rubber bands]?
How long do braces hurt?
IM 13 help!!!?
will working over a deep fryer cause acne?
Is it crazy to start getting Botox in your 20's?
how can i fix my zits?
How can I have stretch marks!?!?!?
Brown spot on my toungie and it feels like a blister?
Why does it hurt when I breath?
is pnuemonia contageous?
Trapped air in thoat /lungs?
Is it necessary to inhale smoke so it gets into your lungs when smoking?
What is OK about second hand smoke?
Why is it...When i went to New york,?
Really bad cough 5 days not getting better?
What's the best way to treat poison ivy?
How do I get rid of these annoying blackheads on my nose?
What is the best treatment for ringworms when they keep coming back?
I have a loose Molar! How can i get it out!?
Can I brush my teeth with baking soda?
I'm getting 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed 4 days before Christmas. Do you think i will be in pain on xmas?
how do i get back into the habit of brushing me teeth everyday..?
Diamazepan & sleeping tablets?
has anyone else got sick from a medication that your doctor prescribed?
please help!!!!!! what's wrong with me?
food to take at less hemoglobin?
My surgeon told me that he is hard on me. Was this his admission of the unconscious procreation?
possible lymphoma?
are there any new asthma treatments?
Do I need more medication for my asthma?
I stopped smoking 3 and a half months ago but have cravings worse now than when I first stopped.?
Can you guys tell me any over the counter products that are good 4 acne?
Is there any scientific reason that a surface would turn purple when a person's skin came in contact with it?
can eating apple cure acne?
What's worse herpes or gonnorhea?
quitting smoking?
Need advice on sleep meds (taking klonapin)?
Does anyone have any natural or homeopathic remedies for asthma?
What's better..a man that snores, or nose hairs hangin' out?
Need help with my baby's eczema!?
is there any medicine for Psoriasis to remove marks?
Why does putting a used tea-bag on teeth that were pulled stop the bleeding? i dont get it. i am right now.?
what is the shorttest amount of time you can have braces for ?
when signing up at a gym...?
Is Gum considered a food?
How do you get braces? and how much do they hurt?
my son needs dental work done and cant afford it what should i do?
What to do for dental care...no insurance?
Does it hurt after getting your wisdom teeth pulled? how long afterwards?
mmk i got a serious question please help ASAP?
What's that green stuff down by my privates?
COPD lung disease?????
Eczema. How to make it better?
What are the best acne products?
White stuff pops out of my skin when squeezed?
Dentist cleaning off plague from your teeth, hurting gums, bleeds alot?
After tooth extraction I find sharp 'tooth shell'? splinters surfacing through my gum is this normal?
wats the best way 2 pull a broken tooth out?
Which soft drink is the worst for your teeth?
Do you think my teeth are yellow?
I smoke and I have braces?
so.... cigarettes.. i would like to know if im addicted to cigarretes.?
i have quit smoking, had Been smoking For the last 7 months can anyone assess the damage?
bad acne problem.help me please!!!!?
What is the best skin product for oily/combination skin for a teenage asian?
This girl gave a guy a h.j. then later on that night kissed/made out with me. Can I get HIV?
What is Candida,?
does anyone have a problem with dry skin around the nose that peels and wont seem to go away?
Red sore around my mouth?
What should prescription drugs be carried in?
I have mild psoriasis. What can i use for my scalp apart from the horrible T Gel?
my child has a bump behind her ear what is it? She does have a slight ear infection though.?
Why do I always break out in acne everytime I work out?
my ear piercing is infected to the point that my lymph glands are sore.. what to do??
what does it mean when you cough up blood?
Why am I always really cold, unable to warm up?
Do you ever get overwhelmed by noxious fumes after you sit down in someone else's chair at work?
I am 8 and i found blood on my panties..I am embarrased to tell my mom...I'm scared I will die...Will I die?
Why did my teacher question marked and circled poured?
I'm ill but I want to go to school tomorrow...?
Making a decision on weather or not to pull ventilator tube on my boyfriend.?
i have a severe acne i want to get an immediate cure suggest me that some medicine or oinment or home remedies
How to get rid of ance scars?
help please?
Should I take accutane?
How can i get rid of cracked heels i want them to be smooth and not rough?
Excessive sweating how to stop it?
medical symptoms,ridged fingernails?
Need help on my acne face!?
My son was up all night with a croupy cough, he also has asthma. Is it asthma or something else?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne?
how can i relieve a rash i develped from a new deodorant?
Body acne... Tried alot... Pretty much over it but theres always that what if... You know?
How do you get rid of my acne?
Major Sunburn??
should i just go to a doctor?
Help! Itching all over body, no known cause...?
How do i get rid of dakness under my eyes ?
Black Heads!!!??
Are spacers supposed to hurt?
Emergency - Asthma - What can I do to breathe better right now?
Doctor? ECG? Asthma?
Emphysema help ??????
How can I relieve my tight chest?
Why Do Cigarette Companies Put Tar And Carbon Monoxide In Cigarettes?
Can I get into the army if I don't tell them I have suffered from asthma, because I have not experienced any?
How do I get rid of blackheads?
sunburn, omg omgggg?
How to get rid of cold sores?
Please help me, My skin is red and blotchy. pic inside?
Dry skin, in the winter?
My wife is troubled by an extreme itch behind one of her ears which then weeps and won't heal up.?
If God can't cure acne, how can He cure cancer?
how do i get rid of my bum hair?
My face is full of holes from Acne, im thinking about suicide!?
Ashley Tisdale Has HIV? Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!?
Low risk HPV - can persistent infection with low risk type progress to cancer?
a Q about asthma?
My chest really hurts. Hurts to breath. I'm 35 female.?
How dangerous are "pure" cigarettes?
What should I do with my sunburn? It's really bad...?
what dose it mean when your finger nails are white?
my face gets very very oily, cure?
I've been itchy for to long?
I'm taking some long term medication which causes a dry mouth?
PLEASE HELP! How do I regain my lost voice?!?
My Ex could blow smoke out of his mouth 10 years after he stopped smoking. Is this possible?
Can I give my husband one of my sons breathing treatments?
why do my lungs feel so tight?
I'm asthmatic & i'm getting addicted to my inhaler(ventolin),does it mean d asthma is getting worse?
Urinary Tract Infection i need help?
Intercostal muscels?
Snoring solution ? Snoring Solutions that Work?
How much (about) does Invisalign-Teen cost?
does this bother anyone else?
My wisdom teeth are bothering me really bad?
Do Root Canals hurt?
is it possible to have your teeth fixed like those in magazines & tv?
What is the name of...?.......?
My wisdom teeth are growing, but they dont hurt...?
2 teeth pulled today !?
braces don't work...?
how to avoid bad breath? (i brush my teeth at least twice a day)?
how long have you gone without taking a shower/bath?
Can black people really bad skin damage?
How do i get rid of acne scars?
MAjor Acne problem?
how to get rid of my sacrs from chicken pox???
Hickeys, Hot or Not on a girls neck???
How can I get rid of nit eggs!?
are skin desease contagious?
Rash fromTanning bed?
am i big or too small?
my skin is itching. im 26. any ideas what could cause this?
I've had this mole for 22 years.?
Why do you think it's a must to prevent acnes?
Honey good for acne?
how to get rid of cold sore/feverblister fast!!?
My nose is starting to dry and cut from blowing it what can I do?
homeade face mask to get rid of zits?
Where was AIDS first detected?
Cold sores/ oral herpes? ?
How can I make my teeth naturally all yellow?
afraid of getting braces off :(?
I this my wisdom teeth, i am in pain, should i get dentist appointment 2moro or wait?
I need help with my wisdom tooth that's hurting me!?
what color braces?
what can i eat my mouth is numb from the dentists?
Do you brush your teeth everyday?
what cant you eat when you have braces?
Toothache...dentist says just sensitive tooth...nothing he can do?
does it hurt to get teeth pulled out?
can someone tell me what's my problem.? I feel like I can;t get another breath .when I walk with anything in m
coughing up blood?
Help ! Breathing tightness+vomiting+dihareah +chest pain after drinking COFFEE!!?
Dad has a snoring problem ?
What is causing strange stabbing pains on left side of chest ?
i feel sickkkkkkkkkkk?
Emphysema question, help!?
Whats the quickest way to get rid of spots....party tomorrow night...?
I have bad acne. How do I stop it?
do you think people with Acne or Acne scars are unattractive?
Help :((.. my hands get all sweaty..?
Wisdom teeth ?
i have an older sister shes 25 and shes having issues with her gums...they bleeed and are unattaching?
Is there a self test for bad breath?
What can I eat before bed that won't make me want to brush my teeth again?
Braces for a 17 year old?
Is it okay to brush your teeth with baking soda?
I always throw up alott but yeaahh how do I stop the acid from ruing my teethh?????????
How much longer do you guys think I'll have to wear my braces?
i am 23 y/ o and have never gotten any wisdom teeth.?
how can i whiten my teeth?
I just had a terrible asthma attack and now I'm emotional. Has this happened to you?
I am having a lot of pressure on my lungs when I breath.?
Acne treatments?
While motor boating, can EXTREMELY chapped lips cause lacerations to the twins? or was I lied to again?
My acne has went crazy lately!! why?
Can all skin colours get sun burn?
what can u do to get a gap out of your front teeth?
My son is 6 months old and lately he's been really fussy is he teething?
I have, apparently, started to clench my jaw in my sleep. Why might I be doing this and how can I prevent it?
has anyone heard of a dentist removing your teeth so the others can have space to move when you have braces?
While i brush my teeth it hurts really bad and my gums start to bleed?
Wisdom tooth?
What is that medicine you can take at first signs of a cold and it shortens it?
Why can't I breath on rollarcoasters?
Weird question to those who have asthma?
I have "central sleep apnea." What is this? What causes it? Is there treatment?
horrible cough....what could this be?
i think i have carbon monoxide poisoning?
If an healthy person is infected by a person suffering from AIDS, then the healthy person gets HIV or AIDS?
What is the treatment for a partially collapsed lung?
explain to a teenager why smoking is bad?
what to do when choking?
All tips on acne??
What's the healthiest make-up to wear when you have a bad acne problem?
HELP!!! I have these wierd bumps on my arms!?
Can this be skin cancer?
Judge to decide if family can refuse chemo for boy?
Girlfriend & Cancer...?
I have LYMPHOMA - am i gonna DIE--plz help?
is it painful?
What's the worst part of getting braces on?
Boyfriend has bad breath?
my child has to get braces and she has a tooth higher than the rest on her gums will she have to get it pulled
What causes dark brown or black stains on teeth?
My gums are bleeding?
Co-worker exposed to HIV, do I need to tell my company?
Top wisdom teeth extraction.?
had you ever had braces as a kid? what age did you get them?
Getting braces?
i superglued my mouth on accident?
will it mess your teeth up if you have braces and play the trumpet?
what do you look like with spacers? do they hurt?
Getting braces please answer ?
Why does my mouth hurt so bad sometimes when I am first biting into certain foods?
I have a very back tooth ache, during Thanksgiving i hit a bone and broke a molar, no dentist open..thanks?
I'm scared of getting a shot of novocaine! Help me. What's it like?
trouble breathing and dont know what to do?
I just started smoking weed?
Has anyone ever done acid?
I'm tring to quit smoking,Ive heard of this new drug called "chantix" has anyone tried it , and does it work?
having a hard time breathing?
Can stomach cancer kill?
how can i get medicaid to pay for braces?
Does Proactiv (acne medicine) REALLY WORK???
I have this hard bump that is outside of my left eye, located right at the bottom end of my eye. What is it?
My arm is like weird?
Itchy & red knuckles with white lumps (not filled with pus) on knuckles, spreading to hands?
Why can't I take deep breathes?
What is wrong with me? (10 points!)?
How do I stop my roommate from snoring?!?
My sinuses clog up only when I lay down and it causes me to snore. What can I do to stop it.?
Getting my braces off tomorrow. Does it hurt?
really bad teeth, braces questions?
How to keep your teeth really white?
dentist at hospital?
Will anything happen with my teeth if I wear my retainer for only 18 hours a day?
At what age will it start to become awkward wearing braces? Is it awkward at a younger age, or not really ?
just been diagnosed with herpes & looking up the cures on the net. do they really work?
cold sore, 3 year old?
what are some really good acne killers?
why are so many people afraid of the dentist??
WISDOM TOOTH pulled out at 3 pm. TOOTH still bleeing profusely now 9:53 pm.?
I had my bad breath since college. What is the cure for this illness?
Dental Fees?
How much does Braces cost?
constant phlegmy cough...driving us mad!?
Could I have a respiratory disorder ?
When quiting smoking cold Turkey.?
I need to get sicker before Monday?
Dentist & Smoking?
can you be paralyzed from swallowing a penny?
do ya have to be totally naked if ya go on a sun bed or a tan on spray?
I have an acne problem. Does anybody know of any home remedies that actually work?
How do I get rid of ripples and ridges in my toe nails?
how can i get a tan now that it's winter time?
I have had a rash for 6 months.?
Scaly yet not dry legs?
Is lotion bad for dogs?
Ringworm(please help!)?
When i came back from my vacation i was nice and tan, but now its peeling off, why?
Should I contact a doctor? What's wrong with me exactly?
Teeth whitening help!!?
What would happen if i didnt wear my retainer for a day?
what happens if you don't get y our wisdom teeth out?
clear or color braces?
what will stop my toothache for now?
PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS WILL HURT! i had a bad bad expieience and am scared to death of what is gonna happen!!!
can you get tongue cancer? what are some characteristics or synthoms?
am i more likely to get cancer?
am i going to get cancer?
How do I stop being so scared of death and cancer?
If a person has been smoking for 15-20 years, is it a guarantee for lung cancer etc?
Our oncologist recommended we do a Bone Scan Density Test...what?
what happens when you get hickeys on your Brest ?
could this be a chest cold?
How can I break up the mucus in my lungs besides showers and hot drinks and all my meds?
I'm having breathing problems...help!?
How much damage can smoking do to you at the age of 13?
Is mastrubation cause dangerous effect?
Is there anything wrong with my skin?
How Bad Is My Skin? **Pictures** Please HELP !?
how do you get glass outta skin?
i have sun burn due to my work under the sun so please suggest a home remedies for me?
what gets rid of breakouts fast?
Why can't you chew gum while wearing braces?
On average, how much would it cost to have your teeth whitened w/o dental insurance?
Braces & confidence?
How Often Do You Brush Your Teeth ??
5 year old has lots of cavities and has never seen a dentist-advice on finding a dentist that won't judge us?
my gums are too big because i didn't take good care of my teeth.what will make my gums normal size?
does getting a tooth pulled out hurt?
How can i sharpen my teeth like a vampires?
I have just been diagnosed with Skin Cancer (Melanoma). Am i stuck with my job since I have ins. with them?
If milk cause cancer, does Yogert cause cancer as well?
Can 14 Year Old Boys Get Breast Cancer?
I'm afraid I have a skin cancer. Where I can go to find out if Im'm right?
Really worried i have like throat cancer or something..?
Whats the average life span of a smoker?
what does this medical term mean?"accentuated hilar and basal broncho-vescuar markings"?
I want us to kiss? Good idea?
What happens when you smoke a cigarette without tobacco?
How do doctors do a biopsy on someone's lungs?
do we swallow spiders in our sleep? and if yes, wouldn't that be dangerous?
People say im pretty you know blonde, skiny, big blue eyes. But i have an over bite and bad teeth.?
What really happens when you swallow gum?
I am sick to death of these gum infections...?
What should one do in one day to have the best dental health?
=( please help me?
What to do with a half rotten/half chipped lower left 1st molar?
is root canal recommended for children of 3 years?
what colors for braces?
behind my molar on my gum there is a lump or swelling, it really hurts?!!?
Nhs dentistry and students?
Where can you find other people that have psoriasis and talk to them?
how do i get rid of a small sore on the side of my lip?
Mole on scrotum. Should I go to doc?
Severe Acne?
Is it really possible to for an african american, to bleach thier skin white??
really really REALLY embarressing question=/?
itchy bum! help me !!!!!!!!?
what can do for avoid dandruff?
my urge to cut myself just keeps getting worse, what do I do?
What's the best way to heal an ankle sprain quickly?
Could someone please answer a question.?
Which sickness would you say is the worst to have: cancer or AIDS???
There is no cure for cancer. So why not take all research money and help pay the costs for cancer patients?
Peeling skin.... =/?
What type of drugs mess up your face? ?
hoe do u get period satains out of beds and i don't have hydrogen peroxide and im not buying it so what else